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VSA01-004 The Routledge Companion to Twenty-First Century Literary Fiction
  Daniel O'Gorman/ 9780415716048/ Price:£ 175.00
Book Cover The study of contemporary fiction is a fascinating yet challenging one. Contemporary fiction has immediate relevance to popular culture, the news, scholarly organizations, and education – where it is found on the syllabus in schools and universities – but it also offers challenges. What is ‘contemporary’? How do we track cultural shifts and changes? The Routledge Companion to Twenty-First Century Literary Fiction takes on this challenge, mapping key literary trends from the year 2000 onwards, as the landscape of our century continues to take shape around us. A significant and central intervention into contemporary literature, this Companion offers essential coverage of writers who have risen to prominence since then, such as Hari Kunzru, Jennifer Egan, David Mitchell, Jonathan Lethem, Ali Smith, A. L. Kennedy, Hilary Mantel, Marilynne Robinson, and Colson Whitehead. Thirty-eight essays by leading and emerging international scholars cover topics such as: • Identity, including race, sexuality, class, and religion in the twenty-first century; • The impact of technology, terrorism, activism, and the global economy on the modern world and modern literature; • The form and format of twenty-first century literary fiction, including analysis of established genres such as the pastoral, graphic novels, and comedic writing, and how these have been adapted in recent years. Accessible to experts, students, and general readers, The Routledge Companion to Twenty-First Century Literary Fiction provides a map of the critical issues central to the discipline, as well as uncovering new perspectives and new directions for the development of the field. It is essential reading for anyone interested in the past, present, and future of contemporary literature.
VSA01-003 The Routledge Handbook of Literary Translation
  Kelly Washbourne/ 9781138699298/ Price:£ 175.00
Book Cover The Routledge Handbook of Literary Translation provides an accessible, diverse and extensive overview of literary translation today. This next-generation volume brings together principles, case studies, precepts, histories and process knowledge from practitioners in sixteen different countries. Divided into four parts, the book covers many of literary translation’s most pressing concerns today, from teaching, to theorising, to translation techniques, to new tools and resources. Featuring genre studies, in which graphic novels, crime fiction, and ethnopoetry have pride of place alongside classics and sacred texts, The Routledge Handbook of Literary Translation represents a vital resource for students and researchers of both translation studies and comparative literature.
VSA01-003 The Routledge Companion to Literature and Economics
  Matt Seybold/ 9781138190870/ Price:£ 175.00
Book Cover The study of literature and economics is by no means a new one, but since the financial crash of 2008, the field has grown considerably with a broad range of both fiction and criticism. The Routledge Companion to Literature and Economics is the first authoritative guide tying together the seemingly disparate areas of literature and economics. Drawing together 38 critics, the Companion offers both an introduction and a springboard to this sometimes complex but highly relevant field. With sections on "Critical traditions," "Histories," "Principles," and "Contemporary culture," the book looks at examples from Medieval and Renaissance literature through to poetry of the Great Depression and novels depicting the 2008 financial crisis. Covering topics from Austen to austerity, Marxism to modernism, the collated essays offer indispensable analysis of the relationship between literary studies and the economy. Representing a wide spectrum of approaches, this book introduces the basics of economics, while engaging with essential theory and debate. As the reality of economic hardship and disparity is widely acknowledged and spreads across disciplines, this Companion offers students and scholars a chance to enter this crucially important interdisciplinary area.
VSA01-003 Routledge Companion to Pakistani Anglophone Writing
  Aroosa Kanwal/ 9781138745520/ Price:£ 175.00
Book Cover The Routledge Companion to Pakistani Anglophone Writing forms a theoretical, comprehensive, and critically astute overview of the history and future of Pakistani literature in English. Dealing with key issues for global society today, from terrorism, religious extremism, fundamentalism, corruption, and intolerance, to matters of love, hate, loss, belongingness, and identity conflicts, this Companion brings together over thirty essays by leading and emerging scholars, and presents: •the transformations and continuities in Pakistani anglophone writing since its inauguration in 1947 to today; •contestations and controversies that have not only informed creative writing but also subverted certain stereotypes in favour of a dynamic representation of Pakistani Muslim experiences; •a case for a Pakistani canon through a critical perspective on how different writers and their works have, at different times, both consciously and unconsciously, helped to realise and extend a uniquely Pakistani idiom. Providing a comprehensive yet manageable introduction to cross-cultural relations and to historical, regional, local, and global contexts that are essential to reading Pakistani anglophone literature, The Routledge Companion to Pakistani Anglophone Writing is key reading for researchers and academics in Pakistani anglophone literature, history, and culture. It is also relevant to other disciplines such as terror studies, post-9/11 literature, gender studies, postcolonial studies, feminist studies, human rights, diaspora studies, space and mobility studies, religion, and contemporary South Asian literatures and cultures.
VSA01-003 Routledge Companion to Women, Sex, and Gender in the Early British Colonial World
  Kimberley Anne Coles/ 9781472479945/ Price:£ 175.00
Book Cover All of the essays in this volume capture the body in a particular attitude: in distress, vulnerability, pain, pleasure, labor, health, reproduction, or preparation for death. They attend to how the body’s transformations affect the social and political arrangements that surround it. And they show how apprehension of the body – in social and political terms – gives it shape.
VSA01-003 The Routledge Companion on Architecture, Literature and The City
  Jonathan Charley/ 9781472482730/ Price:£ 125.00
Book Cover This Companion breaks new ground in our knowledge and understanding of the diverse relationships between literature, architecture, and the city, which together form a field of interdisciplinary research that is one of the most innovative and exciting to have emerged in recent years. Bringing together a wide variety of contributors, not only writers, architectural and literary scholars, and social scientists, but graphic novelists and artists, the book offers contemporary essays on everything from science fiction and the crime novel, to poetry, comics and oral history. It is structured into two sections: History, Narrative and Genre, and Strategy, Language and Form. Including over ninety illustrations, the book is a must read for academics and students.
SA01-480 The Wallace Effect: David Foster Wallace and the Contemporary Literary Imagination
  Marshall Boswell/ 9781501344909/ Price:£ 19.99
SA01-480 D. H. Lawrence, Technology, and Modernity
  Indrek Manniste/ 9781501340000/ Price:£ 96.00
SA01-480 Critical Practice: Philosophy and Creativity
  Martin McQuillan/ 9781780930343/ Price:£ 21.99
SA01-480 Character as Form
  Aaron Kunin/ 9781474222723/ Price:£ 22.99
SA01-480 Romanticism and Speculative Realism
  Chris Washington/ 9781501336386/ Price:£ 98.00
SA01-480 Adulthood and Other Fictions: American Literature and the Unmaking of Age
  Sari Edelstein/ 9780198831884/ Price:£ 55.00
SA01-480 Dickens and the Stenographic Mind
  Hugo Bowles/ 9780198829072/ Price:£ 55.00
SA01-480 Tragedy as Philosophy in the Reformation World
  Russ Leo/ 9780198834212/ Price:£ 60.00
SA01-480 Miscellaneous Order: Manuscript Culture and the Early Modern Organization of Knowledge
  Angus Vine/ 9780198809708/ Price:£ 60.00
SA01-480 Stuart Succession Literature: Moments and Transformations
  Paulina Kewes/ 9780198778172/ Price:£ 60.00
SA01-480 The Romantic Literary Lecture in Britain
  Sarah Zimmerman/ 9780198833147/ Price:£ 55.00
SA01-480 Blake & Mortimer - tome 25 - Vallee des Immortels (La) - Tome 1 - Menace sur Hong Kong
  Sente Yves/ 9782870972441/ Price:EUR 15.95
SA01-480 Literature's Children: The Critical Child and the Art of Idealisation
  Louise Joy/ 9781472577191/ Price:£ 85.00
SA01-479 Youth Culture and the Post-War British Novel
  Stephen Ross/ 9781350067851/ Price:£ 21.99
SA01-479 New Media and the Transformation of Postmodern American Literature: From Cage to Connection
  Casey Michael Henry/ 9781350064966/ Price:£ 85.00
SA01-479 The Great War, The Waste Land and the Modernist Long Poem
  Oliver Tearle/ 9781350027015/ Price:£ 85.00
SA01-479 Orbital Poetics: Literature, Theory, World
  Philip Leonard/ 9781350075085/ Price:£ 85.00
SA01-479 Afterlives of Abandoned Work: Creative Debris in the Archive
  Matthew Harle/ 9781501339424/ Price:£ 96.00
SA01-479 The Bloomsbury Handbook of 21st-Century Feminist Theory
  Robin Truth Goodman/ 9781350032385/ Price:£ 130.00
SA01-479 Critical Creative Writing: Essential Readings on the Writer's Craft
  Janelle Adsit/ 9781350023321/ Price:£ 25.99
SA01-479 Once and Future Antiquities in Science Fiction and Fantasy
  Brett M. Rogers/ 9781350074880/ Price:£ 19.99
SA01-479 The Classics in Modernist Translation
  Miranda Hickman/ 9781350040953/ Price:£ 85.00
SA01-478 Chicago and the Making of American Modernism
  Michelle E. Moore/ 9781350018037/ Price:£ 85.00
SA01-478 Short-Form Creative Writing: A Writer's Guide and Anthology
  H. K. Hummel/ 9781350019881/ Price:£ 24.99
SA01-478 City Poems and American Urban Crisis: 1945 to the Present
  Nate Mickelson/ 9781350055780/ Price:£ 85.00
SA01-478 Modernism Beyond the Avant-Garde: Embodying Experience
  Jason M. Baskin/ 9781108423397/ Price:US$ 105.00
SA01-477 Conversations with Biographical Novelists: Truthful Fictions across the Globe
  Michael Lackey/ 9781501341458/ Price:£ 26.99
SA01-477 Fault Lines of Modernity: The Fractures and Repairs of Religion, Ethics, and Literature
  Kitty Millet/ 9781501316654/ Price:£ 80.00
SA01-477 Using Key Passages to Understand Literature, Theory and Criticism
  Barry Laga/ 9781138561977/ Price:£ 19.99
SA01-477 The Routledge Introduction to American Postmodernism
  Linda Wagner-Martin/ 9781138746657/ Price:£ 29.99
SA01-477 Marxism, Postcolonial Theory, and the Future of Critique: Critical Engagements with Benita Parry
  Sharae Deckard/ 9781138186118/ Price:£ 115.00
SA01-477 Shakespeare at Peace
  John S. Garrison/ 9781138230897/ Price:£ 19.99
SA01-476 Thinking in Search of a Language: Essays on American Intellect and Intuition
  Herwig Friedl/ 9781501332708/ Price:£ 27.99
VSA01-003 The Routledge Handbook of International Beat Literature
  A. Robert Lee/ 9780415785457/ Price:£ 175.00
Book Cover Beat literature? Have not the great canonical names long grown familiar? Ginsberg, Kerouac, Burroughs. Likewise the frontline texts, still controversial in some quarters, assume their place in modern American literary history. On the Road serves as Homeric journey epic. "Howl" amounts to Beat anthem, confessional outcry against materialism and war. Naked Lunch, with its dark satiric laughter, envisions a dystopian world of power and word virus. But if these are all essentially America-centered, Beat has also had quite other literary exhalations and which invite far more than mere reception study. These are voices from across the Americas of Canada and Mexico, the Anglophone world of England, Scotland or Australia, the Europe of France or Italy and from the Mediterranean of Greece and the Maghreb, and from Scandinavia and Russia, together with the Asia of Japan and China. This anthology of essays maps relevant other kinds of Beat voice, names, texts. The scope is hemispheric, Atlantic and Pacific, West and East. It gives recognition to the Beat inscribed in languages other than English and reflective of different cultural histories. Likewise the majority of contributors come from origins or affiliations beyond the US, whether in a different English or languages spanning Spanish, Danish, Turkish, Greek, or Chinese. The aim is to recognize an enlarged Beat literary map, its creative internationalism.
VSA01-003 The Routledge Companion to Literature and Food
  Piatti-Farnell, Lorna/ 9781138048430/ Price:£ 185.00
The Routledge Companion to Literature and Food explores the relationship between food and literature in transnational contexts, serving as both an introduction and a guide to the field in terms of defining characteristics and development. Balancing a wide-reaching view of the long histories and preoccupations of literary food studies, with attentiveness to recent developments and shifts, the volume illuminates the aesthetic, cultural, political, and intellectual diversity of the representation of food and eating in literature.
VSA01-003 The Routledge Companion to World Literature and World History
  May Hawas/ 9781138921658/ Price:£ 175.00
Book Cover The Routledge Companion to World Literature and World History is a comprehensive and engaging volume, combining essays from historians and literary academics to create a space for productive cross-cultural encounters between the two fields. In addition to the 27 essays, the Companion includes general introductions from two of the leading scholars of history and literature, David Damrosch and Patrick Manning, as well as personal testimonies from artists working in the area, and editorials asking provocative questions. The volume includes sections on: •People – with essays looking at World Literature, Intellectual Commerce, Religion, language and war, and Indigenous ethnography •Networks and methods – examining maps, geography, morality and the crises of world literature •Transformations – including essays on race, colonialism, and the non-human Interdisciplinary and groundbreaking, this volume brings to light various ways in which scholars of literature and history analyse, assimilate or reveal the intellectual heritage of the past, at the same moment as they try consciously to deal with an unending amount of new information and an awareness of global connections and discrepancies. Including work from leading academics in the field, as well as newer voices, the Companion is ideal for students and scholars alike.
VSA01-002 The Routledge Companion to International Children's Literature
  Stephens, John/ 9781138778061/ Price:£ 170.00
Book Cover Demonstrating the aesthetic, cultural, political and intellectual diversity of children’s literature across the globe, The Routledge Companion to International Children’s Literature is the first volume of its kind to focus on the undervisited regions of the world. With particular focus on Asia, Africa and Latin America, the collection raises awareness of children’s literature and related media as they exist in large regions of the world to which ‘mainstream’ European and North American scholarship pays very little attention. Sections cover: • Concepts and theories • Historical contexts and national identity • Cultural forms and children’s texts • Traditional story and adaptation • Picture books across the majority world • Trends in children’s and young adult literatures. Exposition of the literary, cultural and historical contexts in which children’s literature is produced, together with an exploration of intersections between these literatures and more extensively researched areas, will enhance access and understanding for a large range of international readers. The essays offer an ideal introduction for those newly approaching literature for children in specific areas, looking for new insights and interdisciplinary perspectives, or interested in directions for future scholarship.
VSA01-002 The Routledge Companion to Picturebooks
  Kummerling-Meibauer, Bettina/ 9781138853188/ Price:£ 180.00
Book Cover Containing forty-eight chapters, The Routledge Companion to Picturebooks is the ultimate guide to picturebooks. It contains a detailed introduction, surveying the history anddevelopment of the field and emphasizing the international and cultural diversity of picturebooks.Divided into five key parts, this volume covers: •Concepts and topics – from hybridity and ideology to metafiction and emotions; •Genres – from baby books through to picturebooks for adults; •Interfaces – theirrelations to other forms such as comics and visual media; •Domains and theoretical approaches, including developmental psychology and cognitive studies; •Adaptations. With ground-breaking contributions from leading and emerging scholars alike, this comprehensive volume is one of the first to focus solely on picturebook research. Its interdisciplinary approach makes it key for both scholars and students of literature, as well as education and media.
VSA01-002 The Routledge Research Companion to Digital Medieval Literature
  Boyle, Jennifer E./ 9781138905047/ Price:£ 140.00
Book Cover Working across literature, history, theory and practice, this volume offers insight into the specific digital tools and interfaces, as well as the modalities, theories and forms, central to some of the most exciting new research and critical, scholarly and artistic production in medieval and pre-modern studies. Addressing more general themes and topics, such as digitzation, media studies, digital humanities and "big data," the new essays in this companion also focus on more than twenty-five keywords, such as "access," "code," "virtual," "interactivity" and "network." A useful website hosts examples, links and materials relevant to the book.
VSA01-002 The Routledge Handbook to the Ghost Story
  Brewster, Scott/ 9781138184763/ Price:£ 185.00
Book Cover The Handbook to the Ghost Story sets out to survey and significantly extend a new field of criticism which has been taking shape over recent years, centring on the ghost story and bringing together a vast range of interpretive methods and theoretical perspectives. The main task of the volume is to properly situate the genre within historical and contemporary literary cultures across the globe, and to explore its significance within wider literary contexts as well as those of the supernatural. The Handbook offers the most significant contribution to this new critical field to date, assembling some of its leading scholars to examine the key contexts and issues required for understanding the emergence and development of the ghost story.
SA01-480 Art, History, and Postwar Fiction
  Kevin Brazil/ 9780198824459/ Price:£ 55.00
SA01-480 History, Abolition, and the Ever-Present Now in Antebellum American Writing
  Jeffrey Insko/ 9780198825647/ Price:£ 45.00
SA01-480 John Ashbery and Anglo-American Exchange: The Minor Eras
  Oli Hazzard/ 9780198822011/ Price:£ 55.00
SA01-480 Realist Poetics in American Culture, 1866-1900
  Elizabeth Renker/ 9780198808787/ Price:£ 45.00
SA01-480 Tombs of the Ancient Poets: Between Literary Reception and Material Culture
  Nora Goldschmidt/ 9780198826477/ Price:£ 80.00
SA01-479 D. H. Lawrence in Context
  Andrew Harrison/ 9781108429399/ Price:US$ 110.00
SA01-479 English Authorship and the Early Modern Sublime: Spenser, Marlowe, Shakespeare, Jonson
  Patrick Cheney/ 9781107049628/ Price:US$ 99.99
SA01-479 After Lacan: Literature, Theory and Psychoanalysis in the 21st Century
  Ankhi Mukherjee/ 9781108466486/ Price:US$ 27.99
SA01-478 The Cambridge Companion to World Literature
  Ben Etherington/ 9781108457842/ Price:US$ 29.99
SA01-478 Herman Melville in Context.
  Kevin J. Hayes/ 9781107169760/ Price:US$ 120.00
SA01-478 The Cambridge Companion to American Literature of the 1930s
  William Solomon/ 9781108453226/ Price:US$ 29.99
SA01-478 Comedy and Religion in Classical Athens: Narratives of Religious Experiences in Aristophanes' Wealth
  Francisco Barrenechea/ 9781107191167/ Price:US$ 105.00
SA01-478 The Letters of Oliver Goldsmith
  Michael Griffin/ 9781107093539/ Price:US$ 89.99
SA01-478 The Reverberator
  Henry James/ 9781107002708/ Price:US$ 110.00
SA01-477 Book Presence in a Digital Age
  Kiene Brillenburg Wurth/ 9781501321184/ Price:£ 74.00
SA01-477 James Joyce and Absolute Music
  Michelle Witen/ 9781350014220/ Price:£ 85.00
SA01-477 Colonialism, Culture, Whales: The Cetacean Quartet
  Graham Huggan/ 9781350010895/ Price:£ 75.00
SA01-477 The Bloomsbury Companion to Modernist Literature
  Ulrika Maude/ 9781780936413/ Price:£ 130.00
SA01-477 The Cambridge Companion to Narrative Theory
  Matthew Garrett/ 9781108449724/ Price:US$ 29.99
SA01-476 Samuel Beckett and the Visual Arts
  Conor Carville/ 9781108422772/ Price:US$ 99.99
SA01-476 Discoveries on the Early Modern Stage: Contexts and Conventions
  Leslie Thomson/ 9781108494472/ Price:US$ 99.99
SA01-476 Time and Literature
  Thomas M. Allen/ 9781108422758/ Price:US$ 110.00
SA01-476 World Literature and the Geographies of Resistance
  Joel Nickels/ 9781108428491/ Price:US$ 99.99
SA01-476 John Banville
  Neil Murphy/ 9781611488722/ Price:US$ 95.00
SA01-476 Thomas Carlyle and the Idea of Influence
  Paul E. Kerry/ 9781683930655/ Price:US$ 120.00
SA01-476 Reading Colonial Korea through Fiction: The Ventriloquists
  Kim Chul/ 9781498565684/ Price:US$ 85.00
SA01-476 Andrey Platonov: The Forgotten Dream of the Revolution
  Tora Lane/ 9781498547758/ Price:US$ 90.00
SA01-476 Exploring Nonfiction Literacies: Innovative Practices in Classrooms
  Vivian Yenika-Agbaw/ 9781475843422/ Price:US$ 27.00
SA01-476 Living Legacies: Literary Responses to the Civil Rights Movement
  Laura Dubek/ 9781138094000/ Price:£ 29.99
SA01-476 Frankenstein and Its Classics: The Modern Prometheus from Antiquity to Science Fiction
  Benjamin Eldon Stevens/ 9781350054875/ Price:£ 21.99
SA01-476 Mystifying China's Southwest Ethnic Borderlands: Harmonious Heterotopia.
  Yuqing Yang/ 9781498502979/ Price:US$ 110.00
SA01-476 The Good Brexiteers Guide to English Lit
  John Sutherland/ 9781780239927/ Price:£ 12.00
Book Cover What is Nigel Farage’s favourite novel? Why do Brexiteers love Sherlock Holmes? Is Philip Larkin the best Brexit poet ever? Through the politically relevant side-road of English literature, John Sutherland quarries the great literary minds of English history to assemble the ultimate reading list for Brexiteers. What happened to Britain on 24 June 2016 shook the country to its roots. The Brexit vote changed Britain. But despite its referendum victory, Brexit is peculiarly hollow. It is an idea without political apparatus, without sustaining history, without field-tested ideology. Without thinkers. It is like Frankenstein waiting for the lightning bolt. In this irreverent and entertaining new guide, Sutherland suggests some stuffing for the ideological vacuity at the heart of the Brexit cause. He looks for jingoistic meaning in the works of William Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Thomas Hardy, in modern classics like The Queen and I and London Fields, and in the national anthem, school songs and great poetry of the country. Sutherland explores what Britain meant, means and will mean, and subtly shows how great literary works have a shaping influence on the world. Witty and insightful, and with a preface by John Crace, this book belongs on the shelves of all good, bragging Brexiteers and many diehard Remoaners too.
SA01-476 The Svetlana Boym Reader
  Cristina Vatulescu/ 9781501337499/ Price:£ 31.99
SA01-476 Rethinking Shakespeare Source Study: Audiences, Authors, and Digital Technologies.
  Dennis Austin Britton/ 9781138123076/ Price:£ 115.00
SA01-475 Women's University Narratives, 1890-1945, Part II , 4-Vols/Set.
  Anna Bogen/ 9781138577817/ Price:£ 420.00
SA01-474 Idly Scribbling Rhymers: Poetry, Print, and Community in Nineteenth-Century Japan
  Robert Tuck/ 9780231187343/ Price:US$ 65.00
SA01-474 David Jones on Religion, Politics, and Culture: Unpublished Prose
  Thomas Berenato/ 9781474274135/ Price:£ 130.00
SA01-473 Novel Theory and Technology in Modernist Britain
  Heather Fielding/ 9781108426046/ Price:US$ 99.99
SA01-471 Ecocriticism in Japan.
  Hisaaki Wake/ 9781498527842/ Price:US$ 110.00
SA01-471 The Poetics of Tenderness: On Falling in Love.
  Robert Cantwell/ 9781498548335/ Price:US$ 110.00
SA01-469 The Embodied Child: Readings in Children's Literature and Culture.
  Roxanne Harde/ 9781138081567/ Price:£ 110.00
SA01-468 Victorian Sustainability in Literature and Culture.
  Parkins, Wendy/ 9781472470980/ Price:£ 110.00
GA01-206 Books to Film: Cinematic Adaptations of Literary Works (Volume 1)
  / 9781410338426/ Price:US$ 215.00
Book Cover Books to Film will cover literary adaptations in four main categories: Classic Literature; Contemporary bestsellers and popular fiction; nonfiction, encompassing biography, true crime, history, and memoirs; and children’s and young adult literature. Sidebars will highlight people, such as authors, film directors, screenwriters, actors, producers, who are particularly identified with adaptation or a particular work. Features and Benefits •A-Z arrangement, including sidebar/portfolio feature on 25-30 subjects. •Illustrations. •Indexes for Title (including alterative titles), people (director, key cast, author, screenwriter), subjects. •Glossary of terms. •Each entry will be approximately 2,000 words and include a Bibliography, Further Reading, and a Related Viewing list, as well as Study/Discussion questions to spark further exploration of the works and processes presented. •Photos will accompany every entry and sidebar. •Possibly book dust covers and movie posters to show the differences in how the book and movie were marketed. •Some portrait style images of important people who were part of the process of adapting the works (directors, actors, screenwriters, producers).
GA01-204-5 Diaries and Travel Journals of Ernest Satow, Volume 5: 1895-1899; Morocco, Europe & Japan
  Miyazawa, Shinichi/ 9789814591140/ Price:US$ 300.00
Volume 5 covers the period of 1895–1899 he spent in Morocco (January–May 1895), Europe (stopping by North America) (May–July 1895; May–November 1897), and Japan (July 1895–May 1897; November 1897–December 1899).
Samuel Beckett and the Language of Subjectivity
  Derval Tubridy/ 9781108483247/ Price:US$ 99.99
Power And Probity In A DC Cooperative: The Life and Death of Sursum Corda
  John C Hirsh/ 9780998643380/ Price:US$ 26.00
Book Cover This book recounts in detail the negotiations, internal and external struggles, and the outcome of an attempt by HUD, the City of Washington, and several developers to acquire a Washington, D.C. apartment complex known as Sursum Corda. The book begins with an account of a particularly horrific murder that took place in Sursum Corda in 2004, and shows how it was used, in the press and elsewhere, to attack the Community as a whole, and to use it as a reason that the Community should be disbanded, and the land on which it stood be dedicated to other purposes. It proceeds as a journal, kept intermittently between 2005 and 2017, by Professor John C. Hirsh of Georgetown University, who during that period directed an undergraduate tutorial program there in which Georgetown undergraduates travelled twice a week to instruct the K-6 children who live at Sursum Corda in the Language Arts, primarily in reading and writing. Because of his long association with the community he was appointed a non-voting (because non-resident) member of the Board that directs the Community affairs, as was his former student and friend Shiv Newaldass, a Georgetown graduate, whose family has long lived there.
Onyx Moon: Poems
  J. H. Beall/ 9780999557228/ Price:US$ 24.00
Book Cover Onyx Moon is the recipient of the 2018 William Meredith Foundation Award for Poetry. The Foundation was established in memory of poet William Meredith. As part of his long and distinguished career, from 1978 to 1980 Meredith was Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress, the position which in 1985 became the post of Poet Laureate of the United States of America.
The Astrologer's Sparrow: Poems
  Panna Naik/ 9781732698819/ Price:US$ 20.00
Poetry in the Americas: A Poet’s Voice from India in the United States of America. In an interview, Panna Naik writes: “… while my life in the United States seemed to be full of activity, my life within was terribly lonely. When I met and heard Anne Sexton…the sincerity and transparency in her poems did magic to my inner world. She inspired me to write about myself and give a voice to women around me.” As she interweaves her experiences and the experiences of women around her in India and the USA, Panna Naik uses imagery and symbols from the world of nature that she remembers from India as well as the imagery and symbols from the world of nature, which she encounters in the United States. Panna’s poetic expressions of nature as well as of human experiences from both worlds work extremely well within the intellectual and emotional poetic traditions of both worlds, of India and of the United States of America.
What Gypsies Don' t Know: A Collection of Poems
  Natalie Lobe/ 9780999557266/ Price:US$ 20.00
Book Cover Lobe’s poems span a wide range of events from her personal life, and offer reflections on biblical stories, her children, her reading and her travels, turning every day observations into metaphors that reveal the world in a new light.
WA227 香山散記
  林永喜著/ 9789869492607/ Price:NT$ 430.00
Book Cover 近常追憶,早期文稿。年少習作,初中作文。得甲上上,前後三篇。高中大學,習作古詩。師評佳作,四十餘首。出國留學,筆記不少。學術研究,著作逾百。演講文稿,數拾餘篇。外國學者,專訪八篇。平時著述,兩百餘篇。這些文稿,均置書櫃。三十年前,二樓漏水。浸漬書櫥,毫無察覺。白蟻孳生,暗築蟻窩。書籍文稿,數百餘冊。出國回來,全成蟻糧。疼惜之餘,效佛施食。得此轉念,乃得寬心。 次女嘻笑,用功不勤。書稿長蟻,惛然不覺。錯在怠忽,怎可怪蟻。理應用功,彌補前失。女兒之言,甚有道理。從那時起,惜陰勤讀。所思所學,隨時記錄。存放鐵櫃,以保安全。雜亂堆積,字已褪色。若不整理,恐又消失。 老邁空思,休閒閱讀。常念往昔,平凡之美。興來思往,翻閱舊稿。仍覺有趣,內人甚愛。鼓勵整理,所有舊稿。望能出版,以免散失。為如她願,讀書之餘。陸續整理,分冊印行。一得之愚,留與後輩。啟迪子孫,力行正道。稍盡棉薄,無愧此生。 這些文稿,散存甚久。原來出處,很難詳查。抄錄有之,翻譯有之。愚得有之,空思有之。授課有之,閒談有之。感傷有之,勸勉有之。追憶溫故,敝帚自珍。不是專著,只是隨筆。體力若可,陸續整理。追憶自悟,真愜意也!雪泥鴻爪,聊誌平生!
VSA01-002 The Routledge Handbook of Shakespeare and Memory
  Hiscock, Andrew/ 9781138816763/ Price:£ 170.00
Book Cover The Routledge Handbook of Shakespeare and Memory introduces this vibrant field of study to students and scholars, whilst defining and extending critical debates in the area. The book begins with a series of "Critical Introductions" offering an overview of memory in particular areas of Shakespeare such as theatre, print culture, visual arts, post-colonial adaptation and new media. These essays both introduce the topic but also explore specific areas such as the way in which Shakespeare’s representation in the visual arts created a national and then a global poet. The entries then develop into more specific studies of the genre of Shakespeare, with sections on Tragedy, History, Comedy and Poetry, which include insightful readings of specific key plays. The book ends with a state of the art review of the area, charting major contributions to the debate, and illuminating areas for further study. The international range of contributors explore the nature of memory in religious, political, emotional and economic terms which are not only relevant to Shakespearean times, but to the way we think and read now.
VSA01-002 The Routledge Companion to Inter-American Studies
  Raussert, Wilfried/ 9781138184671/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover An essential overview of this blossoming field, The Routledge Companion to Inter-American Studies is the first collection to draw together the diverse approaches and perspectives on the field, highlighting the importance of Inter-American Studies as it is practiced today. Including contributions from canonical figures in the field as well as a younger generation of scholars, reflecting the foundation and emergence of the field and establishing links between older and newer methodologies, this Companion covers: •Theoretical reflections •Colonial and historical perspectives •Cultural and political intersections •Border discourses •Sites and mobilities •Literary and linguistic perspectives •Area studies, global studies, and postnational studies •Phenomena of transfer, interconnectedness, power asymmetry, and transversality within the Americas.
VSA01-002 The Shakespearean World
  Levenson, Jill L./ 9780415732529/ Price:£ 180.00
Book Cover The Shakespearean World takes a global view of Shakespeare and his works, especially their afterlives. Constantly changing, the Shakespeare central to this volume has acquired an array of meanings over the past four centuries. "Shakespeare" signifies the historical person, as well as the plays and verse attributed to him. It also signifies the attitudes towards both author and works determined by their receptions. Throughout the book, specialists aim to situate Shakespeare’s world and what the world is because of him. In adopting a global perspective, the volume arranges thirty-six chapters in five parts: •Shakespeare on stage internationally since the late seventeenth century; •Shakespeare on film throughout the world; •Shakespeare in the arts beyond drama and performance; •Shakespeare in everyday life; •Shakespeare and critical practice. Through its coverage, The Shakespearean World offers a comprehensive transhistorical and international view of the ways this Shakespeare has not only influenced but has also been influenced by diverse cultures during 400 years of performance, adaptation, criticism, and citation. While each chapter is a freshly conceived introduction to a significant topic, all of the chapters move beyond the level of survey, suggesting new directions in Shakespeare studies – such as ecology, tourism, and new media – and making substantial contributions to the field. This volume is an essential resource for all those studying Shakespeare, from beginners to advanced specialists.
VSA01-002 The Routledge Handbook of Literature and Space
  Robert T. Tally Jr./ 9781138816350/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The "spatial turn" in literary studies is transforming the way we think of the field. The Routledge Handbook of Literature and Space maps the key areas of spatiality within literary studies, offering a comprehensive overview but also pointing towards new and exciting directions of study. The interdisciplinary and global approach provides a thorough introduction and includes thirty-two essays on topics such as: •Spatial theory and practice •Critical methodologies •Work sites •Cities and the geography of urban experience •Maps, territories, readings. The contributors to this volume demonstrate how a variety of romantic, realist, modernist, and postmodernist narratives represent the changing social spaces of their world, and of our own world system today.
VSA01-001 The Routledge International Handbook on Narrative and Life History
  Goodson, Ivor/ 9781138784291/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover In recent decades, there has been a substantial turn towards narrative and life history study. The embrace of narrative and life history work has accompanied the move to postmodernism and post-structuralism across a wide range of disciplines: sociological studies, gender studies, cultural studies, social history; literary theory; and, most recently, psychology. Written by leading international scholars from the main contributing perspectives and disciplines, The Routledge International Handbook on Narrative and Life History seeks to capture the range and scope as well as the considerable complexity of the field of narrative study and life history work by situating these fields of study within the historical and contemporary context. Topics covered include: •The historical emergences of life history and narrative study •Techniques for conducting life history and narrative study •Identity and politics •Generational history •Social and psycho-social approaches to narrative history With chapters from expert contributors, this volume will prove a comprehensive and authoritative resource to students, researchers and educators interested in narrative theory, analysis and interpretation.
VSA01-001 The Postcolonial World
  Singh, Jyotsna G./ 9781138778078/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The Postcolonial World presents an overview of the field and extends critical debate in exciting new directions. It provides an important and timely reappraisal of postcolonialism as an aesthetic, political, and historical movement, and of postcolonial studies as a multidisciplinary, transcultural field. Essays map the terrain of the postcolonial as a global phenomenon at the intersection of several disciplinary inquiries. Framed by an introductory chapter and a concluding essay, the eight sections examine: •Affective, Postcolonial Histories •Postcolonial Desires •Religious Imaginings •Postcolonial Geographies and Spatial Practices •Human Rights and Postcolonial Conflicts •Postcolonial Cultures and Digital Humanities •Ecocritical Inquiries in Postcolonial Studies •Postcolonialism versus Neoliberalism The Postcolonial World looks afresh at re-emerging conditions of postcoloniality in the twenty-first century and draws on a wide range of representational strategies, cultural practices, material forms, and affective affiliations. The volume is an essential reading for scholars and students of postcolonialism.
VA01-155 Ideological Messaging and the Role of Political Literature
  Onder Cakirtas/ 9781522523918/ Price:US$ 175.00
Book Cover There are many avenues for displaying political agendas, with a prominent one being literature. Through literature, the voices of political parties and ideals can enlighten those in the present, and can even be preserved for centuries to come. Ideological Messaging and the Role of Political Literature provides a detailed study of how contemporary political messages are portrayed and interpreted via the written word. Featuring relevant coverage on topics such as literary production, women in politics, identity, and travel politics, this publication is an in-depth analysis that is suitable for academicians, students, professionals, and researchers that are interested in discovering more about political messages and their effects on society. Topics Covered •Communist Ideology •Early Modern English •Language •Literary Productions •Predator Politics •Travel Politics •War Narratives •Women's Poetry
VA01-154 J. R. R. Tolkien, 4-Vols/Set.
  Lee, Stuart/ 9781138889774/ Price:£ 995.00
Book Cover J. R. R. Tolkien (1892–1973) is widely regarded as one of the most important writers of the twentieth century. His popularity began with the publication in 1937 of The Hobbit, and was cemented by the appearance of The Lord of the Rings in the early 1950s. However, engagement with his work was until relatively recently sidelined by literary and other scholars. Consequently, many foundational analyses of his fiction, and his work as a medievalist, are dispersed in hard-to-find monographs and obscure journals (often produced by dedicated amateurs). In contrast, over the last decade or so, academic interest in Tolkien has risen dramatically. Indeed, interpretative and critical commentary is now being generated on a bewildering scale, in part aided by the continuing posthumous publication of his work (most recently, his Beowulftranslation which appeared in 2014). The dizzying quantity—and variable quality—of this later criticism makes it difficult to discriminate the useful from the tendentious, superficial, and otiose. Now, in four volumes, a new collection from Routledge’s Critical Assessments of Major Writers series meets the need for an authoritative reference work to collect early evaluations and to make sense of the more recent explosion in research output. Users are now able easily and rapidly to locate the best and most influential critical assessments. With material gathered into one easy-to-use set, Tolkien researchers and students can now spend more of their time with the key journal articles, book chapters, and other pieces, rather than on time-consuming (and sometimes fruitless) archival searches.
VA01-152 Indian Travel Writing, 1830-1947, 5-Vols/Set.
  Nayar, Pramod K./ 9781138811171/ Price:£ 995.00
Book Cover Indian Travel Writing is a new five-volume collection co-published by Routledge and Edition Synapse. Hitherto, the paucity of readily available travel writing produced by imperial subjects themselves has long been apparent, and this anthology addresses that lack. A veritable treasure-trove, it brings together scarce documents which are currently widely dispersed or very difficult for scholars, researchers, and students across the globe to locate and use. The collection confirms the deeply cosmopolitan sensibility possessed by many Indian travellers, and their narratives provide insightful contemporary critiques of the British Empire and of Euro-American culture more generally. The gathered works often exhibit considerable expertise in local cuisine, politics, and poetry, as well as a keen interest in political theory, human rights, and class conflict. Beyond Britain, continental Europe, and the USA, the collection also includes writing by Indians who travelled to Russia, China, the Far East, Australia, and Africa. Indian Travel Writing draws on the narratives of a diverse range of writers, including Indian princes, statesmen, lawyers, reformers, sportsmen, artists and curators, politicians, and merchants. Each piece is reproduced in facsimile, giving users a strong sense of immediacy to the texts and permitting citation to the original pagination. The collection will be particularly welcomed by historians and those working in colonial-discourse studies. It will also be of interest to anthropologists and literary scholars. Each volume is supplemented by a substantial introduction, newly written by the editor, Pramod K. Nayar. The collection also includes a detailed appendix providing data on the provenance of the gathered materials.
SA01-479 Ensayos escogidos
  G.K. Chesterton/ 9788416748624/ Price:EUR 21.15
SA01-478 Wait for Me
  An Na/ 9781481442435/ Price:US$ 10.99
SA01-477 The Bedford Guide for College Writers with Reader, Research Manual, and Handbook
  X. J. Kennedy/ 9781319039592/ Price:US$ 103.99
SA01-474 EasyWriter with Exercises
  Andrea A. Lunsford/ 9781319077495/ Price:US$ 24.99
SA01-471 The Politics and Literature Debate in Postwar Japanese Criticism, 1945-52.
  Atsuko Ueda/ 9780739180754/ Price:US$ 110.00
SA01-471 Writing the Americas in Enlightenment Spain: Literature, Modernity, and the New World, 1773-1812.
  Thomas Cassidy Neal/ 9781611488302/ Price:US$ 95.00
SA01-471 Metaphors of Invention and Dissension: Aesthetics and Politics in the Postcolonial Algerian Novel.
  Rajeshwari S. Vallury/ 9781786603166/ Price:US$ 120.00
SA01-471 Apocalyptic Chic: Visions of the Apocalypse and Post-Apocalypse in Literature and Visual Arts.
  Barbara Brodman/ 9781683930501/ Price:US$ 100.00
SA01-468 Pachinko.
  Min Jin Lee/ 9781455563937/ Price:US$ 27.00
SA01-468 Postcolonial Parabola.
  Rajiva, Jay/ 9781501325342/ Price:£ 88.00
SA01-467 Henry David Thoreau in Context.
  Finley, James S./ 9781107149229/ Price:US$ 110.00
SA01-460 Methods and Materials of Literary Criticism: An overview.
  Frey, James/ 9781682503522/ Price:US$ 145.00
Book Cover Literary criticism is the evaluation, analysis, description, or interpretation of literary works. It is usually in the form of a critical essay, but in-depth book reviews can sometimes be considered literary criticism. Criticism may examine a particular literary work, or may look at an author’s writings as a whole. Finding literary criticism can be challenging. The functions of literary criticism vary widely, ranging from the reviewing of books as they are published to systematic theoretical discussion.
SA01-460 English Literary Criticism and Theory.
  Carle, Eoin/ 9781682503591/ Price:US$ 145.00
Book Cover English literature is hundreds of years old and continues to be one of the most popular courses of study in high schools and universities around the world. Learn about what defines English literature and a few of its greatest writers. English literature is the study of literature written in the English language. Literary criticism is the study, evaluation, and interpretation of literature. Modern literary criticism is often influenced by literary theory, which is the philosophical discussion of literature’s goals and methods. Though the two activities are closely related, literary critics are not always, and have not always been, theorists. This incredibly useful book offers an introduction to the history of literary criticism and theory from ancient Greece to the present.
SA01-457 Time, Space, and Place in Charlotte Bronte.
  Hoeveler, Diane L./ 9781472453860/ Price:£ 120.00
GA01-205 Supernatural Literature, 3-Vols/Set.
  / 9781410339058/ Price:US$ 512.00
Book Cover The presence of the supernatural in literature has been used to make social commentary, to establish cultural identity, to explore class or gender roles, and much more. From ghosts to vampires, stories about the supernatural have been passed down through English literature and continue to fascinate modern readers. Supernatural Literature will provide thorough coverage of the literature of the supernatural across the canon, covering such works as Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Supernatural Literature provides students with an essential guide to critical works, including both classic works and more popular, contemporary works that appeal to students. Scholarly treatment of contemporary works can be particularly difficult to uncover, and the combination of the classic and contemporary, with opportunities to compare works across the spectrum, makes this title a vital resource for both students and scholars. Features and Benefits •The set includes 300 entries; each entry includes an overview of the work, an examination of the work’s historical/literary context and themes and style, a critical discussion, and a bibliography. •The set has an international scope, including works from over 40 countries. •Works covered include classic and contemporary texts from the ancient world to the present. •300 mostly full-color photos and illustrations highlight the text. •200 sidebars highlight key figures, historical events, and other relevant data. •100 primary source text excerpts enhance the entry by providing the reader a small, but important, piece of the work being discussed. •Set includes a subject, author, and title index.
GA01-204-4 Diaries and Travel Journals of Ernest Satow, Volume 4: 1889-1894; Europe, Uruguay & Morocco
  Miyazawa, Shinichi/ 9789814591133/ Price:US$ 300.00
Book Cover Volume 4 covers the period of 1889–1894 he spent in Europe (January–April 1889; October 1891–January 1892; July–August 1893), Uruguay (May 1889–September 1891; February 1892–June 1893), and Morocco (August 1893–December 1894).
Amy's Story: A Novel
  Anna Lawton/ 9780997496208/ Price:US$ 28.00
Book Cover After Elena Ferrante, another powerful Italian voice emerges to tell us a tale of immigration with two strong women characters at its center. Amy’s Story unfolds on the background of American history, from the late 60’s up until 2011, and takes us through the timeline of how Italian-native Amy, full name America, creates her success story. Amy experiences love, heartbreak, friendship, obstacles, success, and more as she moves from Italy to New York City to live near her American father. Following in her father’s footsteps, Amy becomes a successful publisher. Her story is intertwined with Stella, her childhood friend, whose unfinished memoir she intends to publish. As Amy edits the manuscript, Stella’s life is revealed as she also leaves Italy with her American lover Jim, a heartthrob who conceals his sensitive nature under a bravado facade.
The Curse Of The Aztec Dummu: A Nebraskan Chronicle
  Sabrina P. Ramet/ 9780998643311/ Price:US$ 24.00
Book Cover
Is The Moon The Center Of The Universe?: A Reassessment of Many Things in Humorous Verse
  Sabrina P. Ramet/ 9780998147796/ Price:US$ 24.00
Is the Moon the Center of the Universe? is a collection of mostly humorous verse rooted in an appreciation of the absurd and the ridiculous. A few of the verses take their cue from real persons, such as “The secret history of Duncan MacDougall”, who hoped to prove the existence of the soul by weighing dying patients just before and just after death, or “Mad Anthony Wayne”, a verse very loosely based on the life of an officer in the American Revolutionary Army, or again “Church-run brothels”, which actually existed in the 1300s and 1400s. Most of the verses are, however, pure fiction. These range from the play on astronomers’ notion that “The universe is expanding” to suggest that my neighbor’s house is, by that virtue, gradually moving away from mine, to the kleptomaniac in “In the confessional”, who confesses to the priest that he has stolen the church’s altar, to the playful “On Dumpledy-Down”, to the paranoid ravings of “Should I be concerned”, in which the speaker worries about neighbors having plastic surgery so that they can look just like him. A few of the verses in the collection were inspired by news stories, such as the verse “Don’t you be sexing, here in Uganda”. Several of them are set to well-known tunes such as “Deck the halls with boughs of fungus”, “Yo-ho yo, a professor’s life for me”, “Father Christmas and Mr. Holly” (set to the tune of “God rest ye merry gentlemen”), “Dental work in Tijuana” (set to the tune of “White Christmas”), and “Gonna ride the big one soon” (set to the tune of “Dream a little dream of me”). Whether you are wondering if your mother is a virgin or looking for life on golf balls on one of Jupiter’s moons or wanting to catch your neighbor in the act of worshiping your dog, this collection packs in enough hilarious lunacy to send any reader into paroxysms of laughter.
Inside Outside: Poems
  Sue Silver/ 9780998643304/ Price:US$ 20.00
Book Cover NSIDE OUTSIDE is a composite of reflections and views of the natural word, inspired by the author’s spiritual practice. As an outdoor woman, some of her poems reflect this physical energy. As a medical practitioner, hospital experiences are reported via poetry. Childhood, which informs all of our lives, is also documented here in episodic poems.
No Barking in the Hallways: Poems from the Classroom
  Ann Bracken/ 9780998147703/ Price:US$ 20.00
Book Cover No Barking in the Hallways: Poems from the Classroom, offers readers a window into the stories of teachers and students as they struggle to be successful in our test-obsessed culture. "Frankly, there isn't anyone you couldn't learn to love once you've heard their story.” Those words of the beloved Fred Rogers, star of the long-running PBS children’s show Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, serve as the catalyst for the narrative poems that detail the author’s experiences as a teacher. The reader will discover some of the emotional baggage that many adolescents carry, baggage that interferes with their ability to focus and to learn in school, and will find out what’s actually happening in today’s public school classrooms. Readers will encounter many people to cheer for and many “reforms” that deserve questioning when they meet the students and teachers of No Barking in the Hallways.
Orwell's Nose: A Pathological Biography
  John Sutherland/ 9781780238265/ Price:£ 9.99
Book Cover In 2012 John Sutherland permanently lost his sense of smell. At about the same time he embarked on a re-reading of George Orwell’s works, and his lack of olfactory sense cast an entirely new light on the re-evaluation. What he now noticed was just how acutely attuned to scent Orwell was: rich descriptions of odours, fetors and reeks occur throughout his works, from Winston Smith’s apartment building in Nineteen Eighty-Four: ‘The hallway smelt of boiled cabbage and old rag mats’, to John Flory’s concubine Ma Hla May in Burmese Days: ‘A mingled scent of sandalwood, garlic, coconut oil and the jasmine in her hair floated from her.’ Orwell’s Nose, now available in paperback, is an original and imaginative account of the life and work of George Orwell, exploring the ‘scent narratives’ that abound in Orwell’s fiction and non-fiction. Along the way the author elucidates questions that remain unanswered in previous biographies, and addresses gaps in the evidence of the writer’s life and legacy. This illuminating and irreverent book provides a new understanding of one of our most iconic and influential writers.
WA226 香山居雜詠
  林永喜著/ 9789869115490/ Price:NT$ 300.00
Book Cover 生在農家,一切安祥。童年活潑,父母愛護。祖父母在,兄弟妹合。全家和樂,親愛歡心。慈祥祖母,特別疼惜。童時幸福,美事盛多。田產失後,家庭漸貧。祖父生病,祖母繼之。求醫買藥,家境日窮。賒欠慢還,親朋疏遠。余家助者,亦多避之。真誠不多,少有往來。常被冷眼,羞辱貧窮。人間冷暖,於此察知。無怨無尤,平常視之。解困之途,只求諸己。家人合作,努力營生。堅強面對,大小同心。兄弟妹長,各有專攻。工作積極,各展所長。數年以來,貧窮遠離。親朋多返,往來亦多。人間世故,由此可知。知足即富,不要貪求。如有機會,更當助人。貧富不一,人格同等。互助互敬,親和待人。 回憶往昔,察之今日。余生到今,碰撞繁多。貧窮小孩,六歲放牛。七八除草,種菜養豬。需幫農務,無法入學。延至十二,才入小學。小五上半,因窮輟學。隻身來北,同叔作工。童工微資,成人一半。省吃助家,又想升學。中斷兩年,有志竟成。同等學歷,考上初中。成績優良,直升高中。全額獎金,完成學業。半工半讀,師大夜間。修習教育,五載畢業。窮困小孩,毫無背景。恩師栽培,介至師專。任職助教,校長照顧。教育行政,甲考特優。數拾取一,有幸得中。兩度留學,教育專攻。教育科哲,雙科博士。專任教授,系所主任。選為校長,一任三年。從事教育,與世無爭。有教無類,堅守熱心。為人處事,盡心盡力。俯仰無愧,安然清心。吾生至今,七十有九。苦樂參半,堅強度過。問心無愧,無怨無悔。家庭和樂,倍感溫心。知友甚多,更是歡欣。互相切磋,啟迪長進。常能同歡,小酌怡情。有此生活,必須感恩。
VSA01-001 Routledge Handbook of Modern Japanese Literature
  Hutchinson, Rachael/ 9781138792296/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The Routledge Handbook of Modern Japanese Literature provides a comprehensive overview of how we study Japanese literature today. Rather than taking a purely chronological approach to the content, the chapters survey the state of the field through a number of pressing issues and themes, examining the ways in which it is possible to read modern Japanese literature and situate it in relation to critical theory. The Handbook examines various modes of literary production (such as fiction, poetry, and critical essays) as distinct forms of expression that nonetheless are closely interrelated. Attention is drawn to the idea of the bunjin as a ‘person of letters’ and a more realistic assessment is provided of how writers have engaged with ideas – not labelled a ‘novelist’ or ‘poet’, but a ‘writer’ who may at one time or another choose to write in various forms. The book provides an overview of major authors and genres by situating them within broader themes that have defined the way writers have produced literature in modern Japan, as well as how those works have been read and understood by different readers in different time periods. The Routledge Handbook of Modern Japanese Literature draws from an international array of established experts in the field as well as promising young researchers. It represents a wide variety of critical approaches, giving the study a broad range of perspectives. This handbook will be of interest to students and scholars of Asian Studies, Literature, Sociology, Critical Theory, and History.
VSA01-001 The Routledge Companion to Literature and Religion
  Knight, Mark/ 9780415834056/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover This unique and comprehensive volume looks at the study of literature and religion from a contemporary critical perspective. Including discussion of global literature and world religions, this Companion looks at: •Key moments in the story of religion and literary studies from Matthew Arnold through to the impact of 9/11 •A variety of theoretical approaches to the study of religion and literature •Different ways that religion and literature are connected from overtly religious writing, to subtle religious readings •Analysis of key sacred texts and the way they have been studied, re-written, and questioned by literature •Political implications of work on religion and literature Thoroughly introduced and contextualised, this volume is an engaging introduction to this huge and complex field.
VSA01-001 The Routledge Companion to Literature and Human Rights.
  McClennen, Sophia A./ 9780415736411/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The Routledge Companion to Literature and Human Rights provides a comprehensive, transnational, and interdisciplinary map to this emerging field, offering a broad overview of human rights and literature while providing innovative readings on key topics. The first of its kind, this volume covers essential issues and themes, necessarily crossing disciplines between the social sciences and humanities. Sections cover: •subjects, with pieces on subjectivity, humanity, identity, gender, universality, the particular, the body •forms, visiting the different ways human rights stories are crafted and formed via the literary, the visual, the performative, and the oral •contexts, tracing the development of the literature over time and in relation to specific regions and historical events •impacts, considering the power and limits of human rights literature, rhetoric, and visual culture Drawn from many different global contexts, the essays offer an ideal introduction for those approaching the study of literature and human rights for the first time, looking for new insights and interdisciplinary perspectives, or interested in new directions for future scholarship.
VSA01-001 The Routledge Companion to Native American Literature.
  Madsen, Deborah/ 9781138020603/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The Routledge Companion to Native American Literature engages the multiple scenes of tension — historical, political, cultural, and aesthetic — that constitutes a problematic legacy in terms of community identity, ethnicity, gender and sexuality, language, and sovereignty in the study of Native American literature. This important and timely addition to the field provides context for issues that enter into Native American literary texts through allusions, references, and language use. The volume presents over forty essays by leading and emerging international scholars and analyses: • regional, cultural, racial and sexual identities in Native American literature • key historical moments from the earliest period of colonial contact to the present • worldviews in relation to issues such as health, spirituality, animals, and physical environments • traditions of cultural creation that are key to understanding the styles, allusions, and language of Native American Literature • the impact of differing literary forms of Native American literature. This collection provides a map of the critical issues central to the discipline, as well as uncovering new perspectives and new directions for the development of the field. It supports academic study and also assists general readers who require a comprehensive yet manageable introduction to the contexts essential to approaching Native American Literature. It is essential reading for anyone interested in the past, present and future of this literary culture.
VSA01-001 The Routledge Companion to Travel Writing.
  Thompson, Carl/ 9780415825245/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover As many places around the world confront issues of globalization, migration and postcoloniality, travel writing has become a serious genre of study, reflecting some of the greatest concerns of our time. Encompassing forms as diverse as field journals, investigative reports, guidebooks, memoirs, comic sketches and lyrical reveries; travel writing is now a crucial focus for discussion across many subjects within the humanities and social sciences. An ideal starting point for beginners, but also offering new perspectives for those familiar with the field, The Routledge Companion to Travel Writing examines: • Key debates within the field, including postcolonial studies, gender, sexuality and visual culture • Historical and cultural contexts, tracing the evolution of travel writing across time and over cultures • Different styles, modes and themes of travel writing, from pilgrimage to tourism • Imagined geographies, and the relationship between travel writing and the social, ideological and occasionally fictional constructs through which we view the different regions of the world. Covering all of the major topics and debates, this is an essential overview of the field, which will also encourage new and exciting directions for study.
SA01-475 Confluence Narratives: Ethnicity, History, and Nation-Making in the Americas.
  Antonio Luciano de Andrade Tosta/ 9781611487558/ Price:US$ 95.00
SA01-464 Counsel for Kings: Wisdom and Politics in Tenth Century Iran, 2-Vols/Set. (9780748696901+9780748696987)
  Marlow, L./ 9780748697564/ Price:£ 140.00
GA01-204-3 Diaries and Travel Journals of Ernest Satow, Volume 3: 1883-1888; Siam, Japan & Europe
  Miyazawa, Shinichi/ 9789814591126/ Price:US$ 300.00
Book Cover Volume 3 covers the period of 1883-1888 he spent in Europe (January 1883-January 1884; June 1887-December 1888) and Siam (February 1884-May 1887). During his years in Siam he had also made two short trips to Japan during October-November 1884 and June-September 1886.
GA01-204-2 Diaries and Travel Journals of Ernest Satow, Volume 2: 1873-1882; Japan & Europe.
  Miyazawa, Shinichi/ 9789814591119/ Price:US$ 300.00
Book Cover Sir Ernest Mason Satow (1843-1929) was a legendary British diplomat, a key figure in East Asia and Anglo-Japanese/Chinese relations, particularly in Bakumatsu(1853-1867) and Meiji Era (1868-1912) Japan, and in China after the Boxer Rebellion(1900-1906). He also served in Siam (present-day Thailand), Uruguay, and Morocco, and represented Britain at the Second Hague Peace Conference in 1907. This transcribed and annotated collection consists of Satow's diaries and travel journals that cover a period of over forty-five years (1861 to 1906). Volume 2 covers the period of 1873–1882 he spent in Japan (January 1873–October 1874; and January 1877–December 1882) and Europe (July 1875–December 1876).
At The End Of The Self-Help Rope: Poems
  Ed Zahniser/ 9780996648448/ Price:US$ 20.00
Book Cover These poems often rhyme in varied schemes with varied metrical patterns. Their language ricochets between the literary and formal and the casual and colloquial. This collection springs from long attention to a range of American poets, from Ezra Pound, confessional poets, New York School poets, and contemporaries such as the late Frank Stanford, Olena Kalytiak Davis, Matthew Rohrer, Lucia Perillo, Dean Young, Maureen Seaton, and Barbara Hamby. Beyond American and British traditions, this book manifests roots in contrarian poetry of ancient China and ecstatic religious poetry of medieval Persia and India. It springs from long attention to a range of American poets, from Ezra Pound, the confessional poets, and New York School poets, through contemporaries
Mass For Nanking's 1937: Synchronizing Musics and Tonal Rhyming onto Poetry
  Wing-chi Chan/ 9780986435393/ Price:US$ 24.00
Book Cover
Amy's Story: A Novel
  Anna Lawton/ 9780997496215/ Price:US$ 22.00
Book Cover After Elena Ferrante, another powerful Italian voice emerges to tell us a tale of immigration with two strong women characters at its center. Amy’s Story unfolds on the background of American history, from the late 60’s up until 2011, and takes us through the timeline of how Italian-native Amy, full name America, creates her success story. Amy experiences love, heartbreak, friendship, obstacles, success, and more as she moves from Italy to New York City to live near her American father. Following in her father’s footsteps, Amy becomes a successful publisher. Her story is intertwined with Stella, her childhood friend, whose unfinished memoir she intends to publish. As Amy edits the manuscript, Stella’s life is revealed as she also leaves Italy with her American lover Jim, a heartthrob who conceals his sensitive nature under a bravado facade.
VSA01-001 The Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Jewish Cultures.
  Valman, Nadia/ 9780415473781/ Price:£ 170.00
Book Cover The Routledge Handbook to Contemporary Jewish Cultures explores the diversity of Jewish cultures and ways of investigating them, presenting the different methodologies, arguments and challenges within the discipline. Divided into themed sections, this book considers in turn: •How the individual terms "Jewish" and "culture" are defined, looking at perspectives from Anthropology, Music, Literary Studies, Sociology, •Religious Studies, History, Art History, and Film, Television, and New Media Studies. •How Jewish cultures are theorized, looking at key themes regarding power, textuality, religion/secularity, memory, bodies, space and place, and networks. Case studies in contemporary Jewish cultures. With essays by leading scholars in Jewish culture, this book offers a clear overview of the field and offers exciting new directions for the future.
VSA01-001 The Routledge Companion to Experimental Literature.
  Bray, Joe/ 9781138797383/ Price:£ 40.99
Book Cover The Routledge Companion to Experimental Literature maps this expansive and multifaceted field, with essays on: •the history of literary experiment from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present •the impact of new media on literature, including multimodal literature, digital fiction and code poetry •the development of experimental genres from graphic narratives and found poetry through to gaming and interactive fiction •experimental movements from Futurism and Surrealism to Postmodernism, Avant-Pop and Flarf. Shedding new light on often critically neglected terrain, the contributors introduce this vibrant area, define its current state, and offer exciting new perspectives on its future. This volume is the ideal introduction for those approaching the study of experimental literature for the first time or looking to further their knowledge.
VSA01-001 The Routledge Companion to Latino/a Literature.
  Bost, Suzanne/ 9781138783133/ Price:£ 40.99
Book Cover Latino/a literature is one of the fastest developing fields in the discipline of literary studies. It represents an identity that is characterized by fluidity and diversity, often explored through divisions formed by language, race, gender, sexuality, and immigration. The Routledge Companion to Latino/a Literature presents over forty essays by leading and emerging international scholars of Latino/a literature and analyses: •Regional, cultural and sexual identities in Latino/a literature •Worldviews and traditions of Latino/a cultural creation •Latino/a literature in different international contexts •The impact of differing literary forms of Latino/a literature •The politics of canon formation in Latino/a literature. This collection provides a map of the critical issues central to the discipline, as well as uncovering new perspectives and new directions for the development of the field. It is essential reading for anyone interested in the past, present and future of this literary culture.
VSA01-001 The Fin-De-Siecle World.
  Saler, Michael/ 9780415674133/ Price:£ 195.00
Book Cover This comprehensive and beautifully illustrated collection of essays conveys a vivid picture of a fascinating and hugely significant period in history, the Fin de Siecle. Featuring contributions from over forty international scholars, this book takes a thematic approach to a period of huge upheaval across all walks of life, and is truly innovative in examining the Fin de Siecle from a global perspective. The volume includes pathbreaking essays on how the period was experienced not only in Europe and North America, but also in China, Japan, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, India, and elsewhere across the globe. Thematic topics covered include new concepts of time and space, globalization, the city, and new political movements including nationalism, the "New Liberalism", and socialism and communism. The volume also looks at the development of mass media over this period and emerging trends in culture, such as advertising and consumption, film and publishing, as well as the technological and scientific changes that shaped the world at the turn of the nineteenth century, such as the invention of the telephone, new transport systems, eugenics and physics. The Fin-de-Siecle World also considers issues such as selfhood through chapters looking at gender, sexuality, adolescence, race and class, and considers the importance of different religions, both old and new, at the turn of the century. Finally the volume examines significant and emerging trends in art, music and literature alongside movements such as realism and aestheticism. This volume conveys a vivid picture of how politics, religion, popular and artistic culture, social practices and scientific endeavours fitted together in an exciting world of change. It will be invaluable reading for all students and scholars of the Fin-de-Siecle period.
VSA01-001 The Modernist World.
  Ross, Stephen/ 9780415845038/ Price:£ 170.00
Book Cover The Modernist World is an accessible yet cutting edge volume which redraws the boundaries and connections among interdisciplinary and transnational modernisms. The 61 new essays address literature, visual arts, theatre, dance, architecture, music, film, and intellectual currents. The book also examines modernist histories and practices around the globe, including East and Southeast Asia, South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Australia and Oceania, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and the Arab World, as well as the United States and Canada. A detailed introduction provides an overview of the scholarly terrain, and highlights different themes and concerns that emerge in the volume. The Modernist World is essential reading for those new to the subject as well as more advanced scholars in the area – offering clear introductions alongside new and refreshing insights.
SA01-480 明清社會歌謠集 <上卷·時事篇> Social Ballads in Period Ming-Qing Volume One
  劉清陽/ 9781312579453/ Price:£ 38.22
SA01-479 Noviembre sin violetas (Spanish)
  Lorenzo Silva/ 9788423349265/ Price:EUR 7.95
SA01-477 Libro de las canciones
  Heinrich Heine/ 9788446029854/ Price:EUR 6.50
SA01-475 Ghost Boy: The Miraculous Escape of a Misdiagnosed Boy Trapped Inside His Own Body-MP3 CD
  Martin Pistorius/ 9781491591789/ Price:US$ 16.99
GA01-204-1 Diaries and Travel Journals of Ernest Satow, Volume 1: 1861-1872; China & Japan.
  Miyazawa, Shinichi/ 9789814591102/ Price:US$ 300.00
Book Cover Sir Ernest Mason Satow (1843-1929) was a legendary British diplomat, a key figure in East Asia and Anglo-Japanese/Chinese relations, particularly in Bakumatsu(1853-1867) and Meiji Era (1868-1912) Japan, and in China after the Boxer Rebellion(1900-1906). He also served in Siam (present-day Thailand), Uruguay, and Morocco, and represented Britain at the Second Hague Peace Conference in 1907. This transcribed and annotated collection consists of Satow's diaries and travel journals that cover a period of over forty-five years (1861 to 1906). Volume 1 covers the period of 1861-1872, including the time he spent in China (January August 1862) and Japan (September 1862-December 1872).
The Hour of the Poem Poem: Poems on Writing.
  Bristol, David/ 9780986435386/ Price:US$ 18.00
Book Cover
The Ideological Transformation of 20th Century Chinese Literature, 2-vols/set.
  Xie Mian/ 9781623201227/ Price:US$ 158.00
Book Cover The 20th century was an era of tremendous changes for Chinese society, and these changes shaped the development of Chinese literature as revealed in The Ideological Transformation of 20th Century Chinese Literature. Rulers in the late-Qing dynasty era were subjected to unwilling reforms which saw the abolition of the “eight-legged” essays and the imperial examination as these had notoriously restricted the thinking of the Chinese literati. Shortly after the fall of the Qing, leaders of the New Culture Movement started to promote vernacular literature, stressed the need for a re-examination of the ancient classics, and championed the popularization of Western values. After that, Chinese literature was taken on a completely different trajectory, not only in stylistic terms but also in ideological ones. The Ideological Transformation of 20th Century Chinese Literature is the fruit of poet and critic Xie Mian’s decades-long study of contemporary Chinese literature during his earlier years as a professor at Peking University. Grouped thematically and in accordance with the periods in discussion, this collection of nearly 50 essays provides an integrated examination of the historical backdrop and ideologies that underpinned Chinese literature from the days of the New Culture Movement to the New Era beyond the Cultural Revolution through a mix of microscopic criticisms and macroscopic overviews.
The Ideological Transformation of 20th Century Chinese Literature, Volume 1.
  Xie Mian/ 9781623200268/ Price:US$ 118.00
Book Cover The 20th century was an era of tremendous changes for Chinese society, and these changes shaped the development of Chinese literature as revealed in The Ideological Transformation of 20th Century Chinese Literature. Rulers in the late-Qing dynasty era were subjected to unwilling reforms which saw the abolition of the “eight-legged” essays and the imperial examination as these had notoriously restricted the thinking of the Chinese literati. Shortly after the fall of the Qing, leaders of the New Culture Movement started to promote vernacular literature, stressed the need for a re-examination of the ancient classics, and championed the popularization of Western values. After that, Chinese literature was taken on a completely different trajectory, not only in stylistic terms but also in ideological ones. The Ideological Transformation of 20th Century Chinese Literature is the fruit of poet and critic Xie Mian’s decades-long study of contemporary Chinese literature during his earlier years as a professor at Peking University. Grouped thematically and in accordance with the periods in discussion, this collection of nearly 50 essays provides an integrated examination of the historical backdrop and ideologies that underpinned Chinese literature from the days of the New Culture Movement to the New Era beyond the Cultural Revolution through a mix of microscopic criticisms and macroscopic overviews.
Life Upon the Wicked Stage: A Memoir.
  Cavalieri, Grace/ 9780986435348/ Price:US$ 24.00
Book Cover This book chronicles a career in writing poetry, broadcasting, publishing, teaching, and writing for theater. The book notes important events that have made life so colorful and enjoyable, including anecdotes about the Poets Laureate of the U.S. I’ve interviewed for radio. Memory is not chronological and so neither are the chapters in this memoir, I wish each chapter would be read like a discrete essay, for chronology is not the book’s purpose. I cross back and forth across time to capture the past as it comes to me.
The White Spider in My Hand: Poems.
  James, Sonja/ 9780990693994/ Price:US$ 20.00
Book Cover Sonja James’s The White Spider in My Hand is a collection of postmodern poetry that explores the intensities and nuances of feminist expression. The poems address the subjects of family, the natural world, and contemporary society. The volume contains structured free verse, narratives, lyrics, and poems that are formal in style.
The Altar of Innocence: Poems.
  Bracken, Ann/ 9780990693956/ Price:US$ 22.00
Book Cover The Altar of Innocence is about a mother who is an unfulfilled artist and a daughter who struggles to untangle the web of her mother’s depression, alcoholism, and suicide attempt. As the daughter grows into a woman, she experiences her own confrontation with depression and a crumbling marriage. Deeply dissatisfied with the explanation of depression as a chemical imbalance in the brain, she peers into her own dark night of the soul and undertakes a spiritual journey. In order to finally claim her voice, she must overcome the patriarchy of the mental health system, challenge her treatment options, and navigate an increasingly difficult relationship with her husband. The poems in The Altar of Innocence come from my heart and from the sincere desire to share my journey in the hopes that others may find courage and inspiration.
VSA01-001 The Routledge Companion to Asian American and Pacific Islander Literature.
  Lee, Rachel C./ 9780415642484/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The Routledge Companion to Asian American and Pacific Islander Literature offers a general introduction as well as a range of critical approaches to this important and expanding field. Divided into three sections, the volume: •Introduces "keywords" connecting the theories, themes and methodologies distinctive to Asian American Literature •Addresses historical periods, geographies and literary identities •Looks at different genre, form and interdisciplinarity With 41 essays from scholars in the field this collection is a comprehensive guide to a significant area of literary study for students and teachers of Ethnic American, Asian diasporic and Pacific Islander Literature.
VSA01 The Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Jewish Cultures
  Roth, Laurence/ 9781138091894/ Price:£ 41.99
Book Cover The Routledge Handbook to Contemporary Jewish Cultures explores the diversity of Jewish cultures and ways of investigating them, presenting the different methodologies, arguments and challenges within the discipline. Divided into themed sections, this book considers in turn: •How the individual terms "Jewish" and "culture" are defined, looking at perspectives from Anthropology, Music, Literary Studies, Sociology, •Religious Studies, History, Art History, and Film, Television, and New Media Studies. •How Jewish cultures are theorized, looking at key themes regarding power, textuality, religion/secularity, memory, bodies, space and place, and networks. Case studies in contemporary Jewish cultures. With essays by leading scholars in Jewish culture, this book offers a clear overview of the field and offers exciting new directions for the future.
SA01-479 The Island of Dr. Moreau
  H.G. Wells/ 9780451468666/ Price:US$ 4.95
SA01-469 Knocking on Heaven's Door: The Path to a Better Way of Death.
  Katy Butler/ 9781451641981/ Price:US$ 16.00
SA01-449 Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage.
  Murakami, Haruki/ 9780804194532/ Price:US$ 26.00
GA01-203 The Academic Knight between East and West - A Biography of Alexander Von Stael-Holstein.
  Wang Qilong/ 9789814510073/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover A legendary pioneer scholar of Asian studies, Alexander von Stael-Holstein (1877–1937) was a German-Baltic aristocrat and an emigre of Czarist Russia displaced by the Bolshevik Revolution. He took up an adjunct teaching position at Peking University and was subsequently a visiting professor at Harvard for the academic year 1928–29 and full professor of Central Asian Studies at Harvard from 1929 till his passing away. Throughout his career, Stael-Holstein repeatedly emphasized the importance of Sanskrit and Tibetan for the reconstruction of ancient Chinese phonetics. A ignification portion of his works consists of translations and omparisons of Buddhist, Sanskrit, and Chinese Buddhist scriptures. The cademic Knight Between East and West is the first and only omprehensive biography on Alexander von Stael-Holstein's life and academic achievements. KEY FEATURES • The first and only biography on Alexander von Stael-Holstein's life and academic achievements • Detailed chronology of a legendary and pioneer scholar of Asian studies • A reference on the importance of Sanskrit and Tibetan in the reconstruction of ancient Chinese phonetics
History Of Russia And The Soviet Union in Humorous Verse.
  Ramet, Sabrina P./ 9780990693932/ Price:US$ 22.00
Book Cover
The Man Who Got Away: Poems.
  Cavalieri, Grace/ 9780990447139/ Price:US$ 20.00
Book Cover
Canons and Connections: A Network Theory Approach to the Study of Literary Systems with Specific Reference to Afrikaans Poetry.
  Senekal, Burgert A./ 9780990447160/ Price:US$ 24.00
Book Cover The study of literary systems or fields is a well-established approach, particularly in reference to Afrikaans literature. Of course, agents in social systems make their own decisions, but as a whole, decisions about what is considered ‘literature’ are made within the system itself. No single entity can be responsible for a poet’s position in the center of the network: It is through the combined efforts of all role players that works become central or peripheral in the literary system. This study takes a new look at the literary system from the perspective of network theory. It is shown how the literary network shares important topological features with other complex networks, and at the node level, the book discusses who the key players are in the contemporary Afrikaans poetry network from 2000 to 2012, based on degree-, betweenness-, and closeness centrality. It is also shown how an entity's overall position at the core or on the periphery can be established, and through some examples, the book illustrates how the relationships between poets, critics, scholars, publishing houses, newspapers, websites, journals and magazines all contribute to an entity's overall position in the network. As such, the book aims at a more quantitative analysis of a literary system.
Siberian Secrets.
  George, G. K./ 9780990693901/ Price:US$ 26.00
Book Cover Siberian Secrets is the final volume in a trilogy of historical fiction that follows the investigations of Inspector Vasiliev and Sergeant Serov of the Moscow police into the plots to assassinate Alexander II, the pogroms in Kiev and the Siberian exile system.
The Rogue and Other Portuguese Stories.
  Rodrigues, Julieta A./ 9780991504725/ Price:US$ 24.00
Book Cover
Rebmann: A Novel.
  Macgoye,Marjorie M./ 9780991504732/ Price:US$ 26.00
Book Cover Rebmann is a historical novel based on the life of Johannes Rebmann, 1820-76. It is framed in a series of recollections elicited by questions during his retirement journey. The author has been collecting material on this subject for 25 years. With missionary experience herself and lifelong commitment to the Anglican Church, she has been able to draw on the recollections of older colleagues as well as the detailed travel and domestic reports of the subject and his contemporaries. Many documents describe events in Zanzibar and the Sultan’s other dominions. Rebmann never left Africa between his arrival in 1846 and retirement voyage in 1875.
Word: Short Stories.
  Andic, Fuat M./ 9780991504718/ Price:US$ 22.00
Book Cover The book includes seventeen short stories. They all relate to ordinary people whom we see on the street, or walking through the aisles of a supermarket, or waiting in a doctor’s office, or in a hairdresser’s salon. None is extraordinary, none is a hero. Yet, in one way or another, they are faced with either an extraordinary situation or become an extraordinary being, none of which is permanent.
VA01-146 U.S. Latino/a Writing, 4-Vols/Set.
  Lee, A. Robert/ 9780415680547/ Price:£ 1090.00
Including the Chicano southwest of California, Texas, Arizona, Colarado, New Mexico, and Nevada, together with the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and its Manhattan offshoot, Spanish Harlem, the Cuban America of Florida, as well as the many smaller communities whose origins lie in Central and South America, and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, Hispanic and Latino Americans are now the largest ethnic minority in the United States. Indeed, the USA is now the second largest Spanish-speaking country in the world. As serious scholarly work on and around the literary output of Hispanic and Latino Americans flourishes as never before, this new four-volume collection, co-published by Routledge and Edition Synapse, meets the need for an authoritative reference work to help users navigate and make sense of the subject’s vast literature and the continuing explosion in research output. US Latino/a Writing is edited by A. Robert Lee, former Professor of American Literature at Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan. His expert selection brings together the best and most influential critical assessments, evaluations, and other scholarship in one easy-to-use ‘mini library’. It also includes a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editor, which places the collected material in its historical and intellectual context, as well as detailed bibliographies and timelines. It is destined to be valued by researchers and students as an essential work of reference.
VA01-145 Elizabeth Barrett Browning, 2-Vols/Set.
  Dawson, Clara/ 9780415507004/ Price:£ 610.00
Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806–61) was the foremost female poet of her day, to the extent that in 1850 she was mooted as a serious candidate for the Poet Laureate. With the publication in 2010 of a definitive five-volume edition of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poetry—the first full scholarly edition in a hundred years—this long-awaited collection on Barrett Browning’s work from Routledge’s acclaimed Critical Heritage series is both timely and desirable. After languishing for most of the twentieth century, critical study of Barrett has flourished over the past thirty years, focusing largely on her importance as both a female—and a political—poet. Particularly after her death in 1861, assessments of Barrett have been bound up with gender politics, and in order to partake fully in this—and other—debates, scholars and students need to be able to consult the key primary materials: the reviews and letters which are currently scattered widely across online databases, archives in Texas and Florence, and in anthologies of letters. This new two-volume set from Routledge brings together a careful selection from the vast number of reviews of Elizabeth Barrett and traces the intersecting issues of Barrett as both a female and a political poet. The collection is organized chronologically, drawing attention to particular trends and changes in Barrett’s reception. As well as her success in Britain, Barrett also became popular in America and Italy, and this Routledge Critical Heritage collection includes sections on her Italian and American reception, including newly translated essays currently available only in Italian.
SA01-476 My Naughty Little Sister Collection
  Dorothy Edwards/ 9781405268158/ Price:£ 8.99
SA01-464 Snitch.
  Allison van Diepen/ 9781442481657/ Price:US$ 11.99
SA01-464 The Spectacular Now.
  Tharp, Tim/ 9780385754309/ Price:US$ 9.99
SA01-464 The Color of Magic.
  Pratchett, Terry/ 9780062225672/ Price:US$ 9.99
SA01-461 Teenage Dirtbag.
  Montemurro, Rebecca/ 9781500650704/ Price:US$ 12.99
SA01-461 The Unwords: Exposing The Dishonest Language of a Culture in Decline.
  Nomen, Non/ 9789963746712/ Price:US$ 17.99
SA01-437 Fast Times at Fairmont High.(MP3-CD)
  Vinge, Vernor/ 9781469281254/ Price:US$ 14.99
SA01-436 Batgirl, Vol. 2: Knightfall Descends.
  Simone, Gail/ 9781401238179/ Price:US$ 16.99
GA01-202 The Manifesto in Literature, 3-Vols/Set.
  / 9781558628663/ Price:US$ 533.00
Book Cover The manifesto has taken its place as one of history's greatest artifacts, inspiring and worrying entire populations as political tools, defining and describing many important literary movements, and bringing insight into the beliefs and intentions of some of the 20th Century's most disturbing criminal minds. Spanning from the earliest published examples dating to 16th C. Europe, through the Declaration of Independence, to the 2006 Euston Manifesto, The Manifesto In Literature will describe the authors and their causes, as well as the social, political, economic philosophies that are behind them. The context of history will play an important role in describing the circumstances of their writing and how they were received and acted upon at the time of writing and after. Part of Gale's Literature Of Society series, Each entry in The Manifesto In Literature will provide a biography of the primary author or an overview of the group involved, the history and impact of the work, as well as an overview and analysis of the work itself. Colorful images, informative sidebars, further readings, extensive indexes, and chronological timelines will help round out the book.
GA01-201 The Literature of Propaganda, 3-Vols/Set.
  / 9781558628588/ Price:US$ 533.00
Book Cover Throughout history, propaganda has been used in one form another to influence the public opinion for or against one cause or another. From early theater, to public speeches, to magazines, books, film and more, propaganda pervades our society. Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary defines propaganda as "2: the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person 3: ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause; also: a public action having such an effect." How is propaganda described in literature? How is it used to influence our views? How do we recognize a work as propaganda? Literature Of Propaganda showcases propaganda portrayed in literature: Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, and George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four. It also features literature that was specifically created as propaganda or used in that way: The Moon is Down by John Steinbeck, and The Leopard's Spots; The Clansman; The Traitor by Thomas Dixon. Finally, it explores works that deliver a vision as described by an influential leader: Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler, Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung by Mao Tse-Tung, The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.
GA01-200 The Literature of Autobiographical Narrative, 3-Vols/Set.
  / 9781558628700/ Price:US$ 533.00
Book Cover Every one of us is a witness to history. The times we live in will be studied and analyzed by future generations, just as we currently study and analyze the past. Autobiographies, oral histories, diaries and journals are records of the human experience, snapshots of a time and place that are brought to life in our consciousness through words on a page. In reading these works, we bear witness to and come to better understand the societies, cultures, and experiences of the past directly from the people who lived during those periods. Gale's Literature Of Society Series, The Literature Of Autobiographical Narrative is a three volume set examining works that chronicle a life or are compiled from narrated memories. This helps us understand history more from a personal, rather than historical, level. Three hundred engaging entries focuses on autobiographies, diaries, journals and oral histories from around the world and various time periods to bring us closer to the human experience of history. Some entries look at those who carry on the tradition of oral history, such the West African Griot, Scandinavian Skald, British and Gaelic bards, Native American storytellers, and more.
DC Undercover.
  Bartoli, Oscar/ 9780986021688/ Price:US$ 22.00
The world’s economy is faced with a momentous change in direction: the need to reduce, and then abandon, its reliance on fossil fuel energy and adopt alternative sources without resorting to nuclear power. Against this backdrop, the interests of two opposing geopolitical agendas engage in both legal and criminal activities to gain the upper hand. This face-off involves the President of the United States as he is personally committed to transparent, but risky, support of renewable energy technology. The end goal is the overthrow of a century long oil-based culture.
In Black Bear Country.
  Waters, Maureen/ 9780988637603/ Price:US$ 20.00
In this book of poems the bears are intended to suggest unpredictability, the mysterious and dangerous aspects of experience as well as the possibility of love. The poems are rooted in a changing landscape ranging from the Hudson River Valley to Manhattan, and further back in time, to the West coast of Ireland, from which the writer’s parents emigrated. Arriving in New York in the twenties, they brought memories of famine and civil war as well as strong cultural values. The writer is haunted by their sense of another world, particularly after the death of her son. The poems attempt to work out a reconciliation between radically different perspectives, knowing there is no satisfactory way of doing so. Yet, Seamus Heaney has observed, “As long as the coordinates of the imagined thing correspond to those of the world that we live in and endure, poetry is fulfilling its counterweighting function. It becomes another truth to which we have recourse, before which we can know ourselves in a more fully empowered way.”
Lost Masterpieces of Euro-American Drama: Ten Plays.
  Cardullo, Bert/ 9780988637610/ Price:US$ 34.00
Much has been made of the gains of the multicultural reconstruction of the canon of world drama, but what about the works that have been abandoned to make room for the new ones? Lost Masterpieces of Euro-American Drama brings together ten plays that have been dropped from the major anthologies of world drama over the past twenty years, in order to examine the consequences of the new canonization for our understanding of the development of dramatic form. Those plays are Goldoni’s The Servant of Two Masters (1743), Musset’s No Trifling with Love (1834), Gogol’s The Inspector General (1836), Hebbel’s Maria Magdalene (1844), Tolstoy’s The Power of Darkness (1886), Yeats’s The Countess Cathleen (1892), Wedekind’s Earth Spirit (1895), C(apek’s R.U.R. (1920), Hecht and MacArthur’s The Front Page (1928), and Sartre’s No Exit (1944).
The Swallows of Monte Cassino.
  Janeczek, Helena/ 9780989916905/ Price:US$ 26.00
The four month long battle at Monte Cassino in southern Italy was one of the bloodiest of World War II. In this highly original novel, Janeczek retells that 1944 battle from the point of view of the Maori, Gurkha, Polish, North African, small-town American and other Allied foot soldiers who fought and died under German fire near that 6th century Benedictine abbey. Twined through the battle is another story, a memory of the drowned and the saved in Janeczek’s own family in wartime Eastern Europe, where Jews who did not go to Nazi death camps went to Soviet gulag camps, and sometimes survived, and even went on to fight at Monte Cassino. A powerful reflection on all the ways that rights can be taken from us.
Make Marzipan, Not War: Crazy Rhymes for Crazy Times.
  Ramet, Sabrina P./ 9780988637672/ Price:US$ 24.00
Think of this as a course catalogue, with courses arranged into departments. If you are going to enroll in this university, you should consider what interests you before picking your major, since you might be disappointed if you were to pick a major which is not interesting for you. So, if your interest is extraterrestrials, then majoring in astronomy should be your choice. Or, to take another example, if you want to be a TSA official at an airport, then majoring in home economics and transportation would be a better choice. If you are not sure what you find interesting, then we suggest that you major in literature and linguistics, since you will find everything reflected there. Looking to the future, be sure to check out our placement service, which guarantees to find you a position upon graduation. And finally, in our department of archeology, a few old artifacts are dug up from Pets of the Great Dictators and other works (2006; 2nd ed. 2008), and from Cheese Pirates: Humorous verse for adult children (2011). In closing, as the great French mathematician and philosopher Rene' Descartes once noted, if you really want to live, first think about it.
VA01-142 Asian American Literature, 4-Vols/Set.
  Li, David Leiwei/ 9780415498876/ Price:£ 920.00
The collection is organized into four volumes. The first volume ('Literary History: Criticism and Theory') brings together the best work to define, explicitly or implicitly, the parameters of Asian-American literature. It addresses its political and aesthetic significance and major issues of contention. Volume II ('Prose: Fiction and Non-Fiction') brings together the best interpretive work and practical criticism on key works of Asian-American literature, both fictive and factual. Volume III ('Poetry') assembles the essential scholarship on Asian-American poetry, while the final volume in the collection ('Drama and Performance') collects the vital research on theatrical texts and performance pieces.
VA01-138 James Joyce, 4-Vols/Set.
  Milton, Colin/ 9780415491822/ Price:£ 930.00
Book Cover James Augustine Aloysius Joyce (1882–1941) is a towering figure in the development of English-language modernist prose fiction. And his influence extends well beyond the anglophone literary world; like his alter ego, Stephen Dedalus, Joyce flew by the nets of nationality, language, and religion, and spent most of his life in continental Europe. Fully indexed and with a comprehensive introduction newly written by the editor, which places the collected material in its historical and intellectual context, James Joyce is an essential reference work and is destined to be valued as a vital research resource.
VA01-116 Travel Writing, 4-Vols/Set.
  Youngs, Tim/ 9780415374989/ Price:£ 930.00
Book Cover The past three decades have seen a remarkable growth of cross-disciplinary academic interest in travel writing. This new four-volume collection from Routledge brings together the best research from scholars around the world. The collection also features pieces by travel writers themselves discussing their work, including: • Michael Cronin on travel and translation • Robyn Davidson interviewed by Tim Youngs • Peter Hulme on Columbus • David Espey on Americans in Vietnam • John Hutnyk on Calcutta • Charles Forsdick on French travel writing • Mary Louise Pratt on travel-writing scholarship • Richard White on Australian travellers. Volume1 focuses on the production of travel writing; Volume 2 on the contexts of travel writing; Volume 3 on modes of travel and types of traveller; and Volume 4 on critical approaches to travel writing.
  HEBE UHART/ 9788492857753/ Price:EUR 12.02
SA01-464 Split.
  Avasthi, Swati/ 9780375863417/ Price:US$ 9.99
SA01-464 Almost: A Love Story.
  Eliot, Anne/ 9781937815011/ Price:US$ 16.00
SA01-464 Drowning Instinct.
  Bick, Ilsa J./ 9781467709125/ Price:US$ 9.95
SA01-462 The Alloy of Law.
  Sanderson, Brandon/ 9780765368546/ Price:US$ 8.99
SA01-461 Stay.
  Caletti, Deb/ 9781442403741/ Price:US$ 9.99
SA01-428 Charles Bukowski.
  Calonne, David S./ 9781780230238/ Price:£ 11.99
Bukowski was born in Germany and raised in the United States, a schism that Calonne shows to be crucial in the writer’s development. From the influence of Germany’s literary and intellectual traditions to the writer’s traumatic childhood, this book explores the effect the writer’s hybrid identity had on the themes and content of his work. Exploring several unknown works of fiction and poetry created in the early years of his career, the many volumes of poetry published with Black Sparrow Press, major works of fiction like Post Office and Factotum, as well as feature films such as the Mickey Rourke-starring Barfly, Calonne catalogues and dissects the many versions of Bukowski created by the writer and his followers. A concise yet comprehensive new account, Charles Bukowski will interest the wide audience already familiar with this prolific, influential figure, as well as being an invaluable introduction to those new to Bukowski’s work and who wish to know more.
SA01-426 The Honoura