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SM49-486 Introduction to Epidemiology (Access to Navigate 2 online learning materials)
  Ray M. Merrill/ 9781284170702/ Price:US$ 83.95
Book Cover Introduction to Epidemiology, Eighth Edition is a comprehensive, reader-friendly introduction to this exciting field. Designed for students with minimal training in the biomedical sciences and statistics, this full-color text emphasizes the application of the basic principles of epidemiology according to person, place, and time factors in order to solve current, often unexpected, and serious public health problems. Students will learn how to identify and describe public health problems, formulate research hypotheses, select appropriate research study designs, manage and analyze epidemiologic data, interpret results, and apply results in preventing and controlling disease and health-related events. With real-world examples in the form of case studies and news files in each chapter, Introduction to Epidemiology is an accessible, timely, and effective approach to learning epidemiology.
SM46-486 Health Care Finance and the Mechanics of Insurance and Reimbursement
  Michael K. Harrington/ 9781284169034/ Price:US$ 94.95
Book Cover Health Care Finance and the Mechanics of Insurance and Reimbursement stands apart from other texts on health care finance or health insurance, in that it combines financial principles unique to the health care setting with the methods and process for reimbursement (including coding, reimbursement strategies, compliance, financial reporting, case mix index, and external auditing). It explains the revenue cycle in detail, correlating it with regular management functions; and covers reimbursement from the initial point of care through claim submission and reconciliation. Thoroughly updated for its second edition, this text reflects changes to the Affordable Care Act, Managed Care Organizations, new coding initiatives, new components of the revenue cycle (from reimbursement to compliance), updates to regulations surrounding health care fraud and abuse, changes to the Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC) program, and more.
SM46-486 Human Resource Management in Health Care
  Charles R. McConnell/ 9781284155136/ Price:US$ 85.95
Book Cover Written for practitioners and students in all disciplines related to health, this practical hands-on guide to human resource management in health care, covers such topics as recruitment, compensation and benefits, training, termination, legal issues, labor unions, and more. Each chapter is introduced by a case study related to the material that follows. The case study is resolved by the end of each chapter and is accompanied by with expert commentary and practical suggestions that can be used in the real world. Chapters also feature learning objectives, questions for review and discussion, key terms, and spotlight on customer service. Numerous examples, sample forms and documents are also included. The Third Edition includes new employment related legislation and case law, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), a new chapter on the impact and effect of social media, more in depth and updated treatment of privacy and sexual harassment, expanded discussion of succession planning, and much more.
SM46-486 Adaptive Health Management Information Systems
  Joseph Tan/ 9781284153897/ Price:US$ 97.95
Book Cover Adaptive Health Management Information Systems, Fourth Edition, is for instructors who want to keep pace with rapid changes in the field of Healthcare Management Information Systems (HMIS), Health IT and Informatics. This new edition is not simply an update of the previous one ˇV it is a completely reorganized, expanded, and rewritten text containing new cases, new contributions, new and refreshed scenarios, mini-cases, technology and policy reviews, and much more. The Fourth Edition has expanded its scope to include new and emerging Health IT/IS themes such as big data analytics including data mining and machine learning in health care; precision medicine; digital health commercialization; supply chain management; pharmacy informatics; public health informatics; digital health leadership; cybersecurity and social media analytics. This book covers all the essential traditional concepts of Health Management Information Systems (HMIS), covering such topics as: information systems from a managerial perspective; roles of CTO/CIO for healthcare organizations; HMIS hardware/software concepts; HMIS database concepts; standards, privacy, and security concepts, strategic planning; investigation & analysis; design, implementation, and evaluation; e-healthcare information systems; healthcare information systems; use of HMIS emerging technologies and its impact on human health.
SM46-486 Introduction to Health Care Management (with Navigate 2 Advantage Access)
  Sharon B. Buchbinder/ 9781284156560/ Price:US$ 90.95
Introduction to Health Care Management, Fourth Edition is a concise, reader-friendly, introductory healthcare management text that covers a wide variety of healthcare settings, from hospitals to nursing homes and clinics. Filled with examples to engage the readerˇ¦s imagination, the important issues in healthcare management, such as ethics, cost management, strategic planning and marketing, information technology, and human resources, are all thoroughly covered. Guidelines and rubrics along with numerous case studies make this text both student-friendly and teacher-friendly. It is the perfect resource for students of healthcare management, nursing, allied health, business administration, pharmacy, occupational therapy, public administration, and public health.
SM46-485 Basics of the U.S. Health Care System
  Nancy J. Niles/ 9781284169874/ Price:US$ 86.95
Book Cover Basics of the U.S. Health Care System, Fourth Edition provides a broad, fundamental introduction to the workings of the healthcare industry. Engaging and activities-oriented, the text offers an accessible overview of the major concepts of healthcare operations, the role of government, public and private financing, as well as ethical and legal issues. Each chapter features review exercises and internet resources that make studying this complex industry both enjoyable and stimulating. Students of various disciplinesˇXincluding healthcare administration, business, nursing, public health, and othersˇXwill discover a practical guide that prepares them for professional opportunities in this rapidly growing sector.
SM46-485 Applying Lean Six Sigma in Health Care
  Thomas K. Ross/ 9781284170757/ Price:US$ 91.95
Book Cover Health care organizations are challenged to demonstrate they are improving quality of care, patient safety and satisfaction, reducing treatment time and cost, and elevating employee morale. Meeting these goals requires a rigorous, easy-to-follow, and highly effective system, such as Lean Six Sigma, to identify opportunities and implement improvements. Written to address the growing demand in healthcare organizations for Lean Six Sigma expertise, Applying Lean Six Sigma in Health Care: A Practical Guide to Performance Improvement provides a step-by-step Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) process, that students or health care workers can use to complete improvement projects. Applying Lean Six Sigma in Health Care trains students on performance improvement techniques and current terminology so that they will be prepared to conduct Lean Six Sigma projects in large health care systems and support the physicians and nurses running these projects. With a focus on application, students learn and utilize the DMAIC process, by applying it to an improvement project that is carried through the text.
SM34-488 Top 100 Drugs in Midwifery and Women's Health
  Heidi Collins Fantasia/ 9781284182538/ Price:US$ 19.95
Welcome to the go-to drug guide for all Women's Health Nurse Practitioners and Certified Nurse Midwives. Top 100 Drugs in Midwifery and Women's Health is precisely designed for advanced practice nurses to accurately treat and prescribe for their patients across their lifespan, from obstetrics to adult-gerontology. Convenient and accessible, this invaluable resource includes the 100 most common prescription drugs for midwives and nurse practitioners in an easy-to-reference format.
SM05-488 Essentials of Managing Public Health Organizations (Includes access to Navigate 2 online learning materials)
  James A. Johnson/ 9781284167115/ Price:US$ 92.95
Book Cover The field of public health continues to evolve in the face of opportunities and challenges. The Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) has recognized the need for students to be equipped with essential management skills to navigate the dynamic public health and healthcare environment and the role public health organizations play in improving health today and in the future. Additionally, CEPH responded to calls from public health professionals to ensure students at the undergraduate and graduate levels were equipped with essential management skills. Written with undergraduate students in mind, this concise text combines the scope and context of public health while also addressing key management topics, processes, and emerging issues.
SM05-488 Public Health: An Introduction to the Science and Practice of Population Health
  James M. Shultz/ 9780826177537/ Price:US$ 90.00


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