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SD01-485 Higher Dimensional Categories: From Double To Multiple Categories
  Marco Grandis/ 9789811205101/ Price:US$ 168.00
SD01-484 Discrete Mathematics: Graph Algorithms, Algebraic Structures, Coding Theory, and Cryptography
  Sriraman Sridharan/ 9780815347392/ Price:ĘG 79.99
SD01-484 Finite Geometries
  Gyorgy Kiss/ 9781498721653/ Price:ĘG 57.99
Applications of Graph Theory
  Ivan Stanimirovic/ 9781774071410/ Price:US$ 165.00
Applications of Graph Theory gives an introduction on the subject of graph theory and the applications related to it. It explains the various computational complexities and the methodologies to solve the problems using NP/P graphs. Also discussed in the book are the theoretical applications of the graphs, the role of graphs in education, the application of graph theory in the recognition of language and the various special classes into which graphs and its applications are classified. The book also gives some conclusive remarks on the subject.
Modeling in Mathematics
  Olga Moreira/ 9781774071434/ Price:US$ 165.00
Modeling in Mathematics deals with the concept of modeling in the field of mathematics. It includes a statistical and spectral model for representing noisy sounds with short-time sinusoids, robust Bayesian regularized estimation based on regression model and robust quadratic regression and its application to energy-growth consumption problem. This book also discusses about intuitionistic fuzzy weighted linear regression model with fuzzy entropy under linear restrictions, a hybrid approach of stepwise regression, logistic regression, support vector machine, and decision tree for forecasting fraudulent financial statements, dynamical analysis in explicit continuous iteration algorithm and its applications, dynamical analysis and chaos control of a discrete sis epidemic model, electricity market stochastic dynamic model and its mean stability analysis and using artificial neural networks to predict direct solar irradiation.
Fundamentals of Matrix Computations
  Olga Moreira/ 9781774071441/ Price:US$ 165.00
Fundamentals of Matrix Computations deals with the concept of matrix computations, a technique of singular value homogenization and its application in medical therapy. It consists of modern iterative methods to generalize the issues associated with singular-value homogenization. It provides the reader with the understanding of matrix computations and preconditioning technique of singular value homogenization so as to analyze its potential applications in the field of medical therapy and the use of efficient numerical methods so as to solve the problems linked with nonlinear singular boundary value by using improved differential transform method. This book also discusses about blind distributed estimation algorithms for adaptive networks, a dft-based approximate eigenvalue and singular value decomposition of polynomial matrices, sparse signal subspace decomposition based on adaptive over-complete dictionary, lower bounds for the low-rank matrix approximation and a semi-smoothing augmented lagrange multiplier algorithm for low-rank toeplitz matrix completion.
Mathematical Optimization Terminology
  Olga Moreira/ 9781774071458/ Price:US$ 165.00
Mathematical Optimization Terminology takes into account multi-objective method considering the problems related to optimization in case of power distribution systems. It includes a short survey on model-based evolutionary algorithms and study on parameter optimization for support vector regression. This book also discusses about gradient-based cuckoo search for global optimization, a hybrid cuckoo search algorithm, extraction methods for uncertain inference rules by ant colony optimization, a benchmark test suite for evolutionary many-objective optimization, a hybrid SA-MFO algorithm for function optimization and engineering design problems and social group optimization (SGO).
Correlation and Regression Analysis: Applications for Industrial Organizations
  Ivan Stanimirovic?/ 9781774071588/ Price:US$ 165.00
Correlation and Regression Analysis: Applications for Industrial Organizations book discusses the important theoretical concepts such as the Amortization System Constant, French System of Price Amortization, comparative analysis of these methods and American System of Amortization which provide a basic understanding of the correlation and regression analysis. The application of these concepts to develop economic and mathematical models in e-business have been explained in detail. The theories and concepts related to mathematical design in e-business, design of organizational structure, microeconomic theory of firm, and fundamental concepts related to banks, financial transactions, and the importance of good relations during inflation have been elucidated. The presentation and analysis of data along with detailed information about macroeconomic variables, different result filters, and the relationship of the macroeconomic variables with the result variables has been described. This book provides a comprehensive understanding about the application of correlation and regression analysis in the industrial organizations.
Fundamentals of Advanced Mathematics
  Alberto D. Yazon/ 9781773614045/ Price:US$ 165.00
Fundamentals of Advanced Mathematics explains the basic fundamentals of mathematics by introducing it to the readers. It further goes on to explain algebra and the basic math related to it and elaborate on the number theory and number system. Also discussed in the book are the relations and functions, the use of proportional logic, the graph theory and the mathematical induction and recursion and the various theorems and logics related to it. The book also delves upon the cardinal system. It gives some solved examples and the questions to be practiced in the later halves of the chapters.
Mathematical Analysis and Analytical Modeling
  Ivan Stanimirovic/ 9781774073216/ Price:US$ 165.00
Mathematical Analysis and Analytical Modeling provides the readers with the preliminary knowledge on mathematics and explains them the meaning of normal families. It talks about the iteration functions, fixed points and other kinds of sets in the mathematics. Also discusses in the book is the Baker theorem for the complexity invariant components in the set of Fatou, mathematical analysis of significant transformations, theoretical framework for it, application of analytical functions in educational research, and the methodological framework. The book also gives some concluding remarks on the subject matter.
Number Theory with Applications to Cryptography
  Stefano Spezia/ 9781774073513/ Price:US$ 165.00
Number Theory with Applications to Cryptography takes into account the application of number theory in the field of cryptography. It comprises elementary methods of Diophantine equations, the basic theorem of arithmetic and the Riemann Zeta function. This book also discusses about Congruences and their use in mock theta functions, Method of Iterative Sliding Window for Shorter Number of Operations in case of Modular Exponentiation and Scalar Multiplication, Discrete log problem, elliptic curves, matrices and public-key cryptography and Implementation of Pollard Rho over binary fields using Brent Cycle Detection Algorithm. It also provides the reader with the significant insights of number theory to the practice of cryptography in order to understand discrete log problem, matrices, elliptic curves and public-key cryptography and the applications of Fibonacci sequence on continued fractions.
Advances in Applied Combinatorics
  Stefano Spezia/ 9781774073520/ Price:US$ 165.00
Advances in Applied Combinatorics talks about the subject of binomial coefficients, permutations, the combinational proofs, the graph theory, derangements, partitions, linear recurrences, graph algorithms and permutation groups, to give a far-fetched insight on applied combinatorics. This book also discusses about the fractional sums and the differences, harmonic numbers and the cubed binomial coefficients, the recursive algorithms, linear recurrences and the fibonacci numbers. The generating functions and the sequence of numbers and polynomials.
Linear Algebra, Matrix Theory and Applications
  Stefano Spezia/ 9781774073537/ Price:US$ 165.00
Linear Algebra, Matrix Theory and Applications gives insights into the various aspects related to the matrices including the concepts on vector spaces, least square regression, determinants, eigen values, eigen vectors, positive definite matrices, singular value decomposition and teaches the readers the methods of computation in matrices.This book also discusses about Reduced triangular form of polynomial, Gaussian Elimination-based correlation analysis, Shift-invert diagonalization of spin chains, Fast matrix multiplication, Finding the pth root of principal matrix and Quasi-rational canonical form of a matrix.
Mathematics Education: History and Research
  Stefano Spezia/ 9781774073544/ Price:US$ 165.00
Mathematics Education: History and Research takes into account the basic methodology used for the mathematics education in ancient times. It includes the advanced mathematical study and the development of conditional reasoning skills and certain challenges involved in the mathematical cognition. This book also discusses about the cultural diversity and its role in mathematical activities, exploring practices of teachers in teaching mathematics and statistics in kwazulu-natal schools, mathematics teachers' professional identity development in communities of practice, interactive whiteboards in mathematics teaching: a literature review, using technology in elementary mathematics teacher education and using historical perspective in designing discovery learning on integral for undergraduate students.
Optimization Methods in Operations Research and Systems Analysis
  C.K. Fauda/ 9781682516096/ Price:US$ 160.00
Operation Research incorporates a wide range of mathematical problem-solving techniques and methods, applied in the pursuit of better decision making and efficiency, such as simulation, mathematical optimization and others. Logistics and warehouse optimization is commonly required in most of the industries like automobile, FMCG, container terminals, defence, etc. This comprehensive book provides the students with the basic knowledge of the processes involved in operations research and discusses the techniques of solutions to problems and their applications in daily life.
Algebraic Analysis for Engineers
  K. R. Mui/ 9781682516164/ Price:US$ 160.00
The term °ßalgebraic analysis°® has had, and continues to have, various meanings reflecting several different areas of study and approaches for over 200 years. The calculus today is the core of analysis, a subject whose basic concepts are domain, functional mapping, limit, continuity, differentiability and so on. At the elementary level the calculus is developed for real values of the variable. The derivative of a function is defined at each number of the domain by a limit process in terms of the values of the function in a neighborhood about the number. This book examines some of the developments in arithmetic and algebraic symbolism which made possible noteworthy brevity in exposition and consequently greater ease of learning.
Engineering Calculus
  K.P. Luan/ 9781682516171/ Price:US$ 160.00
Calculus is used to improve the architecture not only of buildings but also of important infrastructures such as bridges. It is required by architects and engineers to determine the size and shape of the curves. Without the use of calculus roads, bridges, tunnels would not be safe as they are today. This book intends to review numerous methods and applications of integral calculus. With its easy-to-follow style and accessible explanations, the book sets a solid foundation to specific calculus methods, demonstrating the relations between differential calculus theory and its solicitations.
Geometric Methods and Applications: For Computer Science and Engineering
  Jin L K/ 9781682516188/ Price:US$ 160.00
Geometric modelling is the process of capturing the properties of an object or a system using mathematical formulae. Computer geometric modelling is the field that discusses the mathematical methods behind the modelling of realistic objects for computer graphics and computer aided design. An introduction to fundamental geometric concepts and tools needed for solving problems of a geometric nature using a computer.
Applied Mathematics for Engineers
  K Ferenci/ 9781682516195/ Price:US$ 160.00
Applied mathematics deals with mathematical concepts and techniques used in various fields of science and engineering. Compared with the pure mathematician, the applied mathematician is more interested in problems coming from other fields. Compared with the engineer and the physical scientist, he is more concerned with the formulation of problems and the nature of solutions. This book is the most authoritative and accessible reference on applied mathematics.
VSD01-004 Handbook of Analytic Operator Theory
  Kehe Zhu/ 9781138486416/ Price:ĘG 115.00
Book Cover This handbook concerns the subject of holomorphic function spaces and operators acting on them. Topics include Bergman spaces, Hardy spaces, Besov/Sobolev spaces, Fock spaces, and the space of Dirichlet series. Operators discussed in the book include Toeplitz operators, Hankel operators, composition operators, and Cowen-Douglas class operators
VSD01-004 Handbook of Conformal Mappings and Applications
  Prem K. Kythe/ 9781138748477/ Price:ĘG 222.00
Book Cover The subject of conformal mappings is a major part of geometric function theory that gained prominence after the publication of the Riemann mapping theorem °X for every simply connected domain of the extended complex plane there is a univalent and meromorphic function that maps such a domain conformally onto the unit disk. The Handbook of Conformal Mappings and Applications is a compendium of at least all known conformal maps to date, with diagrams and description, and all possible applications in different scientific disciplines, such as: fluid flows, heat transfer, acoustics, electromagnetic fields as static fields in electricity and magnetism, various mathematical models and methods, including solutions of certain integral equations.
SD01-484 Graph Theory and Its Applications
  Jonathan L. Gross/ 9781482249484/ Price:ĘG 63.99
SD01-484 Game Theory: A Modeling Approach
  Richard Alan Gillman/ 9781482248098/ Price:ĘG 49.99
SD01-484 Lessons in Play: An Introduction to Combinatorial Game Theory
  Michael Albert/ 9781482243031/ Price:ĘG 61.99
SD01-484 A Transition to Proof: An Introduction to Advanced Mathematics
  Neil R. Nicholson/ 9780367201579/ Price:ĘG 74.99
SD01-484 Exploring Linear Algebra: Labs and Projects with MATLABR
  Crista Arangala/ 9781138063495/ Price:ĘG 38.99
SD01-484 Variational Techniques for Elliptic Partial Differential Equations: Theoretical Tools and Advanced Applications
  Francisco-Javier Sayas/ 9781138580886/ Price:ĘG 77.00
SD01-483 Curved-Folding Origami Design
  Jun Mitani/ 9780367180270/ Price:ĘG 74.99
SD01-483 Numerical Methods: Fundamentals and Applications
  Rajesh Kumar Gupta/ 9781108716000/ Price:ĘG 69.99
SD01-483 Computational Methods for Approximation of Large-Scale Dynamical Systems
  Mohammad Monir Uddin/ 9780815348030/ Price:ĘG 110.00
SD01-481 3D Shape Analysis: Fundamentals, Theory, and Applications
  Hamid Laga/ 9781119405108/ Price:US$ 129.95
SD01-481 Advanced Functional Analysis
  Eberhard Malkowsky/ 9781138337152/ Price:ĘG 100.00
SD01-480 Illustrated Handbook of Algorithms
  / 9781680943672/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover This highly structured text provides comprehensive coverage of design techniques of algorithms. The book also serves well as a supplementary text for a traditional modern algebra course, by presenting concrete applications to motivate the understanding of the theory of rings and fields.
SD01-480 Illustrated Handbook of Mathematical Analysis
  / 9781680943849/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover This book thus succeeds in being more comprehensive, more comprehensible, and more enjoyable, than standard introductions to analysis. Designed for graduate students in mathematics, optimization, and economics, this illustrated handbook presents theory, methods, and applications in mathematical analysis and approximation theory.
SD01-480 Essentials of Real Analysis: World Edition
  / 9781680948967/ Price:US$ 95.00
Book Cover A rigorous, comprehensive introduction to real analysis that presents the fundamentals with clear exposition and definitions, theorems, and proofs. A course in real analysis directed at undergraduates and beginning graduate students in mathematics and related fields.
SD01-480 Essentials of Number Theory: World Edition
  / 9781680948974/ Price:US$ 95.00
Book Cover Focuses on the basics of number theory, offers an outstanding introduction to partitions, plus chapters on multiplicativity-divisibility, quadratic congruences, additivity, and more. Its goal is to give a view of the theory of numbers, of the problems with which this theory deals, and of the methods that are used.
SD01-480 College Mathematics: World Edition
  / 9781680949063/ Price:US$ 95.00
Brings comprehensive study skills support to students and the latest technology tools to instructors. The topics covered in this text are those usually covered in a full year's course in finite mathematics. Throughout the text, examples are presented in both symbolic and narrative form, and all concepts are applied to careers and professions.
SD01-480 3GE Collection on Mathematics: Statistical Theory
  / 9781984623669/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover The aim of this book is to discuss the fundamental ideas which lie behind the statistical theory of learning and generalization. Discusses as well the criteria of success and failure in statistical situations. This book is a valuable resource for students, including many probability inequalities that are not only useful in the context of this text, but also as a resource for investigating convergence of statistical procedures.
SD01-480 Computational and Numerical Simulations
  Ivan Stanimirovic/ 9781773613857/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Computational and Numerical Simulations examines various aspects of simulations including an extensive overview of Computational and Numerical Simulations. It includes introduction to system dynamics simulations, implementation of system dynamics for urban planning in a municipality, dynamic integrated framework for improving software processes, vehicle aerodynamic analysis using CFD simulation, parallelization in hydraulic simulations. Provides the reader with insights into the development of its history, so as to understand the lapbot positioning in a three-dimensional virtual environment using simulated interface and derive conclusions.
SD01-480 Stochastic Processes and their Applications
  Ivan Stanimirovic/ 9781773613789/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Stochastic Processes and their Applications illustrates the theoretical knowledge of random variables along with some practical skills to analyze various stochastic dynamical systems in economics, engineering and other fields. It includes the most appropriate process for modelling in particular situations arising in economics, engineering and other fields. Provide the readers with the insights into the development of different processes and theories like Poisson processes and the application of stochastic processes in biology.
SD01-480 Principles of Applied Mathematics
  Maria Catherine Borres/ 9781773613741/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Principles of Applied Mathematics takes into account various aspects of applied mathematics and principles required for its application. It includes basic concepts of analytic geometry, application of friction, kinematics, virtual work and rectilinear motion. Provide the reader with the insights into the development of applied mathematics, so as to understand various concepts related to geometry with analytical context and differential equations.
SD01-480 An Introduction to Integral Transforms and Their Applications
  Olga Moreira/ 9781773615547/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover An Introduction to Integral Transforms and Their Applications is a detailed guide and a comprehensive thorough material when it comes to integral transforms and their applications. Global behavior is discussed initially to create general grounds in order to explain the topic in detail. For greater information on integral transforms, advanced topics like Dynamic Behavior of Axially Functionally Graded Pipes Conveying Fluid and Plane Wave Diffraction by a Finite Plate with Impedance Boundary Conditions have also been taken into consideration.
SD01-480 Probabilistic Inference and Statistical Methods in Network Analysis
  Olga Moreira/ 9781773615554/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Probabilistic Inference and Statistical Methods in Network Analysis examines various aspects of network analysis and analysis several dimensions of probabilistic inferences. It includes an in-depth social network analysis over clinical education of diabetic foot and also on online social network software. Provide the reader with the insights into the development of network analysis by using various statistical methodologies, so as to understand the dynamics of networking.
SD01-480 Group Majorization Methods: Extensions of Matrix Inequalities to Lie Groups
  Olga Moreira/ 9781773615561/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Group Majorization Methods Extensions of Matrix Inequalities to Lie Groups studies various concepts of matrix and inequalities extensions. Provides the reader with insights into the Matrix Inequalities and Their Extensions to Lie Groups in order to give a methodical and efficient account of recent important extensions of classical matrix results, especially matrix inequalities.
SD01-480 Numerical Methods and their applications to Linear Algebra
  Olga Moreira/ 9781773615578/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Numerical Methods and their applications to Linear Algebra takes into account various dimensions of linear algebra related to the numerical methods. It includes new iterative methods for generalized singular-value problems and perturbation analysis of the stochastic algebraic Riccati equation. Provide the reader with the insights into the development of various numerical methods adopted for linear algebra, so as to understand and gain practical knowledge of modern computational techniques for the numerical solution of linear algebra.
SD01-479 Differential Equations with Applications
  John Bryden/ 9781682505663/ Price:US$ 145.00
Book Cover Differential equations arising in mechanics, physics, engineering, biological sciences, economics, and other fields of sciences may be classified into either linear or nonlinear formulated as initial or boundary value problems. The book focuses on the theory and the application of differential equations that examine the state of the art, identify emerging trends, and suggest future directions for developing fields. This book is addressed not only to mathematicians but also to those engineers, physicists, and other scientists for whom differential equations are valuable research tools.
SD01-479 Bayesian Network
  Xi Zang Huang/ 9781682515778/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Revealing recent developments in the field and illustrates the power of Bayesian networks in dealing the modeling of complex systems, this book takes a broad look at the literature on learning Bayesian networks°Xin particular their structure°Xfrom data. Specific topics are focused on in detail, but it is hoped that all the major fields in the area are covered. This book establishes a valuable resource for engineers, researchers, students and all those who are interested in discovering and experiencing the potential of this major tool of the century.
SD01-479 Dynamical Systems: Analytical and Computational Techniques
  Ashton.K/ 9781682515792/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover In the last decade or so the process of uncertainty evolution has been studied using a variety of tools from information theory. This book brings together important contributions from renowned international researchers to provide an excellent survey of recent advances in dynamical systems theory and applications. The theory and application of random dynamical systems is at the cutting edge of research in different areas. Dynamical systems theory provides a framework for defining and examining the critical components in complex environments with the certain evolutions in time.
SD01-479 Differential Equations: Theory and Applications
  Maria Catherine Borres/ 9781773614038/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Differential Equations: Theory and Applications examines several aspects of differential equation including an extensive explanation of higher order differential equation. It includes applications of differential equations in mechanics and different types of differential equations. Provides the reader with clear understanding of theory and application of differential equations.
SD01-479 Computer Mathematics
  Gerard Prudhomme/ 9781773614052/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Computer mathematics examines various aspects of mathematics including an extensive overview of computational mathematics. It includes definitions of predictable phenomena, theory of models and of groups, programming models, introduction to formal computer-aided proof, theory of the demonstration, working group on core courses, finite model theory, calculability and incompleteness, programming models, combinator, mathematical logic, foundations of computing. Provides the reader with insights into the development of its history, so as to understand the general theory of algorithms, recursive functions, introduction to complexity, theory of finite models and applications, approximate verification and complexity, working on fundamental courses, preliminary intensive logic.
SD01-479 Methods and Applications of Topology Optimisation
  N. Ustinovshikov/ 9781682515327/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover In recent years°¶ topology optimization has been more and more often used in the process of design. This book presents latest developments and applications in this increasingly popular & maturing optimization approach for engineers and architects; contributed by leading researchers in the field who have been working in the area. The method presented in this book can be considered as one of the most effective approaches to the optimization of layout and material design. This book will appeal to graduate students, researchers and engineers, in detailing how to use topology optimization methods to improve product design.
SD01-479 Modelling and Application of Stochastic Processes
  Alen Joshua/ 9781682515518/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Stochastic processes have become a common tool for mathematicians, physicists, engineers, and the field of application of this theory ranges from the modeling of stock pricing, to a rational option pricing theory, to differential geometry. The book is concerned with concepts and techniques, and is oriented towards a broad spectrum of mathematical, scientific and engineering interests. In particular, this book gives an overview of some of the theoretical methods and tools for stochastic analysis, and it presents the applications of these methods to problems in systems theory, science, and economics.
SD01-479 3GE Collection on Mathematics: General Relativity
  / 9781984623676/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover The book concludes with a brief discussion of classical field theory and the derivation of general relativity from a variational principle. This book covers the principle of equivalence, paying particular attention to the question of the existence of inertial frames in Newtonian mechanics.
SD01-479 3GE Collection on Mathematics: Functions of Complex Variables
  / 9781984623683/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover This book makes available to readers a comprehensive range of analytical techniques based upon complex variable theory, topic essential to training students in complex analysis. Discusses a variety of problems which are usually treated in the theory of functions of one complex variable, the level being gauged for graduate students.
SD01-479 Core Concepts in Mathematics: Algebra (Book with DVD)
  / 9781984620507/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover Covers the fundamentals of algebra, including explanations of equations, negative numbers, exponents, roots, functions, graphs, and logarithms. Continues to provide students with sound, consistently structured explanations of the mathematical concepts.
SD01-479 Core Concepts in Mathematics: Calculus (Book with DVD)
  / 9781984620514/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover Offers an overview of the central ideas in calculus and gives examples of how calculus is used to translate many real-world phenomena into mathematical functions. Assists students improve their understanding and problem-solving skills in analysis, analytic geometry, and higher algebra.
SD01-479 Core Concepts in Mathematics: Geometry (Book with DVD)
  / 9781984620521/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover Introduction to vector algebra in the plane; circles and coaxial systems; mappings of the Euclidean plane; similitudes, isometries, much more. Packed with useful, up-to-date information, this book is a valuable learning tool for anyone who wants to improve his or her understanding of basic geometry.
SD01-479 Core Concepts in Mathematics: Statistics (Book with DVD)
  / 9781984620538/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover An introductory statistics book that emphasizes essential statistical concepts and their practical business applications. Provides a systematic statement of the theory of statistics, emphasizing general concepts rather than mathematical rigor.
SD01-479 Core Concepts in Mathematics: Probability (Book with DVD)
  / 9781984620545/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover Provides a brief account of probability theory; explaining the philosophical approaches, discussing probability distributions, and looking its applications. Explains the basic probabilistic concepts while fostering an intuitive understanding of random phenomena.
SD01-479 Core Concepts in Mathematics: Differential Equations (Book with DVD)
  / 9781984620552/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover Provides a basic introductory course in partial differential equations, in which theory and applications are interrelated and developed side by side. An introduction accessible to beginning graduate students in physics, applied mathematics, and engineering.
SD01-479 Core Concepts in Mathematics: Group theory (Book with DVD)
  / 9781984620583/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover Concise, self-contained introduction to group theory and its applications; the book discusses abstract group theory and invariant subgroups, including theorems of finite groups, factor group, and isomorphism and homomorphism. This book introduces students to many of the fascinating mathematical aspects of group theory.
SD01-479 Core Concepts in Mathematics: Trigonometry (Book with DVD)
  / 9781984620569/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover Covers sum and difference formulas, trigonometric equations, inverse trigonometric functions, and more. This book continues to provide students and instructors with sound, consistently structured explanations of the mathematical concepts.
SD01-479 Core Concepts in Mathematics: Set theory (Book with DVD)
  / 9781984620576/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover This is a classic introduction to set theory, from the basics through to the modern tools of combinatorial set theory. This treatment examines the basic paradoxes and history of set theory and advanced topics such as relations and functions, equipollence, more.
SD01-479 Core Concepts in Mathematics: Discrete Mathematics (Book with DVD)
  / 9781984620590/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover The vital role that discrete mathematics plays in computer science is strongly emphasized as well; this book focuses on combinatorics, graph theory with applications to some standard network optimization problems, and algorithms. This text continues to provide a secure grounding in the theory of discrete mathematics and to augment the theoretical foundation with salient applications.
SD01-479 Core Concepts in Mathematics: Applied Mathematics (Book with DVD)
  / 9781984620606/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover Offering a number of mathematical facts and techniques not commonly treated in courses in advanced calculus, this book explores linear algebraic equations, quadratic and Hermitian forms, the calculus of variations, more. Contains the analytical tools, concepts, and viewpoints needed for modern applied mathematics.
SD01-479 Core Concepts in Mathematics: Numerical Analysis (Book with DVD)
  / 9781984620613/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover Introduces the theory and application of modern numerical approximation techniques to students taking course in numerical analysis. Explores computational methods for problems arising in the areas of classical analysis, approximation theory, and ordinary differential equations.
SD01-479 3GE Collection on Mathematics: Ordinary Differential Equations
  / 9781984623621/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Covers the fundamentals of the theory of ordinary differential equations. Focuses on the mathematical ideas underlying various asymptotic methods for ordinary differential equations that lead to full, infinite expansions. Presents the basic theory of ordinary differential equations and relates the topological theory used in differential equations.
SD01-479 3GE Collection on Mathematics: Geometrical Optics
  / 9781984623638/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Covers the spectrum from theory to practice, providing readers with the fundamental information required for the design of microwave optical devices, as well as numerous ground-breaking theories. This small book is intended to treat two aspects of the subject: the laws of geometrical optics and their application to the design of optical instruments.
SD01-479 3GE Collection on Mathematics: Graph Theory and Its Applications
  / 9781984623645/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover An introductory text in graph theory, this treatment covers primary techniques and includes both algorithmic and theoretical problems. For many years now, graph theory has been developing at a great pace and in many directions. This book covers a broad spectrum of topics in graph theory, geometry, convexity, and combinatorics.
SD01-479 3GE Collection on Mathematics: Discrete Mathematics
  / 9781984623652/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover This approachable text studies discrete objects and the relationsips that bind them. Graph study is discussed, including Euler and Hamilton cycles and trees. The vital role that discrete mathematics plays in computer science is strongly emphasized as well. The book is useful for students taking a course in this field or software engineering.
SD01-479 Introduction to Algorithms
  Rex Porbasas Flejoles/ 9781773612188/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover This book gives an exhaustive introduction to the present day investigation of algorithms. It presents numerous algorithms and spreads them in impressive profundity, yet makes their outline and examination available to every level of readers. The author has endeavored to keep clarifications rudimentary without giving up profundity of scope or, then again numerical meticulousness. Every chapter introduces a calculation, a planning system, an application zone, or a related subject. The book contains many figures°Xnumerous with various parts°Xrepresenting how the calculations work.
SD01-479 Introduction to Search Algorithms
  Rex Porbasas Flejoles/ 9781773612195/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Search algorithms aim to find solution or data with specific properties from a massive set of data. This book is packed with practical explanations of the search algorithms used in various computer systems. The book mainly targets wide group range of researches and master students. The book deals rather with the search algorithms applications than the search algorithms itself.
Mathematical Modelling of System Resilience
  Kanchan Das/ 9788770220705/ Price:EUR 95.00
Book Cover Mathematical Modelling of System Resilience covers resilience creation for various system aspects including a functional system of the supply chain, overall supply chain systems; various methodologies for modeling system resilience; satellite-based approach for addressing climate related risks, repair-based approach for sustainable performance of an engineering system, and modeling measures of the reliability for a vertical take-off and landing system. Each of the chapters contributes state of the art research for the relevant resilience related topic covered in the chapter. Technical topics covered in the book include: Supply chain risk, vulnerability and disruptions System resilience for containing failures and disruptions Resiliency considering frequency and intensities of disasters Resilience performance index Resiliency of electric Traction system Degree of resilience Satellite observation and hydrological risk Latitude of Resilience On-line repair for resilience Reliability design for Vertical Takeoff and landing Prototype
Advances in Applied Mathematical Analysis and Applications
  Mangey Ram/ 9788770221108/ Price:EUR 95.00
Book Cover In recent years, applied mathematics has been used in all novel disciplines of scientific development. Advances in Applied Mathematical Problems summarizes interdisciplinary work within the field of applied mathematics.
SD01-482 Interval Finite Element Method with MATLAB.
  Sukanta Nayak/ 9780128129739/ Price:US$ 150.00
SD01-481 Solving Partial Differential Equation Applications with PDE2D
  Granville Sewell/ 9781119507932/ Price:US$ 99.95
SD01-480 A Modern Introduction to Dynamical Systems
  Richard J. Brown/ 9780198743279/ Price:ĘG 29.99
SD01-476 Advanced Mathematical Techniques in Science and Engineering
  Mangey Ram/ 9788793609341/ Price:EUR 90.00
Book Cover In recent years, mathematical techniques applied to novel disciplines within the science and engineering have experienced extraordinary growth. Advanced Mathematical Techniques in Science and Engineering focusses on a detailed range of mathematics applied within various fields of science and engineering for different tasks. Topics of focus include: Analysis of Consensus-Building Time in Social Groups Modeling of intersystem accidents in critical infrastructure systems Stochastic approaches to analysis and modeling of multi-sources and big data Performance evaluation of computational DoS attack on access point in Wireless LANs Ranking methods for decision-making under uncertainty Understanding time delay based Modeling & Diffusion of technological products Role of soft computing in science and engineering Complex system reliability analysis and optimization Tree growth models in forest ecosystems modelling This research book can be used as a reference for students in a final year undergraduate engineering course, such as mechanical, mechatronics, industrial, computer science, information technology, etc. Furthermore, the book can serve as a valuable reference for academics, engineers and researchers in these and related subject areas.
SD01-475 Theory of Bases in Banach Spaces
  Pawan K. Jain/ 9781781831137/ Price:ĘG 50.00
Book Cover The aim of this book is three fold: To serve as a textbook for a course on °ßBases in Banach Spaces°® at MA/MSc and MPhil levels. To help the beginners and to those who just want to have a quick idea about bases and use them in other areas. To present the development regarding the most important among the several problems which gained importance, following the negative solution of the basis problem, in the eighties and afterwards. The entire book has been divided into three parts Part I contains Basics in Functional Analysis, which is presented very briefly, so as to make it self-contained Parts II and III contain the topics mentioned in the above objectives of the book. There are seventeen chapters altogether in the book.
SD01-475 General Measure and Integration
  Pawan K. Jain/ 9781781831120/ Price:ĘG 40.00
Book Cover The book is intended to serve as a textbook for a course on Measure and Integration, for the graduate and M Phil level students at various Universities. It can be equally useful as a reference book for those who are involved in research in areas requiring the Lebesgue Theory of Integration in its generality. Pains have been taken to give detailed explanations of reasons of work and of the method used. Details are explicitly presented keeping the interest of students in view. The material has been arranged by sections, spread out in eleven chapters. The text starts with a chapter on preliminaries discussing basic concepts and results which would be taken for granted later. This is followed by chapters on Lebesgue Measurable Sets, Measure Spaces, Measurable Functions, Integration, Signed Measures, The Spaces Lp , Product Measure Spaces and Lebesgue-Stieltjes Integral.
SD01-475 Higher Algebra
  H.S. Hall/ 9781781830284/ Price:ĘG 15.00
Book Cover This well-known textbook provides comprehensive coverage of algebraic topics at the concerned level of mathematical study. The exhaustive discussion of ratio, proportion, variation, etc. is intended for conceptual formation and development of students so they can gain skills for attempting the problems independently. The convergency and divergency of series has been made easily comprehensible by the just introduction of limiting values and vanishing fractions. Science and engineering students can rely on it for strengthening their algebraic acumen necessary for success in mathematics exams?conventional as well as competitive.
SD01-475 Hyperbolic Functions
  George F. Becker/ 9781781831243/ Price:ĘG 35.00
Book Cover This book introduces hyperbolic functions starting with their definitions and related formulas. It proceeds further to illustrate these functions geometrically to enhance students? understanding and skills of applications. In addition, various tables listing numerous values of hyperbolic functions are given to make it easy for students to use them in observational and experimental sciences.
SD01-472 Illustrated Dictionary of Geometry.
  / 9781984600257/ Price:US$ 95.00
Book Cover Algebraic geometry has a complicated, difficult language. This dictionary contains definition, and the statements of the main theorems for every of the most common words in this subject. This illustrated dictionary provides concise definitions and explanations of geometry related terms together with state-of-the-art scientific and practical terms, presented in an easy-to-use, A-Z order with pictures and figures as well as examples are given to clarify the terms.
SD01-472 Illustrated Dictionary of Algebra.
  / 9781984600332/ Price:US$ 95.00
Book Cover This illustrated dictionary provides concise definitions and explanations of algebraic terms together with state-of-the-art scientific and practical terms, presented in an easy-to-use, A-Z order with pictures and figures as well as examples are given to clarify the terms. A perfect tool for understanding of algebraic terms for Higher Secondary to Undergraduate students and improving their spelling and grammar.
SD01-472 Illustrated Dictionary of Calculus.
  / 9781984600455/ Price:US$ 95.00
Book Cover This illustrated dictionary provides concise definitions and explanations of calculus related terms together with state-of-the-art scientific and practical terms, presented in an easy-to-use, A-Z order with pictures and figures as well as examples are given to clarify the terms. Packed with special full-page features on this subject and developed in close consultation with team of experts, this is the ultimate reference tool for students.
SD01-472 Illustrated Dictionary of Trigonometry.
  / 9781984600905/ Price:US$ 95.00
Book Cover This illustrated dictionary provides concise definitions and explanations of trigonometry related terms together with state-of-the-art scientific and practical terms, presented in an easy-to-use, A-Z order with pictures and figures as well as examples are given to clarify the terms. Packed with special full-page features on this subject and developed in close consultation with team of experts, this is the ultimate reference tool for Higher Secondary to Undergraduate students.
SD01-472 Illustrated Dictionary of Mathematics.
  / 9781984615916/ Price:US$ 95.00
Book Cover This illustrated dictionary provides concise definitions and explanations of mathematical terms together with state-of-the-art scientific and practical terms, presented in an easy-to-use, A-Z order with pictures and figures as well as examples are given to clarify the terms. Packed with special full-page features on this subject and developed in close consultation with team of experts, this is the ultimate reference tool for Higher Secondary to Undergraduate students.
SD01-472 The Second-Order Adjoint Sensitivity Analysis Methodology.
  Dan Gabriel Cacuci/ 9781498726481/ Price:ĘG 105.00
SD01-471 Zeta Functions of Reductive Groups and Their Zeros.
  Lin Weng/ 9789813231528/ Price:US$ 168.00
SD01-470 Numerical Methods.
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680948950/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover An updated presentation of the basic concepts used in evolving numerical methods with special emphasis on developing computational algorithms for solving problems in algebra and calculus on a computer. Presents a comprehensive approach to numerical algorithms for the solution of equations. Intended for students following a module in numerical methods, numerical techniques, or numerical analysis.
SD01-470 Introduction to Mathematical Modeling. (With DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680948981/ Price:US$ 85.00
Book Cover Presents a thorough grounding in the techniques of mathematical modeling, and proceeds to explore a range of classical and continuum models from an array of disciplines. Delivers a wide variety of common types of models, as well as some new types, and presents each in a unique, easy-to-understand format. Devoted entirely to introducing the student to the second approach: to study deterministic mathematical models and, on the basis of mathematical results on the models.
SD01-470 Theory, Practice and Techniques in Discrete Mathematics.
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680948998/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover This book presents not only the major themes of discrete mathematics, but also the reasoning that underlies mathematical thought. A wide-ranging introduction to discrete mathematics and is highly recommended to every student of mathematics and computer science. This approachable text studies discrete objects and the relationships that bind them.
SD01-470 Theory, Practice and Techniques in Algorithms.
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680949001/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover Emphasizes techniques as well as topics and includes many algorithms described in simple terms. Reviews state-of-the-art methodologies and techniques for analyzing enormous quantities of raw data in high-dimensional data spaces, to extract new information for decision making. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the methods, theories and algorithms of 3D computer vision.
SD01-470 Theory, Practice and Techniques in Geometry.
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680949025/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover Provides a lively and readable presentation of large parts of classical geometry. Delivers the knowledge of geometry of greater scope than the classical geometry taught today, which is no longer an adequate basis for mathematics or physics, both of which are becoming increasingly geometric. Intended to introduce readers to the major geometrical topics taught at undergraduate level in a manner that is both accessible and rigorous.
SD01-470 Theory, Practice and Techniques in Differential Equations.
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680949032/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover Covers the fundamentals of the theory of ordinary differential equations. Primarily intended for the undergraduate students of mathematics, physics and engineering, this text gives in-depth coverage of differential equations and the methods for solving them. This book is intended for students who wish to get an introduction to the theory of partial differential equations.
SD01-470 Theory, Practice and Techniques in Trigonometry.
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680949056/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover Introduces trigonometry, including triangles, square roots, and the Pythagorean Theorem, with problem solving techniques and many examples. Continues to revolutionize the way students learn material by incorporating more real-world applications, ongoing review, and innovative technology. Provide students and instructors with sound, consistently structured explanations of the mathematical concepts.
SD01-470 3GE Collection on Mathematics: Principles of Fourier Analysis.
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680959130/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Provides some of the ideas, techniques and elegant results of Fourier analysis and their applications. Covers the techniques used in Fourier analysis, looks at periodic waveforms, discrete frequency spectra, signal theory, and linear systems. This book presents the theory and applications of Fourier series and integrals, eigenfunction expansions, and related topics, on a level suitable for graduates and undergraduates.
SD01-470 3GE Collection on Mathematics: Principles of Applied Mathematics.
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680959147/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Offering a number of mathematical facts and techniques, this book explores linear algebraic equations, quadratic and Hermitian forms, the calculus of variations, more. This book contains the analytical tools, concepts, and viewpoints needed for modern applied mathematics.
SD01-470 3GE Collection on Mathematics: Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences.
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680959154/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Provides a comprehensive grounding in the techniques of mathematical modeling, and proceeds to explore a range of classical and continuum models from an array of disciplines. Updates the original, comprehensive introduction to the areas of mathematical physics encountered in advanced courses in the physical sciences. Intended for undergraduate and graduate students of mathematics and engineering, this text is also suitable for advanced students in the physical sciences.
SD01-470 Applied and Numerical Methods.
  Maria Tattaris/ 9781773612171/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover The different slice of Mechanics and Numerical methods is of much importance as they play important role in mathematical problems. In many respects this book is an ideal text book for beginners. It combines a light hearted approach, well rounded explanations and plenty of practice opportunities. It makes an ideal companion for those students who are commencing a course in Applied and numerical methods, differential equation and mechanics at school or for undergraduate courses in Mathematics, engineering or Physics.
SD01-470 Methods of Matrix Algebra.
  Maria Catherine Borres/ 9781773612201/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover In many respects this book is design for beginners. It combines an illustration hearted approach, well rounded explanations and wealth of practice opportunities. It makes a form friend for those students who are commencing a circuit in Matrix Algebra at school or for undergraduate series in Mathematics, Engineering or Physics. This book aims to help the readers understand the wonderful world of Matrix Algebra, to enlighten them on how this subject having worth in real world problems.
SD01-470 Linear Algebra: Theorems and Applications.
  Claire Montemar/ 9781773612126/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Packed with algebraic tools and techniques, this book does not only contain a set of complicated equations with heavy definitions about abstract entities and problems that arise in several fields of mathematics, which in many other texts feel like reading mandarin, but this book also contains clear and deductive explanations from different perspectives about those set of complicated equations hoping to make them accessible, not just to understand, but to assimilate for the reader.
SD01-470 Elements of Trigonometry.
  Maria Tattaris/ 9781773613178/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover This book introduces trigonometry, including triangles, square roots, and the Pythagorean Theorem, with problem solving techniques and many examples. Includes concepts that have both a geometric and an algebraic component. This book is to prepare you for a course in calculus by directing your attention away from particular values of a function to a study of the function as an object in itself.
SD01-470 Applied Mathematics: Principles and Techniques.
  Keren Morgen/ 9781682504192/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Applied mathematics encompasses some of the most diverse and interdisciplinary research in the physical, engineering, and biological sciences.The problems come from various applications, such as physical and biological sciences, engineering, and social sciences. Their solutions require knowledge of various branches of mathematics, such as analysis, differential equations, and stochastic, utilizing analytical and numerical methods. This book is dedicated to the latest advancements in applied mathematics. The goal of this literature is to provide a platform for scientists and academicians all over the world to discuss various new issues and developments in different areas of applied mathematics.
SD01-470 Nonlinear Dynamics and its Applications.
  T. N. Blair/ 9781682504215/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover With the successes in numerous applications from signal filtering to chemical and mass sensing, micro- and nano-electro-mechanical resonators continue to be one of the most widely studied topics of the micro-electro-mechanical systems community. This book is devoted to analyzing the nonlinear dynamics and chaotic behavior of nano resonators with electrostatic forces on both sides. It encompasses all nonlinear dynamic phenomena associated with mechanical, structural, civil, aeronautical, ocean, electrical, and control systems
SD01-470 Trends in Algorithms Research.
  J. Walker/ 9781682504208/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover The use of computers, however, has elevated the sophistication and use of algorithms in daily transactions to unprecedented levels. Every time you use a computer°Xyour laptop, phone, or a mileage calculator in a car°Xyou are using algorithms. This book demonstrates the wide applicability of algorithms for the purpose of developing useful and practical solutions to problems that arise in a variety of problem domains. Although it is targeted to a wide group of readers: researchers, graduate students, and practitioners, it does not offer an exhaustive coverage of algorithms and applications.
SD01-470 Projective Geometry.
  I. K. Mashood/ 9781682513972/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Projective geometry is a jewel of mathematics, one of the outstanding achievements of the nineteenth century, a century of remarkable mathematical achievements such as non-Euclidean geometry, abstract algebra, and the foundations of calculus.In recent years new and important applications have been discovered. Surprisingly, the structures of classical projective geometry are ideally suited for modem communications. This comprehensive collection covers the tools and applications of projective geometry.
SD01-470 General Mathematics. (With DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680947113/ Price:US$ 125.00
Book Cover A comprehensive book covering the complete Preliminary mathematics course. The book covers all the material required to everyday contexts, building on the foundation tier material. Equipped with the latest information, this book offers students real advice in navigating the ever-changing academic landscape.
SD01-470 Pre-Calculus. (With DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680947137/ Price:US$ 125.00
Book Cover The text is intended to revolutionize the way students learn material by incorporating more real-world applications, ongoing review, and innovative technology. This book offers students real advice in navigating the ever-changing academic landscape.
SD01-470 Basic Calculus. (With DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680947144/ Price:US$ 125.00
Book Cover With this book, students will gain the skills and confidence that make all the difference. Provides a new and well-motivated introduction to calculus and analysis, historically significant fundamental areas of mathematics that are widely used in many disciplines.
SD01-470 Mathematics in the Modern World. (With DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680956887/ Price:US$ 125.00
Book Cover Presents a concise exposition of modern mathematical concepts, models and methods with applications in different fields. This book offers students real advice in navigating the ever-changing educational background.
SD01-470 Clifford Algebra in Mathematics and Physics.
  Stefano Spezia/ 9781773611266/ Price:US$ 165.00
Book Cover Focusing on the Clifford algebra as a unified mathematical language of Physics; the advantages of using Clifford algebra formalism in many fields of Theoretical Physics are discussed. New mathematical results in the relatively new branch of the real Clifford Analysis are presented as well. The chapters contributed by authors in this book provide a detailed examination of Clifford algebras and their significance to analysis, geometry, mathematical structures, physics, and applications in engineering.
An Elementary Treatise on the Dynamics of a Particle and of Rigid Bodies
  S.L. Loney/ 9781781830321/ Price:ĘG 25.00
Book Cover The book defines and explains the uniplanar motion of particles of both constant mass and also of varying mass. It also discusses two dimensional motion of rigid bodies in cartesian and polar coordinates using differential and integral calculus and provides thorough understanding of dynamics of a particle and of rigid bodies for degree courses of mathematics, science and engineering. The author, a well known mathematician, has used his mathematical acumen in the explanation of concepts and picking examples and exercises to provide sound logical grounding to students. It is an essential book for science and engineering students to learn and master the fundamentals of the covered topics.
First Year Algebra
  Webster Wells/ 9781781831021/ Price:ĘG 25.00
Book Cover This text covers the essential elements of algebra for students going to secondary level from middle school. The mathematics of various algebraic operations on numbers, monomials, polynomials and fractions have been explained. This aids the students in comprehending algebraic equations so as to make successful attempts at solving them.
Advanced Engineering Mathematics
  Zill, Dennis G./ 9781284105902/ Price:US$ 249.95
Book Cover Modern and comprehensive, the new sixth edition of award-winning author, Dennis G. Zill°¶s Advanced Engineering Mathematics is a compendium of topics that are most often covered in courses in engineering mathematics, and is extremely flexible to meet the unique needs of courses ranging from ordinary differential equations, to vector calculus, to partial differential equations. A key strength of this best-selling text is the author°¶s emphasis on differential equations as mathematical models, discussing the constructs and pitfalls of each. An accessible writing style and robust pedagogical aids guide students through difficult concepts with thoughtful explanations, clear examples, interesting applications, and contributed project problems.
VSD01-002 Handbook of Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics
  Kenneth H. Rosen/ 9781584887805/ Price:ĘG 160.00
Book Cover Handbook of Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics provides a comprehensive reference volume for mathematicians, computer scientists, engineers, as well as students and reference librarians. The material is presented so that key information can be located and used quickly and easily. Each chapter includes a glossary. Individual topics are covered in sections and subsections within chapters, each of which is organized into clearly identifiable parts: definitions, facts, and examples. Examples are provided to illustrate some of the key definitions, facts, and algorithms. Some curious and entertaining facts and puzzles are also included. Readers will also find an extensive collection of biographies. This second edition is a major revision. It includes extensive additions and updates. Since the first edition appeared in 1999, many new discoveries have been made and new areas have grown in importance, which are covered in this edition.
SD01-467 Mathematical Analysis.
  Malik, S. C./ 9781781831045/ Price:ĘG 45.00
Book Cover The book is intended to serve as a text in Mathematical Analysis for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of various universities. Professionals will also find this book useful. The book has theory from its very beginning. The foundations have been laid very carefully and the treatment is rigorous based on modern lines. It opens with a brief outline of the essential properties of rational numbers and using Dedekind°¶s cut, the properties of real numbers are also established. This foundation supports the subsequent chapters: Topological Framework Real Sequences and Series, Continuity, Differentiation, Functions of Several Variables, Elementary and Implicit Functions, Riemann and Riemann-Stieltjes Integrals, Lebesgue Integrals, Surface, Double and Triple Integrals are discussed in detail. Uniform Convergence, Power Series, Fourier Series, Improper Integrals have been presented in as simple and lucid manner as possible. Number of solved examples to illustrate various types have also been included. As per need, in the present atmosphere, a chapter on Metric Spaces discussing completeness, compactness and connectedness of the spaces has been added. Finally, two appendices discussing Beta-Gamma functions, and Cantor°¶s theory of real numbers, add glory to the contents of the book.
SD01-463 Fundamentals of Algebra.
  / 9781680945812/ Price:US$ 145.00
Book Cover Algebra is a division of mathematics designed to help solve certain types of problems quicker and easier. Algebra is based on the concept of unknown values called variables, unlike arithmetic which is based entirely on known number values. Just as sentences describe relationships between specific words, in algebra, equations describe relationships between variables. This text introduces an important algebraic concept. The purpose of this book is to provide a concise yet detailed account of fundamental concepts in modern algebra
SD01-463 Calculus with Applications.
  Borres, Maria C. C./ 9781680945829/ Price:US$ 145.00
Book Cover Calculus is one of the greatest inventions of modern science. There is just so much it can offer. The success of calculus has been extended over time into various other important topics in mathematics. Calculus is a very versatile and valuable tool. It is a form of mathematics which was developed from algebra and geometry. It is made up of two interconnected topics, differential calculus and integral calculus. Calculus is deeply integrated in every branch of the physical sciences, such as physics and biology. It is found in computer science, statistics, and engineering; in economics, business, and medicine. Modern developments such as architecture, aviation, and other technologies all make use of what calculus can offer. This text is designed to outline some of the applications of calculus and give you some idea of why calculus is so important and useful.
SD01-463 Discrete Mathematics: An Introduction
  Borres, Maria C. C./ 9781680945836/ Price:US$ 145.00
Book Cover This book presents not only the major themes of discrete mathematics, but also the reasoning that underlies mathematical thought. Discrete mathematics is mathematics that deals with discrete objects. Discrete objects are those which are separated from each other. Integers, rational numbers, automobiles, houses, people etc. are all discrete objects. On the other hand real numbers which include irrational as well as rational numbers are not discrete. As you know between any two different real numbers there is another real number different from either of them. So they are packed without any gaps and cannot be separated from their immediate neighbors. In that sense they are not discrete. In this book we will be concerned with objects such as integers, propositions, sets, relations and functions, which are all discrete.
SD01-463 Essentials of Geometry.
  John Kristtofer H. San Pedro/ 9781680945843/ Price:US$ 145.00
Book Cover This introductory text focuses on critical concepts taught in a typical geometry course, from the properties of triangles, parallelograms, circles, cylinders, and much more. Geometry is perhaps the most elementary of the sciences that enable man, by purely intellectual processes, to make predictions (based on observation) about physical world.
SD01-463 Essentials of Number Theory.
  Borres, Maria C. C./ 9781680945867/ Price:US$ 145.00
Book Cover Number theory, also known as higher arithmetic, is a branch of mathematics concerned with the properties of integers, rational numbers, irrational numbers, and real numbers. Sometimes the discipline is considered to include the imaginary and complex numbers as well. The main goal of number theory is to discover interesting and unexpected relationships between different sorts of numbers and to prove that these relationships are true. In this text we will describe a few typical number theoretic problems, some of which have known solutions too difficult for us to include, and some of which remain unsolved to this day.
SD01-463 A Handbook of Proofs and Theorems.
  Borres, Maria C. C./ 9781680945881/ Price:US$ 145.00
Book Cover The probability of an event refers to the likelihood that the event will occur. Nearly every day you use probability to plan around the weather. Meteorologists can°¶t predict exactly what the weather will be, so they use tools and instruments to determine the likelihood that it will rain, snow or hail. This book provides an introduction to probability that is both mathematical, in the sense that the underlying theory is developed from axioms, and practical, in the sense that applications to real-world problems are discussed. It is essential that we grasp the difference between theory and reality. Theories are ideas proposed to explain phenomena in the real world. As such they are approximations or models of reality.
SD01-463 Differential Equations: Theory and Applications.
  Borres, Maria C. C./ 9781680945898/ Price:US$ 145.00
Book Cover During the past three decades, the development of nonlinear analysis, dynamical systems and their applications to science and engineering has stimulated renewed enthusiasm for the theory of Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE). This useful book, which emphasizes both theory and applications, taking numerous examples from physics and biology to illustrate the application of ODE theory and techniques. A differential equation is a mathematical equation that relates some function with its derivatives. In applications, the functions usually represent physical quantities, the derivatives represent their rates of change, and the equation defines a relationship between the two. Differential equations have a variety of applications in science and engineering.
SD01-463 The Theory of Matrices: With Applications.
  Borres, Maria C. C./ 9781680945904/ Price:US$ 145.00
Book Cover The study of matrices occupies a singular place within mathematics. It is still an area of active research, and it is used by every mathematician and by many scientists working in various specialities. Matrices are incredibly useful things that crop up in many different applied areas. Applications of matrices are found in most scientific fields. In every branch of physics, including classical mechanics, optics, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, and quantum electrodynamics, they are used to study physical phenomena, such as the motion of rigid bodies. In computer graphics, they are used to project a 3D model onto a 2 dimensional screen. In probability theory and statistics, stochastic matrices are used to describe sets of probabilities; for instance, they are used within the PageRank algorithm that ranks the pages in a Google search. Matrix calculus generalizes classical analytical notions such as derivatives and exponentials to higher dimensions.
SD01-462 Ordinary Differential Equations.
  / 9781680955712/ Price:US$ 64.95
Book Cover An ordinary di erential equation (ODE) is an equation that involves some ordinary derivatives (as opposed topartial derivatives) of a function. Di erential equations are essential for a mathematical description of nature,because they are the central part many physical theories. A few examples are Newton°¶s and Lagrange equations for classical mechanics, Maxwell°¶s equations for classical electromagnetism, Schrodinger°¶s equation for quantum mechanics, and Einstein°¶s equation for the general theory of gravitation. Therefore, an ordinary di erentialequation (ODE) is a di erential equation containing one or more functions of one independent variable and itsderivatives. The term ordinary is used in contrast with the term partial di erential equation which may be withrespect to more than one independent variable. ODEs that are linear di erential equations have exact closed-form solutions that can be added and multiplied by coe cients. By contrast, ODEs that lack additivesolutions are nonlinear, and solving them is far more intricate, as one can rarely represent them by elementary functions in closed form: Instead, exact and analytic solutions of ODEs are in series or integral form. Graphical and numerical methods, applied by hand or by computer, may approximate solutions of ODEs and perhaps yield useful information, often su cing in the absence of exact, analytic solutions.
SD01-462 Graph Theory and Its Applications.
  / 9781680955743/ Price:US$ 64.95
Book Cover The eld of mathematics plays vital role in various elds. One of the important areas in mathematics is graphtheory which is used in structural models. This structural arrangements of various objects or technologies lead to new inventions and modi cations in the existing environment for enhancement in those elds. Graph theory is becoming increasingly signi cant as it is applied to other areas of mathematics, science and technology. It is being actively used in elds as varied as biochemistry, electrical engineering (communication networks and coding theory), computer science (algorithms and computation) and operations research (scheduling). The powerful combinatorial methods found in graph theory have also been used to prove fundamental results inother areas of pure mathematics. The powerful combinatorial methods found in graph theory have also been used to prove signi cant and well-known results in a variety of areas in mathematics itself.
SD01-462 Discrete Mathematics.
  / 9781680955750/ Price:US$ 64.95
Book Cover Discrete mathematics is the branch of mathematics dealing with objects that can assume only distinct, separated values. The term "discrete mathematics" is therefore used in contrast with "continuous mathematics," which is the branch of mathematics dealing with objects that can vary smoothly (and which includes, for example, calculus). Whereas discrete objects can often be characterized by integers, continuous objects require real numbers. The study of how discrete objects combine with one another and the probabilities of various outcomes is known as combinatorics. Other elds of mathematics that are considered to be part of discrete mathematics include graph theory and the theory of computation. Topics in number theory such as congruences and recurrence relations are also considered part of discrete mathematics. The study of topics in discretemathematics usually includes the study of algorithms, their implementations, and e ciencies. Discrete mathematics is the mathematical language of computer science, and as such, its importance has increased dramatically in recent decades. It is progressively being applied in the practical elds of mathematics and computer science. It is a very good tool for improving reasoning and problem-solving capabilities.
SD01-462 Statics and Analytical Geometry.
  / 9781680955781/ Price:US$ 64.95
Book Cover In any technical course, math plays a vital role in obtaining correct solutions for the problems. Statics is no exception. The student must have a solid base in several mathematical disciplines to set-up and solve the equations of statics. Algebra, trigonometry, geometry, and calculus are all very important in the study of statics and beyond. Analytic geometry is the foundation of most modern elds of geometry, including algebraic, di erential, discrete and computational geometry. Usually the Cartesian coordinate system is applied to manipulate equations for planes, straight lines, and squares, often in two and sometimes in three dimensions.
SD01-462 Functions of Complex Variables.
  / 9781680955798/ Price:US$ 64.95
Book Cover Complex analysis, traditionally known as the theory of functions of a complex variable, is the branch of mathematical analysis that investigates functions of complex numbers. It is useful in many branches of mathematics, including algebraic geometry, number theory, analytic combinatorics, applied mathematics; as well as in physics, including hydrodynamics and thermodynamics and also in engineering elds such as nuclear, aerospace, mechanical and electrical engineering. One of the central tools in complex analysis is the line integral. The line integral around a closed path of a function that is holomorphic everywhere inside the area bounded by the closed path is always zero, which is what the Cauchy integral theorem states. Path integrals in the complex plane are often used to determine complicated real integrals, and here the theory of residues among others is applicable.
SD01-460 Ordinary Differential Equations.
  Morin, Nail/ 9781682503959/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover An ordinary differential equation is a differential equation containing one or more functions of one independent variable and its derivatives. The term °ßordinary°® is used in contrast with the term partial differential equation which may be with respect to more than one independent variable. This book presents a thorough discussion of first-order differential equations and progresses to equations of higher order.
SD01-460 Discrete Mathematics.
  Iqbal, Danis/ 9781682503980/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Discrete mathematics is the study of mathematical structures that are fundamentally discrete rather than continuous. Discrete mathematics has been characterized as the branch of mathematics dealing with countable sets. The set of objects studied in discrete mathematics can be finite or infinite. The term finite mathematics is sometimes applied to parts of the field of discrete mathematics that deals with finite sets. This book provides broad coverage of discrete mathematics and optimization, ranging over such fields as combinatorics, graph theory, enumeration, and the analysis of algorithms
SD01-460 Statics and Analytical Geometry.
  Feynman, Yaan/ 9781682504017/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Geometry is a branch of mathematics concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space. Analytic geometry is the study of geometry using a coordinate system. This contrasts with synthetic geometry. Analytic geometry is widely used in physics and engineering, and is the foundation of most modern fields of geometry, including algebraic, differential, discrete and computational geometry. This book covers the coordinate system, planes and lines, spheres, homogeneous coordinates, general equations, quadric in Cartesian coordinates, and intersection of quadrics.
SD01-460 Functions of Complex Variables.
  Rubinstein, Philip/ 9781682504024/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Complex analysis, traditionally known as the theory of functions of a complex variable, is the branch of mathematical analysis that investigates functions of complex numbers. It is useful in many branches of mathematics, including algebraic geometry, number theory, analytic combinatorics, applied mathematics; as well as in physics, including hydrodynamics and thermodynamics and also in engineering fields such as nuclear, aerospace, mechanical, and electrical engineering. This book focuses on functions of complex variables.
SD01-460 Practical Differential Equations.
  Robert, John/ 9781682504031/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover A differential equation is a mathematical equation that relates some function with its derivatives. In applications, the functions usually represent physical quantities, the derivatives represent their rates of change, and the equation defines a relationship between the two. This book begins by introducing the basic concepts of differential equations, focusing on the analytical, graphical, and numerical aspects of first-order equations, including slope fields and phase lines.
SD01-457 Elements of Geometry.
  Barnard, S./ 9781781830338/ Price:ĘG 25.00
This book contains all elements (including the parallel postulate and the axioms) and the basic propositions of geometry. Details of Euclid?s definitions and its adaptation to explain various geometries have been attempted thoroughly.
SD01-451 Discrete Structures, Logic, and Computability. (With Access Code)
  Hein, James L./ 9781284070408/ Price:NT$ 1980.00
Book Cover Following the recent updates to the 2013 ACM/IEEE Computer Science curricula, Discrete Structures, Logic, and Computability, Fourth Edition, has been designed for the discrete math course that covers one- to two- semesters. Dr. Hein presents material in a spiral method of learning, introducing basic information about a topic, allowing the students to work on the problem and revisit the topic, as new information and skills are established. Written for prospective computer scientist, computer engineers, or applied mathematicians, who want to learn about the ideas that inspire computer science, this edition contains an extensive coverage of logic, setting it apart from similar books available in the field of Computer Science.
SD01-450 Essentials of Discrete Mathematics.
  Hunter, David J./ 9781284056242/ Price:NT$ 1350.00
Book Cover Written for the one-term course, the Third Edition of Essentials of Discrete Mathematics is designed to serve computer science and mathematics majors, as well as students from a wide range of disciplines. The material is organized around five types of thinking: logical, relational, recursive, quantitative, and analytical. This presentation results in a coherent outline that steadily builds upon mathematical sophistication. Graphs are introduced early and referred to throughout the text, providing a richer context for examples and applications. Students will encounter algorithms near the end of the text, after they have acquired the skills and experience needed to analyze them. The final chapter contains in-depth case studies from a variety of fields, including biology, sociology, linguistics, economics, and music.
Precalculus With Calculus Previews.
  Zill, Dennis G./ 9781284077261/ Price:US$ 274.95
Book Cover Building off the success of Dennis G. Zill and Jacqueline M. Dewar's popular Essentials version, the new Sixth Edition of Precalculus with Calculus Previews continues to include all of the outstanding features and learning tools found in the original text while incorporating additional topics of coverage that some courses may require. With a continued effort to keep the text complete, yet concise, the authors have expanded the number of chapters making the text a clear choice for many mainstream courses. Additional material includes rotation of conics in the rectangular coordinate system, sequences and series, mathematical induction, the Binomial Theorem, systems of equations, partial fractions, systems of inequalities, a brief introduction to counting and probability, and a full discussion of complex numbers. This student-friendly, full-color text offers numerous exercise sets and examples to aid in students' learning and understanding, and graphs and figures throughout serve to better illuminate key concepts. The exercise sets include engaging problems that focus on algebra, graphing, and function theory, the subtext of so many calculus problems. The authors are careful to use the terminology of calculus in an informal and comprehensible way to facilitate the student's successful transition into future calculus courses.
A School Geometry
  / 9781781830307/ Price:ĘG 20.00
Book Cover Elementary Geometry by Hall & Stevens is the introduction of basic geometrical shapes. The book illustrates fundamental geometrical constructions and their various properties. It takes students in a logical way to learn the different shapes and the ways they are drawn. Thereafter, the book discusses various axioms and definitions of geometry to explain the concepts thoroughly. The science students will find the book very useful in developing a strong foundation in eometry that will help them in other subjects as well.
Higher Algebra
  Barnard, S/ 9781781830291/ Price:ĘG 45.00
Book Cover This textbook of Algebra is essentially for junior college and college students preparing for Science and Engineering courses. The treatise introduces the core higher algebraic concepts such as complex numbers, theory of equations, determinants, sequences and limits, etc. to equip students with mathematical acumen to move to the higher levels. The chapters are arranged in line with the reasoning followed by the authors, expecting the students to follow it.
Plane Trigonometry Part-II
  Loney, S.L./ 9781781831106/ Price:ĘG 30.00
Book Cover The author discusses complex quantities using trigonometric functions and identities to familiarize students with the range of applications of trigonometric concepts being explained in part I of his book plane trigonometry. Though part I is a prerequisite, but the discussion made in this part gives students sound grounding in trigonometry and its applications. Students with mathematics as core part of their curriculum will find it handy.
Plane Trigonometry Part - I
  Sidney Luxton Loney/ 9781781831090/ Price:ĘG 35.00
Book Cover This book on trigonometry is the product of the author?s experience in teachinglearning the subject. His realization for a textbook on trigonometry that explains core concepts of triangles dealing with their sides and their angles made him to write this textbook. The discussion on various concepts and exercises given in it will provide encouragement to serious learners. It is a must-have book for those preparing for various science and engineering entrance examinations.
Principles of Real Analysis
  S C Malik/ 9781781831069/ Price:ĘG 35.00
Book Cover The book has been made more illustrative and self-contained so as to cater to the need of students and teachers at graduate and postgraduate level. It is also meant for engineering students and other professionals as well as competitive examinations. To reinforce and solidify the understanding, some of the chapters have been rearranged and several new exercises and solved examples have been incorporated. The section on limits inferior and superior of sequences is introduced and discussed in detail. Every care has been taken to explain and elucidate the different concepts so as to provide conceptual clarity to the readers.
Linear Algebra With Applications
  Gareth Williams/ 9781284120097/ Price:US$ 164.95
Book Cover Linear Algebra with Applications, Ninth Edition is designed for the introductory course in linear algebra for students within engineering, mathematics, business management, and physics. Updated to increase clarity and improve student learning, the author provides a flexible blend of theory and engaging applications.
VSD01-001 Handbook of Graph Theory, Combinatorial Optimization, and Algorithms.
  Krishnaiyan Thulasiraman "KT"/ 9781584885955/ Price:ĘG 120.00
Book Cover The fusion between graph theory and combinatorial optimization has led to theoretically profound and practically useful algorithms, yet there is no book that currently covers both areas together. Handbook of Graph Theory, Combinatorial Optimization, and Algorithms is the first to present a unified, comprehensive treatment of both graph theory and combinatorial optimization. Divided into 11 cohesive sections, the handbook°¶s 44 chapters focus on graph theory, combinatorial optimization, and algorithmic issues. The book provides readers with the algorithmic and theoretical foundations to: °EUnderstand phenomena as shaped by their graph structures °EDevelop needed algorithmic and optimization tools for the study of graph structures °EDesign and plan graph structures that lead to certain desirable behavior With contributions from more than 40 worldwide experts, this handbook equips readers with the necessary techniques and tools to solve problems in a variety of applications. Readers gain exposure to the theoretical and algorithmic foundations of a wide range of topics in graph theory and combinatorial optimization, enabling them to identify (and hence solve) problems encountered in diverse disciplines, such as electrical, communication, computer, social, transportation, biological, and other networks.
VSD01-001 Handbook of Applications of Chaos Theory
  Skiadas, Christos H./ 9781466590434/ Price:ĘG 155.00
Book Cover In addition to explaining and modeling unexplored phenomena in nature and society, chaos uses vital parts of nonlinear dynamical systems theory and established chaotic theory to open new frontiers and fields of study. Handbook of Applications of Chaos Theory covers the main parts of chaos theory along with various applications to diverse areas. Expert contributors from around the world show how chaos theory is used to model unexplored cases and stimulate new applications. Accessible to scientists, engineers, and practitioners in a variety of fields, the book discusses the intermittency route to chaos, evolutionary dynamics and deterministic chaos, and the transition to phase synchronization chaos. It presents important contributions on strange attractors, self-exciting and hidden attractors, stability theory, Lyapunov exponents, and chaotic analysis. It explores the state of the art of chaos in plasma physics, plasma harmonics, and overtone coupling. It also describes flows and turbulence, chaotic interference versus decoherence, and an application of microwave networks to the simulation of quantum graphs. The book proceeds to give a detailed presentation of the chaotic, rogue, and noisy optical dissipative solitons; parhelic-like circle and chaotic light scattering; and interesting forms of the hyperbolic prism, the Poincare disc, and foams. It also covers numerous application areas, from the analysis of blood pressure data and clinical digital pathology to chaotic pattern recognition to economics to musical arts and research.
VSD01-001 Handbook of Big Data.
  Buhlmann, Peter/ 9781482249071/ Price:ĘG 150.00
Book Cover Handbook of Big Data provides a state-of-the-art overview of the analysis of large-scale datasets. Featuring contributions from well-known experts in statistics and computer science, this handbook presents a carefully curated collection of techniques from both industry and academia. Thus, the text instills a working understanding of key statistical and computing ideas that can be readily applied in research and practice. Offering balanced coverage of methodology, theory, and applications, this handbook: °EDescribes modern, scalable approaches for analyzing increasingly large datasets °EDefines the underlying concepts of the available analytical tools and techniques °EDetails intercommunity advances in computational statistics and machine learning Handbook of Big Data also identifies areas in need of further development, encouraging greater communication and collaboration between researchers in big data sub-specialties such as genomics, computational biology, and finance.
VSD01-001 Handbook of Linear Partial Differential Equations for Engineers and Scientists.
  Polyanin, Andrei D./ 9781466581456/ Price:ĘG 155.00
Book Cover °E Includes nearly 4,000 linear partial differential equations (PDEs) with solutions °E Presents solutions of numerous problems relevant to heat and mass transfer, wave theory, hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, elasticity, acoustics, electrodynamics, diffraction theory, quantum mechanics, chemical engineering sciences, electrical engineering, and other fields °E Outlines basic methods for solving various problems in science and engineering °E Contains much more linear equations, problems, and solutions than any other book currently available °E Provides a database of test problems for numerical and approximate analytical methods for solving linear PDEs and systems of coupled PDEs New to the Second Edition °E More than 700 pages with 1,500+ new first-, second-, third-, fourth-, and higher-order linear equations with solutions °E Systems of coupled PDEs with solutions °E Some analytical methods, including decomposition methods and their applications °E Symbolic and numerical methods for solving linear PDEs with Maple, Mathematica, and MATLABR °E Many new problems, illustrative examples, tables, and figures To accommodate different mathematical backgrounds, the authors avoid wherever possible the use of special terminology, outline some of the methods in a schematic, simplified manner, and arrange the material in increasing order of complexity.
SD01-459 Optimal Control and Geometry: Integrable Systems.
  Jurdjevic, Velimir/ 9781107113886/ Price:ĘG 62.99
SD01-457 Delay Differential Evolutions Subjected to Nonlocal Initial Conditions.
  Burlica, Monica-Dana/ 9781498746441/ Price:ĘG 74.99
SD01-457 Elementary Calculus.
  Woods, Frederick S./ 9781781830260/ Price:ĘG 30.00
The matter is presented in a manner which is well within capacity of undergraduate students to understand. It contains mathematical rigour so as the student is able to understand and more difficult questions are avoided. This course is useful before taking an advanced course in differential calculus and analytical geometry.
SD01-457 An Introduction to the Geometry of N Dimensions.
  Sommerville, D. M. Y./ 9781781830314/ Price:ĘG 30.00
Book Cover The present introduction deals with the metrical and to a slighter extent with the projective aspect. A third aspect, which has attracted much attention recently, from its application to relativity, is the differential aspect. This is altogether excluded from the present book. In this book a complete systematic treatise has not been attempted but have rather selected certain representative topics which not only illustrate the extensions of theorems of three-dimensional geometry, but reveal results which are unexpected and where analogy would be a faithless guide. The first four chapters explain the fundamental ideas of incidence, parallelism, perpendicularity, and angles between linear spaces. Chapters V and VI are analytical, the former projective, the latter largely metrical. In the former are given some of the simplest ideas relating to algebraic varieties, and a more detailed account of quadrics, especially with reference to their linear spaces.The remaining chapters deal with polytopes, and contain, especially in Chapter IX, some of the elementary ideas in analysis situs. Chapter VIII treats hyperspatial figures, and the final chapter establishes the regular polytopes.
SD01-457 Introduction to Abelian Model Structures and Gorenstein Homological Dimensions.
  Bullones, Marco A. P./ 9781498725347/ Price:ĘG 77.99
SD01-456 Applications of Fourier Transform.
  Park, Daechul/ 9781682500224/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover The term Fourier transform refers to both the frequency domain representation and the mathematical operation that associates the frequency domain representation to a function of time. The Fourier transform is not limited to functions of time, but in order to have a unified language, the domain of the original function is commonly referred to as the time domain. The Fourier transform has many applications, in fact any field of physical science that uses sinusoidal signals, such as engineering, physics, applied mathematics, and chemistry, will make use of Fourier series and Fourier transforms. This book discusses recent advances and applications of Fourier transform.
SD01-456 Graph Theory: New Frontiers.
  Guillemot, Vincent/ 9781682500248/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover Graph theory is the study of points and lines. In particular, it involves the ways in which sets of points, called vertices, can be connected by lines or arcs, called edges. Graphs in this context differ from the more familiar coordinate plots that portray mathematical relations and functions. Nowadays, graph theory is an important analysis tool in mathematics and computer science. Because of the inherent simplicity of graph theory, it can be used to model many different physical and abstract systems such as transportation and communication networks, models for business administration, political science, and psychology and so on. The aim of this book is to present the latest state and development tendencies of graph theory.
SD01-456 Advances in Measure Theory & Real Analysis.
  Mergane, Pape D./ 9781682500590/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover In mathematical analysis, a measure on a set is a systematic way to assign a number to each suitable subset of that set, intuitively interpreted as its size. In this sense, a measure is a generalization of the concepts of length, area, and volume. Technically, a measure is a function that assigns a non-negative real number. Real analysis deals with the real numbers and real-valued functions of a real variable. Measure theory was developed in successive stages during the late 19th and early 20th centuries by Emile Borel, Henri Lebesgue, Johann Radon and Maurice Frechet, among others. The main applications of measures are in the foundations of the Lebesgue integral, in Andrey Kolmogorov°¶s axiomatisation of probability theory and in ergodic theory. This book presents recent advances in measure theory and integration of measure theory and real analysis.
SD01-456 Linear Algebra.
  Karimi, Saeed/ 9781682501092/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Linear algebra is the branch of mathematics concerning vector spaces and linear mappings between such spaces. It includes the study of lines, planes, and subspaces, but is also concerned with properties common to all vector spaces. Linear algebra implies two dimensional reasoning, however, the concepts covered in linear algebra provide the basis for multi-dimensional representations of mathematical reasoning. Matrices, vectors, vector spaces, transformations, eigenvectors/values all help us to visualize and understand multidimensional concepts. This book focuses on new insights to matrix theory and finite dimensional linear algebra in their algebraic, arithmetic, combinatorial, geometric, or numerical aspects.
SD01-456 Distribution Theory.
  Jager, Hendrik/ 9781682501108/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Distributions are objects that generalize the classical notion of functions in mathematical analysis. Distributions make it possible to differentiate functions whose derivatives do not exist in the classical sense. In particular, any locally integrable function has a distributional derivative. Distributions are widely used in the theory of partial differential equations, where it may be easier to establish the existence of distributional solutions than classical solutions, or appropriate classical solutions may not exist. Distributions are also important in physics and engineering where many problems naturally lead to differential equations whose solutions or initial conditions are distributions. This book is an introductory course to the very important theory of distributions, as well as its applications in the resolution of partial differential equations.
SD01-456 Linear Models and Regression Analysis.
  Achcar, Jorge A./ 9781682501122/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover In statistics, the term linear model is used in different ways according to the context. The most common occurrence is in connection with regression models and the term is often taken as synonymous with linear regression model. However, the term is also used in time series analysis with a different meaning. In each case, the designation °ßlinear°® is used to identify a subclass of models for which substantial reduction in the complexity of the related statistical theory is possible. Linear models play a central part in modern statistical methods. On the one hand, these models are able to approximate a large amount of metric data structures in their entire range of definition or at least piecewise. Regression analysis is a statistical tool for the investigation of relationships between variables. This book details on the approaches of linear models and regression analysis and their applications.
SD01-456 Advanced Sampling Theory.
  Antuna, Almudena/ 9781682501160/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover Sampling is a method of studying from a few selected items, instead of the entire big number of units. The small selection is called sample. The large number of items of units of particular characteristic is called population. The purpose of all the sampling techniques is to give the equal chance of any item to be selected without bias. Sampling theorems are Nyquist°VShannon sampling theorem, Statistical sampling and Fourier sampling. This book envisages on the proof of a number of theorems used in real life examples.
SD01-456 Reliability Theory.
  Rocchi, Paolo/ 9781682501177/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Reliability theory describes the probability of a system completing its expected function during an interval of time. It is the basis of reliability engineering, which is an area of study focused on optimizing the reliability, or probability of successful functioning, of systems, such as airplanes, linear accelerators, and any other product. It developed apart from the mainstream of probability and statistics. It was originally a tool to help nineteenth century maritime insurance and life insurance companies compute fair-value rates to charge their customers. This book details on the reliability theory and its real life examples.
SD01-456 Statistical Genetics.
  Reeb, Pablo D./ 9781682501184/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover A scientific field focused with the development and application of statistical methods for drawing inferences from genetic data is termed as statistical genetics. The term is most commonly used in the context of human genetics. Statistical genetics is closely associated molecular biology, clinical and bioinformatics. Statistical genetics is a kind of computational biology. Statistical Genetics envisages on the methods in linkage analysis, allelic association tests, gene statement array data analysis, sequence analysis, comparative genomics, phylogenetic tree reconstruction, etc.
SD01-456 Time Series Analysis.
  Davies, Robert/ 9781682501207/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Time series analysis comprises methods for analyzing time series data in order to extract meaningful statistics and other characteristics of the data and also distinct from spatial data analysis where the observations typically relate to geographical locations. It may be divided into two classes: frequency-domain methods and time-domain methods. This book introduces the reader to newer developments and more diverse important models and methods for time series analysis.
SD01-456 Principal Component Analysis.
  Monfreda, Maria/ 9781682502556/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Principal component analysis is a statistical procedure that uses an orthogonal transformation to convert a set of observations of possibly correlated variables into a set of values of linearly uncorrelated variables called principal components. This book reduces to the solution of an eigenvalue eigenvector problem for a positive semi definite symmetric matrix.
SD01-456 Numerical Analysis: Theory and Application.
  Eduardo B. de Amores/ 9781682502594/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Numerical analysis is an area of mathematics and computer science that creates, analyzes, and implements algorithms for obtaining numerical solutions to problems involving continuous variables. This book is intended to the basic techniques for the efficient numerical solution of problems in science and engineering. The book focuses on introducing theoretical approaches of numerical analysis as well as applications of various numerical methods to either study or solving numerous theoretical and engineering problems.
SD01-456 Fundamentals of Algebra.
  Garoui, Nassreddine/ 9781682502761/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Algebra is a beautiful and important area of study with unlimited applications. Algebra is a branch of mathematics dealing with symbols and the rules for manipulating those symbols. Algebra is one of the broad parts of mathematics, together with number theory, geometry and analysis. In its most general form, algebra is the study of mathematical symbols and the rules for manipulating these symbols; it is a unifying thread of almost all of mathematics. As such, it includes everything from elementary equation solving to the study of abstractions such as groups, rings, and fields. This book envisages on algebraic fundamentals and its applications.
SD01-456 Matrix and Linear Algebra.
  Sato, Matsuo/ 9781682502778/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Linear algebra is the branch of mathematics concerning vector spaces and linear mappings between such spaces. It includes the study of lines, planes, and subspaces, but is also concerned with properties common to all vector spaces. The set of points with coordinates that satisfy a linear equation forms a hyperplane in an n-dimensional space. The conditions under which a set of n hyperplanes intersect in a single point is an important focus of study in linear algebra. Such an investigation is initially motivated by a system of linear equations containing several unknowns. Such equations are naturally represented using the formalism of matrices and vectors. Linear algebra is significant to both pure and applied mathematics. This book summarizes some important results of linear and matrix algebra that are instrumental in deriving many statistical results.
SD01-456 Differential Calculus.
  Khatibi, Rahman/ 9781682502785/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Differential Calculus deals with the study of the rates at which quantities change. It is one of the two principle areas of calculus. It is one of the two traditional divisions of calculus, the other being integral calculus. The primary objects of study in differential calculus are the derivative of a function, related notions such as the differential, and their applications. The derivative of a function at a chosen input value describes the rate of change of the function near that input value. Differentiation has applications to nearly all quantitative disciplines.
SD01-456 Integral Calculus.
  Joao Inacio Da Silva Filho/ 9781682502792/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Integration is the algebraic method of finding the integral for a function at any point on the graph. Finding the integral of a function with respect to x means finding the area to the x axis from the curve. The integral is usually called the anti-derivative, because integrating is the reverse process of differentiating. Integral Calculus includes integrals and their inverse, differentials, derivatives, anti-derivatives, and approximating the area of curvilinear regions.
SD01-456 Ordinary Differential Equations.
  Al-Johani, Amnah S./ 9781682502808/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover An ordinary differential equation (ODE) is an equation that involves some ordinary derivatives of a function. The term °ßordinary°® is used in contrast with the term partial differential equation which may be with respect to more than one independent variable. Linear differential equations, which have solutions that can be added and multiplied by coefficients, are well-defined and understood, and exact closed-form solutions are obtained. This book through the topic of differential equations. The book provides information about the whole area of differential equations.
SD01-456 Elements of Coordinate Geometry.
  Berdyshev, Abdumauvlen S./ 9781682502815/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Coordinate geometry (or analytic geometry) is the study of geometry using a coordinate system. This contrasts with synthetic geometry. Analytic geometry is widely used in physics and engineering, and is the foundation of most modern fields of geometry, including algebraic, differential, discrete and computational geometry. Usually the Cartesian coordinate system is applied to manipulate equations for planes, straight lines, and squares, often in two and sometimes in three dimensions. The book envisages the fundamentals and features of coordinate geometry.
SD01-456 Mathematical Analysis.
  Mashood, Bahman/ 9781682502839/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Mathematical analysis is a branch of mathematics that studies continuous change and includes the theories of differentiation, integration, measure, limits, infinite series, and analytic functions. These theories are usually studied in the context of real and complex numbers and functions. Analysis evolved from calculus, which involves the elementary concepts and techniques of analysis. This book emphasizes on the mathematical treatment of questions arising in physics, chemistry, biology, and engineering.
SD01-456 Advanced Calculus for Applications.
  Arul, Ramalingam/ 9781682502846/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover Calculus is the mathematical study of change, in the same way that geometry is the study of shape and algebra is the study of operations and their application to solving equations. It has two major branches, differential calculus, and integral calculus; these two branches are related to each other by the fundamental theorem of calculus. Both branches make use of the fundamental notions of convergence of infinite sequences and infinite series to a well-defined limit. This book covers topics in advanced calculus, providing the foundation for partial differential equations and analysis.
SD01-456 Metric Spaces.
  Jin, Xing/ 9781682502860/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover A metric space, in mathematics, is a set for which distances between all members of the set are defined. Those distances, taken together, are called a metric on the set. The most familiar metric space is 3-dimensional Euclidean space. In fact, a °ßmetric°® is the generalization of the Euclidean metric arising from the four long-known properties of the Euclidean distance. The Euclidean metric defines the distance between two points as the length of the straight line segment connecting them. A metric on a space prompts topological properties like open and closed sets, which lead to the study of more abstract topological spaces. This book details the fundamentals of metric spaces.
SD01-456 Mathematical Modeling.
  Pokusaev, Anton S./ 9781682502921/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover A mathematical model is a description of a system using mathematical concepts and language. The process of developing a mathematical model is termed mathematical modeling. Mathematical models are used in the natural sciences and engineering disciplines, as well as in the social sciences. Mathematical models can take many forms, including but not limited to dynamical systems, statistical models, differential equations, or game theoretic models. These and other types of models can overlap, with a given model involving a variety of abstract structures. Mathematical Modelling focuses on topics related to the mathematical modelling of engineering and environmental processes, manufacturing, and industrial systems.
SD01-456 Advanced Discrete Mathematics.
  Tedford, Steven J./ 9781682502945/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover Discrete mathematics is the study of mathematical structures that are fundamentally discrete rather than continuous. In contrast to real numbers that have the property of varying smoothly, the objects studied in discrete mathematics °V such as integers, graphs, and statements in logic °V do not vary smoothly in this way, but have distinct, separated values. Discrete mathematics therefore excludes topics in continuous mathematics such as calculus and analysis. This book primarily deals with discrete dynamical systems, algorithms, combinatorics and Graph Theory.
SD01-456 Integration Theory and Functional Analysis.
  Yang, Bicheng/ 9781682502952/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Integration Theory and Functional Analysis deals with the mathematical concepts of integration and functional analysis. The fundamentals of integration theory are discussed and introduces a variety of applications of the basic integration theory. This book provides an overview of the basic concepts of the theory of integration as a prelude to the study of probability, harmonic analysis, linear space theory, and other areas of mathematics.
SD01-456 Advanced Functional Analysis.
  Aguilera, Ana M./ 9781682502976/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover Functional analysis is a branch of mathematical analysis, the core of which is formed by the study of vector spaces endowed with some kind of limit-related structure and the linear operators acting upon these spaces and respecting these structures in a suitable sense. The historical roots of functional analysis lie in the study of spaces of functions and the formulation of properties of transformations of functions such as the Fourier transform as transformations defining continuous, unitary etc. operators between function spaces. Functional analysis plays an important role in the applied sciences as well as in mathematics itself. This book is intended to familiarize with the basic concepts, principles and methods of functional analysis and its applications, and they are intended for senior graduate students as well as for researchers and professionals.
SD01-456 Algebraic Topology.
  Knill, Oliver/ 9781682502983/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Algebraic topology is a twentieth century field of mathematics that can trace its origins and connections back to the ancient beginnings of mathematics. Algebraic topology is a branch of mathematics that uses tools from abstract algebra to study topological spaces. The basic goal is to find algebraic invariants that classify topological spaces up to homeomorphism, though usually most classify up to homotopy equivalence. Although algebraic topology primarily uses algebra to study topological problems, using topology to solve algebraic problems is sometimes also possible. Algebraic topology allows for a convenient proof that any subgroup of a free group is again a free group. This book is an introduction to algebraic topology with rather broad coverage of the subject. The book emphasises on homology and cohomology theory, including cup products, Kunneth formulas, intersection pairings, and the Lefschetz fixed point theorem.
SD01-456 Fractal Geometry.
  Arya Kumar Bedabrata Chand/ 9781682502990/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover A fractal is a natural phenomenon or a mathematical set that demonstrate a repeating shape that displays at every scale. If the replication is exactly the same at every scale, it is called a self-similar pattern. Fractals can also be nearly the same at different levels. Fractals also includes the idea of a detailed pattern that repeats itself. The complexity of nature°¶s shapes differs in kind, not merely degree, from that of the shapes of ordinary geometry, the geometry of fractal shapes. This book based on highly acclaimed earlier work has much broader and deeper coverage and more extensive illustrations.
SD01-456 Fuzzy Sets and Their Applications.
  Burstein, Gabriel/ 9781682503003/ Price:US$ 170.00
This book covers systematic treatise of fuzzy set theory and of some of its applications. In mathematics, fuzzy sets are sets whose elements have degrees of membership. Fuzzy sets were introduced by Lotfi A. Zade and Dieter Klaua in 1965 as an extension of the classical notion of set. Applications of this theory can be found, but not limited to, in artificial intelligence, computer science, control engineering, decision theory, expert systems, logic, management science, operations research, pattern recognition, and robotics.
SD01-456 Algebraic Coding Theory.
  Assmus, E. F./ 9781682503010/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Coding theory is the study of the properties of codes and their fitness for a specific application. Codes are used for data compression, cryptography, error-correction and more recently also for network coding. Codes are studied by various scientific disciplines such as information theory, electrical engineering, mathematics, linguistics, and computer science for the purpose of designing efficient and reliable data transmission methods. This typically involves the removal of redundancy and the correction of errors in the transmitted data. This book serves as a fairly terse introduction to the exciting field of coding theory.
SD01-456 Geometry of Numbers.
  Youssef, Nabil L./ 9781682503027/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover In number theory, the geometry of numbers studies convex bodies and integer vectors in n-dimensional space. The geometry of numbers was originated by Hermann Minkowski. The geometry of numbers has a close relationship with other fields of mathematics, especially functional analysis and Diophantine approximation, the problem of finding rational numbers that approximate an irrational quantity. The geometry of numbers deals with the use of geometric notions, especially convexity and lattice, to solve problems in number theory.
SD01-456 Theory of Linear Operators.
  Adell, Jose A./ 9781682503041/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover The purpose of this book is to provide the basics regarding the mathematical key features of unbounded operators to readers that are not familiar with such technical aspects. In functional analysis and related areas of mathematics, a continuous linear operator or continuous linear mapping is a continuous linear transformation between topological vector spaces. An operator between two normed spaces is a bounded linear operator if and only if it is a continuous linear operator. A continuous linear operator maps bounded sets into bounded sets. A linear functional is continuous if and only if its kernel is closed. Every linear function on a finite-dimensional space is continuous.
SD01-456 Harmonic Analysis.
  Takahashi, Yoshinori/ 9781682503096/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Harmonic Analysis is concerned with the representation of functions or signals as the superposition of basic waves, and the study of and generalization of the notions of Fourier series and Fourier transforms. Harmonic analysis is a dissimilar field including such branches as Fourier series, isospectral manifolds, and topological groups. Three of the fields that use harmonic analysis widely are signal processing, medical imaging, and quantum mechanics.
SD01-456 Wavelets: Algorithms and Applications.
  Karam, Jalal/ 9781682503119/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Wavelets are mathematical functions that cut up data into different frequency components, and then study each component with a resolution matched to its scale. They have advantages over traditional Fourier methods in analyzing physical situations where the signal contains discontinuities and sharp spikes. Wavelet analysis has become a tool of choice in fields ranging from image compression, to signal detection and analysis in electrical engineering and geophysics, to analysis of turbulent or intermittent processes. This book envisages on wavelets analysis and its applications.
SD01-455 Fourier Restriction for Hypersurfaces in Three Dimensions and Newton Polyhedra.
  Ikromov, Isroil A./ 9780691170558/ Price:US$ 75.00
SD01-455 Non-Archimedean Tame Topology and Stably Dominated Types.
  Hrushovski, Ehud/ 9780691161693/ Price:US$ 75.00
SD01-455 A Concise Introduction to Numerical Geometric Integration.
  Blanes, Sergio/ 9781482263428/ Price:ĘG 105.00
GD01-5-2 Mathematics, 4-Vols/Set.
  / 9780028663784/ Price:US$ 881.00
Book Cover This full-color update of the award-winning 2002 A-Z encyclopedia explains concepts, provides a historical overview, and explores careers in the field. Written for middle school/high school students, as well as non-math-major undergraduates, Mathematics contains some 300 entries that cover the basics of algebra, geometry and trigonometry, with the goal of making these topics more accessible and interesting. Readers will see the uses and effects of math in daily life, while short biographies highlight notable mathematicians. Thirty percent of the content is new to this edition, highlighting advances in mathematics since 2000. Mathematics is illustrated with images, equations, tables, and figures, and includes sidebars. Both the original edition and the new were shaped by expert boards who determined the entry list and reviewed content. Each entry contains a bibliography/suggestions for further reading and cross?references directing the users to articles of related interest. Features and Benefits °ESigned entries written by subject matter experts with affiliations listed in frontmatter. °EBibliography/Suggested Further Reading in every entry. °EKey terms defined in margins and glossary. °E200 color images plus 200 tables, charts & graphs. °E100 sidebars, including short biographies of mathematicians. °EThematic outline in every volume; & cumulative index in Volume 4.
Coordinate Geometry
  S.L. Loney/ 9781781830277/ Price:ĘG 30.00
Book Cover The book contains a good level of concepts and exercises in coordinate geometry pertaining to competitive examinations. It has a right mix of basics and standard problems with fine coverage in straight lines and circles. The concept of finding the loci is adequately illustrated. It has a good number of standard questions covering basic concepts. Answers to exercises are given at the end of the book.
An Elementary Treatise on Pure Geometry With Numerous Examples
  J W Russell/ 9781781830369/ Price:ĘG 20.00
Book Cover In writing this book, covering Euclid and Geometric cones, it is assumed the reader has passed through the ordinary curriculum in Geometry. No rigid notation is followed but points have been denoted by A, B, C, ..., lines by a, b, c ...., and planes and conics by a,b,g .... . ?r.h? has been used for rectangular hyperbola. Director has been used to include the ?director circle? of a central conic and the ?directrix? of a parabola. The length of the perpendicular from the point A on the line b has been denoted by (A, b).
VSD01-001 Handbook of Enumerative Combinatorics.
  Bona, Miklos/ 9781482220858/ Price:ĘG 120.00
Book Cover This important new work is edited by Miklos Bona of the University of Florida where he is a member of the Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars. He received his Ph.D. in mathematics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1997. Miklos is the author of four books and more than 65 research articles, including the award-winning Combinatorics of Permutations. Miklos Bona is an editor-in-chief for the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics and Series Editor of the Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications Series for CRC Press/Chapman and Hall. The first two chapters provide a comprehensive overview of the most frequently used methods in combinatorial enumeration, including algebraic, geometric, and analytic methods. These chapters survey generating functions, methods from linear algebra, partially ordered sets, polytopes, hyperplane arrangements, and matroids. Subsequent chapters illustrate applications of these methods for counting a wide array of objects. The contributors for this book represent an international spectrum of researchers with strong histories of results. The chapters are organized so readers advance from the more general ones, namely enumeration methods, towards the more specialized ones. Topics include coverage of asymptotic normality in enumeration, planar maps, graph enumeration, Young tableaux, unimodality, log-concavity, real zeros, asymptotic normality, trees, generalized Catalan paths, computerized enumeration schemes, enumeration of various graph classes, words, tilings, pattern avoidance, computer algebra, and parking functions. This book will be beneficial to a wide audience. It will appeal to experts on the topic interested in learning more about the finer points, readers interested in a systematic and organized treatment of the topic, and novices who are new to the field.
VSD01 Handbook of Cluster Analysis.
  Hennig, Christian/ 9781466551886/ Price:ĘG 95.99
Book Cover Handbook of Cluster Analysis provides a comprehensive and unified account of the main research developments in cluster analysis. Written by active, distinguished researchers in this area, the book helps readers make informed choices of the most suitable clustering approach for their problem and make better use of existing cluster analysis tools. The book is organized according to the traditional core approaches to cluster analysis, from the origins to recent developments. After an overview of approaches and a quick journey through the history of cluster analysis, the book focuses on the four major approaches to cluster analysis. These approaches include methods for optimizing an objective function that describes how well data is grouped around centroids, dissimilarity-based methods, mixture models and partitioning models, and clustering methods inspired by nonparametric density estimation. The book also describes additional approaches to cluster analysis, including constrained and semi-supervised clustering, and explores other relevant issues, such as evaluating the quality of a cluster. This handbook is accessible to readers from various disciplines, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of cluster analysis. For those already experienced with cluster analysis, the book offers a broad and structured overview. For newcomers to the field, it presents an introduction to key issues. For researchers who are temporarily or marginally involved with cluster analysis problems, the book gives enough algorithmic and practical details to facilitate working knowledge of specific clustering areas.
SD01-465 Computational Invariant Theory.
  Derksen, Harm/ 9783662484203/ Price:EUR 119.99
SD01-464 Nonlinear Mixture Models: A Bayesian Approach.
  Tatarinova, Tatiana/ 9781848167568/ Price:US$ 108.00
SD01-441 Essentials of Precalculus with Calculus Previews.
  Zill, Dennis G./ 9781284056327/ Price:US$ 99.95
Book Cover Essentials of Precalculus with Calculus Previews, Sixth Edition, is an ideal undergraduate text to help students successfully transition into a future course in calculus. The Sixth Edition of this best-selling text presents the fundamental mathematics used in a typical calculus sequence in a focused and readable format. Dennis G. Zill°¶s concise, yet eloquent, writing style allows instructors to cover the entire text in one semester. Essentials of Precalculus with Calculus Previews, Sixth Edition uses a vibrant full-color design to illuminate key concepts and improves students' comprehension of graphs and figures. This text also includes a valuable collection of student and instructor resources, making it a complete teaching and learning package.
SD01-437 Exploring Mathematics: Investigations with Functions.
  Johnson, Craig M./ 9781449688547/ Price:US$ 39.95
Book Cover Exploring Mathematics: Investigations with Functions is intended for a one- or two-term course in mathematics for college students majoring in the social sciences, English, history, music, art, education, or any of the other majors within liberal arts. The mathematics course of this scope, with an algebra prerequsite, is a popular selection for liberal arts students. This 9-chapter textbook offers modern applications of mathematics in the liberal arts as well as aesthetic features of this rich facet of history and ongoing advancement of human society. With a central theme around the use of the concept of functions, and the inclusion of unique topics and chapters, Exploring Mathematics enables students to explore the next level of mathematics. It attempts to answer the questions, "How does mathematics help us to better our society and understand the world around us?" and "What are some of the unifying ideas of mathematics?" This central theme helps to impress upon the student the feeling that mathematics is more than a disconnected potpourri of rules and tricks. Although it would be inappropriate to force a functional connection in every single section, the theme is used whenever possible to provide conceptual bridges between chapters. Developing the concept of a function augments the presentation of many topics in every chapter.
VSD01 Handbook of Missing Data Methodology
  Molenberghs, Geert/ 9781439854617/ Price:ĘG 83.99
Book Cover Missing data affect nearly every discipline by complicating the statistical analysis of collected data. But since the 1990s, there have been important developments in the statistical methodology for handling missing data. Written by renowned statisticians in this area, Handbook of Missing Data Methodology presents many methodological advances and the latest applications of missing data methods in empirical research. Divided into six parts, the handbook begins by establishing notation and terminology. It reviews the general taxonomy of missing data mechanisms and their implications for analysis and offers a historical perspective on early methods for handling missing data. The following three parts cover various inference paradigms when data are missing, including likelihood and Bayesian methods; semi-parametric methods, with particular emphasis on inverse probability weighting; and multiple imputation methods. The next part of the book focuses on a range of approaches that assess the sensitivity of inferences to alternative, routinely non-verifiable assumptions about the missing data process. The final part discusses special topics, such as missing data in clinical trials and sample surveys as well as approaches to model diagnostics in the missing data setting. In each part, an introduction provides useful background material and an overview to set the stage for subsequent chapters. Covering both established and emerging methodologies for missing data, this book sets the scene for future research. It provides the framework for readers to delve into research and practical applications of missing data methods.
SD01-474 Selected Expository Works of Shing-Tung Yau with Commentary, 2-Vols/Set.
  Lizhen Ji/ 9781571462954/ Price:US$ 189.00
SD01-474 Selected Expository Works of Shing-Tung Yau with Commentary, Vol. 1
  Lizhen Ji/ 9781571462930/ Price:US$ 119.00
SD01-474 Selected Expository Works of Shing-Tung Yau with Commentary, Vol. 2
  Lizhen Ji/ 9781571462947/ Price:US$ 119.00
SD01-455 Travaux De Gabber Sur L'uniformisation Locale Et La Cohomologie Etale Des Schemas Quasi-excellents.
  Illusie, Luc/ 9782856297902/ Price:EUR 150.00
SD01-454 The Poincare Conjecture.
  Carlson, James/ 9780821898659/ Price:US$ 69.00
SD01-434 Moduli Spaces.
  Brambila-Paz, Leticia/ 9781107636385/ Price:ĘG 55.99
SD01-433 Essentials of Mathematical Statistics.
  Albright, Brian/ 9781449685348/ Price:US$ 281.95
Book Cover Written for the one-term introductory probability and statistics course for mid- to upper-level math and science majors, Essentials of Mathematical Statistics combines the topics generally found in main-stream elementary statistics books with the essentials of the underlying theory. The book begins with an axiomatic treatment of probability followed by chapters on discrete and continuous random variables and their associated distributions. It then introduces basic statistical concepts including summarizing data and interval parameter estimation, stressing the connection between probability and statistics. Final chapters introduce hypothesis testing, regression, and non-parametric techniques. All chapters provide a balance between conceptual understanding and theoretical understanding of the topics at hand.
SD01-433 Brief Calculus for the Business, Social, and Life Sciences.
  Armstrong, Bill/ 9781449695163/ Price:US$ 297.95
Book Cover Designed for economics, business, or social or behavioral science majors in a one or two term course, Brief Calculus for the Business, Social, and Life Sciences presents mathematics in a clear and accessible language. Engaging, real-world examples and real data applications make calculus relevant, and the easy-to-read conversational style of the text evokes the one-on-one communication of a personalized tutorial session without sacrificing depth of coverage or intellectual rigor. The revised and updated Third Edition of this popular text includes a new, four-step problem-solving method that allows students to independently find solutions to a broad spectrum of problem sets.
Mathematical Physics.
  Chattopadhyay, P. K./ 9781781830109/ Price:ĘG 35.00
Book Cover The book is intended as a text for students of Physics at the Master's level. It is assumed that the students pursuing the course have some knowledge of differential equations and complex variables. In addition, a knowledge of Physics upto at least undergraduate level is assumed.Throughout the book the applications of the mathematical techniques developed to physics, are emphasized. Examples are, to a large extent, drawn from various branches of physics. The exercises provide further extensions to such applications and are often °•chosen°¶ to illustrate and supplement the material in the text. They thus form an essential part of the text. One full chapter on Linear Vector Spaces and Matrices is given. This chapter is essential for the understanding of the mathematical foundations of Quantum Mechanics and the material can be used in a course of Quantum Mechanics. Parts of Chapter 6 (Green's Function will be useful in courses on Electrodynamics and Quantum Mechanics. One complete chapter is devoted to Group Theory with special emphasis on the applications in Physics. The subject matter is treated in fairly great detail and can be used in a course on Group Theory.
Probability Distributions Of A Single Random Variable.
  Humphreys, H. M./ 9781781830123/ Price:ĘG 40.00
Book Cover This book has been written with the purpose of providing the basic statistical techniques required by students of Engineering, Computer Science, Business Studies and Medicine for the statistical work in their field, which involves Probability Distributions of a Single Random Variable. It also aims to provide a sound basis for students of Mathematics, Statistics, Actuarial Science, Financial Engineering, Biostatistics, Operational Research, Physical Science and Research Methodology, who intend to pursue further study in Probability and Statistics at graduate level.
A Math Primer for Engineers.
  Cryer, C.W./ 9781614992981/ Price:EUR 160.00
Book Cover Mathematics and engineering are inevitably interrelated, and this interaction will steadily increase as the use of mathematical modelling grows. Although mathematicians and engineers often misunderstand one another, their basic approach is quite similar, as is the historical development of their respective disciplines. The purpose of this Math Primer is to provide a brief introduction to those parts of mathematics which are, or could be, useful in engineering, especially bioengineering. The aim is to summarize the ideas covered in each subject area without going into exhaustive detail. Formulas and equations have not been avoided, but every effort has been made to keep them simple in the hope of persuading readers that they are not only useful but also accessible. The wide range of topics covered includes introductory material such as numbers and sequences, geometry in two and three dimensions, linear algebra, and the calculus. Building on these foundations, linear spaces, tensor analysis and Fourier analysis are introduced. All these concepts are used to solve problems for ordinary and partial differential equations. Illustrative applications are taken from a variety of engineering disciplines, and the choice of a suitable model is considered from the point of view of both the mathematician and the engineer. This book will be of interest to engineers and bioengineers looking for the mathematical means to help further their work, and it will offer readers a glimpse of many ideas which may spark their interest.
Logic, Data and Wisdom.
  / 9781614993551/ Price:EUR 100.00
Book Cover The articles that make up this volume cover a wide range of topics. They reflect Andrzej Skowron°¶s activities as a researcher and a scholar as well as his influence on a broad scientific community. The papers have been arranged into four thematic groups. The first group corresponds to some of Andrzej Skowron°¶s recent and past research. It includes papers covering such areas as: foundations of rough sets, logical aspects of both rough and related models of computation, foundational issues relating to logical aspects of non-classical computational systems, formal and computational aspects of inference systems, and nature-inspired computational systems. The papers in the second group describe research results associated with discovering, representing and making use of knowledge learned from data. The third group contains papers that explore the fundamentals and applications of the granular approach to knowledge-based systems, as well as investigations into underlying notions of closeness, similarity and nearness. The fourth and final group contains papers covering a wider, more general range of topics, including data processing, database technology, search techniques, data and knowledge representation as well as various aspects of data mining.
Nonlinear Analysis in Engineering and Sciences.
  Sayyid, Hashemi K./ 9781907343889/ Price:US$ 105.00
Book Cover In this book, by the use of the latest analytic, numeric laboratorial methods and using more than 300 references like books, papers and the researches done by the authors and by considering almost all possible processes and situation, new theories are proposed to encounter applied problems in engineering and applied sciences.
Nonlinear Equations: Analytical Methods and Applications.
  Dawood, Domairi G./ 9781907343810/ Price:ĘG 95.00
Book Cover This book is reflecting the growth in the literature on nonlinear systems whilst retaining the basic style and structure of the textbook. The wide applicability of the subject to mathematical, physical, engineering, and applied sciences continues to generate a supply of new problems of practical and theoretical interest. The book was developed from problems on nonlinear differential equations studied over several years in the nonlinear dynamics team in the Mechanical Department of the Babol Noshirvani University of Technology. It presents an introduction to systems in the context of nonlinear differential equations.
Student Solutions Manual To Accompany Advanced Engineering Mathematics.
  Wright, Warren S./ 9781284020991/ Price:US$ 89.95
Book Cover The Student Solutions Manual to Accompany Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Fifth Edition is designed to help you get the most out of your course Engineering Mathematics course. It provides the answers to every third exercise from each chapter in your textbook. This enables you to assess your progress and understanding while encouraging you to find solutions on your own.
Study of Analytic Number Theory: Riemann's Hypothesis and Prime Number of Theory with Addendum on Integer Partitions.
  / 9781907343988/ Price:ĘG 25.00
This monograph explores several classical issues of modern mathematics, and discusses both the historical and research aspects. The brief historical part is focused on Riemann°¶s zeta function and few related problems. The research part starts from direct formulation of simple proofs of both the prime number theorem and Riemann°¶s hypothesis, two intriguing problems of modern mathematics, which applies the concept of Mertens°¶s function and is based on Apostol°¶s and Littlewood°¶s criterions of equivalence.
Complex Analysis: A First Course with Applications.
  Zill, Dennis G./ 9781449694616/ Price:US$ 255.95
Book Cover Complex Analysis: A First Course with Applications is a truly accessible introduction to the fundamental principles and applications of complex analysis. Designed for the undergraduate student with a calculus background but no prior experience with complex analysis, this text discusses the theory of the most relevant mathematical topics in a student-friendly manner. With a clear and straightforward writing style, concepts are introduced through numerous examples, illustrations, and applications. Each section of the text contains an extensive exercise set containing a range of computational, conceptual, and geometric problems. In the text and exercises, students are guided and supported through numerous proofs providing them with a higher level of mathematical insight and maturity. Each chapter contains a separate section devoted exclusively to the applications of complex analysis to science and engineering, providing students with the opportunity to develop a practical and clear understanding of complex analysis.
SD01-416 Lebesgue Measure and Integration.
  Jain, P. K./ 9781848290648/ Price:ĘG 29.99
This is the second edition of a successful textbook intended to provide a basic course in Lebesgue measure and integration for honours and post graduate students. Meticulous care has been taken to give detailed explanations of the reasons of worked content and of the methods used, together with numerous examples and counter examples throughout the book. Each topic has been presented in an easy, lucid style, for ease of understanding. The material has been arranged by sections, spread through seven chapters. The book opens with a chapter on preliminaries discussing basic concepts and results which will be taken for granted later in the text. It is followed by chapters on Infinite Sets, Measurable Sets, Measurable Functions, Lebesgue Integral, Differentiation and Integration, and the Lebesgue Lp Spaces, a chapter that will lend itself to applications within the field of functional analysis. Each chapter also contains a set of graded problems, with hints where necessary to help find the solutions.
SD01-416 Theory of Matrices.
  Vatsa, B. S./ 9781906574901/ Price:ĘG 25.00
In this book, matrices and their algebra have been introduced from the beginning. So, the addition, multiplication, determinants, adjoint and inverse of matrices with concrete examples have been discussed properly. For advanced students, rank, vector spaces, with row and column spaces of matrices have been given in detail. Some new chapters on geometrical transformation, bilinear forms, quadratic forms, Hermitian forms and similar matrices are dealt with at specific length to give the book a self contained feel. Conceptual, theoretical as well as numerical problems have also been included. Many important problems have been solved and graded exercises are given at the end of each section. This book caters to the needs of undergraduate students of engineering, physics, computer graphics, economics, psychology and other branches.
SD01-416 Discrete Structures.
  Vatsa, B. S./ 9781906574826/ Price:ĘG 35.00
Discrete Structures has been designed to deal with the topics which are indispensable in the advanced age of computer science. The first three chapters cover mathematical logic, sets, relations and function. Next come the chapters on ordered sets, Boolean algebra and switching circuits and matrices. Finally, there are individual chapters on combinatorics, discrete numeric functions, generating functions, recurrence relations, algebraic structures and graph theory: Graphs are binary trees. The purpose of this book is to present principles and concepts of discrete structures as relevant to student learning. The matter has been presented in as simple and lucid manner as possible and a large number of solved examples to understand the concept and principle of the theory have been introduced.
SD01-409 Precalculus: A Functional Approach To Graphing And Problem Solving.
  Smith, Karl J./ 9781449649166/ Price:US$ 212.95
Precalculus: A Functional Approach to Graphing and Problem Solving prepares students for the concepts and applications they will encounter in future calculus courses. In far too many texts, process is stressed over insight and understanding, and students move on to calculus ill equipped to think conceptually about its essential ideas. This text provides sound development of the important mathematical underpinnings of calculus, stimulating problems and exercises, and a well-developed, engaging pedagogy. Students will leave with a clear understanding of what lies ahead in their future calculus courses. Instructors will find that Smith's straightforward, student-friendly presentation provides exactly what they have been looking for in a text!
Metric Spaces and Complex Analysis.
  Amar Kumar Banerjee/ 9781906574956/ Price:ĘG 30.00
The main purpose of this book Metric Spaces and Complex Analysis, is to provide a preliminary but comprehensive knowledge of metric spaces as well as complex analysis to the beginners. However, this work is expected to serve well as an aid to advanced graduate students studying these topics because the topological ideas dealt with here can be enjoyed with an elementary knowledge of real analysis and geometry. For clarity of visualisation, pictorial representation of main items has been given a priority, wherever necessary. The volume is enriched with numerous illustrations so as to make it user-friendly. It contains approximately fifty diagrams, and more than hundred examples and nearly one hundred fifty exercises.
A Transition to Mathematics with Proofs.
  Cullinane, Michael/ 9781449627782/ Price:US$ 211.95
Developed for the "transition" course for mathematics majors moving beyond the primarily procedural methods of their calculus courses toward a more abstract and conceptual environment found in more advanced courses, A Transition to Mathematics with Proofs emphasizes mathematical rigor and helps students learn how to develop and write mathematical proofs. The author takes great care to develop a text that is accessible and readable for students at all levels. It addresses standard topics such as set theory, number system, logic, relations, functions, and induction in at a pace appropriate for a wide range of readers. Throughout early chapters students gradually become aware of the need for rigor, proof, and precision, and mathematical ideas are motivated through examples.
Association Schemes of Matrices
  Wang, Yangxian/ 9780763785055/ Price:US$ 138.95
Association Schemes of Matrices is an 8- chapter monograph that has met with wide success throughout the Chinese mathematics community. The main emphasis of this book is on the association schemes of various types of matrices. The matrix method here is elementary and requires little mathematical background. An undergraduate student who has completed a course in linear algebra and abstract algebra will be able to take on a research project on matrix groups and their geometries with the matrix techniques that are presented by the mathematicians that have contributed to this project. The matrix method has proven to be effective when the underlying field has fewer elements or in lower dimensions.
Linear Algebra: Theory and Applications.
  Cheney, Ward/ 9781449613525/ Price:US$ 313.95
Ward Cheney and David Kincaid have developed Linear Algebra: Theory and Applications, Second Edition, a multi-faceted introductory textbook, which was motivated by their desire for a single text that meets the various requirements for differing courses within linear algebra. For theoretically-oriented students, the text guides them as they devise proofs and deal with abstractions by focusing on a comprehensive blend between theory and applications.
SD01-466 The Collected Mathematical Papers of James Joseph Sylvester, Volume 1: 1837-18530.
  Sylvester, James J./ 9781107650329/ Price:ĘG 88.00
SD01-431 An Introduction to Heavy-Tailed and Subexponential Distributions.
  Foss, Sergey/ 9781441994721/ Price:EUR 79.95
SD01-411 Dynamic Programming and Inventory Control.
  Bensoussan, Alain/ 9781607507697/ Price:EUR 135.00
This book presents a unified theory of dynamic programming and Markov decision processes and its application to a major field of operations research and operations management: inventory control. Models are developed in discrete time as well as in continuous time. For continuous time, this book concentrates only on models of interest to inventory control. For discrete time, the focus is mainly on infinite horizon models. The book also covers the difference between impulse control and continuous control. Ergodic control is considered in the context of impulse control, and some simple rules currently used in practice are justified. Chapter 2 introduces some of the classical static problems which are preliminary to the dynamic models of interest in inventory control. This book is not a general text on control theory and dynamic programming, in that the systems dynamics are mostly limited to inventory models. For these models, however, it seeks to be as comprehensive as possible, although finite horizon models in discrete time are not developed, since they are largely described in existing literature. On the other hand, the ergodic control problem is considered in detail, and probabilistic proofs as well as analytical proofs are provided. The techniques developed in this work can be extended to more complex models, covering additional aspects of inventory control.
SD01-411 Advanced Engineering Mathematics.
  Zill, Dennis G./ 9780763779665/ Price:US$ 236.95
Now with a full-color design, the new Fourth Edition of Zill's Advanced Engineering Mathematics provides an in-depth overview of the many mathematical topics necessary for students planning a career in engineering or the sciences. A key strength of this text is Zill's emphasis on differential equations as mathematical models, discussing the constructs and pitfalls of each. The Fourth Edition is comprehensive, yet flexible, to meet the unique needs of various course offerings ranging from ordinary differential equations to vector calculus. New modern applications and projects, coupled with a new resource CD-ROM included with the text makes Zill's classic text a must-have text and resource for Engineering Math students!
SD01-408 Numerical Methods.
  Dukkipati, R. V./ 9781848290549/ Price:ĘG 30.00
Numerical Methods has been specifically written to serve as a textbook for mathematics, science and engineering students of all disciplines. The text covers all major aspects of numerical methods, including numerical computations, matrices and linear system of equations, solution of algebraic and transcendental equations, finite differences and interpolation, curve fitting, correlation and regression, numerical differentiation and integration, and numerical solution of ordinary differential equations. The book maintains a student-friendly approach and numerical problem solving orientation. Presentations are limited to very basic topics to serve as an introduction to advanced topics in those areas of discipline. The purpose of the book is to present the principle and concepts of numerical methods as relevant to student learning. The numerous worked examples and unsolved exercise problems are intended to provide the reader with an awareness of the general applicability of principles and concepts of numerical methods. An extensive bibliography to guide the student to further sources of information on numerical methods topics covered in this book is provided at the end of the book. Answers to all end-of-chapter problems are given at the end of the book.
SD01-408 Modern Algebra.
  Vatsa, B. S./ 9781848290518/ Price:ĘG 45.00
This is the second edition of a successful graduate textbook on modern algebra. The author has made several key additions to the content, whilst keeping all the material of the earlier edition. To the chapter on group theory, he has added new sections on abelian groups, finite abelian groups, solvable groups, nil potent groups and perfect groups. These sections are carefully inserted in the chapter to enhance with cohesion the explanation of the subject. Likewise in ring theory, there are new sections on special class of rings, quotient field, maximal and prime ideal. And in the chapter on vector spaces, inner product spaces and R-modules are now included. In each chapter the author has put in solved examples which both help to explain the topic under discussion and also test the understanding of that topic by the reader. Graded problems are also included to further assess the grasp of the subject. This book is a valuable text in modern algebra for graduate students, academics, and practising mathematicians.
SD01-406 Principles of Real Analysis.
  Malik, S. C./ 9781906574819/ Price:ĘG 30.00
The book has been made more illustrative and self-contained so as to cater to the need of students and teachers at graduate and postgraduate level. It is also meant for engineering students and other professionals as well as competitive examinations. To reinforce and solidify the understanding, some of the chapters have been rearranged and several new exercises and solved examples have been incorporated. The section on limits inferior and superior of sequences is introduced and discussed in detail. Every care has been taken to explain and elucidate the different concepts so as to provide conceptual clarity to the readers.
SD01-403 From Mathematical Beauty to the Truth of Nature: To Jerzy Tiuryn on his 60th Birthday.
  Gambin, Anna/ 9781607506973/ Price:EUR 100.00
This book, a special issue of the journal Fundamenta Informaticae, is a collection of 16 papers written by students and collaborators of Jerzy Tiuryn, to whom the book is dedicated on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Tiuryn°¶s scientific work spans two centuries, and can be broadly divided into two sections. In the 20th century he contributed greatly to the theory of Hoare logic and various other dynamic logics, especially first-order dynamic logic, before turning his attention towards functional programming, type-inference and lambda calculus. With the advent of the 21st century, Tiuryn turned his attention to work which contemplates the beauty of life and the origin of human complexity, including molecular sequence analysis, protein folding and the extremely complex and intriguing process of gene regulation, as well as molecular evolution and phylogenetics. In the course of his career, Tiuryn has been an inspiring teacher and collaborator to some 13 PhD students and 40 co-authors. The contributions presented here fittingly reflect the variety and breadth of Tiuryn°¶s own work and achievements in their diversity and style.
SD01-400 A Journey into Partial Differential Equations.
  Bray, William O./ 9780763772567/ Price:US$ 263.95
Ideal for the 1-term course, A Journey into Partial Differential Equations provides a solid introduction to PDEs for the undergraduate math, engineering, or physics student. Discussing underlying physics, concepts and methodologies, the text focuses on the classical trinity of equations: the wave equation, heat/diffusion equation, and Laplace's equation.
SD01-399 College Algebra.
  Zill, Dennis G./ 9781449606022/ Price:US$ 276.95
With an emphasis on problem-solving and packed with engaging, student-friendly exercise sets and examples, the Third Edition of Zill and Dewar's College Algebra is the perfect text for the traditional college algebra course. Zill's renowned pedagogy and accessible, straightforward writing style urges students to delve into the content and experience the mathematics first hand through numerous problem sets. These problem sets give students the opportunity to test their comprehension, challenge their understanding, and apply their knowledge to real-world situations. A robust collection of student and instructor ancillaries include: WebAssign access, PowerPoint Lecture Slides, Test Bank, Student Resource Manual and more.
SD01-399 Trigonometry.
  Zill, Dennis G./ 9781449606046/ Price:US$ 276.95
Designed for the one-term course in trigonometry, the Third Edition incorporates all of the many teaching and learning tools that have made Zill's texts a resounding success. A rich pedagogy and an extensive supplements package make this text a must-have resource for students and instructors alike. Zill takes care to include a full set of engaging and motivating features for students including, a wide range of word problems and specific applications, historical accounts of mathematicians, and a strong variety of relevant exercises. These extensive exercises give students the opportunity to test their comprehension, challenge their understanding, and apply their knowledge to real-world situations.
SD01-399 Algebra and Trigonometry.
  Zill, Dennis G./ 9780763754617/ Price:US$ 314.95
Written for a one- or two-term course at the freshman/sophomore level, the third edition covers the principles of college algebra, trigonometry, and analytic geometry in the concise and student-friendly style that have made Zill's texts a world-wide success. It includes all of the trademark features for which Zill is known including, lucid examples and problem sets, a rich pedagogy, a complete teaching and learning ancillary package, and much more. Throughout the text readers will find a wide range of word problems and relevant applications, historical accounts of famous mathematicians, and a strong variety of modern exercises.
SD01-398 Elements of Real Analysis.
  Denlinger, Charles G./ 9780763779474/ Price:US$ 221.95
Elementary Real Analysis is a core course in nearly all mathematics departments throughout the world. It enables students to develop a deep understanding of the key concepts of calculus from a mature perspective. Elements of Real Analysis is a student-friendly guide to learning all the important ideas of elementary real analysis, based on the author's many years of experience teaching the subject to typical undergraduate mathematics majors. It avoids the compact style of professional mathematics writing, in favor of a style that feels more comfortable to students encountering the subject for the first time. It presents topics in ways that are most easily understood, without sacrificing rigor or coverage. In using this book, students discover that real analysis is completely deducible from the axioms of the real number system. They learn the powerful techniques of limits of sequences as the primary entry to the concepts of analysis, and see the ubiquitous role sequences play in virtually all later topics. They become comfortable with topological ideas, and see how these concepts help unify the subject. Students encounter many interesting examples, including "pathological" ones, that motivate the subject and help fix the concepts. They develop a unified understanding of limits, continuity, differentiability, Riemann integrability, and infinite series of numbers and functions.
SD01-398 Linear Algebra with Applications, Alternate Edition.
  Williams, Gareth/ 9780763782498/ Price:NT$ 1060.00
Building upon the sequence of topics of the popular 5th Edition, Linear Algebra with Applications, Alternate Seventh Edition provides instructors with an alternative presentation of course material. In this edition earlier chapters cover systems of linear equations, matrices, and determinates. The vector space Rn is introduced in chapter 4, leading directly into general vector spaces and linear transformations. This order of topics is ideal for those preparing to use linear equations and matrices in their own fields. New exercises and modern, real-world applications allow students to test themselves on relevant key material and a MATLAB manual, included as an appendix, provides 29 sections of computational problems.
SD01-398 Calculus: Early Transcendentals.
  Zill, Dennis G./ 9780763759957/ Price:NT$ 1220.00
Appropriate for the traditional 3-term college calculus course, Calculus: Early Transcendentals, Fourth Edition provides the student-friendly presentation and robust examples and problem sets for which Dennis Zill is known. This outstanding revision incorporates all of the exceptional learning tools that have made Zill's texts a resounding success. He carefully blends the theory and application of important concepts while offering modern applications and problem-solving skills.
SD01-381 Multivariable Calculus.
  Zill, Dennis G./ 9780763749668/ Price:US$ 255.95
Appropriate for the third semester in the college calculus sequence, the Fourth Edition of Multivarible Calculus, Volume II maintains student-friendly writing style and robust exercises and problem sets that Dennis Zill is famous for. Ideal as a follow-up companion to Zill first volume, or as a stand-alone text, this exceptional revision presents the topics typically covered in the traditional third course, including Vector-valued Functions, Differential Calculus of Functions of Several Variables, Integral Calculus of Functions of Several Variables, Vector Integral Calculus, and an Introduction to Differential Equations.
Applied Functional Analysis.
  Siddiqui, A.H./ 9781848290266/ Price:ĘG 50.00
The area of functional analysis plays a central role in the technical sciences as the fundamental framework for modelling and analysis for a broad range of problems in classical disciplines and newer areas of inter-disciplinary nature. The methods of functional analysis have helped solve diverse real-world problems in optimisation, modelling, analysis, numerical approximation and computer simulation. With a comprehensive presentation of functional analysis results surfacing repeatedly in scientific and technological applications, this book expertly presides over the most current analytical and numerical methods in infinite-dimensional spaces. It introduces recent results in wavelet and Gabor analysis as applied in partial differential equations and signal and image processing. The main objective of this book is to present all those results of functional analysis which have been frequently applied in emerging areas of science and technology. The book is self-contained and provides examples, updated references and application in diverse fields. The set problems are thought provoking and many lead to new results and applications. The book is intended to be a textbook for senior undergraduate and graduate students in mathematics. It will also be useful for an advanced course in systems engineering, computer engineering and management sciences.
An Introduction to Fuzzy Set Theory and Fuzzy Logic.
  Mohan, Chander/ 9781848290259/ Price:ĘG 50.00
There are several books available on Fuzzy Set Theory and Fuzzy Logic, however most of them are written by engineers and scientists with a specialised set of readers in mind. However this book has been written with a general type of reader in mind who, to begin with, does not have any specific applications of the subject in mind while starting to study the subject as a scientific discipline in its own right. The book presents the basic rudiments of fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic in a manner in which other topics of basic mathematics, such as set theory, algebra and calculus etc are usually presented. No specialised knowledge of any engineering discipline or other subject is expected of the reader. Effort has been made to tread the middle path, which avoids the extremes of abstract mathematical proofs and the specialised technical details of the areas of application. The author has taught this subject to undergraduate and postgraduate engineering and mathematics students for many years and has also used it in his research work related to the development of computational algorithms for solving real life optimisation problems.
Probability: An Introduction.
  Santos, David A./ 9780763784119/ Price:US$ 197.95
Probability: An Introduction provides the fundamentals, requiring minimal algebraic skills from the student. It begins with an introduction to sets and set operations, progresses to counting techniques, and then presents probability in an axiomatic way, never losing sight of elucidating the subject through concrete examples. The book contains numerous examples and solved exercises taken from various fields, and includes computer explorations using Maple^(TM).
VD01-38-3 Combinatorial Optimization, Vol. 3: Applications of Combinatorial Optimization.
  Paschos, Vangelis Th./ 9781848211490/ Price:US$ 188.95
VD01-38-2 Combinatorial Optimization, Vol. 2: Paradigms of Combinatorial Optimization.
  Paschos, Vangelis Th./ 9781848211483/ Price:US$ 370.95
VD01-38-1 Combinatorial Optimization, Vol. 1: Concepts of Combinatorial Optimization: Concepts and Fundamentals.
  Paschos, Vangelis Th./ 9781848211476/ Price:US$ 188.95
SD01-475 Free Energy Computations: A Mathematical Perspective
  Tony Lelievre/ 9781848162471/ Price:US$ 142.00
SD01-407 Thermoelasticity with Finite Wave Speeds.
  Ignaczak, Jozef/ 9780199541645/ Price:ĘG 105.00
SD01-398 Stochastic Processes.
  Medhi, J./ 9781906574307/ Price:ĘG 50.00
This book aims to position itself between the level of elementary probability texts and advanced works on stochastic processes. The pre-requisites to consult this book are a course on elementary probability theory and statistics, and a course on advanced calculus. In this book numerous examples have been given, based on theories discussed and a large number of problems along with their answers have also been provided. This revised edition further updates the materials and references and some new chapters have been introduced. The text has been designed particularly for advanced undergraduate, postgraduate and research level courses in applied mathematics, statistics, operations research, computer science, different branches of engineering, telecommunications, business and management, economics and life sciences.
SD01-398 Functional Analysis.
  Jain, P. K./ 9781906574673/ Price:ĘG 30.00
Functional Analysis is based on the lecture notes of distinguished authors and is designed to cater to the needs of students who are yet to be exposed to the subject, as well as senior undergraduate- and graduate-level students at universities the world over. The text begins with a preliminary chapter that establishes uniform notations and covers background material in real analysis, linear algebra, and metric spaces. It is followed by chapters on Normed and Banach Spaces, Bounded Linear Operators and Bounded Linear Functionals. This text also deals with the concept and specific geometry of Hilbert Spaces, Functionals and Operators on Hilbert Spaces, and an Introduction to Spectral Theory. The appendix provides an introduction to Schauder Bases. This is a second edition, written in a more simple and lucid language and illustrated with familiar examples. It is an ideal textbook for easy comprehension of the subject. The clear explanations, numerous examples, problems and illustrative figures also make the text invaluable for self-study and as a reference book.
SD01-398 Basic Real Analysis.
  Howland, James S./ 9780763773182/ Price:US$ 187.95
Ideal for the one-semester undergraduate course, Basic Real Analysis is intended for students who have recently completed a traditional calculus course and proves the basic theorems of Single Variable Calculus in a simple and accessible manner. It gradually builds upon key material as to not overwhelm students beginning the course and becomes more rigorous as they progresses. Optional appendices on sets and functions, countable and uncountable sets, and point set topology are included for those instructors who wish include these topics in their course. The author includes hints throughout the text to help students solve challenging problems. An online instructor's solutions manual is also available.
SD01-394 Handbook of Dynamical Systems, Vol. 3.
  Broer, H. W./ 9780444531414/ Price:US$ 275.00
SD01-394 Numerical Time-Dependent Partial Differential Equations for Scientists and Engineers.
  Brio, Moysey/ 9780121339814/ Price:US$ 160.00
SD01-391 European Congress of Mathematics, Amsterdam, 14-18 July, 2008.
  Ran, Audre/ 9783037190777/ Price:EUR 78.00
SD01-384 An Introduction to Analysis.
  Bilodeau, Gerald G./ 9780763774929/ Price:US$ 209.95
Completely revised and update, the second edition of An Introduction to Analysis presents a concise and sharply focused development of the basic concepts of analysis from the development of the real numbers through uniform convergences of a sequence of functions, and includes supplementary material on the calculus of functions of several variables and differential equations. This student-friendly text maintains a cautious and deliberate pace, and examples and figures are used extensively to assist the reader in understanding the concepts and then applying them. Students will become actively engaged in learning process with a broad and comprehensive collection of problems found at the end of each section.
SD01-381 Single Variable Calculus: Early Transcendentals.
  Zill, Dennis G./ 9780763749651/ Price:US$ 265.95
Dennis Zill's mathematics texts are renowned for their student-friendly presentation and robust examples and problem sets. The Fourth Edition of Calculus of a Single Variable: Early Transcendentals is no exception. This outstanding revision incorporates all of the exceptional learning tools that have made Zill's texts a resounding success. Appropriate for the first two terms in the college calculus sequence, students are provided with a solid foundation in important mathematical concepts and problem solving skills, while maintaining the level of rigor expected of a Calculus course.
Introduction to Wavelet Analysis with Applications.
  Ahmad, Khalil/ 9781848290273/ Price:ĘG 35.00
This book is intended to serve as a textbook for graduate students of mathematics. It will also prove useful for the students of applied mathematics, industrial mathematics, statistics, operations research, computer science, engineering and biomedical sciences. The text begins with the introduction of Hilbert spaces, orthonormal systems and Fourier series. It is followed by Fourier transform, Gabor transform, Zak transform, wavelet transform, multiresolution analysis, construction of orthonormal financial mathematics, statistics, neural networks and biomedical sciences.
Complex Analysis for Mathematics and Engineering.
  Mathews, John H./ 9781449604455/ Price:US$ 243.95
Complex Analysis for Mathematics and Engineering, Sixth Edition, is designed for an undergraduate course taken by students majoring in mathematics, physics or engineering. The new edition of this classic text maintains continuity with the previous edition, and retains all of the standard content for a first course in complex analysis. The prerequisite is a background of calculus, but no prior experience with complex variables is required. The authors cover all necessary theoretical concepts and illustrate proofs with practical applications. Their presentation style is enjoyable for students to read. This textbook can be used at the junior/senior level. The authors are careful when presenting sequences of logical steps involved in theoretical discussions, because these steps must be closely mimicked when a complex variable technique is applied in constructing the solution to a problem. Indeed, they point out that many of the computational problems can done with computer algebra systems such as MathematicaTM and MapleTM, but that understanding the logical flow of a solution is of the utmost importance.
Introduction to Algebraic Geometry And Commutative Algebra.
  Patil, D. P./ 9781904798637/ Price:ĘG 17.99
This book provides a gateway into the difficult two fields of algebraic geometry and commutative algebra. Algebraic geometry is in essence the study of the solution of equations. It is the backbone of the discipline of pure mathematics. Commutative algebra is a fundamental part of algebraic geometry, and is the study of commutative rings. The authors have made a selection from the wealth of material in the discipline and have written concise, clear definitions and synopses. The book will prove to be an ideal introductory text for graduate courses in pure mathematics involving algebraic geometry and algebraic number theory.
SD01-474 Basic Control Volume Finite Element Methods for Fluids and Solids
  Vaughan R Voller/ 9789812834980/ Price:US$ 75.00
SD01-414 Generalized Measure Theory.
  Wang, Zhenyuan/ 9780387768519/ Price:EUR 64.99
SD01-389 Cryptographic Boolean Functions and Applications.
  Cusick, Thomas W./ 9780123748904/ Price:US$ 69.95
SD01-379 Limits of Graphs in Group Theory and Computer Science.
  Arzhantseva, Goulnara/ 9781439804001/ Price:ĘG 97.99
SD01-379 Deskriptive Statistik: Eine Einfuhrung in Methoden und Anwendungen mit R und SPSS.
  Toutenburg, Helge/ 9783642018343/ Price:EUR 32.70
SD01-376 Optimization Techniques.
  Mohan, Chander/ 9781906574215/ Price:ĘG 50.00
The book titled `Optimization Techniques` is based on optimization techniques and O.R. related courses for undergraduate and postgraduate engineering and mathematics students of various universities as well as for researchers working on optimization problems. The main objective of the book is to acquaint and familiarize the readers with different types of optimization techniques, solving optimization problems, implementing computational techniques, abstracting mathematical results and proofs etc. The book gives a clear appreciation and good grasp over most of the currently available optimization techniques. Each method developed has been illustrated with solved examples. A set of exercises for self practice is given at the end of each chapter. A set of brief answer review questions relating to the finer detail of the topics discussed in each chapter preceding the set of exercises has been added to facilitate learning and enhance the value of the book.
SD01-376 Complex Dynamics: Families and Friends.
  Schleicher, Dierk/ 9781568814506/ Price:US$ 69.00
SD01-376 Mathematicians of the World, Unite!: The International Congress of Mathematicians-A Human Endeavor.
  Curbera, Guillermo P./ 9781568813301/ Price:US$ 59.00
SD01-374 Reliability Methods for Finite Element Models.
  Rajabalinejad, Mohammadreza/ 9781586039912/ Price:EUR 55.00
For the reliability analysis of engineering structures a variety of methods is known, of which Monte Carlo simulation is widely considered to be among the most robust and most generally applicable. The absence of systematic errors and the fact that its error analysis is well-understood are properties that many competing methods lack. A drawback is the often large number of runs needed, particularly in complex models, where each run may entail a finite element analysis or other time consuming procedure. Variance reduction methods may be applied to reduce simulation cost. Reliability Methods for Finite Element Models describes methods to reduce the simulation cost even further, while retaining the accuracy of Monte Carlo, by taking into account widely-present monotonicity in limit state equations or other prior information. This publication focuses on problems where a highly accurate estimate of the failure probability is required, but an explicit expression for the limit state equation is unavailable and the limit state equation can only be evaluated without loss of accuracy via finite element analysis or some other time consuming process.
SD01-372 Mathematical Analysis.
  Malik, S. C./ 9781906574116/ Price:ĘG 50.00
This book is intended to serve as a text in mathematical analysis for undergraduate and postgraduate students. It opens with a brief outline of the essential properties of rational numbers using Dedekind's cut, and the properties of real numbers are established. This foundation supports the subsequent chapters. The material of some of topics-real sequences and series, continuity, functions of several variables, elementary and implicit functions, Riemann and Riemann-Stieltjes integrals, Lebesgue integrals, line and surface Integrals, double and triple integrals are discussed in details. Uniform convergence, Power series, Fourier series, and Improper integrals have been presented in a simple and lucid manner. A large number of solved examples taken mostly from lecture notes make the book useful for the students. A chapter on Metric Spaces discussing completeness, compactness and connectedness of the spaces and two appendices discussing Beta-Gamma functions and Cantor's theory of real numbers add glory to the contents of the book.
SD01-370 Precalculus with Calculus Previews.
  Zill, Dennis G./ 9780763766313/ Price:US$ 217.95
Building off the success of Zill and Dewar's popular Precalculus with Calculus Previews, Fourth Edition, the new Expanded Volume includes all the outstanding features and learning tools found in the original text while incorporating additional coverage that some courses may require. With a continued aim to keep the text complete, yet concise, the authors added three additional chapters making the text a clear choice for many mainstream courses. New chapters include: Triangle Trigonometry, Systems of Equations and Inequalities, and Sequences and Series. This student-friendly, four-color text offers numerous exercise sets and examples to aid in students' learning and understanding, and graphs and figures throughout serve to better illuminate key concepts. The exercise sets include engaging problems that focus on algebra, graphing, and function theory, the sub-text of so many calculus problems. The authors are careful to use the terminology of calculus in an informal and comprehensible way to facilitate the student's successful transition into future calculus courses.
SD01-369 Numerical Methods with VBA Programming.
  Hiestand, James W./ 9780763749644/ Price:US$ 178.95
Numerical Methods with VBA Programming provides a unique and unified treatment of numerical methods and VBA computer programming, topics that naturally support one another within the study of engineering and science. This engaging text incorporates real-world scenarios to motivate technical material, helping students understand and retain difficult and key concepts. Such examples include comparing a two-point boundary value problem to determining when you should leave for the airport to catch a scheduled flight. Numerical examples are accompanied by closed-form solutions to demonstrate their correctness. Within the programming sections, tips are included that go beyond language basics to make programming more accessible for students. A unique section suggest ways in which the starting values for non-linear equations may be estimated. Flow charts for many of the numerical techniques discussed provide general guidance to students without revealing all of the details. Useful appendices provide summaries of Excel and VBA commands, Excel functions accessible in VBA, basics of differentiation, and more!
SD01-365 Foundations of Topology.
  Patty, C. W./ 9780763742348/ Price:US$ 173.95
Topology is a branch of pure mathematics that deals with the abstract relationships found in geometry and analysis. Written with the mature student in mind, Foundations of Topology, Second Edition, provides a user-friendly, clear, and concise introduction to this fascinating area of mathematics. The author introduces topics that are well-motivated with thorough proofs, that make them easy to follow. Historical comments are dispersed throughout the text, and exercises, varying in degree of difficulty, are found at the end of each chapter. Foundations of Topology is an excellent text for teaching students how to develop the skills for writing clear and precise proofs.
SD01-357 Linear Algebra: Theory and Applications.
  Cheney, Ward/ 9780763750206/ Price:NT$ 1190.00
Motivated by their desire for a single text that meets the various requirements found in linear algebra courses, renowned writing team Ward Cheney and David Kincaid have developed this multi-faceted introduction to linear algebra. Focusing on a comprehensive blend between theory and application, this text guides theoretically-oriented mathematics students as they devise proofs and deal with abstractions. Likewise, this unique blend appeals to applications-oriented science and engineering students with its numerous problem sets that focus on understanding and learning vector spaces, matrices, linear transformations, and other tools of applied linear algebra. With its flexible design, Linear Algebra: Theory and Application is an ideal text for instructors who wish to make their own choice of what material to emphasize, and includes over 3100 problems and homework assignments of great variety to highlight that choice.
VD01-37-8 Mathematical Papers of Isaac Newton, The., Volume 8: 1697-1722.
  Whiteside, D. T./ 9780521045919/ Price:US$ 118.00
When Newton left Cambridge in April 1696 to take up, at the age of 53, a new career at the London Mint, he did not entirely 'leave off Mathematicks' as he so often publicly declared. This last volume of his mathematical papers presents the extant record of the investigations which for one reason and another he pursued during the last quarter of his life. In January 1697 Newton was tempted to respond to two challenges issued by Johann Bernoulli to the international community of mathematicians, one the celebrated problem of identifying the brachistochrone; both he resolved within the space of an evening, producing an elegant construction of the cycloid which he identified to be the curve of fall in least time. In the autumn of 1703, the appearance of work on 'inverse fluxions' by George Cheyne similarly provoked him to prepare his own ten-year-old treatise De Quadratura Curvarum for publication, and more importantly to write a long introduction to it where he set down what became his best-known statement of the nature and purpose of his fluxional calculus.
VD01-37-7 Mathematical Papers of Isaac Newton, The., Volume 7: 1691-1695.
  Whiteside, D. T./ 9780521045896/ Price:US$ 118.00
Newton's mathematical researches during the last five years of his stay in Cambridge before leaving in April 1696 to take up his duties at the Mint in London have three main centres of interest: methods of fluxions and series, classical pure geometry, and Cartesian analytical geometry. Part 1 reproduces Newton's advances at this time in further extending the techniques of his combined calculus of fluxions and fluent, and of expansion into infinite series. Part 2 gives publication of Newton's lengthy excursions in the early 1690s into the modes of geometrical analysis used by the 'ancient' geometers, based °V by way of Commandino's Latin translation °V on the account of this little understood field of the Greek 'topos analuomenos' which was given by Pappus in the prolegomenon to the seventh book of his Mathematical Collection. Part 3 gives prominence to the final text of the Enumeratio Linearum Tertii Ordinis which Newton put together in June 1695.
VD01-37-6 Mathematical Papers of Isaac Newton, The., Volume 6: 1684-1691.
  Whiteside, D. T./ 9780521045858/ Price:US$ 118.00
This volume reproduces mathematically significant extracts from the extant manuscript record of Newton's researches during 1684°V5 into the dynamical motion of bodies under the deviating action of a central force, and his subsequent struggles thereby to explain the observed motions of solar comets and of the moon. The short tract De motu Corporum, which Newton initially composed on this topic in the early autumn of 1684, was primarily built around his earlier proof that in the absence of external perturbation a planetary eclipse may be traversed under an inverse-square force pull to its solar focus, but also discussed the simplest case of resisted ballistic motion. In epilogue, excerpts from his abandoned grand scheme for revising the Principia in the early 1690s detail Newton's planned refinements to his printed exposition of central force, both simplifying and extending it, introducing therein a novel general fluxional measure of such force °V but failing adequately to apply it to the primary case of conic motion.
VD01-37-5 Mathematical Papers of Isaac Newton, The., Volume 5: 1683-1684.
  Whiteside, D. T./ 9780521045841/ Price:US$ 118.00
The fifth volume of this definitive edition centres around Newton's Lucasian lectures on algebra, purportedly delivered during 1673°V83, and subsequently prepared for publication under the title Arithmetica Universalis many years later. Dr Whiteside first reproduces the text of the lectures deposited by Newton in the Cambridge University Library about 1684. In these much reworked, not quite finished, professional lectiones, Newton builds upon his earlier studies of the fundamentals of algebra and its application to the theory and construction of equations, developing new techniques for the factorizing of algebraic quantities and the delimitation of bounds to the number and location of roots, with a wealth of worked arithmetical, geometrical, mechanical and astronomical problems. An historical introduction traces what is known of the background to the parent manuscript and assesses the subsequent impact of the edition prepared by Whiston about 1705 and the revised version published by Newton himself in 1722. A number of minor worksheets, preliminary drafts and later augmentations buttress this primary text, throwing light upon its development and the essential untrustworthiness of its imposed marginal chronology.
VD01-37-4 Mathematical Papers of Isaac Newton, The., Volume 4: 1674-1684.
  Whiteside, D. T./ 9780521045834/ Price:US$ 118.00
This volume reproduces the texts of a number of important, yet relatively minor papers, many written during a period of Newton's life (1677°V84) which has been regarded as mathematically barren except for his Lucasian lectures on algebra (which appear in Volume V). Part 1 concerns itself with his growing mastery of interpolation by finite differences, culminating in his rule for divided differences. Part 2 deals with his contemporary advances in the pure and analytical geometry of curves. Part 3 contains the extant text of two intended treatises on fluxions and infinite series: the Geometria Curvilinea (c. 1680), and his Matheseos Universalis Specimina (1684). A general introduction summarizes the sparse details of Newton's personal life during the period, one °V from 1677 onwards °V of almost total isolation from his contemporaries. A concluding appendix surveys highlights in his mathematical correspondence during 1674°V6 with Collins, Dary, John Smith and above all Leibniz.
VD01-37-3 Mathematical Papers of Isaac Newton, The., Volume 3: 1670-1673.
  Whiteside, D. T./ 9780521045810/ Price:US$ 118.00
The main part of the third volume of Dr Whiteside's annotated and critical edition of all the known mathematical papers of Isaac Newton reproduces, from the original autograph, Newton's elaborate tract on infinite series and fluxions (the so-called Methodus Fluxionum), including a formerly unpublished appendix on geometrical fluxions. Ancillary documents include, in Part 1, papers on the integration of algebraic functions and, in Part 2, short texts dealing with geometry and simple harmonic motion in a cycloidal arc. Part 3 reproduces, from both manuscript versions of Newton's Lectiones Opticae and from his Waste Book, mathematical excerpts from his researches into light and the theory of lenses at this period. An appendix summarizes mathematical highlights in his contemporary correspondence.
VD01-37-2 Mathematical Papers of Isaac Newton, The., Volume 2: 1667-1670.
  Whiteside, D. T./ 9780521045964/ Price:US$ 118.00
The second volume of Dr Whiteside's annotated edition of all the known mathematical papers of Isaac Newton covers the period 1667°V70. It is divided into three parts: Part 1 contains the first drafts of an attempted classification of cubics, together with more general studies on the properties of higher algebraic curves and researches into the 'organic' construction of curves. Part 2 comprises papers on miscellaneous researches in calculus, including the important De Analysi which introduced Newton to John Collins and others outside Cambridge; Newton's original text is here accompanied by Leibniz's excerpts and review, and by Newton's counter review. Part 3 contains Mercator's Latin translation of Kinckhuysen's introduction to algebra, with Newton's corrections and 'observations' upon it, and an account of researches into algebraic equations and their geometrical construction.
VD01-37-1 Mathematical Papers of Isaac Newton, The., Volume 1: 1664-1666.
  Whiteside, D. T./ 9780521045957/ Price:US$ 124.00
The bringing together, in an annotated and critical edition, of all the known mathematical papers of Isaac Newton marks a step forward in the publication of the works of this great natural philosopher. In all, there are eight volumes in this present edition. Translations of papers in Latin face the original text and notes are printed on the page-openings to which they refer, so far as possible. Each volume contains a short index of names only and an analytical table of contents; a comprehensive index to the complete work is included in Volume VIII. Volume I covers three exceptionally productive years: Newton's final year as an undergraduate at Trinity College, Cambridge, and the two following years, part of which were spent at his home in Lincolnshire on account of the closure of the university during an outbreak of bubonic plague.
VD01-37 Mathematical Papers of Isaac Newton, The., 8-Vols/Set.
  Whiteside, D. T./ 9780521720540/ Price:US$ 820.00
This is a complete edition in eight volumes of all the known mathematical papers of Isaac Newton °V edited, annotated and translated by D. T. Whiteside. Papers originally in Latin are provided with accurate English translations which face the original text or in a footnote. Some of the manuscript folios are reproduced in facsimile. The commentary clarifies the peculiarities of seventeenth-century idiom and illuminates the contemporary significance of the text. Notes are printed on the page-openings to which they refer, so far as possible, and give more specific help with points of idiom and mathematical usage, recast Newton°¶s arguments into modern notation, and provide references to secondary works. Paraphrases have been added to papers that are excessively abrupt. For his work on this edition, Professor Whiteside was awarded both the Alexandre Koyre Medal of the International Academy of the History of Science and the George Sarton Medal of the American History of Science Society.
SD01-465 The Contest Problem Book IX: American Mathematics Competitions (AMC 12) 2001-2007.
  Wells, David/ 9780883858264/ Price:US$ 53.00
SD01-385 Solutions Manual to Accompany Beginning Partial Differential Equations.
  O'Neil, Peter V./ 9780470133897/ Price:US$ 37.95
SD01-376 The Simple Book of Not-So-Simple Puzzles.
  Grabarchuk, Serhiy/ 9781568814186/ Price:US$ 19.95
SD01-376 Factorization: Unique and Otherwise.
  Weintraub, Steven H./ 9781568812410/ Price:US$ 59.00
SD01-376 The Unravelers: Mathematical Snapshots.
  Dars, Jean F./ 9781568814414/ Price:US$ 34.95
SD01-371 Functional Equations and Characterization Problems on Locally Compact Abelian Groups.
  Feldman, Gennadiy/ 9783037190456/ Price:EUR 58.00
SD01-371 K-Theory and Noncommutative Geometry.
  Cortinas, Guillermo/ 9783037190609/ Price:EUR 88.00
SD01-361 Advances in Mathematical Modeling for Reliability.
  Bedford, Tim/ 9781586038656/ Price:EUR 60.00
Advances in Mathematical Modeling for Reliability discusses fundamental issues on mathematical modeling in reliability theory and its applications. Beginning with an extensive discussion of graphical modeling and Bayesian networks, the focus shifts towards repairable systems: a discussion about how sensitive availability calculations parameter choices, and emulators provide the potential to perform such calculations on complicated systems to a fair degree of accuracy and in a computationally efficient manner. Another issue that is addressed is how competing risks arise in reliability and maintenance analysis through the ways in which data is censored. Mixture failure rate modeling is also a point of discussion, as well as the signature of systems, where the properties of the system through the signature from the probability distributions on the lifetime of the components are distinguished. The last three topics of discussion are relations among aging and stochastic dependence, theoretical advances in modeling, inference and computation, and recent advances in recurrent event modeling and inference.
SD01-361 Higher-Dimensional Geometry Over Finite Fields.
  Kaledin, Dmitry/ 9781586038557/ Price:EUR 115.00
Number systems based on a finite collection of symbols, such as the 0s and 1s of computer circuitry, are ubiquitous in the modern age. Finite fields are the most important such number systems, playing a vital role in military and civilian communications through coding theory and cryptography. These disciplines have evolved over recent decades, and where once the focus was on algebraic curves over finite fields, recent developments have revealed the increasing importance of higher-dimensional algebraic varieties over finite fields. The papers included in this publication introduce the reader to recent developments in algebraic geometry over finite fields with particular attention to applications of geometric techniques to the study of rational points on varieties over finite fields of dimension of at least 2.
SD01-360 Tensor Analysis with Applications.
  Ahsan, Zafar/ 9781905740864/ Price:ĘG 35.00
The principal aim of tensor analysis is to investigate the relations which remain valid when we change from one coordinate system to another. Albert Einstein found it to be an excellent tool for the presentation of his general theory of relativity and consequently tensor analysis came to prominence in mathematics. It has applications in most branches of theoretical physics and engineering. This present book is intended as a text for postgraduate students of mathematics, physics and engineering. It is self-contained and requires prior knowledge of elementary calculus, differential equations and classical mechanics. It consists of five chapters, each containing a large number of solved examples, unsolved problems and links to the solution of these problems.
SD01-360 Lectures on Linear Algebra.
  Khan, Mohd. Z./ 9781905740895/ Price:ĘG 25.00
This is a highly readable self-contained textbook intended for upper level courses in linear algebra. The notations and terminologies are very clear and concise. The examples and exercises of different levels are well designed and will help the reader to grasp and understand the subject theoretically and computationally. An earlier introduction to linear algebra is not necessary to appreciate the book. All the concepts and topics of matrices, sets and elementary abstract algebra needed for subsequent use are included. The book also contains examples and counter-examples of the concepts used in the text. The emphasis throughout is on a holistic understanding of linear algebra and therefore the overall tone of the book is rigorous and advanced but also clearly defined and highly approachable. The author has drawn upon his many years experience of teaching the subject to write a book that will be valued by all keen mathematicians.
SD01-356 Andrzej Mostowski and Foundational Studies.
  Ehrenfeucht, A./ 9781586037826/ Price:EUR 100.00
Andrzej Mostowski was one of the leading 20th century logicians. His legacy is examined in this volume of papers devoted both to his extraordinary scientific heritage and to the memory of him as a great researcher, teacher, organizer of science and person. Professor Mostowski pioneered and mastered many areas of mathematical logic. His contributions spanned set theory, recursion theory, and model theory -- the backbone of the foundations of mathematics. The complete detailed bibliography of Mostowski's writings is included. For many years after WWII and especially in the late sixties and till his untimely death in 1975, Warsaw, where he led the centre of foundational studies, was a place where many leading logicians visited, studied, and started their career. Their memories form an important part of this volume, attempting to bring back the extraordinary achievements and personality of Mostowski. Anyone wanting to see the roots of current applications of logic, be it in mathematics, computer science or philosophy, will find in this collection of articles plenty of helpful, stimulating and inspiring material both in science and about the social environment in which science is made.
SD01-353 A Gateway to Modern Geometry: The Poincare Half-Plane.
  Stahl, Saul/ 9780763753818/ Price:US$ 312.95
Stahl's Second Edition continues to provide students with the elementary and constructive development of modern geometry that brings them closer to current geometric research. At the same time, repeated use is made of high school geometry, algebra, trigonometry, and calculus, thus reinforcing the students' understanding of these disciplines as well as enhancing their perception of mathematics as a unified endeavor. This distinct approach makes these advanced geometry principles accessible to undergraduates and graduates alike.
Introduction to Mathematical Optimization: From Linear Programming to Metaheuristics.
  Yang, Xin-She/ 9781904602828/ Price:ĘG 35.00
SD01-355 Logarithmic Forms and Diophantine Geometry.
  Baker, Alan/ 9780521882682/ Price:ĘG 72.00
SD01-352 Enumeration of Finite Groups.
  Blackburn, Simon R./ 9780521882170/ Price:ĘG 82.00
SD01-351 Differential Geometry of Curves and Surfaces in E3.
  Uday Chand De/ 9781905740543/ Price:ĘG 25.00
This book is intended to suit mathematics courses for post-graduate students. It has been written by an author with 25 years experience of lectures on differential geometry, and is therefore designed to help the reader overcome the difficulties in understanding the underlying concepts of the subject. The book will also be useful for introducing the methodology of differential geometry to research students in associated disciplines; physics, engineering, biosciences and economics. The book is divided into 5 chapters °V curvilinear co-ordinates, geometry of space curves, intrinsic geometry of a surface, fundamental formulae of a surface, curves on a surface °V and each chapter contains numerous examples which are either worked out or given as an exercise in order to facilitate understanding. Finally the book concludes with a brief history of differential geometry. This book is an excellent text for post-graduate maths courses, and will also be of interest to all mathematicians.
SD01-350 Rigid Cohomology.
  Stum, Bernard L./ 9780521875240/ Price:ĘG 91.99
SD01-345 Linear Algebra with Applications.
  Williams, Gareth/ 9780763746315/ Price:US$ 127.95
Linear Algebra with Applications, Sixth Edition is designed for the introductory course in linear algebra typically offered at the sophomore level. The new Sixth Edition is reorganized and arranged into three natural parts that improve the flow of the material. Part 1 introduces the basics, presenting systems of linear equations, vectors and subspaces of Rn, matrices, linear transformations, determinants, and eigenvectors. Part 2 builds on this material, introducing the concept of a general vector space, discussing properties of bases, developing the rank/nullity theorem and introducing spaces of matrices and functions. Part 3 completes the course with many of the important ideas and methods of Numerical Linear Algebra, such as ill-conditioning, pivoting, and LU decomposition. New applications include discussions of linear algebra in the operation of the search engine Google and in the global structure of the worldwide air transportation network. Clear, Concise, Comprehensive - Linear Algebra with Applications, Sixth Edition continues to educate and enlighten students, leading to a mastery of the mathematics and an understanding of how to apply it.
SD01-344 Handbook of Tilting Theory.
  Hugel, Lidia A./ 9780521680455/ Price:ĘG 72.99
SD01-344 Hyperbolic Geometry from a Local Viewpoint.
  Keen, Linda/ 9780521863605/ Price:ĘG 90.00
SD01-340 Modern Mathematical Models: Methods and Algorithms for Real World Systems.
  Siddiqui, Andul H./ 9781904798644/ Price:ĘG 40.00
This is presentation of the diverse uses and applications of contemporary mathematics in real world systems. Distinguished international scholars have contributed a total of twenty chapters discussing practical applications of mathematical theory across a range of disciplines, from financial markets to DNA sequencing from meteorology to economics in agriculture. This book will e a boon to advanced mathematicians, whether academic or professional, who are looking for real world applications for their theories. It is an outstanding collection of articles on mathematics for the new millennium.
SD01-340 Matrix: Algebra, Calculus and Generalized Inverse, 2-Vols/Set.
  Hazra, A. K./ 9781898326540/ Price:ĘG 150.00
IN THREE VOLUMES, over 1240 pages The book is intended for undergraduate and graduate students of Mathematics, Engineering, Social Sciences in general. Professionals and researchers of those fields may also use it as a reference and find the book useful. It is one of the principal branches of Mathematics. The contents are arranged in such a way that a beginner can easily grasp the material step by step. The theories are made lucid through illustrated examples. No prerequisite is necessary for sequential study of the materials, except some preliminary knowledge of calculus for the Calculus part of the book. The °•Generalized Inverse°¶ is essential for undergraduate and graduate study in Statistics, Numerical Analysis, Engineering, Physics and other Social Sciences of most of the institutions of the world.
SD01-338 Introduction to Functional Analysis with Applications.
  Siddiqi, A. H./ 9781904798910/ Price:ĘG 35.00
As science and technology are increasingly refined and interrelated, the demand for mathematical concepts beyond vector algebra and differential and integral calculus has greatly increased. There are four fundamental theorems dealing with properties of functionals and operators called Hahn-Banach theorem, Banach-Steinhaus theorem, Open mapping theorem and Closed graph theorem. Notions of differentiability and integrability of operators are also studied in functional analysis. Applications of functional analysis to operator equations, boundary value problems, optimization, variational inequalities, finite element methods, optimal control and wavelets are all discussed at length, reflecting current trends in the study of functional analysis. This book introduces the above concepts in a way accessible to readers having minimum possible prerequisite of undergraduate mathematics.
SD01-333 Harmonic Analysis: A Gentle Introduction.
  Devito, Carl L./ 9780763738938/ Price:US$ 180.95
Many branches of mathematics come together in harmonic analysis; each adds richness to the subject and provides insight into this fascinating field. DeVito's Harmonic Analysis: A Gentle Introduction presents a clear, comprehensive introduction to Fourier analysis and Harmonic analysis, and provides numerous examples and models, leaving students with a clear understanding of the theory.
SD01-329 Understanding Modern Mathematics.
  Stahl, Saul/ 9780763734015/ Price:US$ 98.95
Understanding Modern Mathematics is an exceptional collection of topics meant to better acquaint students with mathematics through an exposure to its applications and an analysis of its culture. The text provides an in-depth focus on such key topics as probability, statistics, voting systems, game theory, and linear programming. Two additional chapters on geometry and symmetry can be found on the text's web site, providing students the opportunity to see the 3-dimensional geometric figures in full color. The text provides students with an understanding of how these important mathematical topics are relevant in their everyday lives while emphasizing the history of mathematics . Understanding Modern Mathematics is the perfect complement to any Liberal Arts Mathematics course.
VD01-36 Handbook of Constraint Programming.
  Rossi, Francesca/ 9780444527264/ Price:US$ 235.00
The aim of this handbook is to capture the full breadth and depth of the constraint programming field and to be encyclopedic in its scope and coverage. While there are several excellent books on constraint programming, such books necessarily focus on the main notions and techniques and cannot cover also extensions, applications, and languages. The handbook gives a reasonably complete coverage of all these lines of work, based on constraint programming, so that a reader can have a rather precise idea of the whole field and its potential. Of course each line of work is dealt with in a survey-like style, where some details may be neglected in favor of coverage. However, the extensive bibliography of each chapter will help the interested readers to find suitable sources for the missing details. Each chapter of the handbook is intended to be a self-contained survey of a topic, and is written by one or more authors who are leading researchers in the area. The intended audience of the handbook is researchers, graduate students, higher-year undergraduates and practitioners who wish to learn about the state-of-the-art in constraint programming. No prior knowledge about the field is necessary to be able to read the chapters and gather useful knowledge. Researchers from other fields should find in this handbook an effective way to learn about constraint programming and to possibly use some of the constraint programming concepts and techniques in their work, thus providing a means for a fruitful cross-fertilization among different research areas.
SD01-478 Analytic Tomography
  Andrew Markoe/ 9780521793476/ Price:ĘG 98.00
SD01-335 Algebraic Theory of Locally Nilpotent Derivations.
  Freudenburg, Gene/ 9783540295211/ Price:EUR 139.99
SD01-330 Semigroups and Automata. SELECTA Uno Kaljulaid (1941-1999).
  Peetre, Jaak/ 9781586035822/ Price:EUR 165.00
This is the English translation of Kaljulaid°¶s 1979 Tartu/Minsk Candidate thesis, which originally was typewritten in Russian and manufactured in not so many copies. The thesis was devoted to representation theory in the spirit of his thesis advisor B. I. Plotkin: representations of semigroups and algebras, especially extension to this situation, and application of the notion of triangular product of representations for groups introduced by Plotkin. Through representation theory, Kaljulaid became also interested in automata theory, which at a later phase became his main area of interest. Another field of research concerns combinatorics. Besides being an outstanding and most dedicated mathematician Uno Kaljulaid was also very much interested in the history of mathematics. In particular, he took a vivid interest in the life and work of the great 19th century Dorpat-Tartu algebraist Th. Molien. Kaljulaid was also very interested in the teaching and exposition, or popularization of mathematics; he had several outstanding research students. Some of his more popular-scientific papers were published in an Estonian language journal Matemaatika ja Kaasaeg (Mathematics and Our Age). Amongst there is a whole series of papers about algebraic matters, culminating in a brilliant, elementary °V although partly rather philosophical °V essay devoted to Galois theory. Another such series is his excellent essay of Diophantine Geometry in various installments, followed by his eloge to another of his teachers Yu. I. Manin. We believe that the inclusion of these papers here will make it more interesting for beginners, and perhaps even contribute to attracting young people to mathematics.
VA06-126 Gottlob Frege, 4-Vols/Set.
  Beaney, Mike/ 9780415306010/ Price:ĘG 965.00
Gottlob Frege (1848-1925) taught at the University of Jena for thirty years, scarcely known outside a small circle of professional mathematicians and philosophers. However, later in the twentieth century he came to be recognized as someone who, in demonstrating the affinity of logic with mathematics, laid the foundations for modern philosophy of language and modern logic. Frege regarded logic as the foundation for philosophy. In so doing he instigated a radical change in the stance of the majority of Western philosophers whose main pre-occupation had been with the nature of logic rather than logic. Frege's influence can be seen in the work of the logical positivists of the early twentieth century and in much of Ludwig Wittgenstein's philosophy. This collection brings together recent scholarship on Frege, including new translations of German material, made available to Anglophone scholars for the first time. Volume I: Frege's Philosophy in Context Volume II: Frege's Philosophy of Logic Volume III: Frege's Philosophy of Mathematics Volume IV: Frege's Philosophy of Thought and Language
SD01-435 Trigonometry Refresher.
  Klaf, A. A./ 9780486442273/ Price:US$ 26.95
SD01-411 Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction.
  Morton, K. W./ 9780521607933/ Price:ĘG 45.99
SD01-349 A Field Guide to Algebra.
  Chambert-Loir, Antoine/ 9780387214283/ Price:EUR 54.95
SD01-329 Calculus Labs for Mathematica.
  O'Connor, Kevin M./ 9780763734251/ Price:US$ 44.95
Correlating directly to Calculus: The Language of Change, an engaging new text by David W. Cohen and James M. Henle, this outstanding lab manual provides numerous labs, projects, and exercises to teach students how to use Mathematica. Written in a friendly and accessible style, this is the ideal resource for students to practice what they've learned in the text.
SD01-329 Calculus Labs for MATLAB.
  O'Connor, Kevin M./ 9780763734268/ Price:US$ 44.95
Correlated directly to Calculus: The Language of Change, an engaging new text by David Cohen and James Henle, this outstanding lab manual provides numerous labs, projects, and exercises to teach students how to use MATLAB. Written in a friendly and accessible style, this is the ideal resource for students to practice what they've learned in the text.
SD01-323 Control and Boundary Analysis.
  Cagnol, John/ 9781574445947/ Price:ĘG 205.00
SD01-312 Calculus: The Language of Change.
  Cohen, David W./ 9780763729479/ Price:US$ 264.95
A synthesis of reform and traditional approaches which treats calculus, first of all, as a language Presents calculus conceptually, computationally, and theoretically, in that order Derivatives and integrals are developed together The development of algebraic techniques for differentiating and integrating precede the rigorous treatment of limits Limits, derivatives, and integrals are defined using sequences Electronic computing devices are incorporated generically Includes examples from many disciplines
VC01-36 Early Mathematical Economics, 1871-1915, 4-Vols/Set.
  Marchionatti, Roberto/ 9780415276030/ Price:ĘG 1130.00
These volumes chart the fundamental - methodological and analytical - change in economics that arose in the second half of the nineteenth century. The main characteristics of this change included an increasing reliance on mathematical methods, a revolution in the theory of value, and the rise of general equilibrium theory. This collection traces this long revolution over a fifty-year period for the first time, from William Stanley Jevons' The Theory of Political Economy (1871), to Eugen Slutsky's On the Theory of the Budget of the Consumer (1915). Volume One: The Emergence of the Mathematical Revolution in Economics Volume Two: The Diffusion of Mathematical Method in Economics Volume Three: The Establishment of the Mathmatical Method in Economics I Volume Four: The Establishment of the Mathematical Method in Economics II
SD01-365 Precalculus: Graphs and Models.(With MathZone)
  Barnett, Raymond A./ 9780072922332/ Price:US$ 146.88
SD01-453 Calculus. (International Student Edition) (With CD-ROM)
  Stewart, James/ 9780534274085/ Price:NT$ 550.00
SD01-310 Introduction to Cryptography with Java Applets.
  Bishop, David/ 9780763722074/ Price:US$ 199.95
Introduction to Cryptography with Java Applets covers the mathematical basis of cryptography and cryptanalysis, like linear diophantine equations, linear congruences, systems of linear congruences, quadratic congruences, and exponential congruences. The chapters present theorems and proofs, and many mathematical examples.
SD01-437 Generic Polynomials: Constructive Aspects of the Inverse Galois Problem.
  Jensen, Christian U./ 9780521819985/ Price:US$ 144.00
SD01-436 Similarity and Compatibility in Fuzzy Set Theory: Assessment and Applications.
  Cross, Valerie V./ 9783790814583/ Price:EUR 119.99
SD01-408 Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction.
  Gowers, Timothy/ 9780192853615/ Price:ĘG 7.99
SD01-302 Theory of Operator Algebras I.
  Takesaki, Masamichi/ 9783540422488/ Price:EUR 139.99
SD01-302 Classification of Nuclear C*: Algebras. Entropy in Operator Algebras.
  Rordam, Mikael/ 9783540423058/ Price:EUR 119.99
SD01-412 Theory and Numerics of Differential Equations.
  Blowey, James F./ 9783540418467/ Price:EUR 59.99
SD01-331 Hyperbolic Problems: Theory, Numerics, Applications: Eighth International Conference in Magdeburg, February/March 2000, Vol. 1.
  Freistuhler, Heinrich/ 9783764367091/ Price:EUR 119.99
SD01-327 Mathematical Morphology.
  Goutsias, John/ 9781586030568/ Price:EUR 108.00
SD01-100 Differential Equations: Theory and Applications.
  Redheffer, Ray/ 9780867202007/ Price:US$ 48.750


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