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SE05-484 Clinical Atlas of Canine and Feline Dermatology
  Kimberly S. Coyner/ 9781119226307/ Price:US$ 149.95
The Diversity of Amphibians and Reptiles
  Manoranjan Prasad Sinha/ 9781774072431/ Price:US$ 160.00
The Diversity of Amphibians and Reptiles discusses about amphibians and ecological importance of amphibians, reptiles and relationship between amphibians and reptiles, the differences between reptiles and amphibians. It also discusses the evolution of amphibians and reptiles and the related aspects like evolution of amphibians, important characteristics of amphibians. This book also throws light on ecosystem, diversity and geographic distribution of amphibians and reptiles and it includes the related aspects like natural habitat of amphibians and reptiles, habitat loss. This book also discusses about migration of amphibians and reptiles. Also discussed in the book is diversity and distribution of amphibians, distribution of amphibians, distribution of threatened species etc. The locomotion in amphibians and reptiles and its related aspects like principles of locomotion and locomotory patterns in toads, have also been discussed.
Principles of Animal Growth and Development
  Patricia Marques/ 9781774073285/ Price:US$ 160.00
Principles Of Animal Growth And Development makes the readers familiar with the various aspects that are related to the process of growth in the animals and the various kinds of growth in the animals as it takes place in the different body parts and the various forms of growth cells. It provides the basic information on the role of various mechanisms of the body in the growth and development of the various parts in the body. This book also discusses about the development of the several kinds of tissues in the animals, the growth of muscles in the animals, the molecular control of adipogenesis, the factors that affect the composition of adipose tissue and lipid metabolism, the growth of bones and the relationship between the growth, development and the quality of meat in various animals.
Veterinary Toxicology
  Patricia Marques/ 9781774073346/ Price:US$ 160.00
Veterinary Toxicology informs the readers about the various concepts related to the veterinary field and the ones related to the field of neurotoxicity. The book also explains the subjects such as veterinary immunotoxicity and the radiations in the radioactive materials that affect veterinary. This book also discusses about pesticides, insecticides, rodenticides and herbicides in the veterinary toxicity, the environmental toxicology, the field of therapeutics and the toxicology of diagnostics and genotoxic and cytotoxic effects on the immune cells. It also provides the basic insights on the toxicology of veterinary and the information on the toxicology related to it so that the readers get a deep understanding of the subject.
Animal venoms: their source, composition, and uses
  Shiv Sanjeevi/ 9781774073384/ Price:US$ 160.00
Animal venoms their source, composition, and uses explains the readers about the various sources of venom and informs them about the ways in which animal venom is extracted. The readers are also informed about the various uses of animal venom and the various application related to it. It provides the readers with the required insights on the several applications of venom and explain the importance of venom in treatment of some serious diseases and uses in medicines. This book also discusses about the background on animal toxins and venoms, some new aspects of venom, the latest finding in animal venom, discussion on snake venom, peptide therapy that is based on venom, the various trends in pharmacology and biochemistry, peptides obtained from scorpions and the anticancer effects of the jellyfish venom.
VSE05-003 Reindeer and Caribou: Health and Disease
  Morton Tryland/ 9781482250688/ Price:ĘG 160.00
Book Cover This book is a comprehensive presentation of health and diseases in reindeer and caribou, or just Rangifer, a key Circumarctic species with broad social and ecological value. It is an essential reference for anyone interested in the biology and health of wild or semi-domesticated reindeer and caribou, and is more broadly relevant for those with interests in other species of free-ranging and captive cervids. Beginning with a general introduction to Rangifer as a species, it then focuses on Rangifer "health" as a concept and describes the determinants of health at an individual and population level. Chapters cover a range of topics from nutrition and feeding to stress, non-infectious and infectious diseases, meat hygiene, capture and restraint, diagnosis and treatment of health issues, and finally, potential impacts of climate change on health of Rangifer. Reindeer and Caribou: Health and Disease compiles extensive research and experience-based information on issues ranging from drug doses for chemical immobilization, blood chemistry values, and raising an orphaned calf. In addition, it contains hundreds of high quality colour illustrations that contribute to its value as a diagnostic resource for recognizing various parasites, pathogens and signs of disease, both in live and dead animals. Each chapter is followed by a comprehensive list of references and a list of contact information for all the contributors, identifying world experts in the different areas of health for this circumpolar and fascinating species. This book is compulsory reading and an indispensable resource for anyone dealing with health in reindeer and caribou, including veterinarians, wildlife biologists and managers, reindeer herders/game ranchers, zoological husbandry personnel, and students with wildlife health.
SE05-483 Ornithology
  Frank B. Gill/ 9781464184369/ Price:US$ 145.94
SE05-481 Veterinary Psychopharmacology
  Sharon L. Crowell-Davis/ 9781119226222/ Price:US$ 124.95
SE05-481 Wiggs's Veterinary Dentistry: Principles and Practice
  Heidi B. Lobprise/ 9781118816127/ Price:US$ 149.99
SE05-480 Veterinary Mycology
  Patricia Marques/ 9781773615301/ Price:US$ 165.00
Book Cover Veterinary Mycology examines various aspects helping in identifying the same and systematically defines the immunology of fungal diseases in animals. There are several concepts defined properly to make readers understand several dimensions of this medical stream. It includes a brief description of epidemiology, mycotoxins, mycotoxicosis and fungal zoonoses. Provide the readers with the insights into the development of veterinary mycology, providing them some useful tips to help their animals (if any) cope with a disease related to fungi.
SE05-480 Animal nutrition and the influence of probiotics
  Patricia Marques/ 9781773615318/ Price:US$ 165.00
Book Cover Probiotics have been shown to promote growth, improve efficiency of feed utilization, protect host from intestinal infection and stimulate immune responses in farm animals. In laying chicken, probiotics increased hen-gay egg production. This book discusses probiotics' mode of action and probiotics' practical application in animal production, while explaining the use of probiotics in preventing and fighting animal diseases. The beneficial effects of probiotics in animal production have been related to different modes of action.
SE05-479 Encyclopedia of Primatology
  Manoranjan Prasad Sinha/ 9781773615684/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover This encyclopedia brings together information about recent discoveries and current theories with reference to the origin and early evolution of anthropoid primates monkeys, apes, and humans. The encyclopedia examines the cognitive differences between humans and apes, review a powerful experimental methodology to determine the most likely acquisition modes responsible for primate "cultural" patterns.
SE05-479 Trends and Advances in Veterinary Genetics
  Cheryl Natividad/ 9781773615677/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Trends and Advances in Veterinary Genetics will explain the meaning of genetics and diseases and their presence amongst animals. The relationship between genetics and immunity will also draw readers attention to have a closer view upon the advances in veterinary genetics. To control diseases amongst animals it has become important to have a regular check over the trends and advances in veterinary genetics. Provides the reader with insights into the real world of veterinary genetics and methodologies used to perform various functions to help animals get rid of various diseases.
SE05-479 Animal Hygiene and Preventive Veterinary Medicine
  Hendrix Wold/ 9781682514870/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover Safeguarding animal health care considerations should take into account not only the veterinary-technical and zootechnical issues, but also the microbiological and epidemiological disease aspects, managerial and economic relevance, and furthermore product and production process quality assurance related features. This book focuses on the epidemiology of domestic and wild animals, costs of epidemic and endemic diseases of animals, the latest methods in veterinary epidemiology, disease control or suppression by public veterinary services, relationships between veterinary medicine and animal production, and development of new techniques in diagnosing, recording, evaluating and controlling diseases in animal populations.
SE05-479 Veterinary Research and Medicine: Challenges and Perspectives
  Jason Henry/ 9781682514887/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Without proper animal health practices there will be reduce efficiency and optimal profits. This book focuses on outstanding discoveries across a wide spectrum of translational, foundational, and clinical research. This book establishes the links between specialization in the veterinary sciences and the factors that influence the use of animals in basic science and medicine, presents reviews and case studies of traditional veterinary knowledge and practice, along with historical perspectives, theoretical discussions and research methodologies.
SE05-479 Reproductive Genomics in Domestic Animals
  Nagwa K. Soliman/ 9781682514894/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover Domestic animal genomics is of interest to a wide audience of researchers because of the utility derived from understanding how genomics and proteomics function in various organisms. This book depicts the knowledge about genetic factors affecting reproduction in livestock and available methods for studying the genetic influence on reproductive traits. The book aims to cover basic, applied, and methodological research towards a better understanding of the genetic mechanisms underlying the expression of complex phenotypes in farm animals, as well as innovative strategies for the genetic improvement of livestock species.
SE05-479 Perspectices in Veterinary Allergy and Clinical Immunology
  Kellie Klok/ 9781682514900/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover The purpose of the current book is to review allergic diseases across species and to focus on how these diseases compare to the counterpart in people. The book provides essential, practical information for solving dermatological problems commonly encountered in small animals. Various stressors, including both psychological as well as physiological, have been demonstrated to influence the immune response, presumably through activation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and sympathetic nervous system.
SE05-479 Advances in Veterinary Dermatology
  E. J. Chan/ 9781682514917/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Veterinarians are confronted with a variety of food and nutrition-related skin diseases, with cutaneous food adverse reaction the most common in small animal dermatology. Representing the most recent developments in veterinary dermatology world-wide, this book presents selected topics on Veterinary Dermatology. This book also reviews animal models of AVMs and their advantages and disadvantages. The book will prove an indispensable reference for veterinary dermatologists, diagnostic pathologists, and small animal practitioners who seek to improve their skill in diagnostic dermatology.
SE05-479 Veterinary Ectoparasites: Biology and Control
  Jacob Charles Wilson/ 9781682514924/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover Ectoparasites are of growing significance in modern veterinary medicine and a detailed understanding of the biology of these parasites is fundamental to their appropriate treatment and control. This book provides a complete overview of the biology, and behaviour of arthropod ectoparasites along with the pathology and treatment of diseases in livestock and companion animals of temperate habitats. This book will be of interest for veterinarians and parasitologists as well as researchers from the government, academia and industry.
SE05-479 Animal Parasites: Treatment and Prevention
  Michael S. Sandberg/ 9781682514931/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover This book is intended as a tool for the identification and control of the wide spectrum of parasites affecting domestic animals throughout the world. This book synthesizes the latest developments in the ecology and evolution of animal parasites for a new generation of parasitologists. The effective control and treatment of parasitic diseases requires rapid, reliable and highly sensitive diagnostic tests, which can also serve to monitor the effectiveness of the therapeutic and prophylactic protocol. The book is well suited as a reference guide for veterinarians, students of the veterinary and life sciences, veterinarian nurses, laboratory staff, and pet and livestock owners.
SE05-479 Veterinary Clinical Pathology
  Alex Jermasek/ 9781682514948/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover This book provides in-depth information about common clinical laboratory assays that are used to evaluate domestic mammals. It contains studies focused on the disease diagnosis by the examination of the bodily fluids such as urine, cavitary effusions or tissue or blood utilizing the apparatuses of science molecular pathology, hematology, microbiology and biochemistry. This book also introduces various techniques in microbiology, cytology and necropsy. This comprehensive reference guide will also prove useful to laboratory diagnosticians, veterinary pathologists and research workers in animal problems.
SE05-479 Core Concepts in Biology: Zoology (Book with DVD)
  / 9781984620125/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover his book presents insight into the animal kingdom, including the structure, embryology, evolution, classification, habits, and distribution of all animals, both living and extinct, and how they interact with their ecosystems. Presents a history of the scientific understanding of animals, discussing such topics as classification, animal behavior, menageries and zoos, genetics, and mythology.
SE05-478 Ophthalmic Disease in Veterinary Medicine
  Charles L. Martin/ 9781482258646/ Price:ĘG 160.00
Polar Bear
  Margery Fee/ 9781789141467/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover Polar bears are truly majestic animals: the largest land-dwelling carnivore on earth, they can measure up to 3 metres in length, and weigh up to 700 kilograms. They are also iconic in other ways °V a symbol of the climate change debate, with their survival now threatened by the loss of Arctic ice. Their images decorate fountains and the cornices of buildings across Europe. They sell cold drinks. They feature in children°¶s books, on merry-go-rounds, and under the arms of weary toddlers heading for bed. Their pelts were once highly prized by hunters and live captures became attractions in zoos and circuses. Stuffed bears still haunt museums and stately homes. This is a natural and cultural history of the polar bear, describing the evolution, species, habitat and behaviour of the animal, as well as its portrayal in art, literature, film and advertising. With many fine images throughout, this will appeal to the wide audience who love these outsize, beautiful, seemingly cuddly yet deadly carnivores.
  Ildiko Szabo/ 9781789141399/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover Kingfishers are a sight to behold. The dash and verve of this cosmopolitan bird has been admired for millennia, appearing in creation myths, imperial regalia and cultural iconography, and they were once valued as highly as gold. Artists used their iridescent feathers in Tian-tsui, an iconic style of Chinese fine art, for more than 2,400 years. The magnificent temples at Angkor Wat in Cambodia owe their existence in part to the great wealth generated by the live kingfisher trade from the Indochina Peninsula. As a muse, kingfishers have influenced philosophers, playwrights and artists, from the Roman poet Ovid to Carl Jung, Charles Darwin and others, while more recently bio-mimicry engineers have turned to kingfishers for inspiration. This beautifully illustrated book delves into the origins and diversity of the more than 120 species of kingfishers, from the burly kookaburras to the diminutive birds that daringly pluck spiders off webs, defining their characteristics, their differences, their lifestyles and their cultural significance around the world.
  Anna Marie Roos/ 9781789141351/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover Living work of art, consumer commodity, scientific hero and environmental menace: the humble goldfish is the ultimate human cultural artefact. A creature of supposedly little memory and short lifespan, it has universal appeal. In ancient China, goldfish were saved from predators in acts of religious reverence and selectively bred for their glittering grace. In the East, they became the subject of exquisite art, regarded as living flowers that moved, while in the West, they became ubiquitous residents of the Victorian parlour. Cheap and eminently available, today they are bred by the millions for the growing domestic pet market, while also proving to be important to laboratory studies of perception, vision and intelligence. In this illuminating homage to the goldfish, Anna Marie Roos challenges the cultural preconceptions of a creature often thought to be common and disposable, as she blends art and science to trace the surprising and intriguing history of this much-loved animal.
  Richard Jones/ 9781789141610/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover Fear and fascination set wasps apart from other insects. Despite their iconic form and distinctive colours, they are surrounded by myth and misunderstanding. Often portrayed in cartoon-like stereotypes bordering on sad parody, wasps have an unwelcome and undeserved reputation for aggressiveness bordering on vindictive spite. This mistrust is deep-seated in a human history that has awarded commercial and spiritual value to other insects, such as bees, but has failed to recognize any worth in wasps. Leading entomologist Richard Jones redresses the balance in this enlightening and entertaining guide to the natural and cultural history of these powerful carnivores. Jones delves into their complex nesting and colony behavior, their unique caste system and their major role at the centre of many food webs. Drawing on up-to-date scientific concepts and featuring many striking colour illustrations, Jones successfully shows exactly why wasps are worthy of greater understanding and appreciation.
  Barbara Allen/ 9781789140750/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover With its distinctive, comical walk, large bill and association with the conservation movement, the pelican has attained iconic status. But the pelican has a chequered history. Classed as °•unclean°¶ in the King James Bible, the legend of the compassionate pelican was later appropriated by Christianity to symbolize Christ°¶s sacrifice. This majestic bird, gifted to British royalty in 1664, has been celebrated in art and literature, from Shakespeare°¶s King Lear to the writing of Edward Lear, and is the recipient of three Guinness World Records. The pelicans°¶ anatomy has been copied for paper plane construction, aircraft design and in 3D imaging, while it has fought back from the threats of extinction, habitat destruction and environmental disasters such as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Its resilience is as remarkable as its anatomy. In this must-read book for all bird enthusiasts, Barbara Allen skillfully weaves together wildlife trivia, historical tales and the latest research to provide an engaging account of the cultural and natural history of this emblematic bird.
Understanding Animals: Philosophy for Dog and Cat Lovers
  Lars Svendsen/ 9781789141597/ Price:ĘG 14.99
Book Cover How do animals perceive the world? What does it really feel like to be a cat, or a dog? In Understanding Animals, Lars Svendsen investigates how humans can attempt to understand the lives of other animals. The book delves into animal communication, intelligence, self-awareness, loneliness and grief, but most fundamentally how humans and animals can cohabit and build a form of friendship. Svendsen provides examples from many different animal species, from chimpanzees to octopus, but his main focus is on cats and dogs °V the animals that many of us are close to in our daily lives. Using both philosophical analysis and the latest scientific discoveries, Svendsen argues that an owner°¶s relationship with their pet is as equally valid and insightful as the scientific study of human-animal relations. With this entertaining and thought-provoking book, animal-lovers and pet owners will gain a deeper understanding of what it is like to be an animal, and in turn, a human.
VE05-19 Veterinary Science: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice
  Information Resources Management Association/ 9781522556404/ Price:US$ 395.00
Book Cover Modern medicine is changing drastically as new technologies emerge to transform the way in which patients are diagnosed, treated, and monitored. In particular, veterinary medicine is experiencing a tremendous shift as digital innovations are integrated into veterinary practice. Veterinary Science: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice contains a compendium of the latest academic material on breakthroughs and recent progress in veterinary science. Including innovative studies on laboratory information management systems, animal welfare, and veterinary reform, this publication is an ideal source for professionals, practitioners, graduate students, and researchers interested in veterinary science. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: °EAnimal Disease Outbreaks °EAnimal Welfare °EHumane Education °ELaboratory Information Management Systems °ERabies °EVeterinary Public Health °EVeterinary Reform
SE05-481 Handbook of Equine Parasite Control
  Martin K. Nielsen/ 9781119382782/ Price:US$ 139.95
SE05-481 Field Manual for Small Animal Medicine
  Katherine Polak/ 9781119243274/ Price:US$ 124.95
SE05-472 Illustrated Dictionary of Zoology.
  / 9781984600301/ Price:US$ 95.00
Book Cover This illustrated dictionary provides concise definitions and explanations of zoology terms together with state-of-the-art scientific and practical terms, presented in an easy-to-use, A-Z order with pictures and figures as well as examples are given to clarify the terms. It is a perfect tool for understanding of zoology terms for Higher Secondary to Undergraduate students and improving their spelling and grammar.
SE05-470 Illustrated Handbook of Animal Biology and Care.
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680949421/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover Illustrates the essentials of animal biology, including the Animal Kingdom, comparative physiology, reproductive physiology and developmental biology. Discusses the various subdivisions of the animal kingdom and describes how different types of animals have developed different ways of breathing, feeding, sensing, moving, and reproducing themselves. The book offers concrete guidance on best practices for promoting patient health in veterinary care, emphasizing specific techniques to prevent complications before they happen.
SE05-470 Illustrated Handbook of Veterinary Clinical Pathology.
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680949438/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover This book provides wide-ranging information about common clinical laboratory assays that are used to evaluate domestic mammals. Provides essential, practical information for reviewing pathology commonly encountered in clinical situations. This book is a helpful revision aid for those in training as well as for those in practice who are pursuing continuing education.
SE05-470 Perspective on Zoology.
  I. K. Charles/ 9781682504925/ Price:US$ 155.00
SE05-470 Biology of Amphibians.
  Marina Jennifier/ 9781682504956/ Price:US$ 155.00
SE05-470 Animal Cloning.
  Shiv Sanjeevi/ 9781773611877/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Cloning of animals has also received a lot of attention in the news in the past decade. Covered with principles and tools involved in animal cloning along with various animals that have been cloned and their potentials in biotechnology; the book also include various ethical issues associated with this field and summarize the work done in cloning. The readers must note that these issues and regulations have been quoted verbatim so that the meaning conveyed does not change.
SE05-470 Theory, Practice and Techniques in Zoology.
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680947496/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover Presents a history of the scientific understanding of animals, discussing such topics as classification, animal behavior, menageries and zoos, genetics, and mythology. Emphasizing the principles of evolution and zoological science, this text describes the diversity of animal life and the interesting adaptations that enable animals to live so many ecological niches.
SE05-470 Animal Biotechnology.
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680947601/ Price:US$ 85.00
Book Cover The book covers numerous topics, containing economically important livestock breeds, paradigm shifts in livestock production, biotechnology in animal nutrition and in livestock-assisted reproduction, and genomics and genetic engineering tools. This updated edition will be viable to everyone interested in the implications of the use of animal biotechnology.
SE05-470 Theory, Practice and Techniques in Animal Science.
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680947618/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover This text provides an introductory overview on such key topics as animal production, rearing and products, and focuses on disciplines such as nutrition, reproduction, genetics and diseases. The text's comprehensive, non-traditional approach introduces the discipline as an ever-changing, integral part of every aspect of human existence. Animal Science is designed to prepare students majoring in animal science for more advanced and specialized courses.
  Tessa Laird/ 9781780238944/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover Bats have been misunderstood and maligned in the West for centuries. Unfair associations with demons have seen their leathery wings adorn numerous evil characters, from the Devil to Bram Stoker°¶s Dracula. But these amazing animals are ecological superheroes. Nectar-feeding bats pollinate important crops like agave; fruit-eating bats disperse seeds and encourage reforestation; and insect-eating bats keep down mosquito populations and other pests, saving agricultural industries billions of dollars. Ranging from the size of a bumblebee to those with a wingspan the length of an adult human, they are the only mammals possessing true flight and are found on all continents except Antarctica.
  Christopher Plumb/ 9781780239354/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Common and exotic, glamorous and ferocious, sociable and sullen: zebras mean many things to many people. The extraordinary beauty of their striped coats makes them one of the world°¶s most recognizable animals. They have been immortalized in paint by artists including George Stubbs and Lucian Freud, and zebra-print designs permeate contemporary society °V on beanbags and bikinis, car seats and pencil cases. Zebras even have a road crossing named after them. But the natural and cultural history of the zebra remains a mystery to most. Few know that there are three species of zebra, or that one of these is currently endangered, or that the quagga, an animal that once roamed southern Africa in large numbers before dying out in the 1880s, is among the zebra°¶s many subspecies.
  Trevor Day/ 9781780239965/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover The sardine is a paradoxical fish. Seemingly insignificant, its exploitation has made fortunes for some and, when stocks have collapsed, caused hardship for many. Its status has shifted from utilitarian food to a gourmet°¶s delight. Trevor Day °V diver, fish-watcher and marine conservationist °V travels across four continents to meet the sardine in its natural environment, and he traces the fish°¶s journey from minuscule egg to item on the dinner plate. Sardine interweaves the story of the fish with the rise and fall of fishing industries. The sardine is a barometer for the health of oceans, with lessons for us all about our stewardship of the seas. Day takes a scientifically and culturally wide-ranging look at the cluster of fish species called sardines, their relationship with other marine creatures and, in turn, with us. Elite predators feast on sardines, yet these silvery slivers are fast-breeding and opportunistic enough to survive their hunters. Whether swimming free as a shoaling fish at the mercy of predators, or tightly packed in tins °V an image used frequently as a metaphor for overcrowding °V sardines represent conformity and vulnerability. The biography that emerges will beguile readers fascinated with marine life, as well as anyone who has eaten this familiar yet under-appreciated fish.
Feed evaluation science
  Paul J. Moughan/ 9789086863099/ Price:EUR 85.00
Book Cover Written by a team of international authorities, Feed Evaluation Science, is a must-have for students, researchers, postdoctoral fellows and teachers of animal nutrition, as well as practitioners in the feed industry. The text offers a classical treatment of the basic principles and new developments in feed evaluation for simple-stomached animals with emphasis on pigs and poultry. The chapters follow a logical progression, to provide a coherent in-depth coverage of the key science and technology inherent in the nutrition and feeding of animals. The topics covered are nutrient analysis and characterisation, nutrient-bioavailability, post-absorptive nutrient utilisation, the principles of animal growth and the mathematical modelling of growth. Practical aspects of feed processing, anti-nutritional factors, the use of markers in nutrition studies, predicting bioavailable nutrients and the principles of feed formulation are highlighted in the context of pig, poultry and companion animal nutrition. This is a classic text on the nutrition of simple-stomached animals, and is intended for those working at the forefront of developments in feed evaluation science.
Book of Abstracts of the 69th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science Dubrovnik, Croatia, 27-31 August 2018 EAAP Book of Abstracts, Volume 24
  Scientific Committee/ 9789086863235/ Price:EUR 49.00
Book Cover This Book of Abstracts is the main publication of the 69th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP). It contains abstracts of the invited papers and contributed presentations of the sessions of EAAP's eleven Commissions: Animal Genetics, Animal Nutrition, Animal Management and Health, Animal Physiology, Cattle Production, Sheep and Goat Production, Pig Production, Horse Production and Livestock Farming Systems, Insects and Precision Livestock Farming.
Proceedings of the 52nd Congress of the International Society for Applied Ethology: Ethology For Health And Welfare
  Michael Cockram/ 9789086863228/ Price:EUR 37.00
Book Cover The main theme of the Congress, 'Ethology for Health and Welfare', was chosen to reflect the prominence that applied ethology has in the field of animal welfare and to encourage the development of applied ethology in studies to promote animal health. The location of this year's Congress within the Atlantic Veterinary College at the University of Prince Edward Island has provided the focus on veterinary aspects of ethology and welfare. Applied ethology continues to develop and expand, and we have showcased recent developments in play behaviour and other key topics.
VSE05-002 Handbook of Laboratory Animal Anesthesia and Pain Management
  Pacharinsak, Cholawat/ 9781466585676/ Price:ĘG 40.99
Book Cover Rodents are the most commonly used species in biomedical research. Individuals conducting rodent research are often responsible to ensure that all areas of anesthesia and analgesia are performed humanely. Anesthetic agent selection, anesthetic monitoring, and postoperative pain assessment and management are essential to the institutional animal care and use program and contribute significantly to the 3Rs by reducing pain and/or distress and refining various procedures. The Handbook of Laboratory Animal Anesthesia and Pain Management: Rodents is the first book to capture multiple advances in this important area that greatly impacts various experimental methodologies. Richly illustrated in full color, the book serves as a quick reference source for investigators, veterinarians, technicians, and other animal caretakers charged with the care and use of rodents in a research setting. The unique format of this book also makes it extremely valuable to IACUC members, institutional officials, and occupational health and safety professionals.
SE05-467 Genomic Management of Animal Genetic Diversity.
  Oldenbroek, Kor/ 9789086862979/ Price:EUR 45.00
Book Cover Recently developed genomic tools, like SNP-genotyping and whole genome sequencing, and their analysis, offer great opportunities for the conservation and utilisation of animal genetic diversity, both among and within breeds. These genomic tools can be used to detect potentially valuable rare alleles and haplotypes. They are important parts of the genetic diversity we need to conserve now for possible utilisation in the future. This book describes the use of genomic technology to define breeds and to assess important features in the history of breeds affecting the present genetic diversity. The management of genetic diversity with genomic tools is outlined both in vitro: gene banks, and in vivo: small populations of rare breeds or large populations with small effective population sizes. Special attention is given to the genomic management of populations of animals with high incidences of multiple genetic defects. This book is intended for MSc and PhD students as well as scientists working with small populations in animal breeding and in conservation programmes for rare breeds.
SE05-466 Case Studies in Veterinary Immunology.
  Gershwin, Laurel J./ 9780815344476/ Price:ĘG 37.00
SE05-464 Advances in Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-base Disorders, An Issue of Veterinary Clinics of North America: Small Animal Practice.
  Helio Autran de Morais/ 9780323509909/ Price:US$ 98.99
SE05-463 Animal Vocal Communication: Assessment and Management Roles.
  Morton, Eugene S./ 9781107052253/ Price:ĘG 75.00
SE05-463 Textbook of Animal Genetics and Breeding.
  Abdallah, Nada B./ 9781680945911/ Price:US$ 145.00
Book Cover This text focuses on various aspects of animal heredity, or the passing of traits from one generation to the next. The book encompasses topics such as genetic variability, genetic testing, and animal breeding. Animal Genetics offers genetic testing services for Avian DNA sexing and diseases, Canine inherited traits and diseases, and Equine coat color and inherited disorders. The breeding and genetics is known for its historical and recent accomplishments in application of classical quantitative genetics for improvement of beef, swine, and dairy animals. Once an animal is born with a good trait, that trait can be passed to the next generation. Over time, more animals in the herd will be born with that good trait. This helps producers achieve their breeding goal. The process of selecting animals based on their genetics has helped advance agricultural productivity over the past 50 years.
SE05-463 Veterinary Science and Medicine.
  Abdallah, Nada B./ 9781680945928/ Price:US$ 145.00
Book Cover Veterinary science is the study of different kinds of diseases, treatment, diagnosis and prevention in birds and animals. Veterinary medicine deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, disorder and injury in non-human animals. The scope of veterinary medicine is wide, covering all animal species, both domesticated and wild, with a wide range of conditions which can affect different species. Veterinary medicine is widely practiced, both with and without professional supervision. This book covers all clinical, medical, and technological aspects.
SE05-463 Reproduction in Cattle.
  Umali, Cecilia/ 9781680945935/ Price:US$ 145.00
Book Cover Cattle breeding is undertaken chiefly to improve cattle progeny. The ability of a cow to successfully mate, conceive, give birth to and raise a healthy calf each year is essential to economical beef production. A good understanding of anatomy and physiology of both the male and female is helpful in successfully managing reproduction. In order to manage cattle reproduction and the specific problems that arise, it is important to understand the underlying physiology of the reproductive process. Thus, this text aims to provide an integrated overview of the subject of bovine reproduction, describing the normal function of the reproductive system together with its modification by pharmacological, technological and management techniques in relation to the central theme of reproductive efficiency. This book continues to provide a general background to the field of cattle reproduction for agricultural and animal science students and as an introductory text to veterinary students embarking on a career in reproductive research.
SE05-463 Animal Behavior: An Introduction.
  Tatiparti, Katyayani/ 9781680958089/ Price:US$ 145.00
Understanding of ethological knowledge is both a necessary tool for getting correct identification. This text addresses the physiological foundations of behavior in a way that is both accessible and inviting. The study of animal behavior begins with understanding how an animal°¶s physiology and anatomy are integrated with its behavior. Both external and internal stimuli prompt behaviors °X external information or weather and internal information. Understanding how genes and the environment come together to shape animal behavior is also an important underpinning of the field. Animal Behavior is the scientific study of the wild and wonderful ways in which animals interact with each other, with other living beings, and with the environment. It explores how animals relate to their physical environment as well as to other organisms, and includes topics such as how animals find and defend resources, avoid predators, choose mates, reproduce, and care for their young.
SE05-463 Animal Physiology and Morphology.
  Tatiparti, Katyayani/ 9781680958096/ Price:US$ 145.00
This text addresses how animals interact with the environment during movement and their morphological characteristics. Animal physiology is the study of how animals work, or more specifically the physical and chemical processes that occur within animals such as gas exchange, blood and circulation, osmoregulation, digestion, nervous and muscle systems and endocrinology. Animal morphology deals with the structure of animals. In order to gain an insight into the evolutionary advances among animals, it is necessary to study the salient features of representative animals from the group of invertebrates and vertebrates.
SE05-463 Principles of Zoology.
  Tatiparti, Katyayani/ 9781680958102/ Price:US$ 145.00
Book Cover Zoology is the division of biology that deals with the animal kingdom. It is the scientific study of everything having to do with animals, just as botany is the scientific study of plants. Zoology is a huge field that covers the classification of every animal on earth as well as many broader fields of experimentation and inquiry related to animal life. There are several sub-branches within this field, including ethology, zoography, and anthrozoology. Additionally, zoologists often specialize in the study of specific types of animals. Zoology is not concerned only with the study of the animals that are living on earth at present time but also those which lived in the past and have disappeared or have become extinct. This text will give you an overview of zoology.
SE05-462 An Introduction to Invertebrates.
  / 9781680955200/ Price:US$ 64.95
Book Cover All living things are placed into groups depending on common characteristics. Invertebrates are a group ofanimals that have no backbone, unlike animals such as reptiles, amphibians, sh, birds and mammals who allhave a backbone. Of the planet's estimated 15-30 million animal species, 90% or more are invertebrates. Invertebrates live just about anywhere. They have been recorded in the upper reaches of the atmosphere, in the driest of deserts and in the canopies of the wettest rainforests. They can even be found in the frozen Antarctic or on the deepest ocean oor. The trait that is common to all invertebrates is the absence of a vertebral column (backbone). The distinction is one of convenience only; it is not based on any clear biologically homologous trait, any more than the common trait of having wings functionally unites insects, bats, and birds, or than not having wings unites tortoises, snails and sponges. Being animals, invertebrates are heterotrophs, and require sustenance in the form of the consumption of other organisms. With a few exceptions, such as the Porifera, invertebrates generally have bodies composed of di erentiated tissues. There is also typically a digestive chamber with one or two openings to the exterior.
SE05-462 Elementary Zoology.
  / 9781680955217/ Price:US$ 64.95
Book Cover Zoology is the scienti c study of the characteristics and classi cation of animals. It is one of the branches ofbiology, and therefore it is also referred to as animal biology. There are several sub-branches within this eld,including ethology, zoography, and anthrozoology. Additionally, zoologists often specialize in the study ofspeci c types of animals. For instance, an ornithologist studies birds, while a mammologist studies mammals.As zoology is a very interdisciplinary subject, there are a number of related elds, including taxonomy, paleontology, and evolutionary biology. Cell biology studies the structural and physiological properties of cells, including their behavior, interactions, and environment. Physiology studies the mechanical, physical, and biochemical processes of living organisms by attempting to understand how all of the structures function as a whole whereas evolutionary biology is concerned with the origin and descent of species, as well as their change over time, and includes scientists from many taxonomically oriented disciplines.
SE05-462 Vertebrate Ecophysiology.
  / 9781680955224/ Price:US$ 64.95
Book Cover Ecophysiology, or physiological ecology, is a biological discipline that studies the adaptation of an organism'sphysiology to environmental conditions. It is closely related to comparative physiology and evolutionary physiology. The study of physiological ecology begins with an understanding of the in uence of ambient temperatures. Temperature is one of the most ecologically signi cant factors, and also one of the most relevant in the face of global climatic change. Organisms have evolved a multitude of mechanisms for regulating the temperature of their bodies in order to ourish in their particular environment. A high metabolic rate helps supply heat. An e cient circulatory system conducts and distributes heat around the body. Hibernation enables animals to survive long periods of cold. Water availability is another major focus in physiological ecology. The bodies of all organisms contain water, and organisms in all environments expend energy to maintain their internal pool ofwater and dissolved substrates. Water availability is particularly critical for desert dwelling organisms, and many ecologists studying the importance of water in biological systems focus their research on desert species.
SE05-462 General Veterinary Parasitology.
  / 9781680955408/ Price:US$ 64.95
Book Cover Veterinary parasitology is the study of animal parasites, especially relationships between parasites and animal hosts, and their interactions. Parasites of domestic animals (livestock and pet animals) as well as wildlife animals are considered. Veterinary parasitology studies genesis and development of parasitizes in animal host. Veterinary parasitology also studies taxonomy and systematics of parasites, morphology, life cycles, and living needs of parasites in environment and in animal host. Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of animal parasitizes are designed using procured observations. The main aim of veterinary parasitology is to protect animals and improve their health, but because a number of animal parasites are transmitted to humans, veterinary parasitology is also important for public health.
SE05-462 Veterinary Biostatistics.
  / 9781680955439/ Price:US$ 64.95
Book Cover There is no doubt that Biostatistics is the discipline which is a necessary part of education in every biological and medical science. Its importance results from principle of obtaining, analyzing, presentation and interpretation of data in medical sciences. The conception of much knowledge and experience in medicine was be burdened by many errors and mistakes without statistics. We would not be able to interpret properly gained knowledge and experience in the area of medicine without use of statistical methods. From this point of view, the biostatistics is among basic subjects of veterinary medicine education. Contends of the discipline predominantly consists of statistical methods for description of data sets and testing of hypotheses for quantitative and qualitative data with specialization on data and hypotheses used in the area of veterinary medicine. Biostatistics has a practical impact rst of all in the area of research and development in medical sciences. It is also important in the area of clinical veterinary practice and the sphere of hygiene and ecology during the animal provenance food inspection. Statistics education is particularly focused on the ability to solve speci c problems of veterinary medicine with the use of biostatistical methods.
SE05-462 Veternary Microbiology.
  / 9781680955446/ Price:US$ 64.95
Book Cover Microbiology is the study of microorganisms (also known as microbes), which are unicellular or cell-cluster organisms and infectious agents too small to be seen with the naked eye. This includes eukaryotes, such as fungi and protists, and prokaryotes, such as bacteria. A fundamental understanding of how a cell works has come through the study of microorganisms. But microbiology also is an applied science, helping agriculture, health and medicine and maintenance of the environment, as well as the veterinary industry. Veterinary Microbiology is concerned with the study of the role of microbes in veterinary medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, disorder and injury in both domesticated and wild animals, with a wide range of conditions which can a ect di erent species.
SE05-462 Introduction to Animal Science.
  / 9781680955453/ Price:US$ 64.95
Book Cover Animal Science is concerned with the science and business of producing domestic livestock species, including but not limited to beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses, poultry, sheep, and swine. An animal scientist applies principles of the biological, physical, and social sciences to the problems associated with livestock production and management. Animal Science is also concerned with foods of animal origin: meat, dairy foods, and eggs. In addition, animal science is concerned with aspects of companion animals, including their nutrition, care, and welfare. Global forces are demanding more from the agriculture industry. A growing world population withchanging patterns of diet requires more food. This food production must take place on a nite amount of landduring climatic change. It must be integrated with the needs of people and the environment. The complexchallenges of the next century demand agricultural professionals who can identify opportunities and devise innovative solutions.
SE05-462 Animal Genetics and Breeding.
  / 9781680955460/ Price:US$ 64.95
Book Cover Animal breeding and genetics is the branch of science concerned with maximizing desirable genetic traits, such as producing animals that have leaner meat. Animal geneticists have identi ed elements within genes that can enhance animal growth, health, and ability to utilize nutrients. These genetic advances can increase production while reducing environmental impacts. The study of heredity in animals, animal genetics involves topics such as gene expression, color genetics and animal breeding. Continue reading to explore education options and possible career paths in this scienti c eld of study. Animal breeding is a branch of animal science that addresses the evaluation (using best linear unbiased prediction and other methods) of the genetic value of livestock. Selecting for breeding animals with superior EBV in growth rate, egg, meat, milk, or wool production, or with other desirable traits has revolutionized livestock production throughout the world.
SE05-460 Transgenic Animals: Principles and Development.
  Stepanenko, Aleksei A./ 9781680957679/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover An overview of genome modification methods and the transgenic animal models for human complex diseases, the pros and cons of model systems, the history and recent progress of preclinical therapy research in the transgenic animal models is presented. The current and emerging challenges in different medicine fields and ways to address these challenges using animal models as well as the opportunities that non-mainstream animals offer for current and future biomedical research are discussed.
SE05-460 Animal Manure Recycling: Treatment and Management.
  Mishra, Vikas/ 9781680957730/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Manure is organic matter, derived from animal feces, which can be used as organic fertilizer in agriculture. This book presents an accessible overview of environmental friendly technologies for managing animal manure more efficiently and in a sustainable manner. It describes the physical and chemical characteristics of animal manure and microbial processes.
SE05-460 Fundamentals of Veterinary Science.
  Rego, Stephen/ 9781680958584/ Price:US$ 165.00
Book Cover Veterinary science is the science of diagnosing, treating and curing the diverse types of diseases in birds and animals. It covers the study of animal physiology, treatment and prevention of diseases among animals. This book provides in-depth information about common clinical laboratory assays that are used to evaluate domestic mammals, including what assays measure, sample or assay conditions that affect results, and what results indicate about the physiologic or pathologic state of a patient.
SE05-460 Animal Welfare in Veterinary Practice.
  Rego, Stephen/ 9781680958614/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Animal welfare is the well-being of animals. The standards of ?good? animal welfare vary considerably between different contexts. These standards are under constant review and are debated, created and revised by animal welfare groups, legislators and academics worldwide. This book provides ways for all veterinary professionals to develop their animal welfare understanding, without assuming prior knowledge, while advancing the wisdom and abilities of experienced practitioners.
SE05-460 Diseases of Sheep.
  GARG, SARIKA/ 9781680958638/ Price:US$ 165.00
Sheep, a ruminant mammal, is of the genus Ovis. The sheep are the species of livestock that play a salient role in the global agricultural economy. Sheep farming is rewarding in several ways including production of milk, meat, and wool. However, sheep are prone to various infectious and non-infectious diseases. The illness of sheep affects the import and export of livestock. There are some diseases that are contagious and can be transmitted to humans. Such diseases are termed as zoonotic diseases or zoonosis. Insulating sheep from diseases is crucial for the health and wellbeing of the flock, as well as for the earnings in the business. This book details few diseases affecting sheep, and some strategies to improve welfare of the herd.
SE05-460 Diseases of The Goat.
  Rego, Stephen/ 9781680958645/ Price:US$ 165.00
Book Cover The goat suffers with various diseases, which are caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites and other non-infectious agents. The diagnosis of the goat diseases not only based on the clinical symptoms is most difficult, as many diseases resemble one another. This book covers all aspects of goat medicine, from assessment and examination, to diagnosis, treatment and control of conditions.
SE05-460 Functional Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals.
  Rego, Stephen/ 9781680958652/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover This book provides a thorough grounding in the structure and function of animal body systems. It offers pre-veterinary or veterinary technology programs an excellent introduction to body systems for future study and practice and acts as a quick review of the basics for more advanced courses in physiology or in a clinical setting.
SE05-460 Handbook of Canine and Feline Emergency Protocols.
  Rego, Stephen/ 9781680958669/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover Emergency care is one of the most important areas of veterinary medicine. This book offers practical step?by?step guidance to managing emergency cases in small animal practice. It covers seizure pathogenesis, classifications, diagnostic investigations, emergency treatments and longer term treatments, with a large section on pharmacological intervention.
SE05-460 Hematology Techniques and Concepts for Veterinary Technicians.
  Rego, Stephen/ 9781680958676/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Hematology is the branch of medicine concerned with the study, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases related to blood. Veterinary technicians are the veterinary equivalent of a nurse. They are responsible for assisting veterinarians in the day to day tasks around the office and in medical procedures. This book discusses the fundamental concepts of collecting, handling, and preparing hematology sample, and presents key reference for veterinary technicians and veterinary technology students.
SE05-460 Veterinary Clinical Pathology.
  Rego, Stephen/ 9781680958706/ Price:US$ 175.00
Book Cover Veterinary clinical pathology is a medical specialty that is concerned with the diagnosis of animal disease based on the laboratory analysis of bodily fluids, such as blood, urine, and tissue homogenates or extracts using the tools of chemistry, microbiology, hematology and molecular pathology. This book provides in-depth information about common clinical laboratory assays that are used to evaluate domestic mammals.
SE05-460 Veterinary Microbiology.
  Marques, Patricia/ 9781680958713/ Price:US$ 175.00
Book Cover Microbiology is the study of microscopic organisms, those being unicellular, multicellular, or acellular. This book concerns with microbial diseases of domesticated vertebrate animals such as livestock, companion animals, furbearing animals, game, poultry, and fish that supply food, other useful products or companionship.
SE05-460 Veterinary Parasitology.
  Marques, Patricia/ 9781680958720/ Price:US$ 175.00
Book Cover Parasites are a fascinating group of invertebrates that are found in and on all groups of animals of interest in veterinary medicine. Veterinary parasitology is the study of animal parasites, especially relationships between parasites a nd a nimal h osts. T his b ook c onsiders some of the recent developments in veterinary parasitology. It also includes stepby- step instructions for the most common diagnostic procedures used in routine veterinary practice.
SE05-460 Statistics for Veterinary and Animal Science.
  Ball, W./ 9781682512685/ Price:US$ 155.00
SE05-460 Handbook on Mammals.
  Cheruvat, Dinesan/ 9781682512708/ Price:US$ 160.00
SE05-460 General Veterinary Parasitology.
  Taylor, H./ 9781682512715/ Price:US$ 155.00
SE05-460 Veterinary Biostatistics.
  Butler, Jade/ 9781682512746/ Price:US$ 155.00
SE05-460 Veternary Microbiology.
  Smith, D./ 9781682512753/ Price:US$ 155.00
SE05-460 Introduction to Animal Science.
  Rozar, H./ 9781682512760/ Price:US$ 155.00
SE05-460 Animal Genetics and Breeding.
  Brighton, Paul/ 9781682512777/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Genetics is the study of biological inheritance. Animal genetics is a foundational discipline in the fields of animal science, animal breeding, and veterinary sciences. While genetics underpins the healthy development and breeding of all living organisms, this is especially true in domestic animals, specifically with respect to breeding for key traits. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to genetic principles and their applications in animal breeding.
SE05-460 Invertebrate Zooloy.
  Smith, John/ 9781682512890/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover Invertebrate zoology is the biological discipline that consists of the study of invertebrate animals, i.e. animals without a backbone. Invertebrates are a vast and very diverse group of animals that includes sponges, echinoderms, tunicates, numerous different phyla of worms, molluscs, arthropods and many additional phyla. This book provides a solid conceptual framework for advanced work in behavior, ecology, physiology, and related subjects. It also presents the classical information about the invertebrate in lucid manner.
SE05-460 Vertebrate Ecophysiology.
  Russel, A./ 9781682512906/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover Ecophysiology is a biological discipline that studies the adaptation of an organism°¶s physiology to environmental conditions. It is closely related to comparative physiology and evolutionary physiology. Ecophysiology attempts to clarify the role and importance of physiological processes, such as digestion and respiration, in the ecological relations of species in their natural habitats. This book provides an excellent introduction to the science and methodology of vertebrate ecophysiology.
SE05-460 The Life of Vertebrates.
  Paul, Tony/ 9781682512913/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover A vertebrate is an animal that has a backbone and a skeleton. These are an animal of a large group distinguished by the possession of a backbone or spinal column, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes. This book reviews controversial topics such as the origin of chordates, punctuational evolutionary changes, and the nature of progress in evolution, providing analyses and comparisons of the homeostatic capacities and evolutionary potential of the various groups of vertebrates.
SE05-460 Handbook of Evolutionary Zoology.
  Harmon, Lee/ 9781682512920/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Zoology is the branch of biology that relates to the animal kingdom, including the structure, embryology, evolution, classification, habits, and distribution of all animals, both living and extinct, and how they interact with their ecosystems. There are several sub-branches within this field, including ethology, zoography, and anthrozoology. This book presents the fundamentals of zoology.
SE05-460 Applied Zoology.
  Abu-Gideiri, Yousif B./ 9781682512937/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover Zoology is the branch of science that involves the study of animals and animal behavior. It includes the structure, embryology, evolution, classification, habits, and distribution of all animals, both living and extinct, and how they interact with their ecosystems. This book focuses on recent concepts of applied zoology.
SE05-460 Chordate Zoology.
  Brown, Dan L./ 9781682512944/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover Chordates are animals possessing a notochord, a hollow dorsal nerve cord, pharyngeal slits, an endostyle, and a post-anal tail for at least some period of their life cycles. Chordates went on to become one of the most successful of all animal phyla, colonizing the land and sea and becoming the fourth most diverse phylum, after arthropods, nematodes, and mollusks, with over 100,000 species. This book deals with chordate zoology.
SE05-460 Vertebrate Zoology.
  Dahiya, Nisha/ 9781680945157/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Vertebrate zoology is the biological discipline that consists of the study of Vertebrate animals, i.e., animals with a backbone, such as fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. This comprehensive book gives a panoramic view of vertebrate life, classification, ecology and behavior.
SE05-460 Progress in Invertebrate Zoology.
  Mishra, Vikas/ 9781680945164/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Invertebrate zoology is the biological discipline that consists of the study of invertebrate animals, i.e. animals without a backbone (a structure which is found only in fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals). Invertebrates are a vast and very diverse group of animals that includes sponges, echinoderms, tunicates, numerous different phyla of worms, molluscs, arthropods and many additional phyla. Singlecelled organisms or protists are usually not included within the same group as invertebrates. This book presents a comprehensive and critical review of recent developments in Invertebrate Zoology.
SE05-460 Vertebrate Embryology.
  Wang, Q. T./ 9781680945171/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Embryology is the branch of biology that studies the development of gametes (sex cells), fertilization, and development of embryos and fetuses. Additionally, embryology is the study of congenital disorders that occur before birth. Although the process of development is a continuous series of events with some of the details varying among different vertebrate groups. This book consider the stages of development and conclude with a description of the events that occur during embryo development.
SE05-458 Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases of the Dog and Cat.
  Harvey, Richard G./ 9781482236491/ Price:ĘG 86.99
  Edgar Williams/ 9781780237329/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover The common hippo, once found all over Africa, is now largely confined to South and East Africa, while its close relative, the mysterious pygmy hippo, is only found in the forests of Sierra Leone, West Africa. Hippos originated in Asia and share a common ancestry with whales. Until the last Ice Age, they were found across Europe, including Britain. The ancient civilizations of North Africa and the Middle East were familiar with the common hippo, as it was still plentiful along the Nile. To the Egyptians it was a revered deity while at the same time it was hunted for sport. While the Romans imported them into their circus spectacles in Rome, today the best place to see the common hippo is in its natural African environment.
  Helen Cowie/ 9781780237381/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover This book charts the history of llamas and their close relatives, alpacas, guanacos and vicunas. Venerated by the Incas, llamas are still cherished in their native Peru and Bolivia, and remain central to Andean culture. After several unsuccessful acclimatization attempts in the nineteenth century, llamas and alpacas have also become popular pets in Britain, North America and Australia, where they are used for trekking, meat and wool production and as therapy animals. Llama recounts the llama°¶s colourful history and explores the animals°¶ presence in art, literature and film.
Wild Boar
  Dorothy Yamamoto/ 9781780237619/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover Wild Boar traces the history of the interaction between humans and wild boar, from the iconic beasts of myth and legend, such as the Calydonian Boar, to the adoption of the boar as a heraldic device °V most notably by the doomed English king Richard iii °V and the meticulous rules of engagement that grew up around the practice of hunting. The boar°¶s impact upon human bodies is a running theme in legends, stories and reports, and now that hunters are no longer armed with boar spears but with high-velocity rifles, the boars themselves have ballooned in the popular imagination, in the shape of monstrous hybrids such as °•Hogzilla°¶, in keeping with their role as deadly adversary.
Career Guide: Veterinarian
  / 9781680959963/ Price:US$ 34.95
Book Cover A veterinarian is a medical professional who protects the health and well-being of both animals and people. They diagnose and control animal diseases and treat sick and injured animals. They also advise owners on proper care of their pets and livestock. Veterinarians provide a wide range of services in private practice, teaching, research, government service, public health, military service, private industry, and other areas. These veterinarians diagnose and treat diseases or abnormal conditions in animals, most often cats and dogs. They are the most common type of veterinarian and provide inoculations; prescribe medication; set bones; dress wounds; perform surgery and dental work; offer euthanasia services; and advise clients on the general care of their animals. In many respects, a veterinarian is similar to a pediatrician. Animals cannot talk like human beings, and much of the clinical history is obtained from the owner or client, as a pediatrician would obtain from a child°¶s parents. Excellent people skills and communication skills are required. A Veterinarian is a specialized type of Doctor. Also known as: Veterinary Doctor, Veterinary Physician, DVM, Veterinary Surgeon, Staff Veterinarian, Large Animal Veterinarian, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Emergency Veterinarian, Small Animal Veterinarian, Veterinary Medicine Doctor, Vet.
  Boria Sax/ 9781780238289/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover This illuminating book demonstrates how the story of lizards is interwoven with the history of the human imagination. Boria Sax describes the diversity of lizards and traces their representation in many cultures, including those of pre-conquest Australia, the Quiche Maya, Mughal India, China, Central Africa, Europe and America. Filled with beguiling images, Lizard is essential reading for natural history enthusiasts, students of animal studies and the many thousands of people who keep lizards as pets.
  Gerard Gorman/ 9781780238296/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover Woodpeckers are among the most remarkable birds in the avian world, having evolved a unique anatomy that enables them to peck and bore into solid timber both to find food and to create nesting cavities. They have been considered symbols of fertility, security, strength, power, prophecy, magic, rhythm, medicine and carpentry, and have been esteemed as the guardians of woodlands, tree surgeons, fire-bringers, weather forecasters and boat-builders. Highly regarded woodpecker expert Gerard Gorman delves into the natural and cultural history of woodpeckers, presenting their natural, social and cultural history. He explores their origins and where they are found, and how they have fascinated humankind throughout history, from ancient Babylon, Greece and Rome, via the tribes of North America and the jungles of Amazonia and Borneo, to the modern cartoon rascal Woody Woodpecker. He describes how they feature in folk tales, myths and legends wherever they occur, and how their fluctuating relationship with humans has developed. Featuring many stunning photographs and illustrations from both nature and culture, Woodpecker will appeal to anyone who is interested in these extraordinary birds.
  Boria Sax/ 9781780238425/ Price:ĘG 9.99
Though people generally do not think of them in such terms, crows are remarkably graceful: from the tip of a crow°¶s beak to the end of its tail is a single curve, which changes rhythmically as the crow turns its head or bends toward the ground. Foraging on their long, powerful legs, crows appear to glide over the earth; they take flight almost without effort, flapping their wings easily, ascending into the air like spirits. Nevertheless, the whiskers around their beaks and an apparent smile make crows, in a scruffy sort of way, endearingly °•human°¶. In a vast range of cultures from the Chinese to the Hopi Indians, crows are bearers of prophecy. Because of their courtship dances and monogamous unions, the Greeks invoked crows at weddings as symbols of conjugal love. Crows are among the most ubiquitous of birds, yet, without being in the least exotic, they remain mysterious.
Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on the Assessment of Animal Welfare at the Farm and Group Level
  Ingrid C. De Jong/ 9789086863143/ Price:EUR 39.00
This book contains the proceedings of the 7th International Conference on the Assessment of Animal Welfare at the Farm and Group Level, held September 5-8, 2017 in Wageningen, the Netherlands.
Proceedings of the 21st European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition
  M. Francesch/ 9789086863068/ Price:EUR 49.00
Book Cover This book brings together 19 full length manuscripts from invited speakers and nearly 300 abstracts from oral and poster communications presented at the 21st European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition held in Salou/Vila-seca, Spain in May 2017. The invited papers address aspects of poultry nutrition such as feed intake and thermoregulation, feeding strategies and gastrointestinal health, precision feeding (feeding strategies and nutrient requirements), optimized use of feed ingredients, and other hot topics such as updating P requirements of broilers, mycotoxins and future perspectives of poultry production. The open communication abstracts deal with the latest research on poultry nutrition, including feed raw materials, protein sources and amino acids, feed additives and enzymes, nutrition and gut health, mineral nutrition, among other topics.
Book of Abstracts of the 68th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science: Tallinn, Estonia, 28 August - 1 September 2017
  EAAP Scientific Committee/ 9789086863129/ Price:EUR 49.00
Book Cover This Book of Abstracts is the main publication of the 68th Annual Meeting of the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP). It contains abstracts of the invited papers and contributed presentations of the sessions of EAAP's eleven Commissions: Animal Genetics, Animal Nutrition, Animal Management and Health, Animal Physiology, Cattle Production, Sheep and Goat Production, Pig Production, Horse Production and Livestock Farming Systems, Insects and Precision Livestock Farming.
Proceedings of the 51st Congress of the International Society for Applied Ethology: Understanding Animal Behaviour
  Margit Bak Jensen/ 9789086863112/ Price:EUR 34.00
Book Cover Understanding animal behaviour is the overall theme of this 51st Congress of the International Society for Applied Ethology and the red thread through the chosen scientific topics. Understanding animal behaviour is essential in order to improve the interaction between animals and the environments in which they are kept and to improve animal welfare. The abstracts in this proceedings book give an overview of the scientific topics discussed at the conference. The world of animals: senses and perception; Human-animal interactions; Animal learning and cognition; Animal stress responses; Social behaviour of animals; Applying ethology in the keeping of animals; Animal affective states; Maternal and neonatal behaviour.
VSE05-001 Handbook of Small Animal Imaging: Preclinical Imaging, Therapy, and Applications
  Kagadis, George C./ 9781466555686/ Price:ĘG 210.00
Book Cover The use of small animal models in basic and preclinical sciences constitutes an integral part of testing new pharmaceutical agents prior to their application in clinical practice. New imaging and therapeutic approaches need to be tested and validated first in animals before application to humans. Handbook of Small Animal Imaging: Preclinical Imaging, Therapy, and Applications collects the latest information about various imaging and therapeutic technologies used in preclinical research into a single source. Useful to established researchers as well as newcomers to the field, this handbook shows readers how to exploit and integrate these imaging and treatment modalities and techniques into their own research. The book first presents introductory material on small animal imaging, therapy, and research ethics. It next covers ionizing radiation and nonionizing radiation methods in small animal imaging, hybrid imaging, and imaging agents. The book then addresses therapeutic research platforms and image quantification, explaining how to ensure accurate measurements of high-quality data. It concludes with an overview of many small animal imaging and therapy applications that demonstrate the strength of the techniques in biomedical fields.
SE05-456 Genetically Modified Animals.
  Keebaugh, Alaine C./ 9781682502198/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Genetic modification is a powerful tool in biotechnology research and application. Genetic modification in animals has seen many exciting developments in recent years as technologies have become more efficient and cost effective and novel approaches emerged. This book presents specific genetic approaches, methods, and applications of biotechnology in key species including poultry, fish, and large animals.
SE05-456 Animal Genetics.
  Giassetti, Mariana I./ 9781682502204/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Animal genetics is a branch of genetics that studies heredity and variation chiefly in farm animals but also in domestic and wild animals. It is based on general genetic principles and concepts, and it mainly uses the hybrid, cytological, population, ontogenetic, mathematical-statistical, and twin methods of general genetics. The book provides a comprehensive introduction to genetic principles and their applications in animal breeding and useful for those new to the field of animal genetics this book also covering a diverse array of topics ranging from population and quantitative genetics.
SE05-456 Chordates.
  Cosacak, Mehmet I./ 9781682510476/ Price:US$ 170.00
SE05-456 Structure and Function of Invertebrates.
  Huang, Xian-De/ 9781682510537/ Price:US$ 170.00
SE05-456 Biology of Vertebrate Immune System
  Zhao, Feng/ 9781682510544/ Price:US$ 170.00
SE05-456 Animal Diseases: Diagnosis & Treatment.
  Singh, R./ 9781682511626/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Animal Diseases is the branch of veterinary science that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, disorder and injury in animals. Animals and Disease examines the interactions of medicine and veterinary medicine in their common quest for ways of combating and controlling epidemic diseases in man and animals. This book focuses on the different type of diseases in animals and also provides a treatment and diagnosis report on animals.
SE05-456 Animal Health Care and Management: Advanced (Book With DVD) (Workbook Included)
  / 9789351157632/ Price:US$ 99.95
Book Cover Animal Health Care and Management: Advanced comprehends various diverse practical and visual skills with knowledge of specialized materials and techniques. Animal health care involves proper management and husbandry as well as veterinary care. This book will introduce the knowledge and skills for those studying and/or working in animal healthcare and management.
Beastly London: A History of Animals in the City
  Hannah Velten/ 9781780236735/ Price:ĘG 20.00
Book Cover Virtually every street in London was once filled with a cacophony of animal calls and noises. From cattle being herded through the streets surrounding Smithfield meat market, to the exotic residents of the Tower of London zoo. Infested by pests, vermin and bedbugs, Londoner°¶s homes were also shared with pets or livestock, which were reared for food. Beasts from far-flung corners of the globe were imported through London°¶s docks for display in all manner of establishments, from private homes and estates, to zoos and parks. Londoners were entertained by ponies flying in hot air balloons, performing fleas, any number of animals baited by dogs and the ubiquitous horse, which plied the streets as an essential cog in the machine of London°¶s industry and transport. Over the last 30 years, however, Londoners have seemingly banished animals from their streets. Using a wide range of primary sources Beastly London explores the complex and changing relationship between Londoners of all classes and their animal neighbours: from a mainly exploitative relationship, to London becoming the birthplace of animal welfare societies and animal rights°¶ campaigns. This appealing book, now available in paperback, shows how London°¶s animals have been central to its success, and will appeal to all those interested in animal history and welfare.
  Helen Macdonald/ 9781780236414/ Price:ĘG 8.99
Book Cover The fastest animal alive, the falcon deserves attention not just for the combination of speed, power, beauty and ferocity that have made it an object of fascination for thousands of years, but for the light it sheds on the cultures through which it has flown. This book, bridging science and cultural history, surveys the practical and symbolic uses of falcons in human culture in new and exciting ways. Bestselling natural history writer Helen Macdonald follows the movements of the falcon, her personal experience and knowledge of falconry enriching the history and lore of this bird of prey. She ranges across the globe and over many millennia, taking in natural history, myth and legend, falconry, science and conservation, and falcons in the military, in urban settings and the corporate world. Along the way we discover how falcons were mobilized in secret military projects, their links with espionage, the Third Reich and the space programme, and even how they have featured in erotic stories. Originally published in 2006, this new format edition features a new introduction. Combining in-depth practical, personal and scientific knowledge, Macdonald offers a fascinating account of the place of these birds in human history. Falcon is for lovers of the countryside, birdwatchers or anyone fascinated by these captivating birds.
  Louise M. Pryke/ 9781780235929/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover From the dawn of civilization, scorpions have captured the human imagination. Yet the scorpion is a misunderstood animal with a bad reputation that overshadows its many exceptional qualities. Older than dinosaurs, these small arthropods have survived for hundreds of millions of years with very few changes to their form, populating every continent °V with the exception of Antarctica. Although humans and scorpions have coexisted for thousands of years, the image of the scorpion retains a sense of danger and mystery. This book explores the diverse cultural symbolism of scorpions, from prehistoric times until today.
  Matthew Gandy/ 9781780235851/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover Unlike their gaudy day-?ying cousins, moths seem to reside in the shadows as denizens of the night, circling around street lights or caught momentarily in the glare of car headlights on a country lane. There are, however, many more species of day-?ying moths than there are of butter?ies, and as for colours and patterns, many moths rival or even exceed butter?ies in the dazzling range of their markings. The study of moths formed an integral part of early natural history and many thousands of drawings, paintings and physical specimens remain in museum collections. In recent years there has been a renewed surge of interest in moths facilitated by advances in digital photography, the Web-based dissemination of scienti?c expertise and new cartographic projects that enable direct collaboration between amateur experts and scienti?cally framed research projects. The rich history of vernacular names speaks to the signi?cant place of moths in early cultures of nature: names such as the Merveille du Jour, the Green-brindled Crescent and the Clifden Nonpareil evoke a sense of wonder that connects disparate ?elds such as folklore, the history of place and early scienti?c texts.
  Philip Armstrong/ 9781780235936/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover The Egyptians worshipped them, the Romans dressed them in ?tted coats, early Christians made the shepherd synonymous with their divine saviour. In Sheep, Philip Armstrong traces the natural and cultural history of both the wild and domestic species of Ovis: from the Old World mou?on to the corkscrew-horned ?ocks of the Egyptians, to the °•Trojan sheep°¶ of Homer°¶s Odyssey, to the vast migratory mobs of Spanish merinos °V all the way to Dolly the cloned ewe and the sheep-human hybrids of Haruki Murakami. Above all else, Sheep demonstrates that sometimes the most mundane animals turn out to be the most surprising.
  Dickenson, Victoria/ 9781780234892/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover From swimming alongside our kayaks, canoes, coracles and boats to gliding through the shadowy waters of remote seas, seals, with their playful and inquisitive natures, have long interacted with humans and played a part in our shared history with animals. Seal explores the natural and cultural history of this marine mammal who has piqued and delighted human interest since ancient times, from performing in Roman spectacles to appearing in contemporary zoos and animal rescue centres. Seals, sea lions, fur seals and walruses are so distinctive that biologists have classified them as members of a unique order, the Pinnipedia, yet our relationship with each distinctive seal species varies. We have for centuries hunted some seals for their skin, oil and meat. In the twentieth- and twenty-first century the hunt has become a focus for global protest, and the white-furred baby seal has evolved into one of the most powerful symbols for animal welfare and conservation. From selkie legends to the seal hunt, this beautifully illustrated book will both enlighten and captivate readers.
  Dodd, Adam/ 9781780234885/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover Beetle relates this resilient insect°¶s emergence from the °•Great Dying°¶ extinction event some 250 million years ago, showing how it became a permanent fixture in the natural world, thriving in the inhabitation of niches. Inspiring early occult beliefs and religious myths, the beetle also finds its way into art, folklore, literature and science. Dodd uncovers the beetle°¶s ongoing place in the aesthetic appreciation of nature, and shows how knowledge of beetle anatomy is assisting the development of cutting-edge cybernetics, blurring the boundary between science and fiction.
Ecology and Prevention of Lyme Borreliosis
  Willem Takken/ 9789086862931/ Price:EUR 99.00
Book Cover How can nature be protected and biodiversity be preserved while the threats of zoonotic diseases are minimised? Expanding nature areas and creating ecological networks across Europe is not only beneficial for wildlife, but also for the pathogens they carry. A prominent case is Lyme borreliosis, which has risen from relative obscurity to become a major public health problem in Europe. The Dutch research program 'Shooting the messenger' took a 'One Health' approach aiming at the development of sustainable measures for the prevention of Lyme borreliosis. An interdisciplinary network of researchers, public health experts, and nature managers gained and shared knowledge in the ecological processes of ticks, Lyme spirochaetes and their vertebrate hosts as well as in the human epidemiology of tick bites and Lyme borreliosis. These new insights, together with new intervention methods and strategies, are described in this book.
Phytate Destruction: Consequences for Precision Animal Nutrition
  I. Kuhn/ 9789086862900/ Price:EUR 70.00
Book Cover Incorporating research chapters from academic authors around the world, this book focuses on the most recent scientific advances in understanding phytate; both IP6 and its esters. It examines phytate degradation patterns in the gastrointestinal tract, and investigates the relevance of gut microbiome and endogenous phosphatases on phytate breakdown, as well as regulation and functions of inositol diphosphates IP3, IP4, and IP7, IP8. It also identifies recommendations for formulating for minerals and amino acids in the presence of phytate, including the effects of phytase on protein bioavailability, and the impact of digestible Ca and P in both swine and poultry. This leading science and research is coupled with real-world pragmatism, including a focus on what industry stakeholders are currently doing to counter dietary phytate, and an overview of the role of nutrition in respect of bone health, meat quality, welfare, and antibiotic free production. As such, the content is relevant for scientists, nutritionists and producers alike.
When Vectors Collide with Cultures: 'Anthropo-Vector Ecology', Who is Controlling Who?: Book of Abstracts of the 20th European Society for Vector Ecology Conference 2016 2016
  Scientific Committee/ 9789086862917/ Price:EUR 35.00
Book Cover The 20th European Society for Vector Ecology Conference 2016 wants to draw attention to the impact and importance of vectors and vector-borne diseases on landscapes inhabited by human beings and how to make this paradigm most effective to benefit public health. Session subjects are: invasive species: ecology and their potential role as vectors; citizen science and social approaches on vector control; epidemiology of vector-borne diseases and their vectors; ecology and behaviour of vectors; emerging vector-borne diseases and risk assessment; vector-pathogens interactions; taxonomy, systematic and phylogeny of vectors; and advance technologies on vector control.
Book of Abstracts of the 67th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production: Belfast, UK, 29 August - 1 September 2016 2016
  EAAP Scientific Committee/ 9789086862849/ Price:EUR 49.00
Book Cover This Book of Abstracts is the main publication of the 67th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production (EAAP). It contains abstracts of the invited papers and contributed presentations of the sessions of EAAP's nine Commissions: Animal Genetics, Animal Nutrition, Animal Management and Health, Animal Physiology, Cattle Production, Sheep and Goat Production, Pig Production, Horse Production and Livestock Farming Systems.
Proceedings of the 50th Congress of the International Society for Applied Ethology: Past and Future: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
  Cathy Dwyer/ 9789086862870/ Price:EUR 39.00
Book Cover This book contains the abstracts of the presentations presented at the 50th annual meeting of the International Society for Applied Ethology (ISAE), held in Edinburgh, UK. The enduring aim of the ISAE is to encourage and support basic and applied research into the behaviour of animals as related to their use by humans. Ever since a small group of veterinarians first met in Edinburgh to form the Society of Veterinary Ethology (SVE), inspirational ethologists and veterinarians have helped shape the field of Applied Ethology. Scientists such as Niko Tinbergen, Karl Von Frisch and Konrad Lorenz, joint awardees of the 1973 Nobel Prize in physiology and medicine, have played an important part in helping to develop this subject. The 2016 ISAE conference will bring together applied ethologists from all over the world to share new discoveries and to discuss ways forward, under the general conference theme of 'Past and Future: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants'.
Animals and Us: 50 Years and More of Applied Ethology
  Jennifer A. Brown/ 9789086862825/ Price:EUR 65.00
Book Cover his book celebrates the history and science of applied ethology, and commemorates the 50th anniversary of the International Society for Applied Ethology. Through themes such as human-animal interaction, play behaviour, cognition, evolutionary theory and the relationship between applied ethology and animal welfare science, the book examines why ethologists are so passionate about their work, and why this field remains more exciting now than ever. Chapter authors include world renowned ethologists such as Don Broom, Ian Duncan, Ruth Newberry, and many others. The history of the ISAE and development of the field is presented with engaging profiles of founding members and pioneers in the field. New methods and emerging issues in behaviour research are discussed, along with the development of ethology around the globe. The book concludes with thoughts on future directions for applied ethology in addressing global issues of animal production, welfare, biodiversity, and the role of the ISAE.
Parasitology in Veterinary Medicine
  Peter Deplazes/ 9789086862740/ Price:EUR 99.00
Book Cover The book allows easy and structured learning by providing a clear outline of the subject matter and practical chapter summaries. All relevant protozoa, helminths and arthropods that cause parasitic diseases or act as vectors of pathogens are presented. Overviews of treatment and control measures are given per animal species and enables rapid contextual orientation. Zoonotic and food-borne parasites are also discussed. Memorable life cycles of parasites and excellent colour photographs of the clinical symptoms and pathological changes illustrate the contents. Diagnostic panels allow for rapid differentiation of the developmental stages under the microscope. In the glossary numerous technical terms are defined and explained etymologically.
The End of Animal Life: A Start for Ethical Debate; Ethical and Societal Considerations on Killing Animals
  Franck L. B. Meijboom/ 9789086862603/ Price:EUR 70.00
Book Cover Killing animals is common practice, yet it is not morally neutral. The end of animal life is related to many societal and ethical questions and concerns. Questions such as how long should we continue to treat an animal before putting it down? But also the question whether it could be legitimate to kill individual animals for the welfare of the herd or of future generations. The ongoing public and academic discussions on these, and on other well-known questions like those related to the killing of animals for food or for scientific purposes, show that there is no one standard evaluation of animal life. This book is an edited volume that enables the reader to get a grip on that plurality of views with regard to animals. It helps to deal with the many questions related to the end of animal life. The chapters show how the plurality of views on killing animals is related to moral presuppositions by providing a clear overview of the ethical views on end-of-life decisions. Furthermore, the book contains a number of applied studies of the ethical questions related to killing animals in various practices, including small animal practice, wildlife management, fishing and fish farming, animal experimentation and livestock farming. These chapters can help veterinarians, scientists, students, policy makers and many other professionals working with animals to easily get a good overview of the issues at stake, and may contribute to responsible decision-making with regard to the end of animal life.
VSE05-440 Handbook of Laboratory Animal Bacteriology.
  Hansen, Axel K./ 9781482215441/ Price:ĘG 95.99
Book Cover Highlights of the second edition: °EFocuses on modern sequencing techniques based on molecular identification °EReorganizes content according to modern systematics based on new identification methods °EPresents new chapters on mechanisms behind bacterial impact on animal models and on the systematic classification of bacteria °EProvides information on a range of bacteria interfering with animal models for human disease, not only for those bacteria which cause disease in laboratory animal colonies °EIncludes new figures in color and with enhanced resolution The book is essential reading for those interested in the management of organisms known to interfere with the colony health of rabbits and rodents used in research protocols°Xincluding facility managers, clinical veterinarians, veterinary pathologists, and researchers.
SE05-450 Intestinal Health: Key to Maximise Growth Performance in Livestock.
  Verstegen, Martin/ 9789076998916/ Price:EUR 89.00
Book Cover This book °ßIntestinal health: Key to maximise growth performance in livestock°® reviews the changes in livestock production and some of the clinical and sub-clinical disease challenges faced in pig, poultry or ruminant production. The book discusses bacterial challenges such as E.coli, Salmonella. Clostridia and Campylobacter, as well as viral diseases such as circovirus or avian influenza. One of the key elements in determining intestinal health is the use of molecular technologies in determining the composition of the intestinal microflora in poultry, pigs and ruminants. The interaction between innate, cellular and humoral immunity and the effects on antigen recognition and immune response will impact overall performance and ultimately the profit for producers. The understanding of Glycomics and the role of carbohydrates in cell-to-cell communication is crucial in overcoming sub-clinical challenges in modern livestock production.
SE05-450 The Gestating and Lactating Sow.
  Farmer, Chantal/ 9789086862535/ Price:EUR 95.00
Book Cover The last book on the lactating sow was published over 15 years ago. This new book brings us up to date in current knowledge on the gestating and lactating sow. It covers new and important topics such as conditioning of gilts for optimal reproductive performance, feeding high fibre diets to gestating sows and providing various fat sources in gestation and lactation. It also describes the several key success factors to group-housing systems in gestation, which is a must due to the current move towards group-housing. The new concept of transition feeding for sows is discussed, as well as the factors involved in mammary development of gilts and sows, both of which are instrumental for maximum colostrum and/or milk yields. The impact of the human-animal interactions on sow welfare and performance is discussed with focus on new handling practices that could be developed to overbalance the negative interactions inherent to pig management systems. Updates on must-have topics, such as amino acid and energy requirements of sows, colostrum and milk yield and composition, and sow health are also provided. The subjects covered in this book will assist animal scientists, nutritionists, veterinarians and swine producers in learning the most recent information on relevant and current topics affecting sow production, and in knowing which areas are in need of further research efforts.
SE05-450 Equine Nutrition: INRA Nutrient Requirements, Recommended Allowances and Feed Tables.
  Martin-Rosset, William/ 9789086862375/ Price:EUR 94.00
Book Cover The feed tables list 169 roughages and 71 concentrates feeds. Data have been derived from digestion trials on horses, carried out at INRA and measurements of voluntary intake for most of the forages. This book also deals with several distinct pedagogic tools dedicated to end-users: 'equineration', a guide to 'body condition scoring in horse' and 'Equine Rami' for horse grazing and farming management.
SE05-450 Indirect Calorimetry: Techniques, Computations and Applications.
  Gerrits, Walter/ 9789086862610/ Price:EUR 79.00
Book Cover This book provides a scientific basis for indirect calorimetry, dealing with smart ways to design calorimeters, gas measurements and computational techniques to deal with complex data. Novel techniques allow the connection between short term changes in energy expenditure, protein turnover and substrate oxidation, e.g. using stable isotopes. Various applications of indirect calorimetry are addressed, including heat production measurements in growing animals, hatching eggs, companion animals and in animals housed under heat stress conditions. In addition, various ways of measuring methane emissions are discussed.
  Miller, Alyce/ 9781780234908/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover Skunk offers a shaded depiction of this complex creature, giving an account of their biological significance and diverse role in society in an accessible, humorous way. Whether you believe skunks to be friend or foe, Skunk offers new insights and analysis, and has much to say both to specialists and armchair admirers of these beautiful, intriguing, and distinctive animals.
  Turner, Angela/ 9781780234915/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover Known as heralds of spring and beautiful, elegant flyers, swallows are among the most beloved of familiar birds. Because they return with the spring, swallows have long been associated with the renewal of life, love, fidelity and fertility, while their ability to travel incredible distances has given them associations with freedom and speed. That freedom, however, hasn°¶t kept them from becoming familiar figures in villages and towns. Unlike many animals, these birds have benefited from their close relationship with humans. They often appear to seek out our company; barn swallows have taken advantage of our buildings to make new nesting sites and purple martins use backyard nest boxes. However, as we encroach on their natural habitat, some swallow populations have dwindled to the point of extinction. Bringing together an intriguing mixture of biology, mythology and legend, Swallow is a cultural and natural history that will delight the many fans of these popular birds.
  Kight, Caitlin R./ 9781780234250/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover Flamingo introduces the history of the bird, its behaviour and habitats and discusses why it has become such an iconic animal. It reveals how the birds get their extraordinary colour, and details the significance they have had in world cultures, whether as a spiritual totem or a commercial symbol of the tropical life.
Guinea Pig.
  Yamamoto, Dorothy/ 9781780234267/ Price:ĘG 9.99
Book Cover Guinea Pig is the first book of its kind to take an in-depth look at the fascinating history of guinea pig and human interaction. It examines guinea pigs in their role as pets, their use as sacrificial offerings to Inca gods, the breeding of °•fancy°¶ guinea pigs and the farming and eating of the animals throughout Andean countries. It also details the history of the guinea pig as an experimental subject °V the term now applied to anyone who participates in a scientific study or test.
  Rogers, Janine/ 9781780233376/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover A symbol of power, divinity, war, justice, cruelty °V for millennia the eagle has been one of the most important symbols in the human imagination. Exploring the rich history of this bird of prey and its portrayal in art, film, literature, and poetry, Eagle explains how this emblematic creature fulfils a diversity of roles in cultures around the world.
  Poliquin, Rachel/ 9781780234236/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover With their unique scaly tail, chainsaw teeth, powerful scent and astonishing architectural prowess, beavers are unlike any other creature in the world. Not surprisingly, the beaver has played a fascinating role in human history. Beaver explores the lives and characteristics of these exceptional creatures, from their soft fur to their architecture and their ecological transformations, revealing beavers to be survivors capable of withstanding ice ages, major droughts and predators, except one: humans.
  Morris, Desmond/ 9781780234243/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover Bison once ranged across the Great Plains of North America in vast herds °V early eighteenth-century explorers described them as °•innumerable°¶ °V and at the beginning of the nineteenth century they numbered in the tens of millions. However, during the next century or so humans were responsible for the bison°¶s near extinction in North America, slaughtering an estimated 50 million for their meat, pelts and fur, reducing the bison population to less than a thousand by 1890. Hunting of bison became so prevalent that travellers on longhaul trips in the Midwest would shoot them from their trains.
  Hinson, Joy/ 9781780233383/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover This book traces the history of the animal, moving from its evolution through its domestication and global spread to the role of goats in the modern world. It considers in particular the harm done by the indiscriminate importing of tamed goats, which formed huge feral populations on the Galapagos Islands and Australia, for example. It considers the place of goat products in both the culinary and medical traditions of the world, from the time of Pliny the Elder, who recommended pouring goat urine into the ear as a cure for neck pain, to the use of a bezoar stone as an antidote to poison. Goat also explores the connections between goats and wrongdoing and questions whether the goat really deserves its reputation for promiscuity and lasciviousness.
  Carroll, Georgie/ 9781780233390/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover Mice are accomplished survivors, having colonized six of the world°¶s continents and even travelled into space. As one of the earth°¶s smallest prey, the mouse represents courage, perseverance and adaptability. Examining the evolution, species, habitats and behaviours of mice, Georgie Carroll also surveys the depiction of mice in art, myth, literature and folklore, considering how they are held in divine regard in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Carroll also delves into the integral place mice hold within the modern scientific endeavour °V that of the laboratory animal. Telling the story of this beguiling creature in rich detail, Mouse is an intriguing look at an animal we have worshipped, tested, slaughtered, loved and loathed.
  Justice, Daniel H./ 9781780233369/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover Viewed as fierce, menacing or mysterious, badgers have been both admired and reviled throughout human history. Their global reputation for ferocious self-defence has led to brutalization by hunters and sport-seekers; their association with the mythic underworld has made them symbols of earth-based wisdom and steadfast tradition; their burrowing and predation habits have resulted in widespread persecution as pests or public nuisances. Whether as living animals, abstract symbols or commercial resources, badgers have fascinated humans for thousands of years °V though often to the animals°¶ detriment.
  Graham Barwell/ 9781780231914/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover The albatross inspires awe by its remarkable ease in the air and its huge wingspan, as well as the huge journeys these birds undertake across the oceans. Albatross looks at the place of these iconic birds in a wide variety of human cultures, from early responses by north Atlantic mariners to modern encounters.
Trends in Game Meat Hygiene: From Fforest to Fork.
  Paulsen, P./ 9789086862382/ Price:EUR 85.00
Book Cover Game meat, previously often considered as an 'exotic' food, or being relevant only in remote regions, is becoming increasingly popular. In order to provide sufficient quantities of nutritious, wholesome and safe game meat, a number of measures have to be implemented along the food chain- from the forest/field or fenced area where the animals are harvested, to the point of consumption. These involve monitoring and control of diseases of game animals transmissible to man, technology and hygiene of game meat processing and specifics of products manufactured from game meat. This book combines 30 contributions of various experts in the field, addressing four main topics: i.e. 'hygiene and management of microbial contamination in fresh meat from game', 'zoonoses and epidemiology', 'risk assessment and quality assurance along the game meat chain' and 'quality issues in game meat products'. The focus on Europe is expanded by presenting specifics of the game meat chain in African and Asian regions, with a view to provide information on 'bushmeat' consumed by the indigenous population. Similar to the first volume in this series, this volume follows a 'from forest to fork' approach and is targeted at scientists in academia and industry, graduate students as well as at governmental officials in veterinary public health and food safety.
Cattle Husbandry in Eastern Europe and China: Structure, Development Paths and Optimization
  Kuipers, Abele/ 9789086862320/ Price:EUR 68.00
This book presents an analysis of the dairy and associated sector developments in Eastern Europe and China. The transition in cattle husbandry in Eastern Europe, resulting in enormous structural changes, but not in an increased production volume, is different from emerging countries, like China, where traditional small scale farming goes together with the remodelling or start of mega farms. Capacity building by means of cooperation appears to be hindered by historical experience. Farm development paths were studied in more depth in Poland, Lithuania and Slovenia using detailed farmer surveys. Farmers? strategies, availability of resources, and opportunities and threats were analyzed, and interactive group trainings in strategic management were part of the analysis. The results are presented here. Although farmers showed similar wishes concerning farm development, the local environment and policies determines the degree of achievement. Farm fragmentation, the high percentage of rented land and availability of suitable labour are major constraints. Future EU policies are a concern but new technologies are embraced. This book is a must for those interested in the transition in Eastern Europe. It is indispensible to consultants, marketers, companies, farm leaders and government officials in agriculture.
  Warwick, Hugh/ 9781780232751/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover Hedgehog explores how this and other characteristics of the small creature have propelled it to the top of a number of polls of people°¶s favourite animals. It remains one of the few creatures that people can get close to without the fear of an attack, or it running away at the slightest movement. Hedgehog demonstrates that there is much to admire about this beautiful, and now threatened, icon of wildlife.
  Miller, John/ 9781780232911/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover Walrus explores the intriguing and affecting history of an animal that remains on the frontline of contemporary conservation debates. Commercial walrus hunting was banned in the 1930s, and today only subsistence hunting is permitted, yet the mammal still faces an uncertain future. Shrinking pack-ice caused by global warming is causing serious problems for walrus herds, while the exploitation of arctic oil and gas resources puts further pressure on the animals. This important book combines natural, cultural and environmental histories to offer a refreshing and wonderfully illustrated account of the much-loved mammal. Walrus foregrounds the ethical dilemmas they embody, such as the continuing and intensifying conflict between the developed world and indigenous interests, and the impact of global warming on arctic animals.
  Desmond Morris/ 9781780232799/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover n Leopard, renowned zoologist Desmond Morris shows all sides of the animal°¶s character: its athletic elegance, its predatory skill, its wary shyness, its cunning intelligence, its parental devotion and its preference for solitary living, even its capacity to seek revenge. Morris traces the evolution of leopards, their role in circuses, and how we are now making strides in their conservation. He also describes their rich symbolism, and looks at the leopard print in fashion, both haute couture and downmarket, as well as the leopard in art, literature, film and popular culture.
  Dickenson, Victoria/ 9781780231815/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover In this richly illustrated book, Victoria Dickenson explores the natural and cultural history of this most familiar creature, from the giant extinct rabbits of Minorca to the tiny endangered Volcano rabbits of Mexico. The rabbit is prey, chased by enemies from eagles to foxes to domestic cats. But it is also trickster, who outwits all rivals and escapes every trap. The rabbit is lucky, and its foot will charm away evil. It is suitable as a cuddly companion for children but also as a symbol of unbridled animal passion. From Peter Rabbit to B°¶rer Rabbit to Watership Down and the Energizer Bunny, rabbits inhabit our imaginations.
  Schweid, Richard/ 9781780231778/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Book Cover The octopus is generally acknowledged to be the most intelligent invertebrate in the world. Octopus relates both what is known and unknown about the mind of an octopus, as well as detailing the animal°¶s remarkable natural history. Octopus also documents the long and multi-faceted relationship between human and cephalopod. It shows how, over the millennia some cultures have regarded octopuses as erotic totems, while others have considered them symbols of the darkest evil, or nothing more than a tasty meal. The role of the octopus in the global fish and seafood industry, and in far-flung cuisines, is also examined. The octopus has always fascinated people, and this book will immerse readers in its amazing world.
Beastly London: A History of Animals in the City.
  Velten, Hannah/ 9781780231679/ Price:ĘG 29.00
Book Cover Londoners once shared their homes with all kinds of animals °V pets, livestock and vermin °V and the streets were full of horses, cattle and the animal entertainers that performed to passers-by. Animals from all corners of the globe were imported through London°¶s docks and exotic beasts became popular attractions at venues such as the Zoological Gardens or lived in the private menageries of kings and naturalists. The city°¶s residents were entertained by performing fleas, mathematically gifted horses and dancing bears, as well as more bloodthirsty pursuits such as shooting and dog- and cockfights. In the Victorian age the city, not before time, became the birthplace of animal welfare societies and animal rights campaigns. Yet just as conditions gradually improved for the beasts of London, markets, slaughterhouses and dairies began to be moved to the suburbs, and the automobile eventually replaced the horse. The number of resident animals fell, and they are no longer a large part of everyday life in the capital °V apart from a stalwart few, such as pets, pigeons and pests. Beastly London explores the complex and changing relationship between Londoners of all backgrounds and their animal neighbours, and reveals how animals helped to shape the city°¶s economic, social and cultural history.
Applied Equine Nutrition and Training: Equine Nutrition and Training Conference. (Enutraco) 2013
  Lindner, Arno/ 9789086862405/ Price:EUR 45.00
This book describes recent developments in nutrition and training in sports horses. Special attention is given to the equine musculoskeletal system with a focus on tendons, a tissue frequently injured in sports horses. Experts in the field of exercise and medical sciences - working both with equine and human athletes - provide reviews on how to improve training and rehabilitation of tendons. Interrelated topics, such as riding balance, oxidative stress, welfare, exercise physiology and boot design are also covered in the book. The book will be of interest to anyone working in the field of equine sport and veterinary science.
Applied Ethology: Understanding Behaviour to Improve Livelihood: Proceedings of the 47th Congress of the International Society for Applied Ethology.
  Hotzel, Maria J./ 9789086862252/ Price:EUR 34.00
Book Cover
Livestock Housing: Modern Management to Ensure Optimal Health and Welfare of Farm Animals.
  Aland, Andres/ 9789086862177/ Price:EUR 84.00
Book Cover Appropriate housing that promotes excellent health and high welfare for different livestock species is an essential aspect of sustainable animal production. The appropriate design of livestock buildings is a fast changing and ever improving professional endeavour. This book is set out to review the ?current best practice management? in relation to all key design elements of livestock buildings. It is important to manage these buildings correctly to generate environmental conditions that will enhance the health and welfare of livestock, the health of farm workers and people living near farming operations. 'Livestock housing' is written for all those who are involved in managing the health and welfare conditions of housed livestock on commercial farms, including farm workers, animal scientists, veterinarians, agricultural engineers and of course students. Contributions have been solicited from highly respected specialists from around the world. All key areas of housing management are reviewed, including feeding, watering, ventilation and waste management systems. Furthermore, issues such as the control of emissions, role of bedding, maintenance of hygiene, the management of thermal and aerial environment as well as the use of modern technological tools in the service of livestock management are discussed. This book provides a unique forum for leading international experts to convey up-to-date information to professionals involved in modern animal production.
Improving Farm Animal Welfare: Science and Society Working Together: the Welfare Quality Approach.
  Blokhuis, Harry/ 9789086862160/ Price:EUR 54.00
Book Cover This book synthesises the huge body of work carried out by the largest ever international network of scientists and stakeholders in Welfare Quality. It describes some of the obstacles encountered and their solution and why particular paths were chosen. It also clearly sets out what still needs to be done and presents selected strategies and technologies (automation, proxy indicators, targeting of risk factors, etc.) designed to ensure the continued improvement of welfare and its assessment. The book provides a valuable source of knowledge on farm animal welfare for social and animal scientists, students, teachers, policy makers, lobby groups and the animal industry.
  Gott, Ted/ 9781780230290/ Price:ĘG 12.95
In Gorilla, Tedd Gott and Kathryn Weir provide a compelling and sometimes disturbing account of our relationship with this noble, intelligent animal. From Tarzan to King Kong, they track the gorilla through the history of expeditionary narratives, literature and film, where it has acted as a screen upon which fears of sexuality, theories of criminality and narratives of humanity°¶s relationship with primates have been projected.
  Kirk, Robert G./ 9781780230337/ Price:ĘG 12.95
In Leech, Robert G. W. Kirk and Neil Pemberton explore how this creature repeatedly surfaces throughout human history, featuring in radically different practices; from the humoral medicine of the ancients to twenty-first-century cosmetic surgery, from nineteenth-century meteorological barometer to twentieth-century biomedical tool that helped to win a Nobel Prize, the leech has been often present and always surprising.
  Williams, Edgar/ 9781780230399/ Price:ĘG 12.95
In addition to its sheer physical presence, the ostrich has long been an object of curiosity and fascination, becoming a byword for passivity while being feared for its aggression. It has featured in art, literature, film and popular culture, been represented in cave paintings, ancient medieval manuscripts and the Bayeux Tapestry, shown in advertising and drawn as a cartoon character in many modern films.
  Fletcher, John/ 9781780230887/ Price:ĘG 12.95
In this book the reader will learn about the evolution of the deer, as well as why deer grow and cast aside their antlers each year. The book also describes how rulers from Caesar to Napoleon placed collars on deer, and how today deer feature prominently in films.
  Alan Rauch/ 9781780230894/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Humans love dolphins, and dolphins, it seems, love us: they have been known to encircle swimmers under attack by sharks. Yet although we think we know dolphins well, in fact most people are quite ill-informed about how they evolved, how they function as organisms and how they have interacted with humans for millennia. Dolphin offers a comprehensive view of the animal, describing both its remarkable zoology and its social and cultural history.
  Dan Wylie/ 9781780230870/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Crocodiles have never been, and never will be, allies of humankind. In innumerable songs, stories, legends and myths, the crocodile is a symbol of pitiless predation and insatiable appetite; the word most often used to describe crocodiles and their habitats is °•infested°¶. In Crocodile, Dan Wylie tracks the 23 recognized crocodilian species across every continent bar Antarctica. He explores the crocodile in myths, artworks and literatures around the world, from Egypt and India, through Africa and Australia, to the Mayans and the Malaysians. Wylie demonstrates that although crocodiles °V more accurately, crocodilians, which include the alligators, caimans and gharials °V are most commonly associated with ferocity, repugnance and deceit, they have surprisingly often been respected and revered in human history.
  Morris, Desmond/ 9781780230962/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Monkey explores our relationship throughout history with this most playful and familiar of creatures. As humans, we tend to see monkeys as trivial or comic creatures; indeed our dictionaries define °•monkeying°¶ as tampering, interfering and playing mischievous, foolish tricks. Yet it is the very playfulness inherent in our ancient monkey ancestors that underlies our success as a species. Over millions of years, we evolved from those scampering, chattering, intelligent, treetop-living creatures. Their inborn urge to explore became the bedrock of our sophisticated innovations; their love of activity became our industrious pursuit of knowledge. We owe a great debt to our monkey ancestors.
SE05-414 The Laboratory Ferret.
  Matchett, C. A./ 9781439861813/ Price:ĘG 48.99
SE05-411 Equine Pediatric Medicine.
  Bernard, William/ 9781840760811/ Price:ĘG 135.00
Animal Farming and Environmental Interactions in the Mediterranean Region.
  Isabel Casasus/ 9789086861842/ Price:EUR 78.00
Livestock production systems are the result of an interaction between domestic animals and the environment, modulated by man, that dates back to Neolithic times. As a consequence of this interaction among the wide diversity of animal resources, natural habitats and population needs, very different farming systems have developed across the Mediterranean Basin. Understanding the mechanisms and effects of these relationships is key to design the farming systems best adapted to each condition, guaranteeing an adequate balance between target animal production and environmental outcomes provided by these systems. This is indeed a multidimensional topic, influenced by animal genetics, feeding resources, flock management, and economic and social aspects inside and outside the household. Therefore, this book focuses on the basis of the animal-environment interactions and the impact of human activities on the type and magnitude of these interactions. In this context, the issue of sustainability of livestock production is evaluated considering economic, social and environmental aspects. This book contributes to upgrade the state of the art in Mediterranean conditions, providing indicators and procedures of application across a wide range of systems, and hence of interest for researchers, students and professionals concerned with livestock production and the environment.
Ecology of Parasite-Vector Interactions.
  Takken, Willem/ 9789086861880/ Price:EUR 94.00
Book Cover Vector-borne diseases continue to be one of the most important determinants affecting human and animal health. Large numbers of people suffer from diseases like malaria, dengue, filariasis and leishmaniasis, especially in the tropics. Whereas these diseases were eradicated from the temperate climate zones, in recent years the rising incidence of 'emerging' vector-borne diseases such as bluetongue, West Nile Virus, Lyme disease, tick-borne encephalitis and the recent outbreaks of chikungunya and dengue in southern Europe provide evidence that these diseases are resilient and can disperse to other regions and continents where before they were not present or relevant. Many tools for the management of vector-borne diseases are currently under pressure because of increasing drug and insecticide resistance, as well as the realization of biological variation of parasites and vectors and their ecosystems. At the same time, progress in our understanding of genetics, immunology, population biology and epidemiology allow for a better understanding of parasite-vector interactions. Here the state-of-the-art of these interactions is being reviewed, and means for using this information for advanced strategies of vector-borne disease control are proposed. This 3rd edition of ECVD aims to provide a rapid overview of recent developments in the field of parasite-vector interactions and how this can be used for more effective and sustainable disease control.
Animal Encounters: Human and Animal Interaction in Britain from the Norman Conquest to World War I.
  MacGregor, Arthur/ 9781861898494/ Price:ĘG 40.00
Animal Encounters draws on the author°¶s lifetime interest in the fields of art history, topographical literature, archaeology, history and archaeozoology to provide an overview of the evolving relations between the human and animal populations of the British Isles from the Norman Conquest to World War I. In this very readable, instructive and well-illustrated narrative, Arthur MacGregor explores the animal kingdom from bees to horses, and the range of human activities, from pigeon-breeding to bear-baiting, that show how interdependent the animal°Vhuman relationship has been throughout history. Animal Encounters will have a broad appeal, aimed at all those with sympathy for and an interest in the animal world.
  Annie Potts/ 9781861898586/ Price:ĘG 9.99
In Chicken Annie Potts introduces us to the vivid and astonishing world of Gallus gallus. The book traces the evolution of jungle fowl and the domestication of chickens by humans. It describes the ways in which chickens experience the world, form families and friendships, communicate with each other, play, bond and grieve. Chicken explores cultural practices like egg-rolling, the cockfight, alectromancy, wishbone-pulling and the chicken-swinging ritual of Kapparot; discovers depictions of chickenhood in ancient and modern art, literature and film; and also showcases bizarre supernatural chickens from around the world including the Basilisk, Kikimora and Pollio Maligno. Chicken concludes with a detailed analysis of the place of chickens in the world today, and a tribute to those who educate and advocate on behalf of these birds. This book will fascinate those already familiar with and devoted to the Gallus species, and it will open up a whole new gallinaceous world for admirers of the intelligent and passionate chicken.
  Todd, Kim/ 9781861898753/ Price:ĘG 12.95
In Sparrow, award-winning science and natural history writer Kim Todd explores the complex history, biology and literary tradition of this bird that embodies the word °•common°¶. In literature, the New Testament claimed that not a sparrow falls without God noting it; the idea of the precious sparrow developed from Hamlet to twentieth-century gospel hymns; the bold, defiant sparrow appears in many folk and fairy tales.
  Owen, James/ 9781861898777/ Price:ĘG 12.95
In telling its story the author follows the trout around the world; starting in Europe and North America, he then embarks for exotic new territories with a voyage that took the creature from England to Australia in the nineteenth century. Along the way, the author encounters a cast of characters as diverse as the trout itself, from obscure British saints and flyfishing nuns, to visionary inventors, jazz singers and counterculture novelists °V all united by this magical animal. Trout will delight and surprise anglers who have ever cast a fly to it, or anyone who has ever stopped to look in the water from a bridge, hoping for a tantalizing glimpse of this very special fish.
  Garry Marvin/ 9781861898791/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Wolf explores the ways in which indigenous hunting societies respected the wolf as a fellow hunter and how, with the domestication of animals, the wolf became regarded as an enemy because of attacks on livestock. Such attacks led to the wolf°¶s reputation as a creature of evil in many human cultures. Alone or in packs, farmers hated wolves. In children°¶s and other popular literature, they became the intruder from the wild preying on the innocent. So powerful is the image of the wolf in the human imagination that it became the creature that evil humans can transform into °V the dreaded werewolf. The book investigates the latest scientific understanding of the wolf, as well as its place in literature, history and folklore, and synthesises a huge range of material to offer insights into our changing attitudes to wolves.
  Sleigh, Charlotte/ 9781861899200/ Price:ĘG 12.95
From the metamorphosing fairytale Frog Prince and The Tale of Jeremy Fisher, to dissections in science class, to television°¶s Kermit, frogs are ever-present in our childhoods. Just what is it about this slimy creature that captures our imagination? While much attention has been paid to the scientific qualities of the frog, little has been said about the large role played by this slippery amphibian in art, literature and popular culture.
  Jones, Richard/ 9781861899231/ Price:ĘG 12.95
In Mosquito, Richard Jones recounts the history of mosquitoes°¶ relationship with mankind, and their transformation from a trivial gnat into a serious disease-carrying menace. Drawing on scientific fact, historical evidence, and literary evocation, the book provides a colourful portrait of this tiny insect and the notorious diseases it carries. Mosquito offers a compelling warning against the contemporary complacency surrounding malaria and other diseases in western society, whilst also exploring the sinister reputation of the insect in general. Written in an accessible style for a broad readership, this book will appeal to all those with an interest in tropical medicine and disease, as well as anyone pestered in the night by the annoying, familiar whine of this diminutive airborne adversary.
  Mikita Brottman/ 9781861899217/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Hyena takes us on a tour of the hyena throughout history, detailing the magic, myth and ritual associated with this remarkable animal. Although shrouded in taboo, the hyena has been the source of and inspiration for talismanic objects since the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. Many cultures use parts of the hyena °V from its excrement and blood to its genitalia and hair °V to make charms and totems that variously avert evil, promise virility and promote fertility. This book also considers portrayals of hyenas in modern popular culture, including The Lion King and The Life of Pi, in which they are often stereotyped as villains, cowardly henchmen or clowns, and their more impressive qualities ignored.
  Simons, John/ 9781861899224/ Price:ĘG 12.95
The book also explores the connections between visual representation, cultural meaning, and the current controversy in Australia surrounding kangaroo hunting and eating. Simons demonstrates how the diversity of the kangaroo has frequently been reduced to a single stereotype, and how such misrepresentations now threaten the future of the species.
Book of Abstracts of the 63rd Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production: Bratislava, Slovakia, 27-31 August 2012.
  / 9789086862061/ Price:EUR 52.00
This Book of Abstracts is the main publication of the 63nd Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production (EAAP), held August 27 to August 31, 2012 in Bratislava, Slovakia. It contains abstracts of the invited papers and contributed presentations. The meeting addressed subjects relating to science and innovation. Important problems were also discussed during the sessions of EAAP's nine Commissions: Animal Genetics, Animal Nutrition, Animal Management and Health, Animal Physiology, Cattle Production, Sheep and Goat Production, Pig Production, Horse Production and Livestock Farming Systems.
Quality of Life in Designed Environments: Proceedings of the 46th Congress of the Isae.
  Waiblinger, Susanne/ 9789086862047/ Price:EUR 34.00
Feed Efficiency in Swine.
  Patience, J. F/ 9789086862023/ Price:EUR 92.00
'Feed efficiency in swine' has been prepared as a comprehensive treatise on the current state of our understanding of this topic which is so important to the pork industry. Each chapter is written by international authorities who understand both the science and application of their topic area. The book provides detailed insight into the many factors affecting feed efficiency, ranging from diet processing to herd health, from nutrition to physiology and from day-to-day barn management to the adoption of advanced technologies. The authors explain such practical aspects as the challenge of interpreting feed efficiency information obtained on farm or the role of liquid feeding. The authors also delve into more scientific topics such as amino acid or energy metabolism or animal physiology. This book is written for people who have a technical interest in pork production, including nutritionists, geneticists, farm management specialists, veterinarians, other academics and, of course, pork producers.
Forages and Grazing in Horse Nutrition.
  Saastamoinen, Markku/ 9789086862009/ Price:EUR 90.00
Forages should be the basis of all diets in horse feeding. Therefore it is of major importance to determine which parameters will influence their quality. Changes on chemical composition along the vegetative cycle, nutrient losses during harvesting, preservation and storage are factors that could have an effect on nutritive value, as well on digestibility and palatability. A specific grazing and ingesting behaviour, linked to plant preferences and the selection of feeding sites will have an impact on biodiversity. This will determine the options on plant species and varieties and further management of pastures for horses. This book highlights the role of forages and grazing in horse nutrition and also gathers information about related topics, such as the contribution of local breeds for the sustainability and development of rural areas, their impact on landscape and relationships with environmental preservation. This book is the 6th volume in a scientific series conceived through the European Workshop on Equine Nutrition (EWEN) which falls under the umbrella of the Horse Commission of the European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP). All these materials provide an interesting basis for further discussion, not only in specialized forums, but also for those involved in horse production.
Climate Change and Sustainable Development: Ethical Perspectives on Land Use and Food Production.
  Potthast, Thomas/ 9789086861972/ Price:EUR 74.00
Book Cover Climate change is a major framing condition for sustainable development of agriculture and food. Global food production is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions and at the same time it is among the sectors worst affected by climate change. This book brings together a multidisciplinary group of authors exploring the ethical dimensions of climate change and food. Conceptual clarifications provide a necessary basis for putting sustainable development into practice. Adaptation and mitigation demand altering both agricultural and consumption practices. Intensive vs. extensive production is reassessed with regard to animal welfare, efficiency and environmental implications. Property rights play an ever-increasing role, as do shifting land-use practices, agro-energy, biotechnology, food policy to green consumerism. And, last but not least, tools are suggested for teaching agricultural and food ethics. Notwithstanding the plurality of ethical analyses and their outcome, it becomes apparent that governance of agri-food is faced by new needs and new approaches of bringing in the value dimension much more explicitly. This book is intended to serve as a stimulating collection that will contribute to the debate and reflection on the sustainable future of agriculture and food production in the face of global change.
Farm Animal Proteomics: Proceedings of the 3rd Managing Committee Meeting and 2nd Meeting of Working Groups 1, 2 & 3 of COST Action FA1002.
  Rodrigues, Pedro/ 9789086861958/ Price:EUR 50.00
The book encompasses a wide range of topics: from muscle and meat proteomics to acute phase proteins and proteomics in aquaculture, to name but a few. The book summarily presents the state of the art in farm animal proteomics research in Europe, providing readers with interesting examples of the applications of this set of advanced technologies as well as useful contact details of colleagues with expertise in the field. The book will be of interest to scientists at the cutting edge of animal and veterinary research who are currently, or are considering, analytical investigation and identification of protein in animal tissue and in pathogens in health and disease. Furthermore the book will provide an insight for proteomic specialists in demonstrating the breadth of applications that their technology can have in animal and food research.
VE05-18 Encyclopedia of Fish Physiology, 3-Vols/Set.
  Farrell, Anthony P./ 9780123745453/ Price:US$ 1490.00
Book Cover Fish form an extremely diverse group of vertebrates. At a conservative estimate at least 40% of the world's vertebrates are fish. On the one hand they are united by their adaptations to an aquatic environment and on the other they show a variety of adaptations to differing environmental conditions - often to extremes of temperature, salinity, oxygen level and water chemistry. They exhibit an array of behavioural and reproductive systems. Interesting in their own right, this suite of adaptive physiologies provides many model systems for both comparative vertebrate and human physiologists. This three volume encyclopedia covers the diversity of fish physiology in over 300 articles and provides entry level information for students and summary overviews for researchers alike. Broadly organised into four themes, articles cover Functional, Thematic, and Phylogenetic Physiology, and Fish Genomics. Functional articles address the traditional aspects of fish physiology that are common to all areas of vertebrate physiology including: Reproduction, Respiration, Neural (Sensory, Central, Effector), Endocrinology, Renal, Cardiovascular, Acid-base Balance, Osmoregulation, Ionoregulation, Digestion, Metabolism, Locomotion, and so on. Thematic Physiology articles are carefully selected and fewer in number. They provide a level of integration that goes beyond the coverage in the Functional Physiology topics and include discussions of Toxicology, Air-breathing, Migrations, Temperature, Endothermy, etc. Phylogenetic Physiology articles bring together information that bridges the physiology of certain groupings of fishes where the knowledge base has a sufficient depth and breadth and include articles on Ancient Fishes, Tunas, Sharks, etc. Genomics articles describe the underlying genetic component of fish physiology and high light their suitability and use as model organisms for the study of disease, stress and physiological adaptations and reactions to external conditions.
SE05-463 The Crossley ID Guide: Eastern Birds.
  Crossley, Richard/ 9780691147789/ Price:US$ 35.00
SE05-417 Animal Camouflage: Mechanisms and Function.
  Stevens, Martin/ 9780521199117/ Price:ĘG 79.99
SE05-402 NorFor - The Nordic Feed Evaluation System.
  Volden, Harald/ 9789086861620/ Price:EUR 70.00
NorFor is a semi-mechanistic feed evaluation system for cattle, which is used by advisors in Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. This book describes in detail the system and it covers five main sections. The first is concerned with information on feed characteristics, feed analysis and feed digestion methods. The second section describes the digestion and metabolism in the gastrointestinal tract and the supply and requirement of energy and metabolizable amino acids. The third section considers the prediction of feed intake and physical structure of the diet. The fourth section focuses on model evaluation and the final section provides information on the IT solutions and feed ration formulation by a non-linear economical optimization procedure. This book will be of significant interest to researchers, students and advisors of cattle nutrition and feed evaluation.
SE05-395 The Dissection of Vertebrates: A Laboratory Manual.
  Gerardo De Iuliis/ 9780123750600/ Price:US$ 59.95
SE05-394 Textbook of Veterinary Physiological Chemistry.
  Engelking, Larry R./ 9780123848529/ Price:US$ 89.95
Coco Chanel.
  Simon, Linda/ 9781861898593/ Price:ĘG 11.99
The name Chanel brings immediately to mind the signature scent of No. 5 and the understated but sophisticated glamour of a simple black dress and pearls. But to label Gabrielle °•Coco°¶ Chanel (1883°V1971) solely as a fashion designer is to overlook her social and cultural significance. Chanel was an iconoclastic entrepreneur, who rebelled against and manipulated gender expectations of her time. With her menswear-inspired designs, her loose jersey sweaters and her svelte, unadorned gowns, she changed women°¶s silhouettes, and became known as a champion of women°¶s freedom. From 1913, when she first opened a hat shop in the holiday resort of Deauville, until her death in 1971, Chanel sold more than just fashion °V she sold a myth that became as attractive to many women as her coveted outfits, accessories and perfumes.
Udder Health and Communication.
  Hogeveen, H./ 9789086861859/ Price:EUR 100.00
In dairy industries throughout the world there is a desire to optimize udder health. An improved udder health will lead to improved animal welfare, improved production efficiency and a reduction of the use of antibiotics. To improve udder health, first of all, technical knowledge on issues such as treatment, milking, infectious pressure and host resistance is important. However, over the years we learned that knowledge alone is not enough: knowledge has to be used. And for knowledge to be used, farmers have to be motivated. This requires knowledge about motivation and communication. In this book, recent knowledge on technical udder health issues is combined with knowledge on motivation and communication. A large number of descriptions of mastitis control programs that are being carried out worldwide is combined with more specific studies. These are aimed at effective advising, motivation and communication strategies, economics, and technical studies on mastitis control and prevention. Therefore, this book provides an applied source of information for all that are willing to improve udder health
Applied equine nutrition and training: Equine NUtrition and TRAining COnference (ENUTRACO) 2011.
  / 9789086861835/ Price:EUR 59.00
This book contains specialised information on the nutrition and training of the horse. Practical hints can be drawn from studies showing how apes indicate to us plants which have medicinal properties that can then be applied to equine treatment and also have an effect in nutraceuticals. Overviews are given on the potential of total mixed rations for the future of horse feeding and the practical feeding of obese horses and ponies. Nutrition considerations are given to avoid medical conditions. Methods used for performance diagnosis and training guidance of human athletes are applied here to equine management. In addition, training techniques which reduce the risk of back injury in the horse are explored and a review of the riders interaction with the horse is provided. Practical nutritional information acquired through research is applied to all aspects of managing endurance racehorses. Finally, expanded abstracts of original research are provided in very diverse fields of nutrition and training of horses. All those concerned with training, riding and feeding in the equine industry will benefit from the contents.
Book of Abstracts of the 62th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production.
  / 9789086861774/ Price:EUR 52.00
This Book of Abstracts is the main publication of the 62nd Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production (EAAP) held in Stavanger, Norway from 29 August - 2 September 2011. It contains abstracts of the invited papers and contributed presentations. The meeting addressed subjects relating to science and innovation. Also, important problems were discussed during the sessions of EAAP's nine Commissions: Animal Genetics, Animal Nutrition, Animal Management and Health, Animal Physiology, Cattle Production, Sheep and Goat Production, Pig Production, Horse Production and Livestock Farming Systems. In addition joint sessions on topics interesting several disciplines and species were included in the programme.
Scientific evaluation of behavior, welfare and enrichment.
  Pajor, Edmond A./ 9789086861798/ Price:EUR 34.00
This publication contains absctracts from the 45th Congress of the International Society for Applied Ethology 2011.
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on the Assessment of Animal Welfare at the Farm and Group Level.
  Widowski, Tina/ 9789086861828/ Price:EUR 34.00
Fibre Production in South American Camelids and Other Fibre Animals.
  Perez-cabal, Maangeles/ 9789086861729/ Price:EUR 54.00
This book, 'Fibre production in South American camelids and other fibre animals', covers the latest advances in the main fields of animals producing fibre. It deals with a wide scope of fibre animals and a great variety of subjects and is supported by the Animal Fibre Working Group belonging to the European Association of Animal Production. The book can be considered a valuable attempt to prepare the fibre production sector for rapid changes and innovations arising within a globalised world. The focus lies on fibre animals such as alpacas, llamas, vicunas and guanacos, but recent research on sheep, goats and rabbits is also included. The most important themes addressed are meat and fibre production, breeding and genetics, nutrition, reproduction, management, and health. Finally, the book closes with specialised discussions on fibre production related topics, which for example provide a more in-depth look at common management denominators between South American camelids and other fibre animals. The book addresses scientists, professionals, technicians, farmers, specialised governmental policy makers and students all around the world who are involved in fibre animal production (such as sheep, camelids, goats, or rabbits). This book will present them with the most current findings in this area.
VE05-17 Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior, 3-Vols/Set.
  Breed, Michael/ 9780080453330/ Price:US$ 965.00
This comprehensive work covers not only the usual topics such as communication, learning, sexual selection, navigation and the history of the field, but also emerging topics in cognition, animal welfare, conservation and applications of animal behavior. The large section on animal cognition brings together many of the world's experts on the subject to provide a thorough overview of this rapidly developing area. This authoritative reference, with its in-depth introductory articles, rich array of illustrations, interactive cross-referenced links, and numerous suggested readings, can guide the student to an expanded appreciation of the far-flung world of animal behavior. An invaluable tool for teaching and a source of enrichment and detail for any topic covered in an animal behavior course, The Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior is the definitive reference work in its field. Key Features *Comprehensive work which covers the usual topics along with emerging areas of animal behavior *This encyclopedia contains clear, accessible writing and is well illustrated, including an online video, complimenting a wealth of information. *As an online reference, this work will be subject to period updating. This ensures that the work always remains current. *Contains in-depth introductions to the material that make each well-illustrated section come alive with the best the new content the discipline has to offer *Glossary includes a compendium of behavioral terms that form a succinct mosaic of virtually every concept and phenomenon related to animal behavior *Section editors, drawn from around the world, represent the best and the brightest among today's behavioral biologists and have recruited a broad range of internationally recognized experts. *Editors-in-Chief are experienced scientists and writers who between them have authored or edited eight books and teach courses in animal behavior at their respective universities.
SE05-440 Small Animal Clinical Nutrition.
  Hand, Michael S./ 9780615297019/ Price:US$ 130.00
SE05-402 Local Cattle Breeds in Europe: Development of Policies and Strategies for Self-Sustaining Breeds.
  Hiemstra, Sipke J./ 9789086861446/ Price:EUR 41.00
The majority of cattle breeds in Europe are native or local breeds, usually characterised by a limited geographical distribution. The breeds have significant potential as they are carrying large amounts of genetic variation and have important cultural, historical, socio-economic and environmental values. 'Local cattle is living inheritance, old germplasm which shouldn't get lost', said one farmer. These breeds were once regionally the most popular ones, now many of them are 'at risk'. Hence, there is a need to (further) develop effective policies and strategies at national and European level to conserve and develop local cattle breeds and to promote their branded use. The European local cattle populations were a target in the EURECA project, co-funded by the European Commission. The aim was to better understand the state of the breeds, to identify factors that contribute to their success or failure and to recommend decision-making tools for development of ambitious and sound strategies and policies. With this full colour publication we share the methodology and give a comprehensive view on European local cattle breeds. We hope that our findings and recommendations will contribute to the development of successful future strategies for local cattle breeds in Europe. 'The cows are like diesel cars; Slow start, cheap energy and long life'.
SE05-402 Farm Health and Productivity Management of Dairy Young Stock.
  Boersema, Siert-Jan/ 9789086861293/ Price:EUR 52.00
The rearing of young stock until calving is often neglected on dairy farms, compared to the management of adult cattle. It is often not realized that young stock represents a critical investment into the future of the dairy farm and that sufficient attention should be paid to the rearing period to safeguard that investment and to gain efficiency. Optimal weight gain and health during rearing is essential. The ultimate goals are that the heifer, after her first calving, enters into milk production to her fullest genetic potential and that she will show an optimal health and longevity in the herd. A population medicine approach is used to focus on healthy animals which bring profit rather than costs. Practical tools are provided to manage the complexity of young stock rearing. This approach provides the farmer with structure, planning, organisation and coaching. Risk identification and risk management, like in bio-security and in quality risk management, are key aspects of the population medicine approach. Practical examples are added to illustrate the points. Finally, a section on diseases in young stock is added as a quick reference guide. This book is a valuable reference to practising veterinarians, herd health practitioners, extension officers and other farm advisors, as well as dairy farmers.
SE05-402 The Impact of Nutrition on the Health and Welfare of Horses.
  Ellis, A. D./ 9789086861552/ Price:EUR 84.00
This book explores the impact of nutrition on health and welfare in horses. The chapters provide an up to date review and evaluation of our current understanding in the areas below. - Nutritional requirements and physiology - Nutrition, behaviour and welfare - Promoting health and preventing disease - Gastrointestinal health - Metabolic disease - Functional nutritional ingredients - Nutrition and performance This book is the 5th volume in a series conceived through the European Workshop of Equine Nutrition (EWEN) which falls under the umbrella of the Horse Commission of the European Association of Animal Production (EAAP). The aim is to facilitate discussion between equine nutrition scientists and to create a bridge between scientists, practitioners and the horse industry. The ultimate aim is to support good equine health and welfare practice through the best nutrition science possible. As such this book is a valuable compilation of knowledge for research scientists, veterinarians, nutritionists, academics and students.
SE05-402 Performance Diagnosis and Purchase Examination of Elite Sport Horses.
  Lindner, Arno/ 9789086861477/ Price:EUR 70.00
The focus of CESMAS 2010 in Sigtuna is 'Performance diagnosis and purchase examination of elite sport horses'. The multi authored articles deal with a range of complex topics. Performance evaluation, training guidance and management of race horses, sport horses and show jumpers before and after the competitive season is discussed over several chapters. This includes Body Condition scoring and on-track performance diagnosis. Particular attention is given to the optimal management of horses from birth to 2 years of age. Pre-purchase examination recommendations are made, specifically those done in the Netherlands and Germany, including that of the high level jumper. How genetics can help to find the ideal horse by noting positive and negative markers of performance and health is shown to be a valuable assessment tool in this process. Finally, topics such as variations among breeds in predisposition to injury, the role of shoes in horse performance, on track diagnosis of upper airways obstructions and equine osteochondrosis genetic markers are covered in the book. The book is a valuable resource to all who want to make informed decisions in the acquisition process of performance horses and manage them for sports.
SE05-402 Modelling Nutrient Digestion and Utilisation in Farm Animals.
  Sauvant, D./ 9789086861569/ Price:EUR 98.00
For more than 30 years, modelling has been an important method for integrating, in a flexible, comprehensive and widely applicable way, basic knowledge and biological concepts on digestion and metabolism in farm animals. The purpose of this book is to present the 'state of art' in this area. The chapters are written by leading teams and researchers in this field of study, mainly from Europe, North America and Australasia. Considerable progress has been made in topics dealing with: modelling methods, feeding behaviour, digestion and metabolic processes in ruminants and monogastric animals. This progress is clearly illustrated by the emergence of a new paradigm in animal nutrition, which has moved from the aim to cover the requirements of the animal to explaining and predicting the responses of the animals to diets (e.g., productivity and efficiency, impact on quality of products, environmental aspects, health and well-being). In this book several chapters illustrate that through empirical models, meta-analysis is an efficient tool to synthesize information gathered over recent decades. In addition, compared with other books on modelling farm animal nutrition, two new aspects received particular attention: expanding knowledge of the individual animal to understanding the functioning and management of herds, and the consideration of the environmental impact of animal production. This book is a valuable source of information for researchers, nutritionists, advisors, and graduate students who want to have up-to-date and concise information on mathematical modelling applied to farm animals.
SE05-402 Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition.
  Crovetto, G. M./ 9789086861538/ Price:EUR 131.00
Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition is of increasing importance as greater efficiency and health benefits are sought in feed for animal production. Top scientists from around the world have collaborated in this book to exchange expertise and knowledge on the latest developments in the field. The topics range from tissue metabolism and regulation mechanisms to practical aspects of energy and protein nutrition and feeding. A better and deeper understanding of nutrient metabolism and nutrition can only be achieved by integrating the outcomes of scientists researching different aspects of this topic. In doing this practical outcomes are sought for the direct benefit of producers and consumers. Special topics such as the links between energy/protein metabolism and nutrition regarding food quality, nutrigenomics, environmental sustainability and animal welfare in relation to the topic are all explored. This book is a valuable resource to all researchers and industry professionals who concern themselves with animal nutrition.
SE05-402 Dynamics in Animal Nutrition.
  Doppenberg, Jannes/ 9789086861491/ Price:EUR 50.00
Animal nutrition is a fast changing field of expertise. Newly developed scientific knowledge is quickly adapted to better understand the integral balance between different organs and the digestive system. Society demands that the feed industry responds to consumer issues such as food safety, sustainability of animal production, animal health and welfare, carbon foot printing etc. via altering feeding programs. The practising nutritionist needs to implement this vast knowledge into practical feed formulations in a cost effective way in order to produce feeds and animal products efficiently. This book addresses current topics of interest to researchers and nutritionists in animal research, the feed and allied industry. This includes: immunomodulation, gut barrier functions in gut health, oxidative stress in weaned piglets, glutamine as an functional amino acid, energy evaluation of feedstuffs for layers, reduction of the risk of Salmonella infections, glucogenic nutrients as a predictor of milk production, reduction of methanogenesis in ruminants, glucose metabolism and insulin resistance in sows and much more. This reference book will be of vital interest to all involved in animal nutrition and the animal production industry.
SE05-393 Orangutans: Geographic Variation in Behavioral Ecology and Conservation.
  Wich, Serge A./ 9780199584154/ Price:ĘG 54.00
Orang-utan Conservation: Epidemiological Aspects of Health Management and Population Genetics.
  Kristin, Warren/ 9783639201925/ Price:EUR 79.00
New trends for innovation in the Mediterranean animal production.
  / 9789086861705/ Price:EUR 69.00
The Mediterranean area shows a great diversity of livestock systems, depending on local resources and traditions, but also on the networking space where informational resources are available for producers. During the last decades, a lot of innovations have been conceived or introduced in the Mediterranean area, allowing livestock systems to remain competitive. The book looks at two main issues: firstly, it gives an updated review on the main innovations that significantly changed the activities of livestock production in the Mediterranean area in the recent past. Secondly, the focus lies on the extent to which these innovations improve the efficiency, ensure the socio-cultural basis or reduce the environmental impact of livestock systems. One major finding is a new vision of innovating systems based on the distinction between regulated innovation (when aims are fixed) and innovative design (when aims are questioned). Innovations reported in the book are dealing with a set of concerns. They concern the production techniques, the work organization, the equipment and infrastructures, the collective features for selection, reproduction, feeding or sanitary devices. They also concern the local organization such as product labelling, new dynamics around local breeds, collective rules for supply basin or approaches of new products for new markets. More recently, some innovations focus on environmental impacts of livestock production, due to an increasing consciousness of those kinds of problems. In the final part of the book, a round table copes with a crucial question: are traditions in Mediterranean livestock activities to be considered an obstacle or a source of innovation? This book provides a set of updated information and knowledge useful for researchers, students, extension services and policy-makers in the field of animal science.
Book of Abstracts of the 61st Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production: Heraklion - Crete Island, Greece, 23-27 August 2010.
  / 9789086861521/ Price:EUR 52.00
This Book of Abstracts is the main publication of the 61th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production (EAAP) held in Heraklion, Crete Island, Greece, on August 23-27 2010. It contains abstracts of the invited papers and contributed presentations. The meeting addressed subjects relating to science and innovation. Also, important problems were discussed during the sessions of EAAP's nine Commissions: Animal Genetics, Animal Nutrition, Animal Management and Health, Animal Physiology, Cattle Production, Sheep and Goat Production, Pig Production, Horse Production and Livestock Farming Systems. In addition joint sessions on topics interesting several disciplines and species were included in the programme.
  Carnell, Simon/ 9781861894311/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Tracking the hare from ancient Egypt, where a hieroglyph of the animal signified existence itself, to the serial hare works of artist Joseph Beuys, who once notoriously declared that °•I am not a human being, I am a hare°¶, Hare finds its subject in many surprising places and forms: from Crucifixion scenes, Buddhist lore and Algonquin creation myths, to witch trials, treatises on logic, contempor?ary poetry and an art installation in a Dutch brothel. It is the principal subject of the first ever hunting treatise, °•king of all venery°¶, for Renaissance theorists of the hunt; and it appears in the first known description of a still-life painting, in the first signed and dated picture of a single animal, and in early medicine, where it was credited with having the most curative properties of any °•beaste°¶. The first monograph on the subject for 35 years, and richly illustrated, Hare combines the most recent natural history with an eclectic account of the animal°¶s symbolic values. Hare will be of interest to art historians and literary critics; to those for and opposed to hunting; and to both the general and the lagophile reader alike.
VE05-15 Centrarchid Fishes: Diversity, Biology and Conservation.
  Cooke, Steven J./ 9781405133425/ Price:US$ 319.25
Centrarchid fishes, also known as freshwater sunfishes, include such prominent species as the Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass and Bluegill. They are endemic to Eastern North America where they form part of a multi-million dollar sports fishing industry, but they have also been widely introduced around the globe by recreational anglers, in aquaculture programs and by government fisheries agencies. Centrarchid Fishes provides comprehensive coverage of all major aspects of this ecologically and commercially important group of fishes. Coverage includes diversity, ecomorphology, phylogeny and genetics, hybridization, reproduction, early life history and recruitment, feeding and growth, ecology, migrations, bioenergetics, physiology, diseases, aquaculture, fisheries management and conservation. Chapters have been written by well-known and respected scientists and the whole has been drawn together by Professors Cooke and Philipp, themselves extremely well respected in the area of fisheries management and conservation. Centrarchid Fishes is an essential purchase for all fish biologists, ecologists, fisheries managers and fish farm personnel who work with centrarchid species across the globe
SE05-401 Infectious Disease Management in Animal Shelters.
  Miller, Lila/ 9780813813790/ Price:US$ 107.00
SE05-392 Nutrition and Behavior of Uncommon Species, An Issue of Veterinary Clinics: Exotic Animal Practice.
  Hess, Laurie/ 9781437705584/ Price:US$ 132.91
SE05-382 Celebrities' Favourite Pets: In aid of the PDSA.
  Collins, Sheila/ 9781906358686/ Price:ĘG 9.99
Celebrities' Favourite Pets has been put together in aid of the PDSA (People's Dispensary for Sick Animals) who provide free veterinary treatment to sick and injured animals. This fun book provides a fascinating insight into the favourite pets of people in the public eye and, along with the obvious choices, there are bound to be one or two surprises as we find out which animals celebrities choose to get to close to. Hopefully the book will also get people thinking about the relationship we have with our pets. With a fitting forward by Bob Champion MBE, this book supports the work of the UK's leading veterinary charity and reminds us of the responsibility we all have towards ensuring that the nation's pets are happy and well looked after.
SE05-380 Sustainable Animal Production: The Challenges and Potential Developments for Professional Farming.
  Aland, A./ 9789086860999/ Price:EUR 83.00
This book addresses the major issues related to animal health and welfare maintenance in relation to their environment, as well as housing emissions and waste management. Experiments, reviews and expert opinions and scenarios for the future are presented. Each of the chapters has been written by scientists with international reputations. The language used, and the examples and the illustrations provided, make it easy to read. The book is of major and current interest to teachers and students in animal and veterinary sciences and to professionals: veterinarians, farm managers, agricultural advisers worldwide.
SE05-380 Applied Equine Nutrition and Training: Equine NUtrition and TRAining COnference.
  Lindner, Arno/ 9789086861248/ Price:EUR 57.00
This book contains the latest scientific findings on nutrition and training of racing and sport horses discussed by renowned experts during the Equine NUtrition and TRAining COnference 2009. Furthermore, state of the art reviews are published on the prevention and treatment of gastric ulcers, on the effects of diet and feeding regimens on performance, on the principles and practice of plyometric training for the development of strength and on how not to train sport horses. Finally, expanded abstracts of peer reviewed original research presented during the conference are included. All those concerned with training, riding and feeding in the equine industry will benefit from this valuable resource.
SE05-380 Ruminant Physiology 2009: Digestion, Metabolism and Effects of Nutrition on Reproduction and Welfare.
  Chilliard, Y./ 9789086861194/ Price:EUR 94.00
This book contains the proceedings of the XIth International Symposium on Ruminant Physiology. The papers address ruminant comparative physiology, the rumen ecosystem and metagenomics, nutrient digestion and absorption, methanogenesis, tissue metabolism and gene expression, pregnancy, lactation and growth, adaptation to heat-stress, nitrogen use, nutrition and reproduction, nutrition and welfare and nutrition for sustainable ruminant production. These topics are in line with the current challenges for animal breeding: production efficiency, meat and milk quality, environment (greenhouse gases, nitrogen use), animal welfare and health.
SE05-380 Ruminant Formula for the Future: Nutrition or Pathology?: Elevating Performance and Health.
  Andrieu, Sylvie/ 9789086861057/ Price:EUR 48.00
In an ever changing market, ruminant milk and meat production must continually develop cost-effective ways to promote animal health, performance and product safety. Food safety and traceability, as well as animal welfare are beginning to play key roles in consumer decisions. However, these deliverables can often increase already excessive production costs meaning that producers must look to new technologies, such as nutritional solutions, in order to maximise production efficiency. The link between animal nutrition and health is well founded and now needs to be exploited further in order to ensure a progressive industry. It is becoming clear that nutritional influences at pivotal stages in dairy and beef production can positively impact rumen and gut health and, subsequently, performance. There has been particular focus on transition period and antioxidant nutrition, acknowledging the changing needs of the modern, high-producing animal. The threat of mycotoxins highlights the issue of climate change and its impact on modern animal production. Solutions are required that minimise or eliminate that threat if the issue is to remain and effective knowledge transfer initiatives must be integrated into all advisory services. 'Ruminant formula for the future: nutrition or pathology? Elevating performance and health' unites the relevant expertise of researchers from across the globe. Pertinent topics, such as calf management and cow lameness are discussed in conjunction with novel protocols aimed at the reduction of production pathologies and the promotion of rumen and gut health. This book is aimed at nutritionists, veterinarians, consultants and animal producers, as well as animal and biological science researchers and students.
SE05-380 Voluntary Feed Intake in Pigs.
  Torrallardona, David/ 9789086860968/ Price:EUR 75.00
Understanding voluntary feed intake of pigs enables the precise formulation of pig feeds, ensuring the ingestion of sufficient but not excessive amounts of nutrients to optimise performance. This reference textbook, based on scientific results covers all aspects of feed intake in pigs. It contains up-to-date reviews by renowned scientific experts on different aspects affecting voluntary feed intake and diet selection in pigs. Different physiological factors involved in feed intake regulation, ranging from the sensorial evaluation of feeds, to the hormonal and metabolic regulation of feed intake and the impact of pig health are discussed. The book also deals with aspects such as genetic background of the animals, feeder design, environmental conditions, and the use of models to predict feed intake. This book is intended for academics, researchers, students and industry professionals involved in the field of pig nutrition and pig production.
SE05-380 Precision Livestock Farming '09.
  Lokhorst, C./ 9789086861125/ Price:EUR 76.00
Precision livestock farming is becoming ever more relevant as the agricultural industry struggles to come to terms with aspects such as animal welfare, animal disease, the environment, economics, traceability, robots and livestock management. Whilst some benefits have proved elusive, others contribute positively to today?s agriculture. Research continues to be necessary and needs to be reported and disseminated to a wide audience. These proceedings contain the reviewed papers from the 4th European Conference on Precision Livestock Farming. The papers reflect the wide range of disciplines that impinge upon precision livestock farming including feeding dairy, data quality, poultry and pig applications, livestock environment, wireless sensing, dairy fertility and calving management, animal identification, mastitis detection and locomotion. The broad range of research topics reported are a valuable resource for researchers, advisors, teachers and professionals in agriculture. Also note that the reviewed papers from the 7th European Conference on Precision Agriculture are presented in a companion publication.
SE05-380 Breeding for Robustness in Cattle.
  Klopcic, Marija/ 9789086860845/ Price:EUR 90.00
This book contains a series of articles (26) dealing with the concept of robustness, including aspects like evolution, genetics, environment, animal health and welfare, and integrity. Besides the major functional traits also the links to energy balance, hot climatic conditions, and the attitude and input of stakeholders towards robustness as part of the breeding program are discussed. This book is the first attempt to summarise the available knowledge concerning this topic in cattle, making this book unique. The contributions are from authors of 16 countries from all over the world. However, the focus is presently on farm animal level, while in future robustness of the whole production system may also require additional attention.
  Martin, Stephen/ 9781861893765/ Price:ĘG 12.95
From the Linux logo to The March of the Penguins, a certain tuxedo-adorned member of the animal kingdom has perpetually captured our hearts and imaginations. Stephen Martin regales us here with the cultural history of the penguin, revealing many fascinating and little-known facts about this beloved bird. Over twenty species of penguins can be found in the Galapagos Islands and New Zealand as well as in Antarctica, and range from the Little Bee Penguin at about 1 kg to the imposing Emperor Penguin, which can weigh in at over 34 kgs. Martin details the biological facts and natural history of each species, including their evolution, habitats, diet and behaviour, but he also combs through cultural history to chronicle the role of penguins in popular culture and thought °V from children's literature such as Mr Popper's Penguins to Batman's nemesis to films and television shows including Happy Feet and Pingu. Over one hundred images of penguins enrich Martin's engaging text as well.
  Morris, Desmond/ 9781861895257/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Morris describes the evolution, the many species, and the wide spread of owls around the world °V excluding Antarctica, owls are found on every land mass, and they range in size from 28 centimetres (the Least Pygmy Owl) to more than 70 centimetres tall (the Eurasian Eagle Owl). As a result of their wide distribution, owls also occur in the folk-tales, myths and legends of many native peoples, and Morris explores all these, as well as the many examples of owls in art, film, literature and popular culture. A new title by an acclaimed author, and featuring many telling illustrations from nature and culture, Owl will appeal to the many devotees of this emblematic bird. Despite the fact that many have never seen or even heard an owl, he illustrates through this enticing read that the owl°¶s presence is still very real to us today.
  Allen, Barbara/ 9781861895134/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Readers will find in Pigeon an enticing exploration of the historical and contemporary bonds between humans and these birds, bonds which have been in existence since domestication over 3,000 years ago. Allen intends to correct the many stereotypes about pigeons and doves, and hopes that the rich history of the relationship and the acknowledgment of what is one of the oldest human-animal partnerships will be both appreciated and celebrated.
  Williams, Peter/ 9781861895288/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Beginning with an overview of our relationship with snails, slugs and sea-snails, Williams goes on to examine snail evolution; snail behaviour and habitat; snails as food, medicine and the source of useful chemicals and dyes; snail shells as collectible objects; and snails in literature, art and popular culture. The author concludes with a plea for a reconsideration of the snail as a dignified, ancient creature that deserves our respect, rather than one to be thoughtlessly squashed underfoot after a shower of rain. Containing many surprising and beautiful illustrations, and written in an approachable, informal style, Snail will prove instructive to all who thought that this animal was simply a garden pest to be enthusiastically destroyed.
  Sorenson, John/ 9781861894229/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Ape also examines representations of apes in popular culture, discussing films, advertising and zoos, and considers how apes have been portrayed as caricatures of humans, demonic monsters and as clowns. It also looks at the precarious future of the apes, many of whom are on the brink of extinction, focusing on the bushmeat crisis in Africa, palm oil production in Indonesia and the illegal pet trade, and also includes a discussion of sanctuaries that may offer some hope for their survival.
  Schweid, Richard/ 9781861894236/ Price:ĘG 12.95
The eel is considered by many to be currently on the road to extinction, and despite repeated attempts to farm them, and the expenditure of huge amounts of time and money, eels have steadfastly refused to reproduce successfully in captivity, apparently requiring the vastness of the open ocean to begin their long drift toward maturity. Containing many little-known facts about this rather surprising fish, this book will appeal to anyone who enjoys well-written natural history, or who wants to learn more about an animal that deserves much more attention than it has received to date.
The Bear Almanac: A Comprehensive Guide to the Bears of the World.
  Brown, Gary/ 9781599213316/ Price:US$ 29.95
Dead Pet: Send Your Best Little Buddy Off in Style.
  Kirk, Andrew/ 9781599215709/ Price:US$ 14.95
In the Presence of Grizzlies: The Ancient Bond Between Men and Bears.
  Peacock, Doug/ 9781599214900/ Price:US$ 16.95
SE05-401 Diseases of Poultry.
  Saif, Y. M./ 9780813807188/ Price:US$ 249.99
SE05-380 Animal Production and Animal Science Worldwide: WAAP Book of the Year 2007.
  / 9789086860685/ Price:EUR 109.00
We maintain the book's successful four section structure for easy access to the information. The first section of the book deals with livestock industry and possible application of research developments in the various continents. The following section reports updates about development of research in the various disciplines in the entire animal science field. The third section contains interesting articles on 'free subjects', of broad interest. We were told by readers of the previous volumes that this is the most popular section for the variety of actual and interesting topics for readers. The final section shows, like every year, detailed statistics of extraordinary importance in the animal industry. This book is generally recognized as one of the very few practical resources of comprehensive statistical information related to animal industry and it is considered by most important libraries to be a key instrument to offer their readers high-quality, updated relevant information on global animal science developments.
SE05-369 Formula for the Future: Nutrition or Pathology?: Elevating Performance and Health in Pigs and Poultry.
  Taylor-Pickard, J. A./ 9789086860883/ Price:EUR 97.00
This edited collection of papers is taken from a series of seminars that brought together some of the world's leading authorities in the field of pig and poultry nutrition, health and production. The fundamental theme is to address the issues of nutrition and health, and in particular to cover the interactions and potential conflicts between the two. The importance of digestive function and the influence of nutrition on health and disease are covered in-depth. Strategies to combat salmonella and mycotoxins are also discussed. 'Formula for the future: nutrition or pathology' is aimed at nutritionists, veterinarians and animal producers as well as students and researchers studying animal and applied biological sciences.
SE05-361 The Guide to Kansas Birds and Birding Hot Spots.
  Gress, Bob/ 9780700615650/ Price:US$ 19.95
SE05-361 Gut Efficiency; The Key Ingredient in Ruminant Production.
  Andrieu, Sylvie/ 9789086860678/ Price:EUR 51.00
Globally, dairy and beef production has become an extremely competitive industry. While the world milk production is predicted to grow significantly by 2020 with the emergence of new consumers in developing countries, milk and meat production in the more establish markets now has to fulfil new societal needs beside the simple product supply: animal health, food safety, and production environmental impact are some of them. At the same time, the recent extreme increase in feed costs emphasizes again the key role of rumen and gut efficiency management in production economics. All these new thematic topics are central to the proper management of ruminant digestive process. Producers must endeavour to seek new technologies to improve production efficiency, animal health and production costs while keeping in mind the environmental impact these changes make. 'Gut efficiency; the key ingredient in ruminant production' brings together some of the world's leading authorities in the field of ruminant nutrition and production. It considers the importance of digestive health in performance achievement together with novel strategies to manage it. It is aimed at nutritionists, veterinarians and animal producers as well as students and researchers studying animal and applied biological sciences.
SE05-356 Welfare of Pigs: From Birth to Slaughter.
  Faucitano, Luigi/ 9789086860661/ Price:EUR 100.00
The current scientific literature contains reviews and articles on specific aspects of pig production and farm animal welfare. This book is intended to be a reference text that covers all aspects of pig production, on the basis of scientific results. This work contains current, easy-to-understand scientific reviews on animal welfare with over 700 specific references to animal welfare. All aspects of animal welfare with respect to pigs are discussed, from genetic selection and breeding to transportation and slaughter. This work was written by scientific experts renowned for their knowledge and work in the area of pig welfare. Their common goal was to provide an in-depth review and empirical assessment of pig production concepts, knowledge and techniques in use today. Through scientific examples, the authors explain how improving animal welfare increases profitability. This work is intended for academics, researchers, students, animal welfare associations, industry and anyone who is involved in the production chain or concerned about the welfare of pigs being raised on farms.
  de Rijke, Victoria/ 9781861893505/ Price:ĘG 12.95
The squat, noisy duck occupies a prominent role in the human cultural imagination, as evidenced by everything from the rubber duck of childhood baths to the flying ducks on living room walls. With Duck, Victoria de Rijke explores the universality of this quacking bird through the course of human culture and history. From the Eider duck to the Brazilian teal to the familiar mallard, duck species are richly diverse, and de Rijke offers a comprehensive overview of their evolutionary history. She explores the numerous roles that the duck plays in literature, art, and religion °V including the Hebrew belief that ducks represent immortality, and the Finnish myth that the universe was hatched from a duck°¶s egg. This book also highlights the significant role humour has always played in human imaginings of duck life, such as the Topographia Hibernia, a twelfth-century tome contending that ducks originated as growths on tree trunks washed up on a beach. But we also learn about the bird°¶s role in everyday life as well, from food dishes to jokes to beloved animated characters such as Daffy Duck and Donald Duck. Duck is an entertaining account of a bird whose distinctive silhouette is known the world over.
Elephant. (POD)
  Wylie, Dan/ 9781861893970/ Price:ĘG 16.99
The image of the elephant can be found throughout world religions and cultures as a symbol of intelligence, strength and loyalty. Wylie draws on a rich array of cultural examples to document that symbolic power, ranging from religious iconography for the Hindu god of wisdom, Ganesh, to beloved children°¶s works such as Dumbo, Babar the Elephant and Horton Hears a Who!. Elephant also considers the recurrent role of the animal in myths, paintings and sculptures. Turning to the elephant°¶s biological history, Wylie describes the three remaining species °V the African Bush Elephant, the African Forest Elephant and the Asian Elephant °V and the controversial international efforts for elephant conservation. With ivory poaching and human encroachment into the animal°¶s natural habitats, Wylie argues that we face a uniquely poignant conservation crisis in which elephants and humans both consume limited natural resources unsustainably. A compelling new entry in the Animal series, Elephant will be a necessary addition to every animal lover°¶s bookshelf.
  Walker, Elaine/ 9781861893956/ Price:ĘG 12.95
From Pegasus to Black Beauty, horses have held a unique place in human society and imagination. Elaine Walker tackles the long and multifaceted history of a creature valued for both beauty and usefulness. Spanning the world from the wild steppes of Mongolia to the American plains, Horse chronicles the rich and complex natural history of the animal, from wild feral horses to the domesticated species that once played a central role in daily life as a means of transportation, an instrument of war, and a source of labour. Elaine Walker charts how the long-standing connection between people and horses is reflected in cultures around the world and the implications for both human and animal of such close interaction. She also traces the centrality of the horse in art, entertainment and literature, from the rich global traditions of horse-racing and equestrianism to literary classics such as Follyfoot. Ultimately, Walker contends, the contin
  Jackson, Kevin/ 9781861893963/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Moose explains the animal°¶s behaviour, evolution and diet, and describes its natural environments around the world, including in the USA, Canada and Scandinavia, where the moose is the national animal of Sweden and of Norway. Jackson considers why the moose is really an elk and an elk is a wapiti, and he also discusses the controversy behind the naming of the Irish Elk. The moose has been a quarry for humans since the Stone Age, and the book does not stint on the animal°¶s role in human history, including the °•alces°¶ in Julius Caesar°¶s history of the Gallic Wars and figures such as Thomas Jefferson, poet Ted Hughes, and Theodore Roosevelt with his Bull Moose Party. The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, a 150-foot statue being built in Sweden, and colourful moose lore all appear in this wide-ranging study, making this an essential read for naturalists and moose lovers alike.
Book of Abstracts of the 59th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production.
  / 9789086860746/ Price:EUR 52.00
This Book of Abstracts is the main publication of the 59th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production (EAAP) held in Vilnius, Lithuania, on 24-27 August, 2008. It contains abstracts of the invited papers and contributed presentations. The meeting addressed subjects relating to science and innovation, with the main theme "Efficient and environmentally friendly livestock farming". Also, important problems were discussed during the sessions of EAAP's nine Commissions: Animal Genetics, Animal Nutrition, Animal Management and Health, Animal Physiology, Cattle Production, Sheep and Goat Production, Pig Production, Horse Production and Livestock Farming Systems. In addition joint sessions on topics interesting several disciplines and species were included in the programme. A total of 1512 authors (580 abstracts) contributed to this publication.
Applied ethology: Addressing future challenges in animal agriculture.
  Boyle, Laura/ 9789086860814/ Price:EUR 34.00
Current Advances In Selenium Research And Applications, Volume 1.
  Surai, Peter F./ 9789086860739/ Price:EUR 104.00
Selenium (Se) is an essential dietary trace element participating in the regulation of various physiological functions in both animals and humans through its incorporation into selenoproteins as the amino acid selenocysteine. Among many minerals Se has a special place being the most controversial trace element with a narrow gap between essentiality and toxicity. Indeed there are important environmental issues considering selenium as a pollutant from the one hand and global selenium deficiency on the other. In fact, Se deficiency is considered as a risk factor for the development of various diseases in human and animals. Decreased Se availability from soils as a result of low soil pH and usage of synthetic fertilizers is the major concern in European countries causing inadequate Se levels in food and feeds. Furthermore, it seems likely that sodium selenite used for the last 30 years as a feed supplement is not an optimal form of Se and the usage of organic selenium in animal diets could help to maintain optimal Se status as well as high immunocompetence, productive and reproductive performance. The aim of the present volume is to provide updated information on several important Se-related subjects, including Se status in Europe and ways of its improvement, advances in Se analysis and speciation in biological material, roles of selenium in poultry, pig and ruminant nutrition. Production of functional Se-enriched food, the relationship between selenium and mycotoxins, polyunsaturated fatty acids as well as reoviruses are also addressed.
Nutrition of the exercising horse.
  Saastamoinen, M./ 9789086860715/ Price:EUR 77.00
This book is the fourth step of further discussion on the evaluation and prediction of the requirements of different types of horses covered in the scope of the working group Nutrition of the Horse commission at European Association of Animal Production (EAAP). All those concerned by racing, riding and feeding in equine industry will enjoy this valuable resource. It is a reference book for scientists, veterinarians, advisers and practioneers in the equine industry, as well as for teachers and students in equine science.
The Acute Poorly Performing Sport Horse.
  Lindner, Arno/ 9789086860722/ Price:EUR 68.00
The determination and management of performance-limitation in sport horses is very challenging, especially within a short time period before an important competition. In this book experts disclose their experience
Mastitis control: From Science to Practice.
  Lam, T.J./ 9789086860852/ Price:EUR 92.00
Although the scope of the studies may vary from the smallest unit, the gene, to the largest unit, a whole country, the final goal is to control mastitis more effectively. Effective mastitis control is based on knowledge from a wide range of fields, like infectious pressure, milking procedures, resistance, detection, diagnosis and treatment. However, science alone is not enough. To ensure effective mastitis control, research needs to be inspired by, and implemented in, dairy farming practice. This demands cooperation and communication between scientists, veterinarians, extension specialists and dairy farmers worldwide. This book gives the state of the art of mastitis research internationally. The contributions reflect not only current knowledge of mastitis control, but also provide ideas for effective mastitis control in practice.
  Enright, Kelly/ 9781861893741/ Price:ĘG 12.95
On Disneyland's 'Jungle Cruise', three men are forever chased up a palm tree by a rhinoceros whose sharp horn moves endlessly just out of reach of the lowest man's bottom. Having lived with the memory of this ride since childhood, the author was struck when she came across a reference to this 'natives up a tree' scene in an 1838 natural history description. Such images have demonized rhinos for generations; this book examines how such a solitary animal came to earn such a bad reputation. Rhinoceros' wildness has roots in the ancient, prehistoric and mythic. Many sightings of the rhinoceros were thought to prove the existence of the mythical unicorn, which was said to be impossible to capture alive. Later the rhino was captured, and a few were brought to Europe throughout the Renaissance to the 18th century to be displayed as wonders of nature. In America the first rhinoceros arrived in 1830 and was hailed as the most savage of animals, and thereafter it became the most desired hunting trophy. No wonder that these animals are now an endangered species when we also consider that rhino horn is much sought after as an ingredient in Asian medicine. Rhinoceros explores sources ranging from film and literature, to natural history description and exhibition, and asks whether the savagery of the rhino is a reality or a legacy of its mythic past. Well illustrated and persuasively argued, Rhinoceros will appeal to all enthusiasts eager to learn about the culture, history and nature of this animal, as well as specialists, from art historians to conservation biologists.
  Crawford, Dean/ 9781861893253/ Price:ĘG 12.95
The shark°¶s basic design was perfected by Mother Nature 100 million years ago, and she has been mass-producing them ever since. The shark is so superbly suited to its purpose that it has outlived the dinosaur, the mastodon, the saber-tooth tiger, and the woolly mammoth. There have been some 350 species identified to date, and Nature is nothing if not inventive with her designs: besides the °•big four°¶ predatory species (the great white, the bull, the tiger and the white tip oceanic shark) there exist such unlikely-looking creatures as the goblin shark, which sports a pike above its mouth; the thresher shark, whose scythe-like tail accounts for 50% of its total length; the megamouth shark, discovered in 1976 when one attempted to eat the sea-anchor of a warship; and the ingenious little cookie-cutter shark, which dashes in, latches on to its much larger prey, and corkscrews out a circular bite of flesh. In Shark, Dean Crawford explores the natural and cultural history of a creature that has a prominent place in mythology, the imagination, and even religion. He analyses the ways that the shark has been sensationalised in literature and film, as well as how it looms large in our psyche, inspiring fear and fascination in equal measure, and how our emotional responses have encouraged the commercial and recreational slaughter of shark species. Ultimately, Shark is a celebration of a beautiful animal ideally adapted to its environment. Shark populations are now threatened, not because of any flaw in design, but because of our own species°¶ irrational fear and misrepresentation of them. This book is an inspiration to transcend that fear, and to come to know and respect this truly magnificent creature.
  Young, Peter/ 9781861893499/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Of more than 8,000 bird species, the swan is surely one of the most easily recognised. Airborne, the swan is a majestic sight: with its long, slender neck outstretched, it glides gracefully with slow, strong wing-beats. Its large webbed feet and short legs, which make it awkward on land, propel it serenely and effortlessly through water. Swan is a comprehensive natural and cultural history of this most dignified of birds. Peter Young relates the natural history of the swan: its elegant exterior concealing a lightweight frame; details of extinct species and the differences between the 8 surviving species; its power and endurance; its formation flying, which conserves energy and allows long-haul flights to be made at speed; its habitat and feeding habits. He also explores the extensive cultural history of the swan, from its frequent portrayal in painting, sculpture, porcelain and furniture; to its use in heraldry; the Greek myth of Leda and the Swan; Hans Christian Andersen°¶s The Ugly Duckling; and Swan Lake. The book goes on to examine the uses and abuses of swans; questions of conservation; of the swan as food; and its widespread use in logos and brand-names.
Why Don't Cats Go Bald?: The Questions You've Always Wanted to Ask Your Vet.
  Fisher, David/ 9781599212333/ Price:US$ 14.95
Fur Shui: An Introduction to Animal Feng Shui.
  Brown, Paula/ 9781599212760/ Price:US$ 12.95
The Book of Mules: Selecting, Breeding, and Caring for Equine Hybrids.
  Smith, Donna Campbell/ 9781599212838/ Price:US$ 22.95
Agility Training for You and Your Dog: From Backyard Fun to High-Performance Training.
  Canova, Ali/ 9781599212487/ Price:US$ 16.95
VE05-16 Encyclopedia of Human-Animal Relationships: A Global Exploration of Our Connections with Animals, 4-Vols/Set.
  Bekoff, Marc/ 9780313334870/ Price:ĘG 344.95
Humans and animals live together on earth, but as we increasingly reshape ecosystems to accommodate larger populations, technology, and increased consumption, animals are greatly affected. The history of civilization shows that humans have used animals for food, clothing, transportation, making a living, and even companionship, as well as subjects for the arts, literature, and within religious beliefs. Renowned animal behaviorist Marc Bekoff and 300 experts from around the globe provide more than 350 essays that discuss such topics as animals and ecology; animals and global warming; animals as food; animals as pets; animals and diseases; animals in research and in education; animals providing assistance; and the influence of animals in art, religion and philosophy, literature, music, dance, and entertainment. Students and all those wanting a better understanding of the reciprocal connections and interdependence of organisms on the planet will benefit from this fascinating and instructive reference work. Bekoff and contributors ranging from scientists and researchers in other disciplines to teachers, writers, and artists along with those who work with animals in service, rescue, and training have provided engaging and thought-provoking entries ranging in length from 500 to more than 5,000 words. Each entry in the encyclopedia ends with recommended further resources, which may include books, articles, Web sites, and videos.
SE05-437 Boa constrictor.
  Binder, Stefan/ 9783931587918/ Price:EUR 39.80
SE05-354 Emerging Pests and Vector-Borne Diseases in Europe.
  Takken, Willem/ 9789086860531/ Price:EUR 104.00
This is a multi-authored book concerning the perceived threat and recorded increase of emerging pests and vector-borne diseases affecting man and animals in Europe. Historically, Europe suffered from numerous pests and vector-borne diseases, including yellow fever, malaria, plague and typhus. Introduction of hygienic measures, drugs and vector control caused the disappearance of many of these diseases from Europe. In the (sub)tropics, however, many of these diseases still thrive, causing serious health problems for humans and animals. Increased trade, leading to animal and human movement and climate change cause reason to assume that several of these diseases might become re-established or allow 'new' diseases and pests to be introduced in Europe. The recent outbreaks of bluetongue virus in North-western Europe highlights this concern, requiring an effective surveillance systems for the early detection of pests and vector-borne diseases. In 24 chapters this book provides examples of the most likely pests and diseases affecting man and animals in Europe, with emphasis on ecological factors favouring these diseases and methods for prevention and intervention. The authors are recognized experts in specific fields. All chapters are peer reviewed.
SE05-354 Horse Behaviour and Welfare.
  Hausberger, M./ 9789086860333/ Price:EUR 53.00
Horse behaviour and welfare is a major issue as horses are mainly sport and recreational animals where the human-animal relation is essential. Scientific studies on this topic have increased greatly over the last decade and this publication enlightens some of the major issues raised such as horse temperament, early experience, horsing and social management and equine behaviour welfare. Precise studies are described here, that are placed in the more general context of the international scientific advances. Important behavioural aspects concern: how to measure temperament traits and the genetic/experimental influences on temperament, when, how and whether to handle foals in order to improve human/foal relation, the importance of the social environment on the behaviour of young and adult horses. On the other hand, the improvement of equine welfare through better practices is described such as housing design, feeding practices or social grouping. The use of behavioural cues in order to assess welfare is discussed and tested through experimental approaches. This book constitutes a very rich overview of the recent and new research lines in the field of horse behaviour and welfare.
SE05-354 Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition.
  Ortigues-Marty, I./ 9789086860418/ Price:EUR 108.00
This book is the result of the 2nd International Symposium on Energy and Protein Metabolism and Nutrition. It presents the latest results on energy and protein metabolism and nutrition. It is oriented towards livestock science but also addresses general aspects of protein and energy metabolism as applied to animals or biomedical sciences. The book is based around the following five key topics: * Nutrition and mitochondrial functions * Regulation of body composition and/or product quality by tissue metabolism * 'Omics' in metabolism and nutrition studies * Coordination between tissues for the metabolic utilisation of nutrients * From the parts to the whole or how to use detailed information to answer applied questions
SE05-354 Book of Abstracts of the 58th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production.
  Y. Van Der Honing/ 9789086860456/ Price:EUR 52.00
This Book of Abstracts is the main publication of the 58th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production (EAAP) held in Dublin, Ireland, on 26 -29 August, 2007. It contains abstracts of the invited papers and contributed presentations. The meeting addressed subjects relating to science and innovation, with the main theme "Sustainable animal production - meeting the challenges for quality food". Also, important problems were discussed during the sessions of EAAP?s nine Commissions: Animal Genetics, Animal Nutrition, Animal Management and Health, Animal Physiology, Cattle Production, Sheep and Goat Production, Pig Production, Horse Production and Livestock Farming Systems. In addition joint sessions on topics interesting several disciplines and species were included in the programme. A total of 2095 authors (771 abstracts) contributed to this publication.
SE05-354 Applied Equine Nutrition and Training.
  Lindner, A./ 9789086860401/ Price:EUR 51.00
The content of this book arises from the Equine NUtrition COnference - Practice (ENUCO) 2007. The purpose of the conference is to supply scientifically validated practical hints and state of the art knowledge on equine nutrition and training. The topics dealt with in this publication are: - News on equine nutrition, training and medicine (2005-06). - Noteworthy changes to the Horse Nutrition Requirements by the National Research Council of USA. - Relevance and standardization of the terms Glycaemic Index and Glycaemic Response. - The role of nutrition in colic. - The use of herbs in the management of hyperadrenocorticism and other hormonal diseases of horses. - Diagnosis and management of insulin resistance and equine metabolic syndrome (EMS) in horses. - Food-allergy in horses.
SE05-354 Gaining the Edge in Pork and Poultry Production: Enhancing Efficiency, Quality and Safety.
  Taylor-Pickard, J. A./ 9789086860180/ Price:EUR 92.00
This edited collection of articles is taken from a series of seminars that brought together some of the world's leading authorities in the field of pig and poultry nutrition and production. The fundamental theme is to re-examine the current trends in productivity within the pig and poultry industries, and to identify nutritional and managerial means to improve competitiveness as well as the quality of the end product. The importance of animal health together with novel strategies for disease control and ways to minimise the environmental impact of pig and poultry production are covered. 'Gaining the edge in pork and poultry production' is aimed at nutritionists and animal producers as well as students and researchers studying animal and applied biological sciences.
SE05-352 Primitive Fishes.
  Farrell, Anthony P./ 9780123736710/ Price:US$ 99.95
SE05-351 Manual of Equine Emergencies: Treatment and Procedures.
  Orsini, James A./ 9781416036098/ Price:US$ 96.95
SE05-341 Ferret Husbandry, Medicine and Surgery.
  Lewington, John H./ 9780702028274/ Price:ĘG 64.99
Looking at Animals in Human History.
  Kalof, Linda/ 9781861893345/ Price:ĘG 35.00
From the first cave paintings to Britta Jaschinski's provocative animal photography, it seems we have been describing and portraying animals, in some form or another, for as long as we have been human. This book provides a broad historical overview of our representations of animals, from prehistory to postmodernity, and how those representations have altered with changing social conditions. Taking in a wide range of visual and textual materials, Linda Kalof unearths many surprising and revealing examples of our depictions of animals. She also examines animals in a broad sweep of literature, narrative and criticism: from Pliny the Elder°¶s Natural History to Donna Haraway°¶s writings on animal°Vhuman°Vmachine interaction; and from accounts of the Black Plague and histories of the domestic animal and zoos, to the ways that animal stereotypes have been applied to people to highlight hierarchies of gender, race and class. Well-researched and scholarly, yet very accessible, this book is a significant contribution to the human°Vanimal story. Featuring more than 60 images, Looking at Animals in Human History brings together a wealth of information that will appeal to the wide audience interested in animals, as well as to specialists in many disciplines.
  Velten, Hannah/ 9781861893260/ Price:ĘG 12.95
From the milk we drink in the morning to the leather shoes we slip on for the day, to the steak we savour at dinner, our daily lives are thoroughly bound up with the cow. Yet there is a far more complex story behind this seemingly benign creature, which Hannah Velten explores here, plumbing the rich trove of myth, fact and legend surrounding the cow, bull and ox. From the plowing field to the rodeo to the temple, Velten tracks the constantly changing social relationship between men and cattle, beginning with the domestication of aurochs around 9000 BC. From there, Cow launches into a fascinating story of religious fanaticism, scientific exploits and the revolutionary economic transformations engendered by the trade of the numerous products derived from the cow and bull. Velten explores in engaging detail how despite the creature°¶s prominence at two ends of a wide spectrum °V Hinduism venerates the cow as one of the most sacred members of the animal kingdom, while beef is a prized staple of the Western diet °V the animal is essentially viewed today as a objectified commodity more than as a living creature. Thought-provoking and informative, Cow restores this oft-overlooked herbivore to the nobility it richly deserves.
VE05-12 Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes.
  O'brien, Stephen J./ 9780471350156/ Price:US$ 561.95
A stunning visual collection of the banded metaphase chromosome karyotypes from some 850 species of mammals, the Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes represents an unabridged compendium of the state of this genomic art form. Bringing together information currently scattered throughout the cytogenetics literature for scores of published and unpublished species, this atlas features high-quality karyotype images for nearly every mammal studied to date, making it the most comprehensive assemblage of high-resolution chromosome photographs available°Xa critically invaluable resource for today's comparative genomics era. For every available species, the Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes presents the best karyotype produced, the common and Latin name of the species, the published citation, and the contributing authors. Most karyotypes are G-banded, revealing the chromosomal bar codes of homologous segments among related species. Addressing the mandate of the Human Genome Project to annotate the genomes of other organisms as well, the Atlas of Mammalian Chromosomes offers a step forward in our understanding of species formation, of genome organization, and of DNA script for natural selection. It is an invaluable resource for geneticists, mammalogists, and biologists interested in comparative genomics, systematics, and chromosome structure.
SE05-436 Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats.
  / 9780309086288/ Price:US$ 295.00
SE05-334 Management of Lameness Causes in Sport Horses.
  Lindner, Arno/ 9789086860043/ Price:EUR 66.00
Key aspects on the diagnosis and management of lameness caused by muscle, tendon, joint and bone related disorders in sport horses will be presented in this book. Topics included are among others: Deep digital flexor tendon lesions in the fetlock region: Diagnosis. Results of the treatment of the causes of distension of the deep digital flexor tendon. Superficial digital flexor tendonitis: Diagnosis. Management of superficial digital flexor tendonitis. Proximal suspensory desmitis in fore- and hindlimbs: Diagnosis. Management of proximal suspensory desmitis in fore- and hindlimbs. How are tendon injuries tackled in human athletes? Osteoarthritis & traumatic joint disease: Diagnosis. Management of osteoarthritis & traumatic joint disease. How is osteoarthritis & traumatic joint disease managed in human athletes? Monitoring training and disease of Thoroughbreds in the UK. Is there science behind complementary modalities therapy of tendon & ligament injury?
SE05-334 Nutrition and feeding of the Broodmare.
  Miraglia, N./ 9789086860142/ Price:EUR 72.00
This publication deals with the broodmare, which is the key animal in the Equine chain. In the new competitive context of Equine Industry, the mare should foal a healthy offspring yearly at an optimum cost. The foal should be born and weaned at the accurate months of the year to fit the particular goals of production, i.e. races, sports or leisure horses. The improvement of knowledge of the biology of pregnancy and lactation on the one hand and of the nutrition and the interaction between nutrition and physiology of reproduction on the other hand is of major concern to the equine industry.
SE05-334 Book of Abstracts of the 57th Annual EAAP Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production.
  Ynze van der Honing/ 9789086860036/ Price:EUR 52.00
This Book of Abstracts is the main publication of the 57th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production (EAAP) held in Antalya, Turkey, on 17-20 September 2006. It contains abstracts of the invited papers and contributed presentations. The meeting addressed subjects relating to science and innovation, with the main theme °ßSustaining production systems to improve the livelyhoods (health, well being, wealth) of livestock farmers"
SE05-331 South American Camelids Reserach: Vol. 1.
  Gerken, Martina/ 9789076998985/ Price:EUR 66.00
South American Camelids are receiving increased interest not only in South America but also on a worldwide scale. They possess some unique features such as their fine fibre and their high adaptivity to many climatic regions across the world. Apart from the important productive aspects, their beauty also predestine them as pet animals. However, there are still many gaps in the scientific literature with regard to South American Camelids. This collection of papers brings experience of both South American and European experts together. It considers current trends in reproduction, nutrition, health, fibre morphology and genetics and discusses as new topic aspects of the potential of meat production and commercialization in South America. The particular advantages of South American Camelids for the sustainable use of fragile ecosystems with native pastures are outlined. Round tables discussions focus on the interaction between wild and domestic species, the management of alpaca populations outside of South America and health aspects under European conditions.
SE05-330 The Primordial Emotions: The Dawning of Consciousness.
  Denton, Derek/ 9780199203147/ Price:ĘG 67.00
SE05-329 Minor Veterinary Surgery: A Handbook for Veterinary Nurses.
  Hoad, Julian/ 9780750688079/ Price:ĘG 28.99
SE05-327 Ruminant Physiology: Digestion, Metabolism and Impact of Nutrition on Gene expression, Immunology and Stress .
  Sejrsen, K./ 9789076998640/ Price:EUR 105.00
This book contains peer-reviewed contributions to the XthInternational Symposium on Ruminant Physiology. Proceedings from past ISRP symposia have had a major influence on research and teaching in animal science over the years. Without a doubt, the chapters in this book written by some of the best scientists in the field, will live up to this fine tradition. The chapters cover a wide range of topics spanning from digestion and absorption to metabolism, reproduction and lactation. Important issues related to rumen fermentation, absorption mechanisms and splanchnic metabolism are treated in nine chapters. A number of chapters address the relationship between nutrition and gene expression, illustrating important progress in scientific knowledge that can be obtained by applying molecular biology methods to the field. Several chapters address the effects of nutrition on immunology and cover topics related to the health and welfare of production animals. Finally, the book contains two important chapters on the relationship between food and human health.
SE05-323 Rat.
  Burt, Jonathan/ 9781861892249/ Price:ĘG 12.95
This book traces the history of the human relationship with rats from the first archaeological finds to the genetically engineered rats of the present day, describing its role in the arts and sciences, religion and myth, psychoanalysis and medicine. The author includes wide-ranging examples of the rat°¶s appearance: in literature °V The Pied Piper; Beatrix Potter stories, The Wind in the Willows; in culture °V Victorian rat-and-dog baiting pits, its popularity as a pet, even the subject of a °¶70s pop song; folklore °V it was a good luck symbol in ancient Rome, symbol of cunning in Chinese mythology; and psychoanalysis °V Freud°¶s Rat Man, for example.
  Rogers, Katharine M./ 9781861892928/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Cat traces the relationship between humans and the cat from its original domestication in ancient Egypt c. 2000 BC, where it enjoyed high status, through its centuries as a mere utilitarian rodent catcher, its gradual acceptance as a charming and amiable pet, and its present status as a companion on a par with the dog. This book will appeal to the enormous number of people who like and are interested in cats. Unlike many other cat books, it offers substantial and accurate information about the history of cats and their presentation in literature and art.
  Connor, Steven/ 9781861892942/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Fly explores the slow redemption of the fly, as the intricate miracle of its design and function gradually became appreciated. The secrets of the fly°¶s uniquely versatile powers of flight are only just beginning to be understood and harnessed. The twentieth century that began with worldwide campaigns for the extermination of the fly ended with the humble fruit fly at the centre of the revolution brought about by genetics.
  / 9781861892973/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Foxes live throughout the world in widely different habitats from forest to desert to the Arctic. What is surprising, though, is that scientists admit that very little is actually known about the lives and habits of foxes. The reason, which this book explores in depth, is that foxes are almost universally despised as being wicked. From the time of Aristotle, naturalists have succumbed to the general bias against foxes, either openly asserting that foxes are barely worthy of consideration or worrying about the health threat they pose. While this low regard is understandable, since foxes steal chickens and have a strong odour, they are strikingly beautiful animals possessed of a startling intelligence. Throughout Europe and Asia, folk tales and myths have built up around the fox, depicting it variously as unrepentant thief and seducer, shapeshifter and deceiver, as an outlaw whose primary purpose is to disrupt human social order. The fear and loathing people feel (paradoxically mixed with fascination) toward foxes are reflected in the many fox-terms that have entered different languages. In Japan, for example, various plants are identified with fox-names to indicate how they are supposedly used by foxes in an alternate universe. The contradictory attitudes toward foxes are exemplified in America and Europe by their classification as vermin at the same time as they are preserved and propagated by foxhunters and fur trappers, and depicted as loveable furry creatures in the movies.
  Jackson, Christine E./ 9781861892935/ Price:ĘG 12.95
The first record of a peacock in the Middle East, taken there from its homeland in the Indus Valley, was when King Solomon imported them c. 950 bce. The story of the peacock spread westwards and its impact on different countries is both surprising and fascinating. Peacocks became the subject of fairy stories, legends, fables, myths and superstitions. Images of peacocks have appeared in mosaics, frescoes, paintings from illuminated manuscripts through to modern graphics, and in the 19th century they represented opulence, luxury and vibrant beauty in the artefacts created by the Arts and Crafts, the Aesthetic and the Art Nouveau movements°¶ craftsmen in glass, ceramics, metalwork, jewellery and other materials. The feathers of peacocks have been used in head-dresses, hats and helmets, to fletch arrows and to tie artificial flies for fishermen. This is the first book to bring together all the facets of the peacock including natural and social history, its role in religions and mythology in the East and West, and its place in the history of art and artefacts.
  Coates, Peter/ 9781861892959/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Inspired by the remarkable homing instinct of one of the natural world°¶s greatest wonders, we have selected the salmon as a symbol of fortitude, fecundity, self-sacrifice, loyalty to place and unwavering pursuit of destiny. Yet the salmon has become a deeply paradoxical and controversial creature. Celebrated for centuries as the noblest of fish, it is now just as likely to be deplored as the ignoble product of the aquatic equivalent of battery farming. Salmon examines the natural history of the fish and looks at it from the perspectives of those who have studied it, eaten it, pursued it, fought over it, pondered its meaning and absorbed it into culture and art. This innovative biography of a species encompasses the salmon°¶s evolutionary, ecological and human stories, ranging from Nova Scotia to Norway and from Korea to California, and stretching from prehistory to the future. Anyone who has ever eaten or tried to catch one will want to read the book that is the first to serve up the °•compleat°¶ salmon.
  / 9781861892768/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Contrary to popular belief it is the tiger, not the lion, who is the true king of the jungle: a male Siberian tiger can grow to almost three and a half metres in length and weigh more than 300 kilograms. Sleek, powerful, and mysterious, the tiger is revered as a potent symbol of sexuality, ferocity, and magic in many cultures around the world, yet the tiger°¶s strength and beauty has also been its downfall: nearly every part of the tiger has a value to poachers. Live tigers are sold as exotic pets; skin is made into magical amulets and novelties, as are teeth and claws; tiger penis is an ingredient of allegedly powerful sexual tonics and traditional Asian medicine uses tiger bone in a number of different formulae. Poaching now threatens the long-term survival of the species: there are only an estimated 30 to 80 South China tigers, 150 to 200 Siberian tigers and 600 to 650 Sumatran tigers left in the wild, and there may be as few as 5,000 still alive worldwide.
VE05-9 BVDV: Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus: Diagnosis, Management and Control.
  Goyal, Sagar/ 9780813804781/ Price:US$ 204.75
For almost 60 years, continual research on the subject of Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD) has raised as many questions as that research has answered. This common disease continues to cause sickness, death, abortion and fetal anomalies despite the millions of vaccination doses used each year to prevent its spread. Written by international experts on the subject of the BVD virus, BVDV: Diagnosis, Management and Control includes the latest information on BVD and outlines methods of diagnosis, management and control. Researchers, academics, and large animal practitioners will find this book an invaluable and irreplaceable resource for understanding and controlling outbreaks of BVD.
SE05-327 Conservation Genetics of Endangered Horse Breeds.
  Bodo, Imre/ 9789076998794/ Price:EUR 51.00
This book is particularly interesting for both horse breeders and molecular geneticists. Equids (horses and asses) have a particular place in the human culture and history. There are strong arguments for conservation of rare, endangered horse breeds and populations, however the maintenance of native breeds does not result in profitable business.Some populations and namely rare horse breeds need to be re-evaluated yet, others need to be saved from extinction very urgently.
SE05-327 Animal Bioethics: Principles and Teaching Methods.
  Marie, M./ 9789076998589/ Price:EUR 55.00
The first part of the book is devoted to in-depth analyses of historical, philosophical, religious and cultural perspectives as well as of the driving forces in action. This enables readers to develop a good understanding of the ethical principles related to human-animal relationships, and their dynamics. In the second part, teaching objectives, strategies and methods are analysed, resulting in a conceptual framework for education in this area. Concrete suggestions are given to be applied in teaching, training and communication. This provides a basis for curricula development, including appropriate principles, content and examples. A detailed syllabus is proposed in the case of animal welfare, including its rationale and extensive sources of information. The methods proposed, in their varying degrees of complexity involve active processes, mainly founded on case studies and problem-based learning. This will contribute to a necessary sharing of experience and the spreading of good practice.
SE05-327 Applied Equine Nutrition: Equine NUtrition COnference (ENUCO) 2005.
  Lindner, A./ 9789076998855/ Price:EUR 46.00
The content of this book arises from the °ßEquine Nutrition Conference (ENUCO) 2005. It gives scientifically validated practical hints and state of the art knowledge to veterinarians, breeders, riders and members of the feed industry. The topics dealt with in this publication are: nutrition of endurance horses; nutrition of growing horses to reduce prevalence of developmental orthopedic disease; strategies to cope with exertional rhabdomyolysis; and importance of nutrition for the maintenance and rehabilitation of health of teeth, hooves and the gastrointestinal tract without which a horse is no horse.
SE05-327 The Growing Horse: Nutrition and Prevention of Growth Disorders.
  Juliand, V./ 9789076998626/ Price:EUR 62.00
This book provides an outstanding synthesis of the biology and the physiopathology of growth and of the nutritional requirements necessary for feeding the healthy growing horse. The basic knowledge is presented in main reports dealing with experimental and field studies on the following categories: growth and development; energy and protein requirements; minerals and vitamins requirements and the role of nutrition on developmental diseases. Sections end with applications for end users. These materials are the first step of further discussion on the evaluation and prediction of the requirements of the different types of horses covered in the scope of the working group of the Horse commission of the European Association for Animal Production.
GE01-20-1 Grzimek's Student Animal Life Resource: Amphibians, 3-Vols/Set.
  / 9780787694074/ Price:US$ 331.00
Grzimek's Student Animal Life Resource: Amphibians offers readers comprehensive and easy-to-use information on Earth's amphibians. Entries are arranged by taxonomy, the science through which living things are classified into related groups. Each entry includes sections on physical characteristics; geographic range; habitat; diet; behavior and reproduction; amphibians and people; and conservation status. Family entries are followed by one or more species accounts and a range map and photo or illustration for each species. Entries conclude with a list of books, periodicals, and Web sites that may be used for further research. Each volume of Grzimek's Student Animal Life Resource: Amphibians includes a pronunciation guide for scientific names, a glossary, an overview of amphibians, a list of species in the set by biome, a list of species by geographic location, and an index. The set has more than 200 full-color maps, photos, and illustrations to enliven the text, and sidebars provide additional facts and related information.
  Macdonald, Helen/ 9781861892386/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Falcon combines in-depth practical, personal and scientific knowledge of falcons with a strong analytical perspective on the place of these birds in human history. It will be enjoyed by specialists and non-specialists alike: lovers of the countryside, birdwatchers or anyone who has ever wondered why falcons are so compelling.
  Carter, Paul/ 9781861892379/ Price:ĘG 12.95
This book differs from previous histories, which have treated parrots as subjects of curiosity and a pretext for elegy. A new kind of animal history, Parrot is philosophical and poetic: it takes seriously the critical and ironic mirror that parrots hold up to human society. Humorously written and wide-ranging in scope, Parrot will have broad appeal, and will be of interest to parrot enthusiasts and specialists, as well as a general readership.
  Stutesman, Drake/ 9781861892393/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Snake explores the animal°¶s natural history, and the widespread snake symbolism, from Eve°¶s serpent in the Bible, to Kaa in The Jungle Book; from the Chinese zodiac to Indian snake charmers and the Hollywood film Anaconda. Including many illustrations and a wide range of material, from snake cooking and the use of venom in medicine, to the history of snake symbolism in art, architecture and clothing, this book will interest snake enthusiasts and specialists, as well as all those who love, admire or fear this remarkable and durable animal.
  Roman, Joe/ 9781861892461/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Whale recounts the evolutionary and ecological background, as well as the cultural history, of these extraordinary mammals, long persecuted and now celebrated throughout the world. From the tales of Jonah and Brendan the Navigator to Moby Dick and recent discoveries of cetacean songs and culture, Joe Roman looks at the role of the whale in human history, mythology, art, literature, commerce and science. Illustrated with Stone Age carvings, medieval broadsheets and colour underwater photographs, Whale shows how our perception of these animals has changed over the centuries: a hundred years ago, a stranded whale was usually greeted with flensing knives; now people bring boats and harnesses to return a wayward creature to the sea.
Beast of Never, Cat of God : The Search for the Eastern Puma.
  Butz, Bob/ 9781592284467/ Price:US$ 22.95
  Preston, Claire/ 9781861892560/ Price:ĘG 12.95
The bee is not a domestic animal, yet our relationship with this creature is one of the longest-standing between humanity and any other species. Since the earliest times the unique manufacturing and architectural abilities of the bee and its remarkable social organization have been regarded as miraculous. Because of this ancient relationship, bees always carry profound cultural meanings which can tell us much about who we are. Bees are also the subject of an enormous body of legend throughout the temperate world; no less extraordinary is the natural history of the bee, and the ways in which its biological and social organization have been adapted and encouraged by mankind in search of honey.
VE05-11 Encyclopedia of Animal Science.
  Bell, Alan/ 9780824754969/ Price:ĘG 423.00
Containing case studies that complement material presented in the text, the vast range of this definitive encyclopedia encompasses animal physiology, animal growth and development, animal behavior, animal reproduction and breeding, alternative approaches to animal maintenance, meat science and muscle biology, farmed animal welfare and bioethics, and food safety. With contributions from top researchers in their discipline, the book addresses new research and advancements in this burgeoning field and provides quick and reader-friendly descriptions of technologies critical to professionals in animal and food science, food production and processing, livestock management, and nutrition.
SE05-381 Strause: Zucht, Haltung und Vermarktung.
  Kistner, Christoph/ 9783800145874/ Price:EUR 29.90
SE05-343 Origin of Anti-Tumor Immunity Failure in Mammals.
  Bubanovic, Ivan/ 9780306486296/ Price:EUR 129.95
SE05-327 Foot and Mouth Disease: New Values, Innovative Research Agenda's and Policies.
  Zijpp, A. J. Van Der/ 9789076998275/ Price:EUR 30.00
A Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak is not by definition similar to a Foot and Mouth Disease crisis. Why then did the 2001 outbreak result in a crisis situation in the Netherlands? It was not because nobody was prepared for it. The Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Fisheries had a scenario in stock.The scenario was applied as intended. The scenario did what it was supposed to do: it prevented the spreading of the disease, it resulted in a relatively soon eradication of the disease and it minimised damage to agricultural exports. Nevertheless, the crisis was there. °ßFoot and Mouth Disease: new values, innovative research agenda°¶s and policies°® reports a process in which individuals and groups involved in the crisis participated in a joint analysis of what caused the crisis, and in the making of a policy and research agenda. The conclusion was that ignorance of the societal function of animals and countryside was the cause of the crisis: the scenario focussed on Foot and Mouth Disease control in a production-oriented environment. In reality many people perceived that the scenario and its rigid application threatened nonproduction values such as the companion role of animals and the recreation function of the landscape.
SE05-327 Nutrition of the Performance Horse: Which system in Europe for Evaluating the Nutritional Requirements?
  Julliand, V./ 9789076998374/ Price:EUR 51.00
This publication contains the proceedings of the 1st biannual European Workshop on Equine Nutrition. It includes outlines of the recommended allowances for equines for energy and nitrogen nutrition intake in various European countries (France, Germany, Nordic countries and The Netherlands), where INRA or NRC systems are used. These outlines are given as main reports. Secondly, the book includes a synthesis on intake regulations, which is also given as a main report. Finally, the book contains the minutes of the different round tables conducted on energy, nitrogen and intake. All these materials provide a very good bases for further discussion of the scope of the working group on Equine Nutrition of the horse commission of the European Association for Animal Production
SE05-311 Oyster.
  Stott, Rebecca/ 9781861892218/ Price:ĘG 12.95
In Oyster, literary historian and radio broadcaster Rebecca Stott tells the extraordinary story of the oyster and its pearl, revealing how this curious creature has been used and depicted in human culture and what it has variously meant to those who have either loved or loathed it: the Romans carried much-sought-after British oysters across the Alps on the backs of donkeys to be eaten as delicacies at banquets in Rome, whilst by contrast Woody Allen once famously said °•I will not eat oysters. I want my food dead °V not sick, not wounded.
Catch Your Dog Doing Something Right : How to Train Any Dog in Five Minutes a Day.
  Cantrell, Krista/ 9781592285648/ Price:US$ 14.95
Tao of Puppies : How to Raise a Good Dog Without Really Trying.
  Cantrell, Krista/ 9781592285372/ Price:US$ 16.95
SE05-436 Nutrient Requirements of Nonhuman Primates.
  / 9780309069892/ Price:US$ 75.00
SE05-404 Tortoise.
  Young, Peter/ 9781861891914/ Price:ĘG 12.95
Tortoise is the first cultural history of these long-lived and intriguing creatures, which have existed for more than 200 million years. The book covers tortoises worldwide, in evolution, myth and reality, ranging across palaeontology, natural history, myth, folklore, art forms, literature, veterinary medicine and trade regulations. The tortoise has been seen as an Atlas-like creature supporting the world, as the origin of music and as a philosophical paradox. Peter Young examines the tortoise in all these guises, as well as a military tactical formation, its exploitation by mariners and others for food, as ornament (in tortoiseshell), as a motif in art, and in space research. He looks at the movement away from exploitation to conservation and even the uses of the tortoise in advertising. As well as examples of species, illustrations from around the world include monuments, sculptures, coins, stamps, objets d°¶art, drawings, cartoons, advertisements and X-rays. The book will appeal not only to tortoise lovers but also to readers of cultural histories around the world.
SE05-356 Saunders Handbook of Veterinary Drugs.(CD-ROM)
  Papich, Mark G./ 9780721604558/ Price:US$ 64.95
SE05-356 Common Small Animal Diagnoses: An Algorithmic Approach.(CD-ROM)
  Davies, Charlotte/ 9780721601779/ Price:US$ 64.95
Progress in Research on Energy and Protein Metabolism.
  Souffrant, W.B./ 9789076998244/ Price:EUR 146.00
This book compiles the scientific content of the International Symposium on Energy & Protein Metabolism and Nutrition, in Rostock-Warnemunde 13th-18th September 2003. Specialists from all over the world working in energy and protein metabolism research were assembled to discuss scientific matters of physiology, nutrition, immunology and genetics. All scientific contributions, presented as oral communications or posters, are published in this book. Additionally to these more than 150 articles and 10 review papers, presented by invited speakers, give an overview of the state of the art in special research areas of energy and protein metabolism. The book presents latest results in topics of energy metabolism such as environmental aspects of energy homeostasis, dietary and genetic aspects as well as tissue, organ and whole body energy metabolism and methodology. Furthermore this compilation also gives insight in current affairs of protein research, i.e. protein metabolism and microbiology in the gastro-intestinal tract and requirements and post-absorptive metabolism of amino acids. Apart from these specific questions other topics concerning genes and nutrition or modelling and regulation of energy and protein status were of common interest. The intention of these proceedings is to disseminate latest perceptions of energy and protein research and with this to attempt the connection of areas in animal and human life sciences.
  Sax, Boria/ 9781861891945/ Price:ĘG 12.95
This book is a survey of crows, ravens, magpies and their relatives in myth, literature and life. It ranges from the raven sent out by Noah to the corvid deities of the Eskimo, to Taoist legends, Victorian novels and contemporary films. It will be of interest to all people who have ever been intrigued, puzzled, annoyed or charmed by these wonderfully intelligent birds.
  Copeland, Marion/ 9781861891921/ Price:ĘG 12.95
The cockroach could not have scuttled along, almost unchanged, for two hundred and fifty million years °V some two hundred and forty-nine before man evolved °V unless it was doing something right. It would be fascinating as well as instructive to have access to the cockroach°¶s own record of its life on earth, to know its point of view on evolution and species domination over the millennia. Such chronicles would perhaps radically alter our perceptions of the dinosaur°¶s span and importance °V and that of our own development and significance. We might learn that throughout all these aeons, the dominant life form has been, if not the cockroach itself, then certainly the insect.
  Sleigh, Charlotte/ 9781861891907/ Price:ĘG 12.95
This is the first book to examine ants in these and many other such guises, and in so doing opens up broader issues about the history of science and humans°¶ relations with the natural world. It will be of interest to anyone who likes natural history or cultural studies, or who has ever rushed out and bought a can of Raid?.
SE05-376 Molecular Principles of Animal Development.
  Arias, Alfonso M./ 9780198792840/ Price:NT$ 1250.00
SE05-325 Animal.
  Fudge, Erica/ 9781861891341/ Price:ĘG 16.95
Animal is a timely overview of the many ways in which we live with animals, and assesses many of the paradoxes of our relationships with them: for example, why is the pet that sits by the dinner table never for eating? Examining novels such as Charlotte°¶s Web, films such as Old Yeller and Babe, science and advertising, fashion and philosophy, Animal also evaluates the ways in which we think about animals and challenges a number of the assumptions we hold. Why is it, for example, that animals are such a constant presence in children°¶s literature? And what does it mean to wear fake fur? Is fake fur an ethical avoidance of animal suffering, or merely a sanitized version of the unacceptable use of animals as clothing?
SE05-394 Desert Puma: Evolutionary Ecology and Conservation of an Enduring Carnivore.
  Logan, Kenneth A./ 9781559638678/ Price:US$ 55.00
SE05-205 Foraminifera from Late Pleistocene Clay Near Waterville, Maine.
  Buzas, Martin A./ 72459012/ Price:US$ 30.00
Proceedings of the 44th Congress of the International Society of Applied Ethology.
  / 9789086861507/ Price:EUR 34.00
This publication contains absctracts from the 44th Congress of the International Society for Applied Ethology in Uppsala, Sweden, August 4-7, 2010. The main theme is coping in large groups. This topic is not only important to researchers working with farm animals, but also for those working with laboratory, companion, sport and other categories of animals.


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