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SA36-484 Don't Hug the Pug
  Robin Jacobs/ 9781908714657/ Price:ĘG 9.95
SA36-484 Come with Me
  Linde Faas/ 9781788070355/ Price:ĘG 9.95
SA36-484 I Want a Lion
  Annemarie van der Eem/ 9781788070324/ Price:ĘG 9.95
SA36-484 1001 Ants
  Joanna Rzezak/ 9780500652084/ Price:ĘG 12.95
SA36-484 Prudence and her Amazing Adventure
  Charlotte Gastaut/ 9780500652091/ Price:ĘG 14.95
SA36-484 Quill Soup
  Alan Durant/ 9781910328408/ Price:ĘG 12.99
SA36-484 The Phoenix of Persia
  Sally Pomme Clayton/ 9781910328439/ Price:ĘG 12.99
SA36-484 My City
  Joanne Liu/ 9783791373775/ Price:ĘG 10.99
SA36-484 A Dragon on the Roof: A Children's Book Inspired by Antoni Gaudi
  Cecile Alix/ 9783791373911/ Price:ĘG 10.99
SA36-484 The New Children's Encyclopedia
  / 9781465474513/ Price:US$ 19.99
SA36-482 Lanas World: Lets Go to the Moon!.
  Erica Silverman/ 9780544867611/ Price:US$ 3.99
SA36-479 Mr Crookodile
  John Bush/ 9781405282048/ Price:ĘG 4.99
SA36-464 The Hide-And-Seek Ghost.
  / 9780448489421/ Price:US$ 5.99
SA36-463 Paddington Takes the Test.
  Bond, Michael/ 9780062312402/ Price:US$ 9.99
SA36-461 Poison Is Not Polite.
  Stevens, Robin/ 9781481422154/ Price:US$ 19.99
SA36-480 My Three Best Friends and Me, Zulay
  Cari Best/ 9780374388195/ Price:US$ 17.99
SA36-464 Castles Sticker Book.
  Wheatley, Abigail/ 9781409586463/ Price:ĘG 6.99
SA36-464 Oskar and the Eight Blessings.
  Simon, Tanya/ 9781596439498/ Price:US$ 17.99
SA36-463 The NBA: A History of Hoops: The Story of the Los Angeles Clippers.
  Whiting, Jim/ 9781628320206/ Price:US$ 12.00
SA36-464 Classical Music Sticker Book.
  Marks, Anthony/ 9781409564065/ Price:ĘG 6.99
SA36-464 The Scandalous Sisterhood of Prickwillow Place.
  Berry, Julie/ 9781596439566/ Price:US$ 15.99
SA36-463 My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish.
  O'Hara, Mo/ 9781250052155/ Price:US$ 6.99
SA36-463 A Bear Called Paddington.
  Bond, Michael/ 9780062312181/ Price:US$ 9.99
SA36-461 Supernatural Hero and the Witches.
  Gadot, Eran/ 9781499231908/ Price:US$ 7.67
SA36-459 Who Was Roberto Clemente?
  Buckley, James/ 9780448479613/ Price:US$ 5.99
SA36-457 "Shouldn't You Be in School?"
  Snicket, Lemony/ 9780316123068/ Price:US$ 16.00
SA36-464 Illustrated Norse Myths.
  Frith, Alex/ 9781409550723/ Price:ĘG 14.00
SA36-464 World of Shakespeare Sticker Book.
  Dickins, Rosie/ 9781409556022/ Price:ĘG 6.99
SA36-481 Evie's Secret Hideaway.
  Liss Norton/ 9781847151940/ Price:ĘG 4.99
SA36-465 Sylvia & Aki.
  Conkling, Winifred/ 9781582463452/ Price:US$ 6.99
Martina's Living Stories From Africa.
  Sifuna, Millycent/ 9780982305096/ Price:US$ 16.95
With deep roots into the very continent that spawned mankind, the Wise Woman of Kenya reaches out to remind us that we are all human and that we must treat others as we would have them treat us. Grandma Martina uses her homespun parables to instill in our consciousness the principle that bigotry and bias have no place in our lives and that hatred is evil and we must accept others, even if they look different. Martina°¶s epistles gently prod us as humans to be better, live better, love better and behave in a better way to all mankind.
SA36-480 Hermosa Soledad/ Beautiful Solitud (Spanish Edition)
  Jimmy Liao/ 9788493618520/ Price:US$ 27.03
SA36-471 Keeper of the Isis Light.
  Monica Hughes/ 9781416989639/ Price:US$ 11.99
There's A Season For All.
  Shu, Sammy/ 9780980155563/ Price:US$ 15.95
A delightfully charming child's book with brilliantly conceived illustrations about 'Tween land. Children of all ages will be captivated by this fairy-tale book, complete with fairies and beautiful drawings. A most entertaining book that will dazzle young minds.
SA36-462 Chicken School.
  Strong, Jeremy/ 9780141322407/ Price:ĘG 5.99
The Ant in the Cellar.
  Rosenblatt, Danielle/ 9780978898533/ Price:US$ 18.95
The Ant in the Cellar is a collection of poems narrated by an ant who lives in the basement of an imaginary house where day-to-day objects, animals, and people are not as normal as they appear. Even adults will enjoy this wonderful story. This is a very endearing book for everyone four years to ninety years. Perfect for reading before bedtime!
Rising Above Global Warming.
  DeFrancesco, B.J./ 9780980155501/ Price:US$ 21.95
The air, the water, and the animals are all dying from the black heavy smoke that is covering the sky and killing everything. This a wonderful book for children that explains what Global Warming is, and what it is going to do unless it is stopped, and is already doing to the earth. It explains how to stop the catastrophe that no one thought about until now that it is here. A must read for every child, as they are the adults of the future and must understand what is necessary to save the earth and everything on it.
SA36-466 The Planet of Junior Brown.
  Hamilton, Virginia/ 9781416914105/ Price:US$ 7.99
SA36-410 Pirateology: The Pirate Hunter's Companion.
  Lubber, Captain W./ 9780763631437/ Price:US$ 24.99
Kitty Fantastic in Monroe's Art Adventure.
  Key, Pamela/ 9780977197118/ Price:US$ 17.95
Kitty Fantastic starring in Monroe°¶s Art Adventure, the first in this wonderful children°¶s illustrated series, is the delightful tale of little Monroe and his wise cracking cat, Kitty Fantastic, learning about art through doing art. In everyday language this book teaches children how to enjoy and learn about many forms of art from painting to writing to rap. The story is presented in a very readable question -and-answer format while it inspires art appreciation and involvement. After reading this book, children and adults alike will become more art-educated while they are being entertained by the hilarious responses of Kitty Fantastic. Children of all ages will appreciate the unique and clever characters, story and beautiful illustrations.
SA36-479 The Quicksand Question.
  Ron Roy/ 9780375802720/ Price:US$ 4.99
SA36-467 Yeh-Shen.
  Ai-Ling Louie/ 9780698113886/ Price:US$ 7.99
SA36-465 The Rough-Face Girl.
  Martin, Rafe/ 9780698116269/ Price:US$ 7.99
SA36-408 The Chronicles of Narnia, 7 Vols/set.
  Lewis, C. S./ 9780064471190/ Price:US$ 45.00
SA36-302 Taxi to Johannesburg.
  Charlton, M./ 9780435891091/ Price:ĘG 2.75
SA36-465 Lon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood Story from China.
  Youngm Ed/ 9780399216190/ Price:US$ 17.99


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