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VD05-1137 Handbook of Research on Multimedia Cyber Security
  Brij B. Gupta/ 9781799827016/ Price:US$ 265.00
Book Cover Because it makes the distribution and transmission of digital information much easier and more cost effective, multimedia has emerged as a top resource in the modern era. In spite of the opportunities that multimedia creates for businesses and companies, information sharing remains vulnerable to cyber attacks and hacking due to the open channels in which this data is being transmitted. Protecting the authenticity and confidentiality of information is a top priority for all professional fields that currently use multimedia practices for distributing digital data. The Handbook of Research on Multimedia Cyber Security provides emerging research exploring the theoretical and practical aspects of current security practices and techniques within multimedia information and assessing modern challenges. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as cryptographic protocols, feature extraction, and chaotic systems, this book is ideally designed for scientists, researchers, developers, security analysts, network administrators, scholars, IT professionals, educators, and students seeking current research on developing strategies in multimedia security. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡EBiometrics ¡EChaotic Systems ¡ECryptographic Protocols ¡EEncryption ¡EFeature Extraction ¡EInformation Retrieval ¡EIntelligent Security Techniques ¡EMultimedia Forensics ¡ESmart Cities ¡ESoft Computing ¡EWatermarking
SD05-490 Multimedia Systems and Peripheral Devices
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984636201/ Price:US$ 90.00
Book Cover Multimedia technology has the potential to evolve the paradigm of end user computing, from the interactive text and graphics model that has developed since the 1950s. Presents fundamental characteristics and properties of multimedia operating and communication systems.
SD05-490 Introduction to Multimedia Arts (Book with DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984636256/ Price:US$ 90.00
Book Cover Multimedia Technologies is an indispensable part of modern computing environments. The knowledge in computer science and in arts helps the students to achieve success in the field. Introduces students to current multimedia and web presentation technologies and techniques. Will explain the technologies underlying digital images, videos and audio contents, including various compression techniques and standards, and the issues to deliver multimedia content over the Internet.
VD05-1006 Intelligent Innovations in Multimedia Data Engineering and Management
  Siddhartha Bhattacharyya/ 9781522571070/ Price:US$ 225.00
Book Cover With the ever-increasing volume of data, proper management of data is a challenging proposition to scientists and researchers, and given the vast storage space required, multimedia data is no exception in this regard. Scientists and researchers are investing great effort to discover new space-efficient methods for storage and archiving of this data. Intelligent Innovations in Multimedia Data Engineering and Management provides emerging research exploring the theoretical and practical aspects of storage systems and computing methods for large forms of data. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as binary image, fuzzy logic, and metaheuristic algorithms, this book is ideally designed for computer engineers, IT professionals, technology developers, academicians, and researchers seeking current research on advancing strategies and computing techniques for various types of data. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡EBinary Image ¡EData Privacy ¡EData Security ¡EFuzzy Logic ¡EMetaheuristic Algorithms ¡EReversible Data Hiding ¡ESteganography ¡EWatermarking Techniques
VD05-1001 Trends, Experiences, and Perspectives in Immersive Multimedia and Augmented Reality
  Emilia Simao/ 9781522556961/ Price:US$ 185.00
Book Cover The concept of immersive multimedia, which is closely related to concepts of augmented reality, brings opportunities in art, education, entertainment, and technology. As such, it is vital to explore the connections between consumers of media content and information parts that come from multimedia platforms. Trends, Experiences, and Perspectives in Immersive Multimedia and Augmented Reality is a critical scholarly resource that offers solutions to the problems that appear in both theoretical and practical dimensions of immersive multimedia experiences on an interdisciplinary platform. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as cyber behavior, human-computer interaction, and transmedia, this book is geared towards digital artists, media professionals, developers, academicians, researchers, and upper-level graduate students seeking current research on the exploration of immersive multimedia through the perspectives of technology, communications, and art. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡EComputer Aesthetics ¡ECyber Behavior ¡EDigital Media Art ¡EDigital Storytelling ¡EHuman-Computer Interaction ¡EMedia Aesthetics ¡ESocial Networks ¡ETransmedia ¡EVirtual Reality
SD05-479 Core Concepts in Computer Science: Multimedia Systems (Book with DVD)
  / 9781984620750/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover Presents fundamental characteristics and properties of multimedia operating and communication systems. Explores the design of advanced multimedia systems in depth-the characteristics of multimedia systems, the design challenges, the emerging technologies that support advanced multimedia systems.
Creative Multimedia: Animation
  / 9781984625755/ Price:US$ 70.00
Book Cover A guide to the fundamental principles of animation covers figurative animation, timing, acting, design, animals in motion, sound synchronization, and technical issues. This classic book familiarizes students with overall process of producing digital work art, particularly in 2D and 3D.
VD05-975 Quantum-Inspired Intelligent Systems for Multimedia Data Analysis
  Bhattacharyya, Siddhartha/ 9781522552192/ Price:US$ 185.00
Book Cover As multimedia data advances in technology and becomes more complex, the hybridization of soft computing tools allows for more robust and safe solutions in data processing and analysis. Quantum-Inspired Intelligent Systems for Multimedia Data Analysis provides emerging research on techniques used in multimedia information processing using intelligent paradigms including swarm intelligence, neural networks, and deep learning. While highlighting topics such as clustering techniques, neural network architecture, and text data processing, this publication explores the methods and applications of computational intelligent tools. This book is an important resource for academics, computer engineers, IT professionals, students, and researchers seeking current research in the field of multimedia data processing and quantum intelligent systems. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡EClustering Technique ¡EComputing Algorithms ¡EImage Processing ¡ELearning Management Systems ¡EMultimedia Database ¡ENeural Network Architecture ¡EReversible Methodology ¡EText Data Processing ¡EUsability Evaluation ¡EVideo Indexing
VD05-930 Digital Multimedia: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications, 3-Vols/Set.
  Information Resources Management Association/ 9781522538226/ Price:US$ 2250.00
Book Cover Contemporary society resides in an age of ubiquitous technology. With the consistent creation and wide availability of multimedia content, it has become imperative to remain updated on the latest trends and applications in this field. Digital Multimedia: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications is an innovative source of scholarly content on the latest trends, perspectives, techniques, and implementations of multimedia technologies. Including a comprehensive range of topics such as interactive media, mobile technology, and data management, this multi-volume book is an ideal reference source for engineers, professionals, students, academics, and researchers seeking emerging information on digital multimedia. Topics Covered ¡EBusiness Applications ¡EData Management ¡EEducational Technology ¡EInteractive Media ¡EMobile Technology ¡EMultimedia Learning ¡ESecurity and Privacy
VD05-919 Techniques for Coding Imagery and Multimedia: Emerging Research and Opportunities
  Hai-Jew, Shalin/ 9781522526797/ Price:US$ 235.00
Book Cover A variety of applications have been developed in order to engage with society. These tools have enabled computer scientists to captured large sets of unstructured data for machine learning and make the information widely available in academia. Techniques for Coding Imagery and Multimedia: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a pivotal reference source featuring the latest scholarly research on ways researchers code imagery and multimedia for research purposes, as well as describe some of the applied methods for research value. Including coverage on a wide variety of topics such as linguistic analysis, gender communication, and mass surveillance, this book is an important resource for researchers, academics, graduate students, and professionals seeking current research on best ways to globally expand multimedia research and imagery. Topics Covered ¡EDigital Learning Objects ¡EGender Communication ¡EHumor Online ¡ELinguistic Analysis ¡EMass Surveillance ¡EMultimedia ¡ERacial Communication ¡ESocial Media
SD05-470 Theory, Practice and Techniques in Graphics and Multimedia.
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680948240/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover Explores the parameters of the application, problems and solutions related to digital disciplines. This book equips the readers with all the basic and advanced concepts of computer graphics and multimedia. Offers solutions to the challenges of storage and manipulation of a variety of media types providing data placement techniques, scheduling methods, caching techniques and emerging characteristics of multimedia information.
SD05-470 Illustrated Handbook of Multimedia Technologies.
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680949698/ Price:US$ 180.00
Offers an in-depth explanation of multimedia technologies within their many specific application areas as well as presenting developing trends for the future. This book will explore the characteristics of both community and mentoring within the framework of a technology-supported virtual community.
VD05-879 Multimedia Services and Applications in Mission Critical Communication Systems
  Al-Begain, Khalid/ 9781522521136/ Price:US$ 200.00
Book Cover In emergency and disaster scenarios, it is vital to have a stable and effective infrastructure for relaying communication to the public. With the advent of new technologies, more options are available for enhancing communication systems. Multimedia Services and Applications in Mission Critical Communication Systems is a comprehensive source of academic research on the challenges and solutions in creating stable mission critical systems and examines methods to improve system architecture and resources. Highlighting innovative perspectives on topics such as quality of service, performance metrics, and intrusion detection, this book is ideally designed for practitioners, professionals, researchers, graduate students, and academics interested in public safety communication systems. Topics Covered ¡EHeterogeneous Networks ¡EIntrusion Detection ¡EPerformance Metrics ¡EQuality of Service (QoS) ¡ERetransmission Protocols ¡EUltra-High-Definition Video Transmission ¡EWireless Video
SD05-462 Graphics and Multimedia.
  / 9781680954036/ Price:US$ 64.95
Book Cover Multimedia is the eld concerned with the computer-controlled integration of text, graphics, drawings, still and moving images (Video), animation, audio, and any other media where every type of information can be represented, stored, transmitted and processed digitally. Multimedia uses computers to present text, audio, video, animation, interactive features, and still images in various ways and combinations made possible through the advancement of technology. Multimedia can be accessed through computers or electronic devices and integrates the various forms together. One example of multimedia would be combining a website with video, audio, or text images.
SD05-460 Multimedia System
  Randrianarisoa, Harinirina/ 9781680944600/ Price:US$ 165.00
Book Cover A multimedia system is a system capable of processing multimedia data and applications. A multimedia system is characterized by the processing, storage, generation, manipulation and rendition of multimedia information. This book presents different aspects of a modern multimedia from content creation, compression, distribution and digital rights management.
VD05-824 Intelligent Analysis of Multimedia Information
  Bhattacharyya, Siddhartha/ 9781522504986/ Price:US$ 220.00
Book Cover Multimedia represents information in novel and varied formats. One of the most prevalent examples of continuous media is video. Extracting underlying data from these videos can be an arduous task. From video indexing, surveillance, and mining, complex computational applications are required to process this data. Intelligent Analysis of Multimedia Information is a pivotal reference source for the latest scholarly research on the implementation of innovative techniques to a broad spectrum of multimedia applications by presenting emerging methods in continuous media processing and manipulation. This book offers a fresh perspective for students and researchers of information technology, media professionals, and programmers. Topics Covered ¡EBiomedical Image Processing ¡EBiometric Systems ¡ECellular Automata Algorithms ¡ECompressive Sensing ¡EContent Based Image Retrieval ¡EContent Convergence ¡EFeature Extraction ¡EImage Segmentation ¡EMultilevel Image Segmentation ¡EParticle Swarm Optimization
VD05-759 Emerging Research on Networked Multimedia Communication Systems.
  Kanellopoulos, Dimitris/ 9781466688506/ Price:US$ 200.00
Book Cover Innovations in multimedia technology have truly revolutionized communication, transforming the definitions of text, audio, and visual information through hybrid combinations of these forms. The rise of multimedia systems has generated new methods for high-speed data capturing, processing, editing, storage, and dissemination across wide networks, creating a need for high-level surveillance and quality-monitoring control schemes. Emerging Research on Networked Multimedia Communication Systems provides a comprehensive overview of the most current theoretical frameworks, technological developments, and empirical research findings in the field of electronic media. This timely reference work also investigates numerous issues related to multimedia sharing and optimization over heterogeneous wired and wireless networks, making it a relevant learning tool for scholars, practitioners, and educators in the multimedia research arena. This authoritative resource features a comprehensive collection of research-based articles on topics ranging from fundamental issues in multimedia optimization to breakthrough advancements in the deployment of multimedia systems, including group synchronization control, video coding, video transmission, video broadcasting, and discussions of recent developments in Quality of Experience (QoE), Quality of Service (QoS), and Video over IP (VoIP) services. Topics Covered ¡EAdaptive Media Coding ¡EAutomated Video Analysis ¡EEnd-System Support ¡EGroup Synchronization Control Schemes ¡EMultimedia Optimization over Heterogeneous Wireless and Wired Networks ¡EMultimedia Quality of Experience (QoE) Ecosystems ¡EMultimedia Transmission ¡EQuality of Service (QoS)/QoE Learning Algorithms ¡EVideo Broadcasting Protocols
VD05-756 Experimental Multimedia Systems for Interactivity and Strategic Innovation.
  Deliyannis, Ioannis/ 9781466686595/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover Multimedia has evolved with the introduction of interaction, allowing and encouraging users to control and navigate through content. Experimental multimedia is a new human-computer communication method that allows for the reinvention and redevelopment of user content. Experimental Multimedia Systems for Interactivity and Strategic Innovation presents the next evolutionary step of multimedia where interactivity meets targeted creativity and experimentation. In providing the basic framework for experimental multimedia through case studies that allow the reader to appreciate the design of multimedia systems, this publication¡¦s audience extends beyond new media artists to scientists, publishers, and developers who wish to extend their system designs to offer adaptive capabilities combined with multimedia content and dynamic interaction. This publication presents a collection of carefully selected theoretical and applied research chapters with a focus on matters including, but not limited to, aesthetics in publishing, e-health systems, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, human-computer interaction, interactive multimedia, and new media curation. Topics Covered ¡EArtificial Neural Networks ¡EAugmented Reality ¡EEdutainment ¡EHuman-Computer Interaction ¡EInteractive Art ¡EMultimedia Applications ¡ENew Media Curation ¡EPublishing Aesthetics ¡EVirtual Reality
VD05-746 Design Strategies and Innovations in Multimedia Presentations.
  Hai-Jew, Shalin/ 9781466686960/ Price:US$ 225.00
Book Cover Multimedia is currently used in a variety of contexts, from social interaction to educational and business settings. The richness of the multimedia experience and its ability to enhance information sharing in a variety of settings makes it a valuable tool. Design Strategies and Innovations in Multimedia Presentations brings together the latest scholarly research and proven strategies for designing and implementing multimedia technologies for various applications, with an emphasis on education. Featuring a selection of highly informative chapters on the pervasiveness of multimedia and best methods for developing presentations using this technology, this publication is an essential reference source for researchers, practitioners, and professionals. This publication features timely, research based chapters on the use of digital media tools and applications including digital visualization, e-learning, human-computer interaction, online presentations, semantic web, social media data, and technology in education. Topics Covered ¡EDigital Visualization ¡EE-Learning ¡EEducational Technologies ¡EHuman-Computer Interaction ¡EOnline Presentations ¡ESemantic Web ¡ESocial Media Data ¡EViewer Engagement
VA08-696 Intelligent Design of Interactive Multimedia Listening Software.
  Turel, Vehbi/ 9781466684997/ Price:US$ 215.00
Book Cover Twenty-first century students live within a pervasive digital environment. Making use of digital and computer-based tools is essential to successful foreign language learning. Intelligent Design of Interactive Multimedia Listening Software explores unique strategies for the development and design of digital and multimedia learning tools aimed at helping students engage with course material in a technology rich world. With a focus on computer-assisted language learning, this book is a critical reference for educators, course designers, curriculum specialists, and those seeking to improve the efficacy of their foreign language acquisition. Topics Covered ¡EAbstract Vocabulary ¡EBlended Learning Environments ¡ECurriculum Design ¡EInteractive Multimedia ¡ELanguage Learning Resources ¡EListening Comprehension ¡ESelf-Assessment Tools ¡EVirtual Learning Environments
VD05-682 Computer Vision and Image Processing in Intelligent Systems and Multimedia Technologies.
  Sarfraz, Muhammad/ 9781466660304/ Price:US$ 215.00
Book Cover The fields of computer vision and image processing are constantly evolving as new research and applications in these areas emerge. Staying abreast of the most up-to-date developments in this field is necessary in order to promote further research and apply these developments in real-world settings. Computer Vision and Image Processing in Intelligent Systems and Multimedia Technologies features timely and informative research on the design and development of computer vision and image processing applications in intelligent agents as well as in multimedia technologies. Covering a diverse set of research in these areas, this publication is ideally designed for use by academicians, technology professionals, students, and researchers interested in uncovering the latest innovations in the field. Topics Covered ¡EAlgorithms ¡EArtificial intelligence ¡EComputational Models ¡EComputer Vision ¡EImage Processing ¡EMachine Intelligence ¡EMotion Detection ¡EObject Recognition ¡ESystem Development
SD05-423 An Introduction to Digital Multimedia.
  Savage, T. M./ 9781449688394/ Price:US$ 169.95
Book Cover Digital multimedia is a powerful tool of creative expression available to nearly everyone. Updated with new content, figures, tables and photos, the Second Edition provides clear explanations of the basic concepts and tools needed to fully understand multimedia as well as create it. Throughout the text, the authors encourage readers to think critically about the nature of the tools and media they use in order to be more effective, efficient, and creative in their own project development. The text also provides a clear introduction to all of the basic concepts and tools of digital multimedia including the fundamentals of digital data and computer hardware and software, making it appropriate for a first course in computing as well as courses in specific multimedia topics. A multimedia timeline as well as a historical overview of the evolution of multimedia thought and technologies provide background on early visions and possible future innovations. An Introduction to Digital Multimedia, Second Edition is the ideal text for those interested in delving into the vast world of multimedia computing.
VD05-616 Tools for Mobile Multimedia Programming and Development.
  Tjondronegoro, D./ 9781466640542/ Price:US$ 190.00
Book Cover Mobile devices are rapidly developing into the primary technology for users to work, socialize, and play in a variety of settings and contexts. Their pervasiveness has provided researchers with the means to investigate innovative solutions to ever more complex user demands. Tools for Mobile Multimedia Programming and Development investigates the use of mobile platforms for research projects, focusing on the development, testing, and evaluation of prototypes rather than final products, which enables researchers to better understand the needs of users through image processing, object recognition, sensor integration, and user interactions. This book benefits researchers and professionals in multiple disciplines who utilize such techniques in the creation of prototypes for mobile devices and applications. This book is part of the Advances in Wireless Technologies and Telecommunication series collection. Topics Covered ¡EApplication Development ¡EContext-Aware Applications ¡EEmbedded Sensors ¡EImage/Video Analysis ¡EIntelligent Mobile Computing ¡EMobile internet ¡EMobile Platforms ¡EMultimedia Applications ¡EPrototyping ¡EUser Interactions
VD05-587 Multimedia Data Engineering Applications and Processing.
  Chen, Shu-Ching/ 9781466629400/ Price:US$ 190.00
Book Cover With a variety of media types, multimedia data engineering has emerged as a new opportunity to create techniques and tools that empower the development of the next generation of multimedia databases and information systems. Multimedia Data Engineering Applications and Processing presents different aspects of multimedia data engineering and management research. This collection of recent theories, technologies and algorithms brings together a detailed understanding of multimedia engineering and its applications. This reference source will be of essential use for researchers, scientists, professionals and software engineers in the field of multimedia. Topics Covered ¡EContent-Based Retrieval ¡EMultimedia Date Management ¡EMultimodal Information Integration ¡ENetwork Support for Multimedia Data ¡ERelevance Feedback ¡ESecurity Support ¡ETechnologies and Applications
VD05-572 Intelligent Multimedia Technologies for Networking Applications: Techniques and Tools.
  Kanellopoulos, Dimitris/ 9781466628335/ Price:US$ 190.00
Book Cover As ubiquitous multimedia applications benefit from the rapid development of intelligent multimedia technologies, there is an inherent need to present frameworks, techniques and tools that adopt these technologies to a range of networking applications. Intelligent Multimedia Technologies for Networking Applications: Techniques and Tools promotes the discussion of specific solutions for improving the quality of multimedia experience while investigating issues arising from the deployment of techniques for adaptive video streaming. This reference source provides relevant theoretical frameworks and leading empirical research findings and is suitable for practitioners and researchers in the area of multimedia technology. Topics Covered ¡EAdaptation and Distribution of Personalized Multimedia Content ¡ECoding Techniques ¡EIntelligent IPTV Distribution for Smart Phones ¡EIntra-Refresh Techniques for Mobile Video Streaming ¡EMultimedia Communications ¡ENetwork Coding ¡EQuality of Experience in Video Streaming ¡EVideo Coding Applications
SF07-428 Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services: Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services (IIMSS2013)
  Tsihrintzis, George A./ 9781614992615/ Price:EUR 108.00
Book Cover t a time when computers are more widespread than ever, intelligent interactive systems have become a necessity. The term ¡¥multimedia systems¡¦ refers to the coordinated storage, processing, transmission and retrieval of multiple forms of information, such as audio, image, video, animation, graphics and text. The growth of multimedia services has been exponential, as technological progress keeps up with the consumer¡¦s need for content. The solution of 'one fits all' is no longer appropriate for the wide ranges of users with various backgrounds and needs, so one important goal of many intelligent interactive systems is dynamic personalization and adaptivity to users. This book presents 37 papers summarizing the work and new research results presented at the 6th International Conference on Intelligent Interactive Multimedia Systems and Services (KES-IIMSS2013), held in Sesimbra, Portugal, in June 2013. The conference series focuses on research in the fields of intelligent interactive multimedia systems and services and provides an internationally respected forum for scientific research in related technologies and applications.
VD05-565 Multimedia Networking and Coding.
  Farrugia, Reuben A./ 9781466626607/ Price:US$ 190.00
Book Cover Advances in multimedia communication systems have enhanced the need for improved video coding standards. Due to the inherent nature of video content, large bandwidths and reliable communication links are required to ensure a satisfactory level of quality experience; inspiring industry and research communities to concentrate their efforts in this emerging research area. Multimedia Networking and Coding covers widespread knowledge and research as well as innovative applications in multimedia communication systems. This book highlights recent techniques that can evolve into future multimedia communication systems, also showing experimental results from systems and applications. Topics Covered ¡EVideo coding standards ¡EScalable video coding ¡EMultimedia Communications and Error resilience ¡EMultiview video coding ¡EPeer to peer video streaming ¡EVideo surveillance ¡EQuality of Experience ¡EImage retrieval
VD05-532 Web-Based Multimedia Advancements in Data Communications and Networking Technologies.
  Sridhar, Varadharajan/ 9781466620261/ Price:US$ 190.00
Book Cover New data communication technologies, and the resulting policies and management, can have a profound effect on the success of business organizations. By quantifying the impact of these new innovations, researchers can help these businesses thrive in the networking and business data communications fields. Web-Based Multimedia Advancements in Data Communications and Networking Technologies highlights comprehensive research which will enable readers to understand, manage, use, and maintain business data communication networks more effectively. It also addresses key technology, management, and policy issues for utilizing data communications and networking in business and the current best practices for aligning this important technology with the strategic goals of the organization. Topics Covered ¡EAutonomic Pervasive Computing ¡EAutonomic Pervasive Computing ¡EBusiness Data Communications ¡EE-Commerce Applications ¡EMANETs ¡EMobile Computing and Multimedia ¡ENetwork Management Technologies ¡ESemantic Mobile Applications ¡ESocial Network Service Threads ¡EStructured and Unstructured Sources
VD05-526 Contemporary Challenges and Solutions for Mobile and Multimedia Technologies.
  Khalil, Ismail/ 9781466621633/ Price:US$ 190.00
Book Cover Mobile computing and multimedia technologies continue to expand and change the way we interact with each other on a business and social level. With the increased use of mobile devices and the exchange of information over wireless networks, information systems are able to process and transmit multimedia data in various areas. Contemporary Challenges and Solutions for Mobile and Multimedia Technologies provides comprehensive knowledge on the growth and changes in the field of multimedia and mobile technologies. This reference source highlights the advancements in mobile technology that are beneficial for developers, researchers, and designers. Topics Covered ¡EActive Multimedia Network ¡EContent Distribution Architectures ¡EDatabase for Mobile Systems ¡EDigital Rights Management ¡EMobile Ad Hoc Networks ¡EMobile Multimedia Platform ¡EStreaming Media Protocols ¡EWireless Data Services
VD05-521 Multimedia Information Hiding Technologies and Methodologies for Controlling Data.
  Kondo, Kazuhiro/ 9781466622173/ Price:US$ 190.00
Book Cover The widespread use of high-speed networks has made the global distribution of digital media contents readily available in an instant. As a result, data hiding was created in an attempt to control the distribution of these copies by verifying or tracking the media signals picked up from copyright information, such as the author or distributor ID. Multimedia Information Hiding Technologies and Methodologies for Controlling Data presents the latest methods and research results in the emerging field of Multimedia Information Hiding (MIH). This comprehensive collection is beneficial to all researchers and engineers working globally in this field and aims to inspire new graduate-level students as they explore this promising field. Topics Covered ¡EDigital Rights Management ¡EElectronic Fingerprinting ¡EInformation Hiding for Audio and Speech ¡EInformation Hiding for Images and Video ¡EInformation Hiding for Text and Binary Data ¡EMultimedia Digital Watermarks ¡ESteganography and Steganalysis
VD05-486 Methods and Innovations for Multimedia Database Content Management.
  Che, Shu-Ching/ 9781466617919/ Price:US$ 190.00
Book Cover Multimedia and its rich semantics are profligate in today¡¦s digital environment. Databases and content management systems serve as essential tools to ensure that the endless supply of multimedia content are indexed and remain accessible to end users. Methods and Innovations for Multimedia Database Content Management highlights original research on new theories, algorithms, technologies, system design, and implementation in multimedia data engineering and management with an emphasis on automatic indexing, tagging, high-order ranking, and rule mining. This book is an ideal resource for university researchers, scientists, industry professionals, software engineers and graduate students. Topics Covered ¡E Multimedia Databases and Data Management ¡E Video Semantic Detection ¡E Feedback-based Retrieval Frameworks ¡E Automatic Indexing ¡E Image Classification ¡E High-Order Ranking and Topic Discovery ¡E Multimedia Tagging ¡E Robust Duplicate Detection ¡E Mobile Learning Environments ¡E Distance Learning
VA07-149 Multimedia Storage and Retrieval Innovations for Digital Library Systems.
  Wei, Chia-Hung/ 9781466609006/ Price:US$ 175.00
Book Cover Digital libraries are libraries in which collections are stored in digital formats (as opposed to print, microform, or other media) and accessible by computers. Multimedia Storage and Retrieval Innovations for Digital Library Systems offers the latest research on retrieval and storage methods for digital library systems, a burgeoning field of data sourcing. In order to stay abreast of the latest terminology, case studies, frameworks, architectures, methodologies, and research within the field of digital libraries, it is crucial to keep up with the latest literature. The information in this compendium comes from contributing authors and experts around the world, making it a one of a kind addition to any research library. Topics Covered ¡E Copyrights ¡E DELOS ¡E Digital preservation ¡E Digitization ¡E DLRM ¡E Hybrid library ¡E Licensing ¡E Metadata ¡E OAI-PMH ¡E Selection criteria
VF07-32 Machine Learning Techniques for Adaptive Multimedia Retrieval: Technologies Applications and Perspectives.
  Wei, Chia-Hung/ 9781616928599/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover As the size of multimedia databases grows, retrieval becomes a key challenge in multimedia database management. Accordingly, it is necessary to apply machine learning techniques to automatically tune the mechanism of multimedia retrieval systems. Machine Learning Techniques for Adaptive Multimedia Retrieval: Technologies Applications and Perspectives disseminates current information on multimedia retrieval, advances the field of multimedia databases, and educates the multimedia database community. It is a critical text for professionals who are engaged in efforts to understand machine learning techniques for adaptive multimedia retrieval research, design and applications. Topics Covered * Artificial Intelligence in Multimedia Databases Technologies * Content Processing, Analysis, Extraction, Synthesis, and Representation * Indexing, Searching, Retrieving, Querying, and Archiving Multimedia Databases * Metadata Generation, Coding and Transformation * Multimedia Database Integration and Query Languages * Multimedia for Interactive Services * Multimedia Security, Modeling, Coding, and Compression * Semantic Web and Ontology * Sequence Database Techniques, Indexing, and Approximate Matching * User Interaction and Relevance Feedback
VF07-31 Computer Vision for Multimedia Applications: Methods and Solutions.
  Wang, Jinjun/ 9781609600242/ Price:US$ 180.00
Although a number of methods for solving computer vision tasks exist, these methods are often task-specific and can seldom be generalized over a wide range of applications. In addition, many computer vision algorithms have not been thoroughly studied. Computer Vision for Multimedia Applications: Methods and Solutions includes the latest developments in computer vision methods applicable to various problems in multimedia computing. This publication presents discussions on new ideas, as well as problems in computer vision and multimedia computing. It will serve as an important reference in multimedia and computer vision for academicians, researchers, and academic libraries. Topics Covered o 3D modeling o Broadcasting technologies o Computer vision in human computer interaction o Content-based multimedia retrieval o Image synthesis o Motion analysis in multimedia o Multimedia content adaption in wireless environment o Multimedia visual content representation o Object analysis in multimedia o Video segmentation
VD05-387 Intelligent Multimedia Databases and Information Retrieval: Advancing Applications and Technologies.
  Li Yan/ 9781613501269/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover As consumer costs for multimedia devices such as digital cameras and Web phones have decreased and diversity in the market has skyrocketed, the amount of digital information has grown considerably. Intelligent Multimedia Databases and Information Retrieval: Advancing Applications and Technologies details the latest information retrieval technologies and applications, the research surrounding the field, and the methodologies and design related to multimedia databases. Together with academic researchers and developers from both information retrieval and artificial intelligence fields, this book details issues and semantics of data retrieval with contributions from around the globe. As the information and data from multimedia databases continues to expand, the research and documentation surrounding it should keep pace as best as possible, and this book provides an excellent resource for the latest developments. Topics Covered ¡E Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) ¡E Database and Intelligence Technologies ¡E Database Management Systems ¡E EduPMO ¡E Information Networking Model ¡E Metadata Standards ¡E Multimedia Languages ¡E Ontology-Guided Information Retrieval ¡E Semantic Characterization ¡E Text-Based Image Retrieval (TBIR)
VD05-375 Multimedia Services and Streaming for Mobile Devices: Challenges and Innovations.
  Sarmiento, Alvaro Suarez/ 9781613501443/ Price:US$ 190.00
Book Cover Multimedia services facilitate the real-time processing and communication of images, audio, and text. The convergence of computer communication and telecommunication has redefined current multimedia services, encouraging the creation of multimedia interfaces for videoconferencing, VoIP, instant messaging, and gaming. Multimedia Services and Streaming for Mobile Devices: Challenges and Innovations provides tutorials, surveys, case descriptions, and original contributions that address current research findings and business success cases in multimedia services and streaming for mobile devices. This publication is useful to researchers, developers, engineers, and innovators working in multimedia services or mobile devices, as well as academics, industry professionals, and researchers who aspire to learn about recent progress and future trends in the field. Topics Covered ¡E Adaptive and Customizable Streaming ¡E Commercial Media Delivery Platforms ¡E Compressing and Streaming Real-Time Video ¡E Media Resource Adaptation ¡E Mobile Lecture Streaming ¡E Mobile WiMAX ¡E Multimedia Streaming in Wireless Networks ¡E P2P Video Streaming ¡E QoS of Video Transmissions
VD05-371 Ubiquitous Multimedia and Mobile Agents: Models and Implementations.
  Bagchi, Susmit/ 9781613501078/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover Ubiquitous multimedia systems, or mobile multimedia systems, offer the promise of pervasive delivery of multimedia content to mobile users and their handheld devices. Ubiquitous Multimedia and Mobile Agents: Models and Implementations provides the hybridization of two paradigms, namely, ubiquitous/mobile multimedia and mobile agents, where mobile agents act as the platform to realize mobile multimedia delivery infrastructure. Ubiquitous multimedia systems involve user/creator authentication, media adaptation, data delivery over wireless network, QoS awareness, and user-mobility management. On the other hand, mobile agent technology is appropriate for the realization of a wide range of high-end mobile applications. Agents and mobile agents are capable of tackling various challenges faced by mobile multimedia delivery infrastructure. This book serves as an excellent reference for the latest research and models in ubiquitous multimedia. Topics Covered ¡E Agent Migration ¡E Middleware ¡E Mobile/Ubiquitous Multimedia Systems Infrastructure ¡E Multimedia Content Discovery ¡E QoS Management for Mobile Multimedia ¡E Resource Management ¡E Simulation ¡E Software Design ¡E User Authentication ¡E User-Mobility Management
VD05-338 Innovations in Mobile Multimedia Communications and Applications: New Technologies.
  Khalil, Ismail/ 9781609605636/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover We are living in a world of mobile multimedia. The field of mobile computing and multimedia is expanding in an unprecedented pace. Indicators are the rapidly increasing penetration of the smart phones and other mobile devices market around the world, which is growing nearly twice as fast as the desktop market. Mobile multimedia is the set of protocols and standards for multimedia information exchange over wireless networks. It enables information systems to process and transmit multimedia data to provide the end user with services from various areas, such as the mobile working place, mobile entertainment, mobile information retrieval, user-generated content and context based services. Innovations in Mobile Multimedia Communications and Applications: New Technologies provides an in-depth coverage of next-generation mobile computing paradigm, including mobile wireless technologies, mobile services and applications, and research and development challenges surrounding backend systems, network infrastructure, and mobile terminals including smart phones and other mobile devices. Topics Covered ¡EActive multimedia network ¡EAugmented reality ¡ECoding, equalization, and modulation ¡EContent distribution internetworking ¡ECooperation in mobile multimedia ¡EEmerging access networks ¡EErgonomics and health issues ¡EIndustrial applications ¡EMarketing strategies ¡EMedical applications
VD05-317 Online Multimedia Advertising: Techniques and Technologies.
  Hua, Xian-Sheng/ 9781609601898/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover The explosive growth of multimedia data on the web creates significant opportunities for multimedia advertising. Multimedia content becomes a natural information carrier for advertisements and business models that freely distribute multimedia contents and recoup revenue from multimedia advertisements have emerged in large numbers. Online Multimedia Advertising: Techniques and Technologies unites recent research efforts in online multimedia advertising. This book include introductions to basic concepts and fundamental technologies for online advertising, basic multimedia technologies for online multimedia advertising, and modern multimedia advertising schemes, theories and technologies. Topics Covered ¡EAdapting online advertising techniques to television ¡EAudience intelligence in online advertising ¡EClick-through rate estimation ¡EContent and attention aware overlay for online video advertising ¡EContextual in-stream video advertising ¡EIntelligent advertising ¡EOnline optimization of banner format and delivery ¡EPersonalized advertisement delivery ¡ETargeted mobile advertisement ¡EVirtual product placement
Programming With Java: A Multimedia Approach.
  Grover, Radhika S./ 9781449638610/ Price:US$ 254.95
Programming with Java: A Multimedia Approach covers topics such as Java 2D classes, user-defined classes, inheritance, interfaces, exception handling, GUI programming, generics and collections, multithreaded programming, and more.
The Design and Implementation of Multimedia Software With Examples in Java.
  Bernstein, David/ 9780763778125/ Price:US$ 64.95
Multimedia is hot and, as a result, there are many books with the word ¡§multimedia¡¨ in the title. The Design and Implementation of Multimedia Software with Examples in Java is intended for software engineers and object-oriented programmers who are interested in designing and developing multimedia software. At a high level, it discusses the physics, biology and psychology of visual and auditory perception and the implications of these processes for the characterization of multimedia software. At an intermediate level, it discusses the use of various patterns in the design of multimedia software. At a lower level, it discusses different ways of adding multimedia functionality to applications of various kinds. It can be viewed as both a book about multimedia software that uses object-oriented design/programming, and a book about object-oriented design/programming that happens to use visual and auditory examples (such as image processing, vector graphics, video, animation, audio processing, and musical scores).
VD05-252 Advanced Techniques in Multimedia Watermarking: Image, Video and Audio Applications.
  Ali Mohammad Al-Haj/ 9781615209033/ Price:US$ 180.00
In recent years, the tremendous advancement of digital technology has increased the ease with which digital multimedia files are stored, transmitted, and reproduced. Because traditional copyright methods are unsuitable for establishing ownership, digital watermarking is considered one of the best solutions to prevent illegal and malicious copying and distribution of digital media. Advanced Techniques in Multimedia Watermarking: Image, Video and Audio Applications introduces readers to state-of-the-art research in multimedia watermarking. Covering new advancements in digital image watermarking and techniques for implementation and optimization across different media, this book is a valuable companion for professionals and researchers working in areas such as document watermarking, multimedia fingerprinting, information hiding, secured e-commerce, copyright protection, and hardware implementation of real-time multimedia watermarking.
13th IASTED International Conference on Internet and Multimedia Systems and Applications 2009 (IMSA 2009)
  Panchanathan, S./ 9781615677542/ Price:US$ 139.00
2010 Second International Workshop on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX 2010)
  / 9781424469598/ Price:US$ 220.00
2010 Second International Conference on Advances in Multimedia (MMEDIA 2010)
  L. Boszormenyi/ 9781424472772/ Price:US$ 198.00
2010 IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting (BMSB 2010)
  / 9781424444618/ Price:US$ 290.00
2010 International Workshop on Content Based Multimedia Indexing (CBMI 2010)
  / 9781424480289/ Price:US$ 211.00
2010 Second International Conference on Multimedia and Information Technology (MMIT 2010)
  Tian, X./ 9781424466016/ Price:US$ 303.00
2010 International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Information Technology (MCIT 2010)
  / 9781424470013/ Price:US$ 206.00
6th International Conference on Advances in Mobile Computing and Multimedia 2008 (MoMM 2008)
  Kotsis, G./ 9781615679546/ Price:US$ 110.00
1st International Workshop on Communicability Design and Evaluation in Cultural and Ecological Multimedia Systems 2008 (CommunicabilityMS 08)
  / 9781617381621/ Price:US$ 65.00
International Workshop on Educational Multimedia and Multimedia Education 2007 (EMME 07)
  / 9781617381188/ Price:US$ 80.00
8th International Workshop on Multimedia Data Mining 2007 (MDM 2007)
  / 9781617382505/ Price:US$ 65.00
9th International Workshop on Multimedia Data Mining 2008 (MDM 2008)
  / 9781617382475/ Price:US$ 65.00
1st International Workshop on Web-Scale Multimedia Corpus 2009 (WSMC 09)
  / 9781617381508/ Price:US$ 65.00
VF07-13 Semantic Mining Technologies for Multimedia Databases.
  Tao, Dacheng/ 9781605661889/ Price:US$ 195.00
Multimedia searching and management have become popular due to demanding applications and competition among companies. Despite the increase in interest, there is no existing book covering basic knowledge on state-of-the-art techniques within the field. Semantic Mining Technologies for Multimedia Databases provides an introduction to the most recent techniques in multimedia semantic mining necessary to researchers new to the field. This book serves as an important reference in multimedia for academicians, multimedia technologists and researchers, and academic libraries.
VD05-98 Multimedia Forensics and Security.
  Li, Chang-Tsun/ 9781599048697/ Price:US$ 180.00
As information technology is rapidly progressing, an enormous amount of media can be easily exchanged through Internet and other communication networks. Increasing amounts of digital image, video, and music have created numerous information security issues and is now taken as one of the top research and development agendas for researchers, organizations, and governments worldwide. Multimedia Forensics and Security provides an in-depth treatment of advancements in the emerging field of multimedia forensics and security by tackling challenging issues such as digital watermarking for copyright protection, digital fingerprinting for transaction tracking, and digital camera source identification.
VD05-83 Encyclopedia of Multimedia Technology and Networking, 3-Vols/Set.
  Pagani, Margherita/ 9781605660141/ Price:US$ 965.00
Advances in hardware, software, and audiovisual rendering technologies of recent years have unleashed a wealth of new capabilities and possibilities for multimedia applications, creating a need for a comprehensive, up-to-date reference. The Encyclopedia of Multimedia Technology and Networking provides hundreds of contributions from over 200 distinguished international experts, covering the most important issues, concepts, trends, and technologies in multimedia technology. This must-have reference contains over 1,300 terms, definitions, and concepts, providing the deepest level of understanding of the field of multimedia technology and networking for academicians, researchers, and professionals worldwide.
VD05-194 Technology-Assisted Problem Solving for Engineering Education: Interactive Multimedia Applications.
  Sidhu, Manjit Singh/ 9781605667645/ Price:US$ 180.00
In order to be useful and transfer adequate knowledge skills to the learner, a multimedia program design needs to have a sound pedagogical base. Technology-Assisted Problem Solving for Engineering Education: Interactive Multimedia Applications explores best practices in assisting students in understanding engineering concepts through interactive and virtual environments. A critical mass of leading international findings, this advanced publication delivers quality research using learning and consultancy for developing tactics to decipher dilemmas within the field.
VD05-146 Handbook of Research on Secure Multimedia Distribution.
  Lian, Shiguo/ 9781605662626/ Price:US$ 265.00
New technologies and concepts are constantly being developed within multimedia distribution. In such an ever-evolving environment, academicians, researchers, and professionals of this discipline need access to the most current information about the concepts, issues, trends, and technologies in this emerging field. The Handbook of Research on Secure Multimedia Distribution provides the latest research on secure multimedia content distribution, embracing a wide variety of aspects and providing a scientifically and scholarly sound treatment of state-of-the-art techniques to students, researchers, and academicians interested or involved in the study, research, use, design, and development of techniques related to multimedia distribution.
SA08-375 A Practical Approach to Internet Programming and Multimedia Technologies.
  Kwan, Reggie/ 9789627707646/ Price:NT$ 900.00
A Practical Approach to Internet Programming and Multimedia Technologies is a hands-on lab book designed for undergraduate students in information and communications technology. The labs guide readers step by step to concrete outcomes that can be used in a practical student e-portfolio. The book contains five blocks: Block 1 ¡X UNIX and network fundamentals: understand the technical side of the UNIX system, perform network traffic analysis, set up your own Apache Web server and enhance network security. Block 2 ¡X Network programming and Internet application development: develop your own Internet applications using C, Perl and PHP; develop a Web database; program an intelligent stock agent; and build an online discussion forum. Block 3 ¡X Web 2.0 and e-commerce applications: run a real e-auction, set up a stock price quoting system, use mashups with the Google Web Toolkit, create a 3D model to place in Google Earth, build an e-portfolio of your work and set up a Web access log analyser. Block 4 ¡X Multimedia technologies: learn basic multimedia processing, develop multimedia applications such as synchronized Web presentations and network games and build your own YouTube application server. Block 5 ¡X Network design: create a wired home computer network for sharing an Internet connection and files, set up a wireless network between notebook computers using ad hoc technology and evaluate Wi-Fi and WiMAX network designs.
VF05-19 Multimedia Transcoding in Mobile and Wireless Networks.
  Ahmad, Ashraf M.A./ 9781599049847/ Price:US$ 195.00
In recent years, the field of multimedia communication in wireless and mobile video has grown in attraction. As the number of networks, types of devices, and content representation formats increase, the need for multimedia transcoding in wireless and mobile networks intensifies in order to provide a seamless interaction between content creation and usage. Multimedia Transcoding in Mobile and Wireless Networks addresses the transcoding of all multimedia elements including video, audio and text, while addressing both practical and theoretical problems in the field. A must have resource for all stakeholders in mobile and wireless technologies, this book embodies state-of-the-art knowledge of transcoding as it is embedded in today¡¦s pioneering technologies and leading research.
VF05-16 Handbook of Research on Wireless Multimedia: Quality of Service and Solutions.
  Cranley, Nicola/ 9781599048208/ Price:US$ 265.00
The recent rapid advances in wireless technologies have created a demand for high quality multimedia applications and services. These advanced multimedia applications give rise to a new set of challenges in providing Quality of Service (QoS) when delivering these services over wireless networks. Handbook of Research on Wireless Multimedia: Quality of Service and Solutions highlights and discusses the underlying QoS issues that arise in the delivery of real-time multimedia services over wireless networks. This cutting-edge book presents state-of-the-art solutions from leading researchers active in the field to address the QoS issues for different wireless multimedia applications.
VD05-88 Handbook of Research on Mobile Multimedia, 2-Vols/Set.
  Ibrahim, Ismail Khalil/ 9781605660462/ Price:US$ 495.00
The rapidly expanding field of mobile multimedia continually enriches the lives of consumers through outstanding innovations and advancements in products. Handheld Internet devices and portable MP3 players are only a few of the exceptional mobile devices have increased the productivity and speed of society. The Handbook of Research on Mobile Multimedia, Second Edition provides researchers, academicians, and learners worldwide with timely, cutting-edge research in the field of mobile multimedia. This must-have, comprehensive reference contains over 60 articles from more than 150 of the world¡¦s leading international experts, creating a one-of-a-kind collection for any academic library.
VD05-47 Multimedia Technologies: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications, 3-Vols/Set.
  Rahman, Syed Mahbubur/ 9781599049533/ Price:US$ 1250.00
Multimedia Technologies: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications offers an in-depth explanation of multimedia technologies within their specific application areas as well as developing trends for the future. By providing research from 338 experts from 32 countries, this Premier Reference Source covers innovative topics ranging from cognitive lead theory to systems architecture assessment and from multiple analyses of variance (MANOVA) to computer assisted design. With more than 150 chapters, Multimedia Technologies: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications will enhance the collection of all libraries seeking to provide coverage on this topic and its short- and long-term implications.
VA08-325 Cognitive Effects of Multimedia Learning.
  Zheng, Robert Z./ 9781605661582/ Price:US$ 195.00
Now established as an effective tool in the instructional process, multimedia has penetrated educational systems at almost every level of study. In their quest to maximize educational outcomes and identify best practices, multimedia researchers are now expanding their examinations to extend towards the cognitive functionality of multimedia. Cognitive Effects of Multimedia Learning identifies the role and function of multimedia in learning through a collection of research studies focusing on cognitive functionality. An advanced collection of critical theories and practices, this much needed contribution to the research is an essential holding for academic libraries, and will benefit researchers, practitioners and students in basic and applied fields ranging from education to cognitive sciences.
SF07-369 New Trends in Multimedia and Network Information Systems.
  Zgrzywa, Aleksander/ 9781586039042/ Price:EUR 115.00
New Trends in Multimedia and Network Information Systems discusses a very broad scope of subject matters including multimedia systems in their widest sense, web systems and network technologies. This monograph also includes texts devoted to more traditional information systems that draw on the experience of the multimedia and network systems. Each of the discussed research trends is considered from both theoretical and practical viewpoints. Imposing a clear-cut classification for such a diverse research area is not an easy task. The challenge is even greater due to the fact that in this book the focus lies on the most topical research work of scientists from all over the world. The studies are original and were not published anywhere else. The chapters represent the dominant advances in computer information systems and it is worth emphasizing that in most cases the research work relies heavily on the achievements and techniques developed originally in the area of artificial intelligence. As a result, the monograph is divided into four major parts: multimedia information technology; data processing in information systems; information system applications; and web systems and network technologies. Each of these parts covers a couple of chapters on detailed subject fields that comprise the area of its title.
SC01-363 High Performance Multimedia: A Reader on the Technological, Cultural and Economic Dynamics of Multimedia.
  Bruck, Peter A./ 9781586038618/ Price:EUR 100.00
The focus of High Performance Multimedia is on the ever expanding European e-content industry. Production, aggregation and distribution of that content are the starting points to any future development towards a flourishing industry sector of the third millennium. Nevertheless, in addition to the diffusion of knowledge throughout the industry, digitalisation has completely changed the structure of the content business through the dissociation of content and media channel. This movement creates problems in the process of the business. Highest technological demands in time and money are limiting the size of e-content enterprises today. In contrast, its distribution is still being dominated by broadcasters and telecom providers that skim the biggest part of the profits. However, possibilities do arise when analyzing the industry of e-content. The European e-content market will be able to play a major role in the future by including all relevant players and their abilities. The challenge during the next years will be to stop the concentration on high-end technology and to create new adequate e-content services providing added value to everyone in Europe.
Multimedia Information Storage and Retrieval: Techniques and Technologies.
  Tse, Philip K.C/ 9781599042251/ Price:US$ 99.95
VD05-33 Handbook of Research on Mobile Multimedia.
  Lbrahim, Ismail Khalil/ 9781591408666/ Price:US$ 195.00
The Handbook of Research on Mobile Multimedia provides a descriptive, analytical, and comprehensive assessment of factors, trends, and issues in the ever-changing field of mobile multimedia. This authoritative research-based publication also offers in-depth explanations of mobile solutions and their specific applications areas, as well as an overview of the future outlook for mobile multimedia. This timely reference source provides direction for future researchers to pursue when examining issues in the field, and is also the perfect tool for practitioners interested in applying pioneering concepts in practical situations. Key Features: * Authoritative contributions by the world's leading experts * A single source for comprehensive information on an expansive field * In-depth description of key issues, terms, and concepts * Organized by topic and indexed, making it a convenient method of reference for all IT/IS scholars and professionals * Comprehensive references on existing literature and research on mobile multimedia * Cross-referencing of key terms, figures, and information pertinent to mobile multimedia
SA08-456 Designing Video and Multimedia for Open and Flexible Learning.
  Koumi, Jack/ 9780415383042/ Price:¢G 145.00
SA08-427 Multimedia Projects in Education: Designing, Producing, and Assessing.
  Ivers, Karen S./ 9781591582496/ Price:¢G 24.00
VD05-28 Intelligent Multimedia Computing Science.
  Nourani, Cyrus F./ 9781588830371/ Price:US$ 200.00
Intelligent Multimedia Computing Science is an interdisciplinary field combining the arts, sciences, artificial intelligence, computer science, mathematics, and the humanities. The field presented is deeply rooted in AI, mathematical logic and models, modern communications, computer, and human sciences. Academic digital media studies are at times a partnership among Arts and Sciences, Computer Science, and Mathematics. The new fields encompass the Intelligent and cognitive aspects of media arts and sciences, exploring the technical, cognitive, and aesthetic bases to human multimedia intelligence and its computation, the applications to business intelligence, model discovery, data mines and intelligent data bases, and IT. The monograph is a technical and practical book to the popular audience, to the business minded professionals, and to all groups wanting to be on an intelligent bearing to the new field.
VD05-26 Encyclopedia of Multimedia Technology and Networking, 2-Vols/Set.
  Pagani, Margherita/ 9781591405610/ Price:US$ 495.00
Multimedia technology, networks and online interactive multimedia services are taking advantage of a series of radical innovations in converging fields, such as the digitisation of signals, satellite and fibre optic based transmission systems, algorithms for signal compression and control, switching and storage devices, and others, whose combination has a supra-additive synergistic effect. In such an ever-evolving environment, teachers, researchers and professionals of the discipline need access to the most current information about the concepts, issues, trends and technologies in this emerging field. The Encyclopedia of Multimedia Technology and Networks provides in-depth coverage of the most important concepts, issues, trends and technologies in the multimedia discipline. This contemporary encyclopedia offers, in detail, an understanding of many topics related to multimedia evolution, design, communications, e-commerce, education, security, and virtual communities. In addition, it offers a thorough explanation of emerging multimedia technologies and applications. This encyclopedia is a valuable collection of articles that present perspectives from hundreds of researchers around the world and it is a valuable reference source for all libraries. This encyclopedia is instrumental in providing researchers, scholars, students and professionals access to the latest knowledge related to multimedia technology and networking.
VA02-75 Atlas of North American English, The. [Includes book and multimedia CD-ROM]
  Labov, William/ 9783110167467/ Price:EUR 700.00
The Atlas of North American English provides the first overall view of the pronunciation and vowel systems of the dialects of the U.S. and Canada. The Atlas re-defines the regional dialects of American English on the basis of sound changes active in the 1990s and draws new boundaries reflecting those changes. It is based on a telephone survey of 762 local speakers, representing all the urbanized areas of North America. It has been developed by Bill Labov, one of the leading sociolinguists of the world, together with his colleagues Sharon Ash and Charles Boberg. The Atlas consists of a printed volume accompanied by an interactive CD-ROM. Starting January 2006, the print and multimedia content will also be available online.
SF07-314 VSMM2004: Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia.
  Thwaites, Hal/ 9781586034818/ Price:EUR 126.00
This publication marks the tenth anniversary of VSMM (Virtual Systems and Multimedia). It contains articles taking many different perspectives on virtual systems and multimedia. The "Hybrid Reality" and "Digital Partner" papers presented in this book make a profound impact upon Art, Science and Culture. The articles presented explore virtual systems and multimedia research in cultural heritage, robotics, entertainment, environmental studies, medical, art forms, enhanced environments and mobility, and human factors. This book contains over 200 papers which were thoroughly reviewed and ranked. Six papers are written by people considered to be highly distinguished researchers, and the sixth special session of highlight areas include on Virtual Heritage, Volume Graphics, Digital Partner, Human Factor, Digital Human, and Mental Partner.
SA14-303 Multimedia Softball Mechanics for College Umpires CD. (CD-ROM)
  / 9780990032397/ Price:NT$ 1200.00
Throw out the book on softball mechanics¡Xand put in this CD-ROM! Multimedia Softball Mechanics for Collegiate Umpires on CD-ROM provides an enjoyable and engaging way to refresh your umpire skills. Created with the expertise of Jeff Hansen, NCAA national coordinator of softball umpires, the CD-ROM combines animation, graphics, sound, and video to illustrate umpire mechanics for both the two-umpire and three-umpire systems.
Multimedia Applications for Enterprise Intranets: A Guide to Planning and Implementation.
  / 9781566079792/ Price:US$ 270.00
Building a Multimedia Presence on the World Wide Web.
  / 9781566079624/ Price:US$ 380.00
Implementing Multimedia for Business.
  / 9781566070416/ Price:US$ 285.00
SD04-203 Using Process Simulators in Chemical Engineering: A Multimedia Guide for the Core Curriculum. (CD-ROM)
  Lewin, Daniel R./ 9780471442547/ Price:US$ 58.95


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