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VSA37-005 Handbook of Gender and Feminist Geographies
  Anindita Datta/ 9781138057685/ Price:¢G 190.00
Book Cover This handbook provides a comprehensive analysis of contemporary gender and feminist geographies in an international and multi-disciplinary context. It features 48 new contributions from both experienced and emerging scholars, artists and activists who critically review and appraise current spatial politics. Each chapter advances the future development of feminist geography and gender studies, as well as empirical evidence of changing relationships between gender, power, place and space. Following an introduction by the Editors, the handbook presents original work organized into four parts which engage with relevant issues including violence, resistance, agency and desire: ¡EEstablishing feminist geographies ¡EPlacing feminist geographies ¡EEngaging feminist geographies ¡EDoing feminist geographies The Routledge Handbook of Gender and Feminist Geographies will be an essential reference work for scholars interested in feminist geography, gender studies and geographical thought.
VSA37-005 Routledge International Handbook of Heterosexualities Studies
  James Joseph Dean/ 9781138340305/ Price:¢G 175.00
Book Cover While a majority of people identify as "heterosexual" if asked about their sexual identity, what does that really mean? How did identifying as "straight" arise, particularly in relation to identifying as "queer," "lesbian," and "gay"? How are individuals socialized to view themselves and others as straight, even when many people are sexually fluid? How do institutions like government bodies, the educational system, and the family reinforce heterosexuality? This collection introduces the field of Critical Heterosexualities Studies and key lines of inquiry within the field. Like Masculinity Studies and Whiteness Studies, Heterosexualities Studies critically examines the dominant category and identity group in order to illuminate the taken-for-granted assumptions that surround heterosexual identities. This critical perspective questions the idea that heterosexuality is natural, normal, and biologically driven. A recurring question throughout this Handbook is: what does it mean to say that there are multiple forms of heterosexuality? The answer is provided by cases showing how straightness varies between men and women but also across different racial groups, social classes, and one¡¦s status as trans or cisgender. Organized around key themes of inquiry including heterosexualities across the life course, straight identities and their intersections, the power of straightness in state politics, and the changing meaning of heterosexualities in the context of sexual fluidity, this collection provides readers with an introduction to Critical Heterosexualities Studies through important theoretical statements, key historical studies, and current empirical research. Featuring both classic works and original essays written expressly for this volume, this collection provides a state-of-the-art overview of this exciting new field in sexualities studies.
VSA37-005 The Routledge Companion to Gender and Japanese Culture
  Jennifer Coates/ 9781138895201/ Price:¢G 175.00
Book Cover This Companion is a comprehensive examination of the varied ways in which gender issues manifest throughout culture in Japan, using a range of international perspectives to examine private and public constructions of identity, as well as gender- and sexuality-inflected cultural production. The Routledge Companion to Gender and Japanese Culture features both new work and updated accounts of classic scholarship, providing a go-to reference work for contemporary scholarship on gender in Japanese culture. The volume is interdisciplinary in scope, with chapters drawing from a range of perspectives, fields, and disciplines, including anthropology, art history, history, law, linguistics, literature, media and cultural studies, politics, and sociology. This reflects the fundamentally interdisciplinary nature of the dual focal points of this volume¡Xgender and culture¡Xand the ways in which these themes infuse a range of disciplines and subfields. In this volume, Jennifer Coates, Lucy Fraser, and Mark Pendleton have brought together an essential guide to experiences of gender in Japanese culture today¡Xperfect for students, scholars, and anyone else interested in Japan, culture, gender studies, and beyond.
VSA37-004 The Routledge Companion to Motherhood
  Lynn O'Brien Hallstein/ 9781138052413/ Price:¢G 175.00
Book Cover Interdisciplinary and intersectional in emphasis, the Routledge Companion to Motherhood brings together essays on current intellectual themes, issues, and debates, while also creating a foundation for future scholarship and study as the field of Motherhood Studies continues to develop globally. This Routledge Companionis the first extensive collection on the wide-ranging topics, themes, issues, and debates that ground the intellectual work being done on motherhood. Global in scope and including a range of disciplinary perspectives, including anthropology, literature, communication studies, sociology, women¡¦s and gender studies, history, and economics, this volume introduces the foundational topics and ideas in motherhood, delineates the diversity and complexity of mothering, and also stimulates dialogue among scholars and students approaching from divergent backgrounds and intellectual perspectives. This will become a foundational text for academics in Women's and Gender Studies and interdisciplinary researchers interested in this important, complex and rapidly growing topic. Scholars of psychology, sociology or public policy, and activists in both university and workplace settings interested in motherhood and mothering will find it an invaluable guide.
VSA37-004 Routledge International Handbook of Masculinity Studies
  Lucas Gottzen/ 9781138056695/ Price:¢G 175.00
Book Cover The Routledge International Handbook of Masculinity Studies provides a contemporary critical and scholarly overview of theorizing and research on masculinities as well as emerging ideas and areas of study that are likely to shape research and understanding of gender and men in the future. The forty-eight chapters of the handbook take an interdisciplinary approach to a range of topics on men and masculinities related to identity, sex, sexuality, culture, aesthetics, technology and pressing social issues. The handbook¡¦s transnational lens acknowledges both the localities and global character of masculinity. A clear message in the book is the need for intersectional theorizing in dialogue with feminist, queer and sexuality studies in making sense of men and masculinities. Written in a clear and direct style, the handbook will appeal to students, teachers and researchers in the social sciences and humanities, as well as professionals, practitioners and activists.
VSA37-004 Routledge Handbook of East Asian Gender Studies
  Jieyu Liu/ 9781138959897/ Price:¢G 175.00
Book Cover The Routledge Handbook of East Asian Gender Studies presents up-to-date theoretical and conceptual developments in key areas of the field, taking a multi-disciplinary and comparative approach. Featuring contributions by leading scholars of Gender Studies to provide a cutting-edge overview of the field, this handbook includes examples from China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong and covers the following themes: ¡Etheorising gender relations; ¡Ewomen¡¦s and feminist movements; ¡Ework, care and migration; ¡Efamily and intergenerational relationships; ¡Ecultural representation; ¡Emasculinity; and ¡Estate, militarism and gender. This handbook is essential reading for scholars and students of Gender and Women¡¦s Studies, as well as East Asian societies, social policy and culture.
VA37-84 Critical Reflections and Politics on Advancing Women in the Academy
  Taima Moeke-Pickering/ 9781799836186/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover Women in the Academy are raising issues of pay parity, equal representation on committees, increased leadership positions, stories of resilience, and mentorship espousing changes at all levels including teaching, research, and administration. These strategies demand interrogation, and larger questions are being asked about the place of women empowerment worldviews in the dominant intellectual traditions of the Academy. Further, the trend to make changes requires an exploration of new transformational approaches that draw on critical theory to resist discrimination, sexism, and racism and support resistance and sustainable empowerment strategies. Critical Reflections and Politics on Advancing Women in the Academy is a critical scholarly publication that seeks to make the Academy responsive and inclusive for women advancement and sustainable empowerment strategies by broadening the understanding of why women in the Academy are overlooked in leadership positions, why there is a pay parity deficit, and what is being done to change the situation. Featuring a wide range of topics such as mentorship, curriculum design, and equality, this book is ideal for policymakers, academicians, deans, provosts, chancellors, administrators, researchers, and students. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡EAdministrative Advancement ¡ECurriculum Design ¡EEquality ¡EHigher Education ¡EManagement Science ¡EMentorship ¡EPedagogy ¡ESexism ¡ESTEM Education ¡EWomen Leadership
VA37-83 Understanding Gender in the African Context
  Jeffrey Kurebwa/ 9781799828150/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover One of the most significant dimensions of gender studies is that it is political. It raises questions about power in society and how and why power is differentially distributed between different genders. It asks questions about who has power over whom, in which situations, how power is exercised, and how it is, and can be, challenged. Different theories and perspectives within gender studies have different approaches to these questions and look for answers in different social processes. Many debates are on-going, as new data is revealed and new theories are put forth. Understanding Gender in the African Context is a scholarly reference that explores the complexities of the ideologies and social patterns that contribute to the field of gender studies. Featuring a range of topics such as human rights, feminism, and social media, this book is ideal for policymakers, sociologists, social scientists, civil society organizations, government officials, academicians, researchers, and students. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡ECriminal Justice ¡EFeminism ¡EFilm ¡EGender Identity ¡EGender Mainstreaming ¡EGender Representation ¡EGlobalization ¡EHuman Rights ¡ELGBTQ+ ¡EPedagogy ¡ESexuality ¡ESocial Media
VA37-82 Women and War, 7-Vols/Set.
  Donna Coates/ 9781138370845/ Price:¢G 1200.00
Book Cover This is an seven-volume collection of primary texts, each selected and introduced by experts, reproducing in facsimile a wealth of materials related to the history of women and warfare in the English-speaking world. The editors are historians and literary scholars with a wealth of publications in women¡¦s writing and war literature. The project focuses, for most of its historical range, on England (and Britain); it also includes volumes on the United States, Australia, and Canada. The collection documents women¡¦s historical and literary participation in, and commentary on, war. It represents the first attempt to examine the variety of roles women have played in war, and as critics and commentators on war, across all of history into the twentieth century. The project makes a unique and powerful claim about the long history of women¡¦s involvement in war in the English-speaking world Volume I: Women and War from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance Volume II: British Women and War, 1660¡V1835 Volume III: British Women and War ¡V 1850 ¡V 1950 Volume IV: American Women and War: A Near Century of Violent Conflict, 1852-1945 Volume V: British War Nursing: The Crimea to the Second World War Volume VI: Women¡¦s Wars Down Under Volume VII: Canadian Women Write the Wars, 1763-1945
VA37-81 International Perspectives on Feminism and Sexism in the Film Industry
  Gulsah Sari/ 9781799817741/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover Gender studies has maintained its status as a heavily researched field. However, women and their role in cinema is a vastly understudied topic that deals with various aspects of feminism and sexism. The function of women in the film industry has evolved over time and proven to be an interesting area of research regarding the transition from sexual icons to respected professionals. Feminism is a widely researched subject, yet its specific application within cinema is an area that has yet to be studied. International Perspectives on Feminism and Sexism in the Film Industry is an essential reference source that examines the representation of women in cinema and provides a feminist approach to various aspects of the film industry including labor, production, and the cultural impact of women in motion pictures. Featuring research on topics such as violence against women, feminist film theory, and psychoanalysis, this book is ideally designed for directors, industry professionals, writers, screenwriters, activists, professors, students, administrators, and researchers in fields that include film studies, gender studies, mass media, and communications. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡EAlternative Representation ¡EFeminist Film Theory ¡EFeminist History ¡ELabor ¡EPatriarchy ¡EPsychoanalysis ¡ESocial Position ¡EViolence Against Women ¡EWomen Directors ¡EWomen in Hollywood
SA37-492 Un-Roman Sex: Gender, Sexuality, and Lovemaking in the Roman Provinces and Frontiers
  Tatiana Ivleva/ 9781138284029/ Price:¢G 120.00
SA37-491 Making War on Bodies: Militarisation, Aesthetics and Embodiment in International Politics
  Catherine Baker/ 9781474446181/ Price:¢G 80.00
SA37-490 Curren Issues: The Gender Pay Gap
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984636423/ Price:US$ 100.00
Book Cover Though the gender pay gap is gradually decreasing over time, there have also been recent reversals in progress on this issue. Despite increasing awareness, the gender pay gap has yet to close. This book covers the differences between men's and women's wages that still exist, and today's efforts to close the gap.
SA37-490 Focus on Asia: Exclusion of Women from Political and Economic Life
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984636546/ Price:US$ 100.00
Book Cover Women's role in political and economic life is changing under the impact of many forces. While discrimination and built-in prejudice against women in employment have been lessening in most parts of the world, in law and in practice, many economic, social, and cultural factors and attitudes still place women at a disadvantage in the world of work and restrict their contribution unnecessarily and, in many cases, unfairly. This book highlights on the critical issues facing women in developing countries in Asia.
SA37-488 Gender and Society (Book with DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781984625397/ Price:US$ 90.00
Book Cover Offering a wide-ranging account of the dynamic relationship between gender and society, this book explores the new challenges facing women and men as parents in the context of family and societal change and diversity. Subject matter has been fully revised in such a way that makes the concepts clear and understandable to readers. Fully updated throughout, some new chapters covering current topics are also added in this revised edition.
SA37-487 Empowering Women Through Skill Development
  Margaret F. Bello/ 9781774071854/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Empowering Women Through Skill Development brings the focus of the readers to the upliftment of women by enabling them to develop necessary skills that can find them appropriate employment and the right opportunities, so as to make them self-sustainable. It provides the readers with the important insights on the status of women empowerment and suggests some ways in which the empowerment of women can be achieved to make them self-sufficient. This book also discusses about the meaning of the empowerment, the roles of women with respect to economy, the empowerment of women at local as well as collective level, main competences for women to possess at work and challenges in women empowerment.
SA37-487 Empowering Farm Women Through Dairy Farm Co-operatives
  Nekesah T. Wafullah/ 9781774071861/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Empowering Farm Women Through Dairy Farm Co-operatives explains the importance of the dairy farming in a global perspective. This book explains the history of dairy farming, processes involved in dairy farming, significance of dairy farming, automation and innovative technologies that are a part of dairy farming. The concept of dairy farm cooperatives has been explained along with the role of farm women in developing countries. The cooperative operations in dairy, role of dairy cooperatives and the influence of the dairy farming cooperatives has been explained in detail. The importance of animal healthcare in dairy and the importance of dairy farming in empowerment of women has been explained in detail. Dairy farming is explained as a source of economic empowerment and the importance of dairy in enhancing the socio-economic relations have been explained in detail. This book gives a comprehensive idea of diary farming and the importance of dairy farming in empowering women.
SA37-487 Challenges of Women Empowerment
  Margaret F. Bello/ 9781774071878/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Challenges of Women Empowerment takes the readers through the concept of women empowerment, by informing them about the rising need of such a process and informing them about the various challenges that lie in the women empowerment. It provides the readers with the required information on the kinds of challenges faced by the women on the path of upliftment and suggest them with the solutions to these challenges. This book also discusses about domestic violence, gender disparity, education and its relevance in the society, political representation of women and their part in decision making and the societal evils as a challenge.
SA37-487 Developing Entrepreunership Among Rural Women
  Margaret F. Bello/ 9781774071885/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Developing Entrepreneurship Among Rural Women informs the readers about the various ways in which the rural women are encouraged to take up entrepreneurship in the skills in they possess or the ones they would like to learn, so that they can make livelihoods for themselves and support themselves in some ways. It also provides the readers with the basic knowledge on the aspects related to making the rural women successful entrepreneurs and upgrading them with the skills. This book also discusses about the relationship between the women and their knowledge of entrepreneurship, skill development in the rural women, the empowerment of rural women through entrepreneurship, challenges in development of entrepreneurship skills in the rural women, role of technology in achieving the targets and economic empowerment of rural women through entrepreneurship.
SA37-487 Women and their Political Empowerment Across the Globe
  Sudha Menon/ 9781774071892/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Women And Their Political Empowerment Across The Globe makes the readers familiar with the way in which the women have been empowered throughout the world and the operations regarding their upliftment through the political medium, have been quite relentless in terms of constancy. This book also discusses about the position of women in the politics from a global point of view, the diplomatic empowerment of women, the various rights of women, the condition of women in politics in the third world and the role of women in making important decisions. This book provides the readers with insights into the current position of women in the political domain around the world and gives an overview on the amount of work to be done in the concerned field.
SA37-487 Women in Policy Making: A Global View
  Sudha Menon/ 9781774071908/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Women In Policy Making - A Global View gives the readers an overall look into the way women are perceived and given the roles and importance in the matter of policy making and gives reason as to why the women need to be actively involved in the process of policy making. This book also discusses about the perspective on the position of women in policy making, the women acting as government officials, the various opportunities and challenges for women, the political empowerment of women, the need to increase women in decision making processes and strategies that can be adopted to improve women participation.
SA37-485 Women, Sex, and Madness: Notes from the Edge
  Breanne Fahs/ 9781138614086/ Price:¢G 34.99
SA37-484 The Emergence of Trans: Cultures, Politics and Everyday Lives
  Ruth Pearce/ 9781138504103/ Price:¢G 34.99
VSA37-005 Routledge Handbook of Queer African Studies
  S. N. Nyeck/ 9781138503472/ Price:¢G 190.00
Book Cover This handbook offers diverse perspectives on queer Africa, incorporating scholarly contributions on themes that reflect and inflect the trajectories of queer contributions to African studies within and outside academia. The Routledge Handbook of Queer African Studies incorporates a range of unique perspectives, reflecting ongoing struggles between regimes of inclusion and those of transformation premised upon different relational and reflexive engagements between queer embodiment and Africa¡¦s subjectivities. All sections of this handbook blend contributions from public intellectuals and practitioners with academic reflections on topics not limited to neoliberalism, social care, morality and ethics, social education, and technology, through the lens of queer African studies. The book renders visible the ongoing transformations and resistance within African societies as well as the inventiveness of queer presence in negotiating belonging. This handbook will be of interest to students and scholars of gender and sexuality in Africa, queer studies, and African culture and society.
VSA37-004 The Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Feminism
  Tasha Oren/ 9781138845114/ Price:¢G 190.00
Book Cover Feminism as a method, a movement, a critique, and an identity has been the subject of debates, contestations and revisions in recent years, yet contemporary global developments and political upheavals have again refocused feminism¡¦s collective force. What is feminism now? How do scholars and activists employ contemporary feminism? What feminist traditions endure? Which are no longer relevant in addressing contemporary global conditions?¡@ In this interdisciplinary collection, scholars reflect on how contemporary feminism has shaped their thinking and their field as they interrogate its uses, limits, and reinventions. Organized as a set of questions over definition, everyday life, critical intervention, and political activism, the Handbook takes on a broad set of issues and points of view to consider what feminism is today and what current forces shape its future development. It also includes an extended conversation among major feminist thinkers about the future of feminist scholarship and activism. The scholars gathered here address a wide variety of topics and contexts: activism from post-Soviet collectives to the Arab spring, to the #MeToo movement, sexual harassment, feminist art, film and digital culture, education, technology, policy, sexual practices and gender identity. Indispensable for scholars undergraduate and postgraduate students in women, gender, and sexuality, the collection offers a multidimensional picture of the diversity and utility of feminist thought in an age of multiple uncertainties.
VA37-80 Gender Inequality and the Potential for Change in Technology Fields
  Sonja Bernhardt/ 9781522579755/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover Over the last few decades, the refrain for many activists in technology fields around the globe has been ¡§attraction, promotion, and retention.¡¨ Yet the secret to accomplishing this task has not been found. Despite the wide variety of theories proposed in efforts to frame and understand the issues, to date none have been accepted as a universally accurate framework, nor been applicable across varying cultures and ethnicities. Gender Inequality and the Potential for Change in Technology Fields provides innovative insights into diversity creation through potential solutions, including the attraction of more women to study technology and to enter technology careers, the navigation of suitable promotional pathways, and the retention of women in these industries. This publication examines women in IT professions, artificial intelligence, and social media. It is designed for gender theorists, government officials, policymakers, educators, individual activists and advocates, recruiters, content developers, managers, women and men in technology fields, academicians, researchers, and students. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡E#metoo ¡EArtificial Intelligence ¡EBlockchain ¡ECode Breaking ¡ECrowdsourcing ¡ECryptocurrency ¡EData Mining ¡EMobile Apps ¡ERobotics ¡ESocial Media ¡ESocial Movements ¡EWomen in Technology
VA37-79 Gender Gaps and the Social Inclusion Movement in ICT
  Idongesit Williams/ 9781522570684/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover Despite advancements in technological and engineering fields, there is still a digital gender divide in the adoption, use, and development of information communication technology (ICT) services. This divide is also evident in educational environments and careers, specifically in the STEM fields. In order to mitigate this divide, policy approaches must be addressed and improved in order to encourage the inclusion of women in ICT disciplines. Gender Gaps and the Social Inclusion Movement in ICT provides emerging research exploring the theoretical and practical aspects of gender and policy from developed and developing country perspectives and its applications within ICT through various forms of research including case studies. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as digital identity, human rights, and social inclusion, this book is ideally designed for policymakers, academicians, researchers, students, and technology developers seeking current research on gender inequality in ICT environments. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡EDigital Identity ¡EE-Government Services ¡EGender Inequality ¡EHuman Rights ¡EICT Studies ¡EOnline Information Processing ¡EOnline Learning Environments ¡ESocial Inclusion ¡ESocial Media ¡EWomen Engineers
VA37-78 Gender and Diversity: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications, 4-Vols/Set.
  Information Resources Management Association (USA)/ 9781522569121/ Price:US$ 1950.00
Book Cover Today, gender inequality and diversity are at the forefront of discussion, as the issue has become an international concern for politicians, government agencies, social activists, and the general public. Consequently, the need to foster and sustain diversity and inclusiveness in the interactions among various groups of people is relevant today more than ever. Gender and Diversity: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications provides a critical look at gender and modern-day discrimination and solutions to creating sustainable diversity across numerous contexts and fields. Highlighting a range of topics such as anti-discrimination measures, workforce diversity, and gender inequality, this multi-volume book is designed for legislators and policy makers, practitioners, academicians, gender studies researchers, and graduate-level students interested in all aspects of gender and diversity studies. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: ¡EAnti-Discrimination Measures ¡EGender Fluidity ¡EGender Inequality ¡EInclusion Management ¡ETolerance ¡ETransgender ¡EWomen Empowerment ¡EWorkforce Diversity
SA37-488 Handbook on Gender and Violence
  Laura J. Shepherd/ 9781788114684/ Price:¢G 155.00
SA37-486 Gender Violence in Ecofeminist Perspective
  Gwen Hunnicutt/ 9781138493841/ Price:¢G 120.00
SA37-484 Queering Spirituality and Community in the Deep South
  Kamden K. Strunk/ 9781641135733/ Price:US$ 45.99
SA37-484 Gender, Sex and Gossip in Ambridge: Women in The Archers
  Cara Courage/ 9781787699489/ Price:¢G 14.99
SA37-484 Women's Studies: The Basics
  Bonnie G. Smith/ 9781138495937/ Price:¢G 16.99
SA37-480 Women Empowerment through Entrepreneurship
  Margaret F. Bello/ 9781773614762/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Economic development can be adopted only when women entrepreneurs is empowered. Developing entrepreneurial skills among women will be a good approach for women empowerment and this would elevate social status of women. This book presents comprehensive theory and practices for overcoming the major problems encountered by the women entrepreneurs; thereby stimulate the healthy growth of entrepreneurship. This book will be important supplementary reading on entrepreneurship, small business management and women's/gender studies courses.
SA37-480 Social Roles of Women
  / 9781680949520/ Price:US$ 100.00
Book Cover Provides a valuable discussion on the status and role of the women in development of the society. Focuses on the past traditional roles of women and also identifies direction of change, rate of change and the causes of change in women's status.
SA37-479 Theoretical Perspective on Gender and Development
  / 9781984623850/ Price:US$ 85.00
Book Cover Explains the impact of religion and culture on gender and development in a patriarchal society. The assumptions, theories and philosophies related to gender and their impact on women in the development process are discussed. The edition is revised and updated with the latest information and new chapters are added. This updated edition offers students real advice in navigating the ever-changing academic landscape.
SA37-479 Gender and Equality
  / 9781984623867/ Price:US$ 85.00
Book Cover Examines the persisting inequality between formal commitments to gender equality and equal citizenship. The edition is revised and updated with the latest information and new chapters are added. This updated edition offers students real advice in navigating the ever-changing academic landscape.
SA37-479 Women: Social, Political and Economical Changes in the last five decades
  Sirithida Wannachai/ 9781773614793/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover The extent of empowerment of women in a nation is largely determined by three factors, viz. economic, social and political identity. Women face many political, socio-economic, ideological and psychological obstacles. We need to remove these obstacles for their equal participation in all Spheres of Life. It covers women empowerment in political, economic, social, cultural, civil or any other field. This book also focuses on how women's political empowerment can best be conceptualized and measured on a global scale.
SA37-479 Empowerment of Women: Evaluation of Western and Asian Countries
  Margaret F. Bello/ 9781773614755/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover In the current scenarios globally, a world free from gender gaps is a very distant dream but there are hopes of the times changing at faster pace with the growing technology. This book will cover an analysis of the past and of the years to find out the small things that have made the difference and how they can be converted to a bigger scale. Beginning from the true notions of the term 'Women empowerment', the welfare of women will be studied in detail followed by the needs and challenges of the same. A detailed look into the statistics of gender gaps at work will be examined and their impact on the lives of women will be assessed in various regions.
SA37-479 Rural Women and Women Empowerment
  Maleehah Gull/ 9781773613581/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Rural Women and Women Empowerment examines various aspects of rural areas and women surviving there along with the concept of empowerment in such areas. It includes a detailed description rural women and women empowerment and various challenges encountered by women to get themselves empowered in rural areas. Provide the reader with the insights in the development of rural areas which further helps in encouraging women to get empowered, also discussed is the important role played by women in contributing towards the global economy.
SA37-479 Women and the Payscales: Overcoming the Imbalance
  Margaret F. Bello/ 9781773614786/ Price:US$ 160.00
Book Cover Women and the PayScale: Overcoming the Imbalance examines various factors contributing towards the 'PayScale Gaps'. It includes the methods which would help in analyzing and identifying the reasons behind the gap along with various strategies and practices that might help them in closing this gap and establishing a healthy work place culture in their respective organizations. Provide the readers with an insight into the changes that have already taken place in various countries when it comes to PayScale of a woman which would further help the economy of a country grow tremendously.
SA37-479 Women Counselling: Empowerment, Activism, and Interpolation
  Sudha Menon/ 9781773613611/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Women Counselling: Empowerment, Activism, and Interpolation explains various areas of concerns related to women and sexual abuse she goes through in one way or the other. There are various aspects of women harassment examined in the chapters along with the detailed description of Human Rights present for a woman for her empowerment. Provide the reader with the insights into the problems of masculinity and femininity and ways to deal with them, so as to assess the future of Psychotherapy and Counselling in Women.
VSA37-003 Routledge Handbook of Queer Development Studies
  Mason, Corinne L./ 9781138693753/ Price:¢G 190.00
Book Cover Around the world lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and queer individuals are subjected to violence and intimidation based on their real or perceived sexuality, gender identity or expression. With those most at risk of human rights violations often living in areas of low economic development, questions of sexuality, gender identity, and expression have become a significant area of research within the field of development studies. The Routledge Handbook of Queer Development Studies is the first full length study of queer development studies, collecting the very best in research from around the world. Topics for discussion include: ¡EQueering policy and planning in development ¡EQueer development critique and queer critiques of development ¡EGlobal LGBTIQ rights ¡EQueer social movements and mobilizations At a time when development and human rights organizations such as the World Bank, Office of the UN Secretary General and Human Rights Watch are placing increasing importance on global LGBT rights, the Routledge Handbook of Queer Development Studies is an essential guide for scholars, upper level students, practitioners and anyone with an interest in global sexualities, gender identities, and expressions.
VSA37-003 Routledge Companion to Gender, Sex and Latin American Culture
  Frederick Luis Aldama/ 9781138894952/ Price:¢G 190.00
The Routledge Companion to Gender, Sex and Latin American Culture is the first comprehensive volume to explore the intersections between gender, sexuality, and the creation, consumption, and interpretation of popular culture in the Americas. The chapters seek to enrich our understanding of the role of pop culture in the everyday lives of its creators and consumers, primarily in the 20th and 21st centuries. They reveal how popular culture expresses the historical, social, cultural, and political commonalities that have shaped the lives of peoples that make up the Americas, and also highlight how pop culture can conform to and solidify existing social hierarchies, whilst on other occasions contest and resist the status quo. Front and center in this collection are issues of gender and sexuality, making visible the ways in which subjects who inhabit intersectional identities (sex, gender, race, class) are "othered", as well as demonstrating how these same subjects can, and do, use pop-cultural phenomena in self-affirmative and progressively transformative ways. Topics covered in this volume include TV, film, pop and performance art, hip-hop, dance, slam poetry, gender-fluid religious ritual, theater, stand-up comedy, graffiti, videogames, photography, graphic arts, sports spectacles, comic books, sci-fi and other genre novels, loteria card games, news, web, and digital media.
VSA37 The Routledge Handbook of LGBTQIA Administration and Policy
  Wallace Swan/ 9780815366508/ Price:¢G 190.00
Book Cover The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, and Allies community (abbreviated LGBTQIA or "LGBT") is responding to a radically changed social and political environment. While a host of books have analyzed legal dimensions of LGBT public policy, this authoritative Routledge handbook is the first to utilize up-to-the-minute empirical data to examine and unpick the corrosive "post-factual" changes undermining LGBT public policy development. Taking an innovative look at a wide range of social and policy issues of broad interest¡Xincluding homelessness, transgender rights, healthcare, immigration, substance abuse, caring for senior members of the community, sexual education, resilience, and international policy¡Xthrough contributions from established scholars and rising stars, this comprehensive and cutting-edge volume will be a landmark reference work on LGBT administration and policy for decades to come.
VA37-77 Handbook of Research on Women's Issues and Rights in the Developing World
  Mahtab, Nazmunnessa/ 9781522530183/ Price:US$ 245.00
Book Cover Equal rights for women are an essential aspect for establishing strong societies. By making strides on these issues, nations are helping to create valuable civilizations for their own population to establish livelihoods in. The Handbook of Research on Women's Issues and Rights in the Developing World is a pivotal scholarly resource that discusses the current issues facing women¡¦s rights in developing nations, as well as suggestions for improvements on these problems. Featuring in-depth discussions on relevant topics such as working-class women, gender theories, and international migration, this publication is an ideal resource for academicians, students, and researchers that are interested in learning more about the current challenges to the women¡¦s rights movement, and how to best combat them. Topics Covered ¡ECommuting Environments ¡EGender Inequality ¡EGender Theories ¡EGirls¡¦ Rights ¡EInternational Migration ¡ESocial Reproduction ¡EWorking Environments ¡EWorking-Class Women
SA37-485 Gendering Caste: Through a Feminist Lens
  Uma Chakravarti/ 9789381345443/ Price:¢G 19.00
SA37-479 Purdah to Piccadilly: A Muslim Woman's Struggle for Identity
  Zarina Bhatty/ 9789352806652/ Price:¢G 12.99
SA37-470 Gender and Society. (With DVD)
  3G Editorial Board/ 9781680946185/ Price:US$ 125.00
Book Cover Provides an extensive approach of the dynamic relationship between gender and society. The book explores the new challenges facing women and men as parents in the context of family and societal change and diversity.
SA37-470 Psychology of Women and Gender.
  Zeryl Joy M. Fiscal/ 9781773612959/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover The focus of this book is to analyze the psychology of women. But the contents of this book go way beyond from explaining the psychological aspects of a woman?s mind. The book is divided into ten chapters. These chapters focus on each aspect of the day to day to life of every woman in this world. The chapters include the structure of the female brain and the aspects of brain, which affects the psychology of women. The purpose of this book is also to focus on the achievements of women all around the world to inspire more women to thrive towards their goal successfully.
SA37-468 Staging Dissent: Young Women of Color and Transnational Activism.
  Lisa Weems/ 9781138210677/ Price:¢G 54.99
VA37-70 Women in the Classical World, 4-Vols/Set.
  Dillon, Sheila/ 9781138890527/ Price:¢G 925.00
Book Cover The study of women in Graeco-Roman antiquity has a long history but many recent developments¡Xprominent among which are the rise of feminist theory and theoretical and interpretive work in material culture¡Xhave transformed approaches to the study of women¡¦s lived experiences in antiquity. This four-volume collection brings together the best scholarship that has both established the field and moved it forward. The articles collected here are interdisciplinary, bringing into conversation the full range of evidence for women in the classical world: historical, literary, legal, medical, inscriptional, mythic, artistic (e.g., sculpture, frescoes, paintings, terracottas), and the material found in archaeological excavations, including evidence from burials, finds from houses, and the remains of food processing and textile production. Ideology is relevant to each volume, as both Greek and Roman societies had highly developed ideologies and cultural ideals that exercised profound and pervasive influence over women¡¦s lives. Social class is implicated in these ideologies in ways that are made evident in every genre of source material. Women in the Classical World, edited by two of the leading scholars in the field, presents in one reference source a complete picture of women in Ancient Greece and Rome, based on a vast of array of sources. This material has not been collected together in one place before.
VA37-69 Women in the Medieval World, 4-Vols/Set.
  Beattie, Cordelia/ 9780415739566/ Price:¢G 925.00
Book Cover The study of medieval women has flourished over the last forty years or so, challenging the idea of a universality of experience among women. This new collection of major works from Routledge addresses the different ways in which medieval women have been studied by looking at religious and secular women, women according to their stage in the life cycle, and according to their social status. Important theoretical issues are also tackled, such as the applicability of terms such as misogyny, anti-feminism, and feminism, the cultural construction of the body, and the periodization of women¡¦s history. Part 1. Debating Medieval Women: Then and Now Part 2. Women and Religion Part 3. Female Bodies and the Life Cycle Part 4. Women and Marriage Part 5. Intersections of Gender and Social Status Part 6. Continuity or Change?
SA37-462 Women Empowerment: Career Development.
  / 9781680956177/ Price:US$ 59.95
Book Cover A career is the sequence and variety of occupations which one undertakes throughout a lifetime. More broadly, career includes life roles, leisure activities, learning, and work. Career development is the process of managing life, learning, and work over the lifespan. Despite the major advancements women have made in becoming a signi cant part of the workforce, they are still facing important career development issues. Although many women achieve lower and middle management positions, they seem to hit the "glass ceiling" in many organizations and are denied the most senior levels of upper management. The reasons are multi-dimensional; some women lack the con dence to apply for senior positions; some lack the necessary education or training; and others nd themselves excluded from the top positions because of systemic gender bias that exists in some enterprises. It is important to develop the e ective and proper training at organizational and regional level topursue women¡¦s career development.
SA37-462 Women Empowerment: Building Confidence.
  / 9781680956184/ Price:US$ 59.95
Book Cover In the purest sense, con dence is knowing what you're good at, the value you provide, and acting in a way that conveys that to others. Contrast this with arrogance which typically involves believing you are better in a particular area than you are, or low self-esteem which involves believing you're less valuable than you think. Self-con- dence is extremely important in almost every aspect of our lives, yet so many people struggle to nd it. Low self-esteem can be deeply rooted, with origins in traumatic childhood experiences such as prolonged separation from parent gures, neglect, or emotional, physical, or sexual abuse. In later life, self-esteem can be undermined by ill health, negative life events such as losing a job or getting divorced, de cient or frustrating relationships, and a general sense of lack of control. This sense of lack of control may be especially marked in victims of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, or victims of discrimination on the grounds of religion, culture, race, sex, or sexual orientation. Women are more likely to read more into facial gestures and voice intonation, a useful trait but sometimes we get it wrong. So before the miserable demons of ifs, whats and maybes get their teeth into your thought patterns, work on developing the power of optimism the tool that vanquishes negative rumination and allows the possibility of fun times.
SA37-462 Women Empowerment: Identifying Priorities.
  / 9781680956207/ Price:US$ 59.95
Book Cover It¡¦s human nature to want to do more than what is possible. Whether it¡¦s what you want to accomplish over the weekend, during the workweek, in your career, or in life, the reality is that you¡¦re not going to be able to do it all at once. Time management systems can help, but they¡¦ll never solve the problem, because no matter how productive you are, it¡¦s impossible to do everything. This is why priority setting is so important. Despite important progress in promoting gender equality, there remains an urgent need to address structural barriers to women¡¦s economic empowerment and full inclusion in economic activity. Time is a precious commodity that we all have the same amount of time every day, so use it to your advantage. Time management strategies are oftenassociated with the recommendation to set personal goals. These goals are recorded and may be broken down into a project, an action plan, or a simple task list. For individual tasks or for goals, an importance rating may be established, deadlines may be set, and priorities assigned.
SA37-462 Women Empowerment: Assertiveness Skills.
  / 9781680956214/ Price:US$ 59.95
Book Cover Assertiveness is a skill regularly referred to in social and communication skills training. Being assertive means being able to stand up for your own or other people¡¦s rights in a calm and positive way, without being either aggressive, or passively accepting ¡¥wrong¡¦. Assertive individuals are able to get their point across without upsetting others, or becoming upset themselves. This is certainly encouraging, yet it still remains an issue for many women. One of the most e ective ways to communicate con dence is to use assertive communication and many women nd this challenging. Assertive communication attempts to transcend these extremes by appealing to the shared interest of all parties; it "focuses on the issue, not the person". Aggressive and/or passivecommunication, on the other hand, may mark a relationship's end, and reduce self-respect.
SA37-462 Women Empowerment: Stress Management.
  / 9781680956221/ Price:US$ 59.95
Book Cover We all live in a stressful world. To deny it is to add more stress. Learning to identify our stressors and then dealing with them is more reasonable. Stress is a common occurrence in today¡¦s fast-paced modern world and stress management is a necessary skill. Those who learn and incorporate e ective stress management into the daily routine live healthier, more peaceful and joyful lives. This includes learning to identify problems and implement solutions. Today, women empowering is an important issue. Several methods have been introduced to empowering women through stress management techniques. Most of the women had experienced the stress and concerns caused by lack of information and mentioned the inhibition of internal fear, reduction of anxiety and stress, and consequently, feeling of peace and satisfaction following the acquisition of health information. Regarding the key role of women in improvement of lifestyle and, consequently, the community health, the promotion of women¡¦s health information is a fundamental strategy for empowering them.
SA37-462 Women Empowerment: Communication Skills.
  / 9781680956238/ Price:US$ 59.95
Book Cover Women have been recognized as key agents of sustainable development and women¡¦s equality and empowerment are seen as central to a more holistic approach towards establishing new patterns and processes of development that are sustainable. The process of empowerment strengthens their innate ability through acquiring knowledge, power and experience. Communication skills help the women to interact with friends, family and community in an acceptable manner to empower them socially, legally and politically and economically and there by having access to and control over resources, which extends to their decision-making capabilities, resilient and resourceful. Today's world is a globalized and technologically progressed world. The womenempowerment could be achieved by imparting them the communication skills.
SA37-462 Women Empowerment: Building Better Relationships.
  / 9781680956245/ Price:US$ 59.95
Book Cover Women are still struggling when it comes to being empowered in their relationships, in the workplace and in their own minds. Very assertive women are insulted behind their backs, and there¡¦s very little acceptance, let alone praise, for a woman who¡¦s ambitious, or even ruthless in her career. Whereas cutthroat businessmen are admired, even revered, women with similar traits are often reviled by men and women alike. Male bosses and colleagues still engage in bullying female workers, and even when they hold management positions, women are often still expected to perform menial tasks, such as taking the minutes and making the co ee. Even more unfortunate, women are catty and competitive with each-other, in the workplace and in their social lives, having internalized the false belief that other women can¡¦t be their friends and allies. When potential mates and promotions are seen as rare and precious commodities, other women inevitably are viewed as obstacles to the achievement of our goals. This Text evaluates the empowerment of women in the context of understanding the complex relationships between institutional, personal and interpersonal barriers to women s leadership.
SA37-462 Women Empowerment: Building Networks.
  / 9781680956252/ Price:US$ 59.95
Book Cover A personal network is a set of human contacts known to an individual, with whom that individual would expectto interact at intervals to support a given set of activities. In other words, a personal network is a group of caring, dedicated people who are committed to maintain a relationship with a person in order to support a given set of activities. Having a strong personal network requires being connected to a network of resources for mutualdevelopment and growth. In this Text, you will learn how to build networks and lead across the society andenterprise. You will learn enterprise leadership methods and decision making for nding, framing, and formulating cross-boundary challenges, and emerge with a greater understanding of how to create enterprise-wide solutions that provide great value for the public. They can also be used as a framework for identifying indicators and evaluating the work, helping women to make judgements about whether the processes and outcomes are leading to community empowerment.
SA37-462 Women Empowerment: Leadership.
  / 9781680956269/ Price:US$ 59.95
Book Cover Most of the work that had been done over the years was carried out with men and male leaders. However, times have changed, and more women - but not nearly enough - are being given the opportunity to lead in business, academia, and a variety of other professional pursuits. Although leaders may possess certain skills or characteristics that set them apart from other group members, they cannot be too di erent from their counterparts. A leader who was an extremist would undoubtedly be given less social support. Leaders must be sensitive to the demands of their followers as situations and circumstances vary. They must be aware of the responsiveness of their followers - their needs, expectations, and perceptions. Women by far make better leaders. Men allow their egos to dominate- women are much better bosses to work for. They are good listeners. They are democratic. They are more mentoring.
SA37-462 Women Empowerment: Entrepreneurship.
  / 9781680956993/ Price:US$ 59.95
Book Cover Women entrepreneurship has been recognized as an important source of economic growth. Women entrepreneurs create new jobs for themselves and others and also provide society with di erent solutions to management, organization and business problems. However, they still represent a minority of all entrepreneurs. Women entrepreneurs often face gender-based barriers to starting and growing their businesses, like discriminatory property, matrimonial and inheritance laws and/or cultural practices; lack of access to formal nance mechanisms; limited mobility and access to information and networks, etc. Women¡¦s entrepreneurship can make a particularly strong contribution to the economic well-being of the family and communities, poverty reduction and women¡¦s empowerment, thus contributing to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Thus, governments across the world as well as various developmental organizations are actively undertaking promotionof women entrepreneurs through various schemes, incentives and promotional measures.
SA37-460 Social and Gender Analysis.
  Lawrence, R. H./ 9781682512845/ Price:US$ 140.00
Book Cover Social analysis is the practice of systematically examining a social problem, issue or trend, often with the aim of prompting changes in the situation being analyzed. Gender analysis is a type of socio-economic analysis that uncovers how gender relations affect a development problem. Gender analysis frameworks provide a step-by-step methodology for conducting gender analysis. This book deals with social and gender analysis.
VSA37 The Routledge Research Companion to Geographies of Sex and Sexualities
  Brown, Gavin/ 9781472455482/ Price:¢G 200.00
Book Cover Comprehensive and authoritative, this state-of-the-art review both charts and develops the rich sub-discipline geographies of sexualities, exploring sex-gender, sexuality and sexual practices. Emerging from the desire to examine differences and exclusions as a key aspect of human geographies, these geographies have engaged with heterosexual and queer, lesbian, gay, bi and trans lives. Developing thinking in this area, geographers and other social scientists have illustrated the centrality of place, space and other spatial relationships in reconstituting sexual practices, representations, desires, as well as sexed bodies and lives. This book reviews the current state of the field and offers new insights from authors located on five continents. In doing so, the book seeks to draw on and influence core debates in this field, as well as disrupt the Anglo-American hegemony in studies of sexualities, sexes and geographies. This volume is the definitive collection in the area, bringing together many international leaders in the field, alongside scholars that are well-established outside the Anglophone academy, and many emerging talents who will lead the field in the decades to come.
VA37-76 Feminism, 4-Vols/Set.
  Evans, Mary/ 9781473915985/ Price:¢G 710.00
Book Cover The last forty years have seen a remarkable and sustained exploration of questions surrounding about gender and gender relations. Departments of women's studies, feminist studies, gender studies exist throughout the global north with considerable overlap between their curriculum but all exploring, in different ways, the difference that feminist politics, a politics of the public space, have made. At its heart, this major work examines the central idea that feminism, as a politics of the public space, is an essential aspect of democratic society. The four volumes are organised to reflect and emphasise the repetition of themes within feminism and the cross-over between locations (whether geographical or intellectual) where feminism is discussed. Volume One: The Imagination Feminism Volume Two: Making Feminism Volume Three: Locations of Feminism Volume Four: Feminist Futures
VA37-75 Critical Research on Sexism and Racism in STEM Fields
  Thomas, Ursula/ 9781522501749/ Price:US$ 190.00
Book Cover Despite a higher percentage of women entering various STEM fields, issues of discrimination and stereotyping continue to exist. These difficulties create a potential hostile environment and a noticeable gap in opportunities, advancements, and compensation increases in comparison to their male counterparts. Critical Research on Sexism and Racism in STEM Fields investigates the bias, stereotyping, and repression experienced by women within STEM-based career fields. Emphasizing the struggle felt by women within politics, education systems, business environments, STEM careers, as well as issues with advocacy and leadership, this publication benefits professionals, social activists, researchers, academics, managers, and practitioners interested in the institutionalized discrimination and prejudice women encounter in various fields. Topics Covered ¡EEconomics and STEM ¡EGender Bias ¡EMale Domination ¡EProfessional Organizations ¡ERepresentation Issues ¡ERole Modeling ¡ESTEM Environments ¡EStereotyping
VA37-74 Discourse Analysis as a Tool for Understanding Gender Identity, Representation, and Equality
  Mahtab, Nazmunnessa/ 9781522502258/ Price:US$ 185.00
Book Cover Today, gender and gender identity is at the forefront of discussion as the plight of women around the world and issues of gender equality and human rights have become an international concern for politicians, government agencies, social activists, and the general public. Discourse Analysis as a Tool for Understanding Gender Identity, Representation, and Equality provides a thorough analysis of what language use and linguistic expression can teach us about gender identity in addition to current discussions on topics related to women¡¦s rights and gender inequality. Focusing on issues related to women in developing countries, workplace inequalities, and social freedom, this publication is an essential reference source for researchers, graduate-level students, and theorists in the fields of sociology, women¡¦s studies, economics, and government. Topics Covered ¡ECommunication Processes ¡EDeveloping Countries ¡EEmployment Relations ¡EFeminism ¡EGender Discrimination ¡EGendered Migration ¡EIndigenous Women
VA37-73 Revealing Gender Inequalities and Perceptions in South Asian Countries through Discourse Analysis
  Mahtab, Nazmunnessa/ 9781522502791/ Price:US$ 185.00
Book Cover Misconceptions regarding gender identity and issues of inequality that women around the world face have become a predominant concern for not only the citizens impacted, but global political leaders, administrators, and human rights activists. Revealing Gender Inequalities and Perceptions in South Asian Countries through Discourse Analysis explores how an analysis of language use in the South Asian region exposes issues related to gender identity, representation, and equality. Emphasizing emerging research and case studies focusing on the concept of gender in Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Nepal, this publication is an essential resource for social theorists, activists, linguists, media professionals, researchers, and graduate-level students. Topics Covered ¡EDiscrimination ¡EGender Differences ¡EGender Empowerment ¡EGender Roles ¡ELinguistics ¡ESocial Media ¡EWomen¡¦s Rights
VA37-72 The SAGE Encyclopedia of LGBTQ Studies, 3-Vols/Set
  Goldberg, Abbie E./ 9781483371306/ Price:¢G 550.00
Book Cover This far-reaching and contemporary new Encyclopedia examines and explores the lives and experiences of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) individuals, focusing on the contexts and forces that shape their lives. The work focuses on LGBTQ issues and identity primarily through the lenses of psychology, human development and sociology, emphasizing queer, feminist and ecological perspectives on the topic, and addresses questions such as: ¡EWhat are the key theories used to understand variations in sexual orientation and gender identity? ¡EHow do Gay Straight Alliances (GSA) affect LGBTQ youth? ¡EHow do LGBTQ people experience the transition to parenthood? ¡EHow does sexual orientation intersect with other key social locations, such as race, to shape experience and identity? ¡EWhat are the effects of marriage equality on sexual minority individuals and couples? Top researchers and clinicians contribute to the 400 signed entries, from fields such as: ¡EPsychology ¡EHuman Development ¡EGender/Queer Studies ¡ESexuality Studies ¡ESocial Work ¡ESociology The SAGE Encyclopedia of LGBTQ Studies is an essential resource for researchers interested in an interdisciplinary perspective on LGBTQ lives and issues.
VA37-71 Gender Considerations in Online Consumption Behavior and Internet Use.
  English, Rebecca/ 9781522500100/ Price:US$ 165.00
Book Cover The use of social media and blogging websites has become more prevalent especially among young women; this trend suggests that gender has the potential to coincide with one¡¦s actions and engagement online. Despite this notable trend, there is still a dearth of research on how women use the internet and how it affects their health, families, and interpersonal relationships. Gender Considerations in Online Consumption Behavior and Internet Use considers the use of online technologies through the lens of gender. From blogs dedicated to motherhood and infertility, to the Movember men¡¦s health movement, gender identity is expressed in a communitive way online. This book provides empirical evidence on gender-specific internet usage and the feminine online experience. It is a valuable resource for students, academicians, researchers, technology developers, and government officials. Topics Covered ¡EAnti-Vaccination Sentiment ¡EBrand Building Online ¡EFemale Identity ¡EGender Studies ¡ESocial Data Mining ¡ESocial Media and Gender ¡EWomen Bloggers
VA37-68 Gender and Sexuality in Islam, 4-Vols/Set.
  Shakry, Omnia El/ 9781138854123/ Price:¢G 1035.00
Book Cover Exploring the multifaceted nature of gender and sexuality within Islamic societies in a trans-disciplinary and trans-regional fashion, this collection addresses the following questions: What are the principal methodologies for studying gender and sexuality in Islam? What is Islamic feminism? How do we understand the role of gender in the Islamic revival movements that have emerged since the last quarter of the twentieth century? How have historical forces and political projects¡Xcolonialism, nationalism, and modernity¡Xconstituted gender relations? How have sexual ideologies and practices transformed in Muslim majority societies in the modern era? What is the relationship between the global circulation of LGBTQ identities and queer and sexual counter-publics in the Islamic world? Gender and Sexuality in Islam highlights methodologically innovative work while covering an expansive geographical range that includes the Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Central, South and Southeast Asia, and Europe and North America. The volumes cover: Gender and the Ethical Subject; Gender, Empire, and Nation; Sexualities, Intimacy, and the Body; and Gender, Sexuality, and Representation. The set will be of use to scholars, students, and general readers. Volume I: Gender and the Ethical Subject Volume II: Gender, Empire, and Nation Volume III: Sexualities, Intimacy, and the Body Volume IV: Gender, Sexuality, and Representation
VA37-67 Women of the Middle East, 4-Vols/Set.
  Gocek, Fatma Muge/ 9780415823128/ Price:¢G 1035.00
Book Cover The academic study of women in the Middle East grew from traditional branches of learning such as history, anthropology, politics, and literary studies. More recently, it has incorporated cutting-edge areas of academic endeavour, including critical theory and new thinking on sexuality, labour, health, media, and material culture. As research in and around the area flourishes as never before, this new collection from Routledge meets the need for an authoritative reference work to make sense of a rapidly growing and ever more complex corpus of scholarly literature. In four volumes, Women of the Middle East draws together the key research, both canonical and contemporary, to provide users with a comprehensive survey of all the major issues relating to women in one of the world¡¦s most challenging and contested regions. Women of the Middle East is fully indexed and each of the four volumes has a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the learned editor, which places the major works in their historical and intellectual context. It is an essential work of reference and is destined to be valued by scholars and students as a vital one-stop research resource.
VA37-66 Women and Gender in the Early Modern World, 4-Vols/Set.
  Wiesner-Hanks, Merry/ 9781138025745/ Price:¢G 910.00
Book Cover Research on women and gender in the early modern world is booming: the field has a scholarly society that is now more than twenty years old; a specialized annual journal; a tri-annual conference; and a book series. How the topic is studied has changed over time: while past scholarship tended to focus on Europe, research is now becoming increasingly global. With this development in mind, this new Routledge collection has a global appeal, with the pre-colonial, as well as colonial Americas, Africa, and the Muslim world, along with Europe, South Asia and East Asia, represented. Users will be introduced to the classics, as well as made aware of the newest scholarly developments. Edited by a highly experienced and knowledgeable academic in the field, this new Routledge collection is structured topically (with both chronological and geographic diversity within each of the topics to allow regional, transregional, and global comparisons).
VA37-64 Overcoming Gender Inequalities through Technology Integration.
  Wilson, Joseph/ 9781466697737/ Price:US$ 185.00
Book Cover Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) exert a great influence on global activities. ITC has affected the structure of governments, economies, cultures, and even human health. Another area in which ICT has had a tremendous impact is within the developing world and nations where women face repression and fewer opportunities. Overcoming Gender Inequalities through Technology Integration is a critical source for understanding the role of technology adoption within female empowerment and equality in developing nations and beyond. This publication examines the strategies applicable to the use of technology in the purist of societal recognition of women in addition to the trajectory and visibility of women in developing as well as developed countries in which they have access to ICTs. This book is an essential reference source for students and teachers of gender studies or information technology, women¡¦s advocacy groups, policy makers, NGOs, and technology developers. Topics Covered ¡ECultural Change ¡EDigital Divide ¡EFemale Fan Identity ¡EFeminism ¡EGender Equality ¡EHuman Rights ¡EInformation Communication Technologies ¡ESelf-Empowerment ¡ESocial Justice
SA37-482 The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies, 5-Vols/Set
  Nancy Naples/ 9781405196949/ Price:US$ 1034.75
SA37-471 The State and Working Women: A Comparative Study of Britain and Sweden.
  Mary Ruggie/ 9780691640358/ Price:US$ 137.50
SA37-460 The Carol J. Adams Reader.
  Adams, Carol J./ 9781501324321/ Price:¢G 23.99
SA37-458 The Internet of Women: Accelerating Culture Change.
  Anid, Nada/ 9788793379688/ Price:EUR 27.00
Book Cover Female scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians worldwide are making historic contributions to their fields. The modern workforce is closer to gender-equal than it has ever been, and many efforts are in place to support further progress. The Internet of Women provides an exciting look at personal narratives and case studies of female leaders and cultural shifts around the globe that illustrate this promising trend. From the United Nations' emphasis on girls and technology education in the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) to the increased female labor force in Zambia, a policy change that was inspired by the MDGs (UN Millennial Development Goals), The Internet of Women captures stunning examples of progress from around the world and men working hand in hand with women advocating for cultural change. Scholars and practitioners lament the lack of women leading and working in leading organizations in the technology industry. Gender equality and female participation in the tech field is critical to both developing and developed economies; nevertheless, this gap remains a global phenomenon. The lack of female leadership is particularly extreme at the highest echelons of leading technology organizations. Few publicly traded tech companies have female CEOs - in fact, most nations have zero female leadership in the tech industry.
SA37-457 Gendering Women: Identity and Mental Wellbeing through the Lifecourse.
  Clisby, Suzanne/ 9781847426765/ Price:¢G 25.99
Book Cover Gendering Women is an engaging and accessible account of how constructions of femininity fundamentally affect women's mental wellbeing through the life course. Led by women¡¦s life history accounts of growing up and growing older in the north of England, this book shows how experiences of becoming and being a woman ¡V in family life, education, employment, motherhood and situations of violence ¡V both enable and erode self confidence and esteem. The challenges to women¡¦s mental wellbeing cut across age and class differences and have profound impacts on the material conditions of women¡¦s lives throughout the life course. This is in turn a driver of inequality that is often under-recognised in mainstream policy. Based on feminist and ethnographically informed research with over five hundred women Gendering women provides a critical link between gender theory and the lived realities of women¡¦s daily lives and will appeal to students and academics in sociology and social sciences.
SA37-457 Reclaiming Feminism: Challenging Everyday Misogyny.
  David, Miriam E./ 9781447328179/ Price:¢G 15.99
Book Cover Since second-wave feminism of the 1970s, women's rights and opportunities in education and employment have increased across the globe, but has equality, whether social, political or legal, really been achieved? In this fascinating book, Miriam E. David, a well-known and influential feminist in higher education, celebrates the achievements of international feminists as activists and scholars. She provides a critique of the expansion of global higher education masking their pioneering zeal and zest for knowledge. Looking at the changing zeitgeist, David contends that feminism has yet to have an enduring influence, despite how generations of women have felt empowered. She illustrates the power of patriarchal social relations and how everyday sexism or misogyny is keenly felt.
SA37-457 Women's Emancipation and Civil Society Organisations: Challenging or Maintaining the Status Quo?
  Schwabenland, Christina/ 9781447324775/ Price:¢G 90.00
Book Cover Women are at the heart of civil society organisations. Through them they have achieved many successes, challenged oppressive practices at a local and global level and have developed outstanding entrepreneurial activities. Yet Civil Service Organisation (CSO) research tends to ignore considerations of gender and the rich history of activist feminist organisations is rarely examined. This collection examines the nexus between the emancipation of women, and their role(s) in these organisations. Featuring contrasting studies from a wide range of contributors from different parts of the world, it covers emerging issues such as the role of social media in organising, the significance of religion in many cultural contexts, activism in Eastern Europe and the impact of environmental degradation on women¡¦s lives. Asking whether involvement in CSOs offers a potential source of emancipation for women or maintains the status quo, this anthology will also have an impact on policy and practice in relation to equal opportunities.
SA37-453 Challenging the Myth of Gender Equality in Sweden.
  Martinsson, Lena/ 9781447325963/ Price:¢G 80.00
Book Cover Sweden is often considered one of the most gender-equal countries in the world and held up as a model to follow, but the reality is more complex. This is the first book to explode the myth of Swedish gender equality, offering both a new perspective for an international audience, and suggesting how equality might be re-thought more generally. The authors argue that whilst the gender-equality mantra in Sweden has led to a society with increased opportunities for some, they also assert that the dominant norm of gender equality has become nationalistic and builds upon heteronormative and racial principles. Examining the interactions with the country¡¦s social-democratic tradition and with the expansion of a neoliberal ideology, the book constitutes an urgent contribution to literature on gender equality policy and politics.
VSA37-001 Routledge Handbook of Sexuality Studies in East Asia.
  McLelland, Mark/ 9780415639484/ Price:¢G 200.00
Book Cover This collection brings together cutting-edge work by established and emerging scholars focusing on key societies in the East Asian region: China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, North and South Korea, Mongolia and Vietnam. This scope enables the collection to reflect on the nature of the transformations in constructions of sexuality in highly developed, developing and emerging societies and economies. Both Japan and China have established traditions of ¡¥sexuality¡¦ studies reflecting longstanding indigenous understandings of sex as well as more recent developments which interface with Euro-American medical and psychological understandings. Authors reflect upon the complex colonial and economic interactions and cultural flows which have affected the East Asian region over the last two centuries. They trace local flows of ideas instead of defaulting to Euro-American paradigms for sexuality studies. Through looking at regional and global exchanges of ideas about sexuality, this volume adds considerably to our understanding of the East Asian region and contributes to wider discussions of social transformation, modernisation and globalisation. It will be essential reading in undergraduate and graduate programs in sexuality studies, gender studies, women¡¦s studies and masculinity studies, as well as in anthropology, sociology, history, cultural studies, area studies and health sciences.
VSA37-001 Sex in Antiquity: Exploring Gender and Sexuality in the Ancient World.
  Masterson, Mark/ 9780415519410/ Price:¢G 205.00
Book Cover Looking at sex and sexuality from a variety of historical, sociological and theoretical perspectives, as represented in a variety of media, Sex in Antiquity represents a vibrant picture of the discipline of ancient gender and sexuality studies, showcasing the work of leading international scholars as well as that of emerging talents and new voices. Sexuality and gender in the ancient world is an area of research that has grown quickly with often sudden shifts in focus and theoretical standpoints. This volume contextualises these shifts while putting in place new ideas and avenues of exploration that further develop this lively field or set of disciplines. This broad study also includes studies of gender and sexuality in the Ancient Near East which not only provide rich consideration of those areas but also provide a comparative perspective not often found in such collections. Sex in Antiquity is a major contribution to the field of ancient gender and sexuality studies.
VA37-65 Gender and the Environment, 4-Vols/Set.
  Buckingham, Susan/ 9780415530446/ Price:¢G 1035.00
The work of feminist critics in the Global South have both developed and challenged these debates, and have drawn to public attention the most egregious examples of how environmental impacts consistently, and structurally, exacerbate the inequalities that women and girls endure, especially in poorer parts of the world. Literature developing the links between environment, development, and gender has broadened the earlier Western eco-feminism discourse, and has also influenced¡Xalbeit selectively¡Xvarious development strategies by global institutions (such as the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and various UN agencies) and NGOs (notably, for example, Oxfam). Questions about how we want to live in relation to our environment have arguably never been more urgent and this new title from Routledge¡¦s Critical Concepts in the Environment series answers the need for an authoritative reference work to make sense of the growing¡Xand ever more complex¡Xcorpus of scholarly and campaigning literature on gender and the environment, and the continuing explosion in research output. Drawing on a wide variety of sources, Susan Buckingham has brought together in four volumes canonical and cutting-edge work to produce an indispensable ¡¥mini library¡¦. The collection is fully indexed and includes comprehensive introductions, newly written by the editor, which place the collected materials in their historical and intellectual context. It is an essential reference collection and is certain to be valued by scholars and students¡Xas well as by serious policy-makers and practitioners¡Xas a vital one-stop research and pedagogic resource.
SA37-483 Transforming Scholarship: Why Women's and Gender Studies Students Are Changing Themselves and the World
  Michele Tracy Berger/ 9780415836531/ Price:¢G 35.99
VSA37-001 Routledge Handbook of Gender in South Asia.
  Fernandes, Leela/ 9780415523530/ Price:¢G 200.00
Book Cover Providing a comprehensive overview of the study of gender in South Asia, this Handbook covers the central contributions that have defined this area and captures innovative and emerging paradigms that are shaping the future of the field. It offers a wide range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives spanning both the humanities and social sciences, focussing on India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The Handbook brings together key experts in the field of South Asia and gender, women and sexuality. Chapters are organised thematically in five major sections: ¡EHistorical formations of gender and the significance of colonialism and nationalism ¡ELaw, Citizenship and the Nation ¡ERepresentations of Culture, Place, Identity ¡ELabour and the Economy ¡EInequality, Activism and the State This timely survey is essential reading for scholars who research and teach on South Asia as well as for scholars in related interdisciplinary fields that focus on women and gender from comparative and transnational perspectives.
VSA37 Routledge Handbook of Gender in South Asia
  Leela Fernandes/ 9781138312555/ Price:¢G 41.99
Providing a comprehensive overview of the study of gender in South Asia, this Handbook covers the central contributions that have defined this area and captures innovative and emerging paradigms that are shaping the future of the field. It offers a wide range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives spanning both the humanities and social sciences, focussing on India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The Handbook brings together key experts in the field of South Asia and gender, women and sexuality. Chapters are organised thematically in five major sections: ¡EHistorical formations of gender and the significance of colonialism and nationalism ¡ELaw, Citizenship and the Nation ¡ERepresentations of Culture, Place, Identity ¡ELabour and the Economy ¡EInequality, Activism and the State This timely survey is essential reading for scholars who research and teach on South Asia as well as for scholars in related interdisciplinary fields that focus on women and gender from comparative and transnational perspectives.
VA37-63 Gender Considerations and Influence in the Digital Media and Gaming Industry.
  Prescott, Julie/ 9781466661424/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover Occupational segregation is an important issue and can be detrimental to women. There is a strong need for more women in science, engineering, and information technology, which are traditionally male dominated fields. Female representation in the computer gaming industry is a potential way to increase the presence of women in other computer-related fields. Gender Considerations and Influence in the Digital Media and Gaming Industry provides a collection of high-quality empirical studies and personal experiences of women working in male-dominated fields with a particular focus on the media and gaming industries. Providing insight on best methods for attracting and retaining women in these fields, this volume is a valuable reference for executives and members of professional bodies who wish to encourage women in their career progression. Topics Covered ¡EComputer Games Industry ¡EDigital Media Industry ¡EFemale Game Workers ¡EGender and Identity ¡EMale-Dominated Occupations ¡ENew Technologies ¡EOccupational Segregation
VA37-62 Women in IT in the New Social Era: A Critical Evidence-Based Review of Gender Inequality and the Potential for Change.
  Bernhardt, Sonja/ 9781466658608/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover Research and statistics support the view that current programs are failing to keep women in the ICT field. Currently, there exist very few solutions to this growing problem. Women in IT in the New Social Era: A Critical Evidence-Based Review of Gender Inequality and the Potential for Change aims to bring this topic to the forefront of discussion about what can be done to correct this lopsided gender distribution. This reference work will be an essential guide for government professionals, students, and researchers in the ICT field looking to develop a solution to equalize the retention rate of women in these related fields. Topics Covered ¡EGender Inequity ¡EICT ¡EICT Architects ¡EICT Coders and System Analysts ¡EIntervention Program Failure ¡ERecruitment and Retention ¡EWomen and Technology
VA37-61 The SAGE Handbook of Feminist Theory.
  Evans, Mary/ 9781446252413/ Price:¢G 135.00
Book Cover At no point in recorded history has there been an absence of intense, and heated, discussion about the subject of how to conduct relations between women and men. This Handbook provides a comprehensive guide to these omnipresent issues and debates, mapping the present and future of thinking about feminist theory. The chapters gathered here present the state of the art in scholarship in the field, covering: ¡EEpistemology and marginality ¡ELiterary, visual and cultural representations ¡ESexuality ¡EMacro and microeconomics of gender ¡EConflict and peace. The most important consensus in this volume is that a central organizing tenet of feminism is its willingness to examine the ways in which gender and relations between women and men have been (and are) organized. The authors bring a shared commitment to the critical appraisal of gender relations, as well as a recognition that to think ¡¥theoretically¡¦ is not to detach concerns from lived experience but to extend the possibilities of understanding. With this focus on theory and theorizing about the world in which we live, this Handbook asks us, across all disciplines and situations, to abandon our taken-for-granted assumptions about the world and interrogate both the origin and the implications of our ideas about gender relations and feminism. It is an essential reference work for advanced students and academics not only of feminist theory, but of gender and sexuality across the humanities and social sciences.
VA37-60 Women, Beauty, and Fashion, 6-Vols/Set.
  Pietrzak-Franger, Monika/ 9780415680400/ Price:¢G 955.00
Book Cover The learned editor has organized the set around three principal thematic categories ('Personal Beauty and Care', 'Beauty, Fashion, and Health', and 'Beauty Education and Self-Management') which move chronologically from the late 1830s to the 1910s. The materials gathered here are representative of the body of texts written on beauty and fashion with reference to women's (self-) perception and (self-) definition. Combining the issues of fashion with those of economy, education, and physical culture, the collection offers a range of diverging views. The diversity of the gathered materials is mirrored in their generic range and in the varied professional background of their authors. The collection includes, but is not limited to, religious treatises and dress reformers' pamphlets, personal-care manuals by society ladies, advice books by (alleged) specialists, and manufacturers' attempts at self-advertising. Making readily available materials which are currently very difficult for scholars, researchers, and students across the globe to locate and use, Women, Beauty, and Fashion is a veritable treasure-trove. The gathered works are reproduced in facsimile, giving users a strong sense of immediacy to the texts and permitting citation to the original pagination. Each volume is also supplemented by substantial introductions, newly written by the editor, which contextualize the material. And with a detailed appendix providing data on the provenance of the gathered works, the collection is destined to be welcomed as a vital reference and research resource.
VA37-59 Gender and Japanese Society, 4-Vols/Set.
  Martinez, Dolores P./ 9780415507042/ Price:¢G 1125.00
Compiled and introduced by D. P. Martinez, the editor of an acclaimed four-volume anthology onModern Japanese Culture and Society (Routledge, 2007) (978-0-415-41609-2), this new title from Routledge¡¦s Critical Concepts in Asian Studies series, is a collection of classic and the very best cutting-edge scholarship on themes and issues around gender in historical and contemporary Japan. Fully indexed and with a comprehensive introduction newly written by the editor, which carefully situates the collected material in its intellectual context, Gender and Japanese Society is an essential reference work. It is destined to be welcomed by scholars and students as a vital research resource. Volume I: Pre-modern Japan Part 1: Introduction Part 2: In the Beginning ¡K Part 3: Medieval Japan Volume II: From Meiji to 1945 Part 4: Overview Part 5: Glimpses of Pre-War Life Part 6: War Volume III: Post war and into the new century Part 7: Introduction Part 8: Lives Part 9: The Results of Change Volume IV: Gender, the mass media and popular culture Part 10: Representing and Historicizing Gender Part 11: Contemporary Media
VA37-58 Girls' School Stories, 1749¡V1929, 6-Vols/Set.
  Moruzi, Kristine/ 9780415830409/ Price:¢G 955.00
Girls¡¦ School Stories in English, 1749¡V1929, a new title from Routledge and Edition Synapse¡¦s History of Feminism series, provides a vital resource to cater to this growing critical interest. This unique collection answers the important need to balance the historical record of canonical literature for young people in the nineteenth century and early twentieth century with popular fictions that had wide, devoted, and¡Xfollowing the emergence of school-series fiction¡Xongoing readerships. Moreover, existing scholarship has not yet explicated the connections between the British genre and its adaptation to colonial and American readerships, and one of the functions of this collection is to document the evolution of the girls¡¦ school-story genre in Britain to pinpoint the development and contestation of its signature tropes, and to trace the refinement and reproduction of these elements in Canadian, Australian, and American print cultures. The six volumes in the collection cover the years 1749 to 1929, a temporal span designed to demonstrate the origins of the genre and its development throughout the Victorian and Edwardian eras. It concludes with works from the 1920s that coincide with a peak in the genre¡¦s popularity. And the thematic, rather than chronological, organization of the set allows users easily to compare and contrast (across time and place) school-story conventions and attitudes with issues such as women¡¦s higher education.
SA37-450 Women Educators, Leaders and Activists.
  Fitzgerald, Tanya/ 9781137303516/ Price:¢G 65.00
SA37-439 Gendering Women: Identity and Mental Wellbeing through the Lifecourse.
  Clisby, Suzanne/ 9781847426772/ Price:¢G 70.00
Book Cover Gendering Women is an engaging and accessible account of how constructions of femininity fundamentally affect women's mental wellbeing through the life course. Led by women¡¦s life history accounts of growing up and growing older in the north of England, this book shows how experiences of becoming and being a woman ¡V in family life, education, employment, motherhood and situations of violence ¡V both enable and erode self confidence and esteem. The challenges to women¡¦s mental wellbeing cut across age and class differences and have profound impacts on the material conditions of women¡¦s lives throughout the life course. This is in turn a driver of inequality that is often under-recognised in mainstream policy. Based on feminist and ethnographically informed research with over five hundred women Gendering women provides a critical link between gender theory and the lived realities of women¡¦s daily lives and will appeal to students and academics in sociology and social sciences.
SA37-439 Women of Power: Half a Century of Female Presidents and Prime Ministers Worldwide.
  Skard, Torild/ 9781447315780/ Price:¢G 90.00
Book Cover Do women national leaders represent a breakthrough for the women¡¦s movement, or is women¡¦s leadership weaker than the numbers imply? This unique book is the first to provide a comprehensive overview of how and why women in 53 countries rose to the top in the years since World War II. It presents all 73 female presidents and prime ministers from around the world, from 1960 (when the first was elected) to 2010, organised by chronology and geography. Written by an experienced politician and academic, the introduction outlines the five forerunners on different continents from 1960 to 1975, then goes on to discuss world developments, concepts and methodological issues. The motives, achievements and life stories of the female top leaders, including findings from interviews carried out by the author, are then described and analysed to provide a nuanced picture of women in power. A series of regional chapters provide a global overview, and conclusions are drawn and discussed. This fascinating reader will have wide international appeal to students, academics, government officials, women¡¦s and political activists as well as anyone interested in international affairs, politics, social issues, gender and equality.
SA37-436 Women of the Nation: Between Black Protest and Sunni Islam.
  Gibson, Dawn-Marie/ 9780814737866/ Price:US$ 28.00
Susan Sontag.
  Jerome Boyd Maunsell/ 9781780232881/ Price:¢G 11.99
n this new biography Jerome Boyd Maunsell assesses the astonishing scope of Sontag's life and work, tracing her growth during her academic career at Chicago, Oxford, the Sorbonne and Harvard, through her marriage to Philip Rieff at the age of seventeen, to the birth of her son David and her relationships with women. From Sontag's literary life in New York to her diagnosis of cancer in the mid-1970s and her miraculous rebirth as a novelist and critic in the 1980s and '90s, this biography puts intellectual development hand-in-hand with the personal, providing an integrated picture of Sontag as private person and public figure. Drawing on her extensive diaries, Susan Sontag gives a far more intimate portrait than has been previously possible of Sontag's struggles in love, in marriage, as a mother and as a writer. It offers an essential re-evaluation of a pivotal figure that is of interest to anyone concerned with literary history or culture.
VA37-57 Gender & International Law, 4-Vols/Set.
  Pearson, Zoe/ 9780415520096/ Price:¢G 1125.00
As research in gender and international law continues to flourish, this new four-volume collection from Routledge¡¦s Critical Concepts in Law series brings together the most influential scholarship to date, gathering foundational and canonical theoretical work, together with innovative and cutting-edge applications and interventions. It provides an understanding of the development of the field of gender and international law, as well as highlighting areas of thought-provoking research to stimulate future developments in the field. The first volume in the collection (¡¥Defining Gender and International Law¡¦) assembles key works to illustrate the development of the field and provide users with a clear understanding of the concepts, methods, and theoretical underpinnings of gender and international law. Volume II (¡¥Doing Gender and International Law: Actors and Institutions¡¦) brings gender and international law to life as an action-orientated field, theoretically sophisticated, but focused on and contributing to changes in how international and national law-makers treat gendered issues. Volume III (¡¥Key Legal Themes in Gender and International Law¡¦) provides an overview of the different legal themes that have engaged scholars analysing international law from feminist, women-centred, or gendered perspectives. The scholarship assembled in the final volume (¡¥Critical Movements and Emerging Issues in Gender and International Law¡¦) collects work that encourages critical reflections about gendered analyses of contemporary issues in international law. It also highlights where increased attention is needed, or where current approaches by feminist international legal scholars might require further scrutiny.
VA37-56 Women in Colonial India: Historical Documents and Sources, 5-Vols/Set.
  Nayar, Pramod K. K/ 9780415525558/ Price:¢G 1120.00
Co-published by Routledge and Edition Synapse, this new title makes key archival source material readily available to scholars, researchers, and students of Indian imperial history. The collection will be particularly welcomed by those working in women¡¦s and gender studies, and in women¡¦s history, but also by those active in allied and related fields. Selected and introduced by an expert editor, the gathered materials are reproduced in facsimile, giving users a strong sense of immediacy to the texts and permitting citation to the original pagination. Women in Colonial India is a veritable treasure-trove; it brings together key colonial documents and other materials which are currently widely dispersed or very difficult for scholars, researchers, and students across the globe to locate and use. In five volumes, the collection draws on a wide variety of sources, including periodicals, memoirs, parliamentary, and administrative reports. It covers crucial gendered concerns and topics, such as ¡¥the woman question¡¦; female infanticide; widow-burning; education; health; and marriage. Each volume is supplemented by a substantial introduction, newly written by the learned editor, which contextualizes the collected works, and this vital reference and research resource also includes a detailed appendix providing data on the provenance of the gathered works.
VA37-55 The SAGE Handbook of Gender and Psychology.
  Ryan, Michelle K./ 9781446203071/ Price:¢G 130.00
Book Cover The SAGE Handbook of Gender and Psychology is a unique, state-of-the-art synthesis of the known work, combined with current research trends, in the broad field of gender and psychology. In the past 35 years academic publications on the subject have increased tenfold, and this level of activity as well the diversity of research looks set to increase in the coming years too. The time is ideal for a systematic review of the field. Contributions come from academics around the world and many different disciplines, and as a result multiple perspectives and a diversity of methodologies are presented to understand gender and its implications for behaviour. Chapters cover a wide variety of topics, theoretical approaches, contexts, and social issues; they also critically examine the key issues and current debates. Both advanced students and scholars will find extensive range and depth in the topics covered across the Handbook's 35 chapters. Published as a single volume, the handbook is aimed at individuals as well as the library market. The SAGE Handbook of Gender and Psychology will have mass appeal across the field of psychology, including social psychology and gender and psychology, as well a number of other subject groups such as gender studies, sociology, organizational behaviour and political science.
SA37-439 Becoming Visible in Iran: Women in Contemporary Iranian Society.
  Honarbin-Holliday, Mehri/ 9781780760865/ Price:¢G 20.00
VA37-54 Gendered Occupational Differences in Science, Engineering, and Technology Careers.
  Prescott, Julie/ 9781466621077/ Price:US$ 175.00
Book Cover Gender segregation is an issue that still exists in today¡¦s society. With the dominance of men in the science, engineering, and technology sectors, there is still a question of the underrepresentation of women. It is even apparent that in the positions that are predominately female, such as nursing, men still hold more senior managerial positions than women. Gendered Occupational Differences in Science, Engineering, and Technology Careers provides an overview of women in male dominated fields, specifically in science, engineering, and technology, and examines the contributing factors in this concern. This collection of research is relevant to academics and students in social and behavioral sciences in addition to gender and organizational researchers and scholars. Topics Covered ¡E Career Barriers ¡E Cultural Issues ¡E Equal Opportunities and Diversity ¡E Female Dominated Occupations ¡E Gender Role Attitude ¡E Generational Differences ¡E Identity and Social Identity Theory ¡E Occupational Segregation ¡E Support for Mixed Networks
VA37-53 Researching Gender, 4-Vols/Set.
  Hughes, Christina/ 9781446248744/ Price:¢G 710.00
Book Cover Researching Gender is an authoritative four-volume reference of major works in the field of feminist methodologies. International and interdisciplinary in scope, the collection draws on perspectives across the social sciences and humanities. The full range of feminist political, ethical and epistemological approaches to methodology from the second wave through to contemporary concerns is included. An introductory essay to each volume provides a guide to the development of this field and its future directions. These will define key concepts, summarise debates and introduce major themes and 'turns'. The focus of each volume is: ¡E Volume 1: Situated Knowers and Feminist Standpoint ¡E Volume 2: Feminist Postmodernism and Intersectionality ¡E Volume 3: Feminist Empiricism ¡E Volume 4: Feminist Futures Researching Gender is a comprehensive collection of well-regarded, seminal articles in the field of feminist methodology that will be an essential resource for academics and advanced students in this field.
VA37-52 Encyclopedia of Gender in Media.
  Kosut, Mary/ 9781412990790/ Price:¢G 120.00
Book Cover The media strongly influences our everyday notions of gender roles and our concepts of gender identity. The Encyclopedia of Gender in Media critically examines the role of the media in enabling, facilitating, or challenging the social construction of gender in our society. The work addresses a variety of entertainment and news content in print and electronic media and explores the social construction of masculinity as well as femininity. In addition to representations of gender within the media, we also analyze gender issues related to media ownership and the media workforce. Despite an abundance of textbooks, anthologies, and university press monographs on the topic of gender in media, until now no comprehensive reference work has tackled this topic of perennial interest in student research and papers.
VA37-50 Asian American Feminisms, 4-Vols/Set.
  Bow, Leslie/ 9780415579087/ Price:¢G 1125.00
Book Cover Asian American Feminisms brings together the very best foundational and cutting-edge writing and scholarship on Asian women in the United States. The first volume collects historical and contemporary memoirs, essays, fiction, and stories that reveal the diversity of Asian American women¡¦s experience. The creative and testimonial narratives gathered here engage with themes such as freedom, labour, domesticity, sexuality, self-actualization, liberalism, nationalism, family, language, and coalition. The following three volumes, meanwhile, place the very best research from history, literature, law, sociology, popular culture, psychology, new media, and visual culture into interdisciplinary dialogue. Asian American Feminisms counters the popular misconstruction of Asian women as pre-feminist subjects who lack critical gender and race consciousness. At the same time, understanding the ways in which women remain vulnerable to state institutions and to cultural representations becomes increasingly urgent in a globalized world; and this collection bridges the divide between women-of-colour feminism in the United States and the transnational analysis of women in Asia and the Asian diaspora. Edited by Leslie Bow, a leading scholar in the field, Asian American Feminisms is a vital resource for researchers and students seeking an introduction to Asian American feminist thought. It will also be welcomed by established scholars and activists invested in women¡¦s issues and gender analysis in the United States, the Pacific Rim, and beyond.
VA37-40 Women and Belief, 1852-1928, 6-Vols/Set.
  Llewellyn, Mark/ 9780415472180/ Price:¢G 920.00
Book Cover Over recent years, research into religious belief during the Victorian period and the early twentieth century has grown in diversity and importance. The centrality of faith-based discourses to women of the period has long been recognized by scholars in the field. But until now relatively little significance has been attached to the fundamental relationship between women¡¦s faith and women¡¦s rights. This new title in the History of Feminism series remedies that omission. Women and Belief, 1852¡V1928 is a six-volume collection of primary materials covering a wide range of opinions about women, their self-identity, and the combination of their spiritual and political beliefs. Addressing the most debated aspects of women¡¦s religious, social, cultural, and political rights, the collection adopts an historical overview of the period and provides an authoritative representation of the wide body of literature written by and about women¡¦s faith. Beginning with an example of how religious discourse provided a model for acceptable female behaviour and a satirical take on women¡¦s rights and spiritualism and ending with an economist¡¦s psychoanalytic study of female belief from 1928, Women and Belief, 1852¡V1928 provides a unique collection of different viewpoints. It brings together the work of women writers, theologians, philosophers, and economic and cultural historians to illustrate the multiplicity of voices and opinions on the issues of suffrage and religious faith. This diversity is equally reflected in the broad geographical coverage of the collection which draws on works not only from the United Kingdom and United States but also includes materials from Canada and India, and moves beyond the Christian into the spheres of theosophy, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism. The gathered materials include works of non-fiction, poetry, analytical works, satires, pamphlets, sermons, spiritual (auto)biography, and periodical articles.
SA37-474 Gender and Sustainability: Lessons from Asia and Latin America
  Maria Luz Cruz-Torres/ 9780816537952/ Price:US$ 32
SA37-464 Dangerous Discourses of Disability, Subjectivity and Sexuality.
  Shildrick, Margrit/ 9781137272805/ Price:EUR 64.99
SA37-451 Documenting First Wave Feminisms, Vol. 1: Transnational Collaborations and Crosscurrents.
  Moynagh, Maureen/ 9780802091345/ Price:US$ 102.00
SA37-440 (¤º­¶ªÅ¥Õ)What Every Man Thinks About Apart from Sex.
  Simove, Sheridan/ 9781849531986/ Price:US$ 8.95
VA37-51 Gender and Social Computing: Interactions, Differences and Relationships.
  Livermore, Celia Romm/ 9781609607593/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover Despite continued public interest in issues relating to gender and computing, there exists a relative scarcity of texts on this topic. Gender and Social Computing: Interactions, Differences and Relationships provides an overview of the major questions that researchers and practitioners are addressing, outlining possible future directions for theory development and empirical research on gender and computing. This comprehensive reference focuses on three areas of research on gender and computing: gender and computing in the work arena, gender and computing in cyberspace, and gender in eDating. Topics Covered ¡E Computer Mediated Communication for Business Women and Professionals ¡E Disability Identity and Gender Representation in Second Life ¡E eDating and Online Behavior ¡E Gender and Anonymity in Virtual Teams ¡E Gender and E-Marketing ¡E Gender Differences in Social Networking ¡E Gender Segregation and ICT ¡E The Impact of Gender on ICT Usage ¡E Women Bloggers, Politics, and Political Participation ¡E Women in IT Careers
VA37-49 Encyclopedia of Women in Today's World, 4-Vols/Set.
  Stange, Mary Zeiss/ 9781412976855/ Price:¢G 480.00
Book Cover The Encyclopedia of Women in Today's World looks at women today and delves into contexts of being female in the 21st century. The scope of the Encyclopedia focuses on women's status starting approximately in the year 2000 and going forward. From A-to-Z, this work will cover the spectrum of defining women in the contemporary world. Signed entries (with cross-references and recommended readings) cover the full range of issues in contemporary women's studies, with volumes including information relevant to the following academic disciplinary contexts: arts and media; business and economics; criminal justice; education; family studies; health; media; military; politics; science and technology; sports; religion; and women in different cultures and countries.
SA37-409 The Short Guide to Gender.
  Woodward, Kath/ 9781847427632/ Price:¢G 12.99
This accessible guide provides readers with an introduction to the key concepts and main developments in gender studies. Presenting definitions, explanations and policy implications through discussion of case studies, this book shows how gender intersects with different dimensions of diversity and demonstrates the connections between sex and gender. Using a range of pedagogical features and highlighting the importance of gender in the contemporary world, this succinct text provides an ideal overview for students and professionals alike.
VA37-48 Women in Engineering, Science and Technology: Education and Career Challenges.
  Cater-Steel, Aileen/ 9781615206575/ Price:US$ 180.00
In the fields of Engineering, Science and Information Technology, there remains an underrepresentation of female leadership in entry level, intermediate, upper level, and senior level management positions, creating an insufficient number of role models to encourage other women to join these typically non-traditional female fields of work and study. Women in Engineering, Science and Technology: Education and Career Challenges provides a collection of recent high-quality empirical studies related to the education and careers of women in engineering, science and technology disciplines, with cases on innovative approaches to attracting and supporting women in training courses, and discussions on the effectiveness of mentoring, role models, government policy, and initiatives by professional bodies. This reference work is ideal for professionals and researchers working in the field of education and career development for women in engineering, science and technology, while also offering insights and support to academics concerned with attracting and retaining women in these disciplines, and providing information to members of professional bodies representing engineers, scientists and technology workers who wish to encourage women during their transition from education to the workforce.
VA37-47 Female Journalists of the Fin de Siecle, 4-Vols/Set.
  Shelley, Lorna/ 9780415559492/ Price:¢G 935.00
Especially in recent years, late nineteenth-century novels, short stories, and essays have attracted considerable scholarly interest. Research into texts by and about the New Woman has played a major role in shaping a critical understanding of fin-de-si?cle literature, New Journalism, gender politics, activism, work, and education. Serious academic work has, in particular, focused on changing gender roles and women's participation in the public sphere and urban spaces. This new title in the History of Feminism series, co-published by Routledge and Edition Synapse, is a four-volume collection of primary materials which builds on this existing scholarship. It brings together a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts first published between the 1800s and the early twentieth century to present different aspects of what it meant to be a female journalist at the turn of the nineteenth century. Making readily available such materials-which are currently very difficult for scholars, researchers, and students across the globe to locate and use-Female Journalists of the Fin de Si?cle is a veritable treasure-trove. The gathered works are reproduced in facsimile, giving users a strong sense of immediacy to the texts and permitting citation to the original pagination. The collection is also supplemented by a detailed and comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editor, which contextualizes the material in terms of fin-de-si?cle publishing, journalism, and authorship. And with a detailed appendix providing data on the magazines, newspapers, and periodicals in which the articles and stories of the period were originally published, the collection is destined to be welcomed as a vital reference and research resource. Volume I: The Advanced Woman in Journalism and the Case against the Woman Journalist Volume II: Fiction I Volume III: Fiction II: Journalism and the Modern Girl Volume IV: Press Work in Fiction and in Fact
VA37-46 Gender Issues in Learning and Working with Information Technology: Social Constructs and Cultural Contexts.
  Booth, Shirley/ 9781615208135/ Price:US$ 180.00
Gender, equity, learning, and information technology can intersect to form a theoretical and abstract field of knowledge emanating from very real, concrete, lived experiences. Gender Differences in Learning and Working with Technology: Social Constructs and Cultural Contexts discusses the social studies of information technology, specifically how IT skills are learned and how such skills are gendered. This book draws upon the disciplines of sociology, education, cultural and media studies, and gender studies, using a variety of research methods and theoretical perspectives to approach gender and IT in different contexts: education settings, work settings and everyday life. This unique reference source brings to light gender relations and IT, examining them in a multidimensional way.
VA37-45 Gender and Women's Leadership: A Reference Handbook, 2-Vols/Set.
  O'Connor, Karen/ 9781412960830/ Price:¢G 350.00
This work is part of the SAGE Reference Series on Leadership and provides undergraduate students with an authoritative reference resource on leadership issues specific to women and gender. It covers historical and contemporary barriers to women's leadership and issues of gender bias and discrimination, but also places a strong focus on positive aspects and opportunities for leadership in various domains. The two-volume set is centered on the 100 most important topics, issues, questions and debates specific to women and gender. By focusing on 100 key topics, more detailed information and depth of discussion is provided than typically found in an encyclopedia entry but not as much jargon, detail or density as a journal article or a research handbook chapter. Key Themes women and public leadership in the American context women's global leadership women as leaders in the business sector the nonprofit and social service sector religion academia public policy advocacy the media sports the arts.
VA37-44 Gender, 4-Vols/Set.
  Evans, Mary/ 9780415554343/ Price:¢G 950.00
New from the Routledge Major Works programme, this landmark title is a four-volume collection of canonical and the very best cutting-edge research on gender. Taking gender to mean both the forms of identity which follow biological definitions of sex (the social identities of male and female, masculine and feminine), as well as the social and intimate relations which are constructed and defined through gender, serious work in the field is inevitably very wide-ranging, and draws on scholarship and insights from across the humanities, the social sciences, and beyond. Much of this literature remains inaccessible, or is highly specialized and compartmentalized, so that it is ever more difficult to gain an informed and comprehensive overview of the current and historical issues and debates. The sheer scale of the growth in research output in gender-as well as its breadth-makes this collection especially useful and meets the demand for a one-stop 'mini library' of this endlessly fascinating and fundamental subject. The editor (founder of the European Journal of Women's Studies), Mary Evans, is one of the field's leading scholars. She has written new introductions, both to each volume, and to the collection as a whole, which place the collected material in its historical and intellectual context. Gender is an essential collection destined to be valued by scholars and students as a vital research resource. Volume I: Imagination of Gender Volume II: MAKING GENDER Volume III: Living Gender Volume IV: States of Gender
VA37-43 Encyclopedia of Motherhood, 3-Vols/set.
  O'Reilly, Andrea/ 9781412968461/ Price:¢G 405.00
In the last decade, the topic of motherhood has emerged as a distinct and established field of scholarly inquiry. A cursory review of motherhood research reveals that hundreds of scholarly articles have been published on almost every motherhood theme imaginable. The Encyclopedia of Motherhood is a collection of approximately 700 articles in a three-volume, A-to-Z set exploring major topics related to motherhood, from geographical, historical and cultural entries to anthropological and psychological contributions. In human society, few institutions are as important as motherhood, and this unique encyclopedia captures the interdisciplinary foundation of the subject in one convenient reference. The Encyclopedia is a comprehensive resource designed to provide an understanding of the complexities of motherhood for academic and public libraries, and is written by academics and institutional experts in the social and behavioural sciences. Key Features *Provides an overview of the topic of motherhood in many and diverse disciplines, such as anthropology, sociology, psychology and philosophy *Examines the meaning and experience of motherhood in many time periods from classic civilizations to present day *Includes an entry for all the influential theorists of maternal scholarship from the pioneering theories to the more recent writings *Covers issues and events of our current times including entries on the mommy blog, the motherhood memoir, terrorism, reproductive technologies, HIV/AIDS, and LGBT families *Explores geographical, cultural, and ethnic diversity with an entry for almost every country in the world as well as entries on lesbian, immigrant, adoptive, single, nonresidential, young, poor mothers and mothers with disabilities
VA37-39 Victorian and Edwardian Anti-Feminism, 4-Vols/Set.
  Sanders, Valerie/ 9780415498173/ Price:¢G 920.00
The temporal scope of the four-volume set is broad and covers the Victorian and Edwardian eras, and beyond into the 1920s. The four volumes are divided into eleven parts. Parts 1-3, 5, and 6 explore the changing norms and assumptions governing women's education, physical embodiment, marriage and motherhood, and leisure activities. Authors covered include Grant Allen, Eliza Lynn Linton, Ella Hepworth Dixon, and Belfort Bax. Part 4 provides a treasure-trove of satirical materials, including Punch cartoons of the 1850s equating 'Bloomerism' with the much-feared and ridiculed early feminist. The debates around women's suffrage are extensively represented in Part 7, with the specific issues raised by militancy discussed in a separate section (Part 8). In Part 9, the new term 'feminism', given mass currency in the early twentieth century, is discussed in tandem with the efforts by a minority grouping within anti-suffragism ('The Forward Movement') to create a constructive, positive version of what had been understood to be a negative, backward-looking, political movement. Finally, Parts 10 ('War') and 11 ('After Suffrage') bring together materials on the First World War and the fate of anti-feminism after the granting of women's suffrage.
VA37-38 Irish Feminisms, 1810-1930, 5-Vols/Set.
  Pierse, Mary/ 9780415475297/ Price:¢G 1005.00
Volume I ('Leading the Way') includes key ideological articulations of Irish feminist beliefs. Volume II ('Land and Labour') is a collection of vital materials which show the intermeshing of women's concerns with prevailing political turmoil. The question mark in the title of Volume III ('Eire Ab??' ('Ireland Forever?')) hints at the uncertainties facing women in any New Ireland. These fears are reflected in the materials reproduced in this volume, which includes work by the redoubtable Sheehy Skeffingtons, by the strongly feminist Haslams, and by Yeats's beloved Maud Gonne. Nationalistic and feminist prose and poetry by sisters Countess Markievicz and Eva Gore-Booth-portrayed by Yeats as 'one beautiful, the other a gazelle'-is also included in this volume. Bringing together extracts from biography, fiction, poetry and bitter-sweet drama, Volume IV ('In the Real World') is a repository of vital work which engaged with education, social and sexual mores, marriage, and religious life. Finally, Volume V ('Literary Approaches') highlights disparate expressions of the evolving Irish attitudes to feminist issues, from the competing spheres of the convent and secular world (George Moore's 'The Exile'), to challenges to fixed notions of gender (K. C. Thurston's Max), and an anti-romantic account of the Aran Islands (Emily Lawless's Grania).
VA37-37 Women in Asia, 4-Vols/Set.
  Edwards, Louise/ 9780415445252/ Price:¢G 995.00
Volume I (¡¥Women and Political Power¡¦) brings together material which explores the engagement by women in Asia with the law (e.g. struggles to acquire equal pay and inheritance rights), formal political power (e.g. structural blocks to their participation in government), and education. This volume also gathers vital contributions on women¡¦s activism (e.g. feminist groups, comfort women¡¦s groups, housewives¡¦ unions, and transnational activism). Volume II (¡¥Redefining Working Women¡¦) collects research around topics including: women and unions; women in paid and unpaid labour (e.g. the gendered division of labour in Asian households); women as migrant workers; women in development; prostitution and trafficking; and women as carers. Volume III (¡¥Health and Sexuality¡¦) brings together the best¡Xand most influential¡Xscholarship on contentious themes such as the increasing imbalance in sex ratios in the region as a result of female infanticide, sex-selective abortions, and the kidnapping of wives. Research gathered in this volume also covers reproductive health; violence against women (e.g. female genital mutilation, dowry burnings, and honour killings); same-sex attraction and diverse gender identity; and medicine and health care (including work on traditional medicine and mental-health problems specific to women in the region, such as the high suicide rates in China and South Asia). The material collected in Volume IV (¡¥Constructions of the Feminine¡¦) focuses on women in the family (e.g. gendered role expectations); women in religion; Western perceptions of Asian women (e.g. stereotypes of passivity); women in the arts; and official discourses on the feminine (such as the promotion by Asian governments of gender roles).
VA37-23 Encyclopedia of Gender and Society, 2-Vols/Set.
  O'Brien, Jodi A./ 9781412909167/ Price:¢G 380.00
For decades, scholars of gender have been documenting and analyzing the various ways in which gender shapes individual lives, cultural beliefs and practices, and social and economic organization. Including contributions by experts in the field, the Encyclopedia of Gender and Society covers the major theories, research, people, and issues in contemporary gender studies. This comprehensive, two-volume encyclopedia is distinguished by a cross-national/cross-cultural perspective that provides comparative analyses of the life experiences of men and women around the world.
VA37-36 Gender and Information Technology: Moving Beyond Access to Co-Create Global Partnership.
  Kirk, Mary/ 9781599047867/ Price:US$ 165.00
The exponential growth of technology and concurrent information revolution is creating a tremendous cultural shift on a global scale. However, the direction of that shift is being determined by those privileged few who participate. Women and people of color remain underrepresented as developers, users and beneficiaries of technology. Using gender as a starting point, Gender and Information Technology: Moving Beyond Access to Co-Create Global Partnership offers an interdisciplinary, social systems perspective on how shifting from a dominator social system towards a partnership system--as reflected in four primary social institutions (communication, media, education, and business)--might help us move beyond the simplistic notion of access to information technology towards partnership in co-creating a real digital revolution worldwide. This significant, compelling title defines core roots of the problem while proposing solutions in which we can all participate.
VA37-34 Gender and Research, 4-Vols/Set.
  Delamont, Sara/ 9781412945974/ Price:¢G 675.00
For the past thirty years there have been vigorous debates about the roles played by gender, sexuality and sexual orientation in research. This collection brings together the debates together, set them into their historical and theoretical context, and deal with the major criticisms and refutations. A particular strength of this collection is that it will available a key sources otherwise scattered and hard to obtain. Volume I discusses three sub-themes, the context in which gender became a matter of concern for researchers, the context in which feminist methods were developed, and the (re)discovery of the methodological work of well-known women such as Jane Addams and Florence Nightingale. Volume II looks at research that has been conducted with explicit awareness of gender. Volume III focuses on the pioneering work of innovative scholars who argued for feminist methods in the years after 1950. It then goes on to investigate research that defended and debated the formulations of feminist methods. Finally, volume IV explicitly relates the themes of Queer Theory, Subaltern Theory and Polyvocality, themes that evolved with feminist methods, to those topics showcased in the other three volumes.
VA37-32 Gender and Development, 4-Vols/Set.
  Momsen, Janet D./ 9780415422727/ Price:¢G 1000.00
It is increasingly apparent that the growing challenges facing development scholars, policy-makers, and practitioners in the twenty-first century require a more sophisticated understanding of the importance of gender than has hitherto been the case. At a time when the forces of globalization are transforming economies and peoples, women throughout the world are still marginalized both economically and politically. In particular, new rulings by the World Trade Organization threaten the exports of many developing countries and jobs-often those held by women-are being lost. Such changes are also significantly affecting men and masculinities as gender roles and relations are transformed. Furthermore, global warming is threatening environments and natural resources, such as forests and water, and creating specific-but different-problems for both men and women in developing countries. Edited and introduced by a leading researcher and activist, this four-volume Major Work in the Routledge Critical Concepts in Development series brings together both cutting-edge and canonical research about gender and development which will enable development scholars, policy-makers, and workers to understand and address such challenges more effectively. Moreover, work on gender and development continues to be very wide-ranging, and increasingly draws on scholarship and insights from across the social sciences and beyond. Much of this literature remains inaccessible, or is highly specialized and compartmentalized, so that it is ever more difficult to gain an informed and comprehensive overview of the current and historical issues and debates. The sheer scale of the growth in research output in gender and development-and the breadth of the field-make this collection especially timely and meets the demand for a wide-ranging, multidisciplinary perspective on this fascinating and important subject.
VA37-28 Medical Advice for Women, 1830-1915, 5-Vols/Set.
  Robbins, Ruth/ 9780415403313/ Price:¢G 1000.00
Medical Advice for Women is a new five-volume collection from Routledge and Edition Synapse covering professional, scientific, and medical opinion, in addition to the popular guides aimed at the female reader, between the years 1830-1915. Medical literature from this period provides a fascinating insight into the interrelations between social proscriptions, often validated by appeals to religious authority, and medical prescriptions. The narrative contained within this largely chronological collection is not necessarily a progressive one from quackery to medical and scientific enlightenment; the situation was more nuanced than selective quotation from sensational examples has implied in the past. This collection, edited and with a new introduction by Ruth Robbins, illuminates the complexity and shifting grounds of opinion in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries by bringing back into print a broad selection of texts offering medical advice to women, and will be of interest to all scholars and students working in gender and cultural studies, and particularly to historians and sociologists of medicine.
VA37-27 Gender and Modernism, 4-Vols/Set.
  Scott, Bonnie Kime/ 9780415380928/ Price:¢G 1000.00
Modernism, whether seen as a period designation, a manifestation of formal experimentation, or an aspect of modernity, has since its inception been marked, consciously or unconsciously, by gender. The dates 1890-1940, typically accepted as encompassing the modernist period, coincide with the first wave of feminism and its educational, suffragist, socialist, and professional agendas. Feminist activism and ideology of the period, as well as reactions against them, made gender a field of contention, sometimes labelled the "sex wars." The long shadow left by the Oscar Wilde trials, and the flourishing of gay and lesbian cultures, particularly in the urban centres of modernism in the teens and twenties, also queered normative notions of masculinity and femininity. In response to global consumer culture, diverse images of the modern girl emerged, also putting conventional notions of gender to the test. The Harlem Renaissance had its own gendered politics and expressions, as did modernism¡¦s venturing into and emergence from colonial situations around the globe.
VA37-26 French Feminists, 4-Vols/Set.
  Hansen, Jennifer/ 9780415395526/ Price:¢G 815.00
Although at times criticized for its philosophical density, French cultural theory remains a flourishing, if highly contested, area of academic study. Four feminist thinkers in this tradition continue to be especially prominent: Simone de Beauvoir, Julia Kristeva, Helene Cixous, and Luce Irigaray. This new collection from Routledge gathers together the very best secondary literature on these thinkers to provide an indispensable conspectus of their works. Each of the four thinkers is represented by an individual volume, and each volume includes a newly written introduction to that thinker's work and her philosophical relevance.
VA37-25 African American Feminisms, 1828-1923, 6-Vols/Set.
  Zackodnik, Teresa/ 9780415395373/ Price:¢G 1200.00
African American Feminisms brings together writings that document distinctly African American feminist organizing from as early as the late 1820s through female benevolent and literary societies, as well as writings that document African American feminist participation in black political concerns such as emigration and colonization, discrimination in public transportation, and anti-lynching. African American women also negotiated competing demands within interracial reform movements like abolition, woman's rights, temperance and suffrage, as well as within organizations like the black church, making documents that offer insight into those unique demands key to understanding black feminist arguments and rhetoric. Pursuing a varied feminist rhetoric that ranged from advocating domestic and maternal feminism to defending black womanhood, African American feminists focused on larger social reforms as well as agitating for material changes in the lives of African American women and girls. African American feminists were also keenly attuned to opening useful venues to black feminist voices, from the pulpit to the press, and urged the women that followed them to continue this work. This collection, which includes a variety of genres from the spiritual autobiography to the platform speech and the pamphlet, goes beyond the more common focus on the "greats" of black feminism to include lesser known black feminists and some unidentified women who contributed to black feminist debate on a variety of topics. African American Feminisms, edited and with an introduction by Teresa Zackodnik, is destined to be welcomed by those interested in women's studies, feminism, and African American history as an invaluable reference resource.
SA37-415 TransForming Gender: Transgender Practices of Identity, Intimacy and Care.
  Hines, Sally/ 9781861349163/ Price:¢G 25.99
This book is a major contribution to contemporary gender and sexuality studies. At a time when transgender practices are the subject of increasing social and cultural visibility, it marks the first UK study of transgender identity formation. It is also the first examination - anywhere in the world - of transgender practices of intimacy and care.
VA37-30 The Freewoman, Volumes 1 and 2 (1911-12), 2-Vols/Set.
  Demizu, Junko/ 9784902454277/ Price:¢G 745.00
VA37-24 Women's Suffrage Literature, 6-Vols/Set.
  Cockin, Katharine/ 9780415357449/ Price:¢G 1050.00
VA37-18 Handbook of Gender and Women's Studies.
  Evans, Mary/ 9780761943907/ Price:¢G 125.00
Gender and Women's Studies is one of the most challenging fields within the social sciences- the dynamics of gender relations and the social and cultural implications of gender constructions offer a lively forum of debate. The Handbook of Gender and Women's Studies presents a comprehensive and engaging review of the most recent developments within the field, including the study of masculinity, the feminist implications of postmodernism, the `cultural turn' and globalization. The authors review current research and offer critical analyses of women's and gender studies in work, the welfare state, family, education, religion, violence and war and feminist global politics. Edited by three leading academics from Europe and the United States, and with 25 chapters written by scholars based throughout the world, the Handbook situates the most important debates in the field within a uniquely international and interdisciplinary context. The Handbook is a useful introduction to gender theory and an exciting starting-point for fresh debates.
VA37-17 Women and Romanticism, 5-Vols/Set.
  Eberle, Roxanne/ 9780415342186/ Price:¢G 1100.00
Demonstrating the breadth and scope of women's writing in the Romantic period, this collection covers a variety of topics ranging across polemical treatises, private correspondence, philosophical and historical disquisitions, and poetry and prose fiction. Helping to contextualise the areas discussed, the collection includes a general introduction by the editor, which traces the history of criticism in the field, and thus current definitions of "Women and Romanticism", before going on to discuss the contents of each volume.
VA37-15 Women & Cross Dressing: 1800-1939, 3-Vols/Set.
  Bauer, Heike/ 9780415323024/ Price:¢G 560.00
This three-volume anthology focuses on writings by and about cross-dressing women from the early nineteenth century up to the beginning of World War II. In so doing it offers a new perspective on one of the most decisive periods in the history of feminism. The anthology brings together for the first time key texts from the sexological and the literary realms as well as newspaper articles, letters and photographs, which document the phenomenon of cross-dressing women in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century British culture. The collection also includes translations from European texts that impacted on British understandings of cross-dressing during this time. Each of the three volumes is introduced separately with a critical essay. Together these volumes make available important source material for the history of feminism
VA08-280-2 SAGE Handbook of Gender and Education, The.
  Skelton, Christine/ 9781412907927/ Price:¢G 125.00
The Handbook of Gender and Education brings together leading scholars on gender and education to provide an up-to-date and broad-ranging guide to the field. It is a comprehensive overview of different theoretical positions on equity issues in schools. The contributions cover all sectors of education from early years to higher education; curriculum subjects; methodological and theoretical perspectives; and gender identities in education. Each chapter reviews, synthesises and provides a critical interrogation of key contemporary themes in education. This approach ensures that the book will be an indispensable source of reference for a wide range of readers: students, academics and practitioners.
VA05-216 Men and Masculinities, 5-Vols/Set.
  Whitehead, Stephen/ 9780415368827/ Price:¢G 1200.00
Men and Masculinities is a new title in the Routledge Major Works series, Critical Concepts in Sociology. In five volumes, this set brings together canonical and cutting-edge material in the field to make sense of a rapidly expanding area of research. The sociology of masculinity began to assume real significance from the late 1980s onwards, when it emerged out of the second wave of feminist research sweeping through American, European and Australasian universities at that time. In theoretical terms, scholars in the field primarily adopt sociological and psychoanalytical perspectives, while also connecting to psychological and philosophical understandings. Over the past decade there has been a surge in the number of publications that focus on aspects of global masculinities; there is now published research into Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Mexican, Indian, Caribbean, French, Spanish and African masculinities. Within the US there is also a burgeoning literature on Black and Latino masculinities in numerous contexts. The sheer scale of this growth in research output - and the breadth of the field - makes this Routledge collection especially timely, and while it covers the primary concepts and discussions which have come to inform this field of study over the past thirty years or so, the collection also brings together material reflecting new debates and new areas of research from across the world. With examples from every key writer and researcher who has contributed to the field over the past three decades, together with a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editor, which places the collected material in context, Men and Masculinities is an essential reference collection destined to be valued by scholars and students as a vital research resource.
VA05-210 Sage Handbook of Gender and Communication, The.
  Dow, Bonnie/ 9781412904230/ Price:¢G 155.00
The Handbook of Gender and Communication begins from the premise that gender is, at once, an aspect of both individual identity and of social structure that dramatically and relentlessly shapes individual and collective life. Communication is central to this process, and the Handbook brings together leading scholars in the area who review and evaluate the state of research on gender and communication through discussion of existing theories and research as well as through identification of important directions for future scholarship. The Handbook includes a general introduction and five sections that focus on primary contexts in which gender and communication are shaped, reflected and expressed: interpersonal; organizational; rhetoric; media; and intercultural/global.
VA05-169 Jean-Francois Lyotard, 3-Vols/Set.
  Taylor, Victor E./ 9780415338196/ Price:¢G 735.00
Jean-Francois Lyotard's importance to contemporary philosophy cannot be overstated. Often associated with the concept of 'postmodernism,' Lyotard, along with Jacques Derrida, Michel Foucault, and Gilles Deleuze, was a central figure in the 'theory debates' during the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. His writings across the disciplines strongly influenced the current shape of contemporary continental philosophy and critical theory, with his posthumously published books and essays having a significant influence on current scholarly debates. Lyotard's contributions to contemporary continental philosophy are many, with critical concepts such as differend, meta-narratives, little-narratives, pagan aesthetics, and parology becoming permanent entries in the postmodern lexicon. While much remains to be explored in his arguments and theoretical propositions, it is his later philosophico-poetics that may be his enduring legacy.
VA37-13 Feminism and the Periodical Press, 1900-1918, 3-Vols/Set
  Delap, Lucy/ 9780415320252/ Price:¢G 815.00
The Edwardian period represents a particularly vibrant periodical culture, with phenomenal growth in the numbers of titles published that were either aimed specifically at women, or saw women as a key section of their readership or contributor group. It was a period of political ferment in which a number of 'progressive' traditions were formulated, shaped or abandoned, including socialism, feminism, modernism, empire politics, trade unionism and welfarism. This collection comprises periodical articles organised around some of the central themes of political thought and utopian thinking, and offers a comprehensive sourcebook of readings on the Edwardian/Progressive Era feminist thought. The volumes explore the interventions of the radical public intellectuals working in these traditions in North America and the UK from 1900-1918.
SA37-400 Feminism: A Very Short Introduction.
  Walters, Margaret/ 9780192805102/ Price:¢G 8.99
SA37-319 The Ann Oakley Reader: Gender, Women and Social Science.
  Oakley, Ann/ 9781861346919/ Price:¢G 27.99
SA37-319 The Ann Oakley Reader: Gender, Women and Social Science.
  Oakley, Ann/ 9781861346926/ Price:¢G 70.00
This book brings together edited extracts from classic texts by the internationally renowned feminist sociologist, Ann Oakley. Edited and selected by the author herself, it starts with work first published in the early 1970s. Ann Oakley's research and writing on sex and gender, housework, motherhood, women's health, and social science, have enormously influenced the thinking of many inside and beyond social science, and have helped to shape the academic study of women and gender right up to the present day. The book illustrates how Oakley's thinking has evolved over a period in which much in the field of gender and women's studies has changed. Each section of the book is prefaced by Oakley's reflections on how her original studies relate to more recent research and theoretical perspectives. There are many points of intersection with modern debates about how (and whether) to 'do' gender and what terms such as 'women' and 'men' really mean.
VA37-10 Women and Islam: Critical Concepts in Sociology, 3-Vols/Set.
  Moghissi, Haideh/ 9780415324182/ Price:¢G 880.00
This three-volume interdisciplinary collection will be of use not only in Middle East studies but also in various other disciplines, including women's studies, political science, religion, cultural studies, sociology of gender and anthropology. The collection offers the most influential writings in the field by both renowned scholars as well as those by the new generation of scholars of Islam and gender and includes a wide variety of cases from Middle Eastern and Islamic societies. By including case-based articles, the collection highlights the clear links between concepts and theories and actual practices. Volume I: Images and Realities Volume II: Islam and Gender: Social Conditions, Obstacles and Prospects Volume III: Women's Movements in Muslim Societies
VA06-112 J F Lyotard, 3-Vols/Set.
  Robbins, D./ 9780761949282/ Price:¢G 500.00
Lyotard was on the most important social thinkers of the last thrity years. He has some claim to being the father of postmodernism, and his work raises many political and ethical questions that continue to resonate throughout the social sciences. This impressive collection provides a comprehensive guide to Lyotard's writings and achievement. Lyotard was already 55 when his most famous book, The Condition of Postmodernity, was published. The SAGE collection, edited by a noted scholar on modern critical French thought, provides an opportunity to assess the integrity of Lyotard's thought and to contextualize it in terms of intellectual origins and responses. The book will be of interest to social theorists and anyone interested in the recent history of ideas.
SA37-326 Old Challenges, New Strategies: Women, Work and Family in Contemporary Asia.
  Thang, Leng L./ 9789004137325/ Price:EUR 63.00
The essays in this volume explore women's working and family lives in contemporary East and Southeast Asia, focusing on conflict between family and work roles, structural obstacles in the workplace, and the impact of state policies on women's well-being. It also discusses strategies that women employ in response to structural contraints provided in the context. This volume covers a particularly wide range of societies, some of which were rarely studied, in contemporary Asia. By comparing these ten Asian economies that are at different stages of economic development, the volume demonstrates the way in which gender relations transform in the course of development. The book is particularly important for sociologists and anthropologists who are interested in gender and economic development.
VA37-9 Political and Historical Encyclopedia of Women.
  Faure, Christine/ 9781579582371/ Price:¢G 185.00
The original French edition of this encyclopedia, the Encyclopedie politique et historique des femmes, Second Edition has been lauded by French reviewers, and now Routledge is proud to publish this acclaimed resource in an English language edition. From the Salic Law in medieval France to the American Revolution to today's women's representation in American and European politics, this valuable resource discusses women's participation in Western political and historical transformation. The 39 authoritative in-depth articles, written by an international team of scholars, examine women's activism in areas such as voting, emancipation, equality and democracy, providing students and general readers with an indispensable resource.
VA37-8 Encyclopedia of Women in the American West.
  Bakken, Gordon Morris/ 9780761923565/ Price:¢G 190.00
The Encyclopedia of Women in the American West chronicles the work of Native American activists such as Mildred Imach Cleghorn, and Sarah Winnemucca, the champion of rights of indigenous peoples who established Nevada's first school for Native Americans in 1884. The encyclopedia also explores the stories of early ranchers. Among them is Freda Ehmann, who founded the California Ripe Olive Association where, according to her grandson, "science and chemical exactness failed, the experience and care of a skillful and conscientious housewife succeeded." Women in the American West have long thrived in the arts. This is evidenced by the work of authors such as Pulitzer Prize winner Willa Cather, Amy Tan, and Linda Hasselstrom, poets such as Hildegarde Flanner, and journalist Molly Ivins. All are profiled in this comprehensive work. The arts are used to address both aesthetic and serious societal issues such as Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior, the story of a woman's struggle with identity as a minority in American culture. Academics will appreciate a study of Ruth Underhill's Autobiography of a Papago Woman, which deals with the role of feminist ideology in changing the discipline of anthropology during the first part of the twentieth century. Women in the American West have also achieved many "firsts" such as Utah's Ivy Baker Priest, the first woman to hold the office of Treasurer of the United States, and Georgia Bullock, the first woman judge in the State of California.
VA37-7 Women, Madness and Spirtualism, 2-Vols/Set.
  Nicholson, Helen/ 9780415276337/ Price:¢G 670.00
This set reproduces seminal writings by three exceptional nineteenth-century women. Georgina Weldon, Louisa Lowe and Susan Willis Fletcher were certified as insane by the Victorian medical establishment and were threatened with incarceration for their eccentric and transgressive behaviour. All three were remarkably resourceful and very successfully manipulated the sensationalist press to expose the 'lunacy laws' to the late-Victorian public. In doing this, they contributed to the emerging feminist critique of medicine and science. Each volume is devoted to the work of one of these exceptional women. New introductions by the editors and the late Roy Porter provide context and discussion of the pieces included, pointing to the themes and issues that they raise. With an extensive index, this collection provides an invaluable resource for those studying the role of feminism in the history of medicine and the power of the medical profession in the Victorian era.
VA37-6 Mary Wollstonecraft and the Critics, 2-Vols/Set.
  Jump, Harriet Devine/ 9780415258975/ Price:¢G 635.00
Mary Wollstonecraft has been described as 'the mother of feminism'. The progress of her literary reputation charts a curve which parallels that of feminist theory, both in the field of women's studies and in that of literary criticism. The writings gathered together here for the first time will enable students and researchers to read for themseves a wide historical range of comments and reactions to Wollstonecraft's writing, and to chart her far-reaching influence right up to present day.
VA37-5 Josephine Butler and the Prostitution Campaigns: Diseases of the Body Politic, 5-Vols/Set.
  Sharp, Ingrid/ 9780415226844/ Price:¢G 1190.00
This five volume set deals in detail with Josephine Butler's campaign for the repeal of the Contagious Diseases Acts in Britain and the Colonies. At present, access to Butler's work is restricted as a number of relevant anthologies are out of print. The bulk of these can only be read in specialist libraries and the original copies are becoming increasingly fragile after a century of use. This edited collection makes her writing accessible once again, setting it in an appropriate historical context. In addition to Butler's own work, the thematically ordered volumes include related texts which are important for understanding her campaign. This allows the reader to position Josephine Butler in relation to her opponents and to follow the response to her activities. All the texts are complete and reproduced in facsimile - there are pamphlets, books, media responses to Butler's activities, letters to The Times, articles from The Lancet, Pall Mall Gazette, The Shield and The Dawn as well as private letters both to and from Butler. The set is introduced through a substantial essay by Jane Jordan, one of the leading international scholars on Butler's life and works, and each volume contains a short introduction by the editors which contextualises the selections. Butler writes clearly and vividly, combining impeccable logic with passionate commitment. She does not soften her message to protect the sensibilities of her audience. She is uncompromising in her analysis, determined to 'set a floodlight on your doings' as she told a stunned royal commission in 1871. Josephine Butler and the Prostitution Campaigns demonstrates the great importance of this fascinating campaigner's work.
VA37-2 American Feminism: Key Source Documents, 1848-1920, 4-Vols/Set.
  Beer, Janet/ 9780415219457/ Price:¢G 1030.00
This anthology publishes key documents in the history of American feminism that are currently only available in extract form or in archives. This set spans from the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848 to the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment granting women's suffrage in 1920, and includes works of well-known women's campaigners such as: Angelina and Sarah M. Grimke, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucy Stone, Susan B. Anthony, Sojourner Truth, Victoria Woodhull, Margaret Fuller, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Carrie Chapman Catt, Jane Addams, Matilda Gage and others. The collection also contains anti-feminist writings, by both men and women, including socio-medical writings and examples from health manuals.
VA05-47 Handbook of Lesbian and Gay Studies.
  Richardsor, Diane/ 9780761965114/ Price:¢G 125.00
With this benchmark work, lesbian and gay studies comes of age. Drawing from a rich team of global contributors and carefully structured to elucidate the core issues in the field, it constitutes an unparalleled resource for teaching, research and debate. The volume is organized into 4 sections: ¡P History and Theory This covers the roots of lesbian and gay studies, the institutionalization of the subject in the Academy, the 'naturalness' of heterosexuality, science and sexuality, the comparative sociology of homosexualities and the heterosexual//homosexual division. ¡P Identity and Community This examines the formation of gay and lesbian identities communities and movements, 'cyber-queer' research, sexuality and space, generational issues in lesbian and gay lifecycles and the subject of bisexuality ¡P Institutions This investigates questions of the governance of sexualities, lesbian and gay health, sexualities and education, religion and homosexuality, homosexuality and the law, gay and lesbian workers, homosexuality and the family, and lesbian, gay and queer encounters with the media and popular culture ¡P Politics This explores the formation of the gay and lesbian movements, impact of globalization, antigay and lesbian violence, nationalism and transnationalism in lesbian and gay studies and sexual citizenship. The result is an authoritative book that demarcates the field, stimulates critical discussion and provides lesbian and gay studies with an enriching focal reference point. It is, quite simply, a breakthrough work that will galvanize discussion and research for years to come.
SA37-446 A Mind Of One's Own: Feminist Essays on Reason and Objectivity.
  Antony, Louise/ 9780813366074/ Price:US$ 55.00
VA06-86 Deleuze and Guattari: Critical Assessments, 3-Vols/Set.
  Genosko, Gary/ 9780415186698/ Price:¢G 935.00
The ideas of French philosopher Gilles Deleuze and activist analyst Felix Guattari are transforming disciplinary practices across the humanities and social sciences. These three volumes gather together classic essays that demonstrate the richness of these fascinating and important thinkers influence. The set incorporates: * key essays by an international selection of theorists and practitioners * the development of implications for the built environment * the first ever collection of critical material on Guattari * long out-of-print and hard to find materials
VA05-28 Sex, Social Purity and Sarah Grand, 4-Vols/Set.
  Heilmann, Ann/ 9780415214100/ Price:¢G 1070.00
Sarah Grand was one of the most prominent New Women of the 1890s and a notable social purity feminist and suffragist. This collection offers important insights into the full range of her journalistic output and lesser-known fictional writings. It also makes available biographical and autobiographical material, and previously unpublished manuscript sources. The first volume reproduces Grand's articles and the contemporary critical reception of her work. The letters in volume two, written mostly in the 1920s and 1930s, shed light on Grand's genesis as a writer and her interaction with 1890s artistic and feminist circles. The third and fourth volumes contain a selection of short stories from three collections published at and after the turn of the century. These comment on some of the explosive issues of that time: feminism, decadence, eugenics, class, race and war. They also reflect Grand's exploration of the interplay between gender and genre.
VA37-3 Handbook of Gender and Work.
  Powell, Gary N./ 9780761913559/ Price:¢G 155.00
The Handbook of Gender and Work is a comprehensive synthesis of current literature and knowledge regarding gender in organizations. A multinational group of leading scholars and researchers from across the disciplines examines the influence of gender (on its own and with other factors) on the conduct of work and the roles and experience of people in the workplace. Amongst the topics included are: the gender gap in earnings; sex segregation in occupations; romantic relationships in organizational settings; stress; affirmative action; and the impact of gender on social influence and leadership.
SA37-409 Writing Women and Space: Colonial and Postcolonial Geographies.
  Blunt, Alison/ 9780898624984/ Price:US$ 30.00
Book Cover Drawing lessons from the complex and often contradictory position of white women writing in the colonial period, This unique book explores how feminism and poststructuralism can bring new types of understanding to the production of geographical knowledge. Through a series of colonial and postcolonial case studies, essays address the ways in which white women have written and mapped different geographies, in both the late nineteenth century and today, illustrating the diverse objects (landscapes, spaces, views), the variety of media (letters, travel writing, paintings, sculpture, cartographic maps, political discourse), and the different understandings and representations of people and place.
Travel, Gender, and Imperialism: Mary Kingsley and West Africa.
  Alison Blunt/ 9780898625462/ Price:US$ 28.00
Book Cover Drawing from the life and travels of Mary Kingsley, a nineteenth century travel writer and critic of the Crown Colony system, Alison Blunt cogently examines the relationships among travel, gender, and imperialism. Instead of studying either travel generally or women travel writers in the colonial period specifically, Blunt examines both to show how the spatiality and gendering of travel are inseparable. Underlying her examination are debates about women as a focus of historical research, Western women and imperialism, and the place of women in a historiography of geography.


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