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VSC01-003 Routledge Handbook of Development Ethics
  Jay Drydyk/ 9781138647909/ Price:£ 175.00
Book Cover The Routledge Handbook of Development Ethics provides readers with insight into the central questions of development ethics, the main approaches to answering them, and areas for future research. Over the past seventy years, it has been argued and increasingly accepted that worthwhile development cannot be reduced to economic growth. Rather, a number of other goals must be realised: • Enhancement of people's well-being • Equitable sharing in benefits of development • Empowerment to participate freely in development • Environmental sustainability • Promotion of human rights • Promotion of cultural freedom, consistent with human rights • Responsible conduct, including integrity over corruption Agreement that these are essential goals has also been accompanied by disagreements about how to conceptualize or apply them in different cases or contexts. Using these seven goals as an organizing principle, this handbook presents different approaches to achieving each one, drawing on academic literature, policy documents and practitioner experience. This international and multi-disciplinary handbook will be of great interest to development policy makers and program workers, students and scholars in development studies, public policy, international studies, applied ethics and other related disciplines.
VSC01-003 Routledge Handbook of the History of Women's Economic Thought
  Kirsten Madden/ 9781138852341/ Price:£ 140.00
Book Cover The marginalization of women in economics has a history as long as the discipline itself. Throughout the history of economics, women contributed substantial novel ideas, methods of inquiry, and analytical insights, with much of this discounted, ignored, or shifted into alternative disciplines and writing outlets. This handbook presents new and much-needed analytical research of women’s contributions in the history of economic thought, focusing primarily on the period from the 1770s into the beginning of the 21st century. Chapters address the institutional, sociological and historical factors that have influenced women economists’ thinking, and explore women’s contributions to economic analysis, method, policies and debates. Coverage is international, moving beyond Europe and the US into the Arab world, China, India, Japan, Latin America, Russia and the Soviet Union, and sub-Saharan Africa. This new global perspective adds depth as well as scope to our understanding of women’s contribution to the history of economic thought. The book offers crucial new insights into previously underexplored work by women in the history of economic thought, and will prove to be a seminal volume with relevance beyond that field, into women’s studies, sociology, and history.
VC01-234 Foreign Business in China and Opportunities for Technological Innovation and Sustainable Economics
  Anna Visvizi/ 9781522589808/ Price:US$ 195.00
Productivity remains the critical determinant of long-term national growth and prosperity. The effects of today’s globalism on productivity demands the need for business organizations to sustain their competitive advantage and remain profitable over time. Foreign Business in China and Opportunities for Technological Innovation and Sustainable Economics is a collection of research used to demonstrate state-of-the art approaches of international business and innovation management that shows how new, advanced, international business models and adoptive strategies can expand the sustainability frontiers. This publication serves as a leading reference source on Chinese business, technology, economy, and innovation, and facilitates necessary skills needed to engage with business in or with China. While highlighting topics including e-commerce, foreign trade, and global business, individuals such as students, educators, international business experts, and innovation experts can expand their technical knowledge in the global economy. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Data Analytics •E-Commerce •Economic Growth •Electronic Marketplace •Foreign Policy •Foreign Trade •Global Business •International Cooperation •Smart Cities •Wireless Network
VC01-233 Global Challenges in Public Finance and International Relations
  Deniz Sahin Duran/ 9781522575641/ Price:US$ 225.00
Although the concept of international public goods has been established, new international public needs arise by the day. For example, while there are many taxation problems and debates that have not yet been resolved internationally, many new tax-related problems like international transfer pricing, taxation of virtual profits, and taxation of electronic commerce are being added. These issues require studies that will discuss a new agenda and propose solutions for these dilemmas and problems. Global Challenges in Public Finance and International Relations provides an innovative and systematic examination of the present international financial events and institutions, international financial relations, and fiscal difficulties and dilemmas in order to discuss solutions for potential problems in the postmodern world. Highlighting topics such as international aid, public debt, and corporate governance, this publication is designed for executives, academicians, researchers, and students of public finance. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Corporate Governance •Cryptocurrency •Economic Growth •Financial System •Fiscal Policies •International Aid •Market Economy •Public Debt •Public Finance •Taxation Issues
VC01-232 Behavioral Finance and Decision-Making Models
  Tripti Tripathi/ 9781522573999/ Price:US$ 215.00
Book Cover Behavioral finance challenges the traditional assumption that individuals are rational by focusing on the cognitive and emotional aspects of finance, which draws on psychology, sociology, and biology to investigate true financial behavior. The financial sector requires sound understanding of market dynamics and strategic issues to meet future challenges in the field. Behavioral Finance and Decision-Making Models seeks to examine behavioral biases and their impact on investment decisions in order to develop better future plans and strategies in the financial sector. While highlighting topics including behavioral approach, financial regulation, and globalized sector, this book is intended for policymakers, technology developers, managers, government officials, academicians, researchers, and advanced-level students. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Behavioral Approach •Corporate Finance •Cultural Differences •Econometric Modeling •Finance Theory •Financial Market •Financial Regulation •Globalized Sector •Investment Issues •Psychological Concepts
VC01-228 FinTech as a Disruptive Technology for Financial Institutions
  Abdul Rafay/ 9781522578055/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover Financial institutions are tasked with keeping businesses of all sizes financially sounds while also providing accessible banking options to everyday individuals. Fintech, or financial technology, is an emerging disruptive technology in financial transaction that will change banking behavior for stakeholders and enable better traceability of funds against specific assets. FinTech as a Disruptive Technology for Financial Institutions is an essential reference source that discusses applications of FinTech in financial institutions in small, medium, and large businesses and through cultural and religious filters. Featuring research on topics such as machine learning, market development, crypto-currency, financial security, blockchain, and financial technology, this book is ideally designed for bankers, business managers, economists, computer scientists, academicians, researchers, financial professionals, and students. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Blockchain •Crypto-Currency •Disruptive Technology •Financial Security •Financial Services •Financial Technology •High-Frequency Finance •Insurance Sector •Machine Learning •Market Development •Social Responsibility •Stock Market Behaviors •Stock Prediction
VC01-227 International Firms' Economic Nationalism and Trade Policies in the Globalization Era
  Harish C. Chandan/ 9781522575610/ Price:US$ 215.00
Book Cover The current world economy is interconnected; however, due to recent economic crises, trade deficits, and nationalist movements, there is a political trend of economic nationalism that is taking root in countries around the world. As such, global economies around the world are decreasing their international trade and introducing import tariffs and economic protectionism. International Firms’ Economic Nationalism and Trade Policies in the Globalization Era provides a comprehensive understanding of the recent rise of economic nationalism in the context of the hyper-connected global economy by providing strategies and country-specific solutions for domestic and international firms. Covering how multinational corporations can overcome the protectionist sentiments while reinventing their corporate social responsibility models, it showcases how economic nationalism and globalization can successfully coexist. This publication is ideally designed for business leaders, economists, professionals, policymakers, researchers, and academicians. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •BREXIT •Domestic Manufacturing •Economic Nationalism •Exports/Imports •Foreign Domestic Investment •Government Regulation •International Business •Protectionist Sentiments •Small and Medium Enterprises •Transatlantic Trade and Investments
VC01-226 The Circular Economy and Its Implications on Sustainability and the Green Supply Chain
  Ulas Akkucuk/ 9781522581093/ Price:US$ 215.00
Book Cover In the modern world, solid and liquid waste deposits are mounting due to increasing populations and wealth. Businesses are therefore being put under pressure to pay attention to the environmental and resource consequences of the products they produce and the services they deliver. The Circular Economy and Its Implications on Sustainability and the Green Supply Chain is a collection of innovative research on methods of extending biological cycles found in nature to technological cycles where goods, when disposed properly, are converted into new products in an environmentally efficient way. It examines current research on how to deal with the waste resulting from human activities, the relationship between environmental and human health, and international legislation on waste management. This book is ideally designed for economists, managers, practitioners, academicians, researchers, and students. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Blue Economy •Business Recycling •Circular Supply Chain •Closed-Loop Supply Chains •Energy Policies •Financial Flexibility •Medical Waste Management •Reverse Logistics •Solid Waste Policy •Sustainability Reporting
VC01-225 Handbook of Research on International Collaboration, Economic Development, and Sustainability in the Arctic
  Vasilii Erokhin/ 9781522569541/ Price:US$ 235.00
Book Cover Global interest in the exploration of the Arctic has been growing rapidly. As the Arctic becomes a global resource base and trade corridor between the continents, it is crucial to identify the dangers that such a boom of extractive industries and transport routes may bring on the people and the environment. The Handbook of Research on International Collaboration, Economic Development, and Sustainability in the Arctic discusses the perspectives and major challenges of the investment collaboration and development and commercial use of trade routes in the Arctic. Featuring research on topics such as agricultural production, environmental resources, and investment collaboration, this book is ideally designed for policymakers, business leaders, and environmental researchers seeking coverage on new practices and solutions in the sphere of achieving sustainability in economic exploration of the Artic region. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Agricultural Production •Biodiversity •Climate Change •Environmental Resources •Fisheries Management •Food Security •Indigenous Communities •Investment Collaboration •Regional Security •Tourism •Trade Routes
VC01-224 Gender Economics: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice, 2-Vols/Set.
  Information Resources Management Association/ 9781522575108/ Price:US$ 550.00
Book Cover Gender Economics challenges current economic theory, targeting the way gender is often used for economic gain or increased market share. Experts realize that company growth can no longer be achieved by taking a conventional approach, but few follow through with introducing new frameworks that change the way diversity is treated. Gender Economics: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice features current research that combines the concepts of gender theory, sociology, and economics observing how diversity influences numerous dimensions of business and consumerism. Covering topics including gender empowerment and also bias, economic equality, industrial creativity, leadership, and the impact of social connectedness on life satisfaction, this publication is an ideal reference source for legislators and policymakers, economic developers, corporate practitioners, educational faculties, academicians, researchers, and graduate-level students of all disciplines. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Economic Equality •Feminist Economies •Gender Barriers •Gender Fluidity •Gender-Based Marketing •Labor Economics •Social Connectedness •Socio-Economic Development •Wage and Work Gap •Women’s Empowerment •Work-Life Balance
VC01-222 Planning and Analyzing Foreign Direct Investment Projects: Emerging Research and Opportunities
  Halil Sariaslan/ 9781522576969/ Price:US$ 215.00
Book Cover Globalization, accelerated by information technologies, has increased the speed of business transactions and has reduced the distances between international businesses. This growth has transformed the realm of foreign investment in countries around the world, calling for a methodological approach to planning feasible capital investment proposals in general and foreign direct investment projects. Planning and Analyzing Foreign Direct Investment Projects: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a pivotal reference source that provides a systems approach to investment projects in a globalized and open society. While highlighting topics such as consumer analysis, competitive strategy, and market analysis, this publication explores the profitability and feasibility of international investments, as well as the risks and resources associated with strategic project planning. This book is ideally designed for business managers, entrepreneurs, researchers, academicians, graduate students, policymakers, investors, and project managers seeking current research on planning, analyzing, and evaluating investment projects. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Competitive Strategy •Consumer Analysis •Data Requirements •Global Business •International Companies •International Investment •Market Analysis •Operational Expenditures •Risk Analysis •Target Market
VC01-221 Global Trends of Modernization in Budgeting and Finance
  Denis Ushakov/ 9781522577607/ Price:US$ 215.00
Book Cover Traditional financial markets are the most important lever of social and economic impact that can effectively regulate markets, industries, national economies, and international economic interactions, and form global and deeply integrated economic systems. Due to the global spread of financial instability and waves of financial crises, the problems of researching effective financial instruments to ensure national competitiveness becomes highly significant. Global Trends of Modernization in Budgeting and Finance is a pivotal reference source that provides vital research on the impacts of financial globalization in the context of economic digitalization and national financial markets. While highlighting topics such as entrepreneurship, international business, and socio-economic development, this publication explores modern conditions of rapid technological progress and financial market integration, as well as the methods of increasing regional intergovernmental organization efficiency. This book is ideally designed for policymakers, financial analysts, researchers, academicians, graduate-level students, business professionals, entrepreneurs, scholars, and managers seeking current research on new challenges and developments in national financial markets. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Entrepreneurship •Financial Administration •Fiscal Policy •Global Financial Crisis •Housing Market •International Business •Market Economy •Risk Management •Socio-Economic Development •Taxation Systems
VC01-220 Socio-Economic Development: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications, 3-Vols/Set.
  Information Resources Management Association/ 9781522573111/ Price:US$ 1950.00
Book Cover The social and economic systems of any country are influenced by a range of factors including income and education. As such, it is vital to examine how these factors are creating opportunities to improve both the economy and the lives of people within these countries. Socio-Economic Development: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications provides a critical look at the process of social and economic transformation based on environmental and cultural factors including income, skills development, employment, and education. Highlighting a range of topics such as economics, social change, and e-governance, this multi-volume book is designed for policymakers, practitioners, city-development planners, academicians, government officials, and graduate-level students interested in emerging perspectives on socio-economic development. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Developing Countries •E-Governance •Economic Growth •Economics •Poverty •Regional Development •Social Change •Social Policy •Sustainable development •Urbanization
VC01-219 Corporate Insolvency Law and Bankruptcy Reforms in the Global Economy
  Amit Kashyap/ 9781522555414/ Price:US$ 185.00
Book Cover With the increasing interdependence of global economies, international relations are becoming a more complex system. Through this, the growth of any economy is dependent upon the ease of business transactions; however, in recent times, there has been a growing impact of corporate insolvency law. Corporate Insolvency Law and Bankruptcy Reforms in the Global Economy is an essential reference source that discusses the importance of insolvency laws in the financial architecture of emerging economies, as well as its fundamental issues. Featuring research on topics such as business restructuring, debt recovery, and governance regulations, this book is ideally designed for law students, policymakers, economists, lawyers, and business researchers seeking coverage on the jurisprudence and policy of corporate insolvency law in a globalized context. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Business Restructuring •Commercial Bankruptcy Laws •Debt Recovery •Developing Countries •Financial Crisis •Governance Regulations •International Standards •Judicial Management •Legal Reform •Reciprocal Arrangements
VC01-218 Economic Dynamics of Global Energy Geopolitics
  Ahmet Salih Ikiz/ 9781522542032/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover The dominant powers in world energy geopolitics have radically changed in last couple of decades due to the increased demand for natural energy resources (i.e., coal and oil). Because of these power shifts, the economics of energy has become much more entangled in international relations. Economic Dynamics of Global Energy Geopolitics provides emerging research exploring the theoretical and practical aspects of the geo-economics of energy resources and how this affects countries’ economies. It also explores the implementation of energy supply and demand in world markets. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as socio-economics, supply/demand fluctuations, and foreign direct investment, this book is ideally designed for engineers, economists, academicians, researchers, policymakers, and graduate-level students seeking current research on the role of economics and policy in energy geopolitics. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Energy Alternatives •Energy Economics •Energy Transportation •Foreign Direct Investment •Global Energy Security •Renewable Energy Sources •Socio-Economics •Supply/Demand Fluctuations
VC01-217 Time Bank as a Complementary Economic System: Emerging Research and Opportunities
  Lukas Valek/ 9781522569749/ Price:US$ 175.00
Book Cover Contemporary research in the field of time-based currency has generally been unstructured and takes a retrospective point of view. In practice, approaches to this field commonly taken until now have shown that there can be as many points of view as there are researchers. Time Bank as a Complementary Economic System: Emerging Research and Opportunities provides a systemic study of a soft system called the Time Bank, a reciprocal service exchange that uses units of time as currency. This publication explores the contemporary context of Time Bank and describes the most recent research methodologies and results. Its content represents the work of business exchange, knowledge management, and soft systems, and it is designed for economists, managers, business professionals, social scientists, academicians, and researchers seeking coverage on topics centered on soft systems and their economic influence. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Business Exchange •Complementary Currencies •Knowledge Management •Sharing-Based Economies •Social Economics •Soft Systems •Systems Engineering •Time Bank
VC01-216 Emerging Economic Models for Global Sustainability and Social Development
  Bryan Christiansen/ 9781522557876/ Price:US$ 225.00
Book Cover Change is an inevitable aspect of human life. As time goes by, certain processes and ways of doing things become inadequate. When it comes to economic systems, there is a need to review current models and revise them to meet new global demands in both developed and developing nations. Emerging Economic Models for Global Sustainability and Social Development is an essential reference source that discusses economic, political, and social environments in the modern age, as well as economic development in an era of global hyper-competition, dwindling natural resources, and a growing global skills gap. Featuring research on topics such as monetary policy, economic theory, and rural poverty, this book is ideally designed for business managers, policymakers, government officials, researchers, academicians, and upper-level students seeking coverage on theoretical and empirical models in economic behavior. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Economic Theory •Educational Development •Financial Liberalization •International Trade Models •Monetary Policy •National Economies Policies •Optimization Models •Rural Poverty •Unemployment
VC01-215 Handbook of Research on Microfinancial Impacts on Women Empowerment, Poverty, and Inequality
  Ramesh Chandra Das/ 9781522552406/ Price:US$ 275.00
Book Cover One of the major tools of attaining proper development all around the world is complete financial inclusion, such that all classes of people can secure their lifestyles through access to financial services from formal sectors. Expanding access to resources and increasing self-employment opportunities help reduce poverty and improve social development. The Handbook of Research on Microfinancial Impacts on Women Empowerment, Poverty, and Inequality is an essential reference source that discusses the role of financial inclusion in gender equality, as well as economic independence and self-employment. Featuring research on topics such as inequality, collaborative economy, and social responsibility, this publication is ideally designed for policy makers, economic researchers, and academicians seeking coverage on social mobilization, capital formation, capacity building, and pro-poor economy designs. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Business Models •Collaborative Economy •Financial Inclusion •Gender Discrimination •Inequality •Poverty •Quality of Life •Self-Help Groups •Social Responsibility
VC01-214 Techno-Social Systems for Modern Economical and Governmental Infrastructures
  Alexander Troussov/ 9781522555865/ Price:US$ 205.00
Book Cover Applications have transformed the collaboration environment from a mere document collection into a highly interconnected social space. These systems interoperate within a social and organizational context that drives their everyday use and provides a rich context for understanding the role of nodes that represent both people and abstract concepts. Techno-Social Systems for Modern Economical and Governmental Infrastructures provides emerging research exploring the theoretical and practical aspects of mining technological and social systems for the creation of scalable methods, systems, and applications within economic and government disciplines. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as analysis models, data navigation, and empirical sociology, this book is ideally designed for professionals, researchers, executives, managers, and developers seeking current research on the interconnecting roles of technology and social space. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Analysis Models •Big Data Engineering •Data Navigation •Data Processing •E-Commerce •Empirical Sociology •Machine Learning •Network Frameworks •Network Science •Semantic Web
VC01-183 Neuroeconomics, 4-Vols/Set.
  Jack J Vromen/ 9781138906761/ Price:£ 900.00
n recent years there has been an astonishing growth in scholarly work at the intersection of economics, neuroscience, and psychology. As neuroeconomics (as this domain is usually known) continues to blossom, this new title from Routledge’s Critical Concepts in the Social Sciences series provides a much-needed compendium of foundational and the very best cutting-edge scholarship. The collection also assembles pioneering manifestos and explicates how—rather than being merely an ‘underlabourer’ of economics or neuroscience—neuroeconomics is becoming a specialized discipline in its own right with distinct research methods, insights, and results. Neuroeconomics is fully indexed and has a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editors, which places the collected material in its historical and intellectual context. It is an essential work of reference and is destined to be valued by scholars and students as a vital one-stop research and pedagogic resource.
VC01-100 Evolutionary Economics, 4-Vols/Set.
  Andreas Pyka/ 9780415577168/ Price:£ 760.00
Book Cover More than one hundred years after Thorstein Veblen’s famous article ‘Why is Economics Not an Evolutionary Science?’, Evolutionary Economics is now widely recognized as a highly productive approach offering crucial insights for the understanding of socio-economic processes of change and development. A major feature in the development of Evolutionary Economics is—and has always been—its strong multi-disciplinary character, and this new four-volume collection in the Routledge Major Works series, Critical Concepts in Economics, meets the need for an authoritative, up-to-date, and comprehensive reference work synthesizing this voluminous literature. Indeed, the sheer scale of the research output—and the breadth of the field—makes this collection especially welcome. It answers the need for a comprehensive collection of classic and contemporary contributions to facilitate ready access to the most influential and important scholarship from a wide range of theoretical and practical perspectives. Evolutionary Economics is edited by Andreas Pyka, a leading scholar in the field. The collection is fully indexed and has a comprehensive, newly written, introduction, which places the material in its intellectual context. It is an essential work of reference and is destined to be valued by scholars and students as a vital one-stop research resource.
SC01-482 The Political Economy of Inequality
  Frank Stilwell/ 9781509528653/ Price:US$ 24.95
SC01-481 Capitalism in the 21st Century: Why Global Capitalism Is Broken and How It Can Be Fixed
  Donghyun Park/ 9789813275294/ Price:US$ 38.00
SC01-481 Disembedded Markets: Economic Theology and Global Capitalism
  Christoph Deutschmann/ 9781138614024/ Price:£ 115.00
SC01-481 Climate Economics: Economic Analysis of Climate, Climate Change and Climate Policy
  Richard S.J. Tol/ 9781786435095/ Price:£ 29.95
SC01-481 Foundations of Economics
  Andrew Gillespie/ 9780198806523/ Price:£ 44.99
SC01-481 Should We Abolish Household Debts?
  Johnna Montgomerie/ 9781509525409/ Price:US$ 12.95
SC01-481 The Left Case Against the EU
  Costas Lapavitsas/ 9781509531066/ Price:US$ 19.95
SC01-480 Global Algorithmic Capital Markets: High Frequency Trading, Dark Pools, and Regulatory Challenges
  Walter Mattli/ 9780198829461/ Price:£ 50.00
SC01-480 Principles of Sustainable Finance
  Dirk Schoenmaker/ 9780198826606/ Price:£ 45.00
SC01-480 Employment and Development: How Work Can Lead From and Into Poverty
  Gary S. Fields/ 9780198815501/ Price:£ 65.00
SC01-480 Focus on Asia: Economy
  / 9781680947953/ Price:US$ 100.00
Book Cover Economic growth continues to transform the economic and political landscape of Asia. This book explores political participation in Asia and how democracy and authoritarianism function under neoliberal economic relations. This book offers the newest knowledge related to relevant themes on the Asian economies as well as the latest concepts.
SC01-480 Current Issues: The Wealth Gap
  / 9781984622990/ Price:US$ 100.00
Book Cover Current policies favoring the wealthy are simply cementing these wealth disparities. This book explains how these sources of wealth privilege are systemic features of economy and the basis of rising disparities. Focuses on the basic principles of inequality measurement, underlining the advantages and shortcomings of alternative measures from a theoretical standpoint and in the context of the study of the distribution of wealth.
SC01-480 Handbook on Resilience of Socio-Technical Systems
  Matthias Ruth/ 9781786439369/ Price:£ 170.00
SC01-480 Reforming Global Economic Governance: An Unsettled Order
  Carlo Monticelli/ 9780815363477/ Price:£ 29.99
SC01-480 Essentials of Economics: World Edition
  / 9781680947854/ Price:US$ 95.00
Book Cover Provides an introduction to a broad range of economic concepts, theories and analytical techniques. Examines the wide spread belief that modern economics is irrelevant to the understanding of the real world and offers a provocative account of how economics can be put back on track. Economics students will find this World Edition very useful.
SC01-480 Corporate Finance: World Edition
  / 9781680947878/ Price:US$ 95.00
Book Cover Provides a concise and practical treatment of important topics in corporate finance. Offers a practical managerial perspective on the subject. The three themes of value, return and risk are developed and form a unifying thread throughout the book. Presents insight in regards to the functioning of markets and corporate behavior, as opposed to algebraic derivations from unrealistic assumptions.
SC01-480 The Spatial and Economic Transformation of Mountain Regions
  Manfred Perlik/ 9781138784086/ Price:£ 115.00
SC01-479 3GE Collection on Economics: Business Economics
  / 9781984623379/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Business Economics is concerned with the nature, scope & functioning of business enterprises; this book provides a comprehensive account of how economics explains and analyses the functions and operations of firms in a modern industrial society. Gives readers the foundation in economics needed for an edge in today's competitive business world; this text focuses on introducing students to economics as a framework for understanding business.
SC01-479 3GE Collection on Economics: Economics and Culture
  / 9781984623386/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Highly acclaimed analysis of the links between the two worlds of economics and culture; considers the relationship between economics and culture both as areas of intellectual discourse, and as systems of societal organisation. This book is an essential guide for understanding the changing relationship between economics and culture and in offering a more satisfactory and stable union between the two.
SC01-479 3GE Collection on Economics: Economics and Sociology
  / 9781984623393/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Social capital is becoming one of the most important and hotly discussed topics of today; this book systematically renovates the origins and new advances in economic sociology from both economic and sociological perspectives. This book proves that both economics and sociology provide stronger insights into markets and social networks as parallel forms of exchange.
SC01-479 Core Concepts in Business and Management: Microeconomics (Book with DVD)
  / 9781984620880/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover This book is intended to be a valuable addition to the existing repository of books on principles of microeconomics. The book can prove valuable for students of economics with a background of theory with applications, so students will develop a solid understanding of both microeconomics and its appropriate use.
SC01-479 Core Concepts in Business and Management: Macroeconomics (Book with DVD)
  / 9781984620897/ Price:US$ 75.00
Book Cover Designed to help readers think independently about real-world situations, by helping them master the basic technical tools that enable them to do this. Offering a uniquely modern presentation of macroeconomics, this book makes it easy for students to emphasize solid microfoundations, real-business cycle approach.
SC01-479 Creating New Markets in the Digital Economy (Book with DVD)
  / 9781984624208/ Price:US$ 90.00
Book Cover The edition is revised and updated with the latest information and new chapters are added. This updated edition offers students real advice in navigating the ever-changing academic landscape. The edition assists readers innovate and identify new business models, products and services within the connected digital economy.
SC01-479 Global Women's Work: Perspectives on Gender and Work in the Global Economy
  Beth English/ 9781138036598/ Price:£ 39.99
SC01-479 Macroeconomics in Context
  Neva Goodwin/ 9781138559035/ Price:£ 42.99
SC01-479 Microeconomics in Context
  Neva Goodwin/ 9781138314566/ Price:£ 44.99
SC01-479 Political Economy and Policy Analysis
  Antonio Merlo/ 9781138591783/ Price:£ 36.99
SC01-479 Financing Micro Health Insurance: Theory, Methods And Evidence
  David Mark Dror/ 9789813238473/ Price:US$ 148.00
SC01-479 Economic Dynamism, Openness, and Inclusion: How Singapore Can Make the Transition from an Era of Catch-up Growth to Life in a Mature Economy
  Hian Teck Hoon/ 9789813236226/ Price:US$ 78.00
SC01-479 Non-Orthodox Economics and their social and environmental drivers
  Gabrielle Harris/ 9781773612935/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover This handbook presents a comprehensive overview of the latest work on economic theory and policy from a ?pluralistic? heterodox perspective, numerous efforts have been and are being made to discredit if not suppress Post-Keynesian and heterodox economics. This Handbook is highly pertinent for students and scholars of economics, particularly those dedicated to heterodox approaches, as it provides a solid reference for mixed methods not available in mainstream economics, exploring the new economic directions and paradigms that are required to respond to this crisis.
SC01-479 Managing without Growth: Slower by Design, not Disaster
  Peter A. Victor/ 9781785367397/ Price:£ 35.00
SC01-479 3GE Collection on Political Science: Political and Legal Economy
  / 9781984623355/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover This work explains why maintaining a core common infrastructure resources is necessary for production and exchange of information throughout the information environment. Examines some of the more important frameworks for understanding the relation between politics and economics. This volume covers the theoretical method, macroeconomics, microeconomics, international trade and finance, development, and policy of economic theory.
SC01-479 Illicit Industries and China's Shadow Economy: Challenges and Prospects for Global Governance and Human Security
  Victor Teo/ 9781138563681/ Price:£ 115.00
SC01-479 Energy Economics: Understanding and Interpreting Energy Poverty in China
  Yi-Ming Wei/ 9781787567801/ Price:£ 75.00
SC01-479 Strategic Approaches to Regional Development: Smart Experimentation in Less-Favoured Regions
  Iryna Kristensen/ 9781138084353/ Price:£ 115.00
SC01-479 Environmental Impacts of Transnational Corporations in the Global South
  Paul Cooney/ 9781787560352/ Price:£ 66.95
SC01-478 Productivity and Innovation in SMEs: Creating Competitive Advantage in Singapore and South East Asia
  Azad Bali/ 9781138594418/ Price:£ 45.00
SC01-478 Global Economic Governance and Human Development
  Simone Raudino/ 9781138049130/ Price:£ 115.00
SC01-478 Direction and Socio-Spatial Theory: A Political Economy of Oriented Practice
  Matthew G. Hannah/ 9781138061040/ Price:£ 105.00
SC01-478 The Russian Economic Grip on Central and Eastern Europe
  Ognian Shentov/ 9780815363422/ Price:£ 115.00
SC01-478 The Pedagogy of Economic, Political and Social Crises: Dynamics, Construals and Lessons
  Bob Jessop/ 9781138062504/ Price:£ 105.00
SC01-477 Statistics
  Karim M. Abadir/ 9780521537452/ Price:US$ 64.99
SC01-476 The Russian Economy under Putin
  Torbjorn Becker/ 9781138586314/ Price:£ 115.00
SC01-476 Supranational Political Economy: The Globalisation of the State-Market Relationship
  Guido Montani/ 9781138648005/ Price:£ 115.00
SC01-476 Trade Facilitation in the Multilateral Trading System: Genesis, Course and Accord
  Hao Wu/ 9781138605411/ Price:£ 115.00
VSC01-003 Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Real Estate
  Wilkinson, Sara/ 9781138655096/ Price:£ 150.00
Book Cover With the built environment contributing almost half of global greenhouse emissions, there is a pressing need for the property and real estate discipline to thoroughly investigate sustainability concerns. The Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Real Estate brings together the latest research of leading academics globally, demonstrating the nature and extent of the impact as well as suggesting means of mitigating humankind's impact and building resilience. Four sections examine the different aspects of sustainable real estate: •governance and policy •valuation, investment and finance •management •redevelopment and adaptation. Covering all land uses from residential to commercial, retail and industrial, the Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Real Estate is an exciting mixture of received wisdom and emerging ideas and approaches from both the developed and developing world. Academics, upper-level students and researchers will find this book an essential guide to the very best of sustainable real estate research.
VSC01-002 Routledge Companion to Real Estate Development
  Squires, Graham/ 9781138914346/ Price:£ 180.00
Book Cover Real estate development shapes the way people live and work, playing a crucial role in determining our built environment. Around the world, real estate development reflects both universal human needs and region-specific requirements, and with the rise of globalization there is an increasing need to better understand the full complexity of global real estate development. This Companion provides comprehensive coverage of the major contemporary themes and issues in the field of real estate development research. Topics covered include: •social and spacial impact •markets and economics •organization and management •finance and investment •environment and sustainability •design •land use policy and governance. A team of international experts across the fields of real estate, planning, geography, economics and architecture reflect the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of real estate studies, providing the book with a depth and breadth of original research. Following on from the success of the textbook International Approaches to Real Estate Development, the Routledge Companion to Real Estate Development provides the up-to-date research needed for a full and sophisticated understanding of the subject. It will be an invaluable resource to students, researchers and professionals wishing to study real estate development on an international scale.
VSC01-002 The Routledge Handbook of Heterodox Economics: Theorizing, Analyzing, and Transforming Capitalism
  Jo, Tae-Hee/ 9781138899940/ Price:£ 180.00
Book Cover The Routledge Handbook of Heterodox Economics presents a comprehensive overview of the latest work on economic theory and policy from a ‘pluralistic’ heterodox perspective. Contributions throughout the Handbook explore different theoretical perspectives including: Marxian-radical political economics; Post Keynesian-Sraffian economics; institutionalist-evolutionary economics; feminist economics; social economics; Regulation theory; the Social Structure of Accumulation approach; and ecological economics. They explain the structural properties and dynamics of capitalism, as well as propose economic and social policies for the benefit of the majority of the population. This book aims, firstly, to provide realistic and coherent theoretical frameworks to understand the capitalist economy in a constructive and forward-looking manner. Secondly, it delineates the future directions, as well as the current state, of heterodox economics, and then provides both ‘heat and light’ on controversial issues, drawing out the commonalities and differences among different heterodox economic approaches. The volume also envisions transformative economic and social policies for the majority of the population and explains why economics is, and should be treated as, a social science. This Handbook will be of compelling interest to those, including students, who wish to learn about alternative economic theories and policies that are rarely found in conventional economics textbooks or discussed in the mainstream media, and to critical economists and other social scientists who are concerned with analyzing pressing socio-economic issues.
VSC01-002 The Routledge Handbook of Transport Economics
  Cowie, Jonathan/ 9781138847491/ Price:£ 135.00
Book Cover The Routledge Handbook of Transport Economics offers the first state of the art overview of the discipline of transport economics as it stands today, reflective of key research and policy. Transport is an important area of study and one which is problem rich, stimulating a great deal of debate in areas which impact on everyday lives. Much of this focuses on the practicalities of the modern-day phenomenon of mass movement and all of the issues which surround it. The discipline of economics is central to this debate, and consequently the study and application of transport economics has a chief role to play in seeking to address subjects relating to major transport issues. It can be argued that at the very heart of any transport issue or problem lies the underlying economics of the situation – understand that and you alleviate the problem.  Featuring contributions from world-leading scholars and practitioners from across the globe, all of the chapters within this book are written from a practical perspective; theory is applied and developed using real-world examples. The book examines concepts, issues, ideas and practicalities of transport provision in five key topic areas: •public transport •public transport reform •economic development and transport modelling •transport and the environment •freight transport. A real strength of the book is in linking theory to practice, and hence the ‘economics’ that are examined in this text are not the economics of the abstract, but rather the economics of everyday living. Practical and insightful, this volume is an essential reference for any student or researcher working in all areas of transport provision, ranging from planning, appraisal, regulation and freight; and for all practitioners looking to develop their professional knowledge and who are seeking professional accreditation.
VC01-211 Globalization and Trade Integration in Developing Countries
  Ahu Coskun Ozer/ 9781522540328/ Price:US$ 205.00
Book Cover In a rapidly globalizing world, commercial relations and regional trade integrations between countries have improved. Analyzing trade relations both inside and outside countries allows for economic improvement. Globalization and Trade Integration in Developing Countries provides emerging research on the difficulties and challenges developing countries face in world trade as well as their performance. While highlighting topics such as economic growth, foreign trade policy, and trade competitiveness, this publication explores the trade integrations and commercial trends in advancing countries. This book is a vital resource for policy makers, government agencies, businesses, academicians, researchers, and students seeking current research on the advantages and techniques of improved international markets and trade. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Corporate Expansion •Economic Growth •Export and Import •Foreign Trade Policy •Market Diversification •Regional Economic Integration •Stock Market •Trade and Growth •Trade Competitiveness •Trade Liberalization
VC01-210 Regaining Global Stability After the Financial Crisis
  Sergi, Bruno/ 9781522540267/ Price:US$ 215.00
Book Cover The prosperity and stability of any economic structure is reliant upon a foundation of secure systems that regulate the movement of money across the globe. These structures have become an integral part of contemporary society by reducing monetary risk and increasing financial security. Regaining Global Stability After the Financial Crisis is a critical scholarly publication that examines the after-effects of the economic slowdown and the steps that have been taken to overcome the consequences of the slowdown as well as strategies to reduce its impact on economies and societies. Highlighting a wide range of topics including economic convergence, risk management, and public policy for financial stability, this book is geared toward academicians, practitioners, students, managers, and professionals in the financial sector seeking current research on regaining a sense of safety and security after a time of economic crisis. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Economic Convergence •Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission •Foreign Direct Investment •Growth-Oriented Policies •Portfolio Equity •Public Policy for Financial Stability •Risk Management
VC01-209 Agricultural Finance and Opportunities for Investment and Expansion
  Ejiogu, Augustine Odinakachukwu/ 9781522530596/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover In the modern globalized economy, it is important for businesses of all sizes to take advantage of the opportunity to enter diverse markets around the world. Through an international presence, organizations can remain competitive. Agricultural Finance and Opportunities for Investment and Expansion provides emerging research on the sources and profitable uses of funds in agricultural enterprises and sustainable agricultural production. While highlighting topics such as agricultural credit, enterprise expansion, and risk management, this publication explores the theoretical applications of agriculture through a business perspective. This book is an important resource for managers, academics, researchers, scholars, and graduate-level students seeking current research on the implementation of agriculture as a means of improving society and economy. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Agricultural Credit •Agricultural Production •Cooperative Societies •Enterprise Expansion •Farm Management •Investment Fund •Resilient Agriculture •Risk Management •Training Imperatives
VC01-208 Fractal Approaches for Modeling Financial Assets and Predicting Crises
  Nekrasova, Inna/ 9781522537670/ Price:US$ 215.00
Book Cover In an ever-changing economy, market specialists strive to find new ways to evaluate the risks and potential reward of economic ventures. They start by assessing the importance of human reaction during the economic planning process and put together systems to measure financial markets and their longevity. Fractal Approaches for Modeling Financial Assets and Predicting Crises is a critical scholarly resource that examines the fractal structure and long-term memory of the financial markets in order to predict prices of financial assets and financial crises. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics, such as computational process models, chaos theory, and game theory, this book is geared towards academicians, researchers, and students seeking current research on pricing and predicting financial crises. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Behavioral Modeling •Chaos Theory •Computational Process Models •Financial Bubble •Game Theory •Neurofinance •Social Valuations
VC01-207 Economic Growth in Latin America and the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis
  Garita, Mauricio/ 9781522549819/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover As the global financial crisis has touched the entire world, it is important for entrepreneurs, government officials, and researchers to reflect on its long-lasting effects to the economy. Economic Growth in Latin America and the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis is a pivotal reference source containing the latest academic research on risk, economic growth and information security in the Latin American economy. Including coverage among a variety of applicable viewpoints and subjects such as telecommunication, subprime lending, and public education, this book is an ideal reference source for government officials, researchers, academics, and upper-level students seeking innovative research on entrepreneurship and the European debt crisis. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Entrepreneurship •European Debt Crisis •Information Security •Latin American Economy •Public Education •Risk and Economic Growth •Subprime Lending •Telecommunication
VC01-206 Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) and Opportunities for Developing Economies in the World Market
  Malepati, Venkataramanaiah/ 9781522530268/ Price:US$ 215.00
Book Cover The role of foreign direct investment initiatives is pivotal to effective enterprise development. This is particularly vital to emerging economies that are building their presence in international business markets. Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) and Opportunities for Developing Economies in the World Market is a critical scholarly publication that explores the importance of global stocks to new economic structures and explores the effects that these holdings have on the financial status of growing nations. Featuring a broad range of topics, such as economic transformation, investment in production facilities, and foreign direct investors, this publication is geared towards academicians, practitioners, and researchers seeking current and relevant research on the importance of global investment in new and growing financial municipalities. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Economic Transformation •Foreign Direct Investors •International Marketing Networks •Investible Resources and Capital Formation •Investment Destinations •Investment in Production Facilities •Private External Finance
VC01-205 Crowdfunding and Sustainable Urban Development in Emerging Economies
  Benna, Umar G./ 9781522539520/ Price:US$ 205.00
Book Cover Economic and societal systems continually evolve as the needs and demands of society change. With the development of new technologies, research, and discoveries, various opportunities emerge for venture development and developing economies. Crowdfunding and Sustainable Urban Development in Emerging Economies provides innovative research on current issues in the rise of new platforms for digital activities, a collaborative economy, crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and other activities that are shaping developing countries. Highlighting a range of pertinent topics, such as infrastructure finance, tertiary educational institutions, and urban sustainability, this book is an important resource for academicians, practitioners, researchers, and students. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Crowdsourcing •Fundraising •Infrastructure Finance •Knowledge Networks •Open Dealing •Tertiary Educational Institutions •Urban Sustainability
VC01-204 Employment Protection Legislation in Emerging Economies
  Amine, Samir/ 9781522541349/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover New developments in legislation have increased the availability of employment. These advances result in long-term improvement of economic and sustainable development. Employment Protection Legislation in Emerging Economies is a critical scholarly resource that examines legislation relating to employment protection in developing economies and its impacts on unemployment, job creation, productivity, and the efficiency of the labor market. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics, such as labor reform, job creation, and the social protection agenda, this book is geared towards academicians, practitioners, and researchers seeking current research on legislation relating to employment protection. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Employment Protection Legislation •Job Creation •Labor Market Regulations •Labor Reform •Portable Rights •Self-Employment •Social Protection Agenda
VC01-198 Economic Reforms for Global Competitiveness
  Ushakov, Denis/ 9781522538561/ Price:US$ 235.00
Book Cover Reforms are a necessary part of social and economic regulation. Each year, political pressure for economic reform becomes more prevalent, especially from various international organizations and business associations. Economic Reforms for Global Competitiveness is an essential reference source for the latest scholarly research on important factors of modern countries’ social and economic dynamics. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as human capital, project management, and fiscal reforms, this book is ideally designed for academicians, researchers, and students seeking the latest material on the role and impact of economic reforms. Topics Covered •Agro-Industrial Reforms •Cross-Regional Interaction •Fiscal Reforms •Human Capital •Immigration Policies •Project Management
VC01-197 Influence of Public Policy on Small Social Enterprises: Emerging Research and Opportunities
  Maher, Chi/ 9781522527701/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Social enterprises boost the economic landscape and benefit causes that are important to society in general. Examining the role of public policy within these small initiatives will produce more effective methods for these two avenues to work together. Influence of Public Policy on Small Social Enterprises: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a pivotal scholarly resource that provides in-depth discussion on how social enterprises are reshaping global economies. Highlighting relevant topics that include legal funding, government policies, third-sector enterprises, and procurement procedures, this reference publication is ideal for academicians, students, government officials, business managers, and researchers that are interested in staying current on the latest advances in the field of social enterprises. Topics Covered •Government Policies •Legal Framework •Legal Funding •Private Sector •Procurement Procedures •Public Sector •Third-Sector Enterprises
VC01-196 Ranking Economic Performance and Efficiency in the Global Market: Emerging Research and Opportunities
  Gussen, Benjamen Franklen/ 9781522527565/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover There are numerous determinants that drive and influence economic efficiency in contemporary nations. Critical insights can be gained from developing analytical models to understand the economies of the world. Ranking Economic Performance and Efficiency in the Global Market: Emerging Research and Opportunities is an innovative source of scholarly information that discusses world rankings of modern national economies. Including a range of topics such as geopolitics, sovereignty, and jurisdictional considerations, this book is ideally designed for academics, researchers, professionals, and students interested in the relevant knowledge that can be extracted from the determinants of economic efficiency. Topics Covered •G-20 Countries •Geopolitics •Jurisdictional Considerations •Mathematical Models •Non-Mathematical Models •Sovereignty
VC01-194 Evolving Entrepreneurial Strategies for Self-Sustainability in Vulnerable American Communities
  Sanchez-Barrios, Luis Javier/ 9781522528609/ Price:US$ 225.00
Book Cover Entrepreneurship has significant impacts on a nation’s economic infrastructure. Discovering new ways to promote entrepreneurial growth within undervalued communities can help ensure financial growth, as well as provide a boost to the current economy. Evolving Entrepreneurial Strategies for Self-Sustainability in Vulnerable American Communities is an essential scholarly resource that identifies initiatives for entrepreneurs in underdeveloped areas to utilize. Featuring pertinent topics that include poverty reduction, informal investment, and social entrepreneurship, this reference publication is ideal for academicians, students, entrepreneurs, business owners, and researchers that are seeking innovative strategies to boost the economy and provide more jobs across the nation. Topics Covered •Agriculture •Beauty and Cosmetics •Disaster-Affected Communities •Gender Considerations •Informal Investment •Poverty Reduction •Retail Markets •Social Entrepreneurship
VC01-193 Exploring the Global Competitiveness of Agri-Food Sectors and Serbia's Dominant Presence: Emerging Research and Opportunities
  Ignjatijevic, Svetlana/ 9781522527626/ Price:US$ 165.00
Book Cover The agricultural and food sectors have developed into a prominent industry, impacting economic markets on an international scale. In certain regions, there is a significant potential for creating increased competitive advantage in these business areas. Exploring the Global Competitiveness of Agri-Food Sectors and Serbia's Dominant Presence: Emerging Research and Opportunities includes academic coverage and perspectives on enhancing the competitiveness of the Serbian food industry in the global marketplace. Highlighting pertinent topics such as exports, international trade, and manufacturing considerations, this book is an ideal resource for academics, researchers, graduate students, and professionals actively involved in the agri-food industry. Topics Covered •Beverage Products •Exports •Honey Production •International Trade •Manufacturing •Medicinal and Aromatic Plants •Processed Food Products
VC01-192 Establishing Food Security and Alternatives to International Trade in Emerging Economies
  Erokhin, Vasily/ 9781522527336/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover The process of food production and distribution has grown into a global corporate system in recent years. This has caused significant impacts on sustainability on an international scale, particularly for developing nations. Establishing Food Security and Alternatives to International Trade in Emerging Economies is a pivotal reference source for the latest scholarly research on agricultural trade relations and trade liberalization in the context of developing countries. Highlighting a range of pertinent topics such as crop productivity, rural development, and value-added agriculture, this book is ideally designed for academics, researchers, graduate students, and practitioners interested in the current state of global food markets. Topics Covered •Climate Change •Crop Productivity •Food Safety •Maritime Piracy •Rural Development •Trade Policies •Value-Added Agriculture
VC01-191 Financial Entrepreneurship for Economic Growth in Emerging Nations
  Woldie, Atsede/ 9781522527008/ Price:US$ 225.00
Book Cover Entrepreneurial endeavors are a pivotal driving force behind the modern business sector. These enterprises play a significant role in the development and sustainability of a nation’s economy. Financial Entrepreneurship for Economic Growth in Emerging Nations is an innovative reference source for the latest scholarly research on strategies and techniques for financing small and medium-sized enterprises in the context of developing nations. Including a range of pertinent topics such as microinsurance, risk management, and advertising, this book is ideal for managers, academics, professionals, graduate students, and practitioners interested in the dynamics of financial entrepreneurship. Topics Covered •Advertising •Credit Availability •Financial Reporting •Microfinance •Microinsurance •Poverty Reduction •Risk Management
VC01-190 Geopolitics and Strategic Management in the Global Economy
  Presenza, Angelo/ 9781522526735/ Price:US$ 225.00
Book Cover As the world continues to evolve, globalization remains a key topic area among scholars and practitioners across disciplines and industries. It is essential for managers to stay informed and look out for potential threats that can negatively affect global operations. Geopolitics and Strategic Management in the Global Economy is a pivotal reference publication featuring the latest scholarly research on an international view of the challenges and opportunities organizations face in the global marketplace. Including coverage on a broad range of topics such as firm competitiveness, project management, and social capital, this book is ideally designed for academicians, researchers, students, and managers seeking current research on best ways to handle international management issues. Topics Covered •Business Ethics •Firm Competitiveness •Organizational learning •Project Management •Regional Trade Agreements •Social Capital •Strategic planning •Tourism
SC01-481 Flexibility and Real Estate Valuation under Uncertainty: A Practical Guide for Developers
  David Geltner/ 9781119106494/ Price:US$ 75.00
SC01-480 Extractive Industries: The Management of Resources as a Driver of Sustainable Development
  Tony Addison/ 9780198817369/ Price:£ 75.00
SC01-480 The Tunisian Labor Market in an Era of Transition
  Ragui Assaad/ 9780198799863/ Price:£ 70.00
SC01-480 International Financial Centres after the Global Financial Crisis and Brexit
  Youssef Cassis/ 9780198817314/ Price:£ 65.00
SC01-479 Economics and Finance Modelling Using Eviews: A Guide for Students and Professionals
  Abdulkader Aljandali/ 9783319929842/ Price:EUR 69.99
SC01-479 GST and Its Aftermath: Is Consumer Really the King?
  Govind Bhattacharjee/ 9789352806478/ Price:£ 15.99
SC01-479 Kerala's Economic Development: Emerging Issues and Challenges
  B. A. Prakash/ 9789352807659/ Price:£ 47.99
SC01-479 Macroeconomics: From Short Run to Long Run
  Dibyendu Banerjee/ 9789352806973/ Price:£ 30.00
SC01-479 A Research Agenda for Regeneration Economies: Reading City-Regions
  John R. Bryson/ 9781785360282/ Price:£ 85.00
SC01-479 The Behavioural Finance Revolution: A New Approach to Financial Policies and Regulations
  Riccardo Viale/ 9781788973052/ Price:£ 90.00
SC01-479 Evolving properties of intellectual capitalism: Patents and Innovations for Growth and Welfare
  Ove Granstrand/ 9780857935458/ Price:£ 125.00
SC01-478 The Political Economy of International Finance in an Age of Inequality: Soft Currencies, Hard Landings
  Gerald A. Epstein/ 9781788972628/ Price:£ 95.00
SC01-478 A History of the Global Economy: The Inevitable Accident
  Colin White/ 9781788971973/ Price:£ 125.00
SC01-478 Agent-Based Models in Economics : A Toolkit
  Domenico Delli Gatti/ 9781108400046/ Price:US$ 31.99
SC01-478 Experimental Economics: Method and Applications
  Nicolas Jacquemet/ 9781107629776/ Price:US$ 39.99
SC01-478 Differential Games in Industrial Economics
  Luca Lambertini/ 9781316616499/ Price:US$ 34.99
SC01-478 Great Economic Thinkers: An Introduction-from Adam Smith to Amartya Sen
  Jonathan Conlin/ 9781789140057/ Price:£ 20.00
Book Cover Great Economic Thinkers presents an accessible introduction to the lives and works of the most influential economists of modern times. Free from confusing jargon and equations, the book describes and discusses key economic concepts – from the role played by the division of labour to wages and rents, cognitive biases, saving, entrepreneurship, game theory, liberalism, laissez-faire and welfare economics – showing how they have come to shape how we see ourselves and our society today. All of the thirteen economists featured – Adam Smith, David Ricardo, John Stuart Mill, Karl Marx, Alfred Marshall, Joseph Schumpeter, John Maynard Keynes, and Nobel Prize winners Friedrich Hayek, Milton Friedman, John Forbes Nash Jr, Daniel Kahneman, Amartya Sen and Joseph Stiglitz – have had a profound influence on our attitudes towards market intervention and regulation, taxation, trade and monetary policy. Each chapter combines a biographical outline of a single thinker with critical analysis of their contribution to economic thought. The book features an introduction by economics historian D’Maris Coffman. If you’ve ever wanted to find out more about the theorists who gave us the ‘invisible hand’, Keynesianism, ‘creative destruction’, behavioural economics and other concepts, this book is the perfect place to start.
SC01-478 Modern Evolutionary Economics
  Richard Nelson/ 9781108446198/ Price:US$ 29.99
SC01-478 Enjoyable Econometrics
  Philip Hans Franses/ 9781316616475/ Price:US$ 26.99
SC01-478 New Frontiers of the Capability Approach
  Flavio Comim/ 9781108427807/ Price:US$ 125.00
SC01-478 Incentives: Motivation and the Economics of Information
  Donald E. Campbell/ 9781107035249/ Price:US$ 130.00
SC01-478 International Trade, Welfare, and the Theory of General Equilibrium
  Sugata Marjit/ 9781108473873/ Price:US$ 110.00
SC01-478 A Manifesto for Social Progress: Ideas for a Better Society
  Marc Fleurbaey/ 9781108440929/ Price:US$ 19.99
SC01-478 The State, Society, and Foreign Capital in India
  Sojin Shin/ 9781108425063/ Price:US$ 105.00
SC01-478 Employee Ownership and Employee Involvement at Work: Case Studies
  Daphne Berry/ 9781787145207/ Price:£ 72.95
SC01-478 Health Econometrics
  Badi H. Baltagi/ 9781787145429/ Price:£ 77.95
SC01-478 Transitions through the Labor Market: Work, Occupation, Earnings and Retirement
  Solomon W. Polachek/ 9781787564626/ Price:£ 72.95
SC01-478 Advances in Pacific Basin Business, Economics and Finance
  Cheng Few Lee/ 9781787564466/ Price:£ 77.95
SC01-478 Dynamics of Financial Stress and Economic Performance: Insights and Analysis from the World Economy
  Ramesh Babu Thimmaraya/ 9781787547834/ Price:£ 65.00
SC01-477 Innovation Ecosystems: Increasing Competitiveness
  Martin Fransman/ 9781108459709/ Price:US$ 32.99
SC01-477 Structural Reforms for Growth and Cohesion: Lessons and Challenges for CESEE Countries and a Modern Europe
  Ewald Nowotny/ 9781788971133/ Price:£ 90.00
SC01-476 The Evolutionary Complexity of Endogenous Innovation: The Engines of the Creative Response
  Cristiano Antonelli/ 9781788113786/ Price:£ 85.00
SC01-476 Regional Infrastructure Systems: The Political Economy of Regional Infrastructure
  Colin Turner/ 9781786430571/ Price:£ 80.00
SC01-476 Value, Competition and Exploitation: Marx's Legacy Revisited
  Jonathan F. Cogliano/ 9781786430632/ Price:£ 105.00
SC01-476 Inside the East European Planned Economy: State Planning, Factory and Manager
  Voicu Ion Sucala/ 9781138068681/ Price:£ 120.00
SC01-476 Efficient Macro Concept: U.S. Monetary, Industrial, and Foreign Exchange Policies
  William Mannen/ 9781498560023/ Price:US$ 90.00
SC01-476 Exploring the Political Economy and Social Philosophy of James M. Buchanan
  Paul Dragos Aligica/ 9781786605610/ Price:US$ 39.95
SC01-476 The Silk Road and the Political Economy of the Mongol Empire
  Prajakti Kalra/ 9780415786997/ Price:£ 115.00
SC01-476 Exports, Trade Policy and Economic Growth in Eras of Globalization
  Edward M. Feasel/ 9780415372190/ Price:£ 105.00
SC01-476 Institutions and Economic Growth in Asia: The Case of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia
  Flora Huang/ 9781138699731/ Price:£ 120.00
SC01-476 Economic Theory and Policy Amidst Global Discontent
  Ananya Ghosh Dastidar/ 9781138689213/ Price:£ 120.00
SC01-476 Varieties of Capital Cities: The Competitiveness Challenge for Secondary Capitals
  David Kaufmann/ 9781788116428/ Price:£ 80.00
SC01-476 The Changing Fortunes of Central Banking
  Philipp Hartmann/ 9781108423847/ Price:US$ 125.00
SC01-476 Managing Discovery in the Life Sciences: Harnessing Creativity to Drive Biomedical Innovation
  Philip A. Rea/ 9781107577305/ Price:US$ 39.99
SC01-476 Measuring the Economic Value of Research: The Case of Food Safety
  Kaye Husbands Fealing/ 9781107159693/ Price:US$ 110.00
SC01-476 Quantum Field Theory for Economics and Finance
  Belal Ehsan Baaquie/ 9781108423151/ Price:US$ 195.00
SC01-476 The Economics of Entrepreneurship
  Simon C. Parker/ 9781316621714/ Price:US$ 49.99
SC01-476 Managing Currency Risk: How Japanese Firms Choose Invoicing Currency
  Takatoshi Ito/ 9781785360121/ Price:£ 90.00
SC01-476 Macroeconomic Policies for Emerging and Developing Economies
  A. Vasudevan/ 9789352807192/ Price:£ 43.99
SC01-476 Labour Market Policies in the Era of Pervasive Austerity: A European Perspective.
  Sotiria Theodoropoulou/ 9781447335863/ Price:£ 75.00
Book Cover This edited volume investigates the changing patterns of labour market and unemployment policies in EU member states during the period since fiscal austerity took hold in 2010 during the deepest postwar recession in Europe. Looking at the big European picture, do we see a convergence or a divergence in labour market and unemployment policy trends and outputs? Has labour market insecurity increased or decreased and can these changes be associated with the observed changes in labour market policies and macroeconomic conditions? Written by leading experts in the field, the book provides detailed national case studies from across the EU, which span labour market regimes and intensities of fiscal pressures to explore whether, and if so how, retrenchment or expansion have taken place across different types of labour market policies and how these changes have been distributed across the well-protected and the less well-protected labour market populations.
SC01-475 Macroprudential Policy and Practice
  Paul Mizen/ 9781108419901/ Price:US$ 110.00
SC01-474 Transportation, Knowledge and Space in Urban and Regional Economics
  Kakuya Matsushima/ 9781785366055/ Price:£ 105.00
SC01-474 Prioritizing Development: A Cost Benefit Analysis of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals
  Bjorn Lomborg/ 9781108401456/ Price:US$ 39.99
SC01-474 Broadway and Economics: Economic Lessons from Show Tunes
  Matthew C. Rousu/ 9781138051232/ Price:£ 29.99
SC01-472 Illustrated Dictionary of Economics.
  / 9781984600561/ Price:US$ 95.00
Book Cover This illustrated dictionary provides concise definitions and explanations of economics terminology together with state-of-the-art scientific and practical terms, presented in an easy-to-use, A-Z order with pictures and figures as well as examples are given to clarify the terms. Packed with special full-page features on this subject and developed in close consultation with team of experts, this is the ultimate reference tool for students.
SC01-470 Applied Microeconometrics.
  Nalan Basturk/ 9781682513613/ Price:US$ 145.00
Book Cover Microeconometrics deals with the theory and applications of methods of data analysis developed for microdata pertaining to individuals, households, and firms. Microdata are usually either cross sectional, in which case they refer to conditions at the same point in time, or longitudinal (panel) in which case they refer to the same observational units over several periods. This comprehensive guide will be of interest for students and researchers in microeconometrics, in applied econometrics, or in data-oriented microeconomics sub-disciplines; and as a reference work for graduate students and applied researchers who wish to fill in gaps in their tool kit.
SC01-470 Microeconomics: Theory and Applications.
  Graciela Chichilnisk/ 9781682513606/ Price:US$ 145.00
Book Cover Microeconomics is an economic theory concerned with the actions of individuals, businesses, or modern households under certain economic conditions. The applications of microeconomics are vast, though they may not always be accurate as it is difficult to mimic the conditions of a real individual. This book aims to focus on building intuition about economic models while providing students with the mathematical tools needed to go further in their studies. The text also seeks to facilitatethat linkage by providing many numerical examples, and extended discussions of empirical implementation—all of which are intended to show students and practitioners how microeconomic theory is used today.
SC01-470 Trends and Issues in Econometrics and Financial Management.
  Akira Hiratsuka/ 9781682513514/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover The relationships of economic theories are usually expressed in mathematical forms and combined with empirical economics. This work aims to presents the emphasis on the behavioral issues in econometrics, financial management, quality control and optimization. The text points to a coverage of the latest research techniques and findings relating to the econometric analysis of financial markets. This book will be immense interest to students, researchers as well as practitioners to deal with the complexities of economic data and to test the predictions of economic theories.
SC01-470 Applied Economics. (With DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680947243/ Price:US$ 125.00
Book Cover Equips student with the skills and knowledge to apply economic analysis to the current economic problems happening in the world today. The edition is revised and updated with the latest information and new topics are added. This updated edition offers students real advice in navigating the ever-changing educational background.
SC01-470 3GE Collection on Economics: Econometrics.
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680959581/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Provide the reader with a steady conceptual and empirical understanding of basic information-theoretic econometric models and methods. The applied econometric methods emphasized in this book are user-friendly and relevant for many areas of contemporary social science. The book is also well suitable for self-study and can be recommended to everybody who is in need to quickly acquire the basics of the field.
SC01-470 3GE Collection on Economics: Economic Behavior.
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680959598/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover This book explains why moral beliefs can and likely do play an important role in the development and operation of market economies. This book presents studies that deal with economic behavior, both at the macro and micro level. Explores how social and psychological factors, such as instinctual behavior patterns, social pressure, and mental framing, can dramatically affect our day-today decision making and financial choices.
SC01-470 3GE Collection on Economics: Economic Policy and Growth.
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680959604/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover This text examines how contemporary global economic policies are made - by which institutions, under what ideologies, & how they are enforced. Covers theories of economic growth, the empirics of economic growth, and growth policies and mechanisms. This book is aimed at students' dealing with course in both micro and macroeconomics.
SC01-470 3GE Collection on Economics: Emerging Economies.
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680959611/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover The aim is to provide a developmental roadmap that can be tailored and sequenced to each country's situation and timing. Evaluate capital control and capital account liberalization choices facing policymakers in emerging market economies. This book will be invaluable to academics and students of economics and emerging economies, as well as to business people seeking information on economic development.
SC01-470 Economics of Retailing and Distribution.
  Jagat Prirayani/ 9781773610153/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover The writing of this book is based on the major economic principles. The major economic methodologies and literature has been put into use in the book making them relevant in giving explanations to a vast number of issues in retailing and distribution. An attempt has been made to handle individual topics in the book independently and in an ascending order; from simple to complex, giving the learner friendly and convenient approaches to the major content in the book. The main purpose of this book is to highlight the existing segments in the retail industry and provide explanations to some of the niches.
SC01-470 Behavioral Economics.
  Jagat Prirayani/ 9781773610283/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover This book illustrates appropriately the wide reach of these fields. Studies of key issues in politics, business, negotiations, psychology, networks and auctions are all packed in this book; the most pernicious health issues we face today are examined through a behavioral economic lens. This book of Behavioral Economics will be of interest to a broad range of students and professionals concerned with health behavior, including researchers, clinicians, and individuals who want to grasp knowledge of this dynamic field.
SC01-470 Econometric Modeling and Forecasting.
  Jagat Prirayani/ 9781773612591/ Price:US$ 160.00
This book serves as a reference guide to econometrics modelling and forecasting, with a vision to help and guide completely on how to structure a forecasting problem so that alternative forecasting methods can be designed and evaluated efficiently. The book takes readers through a variety of forecasting methods, with a strong discussion on their strengths and weaknesses, and an analysis on how to use them efficiently. It has been written with the objective of helping the readers/researchers select the most appropriate method for a given forecasting problem.
SC01-469 The Adventures of a Modern Renaissance Academic in Investing and Gambling.
  William T Ziemba/ 9789813148291/ Price:US$ 38.95
A Happy Future Is a Thing of the Past: The Greek Crisis and Other Disasters
  Pavlos Roufos/ 9781780239859/ Price:£ 14.95
Book Cover Since 2010 Greece’s social and economic conditions have been irreversibly transformed, a result of austerity measures imposed by the European troika and successive Greek governments. These stringent restructuring programmes were intended to make it possible for Greece to avoid default and improve its debt position, and to reconfigure its economy to escape forever the burden of past structural deficiencies. Eight years later, none of these targets have been met. If the programmes were doomed to fail from the start, as many claim, what were the real objectives of such devastating austerity? Pavlos Roufos answers this key question by setting the story in its historical context. Analysing the creation of the Eurozone, its ‘glorious’ years, and today’s threat to its existence, he locates the development and management of the Greek crisis in terms of both the particularities of Greek society and economy and the overall architecture of the monetary union. He also illuminates the social movements that emerged in Greece in response to the crisis, focusing on what both the crisis managers and many of their critics presented as a given: that a happy future is a thing of the past.
Ecological Economics
  C.M. van der Heide/ 9789086863204/ Price:EUR 44.00
The aim of this book is to provide students with knowledge and an understanding of economic science and to offer them a mindset for tackling the important ecological issues of our time. The book demonstrates that economic theories are sometimes part of an ecological problem but can also offer valuable insights in the search for a solution. The textbook is intended for use on ecology courses at institutes for professional education and on science courses. 'A strange combination at first glance but, having read this book, I am convinced of the inextricable link between ecology and economics. This book is an eye-opener not just for professional and science students but also for policymakers and land managers. My interest increased with every page and my knowledge about the interfaces and connections between two interesting disciplines grew considerably.
VSC01-002 Routledge Handbook of Ecological Economics: Nature and Society
  Spash, Clive L./ 9781138931510/ Price:£ 170.00
Book Cover This handbook, edited by a leading figure in the field, demonstrates the dynamism of ecological economics in a wide-ranging collection of state-of-the-art essays. Containing contributions from an array of international researchers who are pushing the boundaries of the field, the Routledge Handbook of Ecological Economics showcases the diversity of the field and points the way forward. A critical analytical perspective is combined with realism about how economic systems operate and their essential connection to the natural world and society. This provides a rich understanding of how biophysical reality relates to and integrates with social reality. Chapters provide succinct overviews of the literature covering a range of subject areas including: heterodox thought on the environment; society, power and politics, markets and consumption; value and ethics; science and society; methods for evaluation and policy analysis; policy challenges; and the future post-growth society. The rich contents dispel the myth of there being no alternatives to current economic thought and the political economy it supports. The Routledge Handbook of Ecological Economics provides a guide to the literature on ecological economics in an informative and easily accessible form. It is essential reading for those interested in exploring and understanding the interactions between the social, ecological and economic and is an important resource for those interested in fields such as: human ecology, political ecology, environmental politics, human geography, environmental management, environmental evaluation, future and transition studies, environmental policy, development studies and heterodox economics.
VSC01-002 The Routledge Handbook of the Political Economy of Science
  Tyfield, David/ 9781138922983/ Price:£ 170.00
Book Cover The political economy of research and innovation (R&I) is one of the central issues of the early twenty-first century. ‘Science’ and ‘innovation’ are increasingly tasked with driving and reshaping a troubled global economy while also tackling multiple, overlapping global challenges, such as climate change or food security, global pandemics or energy security. But responding to these demands is made more complicated because R&I themselves are changing. Today, new global patterns of R&I are transforming the very structures, institutions and processes of science and innovation, and with it their claims about desirable futures. Our understanding of R&I needs to change accordingly. Responding to this new urgency and uncertainty, this handbook presents a pioneering selection of the growing body of literature that has emerged in recent years at the intersection of science and technology studies and political economy. The central task for this research has been to expose important but consequential misconceptions about the political economy of R&I and to build more insightful approaches. This volume therefore explores the complex interrelations between R&I (both in general and in specific fields) and political economies across a number of key dimensions from health to environment, and universities to the military. The Routledge Handbook of the Political Economy of Science offers a unique collection of texts across a range of issues in this burgeoning and important field from a global selection of top scholars. The handbook is essential reading for students interested in the political economy of science, technology and innovation. It also presents succinct and insightful summaries of the state of the art for more advanced scholars.
VSC01-002 Routledge Handbook of Marxian Economics
  Brennan, David M./ 9781138774933/ Price:£ 180.00
Book Cover Most developed economies are characterized by high levels of inequality and an inability to provide stability or opportunity for many of their citizens. Mainstream economics has proven to be of little assistance in addressing these systemic failures, and this has led both scholars and students to seek alternatives. One such alternative is provided by Marxian economics. In recent decades the field has seen tremendous theoretical development and Marxian perspectives have begun to appear in public discourse in unprecedented ways. This handbook contains thirty-seven original essays from a wide range of leading international scholars, recognized for their expertise in different areas of Marxian economics. Its scope is broad, ranging from contributions on familiar Marxist concepts such as value theory, the labor process, accumulation, crisis and socialism, to others not always associated with the Marxian canon, like feminism, ecology, international migration and epistemology. This breadth of coverage reflects the development of Marxian economic and social theory, and encompasses both the history and the frontiers of current scholarship. This handbook provides an extensive statement of the current shape and future direction of Marxian economics. The Routledge Handbook of Marxian Economics is an invaluable resource for students, researchers and policy makers seeking guidance in this field. It is designed to serve both as a reference work and as a supplementary text for classroom use, with applications for courses in economics, sociology, political science, management, anthropology, development studies, philosophy and history.
VSC01-001 Routledge Handbook of Social and Sustainable Finance
  Lehner, Othmar M./ 9781138777545/ Price:£ 155.00
Book Cover Routledge Handbook of Social and Sustainable Finance brings together an international cast of leading authorities to map out and display the disparate voices, traditions and professional communities engaged in social finance activity. With a clear societal or environmental mission, foundations, individual and group investors, as well as public bodies around the world have become increasingly eager to finance and support innovative forms of doing business. Together, founders and established businesses alike are embracing new sustainable business models with a distinct stakeholder approach to tackle social or environmental problems in what they see as a failed economic system in crisis. As a result, the topic of social and sustainable finance is at the forefront of financial economic thought. This Handbook is divided up into three parts. The first, "The Landscape of Social and Sustainable Finance and Investments", comprises of chapters from a multitude of perspectives in an effort to grasp the entirety of the landscape. The second, "Challenges, Suggestions, Critiques and Debates", focuses on areas ranging from sociological underpinnings to critical takes on markets, and the identification of specialized business models. Amongst ethical considerations, topics include the scaling of impact, an analysis of sustainability as risk prevention and comparative analyses of various methods of justification and measurement. In the third and final section, "Markets and Institutions", contributions range from various perspectives on sustainable banking to environmental marketplaces, and finally on to practical cases and country specific observations. This volume is essential reading for both academics and students in economics and finance. It is also of interest to those who study environmental economics, microeconomics and banking.
VSC01-001 Routledge Handbook of Behavioral Economics
  Frantz, Roger/ 9781138821149/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover There is no doubt that behavioral economics is becoming a dominant lens through which we think about economics. Behavioral economics is not a single school of thought but representative of a range of approaches, and uniquely, this volume presents an overview of them. The wide spectrum of international contributors each provides an exploration of a central approach, aspect or topic in behavorial economics. Taken together, the whole volume provides a comprehensive overview of the subject which considers both key developments and future possibilities. Part One presents several different approaches to behavioural economics, including George Katona, Ken Boulding, Harvey Leibenstein, Vernon Smith, Herbert Simon, Gerd Gigerenzer, Daniel Kahneman, and Richard Thaler. This section looks at the origins and development of behavioral economics and compares and contrasts the work of these scholars who have been so influential in making this area so prominent. Part Two presents applications of behavioural economics including nudging; heuristics; emotions and morality; behavioural political economy, education, and economic innovation. The Routledge Handbook of Behavioral Economics is ideal for advanced economics students and faculty who are looking for a complete state-of-the-art overview of this dynamic field.
VSC01-001 The Routledge Companion to Banking Regulation and Reform
  Erturk, Ismail/ 9780415855938/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The Routledge Companion to Banking Regulation and Reform provides a prestigious cutting edge international reference work offering students, researchers and policy makers a comprehensive guide to the paradigm shift in banking studies since the historic financial crisis in 2007. The transformation in banking over the last two decades has not been authoritatively and critically analysed by the mainstream academic literature. This unique collection brings together a multi-disciplinary group of leading authorities in the field to analyse and investigate post-crisis regulation and reform. Representing the wide spectrum of non-mainstream economics and finance, topics range widely from financial innovation to misconduct in banking, varieties of Eurozone banking to reforming dysfunctional global banking as well as topical issues such as off-shore financial centres, Libor fixing, corporate governance and the Dodd-Frank Act. Bringing together an authoritative range of international experts and perspectives, this invaluable body of heterodox research work provides a comprehensive compendium for researchers and academics of banking and finance as well as regulators and policy makers concerned with the global impact of financial institutions.
VSC01-001 Routledge Handbook of Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies
  Williams, Colin C./ 9781138849143/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The Routledge Handbook of Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies is a landmark volume that offers a uniquely comprehensive overview of entrepreneurship in developing countries. Addressing the multi-faceted nature of entrepreneurship, chapters explore a vast range of subject areas including education, economic policy, gender and the prevalence and nature of informal sector entrepreneurship. In order to understand the process of new venture creation in developing economies, what it means to be engaged in entrepreneurship in a developing world context must be addressed. This handbook does so by exploring the difficulties, risks and rewards associated with being an entrepreneur, and evaluates the impacts of the environment, relationships, performance and policy dynamics on small and entrepreneurial firms in developing economies. The handbook brings together a unique collection of over forty international researchers who are all actively engaged in studying entrepreneurship in a developing world context. The chapters offer concise but detailed perspectives and explanations on key aspects of the subject across a diverse array of developing economies, spanning Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. In doing so, the chapters highlight the heterogeneity of entrepreneurship in developed economies, and contribute to the on-going policy discourses for managing and promoting entrepreneurial growth in the developing world. The book will be of great interest to scholars, students and policymakers in the areas of development economics, business and management, public policy and development studies.
VC01-189 Technological Integration as a Catalyst for Industrial Development and Economic Growth
  Christiansen, Bryan/ 9781522523192/ Price:US$ 185.00
Book Cover The ubiquity of new technologies has led to significant developments across the globe. By utilizing the latest available innovations, countries can optimize their industrial and economic infrastructures. Technological Integration as a Catalyst for Industrial Development and Economic Growth is a pivotal reference source for emerging academic research on the diffusion of new information and communication technologies for social progress. Highlighting a comprehensive range of topics such as financial inclusion, manufacturing, and workforce development, this book is ideally designed for academics, professionals, policy makers, graduate students, and practitioners interested in economic and social developments. Topics Covered •Electronic Government •Entrepreneurship •Financial Inclusion •Human Capital •Manufacturing •Mobile Technologies •Total Factor Productivity •Workforce Development
VC01-188 Handbook of Research on Economic, Financial, and Industrial Impacts on Infrastructure Development
  Das, Ramesh Chandra/ 9781522523611/ Price:US$ 230.00
Book Cover The infrastructure of a country has significant effects on both the lives of its citizens and its place in international markets. As such, it is imperative to develop policies to promote the quality of a nation’s infrastructure. The Handbook of Research on Economic, Financial, and Industrial Impacts on Infrastructure Development is a pivotal reference source for the latest scholarly research on various initiatives and policies developed to enhance the current infrastructure of modern nations. Including the role of economics, finance, and multiple industry perspectives, this book covers a range of pertinent topics such as R&D initiatives, foreign direct investment, and trade liberalization, and this publication is an ideal reference source for researchers, academics, practitioners, and students interested in recent trends in infrastructure development. Topics Covered •Critical Infrastructure •Foreign Direct Investment •Internet Usage •R&D Initiatives •Road Transportation •Tourism Development •Trade Liberalization
VC01-187 Handbook of Research on Policies and Practices for Sustainable Economic Growth and Regional Development
  Korres, George M./ 9781522524588/ Price:US$ 255.00
Book Cover New developments in socio-economics aid in increased productivity of manufacturing. These advances result in long-term improvement of competitiveness and innovation. The Handbook of Research on Policies and Practices for Sustainable Economic Growth and Regional Development is an essential reference publication for the latest scholarly information on the role of socio-economics in sustainable development initiatives. Featuring coverage on a variety of topics and perspectives including social economy innovation, cultural management, and social networking, this publication is ideally designed for researchers, policy makers, and academicians seeking current research on different determining factors of social consequences resulting from economic crisis. Topics Covered •Cultural Management •Economic Geography •Functional Urban Regions •Local Democracy •Non-Governmental Organizations •Social Economy Innovation •Social Networking •Sociology •Spatial Planning
VC01-186 Social, Health, and Environmental Infrastructures for Economic Growth
  Das, Ramesh Chandra/ 9781522523642/ Price:US$ 200.00
Book Cover The development of any contemporary economy is affected by numerous factors. By creating stable infrastructures, countries can more easily thrive in competitive international markets. Social, Health, and Environmental Infrastructures for Economic Growth is a comprehensive source of academic material that examines the impact of infrastructure development on modern economies. Highlighting relevant perspectives on topics such as employment, rural development, and energy production, this is an ideal reference source for researchers, students, professionals, practitioners, and policy makers interested in the social, health, and environmental infrastructures in contemporary economies. Topics Covered •Consumer Durables •Employment •Energy Production Consumption •Healthcare Administration •Rural Development •Urbanization •Women Empowerment
VC01-185 Transcontinental Strategies for Industrial Development and Economic Growth
  Christiansen, Bryan/ 9781522521600/ Price:US$ 205.00
Book Cover In contemporary society, it is vital for countries to consistently seek new ways to provide stable growth for their increasing populations. As such, it is important to stay on top of the most current strategies and trends that promote strong industrial and economic development. Transcontinental Strategies for Industrial Development and Economic Growth provides a comprehensive examination of the latest strategies and techniques for growing and maintaining an economically-sound community. Highlighting innovative research on relevant topics such as budget preparation processes, management philosophies, and global competitiveness, this publication is an ideal resource for all professionals, practitioners, business owners, and researchers who are seeking advanced academic perspectives on strategies for industrial development and economic growth. Topics Covered •Central Administration •Credit Default •Cross-Cultural Collaboration •Digital Economy •E-Business •Entrepreneurship •Global Competitiveness •Higher Education •Lender Protection •Management Philosophies
VC01-182 Latin American Economics, 4-Vols/Set.
  Sawyer, W. Charles/ 9781138901605/ Price:£ 995.00
Book Cover Until fairly recently, many economists looked at Latin America with horror and dismay. Burdened by debt, and ravaged by hyperinflation and unemployment, it was often characterized as a financial disaster zone. Even now, many commentators consider that this resource-rich part of the world underperforms in comparison with other emerging economies. And how to explain stark differences within the area, such as the poor growth rates of the Atlantic-facing countries of Venezuela, Brazil, and Argentina compared with the Pacific Alliance? More precisely, how do the various Latin American economies function? And what are the future prospects for the region? As serious research on and around Latin American economics continues to blossom, this new title from Routledge’s Critical Concepts in Economics series addresses these and other questions. In four volumes, the collection provides a much-needed compendium of foundational and the very best cutting-edge scholarship. Latin American Economics is fully indexed and has a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editor, which places the collected material in its historical and intellectual context. It is an essential work of reference and is destined to be valued by scholars and students as a vital one-stop research and pedagogic resource.
VC01-181 Maritime Economics, 4-Vols/Set.
  Talley, Wayne/ 9781138938595/ Price:£ 940.00
Book Cover iven that commercial shipping has been undertaken for over five thousand years, it is perhaps unsurprising that Maritime Economics is a well-established and flourishing area of research and study. Now, a new four-volume collection from Routledge’s Critical Concepts in Economics series answers the growing need for an authoritative reference work to enable users to make better sense of its voluminous literature. Indeed, the sheer scale of the research output—and the breadth of the field—makes this anthology especially welcome. It provides a one-stop collection of classic and contemporary contributions to facilitate ready access to the most influential and important scholarship from a wide range of perspectives. Maritime Economics is edited by Wayne K. Talley, a leading scholar in the field, and includes a comprehensive introduction which places the collected material in its historical and intellectual context. This essential collection is destined to be valued by advanced students and researchers of Economics, Maritime Studies, Marine Technology, and International Business and Trade as a vital one-stop resource.
VC01-180 Outward Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Emerging Market Economies
  Dorozynski, Tomasz/ 9781522523451/ Price:US$ 210.00
Book Cover The role of foreign direct investment initiatives is pivotal to effective enterprise development. This is particularly vital to emerging economies that are building their presence in international business markets. Outward Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Emerging Market Economies is a comprehensive source of academic material on the progressive impact of investment opportunities in the context of developing nations. Highlighting pivotal research perspectives on topics such as trade, sourcing strategies, and corporate social responsibility, this book is ideally designed for academics, practitioners, graduate students, and professionals interested in the economic performance of emerging markets. Topics Covered •Corporate Social Responsibility •Governance •Political Economy •Post-Transition Economies •Sourcing Strategies •State-Owned Enterprises •Trade
VC01-179 Method of Systems Potential (MSP) Applications in Economics: Emerging Research and Opportunities
  Pushnoi, Grigorii/ 9781522521709/ Price:US$ 135.00
Book Cover Modeling techniques provide ample opportunities for progress across numerous fields. When analyzing complex systems, new methods allow for a deeper understanding of system dynamics. Method of Systems Potential (MSP) Applications in Economics: Emerging Research and Opportunities is an innovative source of academic research that examines the Method of Systems Potential for complex systems analysis in economical contexts. Highlighting critical perspectives on topics such as system efficiency, adaptive algorithms, and variable parameters, this book is ideally designed for researchers, academics, graduate students, and practitioners interested in the latest uses and applications of modeling techniques. Topics Covered •Adaptive Algorithms •Complex Adaptive Systems •Economic Crisis and Depression •Economic Modelling •Economic Productivity •System Efficiency •Variable Parameters
VC01-178 Measuring Sustainable Development and Green Investments in Contemporary Economies
  Mieila, Mihai/ 9781522520818/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Sustainability is becoming an increasingly urgent factor in all areas of life, and its effect on contemporary economies can be vast. Sustainable development can truly propel modern economies forward, and it is important to study the impacts of such progress. Measuring Sustainable Development and Green Investments in Contemporary Economies provides an authoritative look at how green investments are shaping global economies. Highlighting emerging topics such as socio-economic systems, green performance strategies, forest ecosystems, and food security, this is a detailed reference resource for all practitioners, academicians, graduate students, and researchers interested in discovering more about the impact of sustainable development on modern economies. Topics Covered •Food Security •Forest Ecosystems •Green Performance Strategies •Manufacturing Systems •Microfinance •Socio-Economic Systems
VC01-177 Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Investments in the Green Economy
  Vasile, Andrei Jean/ 9781522520757/ Price:US$ 185.00
Book Cover The protection of the environment and economic growth are two important aspects of modern sustainability initiatives. By placing these two together, a competitive advantage is developed by utilizing green factors with investing. Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Investments in the Green Economy is an essential reference publication for the latest research on green entrepreneurship and its impacts on investment activity within sustainable development and competitive markets. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics and perspectives such as contemporary enterprises, global feeding, and waste management, this book is ideally designed for practitioners, students, and academicians seeking current research on green entrepreneurship and investments. Table of Contents •Contemporary Enterprises •Cosmetics Industry •Externalities •Game Theory •Global Feeding •Green Airports •Green Marketing •Sustainable Enterprise •Waste Management
VC01-176 Business Infrastructure for Sustainability in Developing Economies
  Ray, Nilanjan/ 9781522520412/ Price:US$ 190.00
Book Cover Economic growth is one of the primary goals for all countries. There are many factors that contribute to a healthy and stable economy, and studying these emerging methods and techniques can aid in creating sustainable economic growth. Business Infrastructure for Sustainability in Developing Economies is a comprehensive reference source filled with informative discussions on the socio-economic expansion of developing nations. Featuring dynamic topics such as supply chain management, foreign trade deficits, service quality, and sustainable energy solutions, this book is an ideal resource for business managers, practitioners, professionals, and researchers who are interested in discovering the most recent trends and solutions in sustainable economic growth. Table of Contents •Digital Platforms •Employment and Skills Training •Foreign Deficits •Service Quality •Supply Chain Management •Sustainable Tourism •Working Capital
VC01-175 Value Relevance of Accounting Information in Capital Markets
  Ojo, Marianne/ 9781522519003/ Price:US$ 205.00
Book Cover Among banking industries and insurance and security sectors, systemic risk and information uncertainty can generate negative consequences. By developing solutions to address such issues, financial regulation initiatives can be optimized. Value Relevance of Accounting Information in Capital Markets is an essential reference source for the latest scholarly research on the importance of information asymmetries and uncertainties and their effects on the overall regulation of financial industries. Featuring extensive coverage on a wide range of perspectives, such as financial reporting standards, investor confidence, and capital flows, this publication is ideally designed for professionals, accountants, and academics seeking current research on the effects of the underlying elements in investing. Topics Covered •Audit Expectations Gap (AEG) •Capital Flows •Commodity Pricing •Corporate Social Responsibility •Financial Reporting Standards •Foreign Direct Investment •Global Financial Markets •Investor Confidence
VC01-174 Handbook of Research on Unemployment and Labor Market Sustainability in the Era of Globalization
  Yenilmez, Fusun/ 9781522520085/ Price:US$ 245.00
Book Cover The effective utilization of available resources is a pivotal factor for production levels in modern business environments. However, when resources are limited or in excess, this effects organizational success, as well as the labor market. The Handbook of Research on Unemployment and Labor Market Sustainability in the Era of Globalization is a comprehensive reference source for the latest scholarly research on the socio-economic dynamics of unemployment and the development of new policies to assist in regulating the global labor market. Highlighting innovative approaches and relevant perspectives, such as outsourcing, trade openness, and employment protection, this publication is ideally designed for policy makers, professionals, practitioners, graduate students, and academics interested in emerging trends for labor market development. Topics Covered •Employment Protection •Entrepreneurship •Macroeconomics •Modern Slavery •Outsourcing •Trade Openness •Women in the Workforce •Workforce Management •Youth Unemployment
VC01-173 Examining the Role of National Promotional Banks in the European Economy: Emerging Research and Opportunities
  Boitan, Iustina Alina/ 9781522518457/ Price:US$ 120.00
Book Cover Banking entities have significant involvement and impact on the structure of a nation’s economy. By utilizing the proper strategies and available data, banks can act as an effective financial instrument for economic enhancement. Examining the Role of National Promotional Banks in the European Economy: Global Insights and Implications is a pivotal reference source for the latest perspectives on the performance and evaluation of National Promotional Banks (NPBs) within European economic contexts and their impact on social welfare. Featuring relevant coverage across innovative topics, such as funding, productivity, and financial structure indicators, this publication is ideally designed for professionals, academics, graduate students, and practitioners seeking investigations on the European NPB business model. Topics Covered •Bank Funding •Cluster Analysis •Efficiency and Productivity •Financial Performance •Financial Structure Indicators •Nonparametric Estimations •Small and Medium Enterprises
VC01-172 Applied Behavioral Economics Research and Trends
  Ianole, Rodica/ 9781522518266/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Interdisciplinary factors in the modern business realm have significant impacts on economic agents within organizations. These behavioral influences affect multiple decision-making processes on both the individual and organizational levels. Applied Behavioral Economics Research and Trends provides a comprehensive examination of the social, psychological, and emotional factors in organizational behavior and economic decision-making and how these issues provide a deeper understanding of various economic behaviors. Highlighting relevant coverage across a range of topics, such as consumer behavior, inter-temporal choices, and self-employment, this book is ideally designed for managers, researchers, professionals, graduate students, and practitioners seeking scholarly material on the implications of behavioral economics across numerous industries. Topics Covered •Consumer Behavior •Healthcare Systems •Inflation Rates •Inter-Temporal Choices •Retail Environments •Rural Tourism Industry •Self-Employment •Tax Evasion
VC01-171 Tools and Techniques for Economic Decision Analysis
  Stankovic, Jelena/ 9781522509592/ Price:US$ 205.00
Book Cover The success of any business relies heavily on the evaluation and improvement on current strategies and processes. Such progress can be facilitated by implementing more effective decision-making systems. Tools and Techniques for Economic Decision Analysis provides a thorough overview of decision models and methodologies in the context of business economics. Highlighting a variety of relevant issues on finance, economic policy, and firms and networks, this book is an ideal reference source for managers, professionals, students, and academics interested in emerging developments for decision analysis. Topics Covered •Crisis Management •Labor Markets •Portfolio Management •Prudential Supervision •Risk Management •Social Capital Measurement •World Governance Indicators
VC01-169 Information Technology Integration for Socio-Economic Development
  Tossy, Titus/ 9781522505396/ Price:US$ 200.00
Book Cover As the developed world continues to become more digitized, lesser developed areas are starting to see more technological advancements being integrated into their society. These advancements are creating opportunities to improve both the economy and the lives of people within these areas. Information Technology Integration for Socio-Economic Development features theoretical concepts and best practices in the implementation of new technologies within developing areas around the world. Highlighting empirical research on the application of information technologies to bridge the digital divide within different countries, the book is ideally suited for technology developers, managers, and policy makers. Topics Covered •Agricultural Development •Big Data Analytics •Classic Grounded Theory •Developing Countries •E-Commerce •E-Learning Adoption •Sustainability
VC01-157 The Russian Economy, 4-Vols/Set.
  Fortescue, Stephen/ 9781138961944/ Price:£ 995.00
Book Cover As Russia aggressively tries to regain the status of a ‘Great Power’, whether it has the economic capacity to do so has become a matter of enormous topical importance, not just for those with a long-standing professional interest in the Russian economy, but also for a wider range of economists, political scientists, and foreign-policy specialists who need to understand the workings of this major—if somewhat unusual—state. Moreover, to determine if Russia can meet and sustain its apparent ambitions requires a knowledge not just of its current economic circumstances, but also of its economic past. What, if any, is the legacy of the Soviet period? How did Russia approach the transition from central planning to a market-type economy (a question which is relevant not just to our understanding of Russia itself, but also of transitional, emerging, and developing countries more generally)? And, leaving aside its Great Power ambitions, does the contemporary Russian economy possess the resources, structures, and policies to enable it to achieve and sustain even a viable society? As serious research on and around the Russian economy continues to blossom, this new title from Routledge’s Critical Concepts in Economics series addresses these and other questions. In four volumes, the collection provides a much-needed compendium of foundational and the very best cutting-edge scholarship. It brings together the most informative and influential major works on the Soviet economy, Russia’s early post-Soviet transition experiences, and its continuing economic successes and failures. The Russian Economy is fully indexed and has a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editor, which places the collected material in its historical and intellectual context. It is an essential work of reference and is destined to be valued by scholars, students, and policymakers as a vital one-stop research and pedagogic resource.
VC01-153 The Economics of Nudge, 4-Vols/Set.
  Sunstein, Cass/ 9781138938533/ Price:£ 940.00
Book Cover Proponents of ‘nudge theory’ argue that, because of our human susceptibility to an array of biases, we often make subprime choices and decisions that make us poorer, less healthy, and more miserable than we might otherwise be. However, using behavioural economics—and insights from other disciplines—they suggest that apparently small and subtle solutions (or ‘nudges’) can lead to disproportionately beneficial outcomes without unduly restricting our freedom of choice. Indeed, the apparently virtuous—and cost-effective—possibilities of nudge theory has led to its enthusiastic adoption by adherents in the highest echelons of government and business, and ‘nudge units’ (such as the Behavioural Insights Team in the British Cabinet Office) have been established in the UK, the United States, and Australia. While far from uncontroversial (some critics have questioned its ethical implications and dismissed many of its practical applications as short-term, politically motivated initiatives based on flimsy evidence), in recent years there has been an astonishing growth in scholarly output about and around the economics of nudge. And now, while the hybrid field continues to flourish, Routledge announces a new four-volume collection to provide users with a much-needed compendium of foundational and the very best cutting-edge scholarship. The collection is co-edited by Cass R. Sunstein (Robert Walmsley University Professor at Harvard), the co-author (with Richard Thaler) of the pioneering Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness (2008), and Lucia Reisch of the Copenhagen Business School. The Economics of Nudge is fully indexed and has a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editors, which places the collected material in its historical and intellectual context. It is an essential work of reference and is destined to be valued by scholars, students, and policymakers as a vital resource.
SC01-479 Modern Monetary Theory and European Macroeconomics
  Dirk H. Ehnts/ 9781138654778/ Price:£ 82.99
SC01-475 Decent Work: Concept, Theory and Measurement
  Nausheen Nizami/ 9789811021930/ Price:EUR 119.99
SC01-467 Towards Just and Sustainable Economies: The Social and Solidarity Economy North and South.
  North, Peter/ 9781447327226/ Price:£ 75.00
Book Cover With capitalism in crisis - rising inequality, unsustainable resource depletion and climate change all demanding a new economic model - the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) has been suggested as an alternative. What can contribute in terms of generating livelihoods that provide a dignified life, meeting of social needs and building of sustainable futures? What can activists in both the global North and South learn from each other? In this volume academics from a range of disciplines and from a number of European and Latin American countries come together to question what it means to have a 'sustainable society' and to ask what role these alternative economies can play in developing convivial, humane and resilient societies, raising some challenging questions for policy-makers and citizens alike.
SC01-467 Did the Millennium Development Goals work?: Meeting Future Challenges with Past Lessons.
  Besada, Hany/ 9781447335702/ Price:£ 80.00
Book Cover With the target date for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) behind us, this book asks did they work? And what happens next? Arguing that to effectively look forward, we must first look back, the editors of this insightful book gather leading scholars and practitioners from a range of backgrounds and regions to provide an in-depth exploration of the MDG project and its impact. Contributors use region-specific case studies to explore the effectiveness of the MDGs in addressing the root causes of poverty, including resource geographies, early childhood development and education, women’s rights and disability rights as well as the impact of the global financial crisis and Arab Spring on MDG attainment. Providing a critical assessment that seeks to inform future policy decisions, the book will be valuable to those working in the development community as well as to academics and students of international development, international relations and development economics.
SC01-467 Creative Destruction: How to Start an Economic Renaissance.
  Mullan, Phil/ 9781447336112/ Price:£ 12.99
Book Cover Western economies have become stuck in a protracted depression that began long before the 2008 crash. Low productivity, which started in the 1970s, has prevented durable rises in living standards. Phil Mullan shows that the only way to ensure a better future is to create one, calling for a comprehensive economic restructure backed by political and cultural change. This means embracing the uncomfortable disruption involved in progressive change, rekindling in democratic form a spirit of Enlightenment thinking. The votes for Brexit and in the US presidential elections in 2016 indicate that many people desire change, offering greater opportunity for this public discussion. What is needed is a new industrial revolution which develops a broad range of emerging and yet unimagined services and products, provides decent jobs and restores prosperity. Providing examples of the new technologies needed to drive change, backed up by a wealth of data, this important book calls for a sea-change in imagination and thinking.
SC01-467 Space and Economics: An Introduction to Regional Economics.
  Heijman, W. J. M./ 9789086863044/ Price:EUR 55.00
Book Cover The subject area Regional Economics has become topical. This means that in economic analyses the production factor 'space' is of increasing importance. This study book aims to integrate space in the area of General Economics in an analytical way. Models and their applications play a major role in the book's approach. The subject of regional economics contains two broad fields. The first is the theory of location, including the basic principles of the economic theory of land use, which has a microeconomic character. The second subject is regional economic development, including spatial equilibrium theory, which is mainly macroeconomic in nature. In the book, both fields will be elaborated in detail. Basic principles of economics are included as background information in order to study the more advanced subjects addressed in the book. Another important feature of the book is its European character which is rather unique. In fact the majority of the applications here are from Europe. Regional statistical data and maps available in Eurostat have been used. The spreadsheet programme Excel is used as a convenient tool for the computation of model results. The description of major applications of Excel is included in the book, which makes it self-contained.
GC01-24-5 Encyclopedia of Small Business, 2-Vols/Set.
  / 9781414420318/ Price:US$ 799.00
Book Cover This convenient and extensive print reference source is designed to provide entrepreneurs with how-to information that they can apply to their own business. Encyclopedia Of Small Business is now fully revised and expanded with new topic coverage to reflect the most current small Encyclopedia Of Small Business contains detailed overviews of all of the key information needs of small business users!
GC01-107 Blue Book of China's Commercial Sector (2016-17)
  Fung Business Intelligence/ 9789814763943/ Price:US$ 150.00
While the story of China's fast economic development is often told in terms of manufacturing, exports, finance, and real estate, this book provides the ultimate guided tour into another engine room of growth-the commercial sector. The biennial publication, Blue Book of China s Commercial Sector (2016-17), now in its sixth edition, off?ers the single most authoritative account of those trends and issues re-shaping China's commercial landscape, from retailing, wholesale/distribution and logistics to catering and urban development. The National Academy of Economic Strategy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing partners with Hong Kong-based Fung Business Intelligence in providing a timely, detailed analysis of China's commercial sector at the start of the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20). They explore and map the impacts of two developments integral to the plan: China's ongoing transition to a 'new normal' of economic growth that is slower but of higher quality, and the rise of new technologies and business models that are driving an e-commerce boom unlike that seen in any other large economy. These are among the many reasons why the Blue Book of China s Commercial Sector (2016-17)is an essential resource for businesses, analysts, scholars, and governments alike.
Chasing Subprime Credit:How China's Fintech Sector Is Thriving
  Joe Zhang/ 9781623201722/ Price:US$ 34.90
In China, credit is booming, so is subprime credit. Instead of disrupting the banks, fintech is energizing the subprime credit sector while helping the banks. It is a chaotic scene, causing headaches to the government and much harm to investors and borrowers alike. The regulatory stance is full of intrigue. But things are not all negative. If fintech can enable all subprime borrowers to access credit cheaply, safely, and cost-effectively, all the chaos and trouble will have been worthwhile. For decades, China’s subprime sector has been the plumber for the banks. Fintech is now adding some sharp tools. If the two can work together well, the banks will be much safer, and more profitable. This book explains how the major players are doing it, and why there are risks and rewards for us all.
Living Value Investing The Story of Cheah Cheng Hye
  Tony Tsoi/ 9781623201609/ Price:US$ 39.90
From reporter to analyst, from analyst to fund manager, and from fund manager to entrepreneur. Cheah Cheng Hye, co-founder of Value Partners, has come a long way towards being anointed Hong Kong’s “Gold-finger of the Market,” a well-deserved title for leading the only public asset management firm in the city well-known for its commitment to a value investing philosophy. Having previously penned the Money Masters series, Tony Tsoi returns with a new work based on the story of Cheah Cheng Hye and Value Partners, giving readers a fresh perspective on how value investing remains very much alive — and wildly successful — in the contemporary financial world.
Hayek vs Keynes: A Battle of Ideas
  Thomas Hoerber/ 9781780237305/ Price:£ 15.00
Book Cover Hayek vs Keynes: A Battle of Ideas offers a clear historical account of the works of the two great totems of modern economic thought: Friedrich Hayek and John Maynard Keynes. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom and Keynes’s The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money were written against a background of devastation following the First World War. Thomas Hoerber explains the historical context in which the books were written and shows how lessons can be drawn for current economic and political phenomena, such as the recent financial crisis, globalization and European integration. He illustrates how classical economic theory as well as a qualitative method in economics can enlighten our understanding of the present economic environment. With a broad European perspective, this book places the two great economic thinkers of the twentieth century in their historical context, and asks what we can learn from their work today.
Insatiable: The Rise and Rise of the Greedocracy
  Stuart Sim/ 9781780237343/ Price:£ 14.99
Book Cover Insatiable exposes the damaging effects of greed in both public and private life, showing how the actions of a socially irresponsible ‘greedocracy’ are systematically undermining our democratic institutions. Ranging across politics, economic theory, the financial world, healthcare, the food industry, sport, religion and the creative arts, it demonstrates how deeply embedded the greed imperative is in human psychology, and suggests various strategies for dealing with it in our daily experience. All of us are capable of being greedy in small, usually insignificant ways, but some of our fellow citizens carry this trait to extremes, including such antisocial behaviour as tax evasion. When the public purse is defrauded, everyone suffers. Greed is all around us, a critical factor of twenty-first-century life: the food industry enthusiastically promotes greed in our eating habits, ignoring the well-attested harm this does to our health prospects; the private medical sector, the norm in most countries, treats its clients primarily as sources of profit; the corporate sector cynically exploits the climate of austerity as an excuse to erode workers’ rights and drive down wages; the wealth gap between the greedocracy and the rest of the population grows exponentially year on year. Insatiable is a wake-up call to recognize the negative influence that greed is having on human relations, and to resist the ever-present temptation to give in to its lure. Greed is a social evil that we must combat wherever we can.
Reforming China's Capital Market: The Future Development Path, 2-vols/set
  Wu Xiaoqiu/ 9781623201081/ Price:US$ 243.00
Book Cover In Reforming China’s Capital Market, Wu Xiaoqiu, forefather of China’s securities theory, examines the most critical issues with this volatile but booming market. This book also offers studies of prominent cases of trading irregularities in China over the past 20 years, as well as suggestions of the regulatory system and the policy orientation for future reforms such as the creation of market watchdogs in order to deter unfair trading practices.
Reforming China s Capital Market: The Future Development Path, Volume 1
  Wu Xiaoqiu/ 9781623201043/ Price:US$ 128.00
Book Cover In Reforming China’s Capital Market, Wu Xiaoqiu, forefather of China’s securities theory, examines the most critical issues with this volatile but booming market. This book also offers studies of prominent cases of trading irregularities in China over the past 20 years, as well as suggestions of the regulatory system and the policy orientation for future reforms such as the creation of market watchdogs in order to deter unfair trading practices.
VSC01-001 Routledge Handbook of the Economics of European Integration.
  Badinger, Harald/ 9780415747707/ Price:£ 170.00
Book Cover The aim of this book is twofold. Firstly, the text illustrates the broad and diverse range of issues associated with European integration, and lastly, the key approaches and findings are summarised. Since institutional integration in Europe is an ongoing process, with possibly frequent and sometimes rapid changes, the chapters are intended to focus on the key features of the economic analyses of these topics. A wide and diverse set of economic issues is of direct relevance for European integration. These topics cover various fields, ranging from the history of the European Economic and Monetary Union, EU Trade Policy and the stability of international trade, single market issues over fiscal, monetary and other policies, the crisis that faces the Euro area, and institutions such as EU Council of Ministers. Not surprisingly, many of these issues have also been analysed from a European perspective. This handbook is designed to provide students, researchers, the public and policy makers with ready and accessible knowledge of issues related to European integration and will provide the definitive overview of research in the area.
VSC01-001 Routledge Handbook of Industry and Development.
  Weiss, John/ 9780415819695/ Price:£ 170.00
Book Cover Industrialisation has been at the forefront of discussion on economic development since the earliest days of development economics. But over the last fifty years, the manufacturing sectors of different countries and regions have grown at strikingly different rates. In 1960 developing countries took a very small share of global manufacturing production. Today the position had changed radically with fast growth of manufacturing in many parts of what was originally the developing world, particularly in China and the rest of East Asia. On the other hand, countries in Africa and parts of Latin America have been largely left behind by this process of industrialisation. This volume aims to illuminate this uneven development and takes stock of the current issues that hinder and support industrialisation in low and middle income economies. This Handbook is a collection of chapters on different aspects of industrialisation experience in a range of countries. Key themes include, the role of manufacturing in growth, the nature of structural change at different stages of development, the role of manufacturing in employment creation, alternative options for trade and industrial policy, the key role of technology and technical change, and the impact of globalisation and the spread of global value chains and foreign direct investment on prospects for industrialisation. Several chapters discuss individual country experiences with examples from India, Mexico, South Africa and Tanzania, as well as an overview of African industrialisation. This authoritative Handbook will be a key reference source for those studying or wishing to understand contemporary economic development. Offering inspiration and direction for future research, this landmark volume will be of crucial importance to all development economics scholars and researchers.
VSC01-001 The Routledge Companion to Network Industries.
  Finger, Matthias/ 9781138782822/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover In recent decades, network industries around the world have gone through periods of de- and re-regulation. With vast amounts of sometimes conflicting research carried out into specific network industries, the time has come for a critical over-arching assessment of this entire industry in order to provide a platform of understanding to aid future research and practice. This comprehensive resource provides an orientation for academics, policy makers and managers as to the main economic, regulatory and commercial challenges in the network industries. The book is split into sections covering market, policy, regulation, management perspectives, whilst all of the key network industries are covered, including energy, transport, water and telecommunications. Overseen by world-class Editors and experts in the field, this inter-disciplinary resource is essential reading for students and researchers in international business, industrial economics and the industries.
VSC01-001 Routledge Handbook of Global Economic History.
  Boldizzoni, Francesco/ 9781138838031/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The Routledge Handbook of Global Economic History documents and interprets the development of economic history as a global discipline from the later nineteenth century to the present day. Exploring the normative and relativistic nature of different schools and traditions of thought, this handbook not only examines current paradigmatic western approaches, but also those conceived in less open societies and in varied economic, political and cultural contexts. In doing so, this book clears the way for greater critical understanding and a more genuinely global approach to economic history. This handbook brings together leading international contributors in order to systematically address cultural and intellectual traditions around the globe. Many of these are exposed for consideration for the first time in English. The chapters explore dominant ideas and historiographical trends, and open them up to critical transnational perspectives. This volume is essential reading for both academics and students in economic and social history. As this field of study is very much a bridge between the social sciences and humanities, the issues examined in the book will also have relevance for those seeking to understand the evolution of other academic disciplines under the pressures of varied economic, political and cultural circumstances, on both national and global scales.
VC01-170 Handbook of Research on Global Indicators of Economic and Political Convergence
  Das, Ramesh Chandra/ 9781522502159/ Price:US$ 345.00
Book Cover The development of a nation can be influenced by a wide range of factors. In the modern era of globalization, under-developed countries must strive to catch up to developed nations and establish themselves in the global market. The Handbook of Research on Global Indicators of Economic and Political Convergence is a pivotal reference source for the latest scholarly research on social, political, and environmental variables that affect the ability of developing countries to reach an equal standing in the global economy. Highlighting theoretical foundations, critical analyses, and real-world perspectives, this book is ideally designed for researchers, analysts, professionals, and upper-level students interested in emerging convergence and divergence trends in modern countries. Topics Covered •Capital Formation •Ethical Corporate Conduct •Food Security •Road Infrastructure •Shelter Deprivation •Sustainability Reporting •Trade Blocks •Transnational Capitalism
VC01-168 Handbook of Research on Green Economic Development Initiatives and Strategies
  Erdogdu, M. Mustafa/ 9781522504405/ Price:US$ 335.00
Book Cover Climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing the world today, as it affects all sectors of life, be it global economics or human rights activism; timely action is required to avoid global catastrophe. Understanding the importance of climate change mitigation, renewable energies, clean technologies, and green development has become necessary for effective leadership. The Handbook of Research on Green Economic Development Initiatives and Strategies provides the necessary information to reduce the climate change vulnerability of socio-economic systems in the most cost-effective manner. This handbook of research is ideal for policy makers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government agencies, businesses, and professionals looking to temper the effects of climate change. Topics Covered •Biodiversity •Energy Efficiency •Global Value Supply Chain •Green Buildings •Green Development •Localized Energy Options •Material Reuse •Regulatory Policies •Renewable Energies •Sustainable Design
VC01-167 Global Perspectives on Trade Integration and Economies in Transition
  Erokhin, Vasily/ 9781522504511/ Price:US$ 210.00
Book Cover In the era of globalization, foreign trade has an immense impact upon modern economies. To succeed in the global marketplace, sustainable development in trade practices is an imperative goal for countries to reach. Global Perspectives on Trade Integration and Economies in Transition is an authoritative reference source for the latest research on the dynamics of transitional economies and how certain obstacles can disrupt the effectiveness of the transition process. Highlighting the value of trade incorporation at the national and international levels, this book is ideally designed for researchers, professionals, government officials, policy makers, and upper-level students interested in the intersection of globalization, trade, and international economics. Topics Covered •Austrian Agriculture •Geopolitical Challenges •International Tourism •Inward Foreign Investments •Outward Foreign Investments •Russian Food Market •Sustainable Rural Development
VC01-166 Handbook of Research on Social Entrepreneurship and Solidarity Economics
  Jose Manuel Saiz-Alvarez/ 9781522500971/ Price:US$ 230.00
Book Cover Education programs in social entrepreneurship helps to create and fill jobs devoted to developing the local economy, which has become a dual transfer strategy by which a virtuous circle occurs between a retrofitted educational system based on social entrepreneurship, and vocational students who are highly entrepreneurial. The Handbook of Research on Social Entrepreneurship and Solidarity Economics focuses on practical experience and theoretical models for popularizing the concept of social entrepreneurship as a critical element of economic growth. Emphasizing the ways in which social entrepreneurship benefits developing regions, small and medium enterprises, and low-income communities, this handbook of research is a pivotal reference source for professionals, academics, and graduate-level students in the fields of economics, business administration, sociology, education, politics, and international relations. Topics Covered •Corporate Social Responsibility •Economic Development •Entrepreneurship Education •Joint Liability Lending •Microfinance •Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) •Social Wealth •Value Creation
VC01-165 Economic Modeling, Analysis, and Policy for Sustainability
  Goswami, Anandajit/ 9781522500940/ Price:US$ 210.00
Book Cover As the global economy continues to grow and change, issues concerning sustainability practices have become more prevalent. The implementation of efficient sustainability procedures offers significant assistance in the development of modern economies. Economic Modeling, Analysis, and Policy for Sustainability focuses on interdisciplinary perspectives concerning the social, environmental, and economic spheres of sustainability science. Emphasizing economic models, as well as mitigation policies and practices from various regions of the world, this book is a pivotal reference source for researchers, policy makers, government officials, and corporate leaders. Topics Covered •Climate Change Mitigation •Energy Policy •Natural Resource Management •Pollution •Smart Cities •Spatial Planning •Sustainability Entrepreneurship
VC01-164 Neuroeconomics and the Decision-Making Process
  Christiansen, Bryan/ 9781466699892/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover Neuroeconomics has emerged as a field of study with the goal of understanding the human decision-making process and the mental consideration of multiple outcomes based on a selected action. In particular, neuroeconomics emphasizes how economic conditions can impact and influence the decision-making process and alternately, how human actions have the power to impact economic conditions. Neuroeconomics and the Decision-Making Process presents the latest research on the relationship between neuroscience, economics, and human decision-making, including theoretical foundations, real-world applications, and models for implementation. Taking a cross-disciplinary approach to neuroeconomic theory and study, this publication is an essential reference source for economists, psychologists, business professionals, and graduate-level students across disciplines. Topics Covered •Consumption Behavior •Economic Decision Making •Game Theory •Media Economics •Mind Mapping •Public Choice •Rationalization
VC01-163 International Perspectives on Socio-Economic Development in the Era of Globalization
  Sen, Saurabh/ 9781466699083/ Price:US$ 175.00
Book Cover In today’s world, globalization bears intense interdependencies between countries, and the impact global business transactions have on society and economics is more palpable than ever. Despite this, many developing countries in the global market find themselves struggling to support perpetual population growth. These countries must find ways to attain sustainable development in the economic, social, and environmental sectors. International Perspectives on Socio-Economic Development in the Era of Globalization seeks to examine the existing variability of development in the global marketplace and to identify the catalysts responsible for this disparity of success. This title analyzes the economic frontiers, social norms, and infrastructural capabilities that factor into the socio-economic growth of the developing and under-developed world. This book will become a definitive text for policy makers, academics, students, and business executives. Topics Covered •Asset Management •Computational Investing •Corporate Ethics •E-Governance •Green Manufacturing •Human Capital •Human Resource Development •Online Banking •Privatized Corporate Governance •Tourist Satisfaction •Women’s Empowerment
VC01-162 Economics and Political Implications of International Financial Reporting Standards
  Uchenna, Efobi/ 9781466698765/ Price:US$ 220.00
Book Cover International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are internationally-recognized financial reporting guidelines regulated by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) to ensure that uniformity exists in the global financial system. In addition to regulating financial reporting, the adoption of IRFS has been shown to impact the flow of foreign capital and trade. Economics and Political Implications of International Financial Reporting Standards focuses on the consequences and determinants of the adoption of the International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS), which has remained a top issue in International Accounting. This timely publication brings to the forefront issues related to the political and economic influences and impacts of IFRS in addition to providing a platform for further research in this area. Policy makers, academics, researchers, graduate-level students, and professionals across the fields of management, economics, finance, international relations, and political science will find this publication pertinent to furthering their understanding of financial reporting at the global level. Topics Covered •Economic Development •Financial Reporting •Foreign Investment •Foreign Trade •IFRS Adoption •International Finance •Political Economy
VC01-152 Social Economics, 4-Vols/Set.
  Dolfsma, Wilfred/ 9781138810754/ Price:£ 995.00
Book Cover Those toiling in the field of social economics seek to explain how the economy and social justice relate, and what this implies for economic theory and policy. Their invigorating scholarly output ranges from conceptual work on aligning economic institutions and policies with given ethical principles, to theoretical representations of individual behaviour that allow for both self-interested and ‘pro-social’ motives, and to original empirical work on persistent social issues such as poverty, inequality, and unfair discrimination. Social economics is a well-established and flourishing area of research and study, and this new four-volume collection in the Routledge Major Works series, Critical Concepts in Economics, meets the need for an authoritative reference work to enable users to make better sense of its voluminous literature. Indeed, the sheer scale of the research output—and the breadth of the field—makes this anthology especially welcome. It provides a one-stop collection of classic and contemporary contributions to facilitate ready access to the most influential and important scholarship from a wide range of theoretical and practical perspectives. Social Economics is fully indexed and has a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editors, which places the material in its intellectual context. It is an essential work of reference and is destined to be valued by scholars and advanced students, as well as by practitioners and policy-makers, as a vital research resource.
VC01-150 Aviation Economics, 4-Vols/Set.
  Graham, Anne/ 9781138014947/ Price:£ 995.00
Book Cover A new title from Routledge, this is a four-volume collection of cutting-edge and foundational research. Volume I: Aviation Regulation Part One: Airline Economic Regulation Part Two: Airport Governance and Economic Regulation Volume II: Airline Economics Part One: Demand, Traffic and Pricing Part Two: Supply: Networks and Service Quality Part Three: Costs and Productivity Part Four: Airline Finance Volume III: Airport Economics Part One: Airport Economic Performance and Efficiency Part Two: Airport Revenue Sources, Pricing and Congestion Part Three: Slot Allocation Volume IV: Air Transport Externalities Part One: Economic Contribution Part Two: Environmental Impact
VC01-149 Applied Econometrics, 4-Vols/Set.
  Greene, William/ 9781138014442/ Price:£ 995.00
Book Cover In the memorable words of Ragnar Frisch, econometrics is ‘a unification of the theoretical–quantitative and the empirical–quantitative approach to economic problems’. Beginning to take shape in the 1930s and 1940s, econometrics is now recognized as a vital subdiscipline supported by a vast—and still rapidly growing—body of literature. Following the positive reception of The Rise of Econometrics (2013) (978-0-415-61678-2), Routledge now announces a new collection bringing together the best that has been published on the practical application and functional use of economic metrics and measurements. With a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editor, which places the assembled materials in their historical and intellectual context, Applied Econometrics is an essential work of reference. This fully indexed collection will be particularly useful as an indispensable database allowing scattered and often fugitive material to be easily located. It will also be welcomed as a crucial tool permitting rapid access to less familiar—and sometimes overlooked—texts. For researchers and students, as well as economic policy-makers, it is a vital one-stop research and pedagogic resource.
VC01-147 The Economics of Knowledge and The Knowledge Driven Economy, 4-Vols/Set.
  Antonelli, Cristiano/ 9781138014732/ Price:£ 995.00
Book Cover Fritz Machlup (1902–83), the Austrian-American economist, is recognized as one of the first scholars to examine knowledge as an economic resource and, for more than half a century, many other economists and management theorists have also argued that economic growth is—or soon will be—dependent on the effective acquisition, transmission, and application of information and ideas. As serious scholarly work on and around ‘the knowledge economy’ continues to flourish, this new four-volume collection from Routledge’s Critical Concepts in Economics series meets the need for an authoritative, up-to-date, and comprehensive reference work to make better sense of a voluminous—and somewhat amorphous—body of literature. The Economics of Knowledge and the Knowledge-Driven Economy provides a ‘one-stop’ collection of classic and contemporary contributions to facilitate ready access to the most influential and important scholarship from a wide range of theoretical and practical perspectives. As well as gathering the best work of economists, the collection also incorporates insights from disciplines including Management Science, Law, Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, and Political Science. The Economics of Knowledge and the Knowledge-Driven Economy is compiled by Cristiano Antonelli (editor of Routledge’s earlier collection on The Economics of Innovation (2008) (978-0-415-42677-0)) and Paul A. David, leading scholars in the field. The Economics of Knowledge and the Knowledge-Driven Economy is fully indexed and has a newly written introduction which places the gathered material in its intellectual context. It is an essential work of reference and is destined to be valued by scholars and students as a vital one-stop research resource.
VC01-146 Chinese Entrepreneurship, 4-Vols/Set.
  Huang, Xiyi/ 9781138016200/ Price:£ 995.00
Entrepreneurship is recognised as an integral element of economic advancement and social force. With socio-political transformation within China in the past three decades, integration of China’s economy into the global market, and the wide spreading of Chinese businesses to other parts of the world, Chinese entrepreneurs have increasingly absorbed modern entrepreneurial norms, practice and spirit. The cultural and historical effects intricately interact with rapid changes in social, economic and political institutions. This has led to a high degree of continuity of the unique characteristics of Chinese entrepreneurship and significant alterations in how businesses are organised and conducted. Contemporary Chinese entrepreneurship has and will continue to play a significant part in global economic development. Chinese Entrepreneurship is fully indexed with a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editor, which places the articles in their historical and intellectual context. It is an essential work of reference and is destined to be valued by scholars and students as a vital one-stop research resource.
VC01-143 The SAGE Encyclopedia of Economics and Society, 4-Vols/Set.
  Wherry, Frederick F./ 9781452226439/ Price:£ 560.00
Book Cover Economics is the nexus and engine that runs society, affecting societal well-being, raising standards of living when economies prosper or lowering citizens through class structures when economies perform poorly. Our society only has to witness the booms and busts of the past decade to see how economics profoundly affects the cores of societies around the world. From a household budget to international trade, economics ranges from the micro- to the macro-level. It relates to a breadth of social science disciplines that help describe the content of the proposed encyclopedia, which will explicitly approach economics through varied disciplinary lenses. Although there are encyclopedias of covering economics (especially classic economic theory and history), the SAGE Encyclopedia of Economics and Society emphasizes the contemporary world, contemporary issues, and society. Features: •4 volumes with approximately 800 signed articles ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 words each are presented in a choice of print or electronic editions •Organized A-to-Z with a thematic Reader's Guide in the front matter groups related entries •Articles conclude with References & Future Readings to guide students to the next step on their research journeys •Cross-references between and among articles combine with a thorough Index and the Reader's Guide to enhance search-and-browse in the electronic version •Pedagogical elements include a Chronology of Economics and Society, Resource Guide, and Glossary This academic, multi-author reference work will serve as a general, non-technical resource for students and researchers within social science programs who seek to better understand economics through a contemporary lens.
VC01-142 Relational Methodologies and Epistemology in Economics and Management Sciences.
  Biggiero, Lucio/ 9781466697706/ Price:US$ 200.00
Book Cover The social sciences, especially economics, management, and organizational science, are experiencing a tremendous renewed interest for their epistemological and methodological statutes, as witnessed by the many books and specialized journals established during the last two decades. Relational Methodologies and Epistemology in the Economics and Management Sciences identifies and presents the four main network-based methodologies including network analysis, Boolean network simulation modeling, artificial neural network simulation modeling, and agent-based simulation modeling in addition to their conceptual-epistemological implications and concrete applications within the social and natural sciences. Featuring a critical assessment of relational methodologies and their practical applications, this timely publication is ideal for use by corporate R&D departments, researchers, theorists, and graduate-level students. Topics Covered •Agent-Based Modeling •Economics •Inter-Organizational Networks •Management Science •Network Analysis •Neural Networks •Simulation Modeling
VC01-141 Islamic Economy and Social Mobility: Cultural and Religious Considerations.
  Shahpari, Hasan/ 9781466697317/ Price:US$ 190.00
Book Cover In an era of globalization and cross-cultural awareness, an interest in the relationship between economics and religion, politics, and social behavior is alive and well. In particular, the Islamic economy has become a focal point of interest for economists and government leaders around the world interested in understanding the relationship between religion and economics among primarily Islamic regions. Islamic Economy and Social Mobility: Cultural and Religious Considerations analyzes the social, cultural, religious, and political implications of the Islamic economy at the global level. Highlighting the foundations upon which Islamic ideology is formed and how it impacts socio-cultural and economic systems both within and outside of primarily Islamic regions, this publication is an ideal reference source for economists, sociologists, international relations professionals, researchers, academics, and graduate-level students. Topics Covered •Central Banking •Faith-Based Market Theory •Globalization •Islamic Guilds •Islamic Revival •Middle East Studies •Women and Islam
VC01-140 Handbook of Research on Comparative Economic Development Perspectives on Europe and the MENA Region.
  Erdogdu, M. Mustaf/ 9781466695481/ Price:US$ 345.00
Book Cover The MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region’s economy is experiencing steady growth and is expanding as an active participant in investments with Europe, the Americas, and Asia. Complex deals by transnational corporations (TNCs) and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) serve to influence European and MENA businesses, government, technology, and society. The Handbook of Research on Comparative Economic Perspectives on Europe and the MENA Regionprovides scholarly information about European and MENA economies at a time when these regions are becoming increasingly connected. The need to understand their economies has never been more necessary, and the research-based chapters of this book, covering a wide array of information regarding corruption and reform, ethics and society, and the effects of Western cultures, provide scholars, business executives, practitioners, and students with current information on the region's lucrative investments and fast-growing economy. Topics Covered •Developmental Opportunities •Effectiveness of Education and Training •Foreign Investment •Political Influences •Product Innovation •R&D Competition •Social Issues Related to Economic Advancement •Trade and Industry •Turkish Economic Influence
VC01-139 Handbook of Research on Financial and Banking Crisis Prediction through Early Warning Systems.
  Munir, Qaiser/ 9781466694842/ Price:US$ 265.00
Book Cover In the last decade, both developed nations and emerging economies have been rocked by the effects of global financial crises precipitated by a baffling range of causes, from sub-prime mortgage rates to outbreaks of virulent disease. Financial and governmental bodies have acknowledged the pressing need for algorithmic models capable of predicting such crises in order to inform interventionary measures, yet to date, no single model has emerged that is robust and agile enough to sufficiently meet that task while maintaining a useful signal-to-noise ratio, making them little more reliable than a carnival fortune-teller. The Handbook of Research on Financial and Banking Crisis Prediction through Early Warning Systems addresses the inequity of developed and developing nations from the bottom up through an exploration of current literature, specific case-studies, and data-based recommendations for new crisis indicators. Touching on such topics as the Greek debt crisis, electronic banking, and financial crises in developing economies, this publication targets an audience of academics, financial analysts, researchers, post-graduate students, and policymakers working in the fields of international finance and liability management. Topics Covered •Accounting Standards •Churn Management •Electronic Finance •Finance and Ethics •Financial Crisis Contagion •Pricing Bubbles
VC01-138 Business Development Opportunities and Market Entry Challenges in Latin America.
  Garita, Mauricio/ 9781466688209/ Price:US$ 205.00
Book Cover Latin America has long held an important role in international economics and continues to attract attention as the region faces restructuration and implements new business conceptions. As a result, Latin America continues to experience economic growth, which further affirms the region’s great potential for future business endeavors. Business Development Opportunities and Market Entry Challenges in Latin America provides a practical, in-depth look at the different challenges and opportunities present in the Latin American economy. This text is of use to policymakers, managers, academicians, researchers, advanced-level students, technology developers, and government officials in furthering their research exposure to pertinent topics in market entry and business development in the region. This publication guides the reader to an understanding of the Latin American region both theoretically and practically through a collection of chapters concerning microfinance, political trust, opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurial activity, public-private academic cooperation, and poverty in Latin America. Topics Covered •Competitiveness •Corruption •Financial Sectorial Systems •Foreign Direct Investment •Institutionalism •Macroeconomics •Private Cooperation
VC01-137 Analyzing the Economics of Financial Market Infrastructures.
  Diehl, Martin/ 9781466687455/ Price:US$ 220.00
Book Cover The prosperity and stability of any economic structure is reliant upon a foundation of secure systems that regulate the movement of money across the globe. These structures have become an integral part of contemporary society by reducing monetary risk and increasing financial security. Analyzing the Economics of Financial Market Infrastructures is a pivotal reference source for the latest scholarly research on the current developments in financial systems and how these processes are evolving due to new regulations and technical advances. Featuring extensive coverage on a range of relevant topics on payment systems, central securities depositories, central counterparties, and trade repositories, this book is an essential reference source for professionals in the financial sector, analysts, IT professionals, and academicians concerned with emerging research on financial markets. This book features timely, research-based chapters on a variety of crucial topics including, but not limited to, payment timing, multi-layer networks, transaction simulations, payment system analysis, and regulation of financial marketplaces. Topics Covered •Credit Card Markets •Financial Stability •Global Derivatives Market •Global FMI Regulation •Intraday Liquidity Flows •Payment Systems Simulations •Undercollateralization
VC01-136 Comparative Economics and Regional Development in Turkey.
  Christiansen, Bryan/ 9781466687295/ Price:US$ 205.00
Book Cover The rise of globalization has affected the ways in which nations maintain sustainable development and economic prosperity. Certain countries, such as Turkey, have evolved into a place of particular importance in the changing global economy. As such, it has become more important than ever to better understand the crucial role of such nations on an international scale. Comparative Economics and Regional Development in Turkey is an authoritative reference source for current scholarly research on the influence of Turkey in today’s global environment and how the country can maintain long-term sustainability and prosperity. Featuring extensive coverage on a variety of pertinent topics on sustainable industries, contemporary globalization, and the impact of information and communication technologies, this book is an essential reference source for practitioners, business executives, advanced-level students, and academicians seeking the latest research on the role of Turkey in today’s worldwide economy. This book features timely, research-based articles spanning all areas of regional economics, including topics such as consumer confidence, the Turkish shadow economy, international business initiatives, economic development in the MENA region, strategic optimization strategies, and more. Topics Covered •Corporate Social Responsibility •Corporate Sustainability •EFL Education •Outsourcing •Shadow Economy •Talent Management •Turkish Manufacturing Methods •Turkish Wage Structure
SC01-471 Manpower Planning in a Free Society.
  Richard Allen Lester/ 9780691646800/ Price:US$ 87.50
SC01-471 The Politics of West German Trade Unions: Strategies of Class and Interest Representation in Growth and Crisis.
  Andrei S. Markovits/ 9781138650985/ Price:£ 180.00
SC01-463 Jacob Mincer: A Founding Father of Modern Labor Economics.
  Teixeira, Pedro N./ 9780198779940/ Price:£ 23.99
SC01-458 Development in Africa: Refocusing the Lens after the Millennium Development Goals.
  Kararach, George/ 9781447328544/ Price:£ 27.99
Book Cover Since 2000, countries across Africa have maintained over a decade of unprecedented economic expansion in a phenomena known as ‘Africa rising’. However, despite pockets of strong economic growth, Africa still faces major development challenges. In this important book the contributors argue that Africa as a continent must work on securing social and political stability and build effective economic governance to ensure the development of a society that is socially, economically and politically inclusive. Looking beyond the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) the contributors highlight what they consider to be the 12 major public policy conversations of the continent post-2015, from the legacy of African leadership, to the ‘youth bulge’ (and resulting unemployment) and climate change. The volume presents policy makers, academics and students with a chance to take a fresh look at urgent emerging challenges in post-MDG African development.
SC01-456 Handbook of Development and Environmental Economics.
  Ekko van Ierl/ 9781682500361/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover Handbook of Development and Environmental Economics is positioned at the intersection of environmental, resource and development economics. The main reason is that in our society the environment has become a scarce resource. Since economics is about how to deal with scarce resources, it can often be useful when tackling environmental problems. One way of using economics is to ensure that the costs and the benefits of environmental measures are well balanced. Reaching our objectives in an efficient and effective way is good for everyone. Smarter and simpler regulation makes it cheaper and easier for people, businesses and organizations to comply. In turn, this leads to a better environment.
SC01-456 Microeconomic Theory.
  Donoso, Pedro/ 9781682500316/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Microeconomics, studies the behavior of individuals and firms in making decisions regarding the allocation of limited resources. Usually, it applies to markets where goods or services are bought and sold. Microeconomics examines how these decisions and behaviors affect the supply and demand for goods and services, which determines prices, and how prices, in turn, regulate the quantity supplied and quantity demanded of goods and services. Microeconomic Theory comprehensively covers all aspects of modern microeconomic theory and provides an in-depth analysis of the fundamentals of the subject. This book is designed to meet the needs of students, researchers and professionals in the economics program.
SC01-456 Cost and Production Functions.
  Sanchez, Brandon/ 9781682500323/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Cost and production functions are indispensable tools for economics in general. In the process of decision-making, a manager should understand clearly the relationship between the inputs and output on one hand and output and costs on the other. There are several managerial uses of the production function. It can be used to compute the least-cost combination of inputs for a given output or to choose the input combination that yields the maximum level of output with a given level of cost. The production function is useful in deciding on the additional value of employing a variable input in the production process. Cost function expresses the relationship between cost and its determinants such as the size of plant, level of output, input prices, technology, managerial efficiency, etc. This book overviews on different approaches to examination of production and cost functions, analysis of some empirical estimates of these functions, and managerial uses of the estimated functions.
SC01-456 Macroeconomics: Theory and Practice.
  Wright, Brent/ 9781682500330/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Macroeconomics study aggregated indicators such as GDP, unemployment rates, and price index, and the interrelations among the different sectors of the economy, to better understand how the whole economy functions. Over the last decades, macroeconomic theory and the practice of macroeconomics by economists have changed significantly - for the better. Macroeconomics is now firmly grounded in the principles of economic theory. We focus on the role of economic theory in shaping policy. The primary objective of the book is to teach how to conduct macroeconomic analysis. The book emphasizes the fact that we need models in order to analyze the real-world economic problems.
SC01-456 Monetary Theory.
  Gan, Xiaoli/ 9781682500354/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Monetary theory refers to the set of ideas about how monetary policy should be conducted within an economy. Monetary theory suggests that different monetary policies can benefit nations depending on their unique set of resources and limitations. It is based on core ideas about how factors like the size of the money supply, price levels and benchmark interest rates affect the economy. Economists and central banking authorities are typically those most involved with creating and executing monetary policy. This book details the procedures and consequences of monetary theory.
SC01-456 International Economics: Theory and Practice.
  Falzoni, Anna M./ 9781682500378/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover International economics is concerned with the effects upon economic activity from international differences in productive resources and consumer preferences and the international institutions that affect them. It seeks to explain the patterns and consequences of transactions and interactions between the inhabitants of different countries, including trade, investment and migration. This book presents exchanging ideas and business experiences at an international level. International Economics: Theory and Policy provides engaging, balanced coverage of the key concepts and practical applications of the two main topic areas of the discipline. For both international trade and international finance.
SC01-456 Econometrics Methods.
  Zhao, Yabo/ 9781682500408/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Econometrics refers to the application of statistical and mathematical theories to economics for the purpose of testing hypotheses and forecasting future trends. Econometrics takes economic models and tests them through statistical trials. The results are then compared and contrasted against real-life examples. Applied econometrics uses theoretical econometrics and real-world data for assessing economic theories, developing econometric models, analyzing economic history, and forecasting. Econometrics may use standard statistical models to study economic questions, but most often they are with observational data, rather than in controlled experiments. This book focuses on recent developments in econometrics.
SC01-456 Industrial Economics.
  Hu, Yi/ 9781682500439/ Price:US$ 170.00
Book Cover Industrial economics is the study of firms, industries and markets. It looks at firms of all sizes - from local corner shops to multinational giants. And it considers a whole range of industries, such as electricity generation, car production and restaurants. When analyzing decision making at the levels of the individual firm and industry, Industrial Economics helps us understand such issues as: the levels at which capacity, output and prices are set; the extent that products are differentiated from each other; how much firms invest in research and development (R&D) how and why firms advertise. This book covers wide-ranging economic analysis of the firm, its international structure, markets and competitors as well as external economic environment.
SC01-456 Economics of Growth and Development.
  Akinlo, Taiwo/ 9781682500477/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Economic development is a process whereby an economy’s real national income as well as per capita income increases over a long period of time. Economic development, as it is now generally understood, includes the development of agriculture, industry, trade, transport, means of irrigation, power resources, etc. It, thus, indicates a process of development. The sectoral improvement is the part of the process of development which refers to the economic development. Economic growth is generally calculated from data on GDP and population provided by countries’ statistical agencies. This book covers the principles and practices of economic growth and development.
SC01-450 The Global Financial Crisis and Austerity: A Basic Introduction.
  Clark, David/ 9781447330394/ Price:£ 9.99
Book Cover Given the huge impact of the 2008 financial crash and post-crash austerity on so many people’s lives, there is a need for a concise, accessible guide to the crash and its longer-term significance. Written by an expert in political science and straddling finance, economics and political science, this entry-level summary demystifies global finance and puts the financial crisis in its historical context. It also outlines the policy responses of Western governments to the crash and ensuing recession and the turn to austerity. As well as explaining how what began as a US mortgage crisis became a Greek and wider Eurozone debt crisis, the book addresses a number of themes that economists often neglect: why the financial system is largely unchanged from the eve of the crash; the return of the super-rich; and why one of the leading G7 advanced economies - Canada – was more or less immune from the financial crash. Supplemented by an appendix with an A-Z glossary of key terms, processes and institutions, the book concludes by asking if the crisis is really over and outlines possible future scenarios, making it an impressive overview for anyone with little or no previous knowledge of the subject.
GC01-106 UXL Money: Making Sense of Economics and Personal Finance, 3-Vols/Set.
  / 9781573029797/ Price:US$ 315.00
Book Cover U*X*L Money: Making Sense Of Economics And Personal Finance enriches middle school students’ understanding of key concepts in economics, investing, and personal finance, helping them develop financial literacy, improve analytical and problem-solving skills, and build a foundation for high school courses and beyond. Using abundant real-life examples to illustrate the relevancy of the topic, this set brings to life topics that are essential to students’ lives as consumers, workers, and citizens. Divided into three thematic volumes, U*X*L Money: Making Sense Of Economics And Personal Finance covers the following topics: microeconomics and domestic trade; macroeconomics and international trade; and personal finance. Chapters provide easy-to-understand examples of the concepts being discussed, as well as definitions for key terms within the entry. Sidebars cover important people, concepts, and events related to understanding economics and finance. Charts and graphs illustrate concepts and provide opportunities for data analysis. Each chapter begins with critical-thinking questions to help students focus on the main points of emphasis. Chapters address such topics as economic systems, market failures, competition, fiscal policy, global trade, saving and managing your money, credit and debt, investing your money, among others. (1st edition)
Major Issues and Policies in China's Financial Reform, 4-vols/set.
  Chen Yulu/ 9781623200336/ Price:US$ 429.00
Book Cover With the economic transformation of late 1980s as a turning point, this series provides an in-depth examination of 28 key financial policies and issues in China over a 60-year timespan. The series combines vivid stories and theoretical analysis to explain the historical background of these financial reforms, including such concepts as replacing the fiscal appropriation of investment funds by bank loans, the replacement of profit delivery by taxes, and debt for equity swaps. The series also offers evaluations of the subsequent impacts of these policies on China’s economic development. Major Issues and Policies in China's Financial Reform uses a review of history to provide a basis for policy recommendations, innovations, and future fiscal and financial reforms In China.
WC073 商業決策背後的經濟理論
  簡志南、何偉明主編/ 9789888238071/ Price:NT$ 1020.00
Book Cover 美國通用汽車(General Motors Corp.)曾經雄霸全球,最後卻黯然隕落,其成敗關鍵都繫於大規模生產!究竟原因何在? 在商業的領域,如果沒有作好全面的經濟分析而貿然作出商業決定,也許會如通用汽車般不能好好把握大規模生產這把「雙刃劍」。那麼,甚麼是成功的商業決策?作為企業主管,怎樣才能作出成功的決策?這道問題沒有「標準」的答案,但有一點很值得大家緊記,那就是要知己知彼以及從歷史事件總結出智慧。掌握經濟理論,讓你更能夠知己知彼;從歷史或個案總結出經濟學論據,讓你擁有智慧去面對未來的路向。本書的目的,就是要說明經濟理論與商業決策的緊密關係,讓企業主管在理論的啟示與指導下作出明智的決策。
VSC01-001 Routledge Handbook of the Chinese Economy.
  Chow, Gregory C./ 9780415643443/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The Routledge Handbook of the Chinese Economy is an advanced-level reference guide which surveys the current economic situation in China and its integration into the global economy. An internationally renowned line-up of scholars contribute chapters on the key components of the contemporary economy and their historical foundations. Topics covered include: •the history of the Chinese economy from ancient times onwards; •economic growth and development; •population, the labor market, income distribution, and poverty; •legal, political, and financial institutions; and •foreign trade and investments. Offering a cutting-edge overview of the Chinese economy, the Handbook is an invaluable resource for academics, researchers, economists, graduate, and undergraduate students studying this ever-evolving field.
VSC01-001 Routledge Handbook of the History of Global Economic Thought.
  Barnett, Vincent/ 9780415508490/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The volume brings together leading experts on the development of economic ideas from across the world in order to offer a truly international comparison of the economics within nation-states. Each author presents a long-term perspective on economics in their region, allowing global patterns in the progress of economic ideas over time to be identified. The specially commissioned chapters cover the vast sweep of the history of economics across five world regions, including Europe (England, Scotland, Ireland, Italy Greece, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Russia and the Ukraine), the Americas (the USA, Canada, Mexico and Central America, Spanish-Speaking South America, Brazil and the Caribbean), the Middle East (Turkey, Israel, Arab-Islamic Economics, Persia/Iran, North Africa), Africa (West Africa, Southern Africa, Mozambique and Angola), and the Asia-Pacific Region (Australia and New Zealand, China, Southeast Asia, the Asian Tigers, India.) This rigorous, ambitious and highly scholarly volume will be of key interest to students, academics, policy professionals and to interested general readers across the globe.
VSC01-001 Routledge Handbook of the Economics of Knowledge.
  Antonelli, Cristiano/ 9780415640992/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The Routledge Handbook of the Economics of Knowledge provides a comprehensive framework to integrate the advancements over the last 20 years in the analysis of technological knowledge as an economic good, and in the static and dynamic characteristics of its generation process. There is a growing consensus in the field of economics that knowledge, technological knowledge in particular, is one of the most relevant resources of wealth, yet it is one of the most difficult and complex activities to understand or even to conceptualize. The economics of knowledge is an emerging field that explores the generation, exploitation, and dissemination of technological knowledge. Technological knowledge cannot any longer be regarded as a homogenous good that stems from standardized generation processes. Quite the opposite, technological knowledge appears more and more to be a basket of heterogeneous items, resources, and even experiences. All of these sources, which are both internal and external to the firm, are complementary, as is the interplay between a bottom-up and top-down generation processes. In this context, the interactions between the public research system, private research laboratories, and various networks of learning processes, within and among firms, play a major role in the creation of technological knowledge. In this Handbook special attention is given to the relationship among technological knowledge and both upstream scientific knowledge and related downstream resources. By addressing the antecedents and consequences of technological knowledge from both an upstream and downstream perspective, this Handbook will become an indispensable tool for scholars and practitioners aiming to master the generation and the use of technological knowledge.
VSC01-001 Routledge Handbook of Southeast Asian Economics.
  Coxhead, Ian/ 9780415659949/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The Routledge Handbook of Southeast Asian Economics offers new insights into the rapidly-developing economies of Southeast Asia. Despite widespread initial deprivation, Southeast Asia has achieved and sustained a remarkable rate of growth, in the course of which tens of millions have successfully escaped severe poverty. Though the economies of the region vary in many dimensions, integration into the wider East Asian network of production and trade is a notable common feature, one that continues a centuries-long history of engagement with global trade. A second striking feature is the pace and extent of transformation in the structure of production and in sources of household income in the region, which has undergone remarkably rapid industrialization and urban growth. However, the search for sustained and sustainable growth through and beyond middle-income continues to confront pressing economic and policy challenges. This Handbook offers a timely and comprehensive overview of Southeast Asian economic development. Organized according to the logic of chronological and thematic unity, it is structured in these sections: •Growth and development over the long term •Food, agriculture and natural resources •Trade, investment and industrialization •Population, labor, and human capital •Poverty and political economy •Twenty-first century challenges This original Handbook, written by experts in their fields, is unique in the breadth and depth of its coverage. Its forward-looking perspective renders it relevant both now and in the future. This advanced level reference work will be essential reading for students, researchers and scholars of Asian Studies, Economics and Southeast Asian studies.
VSC01-001 The Routledge Handbook of Environmental Economics in Asia.
  Managi, Shunsuke/ 9780415656450/ Price:£ 170.00
Book Cover Problems of climate change, biodiversity and air pollution are clearly growing globally, but more particularly in Asia because of its economic importance and richness in nature. The increasing interest in environmental and resource economics applied in regions of Asia will make this book an outstanding resource to the existing literature, particularly in the fields of environmental and resource economics and the integration of applied content in traditional and agricultural development. At present there is no single handbook or text on the state of current knowledge in environmental economics in Asia or one which offers a comprehensive guide to students and academics on the subjects of environmental economics research. This book will help to fill the gap in the existing literature.
VC01-151 International Trade, 4-Vols/Set.
  Hazari, Bharat/ 9780415830249/ Price:£ 995.00
The economic principles that underpin international trade, and the many associated issues and controversies that this evergreen topic generates, are dizzying in their complexity. Now, to help advanced students and researchers make sense of an enormous—and growing—corpus of scholarship, Routledge announces International Trade, a new addition to its acclaimed Critical Concepts in Economics series. Edited by Bharat Hazari and Yin Wong Cheung, this four-volume set is a ‘mini library’ that brings together the foundational and the very best cutting-edge research. Furnished with a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editors, which places the assembled materials in their historical and intellectual context, International Trade is an essential collection and is certain to be recognized as a vital one-stop resource. Volume I Part 1: Ricardian Model Part 2: Heckscher-Ohlin Model Volume II Part 3: Gains from Trade Part 4: Tariffs Part 5: Political Economy of Tariffs Volume III Part 6: Trade and Distortions Part 7: Non-Traded Goods and the Pure Theory of International Trade Part 8: Growth, Trade and Migration Volume IV Part 9: Monopolistic Competition Part 10: A New Look at Customs Union Theory
VC01-145 Time Series Econometrics, 4-Vols/Set.
  Mills, Terence/ 9780415718271/ Price:£ 995.00
In the memorable words of Ragnar Frisch, econometrics is ‘a unification of the theoretical–quantitative and the empirical–quantitative approach to economic problems’. Beginning to take shape in the 1930s and 1940s, econometrics is now recognized as a vital subdiscipline supported by a vast—and still rapidly growing—body of literature. Following the positive reception of The Rise of Econometrics (2013) (978-0-415-61678-2), Routledge now announces a new collection from its Critical Concepts in Economics series. With a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editor, which places the assembled materials in their historical and intellectual context, Time Series Econometrics is an essential work of reference. This fully indexed collection will be particularly useful as an essential database allowing scattered and often fugitive material to be easily located. It will also be welcomed as a crucial tool permitting rapid access to less familiar—and sometimes overlooked—texts. For researchers and students, as well as economic policy-makers, it is a vital one-stop research and pedagogic resource.
VC01-135 Contemporary Global Perspectives on Gender Economics.
  Moore, Susanne/ 9781466686113/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover The rise of women in the workforce has led to many campaigns for wage equality and the impartial treatment of both sexes as they pursue careers previously designated as either a man’s or a woman’s job. The impact of these campaigns has been felt, but a sense of gender stereotyping still affects not only the social and cultural well-being of the modern organization, but the drive for innovation and economic success as well. Contemporary Global Perspectives on Gender Economics challenges current economic theory, targeting the way gender is often used for economic gain or increased market share. Experts realize that company growth can no longer be achieved by taking a conventional approach, but few follow through with introducing new frameworks that change the way diversity is treated. By acknowledging that issues like childcare and the wage gap are not only a woman’s challenge, this book speaks to legislators and policymakers, economic developers, corporate practitioners, educational faculties, and students of all disciplines who are looking to change the way gender is viewed in the workforce. This essential reference source features chapters that combine the concepts of gender theory, sociology, and economics and cover topics including economic equality, gender bias, the history of gender economics, industrial creativity, and the impact of social connectedness on life satisfaction. Topics Covered •Economic Equality •Feminist Economies •Gender Barriers •Industrial Creativity •Innovation and Gender •Life Satisfaction •Microfinance and Female Empowerment •Social Connectedness •Women’s Empowerment
VC01-134 Handbook of Research on Sustainable Development and Economics.
  Thomas, Ken D./ 9781466684331/ Price:US$ 325.00
Book Cover With a current world population that exceeds seven billion, resource consumption awareness is more important than ever. Investing in sustainable technologies and renewable resources is a necessary step to ensure the future quality of life of all human beings. The Handbook of Research on Sustainable Development and Economics explores topics such as poverty, gender equality, health, security, and the environment through global empirical studies and fundamental frameworks. With the goal of promoting sustainable techniques for the global future, this handbook is a critical reference for business leaders, educators, policymakers, environmental specialists, and the public at large. Topics Covered •Business Development •Energy and Sustainability Planning •Information and Communication Technologies •Natural Resources Conservation •Renewable Energy Technologies •Strategic Innovation •Sustainable Cities •Sustainable Governance •Water and Sanitation
VC01-133 Promoting Socio-Economic Development through Business Integration.
  Kalia, Shalini/ 9781466682597/ Price:US$ 210.00
Book Cover Developing economies around the world must balance fast growth with traditional values to achieve the greatest success. Issues related to rural innovation, knowledge management, and emerging technologies are at the forefront of every developing country’s concerns. Promoting Socio-Economic Development through Business Integration builds on available literature in the field of socio-economic development in developing countries, providing further research opportunities in this field. Research scholars, academics, policymakers, government officials, and more will find this book to be a crucial source of knowledge to their respective disciplines. Topics Covered •Capacity Building •Community Impact •Entrepreneurship •Foreign Direct Investments •Knowledge Management •Rural Innovation •Sustainable Technologies •Talent Management •Urban Development
VC01-132 Handbook of Research on Globalization, Investment, and Growth-Implications of Confidence and Governance.
  Das, Ramesh Chandra/ 9781466682740/ Price:US$ 345.00
Book Cover The global economic crises of recent years have offered some sobering lessons, compelling economists, political scientists, and policymakers to reconsider traditional theories regarding the cultivation of developing nations. The Handbook of Research on Globalization, Investment, and Growth-Implications of Confidence and Governance seeks to empirically explore the relationship between a number of variables, including consumer confidence, private-sector performance, and governmental regulation. Targeting academics, social scientists, financial professionals, and lawmakers, this book seeks to categorize and analyze developing economies in a post-crisis global financial landscape in order to help shape desperately-needed policies capable of safeguarding against potential catastrophe. Topics Covered •Consumer Confidence •Developing Economies •Financial Regulation •Global Economies •Global Financial Crisis •International Finance •Investment in Emerging Markets
VC01-131 Green Economic Structures in Modern Business and Society.
  Jean-Vasile, Andrei/ 9781466682191/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover Environmental and sustainable development concerns permeate numerous aspects of society, including economic activity. Many countries now run their economies based on such sustainable economic structures to improve production models and overall living conditions. Green Economic Structures in Modern Business and Society discusses the implementation of environmentally friendly models in contemporary economies, as well as the development and evolution of such strategies in recent years. Focusing on theoretical frameworks, empirical research findings, and key methodologies, this book is a pivotal reference source for academicians, advanced-level students, and professionals within the growing field of green economics. Topics Covered •Agrarian Structures •Climate Policy •Currencies and Time Banks •Marketing Strategies •Organic Agriculture •Regional Branding •Rural Tourism
VC01-130 Economics: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications, 3-Vols/Set.
  Information Resources Management Association (USA)/ 9781466684683/ Price:US$ 2395.00
Book Cover Organizations, governments, and corporations are all concerned with distributing their goods and services to those who need them most, consequently benefiting in the process. Only by carefully considering the interrelated nature of social systems can organizations achieve the success they strive for. Economics: Concepts, Methodolgies, Tools, and Applications explores the interactions between market agents and their impact on global prosperity. Incorporating both theoretical background and advanced concepts in the discipline, this multi-volume reference is intended for policymakers, economists, business leaders, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and students of economic theory. Topics Covered •Chaos theory •Digital Economy •Economics •Empirical Growth •Entrepreneurship •Global Marketplace •Market Valuation •Open Innovation
VC01-129 Handbook of Research on Behavioral Finance and Investment Strategies: Decision Making in the Financial Industry.
  Copur, Zeynep/ 9781466674844/ Price:US$ 245.00
Book Cover In an ever-changing economy, market specialists strive to find new ways to evaluate the risks and potential reward of economic ventures by assessing the importance of human reaction during the economic planning process. The Handbook of Research on Behavioral Finance and Investment Strategies: Decision Making in the Financial Industry presents an interdisciplinary, comparative, and competitive analysis of the thought processes and planning necessary for individual and corporate economic management. This publication is an essential reference source for professionals, practitioners, and managers working in the field of finance, as well as researchers and academicians interested in an interdisciplinary approach to combine financial management, sociology, and psychology. Topics Covered •Corporate Finance •Cultural Economics •Economic Planning •Financial Management •Financial Socialization •Investor Patterns •Risk Management •Socioeconomics
VC01-128 Regional Economic Integration and the Global Financial System.
  Sorhun, Engin/ 9781466673083/ Price:US$ 200.00
Book Cover In theory, regionalism and globalization are intended to be viewed as two separate concepts. However, as long as the approaches complement each other, considering these paradigms in tandem can have significantly positive effects on the overall status of the world economy. Regional Economy Integration and the Global Financial System addresses recent trends in regional integration projects and the strides that such projects are making on the road toward globalization. Focusing on a range of economic projects, emerging supranational units, and possible implications for future trends, this book is an essential reference source for professionals, scholars, and institutions interested in the dynamic effects of regionalism and globalization. Topics Covered •Banking Regulation •Economic Cooperation •European Union •Financial Markets •Market Regulation •Shanghai Cooperation Organization •Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
VC01-127 Handbook of Research on Strategic Developments and Regulatory Practice in Global Finance.
  Olgu, Ozlem/ 9781466672888/ Price:US$ 235.00
Book Cover The global financial crisis has called to attention the importance of financial development to economic growth as modern countries continue to struggle with debt, unemployment, and slow growth. However, a lack of agreement on how to define and measure financial development slows the development of global financial systems and markets. The Handbook of Research on Strategic Developments and Regulatory Practice in Global Financecreates a common framework for not only identifying but discussing the key factors in establishing a strong global market and financial system. This book will be a valuable reference for those interested in an in-depth understanding of the financial markets and global finance, including academics, professionals, and government agencies and institutions. Topics Covered •Economic Growth •Financial Development •Financial Regulation •Foreign Direct Investment •Global Financial Markets •Performance measurement •Regulation Institutions
VC01-126 Urbanization and Migration as Factors Affecting Global Economic Development.
  Ushakov, Denis/ 9781466673281/ Price:US$ 215.00
Book Cover International migration and urbanization are potential solutions for stabilizing the global economy and bolstering local and regional economies. However, if unregulated, they can also put market stability at risk and cause new social problems in both developed and developing countries. Urbanization and Migration as Factors Affecting Global Economic Development takes a close look at the impact of urbanization and international migration on the global economy. Studying the dynamics of these two phenomena in countries across the world, as well as the varying successes of regional regulations, this publication is a valuable resource for academics interested in further research in urbanization, migration, and global economic efficiency, as well as policymakers involved in regulating international migration and urbanization. Topics Covered •Dynamic Global Economy •Economic Globalization •Global Economic Development •International Migration •Labor Migration •Urban Economies •Urbanization
VC01-114 Economic Development of India, 4-Vols/Set.
  Nayak, Pulin B./ 9780415824705/ Price:£ 995.00
The development experience of India has been a matter of much interest in recent years. India is home to a sixth of the world’s population, and about a third of the country is acknowledged to be living below the officially determined poverty line. After more than six decades of planned economic development the levels of achievement in education and health are poor. After three and a half decades of moderate growth following India’s Independence in 1947, a period characterised by centralized planning, the pace picked up in the 1980s with some opening up of the economy. It gathered further momentum after the introduction of market oriented liberalization and significant economic reforms in 1991, and in the past decade the overall growth rate of the economy has been extremely impressive. It is however important to emphasize that it is not just high growth per se but growth along with equity or distributive justice that needs to be seriously addressed. This collection presents some of the historical material on development issues in the Indian context going back about a hundred years, from Gandhi’s economic formulations to Nehru’s ideas, substantially different on issues such as the agriculture versus industry debate and the relative roles of the public and private sectors. After India gained independence in 1947 the issue of economic development assumed centre stage in national policy making. Indeed one might even say that India was the laboratory where many of the significant new hypotheses or theories on economic development have been tested.
SC01-453 The Handbook of Market Design.
  Vulkan, Nir/ 9780198743774/ Price:£ 42.99
SC01-450 Development in Africa: Refocusing the Lens after the Millennium Development Goals.
  Kararach, George/ 9781447328537/ Price:£ 75.00
Book Cover Since 2000, countries across Africa have maintained over a decade of unprecedented economic expansion in a phenomena known as ‘Africa rising’. However, despite pockets of strong economic growth, Africa still faces major development challenges. In this important book the contributors argue that Africa as a continent must work on securing social and political stability and build effective economic governance to ensure the development of a society that is socially, economically and politically inclusive. Looking beyond the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) the contributors highlight what they consider to be the 12 major public policy conversations of the continent post-2015, from the legacy of African leadership, to the ‘youth bulge’ (and resulting unemployment) and climate change. The volume presents policy makers, academics and students with a chance to take a fresh look at urgent emerging challenges in post-MDG African development.
GC01-27-2 Gale Encyclopedia of U.S. Economic History, 3-Vols/Set.
  Riggs, Tom/ 9781573027533/ Price:US$ 616.00
Book Cover The Gale Encyclopedia Of U.S. Economic History is an accessible "one-stop" resource that offers comprehensive coverage of American economic history from the arrival of Europeans to the present. Topics selected for inclusion by our distinguished board of 5 advisors have been chosen to support most textbooks on American history; this work should be a useful tool for juniors and seniors in high school, as well as college students who are beginning an investigation of the subject. The 1,000 alphabetically arranged entries range from one paragraph to several pages in length, and cover such things as company and industry profiles, biographies of important figures, key events and movements, critical issues in U.S. economic history, state and regional profiles, and the major eras in American economic development. Additional features include sidebars, primary source text excerpts, and entry-specific lists of further reading. • A five-person advisory board of internationally recognized economic historians developed the topic list; distinguished scholars in economic history worked closely with the writers to ensure entries are accurate and provide essential information on the topics. • Text provides clear explanations on difficult topics so that high school students can understand the material. • The set has a large number of entries, including topics such as the birth control pill – topics that might not come to mind as economic but that had an enormous effect on the U.S. economy. • The set includes many types of entries, including company and industry profiles, biographies of important figures, key events and movements, critical issues in U.S. economic history, state and regional profiles, and the major eras in American economic development. • These multiple approaches enable the student to try various intellectual strategies in considering almost any topic.
GC01-105 New Trends of the Chinese Economy.
  Han Xiuyun/ 9789814653329/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover New Trends of the Chinese Economy is a must-read for government officials, policymakers, business professionals, and interested scholars or students who wish to get a clear idea and well-informed understanding of the new development trends, challenges, and opportunities facing China’s society and economy now and in the future. Starting with the present significant historical moment when China is on its path toward wealth and power, the author carries out a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the actual international and domestic circumstances facing China. More importantly, she presents an incisive and trenchant interpretation of all those major pressing and controversial issues about which China is most concerned in light of its unique social and economic conditions and the monumental and breathtaking changes that are taking place in the country. These issues cover both macro- and micro-economic aspects, ranging from GDP and national income to fiscal and monetary policies, from controlling inflation to spurring consumption, from reforming government and streamlining administration to creating a monopolyfree market, from improving the retirement and social welfare system to providing health-care support, from ensuring food safety to promoting resource conservation and environmental protection, and from pursuing industrial development and economic growth to protecting people’s livelihood and well-being. In the author’s own words, “the purpose of this book is to increase knowledge and to leave a footprint of this generation’s thoughts and considerations at this particular point on the Chinese nation’s glorious road to civilization.”
GC01-104 Understanding and Interpreting Chinese Economic Reform.
  Wu, Jinglian/ 9789814624985/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover The Chinese economic reform that started in 1978 has met with enormous success. Understanding and Interpreting Chinese Economic Reform (2e) attempts to provide a complete history of this reform and interpret it from the perspective of modern economics in the wider context of social justice and political reform. This book is divided into three major parts. Part I touches upon the background of the reform and the evolution of its strategy-administrative decentralization during 1958-1978, incremental reform during 1979-1993, and overall advance from 1994 to the present. Part II discusses the reform strategies and their implementation in major sectors of the economy: the agricultural sector, the state-owned industrial sector, the private sector, the financial sector, government finance, and foreign trade and investment. Part III elaborates issues related to reform at the macroeconomic and social levels, including the social security system, macroeconomic policies, social relations, and government's functions. KEY FEATURES -Provides a complete history and in-depth analysis of Chinese economic reform that started in 1978. -Touches upon the background of the reform and the evolution of its strategy during the different periods. -Examines the reform strategies and their implementation in major sectors of the economy. -Elaborates issues related to reform at the macroeconomic and social levels.
Rural Development: Knowledge & Expertise in Governance.
  Van Assche, Kristof/ 9789086862566/ Price:EUR 45.00
Book Cover This book offers a unique perspective on rural development, by discussing the most influential perspectives and rendering their risks and benefits visible. The authors do not present a silver bullet. Rather, they give students, researchers, community leaders, politicians, concerned citizens and development organizations the conceptual tools to understand how things are organized now, which development path has already been taken, and how things could possibly move in a different direction. Van Assche and Hornidge pay special attention to the different roles of knowledge in rural development, both expert knowledge in various guises and local knowledge. Crafting development strategies requires understanding how new knowledge can fit in and work out in governance. Drawing on experiences in five continents, the authors develop a theoretical framework which elucidates how modes of governance and rural development are inextricably tied. A community is much better placed to choose direction, when it understands these ties.
Wages in China: An Economic Analysis, 3-vols/set.
  Zhang Jun/ 9781623201166/ Price:US$ 279.00
Book Cover A major determinant of the primary distribution of national income, wages will have tremendous impacts on both social equity and economic efficiency in China. Wages in China: An Economic Analysis presents the latest research results on the transformation of China’s wages formation mechanism since the adoption of the Reform and Opening Up policy. This 3-volume series looks at the impact from the institutional evolution of the wage system, social networks, and geographical factors on the determination of wages. After reviewing the history of China’s wage policies and systematic transformation, the author examines the collective negotiation system as an example of institutional changes to explore the impacts on employees’ wages, and does an empirical study on the shrinkage in labor’s share of national income by using industrial and provincial data. Based on the discussion of local policy-making decisions under fiscal federalism in China, the author also analyzes the regional wage differences with economic geographical and regional policy variances. The perspective of inter-industrial wage spillover is also followed to explain the wage differences and convergence paradox.
Rural Development in China: The Rise of Innovative Institutions and Markets, 3-vols/set.
  Lu Yilong/ 9781623200886/ Price:US$ 308.00
Book Cover Rural Development in China: The Rise of Innovative Institutions and Markets explores China’s rural development path from two angles: institutional innovations and the market. Looking at China’s pace of socio-economic development as a key factor in modernization, author Lu Yilong discusses institutional drawbacks and demands to determine the specific issues of China’s rural market. Using China‘s unique “Three rurals” concept (agriculture, rural areas and farmers) as its foundation, Rural Development in China: The Rise of Innovative Institutions and Markets offers suggestions on how to stimulate rural socio-economic growth and lead China down a path to future economic success.
Transformation of China's Banking System: from the Late Qing Era to the 1930s, 2-vols/set.
  Lan Rixu/ 9781623200923/ Price:US$ 234.00
Book Cover The product of more than 10 years of research, Transformation of China’s Modern Banking System provides a detailed study of the evolution of China’s banking system from the late Qing era (1840s) through the Republican era (1930s). Transformation of China’s Modern Banking System offers a unique and comprehensive analysis of the financing structure, governance structure, incentive and restraint mechanisms, and structural changes of China’s modern banking system. Lan Rixu uses historical evidence to show how the transformation of China’s modern banking system reflected an acute awareness of the practical reality of modern Chinese bankers. The author details the systematic changes in China’s banking system during the chaotic period when traditional China met the West.
VC01-75 World Trade Organization, The., 5-Vols/Set.
  Steger, Debra/ 9780415364225/ Price:£ 955.00
Book Cover With a membership of 160 countries, the World Trade Organization (WTO) is the international organization with responsibility for the global rules of trade between nations. Its stated principal function is to ensure that trade flows as smoothly, predictably, and freely as possible. Established almost twenty years ago, the agreements negotiated under its auspices and, indeed, its very existence have been the source of tremendous controversy and debate. Edited by a leading scholar in the field, and former Director of the Appellate Body Secretariat of the WTO, this new Routledge collection brings together in five volumes the very best scholarship on the WTO from economists, academics, lawyers, and other thinkers to examine its history (including its origins in the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade). The set also makes available cutting-edge research about the fundamental principles on which the organization is based and explores the implications of the WTO’s policy and practice for domestic regulation and the sovereignty of individual states. The final two volumes examine the role of the WTO in dispute settlement and discuss the challenges for the future, including relating to the role of developing countries, preferential trade agreements as well as the legitimacy and governance of the organization. With an introduction, newly written by the editor, providing her own unique perspective, World Trade Organization is an essential collection destined to be valued by scholars, students, government officials, and practitioners as a vital research resource.
VC01-124 Handbook of Research on Economic Growth and Technological Change in Latin America.
  Christiansen, Bryan/ 9781466662247/ Price:US$ 295.00
Book Cover Investment in Latin America is continuously developing in complex patterns due to the region’s increasing role in the global economy. The Handbook of Research on Economic Growth and Technological Change in Latin America helps readers to better understand the importance of Latin America in today’s global economy. The book discusses the developments of investments involving Latin American Multinational Corporations (“Multilatinas”) within the region. This investment is having profound influences on the state of business, government, and technological development in Latin America, which are all explored in this reference publication for use by researchers, scholar-practitioners, business executives, students, and academicians. Topics Covered •Economic Development of Latin America •Financial Practices in Latin America •Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) •Global Investments •Globalization and Latin America •International Business •The United States and Latin America
VC01-123 Geo-Regional Competitiveness in Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltic Countries, and Russia.
  Zhuplev, Anatoly/ 9781466660540/ Price:US$ 205.00
Book Cover The changing dynamics in the European region and beyond, the unfolding political-economic challenges across the European Union, and the rising global power of emerging economic powers require knowledge, skills, and methodological platforms inducing strategies and operations in the new and ever-changing business landscape. Geo-Regional Competitiveness in Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltic Countries, and Russia seeks to address East Central Europe's (ECE), the Baltics', and Russia's increasingly important roles as emerging markets and competitive economic players in the European region. This premier reference work is designated for scholars, professionals, government agencies, think tanks, and other individuals, organizations, and institutions interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the geo-regional strategic business dynamics and landscape involving ECE, the Baltics, and Russia. Topics Covered •Business Risk of Governmental Corruption •Crisis and Competitiveness •Foreign Direct Investment •Innovation and International Competitiveness of Manufacturing Firms •Manufacturing Back-Shoring and Near-Shoring •National Innovation System Dynamics •Regional Competitiveness and the Maritime Sector •Socio-Economic Development and Competitiveness •Technological Leadership and the Innovation-Driven Economy
VC01-122 Post-Keynesian Empirical Research and the Debate on Financial Market Development.
  Chaiechi, Taha/ 9781466660182/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover Current research often highlights the importance of financial markets as well as financial system development. However, the current literature in this field still fails to adequately explain the relationship between financial market and macroeconomic development. Post-Keynesian Empirical Research and the Debate on Financial Market Development integrates the concept of financial intermediaries with Post-Keynesian macroeconomic modeling to discuss the relationship between financial markets and systems and macroeconomic development. Discussing key macroeconomic variables such as investment, savings, and productivity growth, this timely resource is essential for students, academicians, as well as finance and economics professionals interested in uncovering the latest research in this field. Topics Covered •Economic Development •Economic Modeling •Financial Market Development •Growth Theory •Macroeconomics •Post-Keynesian Economics •Time series analysis
VC01-121 Bridging the Gap Between Growth Theory and Policy in Asia: An Extension of the Solow Growth Model.
  Singh, Rup/ 9781466658486/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover Although economic growth is amongst the oldest of debates in Economics, there has been little advancement in growth theory since the classic works of Solow. As such, clear-cut answers to the context-specific determinants of growth, especially for developing countries, are rare. Bridging the Gap Between Growth Theory and Policy in Asia: An Extension of the Solow Growth Model adds to the works of Solow by showing how his original model can be extended and used for policy, discussing issues in growth econometrics, including the theoretical underpinnings of growth models, and some of the important challenges in empirical studies on economic growth. This simpler manual will be highly useful for applied economists, policy makers, and graduate students. Topics Covered •Convergence Debate •Development Trends •Empirical Growth Literature •Estimates of Steady-State Growth Rates •Impact of Trade Openness in China •Major Theories of Economic Growth •Model Specification •Robustness Tests •Sources of Economic Growth
VC01-120 Handbook of Research on Strategic Business Infrastructure Development and Contemporary Issues in Finance.
  Ray, Nilanjan/ 9781466651548/ Price:US$ 325.00
Book Cover The dynamic economic climate invites participants who are grounded in strategic financial management and infrastructure development. Thus, a lack of sufficient infrastructure, in both quality and quantity, often disqualifies developing countries from being key players in the global economy and influences other socioeconomic problems like unemployment, quality of work life, and quality of life. Handbook of Research on Strategic Business Infrastructure Development and Contemporary Issues in Finance discusses the efficiency of good infrastructure and its impact on socioeconomic growth and socioeconomic development in general and addresses contemporary aspects of the strategic financial management essential for accomplishing the objective of wealth maximization in today's challenging and competitive economy. This book is an essential research work for policy makers, government workers and NGO employees, as well as academicians and researchers in the fields of business, finance, marketing, management, accounting, MIS, public administration, economics, and law. Topics Covered •Contemporary Issues in Finance •Economy and Sustainable Development Infrastructure •Information and Communication Infrastructure •Service Sector Infrastructure •Strategic Business Infrastructure •Strategic Framework for Infrastructure Finance •Technology Management Infrastructure
VC01-119 Knowledge-Based Economic Policy Development in the Arab World.
  Driouchi, Ahmed/ 9781466652101/ Price:US$ 215.00
Book Cover The Arab world is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. In order to keep up with the ever-progressing and expanding developments, advancements must be made with the current systems process and procedures. Knowledge-Based Economic Policy Development in the Arab World focuses on knowledge economy as the most important engine for economic growth and development under the globalizing world economies. This publication analyzes the major issues that constrain further access to knowledge economy in the Arab countries with comparisons in Eastern and Central European economies. Researchers, business practitioners, and academics interested in new economic and development inclusive growth policies will benefit greatly from the wide variety of discussion in this publication. Topics Covered •Education and Feminization of Labor Markets •Green Economy and Sustainability •Imperfections in Knowledge Adoption •Inclusive Growth Policies •New Enterprise Creation •New Knowledge Based Policies •Oil-Based Economies •Unemployment of Skilled Labor •Urbanization and Local Development
VC01-118 Economic Behavior, Game Theory, and Technology in Emerging Markets.
  Christiansen, Bryan/ 9781466647459/ Price:US$ 185.00
Book Cover Game Theory has provided an extremely useful tool in enabling economists to venture into unknown areas. Its concepts of conflict and cooperation apply whenever the actions of several agents are interdependent; providing language to formulate as well as to structure, analyze, and understand strategic scenarios. Economic Behavior, Game Theory, and Technology in Emerging Markets explores game theory and its deep impact in developmental economics, specifically the manner in which it provides a way of formalizing institutions. This is particularly important for emerging economies which have not yet received much attention in the academic world. This publication is useful for academics, professors, and researchers in this field, but it has also been compiled to meet the needs of non-specialists as well. Topics Covered •Business Ethics •Corporate Lending at Banks in India •Growth of Real GDP in Cuba •Intelligent Business Decision-Making by Fuzzy Reasoning •Interorganizational Information Systems •Relevance of Science in Development
VC01-112 Human Capital, 4-Vols/Set.
  Teixeira, Pedro/ 9780415623575/ Price:£ 885.00
In recent decades, human capital has become one of the most popular and influential research programmes in the academy. Its influence is not limited to economics, but has proved to be significant to many other social sciences; indeed, it has infused social and political debates about education and training. Moreover, human capital has become part of the jargon of many non-economists. Now, to help make sense of this critical concept, Routledge announces a new four-volume collection. It provides an extensive overview of the breadth and depth of human-capital research, highlighting not only the evolution of its theoretical and empirical development, but also the variety of topics that it has spawned. Edited and with a new introduction by a leading scholar, this collection gathers together the very best and most influential works. Part I: Early Contributions on Human Capital Part II: The Modern Foundations of Human-Capital Research Part III: Debating the link between Education and Earnings Part IV: Studying the Returns to Education Part V: Human Capital and the Labour Market Part VI: Macro Effects of Human Capital Part VII: The Social Relevance of Human Capital
VC01-101 Women's Economic Thought in the Eighteenth Century, 3-Vols/Set.
  Kuiper, Edith/ 9780415495714/ Price:£ 605.00
In the history of economics, women writers were all but invisible until a few decades ago. Although much work has now been recuperated, the writings on economics of eighteenth-century women authors have yet to be brought fully to light. This new three-volume collection from Routledge remedies that omission and makes key archival source material readily available to scholars, researchers, and students. This comprehensive compilation of eighteenth-century works by women writers includes several texts translated into English for the first time, such as an important critique on Adam Smith'sTheory of Moral Sentiments (1759) by Sophie de Grouchy Condorcet. The collection is divided into three volumes. Volume I (‘The Economy of the Household’) addresses the following topics: moral and economic conduct; women's position in marriage; gender equality; and household production. The second volume (‘The Economy of the Market’), meanwhile, brings together texts that address education, work, wages, access to the professions, and issues of wealth and poverty more generally. Volume III assembles materials under the title ‘Women's Views on Institutions and Change’. Women's Economic Thought in the Eighteenth Century is a treasure-trove for all serious scholars and students of economic history. The gathered works are reproduced in facsimile, giving users a strong sense of immediacy to the texts and permitting citation to the original pagination. And with a detailed and comprehensive introduction placing the materials fully in context, the collection is destined to be welcomed as a vital reference and research resource.
SC01-459 Capitalism for the People.
  Zingales, Luigi/ 9780465085958/ Price:US$ 17.99
SC01-452 Innovation and Responsibility.
  Coenen, Christopher/ 9781614994305/ Price:EUR 60.00
Book Cover The contributions to this volume engage with diverse aspects of responsible innovation, reflecting on its history and its current form, reporting on success stories and critical discussions, pointing out shortcomings and obstacles, and analyzing the grand narratives that shape discourse on new and emerging fields of technoscience. They scrutinize the roles of major actor groups, including regulators, scientists and civil society organizations, while also addressing key issues of public engagement and participation. In addition to nanotechnology, several other fields of research and development are addressed, such as biotechnology and neuroscience. “Innovation and Responsibility” constitutes the fifth volume showcasing the research activities of the vibrant, multidisciplinary community of S.NET, the Society for the Study of Nanoscience and Emerging Technologies.
SC01-450 Energy Security and Sustainable Economic Growth in China.
  Yao, Shujie/ 9781137372048/ Price:£ 75.00
SC01-446 Formal and Informal Social Safety Nets.
  Ashraf, Mohammad/ 9781137388957/ Price:£ 70.00
SC01-438 The Capital Market in China: A 60-Year Review, 3-Vols/Set.
  Cao, Erjie/ 9781623200053/ Price:US$ 308.00
Book Cover • Presents an overview of the formation of capital and the development of financing methods in China • Provides a comprehensive examination of China's capital market, covering state intervention, private funds, foreign capital, mergers, mutual funds, bonds, securities, and futures • Covers related issues, such as the role of capital in a socialist society, human capital, and time-space compression in China • Explores the opportunities and challenges of Renminbi internationalization
GC01-99 Development and Reform of China's Employment System.
  Zhang Xiaojian/ 9789814510103/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover Development and Reform of China's Employment System reviews the evolution, reform, and achievements of China's employment system over a period of 30-plus years since 1978, predicts future trends, and puts forward feasible ways and suggestions for further development. Comprising seven parts, the book covers a wide range of meaningful topics such as the market-oriented reform of state-owned enterprises, reemployment of layoffs, transfer of surplus rural labor, the formation and development of China's public service system, the proactive government policy for job creation, and the laws and rules promulgated by the government in terms of employment and social security. For each major employment policy, the book presents the historical background against which it was proposed and then provides detailed description and analysis of this policy, its implementation, its achievements, and lessons learned.
GC01-5-3 Encyclopedia of Business and Finance, 2-Vols/Set.
  / 9780028662640/ Price:US$ 591.00
Book Cover Designed for the non-specialist, the Encyclopedia Of Business And Finance is a two-volume complete reference covering five general areas: finance and banking; accounting; marketing; management; and information systems. Drawing on practical professional expertise as well as that of noted scholars, the contributors include academics and business scholars from leading business programs. The new completely revised second edition includes 315 signed essays.
GC01-103 Market Solutions To Public Needs: Mainstreaming Poverty Alleviation Initiative in ASEAN.
  Luz, Juan Miguel M./ 9789814510233/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover The ASEAN Foundation, through the Japan–ASEAN Solidarity Fund, partnered with the Asian Institute of Management to conduct a series of case studies on mainstreaming poverty alleviation initiatives in ASEAN. This project, seamlessly linked with the Asian Development Bank Regional Technical Assistance (ADB RETA) on “Regional Knowledge and Partnerships Networks of Poverty Reduction and Inclusive Growth”, aims to contribute to the knowledge management process and structure of the RETA by including private sector participation in the ASEAN region. As widespread poverty continues to be the most formidable development challenge in ASEAN, generating information and enabling knowledge products accessible is a strategic means toward increasing capacities among decision makers, development practitioners, and other stakeholders in poverty alleviation. The eighteen case studies included in this book cover various countries in Southeast Asia and provide an insight into firms with corporate social responsibility strategies, and non-governmental organizations. Emphasis is placed on the incidental benefits that accrue to the poor from firms adopting a bottom of the pyramid approach and re-engineering products and services to make them affordable to the poor. Market Solutions to Public Needs seeks to bridge the development gap and establish a viable and dynamic hub of best practices and knowledge products that supports the building of the ASEAN community.
GC01-102 Blue Book of China's Commercial Sector. (2014)
  / 9789814609647/ Price:US$ 150.00
The year 2013 is seen as a year of change for China. The country's new leadership has announced a series of social and economic reforms that places greater emphasis than ever before on market forces. The reform programs are expected to have significant implications for commercial enterprises, domestic and foreign alike, when operating in China. In Blue Book of China's Commercial Sector (2014), the National Academy of Economic Strategy (NAES) of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and the Fung Business Intelligence Centre jointly present a comprehensive account of the latest developments in the commercial sector of China. Starting with the macroeconomic background of domestic consumption in China and recent pricing trends, the Blue Book provides in-depth analyses of the different industries including retailing, wholesale and distribution, logistics, e-commerce, and catering. Popular topics such as online retailing, luxury market, department store and retail logistics in China are also covered. KEY FEATURES • Presents a comprehensive account of China's commercial sector in 2013 and forecasts the development trends of 2014. • Provides in-depth analyses of different industries including retailing, wholesale and distribution, catering, and commercial property. • Popular topics such as online retailing, luxury market, department store and retail logistics in China are included.
GC01-101 The Japanese Economy: Then, Now, and Beyond.
  Mitsuru Taniuchi/ 9789814568616/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover The Japanese economy has undergone significant turbulence over the past quarter century and now seems poised to get back on track. From a long-term perspective, the unprecedented demographic shift—an aging population with a diminishing number of inhabitants—poses a tremendous challenge to the economy. The harm that the country's fiscal disarray will cause if left neglected is not yet palpable with investors who are seemingly content with holding large tranches of Japanese government bonds. Corporate Japan possesses clear advantages like cutting-edge technology and good labor relations, but issues such as low profitability and sagging entrepreneurship are its Achilles heel. Japan's corporate sector and labor market have long been known for unique traditional practices such as the keiretsu, cross-shareholdings, and life-time employment, but these Japanese practices are now experiencing a major transformation. New issues such as the growing dualism in the labor force are gnawing at the country. The Japanese Economy—Then, Now, and Beyond provides an overview of the contemporary Japanese economy, explaining where Japan's economy stands at present, the changes in the economy's idiosyncratic features, and the challenges that lie ahead. A major feature of this book is the frequent references to the extent to which Japanese experiences and business practices differ from those in other major economies. This gives readers an international perspective when understanding the Japanese economy. While discussions in the book are based on standard economic theory and analyses, no formal economics training is presupposed. In fact, readers who routinely read economic and business news will find the whole text easy to comprehend without stumbling on technical analyses.
GC01-100 Achieving Sustainability: Visions, Principles, and Practices, 2-Vols/Set.
  Rowe, Debra/ 9780028662015/ Price:US$ 550.00
Book Cover Sustainable development is essential to a future of reduced human suffering, higher quality of life, and ongoing sustenance for the planet's ecosystems. Designed to increase understanding, inform actions, enrich academic assignments, and enhance research, Macmillan's Achieving Sustainability: Visions, Principles, And Practices is a reference work intended to meet the needs of students and educators in high schools, community colleges, and four-year colleges, as well as the interested layperson. Aimed at readers who are not experts in the field, the material is relevant to courses in natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities; indeed, this title presents and analyzes the underpinnings of the multi-disciplinary concept of sustainability. A two-volume encyclopedia containing more than 130 signed entries, Achieving Sustainability covers economic and environmental ideas, as well as governance, demographic, and socio-cultural aspects of the concept.
Structural Reform in China's Regional Governments, Volume 1.
  Guo, Qingwang/ 9781623200015/ Price:US$ 118.00
Book Cover A must-read book for political scientists and economists, Structural Reform in China’s Regional Governments: Volume 1 uses the latest government data to offer an empirical study of the characteristic fiscal reforms, including the introduction of the tax assignment system in 1994 and the 2002 income tax reform, which determine the size and structure of China’s regional governments. Volume 1 of this series also uses two econometric models (System GMM and 2SLS regression) to: Outline the financial self-sufficiency of China’s low-level governments Predict less dependency on low-level governments for public expenditure Explain China’s unique direct provincial financial management system
China's Economy 2012.
  Institute of China s Economic Reform&Development/ 9781623200343/ Price:US$ 148.00
Book Cover This series is a new initiative published by the Institute of China’s Economic Reform & Development of the Renmin University of China. Economic slowdown is a major trend that emerged in recent years in China. To understand this trend, China's Economy 2012 conducts empirical and quantitative research on China’s economy in three aspects: international comparisons and measurement of potential growth rates, factors affecting China’s potential growth rate, and future trends and response strategies of China’s economic development. It also provides a series of policy recommendations for maintaining sustainable economic growth in China.
Enrich Annual Economic Review: China's Economy, 4-vols/set.
  / 9781623200350/ Price:US$ 534.00
Book Cover This series is a new initiative published by the Renmin University of China. It reviews China’s annual economic figures in detail, monitors major economic trends in China, and identifies global trends which affect China from time to time. It includes the survey of the previous several years of China’s economy and an assessment of the current state of China's economy and the state of its development.
China's Outward Foreign Direct Investment: Theories and Strategies.
  Zhang Hong et al./ 9781623200367/ Price:US$ 148.00
Book Cover China has firmly implemented its “going out” strategy for more than 10 years. In this time Chinese enterprises’ outward FDI activities have boomed. However, behind this rosy picture, there are still lingering doubts as to whether China can continue to thrive on the international stage. What are the motives behind Chinese enterprises’ outward FDI activities? And in what way can Chinese transnational companies benefit under international vertical specialization? China’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment: Theories and Strategies attempts to answer these questions by: Building theoretical models to explain how China benefits from the spillover effect and upgrades in global value chains (GVCs) Explaining Chinese enterprises’ outward FDI motives supported by examples from China’s manufacturing, auto and IT industries China has significant influence on international trade and global economic patterns. Having a clear perspective on China’s outward FDI strategies and motivations is vital for policymakers, economists as well as those doing business in China. China’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment: Theories and Strategies offers a thorough and timely look at China’s outward FDI and the pace of the country’s continued growth.
Structural Reform in China's Regional Governments, 2-vols/set.
  / 9781623200435/ Price:US$ 224.00
Book Cover A must-read book for political scientists and economists, Structural Reform in China’s Regional Governments uses the latest government data to offer an empirical study of the characteristic fiscal reforms, including the introduction of the tax assignment system in 1994 and the 2002 income tax reform, which determine the size and structure of China’s regional governments. Based on a thorough review of the current data, the theoretical framework of the authors provides for a meta-analysis of 30 years of data of 30 provinces and more than 1,000 counties using multiple econometric models. In light of the changes in fiscal decentralization after the 1994 introduction of the tax assignment system and the 2002 income tax reform, the authors analyze the substantial socioeconomic impact of the intricate intergovernmental fiscal relationships and the reform of the regional government administrative structure.
Internationalization of the RMB: 2013 Annual Report.
  International Monetary Institute (IMI)/ 9781623200961/ Price:US$ 148.00
Book Cover Drawing upon the latest government data, Internationalization of the RMB: 2013 Annual Report is a firsthand look at China’s current RMB policy and goals for full Renminbi (RMB) convertibility in the near-future. The work of International Monetary Institute (IMI), this book provides a clear picture of the RMB Internationalization Index (RII), offers recommendations and insights into the direction of China’s currency reform, and explains the Triffin Dilemma and its connection to China’s path for full internationalization of the RMB.
The Small Farmer Can: Buyer-Led Approach Rescues Rural Bolivian Families from Poverty.
  Pattie, Preston S./ 9780989916943/ Price:US$ 24.00
Book Cover This book tells the story of a successful development project through the eyes of a main participant. The author, Preston Pattie, developed a novel business approach to transform subsistence farmers into suppliers in formal value chains. Through the buyer-led, business approach, the USAID-funded Rural Competitiveness Activity (RCA project) reached 20 thousand Bolivian rural families. Half of these families—ten thousand—have or will overcome poverty in a short time. Rather than emphasizing project assistance, the RCA team facilitated efforts of rural families to carry out their own productive business activities. What appears a subtle difference in focus turned a corner that required the re-engineering of virtually every aspect of project implementation. The need to reform so many varied aspects of project implementation was not foreseen, and the path to take in each case was not pre-determined. Instead each aspect of the RCA project became an endeavor for reform to solve problems as they were identified or to improve performance toward reaching targets.
Intergenerational Learning and Transformative Leadership for Sustainable Futures.
  Corcoran, Peter B./ 9789086862528/ Price:EUR 67.00
Book Cover The work of creating the future is being done now — and much of it is unsustainable in terms of natural and cultural resources. How will the next generation of leadership for environmental sustainability be raised up? Can we imagine sustainable futures, and can we enable transformative leadership to help us realize them? How can we best ensure that the several generations share their particular knowledge? What are the ethical frameworks, methodologies, curricula, and tools necessary for advancing and strengthening education for intergenerational sustainability learning and leadership? In this book, 82 authors from 26 countries across 6 continents seek answers in 32 essays to the many questions related to the intergenerational collaboration that holds promise for creating sustainable futures. The authors themselves represent a diversity of geography, gender, and generation — and include the institutions comprising the emerging International Intergenerational Network of Centers. They speak to key principles, perspectives, and praxes at the intersection of intergenerational learning and transformative leadership in the context of education for sustainability. A visionary tour de force, this book explores the challenges and complexities of future learning models beyond the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development. It provides a timely discourse encompassing intergenerational and cultural dimensions, including ethics. Contributors articulate a deeper understanding of leadership in the post-Enlightenment era. Chapters in the book offer examples cutting across a diverse range of experiences worldwide, making this volume not only refreshing for practitioners, but also invaluable to policy-makers.
VC01-117 Socio-Cybernetic Study of God and the World-System.
  Choudhury, Masudul Alam/ 9781466646438/ Price:US$ 165.00
Book Cover In any field—whether scientific, business, or social—ethics plays a critical role in determining what is acceptable in a particular community and what is considered taboo. The source of these preconditions is often a complex interweaving of tradition and rational thought. Socio-Cybernetic Study of God and the World-System investigates morality in a socio-scientific worldview, examining the epistemology of existence in conjunction with Islamic monotheistic law to generate a world-system that governs action and reaction in the context of a variety of cognitive and social environments. Readers with backgrounds in finance and economics can utilize this book to construct a more thorough theoretical understanding of their societal and professional associations. Topics Covered •Banking Systems •Epistemology •Ethics in Science •Islam •Morality •Multiverse •Social Science •Social systems
VC01-116 Econometric Methods for Analyzing Economic Development.
  Schaeffer, Peter V./ 9781466643291/ Price:US$ 185.00
Book Cover Exploring and understanding the analysis of economic development is essential as global economies continue to experience extreme fluctuation. Econometrics brings together statistical methods for practical content and economic relations. Econometric Methods for Analyzing Economic Development is a comprehensive collection that focuses on various regions and their economies at a pivotal time when the majority of nations are struggling with stabilizing their economies. Outlining areas such as employment rates, utilization of natural resources, and regional impacts, this collection of research is an excellent tool for scholars, academics, and professionals looking to expand their knowledge on today’s turbulent and changing economy. Topics Covered •Economic Equality •Economic Growth •Energy Consumption •Inflation •Natural Resource Management •Population Density
VC01-115 Technology and Financial Crisis: Economical and Analytical Views.
  Koyuncugil, Ali Serhan/ 9781466630062/ Price:US$ 185.00
Book Cover Rapid improvements and constant advancements in information technology have inevitably lead to significant changes for businesses across the globe. As a result, some of these large shifts have unfortunately ended in major financial crises. Technology and Financial Crisis: Economical and Analytical Views investigates financial crises from unique points of view. Not only does this publication consider the broader economical implications that a financial crisis can have on one business or on a whole country, but it also thoroughly discusses the smaller areas which are affected or contribute to the downfall. This book is intended to be of use to the public sector, researchers, practitioners, and educators who are interested in the affects of a financial crises and possible ways to reduce such large scale problems in the future. Topics Covered •Business Intelligence •Data mining and warehousing •Economics & Quantitative Analysis •Finance •Global Business •Global Marketing •Sustainability Management
VC01-113 e-Commerce Economics, 4-Vols/Set.
  Vanhoose, David/ 9780415660822/ Price:£ 995.00
The economic principles that underpin commercial transactions via electronic networks, and the many associated economic issues and controversies that e-commerce generates, are dizzying in their complexity. Now, to help advanced students and researchers make sense of an explosion of scholarship, Routledge announces e-Commerce Economics, a new title in its acclaimed Critical Concepts in Economics series. Edited by David VanHoose, a leading scholar in the field, e-Commerce Economics is a ‘mini library’ that brings together in four volumes the foundational and the very best cutting-edge research. With a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editor, which places the collected material in its historical and intellectual context, e-Commerce Economics is an essential collection destined to be valued as a vital one-stop resource. Topics Covered Volume 1: Infrastructure, Markets, and Pricing Volume 2: Information, Search, and Finance Volume 3: Auctions, Intellectual Property, and Trade Volume 4: Regulatory and Policy Issues
VC01-111 Islamic Economics, 4-Vols/Set.
  Alvi, Shafiq/ 9780415519601/ Price:£ 820.00
Western economists define economics as the branch of knowledge or science which investigates how scarce resources are best allocated into competing claims upon them. These claims are socially and culturally determined. Islamic economics and its principles have also developed from a specific set of social and cultural circumstances, but the key to the whole subject is the guidance given in the Prophetic scriptures. The tenets laid down in the Qur’an provided the basis for a comprehensive, and continuous, system of social and cultural, and hence also economic, behaviour, for which there is no Western equivalent. This collection analyses the rationale of Islamic values and Islamic laws in economic activities. It examines how Islam has contributed several alternative values to business and economic policies in Muslim countries. Consideration is also given to how Islam can be considered as a universal system that can be applied to various economic policies, business strategies and government regulations.
VC01-110 Sustainable Technologies, Policies, and Constraints in the Green Economy.
  Jean-Vasile, Andrei/ 9781466640986/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover The development of a green and sustainable economy continues to grow in awareness and popularity due to its promotion of a more comprehensive way of achieving economic development through social and environmental efficiency. Sustainable Technologies, Policies, and Constraints in the Green Economy carefully investigates the complex issues which surround the wide array of concepts, policies, and measures that come into play when promoting this somewhat new ideology. This publication covers over 50 years of research in the field in order to provide the best theoretical frameworks and empirical research to its readers. Professors, researchers, practitioners, and students will all benefit from the relevant discussions and diverse conclusions which are revealed in these chapters. Topics Covered •Environmental Challenges •Environmental Technologies •Green Economics •Natural Capital •Sustainable Environments •Sustainable Production Systems
VC01-109 Encyclopedia of Energy, Natural Resource, and Environmental Economics, 3-Vols/Set.
  Shogren, Jason/ 9780123750679/ Price:US$ 1900.00
Book Cover Every decision about energy involves its price and cost. The price of gasoline and the cost of buying from foreign producers; the price of nuclear and hydroelectricity and the costs to our ecosystems; the price of electricity from coal-fired plants and the cost to the atmosphere. Giving life to inventions, lifestyle changes, geopolitical shifts, and things in-between, energy economics is of high interest to Academia, Corporations and Governments. For economists, energy economics is one of three subdisciplines which, taken together, compose an economic approach to the exploitation and preservation of natural resources: •energy economics, which focuses on energy-related subjects such as renewable energy, hydropower, nuclear power, and the political economy of energy •resource economics, which covers subjects in land and water use, such as mining, fisheries, agriculture, and forests •environmental economics, which takes a broader view of natural resources through economic concepts such as risk, valuation, regulation, and distribution Although the three are closely related, they are not often presented as an integrated whole. This Encyclopedia has done just that by unifying these fields into a high-quality and unique overview.
VC01-104 Finance in Asia, 4-Vols/Set.
  Liu, Qiao/ 9780415670890/ Price:£ 1080.00
Edited by three leading scholars whose expertise spans finance, economics, and law, Finance in Asia is a new collection from Routledge’s Critical Concepts in Finance series. The foundational and cutting-edge scholarship assembled in this easy-to-use, one-stop resource enables users easily to access and make sense of an explosion of scholarly output on Asia’s distinctive financial institutions, markets, and systems. The collection will be especially welcomed by scholars and students seeking a full understanding of contemporary Asian finance, particularly those in search of a forward-looking view of the second generation of Asian finance. The collection will also appeal to researchers eager to engage with vital questions about law, institutions, and regulation, and their impact on transaction formation and performance, and on the behaviour of the financial sector in Asia. Indeed, in the current economic climate, with international financial systems still buffeted by extreme turbulence, such questions have never been more pertinent. Finance in Asia is fully indexed. It also includes a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editors, which places the material in its intellectual and historical context.
VC01-103 The Rise of Econometrics, 4-Vols/Set.
  Qin, Duo/ 9780415616782/ Price:£ 995.00
In the memorable words of Ragnar Frisch, econometrics is ‘a unification of the theoretical–quantitative and the empirical–quantitative approach to economic problems’. Beginning to take shape in the 1930s and 1940s, econometrics is now recognized as a vital subdiscipline supported by a vast—and still rapidly growing—body of literature. Edited by a leading researcher in the history of econometrics, this new collection from Routledge’s Critical Concepts in Economics series brings together in one ‘mini library’ the best and most influential scholarship on the rise of econometrics. The set provides an authoritative one-stop resource to enable users to understand what has shaped econometrics into its current form. With a full index and comprehensive introductions to each volume, newly written by the editor, the collection also provides a synoptic view of many current key debates and issues.
SC01-453 Labour Administration in Uncertain Times: Policy, Practice and Institutions Since the Crisis.
  Heyes, Jason/ 9781782549420/ Price:£ 100.00
SC01-443 The Technological Role of Inward Foreign Direct Investment in Central East Europe.
  Stephan, Johannes/ 9781137333759/ Price:£ 70.00
SC01-432 Smuggler Nation: How Illicit Trade Made America.
  Andreas, Peter/ 9780199746880/ Price:US$ 29.95
SC01-431 Boardroom Scandal: The Criminalization of Company Fraud in Nineteenth-Century Britain.
  Taylor, James/ 9780199695799/ Price:£ 83.00
SC01-431 Solutions Manual to Accompany Intermediate Public Economics.
  Hashimzade, Nigar/ 9780262518482/ Price:US$ 40.00
SC01-431 African Governance Report 2013: Elections and the Management of Diversity in Africa.
  / 9780199645053/ Price:£ 16.99
SC01-431 Money for Everyone: Why We Need a Citizen's Income.
  Torry, Malcolm/ 9781447311256/ Price:£ 26.99
Book Cover Due to government cuts, the benefits system is currently a hot topic. In this timely book, a Citizen’s Income (sometimes called a Basic Income) is defined as an unconditional, non-withdrawable income for every individual as a right of citizenship. This much-needed book, written by an experienced researcher and author, is the first for over a decade to analyse the social, economic and labour market advantages of a Citizen's Income in the UK. It demonstrates that it would be simple and cheap to administer, would reduce inequality, enhance individual freedom and would be good for the economy, social cohesion, families, and the employment market. It also contains international comparisons and links with broader issues around the meaning of poverty and inequality, making a valuable contribution to the debate around benefits. Accessibly written, this is essential reading for policy-makers, researchers, teachers, students, and anyone interested in the future of our society and our economy
SC01-428 Application of Dimensional Analysis in Economics.
  Grudzewski, Wieslaw M./ 9781614992790/ Price:EUR 80.00
Book Cover Developing a method for incorporating such diverse data into a system of analysis is, needless to say, a complex process. Dimensional analysis is a tool which might be useful in this process, but one which, up to now, has been little explored in the economic sciences. This book explores the application of dimensional analysis in the field of economics. It has been structured in a way which corresponds to the formulation of economic quantities, and is divided into five sections: measuring of economic quantities, modeling of economic processes, principles of dimensional analysis, building of quantified dimensional models, and experiment and practical verification.
SC01-419 Innovative Capability of Chinese Enterprises.
  Yi, Zhihong/ 9789814298360/ Price:US$ 148.00
In recent years, China has seen the advantages of building an innovation-oriented nation. Through research and case studies, this book provides a thorough analysis of the sustainable development model of independent innovation for Chinese enterprises.
GC01-98 The Korean Economy: Six Decades of Growth and Development.
  / 9789814455718/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover South Korea's economic success has often been called a “miracle.” There has been an ongoing debate about the factors behind its success, which has attracted the interest of not only academics but also policy practitioners. Korea's experience holds relevance for other developing countries that want to catch up with advanced economies in a short period of time, as Korea did. A careful study of Korea's economic history is also essential to chart its future path in the face of new challenges.Thus, in 2008, a project to compile the 60-year history of the Korean economy was started to contribute to the discussion. For this purpose, the issues were categorized into five areas: • General economic policies (i.e., macroeconomic, financial market, fiscal, taxation, and competition policies) • Industrial growth • External economic relations • Territorial development • Social policies Since then, many research institutions and researchers have worked on this project to highlight Korea's progress in the five areas by examining the main issues and drawing lessons from them. The result was published in five volumes in Korean. This English edition is a condensed and revised version of the original Korean text.
GC01-3-3 Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Strategies.
  / 9781414499215/ Price:US$ 636.00
Book Cover This completely new third volume of Encyclopedia Of Major Marketing Strategies (formerly Encyclopedia Of Major Marketing Campaigns) explores 100 major marketing strategies for some of the top global and emerging brands from 2011-2012. Entries will profile major product/service, mobile app, social media, brand development, packaging, and television strategies amongst other types. Each essay provides a situation analysis, information on the target market, marketing strategy & tactics, and the outcome. Essays are aligned to the strategic marketing framework ensuring that the marketing strategies can easily be utilized in an academic environment as case studies, or illustrative examples often times described as "war stories" by professors.
GC01-16-2 Encyclopedia of Global Brands, 2-Vols/Set.
  / 9781558622272/ Price:US$ 980.00
Book Cover From Timex to Rolex and from Levi's to Liz Clairborne, brand names conjure up definite images in the minds of most Americans. While brand loyalty may be going the way of the Edsel, the importance of product brands can't be easily dismissed. The 2-vol. Encyclopedia of Global Brands is the first reference of its kind to compile the origin, evolution and current market status of some of the world's most recognizable consumer brands. Its unrivaled comprehensive scope and generous article length make it a valuable reference for students, librarians, job seekers, advertising and business professionals and other researchers who want to learn about the historical and modern development of products that have impacted American culture. The Encyclopedia contains 270 entries, written in case-study style, that highlight interesting details including how a product originated and was first marketed, how it developed commercially and how it fares today compared with its competitors and its own past history. Peppered throughout are fun facts and amusing anecdotes pertaining to the famous -- or infamous -- marketing strategies and advertising campaigns that managed to capture the sometimes jaded viewers' attention. Special features throughout the Encyclopedia strengthen its usefulness. Helpful at-a-glance data boxes offer vital statistics including market share, major competitors, advertising agencies, parent company, address, phone and fax numbers. Researchers needing supplemental information can turn to the end of each entry for sources for further reading. Easy-to-use brand name, company and persons, advertising agency and category indexes allow users to quickly locate and cross-reference brand information.
Renewable Energy in China: Towards a Green Economy, 3-vols/set.
  Liu, Manhong M./ 9781623200206/ Price:US$ 355.00
Book Cover Renewable Energy in China: Towards a Green Economy presents a complete look at China’s efforts to become a “green” nation. This three-volume series uses an overview of contemporary issues of sustainable development, as well as a set of 25 case studies (from leading companies and industry experts in China and the West), to highlight China’s unique “green” role. The key concepts of sustainable development, including the rising use of solar and wind power, present complex challenges for China and shape the nation’s geopolitical role. With a preface from renowned statesman Cheng Siwei and an introduction from Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohan Munasinghe, Renewable Energy in China: Towards a Green Economy offers an authoritative review of all aspects of China’s progress as a green economy including the nation’s current efforts to promote a culture of sustainable development.
Enrich Series on China's Economic Issues: Volume 1-9 Set.
  Feng, Shao/ 9781623200398/ Price:US$ 1151.00
Addresses a wide range of economic issues facing China today, including monetary policy, fiscal policy, regional economies, and industrial and banking development Covers some rare but valuable topics such as the development of Yangtze River Delta, and rural-urban coordination. Provides essential and comprehensive series for understanding the current state and future prospect of China’s economy
Chinapedia: The First Authoritative Reference to Understanding China.
  Jun, Feng/ 9789814332545/ Price:US$ 198.00
A comprehensive and authoritative guide to everything you need to know about China, written and compiled for seven years by the most knowledgeable scholars in their respective field of expertise With nine broad sections and nearly 1000 entries, this encyclopedia provides a panoramic account of China’s geography, history, politics, economy, law and legal system, foreign affairs, science and technology, education, culture, art and religion Scholars, policy-makers, investors, as well as others who wish to learn more about China will find the rich, accurate content and highly-readable style of this encyclopedia very interesting and informative
Private Equity Funds in China: A 20-Year Overview, 2-vols/set.
  Xia, Bin/ 9781623200084/ Price:US$ 224.00
Book Cover With contribution from over 20 financial experts in the industry, Private Equity Funds in China: A 20-Year Overview, in 2 volumes, is a must-read book for anyone interested in China’s private funds market. With comprehensive data and statistics, as well as inside information, the 2 volumes of this set explain the ups-and-downs of China’s private funds market, and present policy recommendations which could potentially change China's equity funds sector, and even the asset management market.
A Theoretical Framework of China's Macroeconomic Analysis.
  Zheng Chaoyu/ 9789814402330/ Price:US$ 128.00
. Applies numerous data and economic models (the AD—AS Model, the Purchasing Power Parity Theory, and the CMAFM Model) to the analysis of China’s macro-economy 2. Analyzes China’s current macroeconomic situation (high savings, investment, and economic growth rates), and looks at other topics such as external demand-driven economic fluctuations, structural and cost-push inflation, and economic structural change 3. Examines the effects of China’s monetary policy and China’s experience in demand management
Research Report on the Socialist Legal System with Chinese Characteristics, 5-vols/set.
  Zhu, Jingwen/ 9789814339629/ Price:US$ 798.00
Book Cover Covers national research on the Socialist legal system which the Chinese government has aimed at perfecting Studies the current situation and the characteristics of such a legal system, analyzes the problems of China’s legal system and the possible solutions, and explores the development trends of both Chinese and international legal systems Provides an essential reference for understanding the structure of China’s socialist legal system.
Strategic Priorities: China's Reforms and the Reshaping of the Global Order.
  Hu, Yifan/ 9781623200374/ Price:US$ 38.00
Book Cover
The Political and Economic History of China 1949-1976, 3-Vols/Set.
  Hu, Angang/ 9789814332729/ Price:US$ 365.00
Book Cover Traces the prolonged transformation of modern China from 1949–1976, including the foundation of the People’s Republic of China up to the end of the Cultural Revolution Provides rich details on China’s economic growth pattern, processes of industrialization, and China's unique five-year plan system, and elaborates on China’s political life with penetrating analysis of profound historical events Delivers a detailed overview of the historywhich lead to China’s current unprecedented upsurge
VC01-108 China and Globalization, 4-Vols/Set.
  Yueh, Linda/ 9780415697866/ Price:£ 1080.00
How China continues its integration with the global economy is one of today’s crucial questions, both for China’s own growth prospects and for the rest of the world contending with the still numerous developmental challenges of the world’s second-largest economy. In the first thirty years after it emerged from central planning, gradual opening to the world economy formed an integral part of China’s market-orientated reforms. Understanding the effect of trade and investment integration on China’s growth is essential for assessing the sustained development of China. This subject is of growing interest because understanding the international impact of globalization on China, and the effect of China in turn on the world economy, is crucial for any analysis of the changing global system of the twenty-first century. There are already signs that the analysis of China is as important for assessing the health of the global economy, as the analysis of the United States. This timely collection examines China’s global integration, encompassing trade, investment, exchange rates, capital-account liberalization, global impact, and the linkages to growth and transition in China.
VC01-107 Industrial Dynamics, Innovation Policy, and Economic Growth through Technological Advancements.
  Yetkiner, I. Hakan/ 9781466619784/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover By harnessing technological progress, good innovation policies can help enhance economic growth. New research offers additional insights into the design and application of such innovative policies. Industrial Dynamics, Innovation Policy, and Economic Growth through Technological Advancements examines the nature of the process of technological change in different sectors of an array of countries, analyzing the impact of innovation as well as research and development activities on different outcomes in different fields and assessing the design and impact of policies aimed at enhancing innovativeness of firms. The analyses and findings of the studies in this book contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of industrial dynamics, innovation policies, and economic growth. Topics Covered • Academic Patenting • Development Strategies • Economics • Foreign Direct Investment • Innovation Cluster Development Potential • Manufacturing Industry • Multinational Enterprises • Research and Development • Small and Media Enterprises (SME) • Technology Gap
VC01-106 Simulation in Computational Finance and Economics: Tools and Emerging Applications.
  Biliana Alexandrova-Kabadjova/ 9781466620117/ Price:US$ 185.00
Book Cover Simulation has become a tool difficult to substitute in many scientific areas like manufacturing, medicine, telecommunications, games, etc. Finance is one of such areas where simulation is a commonly used tool; for example, we can find Monte Carlo simulation in many financial applications like market risk analysis, portfolio optimization, credit risk related applications, etc. Simulation in Computational Finance and Economics: Tools and Emerging Applications presents a thorough collection of works, covering several rich and highly productive areas of research including Risk Management, Agent-Based Simulation, and Payment Methods and Systems, topics that have found new motivations after the strong recession experienced in the last few years. Despite the fact that simulation is widely accepted as a prominent tool, dealing with a simulation-based project requires specific management abilities of the researchers. Economic researchers will find an excellent reference to introduce them to the computational simulation models. The works presented in this book can be used as an inspiration for economic researchers interested in creating their own computational models in their respective fields. Topics Covered • Agent Based Simulations in Economics and Finance • Computational risk analysis and modeling • Financial Markets • Game theory • High frequency trading • Simulations payment systems and methods • Systemic risk models
VC01-105 International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home, 7-Vols/Set.
  Smith, Susan J./ 9780080471631/ Price:£ 1335.00
Book Cover Over 500 articles on subjects as diverse as: .Climate Change .Comparative Housing Research: International .Economic Development of Housing Markets over Time .Homeless People: Characteristics - An International Review .House Price Indexes .Housing and the Macro-Economy .Housing and Wellbeing .Material Cultures of Home .Meanings of Home .Mortgage Pricing .Quantitative and Qualitative Methods for Housing Research .The Rental Market and Rental Policies in Developed Countries .The Rental Market and Rental Policies in Less Developed Countries .Research for Policy Making .Risk in Housing Markets .Shelter, Rights and Citizenship .Supported Housing .Sustainable Communities
SC01-465 Fair Trade from the Ground Up: New Markets for Social Justice.
  Linton, April/ 9780295991726/ Price:£ 20.99
SC01-428 Economic Policy 71.
  / 9781444350982/ Price:US$ 39.95
SC01-428 Economic Policy 70.
  / 9781444350975/ Price:US$ 39.95
SC01-428 Economic Policy 69.
  / 9781444350968/ Price:US$ 39.95
SC01-427 Sustainability Analysis: An Interdisciplinary Approach.
  Shmelev, Stanislav/ 9780230355248/ Price:£ 75.00
SC01-427 Unlocking Markets to Smallholders: Lessons from South Africa.
  Herman D. van Schalkwyk/ 9789086861347/ Price:EUR 43.00
This book assesses the institutional, technical and market constraints as well as opportunities for smallholders, notably, emerging farmers in disadvantaged areas such as the former homelands of South Africa. Emerging farmers are formerly disadvantaged black people who started or will start their business with the support of special government programs. Public support programs have been developed which are part of the Black Economic Empowerment strategy of the South African government. These programs aim to improve the performance of emerging farmers. This requires, first and foremost, upgrading the emerging farmers skills by providing access to knowledge about agricultural and entrepreneurial practices. To become or to remain good farmers they also need access to suitable agricultural land and sufficient water for irrigation and for feeding their cattle. Finally, for emerging farmers to be engaged in viable farming operations, various factors need to be in place such as marketing and service institutions giving credit for agricultural inputs and investments; input markets for farm machinery, farm implements, fertilizers and quality seeds; as well as accessible output markets for the end products. This book develops a policy framework and potential institutional responses to unlock the relevant markets for smallholders.
SC01-418 Financial Crises: Socio-Economic Causes and Institutional Context.
  Visano, Brenda S./ 9780415632379/ Price:£ 41.99
SC01-416 Global Uncertainty and the Volatility of Agricultural Commodities Prices.
  Munier, Bertrand R./ 9781614990369/ Price:EUR 135.00
The book offers a renewed wisdom on some of the core issues in the world economy today and puts forward important innovations in analyzing these core issues, among which the modular modeling design, the Momagri model being a seminal example of it. Reading this book should inspire fruitful revisions in policy-making to improve the welfare of populations worldwide.
SC01-414 Capitalist Enterprise and Social Progress.
  Dobb, Maurice/ 9780415526357/ Price:£ 135.00
SC01-414 Structural Economics in China: A Three-Dimensional Framework for Balanced Growth.
  Xiang, Junbo/ 9789814298384/ Price:US$ 138.00
This book examines and combines theories of developmental economics, institutional economics and sustainable developmental economics, to establish a theoretical framework for structural economics in China. Analysis shows that the imbalance of China’s economic structure intensified and became more severe between 1992 and 2007. China is at great risk from its imbalanced growth which is a challenge to future economic development. To correct the economic imbalance, the author suggests structural adjustments to five aspects of China’s economy: low-carbon economy, consumer-oriented economy, market-oriented finance, coordinated development- oriented regional economy and managed balance of payments.
PC01-64 The Economies of Latin America: New Cliometric Data.
  Carreras, Albert/ 9781848933231/ Price:£ 115.00
Book Cover The economic backwardness of Latin America and the Caribbean has long been discussed, but seldom been the subject of such a wide-ranging quantitative study. The twelve essays in this collection present a twenty-first-century analysis of a long-term issue, providing extensive geographical coverage and allowing reinterpretations of the past.
GC01-97 Market Share Reporter: Trends Over Time.
  / 9781414496207/ Price:US$ 1297.00
Book Cover Market Share Reporter: Trends Over Time covers 50 key industries (and the companies and products therein) throughout the world (including but not limited to the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Asia) that have been culled from the past editions of Gale's Market Share Reporter series. Each entry will include (1) an introductory overview essay about the industry; (2) a thorough timeline of events important to that industry over the last 30 to 50 years; and (3) a selection of between 15 and 30 of the most representative market shares for that industry that have appeared in Market Share Reporter, one of Gale's key reference series, since its first inception.
Enrich Annual Economic Review Series: China's Economy 2011.
  / 9789814339421/ Price:US$ 148.00
The Institute of Economic Research of Renmin University of China is an academic institution engaged in research on China’s macroeconomic dynamics and major economic issues. It leverages the outstanding research capabilities of the School of Economics of Renmin University of China and commissions a number of macroeconomists to study China’s macroeconomic trends and cutting-edge economic issues.
The Development of Rural Finance in China: Decoding China's Rural Finance.
  Chen, Yulu/ 9789814332088/ Price:US$ 148.00
Provides an in-depth analysis on peasants’ financing behaviors and demands, as well as the structures and policies of rural financial systems based on results and materials acquired through extensive field study
Thinking the Inevitable: China's Economic Superpower Inspiration in the New Paradigm.
  Lo, Chi/ 9789814298995/ Price:US$ 78.00
Discusses a popular topic around the world—whether China could become a global economic superpower in the new paradigm after the U.S. subprime crisis Analyzes the impact and implications of the subprime crisis on China’s macro-economy and policy, risks and obstacles China is facing during economic reform and expansion, reviews the internationalization of Renminbi, and assesses China’s aspirations and future
China's External Economic Relations.
  Saili, Liu/ 9789814332132/ Price:US$ 158.00
Provides a comprehensive and systematic examination of China’s external economic relations, offers an up-to-date and well-informed account of its history and development, characteristics, problems, and prospects, and focuses on aspects such as China’s openness, external trade and Foreign Direct Investment Analyzes in detail China’s economic relations with different countries and regions of the world are also analyzed in detail
Reform and Development of China's Economy, 3-vols/set.
  Siwei, Cheng/ 9789814332477/ Price:US$ 450.00
This book, in three volumes, presents the thoughts and reflections of the highly regarded Chinese scholar and statesman, Cheng Siwei. The author outlines his theories for bringing economic reform to China in the context of a global economy. Using the principles of complexity science and finance, the author also elaborates on the characteristics and laws of fictitious economy in China. The book has been highly regarded by top-ranked Chinese politicians and distinguished scholars and is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand the economic complexities of the development of China.
China's Exchange Rate Variation: Impact of Structural Changes on Industry.
  Gu, Kejian/ 9789814298346/ Price:US$ 118.00
This book analyses China’s current industrial restructuring as part of its economic development and globalization, and argues that the momentum of China’s industrial restructuring has its roots in the external sector. It explores the external effects of industrial structural changes in an open economic condition, especially the RMB exchange rate variation and its effects on China’s economy.
VC01-98 Transport Economics, 4-Vols/Set.
  Hensher, David/ 9780415599702/ Price:£ 1145.00
An effective transport infrastructure-and its associated services-are widely regarded as key components of an efficient, equitable, and sustainable society. But the link between transport provision (especially car ownership) and growing global levels of, for example, social exclusion, congestion, pollution, and road deaths is also increasingly recognized. The need to understand how to satisfy a seemingly insatiable appetite for mobility while minimizing its harmful impacts grows ever more crucial. The subdiscipline of transport economics has made a substantial contribution towards a more sophisticated understanding of such dilemmas, and how detailed strategy and policy might be better developed and implemented. Indeed, especially in the last thirty years or so, there has been a veritable explosion in research output, and this new four-volume collection from Routledge's Critical Concepts in Economics series meets the need for an authoritative reference work to help make sense of a rapidly expanding and ever more complex corpus of scholarly and practical literature. Volume I includes an overview of the subdiscipline, and then focuses on choice and demand; and transport networks. Volume II, meanwhile, is organized around the themes of willingness to pay and the valuation of: travel time; reliability and trip-time variability; crowding; life and injury; noise; and emissions. Volume III emphasizes institutional reform, costs, and performance. The final volume in the collection includes the best and most influential work on: infrastructure; pricing, subsidy, and funding; congestion charging; subsidies; case studies in passenger transport economics, and analyses of freight and logistics economics.
VC01-97 Political Economy, 4-Vols/Set.
  Schofield, Norman/ 9780415576130/ Price:£ 935.00
Until about two hundred years ago, almost everyone faced the prospect of a life that was poor, nasty, brutish, and short, with few if any prospects for betterment. For example, in today's money, annual average per-capita income during the first millennium was constant at about $500. And most of the next century saw little in the way of expanded opportunities. Indeed, until the early nineteenth century, annual average per-capita income was only a couple of hundred dollars higher, and the average per-capita growth rate barely increased above zero. Why have societies so consistently failed to generate high standards of living and why, even today, do so many societies live far from the frontier of the developed world's economic possibilities? Political Economy is a new title in the Routledge Major Works series, Critical Concepts in the Social Sciences. Bringing together canonical and the best cutting-edge scholarship from economics, political science, law, and other disciplines, this four-volume collection meets the need for an authoritative reference work to address these and other fundamental questions in political economy. As serious research in and around the application of economic techniques to political issues flourishes as never before, the work assembled in the first two volumes in the collection ('Theory: Social Choice and Elections' and 'Elections and Institutions') allows users to understand the fundamental constraints that political processes impose on legal frameworks. Volume III ('Politics, Law, and Economic Performance') gathers the vital scholarship on important contributions to theories of economic growth and fluctuations, as well as key work on how those macroeconomic outcomes relate to politico-legal foundations. Finally, Volume IV ('Governance') takes a 'micro-governance' approach, exploring how, for example, corporate law and intra-firm politics influence the macroeconomic aggregates by which social welfare is often measured.
VC01-94 Housing Economics, 5-Vols/Set.
  Marsh, Alex/ 9781849200189/ Price:£ 775.00
Book Cover Housing Economics focuses upon contemporary developments and the cutting edge of research in the field, although some reference to classic studies is also made. Part One: Understanding Housing Markets considers core topics in the microeconomics of housing markets, such as the determinants of housing demand, tenure choice and housing market search behaviour. Part Two: Housing Finance looks at the mechanisms of financing housing consumption in terms of the regulation and reform of the mortgage market, issues of default and the subprime mortgage crisis, and the link between housing finance and the broader macroeconomy. Part Three: House Price Dynamics and Methodological Questions encompasses two distinct topics. Firstly, it examines house price dynamics: in particular, it explores attempts to understand housing market bubbles. Secondly, it includes a selection of papers that reflect on how housing economists approach market analysis and illustrate the diversity of approaches deployed in the economic analysis of housing. Part Four: Housing in Context recognizes that housing markets need to be understood in context and examines some of the many ways in which housing markets are connected with other aspects of society and the economy. Part Five: Government and Policy considers the varying roles of government in the housing market: tax and subsidy; direct provision; and regulation.
VC01-90 Urban and Regional Economics, 4-Vols/Set.
  McCann, Philip/ 9780415487740/ Price:£ 1020.00
Urban and regional economics encompasses both the economics of geography and spatial economics to focus on the growth, behaviour, and economic performance of cities and regions. Over the last two decades, urban and regional economics has grown dramatically-both as a taught subject and as an active research area-and as work in the subdiscipline flourishes as never before, this new four-volume collection from Routledge meets the need for an authoritative reference work to make sense of the subject's vast literature and the continuing explosion in research output. The collection, part of Routledge's Critical Concepts in Economics series, is edited by Philip McCann, author of the leading textbook in the field. He has carefully organized the collection to give users not only a thorough understanding of current ideas, but also a detailed exploration of the origin and development of these critical concepts to situate them within a number of rich analytical research traditions. Urban and Regional Economics is fully indexed and includes a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editor. It is an essential collection destined to be valued by urban and regional economists-and those working in cognate areas-as a vital research resource.
VC01-87 Economic Reform in Modern China, 4-Vols/Set.
  Zhang, Wei/ 9780415560689/ Price:£ 865.00
It is more than three decades since China initiated its economic reform and open-door policies. During that period, China has successfully transformed itself from an inefficient centrally-planned economy to a fast-growing market-orientated economy. To the rest of the world, China has emerged from the condition of a poor and completely isolated nation to become the most powerful engine of global economic growth. China's dynamic economic transition and development, especially its performance in the current world financial crisis, have attracted considerable worldwide interest. This new Routledge collection answers the need for a reference work to allow researchers and students to gain a better understanding of the history and development of Chinese economic reform. The gathered classic and cutting-edge scholarship covers a wide range of critical issues in the modern Chinese economy, with the particular focus on the period after 1978 when China embarked on economic reform and integration into the global economy. Economic Reform in Modern China is supplemented with a full index and includes a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editor, which places the collected material in its historical and intellectual context. It is destined to be valued by scholars, students, and researchers as a vital research resource. Volume I: Macroeconomic Reform and Growth Volume II: Microeconomic Reform Volume III: External Economic Relations Volume IV: Political Economy
SC01-428 Economic Policy 68.
  / 9781444338720/ Price:US$ 39.95
SC01-428 Economic Policy 67.
  / 9781444338713/ Price:US$ 39.95
SC01-428 Economic Policy 66.
  / 9781444338706/ Price:US$ 39.95
SC01-428 Economic Policy 65.
  / 9781444338690/ Price:US$ 39.95
SC01-427 Statistical Yearbook: Fifty-Fourth Issue.
  United Nations/ 9789210612845/ Price:US$ 162.89
SC01-407 Asia 2050.
  Kohli, Harinder S./ 9788132107569/ Price:£ 58.00
SC01-405 The Green Economy and Its Implementation in China.
  Liu, Manhong M./ 9789814298957/ Price:US$ 148.00
China’s enormous economic growth has come at an economic cost to its environment of approximately US$69 billion every year. In response to these challenges, the Ecological Development Union International (EDUI) hosted a series of conferences on China’s ecological development issues (particularly the Green Economy) at the China-Europe Forum held in Zhenjiang, Chengdu and Hong Kong in 2010. This book is a collection of the essays and papers presented by over 30 internationally regarded experts from China, Canada, U.S.A., Europe and Australia. It offers an in-depth review and unique insight into China’s green economy.
SC01-405 Evolution and Growth of China's Wholesale Industry since 1978.
  Ma, Longlong/ 9789814298407/ Price:US$ 168.00
This book reviews the history of China’s wholesale industry reform since 1978. It offers a comprehensive examination of the growth of the wholesale industry, its structural evolution, market development and emergence of logistics operations. It concludes with a well-grounded projection of the future prospects for China’s wholesale industry.
SC01-403 The Phenomenon of Chinese Culture at the Turn of the 21st Century.
  Fanhua, Meng/ 9789814332354/ Price:US$ 188.00
With keen observation, deep reflection and genuine passion, the author conducts a multi-directional scan of contemporary China’s cultural conflict, revealing that the carnival under globalization is only a false characterization of this era. Modernity fractures the history of experience, tradition still continues, and cultural conflict will inevitably follow.
SC01-403 China's Economy 2009.
  Institute of Economic Research/ 9789814298674/ Price:US$ 118.00
This series reviews China’s annual economic figures in details. It monitors major economic trends in China and identifies global trends which affect China from time to time. It includes a survey of the previous years of China’s economic development, and looks to the challenges of the coming year – as well as assessing the current state of China’s economy and some of its key sectors and industries. This series will take its intended place as a comprehensive survey of the China’s economy and the state of its development. The Volume 1 reviews China's 2009 economic figures in detail and suggests that China’s economy has entered into a transitional period from a policy-driven rebound to a market-demand-driven rebound. It explores various core economic policies and proposes a series of specific macro-economic regulation and control policy recommendations.
SC01-402 Institutional Constraints to Small Farmer Development in Southern Africa.
  Obi, Ajuruchukwu/ 9789086861323/ Price:EUR 53.00
The Southern Africa region has experienced more than its fair share of problems in recent years. Just when it seemed that the hardships wrought by the devastating cycle of droughts and floods of 2000 to 2002 were a thing of the past, other problems emerged. At one level, there have been the weak and often erratic governance mechanisms and political crises in some countries of the region, leading to severe disruptions in agricultural production to the point that supplies and markets have virtually disappeared. At another level, socio-cultural rigidities have often militated against the adoption of efficient farming practices, resulting in sub-optimal choices that lock smallholders into a low equilibrium trap. In the face of the disappearing supplies and missing markets, these have engendered hyper-inflationary trends of a magnitude unknown anywhere else in the world. But in the midst of all this apparent dreariness, cases are emerging from which immense lessons can be drawn. This book assembles a collection of research papers based on studies completed in 2008 and 2009 in Southern Africa that examine various dimensions of the institutional constraints small farmers are facing in the region and how they are going about dealing with them. The papers draw from these diverse and polar experiences and present some theoretical and practical insights that should form the basis for more in-depth, country-level, sector-specific analyses, focusing mainly on citrus, horticultures, cotton and livestock. The thematic issues of income inequality, land reform, natural resource management and value chain governance and chain choice, are covered in this book and are expected to be of interest for a wide constituency, including researchers, development practitioners, rural animators, and policy makers.
SC01-401 Towards Effective Food Chains: Models and Applications.
  Trienekens, Jacques/ 9789086861484/ Price:EUR 74.00
Food chain management research can help in the analysis and redesign of value creation and the product flow throughout the chain from primary producer down to the consumer. The aim is to meet consumer and societal requirements effectively at minimal cost. In the Wageningen UR strategic research program, Agrologistics and Supply Chains (2005-2009), a large number of Wageningen UR research institutes were involved in multi-disciplinary and applied research projects in order to shed light on diverse food supply chain management challenges such as, design of chain strategies, collaboration efficiencies between chain partners, management of risks in chains, innovative modeling concepts and application of information technologies. This book presents the results of this program. It offers a diverse disciplinary spectrum on food supply chains and it?s challenges in 15 chapters. It contributes considerably to the advancement of our knowledge on management and control of food supply chains.
SC01-399 Enrich Series on China's Economic Reform, 5-Vols/Set.
  Tieying, Li/ 9789814298087/ Price:US$ 684.00
Vol. 1 Reforming China: Theoretical Framework Vol. 2 Reforming China: Experiences and Lessons Vol. 3 & 4 Reforming China: Major Events (1978–1991)/(1992–2004) Vol. 5 Reforming China: International Comparisons and Reference
The Tax System of China.
  Xudong, Wu/ 9789814298704/ Price:US$ 128.00
This excellent introductory book, tailor-made for executives, practitioners and professionals who want to understand China’s Taxation system, aims to provide a comprehensive explanation and analysis covering the latest changes in China’s taxation system.
Enrich Series on Chinese Currency Reform, 3-vols/set.
  Jie, Zhang/ 9789814339063/ Price:US$ 374.00
Analyzes the currency reform that China will undertake under the current global economic situations Explores the relationship between Chinese banking system reform, regionalization and internationalization of the Renminbi as well as the possible cooperation between the Renminbi, the Yen and other Asian currencies Provides the first comprehensive study of Renminbi internationalization by experts in Mainland China
China's Economy 2010.
  / 9789814339339/ Price:US$ 148.00
Under the influences of 2009’s stimulus policies, the spread of economic bubble and implementation of the “12th Five-Year Plan”, China was at a key stage of steering the economic recovery to stable growth. While prices increased steadily, China’s GDP went back to the high-level growth rate and its economic structure gradually became market-oriented. This book adopts the China Macroeconomic Analysis and Forecast Model (CMAFM) developed by the Renmin University of China and concludes that China’s economy in 2010 performed much better than in 2009, far from stagflation. It also provides a series of policy recommendations for macro-economic regulation and control.
WE DO KNOW HOW: A Buyer-Led Approach to Creating Jobs for the Poor.
  Riordan, James T./ 9780983245117/ Price:US$ 30.00
VC14-91 Business Intelligence in Economic Forecasting: Technologies and Techniques.
  Wang, Jue/ 9781615206292/ Price:US$ 180.00
With the rapid development of economic globalization and information technology, the field of economic forecasting continues its expeditious advancement, providing business and government with applicable technologies. Business Intelligence in Economic Forecasting: Technologies and Techniques discusses various Business Intelligence techniques including neural networks, support vector machine, genetic programming, clustering analysis, TEI@I, fuzzy systems, text mining, and many more. This publication serves as a valuable reference for professionals and researchers interested in BI technologies and their practical applications in economic forecasting, as well as policy makers in business organizations and governments.
VC01-96 Great Depression, The., 5-Vols/Set.
  Wood, Geoffrey E/ 9780415573511/ Price:£ 1165.00
The Great Depression had a devastating effect on much of the world's developed economies. (For example, at its nadir, around one-quarter of the US workforce was unemployed. And, in Britain, exports virtually halved by 1933 as international trade collapsed.) The political and cultural consequences of the Great Depression were equally far-reaching. The ongoing search fully to comprehend the worldwide economic collapse in the 1930s remains a dizzying intellectual challenge ('the Holy Grail of macroeconomics' according to Ben Bernanke). Moreover, the current global economic and financial tumult has prompted many economists-as well as scholars from related disciplines-to explore the Great Depression anew in the hope of gaining knowledge on how best to survive the latest desperately serious and sustained global economic slump. As research in and around the Great Depression flourishes as never before this new addition to Routledge's Critical Concepts in Economics series meets the need for an authoritative reference work to make sense of the subject's vast literature and the continuing explosion in scholarly output. Edited by two leading scholars in the field, this new Routledge Major Work is a five-volume collection of classic and cutting-edge contributions. With a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editors, which places the collected material in its historical and intellectual context, The Great Depression is an essential work of reference and is destined to be valued as a vital research tool.
VC01-93 21st Century Economics, 2-Vols/set.
  Free, Rhona C/ 9781412961424/ Price:£ 270.00
Interest in economics is at an all-time high. Among the challenges facing the nation is an economy with rapidly rising unemployment, failures of major businesses and industries, and continued dependence on oil with its wildly fluctuating price. Americans are debating the proper role of the government in company bailouts, the effectiveness of tax cuts versus increased government spending to stimulate the economy, and potential effects of deflation. Economists have dealt with such questions for generations, but they have taken on new meaning and significance. Tackling these questions and encompassing analysis of traditional economic theory and topics as well as those that economists have only more recently addressed, 21st Century Economics: A Reference Handbook is intended to meet the needs of several types of readers. Undergraduate students preparing for exams will find summaries of theory and models in key areas of micro and macroeconomics. Readers interested in learning about economic analysis of an issue as well students embarking on research projects will find introductions to relevant theory and empirical evidence. And economists seeking to learn about extensions of analysis into new areas or about new approaches will benefit from chapters that introduce cutting-edge topics. To make the book accessible to undergraduate students, models have been presented only in graphical format (minimal calculus) and empirical evidence has been summarized in ways that do not require much background in statistics or econometrics. It is thereby hoped that chapters will provide both crucial information and inspiration in a non-threatening, highly readable format.
VC01-89 Twentieth-Century Economic History, 4-Vols/Set.
  Magnusson, Lars/ 9780415496070/ Price:£ 910.00
The study of economic phenomena over time is a well-established and flourishing area of research and study, and this new four-volume collection in the Routledge Major Works series, Critical Concepts in Economics, meets the need for an authoritative, up-to-date, and comprehensive reference work synthesizing the voluminous literature from twentieth-century economic historians. Indeed, the sheer scale of the research output-and the breadth of the field-makes this collection especially welcome. It answers the need for a comprehensive collection of classic and contemporary contributions to facilitate ready access to the most influential and important scholarship from a wide range of theoretical and practical perspectives. The collection is organized into ten principal parts. Part 1 explores theory and methodology and the role of economic history as either an alternative to mainstream economics, or as a 'help discipline'. Part 2 gathers the key research on growth in economic history. The third and fourth parts cover the causes and social consequences of the Industrial Revolution, while Part 5 brings together the best and most influential work on the feudal and early modern economy. Part 6 deals with free trade, mercantilism, and imperialism. Part 7 focuses on the Great Depression, while Part 8 collects research on world economic history and the slave economy. The final part collects a fascinating miscellany of crucial issues, including taxation and gender. Twentieth-Century Economic History is edited by Lars Magnusson, a leading scholar in the field. The collection is fully indexed and has a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editor, which places the material in its intellectual context. It is an essential work of reference and is destined to be valued by scholars and students as a vital one-stop research resource.
SC01-432 Luxury Fever: Weighing the Cost of Excess.
  Frank, Robert H./ 9780691146935/ Price:US$ 18.95
SC01-419 Unemployment Insurance Statistics.
  United States. Bureau of Employment Security/ B0041Q4DIO/ Price:US$ 13.99
SC01-402 New Perspectives on Economic Development: A Human Agency Approach.
  Fu-Lai Tony Yu/ 9789086861606/ Price:EUR 74.00
This book is the first of its kind to use Austrian subjectivism to analyze issues in economic development. Unlike scholars in mainstream neoclassical economics who explain economic development by quantitative growth models, this book attempts to understand economic progress in human agency perspective. In this approach, human agency is placed at the centre of economic analysis. This book begins with a review of the theories of economic development in the history of Austrian economics, with the intention of extending the contributions of major Austrian economists to development economics. After pointing out the weaknesses in the orthodox neoclassical approach to economic growth, the book then puts forward a subjectivist methodology which integrates the contributions of Max Weber, Alfred Schutz and Austrian Economists to interpret economic phenomena and policies. This chapter also serves as a methodological foundation for arguments elaborated in subsequent chapters. The rest of the book discusses important issues in economic development, namely, entrepreneurial process, national capabilities, innovation, trade, government, transition and catching up strategies for firms in latecomer economies. The book ends with concluding remarks and a proposal for a new research agenda in economic development. This book is well written, free from mathematics and is highly readable. It adds new insights not only in economics, but also in management, politics and social sciences. It will be useful to scholars, policy makers and students in economic development, entrepreneurship, theory of the firm, management of innovation, government policy, economic sociology, Austrian and evolutionary economics.
SC01-402 Markets, Marketing and Developing Countries: Where We Stand and Where We Are Heading.
  Hans van Trijp/ 9789086861453/ Price:EUR 47.00
Markets are increasingly seen as vehicles to solve problems in developing countries. For example, improvements in market performance make potentially important contributions to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. Access of smallholders to well-functioning markets is increasingly expected to contribute to poverty alleviation and improvement of both food security and environmental sustainability. This book presents the views of leading experts on where we stand and where we are heading in the field of markets, marketing and developing countries. Twenty essays in this book describe the role of marketing in achieving development goals, the track record of past market policies, the current functioning of value chains, the roles that market institutions play to facilitate market access for smallholders, as well as the potential to add value to farm produce through certification schemes, new technologies or innovation systems. The book is published in honour of the retirement of Aad van Tilburg, one of the pioneers in the field of marketing in developing countries. Early on in his career Van Tilburg recognised that improvements in the functioning of markets and marketing can be key to economic development with special reference to the livelihood of small producers and other market actors in developing countries.
SC01-402 EU Policy for Agriculture, Food and Rural Areas.
  Oskam, Arie/ 9789086861187/ Price:EUR 40.00
The European Union of presently 27 member states has a large variety within its own boundaries. Still there are common policies for agriculture, food and rural areas, although with many differences in relation to specific conditions in member states. Due to policy reforms, starting with the Mac Sharry reform in 1992, the European Union is on a long-term path to a freer and open market with a lot of attention for food quality and the development of rural areas. For agriculture the 'traditional' market and price policy is largely replaced by decoupled direct income support. Policies in relation to food quality, food safety and animal welfare as well as environment, landscape and rural development receive increased attention at EU and member state level. The European Union is becoming a leader in food standards and rural policy. Many well-known specialists contributed their up-to-date knowledge to this book. It has been developed in close collaboration with government officials and scientists, also in relation to courses organised by Wageningen Business School. The book can be used for scientific and professional education (bachelor level), but could function easily as background text in master courses. Business executives, government officials and participants of non-governmental organisations will find this book to be of interest.
SC01-402 Space and Economics: An Introduction to Regional Economics.
  Heijman, W. J. M./ 9789086860975/ Price:EUR 44.00
The subject area Regional Economics is becoming more and more topical. This means that in economic analyses the production factor 'space' is of increasing importance. This study book aims at integrating space in the area of General Economics in an analytical way. This is different from an economic geographical approach where the latter is less analytical and more descriptive in nature. In our approach, models and their applications play a major role. The spreadsheet programme Excel is used as a convenient tool for the computation of model results. The description of major applications of Excel is included in the book, which makes it self contained. The book contains basic and more advanced subjects; to study the latter advanced subjects fruitfully the student should be familiar with the basic principles of economics. An important feature of the book is its European character. Where most textbooks in the area are US-based, by far the majority of the applications here are from Europe. Therefore, the regional statistical data and maps available in Eurostat have been used abundantly. The area of regional economics contains two broad fields: the theory of location, including the basic principles of the economic theory of land use, which has a microeconomic character, and regional economic development, including spatial equilibrium theory, which is mainly macroeconomic in nature. In the book, both fields will be elaborated in detail.
SC01-397 Ferraris for All: In Defence of Economic Progress.
  Ben-Ami, Daniel/ 9781847423467/ Price:£ 45.99
The growth of the economy and the spread of prosperity are increasingly seen as problematic rather than positive - a trend Daniel Ben-Ami has termed 'growth scepticism'. Prosperity is accused of encouraging greed, damaging the environment, causing unhappiness and widening social inequalities.Ferraris for all is a rejoinder to the growth sceptics. Using examples from a range of countries, including the US, the author argues that society as a whole benefits from greater affluence. Action is needed - but to increase prosperity and spread it worldwide, not to limit prosperity, as the sceptics would have it.Lively and provocative, this timely book will trigger debate and dissent in equal measure and will be essential reading for everyone who cares about the impact of western policy on developing countries.
SC01-394 Handbook of the Economics of Innovation, Vol. 2.
  Hall, Bronwyn H./ 9780444536099/ Price:US$ 175.00
SC01-387 Information Asymmetries and the Creation of Economic Value.
  Roels, Joop A./ 9781607504788/ Price:EUR 65.00
What do Darwin’s theory of evolution and the second law of thermodynamics contribute to our understanding of the world in which we live? More than you think: the combination of both produces what is called a general systems theory of evolution. The second law of thermodynamics has been popularly formulated as:“Systems that are left alone develop in a direction of increasing disorder”. While buildings that are left alone develop into ruins, the reverse process requires the input of solid and skilled labor. On the other hand, evolution clearly proceeds in the direction of increased complexity. Ordered systems, such as human kind, evolved apparently spontaneously out of an initially unordered state. "Information Asymmetries and the Creation of Economic Value" has the challenging ambition of investigating the relationship between the former theories and the storage, processing and transfer of information to grasp the dynamics of economies, markets and industries, adding a practical side to the pure theory. This book develops a conceptually and mathematically consistent framework for existing concepts used in organizational economics. And it does so in a way accessible to readers that are not familiar with modeling approaches, overcoming the lack of consistency and accessibility that is common in econophysics and complementing, thus, existing approaches in the literature. An essential read for those that finally want to be able to understand and use evolutionary approaches to organizations, whether they are familiar with the subject or not.
Efficiency Assessment of Transition and Advanced European Economies: Empirical results for the years 1995-1998.
  FILIMON, NELA/ 9783836459884/ Price:EUR 79.00
Discourses on Asianisation: The Asian Financial Crisis and Rediscovering Asianness.
  OGA, Toru/ 9783639092943/ Price:EUR 79.00
  Maru, Biniam T./ 9783639160482/ Price:EUR 68.00
Railways Regulation in Countries of the Former USSR: Reforms, Efficiency Estimation and Governance Choice.
  Nadezda, Negovelova/ 9783639211542/ Price:EUR 49.00
  Saurabh, Singh/ 9783639215717/ Price:EUR 59.00
FREE PEOPLE, FREE MARKETS: Their Evolutionary Origin.
  Bayrer, Ralph L./ 9780982386743/ Price:US$ 30.00
Land and the Ruling Class in Hong Kong.
  Poon, Alice/ 9789814339100/ Price:US$ 78.00
The main theme of this book centers on an acute concentration of economic power and wealth in the hands of a few economic powerhouses. This can be linked to Hong Kong’s land system and the lack of competition in key sectors. The author discusses how the land system, inherited from the British, has helped to create unrivalled wealth for the ruling class and how the lack of competition law has encouraged industrial and economic concentration in the same entities. The land system, industrial concentration and phenomenal wealth imbalance have given rise to a host of social and economic ills. The author concludes the book with some suggested solutions to heal Hong Kong of those ills. This second edition has been thoroughly updated using the most current economic data from 2010. It also features the addition of a new prologue.
VC01-91 Palgrave Encyclopedia of World Economic History, The.
  Bannock, Graham/ 9780230223929/ Price:£ 220.00
It is generally agreed that in order to understand the world's economy today, you need to understand its history. The Palgrave Encyclopedia of World Economic History is an easy-to-use resource that provides a useful reference for students and academics alike. Covering topics as diverse as accounting, the Great Depression, electronics, beer, gold and classical and neo-classical economics, the Encyclopedia includes in-depth entries on key events, themes and people that have shaped the modern world and economic thinking. The detailed indexes, comprehensive cross referencing system and glossary of terms make this a must have resource for all those interested in economics and economic history. Graham Bannock is Visiting Professor at London Westminster University Business School, UK, and a member of the Academic Advisory Council of the Institute of Economic Affairs. He is author or co-author of some 30 books on economics and business. R.E. Baxter is an author with extensive experience as an economic advisor to the UK government and the private sector, and as a consultant to international institutions. Together with Graham Bannock and Evan Davies, he is co-author of the Penguin Dictionary of Economics.
VC01-88 Adam Smith, 5-Vols/Set.
  / 9780415561945/ Price:£ 445.00
This five volume Routledge Library Editions set is dedicated to the life and work of Adam Smith, the founding father of modern economics and pioneer of free markets. With individual volumes originally published between 1974 and 1988, this five volume collection looks to determine Smith's impact and significance by placing his work within the context of the historical development of economic thought. These volumes also consider Smith's scientific approach to the study of morality and the sociological foundation of his economic theory, whilst offering pioneering insights into his life and the context of the society in which he lived.
VC01-86 Public Sector Economics, 4-Vols/Set.
  Tresch, Richard W/ 9780415448369/ Price:£ 955.00
Volume I (‘Public Expenditures’) assembles the key work on the responses of governments to markets for desired goods and services that operate inefficiently or not at all. The main questions addressed include: what markets should a government become involved in to restore efficiency to the economy? How should it proceed in each instance to promote efficiency? And what are the factors that impede its efforts to restore efficiency? Volume II (‘Taxation’) collects the most important research on taxation and the principal normative issue of how best to design good taxes from an economic perspective (i.e. taxes that are simple, equitable, and do the least harm to a government’s pursuit of efficiency). Issues explored here include the two main positive economic questions associated with taxation: how do the main taxes that governments use affect economic behaviour, primarily the supply of labour, saving and investment, and the incentives to evade paying these taxes; and tax incidence—who bears the burden of these taxes? Volume III (‘Distribution’) brings together the best work on the pursuit of equity by governments through its taxes and transfer payments. Fundamental questions tackled include the optimal amount of redistribution a government should undertake through taxes and transfers, and how it should best design its transfer programmes to meet distributional goals. The scholarship assembled in the final volume (‘Federalism’) explores the special problems that arise from having a tiered system of (supra-)national, state or provincial, and local governments.
VC01-81 Feminist Economics, 4-Vols/Set.
  Drucilla Barker/ 9780415439169/ Price:£ 885.00
Edited by a leading scholar in the field, this is a new title in the Routledge Major Works series, Critical Concepts in Economics. It is a four-volume collection of historical and contemporary work in the flourishing field of feminist economics, an innovative and dynamic area of scholarship that broadens the scope of economic inquiry and allows a richer and more complex view of the ways in which economies function. The first two volumes of the collection consist of work done before the founding of the International Association for Feminist Economics in 1991 and are organized historically. The final two volumes consist of cutting-edge contemporary work in feminist economics and are organized thematically.
VC01-79 Ecological Economics, 4-Vols/Set.
  Spash, Clive L./ 9780415431453/ Price:£ 955.00
Edited by a leading scholar in the field, this new four-volume Routledge Major Work brings together canonical and cutting-edge research in ecological economics. In tracing both the development of thought in the field, as well as exploring the most recent scholarship, diverse elements of the rapidly expanding literature are brought together for the first time, providing an overview of—and vision for—ecological economics. While the roots of ecological economics can be traced back to the late 1800s the modern movement developed from diverse writings in the following century. The field became fully established and institutionalized in the late 1980s. This collection shows how research questioning the basis of mainstream economics combined with a concern for environmental degradation and limits to growth to produce ecological economics. There are also many academics who, while not calling themselves ecological economists, have ideas which are directly of relevance. The common interest, as shown especially in Parts 1–3 of the collection, has been to move beyond standard economic approaches and towards a new political economy which takes note of learning in other sciences. Besides identifying and collecting seminal works, the editor has also chosen pieces for their ability cogently to summarize and explain developments and ongoing thinking. Ecological economics is now a vibrant and dynamic field, but it has to date lacked a coherent guide to its rapidly expanding literature. Aided by the collection’s thematic organization and the editor’s newly written general and volume introductions, this Routledge Major Work will enable users to make sense of the wide range of approaches, theories, and concepts that have informed research in ecological economics to date. It is an essential collection destined to be valued as a vital research resource by all scholars and students of the subject.
SC01-417 Economic Reforms in India and China: Emerging Issues and Challenges.
  Reddy, B. S./ 9788178298382/ Price:£ 47.99
SC01-397 Reclaiming Development in the World Trading System.
  Lee, Yong-Shik/ 9780521136082/ Price:US$ 45.99
SC01-379 Informal Work in Developed Nations.
  Marcelli, Enrico/ 9780415777797/ Price:£ 120.00
SC01-379 The Marginal Productivity Theory of Distribution: A Critical History.
  Pullen, John/ 9780415487122/ Price:£ 120.00
VC01-82 Economics of Innovation, The., 4-Vols/Set.
  Cristiano, Antonelli/ 9780415426770/ Price:£ 835.00
Many would argue that the economics of innovation is founded on the work of Joseph Schumpeter (1883–1950), though its origins can also be traced to the writings of Adam Smith (1723–90) and Karl Marx (1818–83). In modern, knowledge-based economies, characterized by rapid innovation, interest in the area has exploded in recent decades and innovation economics is increasingly the object of professional and highly specialized research. The resultant body of scholarly literature is characterized by its multiplicity of perspectives from within economics, and, indeed, across the social sciences as a whole. Furthermore, methodologies borrowed from the natural sciences, such as epidemiology, life-cycle analysis and Darwinian evolution, have also contributed to recent advances. The sheer scale of the growth in the research corpus—and the breadth of the field—makes this collection especially timely and welcome.
VC01-80 Global Economic Institutions, 4-Vols/Set.
  Molle, Willem/ 9780415426107/ Price:£ 885.00
SC01-418 Multinational Enterprises and the Global Economy.
  Dunning, John H./ 9781847201225/ Price:£ 45.00
SC01-414 Arbeitszeitpolitik im Lebensverlauf: Ambivalenzen und Gestaltungsoptionen in deutscher und europaischer Perspektive.(With CD-ROM)
  Brandl, Sebastian/ 9783865930934/ Price:EUR 20.00
SC01-400 Poverty, Livelihoods, and Governance in Africa: Fulfilling the Development Promise.
  Hope, Kempe R./ 9780230608344/ Price:£ 63.00
SC01-398 Achieving the Millennium Development Goals.
  McGillivray, Mark/ 9780230217232/ Price:£ 77.00
SC01-398 Economics of the Caspian Oil and Gas Wealth: Companies, Governments, Policies.
  Kalyuzhnova, Yelena/ 9781403987570/ Price:£ 90.00
SC01-395 Principles of Econometrics.
  Hill, R. C./ 9780471723608/ Price:US$ 203.95
SC01-386 Macroeconomic Linkages Between Hong Kong and Mainland China.
  Genberg, Hans/ 9789629371616/ Price:NT$ 1020.00
SC01-378 Solving the Riddle of Globalization and Development.
  Agosin, Manuel R./ 9780415770323/ Price:£ 35.99
SC01-377 Institutional Economics and Economic Organisation Theory: An Integrated Approach.
  Slangen, Louis H. G./ 9789086860777/ Price:EUR 51.00
This publication presents one of the first attempts to integrate two emerging bodies of economic research: institutional economics and organizational theory. It begins within the framework of neoclassical economics, and then extends the boundaries of this framework to offer answers to questions that have so far remained puzzles in neoclassical economics. The integrated approach of this publication also challenges the dominant paradigm in economics over the last 15 years that views the market as the best mechanism for carrying out transactions. The market is not the only transaction mechanism; other modes of organization are also important. However, this way of thinking does not involve a simple reintroduction of the confrontation between the 'government' and the 'market'. On the contrary, the integrated approach tries to open the 'blackbox' of the role of institutions in daily life and the diversity of modes of organization. Through this integrated approach, the book hopes to contribute to a better insight to real world problems.
SC01-376 The Impact of Fair Trade.
  Ruben, Ruerd/ 9789086860838/ Price:EUR 46.00
hile numerous case studies and descriptive overviews are available to illustrate the importance of Fair Trade for producers and their families in developing countries, little quantitative evidence has been presented to review the socio-economic impact of Fair Trade. This collection of articles provides the first balanced in-depth analysis of the real welfare impact of Fair Trade, paying attention to key dimensions of income, consumption, wealth, environment, empowerment and gender. The core articles are based on extensive field surveys in Peru, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ghana, Kenya and Mexico, and provide valuable insights in the contributions and constraints for producers' involvement in Fair Trade. In addition, attention is paid to the broader implications for international trade regimes and the ethical perspectives on Fair Trade.
SC01-374 Regulatory Capitalism: How it Works, Ideas for Making it Work Better.
  Braithwaite, John/ 9781847200020/ Price:£ 85.00
SC01-374 Critical Political Economy: Complexity, Rationality, and the Logic of Post-Orthodox Pluralism.
  Arnsperger, Christian/ 9780415446303/ Price:£ 120.00
SC01-371 Collaboration and the Knowledge Economy: Issues, Applications, Case Studies, 2-Vols/Set.
  Cunningham, Paul/ 9781586039240/ Price:EUR 275.00
Collaboration is critical to building the Knowledge Economy, and considerable work is being carried out not just in industry, but also in government and academic research circles to address the often difficult technical, social and legal challenges that cross-organizational collaboration demands in modern society and a post-industrial age. Usability, interoperability and secure identity management are no longer simply research challenges – they define what consumers expect in today’s fast-moving collaborative world. One of the most difficult challenges of commercialization today is identifying aspects of solutions that are universal in appeal, while addressing local, national or regional differences that can make or break the successful launch of ICT-based or ICT-enabled products and services. This book brings together a comprehensive collection of over 200 contributions on commercial, government or societal exploitation of the Internet and ICT, representing cutting edge research, innovation and good practice from five continents. The strong emphasis on cross border collaboration and adaptation of innovative research results around the world augurs well for the continued development of the European Research Area.
SC01-369 Hedonic Methods in Housing Markets: Pricing Environmental Amenities and Segregation.
  Baranzini, Andrea/ 9780387768144/ Price:EUR 149.99
SC01-368 Statistics for Business and Economics.(With CD-ROM)
  McClave, James T./ 9780132409353/ Price:US$ 166.67
SC01-367 Uncertain Demographics and Fiscal Sustainability.
  Alho, Juha M./ 9780521877404/ Price:US$ 144.00
SC01-366 Integrative Economic Ethics: Foundations of a Civilized Market Economy.
  Ulrich, Peter/ 9780521877961/ Price:US$ 144.00
SC01-366 Ethics of Global Development: Agency, Capability, and Deliberative Democracy.
  Crocker, David A./ 9780521885195/ Price:US$ 129.00
SC01-366 The Economics of Karl Marx: Analysis and Application.
  Hollander, Samuel/ 9780521790789/ Price:US$ 180.00
SC01-365 Analysing Social Opposition to Reforms: The Electricity Sector in India.
  Santhakumar, V./ 9788178298580/ Price:£ 32.99
SC01-364 Financialization at Work: Key Texts and Commentary.
  Erturk, Ismail/ 9780415417310/ Price:£ 52.99
SC01-363 High Performance Multimedia: A Reader on the Technological, Cultural and Economic Dynamics of Multimedia.
  Bruck, Peter A./ 9781586038618/ Price:EUR 100.00
The focus of High Performance Multimedia is on the ever expanding European e-content industry. Production, aggregation and distribution of that content are the starting points to any future development towards a flourishing industry sector of the third millennium. Nevertheless, in addition to the diffusion of knowledge throughout the industry, digitalisation has completely changed the structure of the content business through the dissociation of content and media channel. This movement creates problems in the process of the business. Highest technological demands in time and money are limiting the size of e-content enterprises today. In contrast, its distribution is still being dominated by broadcasters and telecom providers that skim the biggest part of the profits. However, possibilities do arise when analyzing the industry of e-content. The European e-content market will be able to play a major role in the future by including all relevant players and their abilities. The challenge during the next years will be to stop the concentration on high-end technology and to create new adequate e-content services providing added value to everyone in Europe.
SC01-359 The Soulful Science.
  Coyle, Diane/ 9780691136233/ Price:US$ 21.95
Income Stabilisation in European Agriculture: Design And Economic Impact Of Risk Management Tools.
  Meuwissen, Miranda P./ 9789086860791/ Price:EUR 63.00
International trade agreements and reforms of the European Common Agricultural Policy increase the importance of agricultural risk management as a means to stabilise farm incomes. 'Income stabilisation in European agriculture' addresses farm income and risk management issues from various perspectives. A cohesive work is brought together on historic income data, quantitative analyses of future policy scenarios, actual farmers' perceptions and an updated view on various risk management instruments. In-depth analyses focus on Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain. Overall findings are synthesised in policy recommendations for agricultural risk management in European agriculture. For academia, this publication brings together an interesting variety of quantitative and qualitative methods to understand and interpret risk management concepts in agriculture. For public and private stakeholders analyses and reflections can be used in debating the domain of policy reforms, risk exposure and risk management in European agriculture.
VC01-77 International Political Economy, 5-Vols/Set.
  Cameron, Angus/ 9781412936026/ Price:£ 875.00
International Political Economy (IPE) has become one of the most innovative and productive areas of International Relations in recent years. With origins in classical political economy, heterodox economics, political science, human geography, sociology and other social sciences, IPE has gained in academic weight and political relevance during the past thirty years and has come to embrace a diverse range of disciplinary perspectives. This four-volume set draws together the key foundational materials from a range of disciplinary sources, allowing students at all levels to have access to the complex origins of this growing body of historical and contemporary scholarship. Consisting of entries drawn from academic journals, books and other appropriate sources and representing both the historical origins of IPE as well as some of the foremost contemporary voices, this set is introduced by an essay outlining the development of IPE since the 1980s and explaining the key themes represented by the entries chosen.
VC01-73 Environmental Economics, 4-Vols/Set.
  Mason, Charles/ 9780415360586/ Price:£ 910.00
Environmental economics is dedicated to the analysis of externalities (i.e. the side-effects or consequences of industrial or commercial activities that are not reflected in market prices), including the characterization of possible manifestations, appropriate policy remedies, measurement of the benefits and costs of treating externalities, and the implications for both short- and long-term societal well-being. Such analyses embrace a large number of increasingly urgent issues, including efficiency (are decisions made in such a way as to minimize costs to society?), scarcity (are we running out of key resources, including environmental attributes such as clean drinking water and clean air?), and sustainability (will future generations be able to enjoy a similar standard of living as do current generations?). In four volumes, this new Routledge Major Work brings together the best foundational and cutting-edge research on these and other vital topics to provide a conspectus of a vibrant and internationally important field. It is an essential work of reference and is destined to be valued by all scholars and students of environmental economics as a vital one-stop research and pedagogic resource.
VC01-72 Development Economics, 4-Vols/Set.
  Barrett, Christopher B./ 9780415422130/ Price:£ 1025.00
Development economics is in many senses the most fundamental field within the discipline of economics, focused on understanding how resource allocation, human behaviour, institutional arrangements, and private and public policy jointly influence the evolution of the human condition. As the opening sentence of T.W. Schultz’s 1979 Nobel Prize lecture declared, ‘Most of the people in the world are poor, so if we knew the economics of being poor, we would know much of the economics that really matters.’ Development economics research ultimately explores why some countries, communities, and people are rich and others poor. Rapid economic growth is, in historical terms, a recent phenomenon confined to the past 300 years for less than one-quarter of the world’s population. Growing and seemingly persistent gaps in prosperity between rich and poor peoples - within and between countries - contributes to sociopolitical tensions, affects patterns of human pressure on the natural environment, and generally touches all facets of human existence. Understanding the process of economic development is thus central to most research in economics and the social sciences more broadly. Development economics nonetheless emerged as a distinct field of analytical, empirical, and institutional research only in the past half century or so, with especially rapid progress in the past generation.
VC01-71 Pensions and Pension Funding, 4-Vols/Set.
  Sullivan, Martin/ 9780415384322/ Price:£ 835.00
For more than fifty years, pensions have been the subject of academic enquiry and controversy. Debates have raged over, amongst other things, the need for pensions, the means by which they might be delivered, their implications for the public finances, their impact on an individual's employment motivations and their significance for national and global capital markets. These debates, and others, have spawned a vast and disparate literature. Currently, the issue that most often exercises the minds of academics and policy-makers is that of pension reform. It is widely recognized that decades of social and economic change have rendered obsolete the pension arrangements in many developed and developing countries. The question of what now constitutes an appropriate set of pension arrangements is, however, far from settled. Opinions are divided over whether existing national pension systems can be modified to make them fit contemporary needs and circumstances, or whether they should be jettisoned in favour of something entirely different. Central to the analysis of many issues in pension provision is the universal phenomenon of population ageing. Around the world, falling birth rates and rising life expectancy are raising the ratio of elderly to working-age people. For several decades the literature on pensions and population ageing has been extremely negative. Recently, though, a series of books and papers have appeared which argue for a more benign, less pessimistic, interpretation of population ageing. The papers and articles included in each volume of this new Routledge Major Work have been selected so as to reflect the multi-dimensional nature of the subject and the interest it has aroused internationally. With a full index and an introduction newly written by the editor, this four-volume collection is a unique and valuable research resource for both student and scholar alike.
VC01-57 Globalization and Economy, 4-Vols/Set.
  James, Paul/ 9781412919524/ Price:£ 645.00
Volume 1 - Global Markets and Capitalism (with Barry Gills, University of Newcastle, UK) examines the relationship between global trade, commodity relations and economic development and covers mainstream takes on economic globalization as well as the two major radical approaches to global markets, world systems theory and dependency theory. Volume 2 - Global Finance and the New Global Economy (with Heikki Patomaki, Helsinki University, Finland) focuses on globalization and money, finance and taxation, linking it to the new form of knowledge-based economies. Volume 3 - Global Economic Institutions (with Ronen Palan, University of Sussex, UK) examines the global institutions and forums of economic governance-the WTO, the World Bank, the IMF, and the World Economic Forum. Volume 4 - Globalizing Labour and Global Class (with Robert O'Brien, McMaster University, Canada) considers the changing nature of class and labour from the nineteenth century to the present, including the rise of a global labour movement. Each volume is introduced by a contextualizing essay written by Paul James and the co-editor.
VC01-56 Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation, 5-Vols/Set.
  Drysdale, Peter/ 9780415310987/ Price:£ 1055.00
The Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) forum was established as a regional grouping in 1989 to deal with the issues arising from growing regional interdependence. Its stated aim is to build 'a prosperous Asia-Pacific through free and open trade and investment' and it now has twenty-one member economies, including China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Chinese Taipei, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Canada, the USA, Mexico, Peru and Chile. The APEC Summit of Leaders and Ministers from around the region is the major dialogue on economic and political affairs across the Pacific each year. But APEC continues to evolve in a bid to keep pace with the rise of East Asian economic and political power, first around the emergence of Japan as a great industrial nation, later with the rise of the other East Asian economies, the remarkable growth of China and, more recently, the emergence of India. This new Major Work from Routledge is a five-volume collection which covers in depth the origins and history of APEC, its achievements and the impact it has had-and continues to have-on international relations and economic cooperation in general. It provides the information, analysis and interpretation that are essential to thinking about the economic and political framework within which these unprecedented changes in the structure of the world economy might be managed more or less successfully.
VC01-51 Economic Geography, 5-Vols/Set.
  Martin, Ronald/ 9780415338417/ Price:£ 1150.00
The term 'Economic Geography' was used as far back as the late-19th century, and during the post-war period between the 1950s and the 1970s, economic geography led the field in human geography, in terms of both theoretical advance and empirical research. Since the 1980s it has undergone a major resurgence, and has once again become the arena of fervent theoretical and empirical development and debate. This resurgence has in part been a response to the dramatic upheavals and transformations that have taken place, and which are still occurring, in the world economy, especially globalisation and the shift from industrial capitalism to a new, information-based, knowledge-driven, post-industrial capitalism.
SC01-456 Chindia: How China and India Are Revolutionizing Global Business.
  Engardio, Peter/ 9780071476577/ Price:US$ 32.00
SC01-419 China in Focus: Economic, Political and Educational Issues.
  Nolan, Ernest P./ 9781600215438/ Price:US$ 185.00
SC01-413 The Real Price of Everything: Rediscovering the Six Classics of Economics.
  Lewis, Michael/ 9781402747908/ Price:US$ 29.95
SC01-404 Estimating Market Power and Strategies.
  Perloff, Jeffrey M./ 9780521011143/ Price:US$ 51.00
SC01-402 Factoring und der deutsche Mittelstand.
  Hietel, Maria/ 9783836405683/ Price:EUR 42.00
SC01-395 Eradication of Forced Labour - General Survey concerning the Forced Labour Convention, 1930 (No. 29), and the Abolition of Forced Labour Convention, 1957 (No. 105).
  International Labour Office/ 9789221181347/ Price:SFR 25.00
SC01-394 Selling the Economic Miracle: Economic Reconstruction and Politics in West Germany, 1949-1957.
  Spicka, Mark E./ 9781845452230/ Price:US$ 120.00
SC01-388 Global Development Finance 2007 (Vol I. Analysis and Outlook): The Globalization of Corporate Finance in Developing Countries.
  World Bank Publications/ 9780821369777/ Price:US$ 55.00
SC01-382 Challenges to Globalization: Analyzing the Economics.
  Baldwin, Robert E./ 9780226036168/ Price:US$ 46.00
SC01-379 Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology, Vol. 25-A: A Research Annual.
  Samuels, Warren J./ 9780762314225/ Price:£ 79.99
SC01-378 Geographies of the New Economy.
  Daniels, Peter/ 9780415357838/ Price:£ 120.00
SC01-372 Taxes, Spending, and the U.S. Governments March Towards Bankruptcy.
  Shaviro, Daniel N./ 9780521869331/ Price:US$ 88.00
SC01-367 Incentives, Regulations and Plans: The Role of States and Nation-States in Smart Growth Planning.
  Knaap, Gerrit-Jan/ 9781845426446/ Price:£ 100.00
SC01-366 Frontiers in Ecological Economic Theory and Application.
  Erickson, Jon D./ 9781843768883/ Price:£ 112.00
SC01-354 Headquarters-Subsidiary Relationship Governance in Emerging Markets of Central Eastern Europe: A Study in Poland.
  Hendriks-Gusc, J. S./ 9789086860494/ Price:EUR 39.00
Multinational enterprises often seem to be on a 'roller coaster' when managing their operations in transition economies, especially because of the volatile business and political environment. By combining agency and stewardship theory, this book describes the subtle equilibrium between formal control and day-to-day coordination in the Headquarters-Subsidiary (HQ-S) governance relationship. Using the Polish situation as an example, it places HQ-S governance in the context of a transitional economy while taking the cultural differences between the headquarters and subsidiary country into account. This explorative empirical study shows that the use of strategic and operational control mechanisms work as a transparent 'platform' on which coordination and attuning mechanisms can be build to deal with the day-to-day management challenges in a transition economy. Creating flexibility and learning capabilities at the subsidiary level, rather than maintaining a subsidiary in a state of dependence can clearly contribute to the success of international operations. However, it also reveals that there is no simple and uniform recipe for managing subsidiaries. The road from governance to performance is not a one-way street and alternative routes are available to accelerate performance. This book is a valuable resource to all directors and managers of multinational enterprises, as well as academic researchers who concern themselves with the study of multinational enterprises in transition economies.
SC01-350 A Primer for Trade Finance in Transition Economies.
  Economic Commission for Europe/ 9789211169409/ Price:US$ 10.00
SC01-350 Investment Policy Review: Zambia.
  United Nations Conference on Trade and Development/ 9789211127119/ Price:US$ 10.00
SC01-350 UNECE Standard: Chicken Meat - Carcases and Parts.
  Economic Commission for Europe/ 9789211169140/ Price:US$ 15.00
SC01-342 Making Aid Work.
  Banerjee, Abhijit V./ 9780262026154/ Price:US$ 16.95
GC01-8-17 Telecommunications Directory, 2-Vols/Set.
  / 9780787680978/ Price:US$ 750.00
GC01-23-22 Encyclopedia of Business Information Sources.
  / 9780787683078/ Price:US$ 480.00
VD05-37 Handbook of Research on Nature Inspired Computing for Economics and Management, 2-Vols/Set.
  Rennard, Jean-Philippe/ 9781591409847/ Price:US$ 350.00
The Handbook of Research on Nature-Inspired Computing for Economics and Management is the original, comprehensive reference work on research and applications of nature inspired computing to economics and management. It is an authoritative source, providing global coverage of this new and exciting field. Gathering the work of over 100 internationally known contributors, this two-volume set explores how complexities found in nature can be modeled to simulate and optimize business situations. It provides practitioners a global view of the current and future applications of this ground-breaking technology, and also includes more than 1,900 references to existing literature in the field.
VC02-69 Handbook of Global Supply Chain Management.
  Mentzer, John T./ 9781412918053/ Price:£ 120.00
This state-of-the-art Handbook provides a comprehensive understanding and assessment of the field of global supply chain management (GSCM). Editors John T. Mentzer, Matthew B. Myers, and Theodore P. Stank bring together a distinguished group of contributors to describe and critically examine the key perspectives guiding GSCM, taking stock of what we know (and do not know) about them. Key Features: * Identifies emerging developments and delineates their significance to the practice of GSCM * Examines many methods and perspectives on GSCM that have emerged from logistics, operations, marketing, management, economics, sociology, personnel, information systems, and international relations * Employs top flight international contributors from both academia and practice who share their unique perspectives and insights within the broad parameters of this volume Intended Audience: The Handbook is a valuable resource for graduate students, researchers, and parishioners alike, bringing clarity and comprehensive insight to the phenomenon of global supply chains and to their management.
VC01-68 Handbook of Economic Forecasting.
  Elliott, G./ 9780444513953/ Price:US$ 180.00
Research on forecasting methods has made important progress over recent years and these developments are brought together in the Handbook of Economic Forecasting. The handbook covers developments in how forecasts are constructed based on multivariate time-series models, dynamic factor models, nonlinear models and combination methods. The handbook also includes chapters on forecast evaluation, including evaluation of point forecasts and probability forecasts and contains chapters on survey forecasts and volatility forecasts. Areas of applications of forecasts covered in the handbook include economics, finance and marketing.
VC01-66 Amartya Sen, 5-Vols/Set.
  Wood, John C./ 9780415367028/ Price:£ 1055.00
This new Major Work from Routledge is a five-volume collection of the key critical assessments of Amartya Sen (b. 1933), probably best known for his work on famine, human development and welfare economics. Sen is one of the few modern academics who has commanded much respect and recognition from across the intellectual spectrum. His work—for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1998—simultaneously embraces social choice theory and economic development, thus breaking the barrier between mathematized 'high theory' and 'real world' economics. With an introduction newly written by the editor that places the collected work in its intellectual and historical context, this collection is destined to be welcomed as an invaluable resource for both reference purposes and as a contribution to the study of Amartya Sen.
VC01-65 Health Economics, 4-Vols/Set.
  Culyer, Anthony/ 9780415352352/ Price:£ 945.00
Health economics is one of the fastest growing sub-disciplines of economics and is probably the one that has most engaged with neighbouring disciplines, such as epidemiology and bio-statistics, to solve some of the more intractable problems confronting health care systems around the world. The impact of health economics outside the economics profession has been immense, and it has introduced the common currency of economists (opportunity cost, elasticity, the margin, production functions) into medical parlance. However, the very size of the literature spawned by health economists poses a challenge to both students and to those seeking to know more about what economists have had to say on key issues. These volumes are designed to help readers to overcome these difficulties. Presenting a comprehensive ‘library’ of the most important contributions made by health economists, each of the four volumes covers two significant areas of health economics, with each of these eight areas then including an introduction and an article-by-article commentary by the editor. There is also a general introduction, which outlines the scope and content of health economics, to help orientate the reader. The selection of articles made by Dr Culyer has been based on a survey of the principal teachers of health economics in universities in North America, Europe and elsewhere. Each chosen item is of current relevance and collectively the articles provide a comprehensive review of the most important contributions made by health economists over the past thirty years or so.
VC01-55 Sir John Hicks, 2-Vols/Set.
  Wood, John Cunningham/ 9780415367073/ Price:£ 510.00
Sir John Hicks is one of the most important and influential economists of the twentieth century. Awarded the Nobel Prize for economics in 1972, he has made contributions across a wide range of economic theory, writing some twenty books. Arguably the most important of these, Value and Capital, is seen as the roots of modern microeconomics and general equilibrium theory. Hicks possessed an unusual ability to synthesise the ideas of other economists - something that is evident in his invention of the 'IS-LM' diagram to expound Keynes’ General Theory, and is perhaps what he is best known to present day economists for. This two volume set is the second collection on Hicks in this series and includes new assessments of his contributions, covering the last fifteen years. With a new introduction by the editor, this comprehensive and scholarly collection provides students and scholars immediate access to Sir John Hicks' contributions.
VC01-54 Economy Theory, 2-Vols/Set.
  Levine, David P./ 9780415382939/ Price:£ 325.00
In these two volumes, David P. Levine undertakes the systematic clarification and further development of the theoretical contributions of classical political economy. It focuses on such central issues in economic theory as: * need, value and exchange * capital and its production * the concept of labour * growth * the firm * price determination. Throughout the treatment is at a high level of abstraction.
VC01-52 Irving Fisher, 3-Vols/Set.
  Dimand, Robert W./ 9780415367233/ Price:£ 725.00
Irving Fisher was one of America's greatest mathematical economists and certainly one of the most colourful. During his career, he made numerous contributions to mathematical economics, capital theory, monetary theory, and statistics. The now familiar distinction between stocks and flows is almost entirely due to Fisher's The Nature of Capital and Income, and similarly, his theory of money and prices is the foundation of much contemporary monetary economics. An influential and controversial figure during his lifetime, Fisher's work remains accessible and useful to students of economics today. This impressive collection brings together key contemporary responses to Fisher's work, along with later assessments of his main contributions. Also including a new introduction to the collection and individual volume introductions by the editor, this unique set is undoubtedly a valuable research resource for both student and scholar.
VB02-146 Conflict Resolution, 5-Vols/Set.
  Druckman, D./ 9781412921879/ Price:£ 875.00
How international conflict might be managed or resolved is a major focal point of a very large and growing body of scholarly research. This four volume set provides an intellectual history to the fields of conflict management and resolution as well as some of the best contemporary research on the subject. Incorporating over 80 articles, the volumes also include a number of classic works that have been critical in setting the conceptual and theoretical underpinnings of research today. The result is a wide-ranging collection encompassing many topics and streams of research over several decades from a number of disciplinary heritages including political science, social psychology and economics. Topical coverage includes but is not limited to theories of conflict, evaluation methods, crisis management, negotiation, mediation, peacekeeping, intervention as well as articles on implementation and long term resolution Part I: Theory and Concepts Part II: Methods and Evaluation Part III: Techniques/Approaches Part IV: Long Term Resolution
VB02-130 Statesman's Yearbook 2007: The Politics, Cultures and Economies of the World.
  Turner, Barry/ 9781403992765/ Price:£ 205.00
Now in a brand new, enlarged format, the 2007 edition of The Statesman's Yearbook is fully updated and contains more information and analysis than ever before. With 20% extra content, new material includes: · Biographical Profiles of Current Leaders · Government Histories · Extended Economic Overviews and Historical Economic Statistics · Half-page Line Maps · In-depth Topical Essays: in this edition Democracy and Military Expenditure, plus an essay on the World Economy by William Keegan, Economics Editor, The Observer The book also includes a foldout colour section providing a political world map and flags for the 192 countries of the world. What's more, all print purchases now receive online access at no extra cost. Every copy of The Statesman's Yearbook 2007 comes with a single-user licence giving access to the full text online, updated regularly and fully searchable. Unlimited-user upgrades are also available for libraries who want to network the online version for wider use.
VA05-180 Measurement, 4-Vols/Set.
  Bartholomew, David J./ 9781412908184/ Price:£ 645.00
Measurement is the cornerstone of science. Insofar as social science aims to be scientific it, too, must take measurement seriously. Yet measurement has not yet established for itself a central role in the teaching of social science. With the literature on social measurement scattered across disciplinary boundaries, this collection provides a unique resource for researchers and libraries. It brings together over 60 key articles from the fields of sociology, economics, psychology, psychometrics, political science and management science, as well as cross-disciplinary fields such as epidemiology and education. This four-volume set will therefore provide both an introduction to this method and will be of interest to measurement experts in many fields who will profit from seeing their own areas of research set within a wider context.
SC01-435 Market-Based Approaches to Environmental Regulation.
  Gayer, Ted/ 9781933019376/ Price:£ 46.50
SC01-430 Modern Linear and Nonlinear Econometrics.
  Plasmans, Joseph/ 9780387257600/ Price:EUR 179.99
SC01-424 Antiproductivisme, altermondialisme, decroissance.
  Guibert, Bernard/ 9782841901500/ Price:£ 9.24
SC01-370 Globalisation, State and Labour.
  Fairbrother, Peter/ 9780415375511/ Price:£ 105.00
SC01-369 Government Managing Risk: Income Contingent Loans for Social and Economic Progress.
  Chapman, Bruce/ 9780415287784/ Price:£ 125.00
SC01-342 Exploiting the Knowledge Economy: Issues, Applications and Case Studies, 2-Vols/Set.
  Cunningham, Paul/ 9781586036829/ Price:EUR 302.00
Adaptation of applied Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) research results is one of the greatest challenges faced today in building the global Knowledge Economy. While research challenges can be quite similar across the world – thus facilitating cross-border cooperation between researchers, government and industry, how actual research results can be exploited or implemented can vary considerably depending on the social, cultural and infrastructural context of the target country, province or region. This offers opportunities as well as challenges in terms of how applied ICT can be used to both support economic development and inform future research challenges. When cross-border collaboration is effective, there can be a valuable exchange of knowledge that can not only lead to successful adaptation of research results or lessons learnt from successful implementations in other countries, but can also provide insight into different problem solving techniques and new ways of thinking that can enrich the ICT research agenda. It is only through such mutually beneficial shared insight that the Digital Divide can be bridged. This set of two books brings together a comprehensive collection of over 220 contributions on commercial, government or societal exploitation of applied ICT, representing cutting edge research, good practice and practical eAdoption from Africa, the Americas, Asia & Europe.
SC01-339 The Future of U.S. Capitalism.
  Pryor, Frederic L./ 9780521023962/ Price:US$ 47.99
SC01-335 Heterodox Views on Economics and the Economy of the Global Society.
  Meijer, G./ 9789076998961/ Price:EUR 51.00
This book contains ideas to develop interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary views on economy and society. It aims to disseminate non mainstream ideas on various subjects related to economics and global society. The book is organised in six parts. Part 1 contains the key thoughts of Prof. J. Backhaus on the concept of state sciences and of Prof. A. Klamer on the importance of culture for economics. Parts 2- 6 contain successively contributions in the areas of population and society, history and economic theory, corporate issues, environment, and international relations. Examples of the content are: the changes of family life cycles due to the rise of non-traditional households; subjective and objective inflation rates after the introduction of the Euro; the economics of genetic engineering; the contribution of foreign direct investment to the economic development of host countries; the inaccuracy of economic models applied in places characterized by extreme income disparities; the improvement of political and corporate governance; evolutionary thinking and emission trading; freedom versus order in the European Union; the reform of social policy in Europe.
SC01-335 Decentralization in Asia and Latin America.
  Smoke, Paul/ 9781845420307/ Price:£ 118.00
SC01-334 The Elgar Companion to Development Studies.
  Clark, David A./ 9781843764755/ Price:£ 204.00
SC01-334 Japanese Telecommunications: Market and Policy in Transition.
  Taplin, Ruth/ 9780415368032/ Price:£ 125.00
SC01-332 Institutional Economics and Fisheries Management: The Case of Pacific Tuna.
  Petersen, Elizabeth H./ 9781843767824/ Price:£ 81.00
SC01-331 The Hidden Enterprise Culture: Entrepreneurship in the Underground Economy.
  Williams, Colin C./ 9781845425203/ Price:£ 88.00
SC01-330 Bulgarian Integration into Europe and NATO: Issues of Science Policy and Research.
  Crangle, Robert D./ 9781586035983/ Price:EUR 88.00
In 2004 the Ministry of Education and Science in Bulgaria, in partnership with Rose & Crangle, Ltd in the United States, submitted an Advanced Research Workshop proposal to NATO for the express purpose of exploring how the Bulgarian research, development and policy communities could more closely integrate their science policy and research evaluation practices with those of other European and NATO countries. How do various nations evaluate research and development projects? How do they evaluate the effectiveness of the institutions which sponsor or conduct such projects? How do they set priorities for their science and technology efforts and institutions? From an historical perspective, how have these developments occurred? What methods are countries planning to use to guide their future scientific growth?
SC01-329 Economics Confronts the Economy.
  Klein, Philip A./ 9781840646504/ Price:£ 108.00
SC01-328 Fifty Major Economists.
  Pressman, Steven/ 9780415366489/ Price:£ 75.00
SC01-323 Rural Economic Development Japan: From the Nineteenth Century to the Pacific War.
  Francks, Penelope/ 9780415368070/ Price:£ 110.00
GC01-25-21 Small Business Sourcebook, 2-Vols/Set.
  / 9780787688530/ Price:US$ 470.00
GC01-24-3 Encyclopedia of Small Business, 2-Vols/Set.
  / 9780787691127/ Price:US$ 631.00
This convenient and exhaustive print reference source is designed to provide entrepreneurs with how-to information that they can apply to their own business. The Encyclopedia contains detailed articles and overviews of all the key information needs of small business users, including financing; financial planning; business plan creation; market analysis; sales strategy; tax planning and more.
VC01-67-2 Handbook of Economic Growth, Vol. 1B.
  Aghion, Philippe/ 9780444520432/ Price:US$ 185.00
VC01-67-1 Handbook of Economic Growth, Vol. 1A.
  Aghion, Philippe/ 9780444520418/ Price:US$ 185.00
VC01-59 Encyclopedia of the Global Economy: A Guide for Students and Researchers, 2-Vols/Set.
  O'Connor, David/ 9780313335846/ Price:£ 181.95
Volume 1 features over 150 entries, organized alphabetically, with definitions and descriptions, examples, photographic illustrations, references, and exhibits featuring the most current data. Topical coverage includes international trade, foreign investment, transnational corporations, and economic and human development, highlighting such contemporary issues as offshore outsourcing, corporate social responsibility, child labor, sustainable consumption, and the digital divide. This volume also includes profiles of prominent economists, business leaders, and policymakers who have contributed to our understanding of globalization, as well as organizations, such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, that work to promote it. A timeline of major events and a glossary of key concepts and institutions complement the narrative entries. Volume 2 includes a wide array of primary documents, a "data bank" of world statistics on demographic and economic trends, and print and Internet resources for further research. Each document is introduced with an explanation of its context and linked to related articles in Volume 1. Examples include the text of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), reports on environmental degradation and poverty reduction from the United Nations, and dozens of tables and graphs reflecting international investment, business activity, productivity, labor, and socioeconomic conditions around the world. Cross-referenced throughout, featuring a comprehensive index, and cutting across such disciplines as politics, sociology, and business, this unique reference will be an indispensable resource for students, teachers, businesspeople, and general readers interested in the dynamics of the global economy and its profound impact on nations, businesses, communities, and individuals.
VC01-45 Documents in International Economic Law.
  Botchway, Francis/ 9781857432091/ Price:£ 400.00
Presents the full texts of over 100 international treaties and agreements to provide an essential understanding of the global economy and trade. Appearing chronologically, the treaties encompass a period of world history theat includes the Treaty of Westphalia (1648) and the Marrakesh Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization (1994), to provide both an up-to-date record and an indispensable background in the study of international economic law. The following information is given for each treaty and agreement: * Date of first signing, ratification and entry into force * Dates and texts of subsequent treaty revisions * Tables giving membership lists of treaties, along with dates of signing.
VA05-155 Political Geography, 4-Vols/Set.
  Cox, Kevin/ 9780415332101/ Price:£ 1130.00
Political geography concerns small-scale intrastate, regional and individual activities, as well as large far-reaching processes of global or international relationships. The field has developed from late nineteenth and early twentieth century concerns with geopolitics - the relationships between state power and territory - to a diverse range of topics engendered by new world systems and globalisation. There has been a tremendous growth in study of political geography since the 1970s. This growth has been signalled among other things by the emergence of three serials explicitly devoted to political geography (Political Geography, Space and Polity and geopolitics) and by other journals containing strong political geography content. This collection charts the historical growth of the discipline and the major themes of post 1970s developments.
VA05-153 Knowledge, 5-Vols/Set.
  Stehr, Nico/ 9780415317368/ Price:£ 1230.00
Knowledge is of crucial, and growing, importance in social, political and economic relations in modern society. The range and variety of available knowledge dramatically enlarges the available options of social action. Traditionally, philosophy was the discipline concerning itself with the nature of knowledge in general. Over past decades, other fields of inquiry have investigated and reflected on their knowledge foundations. The increasing investment in scientific knowledge, in its production, distribution and reproduction, is acquiring greater social significance. Everything that is regarded as knowledge in society has become a legitimate subject matter for academic investigations from various disciplines and for practitioners. This collection brings together a broad array of contributions. Volume I: This volume is dedicated to the topic of Knowledge and Society and has a particular focus on such topics as Social Order, Class, Social Structure, Knowledge Economies, Knowledge Societies, and Inequality. Volume II: This volume addresses Knowledge and Organisations. It includes classical articles on Knowledge Management, Knowledge Acquisitions, and Knowledge-based Systems. Volume III: The third volume investigates Forms and Styles of Knowledge, with special entries on Secret Knowledge, Everyday Knowledge, and Scientific Knowledge. Volume IV and Volume V: These volumes, entitled Thinking about Knowledge: complements and antagonists, address the relation between knowledge and its 'Other', e.g. belief, certainty, discourse, experience, faith, human interests, passion, power, reality, and skills.
VA03-103-3 China's Economic System.
  Donnithorne, Audrey/ 9780415361477/ Price:£ 215.00
Based on original Chinese sources, including the press and government documents, this book describes the operation of the Chinese economy in the twentieth century. Certain trends become apparent, notably the extent to which China's economic life is decentralized and the tendency towards self-sufficiency within provinces and smaller administrative units. Among the topics covered are: Agriculture, the organization of large and small scale industry, mining and transport, management and labour in state enterprises. The fiscal system, together with the operation of the banks and the control of currency, credit and prices, and economic planning are also discussed.
VA03-103-1 Chinese Economy.
  Adler, Solomon/ 9780415361453/ Price:£ 215.00
This volume provides a broad survey of economic progress in China from 1949 to 1952 and covers the historical background, China's economic system, industralisation and planning, the first Five Year Plan in industry, agriculture, transport, commerce and finance, education and health and foreign trade. The work is supplemented with an extensive bibliography, maps and statistical tables.
SC01-442 OECD Trade Policy Studies Trade that Benefits the Environment and Development: Opening Markets for Environmental Goods and Services.
  OECD Publishing/ 9789264035775/ Price:US$ 70.00
SC01-424 The Essential Gunnar Myrdal.
  Appelqvist, Orjan/ 9781565846005/ Price:US$ 19.95
SC01-404 Strategic Trading in Illiquid Markets.
  Monch, Burkart/ 9783540250395/ Price:EUR 74.99
SC01-392 The Economicss of European Integration: Limits and Prospects.
  Jovanovic, Miroslav/ 9781843766919/ Price:£ 170.00
SC01-346 Implications of the Euro: A Critical Perspective from the Left.
  Whyman, Philip/ 9780415349529/ Price:£ 125.00
SC01-346 Implications of the Euro: A Critical Perspective from the Left.
  Whyman, Philip/ 9780415380713/ Price:£ 46.99
SC01-337 Trading Up: Why Consumers Want New Luxury Goods- and How Companiescreate Them.
  Silverstein, Michael J./ 9781591840800/ Price:US$ 26.95
SC01-332 Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything.
  Levitt, Steven D./ 9780060731328/ Price:US$ 25.95
SC01-323 A History of Russian Economic Thought.
  Barnett, Vincent/ 9780415352642/ Price:£ 115.00
SC01-323 Economics Uncut: A Complete Guide to Life, Death and Misadventure.
  Bowmaker, Simon W./ 9781843763628/ Price:£ 128.00
SC01-322 Understanding Capitalism: Competition, Command, and Change.
  Bowles, Samuel/ 9780195138641/ Price:US$ 134.95
SC01-322 Innovation and the Knowledge Economy: Issues, Applications, Case Studies, 2-Vols/Set.
  Cunningham, P./ 9781586035631/ Price:EUR 275.00
While exploitation of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) is critical to building the Knowledge Economy, many of the challenges being faced today are human-centric rather than technological in nature. Never has it been more important to share knowledge and experience, not just between individuals and within departments, but also increasingly between organizations and across cultural as well as geographic borders. Innovation is increasingly driven by collaboration between different stakeholders sharing complementary expertise, skills and experiences to address commercial and societal requirements that would be very difficult to address alone. Standardization, interoperability and trusted networks have never been more important in enabling seamless collaboration. Building a truly global Knowledge Economy requires ever-greater transparency of public and private initiatives, whether commercial, legislative, political, social or technical in nature. Bridging the Digital Divide requires a willingness to share successes and failures, providing an opportunity to replicate successful implementations, avoid previous mistakes and apply scare resources to adapting lessons learnt to cultural and regional requirements. Sharing such knowledge highlights that problems experienced or exploitation lessons learnt in one domain or location are often directly relevant or applicable to eAdoption elsewhere. This book brings together a comprehensive collection of over 220 contributions on commercial, government or societal exploitation of the Internet and ICT, representing cutting edge research and practical eAdoption from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe.
SC01-321 The Future of Social Security Policy: Women, Work and a Citizens' Basic Income.
  Mckay, Ailsa/ 9780415344364/ Price:£ 115.00
SC01-321 A History of National Accounting.
  Vanoli, A./ 9781586034696/ Price:EUR 143.00
In A History of National Accounting, Andre Vanoli focuses on the history of accounting in the second part of the 20th century. The book is about the relations between economic theories and the observation of the present and the past looked at from the viewpoint of economic measurement. Some parts of the book are especially devoted to the French experience in this field, but the point of view is deliberately universal. The publication is about; The birth of national accounting; The evolution of systems of accounts and accounting issues in the perspective of international harmonization; National accounts as a statistical synthesis; Concepts and their relations with economic theory; Uses and status of national accounting.
SC01-321 Poverty Targeting in Asia.
  Weiss, John/ 9781845421236/ Price:£ 95.00
SC01-321 Managers and Mandarins in Contemporary China.
  Tang, Jie/ 9780415363631/ Price:£ 110.00
SC01-314 Explorations in Pragmatic Economics.
  Akerlof, George/ 9780199253906/ Price:£ 137.50
The Global Economic System Since 1945.
  Allen, Larry/ 9781861892423/ Price:£ 14.95
The Global Economic System Since 1945 offers a fresh synthesis of economic history and theory. It will prove instructive to the specialist, who will find it a useful reminder that all sides of the economy cannot be seen from a single angle. It will also interest the general reader looking for an impartial description of the current state of the global economy, as well as hints and clues about what to look for when scanning the economic horizon for signs of inclement weather.
Towards Social Stability and Democratic Governance in Central Eurasia: Challenges to Regional Security.
  Morozova, I./ 9781586035457/ Price:EUR 116.00
The book presents scientific discussions on the historical development of Central Eurasia and its socio-cultural legacies; Soviet and contemporary state organization, social transformation and communal structures; the current economic conditions as a precursor to social stability and development; and geo-political arrangements and political changes over the last two decades.
VC02-35 George Elton Mayo: Critical Evaluations in Business and Management, 2-Vols/Set.
  Wood, John C./ 9780415323901/ Price:£ 655.00
George Elton Mayo (1880-1949) is widely recognized as the progenitor of the human relations movement in management and his work laid the foundations for later management and organizational thinking. Mayo's work highlighted the importance of communication between management and workers and identified the now-accepted notion that work satisfaction, and therefore productivity, lies in recognition, security, and a sense of belonging, rather than monetary rewards. His findings were contrary to the theories of his contemporaries that the worker is motivated solely by self-interest (e.g. Taylorism). Mayo's work on human motivation revolutionized the theory and practice of management. This collection evaluates Mayo's role in shaping business and management studies upto the present day. It includes a new introduction and an extensive annotated bibliography.
VC01-50 International Economic Association Papers, 6-Vols/Set.
  The International Economic Association/ 9781403937001/ Price:£ 1100.00
Between 1950 and 1967 the International Economic Association undertook a major task - to select, translate and publish important articles by leading economists of the first half of the Twentieth-Century which had appeared only in non-English-language journals and which had not therefore had the wider circulation and impact on the discipline which they deserved. The twelve collections reprinted here as six volumes include the best-known European economists writing in the following areas: general economics and methodology; prices and allocation theory; macro-economics, monetary theory and distribution; international economics; public finance, monetary and fiscal policy, social accounting; communist and Marxist economics; welfare economics and public utility pricing; history of economic thought and biography; and economic development and growth.
VC01-48 Economic Development of the British Overseas Empire, The. 3-Vols/Set.
  Knowles, L. C. A./ 9780415350457/ Price:£ 770.00
First published by George Routledge & Sons Ltd. in 1924, 1930 and 1936. When first published in 1924, Knowles' first volume on the economic history of the British Empire offered a ground-breaking comparative study, ranging from slavery to Factory Acts, from cold storage to ticks and mosquitoes, from rural cultures to plantation products, and from bush paths to railways. Following her untimely death in 1926, the manuscripts for her second and third volumes were completed and published by her husband, C.M. Knowles, in 1930 and 1936. Volume I deals with economic and development issues relating to the Empire as a whole and also specifically with India, Malaya, Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda, while Volume II focuses more closely on Canada. Volume III covers the economic history of Australasia and South Africa.
VC01-47 Collected Papers of James Meade, The. 4-Vols/Set.
  Howson, Susan/ 9780415350495/ Price:£ 480.00
First published by Unwin Hyman 1988-1990. James Meade wrote and published on theoretical and applied problems in most fields of economics. He was always as concerned with problems of economics policy as with purely theoretical issues, and was one of the early British economists to serve in government. Volume I: (0415-35050-6) Contains his most important work on theoretical and applied aspects of employment and inflation from 1933-1985. Contributions range from pre-war papers on Keynesian economics to his proposals for tackling 'stagflation' in the 1970s and 1980s. Volume II: (0415-35051-4) Draws together Meade's work on Price Theory and Policy; Distribution; and Growth and Development. Volume III: (0415-35052-2) Covers papers on international economics, the field in which Meade received his Nobel Prize in 1977. This includes his important 1942 proposal for a post-war 'Commercial Union', which led ultimately to the Agreement on Tariffs and Trade in 1947, along with essays on the improvement of the world economic order from the 1930s to 1990. Volume IV: (0415-35053-0) Reprints the diary of Meade's involvement in the Economic Section of the Cabinet Office from November 1944 to October 1946. This work gives a fascinating and accessible insight into the workings of government during this crucial period in British economic history.
VC01-46 Middle East and Central Asia Economic Databook.
  / 9781857432022/ Price:£ 340.00
This new title provides invaluable economic background on an important new region emerging in the heart of the Eurasian continent. Detailed articles are included, covering regional issues such as The Emerging Economic Zone in the Middle East and Central Asia and The Impact of the Euro in the Middle East, and an extensive series of statistical tables presenting comparative figures for all the countries and political entities covered. The statistical tables cover: population, life expectancy, economically active population, gross domestic product, exchange rates, banking, stock markets, oil and natural gas, imports and exports, manufacturing, electricity, water, investment, air transport, tourism, telecommunications, education, development and gender, broadcasting and media, health, land use and environment. Each table allows comparisons to be made between countries in the region. Countries covered include: Afghanistan; Armenia; Azerbaijan; Bahrain; Egypt; Georgia; Iran; Iraq; Israel; Jordan; Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Kuwait; Lebanon; Oman; Pakistan; Palestinian territories; Qatar; Saudi Arabia; Syria; Tajikistan; Turkmenistan; Turkey; United Arab Emirates; Uzbekistan; Yemen.
VC01-43 Paul Anthony Samuelson: Critical Assessments of Contemporary Economists, 2nd Series, 3-Vols/Set.
  Wood, John Cunningham/ 9780415310604/ Price:£ 775.00
Very much 'the economists' economist', Samuelson published rigorous statements of fundamental concepts and theories in just about every branch of economics, including international trade, consumer theory and welfare economics, production theory, financial analysis, growth theory, macroeconomics, and the history of economic thought. Samuelson is a key figure in economic thinking and there are few graduate students of economics who have not read and re-read his classical essays. This collection gathers the essential assessments of this important economist, and provides an unparalleled insight into his lasting impact on economics throughout the last century to the present day.
VC01-42 Financial Markets, 4-Vols/Set.
  Madura, Jeff/ 9781412902519/ Price:£ 745.00
This landmark work illustrates the progress that has been made in financial markets and assesses innovations that provide solutions to dilemmas and increase efficiency. These articles break down the complex web of relationships between the financial intermediary, the managers of corporations, shareholders, creditors, analysts and regulators. If complete information was disseminated to all participants, and all participants were ethical and competent, there would be less need for research on financial markets. Given the numerous conflicts of interest, the research included in these volumes attacks existing problems in financial markets in search of a solution. The research also identifies problems that have gone unnoticed. Research on financial markets identifies more problems in financial markets than it solves. Nevertheless, the research findings can help you use financial markets to your advantage, rather than be used by them. This new edition to the SAGE Library in Business and Management discloses relevant research about the environment and behaviour within each of several financial markets so that participants can make informed decisions. It also hints at some of the unresolved issues in financial markets that are likely to receive more attention in future financial research.
VC01-40 Friedrich A. von Hayek: Critical Assessments of Contemporary Economists, 4-Vols/Set.
  Wood, John Cunningham/ 9780415310550/ Price:£ 1205.00
Hayek's reputation has gone through a remarkable cycle. An eminent exponent of the Austrian theory of business cycles in the 1930s, he was worsted in the controversy over Keynes' Treatise on Money (1930). Following this defeat, Hayek retreated into capital theory, an esoteric branch of economics in which few economists then took an active interest. He gave up economics altogether after the war and turned to psychology, political philosophy, philosophy of law and the history of ideas. However, in 1974 he won the Nobel Prize and returned to mainstream economics as a leading critic of Keynesianism and an advocate of free banking as the answer to inflation. Today Hayek reigns supreme as the kind of moral philosopher and political economist that economics has not seen since Adam Smith.
VC01-36 Early Mathematical Economics, 1871-1915, 4-Vols/Set.
  Marchionatti, Roberto/ 9780415276030/ Price:£ 1130.00
These volumes chart the fundamental - methodological and analytical - change in economics that arose in the second half of the nineteenth century. The main characteristics of this change included an increasing reliance on mathematical methods, a revolution in the theory of value, and the rise of general equilibrium theory. This collection traces this long revolution over a fifty-year period for the first time, from William Stanley Jevons' The Theory of Political Economy (1871), to Eugen Slutsky's On the Theory of the Budget of the Consumer (1915). Volume One: The Emergence of the Mathematical Revolution in Economics Volume Two: The Diffusion of Mathematical Method in Economics Volume Three: The Establishment of the Mathmatical Method in Economics I Volume Four: The Establishment of the Mathematical Method in Economics II
VB02-70 Encyclopedia of International Development.
  Forsyth, Tim/ 9780415253420/ Price:£ 190.00
The Encyclopedia of International Development is a large-scale work that concentrates on presenting explanations of thematic concepts and debates associated with 'development', both as an academic field of study and an activity engaged in by governments and aid agencies around the world, thus providing theoretical context and organizational background for the subject. Since the 1960s, most industrialized countries of Europe and North America have identified international development as a routine part of government policy. Today, the practise international development is still growing and also becoming more complex as more and more countries engage in development, and international development addresses further, an ever-larger range of activities. Furthermore, many non-governmental and private sector agencies are now also emerging to undertake development work in addition to government bureaux. This growth has been matched by an increase in academic research into the subject, and a mounting number of universities offer degree courses in International Development. This title will be an essential purchase for public and academic libraries, international organizations, charities, government departments as well as students and academics in the field of international development.
VA05-119 Encyclopedia of Social Welfare History in North America.
  Herrick, John/ 9780761925842/ Price:£ 140.00
unique reference book that will provide users with basic information about the history of social welfare in North America, including Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Since many themes and issues are similar in the three nations, entries will provide comparative information about common as well as distinctive concerns and developments. Significant events, influential persons, legislation, social problems, and societal responses are described in detail. Editors include specialists in the social welfare history of each nation, and they have collaborated with scholars from a variety of academic disciplines to prepare entries of varying length addressing these issues. Included in each entry are suggestions for further reading that will guide readers to the rich resources available for learning about the history of North American social welfare. The encyclopedia also provides cross-references for important topics. This volume will be a unique reference tool for students at all levels, for teachers, and for libraries serving anyone with an interest in the history of North American social welfare.
SC01-436 How Labor Migrants Fare.
  Zimmermann, Klaus F./ 9783540006657/ Price:EUR 129.99
SC01-407 Current Issues in Globalization.
  Westerfield, Robert E./ 9781590338117/ Price:US$ 95.00
SC01-394 Recent Developments in Environmental Economics, 2-Vols/Set.
  Hoel, Michael/ 9781843762508/ Price:£ 420.00
SC01-348 Introduction to the Mathematical and Statistical Foundations of Econometrics.
  Bierens, Herman J./ 9780521834315/ Price:US$ 135.00
SC01-335 Service Worlds: People, Organizations and Technologies.
  Bryson, John R./ 9780415247870/ Price:£ 41.99
SC01-326 The Elgar Dictionary of Economic Quotations.
  McCann, Charles R./ 9781840648201/ Price:£ 136.00
SC01-321 Contemporary Post Keynesian Analysis.
  Wray, L. R./ 9781843764601/ Price:£ 112.00
SC01-321 Reflections of Eminent Economists.
  Szenberg, Michael/ 9781843766285/ Price:£ 126.00
SC01-321 Regional Economies as Knowledge Laboratories.
  Cooke, Philip/ 9781843768210/ Price:£ 94.00
SC01-321 The Rise of Unemployment in Europe: A Keynesian Approach.
  Stockhammer, Engelbert/ 9781843764106/ Price:£ 87.00
SC01-321 Neo-Liberal Economic Policy: Critical Essays.
  Arestis, Philip/ 9781843767947/ Price:£ 90.00
SC01-321 The New Value Controversy and the Foundations of Economics.
  Freeman, Alan/ 9781840645606/ Price:£ 105.00
SC01-321 The Past and Future of America's Economy: Waves of Innovation That Power Cycles of Growth.
  Atkinson, Robert D./ 9781843769552/ Price:£ 107.00
SC01-317 Computational Econometrics: Its Impact on the Development of Quantitative Economics.
  Renfro, Charles G./ 9781586034269/ Price:EUR 143.00
This publication contains a substantial amount of detail about the broad history of the development of econometric software based on the personal recollections of many people. For economists, the computer has increasingly become the primary applied research tool, and it is software that makes the computer work. It matters that this software should be the best that it can be, for not only does it permit necessary calculations to be performed but it also determines, for better or worse over time, how easy or how difficult the applied research process will be for each succeeding generation of economists. This assertion assumes of course the availability of the necessary data, and that observations can be obtained relatively easily—but in the day of the Internet, data distribution is also a matter of software. And, in addition, there is the consideration that both the quality and the amount of possible research, as a matter of time spent, may be crucially dependent on just how good that software is, both in its computational properties and as a time saver. This publication includes revealing descriptions of computer-based research that illustrates the role of the computer in the progress of econometric theory and economic research and aspects of the development of econometric software, starting from the hand calculation era and continuing to relatively modern times.
SC01-315 Globalization in the Asian Region.
  Nyland, Chris/ 9781843766278/ Price:£ 90.00
SC01-313 Weighing Lives.
  Broome, John/ 9780199243761/ Price:£ 71.00
SC01-310 The Right use of money.
  Darton, David/ 9781861346162/ Price:£ 18.99
This book is about money. Not about how to make money, but how to use it and use it well. A range of stimulating articles from leading international thinkers and writers forms a thought-provoking collection on how we can all use money to achieve positive social change. The range of topics discussed is broad, from questions of economics and government policy, corporate and individual responsibility to how voluntary organisations can ensure that their money is used wisely. Issues raised include: · Does the way we use money betray the next generation? Is dishonesty within our financial systems making it too difficult for consumers to make informed decisions? Are we wasting money on good intentions that do not match real need? How can individuals, foundations and others with social concerns ensure that all their assets are used effectively? The book concludes with suggested actions for government, business, financial institutions, voluntary organisations and individuals. Anyone concerned with issues of finance and social justice will want to read this book.
VC10-3 Tourism: Critical Concepts in the Social Sciences, 4-Vols/Set.
  Williams, Stephen/ 9780415243643/ Price:£ 1005.00
This collection of articles examines what social scientists mean by the term tourism, and what it means to be a tourist. The volumes chart the sociological changes that have occurred in tourism, and the change from the upper-class grand tours of the late nineteenth-century to the mass tourism of the present day. The collection also assesses the economic impacts of tourism on local economies, environmental considerations and whether this growth is sustainable in a post-September 11th world. Tourism: Critical Concepts in the Social Sciences is an accessible and comprehensive resource which is invaluable for academics and scholars researching in tourism, globalization and human geography.
VC01-38 Economic Aspects of the History of the Civilization of Japan, The. 3-Vols/Set.
  Takekoshi, Yosaburo/ 9780415323789/ Price:£ 740.00
Originally published by Allen & Unwin in 1930 this 3-volume collection brings together writings on the economic aspects of Japan's history. Covering the period from the 1600s until the 1920s this work offers the reader, not only an economic history of the Japanese, but also a social and political history. By explaining the realities of daily life during the periods covered, this collection allows the economic aspects to be fully appreciated.
VC01-37 Harrod Writings on Economics, 7-Vols/Set.
  Harrod, Roy/ 9781403917430/ Price:£ 1325.00
Sir Roy Harrod was much praised by Keynes for his early theoretical work and was one of the small group of young economists who worked with Keynes in the 1930s, helping him to develop the new theories that led to the General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money. Harrod's principal contribution to economics was the development of his theory of dynamic growth, articulated in several of the volumes in this collection. Beyond growth theory, Sir Roy worked on the theory of the firm and on international monetary theory, pursuing the development of international institutions such as an International Monetary Fund and a World Bank that would pervent the kind of breakdown of international monetary relations that had occurred in the 1930s. Palgrave Macmillan is proud to bring back into print this substantial collection of Sir Roy Harrod's main book-length works in eoncomic theory and to provide a resource that will be invaluable for economists and economic historians.
VC01-32 John Atkinson Hobson: Critical Assessment of Leading Economists, 3-Vols/Set.
  Wood, John Cunningham/ 9780415310659/ Price:£ 940.00
John Atkinson Hobson was a controversial figure in the history of economic thought. His first book (The Physiology of Industry ) lost him two university lecturing posts, which Hobson later describes as due to 'an Economics Professor who had read my book and considered it as equivalent to an attempt to prove the flatness of the earth'. Hobson received a similar reception from the rest of his peers. As an advocate of an apparently fallacious theory of over-saving, a critic of the orthodox theory of distribution, and a proponent of a theory of imperialism which was later taken up by Lenin, Hobson was generally condemned as a heretic by the rest of the economic establishment. His fortunes changed, rather belatedly, in 1936, when Keynes paid tribute to Hobson's work in The General Theory as anticipating his own theory that society can, under some circumstances, save too large a proportion of its income - thrift then being a vice, not a virtue. Hobson's influence was international and the impact of his writings was widespread. This collection will provide scholars with an invaluable resource in their ongoing evaluation of Hobson's contribution to economic, social and political thought.
VC01-26 Irish Political Economy, 4-Vols/Set.
  Boylan, Tom/ 9780415147361/ Price:£ 1065.00
This set collects together the most significant economic writings produced in nineteenth-century Ireland. It includes material by leading writers such as Cairnes, Whately and Torrens and also by more obscure figures who nonetheless made original contributions of great interest. Whilst much of this material lies within the mainstream of British political economy, other material represents a critique of this orthodoxy. The volumes are organized thematically and feature material from virtually all major fields of economics including monetary economics, labour economics and international trade. Drawing on a wide range of sources, this set will be the standard reference on this subject. Volume 1: Scope and Methodology Volume 2: Value and Distribution Section A: Value Theory Section B: Distribution Theory Volume 3: Public Finance, Money and Banking, International Trade Section A: Public Finance Section B: Money and Banking Section C: International Trade Volume 4: Policy & Special Topics Section A: Laissez-Faire Section B: Population Section C: Emigration and Colonization Section D: Poor Law Section E: Absenteeism Section F: Slavery Section G: Gender Section H: Education
VC01-20 David Ricardo: Critical Responses, 4-Vols/Set.
  Peach, Terry/ 9780415181792/ Price:£ 1140.00
This four-volume set in the Critical Responses series brings together for the first time 19th Century responses to, and appreciations of, the work of David Ricardo. The collection covers the period from 1817, the year of publication of Ricardo's major work, The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation, to 1848, and represents the first and probably the liveliest period of Ricardo-criticism. The publication of John Stuart Mill's own Principles in 1848 marks an end to this period with the first great 'rehabilitation' of Ricardo following decades of searching criticism.
VB02-41 Great Game, The: Britain and Russia in Central Asia, 8-Vols/Set.
  Ewans, Martin/ 9780415316385/ Price:£ 1500.00
The Great Game: Britain and Russia in Central Asia is a collection of key works written in the course of the nineteenth century, when Central Asia was the focus of a political and diplomatic confrontation between Britain and Russia. While the confrontation lasted, commentators on both sides wrote voluminously about their perceptions of the opposing threat. Soldiers and other adventurers also traversed the region, to gather intelligence and engage with local rulers, and their accounts of their travels are an important part of the picture. Official documents are also a vital source of insights into the private perceptions of both governments. In selecting items for this collection, the aim has been to include those that are both important in themselves and representative of others of a similar type. There were, for example, a large number of British writers who expatiated at length on the Russian threat, and it would be superfluous to include other than those whose works were of a seminal nature. The era of the 'Great Game' divides itself conveniently into three parts. The first stretched from the early years of the century to the disastrous intervention in Afghanistan which is known as the First Anglo-Afghan War, 1939-42. The second spanned the period between that conflict and the Second Anglo-Afghan War, 1878-80, while the third terminated with the Anglo-Russian Convention of 1907, which effectively marked the end of the confrontation.
VB02-19 Socialism: Critical Concepts in Political Science, 4-Vols/Set.
  Jenings, Jeremy/ 9780415249041/ Price:£ 1070.00
This four-volume collection combines the historical with the conceptual, providing a guide to the main themes that have structured socialist thought and practice over the last 200 years. The set also examines contemporary socialism. A detailed index and new introduction makes this set an invaluable reference tool for students and researchers of politics. Volume I: Jeremy Jennings, 'Socialism: An Introduction' I. The Origins of Socialism II. Utopian Socialism III. The Origins of Marxism Volume II IV. Karl Marx and the Science of History V. Marxism and the State VI. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels VII. The Crisis of Marxism VIII. Marxism-Leninism IX. The Revolution Betrayed Volume III X. Socialism and Feminism XI. Socialism and Democracy XII. Socialism and Violence XIII. Socialism and Economics XIV. Socialism and Nationalism Volume IV XV. Socialism and Ethics XVI. Socialism and Social Democracy XVII. Socialism in America XVIII. Socialism Outside Europe and America XIX. New Directions
SC01-455 Assisting Russia's Transition: An Unprecedented Challenge.
  Zanini, Gianni/ 9780821353820/ Price:US$ 22.00
SC01-359 NBER Macroeconomics Annual 2002.
  Gertler, Mark/ 9780262072465/ Price:US$ 65.00
SC01-358 Basic Mathematics for Economists.
  Rosser, Mike/ 9780415267830/ Price:£ 135.00
SC01-337 Winning in Asia, U.S. Style: Market and Nonmarket Strategies for Success.
  Aggarwal, Vinod K./ 9780312239114/ Price:£ 51.00
SC01-330 Our Modern Times: The New Nature of Capitalism in the Information Age.
  Cohen, Daniel/ 9780262532631/ Price:US$ 16.95
SC01-330 Introductory Econometrics: A Modern Approach.
  Wooldridge, Jeffrey/ 9780324113648/ Price:US$ 131.95
SC01-327 The Elgar Dictionary of Economic Quotations.
  McCann, Charles R./ 9781845427764/ Price:£ 40.00
SC01-322 Economic Feasibility of Projects: Managerial and Engineering Practice.
  Tang, S. L./ 9789629961152/ Price:US$ 20.00
This is a textbook for engineering and management/business undergraduates and postgraduate students and a reference for practicing engineers or managers who are familiar with their projects but less familiar with financial/economic analysis methods. The book is divided into two parts. Part 1 covers all the basic concepts and theories and provides the readers with a good understanding of the financial and economic analysis on the feasibility of projects. Plenty of examples are used to illustrate the theories, arguments and calculations. Part 2 consists of case studies on both financial and economic feasibility studies. Readers should be able to conduct their own financial and economic analyses by following the procedures and methodo-logy of the examples given. In this new edition, the chapters have been revised and expanded with the latest theories and data added, especially the most up-dated information on the development of the theories of internal rate of return and net present worth.
Japanese Economic and Social System: From a Rocky Past to an Uncertain Future.
  Lonien, C./ 9781586033897/ Price:EUR 94.00
The Japanese economy is currently at a crossroads and the embarrassing situation the country faces today is even worse than the Meiji restoration of 1868, the defeat after World War II in 1945 and the yen appreciation after the Plaza Agreements of 1985. Indeed, the traditional Japanese model is doomed to failure, mainly due to economic and industrial structures that are inappropriate towards increasing globalization, liberalization and deregulation. However, Japanese-style industrial capitalism is in this work compared to the economic and social models of other developed countries and this enables us to point out the path the Japanese economy may take in the 21st century in order to survive.
VC02-20 Strategy: Critical Perspectives on Business and Management. 4-Vols/Set.
  Faulkner, David/ 9780415251501/ Price:£ 1130.00
Whilst there are a wide number of competing definitions of strategy there is a consensus about its importance and about its ability to determine whether a company succeeds or fails. This is the most comprehensive collection to date on all aspects of strategy. The collection: * explores different conceptions of strategy, from the classical, rational models of Porter, through the empirical, emergent emphasis of Mintzberg to the competence based models of Grant and others * considers the relationship between strategy and other subjects including economics and organisational studies * covers key new developments including scenario planning, networks and strategic groups and knowledge * looks at the implications of globalization and international management * examines key strategic decisions including diversification and mergers and acquisitions. With a new introduction by the editor and an extensive index, this collection is an invaluable reference tool and teaching aid.
VC01-29 W. S. Jevons: Critical Responses, 4-Vols/Set.
  Peart, Sandra/ 9780415143325/ Price:£ 835.00
William Stanley Jevons was a self-proclaimed revolutionary, whose struggle under what he called the 'Noxious authority' of John Stuart Mill in economic circles is well-known. He was highly critical of the labour theory of value and the wages fund theory attributed to David Ricardo, and offered his own theory of exchange value which he contrasted to the 'mazy and preposterous' notions of English Classical economists.
VC01-28 Taxation: Critical Perspectives on the World Economy, 4-Vols/Set.
  James, Simon/ 9780415188005/ Price:£ 1005.00
Taxation, of one sort or another, can be traced back to the beginnings of civilization, indeed, it might be argued that taxes are the price of civilization. This set reprints classic articles on taxation such as Adam Smith's Canons of Taxation, alongside more contemporary articles on modern developments. Taking into account the strong revisionist trend emergent in the study of economic issues, a new introduction by the editor puts the collected articles into context. Volume I Part I: The Development of Taxation Part II: Tax Theory and Principles The Nature of a 'Good' Tax Efficiency Equity Optimal Taxation Part III: Taxation and the Political Process Central Government Fiscal Federalism Volume II Part IV: Tax Policy and Reform Tax Harmonisation Tax and the Environment Tax Hypothecation or 'Earmarking' Part V: Legal and Accounting Aspects Tax Simplification Taxpayer Rights Tax and Judicial Review Accounting Aspects Volume III Part VI: Tax Administration Compliance Evasion E-Commerce Volume IV Part VII: Types of Taxation Income Taxation Consumption Taxes Corporate and Business Taxation Taxation of Land Poll Taxes Part VIII: Taxation as an Academic Subject Tax Research Tax Education
VB01-14 New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics & Law, 3-Vols/Set.
  Newman, Peter/ 9780333997567/ Price:£ 300.00
A great deal of economics is about law - the functioning of markets, property rights and their enforcement, financial obligations, and so forth - yet these legal aspects are almost never addressed in the academic study of economics. Conversely, the study and practice of law entails a significant understanding of economics, yet the drafting and administration of laws often ignore economic principle. The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics and the Law is uniquely placed by the quality, breadth and depth of its coverage to address this need for building bridges. Drawn from the ranks of academics, professional lawyers, and economists in eight countries, the 340 contributors include world experts in their fields. Among them are Nobel laureates in economics and eminent legal scholars. First published in 1998 and now available in paperback for the first time, The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics and the Law has established itself as a classic reference work in this important field.
SC01-417 Globalization/Anti-globalization.
  Held, David/ 9780745629896/ Price:£ 12.99
SC01-374 Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America.
  Ehrenreich, Barbara/ 9780805063899/ Price:US$ 13.00
SC01-370 Work in the New Economy: Flexible Labor Markets in Silicon Valley.
  Benner, Chris/ 9780631232506/ Price:US$ 61.95
SC01-344 Dancing with the Tiger: Learning Sustainability Step by Natural Step.
  Nattrass, Brian/ 9780865714557/ Price:US$ 29.95
SC01-335 Economic Efficiency in Law and Economics.
  Zerbe, Richard O./ 9781840646115/ Price:£ 33.00
SC01-320 Markets and Moralities: Ethnographies of Postsocialism.
  Humphrey, Caroline/ 9781859735770/ Price:£ 32.99
This book explores the new market and its resulting contradictions in a rapidly developing Eastern Europe and Russia. Will Western fast-food industries irrevocably alter local culinary practices? What effect has the privatization of land had upon ownership and exchange? What role do new commodities play within the household? Based on original, first-hand ethnography, this book is a long-awaited addition to existing literature on post-socialist societies. It will be essential reading for students of anthropology, sociology, European and cultural studies, as well as professional groups working in Eastern Europe and Russia, including NGOs, development organizations and businesses
SC01-316 Computational Methods for Electric Power Systems.
  Crow, Mariesa/ 9780849313523/ Price:£ 66.99
Selling the Free Market: The Rhetoric of Economic Correctness.
  Aune, James Arnt/ 9781572307575/ Price:US$ 35.00
Book Cover While accusations of "political correctness" are frequently raised against liberals, there has been surprisingly little discussion of how conservatives foment the use of their own "economically correct" language. In this engaging book, James Arnt Aune examines how the rhetoric of the free market has become the everyday language of political debate in America and around the world. He illuminates the inner logic of free-market ideas, using rhetorical theory as an analytical tool. In the process, Aune confronts head on what he sees as the most serious flaw of economic correctness—its destructive impact on the lives of millions of working people and families.
VC14-3 Consumer Behaviour Analysis: Critical Perspectives on Business and Management, 3-Vols/Set.
  Foxall, Gordon/ 9780415196420/ Price:£ 895.00
This set reprints key writings on different aspects of consumer psychology, through theoretical to empirical work. New introductions and a detailed index are included to guide the reader through the material. The areas covered include: ullet foundations ullet theories and models of consumer behaviour ullet interpretive approaches ullet economic psychology of consumer behaviour ullet individual processes ullet beliefs, attitudes and decision processes ullet consumer choice, personality and cognitive style ullet the consumer environment; adoption and diffusion of innovations ullet socio-cultural influences and the physical environment. Volume I: The Behavioural Basis of Consumer Choice Volume II: The Behavioural Economics of Consumption Volume III: Marketing In Behavioural Perspective
VC01-25 Wassily Leontief: Critical Assessments of Leading Economists, 3-Vols/Set.
  Wood, John Cunningham/ 9780415074971/ Price:£ 940.00
Like all great intellectual pioneers, Wassily Leontief has inspired a new generation of researchers. This collection contains key articles that critically assess Leontief's contribution to economics, as well as a number of articles that build on his economic theories. The set is designed to enable historians of economic thought to discern Leontief's specific contribution to the discipline, without losing sight of the interdependence between the various aspects of his work. To facilitate this, articles have been reproduced on a thematic basis. Articles have been selected by their importance for historians of economic thought, contemporary economists and policy makers, providing a comprehensive overview of the English language assessment of Leontief's legacy to economic science.
VC01-24 Joan Robinson: Critical Assessments of Leading Economists, 5-Vols/Set.
  Kerr, Prue/ 9780415217422/ Price:£ 1115.00
A passionate theorist and socialist, Joan Robinson made major contributions to the field of economics during her lifetime. Active in the profession for fifty years, she worked through a number of major upheavals to the received orthodoxy of economics and, in many cases, was at the forefront of the controversies. Her style was provocative and challenged the leaders in the field. This collection gathers together outstanding material which not only illustrates Robinson's intellectual path but, in doing so, documents the major debates in economic theory.
VC01-23-9 I. Labor Economics, 2-Vols/Set.
  / 9780415269384/ Price:£ 230.00
This text provides an essential introduction to the ideas and skills of creative problem solving. It shows how and why people are blocked in their thinking, how this impairs the creative problem solving process, and how creative problem solving techniques can help overcome these difficulties. Theories of creative thinking are critically examined and used to justify the variety of techniques which can be used to find insights into difficult management problems. Contents include: * paradigm shift and the need for creative thinking in management * blocks to creativity and how to overcome them * defining and redefining problems * Extensive explanations and illustrations of the methods and techniques of the creative problem solving process - Lateral Thinking, Morphological Analysis and Synectics * evaluating ideas - qualitative and quantitative approaches * implementing and managing ideas. Using case-studies and case histories, together with extensive diagrams, examples and thought-provoking questions, this textbook provides the most up-to-date and extensive approach to this important topic.
VC01-23-8 H. Economic Modelling, 2-Vols/Set.
  / 9780415269353/ Price:£ 200.00
The ability to construct, test and explore models is one of the key tasks for the economist and underpins most work in contemporary economics. Contents: T. Palfrey and S. Srivastava Bayesian Implementation A. Dixit The Art of Smooth Pasting
VC01-23-7 G. Economics of Technological Change II, 2-Vols/Set.
  / 9780415269322/ Price:£ 250.00
The impact of technological change on the wider economy, especially its impact on economic growth, has been one of the key themes in the transition from the industrial age to the information age. Contents: W. Baldwin and J. Scott Market Structure and Technological Change C. Thirtle and V. Ruttan The Role of Demand and Supply in the Generation and Diffusion of Technical Change
VC01-23-6 F. Economics of Technological Change I, 3-Vols/Set.
  / 9780415269285/ Price:£ 235.00
The impact of technological change on the wider economy, especially its impact on economic growth, has been one of the key themes in the transition from the industrial age to the information age. Contents: A. Link Technological Change and Productivity Growth E. Kaufer The Economics of the Patent System J. Mokyr Twenty-five centuries of Technological Change
VC01-23-5 E. Macroeconomics, 3-Vols/Set.
  / 9780415269230/ Price:£ 205.00
The study of the economy in the aggregate remains a central concern of the economist, as this set highlights. Contents: R. Cooper Wage and Employment Patterns in Labor Contracts T. Persson and G. Tabellini Macroeconomic Policy, Credibility and Politics L. Broze, C. Gourieroux and A. Szafarz Reduced Forms of Rational Expectations
VC01-23-4 D. Industrial Economics II, 2-Vols/Set.
  / 9780415269209/ Price:£ 165.00
This section covers a wide range of new approaches to a crucial area of economics. It addresses the impact of game theory, the new institutional economics and the interaction of economics and business strategy. Contents: P. Geroski, R. Gilbert and A. Jacquemin Barriers to Entry and Strategic Competition W. Comanor, K. George, A. Jacquemin, F. Jenny, E. Kantzenbach, J. Ordover and L. Waverman Competition Policy in Europe and North America
VC01-23-3 C. Industrial Economics I, 3-Vols/Set.
  / 9780415269162/ Price:£ 245.00
This section covers a wide range of new approaches to a crucial area of economics. It addresses the impact of game theory, the new institutional economics and the interaction of economics and business strategy. Contents: D. Fudenberg and J. Tirole Dynamic Models of Oligopoly D. Mueller The Corporation: Growth, Diversification and Mergers J. Cubbin Market Structure and Performance
VC01-23-22 V. Marxian Economics II, 3-Vols/Set.
  / 9780415269872/ Price:£ 205.00
A. Nove Marxism and 'Really Existing Socialism' A. Richards Development and Modes of Production in Marxian Economics A. Przeworski The State and the Economy under Capitalism
VC01-23-21 U. Marxian Economics I, 3-Vols/Set.
  / 9780415269834/ Price:£ 235.00
D. Foley Money, Accumulation and Crisis J. Roemer Value, Exploitation and Class K. Willoughby Capitalist Imperialism, Crisis and the State
VC01-23-20 T. Economic History, 2-Vols/Set.
  / 9780415269803/ Price:£ 160.00
These two titles look at long-term processes that have had a major impact on the modern world economy. Contents: S. Pollard Typology of Industrialization Processes in the Nineteenth Century R. Tedlow The Rise of the American Business Corporation
VC01-23-2 B. International Economics II, 3-Vols/Set.
  / 9780415269124/ Price:£ 225.00
Most economic activity involves cross-border transactions at some point in the supply chain. The volumes reprinted here offer a wide range of perspectives on one of the most important areas of economics. Contents: R. Hodrick The Empirical Evidence on the Efficiency of Forward and Futures Foreign Exchange Markets A. Hillman The Political Economy of Protection M. Kemp and H. Wan The Welfare Economics of International Trade
VC01-23-19 S. Development Economics, 2-Vols/Set.
  / 9780415269773/ Price:£ 200.00
L. Taylor Stabilization and Growth in Developing Countries K. Basu Agrarian Structure and Economic Underdevelopment
VC01-23-18 R. Regional and Urban Economics II, 4-Vol/Set.
  / 9780415269728/ Price:£ 315.00
These volumes combine to provide a comprehensive overview of this key area of applied economics. Contents: A. Anas Modelling in Urban and Regional Economics R. Muth and A. Goodman The Economics of Housing Markets M. Edel Urban and Regional Economics K. Small Urban Transportation Economics
VC01-23-17 Q. Regional and Urban Economics I, 4-Vols/Set.
  / 9780415269674/ Price:£ 325.00
These volumes combine to provide a comprehensive overview of this key area of applied economics. Contents: J. Gabszewicz Location Theory D. Wildasin Urban Public Finance T. Miyao and Y. Kanemoto Urban Development and Externalities P. Hansen, M. Labbe, J. Peeters, J. Thisse and J. Henderson Systems of Cities and Facility Location
VC01-23-16 P. Economic Systems & Comparative Economics II, 3-Vols/Set.
  / 9780415269636/ Price:£ 235.00
T. Wolf Foreign Trade in the Centrally Planned Economy P. Hare Central Planning J. Montias, A. Ben-Ner and E. Neuberger Comparative Economics
VC01-23-15 O. Economic Systems and Comparative Economics I, 3-Vols/Set.
  / 9780415269599/ Price:£ 235.00
E. James and S. Rose-Ackerman The Nonprofit Enterprise in Market Economics J. Bonin and L. Putterman Economics of Cooperation and the Labor-Managed Economy P. Hanson and K. Pavitt The Comparative Economics of Research Development and Innovation in East and West
VC01-23-14 N. Economic Policy, 3-Vols/Set.
  / 9780415269551/ Price:£ 210.00
These volumes are concerned with the economic impact of governments as regulators, designers of economic policy and as economic agents in their own right. Contents: D. Besanko and D. Sappington Designing Regulatory Policy with Limited Information R. Hahn A Primer on Environmental Policy Design I. Vogelsang Public Enterprise in Monopolistic and Oligopolistic Industries
VC01-23-13 M. Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, 3-Vols/Set.
  / 9780415269513/ Price:£ 235.00
Concerns about sustainability have brought environmental economics to the foreground. These volumes are particularly concerned with issues relating to the long-term depletion of non-renewable resources. Contents: J. Hartwick Non-renewable Resources Extraction Programs and Markets J. Cremer and D. Salehi-Isfahani Models of the Oil Market P. Lasserre Long Term Control of Exhaustible Resources
VC01-23-12 L. Income Distribution, 2-Vols/Set.
  / 9780415269483/ Price:£ 210.00
Increasing disparities in income distribution, both national and international, keep this issue at the forefront of debates on economic policy. Contents: A. Atkinson, F. Bourguignon and C. Morris Empirical Studies of Earnings Mobility M. Ravallion Poverty Comparisons
VC01-23-11 K. Positive Political Economy II, 3-Vols/Set.
  / 9780415269445/ Price:£ 205.00
The emergence of 'positive' political economy has been one of the most dramatic developments in contemporary economics and these volumes include some of the foundational works in this area. Contents: K. Shepsle Models of Multiparty Electoral Competition J. Banks Signaling Games in Political Science N. Miller Committees, Agendas, and Voting
VC01-23-10 J. Positive Political Economy I, 2-Vols/Set.
  / 9780415269414/ Price:£ 195.00
The emergence of 'positive' political economy has been one of the most dramatic developments in contemporary economics and these volumes include some of the foundational works in this area. Contents: R. Calvert Models of Imperfect Information in Politics P. Fishburn Interprofile Conditions and Impossibility
VC01-23-1 A. International Economics I, 3-Vols/Set.
  / 9780415269087/ Price:£ 205.00
Most economic activity involves cross-border transactions at some point in the supply chain. The volumes reprinted here offer a wide range of perspectives on one of the most important areas of economics. Contents: J. McMilan Game Theory in International Economics E. Grinols Uncertainty and the Theory of International Trade M.Itoh and T. Negishi Disequilibrium Trade Theories
VC01-19 Chicago Tradition in Economics 1892-1945, The. 8-Vols/Set.
  Ross Emmett/ 9780415254229/ Price:£ 1365.00
The home of more Nobel Laureates than any other institution, the University of Chicago has a unique place in the development of economics, fostering the work of some of the most influential and controversial economists of the twentieth century, including Frank Knight, Milton Friedman and Gary Becker. This collection traces the development of Chicago Economics to the end of the Second World War. Each volume focuses on an individual, or group of individuals who made distinctive contributions.
VC01-17 Encyclopedia of International Political Economy, 3-Vols/Set.
  Jones, R. J. Barry/ 9780415145329/ Price:£ 590.00
This three volume Encyclopedia offers the first comprehensive and authoritative survey of the rapidly developing field of international political economy. Its entries cover the major theoretical issues and analytical approaches within the field. The set also provides detailed discussion of the contributions of key individuals and surveys a wide range of empirical conditions and developments within the global political economy, including its major institutions. The Encyclopedia has been designed to be eclectic in approach and wide-ranging in coverage. Theoretical entries range from discussions of the definition and scope of the field, through core methodological questions such as rationalism and the structure-agent problem, to surveys of the major theories and approaches employed in the study of the international political economy.
VA05-26 Game Theory, 4-Vols/Set.
  Varoufakis, Yanis/ 9780415222402/ Price:£ 1065.00
Game theory is rapidly becoming one of the cornerstones of the social sciences. The articles gathered here chart the intellectual history of game theory from its place in the Enlightenment tradition, through the explosion of literature in the late 1970s, to issues of current and emerging debates. This extensively indexed set will be a valuable reference tool to researchers in sociology and politics, as well as economics. Volume I: Foundations Part A: Precursors Part B: Pioneers of Game Theory Part C: Pioneers of Modern Bargaining Theory Volume II: Refinements Part A: Nash's Project Embellished with (Bayesian) Uncertainty Part B: Dynamic Games Part C: Dynamic Bargaining Part D: Evolutionary Games Part E: Psychological Games Volume III Part I: Economic Applications Part A: Oligopolistic Games Part B: Auctions Part C: Macroeconomic Games Part D: General Equilibrium and Arrow's Impossibility Theorem Part II: Game Theory and the Social Sciences Part A: Political Science Part B: Analytical Marxism Part C: Sociology and Anthropology Volume IV: Discontents Part A: The Trouble with Consistently Aligned Beliefs Part B: The Problem With Backward Induction Part C: The Problem with Bargaining Solutions Part D: Philosophical Queries
SC01-474 Hayek's Liberalism and Its Origins: His Idea of Spontaneous Order and the Scottish Enlightenment
  Christina Petsoulas/ 9780415862622/ Price:£ 41.99
SC01-447 Measuring the Competitive Fitness of Global Firms 2001.
  Larreche, Jean-Claude/ 9780273654346/ Price:US$ 197.50
SC01-407 The Parisian Regulation School.
  Jessop, Bob/ 9781840646511/ Price:£ 150.00
SC01-367 Dynamic Competition and Public Policy: Technology, Innovation, and Antitrust Issues.
  Ellig, Jerry/ 9780521782500/ Price:US$ 112.00
SC01-330 Microeconomics: An Integrated Approach.
  Besanko, David/ 9780471170648/ Price:US$ 119.95
GC01-82 Infrastructure Industries USA.
  DARNAY/ 9780787650575/ Price:US$ 270.00
GC01-25-15 Small Business Sourcebook, 2-Vols/Set.
  / 9780787634582/ Price:US$ 350.00
VC01-27 Jean-baptiste Say: Critical Assessments of Leading Economists, 5-Vols/Set.
  John Cunningham Wood/ 9780415193405/ Price:£ 1170.00
Jean-Baptiste Say (1767-1832) is remembered primarily for Say's Law, one of the cornerstones of classical economics. The success of his Traite d'economie Politique made Say the best-known expositor of Adam Smith in Europe and America, and he became France's first professor of political economy. The set covers the following themes: * Say in the history of economics * classical statements on Say's Law * later statements on Say's Law (the prelude to the General Theory) * the Keynesian Revolution and the attack on Say's Law * Lange, Say's Law and the demand for money * modern reconstructions of Say's Law * commentaries on classical views relating to Say's Law * Retrieving the classical understanding of Say's Law.
VC01-15 Small Business, 4-Vols/Set.
  Storey, D. J./ 9780415184687/ Price:£ 1065.00
In developed economies more than ninety-nine percent of enterprises are small. In the EU there are as many people employed in businesses with more than 500 workers. Small firms are therefore highly important in terms of employment and in many countries are becoming more important in terms of job creation. Students, politicians, bankers and potential entrepreneurs need to know more about this vitally important sector. This collection synthesises knowledge about small businesses by bringing together key seminal articles on the topic. It enables the reader to better understand why new firms are established and what makes some of them survive and grow. It is particularly concerned with issues influencing the financing of small firms. The material derived is from a variety of different countries in Europe, the United States and Asia.
VC01-13 Organisational Studies: Critical Perspectives on Business and Management, 4-Vols/Set.
  University of Warwick's Organizational Behaviour/ 9780415215534/ Price:£ 1170.00
Edited by ten academics at the University of Warwick Business School, this collection represents some of the best work within organization studies: Volume 1: Modes of Management seeks to invert conventional approaches to managing Volume 2: Objectivity and Others focuses upon issues of epistemology Volume 3: Selves and Subjects investigates areas hidden from orthodox organization studies Volume 4: Evil Empires? Looks at the damaging effects of large organizations upon the lives of people. Together, the collection represents around eighty articles, drawn from the social sciences generally as well as from organization studies specifically. There is a thorough index to assist the reader in navigation of the material.
VC01-11 Early Histories of Economics Thought, 10-Vols/Set.
  Backhouse, Roger/ 9780415224895/ Price:£ 1400.00
The books reprinted in this set greatly influenced how the development of economics was perceived and how the history of economics was viewed. Many of the titles represent the first attempts to chart the history of economics both from European and American perspectives. Titles cover the USA, UK, Germany and France. Jerome Adolphe Blanqui History of Political Economy from Antiquity to our days [1880] Travers Twiss View of the Progress of Political Economy in Europe [1847] L.L. Price A Short History of Political Economy in England [1891] Henry Dunning MacLeod The History of Economics [1896/1911] Lewis H. Haney History of Economic Thought [1911/1930] Charles Gide and Charles Rist History of Economic Doctrines [1915] Othmar Spann Types of Economic Theory [1930] James Bonar Philosophy and Political Economy in Some of their Historical Relations [1893] Simon N. Patten The Development of English Thought: a Study in the Economic Interpretation of History [1899] Luigi Cossa A Guide to the Study of Political Economy [1876]
SC01-329 Global and Transnational Business: Strategy and Management.
  Stonehouse, George/ 9780471988199/ Price:US$ 45.00
SC01-315 Runaway World: How Globalization is Reshaping Our Lives.
  Giddens, Anthony/ 9780415927192/ Price:£ 100.00
GC01-91 Financial Times Business Global Oil & Gas Directory 2001.
  / 9781840833881/ Price:US$ 355.00
GC01-61 Consumer Eastern Europe 2000/2001.
  / 9780863389658/ Price:US$ 1090.00
GC01-19 Business Rankings Annual Edition 2000. (Including Cumulative Index 1989-2000)
  / 9780787640279/ Price:US$ 410.00
Librarians answer an estimated 175,000 reference questions each year, many of them requests for business rankings information. The "Top 10" of each of these rankings appears in this volume, grouped under standardized subject headings for easy browsing. We have culled thousands of items from periodicals, newspapers, financial services, directories, statistical annuals and other printed material to provide the more than 4,800 entries included in each edition. Each edition includes a cumulative index, published separately. Typical entries provide the following: * Sequential entry number * Rankings title: A descriptive phrase, identifying the contents of the list cited * Ranked by: Indicates the criteria that establish the hierarchy * Remarks: Provides additional details relating to the list from the source material * Number listed: Notes the number of listees in the ranking source * Top 10 items on the list * Source: Gives complete bibliographic details Readers can quickly locate all rankings in which a given company, person or product appears by consulting the reference's comprehensive index. In addition, a complete listing of more than 300 sources used to compile Business Rankings Annual is provided in the bibliography.
Manufacturing Time: Global Competition in the Watch Industry, 1795-2000.
  Glasmeier, Amy K./ 9781572305892/ Price:US$ 57.00
Book Cover Since the large-scale manufacture of personal timepieces began, industry leadership has shifted among widely disparate locations, production systems, and cultures. This book recounts the story of the quest for supremacy in the manufacture of watches--from the cottage industries of Britain; to the preeminence of Switzerland and, later, the United States; to the high-tech plants of Japan and the sweatshops of Hong Kong. Glasmeier examines both the strategies adopted by specific firms and the interplay of such varying influences as technological change, cyclical economic downturns, war, and national trade policies. In so doing, she delineates a cohesive framework within which to address such broader questions as how sustained regional economic development takes place (or starts and then stops); how decisions made by corporations are structured by internal and external forces; and the ways industrial cultures with different strategic learning capabilities facilitate or thwart the pursit of technological change.
SC01-203 Direct From Dell: Strategies that Revelutionized an Industry.
  Dell, Michael/ 9780887309144/ Price:US$ 26.00
VC01-9 Malthus : Critical Responses, 4-Vols/Set.
  Gilbert, Geoffrey/ 9780415140119/ Price:£ 965.00
Malthus' Essay on the Principles of Population was one of the most controversial books ever published. Going through six editions in the author's lifetime, it cast a long shadow down the nineteenth century, with nearly all of the century's leading thinkers - from Hazlitt and Ricardo to Marx and Darwin - feeling compelled to comment on it.
SC01-346 Investment Intelligence from Insider Trading.
  Seyhun, H. N./ 9780262194112/ Price:US$ 50.00
SC01-414 No Sweat: Fashion, Free Trade and the Rights of Workers.
  Ross, Andrew/ 9781859841723/ Price:£ 23.99
SC01-302 Environmental and Social Impact Assessment: An Introduction.
  Barrow, C. J./ 9780340662717/ Price:£ 19.99
The Regional World: Territorial Development in a Global Economy.
  Storper, Michael/ 9781572303157/ Price:US$ 45.00
This pioneering volume proposes a compelling new theory of how regions have sustained their economic viability in the era of multinational corporations. Unlike traditional approaches, which analyze economic systems in terms of their mechanics (inputs, outputs, prices, technology, etc.), this work views them as systems for coordinating human actions and relationships. Reconceptualizing the role of learning, technology, and local institutions in development, Storper illuminates the key role of regional economies as building blocks of the increasingly connected world.
SC01-403 Migration and the Labour Market in Asia: Prospects to the Year 2000.
  OECD/ 9789264147751/ Price:£ 26.00
VC01-5 Collected Works of Robert Giffen, The., 6-Vols/Set
  / 9781855063761/ Price:£ 675.00
Sir Robert Giffen (1837-1910) was a prolific writer on economic, financial and statistical subjects. His main contributions lie in his accurate measurement and prediction of such indicators as wage rates, economic growth, and national product. Primarily a statistician, his keen eye for the pitfalls of prediction enhanced the reputation and encouraged the study of statistics in this country. Although he tried to avoid political partisanship he delivered a 'most powerful and damaging indictment' of the finances of Gladstone's Home Rule proposals. A strong individualist, Giffen viewed any infraction of the rule of laissez-faire with suspicion, but conceded that a slightr preference to colonial imports might be justified politically. He remains one of the true pioneers of applied economics in its modern sense.
VC01-3 Collected Works of J. R. McCulloch, The., 8-Vols/Set.
  O'Brien, Denis/ 9780415113526/ Price:£ 760.00
Volume 1:An essay on the Question of Reducing the Interest of the National Debt:The principles of Political Economy Volume 2:A Discourse on the Rise, Progress, Peculiar Objects, and Importance, of Political Volume 3:A Treatise on the Principles and Practical Influences of Taxation Volume 4:Treatises and Essays on Subjects Connected with Economical Policy Volume 5:A Catalogue of Books, the Property of a Political Economist Volume 6:Syllabus of a Course of Lectures on Political Economy Volume 7:Articles from Encyclopedia Britannica Volume 8:Articles in Journal and Bibliography
SC01-379 The Canadian Auto Workers: The Birth and Transformation of a Union.
  Gindin, Sam/ 9781550284997/ Price:US$ 34.95
VC01-10-2 Karl Marx's Economics: Critical Assessments II, 4Vols/Set
  Wood, John Cunningham/ 9780415087131/ Price:£ 915.00
This work completes the project of the earlier assessments by making available more than 100 additional titles. Primarily these are articles which have appeared since the earlier volumes were published, plus some newer controversies of Marx
SC01-391 Volkswirtschaftslehre im Uberblick, Band I: Grundlagen der Volkswirtschaftslehre.
  Luckenbach, Helga/ 9783800617975/ Price:EUR 16.50
SC01-384 Korean Dynasty: Hyundai and Chung Ju Yung.
  Kirk, Donald/ 9781563244254/ Price:US$ 210.00
SC01-335 United States Technology Export Control: An Assessment.
  McDaniel, Douglas E./ 9780275941642/ Price:£ 67.00
SC01-341 Flying off Course: The Economics of International Airlines.
  Doganis, Rigas/ 9780415084390/ Price:£ 36.99
SC01-331 Telecommunications Pricing: Theory and Practice.
  Mitchell, Bridger M./ 9780521416672/ Price:US$ 113.00
SC01-100 The Age of the Economist.
  Fusfeld, Daniel R./ 9780673388384/ Price:£ 13.950
VC01-10-1 Karl Marx's Economics: Critical Assessments I, 4Vols/Set
  Wood, John Cunningham/ 9780415065580/ Price:£ 990.00
The first 4 volumes of an 8 volume re-issue of Karl Marx's key essays in the economics arena, these titles also cover newer controversies in Marxian economics, such as reinterpretations by Sraffa and Roemer.
SC01-384 Import Substitution, Trade, and Development.
  Ahmad, Jaleel/ 9780892320554/ Price:US$ 73.25
SC01-331 A Compendious History of the Cotton Manufacture.
  Guest, Richard/ 9780714613963/ Price:£ 120.00


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