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SB03-492 African Foreign Policies: Selecting Signifiers to Explain Agency
  Paul-Henri Bischoff/ 9780367348281/ Price:ĘG 120.00
SB03-488 Diplomacy and Borderlands: African Agency at the Intersections of Orders
  Katharina P. Coleman/ 9780367273323/ Price:ĘG 115.00
SB03-484 Syrian Foreign Policy: The Alliances of a Regional Power
  Francesco Belcastro/ 9780367183172/ Price:ĘG 120.00
SB03-484 Discourse and Affect in Foreign Policy: Germany and the Iraq War
  Jakub Eberle/ 9781138596894/ Price:ĘG 120.00
SB03-471 After Saddam: American Foreign Policy and the Destruction of Secularism in the Middle East.
  Dina Badie/ 9781498538992/ Price:US$ 95.00
Answer Coming Soon: More Blog Postings on Arts, Letters, Policy
  Dan Whitman/ 9780998147765/ Price:US$ 26.00
Book Cover A sequel to Blaming No One (NAP 2012), Answer Coming Soon offers more questions than answers. It is a selection of Whitman°¶s experiences and ventures in the Foreign Service and in arts and letters. The blog postings take up the following themes: personal anecdote, people/profiles, foreign policy from a practitioner°¶s view, human nature, government functions, and °ßother°® (music, immigration, literature, oral history°K). The collection has humor and social/institutional criticism. All chapters in the book originally appeared online in Punditwire, a public blog disseminated by the School of Communication, American University. The book should serve as an °ßeasy read,°® in short segments. Printed in chronological order of their publication dates, the segments show a cross section of items that got public attention in 2012-2016, and also some that should have but didn°¶t. Answer Coming Soon challenges facile suppositions, and notes historic moments of interest for the general reader.
SB03-454 Foreign Affairs Federalism: The Myth of National Exclusivity.
  Glennon, Michael J./ 9780199941490/ Price:US$ 100.00
Travels Into the Heart of Egypt
  Lillian Craig Harris/ 9780997496253/ Price:US$ 32.00
Book Cover The 57 short essays that comprise this book were written during 1990 to 1995 while the author, Dr Lilllian Craig Harris, a former American Foreign Service officer married to British diplomat Alan Goulty, lived in Cairo. The essays explore Egypt°¶s cities, deserts, societies, monasteries, and circumstances in a time of widespread unrest, which helped set the scene for the Arab Spring two decades on. Included are essays about life in Cairo, diplomatic difficulties, religious tensions, the problems of the poor (including a growing resort to suicide), unrest under the Mubarak regime, travels in the Egyptian deserts, Upper Egypt, the Sinai, and the far west of the country°V°Vand more. The following is a sample of topics discussed: Malfunction of government, deepening corruption, and growing anger over dictatorship; religious tensions between Muslims and Coptic Christians; antigovernment violence, usually well shielded from foreign eyes; marginalization of the poor; the growing anger of impoverished and marginalized Egyptians; the importance of the desert tribes; national dependence on the Nile and the great river°¶s encounters with tourism; the importance of faith, Islam as well as Christianity, in helping people cope; expansion of the Coptic monasteries while many secular Copts left the country; unsustainable use of the fragile desert environment; the resilience, hope, faith, and hospitality of the Egyptian people; a high rate of suicide, as revealed by Befrienders Cairo, a suicide prevention charity the author set up; the love/hate relationship between Egyptians and their former colonial master, the British°V°Vand more.
A Prince Too Far: The Great Powers and the Shaping of Modern Albania
  Ferdinando Salleo/ 9780996648424/ Price:US$ 24.00
Book Cover The newly liberated Albanians were not invited to the Great Powers°¶ conference on the future of Albania in London in August 1913. The conferees established an International Commission of Control to oversee the creation of a new Albanian state, and in its final week drew the frontier between Albania and Greece. A compromise had to be struck between Austro-Hungary and Italy (supporters of Albanian claims) and Russia and France (supporters of Greek claims). It was decided that Albania should become an independent kingdom, and the designated leader was Prince Wilhelm of Wied, a Protestant minor prince related to the queens of Romania and the Netherlands. The Muslim minority in Albania lost no time in rising in rebellion against their new king. Salleo goes into considerable detail about the actual fighting, but he is at his best in describing the political maneuverings of the participating powers as they attempt to second guess each other, and to gain advantage as the larger conflict loomed ever larger.
SB03-421 Global Issues.
  / 9781452226705/ Price:ĘG 27.99
SB03-422 The Colonial Signs of International Relations.
  Muppidi, Himadeep/ 9781849040150/ Price:ĘG 17.99
SB03-418 European-American Relations and the Middle East: From Suez to Iraq.
  Mockli, Daniel/ 9780415641975/ Price:ĘG 43.99
SB03-407 Race and US Foreign Policy: The African-American Foreign Affairs Network.
  Ledwidge, Mark/ 9780415482110/ Price:ĘG 125.00
SB03-400 The United States and Cuba.
  Perez-Stable, Marifeli/ 9780415804516/ Price:ĘG 39.99
SB03-396 Issues for Debate in American Foreign Policy: Selections from CQ Researcher.
  CQ Researcher/ 9781608710003/ Price:ĘG 22.99
SB03-394 European-American Relations and the Middle East: From Suez to Iraq.
  Mockli, Daniel/ 9780415476645/ Price:ĘG 125.00
CHINA BOYS: How U.S. Relations with the PRC Began and Grew. A Personal Memoir.
  Platt, Nicholas/ 9780984406227/ Price:US$ 28.00
DANGER ZONES: A Diplomat's Fight for America's Interests.
  Dean, John Gunther/ 9780982386705/ Price:US$ 26.00
DANGER ZONES: A Diplomat's Fight for America's Interests.
  Dean, John Gunther/ 9780982386712/ Price:US$ 36.00
The Unofficial Diplomat: A memoir.
  Huskey, Joanne Grady/ 9780982386729/ Price:US$ 22.00
SB03-372 Restoring the Balance: A Middle East Strategy for the Next President.
  Haass, Richard N./ 9780815738695/ Price:US$ 25.99
BUSHELS AND BALES: A Food Soldier in the Cold War.
  Steele, Howard L./ 9780980081497/ Price:US$ 28.00
ARIAS, CABALETTAS, AND FOREIGN AFFAIRS: A Public Diplomat's Quasi-Musical Memoir.
  Tuch, Hans N./ 9780981865409/ Price:US$ 22.00
SB03-380 Russia and the Balkans: Foreign Policy from Yeltsin to Putin.
  Headly, James/ 9781850658481/ Price:ĘG 45.00
VA03-103-25 Contest for the South China Sea.
  Samuels, Marwyn/ 9780415361699/ Price:ĘG 225.00
Wide-ranging and fully documented, this book is the first detailed study of the origins, contexts and consequences of the long-standing dispute between China, Taiwan, Vietnam and the Philippines over the Paracel and Spratly Archipelagos in the South China Sea - one of the world's most strategically important inter-ocean basins and China's southern maritime frontier. Samuels' analysis: * Highlights the impact of the shifting balance of power in Asia and the growing competition for oceanic resources * Examines the implications of the dispute in terms of the historical and modern role of china as a maritime power in Asia.
VA03-103-24 Sino-Russian Relations: A Short History.
  Quested, R. K. I./ 9780415361682/ Price:ĘG 225.00
This book provides a systematic history of Sino-Russian relations, a history which is invaluable in forming an understanding of relations between the two nations today. Becoming neighbours in the seventeenth century, their changing relations in peace and war, in isolation, cooperation and confrontation have steadily assumed a greater importance in world politics and become increasingly important to the stability of international relations.
VA03-103-22 Within the Four Seas: The Dialogue of East and West.
  Needham, Joseph/ 9780415361668/ Price:ĘG 225.00
Contains some of Joseph Needham's most significant essays, lectures and broadcasts on the history of Chinese science, technology and culture. Also included are some more personal thoughts stimulated by his own travels and experiences in China, including a number of poems. The book discusses the valuable social and intellectual influences which have flowed to Europe from South as well as East Asia, and suggests that the events of the twentieth century were a natural development of Chinese history, not a deviation from it.
VA03-103-13 China's Foreign Relations since 1949.
  Lawrance, Alan/ 9780415361576/ Price:ĘG 225.00
This volume presents the documentary evidence for understanding the evolution of China's foreign relations since the inauguration of the People's Republic in 1949. Over seventy documentary extracts cover the years 1949-1947. They include selections from statements and reports, conference resolutions, the speeches of Mao Tse-tung, Chou En-lai and other Chinese leaders, and editorials from People's Daily and Red Flag. Western commentators such as Edgar Snow and Neal Ascherson are also represented, however most of the material is from Chinese sources. Particular attention is given to: °P Sino-American relations °P The Sino-Soviet rift °P The development of Peking's strategy towards Asia, Africa and Western Europe.
VB02-73 War, 6-Vols/Set.
  Diehl, Paul F./ 9781412903738/ Price:ĘG 1075.00
This four-volume collection is the first to bring together the world's seminal writings on war. Edited and introduced by Paul F. Diehl, the volumes constitute eighty-five selections thematically organised across four volumes: - Concepts, Measurement and Patterns - General Theoretical Approaches and Domestic Factors - National, Dyadic and Systemic Correlates of Conflict - The Moderation and Outcomes of Conflict. Volume 1: Introduces and reviews the key conceptual and definitional issues, identifies the major historical patterns, and signals future trends. Volume 2: Reviews the major theoretical approaches to conflict together with the key decision-making models, and provides an overview of the domestic political influences on war, such as military technology, gender and environmental conditions. Volume 3: Focuses on the correlates of conflict at three levels: within individual states; between pairs of states; and at a systemic level. Topics covered include regime change, culture, arms races, geography, the role of alliances, and power distributions. Volume 4: Examines the main theories of conflict moderation: democratic peace; trade and interdependence; deterrence; and international institutions. The final sections review the expansion, settlement and renewal of conflict. Together the volume sets combine to provide an unparalleled resource providing both broad coverage of the subject and historical depth and contemporary relevance.
VB02-70 Encyclopedia of International Development.
  Forsyth, Tim/ 9780415253420/ Price:ĘG 200.00
The Encyclopedia of International Development is a large-scale work that concentrates on presenting explanations of thematic concepts and debates associated with 'development', both as an academic field of study and an activity engaged in by governments and aid agencies around the world, thus providing theoretical context and organizational background for the subject. Since the 1960s, most industrialized countries of Europe and North America have identified international development as a routine part of government policy. Today, the practise international development is still growing and also becoming more complex as more and more countries engage in development, and international development addresses further, an ever-larger range of activities. Furthermore, many non-governmental and private sector agencies are now also emerging to undertake development work in addition to government bureaux. This growth has been matched by an increase in academic research into the subject, and a mounting number of universities offer degree courses in International Development. This title will be an essential purchase for public and academic libraries, international organizations, charities, government departments as well as students and academics in the field of international development.
VB02-69 Japan and North America: RoutledgeCurzon Library of Modern Japan, 2-Vols/Set.
  Krauss, Ellis/ 9780415275149/ Price:ĘG 660.00
This collection makes available key articles on the Japan-North American relationship from the Meiji era to the present. Volume one focuses on the necessity of Japanese modernization post-1868 and examines the build-up to the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbour. Volume two looks at the post-war period, in which US forces occupied Japan and were instrumental in its rebuilding as an economic superpower. In the years following this Japan and North America enjoyed a close yet occasionally fraught relationship, as competitors and allies. Volume two also examines the cultural ramifications of the influence of North America on Japan, and vice versa. Volume I: First Contacts to the Pacific War Volume II: The Postwar
VA05-137 SAGE Handbook of Media Studies, The.
  Downing, John D. H./ 9780761921691/ Price:ĘG 155.00
The SAGE Handbook of Media Studies provides a state-of-the-art overview of media research and examines the theories, practices, and future of media studies. Editors John D.H. Downing, Denis McQuail, Philip Schlesinger, and Ellen Wartella have brought together a variety of U.S. and international contributors to provide a universal viewpoint of the increasingly diverse and globalized media studies field. The Handbook offers a comprehensive review of today's burgeoning field of media studies and examines five distinct areas including basic approaches to date, methods of media research, perspectives on media in society, the media mosaic, and the audience. It is an ideal resource for graduate courses in media studies, as well as an excellent addition to any academic library.
SB03-415 The Making of EU Foreign Policy: The Case of Eastern Europe.
  Smith, Karen E./ 9781403917188/ Price:ĘG 25.99
SB03-344 Essential Readings in World Politics.
  Mingst, Karen A./ 9780393924060/ Price:US$ 30.00
SB03-321 Regional Security in the Asia Pacific: 9/11 and After.
  Vicziany, Marika/ 9781843764373/ Price:ĘG 95.00
VB02-41 Great Game, The: Britain and Russia in Central Asia, 8-Vols/Set.
  Ewans, Martin/ 9780415316385/ Price:ĘG 1560.00
The Great Game: Britain and Russia in Central Asia is a collection of key works written in the course of the nineteenth century, when Central Asia was the focus of a political and diplomatic confrontation between Britain and Russia. While the confrontation lasted, commentators on both sides wrote voluminously about their perceptions of the opposing threat. Soldiers and other adventurers also traversed the region, to gather intelligence and engage with local rulers, and their accounts of their travels are an important part of the picture. Official documents are also a vital source of insights into the private perceptions of both governments. In selecting items for this collection, the aim has been to include those that are both important in themselves and representative of others of a similar type. There were, for example, a large number of British writers who expatiated at length on the Russian threat, and it would be superfluous to include other than those whose works were of a seminal nature. The era of the 'Great Game' divides itself conveniently into three parts. The first stretched from the early years of the century to the disastrous intervention in Afghanistan which is known as the First Anglo-Afghan War, 1939-42. The second spanned the period between that conflict and the Second Anglo-Afghan War, 1878-80, while the third terminated with the Anglo-Russian Convention of 1907, which effectively marked the end of the confrontation.
VB02-30 Encyclopedia of The United Nations and International Agreements, 4-Vols/Set.
  Osmanczyk, Edmund Jan/ 9780415939201/ Price:ĘG 520.00
This new edition of the most comprehensive and detailed reference ever published on the United Nations thoroughly revises and updates the 1990 edition. It demystifies the workings of this multifaceted world body with accessible articles on every country, organization, office, and department within the United Nations as well as on every nongovernmental organization, committee, and joint effort (such as peacekeeping operations) that is in any way connected to the United Nations. It also defines every international treaty since the founding of the League of Nations and gives lengthy quotations or the full text of many treaties, depending on their importance. The extensive cross-referencing will help users navigate the many acronyms and multiple names of organizations, treaties, and meetings, and a thorough, analytical index will provide another access point.
SB03-350 The New International Relations: Theory and Practice.
  Smouts, Marie-Claude/ 9781850654339/ Price:ĘG 16.50
Are international relations as we have known them coming to an end, to be replaced by a global politics in which inter-power rivalry and the exercise of authority are not longer to be defined within national boundaries, and the distinction between states and non-state actors will beome irrelevant? In this commissioned study, specialists in international relations from the Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches Internationales in Paris explore the impact on international affairs of globalization and the post-bi-polar world. They also scrutinize the state of knowledge concerning themes of nationalism and its resurgence, the building of a unitary Europe, international political economy, conflicts and conflict resolution, the narrowing of time and space, and the role of international organizations.
VB01-6 Major International Treaties of the Twentieth Century, 2-Vols/Set.
  Grenville, John/ 9780415141253/ Price:ĘG 300.00
This definitive work surveys the history of treaty-making in the 20th century, providing the texts of all the major treaties that either continue in force today, or are of historical importance. Truly global in scope and completely up-to-date, this book covers treaties of all kinds, from political and economic agreements to environmental and human rights pacts. Treaties featured include: * the Treaty of Versailles, 1919 * the Pact of Steel, 1939 * the Charter of the United Nations, 1945 * the Universal Declaration of Human Rights * the Charter of the Organisation of African Unity, 1963 * the Belfast Agreement.
VA05-23 International Relations: Critical Concepts in Political Science, 5-Vols/Set.
  Linklater, Andrew/ 9780415201377/ Price:ĘG 1245.00
Comprising more than 80 influential papers published in the 20th century, this set is the most comprehensive guide to appear to date. It is an indispensible research tool for students in upper level undergraduate programmes and taught postgraduate students. Researchers will also find it invaluable to have key essays in the development of international relations theory brought together in these volumes. The set gathers together essential papers from recent years, alongside classic studies from earlier periods. Organised into ten main areas, the themes covered include: * the nature and purpose of international theory * realism and idealism * scientific approaches * approaches to international cooperation * the liberal democratic peace * Marxism * historical sociology * critical theory * political theory and International Relations * normative approaches to world order A substantial new index and Linklater's new introduction make this an invaluable research tool.


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