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VD03-53 Quantum and Optical Dynamics of Matter for Nanotechnology.
  Putz, Mihai V./ 9781466646872/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover With the emergence of nanoscience and technology in the 21st century, research has shifted its focus on the quantum and optical dynamical properties of matter such as atoms, molecules, and solids which are properly characterized in their dynamic state. Quantum and Optical Dynamics of Matter for Nanotechnology carefully addresses the general key concepts in this field and expands to more complex discussions on the most recent advancements and techniques related to quantum dynamics within the confines of physical chemistry. This book is an essential reference for academics, researchers, professionals, and advanced students interested in a modern discussion of the niche area of nanotechnology. Topics Covered ¡EAtomic Interference ¡ELight Source Analysis ¡EMolecular Photo-Dissociation ¡ENano-Diffraction ¡ENon-Linear Optics ¡EOptical Transitions ¡EQuantum Optics of Nano-Systems


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