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VSF01-004 Routledge Handbook of Integrated Project Delivery
  Derek H. T. Walker/ 9781138736689/ Price:¢G 140.00
Book Cover The concept of integrated project delivery (IPD) has evolved as a result of the need for highly expert teams of people to collaborate to deliver extremely complex projects, to manage expectations about delivery speed, changes in governance standards and to take advantage of and manage expectations raised by rapid advances in technology. All this demands effective change management. This is the first Handbook to contextualise and thematically explore the concept with an emphasis on rigorous practical and theoretical validation. The Handbook is divided into five sections, each with a focus on several interconnected themes including: ¡EAn introduction to IPD concepts. ¡EThe foundational elements and characteristics of IPD. ¡EPeople, culture and collaboration as key ingredients to successful and effective IPD. ¡ETechnology and process aspects of relational contracting forms such as IPD. ¡ENew and relevant perspectives to IPD that have received scant attention to date. ¡EAspects and emerging issues that are rarely consciously considered in traditional project delivery due to the commercial imperative that drives firms and client organisations. The Handbook offers both discussions of these key themes, and also in-depth research into construction and other industry project procurement and delivery that spans decades. In addition, the Handbook presents ¡¥best¡¦ and ¡¥better¡¦ practice, but also includes insights into cutting-edge experimental developments in technology and practices where proof of concept is currently being developed into emerging practice. Contributing authors in this Handbook collaborate with the co-editors to draw together an integrated set of chapters that align to deliver a coherent narrative of the IPD concept. It is an invaluable reference for practitioners and academics alike, and useful as core course content for numerous degree programs of study and professional development courses.
VF01-85 Metaheuristic Approaches for Optimum Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures: Emerging Research and Opportunities
  Aylin Ece Kayabekir/ 9781799826644/ Price:US$ 185.00
Book Cover Reinforced concrete structures are one of the major structural types and must adhere to design regulation codes. It is ideal to find the best design (section dimension, material type, and amount of reinforcement) with the minimum cost providing the design constraints (design formulation considering loading of structure). Metaheuristic methods inspired by natural phenomena can consider design constraints by combining the analyses of formulation of reinforced concrete structures with an iterative numerical algorithm using several convergence options of random generation of candidate design solutions. Metaheuristic Approaches for Optimum Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a pivotal reference source that focuses on several metaheuristic algorithms and the design of several types of structural members. Additionally, retrofit applications and seismic design issues are considered for readers in earthquake zones. Highlighting a wide range of topics including algorithms, design variables, and retrofit design, this book is ideally designed for architects, engineers, urban designers, government officials, policymakers, researchers, academicians, and students. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡EDesign Constraints ¡EDesign Variables ¡EDifferential Evolution ¡EFlower Pollination ¡EGenetic Algorithm ¡EMetaheuristic Methods ¡EObjective Function ¡EParticle Swarm Optimization ¡ERetrofit Design ¡EStructural Limit States ¡ETeaching-Learning-Based Optimization
VF01-81 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications in Civil, Mechanical, and Industrial Engineering
  Gebrail Bekda/ 9781799803010/ Price:US$ 225.00
Book Cover In today¡¦s developing world, industries are constantly required to improve and advance. New approaches are being implemented to determine optimum values and solutions for models such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Research is a necessity for determining how these recent methods are being applied within the engineering field and what effective solutions they are providing. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications in Civil, Mechanical, and Industrial Engineering is a collection of innovative research on the methods and implementation of machine learning and AI in multiple facets of engineering. While highlighting topics including control devices, geotechnology, and artificial neural networks, this book is ideally designed for engineers, academicians, researchers, practitioners, and students seeking current research on solving engineering problems using smart technology. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡EArtificial Neural Networks ¡EBiomechanics ¡EControl Devices ¡EGeotechnology ¡EMaterial Properties ¡EOptimum Design Prediction ¡EStructural Problems ¡ESupply Chain ¡ETransportation Models ¡EVector Machines
SF01-491 Managing Project Risks
  Peter J. Edwards/ 9781119489757/ Price:US$ 100.00
SF01-490 Geoenvironmental Engineering: Contemporary Issues
  Lobas George/ 9781682516638/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Rapid industrialization and technological advancement has led to the over- exploitation of natural resources resulting in severe pollution problems. Geotechnical engineering skills integrated with environmental engineering skills can provide ¡§sustainable solution¡¨ for preserving the environment. There is ample scope for research in the advanced geoengineering and interdisciplinary fields like biotechnology, nanotechnology, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) and micro-sensors, geo-sensing, information technology, cyber-infrastructure, and multi-spatial and multi-temporal geographical data modeling, analysis, and visualization. Covering varied topics on geoenvironmental engineering, this book will prove a valuable reference for researchers and practicing engineers alike.
SF01-490 Wavelet Analysis and Transient Signal Processing Applications for Civil Engineering
  Simon Digman/ 9781682516737/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover The principles of wavelets can be applied to a range of problems in civil engineering structures, such as earthquake-induced vibration analysis, bridge vibrations, and damage identification. This book discusses these considerations in the context of the wavelet¡¦s multiresolution character and includes guidelines for selection of wavelet central frequencies, highlights their role in complete modal separation, and quantifies their contributions to end-effect errors, which may be minimized through a simple padding scheme.
SF01-490 Green Building Techniques and Civil Engineering
  Pinto Midoux/ 9781682516775/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover The growth and development of our communities has a large impact on our natural environment. The manufacturing, design, construction and operation of the buildings in which we live and work are responsible for the consumption of many of our natural resources. Today, green building is the practice of designing, constructing, and operating buildings to: minimize resource use, reduce waste and negative environmental impacts, maximize occupant health and productivity, and decrease life cycle costs. The book includes green building techniques such as earth and straw bale buildings and is intended for housing professionals, students, and teachers.
SF01-490 Illustrated Handbook of Architecture Engineering
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984635389/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover Like all other engineers, architectural engineers use logic and creativity to solve problems. They come up with effective designs to assist people in their everyday tasks. Architectural engineers apply science and technology to the real world by designing buildings that enhance our standard of living and improve our quality of life. Provides the current and next generation of building engineering professionals with what they need to work closely with many disciplines to meet these challenges. Provides study materials in the fields of construction, architectural, surveying and energy engineering.
SF01-490 3GE Collection on Engineering: Drilling Engineering
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984635983/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Clearly explains the concepts of the drilling engineering and presents the existing knowledge ranging from the history of drilling technology to well completion. Provides the most common problems faced by the drilling engineer and their solutions.
SF01-490 Career Guide: Construction Manager
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984636669/ Price:US$ 65.00
Book Cover Construction managers are a part of the building process from the very beginning, working closely with architects and engineers to go over plans and blueprints, making timetables for the project, determining material and labor costs, negotiating with and hiring subcontractors and workers, and scheduling workers on site. This guide covers everything you need to know about a career as a construction manager with lots of details.
SF01-490 Highway and Railroad Engineering
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984638588/ Price:US$ 85.00
Book Cover Assists readers maximize effectiveness in all facets of highway engineering including planning, design, operations, safety, and geotechnical engineering. An essential introduction to the theory and practice of railway track engineering. It presents the analytical tools and design methods necessary to accurately interpret the complex design requirements in the selection process and construction of robust railway bridges.
SF01-490 Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984638649/ Price:US$ 85.00
Book Cover Delivers students a comprehensive introduction to the water balance of cropped fields and the technology to manage this balance. Students are given exposures about different techniques for irrigation including micro and sprinkler irrigation systems, drainage engineering, groundwater, wells and pumps, management of canal irrigation systems, minor irrigation and command area development, precision farming techniques for protected cultivation, etc.
SF01-490 3G Handy Guide: Bricklayer (Book with DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984637925/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover Covers the theoretical as well as practical aspects used for mason work. Explores how to use bricks, concrete blocks, stone, structural tiles and other materials to construct or repair walls, foundations and other structures.
SF01-490 3G Handy Guide: Construction Operations and Supervision (Book with DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984637932/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover Equips students with the knowledge and skills they need to enter the construction industry as skilled professionals with training in site operations, coordination, and supervision. Reflects the role and responsibility of employees working in supervisory positions in civil construction.
SF01-490 3G Handy Guide: Rural Infrastructure Construction (Book with DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984638038/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover Infrastructure plays a crucial role for not just the country's economic growth but also its progress in human development. Rural areas account for a larger part of the geographical area. Provides concept of rural infrastructure planning, state of rural infrastructure, growth, rural characteristics, strategies to improve infrastructure in rural areas.
SF01-487 Masonry: Intermediate (Book with DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984634139/ Price:US$ 110.00
Book Cover This updated edition consists of aptitudes to perform construction of brick and concrete block structure, installation of pre-cast balluster/handrail and plastering of concrete wall surface. Covers the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to gather, interpret and convey information in response to workplace requirements. Subject matter has been fully revised in such a way that makes the concepts clear and understandable to readers.
SF01-487 Masonry: Beginner (Book with DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984634146/ Price:US$ 110.00
Book Cover Provides knowledge and information for preparing masonry materials and performing basic masonry works. Focuses on identifying, requesting and receiving construction materials and tools. Subject matter has been fully revised in such a way that makes the concepts clear and understandable to readers.
SF01-487 Fundamentals Aspects of Hydrocracking Technology
  R.N. Amsterdam/ 9781682516805/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Hydrocracking is a cracking process in which higher-molecular-weight hydrocarbons pyrolyze to lower-molecular-weight paraffins and olefins in the presence of hydrogen. Modern hydrocracking processes were initially developed for converting refractory feedstocks to gasoline and jet fuel; and process and catalyst improvements and modifications have made it possible to yield products ranging from gases and naphtha to furnace oils and catalytic cracking feedstocks. Presenting advances in the field of hydrocracking, the book includes catalytic materials, reaction mechanisms and pathways, as well as hydrocracking processes and applications.
SF01-487 Masonry: Advanced (Book with DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984634153/ Price:US$ 110.00
Book Cover Insists in preparation of masonry materials, performance of basic masonry works, laying of bricks or blocks for structure, etc. Encompasses workplace communication, teamwork, safety, use of hand tools, and housekeeping. Subject matter has been fully revised in such a way that makes the concepts clear and understandable to readers.
SF01-487 Tile Setting: Intermediate (Book with DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984634344/ Price:US$ 110.00
Book Cover Build knowledge that a person must achieve to lay and repair floor and wall tiles, tile corners and curved surfaces. Enhance the knowledge, skills and desirable work attitude of a tile setter. Subject matter has been fully revised in such a way that makes the concepts clear and understandable to readers.
SF01-487 Pipefitting: Intermediate (Book with DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984634368/ Price:US$ 110.00
Book Cover Gives the details of the contents of the competency standards required for pipefitting. Introduce the knowledge and skills for pipefitting industry to interpret and convey information in response to workplace requirements. Subject matter has been fully revised in such a way that makes the concepts clear and understandable to readers.
SF01-487 Strength of Materials (Book with DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984634559/ Price:US$ 110.00
Book Cover With concise explanations and detailed illustrations, this edition includes extensive revisions of the fundamentals and concepts in a simple way in order to enhance the knowledge of strength of materials on engineering applications and design problems. This edition is thoroughly updated with new chapters and the latest coverage of the topics. Subject matter has been fully revised in such a way that makes the concepts clear and understandable to readers.
SF01-487 Pipefitting (Metallic): Intermediate (Book with DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984634832/ Price:US$ 110.00
Book Cover Without piping systems there would simply be no way to maintain a modern infrastructure capable of delivering fuel and energy. In the same way that a plumber can install or fix pipes in home, pipefitters are responsible for installing and maintaining piping systems in water treatment plants, nuclear facilities, shipyards, factories, and power stations. Enable learners how to cut, bevel and / or thread pipes, install overhead and underground piping system, fabricate support and hangers and perform tack welding.
SF01-487 System Formwork Installation: Intermediate (Book with DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984634924/ Price:US$ 110.00
Book Cover System formwork has good casting quality, speedier erection and more recycle times compared to the conventional formwork. However, the initial investment of system formwork is higher than the conventional one. Therefore, the more cycle times the system formwork is to be used, the more economical it will be. This book enable learner to assemble and dismantle scaffolds/ shoring and braces, perform installation and stripping of system formworks (includes combinations of metal and other materials- e.g. engineered plastic material, laminated plywood), its components and supports.
SF01-487 Scaffold Erection: Intermediate (Book with DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984635020/ Price:US$ 110.00
Book Cover Scaffolding is often a necessary part of building and home maintenance. Set up scaffolding properly to make sure you and anyone else using the equipment stay safe. An oversight in erecting scaffolding could lead to a serious accident. Provides information on how to manage risks associated with scaffolds and scaffolding work at a workplace. Discusses the general requirements of scaffold safety as well as the components, erection, use and dismantling of supported and suspended.
SF01-487 Scaffolding Works: Intermediate (Book with DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984635051/ Price:US$ 110.00
Book Cover A scaffold is a temporary structure erected to support access or working platforms. Scaffolds are commonly used in construction work so workers have a safe, stable work platform when work cannot be done at ground level or on a finished floor. Cover competencies that individuals must achieve to enable them to erect, check and correct and dismantle, all support type scaffold regardless of height and handle scaffold components, tools and equipment.
SF01-487 Transmission Line Installation and Maintenance: Advanced (Book with DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984635075/ Price:US$ 110.00
Book Cover Enable learners to perform all the required competencies of a transmission lineman as well as installation and performance of transmission line works for above 69 KV. Specifically, this book in Transmission Line Installation and Maintenance NC III involves competencies in installing/construction of new transmission line structures, performing overhead transmission line works, installing emergency restoration structure (ERS) and performing earth/ground resistance testing.
SF01-487 Transmission Line Installation and Maintenance: Expert (Book with DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984635082/ Price:US$ 110.00
Book Cover Assist learners to perform the essential competencies of a transmission line foreman in planning and supervising transmission line maintenance works. This book in Transmission Line Installation and Maintenance NC IV deals with the planning of assigned transmission line maintenance work, supervising transmission line maintenance works and conducting initial root cause analysis.
SF01-487 3G Handy Guide: Pipefitting
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984635235/ Price:US$ 110.00
Book Cover Pipefitting is the act of laying out, assembling and installing piping systems involved in the transfer of various fluids, solids and/or gases. This handy guide illustrates how pipefitters work on layout, assembly and installation of piping systems and related equipment by applying system knowledge and/or following blueprints. Focused on the act of assembling and installing piping systems involved in the transfer of various fluids, solids and/or gases.
SF01-487 Structural Engineering: Theory & Research
  Roley Spencer/ 9781682516614/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Structural engineering is crucial because it directly impacts the safety and durability of buildings and structures. Structural engineers design, assess and inspect structures to ensure they are efficient and stable. Structural engineering was traditionally considered a sub-discipline of civil engineering; however, it has developed as an important and complex specialism and is now recognised as an engineering discipline in its own right. This book provides civil and structural engineers with comprehensive information on all the main principles and important elements of the subject.
SF01-486 Condensed Isogeometric Analysis for Plates and Shell Structures
  Buntara S. Gan/ 9780367023485/ Price:¢G 111.00
3G Handy Guide: Pipefitting (Book with DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984638007/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover Pipefitters work on layout, assembly and installation of piping systems and related equipment by applying system knowledge and/or following blueprints. Pipefitters plan, install and work on water and other pipes in large industrial buildings, such as oil refineries, defense establishments and refrigeration plants.
VSF01-004 Routledge Handbook of Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure
  Paolo Gardoni/ 9781138306875/ Price:¢G 190.00
Book Cover To best serve current and future generations, infrastructure needs to be resilient to the changing world while using limited resources in a sustainable manner. Research on and funding towards sustainability and resilience are growing rapidly, and significant research is being carried out at a number of institutions and centers worldwide. This handbook brings together current research on sustainable and resilient infrastructure and, in particular, stresses the fundamental nexus between sustainability and resilience. It aims to coalesce work from a large and diverse group of contributors across a wide range of disciplines including engineering, technology and informatics, urban planning, public policy, economics, and finance. Not only does it present a theoretical formulation of sustainability and resilience but it also demonstrates how these ideals can be realized in practice. This work will provide a reference text to students and scholars of a number of disciplines.
VF01-74 Recycled Waste Materials in Concrete Construction: Emerging Research and Opportunities
  Jahangir Mirza/ 9781522583257/ Price:US$ 165.00
Book Cover Due to the demand for new urban construction, its repair, and its maintenance, the concrete and construction enterprises continue to grow, as do their use of finite natural resources. The industry is now under pressure to seek ways to minimize the use of rapidly depleting natural resources. Effective utilization of various waste materials, often found in abundance, may be the key as they not only ward off deleterious environmental hazards, but they have also been known to produce wealth by adding value through ecology. Recycled Waste Materials in Concrete Construction: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a detailed scholarly resource that discusses different types of industrial, agricultural, and natural wastes that are either currently in use in the concrete industry or demonstrate potential for future use and how they can be used as additives or replacements for cement and other construction materials. Highlighting topics such as engineering properties, material durability, and raw materials, this books targets engineers, construction professionals, contractors, consulting firms, government officials, cement and waste material industries, policymakers, academicians, and researchers. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡EChemical Composition ¡EConstruction ¡EEngineering Properties ¡EFunctional Concrete ¡EGeopolymers ¡EKinetics ¡EMaterial Durability ¡EMechanical Properties ¡EMorphology ¡ERaw Materials
VF01-70 Optimization of Design for Better Structural Capacity
  Mourad Belgasmia/ 9781522570592/ Price:US$ 215.00
Book Cover Despite the development of advanced methods, models, and algorithms, optimization within structural engineering remains a primary method for overcoming potential structural failures. With the overarching goal to improve capacity, limit structural damage, and assess the structural dynamic response, further improvements to these methods must be entertained. Optimization of Design for Better Structural Capacity is an essential reference source that discusses the advancement and augmentation of optimization designs for better behavior of structure under different types of loads, as well as the use of these advanced designs in combination with other methods in civil engineering. Featuring research on topics such as industrial software, geotechnical engineering, and systems optimization, this book is ideally designed for architects, professionals, researchers, engineers, and academicians seeking coverage on advanced designs for use in civil engineering environments. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡EDiffusion Model ¡EGeotechnical Engineering ¡EHeuristics Algorithms ¡EIndustrial Software ¡EModelization ¡ESite Planning ¡ESoil Structure Effect ¡EStructural Design Criteria ¡EStructural Health Monitoring ¡ESystems Optimization
VF01-66 Reusable and Sustainable Building Materials in Modern Architecture
  Gulsah Koc/ 9781522569954/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover Designing buildings and physical environments depends on social structure, social needs, economic data, environment, and technological development. Planning these environments is heavily influenced by cultural and regional need, the existing environment, and the materials available. Reusable and Sustainable Building Materials in Modern Architecture is an essential reference source that discusses the shaping of building design through culture and materials as well as the influence of environment on building design. Featuring research on topics such as passive design, ecological design, and urban design, this book is ideal for academicians, specialists, and researchers seeking coverage on culture, environment, and building design. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡EArchitectural Design ¡EBiogeometry ¡EBuilding Materials ¡ECultural Influences ¡EEcological Design ¡EEcology ¡EMaterial Efficiency ¡EPassive Design ¡ESynthetic Biology ¡EUrban Design
VF01-64 Measuring Maturity in Complex Engineering Projects
  Joao Carlos Araujo da Silva Neto/ 9781522558644/ Price:US$ 245.00
Book Cover In today¡¦s globalized world, failure to implement projects can cause companies to struggle in trying to achieve their mission and vision. To ensure a company¡¦s success, the implementation of project management maturity and an increase in project complexity have become vital components in the modern engineering field. Measuring Maturity in Complex Engineering Projects is a collection of innovative research on the methods and applications of project management and complex projects with an embracing vision of the maturity model genesis. Highlighting a range of topics such as knowledge management, project classification, and maturity analysis in the mining, energy, and civil construction sectors, this book is ideally designed for project coordinators and managers, business executives, business professionals, academicians, researchers, and graduate-level students seeking current research on project management maturity in engineering. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡ECivil Construction ¡EConstruction Projects ¡EInterface Management ¡EKnowledge Management ¡EMaturity Model ¡EProject Classification ¡EProject Management
VF01-63 Recent Challenges and Advances in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
  T.G. Sitharam/ 9781522569480/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover Solid design and craftsmanship are a necessity for structures and infrastructures that must stand up to natural disasters on a regular basis. Continuous research developments in the engineering field are imperative for sustaining buildings against the threat of earthquakes and other natural disasters. Recent Challenges and Advances in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering provides innovative insights into the methods of structural engineering techniques, as well as disaster management strategies. The content within this publication represents the work of rock fracturing, hazard analysis, and seismic acceleration. It is a vital reference source for civil engineers, researchers, and academicians, and covers topics centered on improving a structure¡¦s safety, stability, and resistance to seismic hazards. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡EBlast-Induced Damage ¡EExcavation ¡EGround Motion ¡EHazard Analysis ¡ELiquefaction ¡ERock Fracturing ¡ESeismic Acceleration ¡ESeismic Analysis ¡ESeismogram Analysis ¡ESoil Properties
SF01-485 Building Collaborative Trust in Construction Procurement Strategies
  Jason Challender/ 9781119492269/ Price:US$ 135.00
SF01-484 Digital Quality Management in Construction
  Paul Marsden/ 9781138390829/ Price:¢G 39.99
SF01-483 Collaborative Construction Procurement and Improved Value
  David Mosey/ 9781119151913/ Price:US$ 110.00
SF01-482 Precast Concrete Structures
  Alfred Steinle/ 9783433032251/ Price:US$ 110.00
SF01-482 Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings for Seismic Performance: Practical Deterministic and Probabilistic Approaches
  Mark Aschheim/ 9780415778817/ Price:¢G 135.00
SF01-479 Core Concepts in Engineering: Civil Engineering (Book with DVD)
  / 9781984620439/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover Discusses the importance of civil engineering in the history of civilization, explores problems civil engineers face each day, and outlines some modern accomplishments in the field. Designed to enrich the preliminary conceptual knowledge about civil engineering to the students of non-civil branches of engineering.
SF01-479 Core Concepts in Engineering: Geoengineering (Book with DVD)
  / 9781984620484/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover Geoengineering is the deliberate manipulation of the environment in an attempt to counteract the harmful effects of human-influenced climate change. This book covers activities specifically and deliberately designed to effect a change in the global climate with the aim of minimizing or reversing anthropogenic climate change.
SF01-479 Applications of Metaheuristics and Optimization in Engineering
  S L Kasim/ 9781682515303/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover This book focuses on the principles and the state-of-the-art of metaheuristic methods for engineering optimization. This book shows how metaheuristics can be used to solve complex problems of engineering. The book is intended to present the main metaheuristics and approximate and stochastic methods for optimization of complex systems in Engineering Sciences. With its wide-range of everyday problems and solutions, this book can serve as a reference for researchers and engineers in metaheuristics, optimization in civil engineering and computational intelligence.
SF01-479 Civil Engineering: Perspectives, Principles, and Practices
  K Jing Yang/ 9781682515112/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Over the last years a number of researches have been done dealing with the achievements in these areas of fundamental sciences and their application in civil engineering as well as in building and construction. This book discusses the importance of civil engineering in the history of civilization, explores problems civil engineers face each day, and outlines some modern accomplishments in the field. A useful reference tool for students, professionals, and researchers working on sustainability related problems in civil engineering.
SF01-479 Computational Modelling of Bridge Structures
  Mario Sharkov/ 9781682515105/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover The purpose of this book is to present a state-of-the art review of the computational research performed in the field of earthquake engineering of bridges during the past decade. The focus of the book is on bridge structures and computational modeling as opposed to bridge components. This valuable reference can be very appropriate and useful for all professors, researchers, engineers, practicing professionals, trainee practitioners, students and others who are concerned in the bridge projects.
SF01-479 Construction Robotics
  Nelson Bolivar/ 9781773614021/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Construction Robotics examines various aspects of Construction Robotics including an extensive historical overview of Construction Robotics and related issues. It includes The Basics of Construction Industry, History of Robotics in Construction, Economic Consideration of Robotic Implementation. Provides the reader with insights into the development of its development, so as to understand the rise of construction robotics in the industry and the crucial role they play in speed, accuracy and safety, when it comes to design complicated structures.
SF01-479 Crack Analysis in Structural Concrete
  R L Markova/ 9781682515167/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover A comprehensive information guide on fast-developing field of structural analysis in concrete; this book discusses causes of concrete cracking, including tensile strength of concrete, temperature, shrinkage and creep effects. This book also investigates the application of distributed optical fiber strain sensors to civil engineering structures, because no other tool can satisfactorily detect the location of the unpredictable phenomenon. This book will be of valued to professional civil and structural engineers as well as researchers in civil and structural engineering and related disciplines.
SF01-479 Design and Construction of Bridge Structures
  Yuling Guangqing/ 9781682515136/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Today, long span suspension bridges, cable stayed bridges, truss girder and composite bridges figure among the high points of bridge construction. This book focuses on current and future trends in bridge design, construction and maintenance, in conjunction with a team of world-renowned bridge engineers, practitioners and international organisations. This book will be of interest to geotechnical, bridge construction, and maintenance engineers and others interested in design, construction, and maintenance of embankment approaches to bridge abutments.
SF01-479 Intelligent Buildings and Building Automation
  Natalia M/ 9781682515129/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover A plethora of intelligent components and products that have been introduced and made available in the building industry over the last few years, are a testimony to the same. Buildings of the future have to take into account the challenges and the opportunities brought about by technological, environmental and societal changes. The emphasis of this book lies in the analysis of intelligent buildings against the principles of total sustainability to reveal their benefits and limitations. Smart applications of the Internet of Things are improving the performance of buildings, reducing energy demand. The book covers the costs and benefits of smart buildings, and the basic design foundations, technology systems, and management systems encompassed within a smart building.
SF01-479 Optimization and Artificial Intelligence in Civil and Environmental Engineering
  Joachim Striffler/ 9781682515143/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Dealing with practical applications in the civil and environmental engineering, this book deals the methods as well as problems with emphasis on applications to Civil Engineering topics. This book summarizes recently developed methods and theories in the developing direction for applications of artificial intelligence in civil engineering, including evolutionary computation, neural networks, fuzzy systems, expert system, reasoning, classification, and learning, as well as others like chaos theory, cuckoo search, firefly algorithm, knowledge-based engineering, and simulated annealing.
SF01-479 Risk Management for Design and Construction
  Thiam Arnold/ 9781682515150/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Construction projects are facing a number of risks which have negative effects on project objects such as time, cost and quality. Risk management is an important field of construction industry and has gained more importance internationally due to the latest researches carried out on a large scale. This book tends towards reviewing the existing literature on construction project risk managements. This guide for construction managers, project managers and quantity surveyors as well as for students and practitioners shows how the risk management process improves decision-making.
3G Handy Guide: Plumbing
  / 9781984623997/ Price:US$ 70.00
Book Cover This handy book guides you on plumbing and heating - whether unblocking a WC, repairing a burst pipe or changing a central heating pump. Presents a clear and concise coverage on plumbing essentials, illustrations, tips, shortcuts - the lowdown on brazing, soldering, pipe fittings, commercial water coolers, automatic bathroom systems, and more.
3G Handy Guide: Masonry
  / 9781984623959/ Price:US$ 70.00
Book Cover Filled with illustrations and practical ¡§punch-list¡¨ summaries, this career-building guide provides an introduction to the practice of masonry, including lots of detailed advice. This text is an ideal resource for anyone seeking the specialized knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the masonry industry, covering every aspect of home repair and construction covers concrete and masonry work, bricklaying, framing foundations and walls, plastering, painting, woodworking, and more.
VSF01-003 The Routledge Companion to Modernity, Space and Gender
  Staub, Alexandra/ 9781138746411/ Price:¢G 190.00
Book Cover The Routledge Companion to Modernity, Space and Gender reframes the discussion of modernity, space and gender by examining how "modernity" has been defined in various cultural contexts of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, how this definition has been expressed spatially and architecturally, and what effect this has had on women in their everyday lives. In doing so, this volume presents theories and methods for understanding space and gender as they relate to the development of cities, urban space and individual building types (such as housing, work spaces or commercial spaces) in both the creation of and resistance to social transformations and modern global capitalism. The book contains a diverse range of case studies from the US, Europe, the UK, and Asian countries such as China and India, which bring together a multiplicity of approaches to a continuing and common issue and reinforces the need for alternatives to the existing theoretical canon.
VF01-62 Handbook of Research on Predictive Modeling and Optimization Methods in Science and Engineering
  Dookie Kim/ 9781522547662/ Price:US$ 355.00
Book Cover HThe disciplines of science and engineering rely heavily on the forecasting of prospective constraints for concepts that have not yet been proven to exist, especially in areas such as artificial intelligence. Obtaining quality solutions to the problems presented becomes increasingly difficult due to the number of steps required to sift through the possible solutions, and the ability to solve such problems relies on the recognition of patterns and the categorization of data into specific sets. Predictive modeling and optimization methods allow unknown events to be categorized based on statistics and classifiers input by researchers. The Handbook of Research on Predictive Modeling and Optimization Methods in Science and Engineering is a critical reference source that provides comprehensive information on the use of optimization techniques and predictive models to solve real-life engineering and science problems. Through discussions on techniques such as robust design optimization, water level prediction, and the prediction of human actions, this publication identifies solutions to developing problems and new solutions for existing problems, making this publication a valuable resource for engineers, researchers, graduate students, and other professionals. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to ¡EArtificial Neural Network Use ¡EDegradation-Based Modeling ¡EHybrid Models ¡EMultiscale Modeling ¡EParticle Swarm Optimization ¡ERobust Design Optimization ¡ESlope Stability Analysis ¡EWater Level Prediction
VF01-61 Handbook of Research on Methods and Tools for Assessing Cultural Landscape Adaptation
  Isabel de Sousa Rosa/ 9781522541868/ Price:US$ 265.00
Book Cover In a globalizing and expanding world, the need for research centered on analysis, representation, and management of landscape components has become critical. By providing development strategies that promote resilient relations, this book promotes more sustainable and cultural approaches for territorial construction. The Handbook of Research on Methods and Tools for Assessing Cultural Landscape Adaptation provides emerging research on the cultural relationships between a community and the ecological system in which they live. This book highlights important topics such as adaptive strategies, ecosystem services, and operative methods that explore the expanding aspects of territorial transformation in response to human activities. This publication is an important resource for academicians, graduate students, engineers, and researchers seeking a comprehensive collection of research focused on the social and ecological components in territory development. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡EAdaptive Strategies ¡ECultural Knowledge ¡EEcosystem Services ¡EIndigenous Culture ¡EIndustrial Heritage ¡ELandscape Design ¡EOperative Methodologies ¡ESustainable Architecture ¡ETime Operations
VF01-60 Contemporary Strategies and Approaches in 3-D Information Modeling
  Bimal Kumar/ 9781522556251/ Price:US$ 205.00
Book Cover It is generally accepted that building information modeling (BIM) related technologies offer considerable advantages to many participants in the construction sector. Currently, there exists a whole range of commercially available BIM software platforms that are specialized to suit the functional needs of their main users. Contemporary Strategies and Approaches in 3-D Information Modeling is a critical scholarly resource that examines building information modeling and the integration of 3-D information in the urban built environments. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as integrated project delivery, design collaboration, and 3-D model visualization, this book is geared towards engineers, architects, contractors, consultants, and facility managers seeking current research on methodologies, concepts, and instruments being used in the field of 3-D information modeling. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡E3-D Model Visualization ¡EArchitectural Design ¡EDesign Collaboration ¡EIntegrated Project Delivery ¡ELean Construction ¡ELocated Based Scheduling ¡ETeams Integration ¡EVirtual Reality
VF01-59 Design Solutions for nZEB Retrofit Buildings
  Rynska, Elzbieta/ 9781522541059/ Price:US$ 225.00
Book Cover Construction projects, once they are completed, are intended to exist in the skylines of cities and towns for decades. Sustainable technologies seek to take these existing structures and make them environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Design Solutions for nZEB Retrofit Buildings is a critical scholarly resource that examines the importance of creating architecture that not only promotes the daily function of these buildings but is also environmentally sustainable. Featuring a broad range of topics including renewable energy sources, solar energy, and energy performance, this book is geared toward professionals, students, and researchers seeking current research on sustainable options for upgrading existing edifices to become more environmentally friendly. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡ECost-Efficiency ¡EEnergy Performance ¡EEnergy Retrofit ¡ERenewable Energy Sources ¡ESolar Energy ¡EThermal Insulation ¡EUrban Regeneration
VF01-58 Designing Grid Cities for Optimized Urban Development and Planning
  Carlone, Guiseppe/ 9781522536130/ Price:US$ 210.00
Book Cover With the growth of the global population, the expansion of metropolitan areas has become an essential aspect of land development. With the need for more space to accommodate the growing population, discussion on the best methods of expansion has arisen. Designing Grid Cities for Optimized Urban Development and Planning is a critical scholarly resource that explores the expansion and extension of metropolitan areas following ¡§orthogonal¡¨ development plans. Featuring coverage on a wide range of topics, such as built environment, grid cities, and orthogonal urban matrix, this publication is geared towards engineers, city development planners, professionals, academicians, researchers, and students seeking current research on the advantages of using orthogonal development plans for metropolitan expansion. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡EArchitectural Composition ¡EBuilt Environment ¡EDesigning Codes ¡EGrid Cities ¡EOrthogonal Urban Matrix ¡EUrban Morphology ¡EUrban Policies
VF01-53 Dynamic Stability of Hydraulic Gates and Engineering for Flood Prevention
  Ishii, Noriaki/ 9781522530794/ Price:US$ 245.00
Book Cover Hydraulic gates are utilized in multiple capacities in modern society. As such, the failure of these gates can have disastrous consequences, and it is imperative to develop new methods to avoid these occurrences. Dynamic Stability of Hydraulic Gates and Engineering for Flood Prevention is a critical reference source containing scholarly research on engineering techniques and mechanisms to decrease the failure rate of hydraulic gates. Including a range of perspectives on topics such as fluid dynamics, vibration mechanisms, and flow stability, this book is ideally designed for researchers, academics, engineers, graduate students, and practitioners interested in the study of hydraulic gate structure. Topics Covered ¡EDam Failures ¡EFlow Stability ¡EFluid Dynamics ¡EGate Discharge ¡ERayleigh Wave Theory ¡EStreamwise Gate Vibration ¡EVibration Mechanisms
VF01-52 Handbook of Research on Trends and Digital Advances in Engineering Geology
  Ceryan, Nurcihan/ 9781522527091/ Price:US$ 345.00
Book Cover Engineering geologists face the task of addressing geological factors that can affect planning with little time and with few resources. A solution is using the right tools to save time searching for answers and devote attention to making critical engineering decisions. The Handbook of Research on Trends and Digital Advances in Engineering Geology is an essential reference source for the latest research on new trends, technology, and computational methods that can model engineering phenomena automatically. Featuring exhaustive coverage on a broad range of topics and perspectives such as acoustic energy, landslide mapping, and natural hazards, this publication is ideally designed for academic scientists, industry and applied researchers, and policy and decision makers seeking current research on new tools to aid in timely decision-making of critical engineering situations. Topics Covered ¡EAcoustic Energy ¡EExcavatability Assessment ¡EIntelligent Models ¡ELandslide Mapping ¡ENatural hazards ¡ESlope Stability ¡ESoil Liquefaction ¡ESurface Rupture Microzonation ¡ETunneling ¡EUrban Planning
SF01-481 Guide to Good Practice in the Management of Time in Major Projects: Dynamic Time Modelling
  CIOB (The Chartered Institute of Building)/ 9781119428398/ Price:US$ 72.75
SF01-475 100 Years of Prandtl's Wedge
  Stefan van Baars/ 9781614998495/ Price:EUR 50.00
Book Cover The biggest problem for a shallow foundation, just as for any other type of foundation, is a failure due to an overestimation of the bearing capacity. This means that the correct prediction of the bearing capacity of the foundation is often the most important part of the design of a civil structure. That is why the publication by Prandtl in 1920 about the hardness of a plastic body, was a major step in solving the bearing capacity of shallow foundations, although it is well possible that he never realised this, because his solution was not made for civil engineering purposes, but for mechanical purposes.
SF01-473 Design for Maintainability: Benchmarks for Quality Buildings.
  Michael Yit-Lin Chew/ 9789813232952/ Price:US$ 38.00
SF01-472 Illustrated Dictionary of Building & Construction.
  / 9781984600417/ Price:US$ 95.00
SF01-472 Illustrated Dictionary of Civil Engineering.
  / 9781984600493/ Price:US$ 45.00
SF01-470 Geomechanics and Soil Engineering.
  Terry Kerr/ 9781682504468/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Subsurface contamination of soils and groundwater is an area of growing concern in our society. This literature presents the comprehensive coverage in geotechnical and geo-environmental engineering range from studies of the basic physics and chemistry of soil behavior to applied field problems. The Book addresses the modeling of geomechanical effects induced by reservoir production and their influence on fluid flow in the reservoir.
SF01-470 Modern Trends in Environmental Geomechanics.
  I. Baker/ 9781682504451/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Geomechanics has proven to be the backbone of safe and cost effective mining practice. The last 20 years have seen wide application of fracture mechanics to geotechnical and geomechanical problems. This book covers a broad class of problems where deforming geomaterials are involved, usually coupled with fluid flow and transport of some substance. All these aspects are addressed in this book together with a theoretical framework. This work is intended for educators, industry and practicing engineers what it takes to be a good rock engineer and the real benefits of the subject for the good of society.
SF01-470 Building Construction Handbook.
  Chin Yuan/ 9781682513712/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover This book presents an overview of the different aspects of resource and material efficiency in building construction. It provides essential information that will help improve efficiency, productivity and competitiveness in world markets. It includes original research, state-of-the-art review articles, discussion papers, innovative industrial application, insightful case studies, and reviews from experts in the field of building construction and planning. It is vital reading for all professionals and academics involved with research into, or specification of, building materials.
SF01-470 Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics.
  J.K. Pau/ 9781682513095/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover The design of structures resistant to seismic events is an important field in the structural engineering, because it reduces both the loss of lives and the economic damages that earthquakes can produce. The different perspectives present in the book span from statistical seismology studies, the latest techniques and advances on earthquake precursors and forecasting, as well as, new methods for early detection, data acquisition and interpretation. This Book will be of interest to civil and structural engineers and students with an understanding of the dynamic response of structures to earthquakes and the common analysis techniques employed to evaluate these responses. It will be of great need for practitioners and researchers also.
SF01-470 Earthquake Resistant Design and Risk Reduction.
  H. Smith/ 9781682513071/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover The number of human and economic assets at risk is growing as megacities and urban areas develop all over the world. The book covers seismic-resistance design of masonry and reinforced concrete structures to be constructed as well as safety assessment, strengthening and rehabilitation of existing structures against earthquake loads. This book will be of invaluable reference and guiding tool to practicing civil and structural engineers and architects, researchers and postgraduate students in earthquake engineering and engineering seismology, local governments and risk management officials.
SF01-470 Handbook of Modern Earth Buildings.
  Robert Healey/ 9781682513729/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover The construction industry is one of the largest sectors in most economies, accounting for a considerable percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) and employing a sizeable percent of total labor force. For the economy to perform, it is important that construction-related activities are delivered to a high standard, with state-of-the-art technology, materials and techniques. This book presents an essential investigation of the materials and techniques essential to the design, development and construction of modern earth buildings. The construction of earth buildings has been taking place worldwide for centuries.
SF01-470 Theory, Practice and Techniques in Construction Management.
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680947786/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover Provides a comprehensive understanding of when, where, and how to use the most effective project management resources. This comprehensive book's logical, well-structured format follows the natural sequence of a construction project. Looks at management principles and techniques applied to the day-to-day problems facing a business in the construction industry.
SF01-470 Advanced Concrete Technology. (With DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680948509/ Price:US$ 85.00
Book Cover Covers current developments advancing concrete technologies through coverage of new theories, models, and testing techniques. Illustrates the basics of concrete-microwave field interactions; microwave-assisted concrete technologies for use in the production, demolition, and recycling of concrete as well as the control mechanisms. Presenting the latest advances in the science of concrete this book focuses particularly on sustainability, durability, and economy.
SF01-470 Basic Surveying. (With DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680948516/ Price:US$ 130.00
Book Cover Aims to provide current practice and equipment for students or non-specialist surveyors in the various professions involved in the construction industry and the environment. Examines the major changes in the technology now used for the measurement and processing of topographic and non-topographic spatial data, with emphasis on the new and emerging technology and its applications. Readers will acquire an understanding of the skills and competencies required by the contractor's quantity surveyor.
SF01-470 Civil Engineering Drawing and Design. (With DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680948523/ Price:US$ 130.00
Book Cover Covers the fundamentals of drawing and continuing with draughting practice and conventions, this text emphasizes detailing, rather than the calculations or design of the components. This book brings together a range of topics which focus on the role of design in engineering. This book has been designed to meet the needs of the students in a simpler manner. Every topic has been dealt carefully with necessary explanation and presentation.
SF01-470 Theory, Practice and Techniques in Civil Engineering.
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680948561/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover Discusses the importance of civil engineering in the history of civilization, explores problems civil engineers face each day, and outlines some modern undertakings in the field. Aims to recognize and embrace the growing interconnectedness of the global infrastructure, economy, society, and the need to work for more sustainable, life-cycle-oriented approaches.
SF01-470 Construction Painting: Intermediate. (With DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680949223/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover This updated edition will introduce the knowledge and skills for those studying and/or working in construction sector to interpret and convey information in response to workplace requirement. Covers complete information that a person must achieve and that will enable him / her to prepare tools, painting materials and equipment; prepare surfaces (wood, concrete and metal) for painting and erect scaffolds and platforms; and perform painting work.
SF01-470 Masonry: Intermediate (With DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680949285/ Price:US$ 160.00
This updated edition consists of aptitudes to perform construction of brick and concrete block structure, installation of pre-cast balluster/handrail and plastering of concrete wall surface. Covers the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to gather, interpret and convey information in response to workplace requirements. A valuable tool competent to be a Mason.
VF01-51 Digital Innovations in Architectural Heritage Conservation: Emerging Research and Opportunities
  Brusaporci, Stefano/ 9781522524342/ Price:US$ 115.00
Book Cover The concept of conserving heritage for future generations is not a new idea. However, with recent digital advances, this task can be done much more efficiently and cultural properties can be better preserved for future populations. Digital Innovations in Architectural Heritage Conservation: Emerging Research and Opportunities highlights the most innovative trends in electronic preservation techniques. Featuring extensive coverage on relevant topics such as cultural complexities, participative heritage, architectural backgrounds, and virtual reconstruction, this is an ideal publication for all academicians, graduate students, engineers, and researchers interested in expanding their knowledge on current heritage conservation systems and practices. Topics Covered ¡EArchitectural Backgrounds ¡EComplex Information Models ¡ECultural Complexities ¡EDigital Conserving Strategies ¡EDigital Heritage ¡EHyperreality ¡EInclusiveness ¡EParticipative Heritage ¡EVirtual Reconstruction
VF01-50 Performance-Based Seismic Design of Concrete Structures and Infrastructures
  Plevris, Vagelis/ 9781522520894/ Price:US$ 205.00
Book Cover Solid design and craftsmanship are a necessity for structures and infrastructures that must stand up to natural disasters on a regular basis. Continuous research developments in the engineering field are imperative for sustaining buildings against the threat of earthquakes and other natural disasters. Performance-Based Seismic Design of Concrete Structures and Infrastructures is an informative reference source on all the latest trends and emerging data associated with structural design. Highlighting key topics such as seismic assessments, shear wall structures, and infrastructure resilience, this is an ideal resource for all academicians, students, professionals, and researchers that are seeking new knowledge on the best methods and techniques for designing solid structural designs. Topics Covered ¡EFuzzy Logic Applications ¡EInfrastructure Resilience ¡ENon-Linear Analysis ¡ERehabilitated RC School Buildings ¡EReinforced Buildings ¡ESeismic Assessments ¡EShear Wall Structures
VF01-49 Design Solutions and Innovations in Temporary Structures
  Beale, Robert/ 9781522521990/ Price:US$ 200.00
Book Cover Temporary structures are a vital but often overlooked component in the success of any construction project. With the assistance of modern technology, design and operation procedures in this area have undergone significant enhancements in recent years. Design Solutions and Innovations in Temporary Structures is a comprehensive source of academic research on the latest methods, practices, and analyses for effective and safe temporary structures. Including perspectives on numerous relevant topics, such as safety considerations, quality management, and structural analysis, this book is ideally designed for engineers, professionals, academics, researchers, and practitioners actively involved in the construction industry. Topics Covered ¡EBridge Construction Equipment (BCE) ¡EDesign Codes ¡EFalsework ¡EQuality Management ¡EScaffolds ¡EStructural Analysis ¡EStructural Failures ¡EStructural Safety
VF01-47 Modeling and Simulation Techniques in Structural Engineering
  Samui, Pijush/ 9781522505884/ Price:US$ 220.00
Book Cover The development of new and effective analytical and numerical models is essential to understanding the performance of a variety of structures. As computational methods continue to advance, so too do their applications in structural performance modeling and analysis. Modeling and Simulation Techniques in Structural Engineering presents emerging research on computational techniques and applications within the field of structural engineering. This timely publication features practical applications as well as new research insights and is ideally designed for use by engineers, IT professionals, researchers, and graduate-level students. Topics Covered ¡EAgent-Based Modelling ¡EFinite Element Analysis ¡EFuzzy Structural Analysis ¡ENeural Networks ¡ESeismic Reliability Analysis ¡ESmart Structures ¡EStructural Engineering Systems ¡EStructural Integrity Assessment
VF01-39 Le Corbusier, 4-Vols/Set.
  Livesey, Graham/ 9781138861015/ Price:¢G 995.00
Book Cover Le Corbusier (1887-1965), born Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris in La Chaux-de-Fonds (Switzerland), is considered by many to be the most influential architect of the twentieth century. Educated in his hometown in the Arts and Crafts tradition under his mentor Charles L¡¦Eplattenier, his early training included important travels and periods of work in the offices of the Perret Brothers (Paris) and Peter Behrens (Berlin). He settled permanently in Paris in 1917, after which he encountered the modernist painter Amedee Ozenfant who would have a significant influence on his work; together they established Purism and the L¡¦Esprit Nouveau journal. During this period he also took the name Le Corbusier derived from the name of a relative. The 1920s saw Le Corbusier emerge as one of the leading modern architects internationally with his designs for a series of villas and projects for the modern city. His ¡¥white¡¦ architecture of this period was inspired by modern machines, including early aircraft, automobiles, and ocean liners, along with an abiding interest in architectural history. Many of his ideas were captured in two important publications: Vers une architecture (1923) and Urbanisme (1925). In the early 1930s he sought larger commissions internationally and his architecture evolved away from the Purist work of the 1920s with the adoption of vernacular elements. This four-volume collection of writings on the career and legacy of Le Corbusier traces the various periods of his life from his early training to his final projects. The writings, by Le Corbusier and leading scholars, also explore important themes and specific buildings. The final volume includes articles, some critical of his ideas, which examine his legacy and impact.
SF01-479 Social Media and Internet for Home Builders.
  / 9781680954142/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover
SF01-466 Management of Construction Projects: A Constructor's Perspective.
  Schaufelberger, John E./ 9781138693913/ Price:¢G 64.99
SF01-463 An Introduction to Civil Engineering.
  Royol, June B. O./ 9781680956795/ Price:US$ 145.00
Book Cover
SF01-463 Engineering Hydrology.
  Royol, June B. O./ 9781680956863/ Price:US$ 145.00
Book Cover
SF01-463 Illustrated Handbook of Geotechnical Engineering.
  / 9781680946796/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover Geotechnical engineering is an important field of engineering that is concerned with behavior of earth materials. Some of the important tasks of geotechnical engineering are designing of foundations for structures, embankments, storage systems for hazardous materials, and lessening soil erosion. This knowledge is applied to the design of foundations, retaining walls, earth dams, clay liners, and geosynthetics for waste containment. The goals of geotechnical engineers could range from the design of foundations and temporary excavation support, through route selection for railways and highways, to the increasingly important areas of landfill disposal of wastes and groundwater contamination. This handbook deals with the fundamentals and general principles of geotechnical engineering, this text also provides essential information related to the evaluation of engineering properties of soils, design of foundations such as spread footings, mat foundations, piles, and drilled shafts.
SF01-463 Illustrated Handbook of Civil Engineering.
  / 9781680946802/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover This comprehensive handbook provides a basis for the practicing engineer to design concrete structures which avoid the problem using modern concepts and specifications. Civil engineering has a great importance as without this branch of engineering roads, buildings, canals, dams cannot be made as it is work of a civil engineer. Civil engineers are becoming more and more important with time. Now, they are also responsible for looking after the fire control systems and installing quick fire exit points in the buildings they design. This will help in minimizing the loss of life during fire accidents. Civil engineering is one of the oldest of the engineering professions. Ancient feats such as the building of the Egyptian pyramids and Roman road systems are based on civil engineering principles. Another very important aspect of civil engineering is environmental engineering.
SF01-462 Irrigation Engineering & Hydraulic Structures. (With DVD)
  / 9781680954944/ Price:US$ 79.95
Book Cover Irrigation is the practice of arti cially applying water to otherwise dry land during summer. Gardeners use hoses and sprinklers to water owerbeds, vegetable gardens and lawns. This is irrigation at its most basic. Large scale irrigation is where market gardeners, farmers, orchardists and grape growers apply water at critical times to assist plant growth and therefore produce quality crops. Irrigation water can come from nearby rivers or under-ground water (groundwater) or storage ponds speci cally designed to collect high river ows during winter. Pipes, channels and wells dug into the ground allow water to be taken from its source to the farms, vineyards and orchards where it will be used. Today a diverse range of ever-evolving technologies exist to e ciently apply irrigation water to crops. How much water is used depends on the type of crop, the soil in which the crop is being grown and the amount of rainfall in that area. Hydraulic design involves the application of ow theory to the design of various water containment and control structures. The designer should ensure that the structure and the systems will function e ectively and economically under all foreseeable service conditions. Hydraulic structures must be capable of withstanding ow conditions and forces caused by both static and owing water loading. They must be so designed as to last over their design life span and be resistant to deterioration, aging, and extemporaneous forces due to weather extremes and earthquakes. In designing a hydraulic structure, the designer chooses from many options available, and from past experience, that particular design believed to be the most cost-e ective, functional, and safe.
SF01-462 Civil Engineering Hydraulics. (With DVD)
  / 9781680955040/ Price:US$ 79.95
Book Cover Hydraulics engineering is a eld within the civil engineering discipline that addresses the control and management of water resources Hydraulic engineering is the Science of water in motion and its interactions with the surrounding environment. One feature of these systems is the extensive use of gravity as the motive force to cause the movement of the uids. Hydraulic engineering consists of the application of uid mechanics to water owing in an isolated environment (pipe, pump) or in an open channel (river, lake, ocean). Civil engineers are primarily concerned with open channel ow, which is governed by the interdependent interaction between the water and the channel. Applications include the design of hydraulic structures, such as sewage conduits, dams and breakwaters, the management of waterways, such as erosion protection and ood protection, and environmental management, such as prediction of the mixing and transport of pollutants in surface water.
SF01-460 Principles and Practices of Geoenvironmental Mapping.
  Nur, Tanjina/ 9781680958218/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover This book illustrates the range of environmental geoscience mapping presently carried out around the world. It presents a number of sub disciplinary and thematic topics including volcanic hazards, landslides, dolines, tsunamis, radon potential, medical geology, rainfall erosion, engineering geology, borehole stratigraphy, lake sediment geochemistry, aggregate resources and remote sensing.
SF01-460 Organic Materials for Civil Engineering.
  Nur, Tanjina/ 9781680943719/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Organic materials are substances in the soil that were once alive. Dead plants, animals, bacteria and fungi are all examples of organic material. This book provides a substantial and detailed overview of traditional materials used in structures and civil infrastructure. The book discusses properties of organic materials in construction and materials? manufacturing.
SF01-460 Measurement in Science and Civil Engineering.
  Bolivar, Nelson/ 9781680943726/ Price:US$ 165.00
Book Cover Testing and measuring of certain desired parameters have taken place in the field of civil engineering in the latest century. Up-to-date reference set on engineering measurements covering all major engineering disciplines, Measurement in Science and Civil Engineering provides a multidisciplinary resource of engineering measurement theory, necessary tools, techniques of measurement and analysis, and applications.
SF01-460 Civil Engineering Problems and Solutions.
  Nur, Tanjina/ 9781680943733/ Price:US$ 165.00
Book Cover Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including works like roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings. Civil engineering is arguably the oldest engineering discipline. It deals with the built environment and can be dated to the first time someone placed a roof over his or her head or laid a tree trunk across a river to make it easier to get across. This guide provides an opportunity to practical approaches on solving problems that mirror the scope and difficulty of the Civil Engineering.
SF01-460 Geology for Civil Engineer.
  Nur, Tanjina/ 9781680943740/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Geology is the study of the Earth, the materials of which it is made, the structure of those materials, and the processes acting upon them. It includes the study of organisms that have inhabited our planet. An important part of geology is the study of how Earth?s materials, structures, processes and organisms have changed over time. This book introduces researches about geology valuable for both researchers and civil engineering students also.
SF01-460 Foundations and Retaining Structures.
  Nur, Tanjina/ 9781680943757/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Foundations and Retaining Structures provides a framework for students to carry out simple foundation design and appreciate the design process. This book offers a systematic treatment of the analysis and design of foundations and retaining structures subjected to dynamic loads. A foundation is the element of an architectural structure which connects it to the ground, and transfers loads from the structure to the ground.
SF01-460 Robotics in Civil Engineering.
  Nur, Tanjina/ 9781680943764/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Robots have been investigated for automation of construction, maintenance, and inspection of civil works since the early 1980s. This book presents research in construction robot which are more flexible, adjustable, and able to cope with constantly changing construction environments. It focuses on the environment and motivation for implementation of robotics, identifies key centers of development, identifies regional differences, and describes progress in key areas. It also traces the emergence and change of development strategies over time, it identifies practical achievements, and it identifies key developments for the future. Research and development in construction robots is intended to extend present capabilities of conventional equipment to an integrated and fully automated system.
SF01-460 Advanced Building Construction and Materials Handbook.
  Nur, Tanjina/ 9781680943771/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover This book is an authoritative reference for all students and professionals. The principles and processes of construction are explained with the concepts of design included where appropriate. Extensive coverage of building construction practice and techniques, representing both traditional procedures and modern developments, are also included to provide the most comprehensive and easy to understand guide to building construction.
SF01-460 Modern Earth Building Handbook.
  Nur, Tanjina/ 9781680943788/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover The construction of earth buildings has been taking place worldwide for centuries. With the improved energy efficiency, high level of structural integrity and aesthetically pleasing finishes achieved in modern earth construction, it is now one of the leading choices for sustainable, low-energy building. Modern earth buildings provides an essential exploration of the materials and techniques key to the design, development and construction of such buildings. Modern earth buildings is a key reference work for all low-impact building engineers, architects and designers, along with academics in this field.
SF01-460 Handbook of Engineering Hydrology.
  Nur, Tanjina/ 9781680943795/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover Hydrological engineering, also called water resources engineering, is a civil engineering specialty offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Hydrological engineering is chiefly concerned with the flow and storage of water. This book contain information on climate change and hydrological hazards, hydrological modeling, and urban water systems, as well as climate change impacts on hydrology and water resources, climate change uncertainty.
SF01-460 Fundamentals of Hydraulics.
  Bolivar, Nelson/ 9781680943801/ Price:US$ 165.00
Book Cover Hydraulics is a topic in applied science and engineering dealing with the mechanical properties of liquids or fluids. At a very basic level, hydraulics is the liquid version of pneumatics. Covering all the fundamental topics in hydraulics and hydrology, this text is essential reading for undergraduate students and practising engineers around the world who want an accessible, thorough and trusted introduction to the subject.
SF01-460 Optimization in Civil Engineering.
  Nur, Tanjina/ 9781680943825/ Price:US$ 165.00
Book Cover Today?s highly capitalized societies require maximum benefit with minimum cost. In order to find a low cost design in practice, experienced engineers have traditionally used trial- and-error methods based on their intuitive engineering sense. This book intends to show a big picture how the optimization techniques can be applied to various civil engineering problems in construction and project management; structural engineering; water and environmental engineering.
VF01-46 Computational Modeling of Masonry Structures Using the Discrete Element Method
  Sarhosis, Vasilis/ 9781522502319/ Price:US$ 210.00
Book Cover The Discrete Element Method (DEM) has emerged as a solution to predicting load capacities of masonry structures. As one of many numerical methods and computational solutions being applied to evaluate masonry structures, further research on DEM tools and methodologies is essential for further advancement. Computational Modeling of Masonry Structures Using the Discrete Element Method explores the latest digital solutions for the analysis and modeling of brick, stone, concrete, granite, limestone, and glass block structures. Focusing on critical research on mathematical and computational methods for masonry analysis, this publication is a pivotal reference source for scholars, engineers, consultants, and graduate-level engineering students. Topics Covered ¡EHistorical Masonry ¡EMasonry Construction ¡EMasonry Mechanics ¡EMaterial Deterioration ¡ENumerical Modeling ¡EStructural Analysis ¡EStructural Assessment
VF01-44 Advanced Research on Nanotechnology for Civil Engineering Applications
  Khitab, Anwar/ 9781522503446/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover A recent initiative within the civil engineering field is the use of nanotechnology and materials within the construction industry. While there has been great success in the adoption of various nanomaterials, there is still room for development and improvement. Advanced Research on Nanotechnology for Civil Engineering Applications highlights emergent research and theoretical concepts in the implementation of nanotechnology within the construction, geotechnical, and transportation engineering fields. Examining the application of nanomaterials, current trends within the topic area, and the potential health impacts of material usage on the environment, this book is a pivotal reference for professionals, engineers, students, and researchers. Topics Covered ¡EBuilding Materials ¡EConstruction Industry ¡EGeotechnical Engineering ¡EMaterial Behavior ¡ENanoscopy ¡ETransportation Engineering ¡EWater Purification
VF01-43 Emerging Challenges and Opportunities of High Speed Rail Development on Business and Society
  Selladurai, Raj/ 9781522501022/ Price:US$ 210.00
Book Cover The increasingly busy lives of people in modern society cause a high dependence on the transportation sector. Traffic congestion, road maintenance, and a myriad of other problems have led stakeholders to seriously examine alternatives to traditional road traveling. Emerging Challenges and Opportunities of High Speed Rail Development on Business and Society is an authoritative reference source on the promising aspects of high speed railway transportation to supplement road travel. Highlighting empirical research, implementations plans, and future opportunities, this book is ideally designed for government officials, researchers, upper-level students, and technology developers working in the field of transportation. Topics Covered ¡ECalifornia High-Speed Rail Project ¡ECollaboration with Airlines ¡EEconomic Benefits ¡EEnvironmental Considerations ¡EInternational Comparisons ¡ESafety Programs ¡ETravel Markets
VF01-42 Decision Support for Construction Cost Control in Developing Countries
  Pettang, Chrispin/ 9781466698734/ Price:US$ 165.00
Book Cover The continued growth of emerging nations depends largely on the development of their built infrastructures and communities. Roads, dams, bridges, hospitals, schools, and housing are all examples of the built environment that impacts economic improvements in the developing world. Decision Support for Construction Cost Control in Developing Countries explores how the construction industry contributes to a nation¡¦s GDP and the related cost issues and proposed cost reduction solutions for construction projects and initiatives in developing regions. Emphasizing the role of decision support systems for reducing and managing the costs associated with construction projects, this title is an essential reference source for civil engineers, business and engineering managers, project managers, researchers, and professionals in the construction industry. Topics Covered ¡EConstruction Management ¡ECost Analysis ¡ECost Reduction Strategies ¡EDecision Models ¡EEconomic Development ¡EEmerging Nations ¡ESmall and Medium Enterprises
VF01-34 Civil and Environmental Engineering: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications, 3-Vols/Set.
  Information Resources Management Association/ 9781466696198/ Price:US$ 2250.00
Book Cover Civil and environmental engineers work together to develop, build, and maintain the man-made and natural environments that make up the infrastructures and ecosystems in which we live and thrive. Civil and Environmental Engineering: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications is a comprehensive multi-volume publication showcasing the best research on topics pertaining to road design, building maintenance and construction, transportation, earthquake engineering, waste and pollution management, and water resources management and engineering. Through its broad and extensive coverage on a variety of crucial concepts in the field of civil engineering, and its subfield of environmental engineering, this multi-volume work is an essential addition to the library collections of academic and government institutions and appropriately meets the research needs of engineers, environmental specialists, researchers, and graduate-level students. Topics Covered ¡ECoastal Engineering ¡EConstruction Engineering ¡EEnvironmental Fluid Mechanics ¡EGeotechnology ¡EHydrology ¡EInfrastructure Systems ¡EStructural Engineering ¡EStructural Mechanics ¡ETransportation Systems
VF01-33 Handbook of Research on Advanced Computational Techniques for Simulation-Based Engineering.
  Samui, Pijush/ 9781466694798/ Price:US$ 310.00
Book Cover Recent developments in information processing systems have driven the advancement of computational methods in the engineering realm. New models and simulations enable better solutions for problem-solving and overall process improvement. The Handbook of Research on Advanced Computational Techniques for Simulation-Based Engineering is an authoritative reference work representing the latest scholarly research on the application of computational models to improve the quality of engineering design. Featuring extensive coverage on a range of topics from various engineering disciplines, including, but not limited to, soft computing methods, comparative studies, and hybrid approaches, this book is a comprehensive reference source for students, professional engineers, and researchers interested in the application of computational methods for engineering design. Topics Covered ¡EArtificial Neural Networks ¡EDiscrete Element Method ¡EFuzzy Models ¡EMachine Learning ¡EMulti-Objective Optimization Problems ¡ENonlinear Models ¡EParallel Computing Architecture ¡ESpatial Variability
SF01-459 Engineering Rock Mass Classification: Tunnelling, Foundations and Landslides.
  Singh, Bhawani/ 9780128103647/ Price:US$ 89.95
SF01-456 Carpentry: Intermediate (Book With DVD) (Workbook Included)
  / 9789351157564/ Price:US$ 99.95
Book Cover This book consists of competencies that a person must achieve that will enable him/her to perform fabrication, installation and stripping of formworks, its components and supports.
SF01-456 Carpentry: Advanced (Book With DVD) (Workbook Included)
  / 9789351157915/ Price:US$ 99.95
Book Cover The information in This book consists of competencies that a person must achieve and that will enable him / her to install architectural ceiling, wall sheats / panels / boards and floor finishes; fabricate door / window jambs and panels; install stair components or pre-fabricated stairs assembly; and install built-in or pre-fabricated cabinets.
SF01-456 Construction Painting: Intermediate (Book With DVD) (Workbook Included)
  / 9789351158011/ Price:US$ 99.95
Book Cover The information in this book consists of basic to core competencies that a person must achieve and that will enable him / her to prepare tools, painting materials and equipment; prepare surfaces (wood, concrete and metal) for painting and erect scaffolds and platforms; and perform painting work.
SF01-456 Construction Painting: Advanced (Book With DVD) (Workbook Included)
  / 9789351158028/ Price:US$ 99.95
Book Cover The information in this book consists of basic to core competencies that a person must achieve and that will enable him / her to erect scaffolds and platforms, estimate paint requirement, prepares concrete, wooden and steel surfaces for re-painting and / or re-touching work and perform re-painting / re-touching works.
SF01-456 Furniture Making (Finishing): Intermediate (Book With DVD) (Workbook Included)
  / 9789351158448/ Price:US$ 99.95
Book Cover This book consists of competencies that a person must achieve to enable him/her to prepare surface for final coating, apply final coating using spray gun system and perform basic preventive maintenance servicing for spray gun equipment and booth.
SF01-456 Masonry: Beginner (Book With DVD) (Workbook Included)
  / 9789351158745/ Price:US$ 99.95
Book Cover The information in this book covers basic to core competencies that a person must achieve that will enable him/her to prepare masonry materials and perform basic masonry works.
SF01-456 Masonry: Intermediate (Book With DVD) (Workbook Included)
  / 9789351158752/ Price:US$ 99.95
Book Cover The information in this book covers basic to core competencies that a person must achieve that will enable him/her to perform construction of brick and concrete block structure, installation of pre-cast balluster/handrail and plastering of concrete wall surface.
SF01-456 Masonry: Advanced (Book With DVD) (Workbook Included)
  / 9789351158769/ Price:US$ 99.95
Book Cover The information in this book covers basic to core competencies that a person must achieve and that will enable him / her to lay bricks / blocks for structure, plaster concrete masonry / concrete surface, install pre-cast baluster and handrail, apply special cement finishes to concrete and masonry surfaces and repair defective concrete and masonry surfaces.
SF01-456 Reinforcing Steel Works: Intermediate (Book With DVD) (Workbook Included)
  / 9789351159148/ Price:US$ 99.95
Book Cover The information in this book covers basic to core competencies that individuals must achieve to enable them to fabricate and install RSB materials in high rise and infrastructure projects.
SF01-456 Rigging: Beginner (Book With DVD) (Workbook Included)
  / 9789351159162/ Price:US$ 99.95
Book Cover Rigging: Beginner comprehends various diverse practical and visual skills with knowledge of specialized materials and techniques. Rigging is the action of designing and installing the equipment, in the preparation to move objects. A team of riggers design and install the lifting or rolling equipment needed to raise, roll, slide or lift objects such as with a crane or block and tackle. This book will introduce the knowledge and skills for those studying and/or working in construction industry to interpret and convey information in response to workplace requirements.
SF01-456 Scaffold Erection: Intermediate (Book With DVD) (Workbook Included)
  / 9789351159193/ Price:US$ 99.95
Book Cover Scaffold Erection: Intermediate combines many different practical and visual skills with knowledge of specialized materials and techniques. Scaffolding is often a necessary part of building and home maintenance. Set up scaffolding properly to make sure you and anyone else using the equipment stay safe. This book will introduce the knowledge and skills for those studying and/or working in construction industry.
SF01-456 Structural Erection: Intermediate (Book With DVD) (Workbook Included)
  / 9789351159254/ Price:US$ 99.95
Book Cover Structural Erection: Intermediate deals with numerous diverse practical and visual skills with knowledge of specialized materials and techniques. The erection of structural steelwork consists of the assembly of steel components into a frame on site. The processes involve lifting and placing components into position, then connecting them together. Generally this is achieved through bolting but sometimes site welding is used. The assembled frame needs to be aligned before bolting up is completed, and the structure handed over to the principal contractor. This book will introduce the knowledge and skills for those studying and/or working in any construction industry.
SF01-456 System Formwork Installation: Intermediate (Book With DVD) (Workbook Included)
  / 9789351159285/ Price:US$ 99.95
Book Cover System Formwork Installation: Intermediate comprehends various diverse practical and visual skills with knowledge of specialized materials and techniques. Formwork is the addition of base materials and concrete contained within retaining walls to use as a slab for construction of homes, businesses, and other buildings. This book will introduce the knowledge and skills for those studying and/or working in formwork industry to interpret and convey information in response to workplace requirements.
SF01-456 Tile Setting: Intermediate (Book With DVD) (Workbook Included)
  / 9789351159308/ Price:US$ 99.95
Book Cover Tile Setting: Intermediate combines many different practical and visual skills with knowledge of specialized materials and techniques. A tile is a manufactured piece of hard-wearing material such as ceramic, stone, metal, or even glass, generally used for covering roofs, floors, walls, showers, or other objects such as tabletops. Alternatively, tile can sometimes refer to similar units made from lightweight materials such as perlite, wood, and mineral wool, typically used for wall and ceiling applications. This book will introduce the knowledge and skills for those studying and/or working in tile setting.
SF01-456 Engineering Geology.
  Cox, Dave/ 9781682500712/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Engineering geology is the application of the geological sciences to engineering study for the purpose of assuring that the geological factors regarding the location, design, construction, operation and maintenance of engineering works are recognized and accounted for. Engineering geology studies may be performed during the planning, environmental impact analysis, civil or structural engineering design, value engineering and construction phases of public and private works projects, and during post-construction and forensic phases of projects. This book covers the fields of the earth sciences and engineering, particularly geological and geotechnical engineering. The focus of the book is on geological or engineering studies that are of interest to engineering geologists.
SF01-456 Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering & Seismology.
  Garcia, Silvia/ 9781682511473/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Earthquake Engineering can be defined as the branch of engineering devoted to mitigating earthquake hazards, it covers the investigation and solution of the problems created by damaging earthquakes, and consequently the work involved in the practical application of these solutions. The main aim of this book is a collection of data which is useful in understanding the state-of-art technology and its application to new topics.
SF01-456 Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering.
  Ahmed, Mohd/ 9781682510797/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Soil mechanics is used to analyze the deformations of and flow of fluids within natural and manmade structures that are supported on or made of soil, or structures that are buried in soils. This book discusses about the fundamental principle and foundation application of soil mechanics is needed to predict the behavior and performance of soil as a construction materials or as a supporting medium for engineering structure.
SF01-456 Mechanics & Characteristics of Soil.
  Hopkins, Vincent/ 9781682510803/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Soil mechanics is a branch of engineering mechanics that describes the behavior of soils and differs from fluid mechanics and solid mechanics in the sense that soils consist of a heterogeneous mixture of fluids and particles but soil may also contain organic solids, liquids, and gasses and other matter. This book involves the study of soil mechanics formation by weathering and its transportation characteristics by wind and water. Whereas the formation process determines many of the physical properties of soil, such as structure, composition and relative density.
VSF01-001 Critical Urban Infrastructure Handbook.
  Hamada, Masanori/ 9781466592049/ Price:¢G 155.00
Book Cover This valuable work consists of 24 chapters in four sections covering: ¡EDesign and construction of various lifeline facilities ¡EMaintenance ¡EDisaster management ¡EEnvironmental protection ¡EDisaster and emergency recovery measures ¡EUrban planning ¡ELife cycle costing ¡EGIS analysis of lifeline systems ¡EComputerized integrated management systems ¡ENew materials and technologies The Critical Urban Infrastructure Handbook comprehensively describes common issues of lifeline systems, and provides practical information to engineers and industry professionals involved in the planning, construction, and maintenance of lifeline systems.
VSF01-001 Geometric Design of Roads Handbook.
  Wolhuter, Keith M./ 9780415521727/ Price:¢G 285.00
Book Cover Explore the Art and Science of Geometric Design The Geometric Design of Roads Handbook covers the design of the visible elements of the road¡Xits horizontal and vertical alignments, the cross-section, intersections, and interchanges. Good practice allows the smooth and safe flow of traffic as well as easy maintenance. Geometric design is covered in depth. The book also addresses the underpinning disciplines of statistics, traffic flow theory, economic and utility analysis, systems analysis, hydraulics and drainage, capacity analysis, coordinate calculation, environmental issues, and public transport. Background Material for the Practicing Designer A key principle is recognizing what the driver wishes to do rather than what the vehicle can do. The book takes a human factors approach to design, drawing on the concept of the "self-explaining road." It also emphasizes the need for consistency of design and shows how this can be quantified, and sets out the issues of the design domain context, the extended design domain concept, and the design exception. The book is not simply an engineering manual, but properly explores context-sensitive design. Discover and Develop Real-World Solutions Changes in geometric design over the last few years have been dramatic and far-reaching and this is the first book to draw these together into a practical guide which presents a proper and overriding philosophy of design for road and highway designers, and students.
VSF01-001 Spon's Asia Pacific Construction Costs Handbook.
  Langdon & Seah/ 9781482243581/ Price:¢G 215.00
Book Cover Highlights the Economies and Construction Industries of the Asia-Pacific Region Spon¡¦s Asia-Pacific Construction Costs Handbook: Fifth Edition provides overarching construction cost data for 16 countries: ¡E Brunei ¡E Cambodia ¡E China ¡E Hong Kong ¡E India ¡E Indonesia ¡E Japan ¡E Malaysia ¡E Myanmar ¡E Philippines ¡E Singapore ¡E South Korea ¡E Sri Lanka ¡E Taiwan ¡E Thailand ¡E Vietnam Provides an Introduction to each Country and its Construction Industry It contains a regional overview of the construction industry in the Asia-Pacific region as well as broad and macroeconomic data on key national indicators, construction output indicators, and general construction cost data. In the last few years, the global economic outlook has continued to be shrouded in uncertainty and volatility following the financial crisis in the Euro zone. The world economic landscape and tendering climate have also changed. Updated information is therefore important and even crucial. While the US and Europe are going through a difficult period, investors are focusing more keenly on Asia. Utilizing information compiled from a variety of individuals, organizations, and publications, Spon¡¦s Asia-Pacific Construction Costs Handbook: Fifth Edition outlines the development, property, and construction in a specific country or region. A resource for clients, consultants, contractors, and the manufacturers of construction materials and equipment, this ideal reference breaks down information using national, economic and construction indicators, industry structure, regulations and standards, tendering and contract procedures, labor and material costs, exchange and inflation rates, and more.
VF01-32 Emerging Design Solutions in Structural Health Monitoring Systems.
  Burgos, Diego Alexander Tibaduiza/ 9781466684904/ Price:US$ 235.00
Book Cover Structural health monitoring is an exciting new field on the frontier of applied engineering. With the purpose of examining the health of standing buildings, aircrafts, and other complex structures using pre-installed sensors that provide stress and pressure data in real-time, this field allows structural-health experts to act as engineering ¡§doctors.¡¨ These specialists diagnose potential problems in advance using complex algorithms and statistical modeling so that steps may be taken to prevent structural damage¡Xor worse, loss of life. Emerging Design Solutions in Structural Health Monitoring Systems seeks to advance cutting-edge research in the field, with a special focus on cross-disciplinary work involving recent advances in IT. This research has enabled structural-health experts to wield groundbreaking new models of artificial intelligence as a diagnostic tool capable of identifying future problems before they even appear. This publication serves as a broad overview of structural management science, as well as an on-ramp for a general engineering audience, including students, educators, and researchers. Topics Covered ¡EAeronautics ¡EAerospace Engineering ¡EArchitecture ¡EArtificial Intelligence ¡ECementitious Mortar ¡ECivil Engineering ¡EDamage Detection ¡EMechanical Engineering ¡EPredictive Modeling ¡EStructural Health Monitoring ¡EUltrasonics ¡EWind Energy Structures
VF01-29 Handbook of Research on Seismic Assessment and Rehabilitation of Historic Structures, 2-Vols/Set.
  Asteris, Panagiotis G./ 9781466682863/ Price:US$ 525.00
Book Cover Rehabilitation of heritage monuments provides sustainable development and cultural significance to a region. The most sensitive aspect of the refurbishment of existing buildings lies in the renovation and recovery of structural integrity and public safety. The Handbook of Research on Seismic Assessment and Rehabilitation of Historic Structures evaluates developing contributions in the field of earthquake engineering with regards to the analysis and treatment of structural damage inflicted by seismic activity. This book is a vital reference source for professionals, researchers, students, and engineers active in the field of earthquake engineering who are interested in the emergent developments and research available in the preservation and rehabilitation of heritage buildings following seismic activity. Topics Covered ¡EMasonry Materials ¡EMonument Restoration ¡EPassive Seismic Protection ¡EProbabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis ¡ERestoration Materials Technology ¡EStructural Control Techniques ¡EStructural Damage ¡EStructural Rehabilitation
VF01-28 Technology and Practice in Geotechnical Engineering.
  Adeyeri, Joseph B./ 9781466665057/ Price:US$ 225.00
Book Cover Knowledge surrounding the behavior of earth materials is important to a number of industries, including the mining and construction industries. Further research into the field of geotechnical engineering can assist in providing the tools necessary to analyze the condition and properties of the earth. Technology and Practice in Geotechnical Engineering brings together theory and practical application, thus offering a unified and thorough understanding of soil mechanics. Highlighting illustrative examples, technological applications, and theoretical and foundational concepts, this book is a crucial reference source for students, practitioners, contractors, architects, and builders interested in the functions and mechanics of sedimentary materials. Topics Covered ¡ECompressibility and Consolidation ¡EEarth Pressure ¡EElements and Compounds ¡ESeepage ¡ESoil Classification ¡ESoil Structure ¡ESoil Types ¡EStress Concepts ¡EWeathering
VF01-25 Fracture and Damage Mechanics for Structural Engineering of Frames: State-of-the-Art Industrial Applications.
  Julio Florez-Lopez/ 9781466663794/ Price:US$ 225.00
Book Cover The certification of the structural integrity of buildings, bridges, and mechanical components is one of the main goals of engineers. For civil engineers especially, understanding the tools available for infrastructure analysis is an essential part of designing, constructing, and maintaining safe and reliable structures. Fracture and Damage Mechanics for Structural Engineering of Frames: State-of-the-Art Industrial Applications outlines the latest computational tools, models, and methodologies surrounding the analysis of wall and frame load support and resilience. Emphasizing best practices in computational simulation for civil engineering applications, this reference work is invaluable to postgraduate students, academicians, and engineers in the field. Topics Covered ¡EElastic Analysis ¡EFracture Behavior ¡ENumerical Algorithms ¡ENumerical Simulation ¡ESeismic Loading ¡ESteel Frames ¡EStructural Certification
SF01-457 From Fundamentals to Applications in Geotechnics, 3-Vols/Set.
  Manzanal, Diego/ 9781614996026/ Price:EUR 245.00
Book Cover The work of geotechnical engineers contributes to the creation of safe, economic and pleasant spaces to live, work and relax all over the world. Advances are constantly being made, and the expertise of the profession becomes ever more important with the increased pressure on space and resources. This book presents the proceedings of the 15th Pan-American Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (XV PCSMGE), held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in November 2015. This conference, held every four years, is an important opportunity for international experts, researchers, academics, professionals and geo-engineering companies to meet and exchange ideas and research findings in the areas of soil mechanics, rock mechanics, and their applications in civil, mining and environmental engineering. The articles are divided into nine sections: transportation geotechnics; in-situ testing; geo-engineering for energy and sustainability; numerical modeling in geotechnics; foundations and ground improvement; unsaturated soil behavior; embankments, dams and tailings; excavations and tunnels; and geo-risks, and cover a wide spectrum of issues from fundamentals to applications in geotechnics. This book will undoubtedly represent an essential reference for academics, researchers and practitioners in the field of soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering. In this proceedings, approximately 65% of the contributions are in English, and 35% of the contributions are in Spanish or Portuguese.
SF01-457 Integrating Innovations of Rock Mechanics: Proceedings of the 8th South American Congress on Rock Mechanics, 1518 November 2015, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  Rocca, Ricardo J./ 9781614996040/ Price:EUR 135.00
Book Cover In November 2015, Buenos Aires, Argentina became the location of several important events for geo-professionals, with the simultaneous holding of the 8th South American Congress on Rock Mechanics (SCRM), the 15th Pan-American Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (XV PCSMGE), and the 6th International Symposium on Deformation Characteristics of Geomaterials, as well as the 22nd Argentinean Congress of Geotechnical Engineering (CAMSIGXXII). This synergy brought together international experts, researchers, academics, professionals and geo-engineering companies in a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss current and future practices in the areas of soil mechanics and rock mechanics, and their applications in civil, energy, environmental, and mining engineering. This book presents the proceedings of the 8th South American Congress on Rock Mechanics (SCRM). Topics covered include rock mechanics, rock engineering, natural resources, mining, mechanics, geology and engineering. Approximately 60% of the contributions are in English, and the remaining 40% of the contributions are in either Spanish or Portuguese.
VSF01-001 Bridge Engineering Handbook, 5-Vols/Set.
  Chen, Wai-Fah/ 9781439852057/ Price:¢G 250.00
Book Cover Over 140 experts, 14 countries, and 89 chapters are represented in the second edition of the Bridge Engineering Handbook. This extensive collection provides detailed information on bridge engineering, and thoroughly explains the concepts and practical applications surrounding the subject, and also highlights bridges from around the world. Published in five books: Fundamentals, Superstructure Design, Substructure Design, Seismic Design, and Construction and Maintenance, this new edition provides numerous worked-out examples that give readers step-by-step design procedures, includes contributions by leading experts from around the world in their respective areas of bridge engineering, contains 26 completely new chapters, and updates most other chapters. It offers design concepts, specifications, and practice, and presents various types of bridges. The text includes over 2,500 tables, charts, illustrations, and photos. The book covers new, innovative and traditional methods and practices; explores rehabilitation, retrofit, and maintenance; and examines seismic design and building materials. This text is an ideal reference for practicing bridge engineers and consultants (design, construction, maintenance), and can also be used as a reference for students in bridge engineering courses.
VF01-24 Technologies for Urban and Spatial Planning: Virtual Cities and Territories.
  Pinto, Nuno Norte/ 9781466643499/ Price:US$ 200.00
Book Cover Technological advancements have changed that way we think of traditional urban and spatial planning. The inclusion of conventional elements with modern technologies is allowing this field to advance at a rapid pace. Technologies in Urban and Spatial Planning: Virtual Cities and Territories covers a multitude of newly developed hardware and software technology advancements in urban and spatial planning and architecture. This publication draws on the most current research and studies of field practitioners who offer solutions and recommendations for further growth, specifically in urban and spatial developments. Researchers, practitioners, and graduate students seeking to enhance their understanding of the latest advancements and theories will benefit greatly from this publication. Topics Covered ¡EAdvanced Spatial Analysis ¡EMulti-Agent Systems ¡EOptimization Models ¡ESystem Dynamic Models ¡EVirtual Worlds ¡EVisualization Techniques ¡EWeb-Based Services and Planning
VF01-21 Sustainable Buildings, 4-Vols/Set.
  Emmanuel, Rohinton/ 9780415637091/ Price:¢G 1030.00
Book Cover The ¡¥fit for purpose¡¦ of the built environment has been a focus of attention since classical times, both in the West and in the East. However, an explicit focus on ¡¥sustainable buildings¡¦ is relatively new. The last two decades in particular have seen an explosion of published material on the design, construction and assessment of buildings purported to be ¡¥sustainable.¡¦ Many governments and owners of buildings now routinely require their buildings be ¡¥sustainable¡¦ and are certified to be so. In the case of sustainability certification, the recent growth in tools, techniques and assessment systems is phenomenal: even as early as 2005 there were over 600 such tools in different parts of the world! New ones sprout all the time and design guides attempt a losing battle to keep pace. This new title in Routledge's Major Works series brings together authoritative canonical and cutting edge reference work to establish a framework for easy comprehension of the vast and continually expanding subject matter. It is a four-volume reference work and an indispensable research tool for all interested researchers, students, building owners and policy-makers to gain a thorough understanding of the field. It showcases a variety of approaches to sustainable buildings from around the world and links these to on-site construction practices and assessment. Comprehensive introductions to each volume place the collected material in its historical, intellectual, and global practice context.
VF01-20 Construction Technology, 4-Vols/Set.
  Chinowsky, Paul/ 9780415818254/ Price:¢G 1030.00
Book Cover The evolution of the construction industry is closely linked with the introduction and evolution of information technologies. Today, collaboration, distributed document management, and instant communications are joining classic scheduling and estimating applications as the standard tools employed by construction professionals. However, the next generation of information technology applications is already having an impact; the emerging fields of visualization, Building Information Modeling and construction simulation are being applied to projects and demonstrating initial opportunities. This reference set provides a comprehensive perspective on the role of information technologies in the construction industry. Beginning with the seminal works on computerizing scheduling operations, these volumes provide both a breadth of representations of construction technologies as well as depth of understanding in each area. They focus on: 1) traditional applications including scheduling, estimating, and operations simulation; 2) second generation applications including collaboration and document management applications; and 3) next generation technologies including 4-D simulation, virtual worlds, and safety modeling. Within each of these focal points, the volumes provide the reader with a cross-section of papers that introduce both the theory and the application of the technologies. The collection is introduced by the Editor to provide the context of the industry as a basis for Construction Technology emergence and each volume has its own short introduction. These volumes present a comprehensive review of the role of technology in responding to the continuous changing environment of the construction industry.
SF01-437 Self-Sensing Concrete in Smart Structures.
  Han, Baoguo/ 9780128005170/ Price:US$ 135.00
VF01-23 Computer-Mediated Briefing for Architects.
  Koutamanis, Alexander/ 9781466646476/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover With the growing significance of the end-user in architecture, the subject of briefing is a re-emerging one in architectural education. Various types of computer programs and database management systems have aided in the organization and utilization of brief information as a framework for designing and identifying potential improvements. Computer-Mediated Briefing for Architects overviews the possibilities and limitations offered by various types of computer programs, such as database management systems, diagramming software, CAD, and BIM. This book offers a practical approach in the accommodation of these programs and is an essential reference for architectural educators, students, and practitioners with hands-on experience in either compiling briefs or using the briefs for design. Topics Covered ¡EAnalysis & Simulation ¡EArchitectural Representation ¡EBIM (Building Information Modelling) ¡ECAD (Computer-Aided Design) ¡EConstraints & Parameterization ¡EDesign Briefing (Programming) ¡EDesign Computing / Computer-Aided Architectural Design ¡EDesign Conformance
VF01-22 Implementing IT Business Strategy in the Construction Industry.
  Hua, Goh Bee/ 9781466641853/ Price:US$ 185.00
Book Cover Technology development has provided fundamental benefits of speed, precision, and convenience to common business strategies; providing not only a means for functional integration, but also an opportunity to enhance competitive capability of a business firm. Implementing IT Business Strategy in the Construction Industry brings together topics on understanding business strategy and competitive advantage, as well as essential benefits of concepts and technologies for improving efficiency of the construction industry. This reference source is directed toward researchers, policy-makers, practitioners, undergraduate, and postgraduate students, in order to gain insights into the complex workings of the traditional construction industry and the concepts and tools used to facilitate a strategically IT enabled industry. Topics Covered ¡EBusiness strategy ¡ECompetitive Advantage ¡ECustomer-Orientation ¡EInformation management ¡EKnowledge management ¡EStrategic planning ¡ESustainable Competitive Advantage ¡ETraditional Practices of the Construction Industry
SF01-461 Response Analysis of Structure Using TLC Damper.
  Bhattacharyya, Susmita/ 9783659369285/ Price:EUR 49.90
SF01-450 Architecture and Construction.
  National Geographic Learning/ 9781133960232/ Price:US$ 27.95
VF01-18 Design Optimization of Active and Passive Structural Control Systems.
  Lagaros, Nikos D./ 9781466620292/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover A typical engineering task during the development of any system is, among others, to improve its performance in terms of cost and response. Improvements can be achieved either by simply using design rules based on the experience or in an automated way by using optimization methods that lead to optimum designs. Design Optimization of Active and Passive Structural Control Systems includes Earthquake Engineering and Tuned Mass Damper research topics into a volume taking advantage of the connecting link between them, which is optimization. This is a publication addressing the design optimization of active and passive control systems. This title is perfect for engineers, professionals, professors, and students alike, providing cutting edge research and applications. Topics Covered ¡E Active Control Systems ¡E Linear tuned mass dampers for seismic control ¡E Optimization algorithms ¡E Parametric identification ¡E Passive dissipative devices ¡E Seismic damage identification ¡E Seismically isolated structures ¡E Tuned Mass Dampers ¡E Variable stiffness systems for structural control ¡E Vibration control
VF01-17 Challenging ICT Applications in Architecture, Engineering, and Industrial Design Education.
  Wang, James/ 9781466619999/ Price:US$ 175.00
Book Cover Are Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) helpful or detrimental to the process of design? According to Aristotle, the imagination is a mental power that assists logical, sound judgments. Design, therefore, incorporates both reason and imagination. Challenging ICT Applications in Architecture, Engineering, and Industrial Design Education posits imagination as the central feature of design. It questions the common assumption that ICTs are not only useful but also valuable for the creation of the visual designs that reside at the core of architecture, engineering design, and industrial design. For readers who believe this assumption is right, this book offers an alternative perspective. Topics Covered ¡E Aristotelian Ethics ¡E Constructivism ¡E Design and Virtual Reality ¡E Design Education ¡E Engineering Education ¡E Industrial Design ¡E Information and Communication Technologies ¡E Pedagogy and Curriculum Design ¡E Philosophy ¡E Technology and Ethics
SF01-443 Green Building with Concrete: Sustainable Design and Construction.
  Sabnis, Gajanan M./ 9781439812969/ Price:¢G 99.00
VF01-16 Interactive Textures for Architecture and Landscaping: Digital Elements and Technologies.
  Wiberg, Mikael/ 9781615206537/ Price:US$ 180.00
Interactive architecture is already a reality and an emerging phenomenon that will soon be part of our everyday environments. Interactive Textures for Architecture and Landscaping: Digital Elements and Technologies provides a concise theoretical foundation valuable for anyone interested in understanding the potential and impact of interactive architecture. This work is of great value for professionals including interaction designers, architects, artists, and for researchers in related disciplines and also serves as an intellectual point of reference for anyone interested in the ongoing digitalization of our built environment, our culture, and our society. Topics Covered ¡EComputational materiality ¡EDecontstructing the user interface ¡EDigital landscapes ¡EFrom digital elements to interactive textures ¡EGraphical user interfaces ¡EInteraction landscaping ¡EInteraction with and through textures ¡EInteractive texture and landscaping ¡EPhysical and digital materials ¡EThe role of material in architectural thinking
SF01-416 Protection of Built Environment Against Earthquakes.
  Dolek, Matja/ 9789400714472/ Price:EUR 159.99
SF01-411 Introduction to Soft Soil Geotechnique: Content, Context and Application.
  Barends, Frans/ 9781607507888/ Price:EUR 45.00
Habitable space in deltas and river basins is under increasing pressure worldwide from economic expansion, population growth and the impacts of climate change. It is expected that within 40 years, 80% of all people will live in deltaic regions. An understanding of the complex behavior of the subsoil is particularly important in these areas. Solutions must be found which draw on the potential of the coastal system and enhance safety in densely populated coastal areas whilst minimizing ecological impact. This book focuses on the behavior of soft soils, notably sand, silt, clay and peat. The first part of the book explains and summarizes fundamental aspects of the complicated multi-phase material we refer to as soil. In the second and third parts of the book this theoretical knowledge is further developed and used to analyze a large number of specific soil-related problems including slope stability, earth retaining structures, foundations, ground improvement, environmental impact, underground construction, coastal engineering and dike technology. In addition, the book deals with the issue of context - the society within which the geotechnical engineer must operate - and explores the aspects of public perception and transparency which must be addressed if the engineer is to enjoy adequate social support for his indispensable contribution. Exercise applications are also included, providing ample support for self-training and teaching.
SF01-411 Proceedings of the 15th African Regional Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering.
  Quadros, Carlos/ 9781607507772/ Price:EUR 165.00
This volume contains 94 papers and 3 keynote lectures presented at the 15th African Regional Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, held in Maputo, Mozambique on 18-21 July 2011. The general theme of the conference was Resource and Infrastructure Geotechnics in Africa: Putting Theory into Practice. The papers are divided into the following sections: Dams, Environmental Engineering, Foundations, Lateral Support and Retaining Structures, Materials Testing, Roads, Site Characterisation and Slopes. This publication is of interest to academics and practitioners in the field of soil mechanics, geotechnical and ground engineering.
SF01-411 Geotechnical Engineering: New Horizons.
  Barends, F. B. J./ 9781607508076/ Price:EUR 120.00
You'll be re-directed to the IOS Press Booksonline Platform. This book presents the proceedings of the 21st European Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference, held in the Netherlands in September 2011. Six sections cover the topics of: underground construction; pile foundation and ground improvement; soil dynamics; dams, erosion and piping; deformation and soil properties and geothermics. The papers included here present the new and refreshing perspective of young engineers exploring the field of geotechnics. Geotechnical engineering aims to contribute to sustainable living and to the creation of safe, economic and pleasant spaces to live, work and relax.
SF01-411 Proceedings of the 15th European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, 3-Vols/Set.
  Anagnostopoulos, Andreas/ 9781607508007/ Price:EUR 675.00
This publication contains the papers presented at the 15th European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, held in Athens, Greece. Considerable progress has been made in recent decades in understanding the engineering behavior of those hard soils and weak rocks that clearly fall into either the field of soil or of rock mechanics, and there have been important developments in design and construction methods to cope with them. Progress would be even more desirable, however, for those materials which fall into the ¡¥grey¡¦ area between soils and rocks. They present particular challenges due to their diversity, the difficulties and problems arising in their identification and classification, their sampling and testing and in the establishment of suitable models to adequately describe their behavior. The publication aims to provide an updated overview of the existing worldwide knowledge of the geological features, engineering properties and behavior of such hard soils and weak rocks, with particular reference to the design and construction methods and problems associated with these materials.
SF01-403 Stakeholder-Oriented Project Management: Tools and Concepts.
  Lex A. van Gunsteren/ 9781607507000/ Price:EUR 50.00
Stakeholder-oriented Project Management: Tools and Concepts, is about managing construction projects that are characterized by complexity and uncertainty. The management of such unpredictable projects requires a stakeholder-oriented approach focused on the interests of all stakeholders: powerful ones and those having little influence, experts and laymen, local and foreign parties involved. The author offers best management practices, concepts and computer tools to support this approach. The book is of interest to students and lecturers in Civil Engineering and Business Administration as well as to practitioners interested in deepening their insights into these fields.
Slope Engineering for Mountain Roads.
  Hearn, G J/ 9781862393318/ Price:¢G 90.00
This book provides a complete guide to the study, design, construction and management of landslide and slope engineering measures for mountain roads, with an emphasis on low-cost. The geographical focus of the book is on the tropics and sub-tropics, but is also highly relevant to other regions where heavy rain, steep slopes and weak soils and rocks combine to create slope instability. The causes and mechanisms of landslides are described, and the hazards they pose to mountain roads are illustrated. Methods of desk study, field mapping and ground investigation are reviewed and illustrated, with an emphasis on geomorphological and engineering geological techniques. The design and construction of alignments, earthworks, drainage, retaining structures, the stabilization of soil slopes and rock slopes, and the control of erosion on slopes and in rivers and streams are covered. Slope management as part of road maintenance and operation is reviewed, and procedures for risk assessment and works prioritization are described.
SF01-398 Subsea Engineering Handbook.
  Bai, Yong/ 9781856176897/ Price:US$ 189.00
SF01-398 Turbulent Flow.
  Garde, R. J./ 9781906574314/ Price:¢G 40.00
This book gives the basic analytical framework for the description of turbulent flows and discusses various types encountered by engineers involved in hydraulic analysis and design. It also presents a detailed exposition of the various dimensions of turbulent flow. The book would be extremely useful for practicing engineers, particularly in the field of hydraulic analysis and design, building dynamics and environmental engineering.
SF01-391 Characterization and Behavior of Interfaces.
  Frost, J. D./ 9781607504900/ Price:EUR 120.00
Interfaces exist in every geotechnical system in many forms and at multiple scales. Although historically, they are often considered to be the ¡§weak link¡¨ in a system, particularly as the result of a number of unexpected catastrophic failures, new insight gained over the past twenty years by researchers around the world has shown that it is possible to select combinations of materials and design an engineered interface so that it is ¡§at least as strong¡¨ as the surrounding materials. These new insights have been gained as a result of experimental study, numerical modeling and analytical investigation of successful and failed systems. While individual technical papers have been presented and/or published in various forums and proceedings over the years, no technical event has ever been convened for the sole purpose of allowing for exchange of information and ideas pertaining to geotechnical interfaces. The research symposium held in September 2008 in Atlanta Georgia, USA, in conjunction with the Fourth International Symposium on Deformation Characteristics of Geomaterials (IS Atlanta 2008) at the Georgia Institute of Technology on ¡§The Characterization and Behavior of Interfaces¡¨ addressed this deficiency and the papers presented at that event are contained in this publication. Key features: Characterization of interface materials; Laboratory evaluation of interface behavior; Field characterization of interface behavior; Physical modeling of interface systems; Numerical modeling of interface systems; Analysis of systems failing at interfaces; Field monitoring of systems containing interfaces
SF01-389 Working Guide to Pump and Pumping Stations: Calculations and Simulations.
  Menon, E. S./ 9781856178280/ Price:US$ 116.00
SF01-388 Hydraulic Modelling-An Introduction: Principles, Methods and Applications.
  Novak, Pavel/ 9780419250203/ Price:¢G 50.00
112th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Railroad Superintendents 2008
  / 9781615677917/ Price:US$ 95.00
113th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Railroad Superintendents 2009
  / 9781615677924/ Price:US$ 95.00
19th Analysis and Computation Specialty Conference 2010
  Senapathi, S./ 9781617386190/ Price:US$ 110.00
9th International Conference of Chinese Transportation Professionals 2009 (ICCTP 2009)
  / 9781615673933/ Price:US$ 295.00
Electrical Transmission and Substation Structures Conference 2009
  Vogt, M. W./ 9781615676842/ Price:US$ 145.00
12th International Conference on Engineering, Science, Construction, and Operations in Challenging Environments 2010 (EARTH AND SPACE 2010)
  Song, G./ 9781617383236/ Price:US$ 375.00
World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2010
  Palmer, R.N./ 9781617386107/ Price:US$ 395.00
GeoFlorida 2010
  Fratta, D./ 9781617383229/ Price:US$ 295.00
ATC/SEI Conference on Improving the Seismic Performance of Existing Buildings and Other Structures 2009
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Low Impact Development 2010
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2009 Pipeline Division International Conference (PIPELINES 2009)
  Galleher, J.J./ 9781615675999/ Price:US$ 225.00
International Conference on Pipelines and Trenchless Technology 2009 (ICPTT 2009)
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PORTS 2010
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Structures Congress 2010
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AWRA Annual Water Resources Conference 2009
  / 9781617386510/ Price:US$ 150.00
American Water Works Association Annual Conference and Exposition 2009 (ACE 09)
  / 9781615676132/ Price:US$ 175.00
Joint Conference & Exhibition on Customer Service and Information Management and Technology 2010 (CS/IMTech 2010)
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Distribution Systems Symposium and Exhibition 2009 (DSS 09)
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Water Quality Technology Conference and Exposition 2009
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Association of State Dam Safety Officials Annual Conference 2009 (Dam Safety 2009)
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Annual Conference of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering 2006
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30th CSCE Annual Conference 2002
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17th Canadian Hydrotechnical Conference 2005
  Schmidt, N./ 9781604233179/ Price:US$ 187.00
7th International Conference on Short and Medium Span Bridges 2006
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3rd North American Conference on the Design and Use of Self-Consolidating Concrete 2008 (SCC 2008)
  Shah, S.P./ 9781615676637/ Price:US$ 150.00
9th International Conference on the Application of Artificial Intelligence to Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering 2007 (AICC 2007)
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15th UK Conference of the Association of Computational Mechanics in Engineering 2007 (ACME-UK 2007)
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11th International Conference on Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Computing 2007 (CC 2007)
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8th International Conference on Computational Structures Technology 2006 (CST 2006)
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9th International Conference on Computational Structures Technology 2008 (CST 2008)
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5th International Conference on Engineering Computational Technology (ECT 2006)
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6th International Conference on Engineering Computational Technology (ECT 2008)
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First International Conference on Soft Computing Technology in Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering 2009 (CSC 2009)
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26th Annual International Bridge Conference 2009
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70th Annual International Water Conference 2009
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27th Symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics 2008
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Underground Construction Technology International Conference and Exhibition 2010 (UCT 2010)
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46th Paving and Transportation Conference 2009
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20th International Conference on Port and Ocean Engineering under Arctic Conditions 2009 (POAC 2009)
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9th ASCE Joint Specialty Conference on Probabilistic Mechanics and Structural Reliability 2004 (PMC2004)
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7th RILEM International Symposium on Fibre Reinforced Concrete 2008 (BEFIB 2008)
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NSF/RILEM Workshop: In-Situ Evaluation of Historic Wood and Masonry Structures 2006
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International Conference on Microstructure Related Durability of Cementitious Composites 2008
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International RILEM Workshop on Repair Mortars for Historic Masonry 2005
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Institute of Transportation Engineers Annual Meeting and Exhibit 2009
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Institute of Transportation Engineers Technical Conference and Exhibit 2009
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16th World Congress and Exhibition on Intelligent Transport Systems 2009
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15th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems and ITS America Annual Meeting 2008
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ITS America Annual Meeting and Exposition 2007
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ITS America Annual Meeting and Exposition 2009
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18th No-Dig International Conference and Exhibition
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19th No-Dig International Conference and Exhibition (PRAGUE 2001)
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20th No-Dig International Conference and Exhibition (No-Dig 2002)
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21st No-Dig International Conference and Exhibition 2003
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22nd No-Dig International Conference and Exhibition (No-Dig 2004)
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23rd No-Dig International Conference and Exhibition (No-Dig 2005)
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ASCE/CIB Construction Research Congress 2007 (CRC 2007)
  / 9781615674404/ Price:US$ 150.00
50th Annual Conference of SAVE International 2010
  / 9781617386282/ Price:US$ 145.00
VF01-15 Protection of Historical Buildings, 2-Vols/Set.
  Mazzolani, Federico/ 9780415558037/ Price:¢G 405.00
This book is a comprehensive review of recent developments in the field of the protection of relevant buildings belonging to the cultural heritage. It collects the papers presented at the first International Conference PROHITECH 09 (Rome, Italy, June 2009). The latest progress in theoretical and experimental research on the seismic protection of existing constructions, including the relevant output of the EC funded PROHITECH International Research Project on the a£á?Earthquake Protection of Historical Buildings by Reversible Mixed Technologiesa£á?, is presented under the following topics: Conservation of the Religious Heritage; Rehabilitation of Old Bridges; Old Timber Structures; Cultural Heritage in China, Korea and Japan; Modern Heritage; The use of FRP in Structural Restoration; Passive Control; Rehabilitation of Medinas; Monitoring and Diagnosis; Study Cases; Innovative Materials and Techniques; Numerical Analyses; Traditional Restoration Techniques; Intervention Strategies; Vulnerability to Man-Made Hazards; Vulnerability to Natural Hazards; Experimental Analyses; Reversible Mixed Techniques. The aim of the book is to transfer the findings of scientists and experts involved in research, codification and application into common practice, giving a complete framework of the most recent tendencies in this field, and so providing a valuable contribution to the efforts in saving human lives and reducing both economic and cultural losses due to catastrophic events.
VF01-14 Multi-Agent Systems for Traffic and Transportation Engineering.
  Bazzan, Ana/ 9781605662268/ Price:US$ 195.00
Our increasing societal demand for mobility now challenges researchers to devise more efficient traffic and transportation systems. Multi-Agent Systems for Traffic and Transportation Engineering provides a unique compendium of research covering topics such as transportation system designs, control devices, and techniques to optimize existing networks. Presenting a collection of approaches to issues in traffic and transportation, this authoritative reference offers a compilation of chapters with innovative methods and systems written by leading international researchers.
VF01-13 Icons of American Architecture: From the Alamo to the World Trade Center, 2-Vols/Set.
  Langmead, Donald/ 9780313342073/ Price:¢G 120.95
What turns a building into an icon? What is it about some structures that makes their history and legend even more important than their original intended use, making them a part of American, and world, popular culture? Twenty four buildings and structures, including the Brooklyn Bridge, the White House, the Hotel del Coronado, and the Washington Monument are presented here, along with their roles in fiction, film, music, and the imagination of people worldwide. Approximately twenty five images are included in the set, along with sidebars featuring additional structures. *Alamo *Alcatraz *Brooklyn Bridge *Capitol Building *East Los Angeles Freeway Interchange *Empire State Building *Fallingwater *Golden Gate Bridge *Graceland *Grand Central Terminal *Hoover Dam *Hotel del Coronado *Independence Hall *Lincoln Memorial *Monticello *Pentagon *San Simeon *Sears Tower *Statue of Liberty *USS Arizona Memorial -- Pearl Harbor and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial *Vehicle Assembly Building, NASA *Walt Disney Concert Hall, Walt Disney World (FL) and Disneyland (CA) *Washington Monument *White House *World Trade Center and more.
VF01-12 Encyclopedia of Structural Health Monitoring, 5-Vols/Set.
  Boller, Christian/ 9780470058220/ Price:US$ 1903.25
Covering all aspects of structural health monitoring, this encyclopedia will prove an essential reference source for all engineers, engineering managers and scientists active in the field of structural design, operational management and maintenance. An international board of expert authors and editors provides readers with the theories and applications crucial to aerospace; road, rail and sea transport; heavy machinery; and all types of civil infrastructure, including specialist subjects such as land fills or disaster (i.e. earthquake) management. Moreover, each topic, ranging from the background of physical and mathematical principles to real practical engineering applications, is reported on in-depth and has a very practical orientation underlined by a variety of case studies. With its thorough content, high calibre contributors and comprehensive coverage, the Encyclopedia of Structural health Monitoring will be crucial to all those involved in the field of Structural Health Monitoring. For ease-of-use it will be available online and in print.
SF01-443 Dynamics of Structure and Foundation - A Unified Approach: 1. Fundamentals.
  Chowdhury, Indrajit/ 9780415471459/ Price:¢G 240.00
SF01-443 Dynamics of Structure and Foundation - A Unified Approach: 2. Applications.
  Chowdhury, Indrajit/ 9780415492232/ Price:¢G 200.00
SF01-416 Ethics for the Built Environment.
  Fewings, Peter/ 9780415429825/ Price:¢G 145.00
SF01-416 Refurbishment and Upgrading of Buildings.
  Gorse, Christopher/ 9780415441230/ Price:¢G 145.00
SF01-416 Refurbishment and Upgrading of Buildings.
  Gorse, Christopher/ 9780415441247/ Price:¢G 46.99
SF01-392 Estimating Sea Floor Dynamics in the Southern North Sea to Improve Bathymetric Survey Planning.
  Dorst, Leendert L./ 9789061323112/ Price:EUR 6.00
SF01-392 Regional Gravity Field Modeling with Radial Basis Functions.
  Wittwer, Tobias/ 9789061323150/ Price:EUR 18.50
SF01-392 Regional Gavity Field Modeling Using Airborne Gravimetry Data.
  Alberts, Bas/ 9789061323129/ Price:EUR 11.50
SF01-389 Construction Delays: Understanding Them Clearly, Analyzing Them Correctly.
  Trauner, Theodore J./ 9781856176774/ Price:US$ 104.00
SF01-386 Development Trends in Building Services Engineering.
  Chow, Tin T./ 9789629371623/ Price:NT$ 830.00
SF01-383 Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering: The Academia and Practice of Geotechnical Engineering, 5-Vols/Set.
  Hamza, Mamdouh/ 9781607500315/ Price:EUR 1300.00
The 17th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering convenes on 5-9 October 2009 at the international award-winning Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria, Egypt to explore the future of our profession under the conference's main theme: 'The Academia and Practice of Geotechnical Engineering.' Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of these proceedings contain the accepted papers addressing these five topics: 1) Material Behavior and Testing 2) Analysis and Design 3) Prediction, Monitoring and Evaluation of Performance 4) Construction Process 5) Management, Training and Education. Volume 4 of the proceedings contains the State-of-the-Art lectures on the five topics, as well as the Terzaghi Oration, Heritage Lecture, Great Project Lecture, and 16 general reports that present an overview of the accepted papers for each of the 15 technical sessions. Post-conference volume 5 will include the Practitioners/Academia Forum and a summary of the 4th International Young Geotechnical Engineers Conference.
SF01-383 Risk and Decision Analysis in Maintenance Optimization and Flood Management.
  Kallen, M. J./ 9781607500681/ Price:EUR 65.00
The late professor J.M. van Noortwijk (1961-2008) worked to bridge the practice of mathematical modeling with solving complex problems in the field of civil engineering. He developed advanced probabilistic and statistical models and made these accessible to engineers working in such areas as structural reliability, hydraulic engineering and maintenance optimization. This book contains an overview of his work and a collection of twelve papers presented at the symposium held in his honor on November 24, 2009, in Delft, the Netherlands. The topics covered by these contributions include the elicitation of experts¡¦ opinion, condition-based maintenance optimization using the gamma process, and the assessment and management of flood risks. They present the latest developments by his peers in their respective fields.
SF01-382 Millwright Level 4 AIG.
  NCCER/ 9780136045076/ Price:US$ 120.00
SF01-382 Core Curriculum Annotated Instructor's Guide 2009.
  NCCER/ 9780136086390/ Price:US$ 61.33
SF01-381 Core Curriculum Trainee Guide.
  NCCER/ 9780136086369/ Price:US$ 76.00
SF01-379 Employee Resourcing in the Construction Industry: Strategic Considerations and Operational Practice.
  Raiden, Ani/ 9780415371636/ Price:¢G 125.00
SF01-379 Operations Management for Construction.
  March, Chris/ 9780415371131/ Price:¢G 37.99
SF01-379 Practical Channel Hydraulics: Roughness, Conveyance and Afflux.
  Knight, Donald W./ 9780415549745/ Price:¢G 110.00
SF01-378 Business Organisation for Construction.
  March, Chris/ 9780415370103/ Price:¢G 37.99
SF01-378 Designing Steel Structures for Fire Safety.
  Franssen, Jean-Marc/ 9780415548281/ Price:¢G 110.00
SF01-378 Technology, Design and Process Innovation in the Built Environment.
  Newton, Peter/ 9780415462884/ Price:¢G 150.00
SF01-377 Twort's Water Supply.
  Ratnayaka, Don D./ 9780750668439/ Price:US$ 111.00
SF01-374 Building Regulatory Enforcement Regimes: Comparative Analysis of Private Sector Involvement in the Enforcement of Public Building Regulations.
  van der Heijden, Jeroen/ 9781586039851/ Price:EUR 60.00
It is often assumed that traditional regulatory regimes centered on governmental action will benefit from greater private sector involvement. And, with the catchy phrase ¡¥from government to governance¡¦ a wide variety of hybrid forms of governance has emerged globally. However, little empirical insight exists in the actual effects of such hybridization. The author aims at filling up this knowledge gap. He introduces a heuristic tool for comparative policy analysis, regulatory enforcement regimes, and applies this tool on a series of case studies. Following different building regulatory enforcement regimes in the Netherlands, Canada and Australia the author explains how different forms of private sector involvement play out in different settings. Building Regulatory Enforcement Regimes contains a wealth of scholarly and applied findings. It is insightful in showing different regime types and in suggesting meaningful differences in implementation and potential effects. The publication adds both to studies on regulation of the built environment and its enforcement, and to studies on governance reform.
SF01-374 Building Response Due to Ground Movements.
  Netzel, Holger/ 9781586039950/ Price:EUR 60.00
Table of Content 1. Introduction 2. Prediction Of Greenfield Ground Movements Due To Excavation Works 3. Review Of The Empirical Analytical Building Damage Prediction Method 4. Soil-Structure Interaction 5. Soil-Structure Interaction - Massive Masonry Wall 6. Soil-Structure Interaction- Masonry Fac,ade Wall 7. Soil-Structure Interaction ¡V Conclusions, Limitations And Recommendations 8. Monitoring Of The Surroundings 9. Case Study On The Influence Of Tbm-Tunnelling On An Adjacent Masonry Building 10. Summary And Conclusions 11. Recommendations For Future Research
SF01-367 Shovel-Truck Systems: Modelling, Analysis and Calculation.
  Czaplicki, Jacek/ 9780415481359/ Price:¢G 110.00
Little House on a Small Planet: Simple Homes, Cozy Retreats, and Energy Efficient Possibilities.
  Salomon, Shay/ 9781599217956/ Price:US$ 19.95
SF01-416 440.2R-08 Guide for the Design and Construction of Externally Bonded FRP Systems for Strengthening Concrete Structures.
  ACI Committee 440/ 9780870312854/ Price:US$ 89.50
SF01-392 Functional and Stochastic Modelling of Satellite Gravity Data.
  Jasper van Loon/ 9789061323075/ Price:EUR 15.00
SF01-392 Global Gravity Field Recovery from Satellite-to-Satellite Tracking Data with the Acceleration Approach.
  Liu, Xianglin/ 9789061323099/ Price:EUR 14.00
SF01-385 Proceedings of the Sixth National Seismic Conference on Bridges and Highways.(CD-ROM)
  / MCEER-08-SP04/ Price:US$ 35.00
SF01-377 Development and Appraisal of a Numerical Cyclic Loading Protocol for Quantifying Building System Performance.
  Filiatrault, Andre/ MCEER-08-0013/ Price:US$ 25.00
SF01-377 New Experimental Capabilities and Loading Protocols for Seismic Qualification and Fragility Assessment of Nonstructural Systems.
  Retamales, Rodrigo/ MCEER-08-0026/ Price:US$ 35.00
SF01-374 Ventilation Systems: Design and Performance.
  Awbi, Hazim B./ 9780419217008/ Price:¢G 160.00
SF01-371 The Application of Stress-Wave Theory to Piles: Science, Technology and Practice.
  Santos, J. A./ 9781586039097/ Price:EUR 160.00
SF01-371 Comparative Analysis of Australian Building Regulatory Enforcement Regimes.
  Jeroen van der Heijden/ 9781586039622/ Price:EUR 60.00
Globally, the private sector is becoming increasingly involved in regulation and regulatory enforcement ¡V often mutually competing or, as a sector, competing with traditional government departments. Competitive Enforcement provides insight into this trend in a specific policy area: the built environment. Building on from general notions in regulatory literature, a methodical approach is introduced for comparative analysis of such privatization. This book gives an in-depth analysis of building regulatory enforcement regimes in Australia. Private sector involvement made its entry here in the early 1990s as a competitive alternative to existing public sector involvement. Yet, each Australian state and territory introduced a slightly different regime. The differences amongst the regimes provide a unique opportunity to gain insight into how combinations of policy instruments produce diverse policy outcomes. This book will assist all those interested in (building) regulation and regulatory enforcement in further exploration of the study of regulation, grasping opportunities presented by the construction, maintenance and the use of buildings.
SF01-356 Cardboard in Architecture.
  Eekhout, Mick/ 9781586038205/ Price:EUR 35.00
The Department of Building Technology at the Faculty of Architecture at TU Delft is studying and developing cardboard as a potential building material on a broad, systematic and where possible comprehensive basis. The guiding research question is: ¡§How can cardboard be used in both architectural and structural terms as a fully fledged building material, making use of the material-specific properties?¡¨ An exploratory phase from 2003 to 2005 ¡V including an outdoor pilot structure (multi-shed), a pilot pavilion accommodating, an exhibition, workshops on resistance to fire and to damp, a first patent (KCPK), the design of an interior wall (Besin) and the publication of this book ¡V was concluded by an international symposium attended by both the paper industry and the building industry. This publication comprises the report on that symposium.
SF01-356 The Future Envelope 1: A Multidisciplinary Approach.
  Knaack, Ulrich/ 9781586038274/ Price:EUR 35.00
Facades convey the image of new architecture. Today the planning of this very complex building component requires a collaboration of many specialists. A multitude of possibilities are being projected into the building envelope. Design, visionary construction, new materials, the desire to achieve optimum energy performance or even energy generation all meet with predominantly conventional crafts. What is the future of the facade and how can we get there? What are current trends and future developments? Experts from the fields of architecture, structural and climate design, material science, construction and product development, industry, planning and building innovations will reflect on current projects and their vision for the future. The aim of this publication is to make the reader feel challenged to join the creativity or to evaluate own ideas about the future in order to keep the discussion alive. Every contribution is of relevance as long as it sincerely supports future development. Universities have, of course, a special mission to take the lead in developing long term visions and future scenarios in order to create a fecund soil for breakthroughs for the benefit of the entire building industry. This book is an inspiring example of just that.
  / 9781861893468/ Price:¢G 20.00
Whether a humble string of planks swaying across a trickling stream or the soaring towers of the Golden Gate Bridge, bridges are one of man¡¦s great engineering feats. In Bridge, Peter Bishop provides a comprehensive historical account of their role in the advancement of human culture. From ancient Roman arches to the rail bridge of Lhasa to the suspension bridge over Niagara Falls, we traverse in this book the full span of the globe to examine numerous types of bridges and their diverse architectural styles. Bridge includes iconic examples such as the Brooklyn, Sydney Harbour and London¡¦s Millennium bridges and 'mega-spans' such as Hong Kong¡¦s Tsing Ma Bridge; the integral role of bridges in railroad networks; and the social dynamics of class and mobility that surround urban bridges in cities such as New York. Drawing upon sources in art, politics, science, philosophy and the media, Bishop argues that the cultural meaning of bridges today revolves around the idea of expanding geographical claims, rather than connecting to others, and he explores the implications of that idea for the future. A fascinating and richly illustrated study, Bridge will engage enthusiasts of planning, architecture and design alike.
Dam. (POD)
  Turpin, Trevor/ 9781861893284/ Price:¢G 25.00
As well as much-needed electricity, dams generate extremes of emotion. Traditionally, dams have facilitated hydraulic civilizations such as those in the Nile Valley, China and Mesopotamia, and, in the twentieth century, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Yet with the proliferation of dams ¡V there are now more than 40,000 large dams worldwide ¡V opposition and support can be measured in equal proportion. Their outstanding design and construction, often in inhospitable conditions, is representative of the skills of their engineers, yet others do not see such beauty in the ¡¥taming¡¦ of rivers. In 1998 the continuing controversy led to the forming of the World Commission on Dams to seek a meeting of minds. Dam, a new addition to Reaktion¡¦s Objekt series, traces the development of dams from the Industrial Revolution to the present day through a number of themes ¡V both successes and failures ¡V including the extension of the design teams forming an alliance between engineering, architecture, landscape architecture and ecology. A profusely illustrated exploration of a previously neglected subject, this book is neither a polemic against dams nor a defence of their proliferation. It offers a fresh and much-needed account of their design, construction and function, which will appeal to dam engineers, environmentalists, historians and students, as well as those who previously recognized only The Dambusters march.
Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties: And How to Build Them.(2/e)
  Beard, D. C./ 9781599213330/ Price:US$ 14.95
SF01-386 Decision Making and Operations Research Techniques for Construction Management.
  Tam, C. M./ 9789629371159/ Price:NT$ 1050.00
SF01-374 Understanding Building Failures.
  Douglas, James/ 9780415370820/ Price:¢G 105.00
SF01-351 Portugal SB07 Sustainable Construction, Materials and Practices: Challenge of the Industry for the New Millennium, 2-Vols/Set.
  Braganca, Luis/ 9781586037857/ Price:EUR 150.00
The construction industry is a vibrant and active industry. The building sector is responsible for creating, modifying and improving the living environment of humanity. On the other hand, construction and buildings have considerable environmental impacts, consuming a significant proportion of limited resources of the planet including energy, raw material, water and land. Therefore, the sustainability of the built environment, the construction industry and the related activities is a pressing issue facing all stakeholders in order to promote Sustainable Development. The new millennium is challenging practitioners and researchers with the sustainability of the built environment and the construction industry. Hence, the main purpose of this publication is to discuss these challenges and present solutions that actively facilitate and promote the adoption of policies, methods and tools to accelerate the movement towards a global sustainable built environment. The issues presented include: Building sustainability assessment tools; Indoor environment quality and benchmarks; Sustainable resources and materials use; Use of non-conventional materials; Use of industrial waste; Eco-materials and technologies; Sustainable management of existing building stock; Innovative sustainable construction systems; and Design.
SF01-351 Free form Structural Design: Schemes, Systems and Prototypes of Structures for Irregular Shaped Buildings.
  Veltkamp, Martijn/ 9781586037819/ Price:EUR 50.00
Irregularly shaped building designs with surfaces curving in two directions (¡¥double curved¡¦), and also known as Free Form, Blob or liquid architecture, have gained renewed interest in the last decade due to the then emerging availability and user-friendliness of computerized design tools in the 1990¡¦s. These tools were introduced in the domain of architectural design through a technology transfer from film-, car and aeroplane industry. Whereas architects explored the tools¡¦ formal consequences and proposed building designs with them, the disciplines involved in the technical realisation of such building designs underwent little change, as they focussed on digitising their existing working methods. This has resulted in structural designs which, despite fulfilling the functional and structural requirements, are not perceived as fully satisfying by the engineering disciplines. This study demonstrates how structures consisting of systematically generated components fulfil the needs for structures appropriate for free form building designs. The systems resulting from this research give unprecedented freedom of shaping, while maintaining rational fabrication standards. This can be implemented through parametric modelling, in which systems adapt themselves to the local geometry, as well as to local structural needs. Technically speaking, structures of irregularly shaped buildings no longer need to be constructed as 2-dimensional frames that slice through a building with total disregard of the building¡¦s geometry.
SF01-344 EU COST C13 Glass and Interactive Building Envelopes: First Report.
  Crisinel, Michel/ 9781586037093/ Price:EUR 72.00
The main objective of the COST Action C13 was to increase the knowledge of properties and possibilities of glazing in order to increase the performance of building envelopes, to reduce the energy consumption and to improve the quality of life with respect to interior space, impact on the environment and human welfare. This collection of papers, presented at meetings and workshops of the COST C13 working groups 1 (Architectural Aspects and Design Integration), 2 (Quality of Interior Space) and 3 (Structural Aspects of Glass) are the result of five years of exchange of ideas, experiences and know-how between members, delegates and experts. It represents the body of knowledge from a restricted but representative group of professionals in Europe on the subject of glass building envelopes. The Steel Structures Laboratory at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne and the research group Facades & Systems of the Faculty of Architecture at Delft University of Technology have taken the initiative to publish these COST C13 papers in order to disseminate the knowledge to the world of glass facade professionals and to contribute to the development of a new generation of high-performance glass building envelopes.
SF01-392 Semantic Interoperability of Distributed Geo-Services.
  Lemmens, Rob/ 9789061322986/ Price:EUR 16.00
SF01-392 Precise Relative Positioning of Formation Flying Spacecraft Using GPS.
  Kroes, Remco/ 9789061322962/ Price:EUR 11.00
Improvement of the life cycle assessment methodology for dwellings.
  Arjen Meijer/ 9781586036904/ Price:EUR 55.00
he aim of this thesis is to improve the environmental life cycle assessment methodology for buildings by incorporating damage to the health of occupants of emissions from building materials and local traffic. It also intends to determine the overall impact reduction by building environmentally improved dwellings. This reduction is referred to as the so-called factor X for dwellings. a methodology has been developed to calculate damages to human health caused by pollutants emitted from building materials or from the soil to the indoor environment. The dwelling used in the calculations is divided in three compartments: crawl space, first floor and second floor. Fate factors are modelled based on indoor and outdoor intake fractions or on dose conversion factors. Effect factors are calculated from unit risk factors. Damage factors are expressed in terms of disability adjusted life years (DALYs). Characterisation factors have been calculated for 36 organic compounds, radon and gamma radiation emitted by building materials applied in a Dutch reference dwelling. Health effects due to indoor exposure to pollutants emitted from building materials appeared to be dominant in the characterisation factors over outdoor exposure to such pollutants. The health effects of emissions of organic compounds into the crawl space are very small, compared to the health effects of emissions into the other compartments.
SF01-392 Segmentation and Classification of Airborne Laser Scanner Data.
  Sithole, George/ 9789061322924/ Price:EUR 10.00
SF01-392 The GNSS Integer Ambiguities: Estimation and Validation.
  Verhagen, Sandra/ 9789061322900/ Price:EUR 10.00
Dutch Involvement in the Conservation of Cultural Heritage Overseas.
  Verhoef, Leo G./ 9789040725814/ Price:EUR 77.00
For several decades now, the Dutch Government has been involved in stimulating and facilitating the restoration and conservation of cultural heritage overseas. First primarily related to properties and sites of the former colonial period, but over time increasingly focusing on the broader field of cultural heritage, which is being addressed as part of strategies of socio-economic development and sustainability. During this period attention also has gradually shifted from the establishment of inventories to actual interventions in architectural objects and urban setting, while currently the transmission of knowledge and skills in restoration and conservation is a key element in Dutch government-sponsored projects and programmes. It is important to take stock of recent restoration and conservation projects overseas, which have a significant Dutch involvement either technically or financially, and to establish actual trends. With this overview, issues such as the feasibility of integrated conservation, conservation as a social process (with broad stakeholder involvement) demand driven conservation projects at the local level versus master planning on a regional level, and the importance of capacity building, are to be discussed and evaluated. Next to establishing new, or a change in, directions for professionals in the field, the Dutch Government will gain insight in the viability of current policies guiding support and funding for restoration and conservation activities overseas. This book contains comments and recommendations on the issues mentioned above, supplemented by richly illustrated papers on a diverse range of restoration and conservation projects, ranging from the Caribbean Sea in the West to Yemen and India in the East.
Virtual Context: Investigating the Characteristics and Opportunities of Digital Visualisation Media for Situated Approaches to Architectural Design in an Urban Environment.
  Stellingwerff, M./ 9789040725746/ Price:EUR 55.00
Design ideas and sketches, noted down via physical or digital means, are translated into a ¡¥Virtual Context¡¦ allows those involved to ¡¥foresee¡¦ what may come to be in the future, whereby constructions can be anticipated and prepared successfully. This research project was intended to contribute to a greater understanding of the implications of ¡¥Virtual Context¡¦. Points of view and viewpoints (both mental and on screen) are the central subjects of study. This thesis presents a documentation of this exploration which was carried out by means of several smaller case studies and one larger final experiment. It began by focusing on emerging techniques, but gradually all sorts of human aspects gained prominence and began to play a considerable role in the research project as a whole. Besides the relationships: man ¡V media, architect ¡V researcher, object ¡V subject, this study attempts to address new ways to carry out research, to evaluate data and to draw conclusions.
The European City: Architectural Interventions and Urban Transformations.
  Claessens, F./ 9789040725647/ Price:EUR 72.00
The EAAE conference and 'European City' international conference was jointly organized by the Delft University of Technology and the Antwerp Higher Institute of Architectural Sciences Henry van de Velde. This collection is not only valuable to academic specialists in the field but also, or even more so, to everybody involved in the field of designing, building and managing the built urban environment. The opening lecture of the conference chairman is the opening chapter, followed by Part I, containing the contributions of the keynote speakers. Part II collects the paper presentations by the individual participants, thematically organized according to the three main conference themes: typo-morphological, research by design and theoretical studies. These studies are divided into eleven subsections: city and territory; block and public building; block and dwelling; urban morphology; urban and public space; architectural projects; urban and landscape projects; methods and techniques of analysis; methods and techniques of design; the urban question; urban reflections - time, memory, identity. The second Part is followed by a text that discusses the exhibition 'drawings of the city' that was presented at the Faculty of Architecture in Delft during the conference. It reflects on different forms of research on the city and its architecture conducted by means of drawing. The book concludes with a conference declaration that was the result of a plenary closing session where the chair people of the different sessions formulated and discussed their conclusions with the participants.
Collective Urban Design: Shaping the City as a Collaborative Process.
  Kitao, Yasunori/ 9789040725081/ Price:EUR 66.00
This book deals with two urban design issues: City Planning and Architectural Design. The relationship between these two issues has been regarded as an ¡¥eternal¡¦ topic in the domain of urban design. The book offers a method to create a harmonious, individual and environmentally friendly collective form, through a collaborative design process. In order to achieve this purpose, civil engineers, city planners and architects have to work together, sharing a common object. The Master Architect Design Collaboration Method, which is studied mainly in this book, is a design method to create mixed types of collective forms. This method can be used for urban renewal projects and urban development projects. To understand the design process and method, the following is discussed: the issue of collective form creation and its history, design coordination, design communication and design development. Finally, the book discusses the urban design method from a practical point of view. This book is aimed at people working in public sectors, building engineers, city planners, architects and students and contributes to the making of urban design strategies and the carrying out of urban design processes.
VF01-8 Nature of Order, The. 4-Vols/Set.
  Alexander, Christopher/ 9780972652902/ Price:¢G 200.00
Christopher Alexander's four volume masterwork, the result of twenty-seven years of research, considers three vital perspectives: a scientific perspective; a perspective based on beauty and grace; a commonsense perspective based on our intuitions and everyday life. This ground-breaking work allows us to form one picture of the world in which all three perspectives are interlaced. It opens the door to twenty-first century science and cosmology. The four volumes can be read separately, independently, and in any order. However, it is together that they have their greatest impact as each one informs and illuminates the others.
VF01-7 Nanotechnology in Construction.
  Bartos, P. J. M./ 9780854046232/ Price:¢G 99.95
The importance of nanotechnology related research and development has become recognised worldwide. Substantial public and private investment is now being ploughed into research and development in a number of industrial sectors, where nanotechnology has become established and has led to new commercial products. The construction industry, having major economic significance with nano-scale research and development which is only emerging, offers a wide scope for exploitation of nanotechnology. With international contributions from experts in the field, Nanotechnology in Construction amalgamates previously fragmented research and emerging trends. It reflects the inherent multi-disciplinary nature of nano-scale research in construction and contributions cover a wide spectrum, from highly scientific investigations to futuristic applications. The books is organised into four broad sections, the first reviews and analyses the prospects of exploitation of nanotechnology in construction, the second discusses novel tools and their capabilities, the final two sections show existing significant products where nanotechnology has been already been exploited or where product development is under-way. Nanotechnology in Construction will appeal to researchers already working in this field as well as those wishing to enter it. It will also inform governmental and other funding agencies of the most promising future directions and their related timescales. Practical applications are considered and explanations of the underlying basics are given, raising awareness and understanding of what nanotechnology can offer to construction professionals in general.
VA18-51 Encyclopedia of 20th Century Architecture, 3-Vols/Set.
  Sennott, R. Stephen/ 9781579582432/ Price:¢G 530.00
In its extensive coverage of architecture's multifaceted production from 1900 to 2000, Encyclopedia of 20th Century Architecture encompasses a far-reaching range of international architectural subjects to provide a fundamental understanding of the century's prominent architects and their buildings. Encyclopedia of 20th Century Architecture profiles the century's vast chronicle of architectural achievements within and well beyond the theoretical confines of modernism. More than 700 cross-referenced articles examine twentieth-century materials and building technologies, planning, building types, schools and movements, and critics and historians, and architectural practice and the profession in developing and developed cities, countries and regions. In addition to a list of further readings, essays are supported with professional and historic photographs or architectural drawings and plans. Unlike existing works in architecture, the three-volume Encyclopedia of 20th Century Architecture examines the complexities of rapidly changing global conditions that have dispersed modern architectural types, movements, styles, and building practices across both traditional geographic and cultural boundaries. Seeking well-informed variety, an international team of 300 writers - architectural historians, architects, engineers, preservationists, urban historians, critics and independent scholars - present a comprehensive and critical assessment of buildings, architects, cities and related topics of interest, to provide experts and general readers alike with an integrated view of the practice and profession of architecture around the world.
SF01-416 440.4R-04: Prestressing Concrete Structures with FRP Tendons.
  ACI Committee 440/ 9780870311666/ Price:US$ 63.50
SF01-377 Assessment of Geotechnical Issues in Acute Care Facilities in California.
  Lew, Marshall/ MCEER-04-0009/ Price:US$ 25.00
Spacemate: The Spatial Logic of Urban Density.
  Haupt, P./ 9789040725302/ Price:EUR 22.00
Spacematec is a truly new method and tool, making the relationship between form & space and density explicit. It helps planners and designers in calculating their spatial possibilities and helps policy and decision makers by demonstrating the quantitative consequences of their spatial ambitions. In this sense, Spacematec is a tool that fills a gap between design knowledge and practice. In Spacematec, the authors take a novel approach to the study of urban density and form. To this end, they define three variables, FSI (Floor Space Index), GSI (Ground Space Index), and the OSR (Open Space Ratio), quantifying the qualitative aspects of space, and thus making them measurable. This allows them to discuss the relationship between the quantitative aspects of density and the characteristics of urban space. The method, which has already been applied by the authors in some urban planning projects of Amsterdam, is explained in this book.
VA18-19 Architecture of the Renaissance, 2-Vols/Set.
  Benevolo, Leonardo/ 9780415265980/ Price:¢G 450.00
This extensively illustrated study opens with an account of the movement's founders: Brunelleschi, arbiter of Florence's building problems, and Alberti, who supplied the new architecture with a suitable theoretical foundation. The editor considers the general effect of the new artistic culture on the changes that took place first in fifteenth-century Italian cities and then throughout Europe. The relationship between the development of architecture and that of other related fields, especially the great advances in painting and sculpture, receives special attention. Also considered are the effects of the beginnings of modern science and the general economic and social changes of the age. Finally this study takes the reader to the point where the history of modern architecture, discussed in volumes of the same name by Professor Benevolo, begins.
VA06-104 Deconstruction: Critical Concepts in Literary and Cultural Studies, 4-Vols/Set.
  Culler, Jonathan/ 9780415247061/ Price:¢G 1005.00
In its most specific form, deconstruction is a mode of philosophical and literary analysis, derived from the work of French philosopher, Jacques Derrida, which questions the most basic philosophical categories or concepts. Since deconstruction has traditionally been an activity based in philosophy, it has required, from the outset, explanation and explication. Indeed, one could argue that deconstruction has to a considerable extent been formed by critical accounts of it. This collection will reprint a cross section of these important works. The result is a set which charts the ways in which deconstruction is conceptualised and demonstrates the impact it has had on a wide range of traditions - areas as diverse as psychoanalysis, law, gender studies and architecture.
SF01-392 The First Absolute Gravity Measurements in The Netherlands: Period 1991-1999.
  Crombaghs, Marc/ 9789061322757/ Price:EUR 4.25
SF01-392 Systems of Land Registration: Aspects and Effects.
  Zevenbergen, Jaap/ 9789061322771/ Price:EUR 8.50
SF01-392 Fast Precise GPS Positioning in the Presence of Ionospheric Delays.
  Odijk, Dennis/ 9789061322788/ Price:EUR 9.50
SB01-424 Understanding and Negotiating Turnkey and EPC Contracts.
  Huse, Joseph A./ 9780421674103/ Price:US$ 408.45
This work is a practical commentary on the FIDIC and EPC turnkey contracts widely used in the international construction industry. It provides clause-by-clause analysis of these contracts, accompanied by practical guidance on their application in specific projects. It also reproduces the contracts in full as an appendix. * Detailed, clause-by-clause approach makes it a highly practical working tool * Invaluable for international projects where the use of FIDIC standard contracts is increasing all the time CONTENTS Types of contract. Turnkey and EPC contracts. The FIDIC Designbuild, Turnkey and EPC contracts. The contract. The employer. The employer's administration. The contractor. Design. Staff and labour. Plant, materials, and workmanship. Commencement, delays and suspension. Tests on completion. Employer's taking-over. Defects liability. Tests after completion. Variations and adjustments. Contract price and payment. Termination by employer. Suspension and termination by contractor. Risk and responsibility. Insurance. Force majeure. Claims, disputes and arbitration. Negotiation of the Orange Book. Appendices.


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