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SB01-484 Birds' Modern Insurance Law
  John Birds/ 9780414071001/ Price:US$ 40.63
Birds”¦ Modern Insurance Law presents a concise yet analytical explanation of the fundamental principles of insurance law. Written in an accessible and straightforward manner the work covers everything from the history of insurance and regulation, through to the various forms of insurance such as life, and liability. Birds”¦ Modern Insurance Law is firmly established as the leading text in this area of law. It is an essential work for undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as for those undertaking a related professional course. It is also an ideal reference source for legal and insurance professionals who want a quick reference guide.
SB01-464 The Insurance of Commercial Risks: Law and Practice.
  Gurses, Ozlem/ 9780414057111/ Price:¢G 376.00
The Insurance of Commercial Risks: Law and Practice advises on the overlapping area of insurance law and commercial liability, offering advice on disputes concerning the coverage of insurance policies. The book examines the fundamentals of insurance contracts, looking at the law governing the main liability insurances and the types of risk, exclusions and policy conditions involved in each.
SC05-468 CPCU 552 Course Guide - Commercial Liability Risk Management and Insurance.
  / 9780894637759/ Price:US$ 66.00
SC05-409 Principles of Risk Management and Insurance.
  Rejda, George E./ 9780136117025/ Price:US$ 251.33
SC05-420 Unemployment Insurance.
  Gibbon, I. G./ 9781117954790/ Price:US$ 26.99
VM01-93 Brackenridge's Medical Selection of Life Risks.
  Brackenridge, R.D.C./ 9781403906762/ Price:¢G 325.00
Brackenridge's Medical Selection of Life Risks has long been recognized as the leading reference book on insurance medicine. The fifth edition provides a comprehensive guide to life expectancy for underwriters and clinicians involved in the life insurance industry. Extensively revised and expanded, the new edition reflects developments in life and healthcare insurance as well as medicine. There is expanded coverage of disability issues and full account is taken of new developments in genetics and gene therapy and also recent technology and regulatory and compliance issues. Part I deals with the principles of life and disability insurance and the logistics of life underwriting. Part II is devoted to a systematic clinical appraisal of underwriting problems, mainly relating to life insurance but also, where appropriate, to disability, critical illness and long term care insurance.
SB01-311 The Law of Motor Insurance.
  Merkin, Robert M./ 9780421839304/ Price:US$ 433.66
SB01-311 The Law of Reinsurance.
  O'Neill, Terry/ 9780421858800/ Price:¢G 221.00
The Law of Reinsurance provides a comprehensive guide to both the law and practice in this complex area of law. This new edition has been extensively revised following a period of significant change in the reinsurance market - including major new legislation in the UK and Bermuda, new case law in the Court of Appeal and House of Lords and important developments at Lloyds. It is a definitive reference source for practitioners, covering general principles of the reinsurance contract, examining particular reinsurance agreements in detail, and all relevant areas of agency law. Procedural issues in reinsurance litigation and arbitration are also covered. * New edition of the key text in this area * Revised to incorporate major changes in the law * The only text that includes Bermuda law and regulation (now the world's second most important reinsurance market after London) * Includes in-depth coverage of insolvency and brokers' accounting issues not found elsewhere CONTENTS Introduction to reinsurance law and practice. General principles of reinsurance law. Particular reinsurance agreements. Reinsurance intermediaries. Reinsurance disputes and the conflict of laws. Reinsurance insolvency.
GST: Insurance and Financial Services.
  Chiert, Gary/ 9780864603043/ Price:AUD 99.00
Life Insurance Law in Canada, 3rd Edition.
  Norwood, David/ 9780459240219/ Price:„[¹ō408.00
SB01-323 Wickens Law of Life Insurance in Australia, 3-Vols/Set.
  Charaneka, Scott/ 9780455209821/ Price:AUD 1185.00
SB01-205 Macgillivray on Insurance Law. (First Supplement to the Ninth Edition)
  Legh-Jones, Nicholas/ 9780421660700/ Price:¢G 90.00
Disability Insurance: Canadian Law and Business Practice.
  Hayles, Richard/ 9780459260248/ Price:„[¹ō337.00


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