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VSF04-004 Supply Chain Engineering and Logistics Handbook: Inventory and Production Control
  Erick C. Jones/ 9781138066519/ Price:¢G 141.00
Book Cover This handbook begins with the history of Supply Chain (SC) Engineering, it goes on to explain how the SC is connected today, and rounds out with future trends. The overall merit of the book is that it introduces a framework similar to sundial that allows an organization to determine where their company may fall on the SC Technology Scale. The book will describe those who are using more historic technologies, companies that are using current collaboration tools for connecting their SC to other global SCs, and the SCs that are moving more towards cutting edge technologies. This book will be a handbook for practitioners, a teaching resource for academics, and a guide for military contractors.
VSF04-004 Handbook of Industry 4.0 and SMART Systems
  Diego Galar Pascual/ 9781138316294/ Price:¢G 145.00
Book Cover Industry 4.0 refers to fourth generation of industrial activity characterized by smart systems and internet-based solutions. This book describes the fourth revolution based on instrumented, interconnected and intelligent assets. The different book chapters provide a perspective on technologies and methodologies developed and deployed leading to this concept. With an aim to increase performance, productivity and flexibility, major application area of maintenance through smart system has been discussed in detail. Applicability of 4.0 in transportation, energy and infrastructure is explored, with effects on technology, organisation and operations from a systems perspective.
VF04-38 Handbook of Research on Integrating Industry 4.0 in Business and Manufacturing
  Isak Karabegovic/ 9781799827252/ Price:US$ 265.00
Book Cover In Industry 4.0, industrial productions are adjusted to complete smart automation, which means introducing self-automation methods, self-configuration, self-diagnosis of problems and removal, cognition, and intelligent decision making. This implementation of Industry 4.0 brings about a change in business paradigms and production models, and this will be reflected at all levels of the production process including supply chains and will involve all workers in the production process from managers to cyber-physical systems designers and customers as end-users. The Handbook of Research on Integrating Industry 4.0 in Business and Manufacturing is an essential reference source that explores the development and integration of Industry 4.0 by examining changes and innovations to manufacturing processes as well as its applications in different industrial areas. Featuring coverage on a wide range of topics such as cyber physical systems, integration criteria, and artificial intelligence, this book is ideally designed for mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, manufacturers, supply chain managers, logistics specialists, investors, managers, policymakers, production scientists, researchers, academicians, and students at the postgraduate level. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡EAdditive Technologies ¡EArtificial Intelligence ¡EBig Data ¡EBusiness Models ¡ECyber Physical Systems ¡ECyber Security ¡EDigital Competency ¡EEducation ¡EIndustry 4.0 ¡EIntegration Criteria ¡ESmart Factories
VF04-37 Cyber Security of Industrial Control Systems in the Future Internet Environment
  Mirjana D. Stojanovic/ 9781799829102/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover In today¡¦s modernized market, many fields are utilizing internet technologies in their everyday methods of operation. The industrial sector is no different as these technological solutions have provided several benefits including reduction of costs, scalability, and efficiency improvements. Despite this, cyber security remains a crucial risk factor in industrial control systems. The same public and corporate solutions do not apply to this specific district because these security issues are more complex and intensive. Research is needed that explores new risk assessment methods and security mechanisms that professionals can apply to their modern technological procedures. Cyber Security of Industrial Control Systems in the Future Internet Environment is a pivotal reference source that provides vital research on current security risks in critical infrastructure schemes with the implementation of information and communication technologies. While highlighting topics such as intrusion detection systems, forensic challenges, and smart grids, this publication explores specific security solutions within industrial sectors that have begun applying internet technologies to their current methods of operation. This book is ideally designed for researchers, system engineers, managers, networkers, IT professionals, analysts, academicians, and students seeking a better understanding of the key issues within securing industrial control systems that utilize internet technologies. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡ECloud Security Models ¡EForensic Challenges ¡EIndustrial Security Policy ¡EIndustry 4.0 ¡EIntrusion Detection Systems ¡ENetwork Security Architecture ¡ESecurity Solution Simulators ¡ESmart Grids ¡EStandardization Activities ¡ETest Environments
VF04-36 Handbook of Research on Developments and Trends in Industrial and Materials Engineering
  Prasanta Sahoo/ 9781799818311/ Price:US$ 295.00
Book Cover In today¡¦s modernized world, new research and empirical findings are being conducted and found within various professional industries. The field of engineering is no different. Industrial and material engineering is continually advancing, making it challenging for practitioners to keep pace with the most recent trends and methods. Engineering professionals need a handbook that provides up-to-date research on the newest methodologies in this imperative industry. The Handbook of Research on Developments and Trends in Industrial and Materials Engineering is a collection of innovative research on the theoretical and practical aspects of integrated systems within engineering. This book provides a forum for professionals to understand the advancing methods of engineering. While highlighting topics including operations management, decision analysis, and communication technology, this book is ideally designed for researchers, managers, engineers, industrialists, manufacturers, academicians, policymakers, scientists, and students seeking current research on recent findings and modern approaches within industrial and materials engineering. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡ECommunication Technology ¡ECost Estimation ¡EDecision Analysis ¡EErgonomics ¡EForecasting ¡EHuman Factors ¡EOperations Management ¡EResource Planning ¡EService Modeling ¡ESupply Chain Management ¡ETotal Quality Management
VF04-35 Multi-Objective Optimization of Industrial Power Generation Systems: Emerging Research and Opportunities
  Timothy Ganesan/ 9781799817109/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover The increased complexity of the economy in recent years has led to the advancement of energy generation systems. Engineers in this industrial sector have been compelled to seek contemporary methods to keep pace with the rapid development of these systems. Computational intelligence has risen as a capable method that can effectively resolve complex scenarios within the power generation sector. In-depth research on the various applications of this technology is lacking, as engineering professionals need up-to-date information on how to successfully utilize computational intelligence in industrial systems. Multi-Objective Optimization of Industrial Power Generation Systems: Emerging Research and Opportunities provides emerging research exploring the theoretical and practical aspects of the application of intelligent optimization techniques within industrial energy systems. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as swarm intelligence, renewable energy, and predictive modeling, this book is ideally designed for industrialists, engineers, industry professionals, researchers, students, and academics seeking current research on computational intelligence frameworks within the power generation sector. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡EBiofuel Supply Chain ¡EComputational Intelligence ¡EDistributed Generation ¡EEnergy Systems ¡EMetaheuristics ¡EMulti-Objective Optimization ¡EPredictive Modeling ¡ERenewable Energy ¡ESwarm Intelligence ¡EWaste Heat Recovery
VF04-34 Additive Manufacturing: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice
  Information Resources Management Association/ 9781522596240/ Price:US$ 295.00
Book Cover The advancement of modern technology has allowed for impressive developments in manufacturing processes. Out of these developments, additive manufacturing has emerged as a new method. The use of adding material to produce objects has become a useful method for transforming materials into finished products. Additive Manufacturing: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice examines trends, challenges, issues, and strategies related to 3D object scanners and computer-aided design software in manufacturing processes and its impact on materials manufacturing production. The book also explores the benefits of using additive manufacturing in industrial settings, as well as future outlooks for this technology. This publication is an ideal reference source for engineers, managers, academicians, practitioners, professionals, and researchers interested in current research on additive manufacturing processes. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡E3D Printing ¡EComputer-Aided Design (CAD) ¡EDirect Digital Manufacturing ¡ELaser Additive Manufacturing ¡EMicroscale and Nanoscale Printing ¡EProcess Optimization ¡EProduct Design ¡EProduct Development ¡ERapid Prototyping
SF04-491 Introduction to Statistical Quality Control, Asia Edition.
  Douglas C. Montgomery/ 9781119657071/ Price:US$ 80.00
SF04-490 Fuzzy Control of Industrial Systems: Theory and Applications
  R L McComb/ 9781682516249/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover In recent years, fuzzy logic has well proved its broad potential in industrial automation applications. The book describes the application of fuzzy algorithms to the control of dynamic processes. The fuzzy control algorithm is used to implement linguistically expressed heuristic control policies directly, with a view to automating those complex and poorly-defined processes where modelling difficulties and lack of suitable measurements make manual control imperative. The book presents the basic theoretical framework of crisp and fuzzy set theory, relating these concepts to industrial control engineering.
SF04-490 Industrial Automation Design
  Rixon Taylor/ 9781682516751/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Over the past years, there has been a positive growth in the global industrial automation industry. Optimized production processes are essential to achieve a good competitive position. Automation in the industrial workplace provides the advantages of improving productivity and quality while reducing errors and waste, increasing safety, and adding flexibility to the manufacturing process. This book provides an extended overview and fundamental knowledge in industrial automation, while building the necessary knowledge level for further specialization in advanced concepts of industrial automation. This is an invaluable reference for novices and seasoned automation professionals as well.
SF04-489 Market Assessment with OR Applications
  Adarsh Anand/ 9780367226923/ Price:¢G 95.00
SF04-488 Safety Science Research: Evolution, Challenges and New Directions
  Jean-Christophe Le Coze/ 9780815392699/ Price:¢G 36.99
SF04-488 Executing Design for Reliability Within the Product Life Cycle
  Ali Jamnia/ 9780815348979/ Price:¢G 115.00
SF04-488 Additive Manufacturing
  Amit Bandyopadhyay/ 9781138609259/ Price:¢G 155.00
SF04-488 Industrial Maintenance: Techniques, Stories, and Cases
  Jose Baptista/ 9780367341152/ Price:¢G 68.99
SF04-488 The Art of Safety Auditing: A Tutorial for Regulators
  Sasho Andonov/ 9780367351083/ Price:¢G 95.99
SF04-488 Safer Seas: Systematic Accident Prevention
  Koji Fukuoka/ 9781138388932/ Price:¢G 145.00
SF04-488 Fundamentals of Economics for Applied Engineering
  S. Kant Vajpayee/ 9780367189471/ Price:¢G 49.99
SF04-488 Reliability Engineering: Methods and Applications
  Mangey Ram/ 9781138593855/ Price:¢G 118.00
SF04-487 Robotics and Automation in Manufacturing Processes
  S.R. Elbaum/ 9781682516768/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover The automated production processes help manufacturers increase their profit potential and meet market expectations. Robotics improves the overall efficiency of a manufacturing process by creating efficient means of completing production tasks. The application of machines to tasks once performed by human beings or, increasingly, to tasks that would otherwise be impossible. This book will serve as an updated tool of research activities that bring together various theories, methods, and technologies of robotic systems and automation for manufacturing and related fields.
SF04-487 Handbook of Systems Engineering and Management
  A. C. Wolgemuth/ 9781682516072/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover The Systems Engineering process delivers a better understanding of the client needs and helps program managers to manage change and configuration effectively through the project lifecycle. System engineering is an inter-disciplinary field of engineering that focusses on how to design, manage and optimize complex engineering systems over their life cycles. This book presents a complicated view of systems engineering from process and systems management perspectives.
SF04-487 Optimization in Engineering: Current Techniques
  P. N. Garulli/ 9781682516089/ Price:US$ 160.00
The purpose of optimization is to achieve the ¡§best¡¨ design relative to a set of prioritized criteria or constraints. Optimization is of critical importance in engineering. Engineers constantly strive for the best possible solutions, the most economical use of limited resources, and the greatest efficiency. It is vitally important for modern engineering and planning that incorporate optimization at every step of the complicated decision making process. The book will also appeal to advanced graduate students and researchers interested in the development and use of optimization techniques in engineering fields.
SF04-487 The Art and Science of Reverse Engineering
  M. Y. Xiao/ 9781682516133/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Reverse engineering can be mainly viewed as the process of analyzing a system to identify its components and their interrelationships, to create representations of it in another form or a higher level of abstraction. The benefits of reverse engineering have opened doors for exploring incomplete design data for components having no legitimate information. Manufacturers look upon reverse engineering as an important means to sustain competition, or some may take it as a tool to understand flaws in the design and re-work for the same. Integrating information from several different fields, this book prepares readers with the skills, knowledge, and abilities required to successfully apply reverse engineering in different fields.
SF04-487 Industrial Engineering: New Aspects
  R. Joachim/ 9781682516232/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Industrial engineering is important to finding the answers too many important problems in manufacturing, distribution of goods and services, health care, utilities, transportation, entertainment, and the environment. Traditionally, a major aspect of industrial engineering was planning the layouts of factories and designing assembly lines and other manufacturing paradigms. And now, in lean manufacturing systems, industrial engineers work to eliminate wastes of time, money, materials, energy, and other resources. The book discusses various concepts and provides practical knowledge related to the area of Industrial Engineering and Management.
SF04-487 Sustainability Modeling in Engineering: A Multi-Criteria Perspective
  Prasenjit Chatterjee/ 9789813276321/ Price:US$ 138.00
SF04-487 Sustainable Manufacturing
  Harinirina Randrianarisoa/ 9781774072745/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Sustainable Manufacturing takes into account the process of sustainable manufacturing along with modeling and tactics. It includes the application of nanotechnology for sustainable manufacturing and the severe challenges involved in sustainable manufacturing. It provides the reader with insights of sustainable manufacturing in order to understand the importance of sustainable manufacturing for global value creation, to analyze the issues and challenges involved in manufacturing and the future prospects of the sustainable manufacturing. This book also discusses about solution and execution perspective of sustainable manufacturing, sustainable manufacturing for global value creation, improvements in technology used for sustainable manufacturing and future aspects of sustainable manufacturing.
SF04-486 Additive Manufacturing: Fundamentals and Advancements
  Manu Srivastava/ 9781138485457/ Price:¢G 104.00
SF04-486 Human Performance in Automated and Autonomous Systems: Current Theory and Methods
  Mustapha Mouloua/ 9781138312272/ Price:¢G 104.00
SF04-485 Micro-Electro Discharge Machining: Principles and Applications
  Ajay M. Sidpara/ 9781138613072/ Price:¢G 104.00
VF04-33 Additive Manufacturing Technologies From an Optimization Perspective
  Kaushik Kumar/ 9781522591672/ Price:US$ 205.00
Book Cover AIn this technology-driven era, conventional manufacturing is increasingly at risk of reaching its limit, and a more design-driven manufacturing process, additive manufacturing, might just hold the key to innovation. Offering a higher degree of design freedom, the optimization and integration of functional features, and the manufacturing of small batch sizes, additive manufacturing is changing industry as we know it. Additive Manufacturing Technologies From an Optimization Perspective is a critical reference source that provides a unified platform for the dissemination of basic and applied knowledge about additive manufacturing. It carefully examines how additive manufacturing is increasingly being used in series production, giving those in the most varied sectors of industry the opportunity to create a distinctive profile for themselves based on new customer benefits, cost-saving potential, and the ability to meet sustainability goals. Highlighting topics such as bio-printing, tensile strength, and cell printing, this book is ideally designed for academicians, students, engineers, scientists, software developers, architects, entrepreneurs, and medical professionals interested in advancements in next-generation manufacturing. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡E3D Printing ¡EBio-Printing ¡ECell Printing ¡EComputer-Aided Design ¡EDimensional Accuracy ¡EFuzzy Analytics ¡ELaser Techniques ¡ERapid Prototyping ¡ESurface Quality ¡ETensile Strength
VF04-32 Optimizing Current Strategies and Applications in Industrial Engineering
  Prasanta Sahoo/ 9781522582236/ Price:US$ 245.00
Book Cover The field of industrial engineering continues to advance at a rapid rate due to innovative technologies such as robotics and automation that improve performance and efficiencies. Emerging research on these latest trends, strategies, and techniques is needed to ensure that industry professionals remain up to date on the best practices for success. Optimizing Current Strategies and Applications in Industrial Engineering is a pivotal reference source that provides vital research on the development, improvement, implementation, and evaluation of integrated systems in engineering. While highlighting topics such as engineering economy, material handling, and operations management, this book is ideally designed for engineers, policymakers, educators, researchers, and practitioners. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡EDecision Analysis ¡EEngineering Economy ¡EEngineering Education ¡EMaintenance Engineering ¡EMaterial Handling ¡EOperations Management ¡EPerformance Analysis ¡EProject Management ¡EService Management ¡ETechnology Transfer
VF04-31 Optimizing Big Data Management and Industrial Systems With Intelligent Techniques
  Sultan Ceren Oner/ 9781522551379/ Price:US$ 205.00
Book Cover In order to survive an increasingly competitive market, corporations must adopt and employ optimization techniques and big data analytics for more efficient product development and value creation. Understanding the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of new techniques and manufacturing processes allows companies to succeed during the rise of Industry 4.0. Optimizing Big Data Management and Industrial Systems With Intelligent Techniques explores optimization techniques, recommendation systems, and manufacturing processes that support the evaluation of cyber-physical systems, end-to-end engineering, and digitalized control systems. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as digital economy, fuzzy logic, and data linkage methods, this book is ideally designed for manufacturers, engineers, professionals, managers, academicians, and students. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡ECyber-Physical Systems ¡EData Linkage Methods ¡EDigital Economy ¡EDigitalized Control Systems ¡EEnd-to-End Engineering ¡EFuzzy Logic ¡EIndustry 4.0 ¡EManufacturing Systems ¡EMICMAC Approach ¡EMulti-Criteria Decision Making ¡EOptimization Techniques ¡EValue Creation ¡EWaste Management Systems
VF04-30 Handbook of Research on Green Engineering Techniques for Modern Manufacturing
  M. Uthayakumar/ 9781522554455/ Price:US$ 275.00
Book Cover Green manufacturing has developed into an essential aspect of contemporary manufacturing practices, calling for environmentally friendly and sustainable techniques. Implementing successful green manufacturing processes not only improves business efficiency and competitiveness but also reduces harmful production in the environment. The Handbook of Research on Green Engineering Techniques for Modern Manufacturing provides emerging perspectives on the theoretical and practical aspects of green industrial concepts, such as green supply chain management and reverse logistics, for the sustainable utilization of resources and applications within manufacturing and engineering. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as additive manufacturing, integrated manufacturing systems, and machine materials, this publication is ideally designed for engineers, environmental professionals, researchers, academicians, managers, policymakers, and graduate-level students seeking current research on recent and sustainable practices in manufacturing processes. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡EAdditive Manufacturing ¡EBiomechanics ¡EGreen Technology ¡EIndustrial Waste ¡EIntegrated Manufacturing System ¡EKinematic Modelling ¡EMachine Materials ¡ERecommender System ¡ERemanufacturing ¡EReverse Logistics ¡ESustainability
SF04-491 Engineering Project Management
  Neil G. Siegel/ 9781119525769/ Price:US$ 135.00
SF04-491 Analysis, Modeling, and Stability of Fractional Order Differential Systems 2: The Infinite State Approach
  Jean-Claude Trigeassou/ 9781786304551/ Price:US$ 164.95
SF04-489 Engineering Education for Sustainability
  Joao Paulo Davim/ 9788770221047/ Price:EUR 90.00
Book Cover Understood to be a key issue in modern society, sustainability is characterized by its three essential pillars, namely: the environment, society and the economy. Education plays an important role in how people understand and accept sustainability. The integration of sustainability in engineering education is a relatively new phenomenon, and presenting information about engineering education for sustainability is of great interest to improve communication between professors, researchers and students at universities, institutes and research laboratories.
SF04-488 Rapid Prototyping and Engineering Applications: A Toolbox for Prototype Development
  Fuewen Frank Liou/ 9781498798921/ Price:¢G 141.00
SF04-484 Recent Advancements in Software Reliability Assurance
  Adarsh Anand/ 9781138363397/ Price:¢G 50.00
SF04-484 Applied and Systemic-Structural Activity Theory: Advances in Studies of Human Performance
  Gregory Z. Bedny/ 9781138606722/ Price:¢G 135.00
SF04-483 Systems Engineering: Reliability Analysis Using k-out-of-n Structures
  Mangey Ram/ 9781138482920/ Price:¢G 145.00
SF04-481 Bio-Climatology for the Built Environment
  Masanori Shukuya/ 9781498727297/ Price:¢G 170.00
SF04-479 3GE Collection on Engineering: Advanced Manufacturing
  / 9781984623546/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover This state-of-the-art book is sure to be an effective resource for anyone wanting to stay up to date with the very latest technologies in manufacturing. This book provides an overview of the processes in manufacturing systems, and emphasizes concepts relating to the interconnection of the wide range of activities involved.
SF04-479 Core Concepts in Engineering: Industrial Engineering (Book with DVD)
  / 9781984620422/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover Discusses various concepts and provides practical knowledge related to the area of Industrial Engineering and Management. Provides discussions and the exchange of information on principles, strategies, models, techniques, methodologies and applications of industrial engineering.
SF04-479 Engineering Statistics (Book with DVD)
  / 9781984624147/ Price:US$ 90.00
Book Cover This book helps readers understand statistical methodology and use it to solve engineering problems. The edition is revised and updated with the latest information and new chapters are added. This updated edition offers students real advice in navigating the ever-changing academic landscape.
SF04-479 Introduction to Process Control
  Euan Russano/ 9781773611525/ Price:US$ 170.00
Introduction to Process Control considers various aspects of Process Control including an extensive historical overview of process control and related issues. It includes concepts on process control, concepts on instrumentation to process control, modeling Processes. Provides the reader with insights into the development of its history, so as to understand the process control along with modelling processes and instrumentation to Process control.
SF04-479 Stochastic Optimisation Methods in Engineering and Operations
  R N Shaylor/ 9781682515310/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Stochastic optimization algorithms have been growing rapidly in popularity over the last decade or two, with a number of methods now becoming ¡§industry standard¡¨ approaches for solving challenging optimization problems. This book examines optimization problems that in practice involve random model parameters. It details the computation of robust optimal solutions, i.e., optimal solutions that are insensitive with respect to random parameter variations, where appropriate deterministic substitute problems are needed.
SF04-478 Reliability Engineering: Theory and Applications
  Ilia Vonta/ 9780815355175/ Price:¢G 130.00
SF04-478 Modeling and Simulation Based Analysis in Reliability Engineering
  Mangey Ram/ 9781138570214/ Price:¢G 130.00
SF04-478 Intellectual Assets for Engineers and Scientists: Creation and Management
  Uday S. Racherla/ 9781498788472/ Price:¢G 72.99
Industrial Machining Technology
  / 9781984625724/ Price:US$ 70.00
Book Cover Machine manufacturing and tool dies have become increasingly valuable, especially in the production of high-precision tools for high-tech manufacturing and large industrial construction. This book provides essential information on modern machining technology, with emphasis on the processes used regularly across several major industries.
Basics of CNC Programming
  Pawan Negi/ 9788770220439/ Price:EUR 95.00
Book Cover Before the introduction of automatic machines and automation, industrial manufacturing of machines and their parts for the key industries were made though manually operated machines. Due to this, manufacturers could not make complex profiles or shapes with high accuracy. As a result, the production rate tended to be slow, production costs were very high, rejection rates were high and manufacturers often could not complete tasks on time. Industry was boosted by the introduction of the semi-automatic manufacturing machine, known as the NC machine, which was introduced in the 1950's at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA. After these NC machine started to be used, typical profiles and complex shapes could get produced more readily, which in turn lead to an improved production rate with higher accuracy. Thereafter, in the 1970's, an even larger revolutionary change was introduced to manufacturing, namely the use of the CNC machine (Computer Numerical Control). Since then, CNC has become the dominant production method in most manufacturing industries, including automotive, aviation, defence, oil and gas, medical, electronics industry, and the optical industry. Basics of CNC Programming describes how to design CNC programs, and what cutting parameters are required to make a good manufacturing program. The authors explain about cutting parameters in CNC machines, such as cutting feed, depth of cut, rpm, cutting speed etc., and they also explain the G codes and M codes which are common to CNC. The skill-set of CNC program writing is covered, as well as how to cut material during different operations like straight turning, step turning, taper turning, drilling, chamfering, radius profile, profile turning etc. In so doing, the authors cover the level of CNC programming from basic to industrial format. Drawings and CNC programs to practice on are also included for the reader.
VSF04-003 Brain¡VComputer Interfaces Handbook: Technological and Theoretical Advances
  Nam, Chang S./ 9781498773430/ Price:¢G 210.00
Book Cover This handbook is a valuable resource to anyone involved with improvement of people's lives by replacing, restoring, supplementing and improving motor action, and understanding the neural bases of such functions. While there are several other resources available, there is no handbook such as this one. This handbook addresses the recent and rapid changes in the field of braincomputer interfaces (BCIs). Due to these changes interest in BCI has grown enormously, including interest from computer science researchers with a background in computational intelligence, human-computer interaction, and researchers in entertainment technology.
VSF04-002 Handbook of Human Factors in Air Transportation Systems
  Landry, Steven James/ 9781466572645/ Price:¢G 170.00
Book Cover One of the primary applications of human factors engineering is in the aviation domain, and the importance of human factors has never been greater as U.S. and European authorities seek to modernize the air transportation system through the introduction of advanced automation. This handbook provides regulators, practitioners, researchers, and educators a comprehensive resource for understanding and applying human factors to air transportation. Features ¡EFocuses on practical guidance to researchers, regulators, and practitioners ¡EIncludes a chapter on certification ¡ECovers the design of aircraft cabins for passengers ¡EOffers a more balanced perspective between industry, regulators, and academia ¡EProvides a perspective from countries whose air transportation industries are growing but still under-developed, such as India and China
VF04-28 Protocols and Applications for the Industrial Internet of Things
  Cristian Gonzalez Garcia/ 9781522538059/ Price:US$ 215.00
Book Cover The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a major influence on the development of new technologies and innovations. When utilized properly, these applications can enhance business functions and make them easier to perform. Protocols and Applications for the Industrial Internet of Things discusses and addresses the difficulties, challenges, and applications of IoT in industrial processes and production and work life. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as industrial process control, machine learning, and data mining, this book is geared toward academicians, computer engineers, students, researchers, and professionals seeking current and relevant research on applications of the IoT. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡ECommunication Protocols ¡ECyber-Physical Systems ¡EData Mining ¡EIndustrial Process Control ¡EIndustrial Robotics ¡EMachine Learning ¡EManufacturing Systems ¡ESemantic Interoperability
VF04-27 Handbook of Research on Applied Optimization Methodologies in Manufacturing Systems
  Yilmaz, Omer Faruk/ 9781522529446/ Price:US$ 275.00
Book Cover Today¡¦s manufacturing systems are undergoing significant changes in the aspects of planning, production execution, and delivery. It is imperative to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in optimization to efficiently create products for the market. The Handbook of Research on Applied Optimization Methodologies in Manufacturing Systems is a pivotal reference source including the latest scholarly research on heuristic models for solving manufacturing and supply chain related problems. Featuring exhaustive coverage on a broad range of topics such as assembly ratio, car sequencing, and color constraints, this publication is ideally designed for practitioners seeking new comprehensive models for problem solving in manufacturing and supply chain management. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡EAssembly Ratio ¡ECar Sequencing ¡EClustering ¡EColor Constraints ¡EE-Commerce Supply Chain ¡EFlower Pollination ¡EGenetics Algorithms ¡EParticle Swarm
VF04-26 Intelligent Vehicles and Materials Transportation in the Manufacturing Sector: Emerging Research and Opportunities
  Bandyopadhyay, Susmita/ 9781522530640/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover The manufacturing industry has been optimized in recent years due to the rise of new technologies. These advances have paved the way for the development of intelligent vehicles. Intelligent Vehicles and Materials Transportation in the Manufacturing Sector: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a pivotal source of scholarly research on the various aspects of manufacturing vehicles with intelligent technology components. Including a range of perspectives on topics such as material handling, automated guided vehicles, and industrial robots, this book is ideally designed for engineers, academics, professionals, and practitioners actively involved in the manufacturing sector. Topics Covered ¡EAutomated Guided Vehicles ¡EConveyors ¡ECranes ¡EIndustrial Robots ¡EIndustrial Trucks ¡EMaterial Handling
SF04-482 Logistics
  Joelle Morana/ 9781786303103/ Price:US$ 134.95
SF04-481 Industrial Objectives and Industrial Performance: Concepts and Fuzzy Handling
  Lamia Berrah/ 9781848219557/ Price:US$ 144.95
SF04-475 Introduction to Six Sigma: Methods, Approaches and Applications
  N.A. Siddiqui/ 9781781831182/ Price:¢G 30.00
Customer satisfaction is the need of hour it is for both ? Products and Services. Customers always want a world class quality, consistently. In present scenario, there are many lacunas and the customer is not satisfied for most of the time. The only way to solve the problems and maintain consistent quality in products/services is by adapting to Six Sigma improvement methodology. It helps the organization to re-visit to the processes and eliminate the problems and produce consistent quality. The objective of Six Sigma process is to improve customer satisfaction with zero defects in products/services and to enhance profitability. The field of Six Sigma is not very old it was started in 1979 at Motorola Company, USA. The industries of developed countries, who have adapted the philosophies and methodologies of Six Sigma, have reaped rich benefits. Of late, the Indian industries have also adapted Six Sigma in a big way. This has created an urgent desire and need in our engineering students to learn about the subject which would enable them to practise it when they join an industrial organization after graduation. The proposed book covers basics of Six Sigma philosophies and methodologies. The book has been prepared keeping in mind the prevailing scenario in industries, universities and institutes. The book will kindle an urge and desire amongst the students to study, learn and practice the subject and be a part of successful industrial organization, later on.
SF04-472 Systems Analysis and Design.
  / 9781682514115/ Price:US$ 75.00
SF04-470 3GE Collection on Engineering: Industrial Engineering.
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680959833/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Presents the coverage of a broad spectrum of industrial engineering concepts and applications. The book has been designed for students studying Mechanical Engineering or Industrial Engineering. It discusses various concepts and provides practical knowledge related to the area of Industrial Engineering and Management.
SF04-470 3GE Collection on Engineering: Engineering Systems: Modelling and Control.
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680959840/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Provides a comprehensive examination of such systems and the associated emerging field of study. Delivers a unified introduction to the basic modeling of engineering systems. This book provides an introduction to the understanding and use of object-oriented methodologies for engineering problem solving with a specific emphasis on analysis and design.
SF04-470 Novel Processes for Advanced Manufacturing.
  Harinirina Randrianarisoa/ 9781773612362/ Price:US$ 165.00
Book Cover The aim of this book is to provide a description of modern manufacturing practices and novel processes which are speedily replacing the conventional manufacturing processes and systems. This book presents a picture of the globally changing manufacturing world along with the latest market challenges and how they are being addressed. This book is of interest for graduate level audience who are keen to get in touch with new manufacturing systems, processes and technologies. This book is also of interest for manufacturers and technical staff working in today¡¦s innovative manufacturing corporate world.
SF04-470 Trends in Industrial Engineeing and Management.
  Matthew Robinson/ 9781682513149/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover A fast paced changing world requires dynamic methods and robust theories to enable designers to deal with the new product development landscape successfully and make a difference in an increasingly interconnected world. This book brings together reviewed and extended studies contributed by renowned researchers, Engineers, and Computer Scientists. It covers all aspects of industrial engineering and management science, and application of a very wide range of management science and engineering technology. This book seeks to contribute to the elucidation of, not only, industrial designers, but also of educational institutions, both domestic and international, about how important it is to follow the development of markets and technology.
SF04-470 Industrial Automation and Control. (With DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680948448/ Price:US$ 85.00
Book Cover This new edition continues to provide state-of-the-art coverage of the entire spectrum of industrial control. Delivers the most essential concepts and methods necessary to capitalize on the innovations of industrial automation, including mathematical fundamentals, ergonometrics, industrial robotics, and government safety regulations. This book introduces the basics of philosophy, technology, terminology, and practices of modern automation systems with simple illustrations and examples.
SF04-470 Advances in Quality and Reliability Engineering.
  K.C. Lai/ 9781682513064/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover The analysis of failures is very important for revealing the cause of a particular failure, for taking appropriate measures to avoid similar failures in the future, and for improving similar products or processes. Historically, failure analysis has also contributed to the creation of new disciplines of mechanics and other branches, and to the better design and reliability of many products. The book serves as a reference tool for students and scholars interested in quality and reliability in mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, and industrial engineering programs. It can be used as a learning resource for practicing engineers.
SF04-470 Handbook on Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering.
  Calvin Hill/ 9781682513880/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Modern manufacturing systems must be engineered as any other complex systems, especially in the context of their integration. Manufacturing industries endeavor to reduce the cost of the product continuously to remain competitive in the face of global competition. This book presents the all-embracing concept of the Extended Enterprise as way of inter-enterprise integration. It then focusses on Enterprise Engineering methods and tools to address intra-enterprise integration using a model-based approach. Business process modelling and re-engineering issues are particularly discussed and tools presented.
SF04-470 New Developments for Advanced Manufacturing.
  James Nike/ 9781682513231/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover Manufacturing technology provides the productive tools that power a growing, stable economy and a rising standard of living. This work brings together selected recent advances, tools, application and new ideas in manufacturing systems. It discourses issues essential to modern manufacturing, ranging from traditional topics such as casting, forming, machining, and joining, to advanced topics such as the fabrication of nanomaterials. Comprehensive coverage of relevant engineering fundamentals and traditional as well as advanced applications of manufacturing processes and operations.
SF04-470 Modeling and Simulation in Engineering.
  Zoran Gacovski/ 9781773610764/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover This book covers topics from system modeling and simulation to the application of modeling and simulation in different industries including: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical (process) engineering, as well as social and economic systems. This book gives a state-of-the-art account of modeling and simulation of the life cycle of engineered systems, covering the topics of design, fabrication, maintenance and disposal for all who are interested in simulator design and development.
SF04-470 Industrial Engineering and Management.
  Harinirina Randrianarisoa/ 9781773612317/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover The purpose of this book is to give a depiction of present day industrial engineering and industrial management practices with novel procedures which are extensively playing a pivotal role in the industrial procedures and frameworks. It introduces a snapshot of the all-around prospecting industrial world alongside the most recent market issues and how they are being tended to. This book will be of interest for graduate level audience who are keen to get in touch with industrial engineering systems, processes and technologies as well as a great interest for manufacturers and technical staff working in today¡¦s innovative industrial corporate world.
VSF04-002 Additive Manufacturing Handbook: Product Development for the Defense Industry
  Badiru, Adedeji B./ 9781482264081/ Price:¢G 120.00
Book Cover Theoretical and practical interests in additive manufacturing (3D printing) are growing rapidly. Engineers and engineering companies now use 3D printing to make prototypes of products before going for full production. In an educational setting faculty, researchers, and students leverage 3D printing to enhance project-related products. Additive Manufacturing Handbook focuses on product design for the defense industry, which affects virtually every other industry. Thus, the handbook provides a wide range of benefits to all segments of business, industry, and government. Manufacturing has undergone a major advancement and technology shift in recent years. Features ¡EUses a foundational manufacturing technology of 3D Printing ¡ECase examples of 3D Printing in Defense Industry ¡EIllustrates how 3D Printing can enhance supply chains, thereby boosting military responsiveness ¡EIncludes material on innovation for military product prototyping ¡EBased on systems engineering context of product development
VSF04-001 Decision Sciences: Theory and Practice
  Sengupta, Raghu Nandan/ 9781466564305/ Price:¢G 270.00
Book Cover This handbook is an endeavour to cover many current, relevant, and essential topics related to decision sciences in a scientific manner. Using this handbook, graduate students, researchers, as well as practitioners from engineering, statistics, sociology, economics, etc. will find a new and refreshing paradigm shift as to how these topics can be put to use beneficially. Starting from the basics to advanced concepts, authors hope to make the readers well aware of the different theoretical and practical ideas, which are the focus of study in decision sciences nowadays. It includes an excellent bibliography/reference/journal list, information about a variety of datasets, illustrated pseudo-codes, and discussion of future trends in research. Covering topics ranging from optimization, networks and games, multi-objective optimization, inventory theory, statistical methods, artificial neural networks, times series analysis, simulation modeling, decision support system, data envelopment analysis, queueing theory, etc., this reference book is an attempt to make this area more meaningful for varied readers. Noteworthy features of this handbook are in-depth coverage of different topics, solved practical examples, unique datasets for a variety of examples in the areas of decision sciences, in-depth analysis of problems through colored charts, 3D diagrams, and discussions about software.
VSF04-001 Handbook of Construction Management: Scope, Schedule, and Cost Control
  Rumane, Abdul Razzak/ 9781482226645/ Price:¢G 155.00
Book Cover The book is developed to provide significant information and guidelines to construction and project management professionals (owners, designers, consultants, construction managers, project managers, supervisors, contractors, builders, developers, and many others from the construction-related industry) involved in construction projects (mainly civil construction projects, commercial-A/E projects) and construction-related industries. It covers the importance of construction management principles, procedures, concepts, methods, and tools, and their applications to various activities/components/subsystems of different phases of the life cycle of a construction project. These applications will improve the construction process in order to conveniently manage the project and make the project most qualitative, competitive, and economical. It also discuss the interaction and/or combination among some of the activities/elements of management functions, management processes, and their effective implementation and applications that are essential throughout the life cycle of project to conveniently manage the project. This handbook will: ¡EFocus on the construction management system to manage construction projects ¡EInclude a number of figures and tables which will enhance reader comprehension ¡EProvide all related topics/areas of construction management ¡EBe of interest to all those involved in construction management and project management ¡EProvide information about Building Information Modeling (BIM), and ISO Certification in Construction Industry ¡EOffer a chapter on Lean construction The construction project life cycle phases and its activities/elements/subsystems are comprehensively developed and take into consideration Henri Fayol's Management Function concept which was subsequently modified by Koontz and O'Donnel and Management Processes Knowledge Areas described in PMBOKR published by Project Management Institute (PMI).
VSF04-001 Handbook of Teen and Novice Drivers: Research, Practice, Policy, and Directions
  Fisher, Donald L./ 9781466587007/ Price:¢G 130.00
Book Cover Despite a growing body of research and targeted remediation, teenage and novice drivers continue to be six to nine times more likely to die in a crash than they are when they are just a few years older. The World Health Organization reports that road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death globally among 15 to 19 year olds. In light of these crash statistics, understanding the teen driver problem remains of paramount public health importance around the world. The Handbook of Teen and Novice Drivers: Research, Practice, Policy, and Directions provides critical knowledge for a broad range of potential readers, including students, teachers, researchers in academics, industry and the federal government, public policy makers at all levels, insurance companies and automobile manufacturers, driving instructors, and parents and their teens.
VF04-25 Handbook of Research on Manufacturing Process Modeling and Optimization Strategies
  Das, Raja/ 9781522524403/ Price:US$ 285.00
Book Cover Recent improvements in business process strategies have allowed more opportunities to attain greater developmental performances. This has led to higher success in day-to-day production and overall competitive advantage. The Handbook of Research on Manufacturing Process Modeling and Optimization Strategies is a pivotal reference source for the latest research on the various manufacturing methodologies and highlights the best optimization approaches to achieve boosted process performance. Featuring extensive coverage on relevant areas such as genetic algorithms, fuzzy set theory, and soft computing techniques, this publication is an ideal resource for researchers, practitioners, academicians, designers, manufacturing engineers, and institutions involved in design and manufacturing projects. Topics Covered ¡EAnalytic Hierarchy Process ¡EArtificial Neural Network ¡EFuzzy Neural Network ¡EFuzzy Set Theory ¡EGenetic Algorithms ¡EParticle Swarm Optimization ¡ESoft Computing Techniques
VF04-24 Optimum Decision Making in Asset Management
  Carnero, Maria Carmen/ 9781522506515/ Price:US$ 215.00
Book Cover Asset management is becoming increasingly important to an organization¡¦s strategy, given its effects on cost, production, and quality. No matter the sector, important decisions are made based on techniques and theories that are thought to optimize results; asset management models and techniques could help maximize effectiveness while reducing risk. Optimum Decision Making in Asset Management posits that effective decision making can be augmented by asset management based on mathematical techniques and models. Resolving the problems associated with minimizing uncertainty, this publication outlines a myriad of methodologies, procedures, case studies, and management tools that can help any organization achieve world-class maintenance. This book is ideal for managers, manufacturing engineers, programmers, academics, and advanced management students. Topics Covered ¡EAftersales Management ¡EBenchmarking ¡EDecision Support Systems ¡EGreen Reliability ¡EIntegrated Logistic Support ¡EMaintenance Policies ¡EPerformance Evaluation ¡ESpare Parts Optimization ¡EWarranty Assistances
SF04-463 Engineering Mathematics.
  Figueroa, Lalaine S./ 9781680956870/ Price:US$ 145.00
Book Cover
SF04-463 Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Processes.
  Go, Ruzel K./ 9781680956894/ Price:US$ 145.00
Book Cover
SF04-463 Illustrated Handbook of Advanced Manufacturing.
  / 9781680947021/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover Manufacturing engineering or manufacturing process are the steps through which raw materials are transformed into a final product. The manufacturing process begins with the product design, and materials specification from which the product is made. Advanced manufacturing is the use of innovative technology to improve products or processes. Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing provides students an excellent overview of the field of advanced manufacturing. This book presents information in the area of smart devices and novel machine design, as well as their practical applications to enable advanced manufacturing. It is ideal for any engineering or automated manufacturing program, providing a thorough and engaging element of manufacturing discipline
SF04-462 Basic Manufacturing Processes. (With DVD)
  / 9781680954821/ Price:US$ 79.95
Book Cover Manufacturing processes are the steps through which raw materials are transformed into a nal product. The manufacturing process begins with the creation of the materials from which the design is made. These materials are then modi ed through manufacturing processes to become the required part. Manufacturing processes can include treating, machining, or reshaping the material. The manufacturing process also includes tests and checks for quality assurance during or after the manufacturing, and planning the production process prior to manufacturing. Manufacturing takes turns under all types of economic systems. In a free market economy, manufacturing is usually directed toward the mass production of products for sale to consumers at a pro t. In a collectivist economy, manufacturing is more frequently directed by the state to supply a centrally planned economy. In mixed market economies, manufacturing occurs under some degree of government regulation. Modern manufacturing includes all intermediate processes required the production and integration of a product'scomponents.
SF04-462 Engineering Statistics. (With DVD)
  / 9781680954906/ Price:US$ 79.95
Book Cover Statistics is the mathematical science involved in the application of quantitative principles to the collection, analysis, and presentation of numerical data. The practice of statistics utilizes data from some population in order to describe it meaningfully, to draw conclusions from it, and make informed decisions. Today, statistics has become an important tool in the work of many academic disciplines such as medicine, psychology, education, sociology, engineering and physics, just to name a few. Statistics is also important in many aspects of society such as business, industry and government. Because of the increasing use of statistics in so many areas of our lives, it has become very desirable to understand and practice statistical thinking. This is important even if you do not use statistical methods directly. For example, civil engineers working in thetransportation eld are concerned about the capacity of regional highway systems. A typical problem would involve data on the number of nonwork, home-based trips, the number of persons per household, and the number of vehicles per household, and the objective would be to produce a trip-generation model relating trips to the number of persons per household and the number of vehicles per household. A statistical technique called regression analysis can be used to construct this model. The trip-generation model is an important tool for transportation systems planning. Regression methods are among the most widely used statistical techniques in engineering.
SF04-460 Logistics Systems: Design and Optimization.
  Milne, B./ 9781682512050/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Logistics is generally the detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation. In a general business sense, logistics is the management of the flow of things between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet requirements of customers or corporations. The concept of logistics can be applied to specific areas of business. This book advocates a holistic approach to designing efficient logistics systems that can adapt to changing environments.
SF04-460 Robust Manufacturing Control.
  Zhu, Ben/ 9781682512067/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover This book covers robust design for bothstatic and dynamic systems using the nominal model information or the hybrid model/data information, and also integrates design with control under a large operating region. This diverse aspects of robust manufacturing control involves robust manufacturing system configuration design. It present the latest developments and new ideas focusing on robust manufacturing control for global networks.
SF04-460 Analysis of Manufacturing Enterprises.
  Morgan, Rese/ 9781682512074/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover Manufacturing enterprises are the enterprises engaged in the manufacture or production of goods pertaining to any industry specified in the first schedule to the industries or employing plant and machinery in the process of value addition to the final product having a distinct name or character or use. A manufacturing enterprise plays a key role in a traditional distribution channel. A distribution channel is a collection of companies that take products from manufacture to end consumer. This book presents a unified and systematic treatment of manufacturing enterprises.
SF04-460 Advances in Processing and Manufacturing Technologies.
  Miller, Karen/ 9781682512081/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Manufacturing technology provides the tools that enable production of all manufactured goods. These master tools of industry magnify the effort of individual workers and give an industrial nation the power to turn raw materials into the affordable, quality goods essential to today¡¦s society. This book presents guidelines for selecting the proper engineering materials, manufacturing processes, and equipment. It also covers the basics as well as the most recent advances in manufacturing technology.
SF04-460 Industrial & Manufacturing Systems Handbook.
  Smith, Alexander/ 9781682512098/ Price:US$ 160.00
A manufacturing system is defined as the arrangement and operation of machines, tools, material, people and information to produce a value-added physical, informational or service product whose success and cost is characterized by measurable parameters. This book focuses on the effects of unreliability, variability, and finite storage space on system performance; and control theoretic methods for operating advanced manufacturing systems to obtain high performance.
SF04-460 Advances in Industrial Design Engineering.
  Smith, H. S./ 9781682512142/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Industrial design is a process of design applied to products that are to be manufactured through techniques of mass production. The field of industrial design is one that serves as sort of confluence point for engineering, art and imagination. This book assists readers in leaping forward in their own practice and in preparing new design research that is relevant and aligned with the current challenges of this fascinating field.
SF04-460 Logistics in Manufacturing.
  Davis, Patrick/ 9781682512289/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover Manufacturing has been one of the key areas that support and influence a nation¡¦s economy since the eighteenth century in order to deal with issues of logistics and supply chain management, effectively and efficiently. This comprehensive overview of logistics provides a conceptual framework for understanding the logistics system, the integration of its basic elements, and its relationship to the overall firm. This book deals with logistics in manufacturing.
SF04-460 Enterprise Networks and Logistics for Agile Manufacturing.
  Yang, W./ 9781682512296/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover With increasingly decentralized manufacturing systems and outsourcing, more robust and practical approaches and systems are needed to support agile manufacturing operations. Agile manufacturing is a term applied to an organization that has created the processes, tools, and training to enable it to respond quickly to customer needs and market changes while still controlling costs and quality. This book presents both a broad-based review of the key areas of research in agile manufacturing, and an indepth treatment of individual methodologies and systems from enterprise networks and logistics to supply chain scheduling and management.
SF04-460 Nontraditional Manufacturing Processes.
  Chekhov, Mikell/ 9781682512302/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover Manufacturing processes are the steps through which raw materials are transformed into a final product. The manufacturing process begins with the creation of the materials from which the design is made. This book provides a convenient, single source of information on advanced machining, material forming, and joining processes. It describes available technologies that use tools, such as high velocity material jets, pulsed magnetic fields, light beams, electrochemical reactions, and more.
SF04-460 Managing Innovative Manufacturing.
  Potter, Beatrix/ 9781682512319/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover Manufacturing is the production of merchandise for use or sale using labor and machines, tools, chemical and biological processing, or formulation. The term may refer to a range of human activity, from handicraft to high tech, but is most commonly applied to industrial production, in which raw materials are transformed into finished goods on a large scale. Modern manufacturing includes all intermediate processes required for the production and integration of a product¡¦s components. This book discusses how to manage innovative manufacturing.
SF04-460 Advances in Sustainable Manufacturing.
  Randrianarisoa, Harinirina/ 9781680943498/ Price:US$ 175.00
Book Cover The book covers advanced techniques in sustainable manufacturing such as materials and manufacturing for renewable energies; clean manufacturing technology; ecological manufacturing; energy-efficient manufacturing; remanufacturing; recycling of materials. Sustainable manufacturing is the creation of manufactured products through economically- sound processes that minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources.
SF04-460 Manufacturing Systems: Design and Analysis.
  Randrianarisoa, Harinirina/ 9781680943511/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover This book presents state-of-the-art fundamental and applied research in manufacturing at the systems level. Manufacturing systems are comprised of products, equipment, people, information, control and support functions for the economical and competitive development, production, delivery and total life cycle of products to satisfy market and societal needs.
Advances in Manufacturing Technology Xxxi: Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Manufacturing Research, Incorporating the 32nd National ... (Advances in Transdisciplinary Engine
  J. Gao/ 9781614997917/ Price:EUR 140.00
Book Cover This book presents the proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Manufacturing Research (ICMR 2017), which also incorporated the 32nd National Conference on Manufacturing Research (NCMR) and was held at the University of Greenwich, London, UK, in September 2017. The conference brings together a broad community of researchers who share the common goal of developing and managing the technologies and operations key to sustaining the success of manufacturing businesses. The book is divided into 13 Parts, covering topics such as advanced manufacturing technologies (including additive, ultra-precision and nano-manufacturing); manufacturing systems (digital and cyber-physical systems); product design and development (including lifecycle management and supply-chain collaboration); information and communication (including innovation and knowledge management); and manufacturing management (including lean, sustainable and cost engineering).
VSF04-001 Maintenance Audits Handbook: A Performance Measurement Framework.
  Pascual, Diego Galar/ 9781466583917/ Price:¢G 155.00
Book Cover The book presents performance indicators within a framework that classifies and sorts according to functional and hierarchical aspects. It introduces techniques that can help determine the right set of performance indicators. It also outlines a process that combines both numerical indicators with the classical result of massive questionnaires successfully incorporating both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of maintenance performance. In addition, the author provides examples of MPM frameworks that are used in organizations with condition-based, vibration-based, and reliability-centered maintenance. A useful handbook for students and maintenance professionals, this book provides readers with an understanding of how to ¡E Align the organizational strategy to the strategies of the maintenance function ¡E Link the maintenance performance measures to the different hierarchies of the organization and establish effective communication between them ¡E Translate the MPIs at operational level to the corporate level (to create value for the whole organization and its customers) ¡E Identify the weaknesses and strengths of the implemented maintenance strategy Maintenance Audits Handbook: A Performance Measurement Framework provides readers with a sound foundation for developing and measuring a comprehensive maintenance improvement strategy using qualitative and quantitative data, and serves as an ideal resource for maintenance/mechanical engineers, maintenance/performance/business/production managers and industry professionals involved in maintenance.
VSF04-001 Handbook of Measurements: Benchmarks for Systems Accuracy and Precision.
  Badiru, Adedeji B./ 9781482225228/ Price:¢G 145.00
Book Cover Planning, measuring, and paying attention to details form the basis for all successful engineering operations. Measurements pervade everything we do and must be viewed from a systems perspective. A comprehensive all-encompassing guide to measurements, Handbook of Measurements: Benchmarks for Systems Accuracy and Precision focuses on high-level engineering computations essential for benchmarks and technical innovation. The book uses a systems framework and a technically rigorous approach to systems linking of measurements¡Xan approach that sets it apart from other handbooks. The popular saying "measure twice and cut once" bears out the importance of measurements in human endeavors. This handbook covers both qualitative and quantitative topics of measurement. It opens with a chapter on the fundamentals of measurement and includes coverage of human-centric measurements, such as measurement of personnel productivity and contractor performance. It concludes with three appendices on measurement, references, conversion factors, equations, formulas, and statistics for measurement. It is well understood that humans cannot manage anything that cannot be measured. All elements involved in our day-to-day decision making involve some form of measurement, whether in the kitchen, retail, sports, service operations, geographical exploration, health care delivery, worker productivity, clothing design, engineering product design, or space craft launching. Measuring an attribute of a system and then analyzing it against some standard, some specification, some best practice, or some benchmark empower a decision maker to take appropriate and timely actions. This book gives you a guide for sustainable practices to ensure accurate measurements, helping you make decisions backed by metrics.
VSF04-001 Handbook of Machining with Grinding Wheels.
  Marinescu, Ioan D./ 9781482206685/ Price:¢G 200.00
Book Cover Grinding is a crucial technology that employs specific abrasive processes for the fabrication of advanced products and surfaces. Handbook of Machining with Grinding Wheels, Second Edition highlights important industry developments that can lead to improved part quality, higher productivity, and lower costs. Divided into two parts, the book begins with an explanation of grinding behavior and ends with a focus on new and emerging industrial applications. While the first edition focused on the basics of abrasive machining technology and presented a unified approach to machining with grinding wheels, the second editionties in the continued need for traditional processes in conjunction with the latest applications. This bookhighlights new research topics that include: nanotechnology, alternative energy, and additive manufacturing, compares related approaches, and provides numerous references throughout the book. New in the Second Edition: ¡EContains the latest information on abrasives, bonds, and dressing ¡EUpdates classic stability lobes for grinding ¡EIntroduces a new method for tracking dynamic instability in centerless grinding ¡EProvides a section in the chapter on ultrasonic-assisted grinding, which contains recent work on modelling of the process ¡EAdds material on fluid cooling ¡EPresents experimental results for in-process feedback to the grinding process ¡EIncludes new examples on grinding machine technology (particularly for dressing) A single source reference covering every aspect of the grinding process, Handbook of Machining with Grinding Wheels functions as a definitive guide to grinding technology for both practicing engineers and students studying graduate-level courses (such as abrasive machining; grinding R&D; metal removal processes; machining of brittle materials; and principles of cutting).
VF04-23 Handbook of Research on Managerial Strategies for Achieving Optimal Performance in Industrial Processes
  Alor-Hernandez, Giner/ 9781522501305/ Price:US$ 365.00
Book Cover Competitive advantage is a key factor to the success of any business in modern society. To achieve this goal, effective strategies for process improvement must be researched and implemented into an organization. The Handbook of Research on Managerial Strategies for Achieving Optimal Performance in Industrial Processes examines optimization techniques for improved business operations and procedures in the industrial sector. Highlighting management techniques, innovative approaches, and technological tools, this publication is an essential reference source for professionals, researchers, consultants, upper-level students, and academicians interested in the advancement of knowledge in industrial communities. Topics Covered ¡EAutomatic Defect Detection ¡ECloud Computing ¡EHealthcare System Management ¡EKnowledge Transfer ¡EMacroergonomics ¡EMicro-Factories ¡ERisk Management ¡ESmall and Medium Enterprises ¡ESupply Chain Management
VF04-22 Stochastic Processes and Models in Operations Research
  Anbazhagan, Neelamegam/ 9781522500445/ Price:US$ 185.00
Book Cover Decision-making is an important task no matter the industry. Operations research, as a discipline, helps alleviate decision-making problems through the extraction of reliable information related to the task at hand in order to come to a viable solution. Integrating stochastic processes into operations research and management can further aid in the decision-making process for industrial and management problems. Stochastic Processes and Models in Operations Research emphasizes mathematical tools and equations relevant for solving complex problems within business and industrial settings. This research-based publication aims to assist scholars, researchers, operations managers, and graduate-level students by providing comprehensive exposure to the concepts, trends, and technologies relevant to stochastic process modeling to solve operations research problems. Topics Covered ¡EDecision Making ¡EFuzzy Models ¡EInventory Management ¡EPerformance Analysis ¡EQueuing Systems ¡EStochastic Models ¡ESupply Chain Management
VF04-21 Supply Chain Strategies and the Engineer-to-Order Approach
  Addo-Tenkorang, Richard/ 9781522500216/ Price:US$ 200.00
Book Cover With the rise of global competitiveness among industries, it has become increasingly vital to develop novel strategies to assist in optimizing value-chain networks, thus helping to secure economic success. By employing engineer-to-order practices, many enterprises have improved their manufacturing processes. Supply Chain Strategies and the Engineer-to-Order Approach evaluates innovative processes and original operational models, frameworks, and architectures in the topic areas of industrial engineering and management science. Featuring optimized enterprise chain management strategies and emergent research within the field, this book is an essential reference source for professional, academics, and researchers specializing in enterprise operations and engineer-to-order procedures. Topics Covered ¡EComplex Product Development ¡EGlobal Industrial Enterprises ¡EGlobal Manufacturing ¡EIndustrial Engineering ¡EInnovation Diffusion ¡EOperational Architectures ¡EOptimization Process
SF04-478 Work Study and Ergonomics.
  Lakhwinder Pal Singh/ 9781107503366/ Price:¢G 44.99
VSF04-001 Handbook of Industrial Drying.
  Mujumdar, Arun S./ 9781466596658/ Price:¢G 305.00
Book Cover By far the most commonly encountered and energy-intensive unit operation in almost all industrial sectors, industrial drying continues to attract the interest of scientists, researchers, and engineers. The Handbook of Industrial Drying, Fourth Edition not only delivers a comprehensive treatment of the current state of the art, but also serves as a consultative reference for streamlining industrial drying operations. New to the Fourth Edition: ¡EComputational fluid dynamic simulation ¡ESolar, impingement, and pulse combustion drying ¡EDrying of fruits, vegetables, sugar, biomass, and coal ¡EPhysicochemical aspects of sludge drying ¡ELife-cycle assessment of drying systems Covering commonly encountered dryers as well as innovative dryers with future potential, the Handbook of Industrial Drying, Fourth Edition not only details the latest developments in the field, but also explains how improvements in dryer design and operation can increase energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
VSF04-001 Handbook of Virtual Environments: Design, Implementation, and Applications.
  Hale, Kelly S./ 9781466511842/ Price:¢G 175.00
Book Cover The second edition of a bestseller, Handbook of Virtual Environments: Design, Implementation, and Applications presents systematic and extensive coverage of the primary areas of research and development within VE technology. It brings together a comprehensive set of contributed articles that address the principles required to define system requirements and design, build, evaluate, implement, and manage the effective use of VE applications. The contributors provide critical insights and principles associated with their given areas of expertise to provide extensive scope and detail on VE technology and its applications. What¡¦s New in the Second Edition: ¡EUpdated glossary of terms to promote common language throughout the community ¡ENew chapters on olfactory perception, avatar control, motion sickness, and display design, as well as a whole host of new application areas ¡EUpdated information to reflect the tremendous progress made over the last decade in applying VE technology to a growing number of domains
VSF04-001 Modeling and Simulation-Based Systems Engineering Handbook.
  Gianni, Daniele/ 9781466571457/ Price:¢G 120.00
Book Cover The capability modeling and simulation (M&S) supplies for managing systems complexity and investigating systems behaviors has made it a central activity in the development of new and existing systems. However, a handbook that provides established M&S practices has not been available. Until now. Modeling and Simulation-Based Systems Engineering Handbook details the M&S practices for supporting systems engineering in diverse domains. It discusses how you can identify systems engineering needs and adapt these practices to suit specific application domains, thus avoiding redefining practices from scratch. Although M&S practices are used and embedded within individual disciplines, they are often developed in isolation. However, they address recurring problems common to all disciplines. The editors of this book tackled the challenge by recruiting key representatives from several communities, harmonizing the different perspectives derived from individual backgrounds, and lining them up with the book¡¦s vision. The result is a collection of M&S systems engineering examples that offer an initial means for cross-domain capitalization of the knowledge, methodologies, and technologies developed in several communities. These examples provide the pros and cons of the methods and techniques available, lessons learned, and pitfalls to avoid. As our society moves further in the information era, knowledge and M&S capabilities become key enablers for the engineering of complex systems and systems of systems. Therefore, knowledge and M&S methodologies and technologies become valuable output in an engineering activity, and their cross-domain capitalization is key to further advance the future practices in systems engineering. This book collates information across disciplines to provide you with the tools to more efficiently design and manage complex systems that achieve their goals.
VF04-20 Robotics, Automation, and Control in Industrial and Service Settings.
  Luo, Zongwei/ 9781466686939/ Price:US$ 215.00
Book Cover The field of robotics isn¡¦t what it used to be. Driven by an explosion in information systems over the past two decades, robotics as a discipline has rapidly evolved from the far-flung fantasies of science fiction to a practical, daily necessity of modern industry. Robotics, Automation, and Control in Industrial and Service Settings meets the challenges presented by the rise of ubiquitous computing by providing a detailed discussion of best practices and future developments in the field. This premier reference source offers a comprehensive overview of current research and emerging theory for a diverse and multidisciplinary audience of students, educators, professionals, and policymakers. This reference work includes research and perspectives from scholars and top industry practitioners in fields such as manufacturing, assistive robotics, bioinformatics, human-computer interaction, and intelligent mechatronics, among others. Topics Covered ¡EAdvertising ¡EAutomation vs Control ¡EBioinformatics ¡ECNC Machining Optimization ¡ECooperative Robotics ¡EHuman-Computer Interaction ¡EHumanoid Robots ¡EIndustrial Machining ¡EMobile Pathing Algorithms ¡ERisk Management
VF04-19 Handbook of Research on Advanced Intelligent Control Engineering and Automation.
  Azar, Ahmad Taher/ 9781466672482/ Price:US$ 335.00
Book Cover In industrial engineering and manufacturing, control of individual processes and systems is crucial to developing a quality final product. Rapid developments in technology are pioneering new techniques of research in control and automation with multi-disciplinary applications in electrical, electronic, chemical, mechanical, aerospace, and instrumentation engineering. The Handbook of Research on Advanced Intelligent Control Engineering and Automation presents the latest research into intelligent control technologies with the goal of advancing knowledge and applications in various domains. This text will serve as a reference book for scientists, engineers, and researchers, as it features many applications of new computational and mathematical tools for solving complicated problems of mathematical modeling, simulation, and control. Topics Covered ¡EApplications of Control Systems ¡EChaotic Systems ¡EIntelligent Control ¡EMechanical Systems ¡ENonlinear Control Systems ¡EPower Systems ¡ERobotics ¡ESoft-Computing Techniques ¡ESwitched Control Systems ¡ETime-Delay Control Systems
VF04-18 Lean Six Sigma Approaches in Manufacturing, Services, and Production.
  Tetteh, Edem G./ 9781466673205/ Price:US$ 215.00
Book Cover Lean Six Sigma has evolved progressively over time from quality efforts within an enterprise that are independent, to complex systems changing the concept from a simple network to complex alliance formation among firms. The changes created by these transformations present novel challenges and issues to new and established businesses alike. Lean Six Sigma Approaches in Manufacturing, Services, and Production presents emerging research-based trends in the area of global quality lean six sigma networks and analysis. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach focusing on research, cases, and emerging technologies, this title provides insight and support to researchers, students, executives, managers, and practitioners concerned with the management of quality and efficiency across industries. Topics Covered ¡EEngineering Economy and Cost Analysis ¡EEnterprise Resource Planning ¡EManufacturing Systems ¡EOperations Management ¡EProduction Planning and Control ¡EProject Management ¡EQuality Control and Management ¡ESupply Chain Management ¡EThird and Fourth Party Logistics
VF04-17 Smart Manufacturing Innovation and Transformation: Interconnection and Intelligence.
  Luo, Zongwei/ 9781466658363/ Price:US$ 225.00
Book Cover Fast advances in information technology have led to a smarter world vision with ubiquitous interconnection and intelligence. Smart Manufacturing Innovation and Transformation: Interconnection and Intelligence covers both theoretical perspectives and practical approaches to smart manufacturing research and development triggered by ubiquitous interconnection and intelligence. This reference work discusses the transformation of manufacturing, the latest developments in smart manufacturing innovation, current and emerging technology opportunities, and market imperatives that enable manufacturing innovation and transformation, useful tools for readers in industry, academia, and government. Topics Covered ¡EBig Data Computing and Intelligence ¡EBusiness Models and Mechanism Design ¡EMEMS/Hybrid Systems for Advanced Manufacturing ¡ERobotics and Automation ¡ESCM/Logistics for Advanced Manufacturing ¡ESocial and Human Centric Computing ¡ETransparent and Service Computing
VF04-16 Handbook of Research on Design and Management of Lean Production Systems.
  Modrak, Vladimir/ 9781466650398/ Price:US$ 325.00
Book Cover In a production environment, batch size is proportional to cost and productivity. Innovative technologies have emerged in lean manufacturing as a way to include a number of elements that emphasizes waste reduction, value enhancement, and high quality results. Handbook of Research on Design and Management of Lean Production Systems explores the recent advancements in the areas of lean production, management, and the system and layout design for manufacturing environments. It also captures the building blocks of lean transformation on a shop floor level. Providing further understanding and ideas of this subject area, this book is an essential reference source for academic researchers as well as managers and practitioners of organizations. Topics Covered ¡ECell Design ¡ECellular Manufacturing ¡ELean Manufacturing System Design ¡EMethods and Tools ¡EPractical Applications ¡ESocial Aspects of Lean Manufacturing ¡ESupply Chain Practices
Modeling Human Behaviors in Psychology Using Engineering Methods.
  Chi-Chun Lee/ 9788793102606/ Price:EUR 90.00
Book Cover Modeling Human Behaviors in Psychology Using Engineering Methods will first provide an introduction on some of the ingredients of such engineering approaches (what is needed) and the rationale and impact of such interdisciplinary effort (why is it necessary); then, it will discuss sample research works in affective computing, e.g., automated emotion recognition, and in mental health, e.g., assessing distressed behaviors in couples therapy sessions; finally, it will conclude with a roadmap for many possible future research endeavor for creating enduring and highly positive impact on humans¡¦ mental health and wellbeing
VF04-15 Industrial Production Management in Flexible Manufacturing Systems.
  Dima, Ioan Constantin/ 9781466628182/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover Industrial Production Management in Flexible Manufacturing Systems addresses the present discussions surrounding flexible production systems based on automation, robotics and cybernetics as they continue to replace the traditional production systems. The book also covers issues related to the use of multi-servicing in the operational management of the industrial production and its scheduling systems. Topics Covered ¡ECompany¡¦s Non-logistics ¡ECorporate Finance ¡EFlexible Manufacturing Systems ¡EForeign Exchange Markets ¡EKnowledge & Information Management ¡EManufacturing & Industrial Engineering ¡EMarketing Management ¡EMarkow Chain ¡EProcess Improvement
Case Studies in Advanced Engineering Design: Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium.
  Spitas, C./ 9781614992417/ Price:EUR 45.00
Book Cover This book of proceedings is not about serving ready-made conclusions, or a ¡¥how to¡¦-guide of advanced engineering design. It hopes to serve as a ¡¥sharp radiography¡¦ of current practices, being neither the ultimate diagnosis nor a prognosis. It is a reference, a starting point for the kind of questioning and dialectic that makes engineering design such a uniquely fascinating, challenging and rewarding human endeavour.
Quality in Design and Execution of Engineering Practice.
  Van Gunsteren, L.A./ 9781614992516/ Price:EUR 45.00
Book Cover uality in Design and Execution of Engineering Practice is about quality management focused at fitness for purpose, rather than compliance with specifications, rules and regulations. The focus on getting execution in line with fitness for purpose is supported by a classification of seven different categories of quality, defined by their relevance for purpose, compliance with specifications, and actual execution. This classification facilitates decision making on desirable exemptions from specifications in the interest of both buyer and supplier. The author offers guidelines for quality management in different types of business units: License Giver, License Taker, Jobber and Consultant.
VF04-5-2 Handbook of Human Factors and Ergonomics.
  Salvendy, Gavriel/ 9780470528389/ Price:US$ 327.95
Book Cover The fourth edition of the Handbook of Human Factors and Ergonomics has been completely revised and updated. This includes all existing third edition chapters plus new chapters written to cover new areas. These include the following subjects: ¡EManaging low-back disorder risk in the workplace ¡EOnline interactivity ¡ENeuroergonomics ¡EOffice ergonomics ¡ESocial networking ¡EHF&E in motor vehicle transportation ¡EUser requirements ¡EHuman factors and ergonomics in aviation ¡EHuman factors in ambient intelligent environments As with the earlier editions, the main purpose of this handbook is to serve the needs of the human factors and ergonomics researchers, practitioners, and graduate students. Each chapter has a strong theory and scientific base, but is heavily focused on real world applications. As such, a significant number of case studies, examples, figures, and tables are included to aid in the understanding and application of the material covered.
VF04-14 Graph Theory for Operations Research and Management: Applications in Industrial Engineering.
  Farahani, Reza Zanjirani/ 9781466626614/ Price:US$ 185.00
Book Cover While typically many approaches have been mainly mathematics focused, graph theory has become a tool used by scientists, researchers, and engineers in using modeling techniques to solve real-world problems. Graph Theory for Operations Research and Management: Applications in Industrial Engineering presents traditional and contemporary applications of graph theory in the areas of industrial engineering, management science, and applied operations research. This comprehensive collection of research introduces the useful basic concepts of graph theory in real world applications. Topics Covered ¡EApplying Graph Theory ¡EBasics of Graph Theory ¡EConnectivity ¡EExternal Graphs and Ramsey Theory ¡EHigher Education Management ¡EMatching Theory ¡ENetworks
VF04-13 Production and Manufacturing System Management: Coordination Approaches and Multi-Site Planning.
  Renna, Paolo/ 9781466620988/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover The adoption of production networks and distributed production planning is essential to the increase of competition and market globalization of manufacturing companies as well as Small and Medium Enterprises. In order for SMEs to gain competitive advantages to participate in this kind of network, the distributed approach of production planning requires a coordination mechanism to acquire this high level of performance. Production and Manufacturing System Management: Coordination Approaches and Multi-Site Planning presents relevant theoretical frameworks and most recent research findings in this area. This extensive collection of works provides significant theories for research students and scholars to carry out their continuous research as well as practitioners who aim to improve upon their understanding of distributed production planning. Topics Covered ¡ECase Studies in Distributed Production Planning ¡ECoordination Theory ¡EDecision Support System ¡EDistributed Systems ¡EGame Theory ¡EGame Theory ¡EMulti Agent Systems ¡EMulti-Objective Optimization Algorithms ¡EProduction Networks ¡EProduction Planning and Scheduling ¡ESimulation Tools
VF04-12 Diagnostics and Prognostics of Engineering Systems: Methods and Techniques.
  Kadry, Seifedine/ 9781466620957/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover Industrial Prognostics predicts an industrial system¡¦s lifespan using probability measurements to determine the way a machine operates. Prognostics are essential in determining being able to predict and stop failures before they occur. Therefore the development of dependable prognostic procedures for engineering systems is important to increase the system¡¦s performance and reliability. Diagnostics and Prognostics of Engineering Systems: Methods and Techniques provides widespread coverage and discussions on the methods and techniques of diagnosis and prognosis systems. Including practical examples to display the method¡¦s effectiveness in real-world applications as well as the latest trends and research, this reference source aims to introduce fundamental theory and practice for system diagnosis and prognosis. Topics Covered ¡E Empirical Methods for Process and Equipment Prognostics ¡E Examples and Case Studies of Prognostics and Health Management ¡E In-Situ Monitoring Techniques ¡E Life Cycle Cost and Return on Investment for Prognostics and Health Management ¡E Making Predictions ¡E Monitoring Environmental and Usage Conditions ¡E Physics of Failure Based Prognostics ¡E Prognostics for Electronic Products ¡E Reliability and Prognostics ¡E Self Cognitive Capability for Anomaly Detection, Fault Analysis and Prognosis ¡E Sensors for Prognostics ¡E Time Series Analysis
VF04-11 Industrial Engineering: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications, 3-Vols/Set.
  Information Resources Management Association, USA/ 9781466619456/ Price:US$ 2050.00
Book Cover Industrial engineering affects all levels of society, with innovations in manufacturing and other forms of engineering oftentimes spawning cultural or educational shifts along with new technologies. Industrial Engineering: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications serves as a vital compendium of research, detailing the latest research, theories, and case studies on industrial engineering. Bringing together contributions from authors around the world, this three-volume collection represents the most sophisticated research and developments from the field of industrial engineering and will prove a valuable resource for researchers, academics, and practitioners alike. Topics Covered ¡E Business Process Modeling ¡E Industrial Engineering Education ¡E Intelligent Agents and Multi-Agent Systems ¡E Intelligent Manufacturing ¡E Intelligent Product Design ¡E Knowledge-Based Systems ¡E Online Laboratory Education ¡E Online Machining Optimization ¡E Production Planning Optimization Models ¡E Soft-Computing Methods
SF04-419 Rail Human Factors around the World: Impacts on and of People for Successful Rail Operations.
  Wilson, John R./ 9780415644754/ Price:¢G 150.00
SF04-416 Strategic Cost Analysis: For Project Managers and Engineers.
  Creese, Robert C./ 9781906574888/ Price:¢G 30.00
Book Cover This book presents the basic tools of strategic cost analysis and engineering economy principles used by managers, engineers, estimators, project planners and project management personnel. The areas of emphasis are: Cash Flow, Profits, Financial Statements and the Purecell Diagram; Types of Interest and Money Values used in Cash Flow Analysis; Different Formulae used in Engineering Economy Decisions with examples; Cash Flow Analysis before taxes; Depreciation Types and Cash Flows after Taxes; Project Evaluation Techniques including present worth, average annual cost, return on investment, return on average investment, rate of return, benefit/cost ratio and project balances and basic Probability and Risk Analysis. Many illustrative problems are included in the book to provide practice in using the expressions and techniques presented.
Modern Geotechnical Design Codes of Practice.
  Arnold, P./ 9781614991625/ Price:EUR 125.00
Book Cover The ground is one of the most highly variable of engineering materials. It is therefore not surprising that geotechnical designs depend on local site conditions and local engineering experience. Engineering practices, relating to investigation and design methods (site understanding) and to safety levels acceptable to society, will therefore vary between different regions. The challenge in geotechnical engineering is to make use of worldwide geotechnical experience, established over many years, to aid in the development and harmonization of geotechnical design codes. Given the significant uncertainties involved, empiricism and engineering judgment will undoubtedly always be an essential element of geotechnical design. However, rigorous and scientific approaches based on probability theory are finding increased attention in the calibration of modern geotechnical codes of practice and these codes can and should be used to aid fundamental engineering judgment.
VF04-10 Kansei Engineering and Soft Computing: Theory and Practice.
  Dai, Ying/ 9781616927974/ Price:US$ 180.00
With the increasing concern regarding human factors in system development, the concepts of humanized technology and human-related systems have become the focus of more and more research. Kansei Engineering and Soft Computing: Theory and Practice offers readers a comprehensive review of kansei engineering, soft computing techniques, and the fusion of these two fields from a variety of viewpoints. It explores traditional technologies, as well as solutions to real-world problems through the concept of kansei and the effective utilization of soft computing techniques. This publication is an essential read for professionals, researchers, and students in the field of kansei information processing and soft computing providing both theoretical and practical viewpoints of research in humanized technology. Topics Covered ¡ESoft Computing ¡EParticle Swarm Optimizer ¡EHigh-dimensional Data Clustering ¡EText Mining ¡EDNA Computing ¡EFuzzy Logic ¡EKansei ¡EPhysiological Measurement ¡EHumanoids ¡ESemantic Detection
SF04-417 Gender and Diversity in a Problem and Project Based Learning Environment.
  Du, Xiang-Yun/ 9788792329844/ Price:EUR 75.00
Problem and Project Based Learning (PBL) has been well used as an educational philosophy and methodology in the construction of student centered and contextualized learning environment. PBL is also regarded as an effective method in producing engineering graduates who can not only meet the needs of professional competences, but also are prepared for new challenges in the globalized and technological context. However, can PBL be a solution to the challenge of a general lack of university students studying engineering and technology in many countries? The book reports an ethnographical study on the learning experiences of engineering students in the PBL environment in Denmark. This book also attempts to question the issue of diversity in engineering education via the exploration of whether or in which ways the PBL environment is friendly to diverse groups of learners such as women.
SF04-403 Handbook for Critical Cleaning, 2-Vols/Set.
  Kanegsberg, Barbara/ 9781439828267/ Price:¢G 220.00
SF04-399 Safety Critical Systems Handbook: A Straightfoward Guide to Functional Safety IEC 61508 (2010 Edition) and Related Standards, Including Process IEC 61511, Machinery IEC 62061 and ISO 13849.
  Smith, David J./ 9780080967813/ Price:US$ 130.00
VF04-9 Manufacturing Intelligence for Industrial Engineering: Methods for System Self-Organization, Learning, and Adaptation.
  Zhou, Zude/ 9781605668642/ Price:US$ 180.00
The manufacturing industry has experienced dramatic change over the years with growing advancements, implementations, and applications in technology. Manufacturing Intelligence for Industrial Engineering: Methods for System Self-Organization, Learning, and Adaptation focuses on the latest innovations for developing, describing, integrating, sharing, and processing intelligent activities in the process of manufacturing in engineering. Containing research from leading international experts, this publication provides readers with scientific foundations, theories, and key technologies of manufacturing intelligence.
SF04-393 Innovative Solutions: What Designers Need to Know for Today's Emerging Markets.
  Chavan, Apala L./ 9781439810491/ Price:¢G 175.00
30th Annual National Conference of the American Society for Engineering Management 2009 (ASEM 2009)
  / 9781617381058/ Price:US$ 125.00
52nd Annual Meeting of the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International and 6th ICEC World Congress on Cost Engineering, Project Management, and Quantity Surveying 2008
  / 9781617386312/ Price:US$ 225.00
SF04-373 The Economics of Forest Disturbances: Wildfires, Storms, and Invasive Species.
  Holmes, Thomas P./ 9781402043697/ Price:EUR 205.60
SF04-371 The Fragility of Human-Centred Design.
  Steen, Marc/ 9781586039417/ Price:EUR 55.00
The Fragility of Human-Centered Design is written for a specific audience: people who attempt to organize or conduct human-centered design (HCD). The principles of HCD appear to be simple: researchers and designers cooperate with users in their project, and organize iterative phases of research, design and evaluation, and multidisciplinary teamwork. The idea is to involve users from the start of a project and throughout its iterative cycles. However, in practice it appears to be difficult to put these principles into practice. Often, users are only involved at the end of a project or little is done with what they say. The main question is: what happens in human-centred design practice and how does this differ from the theory and principles of human-centred design? The author¡¦s attempt was to open the ¡¥black box¡¦ of HCD; to study what practitioners, including himself, actually do in practice. This publication is an attempt to ¡¥deconstruct¡¦ HCD; to draw attention to some of its qualities that are usually hidden, and to propose alternative practices.
VF04-7-3b Interventions, Controls, and Applications in Occupational Ergonomics.
  Marras, William S./ 9780849319389/ Price:¢G 165.00
Describing of the elements of the ergonomics processes, this book explores success factors for implementation of industrial ergonomics programs. It covers injury surveillance database systems and corporate health management for the design and evaluation of health in industrial organizations, ergonomics processes from the small and large industry perspectives, and human digital modeling, as well as facilities planning and organizational design and macro-ergonomics. Additional chapters present methods and techniques for engineering control, including tried and true strategies and pitfalls to avoid, and discuss the theory and practice of ergonomics interventions in the workplace.
VF04-7-3a Fundamentals and Assessment Tools for Occupational Ergonomics.
  Marras, William S./ 9780849319372/ Price:¢G 165.00
Fundamental and Assessment Tools for Occupational Ergonomics merges the frontiers of ergonomics, workplace design, and management issues. The editors have brought together researchers from disciplines such as biomechanics, anthropometry, and cognitive science with pioneering practitioners in industry. They discuss tools of the trade, upper extremity analysis, backs, interventions, management issues, design for ergonomics, principles of product design, band-aid approaches, processing, distribution centers, and service systems. The handbook is a compendium of information authored by top-flight investigators who represent the cutting edge of opinion, research, and interest in the field.
VF04-7-3 Occupational Ergonomics Handbook, The., 2-Vols/Set.
  Marras, William S./ 9780849319396/ Price:¢G 230.00
Completely revised and updated, the second edition of a bestseller has been expanded into two volumes. The first volume focuses on the needs of professionals and students in their broadly defined areas of occupational ergonomics. It covers the principles of ergonomics in systems design and evaluation and provides a comprehensive approach to the prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders. The second volume features systematic applications of ergonomics theories and data in the design and management of industries and businesses. It includes new information on ergonomic design for facility planning, processing and distribution industries, and product design for occupational ergonomics.
VF04-7-2 International Encyclopedia of Erogonomics and Human Factors CD-ROM.
  Karwowski, Waldemar/ 9780849392443/ Price:¢G 835.00
* Provides a definitive source of information for the field of ergonomics and human factors * Supplies concise, practical entries, an in-depth glossary, and a complete bibliography * Includes contributions from leading experts under the guidance of a Distinguished Advisory Board * Presents a thorough discussion of a wide range of conceptual, technical, theoretical, and application-oriented topics The International Encyclopedia of Ergonomics and Human Factors is a truly comprehensive reference guide to the professional world of ergonomics. This easy-to-use, simply formatted CD mirrors the print version, providing quick access to reliable, accessible information from the many realms of science and technology contributing to our knowledge of design for human use. It includes human characteristics, performance-related factors, display and control design, work design and organization, health and safety, social and economic issues, and a large reference of methods and techniques. It also reviews applications and tools, as well as many innovative concepts related to ergonomic research.
VF04-7-1 International Encyclopedia of Erogonomics and Human Factors, 3-Vols/Set.
  Karwowski, Waldemar/ 9780415304306/ Price:¢G 955.00
The International Encyclopedia of Ergonomics and Human Factors is a truly comprehensive reference guide to the professional world of ergonomics. Reflecting the copious amount of new information provided, the Handbook has been divided into three volumes.The text presents a unified source of reliable, accessible information from the many realms of science and technology contributing to our knowledge of design for human use. It includes human characteristics, performance-related factors, display and control design, work design and organization, health and safety, social and economic issues, and a large reference of methods and techniques.
VF04-7 Occupational Ergonomics Reference Library, 5-Vols/Set. (+CD-ROM)
  Karwowski, Waldemar/ 9780849392139/ Price:¢G 1140.00
This new, very special purchase option brings together the new International Encyclopedia of Ergonomics and Human Factors, Second Edition, both in print and on CD-ROM and the new, two-volume Occupational Ergonomics Handbook. Together, these outstanding resources form a complete library that no ergonomics or safety professional can afford to be without.
VF04-6 International Encyclopedia of Ergonomics and Human Factors, 2-Vols/Set. (+1 CD-ROM)
  Karwowski, Waldemar/ 9780849392115/ Price:¢G 1360.00
Keeping the format popularized by the first edition, the new edition has been completely revised and updated. Divided into 13 sections and organized alphabetically within each section, the entries provide a clear and simple outline of the topics as well as precise and practical information. The book reviews applications, tools, and innovative concepts related to ergonomic research. Technical terms are defined (where possible) within entries as well as in a glossary. Students and professionals will find this format invaluable, whether they have ergonomics, engineering, computing, or psychology backgrounds. The simply formatted, easy-to-use CD provides quick access to reliable information from the many realms of science and technology contributing to the body of knowledge of design for human use. Experts and researchers will also find the print and CD combination an excellent source of information on areas beyond the range of their direct interests.
VD05-40 Handbooks in Operations Research and Management Science, Simulation.
  Henderson, Shane/ 9780444514288/ Price:US$ 305.00
This Handbook is a collection of chapters on key issues in the design and analysis of computer simulation experiments on models of stochastic systems. The chapters are tightly focused and written by experts in each area. For the purpose of this volume ?simulation? refers to the analysis of stochastic processes through the generation of sample paths (realization) of the processes. Attention focuses on design and analysis issues and the goal of this volume is to survey the concepts, principles, tools and techniques that underlie the theory and practice of stochastic simulation design and analysis. Emphasis is placed on the ideas and methods that are likely to remain an intrinsic part of the foundation of the field for the foreseeable future. The chapters provide up-to-date references for both the simulation researcher and the advanced simulation user, but they do not constitute an introductory level ?how to? guide. Computer scientists, financial analysts, industrial engineers, management scientists, operations researchers and many other professionals use stochastic simulation to design, understand and improve communications, financial, manufacturing, logistics, and service systems. A theme that runs throughout these diverse applications is the need to evaluate system performance in the face of uncertainty, including uncertainty in user load, interest rates, demand for product, availability of goods, cost of transportation and equipment failures.
VF04-4 Engineering Usability.
  Dhillon, B. S./ 9781588830845/ Price:US$ 150.00
Engineering Usability offers the most up-to-date information on the fundamentals, applications, human factors and human error associated with usability and closely related areas. Today, billions of dollars are being spent annually to produce new products using modern technologies. The usability of these products has become important than ever before because of their increasing complexity, sophistication, and non-specialist users. Needless to say, the usability of products has become important in all sectors of economy. For example, over 30% of all software development projects are cancelled before their completion primarily due to inadequate user design input which resulting into a loss of over $100 billion annually to the U.S. economy alone. Some studies indicate that 80% of product maintenance is due to the unforeseen user requirements. This book is written to satisfy that vital need. Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Human Factors Basics for Engineering Usability Chapter 3: Human Error and Reliability Basics Chapter 4: Usability Engineering Life Cycle Stages and Important Associated Areas Chapter 5: Usability Evaluation Methods Chapter 6: Usability Testing Chapter 7: User Errors Chapter 8: Usability Costing Chapter 9: Mathematical Models for Usability Assurance Chapter 10: Software Usability Chapter 11: Web Usability Chapter 12: Medical Device Usability Appendix: Bibliography: Literature on Usability Engineering
VF04-3 Ergonomics: Major Writings, 4-Vols/Set.
  Moray, Neville/ 9780415322577/ Price:¢G 1030.00
Ergonomics aims to design appliances, technical systems and tasks in such a way as to improve human safety, health, comfort and performance. It developed into a recognized field during the Second World War, when for the first time, technology and the human sciences were systematically applied in a coordinated manner. Physiologists, psychologists, anthropologists, medical doctors, work scientists and engineers, together addressed the problems arising from the operation of complex military equipment. Because of the 'applied' nature of ergonomics there are many outstanding pieces of work that have never been published in the archival literature, since they were written for contract work by commercial or governmental laboratories. These volumes collect some of those papers that have attained classical status, yet are naturally difficult to obtain, making Ergonomics: Major Writings a unique and valuable collection. Volume 1 begins with papers setting the historical context of ergonomics, and also includes several classical papers that indicte the scope and range of the disciple. It also examines methodological issues, subjective scales and their uses and task analysis. Volume 2 looks at skilled behaviour, displays and workload. Volume 3 examines psychological mechanism and models. Volume 4 deals with all facets of the engineering branch of ergonomics including; control theory, press control and manufacturing, and automation.
SF04-317 Supporting the Development of R&d and the Innovation Potential of Post-Socialist Countries.
  Filho, Walter L./ 9781586033996/ Price:EUR 116.00
The book aims at documenting the experiences from NATO countries and Caucasian and neighbouring post-socialist countries, via inputs by experts who are involved in innovation activity including R&D in science and technology development, especially those active in terms of technology transfer and implementation plus the development of innovation infrastructure. One of main topics of the book will be international co-operation in innovation as a factor of economical development and the role or regulation mechanisms (e.g. patents) as tools to competitiveness. The chapters provided by the NATO experts will be supplemented with chapters by specialists from Caucasus countries for facilitation of the understanding of the current situation in and strengthening the applied significance of the publication.
GC02-58 Encyclopedia of American Industries, 2-Vols/Set.
  / 9780787690618/ Price:US$ 778.00
"Encyclopedia of American Industries contains detailed, signed essays on virtually every industry in contemporary society. ... Highly recommended for all but the smallest libraries." -- American Reference Books Annual 1995 This 2-vol. edition is a widely acclaimed business reference which provides detailed, comprehensive information on a wide range of industries in every realm of American business.
VC02-27 Operations Management: Critical Perspectives on Business and Management., 4-Vols/Set.
  Lewis, Michael A./ 9780415249249/ Price:¢G 1030.00
Operations management is concerned with the fundamental activity of organizations - how they provide goods and services. One of the earliest branches of business and management studies, the increase in international competition has seen a resurgence of interest in the development of the operation management field. This collection is international in scope, and addresses the four key areas of the subject: * the foundations of operations management * the interaction between operations and strategy * the role of technology * 'Japanization' and 'just in time' techniques. With a new introduction providing an overview of the key concepts, and an extensive index, this collection will prove an invaluable reference tool and teaching aid.
SF04-427 Science for Engineering.
  Bird, John/ 9780750657778/ Price:US$ 24.99
VC02-19 Henry Ford: Critical Evaluations in Business and Management, 2-Vols/Set.
  Wood, John Cunningham/ 9780415248273/ Price:¢G 625.00
This collection includes evaluations of and responses to the contributions made by Henry Ford and the ways in which his influence helped shape the understanding of management practices. Henry Ford was an eccentric, and occasionally enlightened, thinker and remains a controversial figure today. He developed F.W. Taylor's ideas of scientific management (the subject of another four volume collection in this series), turning them into a whole 'system of production'. Ford's system was characterized by highly efficient, high volume and vertically integrated production, with high wages and low prices. His methods helped make the motor car the defining product of the twentieth century and also ensured his own iconic status.
VC14-5 Industrial Relations: Critical Perspectives on Business and Management, 5-Vols/Set.
  Kelly, John/ 9780415229869/ Price:¢G 1380.00
Until recently, the study of industrial relations centred around trade unions, collective bargaining and strikes - often in the manufacturing industry. Union decline and de-industrialization in the advanced capitalist world have raised major issues about the relevance of this focus. As a result, there is growing interest in alternative forms of worker representation, often in conjunction with Human Resource Management. Union decline is by no means universal, however, even in Europe, and there are regions of the world (South East Asia, some African countries and parts of Latin America) where unions are powerful and growing organisations. This set captures the complexity of the field of industrial relations globally, as well as the continuing relevance of competing theoretical approaches to the subject. The selection covers neglected topics such as feminism, debates about post-modernism and the links between labour movements and politics. It combines classical texts with the latest controversies. The set covers: * approaches, industrial relations systems and context * trade unions: goals and forms, decline and growth * employers and multinational corporations * the state * worker representation: collective bargaining and beyond * conflict and cooperation * looking to the future * Selections focusing on the UK, USA, Germany, Eastern Europe, Japan and Africa. There is a detailed index and new introduction to guide the reader through this complex field.
VF04-1 International Encyclopedia of Ergonomics and Human Factors, 3-Vols/Set.
  Karwowski, W./ 9780748408474/ Price:¢G 427.00
Taylor & Francis is delighted to announce the publication of an outstanding new reference work, the International Encyclopedia of Ergonomics and Human Factors edited by Waldemar Karwowski. It is the first encyclopedia in the field and provides a comprehensive and authoritative compendium of current knowledge on ergonomics and human factors and a definitive and powerful resource. It also gives specific information on concepts and tools unique to ergonomics. It consists of approximately 500 entries running to about 2016 pages, published in three volumes and on CD-ROM. The entries are organized alphabetically and written in such a way that the non-expert will get a clear and simple outline of the topic as well as some precise practical information (such as a table of normative anthropometric data). It also includes a bibliography structured by theme. Technical terms are defined (where possible) within entries as well as in a glossary; so both students and professionals should find this invaluable, whether they have ergonomics, engineering, computing or psychology backgrounds. Experts and researchers should also find it an excellent source of information on areas beyond the range of their direct interests. Key Features: * The definitive source of information in the field of ergonomics and human factors * A unique source of information on this interdisciplinary field * Contributions from leading contributors in the area * International board of editors
SF13-100 Hallmarks and Date Letters: On Silver, Gold and Platinum.
  / 9780719800726/ Price:¢G 2.25


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