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VSA18-005 The Routledge Companion to Digital Humanities and Art History
  Kathryn Brown/ 9781138585584/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The Routledge Companion to Digital Humanities and Art History offers a broad survey of cutting-edge intersections between digital technologies and the study of art history, museum practices, and cultural heritage. The volume focuses not only on new computational tools that have been developed for the study of artworks and their histories but also debates the disciplinary opportunities and challenges that have emerged in response to the use of digital resources and methodologies. Chapters cover a wide range of technical and conceptual themes that define the current state of the field and outline strategies for future development. This book offers a timely perspective on trans-disciplinary developments that are reshaping art historical research, conservation, and teaching. This book will be of interest to scholars in art history, historical theory, method and historiography, and research methods in education.
VSA18-004 The Routledge Companion to African American Art History
  Eddie Chambers/ 9781138486553/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover This Companion authoritatively points to the main areas of enquiry within the subject of African American art history. The first section examines how African American art has been constructed over the course of a century of published scholarship. The second section studies how African American art is and has been taught and researched in academia. The third part focuses on how African American art has been reflected in art galleries and museums. The final section opens up understandings of what we mean when we speak of African American art. This book will be of interest to graduate students, researchers, and professors and may be used in American art, African American art, visual culture, and culture classes.
VSA18-004 The Routledge Companion to Arts Management
  William J. Byrnes/ 9781138492226/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The Routledge Companion to Arts Management contains perspectives from international scholars, educators, consultants, and practitioners sharing opinions, exploring important questions, and raising concerns about the field. The book will stimulate conversations, foster curiosity, and open pathways to different cultural, philosophical, ideological, political, national, and generational insights. Four broad thematic areas are used to organize current topics in the field of arts and culture management. Part I introduces a mixture of perspectives about the history and evolution of the practice and study of arts management, the role of arts managers, and how arts management is being impacted by the digital age. Part II focuses on the dynamics of entrepreneurship, change processes, and leadership practices. Part III includes globally focused topics on cultural policy, cultural rights, and community building. Part IV examines a sampling of topics related to functional activities that are common to arts and culture organizations around the world such as marketing, planning, increasing diversity, hiring, fundraising, and sustainability. This book builds a comprehensive understanding of what arts management can mean in an international context creating an essential resource for students, scholars and reflective practitioners involved at the intersection of business and the arts.
VSA18-004 The Routledge International Handbook of New Digital Practices in Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums and Heritage Sites
  Hannah Lewi/ 9781138581296/ Price:£ 175.00
Book Cover The Routledge International Handbook of New Digital Practices in Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums and Heritage Sites presents a fascinating picture of the ways in which today's cultural institutions are undergoing a transformation through innovative applications of digital technology. With a strong focus on digital design practice, the volume captures the vital discourse between curators, exhibition designers, historians, heritage practitioners, technologists and interaction designers from around the world. Contributors interrogate how their projects are extending the traditional reach and engagement of institutions through digital designs that reconfigure the interplay between collections, public knowledge and civic society. Bringing together the experiences of some of today’s most innovative cultural institutions and thinkers, the Handbook provides refreshingly new ideas and directions for the exciting digital challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. As such, it should be essential reading for academics, students, designers and professionals interested in the production of culture in the post-digital age.
VA18-89 Contemporary Art Impacts on Scientific, Social, and Cultural Paradigms: Emerging Research and Opportunities
  Janez Strehovec/ 9781799838357/ Price:US$ 145.00
Book Cover Art is a concept that has been used by researchers for centuries to explain and realize numerous theories. The legendary artist Leonardo da Vinci, for example, was a profound artist and a genius inventor and researcher. The co-existence of science and art, therefore, is necessary for global appeal and society’s paradigms, literacy, and scientific movements. Contemporary Art Impacts on Scientific, Social, and Cultural Paradigms: Emerging Research and Opportunities provides emerging research exploring the theoretical and practical aspects of present post-aesthetic art and its applications within economics, politics, social media, and everyday life. Featuring coverage on a broad range of topics such as media studies, contemporary storytelling, and literacy nationalism, this book is ideally designed for researchers, media studies experts, media professionals, academicians, and students. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Art Theory •Consumer Behavior •Contemporary Storytelling •Financial Market •Literacy Nationalism •Media Studies •Modern Art •New Media •Smart Technology •Social Media
VA18-88 Applying Innovative Technologies in Heritage Science
  George Pavlidis/ 9781799828716/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover Heritage science, a cross-disciplinary field of study that emphasizes research on cultural interpretation and management, has seen significant development in recent years. Modern technology has opened new innovations and possibilities for scientific cooperation that produces several benefits that affect multiple aspects of this scientific field. Applying Innovative Technologies in Heritage Science is a collection of progressive studies on the methods and applications of the technological implications and scientific advancements within heritage and cultural research to bridge the once unbridgeable gap between science and humanities. While highlighting topics including digital archives, cultural data, and chemical documentation, this book is ideally designed for archaeologists, museologists, conservationists, preservationists, librarians, researchers, educators, cultural heritage professionals, academicians, and students. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Chemical Documentation •Cultural Data •Digital Archives •Digitization •Heritage Education •Interoperability •Metadata •Ontologies •Optical Interpretation •Semantics
VA18-83 Museum Studies, 5-Vols/Set.
  Rhiannon Mason/ 9781138014350/ Price:£ 1125.00
Book Cover In five volumes, the collection addresses the philosophical, theoretical, and ethical concerns of museums—alongside the equally important practical, organizational, and operational issues—to understand how they operate today. The collection also reflects the fact that many of the issues faced by contemporary institutions can only be understood in the context of the philosophy and history of museums as they have developed since the earliest collections of the European Renaissance.
SA18-492 Joe Zucker
  John Elderfield/ 9780500239650/ Price:£ 60.00
SA18-492 Living with Art: The Alexander Walker collection
  Catherine Daunt/ 9780714126968/ Price:£ 20.00
SA18-492 Expanded Animation: Mapping an Unlimited Landscape
  Jurgen Hagler/ 9783775745253/ Price:£ 25.99
SA18-492 Zac Langdon Pole's Art Journey: Constellations
  / 9783775746243/ Price:£ 30.00
SA18-492 Nathan Peter
  Louisa Elderton/ 9783775747226/ Price:£ 34.00
SA18-492 Hundertwasser: For Future
  Pierre Restany/ 9783775746984/ Price:£ 16.99
SA18-492 Sensuous Thoughts: Essays on the Work of Donald Judd
  Richard Shiff/ 9783775747509/ Price:£ 30.00
SA18-492 Amuse-Bouche: The Taste of Art
  / 9783775746397/ Price:£ 28.00
SA18-492 Rachel Maclean
  Rachel Maclean/ 9783775747165/ Price:£ 38.00
SA18-492 Hopper: A Fresh Look at Landscape
  Ulf Kuster/ 9783775746540/ Price:£ 58.00
SA18-492 Teruko Yokoi: Tokyo - New York - Paris - Bern
  Jean Francois Chevrier/ 9783775746823/ Price:£ 37.00
SA18-492 Jochen Hein: Reflexion
  Nicole Busing/ 9783775746786/ Price:£ 45.00
SA18-492 Chinati: Das Museum von Donald Judd
  Marianne Stockebrand/ 9783775747028/ Price:£ 64.00
SA18-492 Multiplied: Edition MAT and the Transformable Work of Art, 1959–1965
  Meredith Malone/ 9783777434292/ Price:£ 45.00
SA18-492 Van Gogh, Cezanne, Matisse, Hodler : The Hahnloser Collection
  Karl Albrecht Schroder/ 9783777434384/ Price:£ 45.00
SA18-492 Fantastic Women: Surreal Worlds from Meret Oppenheim to Frida Kahlo
  Ingrid Pfeiffer/ 9783777434148/ Price:£ 49.95
SA18-492 Buddha and Shiva, Lotus and Dragon: Masterworks from the Mr. And Mrs. John D. Rockefeller 3rd Collection at Asia Society
  Adriana Proser/ 9783777434339/ Price:£ 39.95
SA18-492 Hilti Art Foundation. The Collection: Vol. I: Classical Modernism. 1880–1950
  Hilti Art Foundation/ 9783777433424/ Price:£ 45.00
SA18-492 Wilhelm Leibl: The Art of Seeing
  Bernhard von Waldkirch/ 9783777433875/ Price:£ 39.95
SA18-492 Heinrich Knopf
  Jurgen B. Tesch/ 9783777434667/ Price:£ 39.95
SA18-492 Kurt Schwitters: Merz Art
  Isabel Schulz/ 9783777434469/ Price:£ 15.00
SA18-492 Teresa Margolles
  Florian Steininger/ 9783777434841/ Price:£ 28.00
SA18-492 Adrian Paci: Lost Communities
  Florian Steininger/ 9783777434865/ Price:£ 35.00
SA18-492 ReVision: A New Look at Art in the Americas
  Victoria I. Lyall/ 9783777434346/ Price:£ 39.95
SA18-492 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: A Guide to the Collections
  Gillian Shallcross/ 9780878468621/ Price:£ 20.00
SA18-492 Writing the Future: Basquiat and the Hip-Hop Generation
  Liz Munsell/ 9780878468713/ Price:£ 35.00
SA18-492 Cornelia Parker
  Rachel Kent/ 9781925806052/ Price:£ 35.00
SA18-492 Saeed Kouros: Picturing Life
  Hamid Keshmirshekan/ 9788857241180/ Price:£ 42.00
SA18-492 Landscape Paintings
  Barkley L. Hendricks/ 9788857241517/ Price:£ 22.50
SA18-492 Jerzy Nowosielski
  Andrzej Szczepaniak/ 9788857241531/ Price:£ 42.00
SA18-492 Andrew Stevovich: Beyond the Figure
  Michael Botwinick/ 9788857242392/ Price:£ 45.00
SA18-492 Racing the Galaxy
  Jerome Sans/ 9788857241968/ Price:£ 50.00
SA18-492 Gottfried Helnwein The Epiphany of the Displaced
  Demetrio Paparoni/ 9788857239897/ Price:£ 60.00
SA18-492 Matta and the Fourth Dimension
  Dmitry Ozerkov/ 9788857240268/ Price:£ 42.00
SA18-492 Leonor Antunes: The Last Days in Galliate
  Roberta Tenconi/ 9788857241029/ Price:£ 28.00
SA18-492 Women Artists: The Linda Nochlin Reader
  Maura Reilly/ 9780500295557/ Price:£ 28.00
SA18-492 Nineteenth-Century Art: A Critical History
  Stephen F. Eisenman/ 9780500294895/ Price:£ 40.00
SA18-492 Degas at the Opera
  Henri Loyrette/ 9780500023396/ Price:£ 45.00
SA18-492 Aubrey Beardsley: Decadence & Desire
  Jan Marsh/ 9780500480595/ Price:£ 14.95
SA18-492 Dick Bruna
  Bruce Ingman/ 9780500094136/ Price:£ 18.95
SA18-492 Derek Jarman: Protest!
  Sean Kissane/ 9780500971086/ Price:£ 48.00
SA18-492 Voysey's Birds and Animals
  Karen Livingstone/ 9780500480601/ Price:£ 14.95
SA18-492 Participatory Arts in International Development
  Paul Cooke/ 9780367024970/ Price:£ 34.99
SA18-492 Doug Wheeler
  Germano Celant/ 9781941701249/ Price:£ 60.00
SA18-492 The Design Lab: Galerie kreo
  Clement Dirie/ 9782080204196/ Price:£ 65.00
SA18-492 Adrian Ghenie
  Juerg Judin/ 9783775743525/ Price:£ 55.00
SA18-492 Alejandra Seeber: Picture This
  Alejandro Cesarco/ 9783775744959/ Price:£ 32.50
SA18-492 Sean Scully: Human
  Kelly Grovier/ 9788857241234/ Price:£ 45.00
SA18-492 Goya Drawings
  Jose Manuel Matilla/ 9780500971000/ Price:£ 24.95
SA18-492 Grayson Perry
  Jacky Klein/ 9780500295236/ Price:£ 29.95
SA18-491 Museum Media
  Michelle Henning/ 9781119642022/ Price:US$ 65.00
SA18-491 Museum Practice
  Conal McCarthy/ 9781119642077/ Price:US$ 65.00
SA18-491 Museum Transformations: Decolonization and Democratization
  Annie E. Coombes/ 9781119642046/ Price:US$ 65.00
SA18-490 Freemasonry and the Visual Arts from the Eighteenth Century Forward
  Reva Wolf/ 9781501337963/ Price:£ 96.00
SA18-490 A Companion to Public Art
  Cher Krause Knight/ 9781119190806/ Price:US$ 59.95
SA18-490 Early Islamic Textiles from Along the Silk Road
  Friedrich Spuhler/ 9780500970843/ Price:£ 50.00
SA18-490 Artistic Circulation Between Early Modern Spain and Italy
  Kelley Helmstutler Di Dio/ 9781138605817/ Price:£ 115.00
SA18-490 Poussin as a Painter: From Classicism to Abstraction
  Richard Verdi/ 9781789141474/ Price:£ 35.00
Book Cover Universally regarded as the father of French painting, Nicolas Poussin is arguably the greatest of all painters of that school. Yet Poussin’s reputation has been founded more on the intellectual and philosophical qualities of his art than its sheer visual beauty. In Poussin as a Painter: From Classicism to Abstraction Richard Verdi redresses the balance, describing and analyzing Poussin’s outstanding gifts as a pictorial storyteller, designer and colourist – in short, on the purely aesthetic (and often abstract) aspects of his art that have inspired so many later painters, from Cezanne to Picasso. The book features more than 220 fine illustrations, the majority in colour, and encompasses all aspects of Poussin’s art from the mid 1620s to his death in 1665. This ground-breaking study gives new insight into Poussin, and is essential reading for all who admire this seminal French painter.
SA18-490 Raphael and the Antique
  Claudia La Malfa/ 9781789141504/ Price:£ 16.95
Book Cover The Renaissance artist Raphael is known for his extraordinary frescoes, his sublime Madonnas, devotional altarpieces, architectural designs, and his inventive prints and tapestries. It was his use of ancient Roman models – classical sculptures, reliefs and paintings – that formed his much admired classical style, and influenced the styles of many later artists. In Raphael and the Antique Claudia La Malfa gives a full account of Raphael’s prodigious career, from central Italy when he was 17 years old, to Perugia, Siena and Florence, where he first met with Leonardo and Michelangelo, to Rome where he became one of the most feted artists of the Renaissance. This book focuses and highlights Raphael’s re-invention of classical models, his draughtsmanship and his concept of art, which he pursued and was still striving to perfect at the time of his death aged only 37, in 1520.
SA18-489 Portraits and Philosophy
  Hans Maes/ 9780367189402/ Price:£ 120.00
SA18-489 Portuguese Artists in London: Shaping Identities in Post-War Europe
  Leonor de Oliveira/ 9780367244743/ Price:£ 120.00
SA18-489 Chinese-Islamic Works of Art, 1644–1912: A Study of Some Qing Dynasty Examples
  Emily Byrne Curtis/ 9781472427106/ Price:£ 115.00
SA18-488 Redefining Research in the Art Museum
  Emily Pringle/ 9781138237872/ Price:£ 34.99
SA18-488 A Museum in Public: Revisioning Canada's Royal Ontario Museum
  Susan L.T. Ashley/ 9781138579262/ Price:£ 45.00
SA18-488 Cosmopolitan Aesthetics
  Daniel Herwitz/ 9781350075245/ Price:£ 19.99
VSA18-004 Routledge Companion on Global Heritage Conservation
  Vinayak Bharne/ 9781138962989/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The act of identifying, protecting, restoring, and reusing buildings, districts, and built landscapes of historic and cultural significance is, at its best, a reflective and consequential process of urban and socio-economic reform. It has the potential to reconcile conflicting memories, meanings, and cultural tensions, bridging and expanding the perceived boundaries of multiple disciplines towards bigger aspirations of city-making and social justice. How and where do such aspirations overlap and differ across nations and societies across the world? In places with different histories, governance structures, regulatory stringency, and populist dispositions, who are the specific players, and what are the actual processes that bring about bigger and deeper change beyond just the conservation of an architectural or urban entity of perceived value? This collection of scholarly articles by theorists, academics, and practitioners explores the global complexity, guises, and potential of heritage conservation. Going from Tokyo to Cairo, Shenzhen to Rome, and Delhi to Moscow, this volume examines a vast range of topics – indigenous habitats, urban cores, vernacular infrastructure, colonial towns, squatters, burial sites, war zones, and modern landmarks. It surfaces numerous inherent issues – water stress, deforestation, social oppression, poverty, religion, immigration, and polity, expanding the definitions of heritage conservation as both a professional discipline and socio-cultural catalyst. This book argues that the intellectual and praxis limits of heritage conservation – as the agency of reading, defining, and intervening with built heritage – can be expansive, aimed at bigger positive change beyond a specific subject or object; plural, enmeshed with multiple fields and specializations; and empathetic, born from the actual socio-political realities of a place.
VSA18-004 The Routledge Companion to Art Deco
  Bridget Elliott/ 9781472485144/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover Scholarly interest in Art Deco has grown rapidly over the past fifty years, spanning different academic disciplines. This volume provides a guide to the current state of the field of Art Deco research by highlighting past accomplishments and promising new directions. Chapters are presented in five sections based on key concepts: migration, public culture, fashion, politics, and Art Deco’s afterlife in heritage restoration and new media. The book provides a range of perspectives on and approaches to these issues, as well as to the concept of Art Deco itself. It highlights the slipperiness of Art Deco yet points to its potential to shed new light on the complexities of modernity.
VSA18-003 The Routledge Companion to Expressionism in a Transnational Context
  Isabel Wunsche/ 9781138712553/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The Routledge Companion to Expressionism in a Transnational Context is a challenging exploration of the transnational formation, dissemination, and transformation of expressionism outside of the German-speaking world, in regions such as Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltics and Scandinavia, Western and Southern Europe, North and Latin America, and South Africa, in the first half of the twentieth century. Comprising a series of essays by an international group of scholars in the fields of art history and literary and cultural studies, the volume addresses the intellectual discussions and artistic developments arising in the context of the expressionist movement in the various art centers and cultural regions. The authors also examine the implications of expressionism in artistic practice and its influence on modern and contemporary cultural production. Essential for an in-depth understanding and discussion of expressionism, this volume opens up new perspectives on developments in the visual arts of this period and challenges the traditional narratives that have predominantly focused on artistic styles and national movements.
VSA18-003 The Routledge Handbook of Museums, Media and Communication
  Kirsten Drotner/ 9781138676305/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover Museums today find themselves within a mediatised society, where everyday life is conducted in a data-full and technology-rich context. In fact, museums are themselves mediatised: they present a uniquely media-centred environment, in which communicative media is a constitutive property of their organisation and of the visitor experience. The Routledge Handbook of Museums, Media and Communication explores what it means to take mediated communication as a key concept for museum studies and as a sensitising lens for media-related museum practice on the ground. Including contributions from experts around the world, this original and innovative Handbook shares a nuanced and precise understanding of media, media concepts and media terminology, rehearsing new locations for writing on museum media and giving voice to new subject alignments. As a whole, the volume breaks new ground by reframing mediated museum communication as a resource for an inclusive understanding of current museum developments. The Routledge Handbook of Museums, Media and Communication will appeal to both students and scholars, as well as to practitioners involved in the visioning, design and delivery of mediated communication in the museum. It teaches us not just how to study museums, but how to go about being a museum in today’s world.
VSA18 The Routledge Companion to Automobile Heritage, Culture, and Preservation
  Barry L. Stiefel/ 9781138389434/ Price:£ 175.00
Book Cover The Routledge Companion to Automobile Heritage, Culture, and Preservation explores automotive heritage, its place in society, and the ways we might preserve and conserve it. Drawing on contributions from academics and practitioners around the world and comprising six sections, this volume carries the heritage discourse forward by exploring the complex and sometimes intricate place of automobiles within society. Taken as a whole, this book helps to shape how we think about automobile heritage and considers how that heritage explores a range of cultural, intellectual, emotional, and material elements well outside of the automobile body itself. Most importantly, perhaps, it questions how we might better acknowledge the importance of automotive heritage now and in the future. The Routledge Companion to Automobile Heritage, Culture, and Preservation is unique in that it juxtaposes theory with practice, academic approaches with practical experience, and recognizes that issues of preservation and conservation belong in a broad context. As such, this volume should be essential reading for both academics and practitioners with an interest in automobiles, cultural heritage, and preservation.
VSA18 The Routledge Companion to Art and Politics
  Randy Martin/ 9780367201227/ Price:£ 41.99
Book Cover The Routledge Companion to Art and Politics offers a thorough examination of the complex relationship between art and politics, and the many forms and approaches the engagement between them can take. The contributors - a diverse assembly of artists, activists, scholars from around the world – discuss and demonstrate ways of making art and politics legible and salient in the world. As such the 32 chapters in this volume reflect on performing and visual arts; music, film and new media; as well as covering social practice, community-based work, conceptual, interventionist and movement affiliated forms. The Companion is divided into four distinct parts: •Conceptual Cartographies •Institutional Materialities •Modalities of Practice •Making Publics Randy Martin has assembled a collection that ensures that readers will come away with a wider view of what can count as art and politics; where they might find it; and how it moves in the world. The diversity of perspectives is at once challenging and fortifying to those who might dismiss political art on the one hand as not making sufficient difference and on the other to those embracing it but seeking a means to elaborate the significance that it can make in the world. The Routledge Companion to Art and Politics brings together a range of issues and approaches and encourages critical and creative thinking about how art is produced, perceived, and received.
VSA18 The Routledge Companion to Design Studies
  Penny Sparke/ 9780367201685/ Price:£ 39.99
Book Cover Since the 1990s, in response to dramatic transformations in the worlds of technology and the economy, design – a once relatively definable discipline, complete with a set of subdisciplines – has become unrecognizable. Consequently, design scholars have begun to address new issues, themes and sub-disciplines such as: sustainable design, design for well-being, empathic design, design activism, design anthropology, and many more. The Routledge Companion to Design Studies charts this new expanded spectrum and embraces the wide range of scholarship relating to design – theoretical, practice-related and historical – that has emerged over the past four decades. Comprising forty-three newly commissioned chapters, the Companion is organized into the following six sections: •Defining design: discipline, process •Defining design: objects, spaces •Designing identities: gender, sexuality, age, nation •Designing society: empathy, responsibility, consumption, the everyday •Design and politics: activism, intervention, regulation •Designing the world: globalization, transnationalism, translation. Contributors include both established and emerging scholars and the chapters offer an international scope, covering work emanating from, and relating to, design in the United Kingdom, mainland Europe, North America, Asia, Australasia and Africa. This comprehensive collection makes an original and significant contribution to the field of Design Studies.
VSA18 The Routledge Companion to Medieval Iconography
  Colum Hourihane/ 9780367334321/ Price:£ 39.99
Book Cover Sometimes enjoying considerable favor, sometimes less, iconography has been an essential element in medieval art historical studies since the beginning of the discipline. Some of the greatest art historians – including Male, Warburg, Panofsky, Morey, and Schapiro – have devoted their lives to understanding and structuring what exactly the subject matter of a work of medieval art can tell. Over the last thirty or so years, scholarship has seen the meaning and methodologies of the term considerably broadened. This companion provides a state-of-the-art assessment of the influence of the foremost iconographers, as well as the methodologies employed and themes that underpin the discipline. The first section focuses on influential thinkers in the field, while the second covers some of the best-known methodologies; the third, and largest section, looks at some of the major themes in medieval art. Taken together, the three sections include thirty-eight chapters, each of which deals with an individual topic. An introduction, historiographical evaluation, and bibliography accompany the individual essays. The authors are recognized experts in the field, and each essay includes original analyses and/or case studies which will hopefully open the field for future research.
VA18-86 The International Encyclopedia of Art and Design Education, 3-Vols/Set.
  Richard Hickman/ 9781118978078/ Price:US$ 644.95
Book Cover Written in conjunction with The National Society for Education in Art and Design, the International Encyclopedia of Art and Design Education offers an indispensable resource for students, scholars, and researchers working in the field of art and design education. It contains accessible introductions to key topics, concepts, and thinkers, as well as sophisticated debates on contentious areas, covering the whole age range from early years to post-university in formal and informal settings. This multi-volume reference work examines historical and contemporary art and design education worldwide, from over thirty different countries, in Africa, Europe Asia, Australasia and the Americas. It includes topics such as Epistemic Disobedience in Contemporary Latin American Art; Visual Arts Education in Museums; Elementary Art and Design Curricula; Social and Mobile Media in Art and Design Curriculum; Performative Literacy; Postmodern Pedagogical Principles of Museum-Informed Art Education and much more. The International Encyclopedia of Art and Design Education defines the conversation for the entirety of the art and design community through authoritative reference of peerless quality.
SA18-492 Making Van Gogh
  Alexander Eiling/ 9783777432984/ Price:£ 45.00
SA18-492 Victor Willing: Visions
  John McEwen/ 9781908970534/ Price:£ 22.50
SA18-492 Peter Saul: Pop, Funk, Bad Painting and More
  John Yau/ 9783775745734/ Price:£ 38.00
SA18-491 Richard Tuttle: A Fair Sampling: Collected Writings 1966-2019
  Dieter Schwarz/ 9783960986829/ Price:£ 48.00
SA18-491 Human Figure Drawing: Drawing Gestures, Postures and Movements
  Daniela Brambilla/ 9788417412340/ Price:£ 24.99
SA18-486 Frame Your Imagination
  Caroline Ellerbeck/ 9789063695422/ Price:£ 10.99
SA18-486 Scenes at Twilight
  Quentin Blake/ 9781913119171/ Price:£ 16.95
SA18-486 Exploring Collage & Mixed Media Techniques
  Victor Escandell/ 9788417412463/ Price:£ 19.99
SA18-485 The Drawings of Rembrandt
  Seymour Slive/ 9780500295359/ Price:£ 29.95
SA18-485 Read This if You Want to be Great at Drawing People
  Selwyn Leamy/ 9781786275127/ Price:£ 12.99
SA18-485 Darker Shades: The Racial Other in Early Modern Art
  Victor I. Stoichita/ 9781789140569/ Price:£ 25.00
Book Cover Difference exists; otherness is constructed. This book asks how important Western artists, from Giotto to Titian and Caravaggio, and from Bosch to Durer and Rembrandt, shaped the imaging of non-Western individuals in Early Modern art. This nuanced and detailed study examines images of racial ‘otherness’ during a time of new encounters with different cultures and peoples, such as people of colour, Muslims and Jews. The book also reconsiders the Western canon’s most essential facets: perspective, pictorial narrative, composition, bodily proportion, beauty, colour, harmony and lighting. What room was there for the ‘Other’ in such a crystalline, unchanging paradigm? This book is a fascinating investigation for anyone interested in early modern art history, anthropology and post-colonial studies.
SA18-485 Luc Tuymans Catalogue Raisonne of Paintings: Volume 2, 1995-2006
  Eva Meyer-Hermann/ 9781941701959/ Price:£ 165.00
SA18-484 Creative Gatherings: Meeting Places of Modernism
  Mary Ann Caws/ 9781789140552/ Price:£ 25.00
Book Cover Art is seen as a solitary, even a reclusive, endeavour. But visual artists, writers and musicians often find themselves energized by a collective environment. Sharing ideas around a table has always provided a starting, and a continuing, place for fruitful exchanges between artists of all kinds. In her charming new book, Mary Ann Caws explores a rich variety of gathering places, past and present, which have been conducive to the release and sustenance of creative energies. Creative Gatherings surveys meeting locations across Europe and the United States, from cityscapes to island hideouts, from private homes to public cafes and artists’ colonies. Examples include Florence Griswold’s house in Old Lyme, Connecticut, meeting place of the Old Lyme Art Colony; Prague’s Le Louvre cafe, haunt of Kafka and Einstein; Picasso’s modernist hangout in Barcelona, Els Quatre Gats; Charleston, gathering place of Virginia Woolf, and Vanessa and Duncan Bell; and the cafes of St-Germain-des-Pres and Montparnasse: the hangouts of Apollinaire, Sartre and Patti Smith. The book interweaves 200 examples of collaborative artworks throughout the text, with 120 in colour.
SA18-484 Titian's Touch: Art, Magic and Philosophy
  Maria H. Loh/ 9781789140828/ Price:£ 15.95
Book Cover At the end of his long, prolific life, Titian was rumoured to paint directly on the canvas with his bare hands. He would slide his fingers across bright ridges of oil paint, loosening the colours, blending, blurring, and then bringing them together again. With nothing more than the stroke of a thumb or the flick of a nail, Titian’s touch brought the world to life. The clinking of glasses, the clanging of swords, and the cry of a woman’s grief. The sensation of hair brushing up against naked flesh. The sudden blush of unplanned desire, and the dry taste of fear in a lost, shadowy place. Titian’s art was a synaesthetic experience. To see was at once to hear, to smell, to taste, and to touch. But while Titian was fully attached to the world around him, he also held the universe in his hands. Like a magician, he could conjure appearances out of thin air. Like a philosopher, his exploration into the very nature of things channelled and challenged the controversial ideas of his day. But as a painter, he created the world. Dogs, babies, rubies and pearls. Falcons, flowers, gloves and stone. Shepherds, mothers, gods and men. Paint, canvas, blood, sweat and tears. In a series of close visual investigations, Maria H. Loh guides the reader through the lush, vibrant world of Titian’s touch.
SA18-484 A Feast for the Eyes: Edible Art from Apple to Zucchini
  Carolyn Tillie/ 9781789140637/ Price:£ 14.95
Book Cover Savour a taste of the edible alphabet, from A to Z. Throughout history, visual and performance artists have rendered their visions within the whimsical medium of food. In Carolyn Tillie’s deeply satisfying A Feast for the Eyes, you’ll embark on a delicious adventure that redefines the art world. Explore the surprising artistry of apple-head dolls, butter sculptures, coffee paintings and a grand cathedral carved entirely from salt. Learn about the ancient role of food creations in ritual and global folk art. Experience the modern magnificence of electrified vegetable sculptures and ethereal molecular gastronomy. Discover why Salvador Dali had an obsession with lobsters, and why there is a giant palace in the American Midwest made entirely of corn. Whether you’re a food lover or an art aficionado, this book serves up an aesthetic banquet that will delight your senses – and nourish mind, body and soul.
SA18-484 Pieter Bruegel and the Idea of Human Nature
  Elizabeth Alice Honig/ 9781789140767/ Price:£ 15.95
Book Cover In 16th-century northern Europe, during a time of increasing religious and political conflict, Flemish painter Pieter Bruegel redefined how people perceived human nature. Bruegel turned his critical eye to mankind’s labours and pleasures, its foibles and rituals of daily life. Portraying landscapes, peasant life and biblical scenes in startling detail, Bruegel questioned how well we really know ourselves and also how we know, or visually read, others. His work often represented mankind’s ignorance and insignificance, emphasizing the futility of ambition and the absurdity of pride, and he would became one of the most significant artists of the Renaissance period. This superbly illustrated volume examines how Bruegel’s art and ideas enabled people to ponder what it meant to be human. Published to coincide with the 450th anniversary of Bruegel’s death, it will appeal to all those interested in art and philosophy, the Renaissance and the painting of the Dutch Golden Age.
SA18-484 Leonardo Pop-ups
  Courtney Watson McCarthy/ 9780500239964/ Price:£ 24.95
SA18-484 Encyclopedia of the Black Arts Movement
  Verner D. Mitchell/ 9781538101452/ Price:US$ 125.00
SA18-480 Art Appreciation
  / 9781984624789/ Price:US$ 90.00
Book Cover This book is an exploration of visual art forms and their cultural connections for the student with little experience in the visual arts. This book helps students recognize and value how balance, rhythm, repetition, contrast, scale, and proportion are used in the visual arts.
GA18-21 Ancient Chinese Capitals
  WANG GUIXIANG/ 9789814416191/ Price:US$ 150.00
Since time immemorial, the capital city has been the power center of a country. Statistically, as many as 300 Chinese cities once served as power centers-whether for a small state or for a unified empire-in Chinese history. Out of these Xi'an, Luoyang, Beijing, Nanjing, and Kaifeng stand out as the "Five Great Capital Cities" or "Five Ancient Chinese Capitals." As the historical capitals of China, these cities have witnessed the vicissitudes of Chinese history for over 5,000 years. Consisting of five chapters, this book aims to present the narratives of the five ancient cities, supported by abundant photographs and sketches, as well as historical records. In these chapters, the authors explore the historical development of these Chinese capital cities, from the very first dynasty in China, the legendary Xia Dynasty, to the very last one, the tottering Qing Dynasty; and provides an authentic and lively account of the origins, archaeological discoveries, geographical facts, and architectural designs of some world-renowned landmarks in these cities. These include the Drum and Bell towers in Xi'an, the Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang, the Great Xiangguo Temple in Kaifeng, the Confucius Temple in Nanjing, and the Forbidden City in Beijing.
Sustainable Governance and Management of Food Systems: Ethical Perspectives
  Eija Vinnari/ 9789086863419/ Price:EUR 69.00
Book Cover This book focuses on the role of governance and management in the food chain. These methods are now especially important as the current food system has been found to inflict unsustainable environmental pressures on our planet. These include, but are not limited to, greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity loss, excessive water usage and problems with nutrition cycles. In addition, issues such as the treatment of farm animals has attracted considerable media and public attention from the ethical point of view. Therefore, the prominent questions discussed in this book are: - What are the most important ethical issues in our fisheries, agriculture and food systems? - How should we govern food systems when sustainability is a key goal? - What kind of management tools are available for this purpose? - Who is responsible for making the agriculture and food system more sustainable?
Leonardo's Paradox: Word and Image in the Making of Renaissance Culture
  Joost Keizer/ 9781789140699/ Price:£ 25.00
Book Cover Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519) was one of the pre-eminent figures of the Italian Renaissance – he was also one of the most paradoxical. He spent an incredible amount of time writing notebooks, perhaps even more time than he ever held a brush, yet at the same time Leonardo was Renaissance culture’s most fanatical critic of the word. When Leonardo criticized writing he criticized it as an expert on words; when he was painting, writing remained in the back of his mind. In this book, Joost Keizer argues that the comparison between word and image fuelled Leonardo’s thought. The paradoxes at the heart of Leonardo’s ideas and practice also defined some of Renaissance culture’s central assumptions about culture and nature: that there is a look to script, that painting offered a path out of culture and back to nature, that the meaning of images emerged in comparison with words, and that the difference between image-making and writing also amounted to a difference in the experience of time.
Leonardo da Vinci: Self, Art and Nature
  Francois Quiviger / 9781789140705/ Price:£ 15.95
Book Cover This incisive and illuminating biography follows the three themes which shaped the life of Leonardo da Vinci and for ever changed Western art and imagination: nature, art and self-fashioning. Nature and art helped form Leonardo. He spent his first twelve years in the Tuscan countryside before entering the most reputed artistic workshop of Florence. There he bloomed as one of the most promising painters of his time, and promptly also applied his skills to explore and question the world. Leonardo was also self-fashioned: he received only a basic education and grew up around peasants and artisans. By the 1480s, he had transformed himself into a court artist and was a familiar of kings. Following the chronology of his life, this book examines Leonardo as artist, courtier and thinker, and explores how these aspects found expression in his paintings, as well as his work in sculpture, architecture, theatre design, urban planning, engineering, anatomy, geology and cartography. It concludes with observations on Leonardo’s relevance today as a model of the multidisciplinary artist, combining imagination, art and science.
Venus Betrayed: The Private World of ?douard Vuillard
  Julia Frey/ 9781789141603/ Price:£ 39.95
Book Cover Edouard Vuillard was so secretive that he berated himself for betraying his emotions in conversation. He was a reticent, impassioned man, a timid stalker and a social climbing anarchist, caught in conflicting desires. From the 1880s until the advent of World War II, using styles from academic to Pointillist to Nabi to Fauve, he abundantly revealed his love and hatred in his paintings: models pose beside a plaster torso cast from the Venus of Milo, women appear without faces, anxiety radiates from many masterpieces, while other works were left unfinished for months or years. Drawing on insights and images from Vuillard’s still unpublished diaries, Julia Frey takes the reader into Vuillard’s private world of cabarets, experimental theatres, holiday resorts and intimate boudoirs, showing how his art reflects his fraught personal relations and his artistic struggles. Frey chooses many of his finest works, from the famous intimate interior scenes to book illustrations and poster designs, and examines his complex relationships with friends such as Pierre Bonnard, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Stephane Mallarme, Felix Vallotton, and the women he loved: his mother and sister, penniless models and rich men’s wives.
Donatello and the Dawn of Renaissance Art
  A. Victor Coonin/ 9781789141306/ Price:£ 15.95
Book Cover The Italian sculptor known as Donatello helped to forge a new kind of art – one that defines the Renaissance. His work was progressive, innovative, challenging and even controversial. Using a variety of novel sculptural techniques and perspectives, Donatello depicted human sexuality, violence, spirituality and beauty. But to really understand Donatello one needs to understand a changing world, a transition from Medieval to Renaissance and to an art more personal and part of the modern self. Donatello was not just a man of his times, he helped create the spirit of the times he lived in, and those to come. In this beautifully illustrated book, the first monograph on Donatello for 25 years, A. Victor Coonin describes the full extent of Donatello’s revolutionary contribution and shows how his work heralded the emergence of modern art.
The Artfulness of Death in Africa
  John Mack/ 9781789141238/ Price:£ 35.00
Book Cover If weddings are the most lavish events in most parts of the world, in Sub-Saharan Africa, by contrast, it is funerals. Funeral celebrations can be flamboyant occasions, particularly those honouring prominent people. Artworks of many kinds are created to commemorate the dead, from mortuary sculptures and extravagant coffins, to elaborate headstones, memorials, monuments and cenotaphs. This is a unique survey of the ‘artful’ nature of funerals in Africa. Drawing on a wide range of historical, anthropological, archeological, art historical and literary sources, John Mack charts the full range of African funereal art, drawing on examples from across the continent, and from ancient times to today. Featuring abundant illustrations, some of which have never been published before, this is essential reading for those interested in African art, culture, society and history.
Dogs in Art
  Susie Green/ 9781789141290/ Price:£ 25.00
Book Cover From the Zoroastrian sculpture of a 100-kilo mastiff to the portrait of a coiffured lap dog, Dogs in Art presents humanity’s best friend like never before. Through a wide range of genres, fashions and cultures, from Roman mosaics to pop art, video, impressionism and photography, this book brings together more than 200 breathtaking canine images to tell the story of dogs in art from ancient times to the present. Susie Green considers the artist’s often very personal motives behind their work, the vastly different cultural raison d’etres, and the reasons why these sentient, emotional beings are loved and trusted by hundreds of millions of people, including artists such as Hogarth, William Wegman and Lucien Freud. The perfect gift for the many dog lovers around the world, this beautifully illustrated volume offers a dynamic new perspective on our relationship with this much cherished animal.
The End: Artists' Late and Last Works
  Carel Blotkamp/ 9781789141313/ Price:£ 18.00
Book Cover When is a work of art finished? Can it be complete in a mental sense? And who decides? In this highly original and wide-ranging study, Carel Blotkamp explores the concept and manifestations of 'the end' in art. From the idea of a mortal end to the notion of completeness, Blotkamp describes a fascinating array of historical facts and myths as well as novels on art and artists. He examines the value of the last works of artists, considering how a particular end came about and how that might affect our perception of the work; the difference in the styles of artists in old age; unfinished last works and those completed by another's hand; and the mythology inherent in the reception of last works, taking the last works of Raphael and Mondrian as prime examples. For students, artists and art enthusiasts looking for a new perspective on modern art, The End is the perfect place to start.
VSA18-003 The Routledge Handbook of Early Christian Art
  Robin M. Jensen/ 9781138857223/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The Routledge Handbook of Early Christian Art surveys a broad spectrum of Christian art produced from the late second to the sixth centuries. The first part of the book opens with a general survey of the subject and then presents fifteen essays that discuss specific media of visual art—catacomb paintings, sculpture, mosaics, gold glass, gems, reliquaries, ceramics, icons, ivories, textiles, silver, and illuminated manuscripts. Each is written by a noted expert in the field. The second part of the book takes up themes relevant to the study of early Christian art. These seven chapters consider the ritual practices in decorated spaces, the emergence of images of Christ’s Passion and miracles, the functions of Christian secular portraits, the exemplary mosaics of Ravenna, the early modern history of Christian art and archaeology studies, and further reflection on this field called “early Christian art.” Each of the volume’s chapters includes photographs of many of the objects discussed, plus bibliographic notes and recommendations for further reading. The result is an invaluable introduction to and appraisal of the art that developed out of the spread of Christianity through the late antique world. Undergraduate and graduate students of late classical, early Christian, and Byzantine culture, religion, or art will find it an accessible and insightful orientation to the field. Additionally, professional academics, archivists, and curators working in these areas will also find it valuable as a resource for their own research, as well as a textbook or reference work for their students.
VSA18 The Routledge Handbook of Disability Arts, Culture, and Media
  Bree Hadley/ 9780815368410/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover In the last 30 years, a distinctive intersection between disability studies – including disability rights advocacy, disability rights activism, and disability law – and disability arts, culture, and media studies has developed. The two fields have worked in tandem to offer critique of representations of disability in dominant cultural systems, institutions, discourses, and architecture, and develop provocative new representations of what it means to be disabled. Divided into 5 sections: •Disability, Identity, and Representation •Inclusion, Wellbeing, and Whole-of-life Experience •Access, Artistry, and Audiences •Practices, Politics and the Public Sphere •Activism, Adaptation, and Alternative Futures this handbook brings disability arts, disability culture, and disability media studies – traditionally treated separately in publications in the field to date – together for the first time. It provides scholars, graduate students, upper level undergraduate students, and others interested in the disability rights agenda with a broad-based, practical and accessible introduction to key debates in the field of disability art, culture, and media studies. An internationally recognised selection of authors from around the world come together to articulate the theories, issues, interests, and practices that have come to define the field. Most critically, this book includes commentaries that forecast the pressing present and future concerns for the field as scholars, advocates, activists, and artists work to make a more inclusive society a reality.
VSA18 The Routledge International Handbook of Intercultural Arts Research
  Pamela Burnard/ 9780815353683/ Price:£ 43.99
Book Cover For artists, scholars, researchers, educators and students of arts theory interested in culture and the arts, a proper understanding of the questions surrounding ‘interculturality’ and the arts requires a full understanding of the creative, methodological and interconnected possibilities of theory, practice and research. The International Handbook of Intercultural Arts Research provides concise and comprehensive reviews and overviews of the convergences and divergences of intercultural arts practice and theory, offering a consolidation of the breadth of scholarship, practices and the contemporary research methodologies, methods and multi-disciplinary analyses that are emerging within this new field.
VSA18 The Routledge Companion to Jacques Lecoq
  Mark Evans/ 9781138611849/ Price:£ 41.99
Book Cover The Routledge Companion to Jacques Lecoq presents a thorough overview and analysis of Jacques Lecoq's life, work and philosophy of theatre. Through an exemplary collection of specially commissioned chapters from leading writers, specialists and practitioners, it draws together writings and reflections on his pedagogy, his practice, and his influence on the wider theatrical environment. It is a comprehensive guide to the work and legacy of one of the major figures of Western theatre in the second half of the twentieth century. In a four-part structure over fifty chapters, the book examines: •The historical, artistic and social context out of which Lecoq's work and pedagogy arose, and its relation to such figures as Jacques Copeau, Antonin Artaud, Jean-Louis Barrault, and Dario Fo. •Core themes of Lecoq's International School of Theatre, such as movement, play, improvisation, masks, language, comedy, and tragedy, investigated by former teachers and graduates of the School. •The significance and value of his pedagogical approaches in the context of contemporary theatre practices. •The diaspora of performance practice from the School, from the perspective of many of the most prominent artists themselves. This is an important and authoritative guide for anyone interested in Lecoq's work.
VA18-85 Enhancing Art, Culture, and Design With Technological Integration
  Khosrow-Pour, Mehdi/ 9781522550235/ Price:US$ 185.00
Book Cover As technology becomes an important part of human-computer interaction, improving the various conceptual models and understanding of technological interfaces in design becomes essential. Enhancing Art, Culture, and Design With Technological Integration provides emerging research on the methods and techniques of technology to advance and improve design and art. While highlighting topics such as augmented reality, culture industry, and product development, this publication explores the applications of technology in online creation and learning. This book is an important resource for academics, graphic designers, computer engineers, practitioners, students, and researchers seeking current research on observations in technological advancement for culture and society. Topics Covered The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to: •Augmented Reality •Consciousness Model •Culture Industry •Experience Centered Design •Human-Computer Relationship •Mobile Learning •Online Shopping •Product development •Social Movements •Virtual Architecture
SA18-479 The Destruction of Art: Iconoclasm and Vandalism since the French Revolution
  Dario Gamboni/ 9781780239842/ Price:£ 12.99
Book Cover In January 2006 a man tried to break Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain sculpture with a small hammer. The sculpted foot of Michelangelo’s David was damaged in 1991 by a purportedly mentally ill artist. Each such incident confronts us with the unsettling dynamic between destruction and art. Renowned art historian Dario Gamboni is the first to tackle this weighty issue in depth. Starting with the sweeping obliteration of architecture and art under the Communist regimes of the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc, Gamboni investigates other instances of destruction around the globe, uncovering a surprisingly widespread phenomenon. As he demonstrates through analyses of nineteenth- and twentieth-century incidents in the u.s. and Europe, a complex relationship exists between the evolution of modern art and a long history of iconoclasm. Gamboni probes the concept of artists’ rights, the power of political protest and the ways in which iconoclasm offers a unique interpretation of society’s relationship to art and material culture. This compelling and thought-provoking study, now in B-format paperback and with a new preface by the author, forces us to rethink the ways in which we interact with art and its power 36 to shock or subdue.
SA18-476 Judenmord: Art and the Holocaust in Post-war Germany
  Kathrin Hoffman-Curtius/ 9781780239071/ Price:£ 35.00
Book Cover n remembering the murder of the Jews during the period of National Socialism in Germany, the contribution made by artists in the first twenty years after the end of the war has been largely ignored. But how did artists deal with their own experiences and relate these to what they saw, heard and read about the Holocaust? What images of the Jews were presented to the Germans after the end of the brutal regime? And did works of art in Germany contribute to a re-education process, new ways of thinking in both East and West Germany, and the culture of memory? Judenmord is the first collection of works of art specifically by German artists from the end of the war to the end of the 1960s that comment on the Holocaust. It presents paintings, drawings and etchings that bring to light the persecution of the Jews, and examines how artists reacted to injustice in a social situation where the majority stayed silent. Featuring an unfamiliar array of works, by artists such as Otto Pankok, Lea Grundig, Ludwig Meidner, Werner Tubke, Wolf Vostell, Joseph Beuys and Gerhard Richter, and including those by former camp inmates, this is essential reading for all those interested in the history of art and the Holocaust.
SA18-476 Sculpture in Gotham: Art and Urban Renewal in New York City
  Michele H. Bogart/ 9781780239224/ Price:£ 25.00
Book Cover Public sculpture is a big draw in today’s cities. Nowhere is this more the case than in New York, where urban art has become synonymous with the municipal ‘brand’, highlighting the metropolis as vibrant, creative, tolerant, orderly and, above all, safe. Sculpture in Gotham tells the story of how the City of New York became committed to public art patronage, beginning in the mid-1960s. In that moment of political turbulence, cultural activists and City officials for a time shifted away from traditional monuments, and joined forces to sponsor ambitious sculptural projects as an instrument for urban revitalization. Focusing on specific people, agencies and organizations, and both temporary and permanent projects over the decades since the 1960s, Sculpture in Gotham reveals the changing forms and meanings of municipal public art. It illustrates how all this happened at a time when art theories and styles were changing markedly, and when municipalities were reeling from racial unrest, economic decline and countercultural challenges to culture and the state. Connecting public art activity to agendas of urbanism, Sculpture in Gotham offers new contexts for tracking national cultural trends through the exploration of one specific locality. It also provides a new understanding of civic activism and collaboration as a cultural force in urban America.
SA18-476 Imagining Taiwan: The Role of Art in Taiwan's Quest for Identity
  Sophie McIntyre/ 9789004290129/ Price:EUR 108.00
SA18-467 Collecting and Displaying Chinas "Summer Palace" in the West: The Yuanmingyuan in Britain and France.
  Tythacott, Louise/ 9781138080553/ Price:£ 120.00
The Modern Art Cookbook
  Mary Ann Caws/ 9781780239132/ Price:£ 14.99
Book Cover Food has always been a favourite subject of the world’s artists, from still-lifes by Matisse and Picasso to the works of Claes Oldenberg and Andy Warhol. But how do artists eat? The Modern Art Cookbook provides a window into how both great and lesser-known modern artists, writers and poets ate, cooked, depicted and wrote about food. A cornucopia of life in the kitchen and in the studio throughout the twentieth century and beyond, the book explores a wide-ranging panoply of artworks of food, cooking and eating from Europe and the Americas – from the early moderns through the Impressionists, Symbolists, Cubists, Futurists and Surrealists up to today’s art – as well as writing about food from contemporary novelists, writers and poets.
Trees in Art
  Charles Watkins/ 9781780239309/ Price:£ 35.00
Book Cover In this superbly illustrated book, Charles Watkins explores the myth and magic of arboreal art. Enter the groves of the classical world, from Daphne’s metamorphosis into a laurel tree to the gardens of Pompeii. The tree in sacred art is represented in master works by Botticelli and Michelangelo. The oak as a symbol of nationhood and liberty across Europe is revealed. The mystery and drama of forest interiors, the formal beauty of avenues of trees, the representation of forestry over the ages and the world of ‘more than real’ trees in the fantastic and surreal art of Arcimboldo, William Blake, Arthur Rackham and Salvador Dali are each illuminated in fascinating detail, coming right up to date with Giuseppe Penone and Ai Wei Wei. Watkins also elucidates the practice of genius in how artists learned to draw trees. Each thematic chapter takes a breathtaking journey through centuries of artists’ engagement and fascination with a natural form that seems to allegorize or mirror the human journey through life. Drawing on the author’s deep knowledge of the history and ecology of trees, Trees in Art shows that we can learn much about ourselves from the art of trees.
When Artists Curate: Contemporary Art and the Exhibition as Medium
  Alison Green/ 9781780239330/ Price:£ 17.95
Book Cover An increasing proportion of exhibitions are curated by artists rather than professional curators. In this ground-breaking book Alison Green provides the first critical history of visual artists curating exhibitions. The artist emerges as someone who carries a special responsibility for critiquing art’s institutions, brings considerable creativity to the craft of making exhibitions and, through experimentation, has changed the way exhibitions are understood to be authored and experienced. But the book also establishes a curious ubiquity to the artist-curated exhibition. Rather than being exceptional or rare, artists curate all the time and in all kinds of places: in galleries and in museums, in studios, in borrowed spaces such as shopfronts or industrial buildings, in front rooms and front windows, in zoos or concert halls, on streets and in nature. Seen from the perspective of artists, showing is a part of making art. Once this idea is understood, the history of art starts to look very different. With extensive explorations of well-known artists such as Daniel Buren, Goshka Macuga, Thomas Hirschhorn, Rosemarie Trockel, Hito Steyerl, Andy Warhol and Felix Gonzalez-Torres, this book will change the way readers think about and look at exhibitions.
VA18-84 Interpretation of Visual Arts Across Societies and Political Culture: Emerging Research and Opportunities
  Mika Markus Mervio/ 9781522525547/ Price:US$ 115.00
Book Cover It is thought that every work of art possesses multiple interpretations, depending on each viewer. Analyzing personal assessments of artwork can help enable us to gain an understanding of one another, as well as broaden our own opinions and views. Interpretation of Visual Arts Across Societies and Political Culture: Emerging Research and Opportunities is a detailed reference source that breaks down the ways art can be evaluated, and addresses how this type of analysis can influence an array of social groups and regions. Highlighting relevant topics such as artistic impression, modern art, culture wars, and freedom of expression, this publication is an ideal resource for artists, academics, students, and researchers that are interested in expanding their knowledge of the arts. Topics Covered •Artistic Expression •Artistic Impression •Contemporary Societies •Culture Wars •Modern Art •Traditional Art •Visual Arts
VA18-82 Convergence of Contemporary Art, Visual Culture, and Global Civic Engagement
  Shin, Ryan/ 9781522516651/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover Art is a multi-faceted part of human society, and often is used for more than purely aesthetic purposes. When used as a narrative on modern society, art can actively engage citizens in cultural and pedagogical discussions. Convergence of Contemporary Art, Visual Culture, and Global Civic Engagement is a pivotal reference source for the latest scholarly material on the relationship between popular media, art, and visual culture, analyzing how this intersection promotes global pedagogy and learning. Highlighting relevant perspectives from both international and community levels, this book is ideally designed for professionals, upper-level students, researchers, and academics interested in the role of art in global learning. Topics Covered •Art Education •Feminist Mapping •Service Learning •Study Abroad Programs •Video Gaming •Virtual Worlds •Visual Literacy
VA18-81 Cultural Influences on Architecture
  Gulsah Koc/ 9781522517443/ Price:US$ 180.00
Book Cover A society’s culture is a contributing factor to the structure and design of its architecture. As contemporary globalism brings about the evolution of the world, architectural style evolves along with it, which can be observed on an international scale. Cultural Influences on Architecture is a pivotal reference source for the latest research on the impact of culture on architecture through the aspects of planning and production, and highlights the importance of communicative dimension in design. Featuring exhaustive coverage on a variety of relevant perspectives and topics, such as the evolution of construction systems, benefits of nature-based architecture, and fundamentals of social capital, this publication is ideally designed for researchers, scholars, and students seeking current research on the connection between culture and architecture on a global level. Topics Covered •Biophilia •Cultural Indoctrination •Cultural Institutionalization •Cultural Intelligence •Religion •Social Capital •Social Learning Theory •Values Orientation Theory (VOT)
VA18-79 Handbook of Research on Emerging Technologies for Digital Preservation and Information Modeling
  Ippolito, Alfonso/ 9781522506805/ Price:US$ 275.00
Book Cover The effective use of technology offers numerous benefits in protecting cultural heritage. With the proper implementation of these tools, the management and conservation of artifacts and knowledge are better attained. The Handbook of Research on Emerging Technologies for Digital Preservation and Information Modeling is an authoritative resource for the latest research on the application of current innovations in the fields of architecture and archaeology to promote the conservation of cultural heritage. Highlighting a range of real-world applications and digital tools, this book is ideally designed for upper-level students, professionals, researchers, and academics interested in the preservation of cultures. Topics Covered •3D Modeling •Augmented Reality •Digital Archives •Digital Surveying •Multimedia Tools •Robotics Applications •Virtual Restoration
SA18-491 Intersecting Art and Technology in Practice: Techne/Technique/Technology.
  Camille C Baker/ 9781138934115/ Price:£ 95.00
SA18-468 Counterpoints: Dialogues between Music and the Visual Arts.
  Junod, Philippe/ 9781780238111/ Price:£ 30.00
Book Cover Multimedia experiments are everywhere in contemporary art, but the collaboration and conflict between the various arts has a long history. From opera to the symphonic poem, to paintings inspired by music, many attempts have been made to pair sounds with pictures and to combine the arts of time and space. Counterpoints: Dialogues between Music and the Visual Arts explores this artistic evolution from ancient times to the present day.
SA18-467 War and Art: A Visual History of Modern Conflict.
  Bourke, Joanna/ 9781780238463/ Price:£ 40.00
Book Cover This sumptuously illustrated volume, edited by eminent war historian Joanna Bourke, offers a comprehensive visual, cultural and historical account of the ways in which armed conflict has been represented in art. Covering the last two centuries, the book shows how the artistic portrayal of war changed, from a celebration of heroic exploits to a more modern, truthful depiction of warfare and its consequences. Featuring illustrations by artists including Paul Nash, Judy Chicago, Pablo Picasso, Melanie Friend, Francis Bacon, Kathe Kollwitz, Yves Klein, Robert Rauschenberg, Dora Meeson, Otto Dix and many others, as well as those who are often overlooked, such as children, non-European artists and prisoners of war, this extensive survey is a fitting and timely contribution to the understanding, memory and commemoration of war, and will appeal to a wide audience interested in warfare, art, history or politics.
SA18-461 Beyond Resemblance: Abstract Art in the Age of Global Conceptualism.
  Linsley, Robert/ 9781780236322/ Price:£ 18.00
Book Cover Art today may be truly global, but everywhere in the world it has the same character. It is saturated with statements, meanings and branded images that dominate both art galleries and artist’s work. Everywhere there is a need for a clear space in which people can stop and understand things for themselves without being barraged by voices explaining the meaning of what they see. Abstract art is a tool to help people find a perspective on the increasing chaos around them, not just an empty commodity to be collected and traded by the immensely wealthy. In this first critique of global ‘conceptual’, agenda-driven art, the dominant mode in the art world today, Robert Linsley shows how the abstract art of the last fifty years can offer us new life experiences that are rich and full. He explains how abstraction is a response to the world we live in, one that deliberately avoids moralizing, explanation or overt polemic. He champions the work of lesser-known but important artists from India, China and Latin America, as well as more familiar names from around the globe, and treats their work with equal seriousness. Essential reading for artists, art lovers and art historians, Beyond Resemblance shows how abstract art makes sense of our troubled times and how it has a future.
Eye for Detail: Images of Plants and Animals in Art and Science, 1500-1630
  Florike Egmond/ 9781780236407/ Price:£ 35.00
Book Cover Image-transforming techniques such as close-up, time lapse and layering are often linked to the age of photography, but they were already being used half a millennium ago for the purposes of identification and study. This is why Renaissance drawings of plants and animals are immediately recognizable to the modern viewer. Discussing natural history images made throughout Europe during the sixteenth century, Eye for Detail traces the early history of image manipulation techniques. Florike Egmond shows how the roles and formats of images in nature study changed dramatically during this period, as high-definition naturalistic representation became the rule, and large image collections of plants and animals were created for identification and illustration. She investigates what the use of visual techniques like magnification can tell us about how early modern Europeans studied and ordered living nature, and focuses on how attention to visual detail reveals the overriding question that continued to occupy the minds of naturalists from antiquity well into the modern age: the secret of how life originates. Featuring many striking colour illustrations that have never been published before, this beautiful volume is an arresting guide to the large Continental collections of naturalia drawings and an absorbing study of natural history art of the sixteenth century.
Cats in Art
  Desmond Morris/ 9781780238333/ Price:£ 25.00
Book Cover The cat has been a favourite subject of artists across cultures from prehistory until the present day. A spectacular 7,000-year-old rock engraving in Libya shows the oldest catfight in feline art; Babylonians believed that the souls of priests were escorted to paradise by a helpful cat; Pablo Picasso was known to have loved cats and often portrayed them as savage predators, while Victorian cats were shown in loving family groups with mothers caring for their playful kittens. Today, the cat is one of the most popular domestic pets on the planet and feline art is hugely popular across the world. In this eye-catching book, bestselling author Desmond Morris tells the compelling story of cats in art, tracing its history from ancient rock paintings and spectacular Egyptian art to the work of Old Masters, modernist representations and cartoons, as well as Naive and Outsider art. Morris weaves illuminating stories with specially selected images that have rarely been seen before. Anyone who has a pet cat, or a fascination for our feline companions, will enjoy this beautifully illustrated book.
The Mirror of Writing: Kang Youwei's Curriculum for Chinese Calligraphy Art
  Yuli Wang/ 9780996648486/ Price:US$ 44.00
Book Cover This book is an annotated and illustrated translation from The Mirror of Writing, by Kang Youwei (1889). It contributes to the study of modern Chinese art and culture, and to an understanding of the history and aesthetics of Chinese calligraphy. It contains more than 150 reproductions of the original illustrations. For a long time Chinese calligraphy was neglected by art historians in the West. In the United States, the cultural, scholarly, and artistic importance of the art of Chinese calligraphy has been featured in only three traveling exhibitions, which have focused on the pre-Modern period. However, modern Chinese calligraphy, like modern Chinese painting, has gone through its own kind of transformation and demonstrated the vitality of the calligraphic traditions as well as the potential for renewal of these traditions. In all the editions of The Mirror of Writing published since 1889, no illustrations have been given. By translating Book III “Buying Stone Rubbings,” with reproductions of more than 150 originally illustations, Yuli Wang provides a concise introduction to the art of Chinese calligraphy.
The Mirror of Writing: Kang Youwei's Curriculum for Chinese Calligraphy Art
  Yuli Wang/ 9780997496260/ Price:US$ 54.00
Book Cover
Aurelia: Art and Literature through the Mouth of the Fairy Tale
  Carol Mavor/ 9781780237176/ Price:£ 25.00
Book Cover In the eighteenth century the members of London’s Society of Aurelians were butterfly collectors. The term ‘Aurelian’ relates to the chrysalis, and the golden colour it can display before the butterfly emerges. As a twenty-first-century Aurelian, Carol Mavor collects fairy tales old and new and awakens them out of their chrysalises: like slumbering Snow Whites in caskets of gold and glass; like Briar Roses in tangles of branches and thorns. In Aurelia, Mavor takes special interest in the fairy tale’s gastronomy, including Alice’s Wonderland cake marked eat me, the sugar of the witch’s house in ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and the more disturbing ingestions of cannibalism, as in the Brothers Grimm’s ‘The Juniper Tree’, where a murdered boy sings through the mouth of a bird: ‘My mother she killed me. My father he ate me.’ Moving beyond this, Mavor discovers the fairy-tale realm in more surprising places: the tragic candy-land poetry of the 1950s ‘genius’ child-poet Minou Drouet; the subterranean world of enchantment in the cave paintings of Lascaux; the brown fairies of African American poet Langston Hughes; and Miwa Yanagi’s black-and-white, bloody photograph of the Grandmother and Little Red Riding Hood holding one another in the cut open belly of the wolf, as an allegory of the victims of Hiroshima. Through the lens of the fairy tale Mavor reads the world of literature and art as both magical and political.
Rembrandt's Holland
  Larry Silver/ 9781780238470/ Price:£ 15.95
Book Cover Rembrandt van Rijn and the Netherlands grew up together. The artist, born in Leiden in 1606, lived during the tumultuous period of the Dutch Revolt and the establishment of the independent Dutch Republic. He moved to Amsterdam, a cosmopolitan centre of world trade, and became the city’s most fashionable portraitist. His attempts to establish himself with the powerful court at The Hague failed, however, and the final decade of his life was marked by financial hardship and personal tragedy. Rembrandt’s Holland considers anew the life and work of this celebrated painter as it charts his career alongside the visual culture of urban Amsterdam and the new Dutch Republic. It brings to light his problematic relationship with the ruling court at The Hague and re-examines how his art developed, from large-scale, detailed religious imagery to more personal drawings and etchings, moving self-portraits and heartfelt close-ups of saintly figures. Featuring up-to-date scholarship and in-depth analysis of Rembrandt’s major works, as well as numerous beautiful images, Rembrandt’s Holland is essential reading for art students and those who enjoy the work of the Dutch Masters.
VSA18-001 The Routledge Companion to Jacques Lecoq
  Evans, Mark/ 9781138818422/ Price:£ 200.00
Book Cover The Routledge Companion to Jacques Lecoq presents a thorough overview and analysis of Jacques Lecoq's life, work and philosophy of theatre. Through an exemplary collection of specially commissioned chapters from leading writers, specialists and practitioners, it draws together writings and reflections on his pedagogy, his practice, and his influence on the wider theatrical environment. It is a comprehensive guide to the work and legacy of one of the major figures of Western theatre in the second half of the twentieth century. In a four-part structure over fifty chapters, the book examines: •The historical, artistic and social context out of which Lecoq's work and pedagogy arose, and its relation to such figures as Jacques Copeau, Antonin Artaud, Jean-Louis Barrault, and Dario Fo. •Core themes of Lecoq's International School of Theatre, such as movement, play, improvisation, masks, language, comedy, and tragedy, investigated by former teachers and graduates of the School. •The significance and value of his pedagogical approaches in the context of contemporary theatre practices. •The diaspora of performance practice from the School, from the perspective of many of the most prominent artists themselves. This is an important and authoritative guide for anyone interested in Lecoq's work.
VSA18-001 The Routledge International Handbook of Intercultural Arts Research.
  Burnard, Pamela/ 9781138909939/ Price:£ 200.00
Book Cover For artists, scholars, researchers, educators and students of arts theory interested in culture and the arts, a proper understanding of the questions surrounding ‘interculturality’ and the arts requires a full understanding of the creative, methodological and interconnected possibilities of theory, practice and research. The International Handbook of Intercultural Arts Research provides concise and comprehensive reviews and overviews of the convergences and divergences of intercultural arts practice and theory, offering a consolidation of the breadth of scholarship, practices and the contemporary research methodologies, methods and multi-disciplinary analyses that are emerging within this new field.
VSA18-001 The Routledge Companion to Design Studies
  Sparke, Penny/ 9781138780507/ Price:£ 200.00
Book Cover Since the 1990s, in response to dramatic transformations in the worlds of technology and the economy, design - a once relatively definable discipline, complete with a set of sub-disciplines - has become unrecognizable. Consequently, design scholars have begun to address new issues, themes and sub-disciplines such as: sustainable design, design for well-being, empathic design, design activism, design anthropology, and many more. The Routledge Companion to Design Studies charts this new expanded spectrum and embraces the wide range of scholarship relating to design - theoretical, practice-related and historical - that has emerged over the last four decades. Comprised of forty-three newly-commissioned essays, the Companion is organized into the following six sections: • Defining Design: Discipline, Process • Defining Design: Objects, Spaces • Designing Identities: Gender, Sexuality, Age, Nation • Designing Society: Empathy, Responsibility, Consumption, the Everyday • Design and Politics: Activism, Intervention, Regulation • Designing the World: Globalization, Transnationalism, Translation Contributors include both established and emerging scholars and the essays offer an international scope, covering work emanating from, and relating to, design in the United Kingdom, mainland Europe, North America, Asia, Australasia and Africa. This comprehensive collection makes an original and significant contribution to the field of Design Studies.
VSA18 The Routledge Companion to Medieval Iconography
  Hourihane, Colum/ 9781472459473/ Price:£ 200.00
Book Cover Sometimes enjoying considerable favor, sometimes less, iconography has been an essential element in medieval art historical studies since the beginning of the discipline. Some of the greatest art historians – including Male, Warburg, Panofsky, Morey, and Schapiro – have devoted their lives to understanding and structuring what exactly the subject matter of a work of medieval art can tell. Over the last thirty or so years, scholarship has seen the meaning and methodologies of the term considerably broadened. This companion provides a state-of-the-art assessment of the influence of the foremost iconographers, as well as the methodologies employed and themes that underpin the discipline. The first section focuses on influential thinkers in the field, while the second covers some of the best-known methodologies; the third, and largest section, looks at some of the major themes in medieval art. Taken together, the three sections include thirty-eight chapters, each of which deals with an individual topic. An introduction, historiographical evaluation, and bibliography accompany the individual essays. The authors are recognized experts in the field, and each essay includes original analyses and/or case studies which will hopefully open the field for future research.
VA18-78 Trends in Music Information Seeking, Behavior, and Retrieval for Creativity
  Kostagiolas, Petros/ 9781522502708/ Price:US$ 195.00
Book Cover In the literature of information science, a number of studies have been carried out attempting to model cognitive, affective, behavioral, and contextual factors associated with human information seeking and retrieval. On the other hand, only a few studies have addressed the exploration of creative thinking in music, focusing on understanding and describing individuals’ information seeking behavior during the creative process. Trends in Music Information Seeking, Behavior, and Retrieval for Creativity connects theoretical concepts in information seeking and behavior to the music creative process. This publication presents new research, case studies, surveys, and theories related to various aspects of information retrieval and the information seeking behavior of diverse scholarly and professional music communities. Music professionals, theorists, researchers, and students will find this publication an essential resource for their professional and research needs. Topics Covered •Music Education •Music Information Systems •Musical Creativity •Musical Databases •Popular Culture •Symbolism
SA18-457 Rattling Spears: A History of Indigenous Australian Art.
  McLean, Ian/ 9781780235905/ Price:£ 35.00
Book Cover Large, bold and colourful, Indigenous Australian art has impressed itself on the contemporary imagination. But it is controversial, dividing the stakeholders from those who smell a scam. Whether the artists are victims or victors, there is no denying their impact in the media and on the art world and collectors worldwide. How did it become the most successful Indigenous art in the world? How did its artists escape the ethnographic and souvenir markets to become players in an art world from which they had been barred? Finely illustrated, this full historical account makes you question everything you were taught about modern and contemporary art.
SA18-457 Hieronymus Bosch: Visions and Nightmares.
  Buttner, Nils/ 9781780235790/ Price:£ 14.95
Book Cover In his lifetime Hieronymus Bosch was already famous for his fantastic painterly creations. Today his name has become synonymous with eerie and infernal images. Seeing Bosch’s enigmatic paintings, the viewer is faced with riddles that result in numerous interpretations. Some have tried to explain the supposedly inexplicable symbolism by exploring the alchemical context or by suggesting that Bosch embraced secret pagan cults. With the utmost seriousness, it was debated whether he had belonged to the order of the Brethren and Sisters of the Free Spirit or the Adamites, a group that had been persecuted as heretical. Clues were sought in order to prove that he belonged to the Cathar faith and indulged in occult practices, free love, mysterious drugs and witches’ salves. Some tried to understand his visual worlds through esoteric explanations, while others tried to decode them with the methods of abnormal psychology and psychoanalysis. For a painter of his time, Bosch’s work and life is exceptionally well documented. Around 100 historical records from Bosch’s lifetime are still extant, shedding light on his works, their commissions and his social position. In this book Nils Buttner traces the career of a painter who worked for the highest aristocratic and courtly circles, and explains Bosch’s paintings against the background of contemporary culture and social reality. This fresh and insightful work on Bosch appears in the 500th anniversary year of his death.
SA18-457 Titian and the End of the Venetian Renaissance.
  Nichols, Tom/ 9781780236742/ Price:£ 25.00
Book Cover This book, now available in paperback, charts Titian’s early stylistic independence from his master Giovanni Bellini, his radical innovations to the classical altarpiece and his meteoric break from the normal con?nes of Venice’s artistic culture. Titian competitively cultivated a professional identity and his dynamic career was epitomized by the development of his ‘late style’, which set him apart from all predecessors and was intended to defy emulation by any followers. It was through this ?nal individualistic departure that Titian effectively brought the Renaissance tradition of painting to an end. This ground-breaking interpretation will be of interest to all scholars and students of Renaissance and Venetian art history.
SA18-457 Caravaggio and the Creation of Modernity.
  Thomas, Troy/ 9781780236766/ Price:£ 14.95
Book Cover In this highly original study Troy Thomas examines Caravaggio’s life and art in relation to his most profound achievement: the creation of modernity. He explicitly focuses on the inherent tensions, contradictions and ambiguities in Caravaggio’s art – key areas often ignored by other experts. Structured thematically and chronologically, the book begins with an in-depth look at the artist’s early life and works, which establish and refine his realism, his dark settings and his subtle and clever ambiguity of genre and meaning. It describes his mature religious works that eschew the theatrical stock poses and expressions of past art. Lastly, it delves into the artist’s final hectic years as Caravaggio wandered from city to city in southern Italy, avoiding the papal police after a sword fight on the streets of Rome. Illustrated with sumptuous colour photographs, Caravaggio and the Creation of Modernity will appeal to all those fascinated by the history of art and the work of this great Renaissance artist.
SA18-457 The Grain of the Clay: Reflections on Ceramics and the Art of Collecting.
  Weiss, Allen S./ 9781780236421/ Price:£ 18.00
Book Cover People collect to connect with the past, personal and historic, to exercise some small and perfect degree of control over a carefully chosen portion of the world. The Grain of the Clay is Allen S. Weiss’s engaging exploration of the meaning and practice of collecting through his relationship with Japanese ceramics. Weiss unfolds their world of materiality and pleasure and the culture and knowledge that extends out of their forms and uses. Japanese ceramics are celebrated for their profound material poetry, especially in relation to the natural world, and they maintain a unique place in the history of the arts and in the lives of those who collect and use them. The Grain of the Clay deepens our appreciation of ceramics while providing a critical meditation on collecting. Weiss examines the vast stylistic range of ceramics, investigating the reasons for viewing, using and collecting them. He explores ceramic objects’ relationship with cuisine as an art and as a part of everyday life. Ceramics are increasingly finding their rightful place in museums and Weiss shows how this newfound engagement with finely wrought natural materials might foster an increased ecological sensitivity. The Grain of the Clay will appeal to the collector in every one of us.
SA18-456 Jewelry Making (Fine Jewelry): Intermediate (Book With DVD) (Workbook Included)
  / 9789351158646/ Price:US$ 99.95
Book Cover This book consists of competencies along fine jewelry making that a person must achieve that will enable him/her fabricate basic jewelry components, polish jewelry, plate jewelry and perform rubber mold making.
SA18-456 Jewelry Making (Fine Jewelry): Advanced (Book With DVD) (Workbook Included)
  / 9789351158653/ Price:US$ 99.95
Book Cover The information in this book consists of competencies along fine jewelry making or jewelry using precious gems or metals like gold, silver and diamond that a person must achieve in constructing/creating jewelry from different forms and assembled metals.
GA18-20 Chinese Gardens: Theory and Practice
  Chen Congzhou/ 9789814416207/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover The traditional Chinese garden is an artistic synthesis of architecture, rockery, water, and horticulture that exudes idyllic sentiments and picturesque fascinations. Though rockery and water are set out by man, they must look like wrought by nature. The value of rockery is borne in its veins, and that of a stream or pond lies in its headwater; only when the veins and the headwater are interconnected can the entire garden come to dynamic life. The gardens made by the literati-officials, most of whom were proficient in poetry and prose and could paint and sing, were inevitably rooted in their shared ideals or feelings. Imbued with allusions to poetry and prose, their gardens achieve oneness with literature by means of inscribed horizontal boards and vertical couplets, as well as records and colophons on classical paintings. That is why whenever a visitor steps into such a garden, he feels as if he were rambling the realms of poetry and painting. He may improvise a poem on the spot if he is highly attained in literature, and depict the garden's scenery with freewheeling brush strokes in the late Ming tradition if he is a painter. All this has happened to every educated visitor to such a garden. KEY FEATURES - The first sizeable English edition of writings garnered from the distinguished late Professor Chen Congzhou's encyclopedic oeuvre on traditional Chinese gardens. - Provides a comprehensive coverage and critical analysis of the history, art, and architecture of traditional Chinese gardens through the eyes of a leading Chinese garden historian and landscape architect who spent his whole lifetime conserving and restoring historic gardens in China. - The main contents are divided into two parts, Theory and Practice. - Contains more than 80 beautiful photos featuring the most famous and classical Chinese gardens. - Fourth title in the "Chinese Architecture Series"
Liquid Crystals: The Science and Art of a Fluid Form
  Esther Leslie/ 9781780236452/ Price:£ 25.00
Book Cover Liquid crystal is a curious phase of matter. It has the ability at once to flow, like water, and to refract, like ice. It was closely observed, if not yet named, by experts in 1888 but they found no practical use for it. Probed and imaged for decades, its polar properties were eventually harnessed for an age of screen-based media. Now liquid crystal is ubiquitous, communicating, selling and delighting, in flat-screen LCDs, computers and mobile devices. We also now know that it exists inside our bodies. For the very first time, Liquid Crystals tells the history of this anomalous and little understood phase of matter in relation to a ‘liquid crystal’ epoch, spanning from 1820 to today, detailing the key interminglings of the liquid and crystalline located in politics, philosophy and art during this time. There are insightful and remarkable readings of cultural forms from Romantic landscape painting to snow globes, from mountain films to Hollywood eco-disaster movies, from touchscreen devices to DNA, cold wars and political thaws, media meltdowns and ice in the desert. Expertly written in an accessible style, Liquid Crystals recounts the unheralded but hugely significant emergence and applications of this unique matter.
The Return of Curiosity: What Museums are Good For in the 21st Century
  Nicholas Thomas/ 9781780236568/ Price:£ 12.95
Book Cover Over the last twenty years museums have proliferated, attracting new audiences and assuming new prominence in public life. The Return of Curiosity offers a fresh perspective on museums and what they may now be good for. Nicholas Thomas argues that what is special about museums are their collections, which are not just rich resources for reflection, but creative technologies that enable people to make new things in the present. Reflecting on art galleries, science and history institutions, and museums around the world, Thomas shows that in times marked by insecurity and increasing conflict, museums can help to sustain and enrich society. They stimulate a curiosity that is vital to understanding and negotiating the cosmopolitan but dangerous world we all now inhabit. The Return of Curiosity is a book that anyone who visits and enjoys museums will find engaging and stimulating. Curators, arts and heritage professionals, policymakers and all museum studies teachers and students need to own and read this influential book.
Since '45: America and the Making of Contemporary Art
  Katy Siegel/ 9781780235943/ Price:£ 14.95
Book Cover Art histories of the recent past usually depict art after World War II as wrested from a ravaged Europe by a triumphant United States, or in formal terms, floating free of social meaning. These histories fail to describe how the particularities of American culture shaped contemporary art. Without the European triumvirate of academy, aristocracy, and avant-garde, American artists instead responded to social issues native to the country: race, mass culture, individual success, suburbia, and the atomic bomb, which revived the Puritanical tradition of the apocalyptic imaginary. Katy Siegel examines how these issues came to find their place in art ranging from the works of Norman Lewis, Joan Mitchell, and Robert Rauschenberg to Kerry James Marshall and Mike Kelley, situating them amidst an American literary and political discourse that includes Herman Melville, Ralph Ellison, and Frederick Exley. Since ’45 explores how U.S. culture not only shaped American art, but, given the political and economic dominance of the U.S., has continued to affect contemporary art worldwide, even as the American century fades.
Red: The Art and Science of a Colour
  Spike Bucklow/ 9781780235912/ Price:£ 22.00
Book Cover Red grabs your attention. Today we associate red with danger, sex, anger and more, yet the colour was once so signi?cant that things which have a profound impact upon our lives were widely called red, even though they are often not red at all. Spike Bucklow takes us from a 34,000-year-old shaman burial dress to the iPhone screen, exploring the myriad of purposes we have put red to as well as the materials from which it comes. The pursuit of the colour drove medieval alchemy and modern chemistry alike, and red has been found in insects, tree resins, tar, earths and excitable gases. It is associated with earth, blood and fire, with the holy, with national flags and powerful ideologies. Red is a material and cultural history that makes one see this colour afresh, a crucial part of the human visual world.
William Kentridge and Vivienne Koorland: Conversations in Letters and Lines
  Tamar Garb/ 9781908612410/ Price:£ 24.95
Book Cover illiam Kentridge and Vivienne Koorland are two of South Africa’s foremost visual artists. Kentridge is a successful animated filmmaker, opera director, performer and draughtsman, while Koorland has enjoyed widespread critical acclaim as a painter, printmaker and maker of objects. Born in the 1950s, they first met as university students in the mid-1970s, and have been talking about art ever since. Their friendship of nearly forty years has been mutually enriching, as the art of each has inspired and informed the other. This significant volume brings together a diverse selection of works from each artist to explore the formal and thematic links between their different practices. It focuses on the role of writing in their work, the relationship between drawing, painting and animation, their interest in film, their understanding of lines, alphabets and letters and the relationship between the iconic and the abstract, and maps and mapping. The book is divided into four essays by Briony Fer, Griselda Pollock, Joseph Leo Koerner and Ed Kr?ma, each of which provides a fresh perspective on the artists and their work, as well as a conversation between the artists and curator Tamar Garb, exploring the themes highlighted by the exhibition. The book features eighty colour illustrations of a wide selection of artworks by each artist including works on paper, maps and sketchbooks that have rarely been seen by the public before.
Street Art World
  Alison Young/ 9781780236704/ Price:£ 20.00
Book Cover Street art and graffiti are a familiar sight in cities around the world. Neighbourhoods painted with murals are popular with tourists and tagged walls become backdrops for fashion shoots and music videos. Banksy is a global celebrity whose work sells for astonishing prices. Millions of photographs of street art are saved on smartphones, uploaded to social media, and displayed on T-shirts and other merchandise. But are street art and graffiti the same thing? Or do they have different histories, meanings, and practitioners? Who makes street art? Who buys it? Can it be exhibited in a gallery or must it be located on the street? Why have museums started collecting street art? Is there a commercial market for street art? And will it even exist in the future? This strikingly illustrated book explores every aspect of street art, from making and photographing, to stealing and selling it. Artists working in the streets reveal both their passion for street art and ambivalence about its commodification. The rise, fall and rise again of street art in the art market is told through revealing encounters with collectors and auction houses in Paris, London, Melbourne and beyond. Based on twenty years of research in the graffiti and street art scenes, Street Art World is the first book to provide a history and context for the words and images that appear in cities all around the world. Inviting the reader into a realm that is usually hidden, it will enthrall all those who enjoy this global phenomenon.
The Poet's Brush: Chinese Ink Paintings by Lo Ch'ing
  Jason C. Kuo/ 9780997496246/ Price:US$ 110.00
Book Cover Lo Ch’ing is one of China’s foremost contemporary poet-painters. Despite the differences in their circumstances, many contemporary Chinese painters share one common trait: they have been stimulated by contact with contemporary Western art, but they did not merely imitate it; instead, they have rediscovered the abstract and expressionistic possibilities in their own tradition. It is in this sense that they are heirs to the great tradition of Chinese painting. Through their synthesis of the theories, techniques and styles of traditional literati painting in their own work, they were able to achieve innovation that enriched the tradition. These artists exemplify one of the best ways to be contemporary Chinese artist.
Paul Cezanne.
  Kear, Jon/ 9781780235738/ Price:£ 11.99
Book Cover Few artists have exerted such an in?uence on modern art as Paul Cezanne. Picasso, Braque and Matisse all acknowledged a profound debt to his painting. This reassessment of Cezanne’s life and art discusses the key events, artistic relationships and friendships that shaped his work and places his painting in the context of the debates about art and culture in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It details the reception of Cezanne, his early life and career, the crucial moment of his artistic development from the 1870s to the mid-1880s, and the period from 1886 to 1906 when we see important changes in his choice of motifs, style and working methods that characterize his late oeuvre.
Leon Golub Powerplay: The Political Portraits.
  Bird, Jon/ 9781780235820/ Price:£ 15.00
Book Cover The American artist Leon Golub (1922–2004) is best known for his iconic history paintings of mercenaries, interrogations, torture and riots of the 1980s and early ’90s. He increasingly explored the effects of power upon the body through facial expression, gesture and pose, investing his dramatic pictorial scenes with psychological tension and depth through the visual exchange between depicted characters and the viewer. Golub’s source material always derived from media representations: of how the look of power is mediated through the camera lens, a process which is in?ected by the interests of elite cultures, whether political, military or social. It was during the 1970s that the ‘look of power’ became dominant in his series of political portraits of heads of state, corporate, military and religious leaders. Golub produced over 100 roughly life-size portraits, often depicting an individual at various stages of his public of?ce – all visual narratives of arrogance and venality traced across the visage of powerful men.
VSA18-001 The Routledge Companion to Art and Politics.
  Martin, Randy/ 9780415645102/ Price:£ 200.00
Book Cover The Routledge Companion to Art and Politics offers a thorough examination of the complex relationship between art and politics, and the many forms and approaches the engagement between them can take. The contributors - a diverse assembly of artists, activists, scholars from around the world – discuss and demonstrate ways of making art and politics legible and salient in the world. As such the 32 chapters in this volume reflect on performing and visual arts; music, film and new media; as well as covering social practice, community-based work, conceptual, interventionist and movement affiliated forms. The Companion is divided into four distinct parts: •Conceptual Cartographies •Institutional Materialities •Modalities of Practice •Making Publics Randy Martin has assembled a collection that ensures that readers will come away with a wider view of what can count as art and politics; where they might find it; and how it moves in the world. The diversity of perspectives is at once challenging and fortifying to those who might dismiss political art on the one hand as not making sufficient difference and on the other to those embracing it but seeking a means to elaborate the significance that it can make in the world. The Routledge Companion to Art and Politics brings together a range of issues and approaches and encourages critical and creative thinking about how art is produced, perceived, and received.
SA18-491 Painting and Sculpture: From Classical Modernism to the Present Day
  Hilti Art Foundation/ 9783775739474/ Price:£ 40.00
SA18-484 Collections Care and Stewardship: Innovative Approaches for Museums
  Juilee Decker/ 9781442238794/ Price:US$ 50.00
SA18-468 Poetry as Image: The Visual Culture of Waka in Sixteenth-Century Japan.
  Tomoko Sakomura/ 9789004292482/ Price:EUR 105.00
SA18-468 Constructing the Dharma King: The Horyuji Shaka Triad and the Birth of the Prince Shotoku Cult.
  Akiko Walley/ 9789004292451/ Price:EUR 105.00
SA18-449 Tintoretto: Tradition and Identity.
  Nichols, Tom/ 9781780234502/ Price:£ 19.95
Book Cover The Venetian painter Jacopo Tintoretto (1518–1594) is an ambiguous figure in the history of art. Critics and writers such as Vasari, Ruskin and Sartre all placed him in opposition to the established artistic practice of his time, noting that he had abandoned the values that typified the venerable Venetian Renaissance tradition. He was even expelled as an apprentice from the workshop of Titian.
SA18-446 The Work of Art: Plein Air Painting and Artistic Identity in Nineteenth-Century France.
  Callen, Anthea/ 9781780233550/ Price:£ 30.00
Book Cover The work of artists under the microscope includes landscapes by the Barbizon School, Gustave Courbet, Paul Cezanne, Camille Pissarro, Claude Monet, Gustave Caillebotte, Berthe Morisot, Georges Seurat and Vincent van Gogh. Callen examines artists’ methods and modes of self-presentation, paying particular attention to painters’ personal touch, paint matter and mark-making in oil on paper and canvas. Referring to contemporary treatises on landscape painting theory and practice, and to colour-merchants’ novel paints and specialized equipment for landscape painting, she provides new ways of understanding material practice at this historical moment and the cultural meanings it generates. Richly illustrated, The Work of Art offers fresh insights into the development of avant-garde French painting and the predominantly masculine concept of the modern artist.
SA18-446 Posters: A Global History.
  Guffey, Elizabeth E./ 9781780233710/ Price:£ 25.00
Book Cover n Posters: A Global History Elizabeth Guffey tells the story of this ephemeral art form, from its birth in the nineteenth century to its place in contemporary culture. She argues that even among today’s burgeoning digital media, few forms of graphic design can rival posters for their tangibility and sheer spatial presence. From London to Ramallah, Los Angeles to Lagos, posters provide new opportunities to communicate across public spaces that are themselves increasingly transformed by digital media.
SA18-446 The Art of the Yellow Springs: Understanding Chinese Tombs.
  Hung, Wu/ 9781861897817/ Price:£ 22.50
Book Cover In art history these ancient burial sites have mainly been appreciated as ‘treasure troves’ of exciting and often previously unknown works of art. New trends in Chinese art history are challenging this way of studying funerary art: now an entire memorial site – rather than any of its individual components – has become the focus of both observation and interpretation. The Art of the Yellow Springs expands on this scholarship by making interpretative methods the direct subject of consideration. It argues that to achieve a genuine understanding of Chinese tombs we need to reconsider a host of art-historical concepts, including visuality, viewership, space, formal analysis, function and context.
GA18-19 Chinese Sculpture: A Historical Journey.
  Liang Sicheng/ 9789814416214/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover Between 1932 and 1939, Liang Sicheng and his wife, Lin Huiyin, together with a few members of the Institute for Research in Chinese Architecture, traveled to Northern and Southwestern China on over a dozen archaeological expeditions to conduct pioneer surveys on ancient Chinese architecture and sculptures. The most prominent of these discoveries are featured in Chinese Sculpture as a collection of short essays and vignette sketches, covering the monumental cliff shrines and the most ancient Buddhist temples in Yungang and Longmen as well as the border regions of Sichuan and Yunnan. This book presents a panoramic view of ancient Chinese sculptures, from the earliest times to late Ming (1368-1644), as seen through the eyes of Liang, who was bent on preserving China s cultural past in the tumultuous and war-torn years of the 1930s and 1940s. Chinese Sculpture is illustrated with over 300 valuable photographs and hand-drawn sketches.
GA18-18 Liang Sicheng and the Temple of Buddha's Light.
  Vimalin Rujivacharakul/ 9789814441032/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover In July 1937, Liang Sicheng (1901–1972) led a small team of architectural historians to Mount Wutai in Shanxi. There, in the land known as the dwelling of of Manjusri, they encountered the ninth-century Buddha hall dating from the Tang period. In Chinese architectural history, this finding was a watershed moment. At the time of its discovery, this extant architecture was the sole Tang timber structure ever found on the mainland. The legendary ninth-century Tang Buddha hall is part of the Temple of Buddha’s Light (Foguangsi, or the Foguang temple). First built in the Northern Wei dynasty, the original temple was destroyed and a new one was subsequently constructed in the same location in the late Tang period. Liang and his team measured the temple’s architecture and examined both the Buddha hall and other buildings. Although he could not publicly announce the discovery or publish his study until the 1940s, the news spread fast once the first article appeared. Since then, this remote temple in Shanxi has become one of China’s most renowned architectural legacies. In 2009, UNESCO listed it as part of Mount Wutai World Heritage Site. This book presents the history and historiography of the discovery of the Temple of Buddha’s Light. It also delivers, for the first time, both Liang’s complete account of the trip translated into English and his detailed analyses of the temple’s architecture and decorative art. Also included are Liang’s original photographs and drawings of the temple complex. As both the technical history of Tang architecture and history of modern discovery are brought together, Liang Sicheng and the Temple of Buddha’s Light will bring readers back in time to explore pre-war China and Mount Wutai, before returning to the present to address the controversies brought up by three generations of scholars. This famous architecture has indeed many unresolved puzzles.
France: Modern Architectures in History.
  Cohen, Jean-Louis/ 9781780233543/ Price:£ 20.00
Book Cover This book is based on more than three decades of research on the architecture and urban design of the francophone world, dealing not only with developments within France itself but also the colonial context and the systems of exchange with other countries including Italy, Germany, Russia and the United States. Jean-Louis Cohen offers a new perspective on ideas, projects and buildings too often considered in a narrow, nationalistic perspective. He also maps France’s architectural and spatial development against its problematic search for national identity, the background of European rivalries and the country’s colonial project.
India: Modern Architectures in History.
  Scriver, Peter/ 9781780234373/ Price:£ 20.00
Book Cover ‘India’ is a word that invokes a host of cliches: a timeless civilization of living traditions, great spiritual wisdom and artistic riches; a subcontinent of astonishingly diverse yet harmonious regional, religious and linguistic differences; a crucible of cultural synthesis. The idea of ‘Modern India’ invokes rather more equivocal cliches: a world of contrasts and contradictions, rich and poor, extravagance and destitution, space-age know-how but medieval means. The role that modern architecture and planning played in the early nation-building efforts of India, following its independence in 1947, has been widely regarded as an archetype of the internationalization of modernism in the mid-twentieth century, exemplified by the constructions of modernist architects such as Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn. Yet the experience of modernity in the architectural history of India is a much richer and more expansive story.
1000 Masterpieces of Decorative Art.
  Jacquemart, Albert/ 9781781602171/ Price:£ 14.95
Book Cover From ancient Sumerian pottery to Tiffany stained glass, Decorative Art had been a fundamental part of the human experience for generations. While Fine Art is confined to galleries and museums, Decorative Art is the art of the every day, combining beauty with functionality in objects ranging from the prosaic to the fantastical. In this work, authors Albert Jacquemart and Emile Bayard celebrate the beauty and artistic potential behind even the most quotidian object. Readers will walk away from this text with a newfound appreciation for the subtle artistry of the manufactured world.
The History and Spirit of Chinese Art, 2-vols/set.
  Zhang Fa/ 9781623201296/ Price:US$ 224.00
Book Cover Art is always a product of cultural evolution, and The History and Spirit of Chinese Art looks at this universal process as it unfolded in ancient China. With “mountain-water” landscape paintings, works of classical Chinese calligraphy, and blue and white porcelain widely displayed in museums and fetching high prices in auction houses worldwide, Chinese art is no longer foreign to the Western world. However, to many, the making of such cultural artefacts remains an enigmatic process. Indeed, Chinese art, the product of such an old civilization, was shaped by an ongoing process of evolution along the ebbs and flows of China’s history as a nation. In The History and Spirit of Chinese Art, aesthetics expert Zhang Fa deciphers the philosophies and thoughts that have defined Chinese art since the very beginning of the Chinese civilization, moving through the dynastic landmarks of artistic development with discussions of numerous art forms including paintings, architecture, dance and music, calligraphy, and literature.
1000 Drawings of Genius.
  Charles, Victoria/ 9781781602362/ Price:£ 14.95
Book Cover Long thought of as the neglected stepchild of painting, the art of Drawing has recently begun to enjoy a place in the sun. With major museums around the world, from the Met to the Uffizi, mounting exhibitions focussed on the art of draughtsmanship, Drawing is receiving more critical and academic attention than ever before. This captivating text gives readers a sweeping analysis of the history of Drawing, from Renaissance greats like Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, to Modernist masters like M.C. Escher, Pablo Picasso, and everyone in between.
Another Minimalism: Art After California Light and Space.
  Feldman, Melissa E./ 9781908612342/ Price:£ 16.95
Book Cover Another Minimalism is the first book to recognize and examine the influence of this regional subset of minimalism on leading artists of the current generation, including Carol Bove, Tacita Dean, Olafur Eliasson and Spencer Finch. The book seeks to reorient and refine received ideas about minimalism’s impact on subsequent generations, wherein the dominant New York and European paradigm has overshadowed that of the more experiential West Coast strain, developed by artists such as Robert Irwin, James Turrell and Maria Nordman around the same time.
Art in Ireland since 1910.
  Barber, Fionna/ 9781780235127/ Price:£ 20.00
Book Cover Art in Ireland since 1910 is the first book to examine Irish art from the early twentieth century to the present day. In this highly illustrated volume Fionna Barber looks at the work of a wide range of artists from Yeats and le Brocquy to Cross and Doherty, many of whom are unfamiliar to audiences outside Ireland. She also casts new light on Francis Bacon and other figures central to British art, assessing the significance of their Irishness to an understanding of their work.
Artists' Postcards: A Compendium.
  Cooper, Jeremy/ 9781780235134/ Price:£ 25.00
Book Cover Over the last twenty years an increasing number of artists have turned to expressing themselves through postcards. Whether by way of installation, collage, addition to, or alteration of existing postcards, or the production of postcards themselves, many prominent artists employ the medium in some form. Artists’ Postcards traces the origin of artists’ fascination with postcards from the early 1900s but with a focus on the contemporary, revealing the significant number of artists who have made creative and unusual artworks in postcard form.
The Story of Black.
  Harvey, John/ 9781780235110/ Price:£ 15.00
Book Cover As a colour, black is a single hue. It comes in no other shades. It is pure darkness, absorber of all light. But despite its commonly accepted role as one half of a pair (black and white, dark and light), in symbolic terms black envelops the entire spectrum of meaning. The Story of Black explores the ambiguous relationship the world’s cultures have had with this often self-contradictory colour, examining how black has been used as a tool and a metaphor in a multitude of startling ways.
SA18-446 Paul Gauguin: The Mysterious Centre of Thought.
  Gamboni, Dario/ 9781780233680/ Price:£ 35.00
Book Cover French artist Eugene Henri Paul Gauguin (1848–1903) reproached the Impressionists for searching ‘around the eye and not at the mysterious centre of thought.’ In his own work, therefore, Gauguin was pursuing a ‘mysterious centre’ – but what does this enigmatic phrase mean? In Paul Gauguin, Dario Gamboni illuminates this quest, and takes a fresh look at Gauguin’s output in all media: from ceramics, sculptures, prints, drawings and paintings, to his large body of correspondence and writings. This innovative, in-depth investigation provides a new understanding of Gauguin’s art and thought, revealing a coherence and continuity previously overlooked.
SA18-446 Staging the Archive: Art and Photography in the Age of New Media.
  Ernst van Alphen/ 9781780233727/ Price:£ 22.00
In this book Ernst van Alphen examines these archival artists and artworks in detail, setting them within their social, political and aesthetic contexts. Exploring the work of Marcel Duchamp, Marcel Broodthaers, Christian Boltanski, Annette Messager, Fiona Tan and Sophie Calle, among others, this book reveals how modern and contemporary artists have used and contested the notion of the archive to establish new relationships to history, information and data.
GA18-17 Chinese Architecture: Art and Artifacts.
  Liang Sicheng/ 9789814416221/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover Chinese Architecture: Art and Artifacts is a collection of eight English essays by the renowned architectural historian Liang Sicheng (Liang Ssu-ch'eng, 1901-1972) on the history of Chinese architecture, covering topics such as art and architecture, Buddhist cave sculptures, pagodas, and China's oldest wooden structure-Fo-kuang Ssu. Between 1932 and 1937, Liang and his team from the Society for Research in Chinese Architecture traveled to 137 counties in northern China and meticulously surveyed thousands of monuments dating back to various periods in Chinese history. The most prominent of these discoveries are featured in Chinese Architecture: Art and Artifacts. The book is illustrated with 100 valuable architectural drawings and photographs.
  Dupouy, Alexandre/ 9781783100194/ Price:£ 7.99
Today still considered a “Bad Boy”, Pascin was a brilliant artist who lived and worked in the shadow of contemporaries such as Picasso, Modigliani, and several others. A specialist of the feminine form, his canvasses are as tormented as his party lifestyle. The artist, considered scandalous for the erotic character of his works, exhibited in numerous Salons, notably in Berlin, Paris, and New York.
Art Critiques: A Guide. Third Definitive Edition Revised and Expanded.
  Elkins, James/ 9780990693925/ Price:US$ 38.00
Book Cover This is a guidebook for art students at the college level (BA, BFA, MFA, PhD). Compared to other books on critique, this book is more colorful, more engaging, and less formal.
Agnolo Bronzino: The Muse of Florence.
  Cheney,Liana De G./ 9780991504770/ Price:US$ 34.00
Book Cover This volume investigates the many important artistic and art historical issues associated with the paintings and writings of the Florentine Agnolo Bronzino (1503-1572). These include his artistic and poetical achievements, with an emphasis on his emblematic drawings and mythological painting. Specifically, his role in the development of new formal portraiture in Mannerist paintings as well as his influence in the foundation of the Florentine Academy. Bronzino was one of the most important cultural figures in Italy during the middle of the sixteenth-century, having achieved prominence as an art critic, poet, decorator and painter. Bronzino's accomplishment in all these capacities have long been the subject of study. It is only recently, however, that scholars have began to recognize the merits and influences of his paintings. Indeed, the focus of the scholarship of the last twenty-five years makes it clear that Bronzino was one of the most prominent court painters and decorators working in Florence and the Marches in the mid-sixteenth-century.
Breaking New Ground in Art History.
  Hanni, Margaret A./ 9780991504749/ Price:US$ 36.00
Book Cover Written in honor of Alicia Craig Faxon, Ph.D., whose career as a scholar, professor, art critic and patron of the arts has contributed so much to the fields of art history and art criticism, this collection represents recent research on a range of subjects from baroque to contemporary art. Many of the essays open new avenues through their interdisciplinary approach, such as a consideration of the Pre-Raphaelite female in contemporary fiction and an investigation into the marriages of creative couples working at the Worpswede artist colony in the early twentieth century. Visual sources and social contexts are proposed for a 1633 Rembrandt double portrait, the eighteenth-century equestrian marriage portraits of George Stubbs and for Edward Burne-Jones’ Love Song paintings of 1865-77.
Artists with PhDs: On the New Doctoral Degree in Studio Art.
  Elkins, James/ 9780991504756/ Price:US$ 32.00
Book Cover This book is the second, extended edition of the first of its kind. It is a resource to help people artists, teachers, administrators, and students assess and compare programs for a new PhD in Studio Art.
Salvador Dali.
  Shanes, Eric/ 9781783101245/ Price:£ 9.99
Book Cover Salvador Dali (1904-1989) is best known for his unique and striking style with an extraordinary repertoire reaching out across film, painting, photography, and sculpture. Whilst his name may be most commonly associated with Surrealism, Dali consummately displayed mastery over such broad genres as classical, modernist, and Cubist styles. A crucial figure in art history, Dali has inspired countless literary works and this edifying Best Of volume gives readers a fascinating insight into the life and career highlights of one of art’s most controversial and exciting pioneers
Emile Galle.
  Galle, Emile/ 9781783101221/ Price:£ 9.99
Book Cover An icon in the Art Nouveau movement, Emile Galle (1846-1904) sought to portray the beauty and simplicity of nature in his glass art. His designs, referred to as “poetry in glass”, range from fine pottery to jewellery and furniture. Everything Galle produced contains traces of his masterful technique which reflects his innovativeness as an artist and his skill as a designer. In this rich text, Galle unravels the beauty and ingenuity found within his own work.
  de Goncourt, Edmond/ 9781783105663/ Price:£ 7.99
Book Cover Through his elegant brush paintings and masterful woodblocks, Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) became one of Japan’s most internationally-renowned artists. A master of ukiyo-e art, he single-handedly transformed the art form from a simple style focused on courtesans and famous actors into a grander style depicting the beauty of nature seen through landscapes and wildlife. His style of art and his subjects evolved as many times as he changed his name, but Hokusai’s talent as an artist remained constant and his influential role in later art movements such as Art Nouveau and Impressionism remains eternal.
Yves Klein.
  Banai, Nuit/ 9781780232935/ Price:£ 11.99
his new critical biography illuminates Klein’s influential and multifaceted artistic career. Alongside contemporaries like Andy Warhol and Joseph Beuys and postmodern chameleons like Cindy Sherman, Klein’s protean performance of multiple roles stands as a landmark example of the artist’s transformational status. An invaluable introduction to the life and work of this flamboyant individual, Yves Klein will appeal to students and scholars of Klein as well as those interested in contemporary art and twentieth-century culture.
Citizen Warhol.
  Stimson, Blake/ 9781780231921/ Price:£ 25.00
Book Cover Citizen Warhol carries this inquiry forward by unpacking the lasting effects of Warhol’s most deep-seated influences – his Byzantine-rite religiosity and its relationship to the retinue of Roman Catholics that starred in his films and staffed his studio, his art training in an institutional crucible dominated by Andrew Carnegie’s Gilded Age theory of art, his powerful identification with Shirley Temple’s frolic in the adult world under the cover of childhood, his formative dalliance with the guilt-ridden sensibility of arch-decadent and Catholic convert Aubrey Beardsley, and his triumphs as a commercial artist working in a professional world still beholden to the Red Decade ideals of the 1930s as a ‘cheaper Ben Shahn’, the leading Social Realist artist. Each of these underappreciated influences were fundamental to the life and legacy of the mature Warhol, an artist best understood as the Leonardo of our age who, more than any other, has given formative poetic expression to the epoch of the global consumer.
Contemporary Chinese Art: A Critical History.
  Gladston, Paul/ 9781780232690/ Price:£ 25.00
The market for contemporary Chinese art is one of the fastest-growing internationally, attracting buyers from all over the world, including, increasingly, from within China itself. There are thriving artistic communities in major cities throughout China, most notably Beijing's world famous 798 Art Zone. Meanwhile, the arrest and secret detention in 2011 of artist Ai Weiwei focused attention on China's politics and issues of state control. This book sheds light on the development of Chinese art since Deng Xiaoping's policy of 'Opening and Reform' was confirmed in 1978, putting the art into context within China and internationally. Paul Gladston provides a critical mapping of ideas and practices that have shaped contemporary Chinese art, showing how they bind the art – as a consequence of artistic complicity and/or resistance – to structures of power and state not just within but also outside China. While the principal focus is on art produced by artists from mainland China, the book also discusses contemporary art made by artists from Taiwan and Hong Kong-Macau, as well others belonging to diasporic Chinese communities.
Contemporary Iranian Art: From the Street to the Studio.
  Grigor, Talinn/ 9781780232706/ Price:£ 25.00
The art world has recently witnessed a surge of interest in contemporary Iranian art, but what is the background to Iran's vibrant art scene? This is the first comprehensive book on Iranian art and visual culture since the 1979 revolution. Divided into three parts – street, studio and exile – it covers official art sponsored by the Islamic Republic, the culture of avant-garde art created in the studio and its display in galleries and museums, and the art of the Iranian diaspora within the Western art scene. Grigor argues that these different areas of artistic production cannot be fully understood independently, for it is not despite censorship and exile that we are witnessing a boom in Iranian art today, as many have argued, but because of them. Moving between subversive and daring art produced in private to propaganda art made in the public view, this book offers an artistic mirror of the socio-political turmoil that has marked Iran's recent history.
The Many Faces of Christ: Portraying the Holy in the East and West, 300 to 1300.
  Bacci, Michele/ 9781780232683/ Price:£ 40.00
In The Many Faces of Christ Michele Bacci examines the complex historical and cultural dynamics underlying the making and final successful establishment of Christ's image between late antiquity and the early Renaissance. Unlike earlier studies, the process is described against the background of ancient and biblical conceptions of beauty and the physical look as indicators of moral, ascetic or messianic qualities. It takes into account a broad spectrum of both iconographic and textual sources and investigates the increasingly dominant role played by visual experience in Christian religious practice, which promoted belief in the existence of ancient documents of Christ's appearance and resulted in the shaping of portrait-like images, said to be true to life. Such phenomena are described in a comparative perspective, with glances at analogous processes in the Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jain and Taoist traditions. This book will be of interest not only to specialists of late antique, Byzantine and medieval studies, but to anybody interested in the historical figure of Jesus and its shifting, controversial conceptions over the course of history.
The Riddle of the Image: The Secret Science of Medieval Art.
  Bucklow, Spike/ 9781780232942/ Price:£ 29.00
The case studies include one of the most popular paintings in the National Gallery, London, and the altarpiece in front of which English monarchs were crowned for centuries. Many of the technical details presented here are published for the first time and some others have only been featured in exhibition catalogues and specialist academic papers. The author is internationally recognized for his work in the scientific examination of paintings and he also draws upon the work of other internationally recognized specialists. While intensive research into artists' materials and methods has been undertaken for several decades, this book is the first intended for a general audience that examines the subject in depth.
The Infinite Image: Art, Time and the Aesthetic Dimension in Antiquity.
  Zainab Bahrani/ 9781780232775/ Price:£ 35.00
This book dissects the accepted eurocentric definitions of art and aesthetics and argues that there is a tie between images, historical time and the work of memory, which the ancients, especially in the Near East and in Greece before the age of Plato, understood to be an integral part of representation. It contends that art as a concept meant to break through the boundaries of time and transcend the place and moment of creation. Ancient images and monuments constituted an aesthetic dimension that was by definition both diachronic and boundary breaking. They asserted their presence as ontological beings in the world, and counter definitions that currently dominate art theory and aesthetics. This book addresses issues at the centre of contemporary history and anthropology of art. It engages with important questions of the politics of cultural heritage, particularly salient in the context of current instabilities in the Middle East.
The Luminous and the Grey.
  Batchelor, David/ 9781780232805/ Price:£ 12.95
The Luminous and the Grey is a study of the places where colour comes into being and where it fades away, an inquiry into when colour begins and when it ends, both in the material world and in the imagination. Batchelor draws on a wide range of material, including neuroscience, philosophy, literature, film and the writings of artists; and makes use of his own experience as an artist who has worked with colour for more than twenty years. After considering the place of colour in some creation myths, in industrial chemistry, in recent thinking on optics and in the specific forms of luminosity that saturate the modern city, the book culminates in a meditation on the unique colour that is also a non-colour, a mood, a feeling, an existential condition and even an insult: grey.
Hans Holbein: Revised and Expanded.
  Batschmann, Oskar/ 9781780232324/ Price:£ 17.95
Book Cover In all his commissions, Holbein sought to rival the great masters of Germany and Italy – notably Du"rer and Mantegna – as well as Antiquity, and by the time of his visit to France in 1524 he was determined to secure a position as court painter. This, and the precarious situation he found himself in as a result of the Reformation’s increasing hostility towards religious works, drove him to England for good in 1532. There, in addition to decorative schemes and triumphs, he both drew and painted numerous unrivalled likenesses of leading courtiers, merchants and diplomats, among them his celebrated double portrait ‘The Ambassadors’. This acclaimed, richly illustrated book by Oskar Ba"tschmann and Pascal Griener – now available in a revised and expanded Second Edition – is a major advance in our understanding of one of the most admired painters of the Northern Renaissance. The authors re-examine every aspect of Holbein's remarkable career, in which they take full account of the artistic and cultural influences that affected the artist, such as his friendships with leading humanists Erasmus and Sir Thomas More, and cast fresh light on many hitherto vexing questions.
Playing at Home: The House in Contemporary Art.
  Perry, Gill/ 9781780231808/ Price:£ 17.95
Book Cover While other books have touched on examples of the ‘uncanny’ and surreal presentation of houses in art, this one argues that an understanding of the role of irony and play, and the critical potential of the ‘everyday’, are equally important in our interpretations of these intriguing works. The author draws on the work of philosophers, cultural theorists and art critics to enrich our understanding of this genre. Covering the work of well-known artists, including Tracey Emin, Gordon Matta-Clark, Rachel Whiteread, Cornelia Parker, Vito Acconci, Michael Landy, Richard Wilson, Mike Kelley and Louise Bourgeois, the book also looks at artists who travel across continents, for whom home is a shifting notion, such as Do-Ho Suh and Pascale Marthine Tayou. Discussing a wide range of media, including installation and film, and richly illustrated, Playing at Home is a compelling survey of one of contemporary art’s popular themes.
Albrecht Altdorfer and the Origins of Landscape.
  Christopher S. Wood/ 9781780230801/ Price:£ 17.95
The first independent or ‘pure’ landscapes in Western art were produced in southern Germany in the first decades of the sixteenth century. They were painted, drawn and etched by Albrecht Altdorfer of Regensburg and his only slightly less flamboyant contemporary Wolf Huber of Passau. These radical experiments in landscape appeared without advance notice and disappeared from view almost as suddenly.
Pathways to Korean Culture: Paintings of the Joseon Dynasty, 1392-1910.
  Jungmann, Burglind/ 9781780233673/ Price:£ 40.00
The book investigates select clusters of objects to shed light on the multiple layers of personal, intellectual, aesthetic, religious, sociopolitical and economic contexts in which they are embedded. From palace decorations to established artworks, this book takes a sweeping, comprehensive look at Korean culture and history, exploring its engagement with the West, its political affiliations with China and its unique range of artists.
Beyond the Battlefield: Women Artists of the Two World Wars.
  Speck, Catherine/ 9781780233741/ Price:£ 30.00
The two world wars of the twentieth century changed the world utterly, on a scale never seen before or since. In this book, Catherine Speck provides an insightful and meditative examination of visual responses to this historical period from the perspective of women in the Allied countries. Generously illustrated, Beyond the Battlefield delivers a distinctly female perspective on the art produced during the period that will appeal to readers interested in the history of art, war history and cultural studies.
Kazimir Malevich: The Climax of Disclosure.
  Crone, Rainer/ 9781780233796/ Price:£ 17.95
Kazimir Malevich (1878–1935) rose to instant prominence among the Russian avant-garde when, in December 1915, he contributed thirty-nine paintings to an exhibition in Leningrad which were of such a reduced and sophisticated abstract quality that even today they seem to possess a luminous conceptual power. Malevich’s sudden and startling realization of a non-objective way of painting – which he termed Suprematism – stands as a seminal moment in the history of 20th-century art.
SA18-480 L'album de l'art a l'epoque du musee ima ginaire
  Georges Didi-Huberman/ 9782754106856/ Price:EUR 25.00
SA18-435 (明信片)Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia Postcards.(Postcard)
  Baldaev, Danzig/ 9780956896261/ Price:US$ 29.95
Paul Signac.
  Charles, Victoria/ 9781781602331/ Price:£ 7.99
Inspired by Monet’s work at a young age, Paul Signac (1863-1935) was a friend and disciple of Georges Seurat who combined the scientific precision of pointillism with the vivid colors and emotional expressivity of Impressionism. A close personal friend of Vincent van Gogh, who was a great admirer of his techniques, Signac traveled the world in search of inspiration for his monumental canvases. This book examines the intricacies of Signac’s celebrated technique, as well as showcasing the details of some of his most celebrated works.
  Charles, Victoria/ 9781781602379/ Price:£ 7.99
Universally celebrated for the intricacy of his pointillist canvases, Georges Seurat (1859-1891) was a painter whose stunning union of art and science produced uniquely compelling results. Seurat’s intricate paintings could take years to complete, with the magnificent results impressing the viewer with both their scientific complexity and visual impact. His Un Dimanche Apre`s-Midi a` l’I^le de la Grande Jatte (Sunday Afternoon on the Island of Grand Jatte) has held its place among the most treasured and distinguished pieces of 20th-century art. Klaus H. Carl offers readers an intriguing glimpse into the detailed scientific technique behind Seurat’s pointillist masterpieces.
The Origin of the World.
  Calosse, J. P./ 9781781602317/ Price:£ 7.99
Lacan, the last owner of Courbet’s The Origin of the World, loved the painting so much that he couldn’t even bring himself to look at it. Instead, he hid it behind a “safer” painting. The Chinese called it the “valley of the roses” (watch out for the thorns!), the Persians, the “honey-pot” (watch out for the bees!), and the Greeks, “the mound of Venus” (mind the steep climb!); to each era its fantasies and its theories about the feminine mystique. Then there are the testimonies of poets, painters, and even of some famous psychiatrists. The Origin of the World is a work of art only suitable for lovers of intrigue.
Van Dyck. 凡.戴克
  Gritsai, Natalia/ 9781781602294/ Price:£ 7.99
From the time he set up his first studio at the tender age of sixteen, Sir Anthony Van Dyck (1599-1641) was a legend in the art world. Rubens, whom he studied with as a child, said that he was his most talented pupil, and he went on to spectacularly fulfill this promise with a career as a celebrated court painter in England and Spain. Historians, scholars, and art lovers alike continue to recognize the sophistication and timeless beauty of his works. In this fascinating compendium of Van Dyck’s decades-long career, Natalia Gritsai highlights the best of the artist’s many masterpieces.
August Macke.
  Charles, Victoria/ 9781781602508/ Price:£ 7.99
Book Cover August Macke (1887-1914) was a master of German Expressionism, a movement which sprang up in the early 1900s with the intent to forego physical reality in search of its emotional counterpart, with a particular emphasis on expressing dark moods of tragedy and angst. Macke was a master of color and form, producing eye-catching canvases that evoke a strong sympathetic reaction in the viewer. He was equally at home portraying the sun drenched streets of Tunisia, the cloudy sky around the Bonn cathedral, and the faceless multitude of a crowded railway station. In this compelling text, Walter Cohen examines the brief life of an artist whose seemingly limitless potential was tragically cut short by his untimely death.
Encaustic Art.
  Margell, Jennifer/ 9781781602393/ Price:£ 9.99
Book Cover Encaustic painting is one of the world’s most venerable art forms, having been practiced consistently around the world since the ancient Egyptians first used it to decorate sarcophagi, and enjoying continuing popularity in the modern era with artists such as Paul Klee and Diego Rivera. In this new text, Jennifer Margell offers readers a comprehensive introduction to the medium, featuring instructive how-tos for encaustic art beginners, revealing interviews with some of the most celebrated practitioners of the medium, and a gallery featuring one of the largest published collections of encaustic art.
Felix Vallotton.
  Brodskaia, Natalia/ 9781781602423/ Price:£ 9.99
Book Cover Fe'lix Vallotton (1865-1925) was active at the turn of the century. Although he is best known for his striking and elegantly composed Japanese-inspired woodblock prints, Vallotton was also a skilled painter, creating works that arrestingly combined technical perfection with emotional realism. This seminal text provides readers with a fascinating assessment of the career of this revolutionary artist.
  Uspensky, Mikhail/ 9781844845880/ Price:£ 7.99
Book Cover This book contains 120 of Hiroshige’s most amazing prints and combines them with valuable comments. Its didactic structure enables the reader to become easily acquainted with the impressive work of this famous Japanese artist.
  Bossan, Marie-Josephe/ 9781844845972/ Price:£ 7.99
Mega Square Shoes focuses on the history of the shoe and elevates shoes to the rank of a work of art. The author is a leading expert on the subject and curator of France‘s Shoe Museum, which holds the greatest shoe collection in the world, with 12,000 specimens.
  De Girolami Cheney, Liana/ 9781781602522/ Price:£ 7.99
Book Cover If, as the famous saying goes, you really are what you eat, then Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1527- 1593) was a consummate painter of the human soul. This artist was a master draftsman whose finely wrought canvases captured the imagination of his generation. In this fascinating book, Liana De Girolami Cheney takes a closer look at the critical history of Arcimboldo’s work, from his initial popularity and the tragic obscurity that followed his death, to the ventual triumphant revival of his work and vision by Surrealist admirers of the 1920s.
The Art of Thomas Bewick.
  Donald, Diana/ 9781780231099/ Price:£ 40.00
he Art of Thomas Bewick is the first book to interpret the art of the wood engraver Thomas Bewick (1753–1828) and set it in the context of history, revealing the connections between Bewick’s political and religious views – reflections of the late eighteenth-century Enlightenment – and the character of his images. Bewick was both an important contributor to the history of British ornithology and a highly original artist and printmaker. His depictions of the natural world, particularly of British birds, set new standards of realism and authenticity, while his graphic scenes of country life were unparalleled in their thoughtfulness, mingling humour and tragedy. His lively depictions of dogs, horses and other animals can also be seen as the expression of a new insight and sensibility: part of the growing movement for the prevention of cruelty to animals.
Blue Mythologies: Reflections on a Colour.
  Carol Mavor/ 9781780230832/ Price:£ 25.00
The blues of Blue Mythologies include those present in the world’s religions, a robin’s eggs, science, slavery, gender, sex, art, the literary past and contemporary film. Carol Mavor’s engaging and elegiac readings in this beautifully illustrated book are at once sociological, literary, historical and visual, taking the reader from the blue of a new-born baby's eyes to Giotto’s frescoes at Padua, and from the films of Derek Jarman and Krzysztof Kies'lowski to the islands of Venice and Aran.
Line Let Loose: Scribbling, Doodling and Automatic Drawing.
  Maclagan, David/ 9781780230825/ Price:£ 25.00
Line Let Loose is a sustained investigation of the evolution of scribbling, doodling and automatic drawing. Of these three forms of drafting, scribbling is the most basic: it is seen as playing a formative role in the drawings of both children and primates. Doodling, whilst still being a widespread phenomenon, is largely an adult preoccupation, a nomadic form of drawing typically produced during meetings or phone calls. Automatic drawing, on the other hand, even though those who engage in it are not necessarily trained artists, is a more dramatic event: the results of an absent-minded or trance-like state are sometimes astonishing. All three forms of drawing have, because of their amateur and spontaneous character, been adopted by modern artists seeking to escape from the constraints of their professional skills.
The Story of Black
  Harvey, John/ 9781780230849/ Price:£ 25.00
The Greek word melancholia (literally meaning ‘black bile’) defines our sense of depression and black moods. Yet the little black dress is the epitome of chic and has positive meanings. From ancient and classical times to today black has been used as a symbol, a tool and a metaphor in a plethora of startling and often problematic ways. The Story of Black is an exploration of our ambiguous relationship with this most ‘accursed’ of colours throughout cultures worldwide.
Screen of Kings: Royal Art and Power in Ming China.
  Clunas, Craig/ 9781780231037/ Price:£ 40.00
Book Cover Screen of Kings is the first book in any language to examine the cultural role of the regional aristocracy – relatives of the emperors – in Ming dynasty China (1368-1644). Through an analysis of their patronage of architecture, calligraphy, painting and other art forms, and through a study of the contents of their splendid and recently excavated tombs, this innovative study puts the aristocracy back at the heart of accounts of China’s culture, from which they have been excluded until very recently.
Spectacular Miracles: Transforming Images in Italy, from the Renaissance to the Present.
  Garnett, Jane/ 9781780231051/ Price:£ 40.00
Book Cover Spectacular Miracles confronts an enduring Western belief in the supernatural power of images, for example the belief that a statue or painting of the Madonna can fly through the air, speak, weep or produce miraculous cures. Although discomforting to widely-held assumptions, the cults of particular paintings and statues held to be miraculous have persisted beyond the Middle Ages into the present, even in a modern European city such as Genoa, the primary focus of this book.
Flickering Light: A History of Neon.
  Ribbat, Christoph/ 9781780230917/ Price:£ 25.00
Christoph Ribbat shows how colourful advertisements brought elegance to Western metropolises between the wars, and how a humble gas transformed a sleepy desert town into the Las Vegas we know today. Flickering Light follows writers such as Vladimir Nabokov and Nelson Algren and artists including Tracey Emin and La'szlo' Moholy-Nagy through illuminated streets; it explores Theodor Adorno’s aversion to neon and the neon songs performed by Peggy Lee, Kraftwerk and others. Literature, music and film turned a pulsating advertising device into a powerful metaphor of modernity.
The Colossal: From Ancient Greece to Giacometti.
  Mason, Peter/ 9781780231082/ Price:£ 25.00
n this book Peter Mason takes a multidisciplinary approach to the history and theory of the colossal, ultimately arguing that the artist who best tapped into the true meaning of ‘colossal’ was Alberto Giacometti. He shows that the artist’s enigmatic work The Cube articulates themes that tie it firmly to the world of the ancients in Greece, Mesoamerica and the Pacific.
Titian: And the End of the Venetian Renaissance
  Nichols, Tom/ 9781780231860/ Price:£ 50.00
Book Cover This book charts Titian’s early stylistic independence from his master Giovanni Bellini, his radical innovations to the classical altarpiece and his meteoric break from the normal confines of Venice’s artistic culture. Titian competitively cultivated a professional identity and his dynamic career was epitomized by the development of his ‘late style’, which set him apart from all predecessors and was intended to defy emulation by any followers. It was through this final individualistic departure that Titian effectively brought the Renaissance tradition of painting to an end. This ground-breaking interpretation will be of interest to all scholars and students of Renaissance and Venetian art history.
The Cry of Nature: Art and the Making of Animal Rights
  Eisenman, Stephen F./ 9781780231952/ Price:£ 18.00
Book Cover From the mid-18th century, a new and more sympathetic understanding of animals began to challenge prevailing views. Witnessing the pain and hearing the outcry of the animals massed together in the great cities of Europe, sympathetic writers and artists argued that animals were neither slaves nor automata, and possessed the capacity to feel and even think. Refuting the biblical dispensation of humans’ dominion over animals, they contended that animals possessed inalienable rights. Thus was born a global movement that fundamentally changed how we understand our relationship to the natural world. Animal rights has become one of the preeminent liberation movements of our time. Illuminating and provocative, The Cry of Nature documents and explores the making of animal rights over the course of 300 years. Engaging the fields of biology, ethnology, anthropology, economics, philosophy and art history, it is both a survey and a closely argued examination of a deeply important but misunderstood epoch in the long history of human and animal relationships.
Imaginary Animals: The Monstrous, the Wondrous and the Human.
  Sax, Boria/ 9781780231730/ Price:£ 25.00
Book Cover This book shows how, despite their liminal role, griffins, dog-men, mermaids, dragons, unicorns, yetis and many other imaginary creatures are socially constructed through the same complex play of sensuality and imagination as ‘real’ ones. It traces the history of imaginary animals from Palaeolithic art to the Harry Potter stories and robotic pets. These figures help us psychologically by giving form to our amorphous fears as ‘monsters’, as well as embodying our hopes as ‘wonders’. Nevertheless, their greatest service may be to continually challenge our imaginations, directing us beyond the limitations of our conventional beliefs and expectations.
The Modern Art Cookbook.
  Caws, Mary A./ 9781780231747/ Price:£ 25.00
Book Cover Food has always been a favourite subject of the world’s artists, from still-lifes by Matisse and Picasso to the works of Claes Oldenberg and Andy Warhol. But how do artists eat? The Modern Art Cookbook provides a window into how both great and lesser-known modern artists, writers and poets ate, cooked, depicted and wrote about food. A cornucopia of life in the kitchen and in the studio throughout the twentieth century and beyond, the book explores a wide-ranging panoply of artworks of food, cooking and eating from Europe and the Americas – from the early moderns through the Impressionists, Symbolists, Cubists, Futurists and Surrealists up to today’s art – as well as writing about food from contemporary novelists, writers and poets.
Frida Kahlo
  Ankori, Gannit/ 9781780231983/ Price:£ 11.99
Book Cover Kahlo was of her time, deeply immersed in the issues that dominated the first half of the twentieth century. Yet, as this book reveals, she was also ahead of her time. Her paintings challenged social norms and broke taboos, addressing themes such as the female body, gender, cross-dressing, hybridity, identity and trauma, in ways that continue to inspire contemporary artists across the globe. Frida Kahlo is a succinct and powerful account of the life, art and legacy of this iconic artist.
The Inner Landscape: The Paintings of Gao Xingjian.
  Kuo, Jason C./ 9780989916929/ Price:US$ 96.00
Art Deco.
  Charles, Victoria/ 9781844848461/ Price:£ 9.99
Book Cover The Art Deco movement emerged from the ashes of the First World War, and from the remnants of a world which had been torn apart, came to embody the dreams of industry and prosperity. In the whirl of Jazz Age and the euphoria of the “Roaring Twenties”, the streamlined silhouette of the flapper was reflected in the architectural aesthetic of Art Deco: the rounded curve was conquered by the androgynous straight line. Architecture, painting, furniture, and sculpture proclaimed the preference for sharp lines and broken angles. Although ephemeral, this movement keeps on influencing contemporary design.
  / 9781844849567/ Price:£ 7.99
A beautiful display of Impressionist work, Mega Square Monet explores the extraordinary paintings of one of the masters of 19th century. Monet’s rapid brushstroke style in landscapes and scenes from everyday life illustrates his overall fascination with light and colour. The size of this book makes it an ideal gift for those interested in learning about the Impressionist movement.
  / 9781844848560/ Price:£ 7.99
At the end of the 19th century Alphonse Mucha created a sensation throughout the streets of Paris with his posters representing the French actress Sarah Bernhardt. It was an overnight sensation and announced the new artistic style and its creator to the citizens of Paris, Art Nouveau. This brought fame and reputation to the poster artist. However, Mucha’s talent was never confined to lithography. Shading the world with a colorful sensuality, Mucha’s art expresses itself as much on the monumental decorative panels of a living room as on small delicate China pieces. The author enables us to discover all the richness and variety of this fin-de-sie`cle artist.
Art in Ireland since 1910.
  Barber, Fionna/ 9781780230368/ Price:£ 29.00
Book Cover Art in Ireland since 1910 is the first book to examine Irish art from the early twentieth century to the present day. In this highly illustrated volume Fionna Barber looks at the work of a wide range of artists from Yeats and le Brocquy to Cross and Doherty, many of whom are unfamiliar to audiences outside Ireland. She also casts new light on Francis Bacon and other figures central to British art, assessing the significance of their Irishness to an understanding of their work.
VA18-77 Music Education, 4-Vols/Set.
  Swanwick, Keith/ 9780415693356/ Price:£ 1215.00
Music education is a well-established and flourishing area of research and study. It is also a complex and contested area in which there is a considerable variety of published work, ranging from the justificatory to the critical, and from advice on pedagogical practice to provocative alternative paradigms. The proliferation and range of these publications stems from the complexity of music and music education itself. Along with multiple perspectives on the nature and value of music, music education is much more socially interwoven than most school subjects. It is also very complex organizationally, with multiple sources of funding. This new four-volume collection from Routledge’s acclaimed Major Themes in Education series meets the need for an authoritative, up-to-date, and comprehensive reference work to make sense of the area’s voluminous literature. Indeed, the dizzying scale of the research output—and the breadth of the field—makes this new Routledge title especially welcome. It provides a one-stop collection of classic and contemporary contributions to facilitate ready access to the most influential and important scholarship. Fully indexed and with an introduction, newly written by the editor, which places the collected material in its historical and intellectual context, Music Education is an essential work of reference. It is destined to be valued by specialists in music education and scholars working in related areas—as well as by educational policy-makers and professionals—as a vital research tool.
SA18-481 Sanctuary: Britain's Artists and their Studios
  Hossein Amirsadeghi/ 9780954508395/ Price:£ 48.00
SA18-468 Technical Bulletin 30: The Digitization of Audio Tapes.
  / 9780660202570/ Price:CAD 25.00
SA18-428 Art and Democracy in Post-Communist Europe.
  Piotrowski, Piotr/ 9781861898951/ Price:£ 25.00
Throughout the book the author provides close readings of numerous artists, many new to a Western audience, such as Ilya Kabakov and Krzysztof Wodiczko, and Marina Abramovic'’s work responding to the atrocities of the Balkans. This cogent investigation of the artistic reorientation of the former Communist Bloc breaks important new ground, and fills a major gap in contemporary artistic and political discourse.
SA18-428 Art Theft and the Case of the Stolen Turners.
  Nairne, Sandy/ 9781780230207/ Price:£ 16.95
Art Theft and the Case of the Stolen Turners is the culmination of eight and a half years of pursing the missing paintings, and a further period of research and interviews with key players in the drama. It is a vivid and personal account of a hidden art world and a compelling real-life detective story that will keep both art and mystery lovers eagerly turning pages.
SA18-428 Artists' Postcards: A Compendium.
  Cooper, Jeremy/ 9781861898524/ Price:£ 35.00
In Artists’ Postcards: A Compendium Jeremy Cooper traces the origin of artists’ fascination with postcards from the 1900s to the present, revealing the significant number of artists who made artworks in postcard form. The Surrealists and later many conceptual artists, as well as the Fluxus group were all attracted to postcards. This book includes an array of historical and contemporary postcards by artists such as Raoul Hausmann, David Hockney, Richard Hamilton, Susan Hiller, Joseph Beuys, Ben Vautier, Dieter Roth, Claes Oldenburg, Andy Warhol, Ray Johnson, Gordon Matta-Clark, Gavin Turk, Tacita Dean and Martin Parr. Some of these artists were participants in ‘Mail Art’, others manipulated or made collages out of postcards and some printed or painted their own postcard concepts. Artists' Postcards is intended to be both read and looked at by anyone with a general interest in the arts, as well as by dedicated artists, postcard collectors, graphic designers, advertising specialists and all those interested in the historical background to a previously unexplored subject.
SA18-428 Obtaining Images: Art, Production and Display in Edo Japan.
  Screech, Timon/ 9781861898142/ Price:£ 35.00
The Edo period (1603–1868) witnessed one of the great flowerings of Japanese art. Towards the mid-seventeenth century the Japanese States were largely at peace, and rapid urbanization, a rise in literacy and an increase in international contact ensued. The number of those able to purchase luxury goods, or who felt their social position required them, soared. At the same time, painters and artists were flourishing and the early eighteenth century saw the rise in popularity and importance of printmaking. While there were dominant styles and trends throughout the composite Japanese polity, the 'Tenka', there were also those peculiar to specific regions: most striking was the difference between the cultural and artistic styles of the 'Kanto' (Kyoto) and those of the 'Kamigata' (Osaka and Edo). In Obtaining Images, Timon Screech introduces the reader not only to important artists and their work, but also to the intellectual issues and concepts surrounding the production and consumption of art in Japan at that time. Rather than looking at art in the Edo period through the lens of European art, Screech contextualizes the making and use of painting and prints, elucidating how and why works were commissioned, where they were displayed and what special properties were attributed to them.
SA18-415 A Story of Ruins: Presence and Absence in Chinese Art and Visual Culture.
  Hung, Wu/ 9781861898760/ Price:£ 45.00
In Ruins In Chinese Art and Visual Culture, Wu Hung addresses the previously unexplored idea of the ‘ruin’ in Chinese culture and how these representations have evolved. The oldest concepts of ruins are ‘xu’ denoting emptiness or memory site and ‘ji’ signifying a trace or footprint. Hung questions why it is that ruins are such an integral element of traditional Chinese culture in both architectural and pictorial forms, and yet very little visual evidence can be found from pre-modern China in traditional paintings or in actual preserved structures.
SA18-411 Jan van Eyck: The Play of Realism.
  Harbison, Craig/ 9781861898203/ Price:£ 20.00
Jan van Eyck (1395-41) was the foremost artist of the Early Netherlandish School. Although Court painter to Duke Philip the Good of Burgundy, van Eyck’s surviving work was not executed for the Duke, but for rising Court bureaucrats, Italian merchants and members of the secular clergy, for whom he created a series of painstakingly detailed oil paintings of astonishing verisimilitude. Most explanations of the meanings behind these paintings have been grounded in the disguised religious symbolism critics have insisted are uppermost in them. Van Eyck, it is said, followed traditional theology in this respect – albeit in sophisticated ways; his realist art displayed in iconic and allusive forms the conventional symbols of Church teaching and popular piety. But in Jan van Eyck: The Play of Realism, such approaches to the art of this Netherlandish master are set aside. In a fascinating recovery of the neglected human dimension that is present in these works, Craig Harbison interrogates the personal histories of the worldly participants of such masterpieces as the Virgin and Child with George van der Paele, the Arnolfini Double Portrait and the Virgin and Child with Nicolis Rolin. In addition to exploring the domestic and financial circumstances of the sitters, the author reveals the remarkable degree to which they were caught up in the wider social and spiritual concerns of the early fifteenth century, including the increasing abuse of indulgences and benefices, the rise of religious scepticism and the spread of popular, anti-clerical private prayer.
Decorative Art.
  Jacquemart, Albert/ 9781844848997/ Price:£ 25.00
From the Middle Ages to contemporary times, decorative art can be defi ned by the artistic materials, designs and objects used in both architecture and interior design. Similar to many art forms decorative art continues to evolve, originating with pieces as simple as a chair, noted for its utility, to purely ornamental objects, celebrated for their aesthetic beauty. Decorative Art aims to eulogize these often undervalued objects by giving praise to all mediums of decorative art throughout the centuries. Originally never considered as fi ne art, their artistic potential was not acknowledged until the twentieth century when industrial production replaced artisanal creation. The age, authenticity and above all the uniqueness of these precious objects have now become the new standards of quality and beauty found in decorative art. Join us in discovering the evolution of decorative art through this enticing survey of major masterpieces throughout time.
Medieval Art: Romanesque Art-Gothic Art (987-1489), 2-vols/set.
  Charles, Victoria/ 9781906981037/ Price:£ 35.00
In art history, the term Romanesque art refers to the period between the beginning of the eleventh and the end of the twelfth century. This era was characterized by a great diversity of regional schools, each practicing their own unique style. In architecture as well as in sculpture, Romanesque art is marked by raw forms. Through its rich iconography and captivating text, this work endeavors to restore the importance of this art which is often overshadowed by the later Gothic style. Gothic art is defined by the powerful architecture of the cathedrals of northern France. It is a medieval art movement that evolved throughout Europe for more than 200 years. Abandoning curved Roman forms, the architects started using fl ying buttresses and pointed arches to open cathedrals to daylight. A period of great economic and social change, the Gothic era incorporated new iconography celebrating the Holy Mary- a drastic contrast to the dismal themes of Roman times. Full of rich changes in all of the various art forms (architecture, sculpture, painting, etc.), Gothic art gave way to the Italian Renaissance and International Gothic.
Art of War.
  Graf, Arturo/ 9781844848126/ Price:£ 25.00
This book presents beautiful images depicting famous battles and war scenes, accompanied by the iconic text of the legendary Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu, as well as texts documenting notable moments of different wars, each written by well-known writers. From Uccello’s The Battle of San Romano to Picasso’s Guernica, this work offers a captivating look at artworks inspired by war and what they reveal about humanity’s history.
30 Millennia of Erotic Art.
  Carl, Klaus H./ 9781844848324/ Price:£ 19.95
From the thousand-year-old statues celebrating fertility to the odalisques of the modern painters, erotic art has always held a prominent place in society, whatever the morals or cultural references of the day. This work has assembled one thousand images of erotic artworks, from all times and all continents, to illustrate how the representation of these pleasures of the flesh testifies to the evolution of different civilisations and their histories. While eroticism and sexuality are at the forefront of today’s advertising and media, this book offers an exceptional view into the archives of erotic imagery and emphasises the artistic value of these magnificently sinful illustrations.
30 Millennia of Painting.
  / 9781844848157/ Price:£ 19.95
From the cave paintings of Lascaux to the Madonnas of the Renaissance Italians, to the caustic canvases of the Pop Art movement, 30 Centuries of Painting presents the essential works of painting, from its origins to its current manifestations. Punctuated by extended commentaries of the images and biographies of the most influential artists, this work, with its thousand reproductions, contains virtually all of the history of art within its pages. The traditional and the controversial, the mythic and the understated, the quietly subversive and the deliberately challenging—all are presented in this guide, offering a fascinating view of the evolution of painting.
30 Millennia of Sculpture.
  Bade, Patrick/ 9781844848171/ Price:£ 19.95
From its prehistoric origins to the conceptual modernity of the 20th century, sculpture has literally and figuratively moulded the art world. Offering an integral vision of the evolution of forms across civilisations and epochs, 30 Centuries of Sculptures presents the masterpieces of sculpture that, with their intriguing silhouettes, have shaped the current notion of beauty. Sculptures can reflect an era, an artist, or his public; this gallery in high relief presents an open door to history and art, with its numerous references, detailed commentaries on works and biographies of artists; it is an ideal guide for both students and neophytes.
Fish in Art.
  Jackson, Christine/ 9781861898999/ Price:£ 35.00
In the sea, at the market, on the kitchen table: Fish in Art examines the diverse ways fishes have been presented by artists and what these images tell us about the catching, storage, preparation and cooking of fish over the centuries. The author analyses the economic, political and religious factors that engaged these artists, such as the rise and fall of ports across the world, the legacy of the Cod Wars and the various sacred decrees on the eating of fish. She considers the physical conditions and ethics of fishing, and the developments in the canning, ice and salt industries that continue today. Fish in Art provides an original and unique perspective on the impact of fishes and the fishing industry on art and will capture the interest of fishermen, natural historians and art students alike.
Portrayal and the Search for Identity.
  Pointon, Marcia/ 9781780230412/ Price:£ 30.00
In Portrayal and the Search for Identity, Marcia Pointon investigates how we view and understand portraiture as a genre, and how portraits function as artworks within social and political networks. Likeness is never a straightforward matter as we rarely have the subject of a portrait as a point of comparison. Featuring familiar canonical portraits works as well as little-known works, Portrayal seeks to unsettle notions of portraiture as an art of convention, a reassuring reflection of social realities. Readers are instead invited to consider how identity is produced pictorially, and where likeness is registered apart from in a face. In exploring these issues, the author addresses wide-ranging problems such as the construction of masculinity in dress, representations of slaves, and self-portraiture in relation to mortality.
  / 9781906981464/ Price:£ 7.99
Book Cover The final book of the Bible, called both Revelation and Apocalypse, prophesises what will happen at the end of time. During the Middle Ages, in a society which deeply believed in God and was mainly ruled by religious authorities, this theme has often been used in art. Its symbolic content allowed for many different interpretations, using various types of support (tapestries, illuminations, sculpture, painting). This book pools the most famous pieces of art inspired by this theme, such as the Apocalypse drapery from Angers Cathedral, the carved tympanum of the Autun Cathedral, and the fresco in Albi Cathedral. The theme of the Apocalypse was a means to impress minds while also allowing artists to develop their imaginations.
Beauty of the Beast.
  / 9781906981457/ Price:£ 7.99
Book Cover For all time, artists have maintained a close relationship with the animal world, which has proved to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration. First, they received inspiration directly from their environment. Next, animals were used in art for their status as domestic friends, symbols of an intimate and familial life, as well as starting points for a fantastic imagination, particularly held in high-esteem during the Renaissance. Later in Orientalism, animal art followed the discovery of exotic fauna which appealed to contemporary artists. The animal and its wild beauty are comprehended here through works of art from Albrecht Du"rer, Pieter Brueghel, Leonardo da Vinci, Katasushika Hokuasi, Henri Rousseau, and Paul Klee.
  Patrizi, M. L./ 9781906981433/ Price:£ 7.99
Book Cover It was not until the middle of the 20th century that Caravaggio (1571-1610), an Italian painter long considered controversial, was rediscovered. An advocate of Realism, this artist of the Counter-Reformation challenged the establishment and returned a sense of humanity to the images of the saints. The sensuality he gave the saints went beyond veneration to create an ambiguous eroticism, which incurred the wrath of the Church. Paradoxical and violent, this painter of shadows illustrated his debauched lifestyle and dissolute morals with solemnity. With his invention of chiaroscuro, Caravaggio made his blood-soaked impression on the history of art. Bringing together the different writing styles of Fe'lix Witting (Professor of Art History) and M. L. Patrizi (Doctor of Psychology), this text sheds new light on the work of Caravaggio, who could not be better served than by these great specialists.
Edgar Degas.
  Bade, Patrick/ 9781906981389/ Price:£ 9.99
Degas was a French artist famous for his work in painting, sculpture, printmaking, and drawing. His career was long and his style, unlike that of most famous artists who worked into their old age, never ceased developing. He is regarded as one of the founders of Impressionism and is especially identified with the subject of dance (over half of his works depict dancers such as The Dance Class or the sculpture The Little Fourteen Year Old Dancer). These display his mastery in the depiction of movement, as do his more rare, course subjects and female nudes (La Toilette). His portraits are considered to be among the finest in the history of art. His work was strongly influenced by Ingres and Delacroix combining the expressive qualities of Ingres with the colour of Delacroix.
Forbidden Asia.
  Dopp, Hans-Jurgen/ 9781906981440/ Price:£ 7.99
Since The Turkish Bath (1863) by the French painter Ingres, the Far Eastern woman has, to many, been a symbol of out of reach or forbidden pleasures. Seafaring explorers, military adventurers, and simple travellers from Europe over the centuries have all been enthralled by the exotic nature of the Asian woman, her foreignness accentuated by the gentle pallor of her skin. Thus arose the myth that she, of all women, was in possession of the knowledge of certain refined pleasures. Historically, in the traditions of both China and Japan, women have been required to respond at least acquiescently to men's desires. It was part of their upbringing, quite different from the moral taboos decreed on the subject by our Western civilisation. This book-richly illustrated with colourful Chinese and Japanese prints and ivory carvings, some of considerable antiquity - thus figuratively comprises an Oriental hymn to carnal pleasures and to the Game of Love. In a lively and comprehensive text, Professor Hans-Ju"rgen Do"pp reveals the ancient rules that govern relationships between men and women in the Far East - while not ignoring the importance of love.
  Muntz, Eugene/ 9781906981396/ Price:£ 9.99
The legend of Michelangelo (1475-1564) has endured, undiminished, for 500 years. Scholars like Chateaubriand, Manzoni, and Rilke have seen in him a master of the renewal of Western art. Indeed, endowed with an almost superhuman creative genius, Michelangelo incarnates for us the "universal man0/00 of the Italian Renaissance, and the quality and scope of his oeuvre is uncontested, not even by Leonardo da Vinci - works like his Pieta`, David, and the Sistine Chapel frescoes are the proof. How was he able, in so few years, to develop the methods behind a body of work worthy of his Greek predecessors? No one has better examined the complexities of the man, the artist, and the age in which he lived than Euge`ne Mu"ntz. His text, written in clear and pure style, is a literary work in itself, and it is accompanied here by illustrations of an exceptional quality.
Micheli da Carravaggio.
  / 9781906981839/ Price:£ 9.99
Book Cover It was not until the middle of the 20th century that Caravaggio (1571-1610), an Italian painter long considered controversial, was rediscovered. An advocate of Realism, this artist of the Counter-Reformation challenged the establishment and returned a sense of humanity to images of the saints. The sensuality he gave them went beyond veneration to create an ambiguous eroticism, which incurred the wrath of the Church. Paradoxical and violent, this painter of shadows illustrated with solemnity his debauched lifestyle and dissolute morals. With his invention of chiaroscuro, he made his blood-soaked impression on the history of art.
The Brueghels.
  Michel, Emile/ 9781906981426/ Price:£ 7.99
The Brueghels, Pieter the Elder, Pieter Brueghel the Younger ("Hell Brueghel"), and Jan Brueghel the Elder ("Velvet Brueghel"), embody one of the largest dynasties of Flemish painting. Beyond their history, their masterworks bear witness to the priceless contribution of this family in the evolution of northern European painting. Refusing the canons of Italian mannerism, the masterworks printed here illustrate the artistic independence of the Brueghels and the Flemish Renaissance. In popular and allegorical scenes, Pieter the Elder and his heirs denounce the daily preoccupations of the people and the general unrest due to the Spanish occupation. In this splendid, richly documented work, the authors, E'mile Michel and Victoria Charles, shed new light on Flemish painting from the 15th to the 17th century.
Fear and Art in the Contemporary World.
  Albano, Caterina/ 9781780230191/ Price:£ 20.00
Politicians, pundits and activists often refer to a ‘culture of fear’. The spectres haunting our own era of ‘late modernity’ are many and varied. Food, people, environments and technologies carry signs of real or imagined threat that cause us anxiety. Fears of pollution or contagion have acquired widespread currency and the new bogeymen are paedophiles and terrorists. In this book, Caterina Albano examines the current culture of fear through the lens of contemporary art, offering a broad look at the ways fear pervades every aspect of life and defines how people relate to and interpret the world around them.
Art Critiques: A Guide
  Elkins, James/ 9780986021619/ Price:US$ 28.00
Second Edition, Revised and Expanded. This is a guidebook for art students at the college level (BA, BFA, MFA, PhD). Compared to other books on critique, this book is more colorful, more engaging, and less formal.
GIORGIO VASARI: Artistic and Emblematic Manifestations.
  De Girolami Cheney, Liana/ 9780984583232/ Price:US$ 32.00
The essays in this book examine art historical manifestations observed in Giorgio Vasari’s paintings and writings, including his impact in the emblematic tradition. Vasari’s conception of history painting evolves in the development of religious and secular decorative cycles in the sixteenth century. His classical education, his love for collecting art and his quest for artistic expression through disegno (drawing) reveal his humanistic culture. Vasari fuses the classical artistic, literary and philosophical traditions with Renaissance literary and visual conventions, thus formulating a practical and theoretical artistic language as well as an historical visual and emblematic repertoire of images with their significance.
Art Nouveau.
  Lahor, Jean/ 9781780421193/ Price:£ 9.99
Book Cover Art of Century is a collection of thirty titles which glide through the most significant cultural movements from the Antiquity to the twenty-first century. Through its first fives titles, Naive Art, the Renaissance, the Russian Avant-Garde, Symbolism and Art Nouveau, this series offers a new didactic approach to the main currents and major artists who moulded our comprehension of the twenty-first century aesthetics.
Paul Klee
  Shanes, Eric/ 9781844848836/ Price:£ 25.00
An emblematic fi gure of the early twentieth century, Paul Klee participated in the expansive avant-garde movements in Germany and Switzerland. From the vibrant Blaue Reiter movement to Surrealism at the end of the 1930s and throughout his teaching years at the Bauhaus, he attempted to capture the organic and harmonic nature of painting by alluding to other artistic mediums such as poetry, literature and above all music. While he collaborated with artists like August Macke and Alexej von Jawlensky, his most famous partnership was with the abstract expressionist, Wassily Kandinsky. This monograph by the author Eric Shanes, who has also written about Andy Warhol and Constantin Brancusi, invites the reader to discover the artistic career of this irreplaceable “painter-poet” through a collection of his most important pieces.
  Brodskaia, Nathalia/ 9781844848249/ Price:£ 25.00
"Dada places before action and above all: doubt. Dada doubts everything. Dada is an armadillo. Everything is Dada, too. Beware of Dada." While these words give a somewhat chaotic definition for this movement, whose name was allegedly taken at random from a dictionary, they are in fact a faithful expression of the intentions of its members. In 1916, in the heart of a Germany bruised by World War I, artists regrouped around the poet Tristan Tzara and chose, in a spirit of hope and rebellion, to demythologise art. For the rigor of drawing and harmony of colours, artists such as Picabia, Arp and Man Ray substituted movement and random luck. The work of art was no longer, therefore, the result of a particular plan or the expression of concepts, but rather the result of a game of chance. "Dada is neither a dogma, nor a school, but more a constellation of individuals and free facets." It is these free electrons that the author captures here so as to help the reader understand how art evolved to produce such works as Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain.
  Charles, Victoria/ 9781780423630/ Price:£ 7.99
Albrecht Du"rer’s (1471–1528) work stands out as one of the most innovative of the Northern Renaissance, revolutionising landscape and portraiture techniques in both religious and secular painting. This book offers a wide selection of Du"rer’s works, and its compact format makes it the ideal gift for every art lover.
  Souter, Gerry/ 9781780423623/ Price:£ 7.99
Book Cover Behind Frida Kahlo’s portraits, lies the story of her life — a body of work drawn from cries of anger and fury, blended into a potent, and artistically exceptional, combination. At six years of age, she suffered a bout of polio, and she was just 18 when a terrible bus accident changed her life forever, leaving her handicapped and burdened with constant physical pain. But her explosive character, raw determination and hard work helped to shape her artistic talent. Frida Kahlo managed to forge a place for herself in the macho society of Mexico, despite the double handicap of her crushed body and her sex. Frida Kahlo’s work plays an important part in the artistic heritage of Mexico, her native country, with both its novelty and its multi-cultural values. The story and the paintings that Frida created provide a rare and courageous account of a woman on a voyage of constant self-discovery. This book offers a valuable overview of her work in a convenient format, making it the perfect gift.
VA18-76 Handbook of Research on Technologies and Cultural Heritage: Applications and Environments.
  Styliaras, Georgios/ 9781609600440/ Price:US$ 265.00
Book Cover Now more than ever, cultural environments, in all their forms, can profit from information and communication technologies in order to support their two main aims: content organization and dissemination. Handbook of Research on Technologies and Cultural Heritage: Applications and Environments covers the many important uses information communication technology in enhancing the experience at cultural environments. From museums, to archaeological sites, to festivals and artistic events to even government institutions and public buildings, information communication technology is revolutionizing the way the public participates at and with these cultural sites, and this reference source provides both a thorough exploration of this revolution and springboard for future discoveries. Topics Covered • Adaptivity, accessibility and personalization of online systems • Approaches for the effective promotion of culture • Commercial and tourist exploitation of cultural heritage and modern art products • Country specific problems in promoting cultural heritage through the Web • Cultural heritage software applications • Designing and developing information systems for culture • Frameworks and methodologies for the development of cultural information systems • Hardware and mobile technologies in museum educational applications • Security issues in the presentation and distribution of cultural information • Stability and trust in the distribution of multimedia content through networks and distributed systems
SA18-413 In the Shadow of Yalta: Art and the Avant-garde in Eastern Europe, 1945-1989.
  Piotrowski, Piotr/ 9781861898630/ Price:£ 25.00
This book is the first comprehensive comparative study of the artistic culture of the region once located between the Iron Curtain and the Soviet Union, a part of Europe that due to the agreement signed by Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin at Yalta in the Crimea in February 1945 found itself trapped within the Soviet Union's sphere of influence. Piotr Piotrowski chronicles the complex relation between avant-garde art practice and politics in Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Poland, East Germany, Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria from the end of the Second World War to the collapse of Communism in 1989.
SA18-411 Das Institut.
  Ruf, Beatrix/ 9783037642177/ Price:US$ 24.95
GA18-16 Fine Arts in the Era of Mao Zedong.
  Yueji, Zou/ 9789814272339/ Price:US$ 300.00
Book Cover In the history of the Chinese fine arts in the 20th century, the Mao Zedong Era (1942-1976) is a complete and separate period due to its unique form and style as well as special historical and academic significance. Historically and ideologically, Mao Zedong's Talks at the Yenan Forum on Literature and the Arts in 1942 dominated, constructed, regulated, and guided the development of Chinese literature and the arts during this period. This book grew out of an exhibition held in Guangdong Art Museum in 2005, featuring the important artworks and related pictorial and textual materials produced during the Mao Zedong Era. It gathers hundreds of vivid, colorful visual artworks that are organized under eight topics: Mao Zedong's images, revolutionary history, socialist images, the workers, farmers, and soldiers, class struggle, minority groups, female images, and the youth. These creative works provide readers and scholars with rare visual references to appreciate and explore the origin, meaning, and value of the fine artworks from that interesting period. Key Features *Comprehensively describes and analyzes the historical development and the nature of the fine arts of the Mao Zedong Era. *Portrays the collective memory of several generations of the Chinese people who lived through that era of passion and ideals through over 900 vivid, colorful artworks organized under eight topics. *Examines the use of the artworks of that period as propaganda for the Communist Party of China. *Presents a detailed historical overview of the Mao Zedong Era through the timelines of the fine arts and significant political and cultural events.
Parallel Texts: Interviews and Interventions about Art.
  Burgin, Victor/ 9781861898135/ Price:£ 19.95
Burgin’s ideas are ordered chronologically in the book: in 1969–72 he is first heard explaining the newly emerged ‘conceptual art’ to interlocutors accustomed to traditional painting and sculpture. In 1976–78 he explores theoretical foundations for a post-conceptualist socialist art practice in such non-Western precedents as Maoism and Russian Formalism. From 1979 issues of gender politics and sexuality come to the fore, together with a psychoanalytic framework for understanding these. Observations upon an ‘artworld’ turning to fashion and flattering wealth as it discovers its postmodernity are given. From 1987–2000, Burgin taught cultural theory in California, returning to Britain in 2001. The interviews and writings from 1987–2010 reprise some core issues previously addressed, but now from within an environment almost unrecognizably transformed by cultural, political and economic globalization, and unprecedented forms of technology and violence. Parallel Texts will be invaluable to all admirers of Burgin’s art and writing and to those readers with an interest in contemporary art and art theory.
Jewish Art: A Modern History.
  Baskind, Samantha/ 9781861898029/ Price:£ 25.00
Looking at the work of European artists including Moritz Daniel Oppenheim and Maurycy Gottlieb, Camille Pissarro and Marc Chagall, to those in the US such as Miriam Schapiro and Eva Hesse, Barnett Newman and Archie Rand, as well as contemporary Israeli artists, Jewish Art: A Modern History provides a comprehensive, probing and lucid account of a complex subject. It is ideal for all general readers interested in the subject, and invaluable to students of Jewish art and history, as well as scholars in the field. This lavishly illustrated volume, featuring numerous works published for the first time, offers a coherent discussion of the vexed question of what constitutes Jewish art today.
Narcissus Reflected: The Myth of Narcissus in Surrealist and Contemporary Art.
  Lomas, David/ 9780947912994/ Price:£ 17.95
Published to accompany an exhibition at The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, curated by Dawn Ades and David Lomas (23 April – 26 June 2011), this major publication explores the myth of Narcissus in Surrealist and contemporary art. The story of Narcissus – as told by Ovid, is of a beautiful youth infatuated by his reflection in a stream, who pines away in the presence of Echo and is metamorphosed into a flower of the same name. The myth is open to many interpretations and has captivated a number of modern and contemporary artists. This well-illustrated book explores the potency of the Narcissus myth in art, including photography, installation, film and video. Featuring works by Salvador Dali', Andre' Masson, Jean Cocteau, Claude Cahun, Frida Kahlo, Jess, Yayoi Kusama, Pipilotti Rist, Bill Viola and many more, the publication explores in depth and explains the many meanings and interpretations of the myth, demonstrating the enduring appeal of the Narcissus theme in art.
Viennese Secession.
  Carl, Klaus H./ 9781844848454/ Price:£ 9.99
A symbol of the approaching revolution, the Viennese Secession represented the rebellion of twenty artists against the conservative artistic academy’s oppressive influence over the city, the age, and the whole Austro-Hungarian Empire. Influenced by the Art Nouveau movement, the Secession, created in 1897 by Gustav Klimt, Carl Moll and Josef Hoffmann, was not an anonymous artistic revolution among so many others. Defining itself as a “total art”, without any political or commercial constraint, this movement represented the ideological turmoil which affected the craftsmen, architects, graphic artists and designers. Turning away from the established art and immersing themselves in the generous and decorative shapes of the organic, the artists opened themselves to an evocative, erotic aesthetic which could only serve to offend the bourgeoisie of the time. Painting, sculpture, and architecture are confronted by the author of this book, to highlight the diversity and the richness of a movement whose motto, “For each time its art, for each art it liberty” illustrates its innovation and originality.
Claude Monet.
  Kalitina, Nina/ 9781844849024/ Price:£ 9.99
For Monet, the act of creation was always a painful struggle. His obsession to express emotions and to transmit light effects over nature was much more intense than his contemporaries. In his words: “Skills come and go… Art is always the same: a transposition of Nature that requests as much will as sensitivity. I strive and struggle against the sun… should as well paint with gold and precious stones.”
Christ in Art.
  Renan, Ernest/ 9781844848096/ Price:£ 25.00
Since the dawn of Christianity, artists have been fascinated and stirred by the figure of Christ. His likeness appears in frescoes on the walls of catacombs that date from Roman times; he is featured in the stained glass windows of Gothic churches; and he can be found in various forms in today’s pop culture. The Biblical Saviour is not a static, immaterial deity: Christ’s mortal birth, unusual life and dramatic death make him an accessible subject for religious and secular artists alike. Whether they show the spirituality of God Incarnate or the earthly characteristics of a flesh-and-blood man, artistic depictions of Christ are the most controversial, moving or inspirational examples of religious art. This richly illustrated book explores the various ways that Christ is rendered in art, from Giotto di Bondone’s Madonna Ognissanti and Fra Angelico’s paintings of the Crucifixion to the provocative portraits of Salvador Dali'. Author Ernest Renan guides the reader through the most iconic representations of Christ in art — tender or graphic, classical or bizarre, these images of the Messiah reveal the diverse roles of the Son of God in the social milieus and personal lives of the artists.
  / 9781844848553/ Price:£ 7.99
A timeless theme that cannot be ignored, love has always fascinated artists. Painters, sculptors, even architects drew their inspiration from it and illustrated it. Ever new, it has lead artists to the masterworks of their life. From Titian’s Sacred and Profane Love to Brancusi’s Kiss, love changes along with time and style, but stays, in the end an everlasting universal language. Love in all its strength and variety are illustrated by this book.
The Life and Masterworks of Salvador Dali.
  Eric Shanes/ 9781844848188/ Price:£ 25.00
As a one of the foremost painters of the 20th century, Dali' overturned the art of the previous century and directed contemporary art toward its present incarnation. As irrational as he was surrealist, this genius diverted objects from their original meanings, plunging them into the acid of his constantly churning imagination. A megalomaniac and an artist who above all understood the force of marketing and publicity, Dali' disorients his viewers in order to draw them into his world. On his canvases, images and colours crash together to express and mock certain ideas, creating a subversive eroticism that taps into the subconscious of the avid voyeurs that we are. The author, Eric Shanes, explores the twists and turns of Dali'’s mad genius, commenting on the masterpieces of the painter so as to show the diversity and scope of his talent, leaving the reader blown away and bewitched by this Prince of Metamorphosis. This work opens up the sweet, mad universe of this genius and invites us to let ourselves be overcome.
  / 9781844848584/ Price:£ 7.99
A jeweler with an established reputation through the world, Louis Comfort Tiffany was the spearhead of the Art Nouveau movement in the United States. At a time and in a country in perpetual growth, Tiffany succeeded in elevating the decorative to the rank of fine art. Glass was the field of expertise of Tiffany’s workshops. There they developed groundbreaking techniques of treatment which produced beautiful effects on glass. Following the examples of Galle' or Daum, Tiffany made the most of this material: playing with colors, opaqueness and transparency… However, his most famous success is his lamps in mosaic of glass, similar to the cathedral’s stained glass window. Diving into this prism of colors, the author makes us dream again of the birth of this enduring company.
Vincent Van Gogh.
  Charles, Victoria/ 9781844849147/ Price:£ 9.99
Van Gogh’s life and work are so intertwined that it is hardly possible to distinguish the two. While observing his paintings we see a panorama of his life story-a story that is now considered a legend. Van Gogh is the incarnation of the suffering, misunderstood martyr of modern art, the emblem of the unconventional artist.
VASARI'S LIFE AND LIVES: The First Art Historian.
  Rud, Einar/ 9780983245162/ Price:US$ 28.00
Early Italian Art.
  Crowe, Joseph A./ 9781844848485/ Price:£ 9.99
Trying out new mediums, those fi rst artists left frescoes for removable panels. If the sacred faces shock us novices, this distance was more than wanted during this era and in order to emphasize the divinity of the characters, it highlighted their divinity comforted the sanctified with a background covered with gold leaves. The elegance of the line and the colour choice was combined to reinforce the symbolic choices. The half-confessed ultimate goal of the Early Italians artists was to make the invisible… visible. In this magnificent book, the author emphasizes the importance that the rivalry between the Siennese and Florentine schools played for the evolution of art history. And the reader, in the course of these forgotten masterworks, will discover how, little by little, the sacred became incarnate and more human…opening a discrete but definitive door through the use of anthropomorphism, as was cherished by the Renaissance.
Between Sense and de Kooning.
  Shiff, Richard/ 9781861898531/ Price:£ 40.00
The word Sense in this book’s title carries a dual meaning – it is used here as both a sensation or feeling and as reason or direction. Employing both definitions, Shiff addresses the difficulty in interpreting de Kooning’s work that has complicated its critical reception in the art and scholarly world. With detailed analysis of specific works from throughout de Kooning’s career, many of which have never been published or studied before, Shiff discusses de Kooning’s use of materials and his technical experimentation. He looks at the artist’s painting processes, highlighting his tendency to transfer images, and even paint itself, from one work to another, and considers his creation of an exotica of the mundane. Between Sense and de Kooning provides a much-needed analysis and appreciation of de Kooning’s complete oeuvre and will appeal not only to art historians but to anyone curious to understand how such an independent and daring artist gained lasting recognition as one of the key figures of twentieth-century art.
Burning Issues: Fire in Art and the Social Imagination.
  Krell, Alan/ 9781861898562/ Price:£ 30.00
In Burning Issues Alan Krell reflects on fire’s paradox through fascinating myths and biblical tales of fire, newspaper reports, diaries, children’s fables, paintings, photography and film. Krell specifically examines representations of fire in the work of painters including El Greco, Millais, Magritte and Kokoschka, as well as that by modern and contemporary artists, such as Jean Tinguely, Yves Klein and Susan Hiller, who use fire as a theme in their work and performance. Questions surrounding the private and the public, the intimate and the invasive, the destructive and the redemptive, weave through this generously illustrated book. An absorbing history of an element we take nearly for granted until it threatens us, Burning Issues is a timely deliberation on the remarkable discovery that took place when man thought to rub two sticks together until they sparked.
Art Forgery: The History of a Modern Obsession.
  Lenain, Thierry/ 9781861898500/ Price:£ 40.00
The book charts the changing status of art forgery from the time of its appearance in the Renaissance, when it was initially hailed as a true artistic feat, to its condemnation as the art crime par excellence. The Renaissance admired the masterly art of simulating stylistic expression and signs of age in artworks. Michelangelo, the most revered artist of the time, used to make deceitful copies of drawings by other masters, which he managed to have lent to himself by unsuspecting collectors, only to keep the originals and return the copies in their place. With the advent in the twentieth century of more scientific attribution, of archaeology, graphology, medical science and, later, criminology, the detection of forgery became increasingly possible. The science of accurately deciphering the artist’s characteristic traces has since reached a level of forensic sophistication only matched by the forger’s skill and the art world’s paranoia. Thierry Lenain examines the work of master forgers including Eric Hebborn, Thomas Keating and Han van Meegeren whose productions baffled the art world.
Art Theft and the Case of the Stolen Turners.
  Nairne, Sandy/ 9781861898517/ Price:£ 25.00
In addition to this story, Nairne examines other high-value art thefts, trying to resolve the puzzle of why thieves steal well-known works of art that cannot be sold, even on the black market. Nairne also discusses the theft and recovery of works of art, acknowledging that they form part of a much broader field of theft, looting and illicit dealings with art and antiquities around the world. He debates how different concepts of value can be understood by examining episodes of art theft, questions of motivation and surrounding ethical issues. How art theft is depicted in fiction is also considered, including the construction of the image of the art thief, the specialist detective and the mysterious figure of the hidden, criminal collectior. Art Theft and the Case of the Stolen Turners is the culmination of eight and a half years of pursing the missing paintings, and a further period of research and interviews with key players in the drama. It is a vivid and personal account of a hidden art world and a compelling real-life detective story that will keep both art and mystery lovers eagerly turning pages.
Art, Word and Image: 2,000 Years of Visual/Textual Interaction.
  Hunt, John D./ 9781861897459/ Price:£ 30.00
This book is the first attempt to chart the history of art and its interaction with written language. Art, Word and Image examines the use of words (or language) in many genres of art – most often painting, but including prints, the book as art, sculpture, installation, and performance. This book asks what does it mean when a painting is 'invaded' by language? How do the two forms converse and combine, and what messages are intended for the viewer? In addition, other important themes that are also addressed include the naming or titling of paintings, the uses of narrative in art, and the literary connections and aspirations of artists.
1000 Portraits of Genius.
  Victoria, Charles/ 9781844848034/ Price:£ 14.95
According to the predominant standards, a portrait should be a faithful representation of its model. However, this is not always the case. This gallery of 1000 portraits illustrates how the genre has been transformed throughout history, and has proven itself to be much more complex than a simple imitation of reality. Beyond exhibiting the artist’s skill, the portrait must surpass the task of imitation, as just and precise as it may be, to translate both the intention of the artist as well as that of its patron, without betraying either’s wishes. Therefore, these silent witnesses, carefully selected in these pages, reveal more than faces of historic figures or anonymous subjects: they reveal a psychology more than an identity, illustrate an allegory, serve as political and religious propaganda, and embody the customs of their epochs.
SA18-468 Lighting Methods for Photographing Museum Objects.
  Carl Bigras/ 9780660199955/ Price:CAD 50.00
SA18-451 Antonio Lopez Garcia: Drawings.
  Antonio Lopez Garcia/ 9781935202257/ Price:US$ 75.00
SA18-428 Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People.(3Audio CD)
  Sedaris, Amy/ 9781600247286/ Price:US$ 24.98
SA18-423 Breve Historia del Comisariado.
  Obrist, Hans U./ 9788493734718/ Price:EUR 15.00
SA18-399 The Art of the Yellow Springs: Understanding Chinese Tombs.
  Hung, Wu/ 9781861896247/ Price:£ 40.00
In art history these ancient burial sites have mainly been appreciated as ‘treasure troves’ of exciting and often previously unknown works of art. New trends in Chinese art history are challenging this way of studying funerary art: now an entire memorial site – rather than any of its individual components – has become the focus of both observation and interpretation. The Art of the Yellow Springs expands on this scholarship by making interpretative methods the direct subject of consideration. It argues that to achieve a genuine understanding of Chinese tombs we need to reconsider a host of art-historical concepts, including visuality, viewership, space, formal analysis, function and context. Profusely illustrated with many outstanding works of art, this ground-breaking new assessment demonstrates the amazing richness of arguably the longest and most persistent tradition in the entirety of Chinese art.
SA18-393 Sensuous Surfaces: The Decorative Object in Early Modern China.
  Hay, Jonathan/ 9781861894083/ Price:£ 40.00
Sensuous Surfaces is a richly illustrated and in-depth introduction to the decorative arts in Ming and Qing dynasty China. Jonathan Hay explores materials and techniques, as well as issues of patronage and taste, which together formed a loose system of informal rules that affected every level of decoration in early modern China, from an individual object to the arrangement of an entire residential interior. By engaging the actual and metaphoric potential of surface, Hay contends, this system guided the production and use of the decorative arts during a period of explosive growth, which started in the late sixteenth century and continued until the mid-nineteenth century. This understanding of decorative arts in China made a fundamental contribution to the sensory education of its early modern urban population, both as individuals and in their established social roles. Sensuous Surfaces is also an elegant meditation on the role of pleasure in decoration. Often intellectually dismissed as merely pleasurable, Hay argues that decoration is better understood as a necessary form of art which can fulfil its function only by engaging the human capacity for erotic response. Featuring around 250 colour images of a wide range of early modern Chinese objects and artworks, this book will engage anyone with an interest in decoration, art, China – or the experience of pleasure itself.
SA18-388 Art, Word and Image: 2,000 Years of Visual/Textual Interaction.
  Hunt, John D./ 9781861895202/ Price:£ 35.00
Art, Word and Image is constructed around three wide-ranging essays by John Dixon Hunt, David Lomas and Michael Corris. The essays chart the use and significance of words in art – from Classical Greece and Assyria, through to the middle Ages and the Renaissance, to modern times and today’s digital media, and moreover the questions this intersection poses for contemporary artists. These essays deal with a variety of movements and artists including the Pre-Raphaelites, Duchamp, Picasso, Ernst, Twombly, Michaux and Warhol. The volume also includes ‘spotlight’ essays on artists whose work engages substantially with questions of Word and Image: Blake, Klee, Schwitters, Haack, Pettibon, McCahon and Walla.
  Gebhart, Mile/ 9781844846436/ Price:£ 25.00
Book Cover The Medici court painter Botticelli is one of the unequivocal artists of the Italian Renaissance alongside Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael. Favouring feminine portraits, Botticelli stands apart through the finesse of his lines and the unbridled sensuality of his paintings. Between religious and private commissions this Florentine artist introduced the profane into art through works of complex mythological subjects, such as the incontrovertibly masterful Primavera and The Birth of Venus, and knew how to delight the erudite patrons of art. The Madonna of the Magnificat remains one of the most beautiful examples of the Virgin ever achieved. Between the delicacy of the Renaissance and the exuberance of Mannerism, the richness and refinement of the works of Botticelli delight today more than ever.
  Brodskaia, Nathalia/ 9781844845927/ Price:US$ 12.95
Impressionism has always been one of the public’s favourite topics and it is always guaranteed to be a best-selling title. The Mega Square Impressionism will be the ideal gift – presenting the “greatest hits” of a popular subject in a small and practical format.
  / 9781844844425/ Price:£ 7.99
Discover the Renaissance through the lens of one of the greatest Italian artists of all time. Mega Square Raphael offers a wonderful introduction to the breadth of this artist’s work, providing an array of his paintings, drawings and frescos for the reader’s enjoyment.The portable size of this book makes it a perfect gift for art enthusiasts everywhere.
  / 9781844847884/ Price:£ 7.99
With text by the great Bohemian poet Rainer Maria Rilke and a wealth of beautiful images, this book explores the creative power of one of history’s greatest sculptors. Mega Square Rodin features the best-known masterpieces of this genius of bronze and marble, who immortalised his revolutionary approach to sculptural subjects and the human body in figures that seem ready to come to life. This gift-sized book about a popular, brilliant sculptor is sure to entice any reader.
  / 9781844849574/ Price:£ 7.99
Mega Square’s Gauguin invites the reader to follow the visionary painter Paul Gauguin from France to exotic Tahiti, guided by his colourful masterpieces. Featuring a collection of both iconic and less well-known works by this influential artist, this book highlights Gauguin’s famously erotic, primitive style and use of vivid colours. For a fan of the artist or someone who has yet to discover Gauguin’s work, this conveniently compact book would make an ideal gift.
  / 9781844849338/ Price:£ 7.99
Discover the work of Paul Ce'zanne, whose exploration of technique and form defined the Post-Impressionism movement in painting and set the artistic stage for the advent of Cubism. His bold use of strong colours influenced artists for generations to come and continues to surprise and delight us today. In Mega Square Ce'zanne, the great works of this important French painter are collected in a compact volume – the perfect gift for any art enthusiast.
In Praise of the Backside.
  / 9781844847914/ Price:US$ 12.95
In Praise of the Backside celebrates the most sensual part of the female body. The insightful text by expert Hans-Ju"rgen Do"pp discusses the backside as a feature that stands for both powerful eroticism and supple femininity, seducing famous artists from every genre. This title is sure to entice and delight a wide audience with its lively, provocative images.
Chinese Porcelain.
  / 9781844847853/ Price:£ 7.99
First appearing in the 7th century, porcelain art in China quickly became enormously important as a symbol of royalty or high status. The masterpieces of the genre, featured in this book, range from simple tea bowls to fantastic vases, hair ornaments, figurines and snuff boxes with intricate, multi-coloured designs. The delicate material attracted and continues to attract the attention of art lovers throughout the world, making Mega Square Chinese Porcelain an ideal gift
  Charles, Victoria/ 9781844845897/ Price:£ 7.99
The Mega Square Dali offers a brand new perspective on the self-proclaimed geniuss work thanks to the close-ups on specific details. Victoria Charles, Parkstones most prolific author, once more delivers a great text about this Surrealist painter. The Mega Square's small and practical format is bound to make a perfect gift.
City Lights.
  / 9781844847761/ Price:£ 14.95
A symbol of massive crowds and solitary desires, the city holds promise for all those that pass through it. Its meandering streets, unexplored neighbourhoods and incessant noise create a landscape that captivates the observer. The lights of the city can conceal or reveal it, transforming its appearance hour by hour, offering countless facets to the passer-by. While the light of morning pulls the city from its torpor and renews it for the dawning day, the nocturnal illumination plunges the pedestrian into the strangeness of its mysteries, creating a striking and ephemeral beauty. Between the shadow and the light, these original photographs reveal the fragile glow of the city, and help us rediscover the eternal pulse of these great capitals, simultaneously surprising and sublime.
SA18-445 A Sketchy Past.
  Amidi, Amid/ 9782355740992/ Price:US$ 54.95
SA18-440 Tiwanaku: Papers from the 2005 Mayer Center Symposium at the Denver Art Museum.
  Young-Sanchez, Margaret/ 9780806199726/ Price:US$ 45.00
SA18-412 James Lee Byars - Eine Hommage/A Homage: Im Full of Byars.
  McEvilley, Thomas/ 9783866781559/ Price:EUR 35.00
SA18-404 Pearls.
  Bari, Hubert/ 9788857200880/ Price:£ 55.00
SA18-388 In the Shadow of Yalta: Art and the Avant-Garde in Eastern Europe, 1945-1989.
  Piotrowski, Piotr/ 9781861894380/ Price:£ 29.00
Beginning with an analysis of Surrealism in Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungary, Piotrowski then examines the evolution of Modernism against the backdrop of the decline of Stalinism. He follows with an account of the neo-avant-garde experience: the body art and conceptual art made during the volatile political circumstances of the 1970s, the times of ‘real Socialism’. The book concludes with an epilogue describing the end of the Communist system in East-Central Europe, and the art that served witness to that end. Alongside the portrayal of the frequently challenging art that was made in response to such difficult circumstances, the common threads that emerge from the narrative are the erosion of ideology, the rise of consumerism and the emergence of political pragmatism. Featuring more than 220 images by artists frequently unfamiliar to an English-speaking audience, In the Shadow of Yalta is a fascinating portrait of the art made in an area and during a time of crucial importance to the development of Europe as we know it today. The book will have much to say to art historians, art critics, and students of art history interested in Central and Eastern European art, as well as general historians of the region.
SA18-388 Outsider Art: From the Margins to the Marketplace.
  Maclagan, David/ 9781861895219/ Price:£ 22.00
Behind the polemic and the commercial hype lies a cluster of assumptions about creative drives, the expression of inner worlds, radical originality and the artist’s social or psychological eccentricity. Although Outsider art is often presented as a recent discovery, these ideas belong to a tradition that goes back to the Renaissance, when the modern image of the artist began to take shape. If Outsiders are in some way ‘outside’ the conventional art world, what happens to them, and to the works they create, when they are introduced to it? David Maclagan has been writing on Outsider art for over twenty-five years, and this book sets out to challenge many of the received ideas in the field. This book will be of interest to the growing number of people interested in the field of Outsider art, and all those studying concepts of artistic creativity and their cultural background.
SA18-383 Stones from Other Mountains: Chinese Painting Studies in Postwar America.
  Kuo, Jason C./ 9780981865485/ Price:US$ 38.00
Self-Portraits by Women Painters.
  Cheney, Liana De Girolami/ 9780982386736/ Price:US$ 28.00
Artists with PhDs: On the New Doctoral Degree in Studio Art.
  Elkins, James/ 9780981865454/ Price:US$ 28.00
Sex and the Floating World: Erotic Images in Japan 1700-1820.
  Screech, Timon/ 9781861894328/ Price:£ 20.00
Newly revised and expanded, this second edition of Timon Screech’s definitive Sex and the Floating World offers a real assessment of the genre of Japanese paintings and prints today known as shunga. Changes in Japanese law in the 1990s enabled erotic images to be published without fear of prosecution, and many shunga picture-books have since appeared. There has, however, been very little attempt to situate the imagery within the contexts of sexuality, gender or power. Questions of aesthetics, and of whether shunga deserve a place in the official history of Japanese art, have dominated, and the question of the use of these images has been avoided. Timon Screech seeks to re-establish shunga in a proper historical frame of culture and creativity. Shunga prints are not like any other form of picture for the simple fact that they are overtly about sex. And once we begin to examine them first and foremost as sexual apparatus, then we must be prepared for some surprises.
Before Disenchantment: Images of Exotic Animals and Plants in the Early Modern World.
  Mason, Peter/ 9781861894373/ Price:£ 25.00
One solution was to describe and portray these alien animals and plants as strange hybrids of both, and the images they made took many forms: from the Lamb of Tartary, which grew inside a large gourd-like fruit; to ‘camel-sheep’; to races of monopods and red-haired human dwarves. Peter Mason looks at these and the figures who made these curious images, who ranged widely in expertise: from the amateur sketches of the German adventurer Caspar Schmalkalden to the consummate artistry of Peter Paul Rubens; and from the painstaking antiquarian interests of Nicolas Fabri de Peiresc to the homely observations of the natural world by the Dutch beachcomber Adriaen Coenen. In taking the world-view of the early modern period seriously, the book breaks with orthodox histories of scientific illustration that imagine a linear evolution towards an ever more enlightened science. Before Disenchantment does not just present the ideas and images of a particular age; the book champions a sense of wonder that we can still feel today.
Empire of Great Brightness: Visual and Material Cultures of Ming China, 1368-1644.
  / 9781861893604/ Price:£ 25.00
Empire of Great Brightness is an innovative and accessible history of a high point in Chinese culture, seen through the riches of its images and objects. Not a simple emperor-by-emperor history, it instead introduces the reader to themes that provide stimulating and original points of entry to the culture of China: to ideas of motion and rest; to the position occupied by writing and objects featuring writing; to ideas about pleasure, about violence and about ageing. It challenges notions of Ming China as a culture closed off from the rest of the world by emphasizing the vibrant interactions between China and the rest of Asia at this period.
  De Goncourt, Edmond/ 9781844846528/ Price:£ 25.00
Katsushika Hokusai is without a doubt the most famous Japanese artist known in the Western world since the middle of the nineteenth century. Reflecting the artistic expression of an isolated civilisation, the works of Hokusai, one of the first Japanese artists to emerge in Europe, greatly influenced Impressionist and Post-Impressionist painters, such as Vincent van Gogh. Considered a Ukiyo-e master even during his lifetime, Hokusai fascinates us with the variety and the significance of his work which spanned almost ninety years and is presented here in all its breadth and diversity.
Surrealism: Genesis of a Revolution.
  Brodskara, Nathalia/ 9781859950180/ Price:£ 25.00
Surrealists appeared in the aftermath of World War I with a bang: revolution of thought, creativity, and the wish to break away from the past and all that was left in ruins. This refusal to integrate into the bourgeois society was also a leitmotiv of Dada artists, and Andre' Breton asserted that Dada does not produce perspective. Surrealism emerged amidst such feeling. Surrealists and Dada artists often changed from one movement to another. They were united by their superior intellectualism and the common goal to break free from the norm. Describing the Surrealists with their aversive resistance to the system, the author brings a new approach which strives to be relative and truthful. Provocation and cultural revolution: aren’t Surrealists after all just a direct product of creative individualism in this unsettled period?
Arts & Crafts.
  Triggs, Oscar L./ 9781844846221/ Price:US$ 19.95
This quote alone from William Morris could summarise the ideology of Arts & Crafts, a unique movement which triggered a veritable reform in the applied arts in England. Founded by John Ruskin, then put into practice by William Morris, the Arts & Crafts Movement promoted revolutionary ideas in Victorian England. In the middle of the “soulless” Industrial Era, when objects were standardised, the Arts & Crafts Movement proposed a return to the aesthetic at the core of production. The work of artisans and design thus became the heart of this new ideology, which influenced styles throughout the world, translating the essential ideas of Arts & Crafts into design, architecture and painting.
Pop Art.
  Shanes, Eric/ 9781844846191/ Price:£ 9.95
This book offers a radically new perspective on the so-called ‘Pop Art’ creative dynamic that has been around since the 1950s. It does so by enhancing the term ‘Pop Art’ which has always been recognised as a misnomer, for it obscures far more than it clarifies. Instead, the book connects all the art in question to mass-culture which has always provided its core inspiration. Above all, the book suggests that this Mass-Culture Art has created a new Modernist tradition which is still flourishing. The book traces that tradition through the forty or more years since Pop/Mass-Culture Art first came into being in the 1950s, and locates it within its larger historical context.
1000 Monuments of Genius.
  Pearson, Christopher E./ 9781844844630/ Price:£ 14.95
This work, featuring 1000 monuments chosen from around the globe, retraces human history, the techniques, styles and philosophies necessary for the construction of so many splendours over the centuries, providing a panorama of the most celebrated monuments while evoking the passion of their makers. The reader can explore the changing values of humanity through the edifices it has built and understand these structures as triumphs of humankind.
Antoni Gaudi.
  Roe, Jeremy/ 9781844846344/ Price:£ 25.00
Spanish architect and designer Antoni Gaudi' (1852-1926) is an important and influential figure in the history of contemporary Spanish art. His use of colour, application of different materials and introduction of movement in his constructions were an innovation in the realm of architecture. In his journal, Gaudi' freely expressed his own feelings on art, “the colours used in architecture have to be intense, logical and fertile.” The author, Jeremy Roe, is interested in a wide range of photography and architectural detail. This interest drives the author and enables him to reveal the context of the art of Barcelona while he guides us through an introduction to Antoni Gaudi', master of some of the most famous constructions, design objects and greatest works in Spanish architecture. This book offers a great insight into Gaudi'’s work.
Art of Islam.
  Fleming, Elliott/ 9781844846580/ Price:£ 25.00
Islamic art is not the art of a nation or of a people, but that of a religion: Islam. Spreading from the Arabian Peninsula, the proselyte believers conquered, in a few centuries, a territory spreading from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean. Multicultural and multi-ethnical, this polymorphic and highly spiritual art, in which all representation of Man and God were prohibited, developed canons and various motives of great decorative value. Thorough and inventive, these artists expressed their beliefs by creating monumental masterpieces such as the Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, the Taj Mahal in Agra and the Alhambra in Granada, architectural works in which one recognises the stylisation of motives of the Muslim ceramics. Lively and coloured, Islamic art mirrors the richness of these people whose common denominator was the belief in one singular truth: the absolute necessity of creating works whose beauty equaled their respect for God.
Art and Religion in Eighteenth-Century Europe.
  Aston, Nigel/ 9781861893772/ Price:£ 29.95
The sustained production and popularity of religious art in the face of competition from increasingly prevalent secular artworks lies at the heart of this book. Religious art staked out new spaces of display in state institutions, palaces and private collections as well as taking advantage of state patronage from monarchs such as Louis XIV and George III, who funded religious art in an effort to enhance their national projects and monarchial prestige. Aston explores the motivations of private collectors and how they exhibited their artworks, and analyses changing Catholic and Protestant attitudes toward art. He examines purchases made by corporate patrons such as charity hospitals and religious confraternities, and considers what this reveals about the changing religiosity of eighteenth-century Europe. An in-depth historical study, Art and Religion in Eighteenth-century Europe will be essential for art history and religious studies scholars alike.
Caspar David Friedrich and the Subject of Landscape.
  Koerner, Joseph L./ 9781861894397/ Price:£ 20.00
Caspar David Friedrich (1774–1840), the greatest painter of the Romantic movement in Germany, was perhaps Europe’s first truly modern artist. His melancholy landscapes, often peopled by lonely wanderers, represent experiments towards a radically subjective art, one in which, as Friedrich wrote, the painter depicts not ‘what he sees before him, but what he sees within him.’ Yet in their awesome power to capture the individuality of visible forms Friedrich’s pictures also accept and express the irredeemable otherness of Nature. Winner of the 1992 Mitchell Prize for the History of Art, this compelling and highly original book is now made available in a compact pocket format. Beautifully illustrated, Caspar David Friedrich and the Subject of Landscape is the most comprehensive account ever published in English on this most fascinating of nineteenth-century masters.
Art of the Devil.
  Graf, Arturo/ 9781844846467/ Price:£ 25.00
Satan, Beelzebub, Lucifer… the Devil has many names and faces, all of which have always served artists as a source of inspiration. Often commissioned by religious leaders as images of fear or veneration, depending on the society, representations of the underworld served to instruct believers and lead them along the path of righteousness. For other artists, such as Hieronymus Bosch, they provided a means of denouncing the moral decrepitude of one’s contemporaries. In the same way, literature dealing with the Devil has long offered inspiration to artists wishing to exorcise evil through images, especially the works of Dante and Goethe. In the 19th century, romanticism, attracted by the mysterious and expressive potential of the theme, continued to glorify the malevolent. Auguste Rodin’s The Gates of Hell, the monumental, tormented work of a lifetime, perfectly illustrates this passion for evil, but also reveals the reason for this fascination. Indeed, what could be more captivating for a man than to test his mastery by evoking the beauty of the ugly and the diabolic?
Jasper Johns
  Craft, Catherine/ 9781844845576/ Price:£ 25.00
At a time when the dominant mode of painting, Abstract Expressionism, emphasized expressive drama through bold brushwork and largely abstract compositions, Johns’ paintings of the American flag, targets, numbers and the alphabet demonstrated a decided departure from convention. Despite being painted with obvious care, they seemed emotionally reticent, cool and quiet, far from the emotional fireworks then fashionable. "It all began... with my painting a picture of an American flag. Using this design took care of a great deal for me because I didn’t have to design it. So I went on to similar things like the targets - things the mind already knows. That gave me room to work on other levels. For instance, I’ve always thought of painting as a surface; painting it in one color made this very clear. Then I decided that looking at a painting should not require a special kind of focus like going to church. A picture ought to be looked at the same way you look at a radiator.” Unlike most artists’ statements in New York during the 1950s, Johns’ remarks contained none of the familiar talk of doubt and angst, and his selection of subject matter appeared deliberate, thoughtful, and far removed from emotional attachments and desires. To younger artists his art seemed not so much cold and unfeeling as clear-eyed and honest after the excesses of Abstract Expressionism.
VA18-70 Art and Aesthetics, 4-Vols/Set.
  Inglis, David/ 9780415450119/ Price:£ 925.00
In particular, this new collection brings together for the first time the most important research on how social relations are embodied in artistic and aesthetic products and processes, and how these in turn can affect social life and societal organization. Rooted in sociology, but also embracing a broad range of diverse contributions from other disciplines—such as anthropology, philosophy, art history, cultural studies, media studies, film studies, gender studies, and postcolonial studies—Art and Aesthetics demonstrates the great vitality of this area of research and teaching. It highlights both how social scientists are increasingly developing sophisticated ways of understanding artistic and aesthetic issues, and also how scholars in the humanities are drawing upon social-scientific ideas and methods in order more fully to engage with such matters than hitherto was possible. Art and Aesthetics is fully indexed and has a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editors, which places the material in its historical and intellectual context. It is an essential work of reference and is destined to be valued by scholars and students interested in the relations between arts, aesthetics, culture, and society as a vital one-stop research and pedagogic resource.
VA18-67 Encyclopedia of Art for Young People, 8-Vols/Set.
  Brown Reference Group/ 9780791094778/ Price:US$ 280.00
Encyclopedia of Art for Young People is an eight-volume set, arranged chronologically, that celebrates the rich history of art in an appealing and accessible format. Using full-color reproductions of well-known masterpieces and in-depth coverage of the life and times of pivotal artists, this colorful new work provides a solid first reference for the general student of art and a captivating introduction to the wealth of visual imagery that surrounds us. The eight volumes are: Volume 1: Ancient and Classical Art Volume 2: Medieval Art Volume 3: The Renaissance Volume 4: The Baroque and Neoclassical Age Volume 5: The 19th Century Volume 6: The Early 20th Century Volume 7: Contemporary Art Volume 8: World Art.
SA18-443 L'Arleri.
  Baudoin, Edmond/ 9782070614523/ Price:EUR 17.00
SA18-410 Giovanni Bellini.
  Batschmann, Oskar/ 9781861893574/ Price:£ 45.00
The artist struggled to break out of the long shadow cast by his accomplished father Jacopo and father-in-law Andrea Mantegna, and Batschmann chronicles Bellini’s development of distinct aesthetic and painting techniques that enabled him to set himself apart. Bellini also insisted on choosing his own subjects and themes, independent of the preferences of his patron Isabella d’Este, and thus set new standards for the role of the artist. Anchoring the analysis are a wealth of vibrant colour reproductions that include such famous works as The Feast of the Gods and Madonna and Child, as well as photographs of Bellini’s lauded altar-pieces at the churches of San Giobbe, Murano and San Zaccania. Drawing on these masterpieces, Batschmann argues that Bellini’s artistry and skillful blending of colours created a new aesthetic more akin to music than to previous approaches to painting. And by leading viewers to understand this subtle, refined sensibility, Bellini transformed them into knowledgeable admirers of art.
SA18-384 Monica Bonvicini: Cut.
  Bidner, Stefan/ 9783865603784/ Price:EUR 19.80
SA18-370 Utamaro.
  Edmond de Goncourt/ 9781859956823/ Price:£ 25.00
If sensuality had a name, it would be without doubt Utamaro. Delicately underlining the Garden of Pleasures that once constituted Edo, Utamaro, by the richness of his fabrics, the swan-like necks of the women, the mysterious looks, evokes in a few lines the sensual pleasure of the Orient. If some scenes discreetly betray lovers’ games, a great number of his shungas recall that love in Japan is first and foremost erotic.
SA18-370 Roman Art.
  Charles, Victoria/ 9781844844609/ Price:£ 9.99
The term Roman art distinguishes, in art history, the period between the eleventh and the thirteenth centuries. This era showed a great diversity of regional schools which were all specific in their own way. In architecture as well as in sculpture, Roman art is marked by its raw forms. Through its rich iconography and captivating text, this work rediscovers this art from the middle ages often despised today in comparison to Gothic art which succeeded thereafter.
SA18-370 Romanticism.
  Rosenthal, Leon/ 9781844844586/ Price:£ 9.99
Romanticism was a reaction against the Neo- Classicism that invaded the nineteenth century, and marked a veritable intellectual rupture. Found in the writings of Victor Hugo and Lord Byron, its ideas are expressed in painting by Euge`ne Delacroix, Caspar David Friedrich and William Blake. In sculpture, Franc,ois Rude indicated the direction this new artistic freedom would take, endowing his work with a movement and expression never previously seen. By retracing the different stages of its evolution, this book offers a study of the different aspects of the Romantic movement. Thanks to a thorough and in-depth analysis, the reader can understand in its entirety this movement which revolutionised the era.
SA18-370 Malevich.
  Souter, Gerry/ 9781859956847/ Price:£ 25.00
Kazimir Malevich (1878 - 1935) was a painter and a great art theorist but first and foremost he was the founder of Suprematism (pure abstraction), a style based on geometrical forms. “Suprematism,??? he wrote, “has led me to discover something that had not been understood until then… there is in human consciousness an imperious desire of space and the will to escape from Earth.??? This new publication presents the brilliant works of Malevich, the original painter, who until the age of twentyseven had no professional background as a painter, and who learned to draw out of curiosity and out of his will to learn. Gerry Souter once more offers us the works of a brilliant artist as well as a new perspective on the artist’s personality.
SA18-366 Dutch Design. (POD)
  Thomas, Mienke S./ 9781861893802/ Price:£ 24.95
From the colourful abstraction of the Rietveld chair to the dry wit of the 'milkbottle lamp' by design cooperative Droog, modern design in the Netherlands has always been a hotbed of experimentation. Dutch designers have consistently pushed the limits in anything from posters to postage-stamps, home furnishings to street signage, ceramics to city airports. Indeed, in the last decade or so, Dutch design has become a worldwide phenomenon, almost a brand in itself, with regular publications in magazines and books promoting the remarkable output of this small country. This book takes an in-depth look not just at designs made in the Netherlands, but behind the works created throughout the twentieth century and beyond. Author Mienke Simon Thomas, a curator at one of Holland's leading museums, provides a compelling thematic account, guiding the reader through the beginnings of crafts education, the debates of design as art, the moral and social ideals of modernism, the new profession of industrial designer, state-sponsored initiatives, and conceptual design objects and 'anti-design'. As she argues, Dutch design seems to have been inspired by the wish to be functional, simple and affordable, but she also reveals how it has simultaneously embraced luxury, decoration and even exclusivity. A much-needed introduction to Dutch designs and their creators – as well as the clients who commissioned them and the state initiatives that supported them – this book will be essential reading for designers, historians and the general public with an interest in design.
SA18-360 Ad Reinhardt.
  Corris, Michael/ 9781861893567/ Price:£ 30.00
An artist with definite political beliefs, Ad Reinhardt immersed himself in the vibrant left-wing political and cultural circles of the 1930s and ’40s, only to find himself marginalized by the social and cultural conservatism that arose in postwar America. Corris examines Reinhardt’s art in this historical context, tracking the development of his entire oeuvre, ranging from his abstract paintings to his popular graphic artwork, which took the form of illustrations and cartoons. Ad Reinhardt also evaluates Reinhardt’s role in the art world as younger artists created successive avant-garde movements, such as Minimal and Conceptual art, and the impact his political beliefs ultimately had on his reputation and reception in the art world. This long-awaited book is a major contribution not only to Reinhardt scholarship, but also to the history of contemporary art in America.
SA18-359 Music and Eros.
  Dopp, Hans-Jurgen/ 9781859956793/ Price:£ 25.00
“If music be the food of love, play on.??? (Shakespeare, Twelfth Night). Music is not only a pleasure for the ear; it is the echo of the heartbeat, breath and desire. Professor Do"pp revisits music as the catalyst for dance, love and sex. From the music sheet to dance and through instruments, music is the expression of our profound desires and most violent passions. The text revisits the history of music and art from the dances of the first men to belly dancing though to pop and electronic music. Music and Eros takes us on a time-travelling journey to discover the interaction of music and sex.
SA18-359 Hans Memling.
  Michiels, Alfred/ 9781859956373/ Price:£ 25.00
Born in Selingenstadt, Memling (1430/40-1494) left his native Germany to settle in Bruges in 1465, where the death of his supposed teacher, Rogier van der Weyden, left a near absence of competition. Unlike one of his predecessors, Van Eyck, Memling, considered a minor artist for a long time, was not a painter of the court, but of the bourgeoisie. A man recognized and respected by the end of his life for his enormous talent, he amassed one of greatest fortunes in the city. Forgotten during the 17th and the 18th centuries, Memling is nowadays regarded as one of the greatest painters of the United Provinces of the 15th century, thanks to the perfect balance between realism and idealization that permeates his portraits. His compositions, most often diptychs and triptychs for altarpieces, show a talent comparable to that of Van Eyck. His taste for detail and precision in drawing, his mastery of technique, and his sense of composition produced such magnificent works as The Last Judg ment (1466-1473), The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine (1479), and Seven Joys of the Virgin (1480). Through its rich collection of reproductions of Memling’s major paintings, which highlight the fine faces and modest poses prescribed by the artistic canons of the ime, this work examines the complex talent of this mportant artist.
The Life and Masterworks of J.M.W.Turner.
  Shanes, Eric/ 9781859956816/ Price:£ 25.00
J.M.W. Turner was arguably the greatest landscape and marine painter ever. His output was prodigious: some five hundred and fifty oil paintings, over two thousand highly detailed and finely finished watercolours, and almost twenty thousand sketches, studies and rough watercolours. He excelled in every branch of landscape and marine painting, from elaborate history pictures and idealised scenes in the classical tradition, to tiny, jewel-like watercolours of contemporary life on land and sea made for subsequent engraved reproduction. This book takes us on a grand tour of the artist’s works.
Utamaro and the Spectacle of Beauty.
  Davis, Julie N./ 9781861893598/ Price:£ 40.00
In this book, Julie Nelson Davis draws on a wide range of period sources, makes a close study of selected print sets, and reinterprets Utamaro in the context of his times. Reconstructing the place of the ukiyo-e artist within the commercial print market, she demonstrates how Utamaro’s images participated in a larger spectacle of beauty in the city of Edo (present-day Tokyo). Offering a new approach to issues of the status of the artist and the construction of gender, identity, sexuality and celebrity in the Edo period, this book is significant contribution to the field, and will be a key work for readers interested in Japanese arts and cultures.
Visualizing the Revolution: Politics and Pictorial Arts in Late Eighteenth-Century France.
  Kohle, Hubertus/ 9781861893123/ Price:£ 30.00
The French Revolution was marked by a wealth of imagery and visual symbolism that inspired the masses to fight for freedom. Visualizing the Revolution surveys the rich and multifaceted visual culture of this time, exploring its creation and how it conveyed the new revolutionary sensibilities of the era. Unlike most studies of art of the French Revolution, Visualizing the Revolution embraces a wide range of artistic genres – including prints, architecture, painting and sculpture – and also draws on archival documents and other historical literature to investigate the period's aesthetic concerns. Reichardt and Kohle break new ground in methodology and interpretative practice as they trace the intricate web of connections between these various historical artifacts and argue for the central place of the arts in the transmission of ideas and the political manipulation of the populace – both educated and illiterate. Visualizing the Revolution translates the provocatively new visual language revealed in these artworks and writings and reveals how its emphasis on metaphor, allegory and symbolism transformed French mass visual culture. An innovative and well-illustrated study, Visualizing the Revolution is a valuable new contribution to scholarship on the French Revolution and the history of French art.
Salvador Dali.
  Caws, Mary A./ 9781861893833/ Price:£ 11.99
Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dali y Dom?enech, Marquis of Pubol, was born in Catalonia on May 11, 1904, and died on January 23, 1989. Best known as a surrealist painter, his artistic output also included film, sculpture, photography and writing. Dali is also notorious for his eccentric behaviour and his involvement with the Dada movement, which often drew more attention to himself than his art. In this new narrative exploration of Salvador Dali, highly respected art and literary historian Mary Ann Caws surveys the life and work of one of the most fascinating and colourful figures in the history of art.
Gustave Courbet.
  Riat, Georges/ 9781859956809/ Price:£ 25.00
Child of materialism and positivism, Courbet was without doubt one of the most complex painters of the nineteenth century. Symbolising the rejection of traditions, Courbet did not hesitate to confront the public with the truth by liberating painting from conventional rules. He became from then on the leader of pictorial realism. This text on Courbet is the result of years of intensive research and traces with great care contradictory testimonies, the praises as well as the negative critics this controversial painter had during his times. Through his precision as an art historian, Georges Riat sheds new light on the work of this artist who created a real separation with the academicism of the time.
Perspectives on Connoisseurship of Chinese Painting.
  Kuo, Jason C./ 9780980081473/ Price:US$ 34.00
One of the most important challenges facing art historians and museum professionals today is that graduate schools have produced art historians with serious weakness, particularly a lack of direct firsthand experience with works of art in the original.
Art of Siberia.
  Gorbatcheva, Valentina/ 9781844845620/ Price:£ 25.00
This book deals with the peoples and traditions of Siberia. It will interest a wide range of people as it is a book on art, sociology and history. Documents discovered recently in the hidden backrooms of St Petersburg’s Ethnological Museum have proved to be of sensational importance. In this book, the contents of these documents are reinterpreted and published for the first time. The authors brilliantly convey their enthusiastic admiration for the peoples who have so successfully and for so long contended against both a hostile environment and political dominance.
Chinese Art.
  Bushell, Stephan/ 9781844845590/ Price:£ 25.00
This book is an encyclopaedia of Chinese classical art, giving an informative overview of all forms of Chinese art and providing the keys to understanding contemporary art in China. This book is a great way for beginners to better acquaint themselves with China, while specialists will appreciate the global perspective. Dealing not only with architecture, sculpture, and painting, but also with bronze and ceramics, this text offers a complete panorama of Chinese arts and civilisation. In his text, the author Bushell stresses the importance of knowing the society to understand the arts.
  Phillips, Claude/ 9781844844364/ Price:£ 25.00
Not only does this book offer a studied and insightful look into the works of one of the most technically gifted of the world's painters, but it also invites the reader to discover the bustling world of the Venetian art scene in which Titian lived and worked. Its compelling narrative will please the general public while its unique cross-analysis of the 16th century Venetian painters will interest art specialists and students. This study of Titian’s life and works relates the contemporary and historical influences of the style and colours that Titian came to master. The author reveals how Titian’s personal life, his relationships with important Venetian painters and influential European political leaders, is inextricably tied to his artistic career, as he defines style through artistic encounters and his powerful friends become his subjects. The calibre of the story and the quality of the images are rarely accompanied by such a competitively moderate price.
Gay Art.
  Smalls, James/ 9781844844371/ Price:£ 25.00
This book is not a panegyric of homosexuality. It is a scientific study led by Professor James Smalls who teaches art history in the prestigious University of Maryland, Baltimore. Abandoning all classical cliche's and sociological approaches, the author highlights the sensibility particular to homosexuals. This book examines the process of creation and allows one to comprehend the contribution of homosexuality to the evolution of emotional perception. In a time when all barriers have been overcome, this analysis offers a new understanding of our civilisation’s masterpieces.
Health Hazards Manual for Artists.(6/e)
  McCann, Michael/ 9781599213187/ Price:US$ 14.95
SA18-431 Kunstfuhrer durch die Schatze des Nationalen Palastmuseums.
  Cheng-Yun, Liu/ 9789868344921/ Price:NT$ 599.00
SA18-427 Uncle Tom's Cabin as Visual Culture.
  Morgan, Jo-Ann/ 9780826217158/ Price:US$ 45.00
SA18-380 Deeper than Reason: Emotion and its Role in Literature, Music, and Art.
  Robinson, Jenefer/ 9780199204267/ Price:£ 31.49
SA18-359 Hundertwasser.
  Restany, Pierre/ 9781859956441/ Price:£ 25.00
Friedrich Stowasser (1928, Vienna – 2000, New Zealand), better known by the name of Friedrich Hundertwasser, was a painter, thinker, and architect, or rather a “doctor of architecture,? as he declared in his manifesto of the 24th of January 1990. His architectural creations, organic and full of imagination, may have been influenced by the works of Antoni Gaudi'. Yet, Hundertwasser was more radical in his philosophy. As expressed in his remarkable eco-artistic manifestos, and other achievements (paintings, posters, stamps, houses, and architectural designs), his message remains profoundly and viscerally ecological. His pictorial work is characterised by an organic abundance of forms and by the brilliance of its colours. Hundertwasser is an artist who is difficult to classify. With his tremendous love of nature, he is one of the pioneers of humanist and environmentalist architecture, which attempted to reconcile creativity and ecology. This vision has been shared by many young artists all over the world and by the founders of eco-villages.
SA18-354 The Art of The Shoe.
  Bossan, Marie-Josephe/ 9781859956946/ Price:£ 25.00
What is more common than a pair of shoes? In a world where shoes have become an object of mass consumption, these accessories are now rid of any significance. The industry has accomplished its duty: producing a large quantity at a low price. But there was a time when the shoe symbolised the strength of the Roman legion, the power of the Medieval lords or the oppression of the Chinese woman. Its history is both vast and enthralling, as revealed by the author Marie-Jose`phe Bossan. Supporting her analysis with an outstanding iconography, the author gives these commonplace objects a universal quality that sheds light on the whole of civilisation and elevates them to the rank of a work of art.
SA18-354 Ukiyo-E.
  von Seidlitz, Woldemar/ 9781844843886/ Price:US$ 25.00
Ukiyo-e art is a wood engraving technique, representing the last traditional Japanese figurative art before the Meiji period (1868). Its “pictures of the floating world??? imitate ancient aristocratic traditions and reflect the tastes and traditions of the people of Edo (the present-day Tokyo) through landscapes and scenes from everyday life. Ukiyo-e inspired such Western artists as Manet, Degas and van Gogh, and gave birth to Japonism.
SA18-352 Art Nouveau.
  Lahor, Jean/ 9781859956731/ Price:US$ 19.95
Art of Century is a collection of thirty titles which glide through the most significant cultural movements from the Antiquity to the twenty-first century. Through its first fives titles, Naive Art, the Renaissance, the Russian Avant-Garde, Symbolism and Art Nouveau, this series offers a new didactic approach to the main currents and major artists who moulded our comprehension of the twenty-first century aesthetics.
SA18-351 The Destruction of Art: Iconoclasm and Vandalism since the French Revolution.
  Gamboni, Dario/ 9781861893161/ Price:£ 24.00
Initially galvanized by the sweeping obliteration of architecture and art under the Communist regimes of the Soviet Union and eastern bloc countries, Gamboni investigated other instances of destroyed art and architecture around the globe, uncovering a disquieting and surprisingly widespread phenomenon that still thrives today. As he demonstrates through analyses of incidents occurring in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in both the United States and Europe, a complex relationship exists among the evolution of modern art, contemporary destruction of art, and the long history of iconoclasm. Gamboni probes the concept of artists' rights, the power of political protest and the ways in which iconoclasm offers a unique interpretation of society's relationship to art and material culture. A compelling and thought-provoking study, The Destruction of Art forces us to rethink the ways that we interact with art and react to its power to shock or subdue.
  Witting, Felix/ 9781859954072/ Price:£ 25.00
His work remains tremendous – both his themes and his techniques became an inspiration for Rubens, Vela'zquez, and Rembrandt, inspiring especially the technique of chiaroscuro, of which he was one of the precursors. With the help of numerous colour reproductions, this book retraces the life of Caravaggio and analyses his work while illustrating the scope of his influence on the greatest artists.
The Abu Ghraib Effect.
  Eisenman, Stephen F./ 9781861893093/ Price:£ 14.95
In this subtle, highly original analysis, Eisenman shows the pathos formula at work in the Abu Ghraib photos, and describes its long history, exploring the motif's appearance in imperial Greek and Roman Art, in the sculpture and painting of Michelangelo, and in Baroque paintings of saints and martyrs. The author also describes the equally long history of artistic protest against the formula: William Hogarth, Francisco Goya and others in the 18th and 19th centuries, and Pablo Picasso, Ben Shahn and Leon Golub in the 20th have all attacked its use. The Abu Ghraib Effect reveals how the pathos formula has dulled public responses to images of torture, and also urges a more effective use of political images in the fight against the the so-called ‘war on terror’. Highly sophisticated, yet written in an accessible style, the book will appeal to readers interested in photography, art and current affairs, as well as political activists, art critics and historians.
The Triumph of Modernism: India's Artists and the Avant-garde, 1922-47.
  Mitter, Partha/ 9781861893185/ Price:£ 30.00
The Triumph of Modernism takes the surprisingly unremarked Bauhaus exhibition in Calcutta in 1922 as marking the arrival of European modernism in India. In four broad sections Partha Mitter examines the decline of ‘oriental art’ and the rise of naturalism as well as that of modernism in the 1920s, and the relationship between primitivism and modernism in Indian art: with Mahatma Gandhi inspiring the Indian elite to discover the peasant, the people of the soil became portrayed by artists as ‘noble savages’. A distinct feminine voice also evolved through the rise of female artists. Finally, the author probes the ambivalent relationship between Indian nationalism and imperial patronage of the arts. With a fascinating array of art works, few of which have either been seen or published in the West, The Triumph of Modernism throws much light on a previously neglected strand of modern art and introduces the work of artists who are little known in Europe or America. A book that challenges the dominance of Western modernism, it will be illuminating not just to students and scholars of modernism and Indian art, but to a wide international audience that admires India's culture and history.
Empire of Great Brightness: Visual and Material Cultures of Ming China, 1368-1644.
  Clunas, Craig/ 9781861893314/ Price:£ 35.00
Empire of Great Brightness is an innovative and accessible history of a high point in Chinese culture, seen through the riches of its images and objects. Not a simple emperor-by-emperor history, it instead introduces the reader to themes that provide stimulating and original points of entry to the culture of China: to ideas of motion and rest; to the position occupied by writing and objects featuring writing; to ideas about pleasure, about violence and about ageing. It challenges notions of Ming China as a culture closed off from the rest of the world by emphasizing the vibrant interactions between China and the rest of Asia at this period. Craig Clunas uses a wide range of pictures and objects from Ming China to illustrate familiar areas such as painting and ceramics (including the blue-and-white porcelain of the period, arguably the world’s first global ‘brand’). He draws on items from public and private collections from around the world, which will be new even to specialists, including weapons, architecture, textiles and items of dress, printed books (from Ming pornography to the world’s first illustrated reading book for children). He also examines contemporary sources from government edicts to novels and phrasebooks of colloquial Chinese as well as the most recent scholarship to illuminate this most diverse period of Chinese art and culture.
VA18-65 Encyclopedia of Twentieth Century Photography, 3-Vols/Set.
  Warren, Lynne/ 9781579583934/ Price:£ 420.00
Photography is an international cultural form, practice, and profession. Encompassing art, advertising, journalism, fashion, commercial, political, and everyday photography, the field of photography also includes chemical processes, mechanical inventions, equipment, industries, movements, techniques, terms, and concepts. In addition, photography has a considerable presence in public forums of all kinds, such as museums, achieves, galleries, and publications. The Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century Photography brings together this rich history in three volumes. It explores the vast international scope of twentieth-century photography and explains that history with a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary manner. This unique approach covers the aesthetic history of photography as an evolving art and documentary form, while recognizing it as a developing technology and cultural force. This three-volume Encyclopedia presents the important developments, movements, photographers, photographic institutions, and theoretical aspects of the field along with information about equipment, techniques, and practical applications of photography. To bring this history alive for the reader, the set is illustrated in black and white throughout, and each volume contains a color plate section. A useful glossary of terms is also included.
VA18-59 SAGE Handbook of Performance Studies, The.
  Madison, D. S./ 9780761929314/ Price:£ 155.00
The SAGE Handbook of Performance Studies brings together, in a single volume, discussions of the major research in performance studies and identifies directions for further investigation. It is the only comprehensive collection on the theories, methods, politics, and practices of performance relating to life and culture. Edited by D. Soyini Madison and Judith Hamera, this Handbook serves artists, scholars, and students across the disciplines by delineating the scope of the field, the critical and interpretive methods used, and the theoretical and ethical presumptions that guide work in this exciting and growing area. Key Features: * Demonstrates the utility of performance studies for diverse academic audiences by organizing topics into six primary realms of performance inquiry—Theory, History, Literature, Pedagogy, Ethnography, and Politics * Includes engaging explications of performance theory and methods that help readers grasp their significance and to apply them to a wide range of sites and practices * Summarizes key theoretical and methodological challenges across the field and provides connections with other bodies of research to advance further work in the discipline * Provides balanced coverage of issues of enduring interest (such as the relationship between performance and politics; performance and ethnography) as well as those currently flourishing in the field (for example, relationships between performance and pedagogy) This Handbook opens a range of paradigms and queries that demonstrates the scope and influence of performance. It will be a welcome addition to any academic library and is of interest to researchers, scholars, and students in the fields of Communication Studies, Performance Studies, Theatre Arts, and Cultural Studies.
VA05-122 Visual Research Methods, 4-Vols/Set.
  Hamilton, Peter/ 9781412901512/ Price:£ 675.00
The use of visual evidence in social and cultural research is an exciting and stimulating area of growing interest bridging the social sciences and humanities. The burgeoning use of the internet has given a massive boost to use of, and interest in, varieties of visual information for research purposes. At the same time, these visual technologies themselves raise all sorts of methodological questions. This collection brings together the contributions of key writers within both the symbolic and empirical research traditions, presenting the most influential statements on visual research methods and the central debates about visual culture in a diversity of fields. These range from art history, to history of photography, film studies, and aesthetics to media and communications studies, sociology and cultural studies, and social anthropology, social psychology and educational research. Part I: Classical Historical Statements Part II: The Objectivity of the Visual Part III: Visual Technologies Part IV: The Visual as Method
SA18-452 Beaded Jewellery.
  Brenner, Maya/ 9781405315692/ Price:£ 14.99
SA18-442 Deutsche Kulturgeschichte des 20. Jahrhunderts.
  Hermand, Jost/ 9783896785633/ Price:EUR 34.90
SA18-439 The Complete Collection of Jades Unearthed in China.中國出土玉器全集
  Gu, Fang/ 9787030160096/ Price:EUR 1205.00
SA18-335 Palestinian Art.
  Ankori, Gannit/ 9781861892591/ Price:£ 25.00
Palestinian Art is a fascinating introduction to a little-known visual culture often subsumed under the torrent of political turmoil. A groundbreaking and essential work of art scholarship, it illuminates new and unique facets of Palestinian cultural identity.
Vera Rohm.
  Gomringer, Eugen/ 9781861892645/ Price:£ 16.95
Metamorphosis of materials in Integrations, multiplication of shapes in Shadow Objects, not to forget her photographs of the Jaipur Observatory – all of these offer unexpected angles on the real world. When her works include written words – as is the case of her cube-series bearing the inscription ‘Night Is The Shadow of The Earth’ – this can be associated with Concrete Poetry. Her work in general also falls within the tradition of Constructivism, although there is an almost temperamental inclination to geometrical form, which is always manifest in the rich variations of shape that inform her sculptures.
Peter Lanyon : Modernism and the Land.
  Causey, Andrew/ 9781861892751/ Price:£ 19.95
Peter Lanyon transformed the art of landscape, rescuing it from the picturesque and bringing it back to the centre as a radical practice capable of expressing radical ideas. In this book, Andrew Causey sets out to explain just what this transformation involved. Offering new reflections on Lanyon’s relationship with both American art and post-war Paris, he suggests how Lanyon’s art should be situated internationally in the post-Second World War period. A central concern of the book is to re-examine ‘St Ives’ with which Lanyon is traditionally associated. Causey argues that this association encloses and limits Lanyon, who was an artist of broader ambition and wider cast of mind than most, if not all, of his colleagues there.
VELAZQUEZ and his Times.
  Justi, Carl/ 9781859950524/ Price:£ 25.00
This work retraces Velazquez’s career through his masterworks and journeys, while simultaneously setting the royal and artistic background of 17th century Spain. From his beginnings at Pacheco’s workshop to his last years as court painter, this ambitious artist painted the most influential characters of his times and remodelled the majestic castles of Spain. Unforgettable, for his career as well as for his breathtaking technique, Velazquez offers us an impressive portrait gallery. More than a monography, the writings of the professor Carl Justi set the work of Velazquez in a historical fresco depicting the golden age of spanish painting. Thanks to magnificent illustrations, Velazquez and his Times is to become a reference.
The Community Arts Council Movement.
  Gibans, Nina F./ 9780977790838/ Price:US$ 34.00
VA18-64 Encyclopedia of the Documentary Film, 3-Vols/Set.
  Aitken, Ian/ 9781579584450/ Price:£ 420.00
With over 800 articles from scholars around the world, the Encyclopedia of the Documentary Film is a fully-international reference work on the history of the documentary film from Edison's Blacksmith Scene (1893) to Moore's Fahrenheit 911 (2004). The Encyclopedia provides a resource that critically analyzes that history in all its aspects: * individual films and the careers of individual film makers * articles of national and regional documentary film history * concepts and themes in the study of documentary film * the techniques used in making films the institutions that support their production, appreciation, and preservation. With over 300 film stills, this resource provides the decisive entry point into the history of an art form.
VA18-58 Four-hand piano arrangements of popular works of classical music.
  Stratievsky, Adam/ 9785950005725/ Price:US$ 14.50
This volume is the first in the series Classics for Children and Adults. The series is planned in six (and maybe more) instalments, and offers four-hand arrangements of orchestral, chamber and vocal compositions by composers from the 18th to the 20th centuries. The transcriptions have been made in such a way that one of the parts (in some pieces the upper, in others the lower) is set out in an extremely simply manner and is accessible technically to the performer who has only a bare command of the instrument. At the same time, the texture of the original has been preserved to the greatest possible extent — without any of the abridgements and simplifications so often permitted, unfortunately, in arrangements of orchestral music intended for children's music-making. The series is aimed at young musicians and teachers at children's music schools, students who are not pianists and piano teachers dealing with pupils who are not first-study pianists, and the countless lovers of classical music who would like not just to listen to it but to play it as well. The arrangements have been made by the musicologist and composer Adam Stratiyevsky. He is a graduate of the Leningrad Conservatoire. Between the 1950s and 1970s he collaborated with the city's Young Spectators' Theatre, writing music for many productions. For many years he taught at colleges of music in Leningrad-St Petersburg. Stratiyevsky has lived in Israel since 1988. These four-hand transcriptions were written for his son when the latter was 6-7 years of age.
VA18-56 Visual Culture, 4-Vols/Set.
  Smith, Marquard/ 9780415326414/ Price:£ 925.00
Visual culture incorporates a number of different visual practices including art, design, performance, architecture, film and photography. The study of visual culture is interdisciplinary, deriving in part from the new art history which emerged in the 1980s, the developing studies of design and material culture, and film, as well as the concepts and methods associated with psychoanalysis, semiotics, gender, class and post-colonialism. Visual Culture: Critical Concepts is composed of essential articles written by the most stimulating academics working in the field of Visual Studies today. These texts represent both the formation of Visual Culture, and the ways in which it has transformed, and continues to transform, our understanding and experience of the world as a visual domain. Each volume is divided into three sections. The first two sections provide a substantive collection of texts which interrogate the theme of each volume, while the third section provides a relevant case study which addresses the issues discussed in the volume.
VA03-108 Romanticism, 4-Vols/Set.
  O'Neill, Michael/ 9780415247221/ Price:£ 1100.00
Romanticism is, and always has been, one of the most hotly contested terms in literary and cultural history. Some of the writers who are now labelled Romantic refused to be defined by the word: 'it would be such bad taste', said Byron in 1820. Rene Wellek, on the other hand, argued that literatures called Romantic indicated common conceptions. This collection gathers key critical discussions which explore the complex and many-sided nature of the 'Romantic'. The set includes a new introduction by the editors, and individual volume introductions, as well as a chronological table and an index.
VA03-103-18 Performing Arts in Contemporary China.
  Mackerras, Colin/ 9780415361620/ Price:£ 225.00
The overthrow of the 'gang of four' in October 1976 had profound effects in all areas of Chinese society, and probably nowhere can this be more clearly seen than in the performing arts. Jiang Qing, Mao Zedong's widow, was strongly interested in the performing arts and exercised great influence over them. This book describes her influence and the effects its removal had on the arts. Although the period covered is mainly that since the death of Mao, there is also considerable reference to the years following the Cultural Revolution.
SA18-462 Visuelle Argumentationen: Die Mysterien der Reprasentation und die Berechenbarkeit der Welt.
  Bredekamp, Horst/ 9783770541133/ Price:EUR 48.90
SA18-421 La France du Patrimoine: Les Choix de la Memoire.
  Sire, Marie-Anne/ 9782070320233/ Price:EUR 16.00
SA18-357 Art Under Control in North Korea.
  Portal, Jane/ 9781861892362/ Price:£ 25.00
This is the first book to be published in the West which explores the role of art in North Korea, a role that has been based on pronouncements made by the Great Leader, Kim Il-sung and his son the Dear Leader, Kim Jong-il, about what the State expected of its artists. Jane Portal makes comparisons with those of other, similar, regimes in the past, and finds a clear connection between North Korean art and the socialist realism of the Soviet Union and China. She places North Korean art in its historical, political and social context, and discusses the system of producing, employing, promoting and honouring artists. Painting, calligraphy, poster art, monumental sculpture, architecture and applied arts are included, together with a review of the way in which archaeology has been used and even created for political ends, to justify the present regime and legitimize its lineage. Jane Portal thus reveals much about art made under totalitarian rule, as well as how the art subverts the regime.
SA18-335 Encyclopedia Erotica.
  Dopp, Hans-Jurgen/ 9781859958346/ Price:£ 25.00
The new millennium offers perfect timing for the publication of a large volume on the history of eroticism. Today, we paradoxically face both new freedoms and increasingly stereotyped language. Political correctness is now the norm and images are raised to the status of icons, especially images of women. The images of goddesses and Holy Virgins have been replaced by images of fashion models whilst Apollo has been demoted to a male model or movie star. Whatever happened to the insolence of the 18th-century libertines or the carefree excesses of the Belle Epoque and legalised brothels? Except for a handful of dusty outdated images, that era is now long gone. This book disregards conventional thinking to present 400 reproductions that illustrate erotic art from Ancient Greece down to the present era in both Europe and Asia. With no inhibition or esitation, erotic art asserts itself as a key factor of societal development where the quest for pleasure is the sinless attitude of men and women who have determined that reproduction need not be an end in itself.
Pablo Picasso.
  Caws, Mary A./ 9781861892478/ Price:£ 11.99
Pablo Picasso invokes central places and characters in various periods of the artist’s long and active life: in Barcelona; his time at the Bateau-Lavoir in Paris; his work and life in Provence; his friendships with Gertrude Stein, Max Jacob, Apollinaire and Pierre Reverdy, Jean Cocteau, Breton and the surrealists, and later Dali, Eluard, and critic Roland Penrose. It traces his relationships with partners Dora Maar, Francoise Gilot and Jacqueline Roque. Caws provides biographical context to the artist’s work, focusing on the time around Les Demoiselles d’Avignon and then Guernica, as well as the changes and consistencies in his oeuvre over the twentieth century.
Marcel Duchamp.
  Cros, Caroline/ 9781861892621/ Price:£ 11.99
The book explores work such as the 'Readymades', the Grand Verre and Etant-Donnes, explaining the creative processes behind them, the way they have been interpreted and sometimes misunderstood by his friends and the public, and also how some artists such as Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns immediately understood the importance of the work.
VA18-51 Encyclopedia of 20th Century Architecture, 3-Vols/Set.
  Sennott, R. Stephen/ 9781579582432/ Price:£ 530.00
In its extensive coverage of architecture's multifaceted production from 1900 to 2000, Encyclopedia of 20th Century Architecture encompasses a far-reaching range of international architectural subjects to provide a fundamental understanding of the century's prominent architects and their buildings. Encyclopedia of 20th Century Architecture profiles the century's vast chronicle of architectural achievements within and well beyond the theoretical confines of modernism. More than 700 cross-referenced articles examine twentieth-century materials and building technologies, planning, building types, schools and movements, and critics and historians, and architectural practice and the profession in developing and developed cities, countries and regions. In addition to a list of further readings, essays are supported with professional and historic photographs or architectural drawings and plans. Unlike existing works in architecture, the three-volume Encyclopedia of 20th Century Architecture examines the complexities of rapidly changing global conditions that have dispersed modern architectural types, movements, styles, and building practices across both traditional geographic and cultural boundaries. Seeking well-informed variety, an international team of 300 writers - architectural historians, architects, engineers, preservationists, urban historians, critics and independent scholars - present a comprehensive and critical assessment of buildings, architects, cities and related topics of interest, to provide experts and general readers alike with an integrated view of the practice and profession of architecture around the world.
VA18-47 Encyclopedia of the Romantic Era, 1760-1850, 2-Vols/Set.
  Murray, Christopher John/ 9781579583613/ Price:£ 350.00
Encyclopedia of the Romantic Era takes a broad view of this cultural period, focusing on the developments that can be seen as characterizing the profound changes in thought and sensibility that occurred during the second half of the eighteenth century and the first half of the nineteenth century. This illustrated, two-volume set of approximately 850 entries, including some that examine individuals and concepts not usually viewed as 'Romantic' (such as Kant and French artist Jacques-Louis David), will consist of analytical essays with annotated bibliographies, suggestions for further reading, and, in the case of individual-entries, a separate paragraph of biographical information. The principle aims of Encyclopedia of the Romantic Era are to provide readers with a clear, detailed, and accurate account of the literature, thought, music, and art of the period; to indicate the rich interplay of international influences and cross-currents at work; and to explore the many issues raised by the very concepts of Romantic and Romanticism.
VA18-43 Popular Music: Critical Concepts in Media and Cultural Studies, 4-Vols/Set.
  Frith, Simon/ 9780415299053/ Price:£ 1065.00
Popular music studies is a rapidly expanding field with changing emphases and agendas. The music industry has changed in recent years, as has governmental involvement in popular music schemes as part of the culture industry. The distinction between the major record labels and the outsider independents has become blurred over time. Popular music, as part of this umbrella of the culture industry, has been progressively globalized and globalizing. The tensions within popular music are now no longer between national cultural identity and popular music, but between the local and the global. This four volume collection examines the changing status of popular music against this background. Simon Frith examines the heritage of popular music, and how technology has changed not only the production but the reception of this brand of sound. The collection examines how the traditional genres of rock, pop and soul have broken down and what has replaced them, as well as showing how this proliferation of musical styles has also splintered the audience of popular music.
VA06-121 Theodor W. Adorno, 4-Vols/Set.
  Delanty, Gerard/ 9780761943648/ Price:£ 675.00
Theodor W.Adorno was one of the towering intellectuals of the twentieth century. His contributions cover such a myriad of fields, including the sociology of culture, social theory, the philosophy of music, ethics, art and aesthetics, film, ideology, the critique of modernity and musical composition, that it is difficult to assimilate the sheer range and profundity of his achievement. His celebrated friendship with Walter Benjamin has produced some of the most moving and insightful correspondence on the origins and objects of the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory.
VA05-114 Pragmatism, 3-Vols/Set.
  Malachowski, Alan/ 9781412900577/ Price:£ 500.00
The dramatic resurgence of American Pragmatism was one of the most important intellectual developments in the Twentieth Century. As the influence of this revitalised movement continues to spread across a variety of disciplines ranging from law to literary theory, the time is ripe for a considered reassessment of both its origins in the works of Charles Peirce, William James and John Dewey and its later revival in the hands of thinkers such as Richard Rorty and Hilary Putnam. This three-volume collection gathers together the necessary material for just such an 'assessment'. As such, it will an invaluable research tool for scholars and students who need to understand the significance of Pragmatism's unique place in the history of ideas.
SA18-457 The Scottish Colourists 1900-1930.
  Long, Philip/ 9781903278048/ Price:£ 14.95
SA18-436 Robert Capa: The Definitive Collection.
  Whelan, Richard/ 9780714844497/ Price:£ 27.95
SA18-393 Rustic Cubism: Anne Dangar and the Art Colony at Moly-Sabata.
  Adams, Bruce/ 9780226005324/ Price:US$ 75.00
SA18-335 Turner: The Life and Masterworks.
  Shanes, Eric/ 9781859959053/ Price:£ 25.00
J M W Turner was a prolific master born to a barber in Covent Garden in 1775. When he died in 1851, he left over 19,000 artworks. Selecting which to include in this book was a major feat in itself. Turner was a Romantic when it came to landscapes, with an inimitable flair for seascapes, and was a pioneer of new techniques to create tone and hue, deeply impressed by Goethe?s theory of colours. It took a great art critic named John Ruskin to interpret his works in full. Turner was also a successful art gallery owner, professor of the Royal Academy and tireless traveller who invariably returned home to England laden with outstanding artworks from abroad, especially Venice. With a keen eye for dramatic angle, he also documented on canvas the Battle of Waterloo, the fire that devoured Parliament and other major historical events of his time. Today his works figure in the collections of the most famous museums in London, Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC.
SA18-335 Warhol.
  Shanes, Eric/ 9781859959206/ Price:£ 25.00
As well as being one of the leading figures in the American Pop Art movement, Andy Warhol was a painter, printmaker, occasional sculptor and filmmaker whose work carried on the tradition of Dadaism which questioned the very validity of art itself. He used images and objects, and the means of their production to draw draw parallels with cultural processes. Thus, by means of a variety of techniques, but principally the choice of images, their visual repetition and pictorial isolation, and the use of colour, Warhol makes us aware of contemporary materialism, political manipulation, economic exploitation, conspicuous consumption, media hero-worship, and the creation of artificially-induced needs and aspirations. Through manipulating images and the public persona of the artist, Warhol also confronts us with the contradictions and superficialities of contemporary culture and the art it has engendered, whilst incorporating in his paintings and sculptures the very techniques of mass production that are central to the modern world, emphasizing to the point of absurdity the complete detachment from social and artistic commitment that he saw in the world around him. Despite the unevenness and shallowness of much of his later work, Andy Warhol was one of the most brilliant, challenging and intentionally infuriating artists of the last half of the twentieth century.
SA18-311 Food in Painting: From the Renaissance to the Present.
  Bendiner, Kenneth/ 9781861892133/ Price:£ 29.95
The book underlines the central importance of 16th-century innovations in food subjects, and the great influence of 17th-century Dutch food paintings in the development of food imagery. It covers aphrodisiacs, bottled water, menus, anti-social eating scenes, dogs in the dining room and many other visual representations relating to food. It also deals with images of food that are purely symbolic, the sexual references of Surrealist food art, and food as a marginal element in allegories, showing the optimistic, human-centred, Renaissance spirit of food, and the way abundance, success and fulfilment pervade this art.
SA18-310 Elegant Debts: The Social Art of Wen Ahengming.
  Clunas, Craig/ 9781861891839/ Price:£ 45.00
Elegant Debts takes an innovative approach to one of the major figures of Chinese culture, the writer and painter Wen Zhengming (1470–1559). Renowned as one of the great ‘scholar painters’ of the Ming dynasty, Wen was enmeshed in a complex web of social obligations – his ‘elegant debts’ as he called them – which led to many of his most celebrated works. Using an unprecedented quantity of primary sources for his life and work, Craig Clunas looks at the ways in which social obligation and gift exchange were central to personal and individual identity in the Ming period. He also examines Wen’s family relationships, his friends, mentors and pupils, his sense of a distinct local identity, and the interplay of national and regional politics with the achievements of his long life.
SA18-310 Zoo: A History of Zoological Gardens in the West.
  Baratay, Eric/ 9781861892089/ Price:£ 25.00
Wild animals have fascinated human observers since time immemorial. The story of our interest in collecting, classifying and dominating Nature looms large; thus it is surprising that the history of menageries, zoological gardens and zoos as we know them today has been so poorly documented. This gap is addressed by Zoo. In the Renaissance, wealthy aristocrats showcased exotic beasts in private menageries. Safely caged, animals inspired the interest of naturalists and fed the curiosity of the masses. By the 19th century, increased urbanization and colonization aided the expansion of zoos in which animals were tamed to serve as domesticated livestock. Nowadays, with many natural habitats under threat of extinction, the social function of zoos is less clear. Such institutions both present the illusion of wild animals in a natural state to a nostalgic public and find themselves justifying their existence as saviours of endangered species.
SA18-302 Potential Images: Ambiguity and Indeterminacy in Modern Art.
  Gamboni, D./ 9781861891495/ Price:£ 25.00
Ambiguity is inherent in images because visual perception is an interpretative act involving memory and imagination. Modern art has made this aspect of perception crucial to its relationship with the viewer. Potential Images, the first systematic exploration of this topic, considers those works of art that rely to a great degree on imaginative response. Dario Gamboni concentrates on the last decades of the nineteenth and first decades of the twentieth centuries, during which ambiguity and indeterminacy became defining characteristics of art. He examines how work by Redon, Gauguin, Rodin, Duchamp and numerous others sought to involve the beholder and reshaped artistic communication. Drawing on a vast range of sources, Gamboni finds striking parallels in other realms of contemporary culture and points to the intense exchanges that supported this process of cultural transformation. Potential Images also identifies the historical antecedents of this appeal to the viewer, finally proposing a conception of art in which artist and audience occupy symmetrical, equal and even interchangeable positions.
VA18-45 Encyclopedia of Sculpture, The, 3-Vols/Set.
  Bostrom, Antonia/ 9781579582487/ Price:£ 480.00
International in scope, the Encyclopedia of Sculpture is a three-volume, illustrated reference work that covers prehistoric to contemporary sculpture and is designed for students, professional scholars, and interested general readers alike. This work contains some 600 entries, including national and stylistic surveys, biographies and work entries, studies of materials and techniques, and articles addressing topics such as the conservation of sculpture.
VA18-42 Film Theory: Critical Concepts in Media and Cultural Studies, 4-Vols/Set.
  Simpson, Philip/ 9780415259712/ Price:£ 960.00
The last thirty years of the twentieth century saw the establishment of film studies as a major discipline in higher education throughout the world. Not only did film become a subject discipline in its own right, it also became a focus of study within the emergent fields of cultural studies, media studies and gender studies. This major new collection: · identifies the critical and theoretical concepts which have been most significant in the study of film · presents chronologically the most influential and important writing on these concepts · provides an historical and intellectual context for the material presented.
VA18-41 Performance: Critical Concepts in Literary and Cultural Studies, 4-Vols/Set.
  Auslander, Philip/ 9780415255110/ Price:£ 960.00
Over the past twenty years, 'performance' has emerged as a central analytical and critical concept. Now the focus of a burgeoning academic discipline, performance studies, it is also crucial to many other fields, including anthropology, sociology, communications, art history, cultural studies, linguistics and rhetoric. This collection brings together major texts articulating perspectives on performance and performativity. The multi-disciplinary approach of this collection reflects the growing importance of the concept of performance across a variety of disciplines. With a new introduction contextualising the concept's rise, and a full index to guide the reader through the work, this will be an invaluable reference tool for students and researchers alike.
VA18-40 Roland Barthes, 3-Vols/Set.
  Gane, Mike/ 9780761949527/ Price:£ 500.00
Roland Barthes (1915-80) was one of the leading post-structuralist authors of his day as well as making many important contributions to semiotics. These three volumes provide a complete overview of his achievement. They provide an unparalleled critical assessment of his work in semiotics, structuralism and post-structuralism. The development and contradictions in Barthes' thought are addressed and elucidated. His role in 'the cultural turn' is pinpointed. What emerges most powerfully, is a picture of a culturally engaged critic of contemporary life, who was prepared to make radical innovations in theory and method in order to illuminate his quest for truth. These volumes provide a high water mark in Barthes' studies and are indispensable for any serious scholar interested in the sociology of culture and the cultural turn.
VA05-86 Body, The: Critical Concepts in Sociology, 5-Vols/Set.
  Blaikie, Andrew/ 9780415266628/ Price:£ 1255.00
This collection offers a uniquely comprehensive guide to the sociology of the body. With a strong historical scope and conceptual framework, it provides an indispensible reference for undergraduate and postgraduate students, and a robust source for scholars working in the area. The central focus is on understanding sociology through the body; what is often described as re-reading sociology in a 'more corporeal light'. This is an interdisciplinary process, drawing on history, feminism, cultural history, art history, anthropology, social psychology, philosophy, medical sociology and media and communications, as well as sociology. While this has been primarily a Western practice, The Body seeks to broaden the perspective to include references that draw on alternative cultural assumptions, beliefs and practices (including Japan, and South America.)
VA05-77 Norbert Elias, 4-Vols/Set.
  Dunning, Eric/ 9780761974574/ Price:£ 675.00
Norbert Elias (1897-1990) is now widely regarded as one of the greatest sociologists of the 20th century. The challenge and profundity of his work are still being assimilated. Some have suggested that in time, he will be regarded as the Copernicus or Darwin of sociology, the man who set the subject on its scientific course. These four volumes provide a comprehensive and penetrating survey of Elias's life and work. They pinpoint the main fields of research which Elias and his followers have explored: the civilizing process; state-formation; knowledge, religion and science; informalization; power; established-outsider figurations in fields such as class, gender and race; the sociology of the body; the sociology of the emotions; the sociology of leisure, sport and the arts; the sociology of the professions; medicine and psychoanalysis; crime and punishment; drug use and abuse. The collection also explores the various critiques of Elias's `figurational' or `process' sociology and counter-critiques by Elias's followers. The volumes successfully locate the work of Elias and his followers in the context of modern sociology, especially in relation to writers such as Mannheim, Adorno, Parsons, Goffman, Foucault and Bourdieu. In the penetrating, original and informative Introduction, Eric Dunning and Stephen Mennell elucidate Elias's sociological contributions and the bearing his life experiences had on his work. The collection is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the sociological contribution of Norbert Elias.
SA18-468 Airborne Pollutants in Museums, Galleries and Archives: Risk Assessment, Control Strategies and Preservation Management.
  Jean Tetreault/ 9780662340591/ Price:CAD 62.50
SA18-438 Step by Step Digital Nude Photography.
  Macdonald, Roderick/ 9781904705109/ Price:£ 14.95
SA18-424 Kyle Cooper.
  Codrington, Andrea/ 9781856693295/ Price:£ 16.95
SA18-347 Global Interests: Renaissance Art Between East and West.(POD)
  Jardine, Lisa/ 9781861891662/ Price:£ 19.95
In this radical and wide-ranging reassessment of Renaissance art, Jerry Brotton and Lisa Jardine examine the ways in which European culture came to define itself culturally and aesthetically in the years 1450 to 1550. Looking outwards for confirmation of who they were and of what defined them as ‘civilized’, Europeans encountered the returning gaze of what we now call the East, in particular the powerful Ottoman Empire of Mehmed the Conqueror and Suleyman the Magnificent. Global Interests explores these historical interactions by offering new and exciting accounts of three often neglected art objects: portrait medals, tapestries and equestrian art. The portability of medals and tapestries, and the transportability of, and esteem accorded to, pure-bred Eastern horses made them frequently exchanged objects, and, as such, highly revealing of the cultural currents flowing between Occident and Orient. The authors provide fascinating new responses to some of the most iconic paintings of the period, including the work of Pisanello, Leonardo, Durer, Holbein and Titian.
SA03-385 Imhotep Today: Egyptianizing Architecture.
  Humbert, Jean-Marcel/ 9781844720064/ Price:US$ 51.06
Jannis Kounellis.
  Bann, Stephen/ 9781861891525/ Price:£ 25.00
Over the past 40 years, sculptor and installation artist Jannis Kounellis has established himself as a unique presence in the world of contemporary art. His work, whether included in temporary exhibitions or placed in semi-permanent installations, invariably lingers in the memory because of its forceful character and its ability to transform its immediate environment. Stephen Bann refers to Kounellis’s working practice as a process of ‘making strange’. In all his installations, the material impact of the work sets off a trail of associations. Potent examples include his 1969 installation of twelve tethered live horses in a gallery in Rome, the city where the prototypes of the equestrian monuments of Antiquity can still be seen, or his 1975 Civil Tragedy installation in which a hat-stand with black hat and coat against a gold-leaf background lit by a small lamp recalled the cafe society of Central Europe against a wall of Byzantine splendour.
The Reformation of the Image.
  Koerner, Joseph L./ 9781861891723/ Price:£ 29.95
In The Reformation of the Image, Joseph Leo Koerner examines the images used in Protestant church services during the period of their definition by Martin Luther. Focusing on Lucas Cranach the Elder’s famous altarpiece for the City Church in Wittenberg, and drawing on a mass of other Lutheran images – some of which have never been published before – he elucidates a founding moment in European history when words were made the model for all communication. In determining why images persisted despite their repudiation as empty idols, Koerner locates the conflict between verbal and visual communication in the emergence of a state-supported, state-supporting faith. Examining the images made for Luther’s new religion of inward belief, he shows the process by which, through an interplay between pictures and words, subjects were trained to believe what someone else believed.
Robert Motherwell : with Pen and Brush.
  Caws, Mary A./ 9781861891419/ Price:£ 14.95
Robert Motherwell was by far the most intellectual and articulate of the Abstract Expressionists. This book, written by a friend of the artist, the well-known writer and critic Mary Ann Caws, examines Motherwell’s way of thinking and writing in relation to his paintings. The artist, American by birth, yet simultaneously American and European in his way of visualizing and vocalizing artistic and philosophical traditions, always worked between these two poles, and it is this tension that imbues his ?uvre with its particular intensity.
English Heritage Research Transactions, Volume 9: Stone Roofing.
  Wood, Chris/ 9781902916323/ Price:£ 35.00
The Invisible Masterpiece.
  Belting, Hans/ 9781861891082/ Price:£ 24.95
Otherworlds: The Art of Nancy Spero and Kiki Smith.
  Bird, Jon/ 9781861891884/ Price:£ 17.95
Now in her mid-seventies, Nancy Spero is a respected feminist artist whose practice has greatly influenced a younger generation. Her work on paper and her installations are an acknowledgement of the power of the carnivalesque, and an exploration of the potential recoding of space and architecture through a visual poetics of word and image. Never abandoning the figure, even at a time when images of women were thought to carry only negative connotations, Spero has systematically refigured the feminine as collective, social and empowered. Coming from the generation of artists immediately following Spero, Kiki Smith has always acknowledged a liberating impulse in her art. Both artists have turned vulnerability into strength, making art that represents the female body, but in forms that avoid objectification or narcissism, and that can speak to the universal without idealization or reduction. Both artists make art from the histories, fantasies, legends and myths of the feminine, reclaiming the female body as an expressive vehicle of emancipation and desire.
VA18-19 Architecture of the Renaissance, 2-Vols/Set.
  Benevolo, Leonardo/ 9780415265980/ Price:£ 450.00
This extensively illustrated study opens with an account of the movement's founders: Brunelleschi, arbiter of Florence's building problems, and Alberti, who supplied the new architecture with a suitable theoretical foundation. The editor considers the general effect of the new artistic culture on the changes that took place first in fifteenth-century Italian cities and then throughout Europe. The relationship between the development of architecture and that of other related fields, especially the great advances in painting and sculpture, receives special attention. Also considered are the effects of the beginnings of modern science and the general economic and social changes of the age. Finally this study takes the reader to the point where the history of modern architecture, discussed in volumes of the same name by Professor Benevolo, begins.
VA06-97 Derrida: Critical Assessments of Leading Philosophers, 3-Vols/Set.
  Lawlor, Len/ 9780415235815/ Price:£ 815.00
The value of these volumes lies not only in the fact that it will make many well-known essays easily available, but also that it will present many essays never before translated into English. The names alone of the authors assembled here indicate the importance of this collection, contributors include: Blanchot, Cixous, deMan, Foucault, Gadamer, Habermas, Irigaray, Levinas, Lyotard and Ricoeur. Volume I: Interpretations of Derrida by his Contemporaries Volume II: First Wave of European Interpretations Volume II Part II: The First Wave of European Interpretations Part III: The Anglo-American Interpretation Introduction to Part III Volume III: The Anglo-American Interpretation (continued) part IV: Politics and Literature Introduction to Part IV literature
VA06-104 Deconstruction: Critical Concepts in Literary and Cultural Studies, 4-Vols/Set.
  Culler, Jonathan/ 9780415247061/ Price:£ 1005.00
In its most specific form, deconstruction is a mode of philosophical and literary analysis, derived from the work of French philosopher, Jacques Derrida, which questions the most basic philosophical categories or concepts. Since deconstruction has traditionally been an activity based in philosophy, it has required, from the outset, explanation and explication. Indeed, one could argue that deconstruction has to a considerable extent been formed by critical accounts of it. This collection will reprint a cross section of these important works. The result is a set which charts the ways in which deconstruction is conceptualised and demonstrates the impact it has had on a wide range of traditions - areas as diverse as psychoanalysis, law, gender studies and architecture.
VA05-60 Mikhail Bakhtin, 4-Vols/Set.
  Gardiner, Michael E./ 9780761974475/ Price:£ 675.00
This timely and comprehensive collection covers the contribution and significance of the famed Russian social and cultural theorist, Mikhail M. Bakhtin (1895-1975), as well as the work of other central members of the so-called 'Bakhtin Circle', especially Voloshinov and Medvedev. The material is organized thematically to provide a contextual basis of Bakhtin's thought and his central influences, including an investigation of the key concepts in Bakhtin's work (such as aesthetics, carnival, dialogism, the chronotope, and ethics); the major debates and interpretations around Bakhtin's writings; comparisons between Bakhtin and other significant sociocultural theorists, notably Foucault, Derrida, Habermas and Gramsci; and appropriations and applications of Bakhtin's ideas in such diverse fields as anthropology, geography, cultural studies and psychology. This unparalleled collection provides readers with the best secondary work on Bakhtin. It enriches our understanding of this prolific and multi-dimensional figure whose contribution stretches over the fields of cultural studies, linguistics, social philosophy, sociology and beyond.
VA02-38 Semiotics, 4-Vols/Set.
  Boklund-Lagopoulou, Karin/ 9780761974161/ Price:£ 675.00
Semiotics, the study of the sign systems that constitute human culture, has since its discovery in the late 19th century and early 20th century, transformed the ways in which we think about culture and communication. It has opened new areas of study and made fruitful connections between established disciplines. This four-volume set offers the most extensive, systematic and in-depth survey of the foundations and development of semiotics as a field. It covers foundational texts in semiotics, from the constitution of the field in the early 20th century, through its blossoming with the advent of structuralism in the 1960s and `70s and the formative dialogue between structuralism and Marxism. It goes on to present a representative selection of central essays in literary semiotics, narratology and poetics, the semiotics of anthropology, myth, art, architecture, music, theatre, film, fashion and other aspects of contemporary culture. Special attention is paid to the development of a poststructuralist, semiotically aware discourse in the analysis of culture and history, to the related areas of deconstruction and psychoanalysis, and to the current controversy over the possibilities and issues raised by a postmodernist semiotics. The anthology offers a unique and valuable research tool for students and scholars alike in all areas of the social sciences and humanities, including linguistics, social and cultural anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, philosophy, psychology, literature, and media and communication studies.
SA18-468 Mount-Making for Museum Objects.
  Robert Barclay/ 9780660188430/ Price:CAD 45.00
SA18-438 Polymer Clay: Explorations New Techniques, New Materials.
  Sargent, Georgia/ 9781564968692/ Price:US$ 22.00
SA18-302 Tintoretto : Tradition and Identity.
  Nichols, Tom/ 9781861891204/ Price:£ 22.00
Reflections on Baroque.
  Harbison, Robert/ 9781861891426/ Price:£ 14.95
Icon and Devotion: Sacred Spaces in Imperial Russia. (POD)
  Tarasov, Oleg/ 9781861891181/ Price:£ 29.00
Icon and Devotion offers the first extensive presentation in English of the making and meaning of Russian icons. The craft of icon-making is set into the context of forms of worship that emerged in the Russian Orthodox Church in the mid-seventeenth century. Oleg Tarasov shows how icons have held a special place in Russian consciousness because they represented idealized images of Holy Russia. He also looks closely at how and why icons were made. Wonder-working saints and the leaders of such religious schisms as the Old Believers appear in these pages, which are illustrated with miniature paintings, lithographs and engravings never before published in the English-speaking world.
Ape to Apollo: Aesthetics and the Idea of Race in the 18th Century.(POD)
  Bindman, David/ 9781861891402/ Price:£ 29.00
Beyond Vision: Essays on the Perception of Art.(POD)
  Florensky, Pavel/ 9781861891303/ Price:£ 29.00
Beyond Vision is the first English-language collection of essays on art by Pavel Florensky (1882–1937), Russian philosopher, priest, linguist, scientist, mathematician – and art historian. In addition to seven essays by Florensky, the book includes a biographical introduction and an examination of Florensky’s contribution as an art historian by Nicoletta Misler. Beyond Vision reveals Florensky’s fundamental attitudes to the vital questions of construction, composition, chronology, function and destination in the fields of painting, sculpture and design. His reputation as a theologian and philosopher is already established in the English-speaking world, but this first collection in English of his art essays (translated by Wendy Salmond) will be a revelation to those in the field.
Consuming Bodies: Sex and Contemporary Japanese Art
  Lloyd, Fran/ 9781861891471/ Price:£ 16.95
Consuming Bodies explores the themes of sex and consumerism in contemporary Japanese art and how they connect with the wider historical, social and political conditions in Japanese culture. Essays by writers, historians, curators and artists, plus diary extracts of a sex worker, engage with a range of artistic practices, including performance, digital media, painting, sculpture and installation. Together the contributors examine the contradictions and ambivalences embedded in the Japanese experience of modernity, and the effects of commodification on the individual and the nation state. Sex and consumerism in art are inextricably linked to issues of power, gender, class and race, and move beyond the gallery into private and public realms, where the complex relationships surrounding sexuality and commerce are directly encountered in both the fast-changing marketplace and in the dominant ideologies within Japanese society.
VA06-100 Ludwig Wittgenstein: Critical Assessments of Leading Philosophers, Second Series.
  Shanker, Stuart/ 9780415149181/ Price:£ 1005.00
Wittgenstein scholarship has continued to grow at a pace few could have anticipated - a testament both to the fertility of his thought and to the thriving state of contemporary philosophy. In response to this ever-growing interest in the field, we are delighted to announce the publication of a second series of critical assessments on Wittgenstein, emphasising both the breadth and depth of contemporary Wittgenstein research. As well as papers on the nature and method of Wittgenstein's philosophy, this second collection also relates to a broader range of topics, including psychology, politics, art, music and culture.
SA18-438 Plastic.
  Leften, Chris/ 9782880465483/ Price:US$ 35.00
SA18-409 Beasts and Bestiaries: The Representation of Animals from Prehistory to the Renaissance.
  Mezzalira, Francesco/ 9788842210955/ Price:US$ 95.00
SA18-357 Hong Kong Art: Culture and Decolonization.
  Clarke, David/ 9781861891129/ Price:£ 19.95
The Lives of Images.
  Mason, Peter/ 9781861891143/ Price:£ 25.00
Potential Images : Ambiguity and Indeterminacy in Modern Art.
  Gamboni, Dario/ 9781861891136/ Price:£ 35.00
English Heritage Research Transactions, Volume 7: Timber.
  Laxton, R. R./ 9781902916033/ Price:£ 35.00
Mondrian: The Art of Destruction.
  Blotkamp, Carel/ 9781861891006/ Price:£ 24.95
VA08-136 Qualitative Researching with Text, Image and South: A Practical Handbook for Social Research
  Bauer, Martin W./ 9780761964803/ Price:£ 142.00
Qualitative Researching with Text, Image and Sound offers a unique resource for today's social researcher. This practical handbook provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to a broad range of research methods with the objective of clarifying procedures, good practice and public accountability. Following an introduction which discusses quality and quantity, and how these relate to issues of representation and knowledge interests in social research, the book is organized into four parts: Part I covers different ways of collecting data and different types of data relating to text, image and sound: corpus construction, individual and group interviewing, narrative and episodic interviewing, video and film, and bemetology. Part II introduces the main analytic approaches for text, image and sound: classical content analysis, argumentation, discourse, conversation analysis, rhetoric, semiotics, analysis of moving images, and of noise and music - each includes an introduction with examples and step-by-step advice on how to do it. Part III covers computer-assisted analysis - including computer-assisted qualitative data analysis and key-word-in-context analysis. Part IV addresses issues of good practice, looking at problems and fallacies in interpretation and develops quality criteria for qualitative research. This book provides researchers with the skills and knowledge to make the appropriate choices between different methods, types of data, and analytic procedures, and gives examples and criteria of good practice for each one. It will be essential reading for students and researchers across the social sciences.
SA18-463 Picasso's Paintings, Watercolors, Drawings and Sculpture: The Fifties, Part I, 1950-1955.
  / 9781556603013/ Price:US$ 150.00
SA18-409 China: The Photographs of Lois Conner.
  Barme, Geremie/ 9780935112573/ Price:US$ 100.00
SA18-409 Art and Oracle: African Art and Rituals of Divination.
  Lagamma, Alisa/ 9780300086782/ Price:US$ 14.95
Global Interests: Renaissance Art Between East and West.
  Jardine, Lisa/ 9781861890795/ Price:£ 25.00
  Batchelor, David/ 9781861890740/ Price:£ 14.95
Reflections on Baroque.
  Harbison, Robert/ 9781861890467/ Price:£ 19.95
SA18-447 Rio, Un Amor: Los Placeres Prohibidos.
  Cernuda, Luis/ 9788437617503/ Price:EUR 8.65
SA18-437 Porzellan bemalen, Prachtige Miniaturen.
  Knobl, Katrin/ 9783766713827/ Price:US$ 63.56
SA18-409 Sun Pictures.
  Kraus, Hans P./ 9781892535009/ Price:US$ 30.00
SA18-409 Palpable Signs.
  Taylor, Barry/ 9781857270396/ Price:£ 6.99
Albrecht Altdorfer and the Origins of Landscape.
  Wood, Christopher S./ 9781861890368/ Price:£ 25.00
SA18-347 Grand Hotels : Reality and Illusion.
  Denby, Elaine/ 9781861891211/ Price:£ 25.00
Public Monuments: Art in Political Bondage 1870-1997.
  Michalski, Sergiusz/ 9781861890252/ Price:£ 14.95
SA18-204 Nails.
  / 9781856262927/ Price:£ 3.99
The Devil: A Mask without a Face.
  Link, Luther/ 9780948462672/ Price:£ 17.95
SA18-417 Holocaust Memorials in History.
  Young, James E./ 9783791313221/ Price:£ 30.00
SA18-402 1001 Salt and Pepper Shakers.
  Carey, Larry/ 9780887406072/ Price:US$ 19.95
SA18-347 Design for Society. (POD)
  Whiteley, Nigel/ 9780948462658/ Price:£ 14.95
Although design has become eminently newsworthy among the general public in our society, there is very little understanding to be found of the values and implications that underlie it. Design generates much heat but little light: we live in a world that has much design consciousness, but little design awareness. Nigel Whiteley analyses design's role and status today, and discusses what our obsession with it tells us about our own culture. Design for Society is not an anti-design book; rather, it is an anti-consumerist-design book, in that it reveals what most people would agree are the socially and ecologically unsound values and unsatisfactory implications on which the system of consumerist design is constructed. In so doing, it prepares the ground for a more responsible and just type of design.
SA18-326 Ian Hamilton Finlay: A Visual Primer.(POD)
  Abrioux, Yves/ 9780948462405/ Price:£ 29.00
SA18-471 Art of the Celts: From 700 BC to the Celtic Revival.
  Lloyd Laing/ 9780500202562/ Price:£ 8.95
SA18-327 Paul Delvaux: Surrealizing the Nude.(POD)
  Scott, David/ 9780948462399/ Price:£ 17.95
SA18-455 Correspondance: 1925-1946.
  Bonnard, Pierre/ 9782070722372/ Price:EUR 25.00
SA18-416 Skarva: Creating a Place in the Country.
  Barup, Kerstin/ 9789179880569/ Price:EUR 34.77
SA18-411 Flowers and Nature: Netherlandish Flower Painting of Four Centuries.
  Segal, Sam/ 9789012066327/ Price:US$ 40.00
SA18-410 Psychoanalysis and Synchronized Swimming and Other Writings on Art.
  Randolph, Jeanne/ 9780788163654/ Price:US$ 7.00
SA18-409 Through Their Own Eyes: The Personal Portfolios of Edward Weston and Ansel Adams.
  Jussim, Estelle/ 9780935558289/ Price:US$ 22.50
SA18-325 Art of Death, The: Visual Culture in the English Death Ritual c.1500 - c.1800.
  Llewellyn, Nigel/ 9780948462160/ Price:£ 14.95
How did our ancestors die? Whereas in our own day the subject of death is usually avoided, in pre-Industrial England the rituals and processes of death were present and immediate. People not only surrounded themselves with memento mori, they also sought to keep alive memories of those who had gone before. This continual confrontation with death was enhanced by a rich culture of visual artefacts. In The Art of Death, Nigel Llewellyn explores the meanings behind an astonishing range of these artefacts, and describes the attitudes and practices which lay behind their production and use. Illustrated and explained in this book are an array of little-known objects and images such as death's head spoons, jewels and swords, mourning-rings and fans, wax effigies, church monuments, Dance of Death prints, funeral invitations and ephemera, as well as works by well-known artists, including Holbein, Hogarth and Blake.
SA18-437 Frans Hals: The Complete Work.
  Grimm, Claus/ 9780810934047/ Price:US$ 95.00
SA18-410 Charles Le Brun, 1619-1690: le decor de l'escalier des Ambassadeurs a Versailles.
  Charles Le Brun/ 9782711823932/ Price:US$ 141.00
SA18-409 Decadence and Innovation: Austro-Hungarian Life and Art at the Turn of the Century.
  Pynsent, Robert/ 9780297795599/ Price:£ 32.00
SA18-447 Reflections on the Imitation of Greek Works in Painting and Sculpture.
  Winckelmann, Johann J./ 9780812690187/ Price:US$ 7.50
SA18-409 Henri Cartier-Bresson Portraits.
  Andre Pieyre De Mandiargues/ 9780004119472/ Price:US$ 25.00
SA18-437 Shichu karo: Ohara Natsuki sakuhinshu = Natsuki Ohara ikebana on the Silk Road shi-chu karo.
  Ohara, Natsuki/ 9784079143905/ Price:US$ 31.62
SA18-409 Magic Realism Rediscovered, 1918-1981.
  Menton, Seymour/ 9780879820381/ Price:US$ 54.00
SA18-409 From Talbot to Stieglitz: Masterpieces of Early Photography from the New York Public Library.
  Julia Van Haaften/ 9780500540770/ Price:US$ 47.50
SA18-409 The American Daguerreotype.
  Rinhart, Floyd/ 9780820305493/ Price:US$ 160.00
SA18-428 Subculture: The Meaning of Style.
  Hebdige, Dick/ 9780415039499/ Price:£ 21.99
SA18-409 Edward Weston: His Life and Photographs.
  Weston, Edward/ 9780893810436/ Price:US$ 150.00
SA18-409 Photographs of the Classic Male Nude.
  Wilhelm von Gloeden/ 9780918696038/ Price:US$ 70.00
SA18-409 Art as Second Nature: Occasional Pieces, 1950-74.
  Hamburger, Michael/ 9780856350733/ Price:US$ 30.00
SA18-409 Demons and Beasts in Art.
  Williams, Diane/ 9780822501657/ Price:US$ 12.00
SA18-409 The Letters: Between Edward Weston and Willard Van Dyke.
  Calmes, Leslie S./ 9780938262237/ Price:US$ 20.00


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