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VM01-467 Handbook of Research on Clinical Applications of Computerized Occlusal Analysis in Dental Medicine, 3-Vols/Set.
  Robert B. Kerstein, DMD/ 9781522592549/ Price:US$ 765.00
Book Cover In the past, individuals in the dentistry field have struggled to diagnose and treat a variety of dental diseases due to the lack of digital methods involved in the field. Modern technology offers solutions to the many commonly observed and frequently encountered occlusal problems that practicing dental clinicians regularly attempt to manage. The Handbook of Research on Clinical Applications of Computerized Occlusal Analysis in Dental Medicine aims to provide a research-based clinical resource for computerized occlusal analysis technology while also serving as a complete clinical treatment guide to support clinicians in achieving significantly better treatment outcomes than what often presently result from non-digital occlusal indicators. The book will chronicle its evolution and improvements, detail its evidence-based rationale for employing this technology in place of traditional, non-digital occlusal indicators that rely solely on imprecise operator subjective interpretation, and describe the TScan¡¦s many clinical applications within the differing practice disciplines of dental medicine. While highlighting topics including orthodontics, this book is ideally designed for clinicians, dentists, dental educators, practitioners, researchers, students, and academics working in prosthodontics, occlusion, esthetics, temporomandibular disorders, dental implant prosthodontics, periodontics, orthodontics, and posture and balance. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡EAnalysis Technology ¡EDental Arch ¡EDigital Occlusion ¡EHypersensitive Dentition ¡EJoint Vibration Analysis ¡EOrthodontic Monitoring ¡EOrthodontics ¡EPeriodontal Treatment ¡EProsthodontics ¡ETemporomandibular Disorders
SM03-492 Natural Oral Care in Dental Therapy
  Durgesh Nandini Chauhan/ 9781119614227/ Price:US$ 234.95
VM01-438 Computational Techniques for Dental Image Analysis
  K. Kamalanand/ 9781522562436/ Price:US$ 225.00
Book Cover With the technology innovations dentistry has witnessed in all its branches over the past three decades, the need for more precise diagnostic tools and advanced imaging methods has become mandatory across the industry. Recent advancements to imaging systems are playing an important role in efficient diagnoses, treatments, and surgeries. Computational Techniques for Dental Image Analysis provides innovative insights into computerized methods for automated analysis. The research presented within this publication explores pattern recognition, oral pathologies, and diagnostic processing. It is designed for dentists, professionals, medical educators, medical imaging technicians, researchers, oral surgeons, and students, and covers topics centered on easier assessment of complex cranio-facial tissues and the accurate diagnosis of various lesions at early stages. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡EAutomated Analysis ¡EDiagnostic Processing ¡EDiagnostic Tools ¡EDigital Dental Imaging ¡EExpert Systems ¡EImage Classification ¡EImage Segmentation ¡EImaging Systems ¡EOral Pathologies ¡EPattern Recognition
VM01-382 Oral Healthcare and Technologies: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice
  Information Resources Management Association/ 9781522519034/ Price:US$ 320.00
Book Cover Emerging innovations in the medical sector have created new opportunities for improved patient care and disease control. By optimizing current practices and procedures, improvements in healthcare delivery and quality can be achieved. Oral Healthcare and Technologies: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice is a comprehensive resource with the latest scholarly perspectives on the technological advancements and real-world applications for oral hygiene and medical care. Featuring extensive coverage across a range of relevant perspectives and topics, such as disease management, healthcare administration, and medical informatics, this multi-volume book is ideally designed for professionals, researchers, students, and practitioners seeking academic material on developments and innovations in oral medicine. Topics Covered ¡EDental Literacy ¡EDiagnostic Technologies ¡EDisease Control and Management ¡EElectronic Health Records ¡EHealth Communications ¡EInformatics ¡EOral Radiology
SM03-456 Dental Hygiene: Expert (Book With DVD) (Workbook Included)
  / 9789351158080/ Price:US$ 99.95
SM03-456 Dental Laboratory Technology Services (Fixed Dentures/Restorations): Intermediate (Book With DVD) (Workbook Included)
  / 9789351158097/ Price:US$ 99.95
SM03-456 Dental Laboratory Technology Services (Removable): Intermediate (Book With DVD) (Workbook Included)
  / 9789351158103/ Price:US$ 99.95
SM03-456 Dental Laboratory Technology Services: Beginner (Book With DVD) (Workbook Included)
  / 9789351158110/ Price:US$ 99.95
SM03-456 Dental Technology: Expert (Book With DVD) (Workbook Included)
  / 9789351158127/ Price:US$ 99.95
VM01-311 Handbook of Research on Computerized Occlusal Analysis Technology Applications in Dental Medicine, 2-Vols/Set.
  Kerstein, Robert B./ 9781466665873/ Price:US$ 475.00
Book Cover Modern medicine is changing drastically as new technologies emerge to transform the way in which patients are diagnosed, treated, and monitored. In particular, dental medicine is experiencing a tremendous shift as new digital innovations are integrated into dental practice. The Handbook of Research on Computerized Occlusal Analysis Technology Applications in Dental Medicine explores the use of digital tools in dentistry, including their evolution as well as evidence-based research on the benefits of technological tools versus non-digital occlusal indicators. Comprised of current research on clinical applications and technologies, this publication is ideal for use by clinicians, educators, and upper-level students in dentistry. Topics Covered ¡EAbfraction Formation and Root Recession Defects ¡EAdhesive and Esthetic Prostheses ¡EImplant Prosthodontics ¡ENatural Tooth Occlusal Function ¡EOrthodontics ¡EProsthodontics ¡ETemporomandibular Disorders
VSM03-001 Handbook of Oral Biomaterials.
  Matinlinna, Jukka P./ 9789814463126/ Price:¢G 190.00
Book Cover The book introduces the latest advances in dental materials and biomaterials science. It contains a comprehensive introduction and covers ceramic, metallic, and polymeric oral biomaterials. The contributing authors are from all over the world and are distinguished in their disciplines. A solid primer for dental students, the book is also highly recommended for students of engineering and basic science who want to gain an insight in contemporary biomaterials science. For medical practitioners, the book offers an invaluable opportunity to learn about the latest steps in dental biomaterials.
Orthodontics in Clinical Practice.
  Rossi, Massimo/ 9781848290730/ Price:¢G 125.00
Book Cover This book provides a bridge between academic theory and clinical practice, encouraging connectivity and cooperation between the proponents of dental and surgical theory, and the orthodontic practitioners who carry out the treatments. It consists of 8 chapters, in which differing levels of treatment are described, the relationship between orthodontics and other fields of dentistry and medicine are explained, and orthognathic surgery is introduced, along with four case studies.
SM03-379 Oral Health Epidemiology: Principles and Practice.
  Chattopadhyay, Amit/ 9780763754099/ Price:US$ 196.95
The overall goal for this book is to provide understanding that will prepare readers to be: * become skilled in epidemiologic, clinical-translational research approaches to oral health * write complete research grants * design proper studies * translate their findings to practice * conduct logical critique of scientific literature * effectively communicate their ideas * recognize the value of collaborative research interactions * lead and inspire others to accomplish mutual research objectives * translate their findings to practice * make ethically correct decisions * be sensitive and harmonious in relationships with their peers.
Age Estimation in Forensic Odontology: A review of literature and comparative assessment of two dental histological methods.
  Rashmi, Gubbi Ssddarajaih/ 9783639203837/ Price:EUR 49.00
SM03-479 Peri-Implant Infection: Etiology Diagnosis and Treatment
  Frank Schwarz/ 9781850971931/ Price:¢G 128.00
SM03-372 Periodontics.(With CD-ROM)
  Reddy, Shantipriya/ 9781905740420/ Price:¢G 19.99
Reflection: Principles and Practice for Dental Professionals.
  Ghaye, Tony/ 9781856423861/ Price:¢G 19.99
SM03-360 The Management of Medical Emergencies: A Gudie forDental Care Professionals.
  Balmer, Colette/ 9781856423717/ Price:¢G 19.99
This book, written specifically for dental care professionals, aims to discuss generally what constitutes a medical emergency, providing a step-by-step sequence for assessing the ¡¥sick patient¡¦, and describing in detail how to manage each component of the assessment. The book is divided into three sections. Section one describes the fundamental systems of the body such as the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system, and the nervous system. Section two discusses emergency procedures such as defibrillation and the administration of drugs. Section three describes in detail the medical emergencies most commonly encountered in the dental setting and how they should be managed, for example anaphylaxis, angina, faints, epileptic seizures, hyperventilation, thereby effectively producing a step-by-step guide. This book is directed towards continuing professional development with a view to increasing understanding, awareness, knowledge, confidence and competence.
SM03-356 The Dental Nurses' Guide to Infection Control and Decontamination.
  Porte, Kathryn/ 9781856423601/ Price:¢G 19.99
This book has been written specifically for dental care professionals, encompassing dental nurses, dental technicians, clinical dental technicians and orthodontic therapists. With Statutory Registration commencing in 2008, this book has been written to educate and inform dental care professionals on all aspects of infection control within their practice. The book covers areas including: background to infectious diseases; maintenance, sterilisation of instruments and cross-infection control; personal protection measures to control infection; surgery preparation and maintenance before and during treatment sessions; safe disposal of dental instruments, sharps, equipment and materials.
SM03-354 Clinical Reference of the Dental Hygienist 9e & Lippincott's Dental Drug Reference, 2-Vols/Set.(With CD-ROM)
  Wilkins, Esther M./ 9780781787802/ Price:US$ 110.95
SM03-329 Orthodontic Management of Uncrowded Class II Division 1 Malocclusion in Children.
  Bennett, John C./ 9780723434269/ Price:¢G 117.00
SM03-314 Integrated Dental Treatment Planning: A Case Based Approach.
  Kay, Elizabeth J./ 9780198528890/ Price:¢G 25.99
SM03-325 Trends in Oral Health Care.
  White, Richard/ 9781856422260/ Price:¢G 29.99
This book provides a background from which both students and practising nurses can develop their knowledge and skills in this area and take pride in providing the highest quality of care. Professor Dame Jill Macleod Clark The oral health status of the general patient population is frequently overlooked. This collection of related chapters focuses on aspects of oral health, its assessment and treatment in different clinical settings. A detailed glossary covers the common terms of oral disease conditions with photographs to illustrate typical presentations and a basic assessment procedure. It is hoped that this book will provide a useful introduction and reference aide to student and practising nurses, medical and dental students, and carers in general. Richard White is a freelance Medical Writer and Clinical Consultant.


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