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SM49-482 Epidemiology of Chronic Disease: Global Perspectives
  Randall E. Harris/ 9781284151015/ Price:US$ 104.95
Book Cover Epidemiology of Chronic Disease: Global Perspectives is the most current and authoritative resource on the epidemiology, etiology, pathogenesis, risk factors and preventive factors of over 50 major chronic diseases and conditions. This comprehensive text provides readers with an excellent basis for examining current hypotheses regarding chronic disease epidemiology. Organized into eight sections, the text begins with an introductory chapter examines the new public health environment in which chronic diseases have replaced acute infectious conditions concurrent with improved health care and increasing longevity in many populations of the world. Subsequent sections cover cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, major forms of cancer, diseases of the respiratory tract, metabolic and digestive diseases, musculoskeletal diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, and finally, three infectious diseases that often manifest as chronic conditions. Special sections in each chapter focus on controversial topics that can serve as a launching point for classroom discussion of molecular mechanisms of disease pathogenesis and the relevant epidemiologic issues pertaining to the prevention and control of chronic diseases.
SM46-482 McLaughlin & Kaluzny's Continuous Quality Improvement in Health Care
  Julie K. Johnson/ 9781284126594/ Price:US$ 104.95
Book Cover Through a unique interdisciplinary perspective on quality management in health care, this text covers the subjects of operations management, organizational behavior, and health services research. With a particular focus on Total Quality Management and Continuous Quality Improvement, the challenges of implementation and institutionalization are addressed using examples from a variety of health care organizations, including primary care clinics, hospital laboratories, public health departments, and academic health centers.
SM46-482 Health Records and the Law
  Donna K. Hammaker/ 9781284128994/ Price:US$ 90.95
Book Cover This fifth edition of Health Records and the Law addresses the substantial changes brought about by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the growth of network information systems, with discussion of state laws affecting the use and disclosure of patient data. The text also discusses the highly complex interplay of federal and state privacy laws. In addition to the considerable new material concerning HIPAA and its regulations, this edition addresses the challenging area of how patient information may be used in connection with medical research and the impact that the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act is having on public health monitoring and surveillance.
SM46-482 Health Care Market Strategy: From Planning to Action
  Steven G. Hillestad/ 9781284150407/ Price:US$ 94.95
Book Cover Health Care Market Strategy: From Planning to Action, Fifth Edition, a standard reference for nearly 20 years, bridges the gap between marketing theory and implementation by showing you, step-by-step, how to develop and execute successful marketing strategies using appropriate tactics. By putting the concepts learned in introductory marketing courses into action using the authors¡¦ own unique model¡Xcalled the strategy/action match¡X you will learn how to determine exactly which tactics to employ in each stage of the market. In this new edition, you¡¦ll also discover the latest practical applications for strategy development, the marketing planning process, challenges of a competitive marketplace, vision, and other critical aspects of health care marketing. Whether you¡¦re a student interested in learning marketing strategy or a working executive seeking additional training in management, this book will teach you what a sound strategy looks like, and the importance of an overall strategy before a marketing plan is created.
SM46-482 Hospitals and Health Systems: What They Are and How They Work
  Charles R. McConnell/ 9781284143560/ Price:US$ 87.95
Hospitals and Health Systems: What They Are and How They Work is a comprehensive look at the inner workings of the modern health care organization. Divided into four parts, it begins with a survey of the evolution of the hospital from its beginnings up to the modern free-standing facility. The author then examines the entry of government into health care, reaction to cost escalation, and reimbursement system as well as the development and growth in importance of the health system. Readers will also understand how the free-standing, individual hospital facility operates in delivering care.
SM46-482 Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals Includes Navigate 2 Advantage Access
  George D. Pozgar/ 9781284144185/ Price:US$ 124.95
Written to assist readers in the transition from the classroom to the workplace, Legal and Ethical Issues for Health Professionals, Fifth Edition provides readers with a clearer understanding of how the law and ethics are intertwined as they relate to various health care scenarios. Through contemporary topics, real-world examples, and accessible, student-friendly language, this important resource offers students an applied perspective, with an emphasis on developing critical-thinking skills.
SM46-482 Basic Concepts of Health Care Human Resource Management
  Nancy J. Niles/ 9781284149463/ Price:US$ 89.95
Book Cover Basic Concepts of Health Care Human Resource Management, Second Edition is a comprehensive overview of the role of Human Resource Management (HRM) in all aspects of healthcare management. Beginning with a survey of HRM, from its beginnings to present-day trends, the text moves on to cover state and federal healthcare laws, codes of ethics, staffing organizations, training and development, employee relations, and long-term planning. Each section focuses on a key area of HRM, with individual chapters providing support materials and resources for personnel. The text is designed to be equally accessible and useful for both established human resource departments in large-scale organizations and general managers of smaller organizations with no specialized HR department. Basic Concepts of Health Care Human Resource Management provides the essential tools and strategies for HRM personnel to become empowered custodians of change in any healthcare organization. Taking into account the increasing diversity of patients and employees, the effects of technology and globalization on healthcare delivery, the credentialing of health care providers, and the measurement of labor productivity, and much more, this text is an essential resource for HRM students and practitioners alike.
SM46-482 Ethics in Health Administration: A Practical Approach for Decision Makers
  Eileen E. Morrison/ 9781284156119/ Price:US$ 95.95
Book Cover Ethics in Health Administration, Fourth Edition translates the principles and practice of ethics into usable information for application to the real world of healthcare administration and the critical issues faced by today¡¦s healthcare administrators. Thoroughly updated, the Fourth Edition focuses on the ethical implications of managed care organizations that service Medicaid populations; patient-centered care; regulation and responsibility to the community and individual patients; new and emerging technology (e.g. patient portals, ICD-10 coding, cybersecurity, genome editing, etc.); and more.
SM46-482 New Leadership for Today's Health Care Professionals
  Louis G. Rubino/ 9781284148640/ Price:US$ 88.95
Book Cover The health care sector has experienced dramatic change both through the implementation of the Affordable Care Act as well as ongoing efforts to repeal it. In forthcoming years, health professionals will need to lead in what may be a very different environment with potentially more privatization and less government funding and restrictions. New Leadership for Today¡¦s Health Care Professionals: Cases and Concepts, Second Edition explores various components of the health care system and how leaders should respond in these arenas. The Second Edition is a thorough revision that offers a comprehensive view of the leadership competencies necessary to be successful in today¡¦s healthcare industry. Each chapter is written by a leader in the healthcare industry under the guidance of the editors who have many years¡¦ experience in academia. Written with the undergraduate health professional student in mind, the book covers essential leadership concepts and offers many pedagogical features to engage the student in learning. Cases related to each chapter topic are woven into the text to help the student comprehend the practical side of the principles examined.
SM46-482 Health Insurance and Managed Care: What They Are and How They Work
  Peter R. Kongstvedt/ 9781284152098/ Price:US$ 94.95
Book Cover Health Insurance and Managed Care: What They Are and How They Work is a concise introduction to the foundations of the American managed health care system. Written in clear and accessible language, this handy guide offers an historical overview of managed care and then walks the reader through the organizational structures, concepts, and practices of the managed care industry. The Fifth Edition is a thorough update that addresses the current status of the Affordable Care Act including political pressures that have been partially successful in implementing changes. This new edition also explores the changes in provider payment models and medical management methodologies that can affect managed care plans and health insurers in many ways.


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