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VSA01-005 The Routledge Companion to Crime Fiction
  Janice Allan/ 9781138320352/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The Routledge Companion to Crime Fiction is a comprehensive introduction to crime fiction and crime fiction scholarship today. Across forty-five original chapters, specialists in the field offer innovative approaches to the classics of the genre as well as ground-breaking mappings of emerging themes and trends. The volume is divided into three parts. Part I, Approaches, rearticulates the key theoretical questions posed by the crime genre. Part II, Devices, examines the textual characteristics of the genre. Part III, Interfaces, investigates the complex ways in which crime fiction engages with the defining issues of its context – from policing and forensic science through war, migration and narcotics to digital media and the environment. Engagingly written and drawing on examples from around the world, this volume is indispensable to both students and scholars of crime fiction.
VSA01-005 The Routledge Companion to Health Humanities
  Paul Crawford/ 9781138579903/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The health humanities is a rapidly rising field, advancing an inclusive, democratizing, activist, applied, critical, and culturally diverse approach to delivering health and well-being through the arts and humanities. It has generated new kinds of interdisciplinary research, knowledge, and communities of practice globally. It has also acted to bring greater coherence and political force to contributions across a range of related disciplines and traditions. In this volume, a formidable set of authors explore the history, current state, and future of the health humanities, in particular how its vision of the arts and humanities: •Promotes creative public health. •Opens new routes to health and well-being. •Informs and drives better health care. •Interrogates relationships between ill health and social equality. •Develops humanist theory in relation to health and social care practice. •Foregrounds cultural difference as a resource for positive change in society. •Tests the humanity of an increasingly globalized health-care system. •Looks to overcome structural and process obstacles to cross-disciplinary ventures. •Champions co-construction, co-design, and mutuality in solving health and well-being challenges. •Showcases less familiar, prominent, or celebrated creative practices. •Includes multiple perspectives on the value and health benefits of the arts and humanities not limited to or dominated by medicine. Divided into two main sections, the Companion looks at "Reflections and Critical Perspectives," offering current thinking and definitions within health humanities, and "Applications," comprising a wide selection of applied arts and humanities practices from comedy, writing, and dancing to yoga, cooking, and horticultural display.
VSA01-005 Routledge Handbook of Modern Korean Literature
  Yoon Sun Yang/ 9781138655041/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The Routledge Handbook of Modern Korean Literature provides a comprehensive overview of a Korean literary tradition, which is understood as a multifaceted nexus of practices, both homegrown and transnational. The handbook discusses the perspectives from which modern Korean literature has thus far been defined, analyzing which voices have been enunciated, underappreciated, or completely silenced and how we can enrich our understanding of it. Taking up diverse transnational and interdisciplinary standpoints, this volume aims to encourage readers not to treat modern Korean literature as a self-evident category but to examine it anew as an uncultivated and uncharted space, unearthing its internal chasms and global connections. Divided into five parts, the themes covered include the following: •Literature and power •Borders and boundaries •Rationality in literature and its limits •Language, ethnicity, and translation •Korean literature in the changing mediascape. By introducing new conceptual paradigms to the field of modern Korean literature, this book will appeal to students and scholars of Korean, East Asian, and world literature alike.
VSA01-005 The Routledge Companion to Literature and Disability
  Alice Hall/ 9781138043602/ Price:£ 175.00
Book Cover The Routledge Companion to Literature and Disability brings together some of the most influential and important contemporary perspectives in this growing field. The book traces the history of the field and locates literary disability studies in the wider context of activism and theory. It introduces debates about definitions of disability and explores intersectional approaches in which disability is understood in relation to gender, race, class, sexuality, nationality and ethnicity. Divided broadly into sections according to literary genre, this is an important resource for those interested in exploring and deepening their knowledge of the field of literature and disability studies.
VSA01-005 The Routledge Handbook of Greek Mythology
  Robin Hard/ 9781138652606/ Price:£ 175.00
Book Cover Now in its eighth edition, this magisterial work offers a comprehensive survey of the stories of Greek myth, from the Olympian gods, through the lesser gods and deities, to the heroes, adventures, and foundation myths of the ancient Greek world. The Routledge Handbook of Greek Mythology sets out to provide a comprehensive history of the divine order and mythical prehistory of Greece, as systematized on a genealogical basis by Hesiod and the ancient mythographers, while also taking into account the ways in which individual myths have changed and evolved over time in different genres of literature. This new edition has been extensively rewritten and reorganized to make it more accessible to readers who may have no particular knowledge of the ancient world and Greek mythology, and to ensure that information on each myth or mythical figure is easy to find within the book. This new edition of the handbook continues to offer an essential reference resource for all students of Greek mythology, and it provides an accessible and comprehensive overview of these stories for anyone with an interest in the classical world.
VSA01-004 The Routledge Companoin to Victorian Literature
  Dennis Denisoff/ 9781138579866/ Price:£ 175.00
Book Cover The Routledge Companion to Victorian Literature offers 45 chapters by leading international scholars working with the most dynamic and influential political, cultural, and theoretical issues addressing Victorian literature today. Scholars and students will find this collection both useful and inspiring. Rigorously engaged with current scholarship that is both historically sensitive and theoretically informed, the Routledge Companion places the genres of the novel, poetry, and drama and issues of gender, social class, and race in conversation with subjects like ecology, colonialism, the Gothic, digital humanities, sexualities, disability, material culture, and animal studies. This guide is aimed at scholars who want to know the most significant critical approaches in Victorian studies, often written by the very scholars who helped found those fields. It addresses major theoretical movements such as narrative theory, formalism, historicism, and economic theory, as well as Victorian models of subjects such as anthropology, cognitive science, and religion. With its lists of key works, rich cross-referencing, extensive bibliographies, and explications of scholarly trajectories, the book is a crucial resource for graduate students and advanced undergraduates, while offering invaluable support to more seasoned scholars.
VSA01 The Routledge Companion to Literature and Trauma
  Colin Davis/ 9781138494923/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover Literary trauma studies is a rapidly developing field which examines how literature deals with the personal and cultural aspects of trauma and engages with such historical and current phenomena as the Holocaust and other genocides, 9/11, climate catastrophe or the still unsettled legacy of colonialism. The Routledge Companion to Literature and Trauma is a comprehensive guide to the history and theory of trauma studies, including key concepts, consideration of critical perspectives and discussion of future developments. It also explores different genres and media, such as poetry, life-writing, graphic narratives, photography and post-apocalyptic fiction, and analyses how literature engages with particular traumatic situations and events, such as the Holocaust, the Occupation of France, the Rwandan genocide, Hurricane Katrina and transgenerational nuclear trauma. Forty essays from top thinkers in the field demonstrate the range and vitality of trauma studies as it has been used to further the understanding of literature and other cultural forms across the world.
VSA01 Routledge Handbook of Minority Discourses in African Literature
  Tanure Ojaide/ 9780367368340/ Price:£ 175.00
Book Cover This handbook provides a critical overview of literature dealing with groups of people or regions that suffer marginalization within Africa. The contributors examine a multiplicity of minority discourses expressed in African literature, including those who are culturally, socially, politically, religiously, economically, and sexually marginalized in literary and artistic creations. Chapters and sections of the book are structured to identify major areas of minority articulation of their condition and strategies deployed against the repression, persecution, oppression, suppression, domination, and tyranny of the majority or dominant group. Bringing together diverse perspectives to give a holistic representation of the African reality, this handbook is an important read for scholars and students of comparative and postcolonial literature and African studies.
SA01-492 Exploring the Horror of Supernatural Fiction: Ray Bradbury's Elliott Family
  Miranda Corcoran/ 9780367210946/ Price:£ 120.00
SA01-491 Matylda, Bright and Tender
  Holly M. McGhee/ 9781536213164/ Price:US$ 7.99
SA01-489 Renaissance Personhood: Materiality, Taxonomy, Process
  Kevin Curran/ 9781474448086/ Price:£ 75.00
SA01-489 Poetry and Uselessness: From Coleridge to Ashbery
  Robert Archambeau/ 9780367207366/ Price:£ 115.00
SA01-488 Reading Hilary Mantel
  Lucy Arnold/ 9781350072558/ Price:£ 85.00
SA01-488 Korean Literature Through the Korean Wave
  Jieun Kiaer/ 9780367225315/ Price:£ 34.99
SA01-488 Marie Corelli: Modernism, Morality, and Metaphysics
  Carol Margaret Davison/ 9780367405267/ Price:£ 120.00
SA01-488 Approaches to Teaching the Works of Edwidge Danticat
  Celucien L. Joseph/ 9780367263744/ Price:£ 120.00
SA01-488 Nordic Literature of Decadence
  Pirjo Lyytikainen/ 9780367112387/ Price:£ 120.00
SA01-487 Literary Criticism: Methods and Materials
  Chin Alexander/ 9781682506035/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Literary criticism is essentially an opinion, supported by evidence, relating to theme, style, setting or historical or political context. It usually includes discussion of the work’s content and integrates your ideas with other insights gained from research. The book presents criticism on the major literary figures and nonfiction writers, including novelists, poets, playwrights, and literary theorists. Literary criticism can improve our capability in reading comprehension in order to understand broader about literary work. As a tool in literary studies, critic plays an important role in doing studies or analysis about literary work. That is why the literary criticism is important in literary studies.
SA01-487 Aesthetics of Literary Classification
  I.N. Campillo/ 9781682506042/ Price:US$ 155.00
Book Cover Aesthetics, in literature, is the inclusion of references to artistic elements or expressions within a textual work. It's a method used to promote or educate readers about important artistic expression in society. Literary criticism is essentially an opinion, supported by evidence, relating to theme, style, setting or historical or political context. This book brings together recent work from the fields of Philosophy, Social and Political Thought, Literary and Cultural Studies.
GA01-207 African American Literature for Students (Volume 1)
  / 9780028666747/ Price:US$ 184.00
Book Cover African American Literature for Students contains easily accessible and content-rich discussions of the literary and historical background of 14 works from various time periods. The works—not previously covered in any For Students series—are comprised of a variety of genres, including novels, poems, short stories, and dramas. The entries include works by frequently studied and well-established authors as well as by more contemporary, up-and-coming authors. Each work included was specially chosen by an advisory panel of teachers and librarians — experts who have helped us define the information needs of students and ensure the age-appropriateness of this reference’s content. Within the pages of African American Literature for Students, young researchers will discover everything they need to complete homework assignments and lead classroom discussions. American Street, by Ibi Zoboi. As Brave as You, by Jason Reynolds. The Blacker the Berry, by Wallace Thurman. Daughter, by Asha Bandele. For My People, by Margaret Walker. Haunted Oak, by Paul Laurence Dunbar. Mercy, by Tyehimba Jess. Non-Zero Probabilities, by N.K. Jemisin. One Friday Morning, by Langston Hughes. Outcast, by Claude McKay. Riot or Revolt, by Henry Dumas. Steady Going Up, by Maya Angelou. Stick Fly, by Lydia R. Diamond. Zooman and the Sign, by Charles Fuller.
VSA01-004 The Routledge Companion to Twenty-First Century Literary Fiction
  Daniel O'Gorman/ 9780415716048/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The study of contemporary fiction is a fascinating yet challenging one. Contemporary fiction has immediate relevance to popular culture, the news, scholarly organizations, and education – where it is found on the syllabus in schools and universities – but it also offers challenges. What is ‘contemporary’? How do we track cultural shifts and changes? The Routledge Companion to Twenty-First Century Literary Fiction takes on this challenge, mapping key literary trends from the year 2000 onwards, as the landscape of our century continues to take shape around us. A significant and central intervention into contemporary literature, this Companion offers essential coverage of writers who have risen to prominence since then, such as Hari Kunzru, Jennifer Egan, David Mitchell, Jonathan Lethem, Ali Smith, A. L. Kennedy, Hilary Mantel, Marilynne Robinson, and Colson Whitehead. Thirty-eight essays by leading and emerging international scholars cover topics such as: • Identity, including race, sexuality, class, and religion in the twenty-first century; • The impact of technology, terrorism, activism, and the global economy on the modern world and modern literature; • The form and format of twenty-first century literary fiction, including analysis of established genres such as the pastoral, graphic novels, and comedic writing, and how these have been adapted in recent years. Accessible to experts, students, and general readers, The Routledge Companion to Twenty-First Century Literary Fiction provides a map of the critical issues central to the discipline, as well as uncovering new perspectives and new directions for the development of the field. It is essential reading for anyone interested in the past, present, and future of contemporary literature.
VSA01-004 The Routledge Companion to Transnational American Studies
  Nina Morgan/ 9781138058903/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The Routledge Companion to Transnational American Studies provides scholars and students of American Studies with theoretical and applied essays that help to define Transnational American Studies as a discipline and practice. In more than 30 essays, the volume offers a history of the concept of the "transnational" and takes readers from the Barbary frontier to Guam, from Mexico's border crossings to the intifada's contested zones. Together, the essays develop new ways for Americanists to read events, images, sound, literature, identity, film, politics, or performance transnationally through the work of diverse figures, such as Confucius, Edward Said, Pauline Hopkins, Poe, Faulkner, Michael Jackson, Onoto Watanna, and others. This timely volume also addresses presidential politics and interpictorial US history from Lincoln in Africa, to Obama and Mandela, to Trump.  The essays, written by prominent global Americanists, as well as the emerging scholars shaping the field, seek to provide foundational resources as well as experimental and forward-leaning approaches to Transnational American Studies.
VSA01-004 Routledge Handbook of African Literature
  Moradewun Adejunmobi/ 9781138713864/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The turn of the twenty-first century has witnessed an expansion of critical approaches to African literature. The Routledge Handbook of African Literature is a one-stop publication bringing together studies of African literary texts that embody an array of newer approaches applied to a wide range of works. This includes frameworks derived from food studies, utopian studies, network theory, eco-criticism, and examinations of the human/animal interface alongside more familiar discussions of postcolonial politics. The handbook is divided into seven parts, i) Mapping political agencies ii) Journeys, geographies, identities iii) Working through genre iv) The world of and beyond humans v) Everyday sociality vi) Bodies, subjectivities, affect vii) Literary networks. In each, contributors address the themes of the section from a variety of perspectives in conjunction with analysis of different literary texts. Every chapter is an original research essay written by a broad spectrum of scholars with expertise in the subject, providing an application of the most recent insights into analysis of particular topics or application of particular critical frameworks to one or more African literary works. The handbook will be a valuable interdisciplinary resource for scholars and students of African literature, African culture, postcolonial literature and literary analysis.
VSA01-004 Routledge Companion to Shen Congwen
  Zhou Gang/ 9780815368861/ Price:£ 200.00
Book Cover This volume is about studies of Shen Congwen (1902–1988), one of the most important writers in modern China, but more importantly, it is about how Shen Congwen has been received in and beyond Mainland China. By presenting the best literary criticism on Shen Congwen in Mainland China over the past 80 years, and views of how Shen Congwen has been understood, interpreted, and appreciated in Japan, the US, and Europe, the editors propose a new way to approach the topics of canonic writers, modern Chinese literature, and world literature. This is itself a translated project. Its Chinese edition appeared in May 2017. The bilingual rendering of the best criticism of Shen Congwen from a global perspective intends to initiate and advance dialogues between Chinese- and English- language scholarly communities. We strive to explore the complexities of “worldwide” images and interpretations of Shen Congwen. By calling attention to the foreign spaces into which overseas Shen Congwens and modern Chinese literature are reborn as world literature, we acknowledge and celebrate the study of Shen Congwen and modern Chinese literature as ongoing and endless cross-cultural dialogues and manifestations.
VSA01-003 The Routledge Companion on Architecture, Literature and The City
  Jonathan Charley/ 9781472482730/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover This Companion breaks new ground in our knowledge and understanding of the diverse relationships between literature, architecture, and the city, which together form a field of interdisciplinary research that is one of the most innovative and exciting to have emerged in recent years. Bringing together a wide variety of contributors, not only writers, architectural and literary scholars, and social scientists, but graphic novelists and artists, the book offers contemporary essays on everything from science fiction and the crime novel, to poetry, comics and oral history. It is structured into two sections: History, Narrative and Genre, and Strategy, Language and Form. Including over ninety illustrations, the book is a must read for academics and students.
VSA01-003 The Routledge Companion to Literature and Economics
  Matt Seybold/ 9781138190870/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The study of literature and economics is by no means a new one, but since the financial crash of 2008, the field has grown considerably with a broad range of both fiction and criticism. The Routledge Companion to Literature and Economics is the first authoritative guide tying together the seemingly disparate areas of literature and economics. Drawing together 38 critics, the Companion offers both an introduction and a springboard to this sometimes complex but highly relevant field. With sections on "Critical traditions," "Histories," "Principles," and "Contemporary culture," the book looks at examples from Medieval and Renaissance literature through to poetry of the Great Depression and novels depicting the 2008 financial crisis. Covering topics from Austen to austerity, Marxism to modernism, the collated essays offer indispensable analysis of the relationship between literary studies and the economy. Representing a wide spectrum of approaches, this book introduces the basics of economics, while engaging with essential theory and debate. As the reality of economic hardship and disparity is widely acknowledged and spreads across disciplines, this Companion offers students and scholars a chance to enter this crucially important interdisciplinary area.
VSA01-003 The Routledge Handbook of Literary Translation
  Kelly Washbourne/ 9781138699298/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The Routledge Handbook of Literary Translation provides an accessible, diverse and extensive overview of literary translation today. This next-generation volume brings together principles, case studies, precepts, histories and process knowledge from practitioners in sixteen different countries. Divided into four parts, the book covers many of literary translation’s most pressing concerns today, from teaching, to theorising, to translation techniques, to new tools and resources. Featuring genre studies, in which graphic novels, crime fiction, and ethnopoetry have pride of place alongside classics and sacred texts, The Routledge Handbook of Literary Translation represents a vital resource for students and researchers of both translation studies and comparative literature.
VSA01-003 Routledge Companion to Pakistani Anglophone Writing
  Aroosa Kanwal/ 9781138745520/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The Routledge Companion to Pakistani Anglophone Writing forms a theoretical, comprehensive, and critically astute overview of the history and future of Pakistani literature in English. Dealing with key issues for global society today, from terrorism, religious extremism, fundamentalism, corruption, and intolerance, to matters of love, hate, loss, belongingness, and identity conflicts, this Companion brings together over thirty essays by leading and emerging scholars, and presents: •the transformations and continuities in Pakistani anglophone writing since its inauguration in 1947 to today; •contestations and controversies that have not only informed creative writing but also subverted certain stereotypes in favour of a dynamic representation of Pakistani Muslim experiences; •a case for a Pakistani canon through a critical perspective on how different writers and their works have, at different times, both consciously and unconsciously, helped to realise and extend a uniquely Pakistani idiom. Providing a comprehensive yet manageable introduction to cross-cultural relations and to historical, regional, local, and global contexts that are essential to reading Pakistani anglophone literature, The Routledge Companion to Pakistani Anglophone Writing is key reading for researchers and academics in Pakistani anglophone literature, history, and culture. It is also relevant to other disciplines such as terror studies, post-9/11 literature, gender studies, postcolonial studies, feminist studies, human rights, diaspora studies, space and mobility studies, religion, and contemporary South Asian literatures and cultures.
VSA01-003 Routledge Companion to Women, Sex, and Gender in the Early British Colonial World
  Kimberley Anne Coles/ 9781472479945/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover All of the essays in this volume capture the body in a particular attitude: in distress, vulnerability, pain, pleasure, labor, health, reproduction, or preparation for death. They attend to how the body’s transformations affect the social and political arrangements that surround it. And they show how apprehension of the body – in social and political terms – gives it shape.
VSA01 The Routledge Companion to Travel Writing
  Carl Thompson/ 9780367365295/ Price:£ 39.99
As many places around the world confront issues of globalization, migration and postcoloniality, travel writing has become a serious genre of study, reflecting some of the greatest concerns of our time. Encompassing forms as diverse as field journals, investigative reports, guidebooks, memoirs, comic sketches and lyrical reveries; travel writing is now a crucial focus for discussion across many subjects within the humanities and social sciences. An ideal starting point for beginners, but also offering new perspectives for those familiar with the field, The Routledge Companion to Travel Writing examines: • Key debates within the field, including postcolonial studies, gender, sexuality and visual culture • Historical and cultural contexts, tracing the evolution of travel writing across time and over cultures • Different styles, modes and themes of travel writing, from pilgrimage to tourism • Imagined geographies, and the relationship between travel writing and the social, ideological and occasionally fictional constructs through which we view the different regions of the world. Covering all of the major topics and debates, this is an essential overview of the field, which will also encourage new and exciting directions for study.
VSA01 The Routledge Companion to Literature and Religion
  Mark Knight/ 9780367365608/ Price:£ 39.99
Book Cover This unique and comprehensive volume looks at the study of literature and religion from a contemporary critical perspective. Including discussion of global literature and world religions, this Companion looks at: •Key moments in the story of religion and literary studies from Matthew Arnold through to the impact of 9/11 •A variety of theoretical approaches to the study of religion and literature •Different ways that religion and literature are connected from overtly religious writing, to subtle religious readings •Analysis of key sacred texts and the way they have been studied, re-written, and questioned by literature •Political implications of work on religion and literature Thoroughly introduced and contextualised, this volume is an engaging introduction to this huge and complex field.
VSA01 The Routledge Companion to Literature and Human Rights
  Sophia A. McClennen/ 9780367365516/ Price:£ 39.99
The Routledge Companion to Literature and Human Rights provides a comprehensive, transnational, and interdisciplinary map to this emerging field, offering a broad overview of human rights and literature while providing innovative readings on key topics. The first of its kind, this volume covers essential issues and themes, necessarily crossing disciplines between the social sciences and humanities. Sections cover: •subjects, with pieces on subjectivity, humanity, identity, gender, universality, the particular, the body •forms, visiting the different ways human rights stories are crafted and formed via the literary, the visual, the performative, and the oral •contexts, tracing the development of the literature over time and in relation to specific regions and historical events •impacts, considering the power and limits of human rights literature, rhetoric, and visual culture Drawn from many different global contexts, the essays offer an ideal introduction for those approaching the study of literature and human rights for the first time, looking for new insights and interdisciplinary perspectives, or interested in new directions for future scholarship.
VSA01 The Routledge Research Companion to Anglo-Italian Renaissance Literature and Culture
  Michele Marrapodi/ 9781472410733/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The aim of this Companion volume is to provide scholars and advanced graduate students with a comprehensive and authoritative state-of-the-art review of current research work on Anglo-Italian Renaissance studies. Written by a team of international scholars and experts in the field, the chapters are grouped into two large areas of influence and intertextuality, corresponding to the dual way in which early modern England looked upon the Italian world from the English perspective – Part 1: "Italian literature and culture" and Part 2: "Appropriations and ideologies". In the first part, prominent Italian authors, artists, and thinkers are examined as a direct source of inspiration, imitation, and divergence. The variegated English response to the cultural, ideological, and political implications of pervasive Italian intertextuality, in interrelated aspects of artistic and generic production, is dealt with in the second part. Constructed on the basis of a largely interdisciplinary approach, the volume offers an in-depth and wide-ranging treatment of the multifaceted ways in which Italy’s material world and its iconologies are represented, appropriated, and exploited in the literary and cultural domain of early modern England. For this reason, contributors were asked to write essays that not only reflect current thinking but also point to directions for future research and scholarship, while a purposefully conceived bibliography of primary and secondary sources and a detailed index round off the volume.
VSA01 The Routledge Research Companion to Travel Writing
  Alasdair Pettinger/ 9781472417923/ Price:£ 175.00
Book Cover Showcasing established and new patterns of research, The Routledge Research Companion to Travel Writing takes an interdisciplinary approach to scholarship and to travel texts themselves. The volume adopts a thematic approach, with each contributor considering a specific aspect of travel writing – a recurrent motif, an organising principle or a literary form. All of the essays include a discussion of representative travel texts, to ensure that the volume as a whole represents a broad historical and geographical range of travel writing. Together, the 25 essays and the editors’ introduction offer a comprehensive and authoritative reflection of the state of travel writing criticism and lay the ground for future developments.
SA01-491 Wallace Stevens and the Poetics of Modernist Autonomy
  Gul Bilge Han/ 9781108491778/ Price:£ 75.00
SA01-491 Literary Value and Social Identity in the Canterbury Tales
  Robert J. Meyer-Lee/ 9781108485661/ Price:£ 75.00
SA01-491 Poetry and Language: The Linguistics of Verse
  Michael Ferber/ 9781108453066/ Price:£ 19.99
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2019) Heft 1
  / 00226882-2019-1/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2019) Heft 2
  / 00226882-2019-2/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2019) Heft 3
  / 00226882-2019-3/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2019) Heft 4
  / 00226882-2019-4/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2019) Heft 5
  / 00226882-2019-5/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2019) Heft 6
  / 00226882-2019-6/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2019) Heft 7
  / 00226882-2019-7/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2019) Heft 8
  / 00226882-2019-8/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2019) Heft 9
  / 00226882-2019-9/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2019) Heft 10
  / 00226882-2019-10/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2019) Heft 11
  / 00226882-2019-11/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2019) Heft 12
  / 00226882-2019-12/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2019) Heft 13
  / 00226882-2019-13/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2019) Heft 14
  / 00226882-2019-14/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2019) Heft 15/16
  / 00226882-2019-1516/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2019) Heft 17
  / 00226882-2019-17/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2019) Heft 18
  / 00226882-2019-18/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2019) Heft 19
  / 00226882-2019-19/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2019) Heft 20
  / 00226882-2019-20/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2019) Heft 21
  / 00226882-2019-21/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 Samuel Johnson Among the Modernists
  Anthony W. Lee/ 9781942954668/ Price:£ 85.00
SA01-489 Understanding Nietzsche, Understanding Modernism
  Brian Pines/ 9781501339141/ Price:£ 102.00
SA01-484 Lawrence Durrell's Poetry: A Rift in the Fabric of the World
  Isabelle Keller-Privat/ 9781683930624/ Price:US$ 110.00
SA01-484 David Mitchell
  Wendy Knepper/ 9781474262101/ Price:£ 75.00
SA01-484 Cultural Archives of Atrocity: Essays on the Protest Tradition in Kenyan Literature, Culture and Society
  Charles Kebaya/ 9780367205454/ Price:£ 120.00
SA01-484 Thinking Creative Writing: Critique from the International New Writing Journal
  Graeme Harper/ 9780367194918/ Price:£ 120.00
GA01-204-7 Diaries and Travel Journals of Ernest Satow: Volume 7: 1904-1906: China & Japan
  Shinichi Miyazawa/ 9789814591164/ Price:US$ 300.00
Sir Ernest Mason Satow (1843–1929) was a legendary British diplomat, a key figure in East Asia and Anglo–Japanese/Chinese relations, particularly in Bakumatsu (1853–1867) and Meiji Era Japan (1868–1912), and in China after the Boxer Rebellion (1900–1906). He also served in Siam (present-day Thailand), Uruguay and Morocco, and represented Britain at the Second Hague Peace Conference in 1907. This transcribed and annotated collection is based on the microfilm copies from the UK National Archives, consisting of Satow’s diaries and travel journals that cover a period of over forty-five years (1861–1906). Volume 7 covers the period of 1904–1906 he spent in China (January 1904–May 1906), and Japan (May–June 1906).
In Praise of the Bicycle
  Marc Auge/ 9781789141382/ Price:£ 9.99
Book Cover This is the French anthropologist as we've never heard him before: Marc Auge coined the term ‘non-place’ to describe uniquitous, global airports, hotels and motorways filled with anonymous individuals. In this new book, he casts his anthropologist’s eye on a subject close to his heart: cycling. In In Praise of the Bicycle, Auge takes us on a personal journey of his own, on a two-wheeled ride around our cities, and on a journey into ourselves. We all remember the thrill of riding a bike for the first time and the joys of cycling. Here he reminds us that these memories are not just personal, but rooted in a time and a place, in a history that is shared with millions of others. Part memoir, part manifesto, Auge celebrates cycling as a way of reconnecting with the places in which we live, and, ultimately, as a necessary alternative to our disconnected world.
VSA01-003 The Routledge Companion to Literature and Food
  Piatti-Farnell, Lorna/ 9781138048430/ Price:£ 190.00
The Routledge Companion to Literature and Food explores the relationship between food and literature in transnational contexts, serving as both an introduction and a guide to the field in terms of defining characteristics and development. Balancing a wide-reaching view of the long histories and preoccupations of literary food studies, with attentiveness to recent developments and shifts, the volume illuminates the aesthetic, cultural, political, and intellectual diversity of the representation of food and eating in literature.
VSA01-003 The Routledge Companion to World Literature and World History
  May Hawas/ 9781138921658/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The Routledge Companion to World Literature and World History is a comprehensive and engaging volume, combining essays from historians and literary academics to create a space for productive cross-cultural encounters between the two fields. In addition to the 27 essays, the Companion includes general introductions from two of the leading scholars of history and literature, David Damrosch and Patrick Manning, as well as personal testimonies from artists working in the area, and editorials asking provocative questions. The volume includes sections on: •People – with essays looking at World Literature, Intellectual Commerce, Religion, language and war, and Indigenous ethnography •Networks and methods – examining maps, geography, morality and the crises of world literature •Transformations – including essays on race, colonialism, and the non-human Interdisciplinary and groundbreaking, this volume brings to light various ways in which scholars of literature and history analyse, assimilate or reveal the intellectual heritage of the past, at the same moment as they try consciously to deal with an unending amount of new information and an awareness of global connections and discrepancies. Including work from leading academics in the field, as well as newer voices, the Companion is ideal for students and scholars alike.
VSA01-003 The Routledge Handbook of International Beat Literature
  A. Robert Lee/ 9780415785457/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover Beat literature? Have not the great canonical names long grown familiar? Ginsberg, Kerouac, Burroughs. Likewise the frontline texts, still controversial in some quarters, assume their place in modern American literary history. On the Road serves as Homeric journey epic. "Howl" amounts to Beat anthem, confessional outcry against materialism and war. Naked Lunch, with its dark satiric laughter, envisions a dystopian world of power and word virus. But if these are all essentially America-centered, Beat has also had quite other literary exhalations and which invite far more than mere reception study. These are voices from across the Americas of Canada and Mexico, the Anglophone world of England, Scotland or Australia, the Europe of France or Italy and from the Mediterranean of Greece and the Maghreb, and from Scandinavia and Russia, together with the Asia of Japan and China. This anthology of essays maps relevant other kinds of Beat voice, names, texts. The scope is hemispheric, Atlantic and Pacific, West and East. It gives recognition to the Beat inscribed in languages other than English and reflective of different cultural histories. Likewise the majority of contributors come from origins or affiliations beyond the US, whether in a different English or languages spanning Spanish, Danish, Turkish, Greek, or Chinese. The aim is to recognize an enlarged Beat literary map, its creative internationalism.
VSA01-002 The Routledge Companion to International Children's Literature
  Stephens, John/ 9781138778061/ Price:£ 180.00
Book Cover Demonstrating the aesthetic, cultural, political and intellectual diversity of children’s literature across the globe, The Routledge Companion to International Children’s Literature is the first volume of its kind to focus on the undervisited regions of the world. With particular focus on Asia, Africa and Latin America, the collection raises awareness of children’s literature and related media as they exist in large regions of the world to which ‘mainstream’ European and North American scholarship pays very little attention. Sections cover: • Concepts and theories • Historical contexts and national identity • Cultural forms and children’s texts • Traditional story and adaptation • Picture books across the majority world • Trends in children’s and young adult literatures. Exposition of the literary, cultural and historical contexts in which children’s literature is produced, together with an exploration of intersections between these literatures and more extensively researched areas, will enhance access and understanding for a large range of international readers. The essays offer an ideal introduction for those newly approaching literature for children in specific areas, looking for new insights and interdisciplinary perspectives, or interested in directions for future scholarship.
VSA01-002 The Routledge Companion to Picturebooks
  Kummerling-Meibauer, Bettina/ 9781138853188/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover Containing forty-eight chapters, The Routledge Companion to Picturebooks is the ultimate guide to picturebooks. It contains a detailed introduction, surveying the history anddevelopment of the field and emphasizing the international and cultural diversity of picturebooks.Divided into five key parts, this volume covers: •Concepts and topics – from hybridity and ideology to metafiction and emotions; •Genres – from baby books through to picturebooks for adults; •Interfaces – theirrelations to other forms such as comics and visual media; •Domains and theoretical approaches, including developmental psychology and cognitive studies; •Adaptations. With ground-breaking contributions from leading and emerging scholars alike, this comprehensive volume is one of the first to focus solely on picturebook research. Its interdisciplinary approach makes it key for both scholars and students of literature, as well as education and media.
VSA01-002 The Routledge Research Companion to Digital Medieval Literature
  Boyle, Jennifer E./ 9781138905047/ Price:£ 150.00
Book Cover Working across literature, history, theory and practice, this volume offers insight into the specific digital tools and interfaces, as well as the modalities, theories and forms, central to some of the most exciting new research and critical, scholarly and artistic production in medieval and pre-modern studies. Addressing more general themes and topics, such as digitzation, media studies, digital humanities and "big data," the new essays in this companion also focus on more than twenty-five keywords, such as "access," "code," "virtual," "interactivity" and "network." A useful website hosts examples, links and materials relevant to the book.
VSA01-002 The Routledge Handbook to the Ghost Story
  Brewster, Scott/ 9781138184763/ Price:£ 195.00
Book Cover The Handbook to the Ghost Story sets out to survey and significantly extend a new field of criticism which has been taking shape over recent years, centring on the ghost story and bringing together a vast range of interpretive methods and theoretical perspectives. The main task of the volume is to properly situate the genre within historical and contemporary literary cultures across the globe, and to explore its significance within wider literary contexts as well as those of the supernatural. The Handbook offers the most significant contribution to this new critical field to date, assembling some of its leading scholars to examine the key contexts and issues required for understanding the emergence and development of the ghost story.
VSA01 The Routledge Research Companion to Ford Madox Ford
  Sara Haslam/ 9781472427380/ Price:£ 185.00
Book Cover Taking account of Ford Madox Ford’s entire literary output, this companion brings together prominent Ford specialists to offer an overview of existing Ford scholarship and to suggest new directions in Ford studies. The Routledge Research Companion to Ford Madox Ford is split into five parts, exploring the scholarly foundations of Ford Madox Ford studies, Ford's literary identity, Ford and place, specific case studies and themes and critical approaches. Within these five parts, the contributors cover areas relevant to Ford’s fiction, nonfiction and poetry, including reception history, life-writing, literary histories, gender and comedy. The Routledge Research Companion to Ford Madox Ford is an invaluable resource for students and scholars in Ford Studies, in modernism, and in the literary world that Ford helped shape in the early years of the twentieth century.
VSA01 Routledge Handbook of Modern Chinese Literature
  Ming Dong Gu/ 9781138647541/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The Routledge Handbook of Modern Chinese Literature presents a comprehensive overview of Chinese literature from the 1910s to the present day. Featuring detailed studies of selected masterpieces, it adopts a thematic-comparative approach. By developing an innovative conceptual framework predicated on a new theory of periodization, it thus situates Chinese literature in the context of world literature, and the forces of globalization. Each section consists of a series of contributions examining the major literary genres, including fiction, poetry, essay drama and film. Offering an exciting account of the century-long process of literary modernization in China, the handbook’s themes include: •Modernization of people and writing •Realism, rmanticism and mdernist asthetics •Chinese literature on the stage and screen •Patriotism, war and revolution •Feminism, liberalism and socialism •Literature of reform, reflection and experimentation •Literature of Taiwan, Hong Kong and new media This handbook provides an integration of biographical narrative with textual analysis, maintaining a subtle balance between comprehensive overview and in-depth examination. As such, it is an essential reference guide for all students and scholars of Chinese literature.
SA01-491 The Outcast
  Taran Matharu/ 9781250308931/ Price:US$ 10.99
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2018), 24 Hefte
  / 00226882-2018/ Price:EUR 424.15
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2018) Heft 1
  / 00226882-2018-1/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2018) Heft 2
  / 00226882-2018-2/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2018) Heft 3
  / 00226882-2018-3/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2018) Heft 4
  / 00226882-2018-4/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2018) Heft 5
  / 00226882-2018-5/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2018) Heft 6
  / 00226882-2018-6/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2018) Heft 7
  / 00226882-2018-7/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2018) Heft 8
  / 00226882-2018-8/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2018) Heft 9
  / 00226882-2018-9/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2018) Heft 10
  / 00226882-2018-10/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2018) Heft 11
  / 00226882-2018-11/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2018) Heft 12
  / 00226882-2018-12/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2018) Heft 13
  / 00226882-2018-13/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2018) Heft 14
  / 00226882-2018-14/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2018) Heft 15/16
  / 00226882-2018-1516/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2018) Heft 17
  / 00226882-2018-17/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2018) Heft 18
  / 00226882-2018-18/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2018) Heft 19
  / 00226882-2018-19/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2018) Heft 20
  / 00226882-2018-20/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2018) Heft 21
  / 00226882-2018-21/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2018) Heft 22
  / 00226882-2018-22/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2018) Heft 23
  / 00226882-2018-23/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-491 JuristenZeitung (JZ) (2018) Heft 24
  / 00226882-2018-24/ Price:EUR 26.00
SA01-476 The Good Brexiteers Guide to English Lit
  John Sutherland/ 9781780239927/ Price:£ 12.00
Book Cover What is Nigel Farage’s favourite novel? Why do Brexiteers love Sherlock Holmes? Is Philip Larkin the best Brexit poet ever? Through the politically relevant side-road of English literature, John Sutherland quarries the great literary minds of English history to assemble the ultimate reading list for Brexiteers. What happened to Britain on 24 June 2016 shook the country to its roots. The Brexit vote changed Britain. But despite its referendum victory, Brexit is peculiarly hollow. It is an idea without political apparatus, without sustaining history, without field-tested ideology. Without thinkers. It is like Frankenstein waiting for the lightning bolt. In this irreverent and entertaining new guide, Sutherland suggests some stuffing for the ideological vacuity at the heart of the Brexit cause. He looks for jingoistic meaning in the works of William Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Thomas Hardy, in modern classics like The Queen and I and London Fields, and in the national anthem, school songs and great poetry of the country. Sutherland explores what Britain meant, means and will mean, and subtly shows how great literary works have a shaping influence on the world. Witty and insightful, and with a preface by John Crace, this book belongs on the shelves of all good, bragging Brexiteers and many diehard Remoaners too.
SA01-474 David Jones on Religion, Politics, and Culture: Unpublished Prose
  Thomas Berenato/ 9781474274135/ Price:£ 130.00
GA01-206 Books to Film: Cinematic Adaptations of Literary Works (Volume 1)
  / 9781410338426/ Price:US$ 226.00
Book Cover Books to Film will cover literary adaptations in four main categories: Classic Literature; Contemporary bestsellers and popular fiction; nonfiction, encompassing biography, true crime, history, and memoirs; and children’s and young adult literature. Sidebars will highlight people, such as authors, film directors, screenwriters, actors, producers, who are particularly identified with adaptation or a particular work. Features and Benefits •A-Z arrangement, including sidebar/portfolio feature on 25-30 subjects. •Illustrations. •Indexes for Title (including alterative titles), people (director, key cast, author, screenwriter), subjects. •Glossary of terms. •Each entry will be approximately 2,000 words and include a Bibliography, Further Reading, and a Related Viewing list, as well as Study/Discussion questions to spark further exploration of the works and processes presented. •Photos will accompany every entry and sidebar. •Possibly book dust covers and movie posters to show the differences in how the book and movie were marketed. •Some portrait style images of important people who were part of the process of adapting the works (directors, actors, screenwriters, producers).
GA01-204-6 Diaries and Travel Journals of Ernest Satow, Volume 6: 1900-1903; Japan, Europe & China
  Shinichi Miyazawa/ 9789814591157/ Price:US$ 300.00
Book Cover ir Ernest Mason Satow (1843-1929) was a legendary British diplomat, a key figure in East Asia and Anglo-Japanese and -Chinese relations, particularly in Bakumatsu (1853-1867) and Meiji Era Japan, and in China after the Boxer Rebellion. He also served in Siam (present-day Thailand), Uruguay, and Morocco, and represented Britain at the Second Hague Peace Conference in 1907. This transcribed and annotated collection is based on the microfilm copies from the UK National Archives, consisting of Satow s diaries and travel journals that cover a period of over forty-five years (1861-1906). Volume 6 covers the period of 1900-1903 he spent in Japan (January-May 1900), Europe (stopping by North America) (May September 1900; January-June 1903), China (September 1900-December 1902; August December 1903), and other parts of Asia (mainly India and Myanmar) (June-August 1903).
GA01-204-5 Diaries and Travel Journals of Ernest Satow, Volume 5: 1895-1899; Morocco, Europe & Japan
  Miyazawa, Shinichi/ 9789814591140/ Price:US$ 300.00
Volume 5 covers the period of 1895–1899 he spent in Morocco (January–May 1895), Europe (stopping by North America) (May–July 1895; May–November 1897), and Japan (July 1895–May 1897; November 1897–December 1899).
Power And Probity In A DC Cooperative: The Life and Death of Sursum Corda
  John C Hirsh/ 9780998643380/ Price:US$ 26.00
Book Cover This book recounts in detail the negotiations, internal and external struggles, and the outcome of an attempt by HUD, the City of Washington, and several developers to acquire a Washington, D.C. apartment complex known as Sursum Corda. The book begins with an account of a particularly horrific murder that took place in Sursum Corda in 2004, and shows how it was used, in the press and elsewhere, to attack the Community as a whole, and to use it as a reason that the Community should be disbanded, and the land on which it stood be dedicated to other purposes. It proceeds as a journal, kept intermittently between 2005 and 2017, by Professor John C. Hirsh of Georgetown University, who during that period directed an undergraduate tutorial program there in which Georgetown undergraduates travelled twice a week to instruct the K-6 children who live at Sursum Corda in the Language Arts, primarily in reading and writing. Because of his long association with the community he was appointed a non-voting (because non-resident) member of the Board that directs the Community affairs, as was his former student and friend Shiv Newaldass, a Georgetown graduate, whose family has long lived there.
Onyx Moon: Poems
  J. H. Beall/ 9780999557228/ Price:US$ 24.00
Book Cover Onyx Moon is the recipient of the 2018 William Meredith Foundation Award for Poetry. The Foundation was established in memory of poet William Meredith. As part of his long and distinguished career, from 1978 to 1980 Meredith was Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress, the position which in 1985 became the post of Poet Laureate of the United States of America.
The Astrologer's Sparrow: Poems
  Panna Naik/ 9781732698819/ Price:US$ 20.00
Poetry in the Americas: A Poet’s Voice from India in the United States of America. In an interview, Panna Naik writes: “… while my life in the United States seemed to be full of activity, my life within was terribly lonely. When I met and heard Anne Sexton…the sincerity and transparency in her poems did magic to my inner world. She inspired me to write about myself and give a voice to women around me.” As she interweaves her experiences and the experiences of women around her in India and the USA, Panna Naik uses imagery and symbols from the world of nature that she remembers from India as well as the imagery and symbols from the world of nature, which she encounters in the United States. Panna’s poetic expressions of nature as well as of human experiences from both worlds work extremely well within the intellectual and emotional poetic traditions of both worlds, of India and of the United States of America.
What Gypsies Don' t Know: A Collection of Poems
  Natalie Lobe/ 9780999557266/ Price:US$ 20.00
Book Cover Lobe’s poems span a wide range of events from her personal life, and offer reflections on biblical stories, her children, her reading and her travels, turning every day observations into metaphors that reveal the world in a new light.
WA227 香山散記
  林永喜著/ 9789869492607/ Price:NT$ 430.00
Book Cover 近常追憶,早期文稿。年少習作,初中作文。得甲上上,前後三篇。高中大學,習作古詩。師評佳作,四十餘首。出國留學,筆記不少。學術研究,著作逾百。演講文稿,數拾餘篇。外國學者,專訪八篇。平時著述,兩百餘篇。這些文稿,均置書櫃。三十年前,二樓漏水。浸漬書櫥,毫無察覺。白蟻孳生,暗築蟻窩。書籍文稿,數百餘冊。出國回來,全成蟻糧。疼惜之餘,效佛施食。得此轉念,乃得寬心。 次女嘻笑,用功不勤。書稿長蟻,惛然不覺。錯在怠忽,怎可怪蟻。理應用功,彌補前失。女兒之言,甚有道理。從那時起,惜陰勤讀。所思所學,隨時記錄。存放鐵櫃,以保安全。雜亂堆積,字已褪色。若不整理,恐又消失。 老邁空思,休閒閱讀。常念往昔,平凡之美。興來思往,翻閱舊稿。仍覺有趣,內人甚愛。鼓勵整理,所有舊稿。望能出版,以免散失。為如她願,讀書之餘。陸續整理,分冊印行。一得之愚,留與後輩。啟迪子孫,力行正道。稍盡棉薄,無愧此生。 這些文稿,散存甚久。原來出處,很難詳查。抄錄有之,翻譯有之。愚得有之,空思有之。授課有之,閒談有之。感傷有之,勸勉有之。追憶溫故,敝帚自珍。不是專著,只是隨筆。體力若可,陸續整理。追憶自悟,真愜意也!雪泥鴻爪,聊誌平生!
VSA01-002 The Shakespearean World
  Levenson, Jill L./ 9780415732529/ Price:£ 190.00
Book Cover The Shakespearean World takes a global view of Shakespeare and his works, especially their afterlives. Constantly changing, the Shakespeare central to this volume has acquired an array of meanings over the past four centuries. "Shakespeare" signifies the historical person, as well as the plays and verse attributed to him. It also signifies the attitudes towards both author and works determined by their receptions. Throughout the book, specialists aim to situate Shakespeare’s world and what the world is because of him. In adopting a global perspective, the volume arranges thirty-six chapters in five parts: •Shakespeare on stage internationally since the late seventeenth century; •Shakespeare on film throughout the world; •Shakespeare in the arts beyond drama and performance; •Shakespeare in everyday life; •Shakespeare and critical practice. Through its coverage, The Shakespearean World offers a comprehensive transhistorical and international view of the ways this Shakespeare has not only influenced but has also been influenced by diverse cultures during 400 years of performance, adaptation, criticism, and citation. While each chapter is a freshly conceived introduction to a significant topic, all of the chapters move beyond the level of survey, suggesting new directions in Shakespeare studies – such as ecology, tourism, and new media – and making substantial contributions to the field. This volume is an essential resource for all those studying Shakespeare, from beginners to advanced specialists.
VSA01-002 The Routledge Handbook of Literature and Space
  Robert T. Tally Jr./ 9781138816350/ Price:£ 200.00
Book Cover The "spatial turn" in literary studies is transforming the way we think of the field. The Routledge Handbook of Literature and Space maps the key areas of spatiality within literary studies, offering a comprehensive overview but also pointing towards new and exciting directions of study. The interdisciplinary and global approach provides a thorough introduction and includes thirty-two essays on topics such as: •Spatial theory and practice •Critical methodologies •Work sites •Cities and the geography of urban experience •Maps, territories, readings. The contributors to this volume demonstrate how a variety of romantic, realist, modernist, and postmodernist narratives represent the changing social spaces of their world, and of our own world system today.
VSA01-002 The Routledge Handbook of Shakespeare and Memory
  Hiscock, Andrew/ 9781138816763/ Price:£ 180.00
Book Cover The Routledge Handbook of Shakespeare and Memory introduces this vibrant field of study to students and scholars, whilst defining and extending critical debates in the area. The book begins with a series of "Critical Introductions" offering an overview of memory in particular areas of Shakespeare such as theatre, print culture, visual arts, post-colonial adaptation and new media. These essays both introduce the topic but also explore specific areas such as the way in which Shakespeare’s representation in the visual arts created a national and then a global poet. The entries then develop into more specific studies of the genre of Shakespeare, with sections on Tragedy, History, Comedy and Poetry, which include insightful readings of specific key plays. The book ends with a state of the art review of the area, charting major contributions to the debate, and illuminating areas for further study. The international range of contributors explore the nature of memory in religious, political, emotional and economic terms which are not only relevant to Shakespearean times, but to the way we think and read now.
VSA01-002 The Routledge Companion to Inter-American Studies
  Raussert, Wilfried/ 9781138184671/ Price:£ 200.00
Book Cover An essential overview of this blossoming field, The Routledge Companion to Inter-American Studies is the first collection to draw together the diverse approaches and perspectives on the field, highlighting the importance of Inter-American Studies as it is practiced today. Including contributions from canonical figures in the field as well as a younger generation of scholars, reflecting the foundation and emergence of the field and establishing links between older and newer methodologies, this Companion covers: •Theoretical reflections •Colonial and historical perspectives •Cultural and political intersections •Border discourses •Sites and mobilities •Literary and linguistic perspectives •Area studies, global studies, and postnational studies •Phenomena of transfer, interconnectedness, power asymmetry, and transversality within the Americas.
VSA01-001 The Routledge International Handbook on Narrative and Life History
  Goodson, Ivor/ 9781138784291/ Price:£ 200.00
Book Cover In recent decades, there has been a substantial turn towards narrative and life history study. The embrace of narrative and life history work has accompanied the move to postmodernism and post-structuralism across a wide range of disciplines: sociological studies, gender studies, cultural studies, social history; literary theory; and, most recently, psychology. Written by leading international scholars from the main contributing perspectives and disciplines, The Routledge International Handbook on Narrative and Life History seeks to capture the range and scope as well as the considerable complexity of the field of narrative study and life history work by situating these fields of study within the historical and contemporary context. Topics covered include: •The historical emergences of life history and narrative study •Techniques for conducting life history and narrative study •Identity and politics •Generational history •Social and psycho-social approaches to narrative history With chapters from expert contributors, this volume will prove a comprehensive and authoritative resource to students, researchers and educators interested in narrative theory, analysis and interpretation.
VSA01-001 The Postcolonial World
  Singh, Jyotsna G./ 9781138778078/ Price:£ 200.00
Book Cover The Postcolonial World presents an overview of the field and extends critical debate in exciting new directions. It provides an important and timely reappraisal of postcolonialism as an aesthetic, political, and historical movement, and of postcolonial studies as a multidisciplinary, transcultural field. Essays map the terrain of the postcolonial as a global phenomenon at the intersection of several disciplinary inquiries. Framed by an introductory chapter and a concluding essay, the eight sections examine: •Affective, Postcolonial Histories •Postcolonial Desires •Religious Imaginings •Postcolonial Geographies and Spatial Practices •Human Rights and Postcolonial Conflicts •Postcolonial Cultures and Digital Humanities •Ecocritical Inquiries in Postcolonial Studies •Postcolonialism versus Neoliberalism The Postcolonial World looks afresh at re-emerging conditions of postcoloniality in the twenty-first century and draws on a wide range of representational strategies, cultural practices, material forms, and affective affiliations. The volume is an essential reading for scholars and students of postcolonialism.
VA01-155 Ideological Messaging and the Role of Political Literature
  Onder Cakirtas/ 9781522523918/ Price:US$ 175.00
Book Cover There are many avenues for displaying political agendas, with a prominent one being literature. Through literature, the voices of political parties and ideals can enlighten those in the present, and can even be preserved for centuries to come. Ideological Messaging and the Role of Political Literature provides a detailed study of how contemporary political messages are portrayed and interpreted via the written word. Featuring relevant coverage on topics such as literary production, women in politics, identity, and travel politics, this publication is an in-depth analysis that is suitable for academicians, students, professionals, and researchers that are interested in discovering more about political messages and their effects on society. Topics Covered •Communist Ideology •Early Modern English •Language •Literary Productions •Predator Politics •Travel Politics •War Narratives •Women's Poetry
VA01-154 J. R. R. Tolkien, 4-Vols/Set.
  Lee, Stuart/ 9781138889774/ Price:£ 1035.00
Book Cover J. R. R. Tolkien (1892–1973) is widely regarded as one of the most important writers of the twentieth century. His popularity began with the publication in 1937 of The Hobbit, and was cemented by the appearance of The Lord of the Rings in the early 1950s. However, engagement with his work was until relatively recently sidelined by literary and other scholars. Consequently, many foundational analyses of his fiction, and his work as a medievalist, are dispersed in hard-to-find monographs and obscure journals (often produced by dedicated amateurs). In contrast, over the last decade or so, academic interest in Tolkien has risen dramatically. Indeed, interpretative and critical commentary is now being generated on a bewildering scale, in part aided by the continuing posthumous publication of his work (most recently, his Beowulftranslation which appeared in 2014). The dizzying quantity—and variable quality—of this later criticism makes it difficult to discriminate the useful from the tendentious, superficial, and otiose. Now, in four volumes, a new collection from Routledge’s Critical Assessments of Major Writers series meets the need for an authoritative reference work to collect early evaluations and to make sense of the more recent explosion in research output. Users are now able easily and rapidly to locate the best and most influential critical assessments. With material gathered into one easy-to-use set, Tolkien researchers and students can now spend more of their time with the key journal articles, book chapters, and other pieces, rather than on time-consuming (and sometimes fruitless) archival searches.
VA01-152 Indian Travel Writing, 1830-1947, 5-Vols/Set.
  Nayar, Pramod K./ 9781138811171/ Price:£ 1035.00
Book Cover Indian Travel Writing is a new five-volume collection co-published by Routledge and Edition Synapse. Hitherto, the paucity of readily available travel writing produced by imperial subjects themselves has long been apparent, and this anthology addresses that lack. A veritable treasure-trove, it brings together scarce documents which are currently widely dispersed or very difficult for scholars, researchers, and students across the globe to locate and use. The collection confirms the deeply cosmopolitan sensibility possessed by many Indian travellers, and their narratives provide insightful contemporary critiques of the British Empire and of Euro-American culture more generally. The gathered works often exhibit considerable expertise in local cuisine, politics, and poetry, as well as a keen interest in political theory, human rights, and class conflict. Beyond Britain, continental Europe, and the USA, the collection also includes writing by Indians who travelled to Russia, China, the Far East, Australia, and Africa. Indian Travel Writing draws on the narratives of a diverse range of writers, including Indian princes, statesmen, lawyers, reformers, sportsmen, artists and curators, politicians, and merchants. Each piece is reproduced in facsimile, giving users a strong sense of immediacy to the texts and permitting citation to the original pagination. The collection will be particularly welcomed by historians and those working in colonial-discourse studies. It will also be of interest to anthropologists and literary scholars. Each volume is supplemented by a substantial introduction, newly written by the editor, Pramod K. Nayar. The collection also includes a detailed appendix providing data on the provenance of the gathered materials.
SA01-460 Methods and Materials of Literary Criticism: An overview.
  Frey, James/ 9781682503522/ Price:US$ 145.00
Book Cover Literary criticism is the evaluation, analysis, description, or interpretation of literary works. It is usually in the form of a critical essay, but in-depth book reviews can sometimes be considered literary criticism. Criticism may examine a particular literary work, or may look at an author’s writings as a whole. Finding literary criticism can be challenging. The functions of literary criticism vary widely, ranging from the reviewing of books as they are published to systematic theoretical discussion.
SA01-460 English Literary Criticism and Theory.
  Carle, Eoin/ 9781682503591/ Price:US$ 145.00
Book Cover English literature is hundreds of years old and continues to be one of the most popular courses of study in high schools and universities around the world. Learn about what defines English literature and a few of its greatest writers. English literature is the study of literature written in the English language. Literary criticism is the study, evaluation, and interpretation of literature. Modern literary criticism is often influenced by literary theory, which is the philosophical discussion of literature’s goals and methods. Though the two activities are closely related, literary critics are not always, and have not always been, theorists. This incredibly useful book offers an introduction to the history of literary criticism and theory from ancient Greece to the present.
GA01-205 Supernatural Literature, 3-Vols/Set.
  / 9781410339058/ Price:US$ 538.00
Book Cover The presence of the supernatural in literature has been used to make social commentary, to establish cultural identity, to explore class or gender roles, and much more. From ghosts to vampires, stories about the supernatural have been passed down through English literature and continue to fascinate modern readers. Supernatural Literature will provide thorough coverage of the literature of the supernatural across the canon, covering such works as Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Supernatural Literature provides students with an essential guide to critical works, including both classic works and more popular, contemporary works that appeal to students. Scholarly treatment of contemporary works can be particularly difficult to uncover, and the combination of the classic and contemporary, with opportunities to compare works across the spectrum, makes this title a vital resource for both students and scholars. Features and Benefits •The set includes 300 entries; each entry includes an overview of the work, an examination of the work’s historical/literary context and themes and style, a critical discussion, and a bibliography. •The set has an international scope, including works from over 40 countries. •Works covered include classic and contemporary texts from the ancient world to the present. •300 mostly full-color photos and illustrations highlight the text. •200 sidebars highlight key figures, historical events, and other relevant data. •100 primary source text excerpts enhance the entry by providing the reader a small, but important, piece of the work being discussed. •Set includes a subject, author, and title index.
GA01-204-4 Diaries and Travel Journals of Ernest Satow, Volume 4: 1889-1894; Europe, Uruguay & Morocco
  Miyazawa, Shinichi/ 9789814591133/ Price:US$ 300.00
Book Cover Volume 4 covers the period of 1889–1894 he spent in Europe (January–April 1889; October 1891–January 1892; July–August 1893), Uruguay (May 1889–September 1891; February 1892–June 1893), and Morocco (August 1893–December 1894).
Amy's Story: A Novel
  Anna Lawton/ 9780997496208/ Price:US$ 28.00
Book Cover After Elena Ferrante, another powerful Italian voice emerges to tell us a tale of immigration with two strong women characters at its center. Amy’s Story unfolds on the background of American history, from the late 60’s up until 2011, and takes us through the timeline of how Italian-native Amy, full name America, creates her success story. Amy experiences love, heartbreak, friendship, obstacles, success, and more as she moves from Italy to New York City to live near her American father. Following in her father’s footsteps, Amy becomes a successful publisher. Her story is intertwined with Stella, her childhood friend, whose unfinished memoir she intends to publish. As Amy edits the manuscript, Stella’s life is revealed as she also leaves Italy with her American lover Jim, a heartthrob who conceals his sensitive nature under a bravado facade.
The Curse Of The Aztec Dummu: A Nebraskan Chronicle
  Sabrina P. Ramet/ 9780998643311/ Price:US$ 24.00
Book Cover
Is The Moon The Center Of The Universe?: A Reassessment of Many Things in Humorous Verse
  Sabrina P. Ramet/ 9780998147796/ Price:US$ 24.00
Is the Moon the Center of the Universe? is a collection of mostly humorous verse rooted in an appreciation of the absurd and the ridiculous. A few of the verses take their cue from real persons, such as “The secret history of Duncan MacDougall”, who hoped to prove the existence of the soul by weighing dying patients just before and just after death, or “Mad Anthony Wayne”, a verse very loosely based on the life of an officer in the American Revolutionary Army, or again “Church-run brothels”, which actually existed in the 1300s and 1400s. Most of the verses are, however, pure fiction. These range from the play on astronomers’ notion that “The universe is expanding” to suggest that my neighbor’s house is, by that virtue, gradually moving away from mine, to the kleptomaniac in “In the confessional”, who confesses to the priest that he has stolen the church’s altar, to the playful “On Dumpledy-Down”, to the paranoid ravings of “Should I be concerned”, in which the speaker worries about neighbors having plastic surgery so that they can look just like him. A few of the verses in the collection were inspired by news stories, such as the verse “Don’t you be sexing, here in Uganda”. Several of them are set to well-known tunes such as “Deck the halls with boughs of fungus”, “Yo-ho yo, a professor’s life for me”, “Father Christmas and Mr. Holly” (set to the tune of “God rest ye merry gentlemen”), “Dental work in Tijuana” (set to the tune of “White Christmas”), and “Gonna ride the big one soon” (set to the tune of “Dream a little dream of me”). Whether you are wondering if your mother is a virgin or looking for life on golf balls on one of Jupiter’s moons or wanting to catch your neighbor in the act of worshiping your dog, this collection packs in enough hilarious lunacy to send any reader into paroxysms of laughter.
Inside Outside: Poems
  Sue Silver/ 9780998643304/ Price:US$ 20.00
Book Cover NSIDE OUTSIDE is a composite of reflections and views of the natural word, inspired by the author’s spiritual practice. As an outdoor woman, some of her poems reflect this physical energy. As a medical practitioner, hospital experiences are reported via poetry. Childhood, which informs all of our lives, is also documented here in episodic poems.
No Barking in the Hallways: Poems from the Classroom
  Ann Bracken/ 9780998147703/ Price:US$ 20.00
Book Cover No Barking in the Hallways: Poems from the Classroom, offers readers a window into the stories of teachers and students as they struggle to be successful in our test-obsessed culture. "Frankly, there isn't anyone you couldn't learn to love once you've heard their story.” Those words of the beloved Fred Rogers, star of the long-running PBS children’s show Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, serve as the catalyst for the narrative poems that detail the author’s experiences as a teacher. The reader will discover some of the emotional baggage that many adolescents carry, baggage that interferes with their ability to focus and to learn in school, and will find out what’s actually happening in today’s public school classrooms. Readers will encounter many people to cheer for and many “reforms” that deserve questioning when they meet the students and teachers of No Barking in the Hallways.
Orwell's Nose: A Pathological Biography
  John Sutherland/ 9781780238265/ Price:£ 9.99
Book Cover In 2012 John Sutherland permanently lost his sense of smell. At about the same time he embarked on a re-reading of George Orwell’s works, and his lack of olfactory sense cast an entirely new light on the re-evaluation. What he now noticed was just how acutely attuned to scent Orwell was: rich descriptions of odours, fetors and reeks occur throughout his works, from Winston Smith’s apartment building in Nineteen Eighty-Four: ‘The hallway smelt of boiled cabbage and old rag mats’, to John Flory’s concubine Ma Hla May in Burmese Days: ‘A mingled scent of sandalwood, garlic, coconut oil and the jasmine in her hair floated from her.’ Orwell’s Nose, now available in paperback, is an original and imaginative account of the life and work of George Orwell, exploring the ‘scent narratives’ that abound in Orwell’s fiction and non-fiction. Along the way the author elucidates questions that remain unanswered in previous biographies, and addresses gaps in the evidence of the writer’s life and legacy. This illuminating and irreverent book provides a new understanding of one of our most iconic and influential writers.
WA226 香山居雜詠
  林永喜著/ 9789869115490/ Price:NT$ 300.00
Book Cover 生在農家,一切安祥。童年活潑,父母愛護。祖父母在,兄弟妹合。全家和樂,親愛歡心。慈祥祖母,特別疼惜。童時幸福,美事盛多。田產失後,家庭漸貧。祖父生病,祖母繼之。求醫買藥,家境日窮。賒欠慢還,親朋疏遠。余家助者,亦多避之。真誠不多,少有往來。常被冷眼,羞辱貧窮。人間冷暖,於此察知。無怨無尤,平常視之。解困之途,只求諸己。家人合作,努力營生。堅強面對,大小同心。兄弟妹長,各有專攻。工作積極,各展所長。數年以來,貧窮遠離。親朋多返,往來亦多。人間世故,由此可知。知足即富,不要貪求。如有機會,更當助人。貧富不一,人格同等。互助互敬,親和待人。 回憶往昔,察之今日。余生到今,碰撞繁多。貧窮小孩,六歲放牛。七八除草,種菜養豬。需幫農務,無法入學。延至十二,才入小學。小五上半,因窮輟學。隻身來北,同叔作工。童工微資,成人一半。省吃助家,又想升學。中斷兩年,有志竟成。同等學歷,考上初中。成績優良,直升高中。全額獎金,完成學業。半工半讀,師大夜間。修習教育,五載畢業。窮困小孩,毫無背景。恩師栽培,介至師專。任職助教,校長照顧。教育行政,甲考特優。數拾取一,有幸得中。兩度留學,教育專攻。教育科哲,雙科博士。專任教授,系所主任。選為校長,一任三年。從事教育,與世無爭。有教無類,堅守熱心。為人處事,盡心盡力。俯仰無愧,安然清心。吾生至今,七十有九。苦樂參半,堅強度過。問心無愧,無怨無悔。家庭和樂,倍感溫心。知友甚多,更是歡欣。互相切磋,啟迪長進。常能同歡,小酌怡情。有此生活,必須感恩。
VSA01-001 Routledge Handbook of Modern Japanese Literature
  Hutchinson, Rachael/ 9781138792296/ Price:£ 200.00
Book Cover The Routledge Handbook of Modern Japanese Literature provides a comprehensive overview of how we study Japanese literature today. Rather than taking a purely chronological approach to the content, the chapters survey the state of the field through a number of pressing issues and themes, examining the ways in which it is possible to read modern Japanese literature and situate it in relation to critical theory. The Handbook examines various modes of literary production (such as fiction, poetry, and critical essays) as distinct forms of expression that nonetheless are closely interrelated. Attention is drawn to the idea of the bunjin as a ‘person of letters’ and a more realistic assessment is provided of how writers have engaged with ideas – not labelled a ‘novelist’ or ‘poet’, but a ‘writer’ who may at one time or another choose to write in various forms. The book provides an overview of major authors and genres by situating them within broader themes that have defined the way writers have produced literature in modern Japan, as well as how those works have been read and understood by different readers in different time periods. The Routledge Handbook of Modern Japanese Literature draws from an international array of established experts in the field as well as promising young researchers. It represents a wide variety of critical approaches, giving the study a broad range of perspectives. This handbook will be of interest to students and scholars of Asian Studies, Literature, Sociology, Critical Theory, and History.
VSA01-001 The Routledge Companion to Literature and Religion
  Knight, Mark/ 9780415834056/ Price:£ 200.00
Book Cover This unique and comprehensive volume looks at the study of literature and religion from a contemporary critical perspective. Including discussion of global literature and world religions, this Companion looks at: •Key moments in the story of religion and literary studies from Matthew Arnold through to the impact of 9/11 •A variety of theoretical approaches to the study of religion and literature •Different ways that religion and literature are connected from overtly religious writing, to subtle religious readings •Analysis of key sacred texts and the way they have been studied, re-written, and questioned by literature •Political implications of work on religion and literature Thoroughly introduced and contextualised, this volume is an engaging introduction to this huge and complex field.
VSA01-001 The Routledge Companion to Literature and Human Rights.
  McClennen, Sophia A./ 9780415736411/ Price:£ 200.00
Book Cover The Routledge Companion to Literature and Human Rights provides a comprehensive, transnational, and interdisciplinary map to this emerging field, offering a broad overview of human rights and literature while providing innovative readings on key topics. The first of its kind, this volume covers essential issues and themes, necessarily crossing disciplines between the social sciences and humanities. Sections cover: •subjects, with pieces on subjectivity, humanity, identity, gender, universality, the particular, the body •forms, visiting the different ways human rights stories are crafted and formed via the literary, the visual, the performative, and the oral •contexts, tracing the development of the literature over time and in relation to specific regions and historical events •impacts, considering the power and limits of human rights literature, rhetoric, and visual culture Drawn from many different global contexts, the essays offer an ideal introduction for those approaching the study of literature and human rights for the first time, looking for new insights and interdisciplinary perspectives, or interested in new directions for future scholarship.
VSA01-001 The Routledge Companion to Native American Literature.
  Madsen, Deborah/ 9781138020603/ Price:£ 200.00
Book Cover The Routledge Companion to Native American Literature engages the multiple scenes of tension — historical, political, cultural, and aesthetic — that constitutes a problematic legacy in terms of community identity, ethnicity, gender and sexuality, language, and sovereignty in the study of Native American literature. This important and timely addition to the field provides context for issues that enter into Native American literary texts through allusions, references, and language use. The volume presents over forty essays by leading and emerging international scholars and analyses: • regional, cultural, racial and sexual identities in Native American literature • key historical moments from the earliest period of colonial contact to the present • worldviews in relation to issues such as health, spirituality, animals, and physical environments • traditions of cultural creation that are key to understanding the styles, allusions, and language of Native American Literature • the impact of differing literary forms of Native American literature. This collection provides a map of the critical issues central to the discipline, as well as uncovering new perspectives and new directions for the development of the field. It supports academic study and also assists general readers who require a comprehensive yet manageable introduction to the contexts essential to approaching Native American Literature. It is essential reading for anyone interested in the past, present and future of this literary culture.
VSA01-001 The Routledge Companion to Travel Writing.
  Thompson, Carl/ 9780415825245/ Price:£ 200.00
Book Cover As many places around the world confront issues of globalization, migration and postcoloniality, travel writing has become a serious genre of study, reflecting some of the greatest concerns of our time. Encompassing forms as diverse as field journals, investigative reports, guidebooks, memoirs, comic sketches and lyrical reveries; travel writing is now a crucial focus for discussion across many subjects within the humanities and social sciences. An ideal starting point for beginners, but also offering new perspectives for those familiar with the field, The Routledge Companion to Travel Writing examines: • Key debates within the field, including postcolonial studies, gender, sexuality and visual culture • Historical and cultural contexts, tracing the evolution of travel writing across time and over cultures • Different styles, modes and themes of travel writing, from pilgrimage to tourism • Imagined geographies, and the relationship between travel writing and the social, ideological and occasionally fictional constructs through which we view the different regions of the world. Covering all of the major topics and debates, this is an essential overview of the field, which will also encourage new and exciting directions for study.
SA01-483 Love Lessons
  Jacqueline Wilson/ 9780552553520/ Price:£ 6.99
SA01-464 Counsel for Kings: Wisdom and Politics in Tenth Century Iran, 2-Vols/Set. (9780748696901+9780748696987)
  Marlow, L./ 9780748697564/ Price:£ 140.00
GA01-204-3 Diaries and Travel Journals of Ernest Satow, Volume 3: 1883-1888; Siam, Japan & Europe
  Miyazawa, Shinichi/ 9789814591126/ Price:US$ 300.00
Book Cover Volume 3 covers the period of 1883-1888 he spent in Europe (January 1883-January 1884; June 1887-December 1888) and Siam (February 1884-May 1887). During his years in Siam he had also made two short trips to Japan during October-November 1884 and June-September 1886.
GA01-204-2 Diaries and Travel Journals of Ernest Satow, Volume 2: 1873-1882; Japan & Europe.
  Miyazawa, Shinichi/ 9789814591119/ Price:US$ 300.00
Book Cover Sir Ernest Mason Satow (1843-1929) was a legendary British diplomat, a key figure in East Asia and Anglo-Japanese/Chinese relations, particularly in Bakumatsu(1853-1867) and Meiji Era (1868-1912) Japan, and in China after the Boxer Rebellion(1900-1906). He also served in Siam (present-day Thailand), Uruguay, and Morocco, and represented Britain at the Second Hague Peace Conference in 1907. This transcribed and annotated collection consists of Satow's diaries and travel journals that cover a period of over forty-five years (1861 to 1906). Volume 2 covers the period of 1873–1882 he spent in Japan (January 1873–October 1874; and January 1877–December 1882) and Europe (July 1875–December 1876).
At The End Of The Self-Help Rope: Poems
  Ed Zahniser/ 9780996648448/ Price:US$ 20.00
Book Cover These poems often rhyme in varied schemes with varied metrical patterns. Their language ricochets between the literary and formal and the casual and colloquial. This collection springs from long attention to a range of American poets, from Ezra Pound, confessional poets, New York School poets, and contemporaries such as the late Frank Stanford, Olena Kalytiak Davis, Matthew Rohrer, Lucia Perillo, Dean Young, Maureen Seaton, and Barbara Hamby. Beyond American and British traditions, this book manifests roots in contrarian poetry of ancient China and ecstatic religious poetry of medieval Persia and India. It springs from long attention to a range of American poets, from Ezra Pound, the confessional poets, and New York School poets, through contemporaries
Mass For Nanking's 1937: Synchronizing Musics and Tonal Rhyming onto Poetry
  Wing-chi Chan/ 9780986435393/ Price:US$ 24.00
Book Cover
Amy's Story: A Novel
  Anna Lawton/ 9780997496215/ Price:US$ 22.00
Book Cover After Elena Ferrante, another powerful Italian voice emerges to tell us a tale of immigration with two strong women characters at its center. Amy’s Story unfolds on the background of American history, from the late 60’s up until 2011, and takes us through the timeline of how Italian-native Amy, full name America, creates her success story. Amy experiences love, heartbreak, friendship, obstacles, success, and more as she moves from Italy to New York City to live near her American father. Following in her father’s footsteps, Amy becomes a successful publisher. Her story is intertwined with Stella, her childhood friend, whose unfinished memoir she intends to publish. As Amy edits the manuscript, Stella’s life is revealed as she also leaves Italy with her American lover Jim, a heartthrob who conceals his sensitive nature under a bravado facade.
VSA01-001 The Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Jewish Cultures.
  Valman, Nadia/ 9780415473781/ Price:£ 180.00
Book Cover The Routledge Handbook to Contemporary Jewish Cultures explores the diversity of Jewish cultures and ways of investigating them, presenting the different methodologies, arguments and challenges within the discipline. Divided into themed sections, this book considers in turn: •How the individual terms "Jewish" and "culture" are defined, looking at perspectives from Anthropology, Music, Literary Studies, Sociology, •Religious Studies, History, Art History, and Film, Television, and New Media Studies. •How Jewish cultures are theorized, looking at key themes regarding power, textuality, religion/secularity, memory, bodies, space and place, and networks. Case studies in contemporary Jewish cultures. With essays by leading scholars in Jewish culture, this book offers a clear overview of the field and offers exciting new directions for the future.
VSA01-001 The Routledge Companion to Experimental Literature.
  Bray, Joe/ 9781138797383/ Price:£ 42.99
Book Cover The Routledge Companion to Experimental Literature maps this expansive and multifaceted field, with essays on: •the history of literary experiment from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present •the impact of new media on literature, including multimodal literature, digital fiction and code poetry •the development of experimental genres from graphic narratives and found poetry through to gaming and interactive fiction •experimental movements from Futurism and Surrealism to Postmodernism, Avant-Pop and Flarf. Shedding new light on often critically neglected terrain, the contributors introduce this vibrant area, define its current state, and offer exciting new perspectives on its future. This volume is the ideal introduction for those approaching the study of experimental literature for the first time or looking to further their knowledge.
VSA01-001 The Routledge Companion to Latino/a Literature.
  Bost, Suzanne/ 9781138783133/ Price:£ 42.99
Book Cover Latino/a literature is one of the fastest developing fields in the discipline of literary studies. It represents an identity that is characterized by fluidity and diversity, often explored through divisions formed by language, race, gender, sexuality, and immigration. The Routledge Companion to Latino/a Literature presents over forty essays by leading and emerging international scholars of Latino/a literature and analyses: •Regional, cultural and sexual identities in Latino/a literature •Worldviews and traditions of Latino/a cultural creation •Latino/a literature in different international contexts •The impact of differing literary forms of Latino/a literature •The politics of canon formation in Latino/a literature. This collection provides a map of the critical issues central to the discipline, as well as uncovering new perspectives and new directions for the development of the field. It is essential reading for anyone interested in the past, present and future of this literary culture.
VSA01-001 The Fin-De-Siecle World.
  Saler, Michael/ 9780415674133/ Price:£ 205.00
Book Cover This comprehensive and beautifully illustrated collection of essays conveys a vivid picture of a fascinating and hugely significant period in history, the Fin de Siecle. Featuring contributions from over forty international scholars, this book takes a thematic approach to a period of huge upheaval across all walks of life, and is truly innovative in examining the Fin de Siecle from a global perspective. The volume includes pathbreaking essays on how the period was experienced not only in Europe and North America, but also in China, Japan, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, India, and elsewhere across the globe. Thematic topics covered include new concepts of time and space, globalization, the city, and new political movements including nationalism, the "New Liberalism", and socialism and communism. The volume also looks at the development of mass media over this period and emerging trends in culture, such as advertising and consumption, film and publishing, as well as the technological and scientific changes that shaped the world at the turn of the nineteenth century, such as the invention of the telephone, new transport systems, eugenics and physics. The Fin-de-Siecle World also considers issues such as selfhood through chapters looking at gender, sexuality, adolescence, race and class, and considers the importance of different religions, both old and new, at the turn of the century. Finally the volume examines significant and emerging trends in art, music and literature alongside movements such as realism and aestheticism. This volume conveys a vivid picture of how politics, religion, popular and artistic culture, social practices and scientific endeavours fitted together in an exciting world of change. It will be invaluable reading for all students and scholars of the Fin-de-Siecle period.
VSA01-001 The Modernist World.
  Ross, Stephen/ 9780415845038/ Price:£ 180.00
Book Cover The Modernist World is an accessible yet cutting edge volume which redraws the boundaries and connections among interdisciplinary and transnational modernisms. The 61 new essays address literature, visual arts, theatre, dance, architecture, music, film, and intellectual currents. The book also examines modernist histories and practices around the globe, including East and Southeast Asia, South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Australia and Oceania, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and the Arab World, as well as the United States and Canada. A detailed introduction provides an overview of the scholarly terrain, and highlights different themes and concerns that emerge in the volume. The Modernist World is essential reading for those new to the subject as well as more advanced scholars in the area – offering clear introductions alongside new and refreshing insights.
SA01-484 A Cup of Sake Beneath the Cherry Trees
  Yoshida Kenko/ 9780141398259/ Price:£ 1.00
SA01-484 The Witnesses
  Linda Byler/ 9781561488223/ Price:US$ 13.99
SA01-480 明清社會歌謠集 <上卷·時事篇> Social Ballads in Period Ming-Qing Volume One
  劉清陽/ 9781312579453/ Price:£ 38.22
SA01-475 Ghost Boy: The Miraculous Escape of a Misdiagnosed Boy Trapped Inside His Own Body-MP3 CD
  Martin Pistorius/ 9781491591789/ Price:US$ 16.99
GA01-204-1 Diaries and Travel Journals of Ernest Satow, Volume 1: 1861-1872; China & Japan.
  Miyazawa, Shinichi/ 9789814591102/ Price:US$ 300.00
Book Cover Sir Ernest Mason Satow (1843-1929) was a legendary British diplomat, a key figure in East Asia and Anglo-Japanese/Chinese relations, particularly in Bakumatsu(1853-1867) and Meiji Era (1868-1912) Japan, and in China after the Boxer Rebellion(1900-1906). He also served in Siam (present-day Thailand), Uruguay, and Morocco, and represented Britain at the Second Hague Peace Conference in 1907. This transcribed and annotated collection consists of Satow's diaries and travel journals that cover a period of over forty-five years (1861 to 1906). Volume 1 covers the period of 1861-1872, including the time he spent in China (January August 1862) and Japan (September 1862-December 1872).
Life Upon the Wicked Stage: A Memoir.
  Cavalieri, Grace/ 9780986435348/ Price:US$ 24.00
Book Cover This book chronicles a career in writing poetry, broadcasting, publishing, teaching, and writing for theater. The book notes important events that have made life so colorful and enjoyable, including anecdotes about the Poets Laureate of the U.S. I’ve interviewed for radio. Memory is not chronological and so neither are the chapters in this memoir, I wish each chapter would be read like a discrete essay, for chronology is not the book’s purpose. I cross back and forth across time to capture the past as it comes to me.
The White Spider in My Hand: Poems.
  James, Sonja/ 9780990693994/ Price:US$ 20.00
Book Cover Sonja James’s The White Spider in My Hand is a collection of postmodern poetry that explores the intensities and nuances of feminist expression. The poems address the subjects of family, the natural world, and contemporary society. The volume contains structured free verse, narratives, lyrics, and poems that are formal in style.
The Altar of Innocence: Poems.
  Bracken, Ann/ 9780990693956/ Price:US$ 22.00
Book Cover The Altar of Innocence is about a mother who is an unfulfilled artist and a daughter who struggles to untangle the web of her mother’s depression, alcoholism, and suicide attempt. As the daughter grows into a woman, she experiences her own confrontation with depression and a crumbling marriage. Deeply dissatisfied with the explanation of depression as a chemical imbalance in the brain, she peers into her own dark night of the soul and undertakes a spiritual journey. In order to finally claim her voice, she must overcome the patriarchy of the mental health system, challenge her treatment options, and navigate an increasingly difficult relationship with her husband. The poems in The Altar of Innocence come from my heart and from the sincere desire to share my journey in the hopes that others may find courage and inspiration.
The Ideological Transformation of 20th Century Chinese Literature, 2-vols/set.
  Xie Mian/ 9781623201227/ Price:US$ 158.00
Book Cover The 20th century was an era of tremendous changes for Chinese society, and these changes shaped the development of Chinese literature as revealed in The Ideological Transformation of 20th Century Chinese Literature. Rulers in the late-Qing dynasty era were subjected to unwilling reforms which saw the abolition of the “eight-legged” essays and the imperial examination as these had notoriously restricted the thinking of the Chinese literati. Shortly after the fall of the Qing, leaders of the New Culture Movement started to promote vernacular literature, stressed the need for a re-examination of the ancient classics, and championed the popularization of Western values. After that, Chinese literature was taken on a completely different trajectory, not only in stylistic terms but also in ideological ones. The Ideological Transformation of 20th Century Chinese Literature is the fruit of poet and critic Xie Mian’s decades-long study of contemporary Chinese literature during his earlier years as a professor at Peking University. Grouped thematically and in accordance with the periods in discussion, this collection of nearly 50 essays provides an integrated examination of the historical backdrop and ideologies that underpinned Chinese literature from the days of the New Culture Movement to the New Era beyond the Cultural Revolution through a mix of microscopic criticisms and macroscopic overviews.
The Ideological Transformation of 20th Century Chinese Literature, Volume 1.
  Xie Mian/ 9781623200268/ Price:US$ 118.00
Book Cover The 20th century was an era of tremendous changes for Chinese society, and these changes shaped the development of Chinese literature as revealed in The Ideological Transformation of 20th Century Chinese Literature. Rulers in the late-Qing dynasty era were subjected to unwilling reforms which saw the abolition of the “eight-legged” essays and the imperial examination as these had notoriously restricted the thinking of the Chinese literati. Shortly after the fall of the Qing, leaders of the New Culture Movement started to promote vernacular literature, stressed the need for a re-examination of the ancient classics, and championed the popularization of Western values. After that, Chinese literature was taken on a completely different trajectory, not only in stylistic terms but also in ideological ones. The Ideological Transformation of 20th Century Chinese Literature is the fruit of poet and critic Xie Mian’s decades-long study of contemporary Chinese literature during his earlier years as a professor at Peking University. Grouped thematically and in accordance with the periods in discussion, this collection of nearly 50 essays provides an integrated examination of the historical backdrop and ideologies that underpinned Chinese literature from the days of the New Culture Movement to the New Era beyond the Cultural Revolution through a mix of microscopic criticisms and macroscopic overviews.
The Hour of the Poem Poem: Poems on Writing.
  Bristol, David/ 9780986435386/ Price:US$ 18.00
Book Cover
VSA01-001 The Routledge Companion to Asian American and Pacific Islander Literature.
  Lee, Rachel C./ 9780415642484/ Price:£ 200.00
Book Cover The Routledge Companion to Asian American and Pacific Islander Literature offers a general introduction as well as a range of critical approaches to this important and expanding field. Divided into three sections, the volume: •Introduces "keywords" connecting the theories, themes and methodologies distinctive to Asian American Literature •Addresses historical periods, geographies and literary identities •Looks at different genre, form and interdisciplinarity With 41 essays from scholars in the field this collection is a comprehensive guide to a significant area of literary study for students and teachers of Ethnic American, Asian diasporic and Pacific Islander Literature.
VSA01 The Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Jewish Cultures
  Roth, Laurence/ 9781138091894/ Price:£ 43.99
Book Cover The Routledge Handbook to Contemporary Jewish Cultures explores the diversity of Jewish cultures and ways of investigating them, presenting the different methodologies, arguments and challenges within the discipline. Divided into themed sections, this book considers in turn: •How the individual terms "Jewish" and "culture" are defined, looking at perspectives from Anthropology, Music, Literary Studies, Sociology, •Religious Studies, History, Art History, and Film, Television, and New Media Studies. •How Jewish cultures are theorized, looking at key themes regarding power, textuality, religion/secularity, memory, bodies, space and place, and networks. Case studies in contemporary Jewish cultures. With essays by leading scholars in Jewish culture, this book offers a clear overview of the field and offers exciting new directions for the future.
SA01-484 To All the Boys I've Loved Before
  Jenny Han/ 9781534438378/ Price:US$ 10.99
SA01-479 The Island of Dr. Moreau
  H.G. Wells/ 9780451468666/ Price:US$ 4.95
SA01-469 Knocking on Heaven's Door: The Path to a Better Way of Death.
  Katy Butler/ 9781451641981/ Price:US$ 18.00
SA01-449 Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage.
  Murakami, Haruki/ 9780804194532/ Price:US$ 26.00
GA01-203 The Academic Knight between East and West - A Biography of Alexander Von Stael-Holstein.
  Wang Qilong/ 9789814510073/ Price:US$ 150.00
Book Cover A legendary pioneer scholar of Asian studies, Alexander von Stael-Holstein (1877–1937) was a German-Baltic aristocrat and an emigre of Czarist Russia displaced by the Bolshevik Revolution. He took up an adjunct teaching position at Peking University and was subsequently a visiting professor at Harvard for the academic year 1928–29 and full professor of Central Asian Studies at Harvard from 1929 till his passing away. Throughout his career, Stael-Holstein repeatedly emphasized the importance of Sanskrit and Tibetan for the reconstruction of ancient Chinese phonetics. A ignification portion of his works consists of translations and omparisons of Buddhist, Sanskrit, and Chinese Buddhist scriptures. The cademic Knight Between East and West is the first and only omprehensive biography on Alexander von Stael-Holstein's life and academic achievements. KEY FEATURES • The first and only biography on Alexander von Stael-Holstein's life and academic achievements • Detailed chronology of a legendary and pioneer scholar of Asian studies • A reference on the importance of Sanskrit and Tibetan in the reconstruction of ancient Chinese phonetics
Canons and Connections: A Network Theory Approach to the Study of Literary Systems with Specific Reference to Afrikaans Poetry.
  Senekal, Burgert A./ 9780990447160/ Price:US$ 24.00
Book Cover The study of literary systems or fields is a well-established approach, particularly in reference to Afrikaans literature. Of course, agents in social systems make their own decisions, but as a whole, decisions about what is considered ‘literature’ are made within the system itself. No single entity can be responsible for a poet’s position in the center of the network: It is through the combined efforts of all role players that works become central or peripheral in the literary system. This study takes a new look at the literary system from the perspective of network theory. It is shown how the literary network shares important topological features with other complex networks, and at the node level, the book discusses who the key players are in the contemporary Afrikaans poetry network from 2000 to 2012, based on degree-, betweenness-, and closeness centrality. It is also shown how an entity's overall position at the core or on the periphery can be established, and through some examples, the book illustrates how the relationships between poets, critics, scholars, publishing houses, newspapers, websites, journals and magazines all contribute to an entity's overall position in the network. As such, the book aims at a more quantitative analysis of a literary system.
Siberian Secrets.
  George, G. K./ 9780990693901/ Price:US$ 26.00
Book Cover Siberian Secrets is the final volume in a trilogy of historical fiction that follows the investigations of Inspector Vasiliev and Sergeant Serov of the Moscow police into the plots to assassinate Alexander II, the pogroms in Kiev and the Siberian exile system.
The Rogue and Other Portuguese Stories.
  Rodrigues, Julieta A./ 9780991504725/ Price:US$ 24.00
Book Cover
Rebmann: A Novel.
  Macgoye,Marjorie M./ 9780991504732/ Price:US$ 26.00
Book Cover Rebmann is a historical novel based on the life of Johannes Rebmann, 1820-76. It is framed in a series of recollections elicited by questions during his retirement journey. The author has been collecting material on this subject for 25 years. With missionary experience herself and lifelong commitment to the Anglican Church, she has been able to draw on the recollections of older colleagues as well as the detailed travel and domestic reports of the subject and his contemporaries. Many documents describe events in Zanzibar and the Sultan’s other dominions. Rebmann never left Africa between his arrival in 1846 and retirement voyage in 1875.
Word: Short Stories.
  Andic, Fuat M./ 9780991504718/ Price:US$ 22.00
Book Cover The book includes seventeen short stories. They all relate to ordinary people whom we see on the street, or walking through the aisles of a supermarket, or waiting in a doctor’s office, or in a hairdresser’s salon. None is extraordinary, none is a hero. Yet, in one way or another, they are faced with either an extraordinary situation or become an extraordinary being, none of which is permanent.
History Of Russia And The Soviet Union in Humorous Verse.
  Ramet, Sabrina P./ 9780990693932/ Price:US$ 22.00
Book Cover
The Man Who Got Away: Poems.
  Cavalieri, Grace/ 9780990447139/ Price:US$ 20.00
Book Cover
VA01-146 U.S. Latino/a Writing, 4-Vols/Set.
  Lee, A. Robert/ 9780415680547/ Price:£ 1135.00
Including the Chicano southwest of California, Texas, Arizona, Colarado, New Mexico, and Nevada, together with the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and its Manhattan offshoot, Spanish Harlem, the Cuban America of Florida, as well as the many smaller communities whose origins lie in Central and South America, and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, Hispanic and Latino Americans are now the largest ethnic minority in the United States. Indeed, the USA is now the second largest Spanish-speaking country in the world. As serious scholarly work on and around the literary output of Hispanic and Latino Americans flourishes as never before, this new four-volume collection, co-published by Routledge and Edition Synapse, meets the need for an authoritative reference work to help users navigate and make sense of the subject’s vast literature and the continuing explosion in research output. US Latino/a Writing is edited by A. Robert Lee, former Professor of American Literature at Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan. His expert selection brings together the best and most influential critical assessments, evaluations, and other scholarship in one easy-to-use ‘mini library’. It also includes a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editor, which places the collected material in its historical and intellectual context, as well as detailed bibliographies and timelines. It is destined to be valued by researchers and students as an essential work of reference.
VA01-145 Elizabeth Barrett Browning, 2-Vols/Set.
  Dawson, Clara/ 9780415507004/ Price:£ 635.00
Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806–61) was the foremost female poet of her day, to the extent that in 1850 she was mooted as a serious candidate for the Poet Laureate. With the publication in 2010 of a definitive five-volume edition of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poetry—the first full scholarly edition in a hundred years—this long-awaited collection on Barrett Browning’s work from Routledge’s acclaimed Critical Heritage series is both timely and desirable. After languishing for most of the twentieth century, critical study of Barrett has flourished over the past thirty years, focusing largely on her importance as both a female—and a political—poet. Particularly after her death in 1861, assessments of Barrett have been bound up with gender politics, and in order to partake fully in this—and other—debates, scholars and students need to be able to consult the key primary materials: the reviews and letters which are currently scattered widely across online databases, archives in Texas and Florence, and in anthologies of letters. This new two-volume set from Routledge brings together a careful selection from the vast number of reviews of Elizabeth Barrett and traces the intersecting issues of Barrett as both a female and a political poet. The collection is organized chronologically, drawing attention to particular trends and changes in Barrett’s reception. As well as her success in Britain, Barrett also became popular in America and Italy, and this Routledge Critical Heritage collection includes sections on her Italian and American reception, including newly translated essays currently available only in Italian.
SA01-489 How to Not Write Bad: The Most Common Writing Problems and the Best Ways to Avoid Them
  Ben Yagoda/ 9781594488481/ Price:US$ 16.00
SA01-476 My Naughty Little Sister Collection
  Dorothy Edwards/ 9781405268158/ Price:£ 8.99
SA01-464 The Color of Magic.
  Pratchett, Terry/ 9780062225672/ Price:US$ 9.99
SA01-464 The Spectacular Now.
  Tharp, Tim/ 9780385754309/ Price:US$ 9.99
SA01-464 Snitch.
  Allison van Diepen/ 9781442481657/ Price:US$ 11.99
SA01-461 The Unwords: Exposing The Dishonest Language of a Culture in Decline.
  Nomen, Non/ 9789963746712/ Price:US$ 17.99
SA01-461 Teenage Dirtbag.
  Montemurro, Rebecca/ 9781500650704/ Price:US$ 12.99
SA01-437 Fast Times at Fairmont High.(MP3-CD)
  Vinge, Vernor/ 9781469281254/ Price:US$ 14.99
SA01-436 Batgirl, Vol. 2: Knightfall Descends.
  Simone, Gail/ 9781401238179/ Price:US$ 16.99
GA01-202 The Manifesto in Literature, 3-Vols/Set.
  / 9781558628663/ Price:US$ 560.00
Book Cover The manifesto has taken its place as one of history's greatest artifacts, inspiring and worrying entire populations as political tools, defining and describing many important literary movements, and bringing insight into the beliefs and intentions of some of the 20th Century's most disturbing criminal minds. Spanning from the earliest published examples dating to 16th C. Europe, through the Declaration of Independence, to the 2006 Euston Manifesto, The Manifesto In Literature will describe the authors and their causes, as well as the social, political, economic philosophies that are behind them. The context of history will play an important role in describing the circumstances of their writing and how they were received and acted upon at the time of writing and after. Part of Gale's Literature Of Society series, Each entry in The Manifesto In Literature will provide a biography of the primary author or an overview of the group involved, the history and impact of the work, as well as an overview and analysis of the work itself. Colorful images, informative sidebars, further readings, extensive indexes, and chronological timelines will help round out the book.
GA01-201 The Literature of Propaganda, 3-Vols/Set.
  / 9781558628588/ Price:US$ 560.00
Book Cover Throughout history, propaganda has been used in one form another to influence the public opinion for or against one cause or another. From early theater, to public speeches, to magazines, books, film and more, propaganda pervades our society. Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary defines propaganda as "2: the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person 3: ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause; also: a public action having such an effect." How is propaganda described in literature? How is it used to influence our views? How do we recognize a work as propaganda? Literature Of Propaganda showcases propaganda portrayed in literature: Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, and George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four. It also features literature that was specifically created as propaganda or used in that way: The Moon is Down by John Steinbeck, and The Leopard's Spots; The Clansman; The Traitor by Thomas Dixon. Finally, it explores works that deliver a vision as described by an influential leader: Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler, Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung by Mao Tse-Tung, The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.
GA01-200 The Literature of Autobiographical Narrative, 3-Vols/Set.
  / 9781558628700/ Price:US$ 560.00
Book Cover Every one of us is a witness to history. The times we live in will be studied and analyzed by future generations, just as we currently study and analyze the past. Autobiographies, oral histories, diaries and journals are records of the human experience, snapshots of a time and place that are brought to life in our consciousness through words on a page. In reading these works, we bear witness to and come to better understand the societies, cultures, and experiences of the past directly from the people who lived during those periods. Gale's Literature Of Society Series, The Literature Of Autobiographical Narrative is a three volume set examining works that chronicle a life or are compiled from narrated memories. This helps us understand history more from a personal, rather than historical, level. Three hundred engaging entries focuses on autobiographies, diaries, journals and oral histories from around the world and various time periods to bring us closer to the human experience of history. Some entries look at those who carry on the tradition of oral history, such the West African Griot, Scandinavian Skald, British and Gaelic bards, Native American storytellers, and more.
Lost Masterpieces of Euro-American Drama: Ten Plays.
  Cardullo, Bert/ 9780988637610/ Price:US$ 34.00
Much has been made of the gains of the multicultural reconstruction of the canon of world drama, but what about the works that have been abandoned to make room for the new ones? Lost Masterpieces of Euro-American Drama brings together ten plays that have been dropped from the major anthologies of world drama over the past twenty years, in order to examine the consequences of the new canonization for our understanding of the development of dramatic form. Those plays are Goldoni’s The Servant of Two Masters (1743), Musset’s No Trifling with Love (1834), Gogol’s The Inspector General (1836), Hebbel’s Maria Magdalene (1844), Tolstoy’s The Power of Darkness (1886), Yeats’s The Countess Cathleen (1892), Wedekind’s Earth Spirit (1895), C(apek’s R.U.R. (1920), Hecht and MacArthur’s The Front Page (1928), and Sartre’s No Exit (1944).
The Swallows of Monte Cassino.
  Janeczek, Helena/ 9780989916905/ Price:US$ 26.00
The four month long battle at Monte Cassino in southern Italy was one of the bloodiest of World War II. In this highly original novel, Janeczek retells that 1944 battle from the point of view of the Maori, Gurkha, Polish, North African, small-town American and other Allied foot soldiers who fought and died under German fire near that 6th century Benedictine abbey. Twined through the battle is another story, a memory of the drowned and the saved in Janeczek’s own family in wartime Eastern Europe, where Jews who did not go to Nazi death camps went to Soviet gulag camps, and sometimes survived, and even went on to fight at Monte Cassino. A powerful reflection on all the ways that rights can be taken from us.
Make Marzipan, Not War: Crazy Rhymes for Crazy Times.
  Ramet, Sabrina P./ 9780988637672/ Price:US$ 24.00
Think of this as a course catalogue, with courses arranged into departments. If you are going to enroll in this university, you should consider what interests you before picking your major, since you might be disappointed if you were to pick a major which is not interesting for you. So, if your interest is extraterrestrials, then majoring in astronomy should be your choice. Or, to take another example, if you want to be a TSA official at an airport, then majoring in home economics and transportation would be a better choice. If you are not sure what you find interesting, then we suggest that you major in literature and linguistics, since you will find everything reflected there. Looking to the future, be sure to check out our placement service, which guarantees to find you a position upon graduation. And finally, in our department of archeology, a few old artifacts are dug up from Pets of the Great Dictators and other works (2006; 2nd ed. 2008), and from Cheese Pirates: Humorous verse for adult children (2011). In closing, as the great French mathematician and philosopher Rene' Descartes once noted, if you really want to live, first think about it.
DC Undercover.
  Bartoli, Oscar/ 9780986021688/ Price:US$ 22.00
The world’s economy is faced with a momentous change in direction: the need to reduce, and then abandon, its reliance on fossil fuel energy and adopt alternative sources without resorting to nuclear power. Against this backdrop, the interests of two opposing geopolitical agendas engage in both legal and criminal activities to gain the upper hand. This face-off involves the President of the United States as he is personally committed to transparent, but risky, support of renewable energy technology. The end goal is the overthrow of a century long oil-based culture.
In Black Bear Country.
  Waters, Maureen/ 9780988637603/ Price:US$ 20.00
In this book of poems the bears are intended to suggest unpredictability, the mysterious and dangerous aspects of experience as well as the possibility of love. The poems are rooted in a changing landscape ranging from the Hudson River Valley to Manhattan, and further back in time, to the West coast of Ireland, from which the writer’s parents emigrated. Arriving in New York in the twenties, they brought memories of famine and civil war as well as strong cultural values. The writer is haunted by their sense of another world, particularly after the death of her son. The poems attempt to work out a reconciliation between radically different perspectives, knowing there is no satisfactory way of doing so. Yet, Seamus Heaney has observed, “As long as the coordinates of the imagined thing correspond to those of the world that we live in and endure, poetry is fulfilling its counterweighting function. It becomes another truth to which we have recourse, before which we can know ourselves in a more fully empowered way.”
VA01-142 Asian American Literature, 4-Vols/Set.
  Li, David Leiwei/ 9780415498876/ Price:£ 960.00
The collection is organized into four volumes. The first volume ('Literary History: Criticism and Theory') brings together the best work to define, explicitly or implicitly, the parameters of Asian-American literature. It addresses its political and aesthetic significance and major issues of contention. Volume II ('Prose: Fiction and Non-Fiction') brings together the best interpretive work and practical criticism on key works of Asian-American literature, both fictive and factual. Volume III ('Poetry') assembles the essential scholarship on Asian-American poetry, while the final volume in the collection ('Drama and Performance') collects the vital research on theatrical texts and performance pieces.
VA01-138 James Joyce, 4-Vols/Set.
  Milton, Colin/ 9780415491822/ Price:£ 970.00
Book Cover James Augustine Aloysius Joyce (1882–1941) is a towering figure in the development of English-language modernist prose fiction. And his influence extends well beyond the anglophone literary world; like his alter ego, Stephen Dedalus, Joyce flew by the nets of nationality, language, and religion, and spent most of his life in continental Europe. Fully indexed and with a comprehensive introduction newly written by the editor, which places the collected material in its historical and intellectual context, James Joyce is an essential reference work and is destined to be valued as a vital research resource.
VA01-116 Travel Writing, 4-Vols/Set.
  Youngs, Tim/ 9780415374989/ Price:£ 970.00
Book Cover The past three decades have seen a remarkable growth of cross-disciplinary academic interest in travel writing. This new four-volume collection from Routledge brings together the best research from scholars around the world. The collection also features pieces by travel writers themselves discussing their work, including: • Michael Cronin on travel and translation • Robyn Davidson interviewed by Tim Youngs • Peter Hulme on Columbus • David Espey on Americans in Vietnam • John Hutnyk on Calcutta • Charles Forsdick on French travel writing • Mary Louise Pratt on travel-writing scholarship • Richard White on Australian travellers. Volume1 focuses on the production of travel writing; Volume 2 on the contexts of travel writing; Volume 3 on modes of travel and types of traveller; and Volume 4 on critical approaches to travel writing.
SA01-464 Drowning Instinct.
  Bick, Ilsa J./ 9781467709125/ Price:US$ 9.95
SA01-464 Split.
  Avasthi, Swati/ 9780375863417/ Price:US$ 9.99
SA01-464 Almost: A Love Story.
  Eliot, Anne/ 9781937815011/ Price:US$ 16.00
SA01-462 The Alloy of Law.
  Sanderson, Brandon/ 9780765368546/ Price:US$ 8.99
SA01-461 Stay.
  Caletti, Deb/ 9781442403741/ Price:US$ 9.99
SA01-428 Charles Bukowski.
  Calonne, David S./ 9781780230238/ Price:£ 11.99
Bukowski was born in Germany and raised in the United States, a schism that Calonne shows to be crucial in the writer’s development. From the influence of Germany’s literary and intellectual traditions to the writer’s traumatic childhood, this book explores the effect the writer’s hybrid identity had on the themes and content of his work. Exploring several unknown works of fiction and poetry created in the early years of his career, the many volumes of poetry published with Black Sparrow Press, major works of fiction like Post Office and Factotum, as well as feature films such as the Mickey Rourke-starring Barfly, Calonne catalogues and dissects the many versions of Bukowski created by the writer and his followers. A concise yet comprehensive new account, Charles Bukowski will interest the wide audience already familiar with this prolific, influential figure, as well as being an invaluable introduction to those new to Bukowski’s work and who wish to know more.
SA01-426 The Honourable Schoolboy: A George Smiley Novel.(Audio CD)
  John le Carre/ 9781611760880/ Price:US$ 49.95
The Compilation of the Complete Library in the Four Branches of Literature, 2-vols/set.
  Aiping, Huang/ 9789814339803/ Price:US$ 262.00
Provides an overview of the comprehensive research on the compilation process and the impact of the Library using a large number of historical archives Includes an in-depth discussion of forbidden books, literary inquisition and other relevant issues A valuable reference for scholars researching the Qing Dynasty
VA01-143 Shakespeare First Folios, The.: A Descriptive Catalogue.
  Rasmussen, Eric/ 9780230517653/ Price:£ 295.00
Book Cover •An invaluable tool for Shakespeare scholars - entries for each copy include details of its provenance (including fascinating stories about previous owners and incidents) and of the collation, press variants, conservation history and binding •A hugely significant resource for researchers into the history of the book, as well as auction houses, book collectors, curators and specialist book dealers •Features striking illustrations of interesting examples of First Folios in a colour plate section •Strongly supports the RSC editions which are based on the First Folio
VA01-141 Native American Writing, 4-Vols/Set.
  Lee, A. Robert/ 9780415588959/ Price:£ 1115.00
As research on and around the literary output of Native Americans flourishes as never before, this new four-volume collection, co-published by Routledge and Edition Synapse, meets the need for an authoritative reference work to help users answer these and other questions, and generally to make sense of the subject's vast literature and a continuing explosion in research output. Native American Writing is edited by a leading expert in Native and multicultural writing, A. Robert Lee, Professor of American Literature at Nihon University, Tokyo. His eagerly awaited collection is a wide-ranging compendium which brings together hard-to-find original works by Native writers themselves, as well as critical and learned analyses of their creative productions. Volume I opens with a sequence of Native American overviews ('Momaday to Louis Owen'), followed by the most important critical theory dealing with ideology and custodianship. The volume also considers key notions such as the idea of the spoken inside the written word. Volume II looks first to accounts of Native autobiography, from the Pequot William Apess onwards, and also explores early modern writing, from the Paiute-raised Sarah Winnemucca and Creek poet and satirist, Alex Posey, to the Sioux Luther Standing Bear. Volume III focuses on modern Native fiction. The final volume in the collection addresses Native poetry and drama and First Nations authorship. Native American Writing includes a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editor, which places the collected material in its historical and intellectual context, as well as detailed bibliographies, timelines, and lists of tribal groupings. It is an essential work of reference, destined to be especially valued by those with an interest in how indigenous writers have given literary imagination to their history in North America, Canada, and beyond.
VA01-131 Ernest Hemingway, 4-Vols/Set.
  Claridge, Henry/ 9780415491204/ Price:£ 930.00
Few twentieth-century American writers have been as influential as Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961). Whilst contemporaries such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and William Faulkner may be as widely taught and studied as Hemingway, neither had an influence on other writers-or indeed, the cognate arts-as great as that of Hemingway. For example, the 'hard-boiled' school of detective fiction extending from the novels of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett to those of James Ellroy and Robert Parker is more or less inconceivable without Hemingway's stylistic influence. Arguably, film noir is also Hemingwayesque in its laconic detachment. And quite independently of his creative writings, Hemingway's life continues to exert a profound fascination for both student and the general reader. Hemingway was the subject of extensive enquiry before his death and since then he has generated interpretative and critical commentary on a vast and bewildering scale, in part aided by the continuing publication of works left unpublished at his death (most notably The Garden of Eden in 1987). The dizzying quantity (and variable quality) of Hemingway criticism makes it difficult to discriminate the useful from the tendentious, superficial, and otiose. That is why this new Routledge title is so urgently needed. In four volumes, the collection meets the need for an authoritative reference work to allow researchers and students to make sense of a vast literature and the continuing explosion in research output. Users will now be able easily and rapidly to locate the best and most influential critical scholarship, work that is otherwise often inaccessible or scattered throughout a variety of specialist journals and books. With material gathered into one easy-to-use set, researchers and students can now spend more of their time with the key journal articles, book chapters, and other pieces, rather than on time-consuming (and sometimes fruitless) archival searches.
SA01-484 Breathless.
  McDaniel, Lurlene/ 9780440240167/ Price:US$ 7.99
SA01-464 Behind the Hood.
  Hansen, Marita A./ 9781466240414/ Price:US$ 14.99
SA01-464 Venomous.
  Krovatin, Christopher/ 9781442412989/ Price:US$ 8.99
SA01-464 Dirty Little Secrets.
  Omololu, C. J./ 9780802722331/ Price:US$ 9.99
SA01-457 Unlovable: Book One of The Port Fare Series.
  Gammon, Sherry/ 9781461060529/ Price:US$ 16.99
SA01-437 Red Mist.
  Cornwell, Patricia/ 9780399158025/ Price:US$ 27.95
SA01-436 Crepusculo.
  Meyer, Stephenie/ 9788466325004/ Price:EUR 6.00
SA01-419 False Gods.(5 Audio CDs)
  McNeill, Graham/ 9781849700573/ Price:£ 20.00
SA01-419 Milton Studies, Vol. 52.
  Knoppers, Laura L./ 9780820704517/ Price:US$ 70.00
Momenssia: A story of dreams.
  Beris, Rebecca/ 9780984634828/ Price:US$ 14.99
alf-hidden in the shade of a large oak tree Boon Winkle cautiously watched his class mate Cara casually dangling upside down from the height of the monkey bars. Boon felt easier far away in the solitude and obscurity of his secluded spot. Withdrawal into himself was what he had learned from living with the lurching, unpredictable behaviour of his drunken father and he preferred the certainty of solitude to the dangers of engagement. This life without a mother was all Boon knew and the sudden death of his grandfather had left him bereft of the one warm relationship that he could remember. But one day Boon's life changes when, on the way home from school, he stops to look at an odd collection of objects on display in the window of old man Garner's house. Strangely drawn towards a figurine of a snail he spots amid the objects he is compelled to enter the house. There Boon learns of the lasting friendship shared between Mr. Garner and his grandfather and is unexpectedly presented with a small wooden box filled with a collection of objects, a legacy left to him by his grandfather. Amidst the collection of objects is the snail figurine. That night, as he is falling asleep, Boon hears a voice and discovers that the snail figurine has come to life and is calling to him. The snail guides Boon through the extraordinary land of Momenssia where he finds himself on a fantastic and confusing journey into memory, wishes and fears. Chaotically transported in and out of thoughts, Boon soon discovers that a world of friendship and the formation of some very special moments await him - if he is able to open himself to the value of being.
As Green as Paradise: A Novel.
  Lifshey, Adam/ 9780982806142/ Price:US$ 26.00
FOREVER ON THE ROAD: A Franco-American Family's Thirty Years in the Foreign Service.
  Logan, Nicole P./ 9780983245100/ Price:US$ 26.00
NOT TO THE MANNER BORN: Reflections of a Wife and Partner in the Foreign Service.
  Lyman, Helen/ 9780982806197/ Price:US$ 22.00
Ezra Pound
  Marsh, Alec/ 9781861898623/ Price:£ 11.99
Ezra Pound’s co-poet Basil Bunting wrote of The Cantos: ‘There are the Alps, / fools! Sit down and wait for them to crumble!’ Ezra Pound tells the story of one of the most controversial poets of the twentieth century. Great poet, Confucian, peace activist, alleged fascist, indicted traitor, Ezra Pound’s life raises vital questions for anyone interested in politics, art and poetry. Probably no-one has promoted so many other great writers as Pound – James Joyce, T. S. Eliot and Ford Madox Ford among them – and without Pound’s generosity to colleagues, literary modernism arguably might not have happened. Yet by 1925 Pound was living in obscurity in Italy, having trouble publishing his work. There he became a Mussolini enthusiast and a believer in a malevolent Jewish/Communist conspiracy. As the global economic crisis worsened through the 1930s, Pound used The Cantos, his monumental magnum opus, to historicize the causes of the world crisis and to suggest a cure, agitating obsessively for a ‘new economics’ to prevent another World War. Indicted for treason by the US, after the war Pound was judged incompetent to stand trial and remanded to a Federal mental hospital where he remained until 1958, still furiously active on the American right.
Caylen's Journey: A Caylen Helms Adventure
  Marchand, Robert B./ 9780984619535/ Price:US$ 17.99
aylen's Journey is the saga of young Caylen Helms' life and his many intriguing adventures as he strives to uphold what is right in the world and to defeat evil whe-rever he finds it. In the first Caylen Helms novel, Caylen's Quest, young Caylen and Lora, his beautifull youthful mother, finally managed to escape from her evil, abusive husband Faris Lubak and their remote Northern home. Having gone off on his own to avoid Faris's abuse, Caylen soon discovers a extremely rich gold mine.
The House at Miller's Court
  Malone, K. P./ 9780984619528/ Price:US$ 17.95
Readers can now add Head Football Coach George Lathero to Malone's Terry Chagford (Inside a Haunted Mind), Mitchell Bramson (The Digger's Rest) and Michael Golden (An Unfinished House) as the most memorable protagonists in recent horror literature. Big, handsome All American George and his pretty new wife, Renee, try to revive their lives and their loves when they move into the Reconstruction period manor house called Miller's Court. Making their lives complete, the couple is joined by Renee's fourteen-year-old son, Robin, George's troublesome party-boy brother, Will, and Renee's cancer-surviving Tammy Wynette-era mother, Vivian. All seems to be glorious for them, finally happy for the first time in their lives, until Renee calls George at work one day with ominous words. "George, Robin has a fever," sparking a journey of love and loss, guilt and shame for them all as each is forced to confront the ghosts within themselves. But why is Robin burning? Uncontrollable temperatures leave doctors baffled and lead George Lathero into a life changing redefinition of the meaning of "Father Love" for a son that his not his own. Once again, Malone has created an ensemble of indelible characters and a thought-provoking haunting that will leave readers on the edge of their seats, gasping as secrets are revealed and leading to an ending that is nothing less than. . . incendiary.
Little Cicero.
  Schwartz, Duane/ 9780984634859/ Price:US$ 17.99
Take a police chief who has never before served in law enforcement, push a reluctant but more convenient than qualified doctor into the job of coroner, insert a mayor in his first few weeks holding any office, and show them a water filled mine pit with bodies dressed in costumes of the roaring twenties popping to its surface, and what you get is a fiasco of epic proportions. Add to that a ninety-six-year-old former Catholic nun who knows the story but will only dish it out in portions to a team of amateurs who are unsure she will live to tell, and an eccentric mining company employee who has everything to lose should the truth be told, and you have what should be the unsolvable crime. True enough for most, but this team of no-nothings will surprise. And their journey to the bottom of the truth is the journey found within the pages of Little Cicero. Little Cicero is the nickname given a small town on Minnesota's picturesque Mesabi Iron Range for its similarity to the Cicero, Illinois of Capone days, the streets of both having been honeycombed with tunnels for ease of travel from speakeasy to speakeasy during prohibition. The story surrounding the town explores the happenings of an earlier time through the ongoing investigation of an old woman who lived it, and the relationship that develops between her and the novice police chief as she relives those early memories reveals two things: the new chief is capable of getting to the truth, and his inexperience hinders him from taking action, even when that truth might involve murder.
Sinister Thoughts Kill: A Sammi Evans Mystery.
  Drouillard, Jeanne L./ 9780984514281/ Price:US$ 19.99
Randy Baker discovers his wife murdered in the living room of their home, shot through the back of the head. His gun, usually kept in a locked cabinet is missing. He takes his young son to a neighbor and calls the police from a pay phone as he has unfinished details that needs to be taken care of before he'll succumb to an arrest that seems imminent. Tom Harrington, a law enforcement friend of his since his college days is called upon to help, amid calls to turns himself in. He has a few more protections to set in place before he'll do so. He's arrested in what seems to be a solid case against him. His friend Tom turns to Dave Patterson and his wife, the former Sammi Evans who always seems to be able to turn up evidence when others find dead ends. Other women are turning up murdered in what seems to be a serial killer's crime spree. The macabre details of several have similar characteristics and cries to the police to catch this killer or killers have the entire city up in arms. No woman feels safe and morbid details begin to point to a murder ring that uses women and then disposes of them in systematic order. Sammi Evans and her husband Dave Patterson investigate to find a tiny similar thread that may be running through all the recent murders. But evidence is lacking and there are no suspects. Dead ends are coming at them from all sides and even the FBI is unable to move forward. Can Sammi Evans use her secret methods to determine the direction that these crazed minds will take and trap them before they strike again?
Bi Parchamaan, the Flagless Ones: An Iranian Refugee Family's Story.
  Faramarz, Hassan H./ 9780984634835/ Price:US$ 22.95
What do you do when the world doesn't want you? The true story of Hassan H Faramarz and his family, Iranian refugees that fled from the oppressors in their country and their struggle for survival. A story of hope-and then despair. A story of courage-and then fear. A story of love found-and then love lost-a story of closeness-and then abandonment. A story of expectation-and then dejection. A story of optimism-and then wretchedness. A story of elation-and then degradation. A story of happiness-and then anguish. A story of anticipation-and then denial. A story of promises-and then lies. A story of good-and then evil. A story of euphoria-and then Hell. And, finally, at last, a story of perseverance, faith, determination, achievement and victory. Fleeing for their very lives and the lives of their children, an Iranian family finds heartbreak, agony, bigotry and hatred before finally finding the good that exists in some people. Weep and laugh with Hassan and his family as he reveals to the world the trials and difficulties of being a refugee cut off from his native land; needing, seeking and finally finding a helping hand.
The Lords of Seduction: Has An Illuminati-Islamic Alliance Installed A Puppet Into The Oval Office?
  McCollough, E. G./ 9780984643936/ Price:US$ 22.99
The Winds of Change.
  Schwartz, Duane/ 9780984643981/ Price:US$ 17.99
The Gingrich family did not become the Gingrich family until aboard ship and only a couple days away from anchoring off New York’s Ellis Island. Frederic Gingrich chose the young Marie, widowed on the long journey to a new life in America, out of necessity and she agreed out of desperation. Gingrich needed a woman to mind his two boys and Marie was with child and without a man, not an ideal way for a newcomer to any society to begin, especially a woman, and especially in early nineteen hundreds America. The Winds of Change chronicles this family’s early days in their new homeland in epic fashion, beginning with the birth of Marie’s baby in the Harbor before disembarkation and following them on to a new home almost a year later in the wilds of Northern Minnesota where their futures seem to be carried on the winds of change.
Bellwood, OCD and Me: Coping with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
  O'Donnell, Neil/ 9780984634873/ Price:US$ 14.99
Bellwood, OCD and Me For many individuals – walking out the front door of our home each day is just something we do; driving home from work may just be a 20-minute commute; or talking to a group of individuals is just a casual conversation. But for many others – these daily activities are far from being – just something that we do. For individuals who suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), the daily functions of life take on a whole different meaning.
Meth or Myth: A New Eddie Pannoni Thriller.
  Lijoi, Ernie/ 9780984643929/ Price:US$ 18.99
This book is a glimpse into the life and experiences of Detective Ernie Lijoi Sr. during his career as a deep cover investigator under the guise of Eddie Pannoni, gun dealer and drug runner. What if you were witness to a murder? How would you handle it? What if you had to run a narcotics operation? Would you? What if you were involved with the behavior of the criminal underworld? What if during all of this you were a Police Officer doing your job? Would you arrest people? Maybe you would play the game with them? These are the type of questions Detective Ernie Lijoi Sr., the DCI under the guise of Eddie Pannoni, will answer and the situations he will face in this novel based on his life experiences, which has been named “Meth or Myth”, while he tries to keep his family safe and free of the dreadful undercurrent that springs from a world of illegal and despicable behavior One subject in the book is a Mr. Kiefer, who was a man in trouble. He needed help finding work to support himself and his family. He eventually was so deep in problems that he approached a close friend and set up a meeting, with a dealer, to inquire about work. That meeting introduced him to a world that would change his life forever. Mr. Armando Kiefer worked his way up the Illicit Methamphetamine ladder to the top. He became the major importer of Meth in the United States. After years of distribution he came to know Eddie Pannoni, the street name for Detective Ernie Lijoi Sr. who became the sword that cut the arm off distribution of Meth in New England. The following story is a fictional account of events that occurred in and around New England and Canada in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. The reader may find additional information at the writers Internet site, and may read about the additional books connected to Meth or Myth that have been written by Ernie Lijoi Sr.
Seven Seniors.
  Adler, Jack/ 9780984643912/ Price:US$ 18.99
Seven different seniors, each ensnared in the harsh difficulties of their historical periods which range from ancient Rome to contemporary America, dramatically show a common link of values that bolster them with courage and dignity as they struggle to not only survive but prevail over their terrible problems. Each senior is faced with a life-altering decision with their dilemmas involving beheadings and a confusion of loyalties in Parthia, Rome’s great rival; suffering the cruelty of the Inquisition in medieval Germany; escaping the clutches of Napoleonic intrigue as a reluctant “spy”; venturing on the dangerous journey west to California through Indian territory on a prairie schooner; the irony of elder abuse reversed; and an odd campaign of public service featuring “senior commandos.” The stories of their tribulations and triumphs graphically show the strength and durability of the human spirit that defies age as well as time and geography.
Telegram: A Wartime Novel About Peace.
  Hoffmann, L. D./ 9780984643950/ Price:US$ 18.99
It's 1944. Sauli Berglund watches from the edge of his property as ninety-six German POWs arrive at a work camp on Big Bear Lake. These young German soldiers, so full of life, so healthy, so very safe. And they would remain so. He watched them dodge no bullets. He watched them wipe no blood from their hands. He watched the tears they wouldn't shed for the friends who wouldn't die in their arms. Here, they were an ocean away from the battle. Here, they ate hot food every day. Here, they enjoyed their lives in the very place Sauli had raised his children. His mind sees a little boy, Ronnie, laughing, jumping off the dock into the cool water. "Ronald Berglund, Lieutenant, U.S.Navy," the telegram had read. "Missing in action." A father protects his children; that's what a father does. He wraps his powerful arms around them and pulls them against his chest where they're safe. And as long as they are safe, so is he. But when they're not? Three more telegrams will find the Berglund family before the war is over, but Sauli doesn't know that yet. Nor does he know that Anni, his fiery daughter, will fall in love with a German POW or that someone close to the Berglunds will fan the flames of intolerance that threaten to engulf the community and harm Sauli's family. What Sauli does know is that on the home front, in the Suomi Hills, there are no lengths to which he will not go to protect his family. Wars are not always fought on the battlefield; the combatants are not always soldiers. And telegrams are not always bad news.
The Leader of the Lost People.
  Carr, J. S./ 9780984619580/ Price:US$ 17.99
When Rick Goodman, a novice assistant principal passionately attempts to transform a failing school, he unwittingly gets sabotaged by a band of manipulative teachers who have hidden their incompetence behind the system's dysfunction for many years. Goodman is hired at a rural school whose outlying community has been a sanctuary for criminals and rogues for over a century. Ma Barker was shot to death here and her descendents (legitimate and illegitimate) attend the school. Despite an overwhelming workload, out-of-control students, interference from his own teachers, bomb threats and an attack by hired thugs, Goodman refuses to give up his quest to get the school on the right tract. With the delinquent teens and miscreant teachers on one side and only himself on the other, the former U.S. Marine, having been taught to never give up, faces the challenge of his life and his survival, as one teacher, suspended for vicious and inappropriate behavior, shows up with a loaded revolver……and the deranged man is gunning for Goodman.
Wapasha and the Rabbi.
  Selden, Howard S./ 9780984619597/ Price:US$ 17.95
This contemporary story, Wapasha and the Rabbi, mirrors the lives of a small group, while reflecting on the universal power of the past to influence human lives. This is poignantly revealed not only in the stories told by the two protagonists, but also in the stories told by some of the young people who share their lives with Rabbi Isak Cohen on an isolated farm in the back country of Texas. Wapasha-a full-blooded American Indian and the last Shaman of a dwindling Karankawan tribe-gained a medical school education and is a practicing country doctor. The encounter of the Rabbi and Wapasha stunningly uncovers their compatible religious heritage, albeit from diametrically polar backgrounds. The Rabbi is a product of a European Jewish youth, while Wapasha's Jewish faith was brought to the New World centuries earlier by a young Jew who had fled the Spanish Inquisition (as told in Selden's first book of the series, The Shaman and the Jew). The supportive relationship that evolves between the Rabbi (a Holocaust survivor) and Wapasha (a Vietnam War veteran) is central to the tale. Though the cause of their post-traumatic anguish is different, they recognize that their lingering and distressing emotional responses are the same.
Hitchhikers In Each Other's Mind.
  Meaders, Jim/ 9780984259632/ Price:US$ 16.99
This is the eagerly awaited sequel to The Summer of My Fourteenth Year. The same main character, James, is now in his first term of his senior year of high school (fall of 1966) and is immediately brought back into the world of aliens by a beautiful high school girl, Harmony, who primarily communicates with him telepathically. In the beginning of this relationship James is not aware that this young lady is really an alien, but not the reptilian type of his "dreams" in 1963. There are several strange and mysterious happenings involving James and his new "girlfriend" during the first two-thirds of the story, but in chapter 27 James just has to get away from harmony and thus takes of in his '65 Cuda and heads for a nearby town and to a quiet park where he can be alone, or so he thinks. Here he meets Lilith, a member of the same "human-like" aliens as Harmony, whom he falls for as well. One thing leads to another and James and Lilith end up in a compromising situation vis-a-vis Harmony. From a nerd to a teenager much in demand; and James is just the man for the job.
Kanati: The New Beginning.
  Owensby, J. J./ 9780984634880/ Price:US$ 17.99
Zoroaster, with the aid of his god Ahura Mazda, is the supreme ruler of the entire world converted by force to the worship of Ahura Mazda. Only a few of the survivors of the Final War that ended with Zoroaster’s conquest stand in opposition to the evil rule, and that stand is only in their heart. Seeking to escape the heavy thumb of the vile ruler, Kanati and his friends resolve to find a way to flee the evil empire and escape into the heavens in search of a New Beginning.
Reclaiming Ter Chadain: Protector of Ter Chadain.
  Yelle, C. S./ 9780984634811/ Price:US$ 17.99
"If the true bloodline does not rule Ter Chadain, the Protector shall appear and reclaim the throne for the rightful Queen." King Englewood reads the prophecy every day since he murdered the royal family, all of them. Or so he thought. The three year old twins escaped that night thirteen years ago, but his men are closing in to finish the job before they can turn sixteen and activate the magic spell making his worst fears a reality. A Protector in Ter Chadain and a royal heir with claims to the throne he now held. Logan and Teah Lassain witness the violent murder of their family and narrowly escape. They now find themselves not only thrust into the revolution, but the keys to the reunification of Ter Chadain. Bestowed with the powers and spirits of past Protectors, Logan must learn to control both before their memories destroy him. Wrenched with anger and the desire for revenge on the man responsible for decimating his life, King Englewood, Logan must keep to the path of greater good and gather support for the revolution from the dukes and duchesses of Ter Chadain. Teah is trained by the Zele Magus, an order of sorceresses, to control and accept her newly discovered magical powers enabling her to take the throne. Struggling, she must also ask the question…what happens when there are two Protectors of Ter Chadain? Two Protectors are not foretold in the prophecies….
Vlara's Song.
  O'Donnell, Neil/ 9780984634842/ Price:US$ 14.95
Vlara, consumed by the loss of her love, traveled eastward alone in search of a new home, though Fate had other plans for the druid priestess. Struggling against brigands, time, and memory, Vlara soon finds the unexpected; a cause and a family. VLARA’S SONG is the anchor story in this anthology, which includes tales of a troll turned vegetarian, a soldier losing his memory in the midst of battle, the final days of a Keep’s defenders in the face of overwhelming odds, and a master magician reconsidering his decision to teach. Each story includes notes from author Neil O’Donnell, which detail his motivations behind characters, scenes and story arcs. Read along and find out what truly drives a fantasy author as his pen hits paper.
VA01-139 Encyclopedia of Christian Literature, The., 2-Vols/Set.
  Kurian, George Thomas/ 9780810869875/ Price:US$ 242.00
The written word is one of the defining elements of Christian experience. As vigorous in the 1st century as it is in the 21st, Christian literature has had a significant function in history, and teachers and students need to be reminded of this powerful literary legacy. Covering 2,000 years, The Encyclopedia of Christian Literature is the first encyclopedia devoted to Christian writers and books. In addition to an overview of the Christian literature, this two-volume set also includes 40 essays on the principal genres of Christian literature and more than 400 bio-bibliographical essays describing the principal writers and their works. These essays examine the evolution of Christian thought as reflected in the literature of every age. The companion volume also features bibliographies, an index, a timeline of Christian Literature, and a list of the greatest Christian authors. The encyclopedia will appeal not only to scholars and Christian evangelicals, but students and teachers in seminaries and theological schools, as well as to the growing body of Christian readers and bibliophiles.
VA01-133-A Great Shakespeareans Set I, 4-Vols/Set.
  Holland, Peter/ 9781441157874/ Price:£ 425.00
Great Shakespeareans offers a systematic account of those figures who have had the greatest influence on the interpretation, understanding and cultural reception of Shakespeare, both nationally and internationally. This major project offers an unprecedented scholarly analysis of the contribution made by the most important Shakespearean critics, editors, actors and directors as well as novelists, poets, composers, and thinkers from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. Great Shakespeareans will be an essential resource for students and scholars in Shakespeare studies. Table of Contents Volume 1: Dryden, Pope, Johnson, Malone (ISBN: 978-0826420862) Volume 2: Garrick, Kemble, Siddons, Kean (ISBN: 978-0826471529) Volume 3: Goethe, Schlegel, Coleridge (ISBN: 978-0826431233) Volume 4: Lamb, Hazlitt, Keats (ISBN: 978-0826424365)
VA01-133-4 Lamb, Hazlitt, Keats.
  Poole, Adrian/ 9780826424365/ Price:£ 130.00
In this volume, leading scholars assess the contribution of William Hazlitt, John Keats and Charles Lamb to the afterlife and reception of Shakespeare and his plays. Each substantial contribution assesses the double impact of Shakespeare on the figure covered and of the figure on the understanding, interpretation and appreciation of Shakespeare, provide a sketch of their subject’s intellectual and professional biography and an account of the wider cultural context, including comparison with other figures or works within the same field.
VA01-133-3 Voltaire, Goethe, Schlegel, Coleridge.
  Paulin, Roger/ 9780826431233/ Price:£ 130.00
In this volume, leading scholars assess the contribution of Voltaire, Goethe, Schlegel and Coleridge to the afterlife and reception of Shakespeare and his plays. Each substantial contribution assesses the double impact of Shakespeare on the figure covered and of the figure on the understanding, interpretation and appreciation of Shakespeare, provide a sketch of their subject’s intellectual and professional biography and an account of the wider cultural context, including comparison with other figures or works within the same field.
VA01-133-2 Garrick, Kemble, Siddons, Kean.
  Holland, Peter/ 9780826471529/ Price:£ 130.00
In this volume, leading scholars assess the contribution of David Garrick, John Philip Kemble, Sarah Siddons and Edmund Kean to the afterlife and reception of Shakespeare and his plays. Each substantial contribution assesses the double impact of Shakespeare on the figure covered and of the figure on the understanding, interpretation and appreciation of Shakespeare, provide a sketch of their subject’s intellectual and professional biography and an account of the wider cultural context, including comparison with other figures or works within the same field.
VA01-133-1 Dryden, Pope, Johnson, Malone.
  Rawson, Claude/ 9780826420862/ Price:£ 130.00
In this volume, leading scholars assess the contribution of Alexander Pope, John Dryden, Samuel Johnson and Edmond Malone to the afterlife and reception of Shakespeare and his plays. Each substantial contribution assesses the double impact of Shakespeare on the figure covered and of the figure on the understanding, interpretation and appreciation of Shakespeare, provide a sketch of their subject’s intellectual and professional biography and an account of the wider cultural context, including comparison with other figures or works within the same field.
VA01-124 Handbook of Medieval Studies: Terms, Methods, Trends, 3-Vols/Set.
  Classen, Albrecht/ 9783110184099/ Price:EUR 719.00
*English-language interdisciplinary handbook of medieval research *Thorough coverage of the fields of knowledge and discourse of the last 30 years *Written by an international, interdisciplinary group of experts *Aimed at a broad readership (literary scholars, philologists, historians) *High potential on the international market This interdisciplinary handbook provides extensive information about research in medieval studies and its most important results over the last decades. The handbook is a reference work which enables the readers to quickly and purposely gain insight into the important research discussions and to inform themselves about the current status of research in the field. The handbook consists of four parts. The first, large section offers articles on all of the main disciplines and discussions of the field. The second section presents articles on the key concepts of modern medieval studies and the debates therein. The third section is a lexicon of the most important text genres of the Middle Ages. The fourth section provides an international bio-bibliographical lexicon of the most prominent medievalists in all disciplines. A comprehensive bibliography rounds off the compendium. The result is a reference work which exhaustively documents the current status of research in medieval studies and brings the disciplines and experts of the field together.
SA01-461 Return to Paradise.
  Elkeles, Simone/ 9780738718682/ Price:US$ 9.95
SA01-461 Heart on a Chain.
  Bennett, Cindy C./ 9781456492410/ Price:US$ 12.99
SA01-461 The Dirty Truth: Hockey and the Puck Bunny a True Sub-culture.
  Anderson, T. J./ 9781450083904/ Price:US$ 19.99
SA01-457 Waiting for You.
  Colasanti, Susane/ 9780142415757/ Price:US$ 9.99
SA01-457 Beautiful Malice.
  James, Rebecca/ 9780571259823/ Price:£ 6.99
SA01-443 X'ed Out.
  Burns, Charles/ 9780307379139/ Price:US$ 21.95
SA01-440 A Secret Kept.
  Tatiana De Rosnay/ 9780312593315/ Price:US$ 24.99
SA01-438 Kokoro.
  Soseki, Natsume/ 9780143106036/ Price:US$ 17.00
SA01-419 Milton Studies, Vol. 51.
  Knoppers, Laura L./ 9780820704418/ Price:US$ 70.00
SA01-416 Artful Assassins: Murder as Art in Modern Mexico.
  Sanchez, Fernando F./ 9780826517265/ Price:US$ 55.00
SA01-412 About a Boy.
  Hornby, Nick/ 9780241950210/ Price:£ 11.70
SA01-405 House Rules: A Novel.
  Picoult, Jodi/ 9780743296434/ Price:US$ 28.00
SA01-391 劉以鬯與香港現代主義
  梁秉鈞/ 9789627707721/ Price:NT$ 830.00
Book Cover 劉以鬯是本世紀一位重要作家,在文學創作方面作出了巨大貢獻。《劉以鬯與香港現代主義》是探討劉以鬯及其作品的最新著作。十多位來自不同地區的學者,以不同角度審視劉以鬯作品的歷史與文化意義、傳承與發展,以及作品體現的本土及現代主義。各篇論文在討論劉以鬯的作品之餘,也尋覓新的角度、發展新的說法,讓讀者找到新的樂趣,並能有所啟發。 本書適合文學及電影愛好者閱讀;對於修讀文學及創意寫作的學生來說,本書則是一本不可多得的參考讀本。
GA01-197 Diary and Letters of Dr. Hu Shih, The.
  Peking University Library/ 9789814272247/ Price:US$ 300.00
Book Cover The Diary and Letters of Dr. Hu Shih (Peking University Library Collection) contains Hu Shih’s diary from his Chengzhong School days, an incomplete diary entry of Hsu Chi-Mo (Xu Zhimo) copied by Hu Shih, 116 Chinese letters, and 141 English letters. Among these, Hu Shih’s diary at Chengzhong School is his earliest one discovered so far, dating back to 1906, a time when he started to receive modern education and encounter modern thoughts. Considering that most of Hu Shih’s letters have already been published, the letters included in this book are even more valuable. Apart from the letters written by Hu Shih and his family members, this book also includes letters written by famous scholars and important figures at that time, such as Jiang Menglin and Fu Sinian. The English letters were mostly from the years when he was ambassador to the United States, which, from another angle, tell us something about his communication with western scholars and his strenuous effort to support China’s war against Japan. Benefits: *Contains rare letters and diary by Hu Shih, never before published. *Each document is presented in facsimile, with English captions. *Hu’s English letters during his US ambassadorship (1938–1942) offer important insights into the Second Sino-Japanese War and World War II. *The early diary gives a window on the world of Hu’s formative years. *Hu’s correspondences regarding Chang Shi Ji offer new material for the study of his significant contribution to modern Chinese poetry. *Contains many correspondences with important figures and scholars of the time.
In The Devil's Pocket.
  Henry, Michael T./ 9780981907529/ Price:US$ 18.95
Decades ago, a chain of events began deep in the Appalachian Mountains that will terrorize the country for decades to come. John Bayley emerges from the aftermath to sieze his place in history. For generations before his birth, John was bred from evil. Evil rears its child with the cruelest of human nature, and John is molded into a spiteful, master manipulator. Unaware of his destiny, John chooses to become a minister. John's golden tongue raises him to idol status. His newfound power becomes an addiction and he is willing to do anything to feed it. John's mind loses sight of the truth. Unable to judge himself, he believes that he is the right hand of God and destined to destroy the world using untinkable means. John accomplishes the impossible and wreaks havoc across the countryside until the remnants of good stand against him. Desperation and bloody sacrifice crumbles John's empire even faster than it rose. The predator quickly becomes the prey. John runs for his life, refusing to accept his heritage every step of the way. Abandoned and out of options, John can no longer hide from his true destiny. Does mankind triump over evil, or is John just another link in the chain that tightens around our souls?
Red Star, Crescent Moon: A Muslim-Jewish Love Story.
  Rosenstone, Robert A./ 9780984406289/ Price:US$ 24.00
Red Star, Crescent Moon: A Muslim-Jewish Love Story.
  Rosenstone, Robert A./ 9780984406296/ Price:US$ 30.00
To Kill a Tsar.
  George, G.K./ 9780984406272/ Price:US$ 28.00
Arabuan Nights and Daze: Living in Yemen with the Foreign Service.
  Wyatt, Susan C./ 9780982806128/ Price:US$ 26.00
Bitterness/Seven Stories.
  Orsini, David/ 9780982386798/ Price:US$ 22.00
Bitterness/Seven Stories.
  Orsini, David/ 9780984406210/ Price:US$ 30.00
Meg and Scottie's Adventures.
  Braun, Rebekah/ 9780981907505/ Price:US$ 16.99
Meg and Scottie are American girls who formed a tight bond after going through a traumatic experience together as young children. When they are teenagers, they continued to grow closer together and farther away from normality. One day Meg meets another unusual teenager, a boy. He says he is in danger. Scottie, being a great best friend, follows Meg into the adventure of their lives, when Meg decided to try to help the boy. The three teenager's adventure is thrilling, and the characters add a touch of humor to it, to make it an even more entertaining story. Along the way they meet interesting adults with remarkable pasts. The three teenager's relationships with each other and with the adults in their lives add gravity to the plot. Their bond with each other shows the importance's of standing with the ones you love when they need help, even when you know they are crazy. It also shows that sometimes it is important especially when you know they are crazy. After the initial story there is continuing plot about the lives of the teenagers and how they deal with their futures. Because the teens have deep spirits for the unusual the adventures never really end. Even as they age, and their lives take different directions, they continue to keep their lives entertaining. They persist on thriving on the edge of insanity into their twenties, when their lives rejoin. Who knows what will happen next?
  Lind, Valia/ 9780984259687/ Price:US$ 19.99
Driven, beautiful Alexis Sinclair lives her life to the fullest, following her dreams of running a big company. But when her world is torn apart by a storm, everything she has ever known disappears. Now, marooned on an island with a group of men, Filled with unrequited love for her rescuer she must battle the demons buried deep inside and she must look within herself and to her faith to find the strength needed to survive. Strong and influential, Jacob Peterson, has done all he can to survive. When the fate turned its tables on him, he learned to cope with the inevitable. Plagued by his past and secrets buried there, Jacob exerts a rigid control, refusing to succumb to the joys, and torturous pain, of strong emotions. Without considering love-a gift he believes he may never receive-he chooses to live by strict set of rules. When a strange beautiful woman washes up on his beach, the walls that he has put up long ago begin to crumble. Is she a punishment sent from God to torment his soul? Or is she a gift, sent from above, there to teach him how to trust? Who is this woman? And how will he stop himself from losing his heart? Will he learn to forgive the past in order to save the woman he loves?
The Summer of My Fourteenth Year.
  Meaders, Jim/ 9780984134229/ Price:US$ 18.99
It was Memorial Day weekend, 1963. James, an almost-fourteen-year-old, relatively shy, moderately nerdy, horny and soon-to-be ninth grader in a small central Florida town needed to start mowing yards to earn enough money to buy his first car when he turned sixteen. That was the beginning of the bizarre "dream" summer that introduced James to Mrs. Root Beer Lady, Monica (the knock-dead-georgeous blond woman with ample breasts), Mrs. Chyspo, and the old man, all of whom changed into reptilian alien things that tried to kill and eat him at every turn. There was also Cookie, the hot little "cookie" whose father ran the burger joint across from the service station that James' father operated and where James often helped out. There were the Kiches, the nosy next-door neighbors and their son, Kevin-the neighborhood bully. We can't forget James' best friend, Roger, whho had in his possession the "girlie" magazine, which got 'read' a lot that summer. If you remember being an adolescent with a vivid imagination, being anxious to grow up, getting your first car, and starting to date for real; but who also had to work hard, save your money and help around the house, then you'll enjoy this dream journey with James.
The Crystal Locket: Secrets of the Hidden Pyramids.
  Lawrence, Julia/ 9780984259670/ Price:US$ 18.99
13-year old twins Andrew and Kristine Taylor continue their journey with the Crystal Locket, which they first discovered in present-day Virginia. This time they find themselves in ancient crete, a highly advanced civilization with indoor plumbing and awe-inspiring rchitecture, as well as in the fabled city of Atlantis. In Crete, they face their dreadednemesis Chimera, where things are not as they seeem and the mysteries run deep. This time their challenges are harder, their enemies more cunning, and their will even stronger as tehy again battle the forces that could distroy the world....but will they be able to thwart their enemies in time?
Thoughts Can Be Murder: A Sammi Evans Mystery.
  Drouillard, Jeanne L/ 9780984259663/ Price:US$ 18.99
A former policeman, convicted of being a mole, is found shot to death. The mayor of Scranton, PA, running for reelection, is furious and slams the police to solve this crime quickly to make him look better. But matters only get worse as an upstanding citizen, wife and mother is missing and all leads fail to bring results. Sammi Evans and her husband, Detective Dave Patterson, are called in. Together, they get results. Sammi has a special talent and Dave knows how to work with her. But how does she get the unsuspecting mayor to realize that he has spies working in his inner circle? Sammi is brought into meetings and parties that have her mingling with the 'Mob' figures and listening intently for anything she can pick up. No one can hide from her, but even so, it takes time for her to get all the information. Will it be soon enough? Sammi discovers the mayor and his wife are in danger. With a plot having been foiled in the past, the 'Mob' is upset that their timetable is falling behind. They must get back on schedule at all costs and the mayor and his wife are in the way. Can anyone save them? Surprisingly, some people show up who were counted out long ago. But will they follow Sammi's lead and save the mayor and his wife, and wreck the stronghold that is being created around the city of Scranton? Is there enough time to bring down this evil group?
Getaway Money.
  Joule, Kip/ 9780984134236/ Price:US$ 19.99
Icily applauding every conflict between bone-deep isms, Death inexorably beckons from a front-row seat. Someone's killing jockeys and scaring hell out of the rest of them. "Retired" FBI operative "Jace" Maxwell pondered a possible nationwide connection between the deaths of several topnotch jockeys. Then, Enrique Mendoza's horrifically mutilated corpse is pulled from a reservoir in the Midwestern town of Mercury. Instinctively, the local police force's lone detective, Lt. Bob Huber, brims with vengeful territorialism. Even so, he quickly realizes that his department is ill-equiped to skillfully investigate the heinous nature of this seemingly lead-free crime and gladly accepts Maxwell's offer of help. Blending into the barn area at Mercury Downs as a stable groom and hot-walker, Maxwell discovers that Mendoza's murder is likely linked to the only winning ticket for a $1.72-million Twin-Trifecta payoff. Assuming that Mendoza's murderer also is responsible for other jockeys' deaths, Maxwell and Huber profile a psychological trap to lure the remorseless killer back into the Mercury area. The trouble is, their plan must involve a gallery of track-side women and men whose contributions are vital, but which could involve a fate as maliciously Mendoza's. Unbeknownst to anyone, Richard Pierce, known as The Talon, had decided that the "Mendoza job" would be his last. Yet, antagonized by internal perfection and uncompromising self-esteem, he wrestles with returning to Mercury to put his indelible stamp of fear on those who seem bent upon defying his previous message. Evisioning this to be but a brief detour before vanishing forever, The Talon cunningly presumes that he can be more open and reckless than ever before.
  Shu, Samantha/ 9780984259694/ Price:US$ 19.99
For agent Timber Byrne of the FBI, this case was just another situation where she must appease the locals. Until, she realized that the locals were lead by Detective Robin Blake, of the Denver police department, homicide squad, a murder cop and a blast from her past. As bodies start piling up, Detective Blake and special Agent Timber Byrne are forced to put their past aside and find a bloodthirsty killer. One crisis after another pushes these two professionals towards a cataclysmic finale. Will these two stubborn, yet brilliant minds come together to solve the most important case of their career? Or will they run, choosing a safer place where their passions no longer rob them of cognizant thought? Re-visit Nick Devon, Charlene Morgan, Danielle Devon and a host of other characters from previous Shu novels. Discover what happens next, while cruising along on their most recent adventure.
Life Isn't Just Passing Me By...: It's Running Me Over.
  Kismoky, Michelle/ 9780984134250/ Price:US$ 16.95
A down-in-the-trenches, hilarious send-up of everyday events that most people rarely take the time to notice. Life is hard, but funny, too, and even at its most painful life has to be laughed at, lest the spirit suffer in silent agony. This book tells it like it is, while illuminating current events with a glow that stems from Kismoky's wonderfully unique perspective. A sidesplitting look at the raw side of everyday existance, and a kind - yet stern - reminder to lighten up whenever possible.
WE'RE FROM JAZZ: Festschrift in Honor of Nicholas V. Galichenko. (Multilingual Edition)
  Swift, Megan/ 9780982386774/ Price:US$ 26.00
  Schwartz, Duane/ 9780984619511/ Price:US$ 18.95
Three boys, each with circumstances that labeled them outcasts, join at a young age to stand against the injustice of an insufferable childhood. They hold strong to one another until a tragedy in their teen years tears them apart. One of them, Arthur Fetchenko is blamed for an atrocious crime he did not commit. Another, Tony Copeletti is forced far from his home to live with a gangster uncle. The third, Henry Tyler, along with his entire family, is relocated because it was felt that the Tylers could not be trusted to keep hidden the identity of the true criminal, a high ranking politician. Later life brings payback. After years in reform school, Arthur Fetchenko is handed proof of his innocence through evidence strong enough to devastate the political party who harbored the criminal and laid the blame on him in the first place. And along with that evidence, came options. Should he see to it that justice is finally served? Or should he use the information to benefit himself, a blackmail of sorts. He chooses the latter. And once again, the threesome is reunited and off on an adventure of which the final outcome can only be summed up by the words, "To the victors go the spoils". Their goal is to take over the political machine of the day from the inside. Success comes in the end, but it comes at a high cost. Vengeance may drive their story, but along the path noble intentions prevail, love abides, action and adventure abound, and an age old feud is fought to the death.
The Beloved: Book One.
  Yosef,M. H./ 9780984514205/ Price:US$ 19.95
He was by far, the most remarkable man that ever set foot on this earth. He preached a religion, founded a state, built a nation, laid down a moral code, initiated numerous social and political reforms, established a powerful and dynamic society to practice and represent his teachings and completely revolutionized the worlds of human thought and behavior for all times to come. Muhammad, peace be unto him, was born in what was then known as Felix Arabia, fourteen hundred years ago. He started his mission of preaching a religion of monotheism; a Way of Life based on the surrender, submission and obedience to the Commandments of Almighty God, in sincerity and peace. Muhammad's (peace be unto him) mission began at the age of forty and departed from this world at the age of sixty-three. During this short period of 23 years of his prophet-hood, he changed the complete Arabian Peninsula from paganism and idolatry to worship of One God, from tribal quarrels and wars to national solidarity and cohesion, from drunkenness and debauchery to sobriety and piety, from lawlessness and anarchy to disciplined living, from utter bankruptcy to the highest standards of moral excellence.
Maternal Absence.
  Ott, Jamie/ 9780984514243/ Price:US$ 15.99
Piper is shivering, cold, and hungry as she lies on cardboard that is tucked beneath a large dumpster. This is the warmest place she could find because two weeks ago her mother disappeared from their apartment, leaving her without a place to go. Having no family or close friends, she is forced to live off the streets. Prior to her abandonment, the girl has frequently vivid fantasies of life without her mother; yet she never expected she would be homeless. The girl refuses to turn herself into authorities for fear of being placed within the orphanage system. Instead she tries to live off the streets but it doesn't go so well for her. The cool, northeast winter is rushing in and one particularly chilly evening, the girl resorts to a desperate act of crime, which lands her a new life in a new city.
The Reunion.
  Malz, Pamela/ 9780984619504/ Price:US$ 18.95
"He was sitting on the patio of a busy restaurant during lunch hour with a glass of Chardonnay. The fizzling embers at the end of his cigar created an eye catching design, though no one was looking. He opened the Sierra Palma 1999 yearbook to the colorful rows of senior portraits and set it in his lap. He was making a mental list of his soon-to-be victims." It's almost time for the Sierra Palma class of 1999 reunion. Homecoming week will bring about nostalgia, regret, the rekindling of old flames, and for some, murder. It all begins when the police find Mr. Olivares, washed up coach, beheaded in his living room. Beside his body lay the killer's calling card- a cutout of his photograph from the 1999 yearbook. Someone's about to get their revenge on an elite group of students who graced the gilded halls of Sierra Palma: the Prom Queen, the Valedictorian, the jock, the juvenile delinquent. There is someone who will stop at nothing to make The Reunion a horrifying trip down memory lane; a week that will rock the hallowed halls of Sierra Palma High to its core . . . With the help of unlikely heroine and former Prom Queen, Jaime Carrere, who must now face the demons of her past, The Reunion is a page turning thriller from start to finish.
The Annunaki Enigma: Armageddon 2012.
  McCollough, E. G./ 9780984514274/ Price:US$ 22.95
Much has been written lately about a prophetic period in the future of our planet that is being referred to as "End Times". It is predicted to run collaterally with the formation of a one world government or what some may call a "One World Order", and climax with a great war in Israel over a mound known as 'har Megiddo' where the forces of good and evil clash in a battle that will end in the forces of evil being stopped and the leader, Satan, being thrown into an abyss for a thousand years. Current geopolitical events are seemingly moving in such a pattern. Are these Biblical prophecies actually about to take place? Have leaders in our past believed the Bible's predictions and actually prepared for such a global disaster. The Annunaki Enigma: Armageddon 2012 looks at current events and the attitudes of today's leaders and sees a parallel with the prognostications of the early writers of the Bible. If this comes true, how will our Creator respond? Will He join forces with those on Earth to defeat such an enemy? Has He already set up a scenario for the defense of His creations at some point earlier in our history?
The Annunaki Enigma: Creation
  McCord, Symm H./ 9780984514267/ Price:US$ 22.95
After spending his entire professional career protecting a sixty-five-year-old secret, Zach Donovan finds his life's work is being threatened by the prying efforts of a female journalist who has entered his life. In his frustration he remembers the story told to him by his grandfather, Bill Donovan, who was also a member of Aquarius, the top secret group assigned to guard the mystery. His group explains the reasons behind the presence of UFOs and the reasons for alien abduction. How can he stop her prying? This question becomes moot when his superior informs him that Majic-12 plans to hire her and he is assigned to familiarize her with the entire program. She is to become their historian and must be present to document the most important event in modern times, which is to take place in December of 2012 on the island of North Bimini.
The Oath: A Secret Operation Exposes a Conspiracy to Deliver America into the Hands of Her Archenemy, The Illuminati.
  McCollough, E. G./ 9780984514250/ Price:US$ 22.99
Rather than face charges of treason, Kennan Ahmad Padgett resigns his post as President and Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America. Within days, a dozen of the President's co-conspirators follow his lead. A nervous nation waits with other governments and powerbrokers around the globe for the twelfth person in the U.S. Presidential line of succession to take the oath of office. This is not only that person's story, Dr. Mason Edwards embodies a resolute spirit that resides within freedom-loving people everywhere. The crusade for human rights and self-determination that he and his Operation Annuit Coeptis colleagues champion is exactly what America's archenemy, The Order of the Illuminati, is sworn to wipe from the face of the earth. And, although mainstream media moguls know about the globalists' plans to topple America and her allies, the press shields the self-appointed gods of the New World Order from the lights of publicity.
Second Wind: The Saga of Pike Wheeling.
  Davis, Lori/ 9780984259618/ Price:US$ 19.99
Grief and hate will cripple us all at some point in our lives. For Pike Wheeling, he had to face and conquer these emotions many times. Barely surviving Anderson prison after being captured by the Confederates, Pike comes home to find his one and only love married…to his own brother. Beginning again is a daunting task for Pike. He decides to move to Indian Territory to escape, but is dismayed to accept both brothers are following and Pike's love will be with him-daily. Not only must Pike deal with his most bitter disappointment but he is also tricked into an unsatisfying marriage, only to discover he loves someone else. Many more mountains Pike has to face as well as his enemy from Andersonville who is determined to see Pike dead, no matter how many bodies he has to wade through.
Calum: Book One of GAIA.
  Hamilton, Matthew/ 9780984134212/ Price:US$ 18.99
"Who am I?" "Where am I?" "Why am I here?" With these questions Calum roused himself, touching his bloody head that had no memory of his whereabouts. "Is That Me?" He asked himself, seeing his reflection in the water of the clear, clean pond. Bemused, he found himself in front of a large door that lured him into entering. Unable to resist that impulse, Calum found himself drawn deeper into the mysterious cavern, where he received a most startling charge: "We have searched for you, Calum; searched for someone who has the ability. You must save GAIA from the evil that comes for her." Thus begins the saga of GAIA, as Calum, a young lad, is designated to be the savior of this unknown planet. The only positive is that he will have the aid of a series of dubious gods with varied mystical powers, in addition to a young race of GAIAns that may or may not be of help. Would that be enough? And who is the enemy that had gods of their own?
VA01-126 Roland Barthes, 4-Vols/Set.
  Badmington, Neil/ 9780415472579/ Price:£ 925.00
Thirty years ago the English-speaking world was discovering the work of some of the key poststructuralist theorists for the first time: Jacques Derrida’s Of Grammatology had just appeared in translation, as had Roland Barthes’ S/Z, Jacques Lacan’s Ecrits, Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari’s Anti-Oedipus, Michel Foucault’s Discipline and Punish, and Pierre Macherey’s A Theory of Literary Production. English editions of Julia Kristeva’s Desire in Language and Jean-Francois Lyotard’s The Postmodern Condition were just around the corner. The subsequent ‘theory wars’ that raged on campuses in the 1980s are now generally seen as a thing of the past: poststructuralism is now, largely, a familiar and widely taught part of the academic landscape in the English-speaking world. Of all the poststructuralists, Roland Barthes (1915–80) is probably the most widely read. Mythologies has sold hundreds of thousands of copies in paperback and has never been out of print since it first appeared in English in 1972. And ‘The Death of the Author’, his short essay dating from 1968, is probably the most widely anthologized theoretical text of all. Moreover, even though he died over a quarter of a century ago, Barthes remains especially ‘alive’ to English-speaking audiences in that his voluminous writings are still being translated into English. Reflecting the vibrancy and dynamism of Barthes Studies, this four-volume collection, a new title in Routledge’s Critical Evaluations in Cultural Theory series, brings together the best and most influential cutting-edge and canonical research on Roland Barthes. The gathered materials address the full range of Barthes’ extremely diverse output to provide the definitive evaluation of his work.
SA01-485 John Cheever: Complete Novels
  Blake Bailey/ 9781598530353/ Price:US$ 35.00
SA01-476 Heaven's Keep: A Novel
  William Kent Krueger/ 9781416556770/ Price:US$ 17.00
SA01-468 Mage-Guard of Hamor.
  L. E. Modesitt/ 9780765358820/ Price:US$ 8.99
SA01-464 The September Sisters.
  Cantor, Jillian/ 9780061686481/ Price:US$ 16.99
SA01-457 A Death in the Family.
  Agee, James/ 9780143105718/ Price:US$ 17.00
SA01-457 Slaughterhouse-Five: Or the Children's Crusade, a Duty-Dance with Death.
  Vonnegut, Kurt/ 9780385333849/ Price:US$ 17.00
SA01-447 The Philip K. Dick Collection.(Four Novels of the 1960s + Five Novels of the 1960s and 70s + VALIS and Later Novels)
  Dick, Philip K./ 9781598530490/ Price:US$ 110.00
SA01-422 Domesticity and Dissent in the Seventeenth Century: English Women's Writing and the Public Sphere.
  Gillespie, Katharine/ 9780521120227/ Price:£ 32.99
SA01-408 First We Read, Then We Write: Emerson on the Creative Process.
  Richardson, Robert D./ 9781587297939/ Price:US$ 19.95
SA01-401 The Influrence of Daoism on Asian-Canadian Writers.
  Chen, John Z. M./ 9780773448100/ Price:£ 89.95
SA01-388 Quantum Woman: Celestial Man.
  Sojlevska, Kamelia/ 9780982305041/ Price:US$ 22.95
QUANTUM WOMAN--CELESTIAL MAN explores the issues relating to love, identity and belief, and Kamelia’s electrifying book gathers a range of characters around the concept of a journey with potentially wide-reaching implications. It takes into account a particular understanding of human nature in order to explore the relative complexities of a being, in unbelievable twists and turns. The story plot imagines consciousness as a kind of place, largely based on a view of certain scientific and sociological principles. Discovering the fouth dimension, third eye and higher awareness through love and sexuality becomes a possibility of every human being. As the feelings of two main characters grow for each other, Celestial Man takes Quantum Woman to the parallel universes in near future, deep past in Tibet and then into the deep future where she learns the languages, magic, and science of the future. She visits the frozen town Shambala deeply lost in the peoples memories. The road is painful and difficult but full of challenges and those who believe and disbelieve in the new horizons. The spectacular goal is the lost harmony between male and female on the earth and discovering it with knowledge and love. You will be mesmerized, spell-bound as Quantum Woman seeks to become a partner of Celestial Man and gain her immortality.
SA01-382 Tutankhamun Uncovered: The Adventure Behind the Curse.
  Marfleet, Michael J./ 9781906358730/ Price:£ 15.99
Like millions of first-generation Rock & Roll teens, Sandi Haynes Pichon, Author, Columnist & President of TCB ELVIS STYLE Fan Club in Louisiana, was Raised on ELVIS! ELVIS! ELVIS! In between the time she sat with him on his motorcycle at his Audubon Drive home until the day she stood weeping by his coffin inside Graceland, Sandi was front row and center for ELVIS concerts all over the country. As a pre-teen in Memphis, she was there to witness a regional attraction which become a national obsession; she devoted years of her adult life to being part of his global audience, and has since dedicated herself to charities that pay homage to his iconic memory. Through several chance meetings with ELVIS himself and friendships with his inner circle Sandi was close enough to feel for the wonderful man that was living in the shadow of his awesome reputation. They exchanged gifts and kisses across the footlights and she was invited to the parties after the shows and even to Graceland Mansion. "I was so fortunate to have been able to have such meaningful contact with the most beloved entertainer ever," Sandi relates. "I always knew that I was there for the millions who wished they were, so this story belongs to all the fans, who have loved him, turned their rooms into shrines to him, and stood by him for all these years." So now enjoy this pictorial novella of a time and place where a man changed the world one heart at a time.
Thinking Out Loud: A Sammi Evans Mystery.
  Drouillard, Jeannne L./ 9780982305003/ Price:US$ 18.95
Politics. That’s where the money is. And, that’s where the greed is. And the killings. Politicians, policemen and an entire criminal ring join together to infiltrate the office of the Governor of Pennsylvania in furtherance of their master scheme involving drugs, murder and money-laundering. Allowing nothing to stand in their way, the evil cartel moves relentlessly forward with their handpicked candidate for the Governor’s office. Their plan: total dominance. Their secret weapon: a mole in the police ranks. Their obstacle: A Scranton police detective and Sammi Evans, a ‘sensitive’ with a secret asset of her own. But will Sammi’s secret be enough to save her companions?
  Schwartz, Duane/ 9780984134298/ Price:US$ 18.95
Klan vs Lawman. Company thugs vs union organizers. Miner vs miner. Citizen vs citizen. At stake is not only the working condi-tions in the ore mines, but also the town of Calumet, the sticking point to the Klan as the hooded miscreants attempt to control the entire territory. Calumet must fall. So long as the citizens of Calumet hold out against the Klan mak-ing inroads in its government, the rest of the territory can breathe easier. All of the neighboring towns and villages collectively hold their breath, while in Calumet a handful of irate citizens join with a U.S. Marshal as well as unexpected, but most welcome, aid from the outside. The only thing is, has the aid come too late to stop the Klan’s inevitable march toward total control. After all, the Klan will stop at nothing: murder, rape, assassinations, kidnappings; anything to wrest control of the town’s government from the citi-zens. But, all is not as it seems. Buried somewhere in the body of helpful newcomers is a traitor, an unsuspected member of the Klan.
Charlie Ford Meets the Mole.
  Tynan, J.D./ 9780980155587/ Price:US$ 19.95
America’s sexiest nanny, Charlie Ford is back. Fresh from her latest venture in “Charlie Ford Meets Secret Agent Man,” Charlie finds herself once again up to her shapely …..well, up to the world of spies counterspies and counter-counterspies. Her new-found lover is once again in the midst of evil plots and schemes, and drags Charlie and her teen-aged charge into harm’s way once more. Espionage, danger, thrills, hot steamy romance and more await Charlie just around the corner. But other things wait, as well.
An Unfinished House.
  Malone, K. P./ 9780981907581/ Price:US$ 15.95
Steel yourselves readers, because nothing you have ever read can prepare you for An Unfinished House, K. Patrick Malone's most harrowing and uncompromising foray yet into the darkness of both the natural and supernatural and, a New York Book Festival 2009 Fiction First Runner Up. Michael Golden, a hard working, every day family man and builder, comes home from work one evening to find that his shy homemaker wife has been killed in a car accident leaving him with two small children in the historic old colonial house they'd just bought. But something no one could have ever imagined happens when an outlaw biker arrives on his doorstep with a secret so devastating that it rocks An Unfinished House, and those who live there to the very core of their existence. Tearing the face off of human emotion and redefining the meaning of the word "love" with a haunting that will peel the paint off your walls and an ending that will leave you . . .shattered. Feel welcome, readers, to come into An Unfinished House, comforted by the smell of cinnamon baking in the kitchen and ducks swimming on the placid lake out back. But be warned, you will not leave the same way because, by the end, everything you ever thought you knew about life, death and love will have changed completely. No one comes away from Unfinished . . untouched. And as such, the author, K. Patrick Malone and publisher, A-Argus Books, attach a five hanky warning alert as part of this disclaimer.
The Digger's Rest.
  Malone, K. P./ 9780980155570/ Price:US$ 22.95
Now dare to follow K. Patrick Malone into the deep dark heart of The Digger’s Rest, his second full length horror novel chronicling the journey of a motley team of art archaeologists sent to excavate a newly discovered castle ruin in the South West of England in search of proof of King Arthur. What they uncover, however, is a legend much older; more mind rending and soul shredding than anything they could ever have conceived with an ending that is nothing less than " biblically operatic" in proportion.
  Reed, Angie L./ 9780982305089/ Price:US$ 19.95
Think you've read it all? Brace yourself! There's a "new" dawn on the horizon. Julian, Max, and Emily open a "new" door into the unreal. Theirs becomes a journey that will leave readers mesmerized with its unexpected twists and turns. Prepare as a "new" generation of vampires is discovered. These vampires could be friends, neighbors or even family. Reed's first in a series is guaranteed to leave readers tied to their seats, unable to put the book down until the very last page. And totally unprepared for Hybrid's shocking ending.
Cobb's Landing.
  Schwartz, Duane/ 9780981907550/ Price:US$ 18.95
Providing a refuge from the gangster wars of the days of prohibition, Cobb’s Landing was a haven for the leaders of organized crime and a location where they were free to frolic and party. Their wild and miscreant behavior, however, roused the small town into a gang of vigilantes determined to rout the high-flying gangsters from their nest. War transpires.
The Kingdom.
  Barry, Jennifer/ 9780984259601/ Price:US$ 19.99
Though I have seen many corners of the Earth, I have considered Ireland my home since my first glimpse of her. The rolling, verdant hills seem to hold a magic to which I cannot compare. This land holds mysteries that I feel no compulsion to solve." Rioghan has been trapped on Earth since the fall of Lucifer. He spends his days toying with the emotions of the lowly humans while his father, the High King, wishes for him to grow up and accept his royal obligations. When Rioghan meets Lily, the daughter of a famous opera singer, she is nothing but a shiny new toy to him. Lily has a very firm mind of her own, however, and can't be bothered by one more person professing undying love for her when they haven't even taken the time to get to know her. The harder she resists Rioghan, the faster he falls, until he realizes she has become his reason to be.
The Death of a Bookie: A Jacob Schreiber Mystery.
  Beaulieu, Guy/ 9780984259649/ Price:US$ 19.99
No one had seen anyone or heard a sound when the body of Louis-the-snake Billings, the number one bookie in Hollywood, was dropped on the floor smack in the middle of Jacob Schreiber's office, a private detective. Law enforcement agencies believed Tony Padilla had snuffed out Louis Billings. Jacob Schreiber did not. Could he prove it? Information from a former client helps Jacob uncover a national security flaw. The FBI and the private eye bring an end to the smuggling of military weapons to foreign agents. As a little league coach, Jacob found that time spent with children always brought him back to the real values in life. A young mother with a 9-year-old son led him to the beginning of a romance that would not last. Being a former Marine, Jacob Schreiber never gave up. He solved crimes in a way that made him friends on one side and many enemies on the other.
Sapphire, Ruby and Other Southern Jewels.
  Reed, Susanne/ 9780982305027/ Price:US$ 17.95
Rosyhill, Mississippi. On the surface: a quiet, quaint little town lucky enough to sit alongside the Mississippi River. Home to legendary moonshine maker, Rosy Cheeks Reynolds and the genteel, delicate flower of the South, Mary Elizabeth Mary Ann Peterson. Delicate? Genteel? Fragile? Frail? Look again. These are real, down to earth women; Daughters of the Southland and worthy of the title, “Steel Magnolia.” Of course, they are true ladies, demure and reserved. That is, until you get crossways with them. And then, all hell breaks loose, as the Carson family discovers when Ruby falls. Altogether, a hilarious, whimsical journey into the deep Southland, where time stands still, southern culture and exquisite manners still exist, and the ladies, naturally, are immortal.
A Dental Odyssey: unlikely musings of a dentist.
  Selden, Howard S./ 9780984134274/ Price:US$ 19.99
The author's recollections are a rare look inside Dentistry, within a meaningful and entertaining historic framework. The level of detail is unstinting and refreshing, providing health consumers with satisfying nuggets of solid information. Selden's message is clear: valuable benefits accrue when the patient becomes an informed partner with the Doctor, especially in interpreting symptoms. Within a towering Rocky Mountain ski resort, we are drawn into the arcane world of dental decay, from its cause to its epidemic levels during the Middle Ages--along with the Bubonic plague, dental infections defined those tragic European years. The fascinating history of acupuncture, and its introduction to American Medicine and Dentistry is detailed and exciting. Selden highlights this section by telling how he amazingly stops a patient's agonizing toothache with his first use of acupuncture. The inner world of root canal therapy, seen through an operating microscope, provides clarity and understanding. The very moving account of Selden's failure to successfully treat an important tooth for a patient, leads to her consoling him; a rare reversal of roles. Reaching back to Dental School days, we hear how the confrontation with cadavers, along with their noxious odors, challenges the determination of some to follow this career. Truly, an uplifting and enlightning Dental Odyssey.
The Thinking Man's Guide to Women.
  Carr, J. S./ 9780984134281/ Price:US$ 21.95
HOW DARE A MAN SAY SUCH THINGS!!! The book is obnoxious and jaw-dropping if you are female; hilarious and "right on" if you are male. The chapters align male cerebral rationale with a Darwinian slant. The words tickle, massage and stretch the sensitive skin of human intellect. Men, learn deep secrets about your woman. Woman learn deep secrets about your self. It's the NEW Sexual Revolution and "Thinking Man's Guide to Women" is your handbok for survival!
The Shaman And The Jew.
  Selden, Howard S./ 9780981907543/ Price:US$ 16.95
The enduring struggle for ethnic, cultural, national, and individual survival characterizes human history. These powerful forces that drive events underlie deep psychological motivations, and when challenged, are uncompromising. From the cataclysmic termination of Moorish Muslim Spain to the introduction of the Jewish Faith in the New World, The Shaman and the Jew chronicles the struggle for survival of a Jew who flees Spain ahead a Spanish Inquisition that demands baptism in the Catholic Church or orders expulsion from the country. Life in the New World is little better as the Jewish immigrant faces dominant and warring Apache Indians, proselytizing Catholic priests and invading European settlers.
All for the Money.
  Hansl, Art/ 9780982305034/ Price:US$ 16.95
What would you do? Roger Stott, a faded tennis star who has just blown his recent job of keeping Hollywood celebrities from being themselves, meets Perrie Olsen, a stunning, uninhibited flight attendant, and takes her to the bullfights in Tijuana. They are assaulted by a Mexican cop delivering a Cartel payoff to the Tijuana police. He has rape and murder in mind but the tables are turned and Stott disposes of his body. He and Perrie find nearly three million dollars in his truck, but there is a witness to be dealt with, permanently. The deed is done, but there are others who want the money, and Roger and Perrie are pursued by a greedy pilot, a Cartel killer, a lesbian reporter and a crooked Florida cop from the shores of California to a decadent estate in Palm Beach to hurricane-swept Fort Lauderdale and finally to the steamy swamps of the Everglades. Their lives are soon ruled by tension, desperation to survive and, finally, suspicion of each other that turns deadly. Roger wants to survive. What would you do?
Boone Springs.
  Dunnigan, Rudy/ 9780982305058 / Price:US$ 19.95
Take sex and drugs and a man who’ll stop at nothing to get what he wants. Mix with murder, kidnapping and rape. Stir in violence, vengeance and revenge and the result is an explosive situation that is a danger to everyone. Add a neurotic psychopath wearing a sheriff’s badge and carrying a gun plus a husband seeking to avenge the rape and murder of his wife and you’ll have Boone Springs; the provocative, often vicious, saga of a plethora of fascinating characters. A good brother and an amoral brother. A good cop and an evil cop. Two unusual, bitter-sweet love stories. Altogether, a captivating story of good versus evil and there’s no guarantee that good will win. A page-turner of the first quality.
Caylen's Quest.
  Marchand, Robert B./ 9780981907567/ Price:US$ 17.95
The devastation that befell some families during and after the Great War of 1914 called into play a method used in the 1800's by frontier women . Finding a husband through the mail order system was a commonly used method of single , impoverished or widowed mothers who's husbands had made the ultimate sacrifice for their country . These women , in desperation , agreed at times , to wed virtual strangers . Such a woman was the wdowed Lora Helms . Lora , and her young son Caylen , with their need for security and a father figure for Caylen , are lured by a eccentric gold prospector to the unfamiliar wilderness of the Northern Canadian Rockies, Young Caylen Helms and his mother Lora soon find themselves the victims of a greedy , sadistic recluse . Refusing to just give in to this evil man , Caylen is forced to become a man at an early age . In a seemingly hopeless situation , help finally arrives from an unusual source. He begins to have dreams about an old Indian man and a huge black wolf . Are these dreams just dreams ? . Caylen and his mother are certain that is the case until one morning he finds at the cabin door , a small black wolf cub that is a miniature replica of the wolf of his dreams . Can the visions in his dreams and the promises of the old indian lead Caylen to success in his quest for riches and justice and for the love of a beautifull indian maiden ?.
The Travelers.
  Henderson,Delaney/ 9780981907574/ Price:US$ 17.95
Travelers in foreign lands, especially the Northern Africa, are able to easily find drugs of every type for recreational use and for import-export. The magnificent sights of the Muslim community by day conceal the behind-the-scenes activities of the night. Out there are the “Users,” who want to capitalize on the lucrative markets of the United States and its neighbors. The lure of easy money and the icy thrill of breaking all the rules prove to be a virtually irresistible attraction to young American tourists and their counterparts around the world. The combination of free access to copious amounts of drugs, sex, danger and excitement lead travelers to taste the forbidden fruits and encourages them to partake in the chase of modern ecstasy; sometimes with fatal results.
People of The Sword.
  O'Donnell, Neil/ 9780982305072/ Price:US$ 19.95
O’Donnell’s stirring new work, PEOPLE OF THE SWORD, combines myth, history, and conquest with music, sorcery and a touch of romance to impart the struggles of two vastly different cultures suddenly dependent on one another for survival. Confronted by a common enemy, the wizard Crarnock, the druids and knights of Tropal realize that only through cooperation can they defeat Crarnock’s goblin army. The journey will test the resolve of both peoples as they realize that their collective bias and misunderstandings are as much a threat as Crarnock himself. For readers interested in history, mythology, culture change, and classic struggles between Good and Evil, (as well as being highly entertained) PEOPLE OF THE SWORD is for you.
The Longinus Quest.
  Singleton, D. K./ 9780982305010/ Price:US$ 17.95
When demoted C.I.A. Agent Trevor Hawk is assigned the uncomplicated task of having stolen artifacts identified, he discovers that he is entrapped in a vortex of mystical legends that warp the senses. In what seems to be an unreal world, a secret group of American Masons known as the Knights of Athena protect the true source of American power the Spear of Longinus. In a fatal contest between the decedents of the famed Knights Templar and the Knights of Malta supported by their ruthless assassins known as The Hasshishans, Trevor Hawk finds himself caught up in the battle for the possession of the this implement of incredible power. Having been declared a Rogue Agent and not knowing what side to fight on, Hawk finds himself dead center in what would be and amusing flight into fantasy, except for one small problem: everyone wants him dead!
The Crystal Locket: Key to the Tunnels of Time.
  Lawrence, Julia/ 9780982305065/ Price:US$ 17.95
The Crystal Locket: Key to the Tunnels of Time is a thrilling young adult historical fantasy that takes you on a time traveling journey to ancient Egypt and the time of America’s Independence. Thirteen-year-old orphaned twins, Andrew and Kristine Taylor, discover an ancient crystal locket, in the Cold Hollow Mountains that when opened whisks them away deep into the past. They experience this exciting romp through time with their dog Chaz and a know-it-all guide called Copycat. Andrew becomes an Egyptian messenger from the Gods and Kristine, an Egyptian princess-just a few of the many changes they encounter. Along the way, they'll learn disturbing secrets, such as the retrieval of hidden pieces of a disk is crucial to the world’s survival, shocking information pertaining to their family, and the realization that they can't trust anyone...
Charlie Ford Meets The x.
  Tynan, J. D./ 9780981907598/ Price:US$ 19.99
Charlie is moving on. Formerly America's sexiest nanny, Charlie is well on her way to becoming America's hottest secret agent. Charlie is tough. Nothing they could throw at her in the torturous spy school could deter her from becoming a top agent and the right hand to Jack, her beloved Secret Agent Man. Nothing, that is, until Muslim terrorists made the mistake of kidnapping Charlie's close friend and former ward, Bella. Spy school would have to wait, and so would Jack, as Charlie dons her war-paint and picks up her rifle, determined to save her friend. The terrorists were totally unaware that hot on their trail pursued an ex-soldier, one of the Army's best snipers. The kidnappers were about to feel the wrath of an angry woman-an expert with her favorite weapon. Tagging along were a few friends who wouldn't let Charlie face the terrorists alone; among the friends was Jack's brother-who also wanted Charlie-as well as, to Charlie's great chagrin, her former commander and lover!
Blood Line.
  Shu, Samantha/ 9780984134243/ Price:US$ 19.95
Fresh from her spectacular debut with WHISPERED DREAMS, Shu brings to her legions of fervent fans the eagerly anticipated prequel: BLOOD LINE. First in a trilogy of masterfully crafted romantic suspense works, BLOOD LINE introduces to the reader a new and exciting and an equally thrilling and glamorous heroine. Skill skillfully draws the reader deep into the plot, holding the unsuspecting reader under her spell as she entertains, thrills, scares, fascinates, captivates and mystifys the reader until the last surprising, breath-taking scene. This is one you won't be able to put down. Move over, Grisham and Patterson.
BROTHERS IN EXILE: A Novel of the Lives and Loves of Thomas and Heinrich Mann.
  Kainer, Selig/ 9780980081442/ Price:US$ 36.00
The Greatest Dog Stories Ever Told: Great Writers from Ray Bradbury to Mark Twain Celebrate Man's Best Friend.
  Sherwood, Patricia M./ 9781599217932/ Price:US$ 16.95
How to Win Fiends and Influence People: 666 Wicked Ways to Guarantee Success in the Workplace.
  Satan, Nicholas D./ 9781599215686/ Price:US$ 16.95
News Hounds: The Wackiest Dog Stories from Around the World.
  O'Meara, Ryan/ 9781599214788/ Price:US$ 12.95
Santa's Diaries: A Year of Mayhem, Merriment, and Miracles at the North Pole.
  Christmas, Nicholas F./ 9781599218021/ Price:US$ 16.95
The Upside-Down Christmas Tree: And Other Bizarre Yuletide Tales.
  Scott, Delilah/ 9781599214191/ Price:US$ 14.95
Zombie Notes: A Study Guide to the Best in Undead Literary Classics.
  Rozakis, Laurie/ 9781599219110/ Price:US$ 14.95
Epic Undertaking.
  Goldman, Roberto P./ 9788120833821/ Price:US$ 56.44
Your Thoughts Can Trap You: A Sammi Evans Mystery.
  Drouillard, Jeanne L./ 9780984134267/ Price:US$ 18.95
Multiple kidnappings are taking place in broad daylight as children are snatched off the street under the very noses of their watchers. While bystanders are plentiful, no one saw anything. The kidnappings continue unabated and even includes an eighty-three year old grandmother. Still, there is little to go on. The local police have nothing and even the F.B.I. is clueless; confused and bewildered by the lack of evidence. It seems that nothing can slow the rate of children disappearing without a trace. But then a voice from the past, one of the five people living that knows of her special talent, reaches Sammi Evans, pleading for her help. As Sammi delves deeper into the mystery, she finds that the situation is even more dire and more complicated than she had imagined. Even with the aid of her friends, the police, the F.B.I. and her unusual abilities, Sammi feels helpless but she can't give up. The very lives of the kidnap victims depend on her being able to solve a problem that has stymied police officers and federal agents alike. Can Sammi figure out the situation before the children disappear forever?
VA01-121 Charles Dickens, 10-Vols/Set.
  / 9780415435956/ Price:£ 825.00
This small collection of books originally published over sixty years brings back into print some valuable works. As well as examining the art of Dickens’ writing, the emphasis is on the social and political background of his times and the influence this had on his work. Volume I: Dickens at Work Volume II: The Social Novel in England, 1830-1850 Volume III: The Imagination of Charles Dickens Volume IV:The Companion to Our Mutual Friend Volume V:Charles Dickens Volume VI: Dickens and the Twentieth Century Volume VII: The Days of Dickens:A Glance at Some Aspects of Early Victorian Life in London Volume VIII :The Dickens Encyclopaedia Volume IX :Dostoevsky and Dickens A Study of Literary Influence Volume X :Martin Chuzzlewit
SA01-486 The Possession of Mr Cave
  Matt Haig/ 9781786893192/ Price:£ 8.99
SA01-479 American Born Chinese.
  Gene Luen Yang/ 9780312384487/ Price:US$ 10.99
SA01-476 Modernist Aesthetics in Taiwanese Poetry since the 1950s
  Au Chung-to/ 9789004167070/ Price:EUR 135.00
SA01-461 Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity.
  Cohen, Kerry/ 9781401309923/ Price:US$ 14.99
SA01-457 The Catch: A Joe Gunther Novel.
  Mayor, Archer/ 9781939767158/ Price:US$ 14.95
SA01-411 Jane Eyre.
  Bronte, Charlotte/ 9780194792622/ Price:NT$ 190.00
SA01-382 Truffles' Diaries: Memoirs and Mewsings of a Fat Tabby Cat.
  Collins, Sheila/ 9781906358556/ Price:£ 9.99
Truffles is no ordinary cat - in fact she would claim that she is very special indeed, and who would dare to argue with her? Her nineteen plus years of observing human behaviour, often mystifying and comical, have equipped her with all the wisdom and cunning necessary to use the human environment and its two-legged inhabitants to her best advantage and, as is the ambition of all cats, she has learnt how to make her existence as comfortable as possible. In this diary Truffles allows us to take a very privileged peek through her discerning eyes as she describes her thoughts and day-to-day activities (or lack of them!) Written in three weekly parts, the first from when she approaches her milestone sixteenth birthday followed up by catch-ups over the next two years, Truffles also recounts an assortment of amusing, true anecdotes from her past involving her feline and canine pals, but with the last laughs most often being on the hapless humans. What is quite clear is that twenty-first century cats are a far superior species in terms of getting what they want, when they want and with the minimum amount of effort, and the very humanised Truffles is no exception. She has her human carers well trained to carry out their expected feline-orientated duties to her exacting standards, is always one step ahead of them and knows exactly which buttons to press to get the desired effect ... which only goes to prove that it is a cat's life after all!
SA01-374 Brodsky through the Eyes of His Contemporaries, Vol. II.
  Polukhina, Valentina/ 9781934843161/ Price:US$ 139.00
Charles Baudelaire.
  Lloyd, Rosemary/ 9781861893635/ Price:£ 11.99
Born in Paris, Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867) was a hugely influential poet, art critic and translator whose reputation has only increased in the twentieth century. Throughout his life Baudelaire was fascinated by both language, which he manipulated with consummate and innovative skill, and by the visual, commenting forcefully on the art of his time. This book brings together Baudelaire's life and his creative and critical writing, showing how closely interlinked they were, and how much his experience of daily life and the world around him was distilled and transformed in his work. Living through the high point and the decline of Romanticism, as well as the beginnings of realism and symbolism, Baudelaire was a witness to turbulent political events, such as the February 1848 revolution, that transformed the city of Paris both socially and physically. These events offer a crucial background to Baudelaire's life and work, as do the many friends and acquaintances who have left written traces of their relationship with him. The book also relates Baudelaire's personal battles with syphilis, and the morality of the time, and his role as a translator – his translations of Edgar Allan Poe were highly popular and introduced Poe's work to a French audience.
Jean Cocteau.
  Williams, James S./ 9781861893543/ Price:£ 11.99
From the magical Beauty and the Beast to the surreal Orpheus films, Jean Cocteau is renowned as a leading figure in European cinema as well as a creative force collaborating with artists as diverse as Picasso, Diaghilev and Edith Piaf. Yet Cocteau’s work and life have rarely been examined together. Evaluating Cocteau’s career and his fascinating personal life on equal terms, James S. Williams offers here a groundbreaking analysis that sets them both within highly revealing historical and artistic contexts. James S. Williams’s biographical investigation of this poet, dramatist, novelist, designer, and filmmaker centres around Cocteau’s constant self-questioning and how it permeated his work. From Cocteau’s work in fashion and photography to his formal experimentation, to his extensive collaborations with male friends and lovers, the book charts the complex and unpredictable evolution of his work and aesthetic. Williams argues that Cocteau’s body of work is best viewed as an ethical, erotic project of aesthetics that carries important ramifications for our contemporary understanding of being and subjectivity.
The Mafia in Sicilian Literature.
  del Greco Lobner, Corinna/ 9780980081459/ Price:US$ 22.00
This book shows the Mafia not merely as a criminal association, but as a way of thinking and feeling known as sentire mafioso. Authors considered are some of the best known Sicilian-Italian authors such as Luigi Pirandello, Giovanni Verga, Federico De Roberto, and Leonardo Sciascia; Sicilian myths and fairy tales are also considered along with a chapter exclusively dedicated to Sicilian history-the missing link in too many books on the subject.
Rivers of Fire: Mythic Themes in Homer's Iliad.
  Mackie, Christopher J./ 9780980081428/ Price:US$ 26.00
Cafe Bombshell: The International Brain Surgery Conspiracy.
  Ramet, Sabrina P./ 9780980081480/ Price:US$ 20.00
Always the Trains: Poems.
  Neri, Judy/ 9780980081411/ Price:US$ 16.00
The Power of Paws: Reflections on a Life with Dogs.
  Shiebler, Gary/ 9781599213095/ Price:US$ 12.95
The Power of Purrs: Reflections on a Life with Cats.
  Shiebler, Gary/ 9781599213101/ Price:US$ 12.95
Equine Angels: Stories of Rescue, Love, and Hope.
  Weller, Frank/ 9781599214443/ Price:US$ 24.95
My Sister and I: We Are Survivors.
  Owensby, J. J./ 9780980155532/ Price:US$ 17.99
The true and uplifting story of Deena and Starla; two young children, victims of incest and sexual abuse as infants, and their struggle to overcome the tragedy of a vile stepfather and his sons and the indifference of an aloof mother. An honest, somewhat brutal, account of family incest, the most despicable and the most under-reported crime against the young, the innocent and the unsuspecting.
Figuring It Out With Grace.
  Tynan, J. D./ 9780981907512/ Price:US$ 16.95
"Figuring It Out With Grace" is a love story that will grip your heart. At a time where everyone is only interested in the 'here and now' and 'what's in it for me?" comes a tale of stirring selfless romance full of passion and excitement, of heartbreak and pain; of love found, then lost, and then found anew...only to be lost again. A story of innocent awakening, of learning, and then, finally, the discovery of the One Great True Love. But, is it too late? Did Grace come to her realization in time to win the love of her life, or is she doomed to watch as he weds another? And if he does wed another, will Grace be content to become 'The Other Woman', or will she--can she--just walk away?"
Whispered Dreams.
  Shu, Samantha/ 9780980155549/ Price:US$ 19.95
Missing students, secretive mysterious experiments going horribly wrong, and a dark, dangerous stranger waiting to cover it all up under the concealing cloak of the CIA, propels gorgeous, feisty FBI Agent Danielle Devon into the assignment of her career. Exhilarated from her well-earned promotion and tingling as a result of the romantic attention of renowned newsman Garrett Quintan, Danielle suddenly finds herself the target of a raging psychopath obsessed with the idea of owning and possessing the beautiful federal agent who’s assignment is to stop his string of grisly murders. Will Danielle succeed? Or, will she become another of the psychopath’s many victims?
VA01-117 British Servants: A Collection of Early Guides and Companions, 5-Vols/Set.
  Kobayashi, Akio/ 9784902454222/ Price:£ 975.00
This five-volume set offers a collection of thirteen guides and companions written for British servants in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The chronologically balanced selection provides a historical perspective on the changes of the roles of servants and their position in British society.
VA01-115 Modern Drama, 4-Vols/Set.
  Puchner, Martin/ 9780415386609/ Price:£ 935.00
What is generally referred to as modern drama was an international development or movement centred in Europe and North America, a movement directed against many of the conventions and institutions of nineteenth-century drama and theatre. Between 1880 and 1960, a number of foundational figures broke with inherited dramatic conventions, instituted new forms of drama, and created different venues for performance. George Bernard Shaw and William Archer in England, Henrik Ibsen in Norway, August Strindberg in Sweden, Maurice Maeterlinck and Alfred Jarry in France, Gerhard Hauptmann in Germany, Luigi Pirandello in Italy, Federico Garcia Lorca in Spain, Eugene O’Neill and Gertrude Stein in the United States, and Anton Chekhov in Russia share, despite their considerable differences, a project of rupturing with the old and a belief in the new. Even though each national drama tradition can boast such a foundational figure, modern drama was at the same time an international movement. New plays quickly circulated through translation and new production techniques through touring companies and extended visits, establishing an international standard for modernism in drama. The four volumes that make up this new Routledge Major Work span the historical emergence and the continuing impact of modern drama on critical thought. By focusing on the origins of modern drama as well as on the narrative of its development, the collection is uniquely positioned to relate this historical period to current critical traditions. In terms of organization, the Major Work takes stock of the various critical traditions that have developed since the 1960s and that have fundamentally transformed our understanding of modernist drama and theatre even as these traditions have continued to draw on the original impulses of modern dramatists. It is an essential reference work destined to be valued as a vital research resource by all scholars and students of the subject.
VA01-113 Dryden-Tonson Miscellanies, 1684-1709, The., 6-Vols/Set.
  Hopkins, David/ 9780415375771/ Price:£ 1100.00
Today, the miscellanies provide crucial insight into the development of English poetry at the beginning of the Long Eighteenth Century. Early volumes print work by such poets as Sir Charles Sedley, Rochester, Aphra Behn, and Thomas Rymer. The middle volumes see the emergence of a new generation of younger writers, many of them proteges of Dryden, including Joseph Addison, William Congreve, and Matthew Prior. The final volumes include some of the earliest work of Alexander Pope, Nicholas Rowe, and Jonathan Swift. The miscellanies represent a wide spectrum of political affiliations, and include work by, and addressed to, women. The Tonson miscellanies thus provide a unique decade-by-decade record of the complex transition between the ‘Restoration’ and ‘Augustan’ (or more neutrally seventeenth to eighteenth-century) phases of English literary culture.
SA01-474 The Miracle of Grace
  Kate Kerrigan/ 9780330452250/ Price:£ 7.99
SA01-468 Race, Manhood, and Modernism in America: The Short Story Cycles of Sherwood Anderson and Jean Toomer.
  Mark Whalan/ 9781572335806/ Price:US$ 43.00
SA01-465 The Beautiful and Damned.
  Fitzgerald, F. S./ 9780451530431/ Price:US$ 7.95
SA01-457 Ragtime.
  Doctorow, E. L./ 9780812978186/ Price:US$ 18.00
SA01-457 The Bluest Eye.
  Morrison, Toni/ 9780307278449/ Price:US$ 14.95
SA01-442 Elegy.
  Kennedy, David/ 9780415367776/ Price:£ 18.99
SA01-438 Mirror of Tauromachy.
  Leiris, Michel/ 9781900565400/ Price:£ 16.00
SA01-432 The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.
  Alexie, Sherman/ 9780316013680/ Price:US$ 20.00
SA01-412 Inside a Haunted Mind.
  Malone, K. P./ 9780978898502/ Price:US$ 22.95
Small town police Chief, Terry Chagford is dying . . . of fright. The evil he thought he'd destroyed when he burned down the old Victorian house on the edge of town is back and it’s after him. . . but not only him. It also wants Martin Welliver, the World Trade Center survivor he'd dragged from a car in the river not long before. Welliver, in an unfortunate twist of fate, bought the house hoping to find peace and quiet from a violent and uncaring world only to act as a conduit to revive the evil waiting for someone like him to give it life. But what do the Mah Jong tiles and dreams of murder have to do with it all? What’s the link between the house and the old woman with the Mah Jong tile bracelet? Chagford is a man riddled with personal demons. With his growing thirst for alcohol, increasing dependence on pain killers and bouts of crippling depression, could it be that it’s all just the terrifying sum of his crumbling mind? And why can he not get it out of his mind?
Charlie Ford Meets Secret Agent Man.
  Tynan, J.D./ 9780977197156/ Price:US$ 22.95
What's the worst that could happen? Charlie gets a job, working for Hollywood's top action hero, caring for his blatantly pretentious twelve year old daughter, Annabelle. A summer to be spent in Africa with dirt, a spoiled brat and bugs the size of her fist. Who knew that airplanes do get high-jacked and that Charlie tends to scream like a girl and pass out -- A lot! Come along for a wild adventure in which Charlie meets Secret Agent man. There's wildlife, bad dudes with guns and a hunky super spy to add to the excitement. It's unlike any summer vacation you've ever had.
Love and Samsara
  Rodrigues, Eusebio, L./ 9780979448812/ Price:US$ 48.00
Love and Samsara is a novel set in 16th-century India, blending history, adventure, love, and spirituality on the background of the arrival of the Portuguese, which caused a clash of civilizations. Love and Samsara is an epic diorama of the world in the early 16th century, stretching from Europe to Asia, taking in Brazil, Africa, the Middle East, India, and then the lands below the wind, the monsoon countries of South East Asia. The hero, a renowned Arab ship pilot, hunted down for eloping with a Iain girl, escapes from their assassins by guiding Vasco da Gama and the Portuguese ships to Calicut, the major emporium of the spice trade. Only later does he realize the tremendous significance of his innocent betrayal, for it leads to the Portuguese imperial domination of the oceansea. This marks a turning point in history, a time when the modern world becomes inexorably linked with power-gunpowder for cannon, printing for the spread of knowledge, and astronomy for a new understanding of the heavens. A time also of significant encounter among the world's major religions, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, with their complex languages, philosophies and theologies. Here is a samsara crowded with adventure, history, tragic love, philosophical speculation, religious confrontation, suspense and mystery, that reaches its climax in 1510 with the Portuguese conquest of Goa.
Love and Samsara.
  Rodrigues, Eusebio, L./ 9780979448881/ Price:US$ 34.00
Love and Samsara is a novel set in 16th-century India, blending history, adventure, love, and spirituality on the background of the arrival of the Portuguese, which caused a clash of civilizations. Love and Samsara is an epic diorama of the world in the early 16th century, stretching from Europe to Asia, taking in Brazil, Africa, the Middle East, India, and then the lands below the wind, the monsoon countries of South East Asia. The hero, a renowned Arab ship pilot, hunted down for eloping with a Iain girl, escapes from their assassins by guiding Vasco da Gama and the Portuguese ships to Calicut, the major emporium of the spice trade. Only later does he realize the tremendous significance of his innocent betrayal, for it leads to the Portuguese imperial domination of the oceansea. This marks a turning point in history, a time when the modern world becomes inexorably linked with power-gunpowder for cannon, printing for the spread of knowledge, and astronomy for a new understanding of the heavens. A time also of significant encounter among the world's major religions, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, with their complex languages, philosophies and theologies. Here is a samsara crowded with adventure, history, tragic love, philosophical speculation, religious confrontation, suspense and mystery, that reaches its climax in 1510 with the Portuguese conquest of Goa.
Out of What Chaos.
  Oser, Lee/ 9780978771348/ Price:US$ 16.00
et on the West Coast during Bush II's first term, Out of What Chaos showcases the escapades of Rex and The Brains as they settle into the Portland rock scene, record their first CD, and tour from Vancouver to LA behind their chart-topping single, "F U. I Just Want To Get My Rocks Off."
  Kleinbard, Jonathan/ 9780979448843/ Price:US$ 24.00
ons explores the role of memory in experiencing evil and despair and finding redemption and the possibility of hope through the eyes of the narrator, Tom, a graduate student and amanuensis to Stephen Novatis, an acclaimed writer and teacher. Novatis takes a fourth wife, exacerbating feelings of resentment and abandonment by his three sons, each by a different marriage. Like their father, all three sons are driven by sexual obsessions. The middle son is torn by his wife's greed, while the younger son is tortured by stirrings of religious belief. The eldest son, a social worker, reaches out to violent anti-social youngsters in reaction to the paternal love he believes he was denied. Thus, lust, greed, and religious faith make an inflammatory mixture as the novel reaches its climax.
Through Dark Days and White Nights: Four Decades Observing a Changing Russia..
  Collins, Naomi F./ 9780980081404/ Price:US$ 26.00
This book is a set of reflections and impressions of an American woman living in Moscow for a number of years spread over four decades. It's about experiencing the place as a foreigner through living there daily, from life as a graduate student to life as the wife of the American Ambassador to Russia.
Walter Benjamin.
  Leslie, Esther/ 9781861893437/ Price:£ 11.99
Walter Benjamin, critic, essayist, translator, philosopher – one of the twentieth century’s most influential intellectuals – continues to intrigue today. His work stimulates a profusion of responses in the form of new novels, operas, films and artworks, as well as a never-abating production of academic texts. In this new biography, the first to be written in over a decade, author Esther Leslie uses the recently published entirety of Benjamin’s correspondence, drawing on his numerous diaries and autobiographical works, in order to provide a careful account of his circumstances and thoughts. Benjamin had many interests: he cherished childhood and its trappings; had a passion for the displacement and novelty of travel; toys; cities; trick-books; and ships; all are given due attention as the author weaves Benjamin’s wayward apperceptions into the narrative of a life lived. She follows Benjamin as he travels from Berlin to Capri, Ibiza, Riga, Moscow, Paris, and finally the Spanish border where he died in 1940. The author acknowledges Benjamin’s thesis that personal histories can be traced only in the context of social milieus, economic forces, technological shifts, and historical events, and seamlessly interweaves biographical details with an accessible yet concentrated account of Benjamin’s intellectual development, drawing a colourful portrait of a capacious intellect trapped in increasingly hostile circumstances.
Georges Bataille.
  Kendall, Stuart/ 9781861893277/ Price:£ 11.99
Georges Bataille was arguably the greatest influence on the post-structuralist revolution in twentieth-century thought and literature, yet few truly understand his large body of work or its impact. Stuart Kendall now translates the work and life of the renowned French writer into a concise yet informative biography that reveals fascinating facets of this intellectual giant. Until his death in 1962, Bataille was an instrumental force in philosophical debate, acting as a foil for both Surrealism and Existentialism and advocating radical views that spanned the entire spectrum of political thought. Stuart Kendall chronicles these aspects of his intellectual development, as well as tracing his pivotal role in the creation of journals such as Documents and Acephale, and how his writings in aesthetics and art history were the pioneering cornerstones of visual culture studies. Kendall positions Bataille at the heart of a prodigious community of thinkers, including Andre Breton, Michel Leiris, Jean-Paul Sartre, Alexandre Kojeve, Jacques Lacan and Maurice Blanchot, among many others.
VA37-17 Women and Romanticism, 5-Vols/Set.
  Eberle, Roxanne/ 9780415342186/ Price:£ 1100.00
Demonstrating the breadth and scope of women's writing in the Romantic period, this collection covers a variety of topics ranging across polemical treatises, private correspondence, philosophical and historical disquisitions, and poetry and prose fiction. Helping to contextualise the areas discussed, the collection includes a general introduction by the editor, which traces the history of criticism in the field, and thus current definitions of "Women and Romanticism", before going on to discuss the contents of each volume.
VA05-195 Structuralism, 4-Vols/Set.
  Culler, Jonathan/ 9780415340892/ Price:£ 850.00
Structuralism is a broad intellectual movement in the humanities and social sciences that came to prominence in the 1960s. Representing the beginning of modern interdisciplinary work in what has come to be called "theory", it seeks not to explain the meaning of an object or event but to understand what made it possible. Taking as their methodological model the successes of the structural linguistics inaugurated by Ferdinand de Saussure, a group of thinkers in such fields as anthropology, literary and cultural studies, sociology and philosophy developed ambitious programs for the interdisciplinary study of the systems by which human beings make the world intelligible. Organized thematically, this four-volume collection explores the key areas of structuralism - and with a new introduction by the editor to guide the reader through the work, this is an essential collection of articles that provides a valuable research resource.
VA05-164 Narrative Methods, 4-Vols/Set.
  Atkinson, Paul/ 9781412901505/ Price:£ 675.00
In recent years, there has been a convergence of interest on narratives and lives from many qualitative and interpretative strands in the social sciences that encompass sociology and anthropology, health and nursing studies, educational research, cultural and communication analysis, cultural geography and the emergent fields of discourse and narrative analyses. In some contexts this is interpreted somewhat narrowly but these comprehensive volumes will adopt a more inclusive approach to reflect the current diversity of perspectives across the different social sciences. Here the broad term 'narrative' includes personal narratives, life histories, performances, testimonials and memories. This timely compilation: (a) demonstrate the deeply rooted nature of this approach across the social sciences; (b) reveal the contested nature of the narrative turn; (c) emphasise the methodological strengths and weakness associated with the collection and analysis of narrative, life story and performance; (d) break down the barriers between the disciplines in their uses of such material.
VA01-99 Medieval Drama, 4-Vols/Set.
  / 9780415362948/ Price:£ 935.00
VA01-98 Autobiography, 4-Vols/Set.
  Broughton, Trev Lynn/ 9780415348713/ Price:£ 985.00
The analysis of life-writing as a distinct and specialized project emerged only in the second half of the twentieth century. That it has achieved both academic respectability and critical cachet over the last twenty-five years is the result of a number of trends. Politically 'progressive' tendencies, from the civil rights, workers' educational and second-wave women's movements, to the establishment of sociology, social history and interdisciplinary women's and 'race' studies, have appealed to 'experience', via the production and dissemination of personal testimony, life-narratives, autobiographical manifestos, as the basis for consciousness-raising and as a challenge to dominant accounts of the social world. At the same time, paradoxically, neo-conservative celebrations of individual choice, personal entitlement, consumer power, have reinstated the 'unique' self and its representation at the heart of many late-capitalist cultures. This collection covers all of these schools of thought and brings together both 'mainstream' and 'dissident' theorists, authors and texts. With a new introduction by the editor, an index and a chronological table of contents, this collection will be a unique and unrivalled research resource for both student and scholar.
VA01-97 Children's Literature: Critical Concepts, 4-Vols/Set.
  Hunt, Peter/ 9780415372282/ Price:£ 850.00
The study of children’s literature is currently centred on literary studies, educational studies, and a third more diverse group of many other related disciplines, including history, bibliography, sociology and psychology. All of these then overlap with cultural studies and contribute to the rapidly growing meta-discipline of childhood studies. Fascinating and insightful, this four-volume collection gathers together fundamental and essential essays from across the spectrum of disciplines, and is organized so that each volume focuses on one general interest group or area. With entries from specialist and professional journals across the world, this is a unique resource to complement the burgeoning numbers of specialist and reference books in the field.
VA01-95 Paradigms and Fairy Tales, 2-Vols/Set.
  Ford, Julienne/ 9780415401982/ Price:£ 260.00
Paradigms and Fairy Tales is an introduction to the epistemology and practice of social science which will be welcomed by everyone who is curious about or disenchanted with the current conventions of academic social science. For the non-sociologist it provides an exposition and critique of the ideology and practice of social science, and an examination of the professional social scientist as a manipulator of ideas and appearances; his claims to expertise are exposed, and some rules for judging dialogues about social science 'evidence ' are suggested. The work is also a valuable, basic methodolodgy text or, more precisely, an anti-text. It provides the practising researcher with a concise manual of elementary research procedures and techniques, accompanied by a series of practical hints. On yet another level this work may be read as an allegorical fairy tale. It is the story of the rise and fall of a curious lapine civilization and of the fortunes of the devotees of a strange cult of mountaineering herous, who, even now, are regrouping for a new assault on the summit.
VA01-88 Reception of W. B. Yeats in Europe, The.
  Jochum, Klais Peter/ 9780826459633/ Price:£ 295.00
The intellectual scope and cultural impact of British and Irish writers cannot be assessed without reference to their 'European' fortunes. This collection of essays, prepared by an international team of scholars, translators and critics, records the ways in which W.B. Yeats's work has been received, translated and published throughout Europe. * Eleventh volume in the landmark series, Reception of British and Irish Authors in Europe series * W.B. Yeats (1865-1939) is one of the best known poets and playwrights of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries * This volume covers Yeats' reception across Europe and his influence on European literature and culture
VA01-59 Women's Travel Writing 1750-1850, 8-Vols/Set.
  Franklin, Caroline/ 9780415320344/ Price:£ 1290.00
Romantic Period saw a massive advance in British colonial expansion, which was accompanied by a corresponding expansion in travel writings. These published letters, journals and books provided British readers with detailed accounts of new and exotic locations and thus engaged the reading public with expansionist enterprises. Recent research inspired by colonial and exploration discourse has highlighted the significance of travel writing as one of the ideological apparatuses of empire. Emerging from the growth of feminist history and theory and the development of Women's Studies, specific interest in women's travel writing has also expanded. This collection covers the period of the French Revolution and concludes as Victoria ascends the throne. The journeys span France, Italy and central Europe, India, Africa and America.
VA01-118 Girl's Own Paper, The., 4-Vols/Set.
  Kawabata, Ariko/ 9784902454178/ Price:£ 1105.00
●19世紀英國具代表性的少年少女雜誌系列書第一輯。 ●以少女讀者為取向,該刊無論在任何階級均大受歡迎,自Girl's Own Paper創刊號起四年份卷期的重新印刷。 ●是關於戀愛、結婚方面的讀物,此外亦提供了家飾、服飾等生活相關實用情報,尚有人生諮商方面的讀者投書專欄,維多利亞時期的兒童、女性文化、教育等研究的必備第一手文獻。
VA01-101 Twentieth Century American Drama, 4-Vols/Set.
  / 9780415342704/ Price:£ 985.00
There was a vast array of activity in American theatre during the twentieth century, when work produced in the United States reached the height of its significance and influence within the world repertoire. Presenting an overview of criticism on the full range of twentieth-century American drama as well as a substantial anthology that reflects the changing critical perspectives that have been trained on the area, this extensive collection performs two much-needed functions. Covering a variety of themes from the battles over realism and expressionism at the beginning of the century, to the emergence of Freudian and myth criticism, the response to post-structural theory in the seventies and eighties, and the intense focus on issues of gender, sexual identity and ethnicity toward the end of the century, this is a fascinating and unique collection for both student and scholar alike.
VA01-100 Myth, 4-Vols/Set.
  / 9780415354943/ Price:£ 1020.00
Myth is truly boundlessly interdisciplinary. There is no field of myth studies itself. Rather, many disciplines have contributed theories of myth. In addition to theories from anthropology and sociology, theories of myth have come mainly from psychology, folklore, philosophy, religious studies, and-not least-literature. All are represented in this new four-volume Major Work from Routledge, which draws together scholarship on myth that ranges from the late nineteenth century down to the present. In addition to surveys of approaches to myth, the topics covered are: myth and history, myth and nationalism, myth and ideology, myth and psychology, myth and ritual, myth and literature, myth and anthropology/strcturalism, myth and philosophy, myth and religion. and myth and science/science in myth. With an introduction by the editor, an index and a chronological table of articles, Myth will be welcomed by researchers as an indispensable reference resource.
SA01-483 Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Titan's Curse.
  Rick Riordan/ 9781423103349/ Price:US$ 7.99
SA01-457 Troubling Love.
  Ferrante, Elena/ 9781933372167/ Price:US$ 15.00
SA01-438 Three Early Novels. (Selected Works Vol. II)
  Jarry, Alfred/ 9781900565363/ Price:£ 16.99
SA01-412 The Great Gatsby.
  Fitzgerald, F. S./ 9780141023434/ Price:£ 7.99
SA01-373 Untold Stories Part 4: A Common Assault.(CD-ROM)
  Bennett, Alan/ 9781846071638/ Price:£ 11.06
SA01-334 Russian Futurism: A History.
  Markov, Vladimir F./ 9780977790807/ Price:US$ 28.00
SA01-334 Living Novels: A Journey through Twentieth-Century Fiction.
  Talmor, Sascha/ 9780977790814/ Price:US$ 24.00
SA01-334 Shakespeare's Theater of Likeness.
  Shoaf, R. A./ 9780976704232/ Price:US$ 28.00
SA01-334 Shakespeare's Theater of Likeness.
  Shoaf, R. A./ 9780976704249/ Price:US$ 36.00
Transatlantic Translations: Dialogues in Latin American Literature.
  Ortega, Julio/ 9781861892874/ Price:US$ 25.00
Ortega examines the ways in which the unknown has always been placed according to what is already known, the new according to the old. Tracing Latin American representations from the early modern to contemporary periods, in Shakespeare, Cervantes, Juan Rulfo, Ricardo Palma, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Juan Maria Gutierrez and many others, Ortega uncovers the rich fabric of literature that has emerged from that culture, arguing that the learning of language, far from being a means for the colonial to indoctrinate and civilize the natives, gave the natives the means to describe and communicate with the natural world around them, and eventually to re-tell their own history. Transatlantic Translations refigures Latin American narratives outside of the standard post-colonial framework of victimization and resistance. This book bridges the divide between abundance and scarcity, enabling the Old World and the New to meet and speak together in a shared language.
Jorge Luis Borges.
  Wilson,/ 9781861892867 / Price:£ 11.99
These words, inseparably marrying life and work, encapsulate how Jorge Luis Borges interwove the two throughout his legendary literary career. But the Borges of popular imagination is the celebrated, blind librarian and man of letters; few biographers have explored his tumultuous early life in the streets and cafes of Buenos Aires, a young man searching for his path in the world. In Jorge Luis Borges, Jason Wilson uncovers the young poet who wrote, loved, and lost with adventurous passion, and considers the later work, life and travels of the writer who claimed to have never created a character: 'It's always me, subtly disguised.' Born in Buenos Aires in 1899, Jorge Luis Borges was a voracious reader from childhood, perhaps in part because he knew he lived under a sentence of adult-onset blindness inherited from his father. Wilson chronicles Borges's life as he raced against time and his fated blindness, charting the literary friendships, love affairs and polemical writings that formed the foundation of his youth. Illuminating the connections running between the biography and fictions of Borges, Wilson traces the outline of this self-effacing literary figure. Though in his later writings Borges would subjugate emotion to the wild play of ideas, Jorge Luis Borges reminds us that he was always a poet whose life was recreated subtly in his work – but never in confessional ways – and restores his Argentine roots. It will be an invaluable resource for all those who treasure this modern master.
Pets of the Great Dictators & Other Works.
  Ramet, Sabrina P./ 9780978771324/ Price:US$ 16.00
Dictators' pets are too often ignored - but no longer! They're all here in this hilarious collection of madcap ditties: Lenin's cat, Hitler's dog, Qaddafi's sweet-scented camel, Caligula's horse, Mao's cockroach (he banned real pets), Stalin's spider, Pinochet's mutant turtles, Ivan the Terrible and his terrible goldfish, Tito and his self-managing goat, Gierek the leader and his toad Melsor, and many more.
The Da Vinci Barcode: A Parody.
  Shoaf, Judith P./ 9780977790869/ Price:US$ 16.00
"Everything in this book was meticulously researched. However, any time I found that the actual facts didn't fit my story, I ignored them." -The Author.
On the Way to Red Square.
  Rodrigues, Julieta A./ 9780976704270/ Price:US$ 12.00
n the Way to Red Square is a compelling collection of short stories set in Soviet Moscow in the 1980's. Julieta Rodrigues meshes fictional personal subject matter with social and political issues to produce a moving and thought-provoking book.
  Tynan, J.D./ 9780976773290/ Price:US$ 18.95
Jill Wallokowski was the first female meteorologist ever hired at Vancouver, Washington’s Channel 12 news station. She thought Wallokowski was a bit too much of a mouthful and changed her on-air name to Jill Walker. Unfortunately, it was a bad time to be named Jill Walker. Someone was traveling across the country and killing women with that name. There had been eight deaths already and the pretty meteorologist was targeted as number nine. Ian Hamlin is the FBI agent charged with protecting Jill 9 and capturing the serial killer. Formulating a risky plan, he sets Jill 9 up as the unwitting bait in the trap to catch the killer. Complicating matters is the mutual attraction between Jill and Ian, as well as her relationship with Elias Webber, a rich, handsome man who wants nothing more than to take Jill away where he can keep her safe and make her his own.
Don't Go Alone!
  LeNois, Margaret/ 9780977197132/ Price:US$ 18.95
Michael Bannagan is the CEO of a large computer corporation. He is also a womanizer who promised his wife that he would not do it anymore—a promise he did not keep when he met a woman on-line. The problem is a woman whom Michael met at a hotel in Boston ends up dead outside his suite door. After he has bailed out of jail, the police find that everywhere Michael Bannagan travels there is always a dead woman in the hotels in which he stays. This is Margaret LeNois’ first mystery thriller and it will leave you guessing, and on the edge of your seat, as is usual with Ms. LeNois.
VA06-127 Pragmatism, 4-Vols/Set.
  Goodman, Russell B./ 9780415288453/ Price:£ 1005.00
This collection presents key texts in and about pragmatism, from its origins in nineteenth century America to its contemporary revival as an international and multi-disciplinary phenomenon. These essays explore pragmatism's origins, applications, and weaknesses; and its remarkable versatility as an approach not only to issues of truth and knowledge but to ethics and social philosophy, literature, law, aesthetics, religion, and education. The collection: * Is international in scope, covering a wide range of sources, including key American pragmatists such as Nelson Goodman and Morton White * Includes key articles on the contemporary neopragmatism revival * Considers pragmatism's influences across disciplines * Includes newly translated articles.
VA03-108 Romanticism, 4-Vols/Set.
  O'Neill, Michael/ 9780415247221/ Price:£ 1100.00
Romanticism is, and always has been, one of the most hotly contested terms in literary and cultural history. Some of the writers who are now labelled Romantic refused to be defined by the word: 'it would be such bad taste', said Byron in 1820. Rene Wellek, on the other hand, argued that literatures called Romantic indicated common conceptions. This collection gathers key critical discussions which explore the complex and many-sided nature of the 'Romantic'. The set includes a new introduction by the editors, and individual volume introductions, as well as a chronological table and an index.
VA03-103-38 Yuan Mei: Eighteenth Century Chinese Poet.
  Waley, Arthur/ 9780415361828/ Price:£ 225.00
Arthur Waley here presents an engrossing account of the works and life of Yuan Mei (1716-1797), the best-known poet of his time. Gaiety is the keynote of his works and the poet was a friend of the Manchu official with whom Commodore Anson had dramatic dealings at Canton in 1743. Yuan Mei gives an account (not previously translated) of Anson's interview with the Manchu authorities. The book contains many translations of Yuan Mei's verse and prose.
VA03-103-31 Chinese Poems.
  Waley, Arthur/ 9780415361750/ Price:£ 225.00
Here in one volume is a collection of Arthur Waley's translations of Chinese poetry. The book includes some poems from The Book of Songs and 170 Chinese Poems, More Translations and The Temple. Some old translations have been revised and new notes and explanatory material added.
VA03-103-30 Book of Songs.
  Waley, Arthur/ 9780415361743/ Price:£ 225.00
The Book of Songs is a collection of ancient Chinese songs, dating from 800 to 600 B.C. Until this was published in 1937 it had not been translated into English since the middle of nineteenth century, when sinology was still in its infancy. For the first time the original meaning of 290 out of the 305 songs is given, use being made of the advances in the study of old Chinese. The result is not merely a clear picture of early Chinese life, but also the restoration to its proper place in world literature of one of the finest collection of traditional songs.
VA03-103-26 Classical Theatre of China.
  Scott, A. C./ 9780415361705/ Price:£ 225.00
Besides tracing the history and development of the Peking Theatre, this volume explains acting techniques, stage costume and symbolism, musical forms and the various types of plays.
VA01-77 Inside Old English: Essays in Honour of Bruce Mitchell.
  Walmsley, John/ 9781405114837/ Price:US$ 156.00
VA01-76 Companion to Mark Twain, A.
  Messent, Peter/ 9781405123792/ Price:US$ 249.50
VA01-58 Later English Broadside Ballads, 2-Vols/Set.
  Holloway, John/ 9780415372220/ Price:£ 340.00
Broadside or 'street' ballads not only give the flavour of english life and history more vividly than much historical evidence of more conventional kinds, but also their sheer poetic quality often makes them substantial poems, light or serious, in their own right. They are reprinted from contemporary or near contemporary broadsides in the Madden Collection at the University Library, Cambridge, and the head and tail blocks, so distinctive a feature of the original texts, are reproduced for this edition. The introduction is designed to enable the reader to read the texts in perspective and with pleasure, and the book includes a select bibiography and an index of ballad titles.
VA01-48-e8 Music in Shakespearean Tragedy.
  Sternfeld, W./ 9780415353274/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-e7 Patterns of Shakespearian Tragedy.
  Ribner, I./ 9780415353267/ Price:£ 225.00
VA01-48-e6 Shakespeare's Tragic Sequence.
  Muir, Kenneth/ 9780415353250/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-e5 Shakespeare's God.
  Morris, Ivor/ 9780415353243/ Price:£ 225.00
VA01-48-e4 Story of the Night, The.
  Holloway, John/ 9780415353236/ Price:£ 225.00
VA01-48-e3 Shakespeare and the Reason.
  Hawkes, Terence/ 9780415353229/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-e2 Shakespeare's Tragedies.
  Harrison, G. B./ 9780415353212/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-e1 Shakespeare's Early Tragedies.
  Brooke, N./ 9780415353205/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-d4 Shakespeare's Dramatic Heritage.
  Wickham, G./ 9780415353199/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-d3 Old Vic Prefaces.
  Hunt, Hugh/ 9780415353182/ Price:£ 225.00
VA01-48-d2 Elizabethan Popular Theatre.
  Hattaway, M./ 9780415353175/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-d1 Changing Styles in Shakespeare.
  Berry, Ralph/ 9780415353168/ Price:£ 225.00
VA01-48-c6 Power on Display.
  Tennenhouse, L./ 9780415353151/ Price:£ 225.00
VA01-48-c5 English History Play in the Age of Shakespeare, The.
  Ribner, I./ 9780415353144/ Price:£ 225.00
VA01-48-c4 Shakespeare and the Lawyers.
  Phillips, O. Hood/ 9780415353137/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-c3 Shakespeare Reproduced.
  O'Connor, H./ 9780415353120/ Price:£ 225.00
VA01-48-c2 England in Shakespeare's Day.
  Harrison, G. B./ 9780415353113/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-c1 Shakespeare's Histories.
  Campbell, L. B./ 9780415353106/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-b9 Development of Shakespeare's Imagery, The.
  Clemen, W. H./ 9780415352802/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-b8 Commentary on Shakespeare's Richard III.
  Clemen, W. H./ 9780415352796/ Price:£ 225.00
VA01-48-b7 Shakespeare's Dramatic Art.
  Clemen, W. H./ 9780415352789/ Price:£ 225.00
VA01-48-b6 Shakespeare's Soliloquies.
  Clemen, W. H./ 9780415352772/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-b5 Focus on 'Macbeth'.
  Brown, J. R./ 9780415352765/ Price:£ 225.00
VA01-48-b4 Shakespeare's Dramatic Structures.
  Brennan, A./ 9780415352758/ Price:£ 225.00
VA01-48-b36 Readings on the Character of Hamlet.
  Williamson, Father C./ 9780415353090/ Price:£ 170.00
VA01-48-b35 Literature and Drama.
  Wells, S./ 9780415353083/ Price:£ 170.00
VA01-48-b34 Artistry of Shakespeare's Prose, The.
  Vickers, B./ 9780415353076/ Price:£ 225.00
VA01-48-b33 Swearing and Perjury in Shakespeare's Plays.
  Shirley, Frances A./ 9780415353069/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-b32 Problem Plays of Shakespeare, The.
  Schanzer, E./ 9780415353052/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-b31 Winter's Tale, The.
  Pyle, Fitzroy/ 9780415353045/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-b30 Shakespeare.
  Nicoll, A./ 9780415353014/ Price:£ 225.00
VA01-48-b3 Shakespeare: The Poet in His World.
  Bradbrook, M. C./ 9780415352741/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-b29 Voyage to Illyria, The.
  Muir, S./ 9780415353007/ Price:£ 225.00
VA01-48-b28 Sources of Shakespeare's Plays.
  Muir, K./ 9780415352994/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-b27 Shakespeare's Sonnets.
  Muir, Kenneth/ 9780415352987/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-b26 Shakespeare as Collaborator.
  Muir, K./ 9780415352970/ Price:£ 225.00
VA01-48-b25 King Lear in Our Time.
  Mack, M./ 9780415352963/ Price:£ 225.00
VA01-48-b24 Themes and Variations in Shakespeare's Sonnets.
  Leishman, J. B./ 9780415352956/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-b23 Shakespeare, Spenser, Donne.
  Kermode, F./ 9780415352949/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-b22 Living Image, The.: Shakespearian Essays.
  Henn, T. R./ 9780415352932/ Price:£ 225.00
VA01-48-b21 That Shakespeherian Rag.
  Hawkes, T./ 9780415352925/ Price:£ 225.00
VA01-48-b20 Iconoclastes.
  Griffith, Hubert/ 9780415352918/ Price:£ 225.00
VA01-48-b2 Shakespeare Inset, The.
  Berry, Francis/ 9780415352734/ Price:£ 225.00
VA01-48-b19 Shakespeare Claimants, The.
  Gibson, H. N./ 9780415352901/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-b18 Shakespeare's Sonnets: The Art of the Dramatist.
  Frye, Roland Mushat/ 9780415352895/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-b17 Shakespeare's Poetics.
  Fraser, Russell A./ 9780415352888/ Price:£ 225.00
VA01-48-b16 Shakespeare.
  Foakes, R. A./ 9780415352871/ Price:£ 225.00
VA01-48-b15 Coleridge on Shakespeare.
  Foakes, R. A./ 9780415352864/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-b14 Language of Shakespeare's Plays, The.
  Evans, B. I./ 9780415352857/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-b13 Shakespeare's Drama.
  Ellis, U./ 9780415352840/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-b12 Shakespeare the Dramatist.
  Ellis, U./ 9780415352833/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-b11 Shakespeare and the Confines of Art.
  Edwards, P./ 9780415352826/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-b10 Shakespeare.
  Duthie, G. I./ 9780415352819/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-b1 Shakespeare's Poetic Styles.
  Baxter, J./ 9780415352727/ Price:£ 225.00
VA01-48-a6 Shakespeare's Rhetoric of Comic Character.
  Newman, K./ 9780415352710/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-a5 Comic Transformations in Shakespeare.
  Nevo, R./ 9780415352703/ Price:£ 225.00
VA01-48-a4 Shakespeare's Sources.
  Muir, K./ 9780415352697/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-a3 Shakespeare's Comedy of Love.
  Leggatt, A./ 9780415352680/ Price:£ 225.00
VA01-48-a2 Shakespearian Comedy.
  Charlton, H. B./ 9780415352673/ Price:£ 260.00
VA01-48-a1 Shakespeare and His Comedies.
  Brown, J. R./ 9780415352666/ Price:£ 170.00
VA01-13-7 Maid Marian, or, The Forest Queen.
  Stocqueler, Joachim/ 9780415220095/ Price:£ 160.00
VA01-13-5 Forest Days II.
  Emmett, George/ 9780415220071/ Price:£ 145.00
VA01-13 Robin Hood Classic Fiction Library, 8-Vols/Set.
  Knight, Stephen/ 9780415220026/ Price:£ 1085.00
The Robin Hood tradition is best known in popular forms such as ballad, lyric, play, children's story and, in our own era, television and film. But there have also been a significant number of novelists who have devoted themselves to retelling and reshaping the story. In particular the nineteenth century provided some classical fictional reformulations of the outlaw saga where the hero and his activities were re-interpreted in ways relating to the concerns and values of the period. Robin appears as a Gothic adventurer, a romantic hero, a lost heir, a precursor of Baden-Powell, and even as a loyal servant of parliamentary democracy in its alleged origin. The substantial novels that embody these conceptions of the outlaw are little known, and quite unavailable. This collection reprints these nineteenth century texts and in doing so re-establishes for scholars and readers a largely lost element of the remarkably rich and still popular myth.
SA01-488 Macmillan Readers: Oliver Twist Pack
  Charles Dickens/ 9781405076760/ Price:EUR 15.27
SA01-457 The Shout: Selected Poems.
  Armitage, Simon/ 9780375712067/ Price:US$ 18.00
SA01-405 Voices of Memory.(DVD)
  / 9781421391397/ Price:US$ 99.95
SA01-405 Father of the Bride. (DVD)
  Martin, Steve/ 9780788858680/ Price:US$ 19.99
SA01-384 Call It Sleep: A Novel.
  Roth, Henry/ 9780312424121/ Price:US$ 20.00
SA01-369 On the Road to Baghdad or Traveling Biculturalism: Theorizing a Bicultural Approach to Contemporary World Fiction.
  Pultar, Gonul/ 9780976704218/ Price:US$ 24.00
SA01-334 Heretical Empiricism.
  Pasolini, Pier P./ 9780976704225/ Price:US$ 24.00
SA01-323 Lexicon Latinitatis Nederlandicae Medii Aev, 8-Vols/Set.
  Fuchs, Johanne W./ 9789004145702/ Price:EUR 3000.00
SA01-323 Ideas, Images, and Methods of Portrayal: Insights into Classical Arabic Literature and Islam.
  Gunther, S./ 9789004143258/ Price:EUR 152.00
This volume deals with the genesis of selected classical Arabic texts as the products of different milieus, and the implications which these texts had for Islamic societies in medieval times. It explores the concepts and images which Muslim scholars from the 8th to the 14th century presented in their writings and, in particular, ponders the ways in which these authors used specific methods of portrayal - either overtly or more subtly - to advance their ideas. The fresh theoretical and methodological approaches applied in this book facilitate the understanding of how medieval Muslim writers expressed their views and, more importantly, why they expressed them in the way they did. This helps disclose, for example, how the images of historically or religiously significant figures in Arabic-Islamic culture have been developed and shaped in the process of their "literarization."
SA01-318 Teaching Literacy in Sixth Grade.
  Wood, Karen/ 9781593851491/ Price:US$ 29.00
Book Cover Sixth grade marks the transition to middle school and, for many students, the transition to early adolescence. The sixth-grade classroom is a place where problem-solving and abstract thinking skills can flourish as teachers devise creative ways to integrate language arts with effective content-area instruction. This book walks the reader through everyday life in a successful sixth-grade language arts/social studies classroom and provides foundational knowledge and hands-on strategies for working with diverse learners. 1. A Day in the Life of a Sixth-Grade Teacher: The School, the Classroom, the Learner, Lynne Bailey and Jeanneine Jones 2. Standards and Goals for Sixth-Grade Literacy Learning 3. Establishing a Supportive Literacy Environment 4. Assessing Students and Communicating with Families 5. A Week in a Sixth-Grade Classroom: A Multidisciplinary View 6. Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners in the Sixth-Grade Classroom 7. Flexible Grouping in the Sixth-Grade Classroom 8. Resources for Teachers
SA01-311 The Idea of Notth.
  Davidson, Peter/ 9781861892300/ Price:£ 24.95
The book also traces a northward journey, describing northern rural England, industrial sites, and the long emptiness of the borders, Scotland and the Highlands. He looks at the region far north of Scotland, then moves to the Northern Netherlands and Scandinavia to explore their identifiable northernness. The last visited place is Iceland, identified by W. H. Auden and Louis McNeice in 1936 as 'furthest, most remote, most distant, most northerly'
SA01-311 Chris Marker: Memories of the Future.
  Lupton, Catherine/ 9781861892232/ Price:£ 24.00
Marker’s oeuvre moves in circles, with each project recycling and referring back to earlier works and to a host of other adopted texts, and proceeds by way of oblique association and lateral digression. This circular movement is ideally suited to capturing and mapping Marker’s abiding and consummate obsession: the forms and operations of human memory. Chris Marker: Memories of the Future itself aims to capture something of this movement, in forming a comprehensive analysis and overview of this modern master’s prolific and multi-faceted career.
Classic Irish Stories : Timeless Tales from Ireland and Other Green Shores.
  Quinlin, Michael P./ 9781592284207/ Price:US$ 9.95
Cremator's Revenge.
  LeNois, Margaret/ 9780976773207/ Price:US$ 18.95
A Psycho-thriller for adults that shows the darker side of human nature when the mind shatters in this mass-murderer thriller of a war between the Cremator of a retort whose job it is to cremate the deceased bodies, versus the people whom he deems to be of no value to society. A reporter doing stories on the homeless people, and who decides to live like, and with, them in order to get the true stories, gets caught in this vicious war as people start disappearing. She ends up getting the story of a lifetime if she lives to print it.
VA06-123 Emmanuel Levinas: Critical Assessments of Leading Philosophers, 4-Vols/Set.
  Katz, Claire Elise/ 9780415310499/ Price:£ 955.00
Emmanuel Levinas (1905-1995) was one of the foremost thinkers of the twentieth century. His work has influenced a wide range of intellectuals, from French thinkers such as Maurice Blanchot, Jacques Derrida, Luce Irigaray and Jean-Luc Marion, to American philosophers Stanley Cavell and Hillary Putnam. This set will be a useful resource for scholars working in the fields of literary theory, philosophy, Jewish studies, religion, political science and rhetoric.
VA05-102 Popular Print Media 1820-1900, 3-Vols/Set.
  King, Andrew/ 9780415322508/ Price:£ 740.00
Popular Print Media makes available a selection of articles from nineteenth-century newspapers, periodicals and books which are otherwise unavailable except in their original publications. The collection also includes a significant amount of material that highlights the complex and changing importance of women in and for the nineteenth-century media at large. The collection is made up of three volumes, divided into six sections and will cover the following themes: technology, reading spaces , influence of print, graphic media, serial fiction, periodicals and the 'popular'. Each section includes a new introduction by the editors. The editors will also include a thematic table that enables readers to pursue a specific conceptual and/or historical issue, such as the impact of serial publication upon practices of reading and authorship.
VA01-56 Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance, 2-Vols/Set.
  Wintz, Cary/ 9781579583897/ Price:£ 355.00
The encyclopedia is a two-volume, illustrated reference work of approximately 2,000 pages with about 600 entries that is the first comprehensive compilation of information about all aspects of this dynamic period. Thus, it includes essays on the principal participants in the Harlem Renaissance -- as well as on others who were involved more tangentially as critics, promoters and interpreters -- and their works; on those who defined the political, intellectual and cultural milieu in which the Renaissance existed; on important events and places; and on the major social, political and intellectual developments that created the context of the Harlem Renaissance. Entries of from 500 to 5,000 words fall into five main categories, which, for ease of review, have been subdivided into several areas (the encyclopedia itself is organized in an A-Z format). Each entry is followed by a brief list of selected further readings. In the case of person entries, a listing of the individual's publications (in the case of visual artists and musicians, listings of exhibits, artworks or compositions) and a capsule biographical sketch is also included.
VA01-47 Ossian and Ossianism, 4-Vols/Set.
  Moore, Dafydd/ 9780415288934/ Price:£ 1005.00
James Macpherson's The Poems of Ossian (1760-1763) were one of the publishing sensations of the eighteenth century. Macpherson's supposed discovery of the epic poet Ossian in the Scottish Highlands provoked fascination and controversy in equal measure. His vision of a romantic Celtic past of melancholy heroes and mournful bards made an immediate impact on all aspects of eighteenth-century culture across Europe and influenced at least two generations of poets, novelists, painters and composers. Many of the most important documents of the Ossian phenomenon have hitherto only been accessible in a handful of British research libraries. This collection brings these documents for the first time to a wider audience.
VA01-46 Narrative Theory: Critical Concepts in Literary and Cultural Studies, 4-Vols/Set.
  Bal, Mieke/ 9780415316576/ Price:£ 980.00
This set of volumes sketches the history, breadth, and applicability of narrative theory, thus demonstrating its value as an analytical instrument. The collection includes articles from the leading names of narrative theory, such as Roland Barthes, Mikhail Bakhtin, Tzvetan Todorov and Jean-Francoise Lyotard, as well as lesser-known, though equally important, contributions. Volume 1: Major Issues in Narrative Theory Volume II: Special Topics Volume III: Political Narratology Volume IV: Interdisciplinarity
VA01-45 Gothic: Critical Concepts in Literary and Cultural Studies, 4-Vols/Set.
  Botting, Fred/ 9780415251129/ Price:£ 1110.00
In the last two decades criticism of Gothic fiction has been transformed from a scholarly backwater, interesting itself in literary curiosities, to a wave of wide-ranging critical investigations collectively convinced of the significance, scope and centrality of the genre. Embracing recent developments in critical theory and practice, work on Gothic has been able to engage systematically and penetratingly with issues of gender, history, race and politics, and so significantly extend the parameters of the field. This collection brings together key works which convey the breadth of what is understood to be Gothic, and the ways in which it has produced, reinforced and undermined received ideas about literature and culture. In addition to its interests in the late eighteenth-century origins of the form, this collection aims to anthologise what it takes to be path-breaking essays on most aspects of Gothic production, including some of its nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first century manifestations across a broad range of cultural media.
VA01-42 Shakespeare Imitations, Parodies and Forgeries, 3-Vols/Set.
  Kahan, Jeffrey/ 9780415288576/ Price:£ 630.00
Shakespeare Imitations is a collection of all-but-forgotten Shakespearean plays, composed between 1710 and 1820. These imitations, parodies and forgeries reveal the biases of eighteenth-century Shakespeare in London theatre. But these plays are far from derivative. Indeed, rather than simply rewriting Shakespeare situations, these playwrights often placed Shakespearean characters in Neoclassical frameworks. Although many of these plays are unfamiliar to many now, within their own day these works enjoyed much critical and commercial success. For example, Nicholas Rowe's The Tragedy of Jane Shore (1714) was the most popular new play of the eighteenth century, and the sixth most performed tragedy, following Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Othello and King Lear. Even William Shirley's forgotten play, Edward the Black Prince (1750), 'was well received with great applause' and had a stage history spanning three decades. This collection includes the performance text to the 1796 Ireland play, Vortigern. The plays are all reset and, where possible, modernised from original manuscripts, with listed variants, and parallel passages traced to Shakespearean canonical texts. The set includes a new introduction by the editor, and raises important questions about the nature of artistic property and authenticity, a key area of Shakespearean research today.
VA01-41 Cambridge Dictionary of English Place-Names, The.
  Watts, Victor/ 9780521362092/ Price:£ 330.00
This alphabetical dictionary is a totally new compilation, based on the archives of the English Place-Name Society and reflecting the most recent scholarship in the subject, of all the names of cities, towns, villages, hamlets, rivers, streams, hills and other geographical locations included in the Ordnance Survey Road Atlas of Great Britain (1983) plus many more. It provides a reflection of contemporary England, not just its historical past. Every place-name entry has a unique National Grid reference number, a list of historical spellings, the age and meaning of the name and its etymology (pre-Indo-European, Indo-European, Celtic, Primitive Welsh, Anglo-Saxon, Old Norse, Old French, Middle English, Modern English). Where appropriate, a commentary is provided on comparable names, on the problems, history and significance of the name for settlement, economic and social history, the development of the language and on its variant pronunciations and spellings.
VA01-119 Nineteenth-Century Shakespeare Burlesques, 5-Vols/Set.
  Wells, Stanley/ 9784902454024/ Price:£ 745.00
●19世紀英美流行的莎翁諷文戲劇選集 ●Stanley Wells精選33本劇本,皆附各卷詳細解說,為紀念本次再版並附上編輯者序文 ●本書不僅是莎翁研究的經典,更是19世紀英美大眾文化、大眾戲劇研究的重要文獻
SA01-487 The Master : A Novel
  Colm Toibin/ 9780743250412/ Price:US$ 17.00
SA01-461 The Lovely Bones.
  Sebold, Alice/ 9780316168816/ Price:US$ 15.99
SA01-455 Opposition.
  Armentrout, Jennifer L./ 9781622662647/ Price:US$ 11.99
SA01-322 Macbeth: Arden Shakespeare: Second Series - Paperback.
  Muir, Kenneth/ 9781903436486/ Price:US$ 13.99
The Arden Shakespeare is the established edition of Shakespeare's work. Justly celebrated for its authoritative scholarship and invaluable commentary, Arden guides you a richer understanding and appreciation of Shakespeare's plays. This edition of Macbeth provides, a clear and authoritative text, detailed notes and commentary on the same page as the text, a full introduction discussing the critical and historical background to the play and appendices presenting sources and relevant extracts.
SA01-310 A History of Reading.
  Fischer, Steven R./ 9781861892096/ Price:£ 14.95
Fischer discusses society’s dedication to public literacy in the sweeping educational reforms of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and notes the appearance of free libraries, gender differences in reading matter, public advertising and the ‘forbidden’ lists of Church, State and the unemancipated. Finally, he assesses the future, in which it is likely that read communication will soon exceed oral communication through the use of the personal computer and the internet, and looks at ‘visual language’ and modern theories of how reading is processed in the human brain. Asking how the New Reader can reshape reading’s future, he suggests a radical new definition of what reading could be.
The Best of Montana's Short Fiction.
  Jones, Allen M./ 9781592282692/ Price:US$ 22.95
VA01-37 Literature of Travel and Exploration: An Encyclopedia, 3-Vols/Set.
  Speake, Jennifer/ 9781579582470/ Price:£ 435.00
Containing more than 600 entries, this valuable resource presents all aspects of travel writing. There are entries on places and routes - Afghanistan, Black Sea, Egypt, Gobi Desert, Hawaii, Himalayas, Italy, Northwest Passage, Samarkand, Silk Route, Timbuktu; writers - Isabella Bird, Ibn Battuta, Bruce Ghatwin, Gustave Flaubert, Mary Kingsley, Walter Ralegh, Wilfrid Thesiger; methods of transport and types of journey - balloon, camel, grand tour, hunting and big game expedition, pilgrimmage, space travel and exploration; genres - buccaneer narratives, guidebooks, New Worl chronicles, postcards; companies and societies - East India Company, Royal Geographical Society, Society of Dilettanti; and issues and themes - censorship, exile, orientalism and tourism. This comprehensive resource is designed for all those involved in teaching or researching this literature, as well as the general reader with an interest in exploring this growing subject.
VA01-31 Alexander Pope and His Critics, 3-Vols/Set.
  Rounce, Adam/ 9780415309097/ Price:£ 770.00
Warton's Essay on the Genius and Writings of Pope was one of the most influential critical works of the eighteenth century. Warton's sustained commentary on the most significant English poet of the century was read as both a promotion of Pope's literary genius, and an attack on it, and as such attracted strong opinion. At the same time its comparative critical method, drawing upon the important cultural and political events of the eighteenth century, provided a highly influential critical and creative model. This three-volume set reprints Joseph Warton's An Essay on the Genius and Writings of Pope (in two volumes), along with other responses to Pope (and Warton). The collection brings together significant documents both in the formation of eighteenth-century opinion of Pope and in the development of eighteenth century criticism. A new introduction by the editor, and an appendix discussing the revisions between editions of Warton's Essay will give the set extra value to the researcher.
VA01-22-5 John Milton: Twentieth Century Perspectives, Vol. 5: Paradise Regained and Samson.
  Evans, Martin/ 9780415940511/ Price:£ 125.00
VA01-22-3 John Milton: Twentieth Century Perspectives, Vol. 3: Prose.
  Evans, Martin/ 9780415940498/ Price:£ 150.00
VA01-22-2 John Milton: Twentieth Century Perspectives, Vol. 2: The Early Poems.
  Evans, Martin/ 9780415940481/ Price:£ 145.00
VA01-22-1 John Milton: Twentieth Century Perspectives, Vol. 1: The Man and the Author.
  Evans, Martin/ 9780415940474/ Price:£ 130.00
SA03 Unsettling Memories: Narratives of the 'Emergency' in Delhi.
  Tarlo, Emma/ 9781850654483/ Price:£ 45.00
This book belongs to the growing body of literature which seeks to work against the collective silence that often clings to violent and disturbing events. Focusing on India,s Emergency of 1975-7 when Indian democracy was temporarily suspended in favour of an authoritarian regime, it explores the various avenues through which this event is remembered and forgotten. Based on a combination of anthropological fieldwork and archival analysis, Unsettling Memories traces the experiences and perceptions of men and women who found themselves the key targets of the infamous slum clearance and sterilisation campaigns which converged to disrupt life in the nation,s capital, Delhi. Interweaving personal and official memories with a re-reading of resistance literature, Emergency propaganda and government files, the author offers a new and complex narrative of the Emergency. This book will be of interest to anthropologists, historians and political scientists as well as anyone concerned with everyday violence, the ethnography of events and life among India,s urban poor.
SA01-457 A Thousand Acres.
  Smiley, Jane/ 9781400033836/ Price:US$ 16.95
SA01-456 The Client.
  Grisham, John/ 9780440213529/ Price:US$ 7.99
SA01-451 Further letters of Mrs Gaskell.
  Chapple, John/ 9780719067716/ Price:£ 18.99
SA01-323 Cicero's Style: A Synopsis.
  Albercht, M. Von/ 9789004129610/ Price:EUR 99.00
VA06-97 Derrida: Critical Assessments of Leading Philosophers, 3-Vols/Set.
  Lawlor, Len/ 9780415235815/ Price:£ 815.00
The value of these volumes lies not only in the fact that it will make many well-known essays easily available, but also that it will present many essays never before translated into English. The names alone of the authors assembled here indicate the importance of this collection, contributors include: Blanchot, Cixous, deMan, Foucault, Gadamer, Habermas, Irigaray, Levinas, Lyotard and Ricoeur. Volume I: Interpretations of Derrida by his Contemporaries Volume II: First Wave of European Interpretations Volume II Part II: The First Wave of European Interpretations Part III: The Anglo-American Interpretation Introduction to Part III Volume III: The Anglo-American Interpretation (continued) part IV: Politics and Literature Introduction to Part IV literature
VA05-60 Mikhail Bakhtin, 4-Vols/Set.
  Gardiner, Michael E./ 9780761974475/ Price:£ 675.00
This timely and comprehensive collection covers the contribution and significance of the famed Russian social and cultural theorist, Mikhail M. Bakhtin (1895-1975), as well as the work of other central members of the so-called 'Bakhtin Circle', especially Voloshinov and Medvedev. The material is organized thematically to provide a contextual basis of Bakhtin's thought and his central influences, including an investigation of the key concepts in Bakhtin's work (such as aesthetics, carnival, dialogism, the chronotope, and ethics); the major debates and interpretations around Bakhtin's writings; comparisons between Bakhtin and other significant sociocultural theorists, notably Foucault, Derrida, Habermas and Gramsci; and appropriations and applications of Bakhtin's ideas in such diverse fields as anthropology, geography, cultural studies and psychology. This unparalleled collection provides readers with the best secondary work on Bakhtin. It enriches our understanding of this prolific and multi-dimensional figure whose contribution stretches over the fields of cultural studies, linguistics, social philosophy, sociology and beyond.
VA03-31 Romanticism and Science: Subcultures and Subversions, 5-Vols/Set.
  Fulford, Tim/ 9780415219525/ Price:£ 1115.00
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is perhaps the best-known and most widely studied literary representation of science. Yet it is by no means the only text of its time to fictionalize the latest experiments and discoveries of natural philosophers. Science was burgeoning in the years 1760-1840, revolutionising how people saw the world around them, and this extended to the literary world. This five volume set is divided into sections by scientific discipline, each illuminating a context of current interest to literary scholars. An extensive introduction is included in the first volume giving a brief history of the development of various scientific fields - including Geology, Palaeontology, Chemistry and Physics - resumes of the central texts/discoveries and their significance, and an account of their impact on literature - and sometimes, literature's impact on science. A bibliography of major scientific works and suggestions for critical reading is also provided and the set is completed with a detailed index.
VA01-33 Europa Directory of Literary Awards and Prizes, The.
  / 9781857431469/ Price:£ 250.00
A complete guide to the major awards and prizes of the literary world. * An invaluable source of information on awards and prizes world-wide * Covers over 1,000 awards and prizes * Comprehensive background information on each award * Extensive contact details. Contents * Includes internationally awarded prizes along with prestigious national awards * Subject areas covered include adult and children's fiction, non-fiction, poetry, lifetime's achievement, translation and drama * Information is provided on the history of each award, its purpose, what is awarded, how often the prize is awarded, eligibility and restrictions, the awarding organization and the most recent recipients * Full contact details of the awarding organization are provided, including main contact name, postal address, e-mail and Internet address, telephone and fax numbers * Fully indexed by keyword, awarding organization and award by subject.
VA01-30 Katharine Briggs: Collected Works, 13-Vols/Set.
  Briggs, Katharine/ 9780415291477/ Price:£ 1210.00
Katharine Briggs (1898-1980) was internationally acclaimed as one of Britain's most respected folklore scholars as well as one of the most popular authors in the folklore field. She was president of the English Folklore Society, which still gives an annual literary prize in her name, as well as honorary member of the American Folklore Society. This collection is a facsimile of thirteen volumes of the works of Katharine Briggs, spanning the whole of her publishing career, from 1959 to 1980. The works provide detailed coverage of all aspects of British folklore, from studies of the beliefs of Shakespeare and his contemporaries in fairies, magic and witchcraft to detailed histories of regional folktales and the creatures that inhabit them.
VA01-28-2 Blake & Tradition, Volume 2.
  Raine, Kathleen/ 9780415290883/ Price:£ 315.00
VA01-28-1 Blake & Tradition, Volume 1.
  Raine, Kathleen/ 9780415290876/ Price:£ 315.00
VA01-21 G. Wilson Knight: Collected Works, 12-Vols/Set.
  Knight, G. Wilson/ 9780415278966/ Price:£ 1470.00
'Professor Wilson Knight stands in a class by himself among contemporary English critics. His work might best be described as the analysis and interpretation of genius, an arduous and heroic task for which he is peculiarly fitted by the possession not only of a penetrating intelligence but of imaginative powers of a very high order.' - Professor V. de S. Pinto 'I confess that reading his essays seems to me to have enlarged my understanding of the Shakespearean pattern, which, after all, is quite the main thing.' - T. S. Eliot Writer and critic, George Wilson Knight wrote numerous texts and essays on English literature as well as plays, poems and studies of literary figures. This set reissues many of these important works. Volume 1: The Imperial Theme Volume 2: The Shakespearian Tempest Volume 3: The Crown of Life Volume 4: The Mutual Flame Volume 5: The Sovereign Flower Volume 6: Shakespearian Production Volume 7: Shakespeare and Religion Volume 8: Shakespeare's Dramatic Challenge On English Poetry: Volume 9: The Starlit Dome Volume 10: Lord Byron: Christian Virtues Volume 11: Byron and Shakespeare Volume 12: Poets of Action
VA01-20 Modernism: Critical Concepts in Literary and Cultural Studies, 5-Vols/Set.
  Middleton, Tim/ 9780415242370/ Price:£ 1190.00
As befits so notoriously ambiguous a term, 'modernism' may be studied in a wide variety of contexts. The term embraces subjects ranging from the new architectural practices of Le Corbusier and Walter Gropius, the innovative art of painters as diverse as Monet and Kandinsky, the drama of Strindberg and Jarry, the poetry of Ezra Pound and Wallace Stevens, the fiction of Joseph Conrad, William Faulkner and Gertrude Stein. This collection of resources provides readers with access to major debates relating to modernism as a set of aesthetic practices and as a product of (late) modernity. This collection offers an overview of the history of modernism as a critical concept in Anglo-American literary criticism from the 1890s to the present day. The emphasis is on the main currents of critical debate relating to Anglo-American modernism and the contents have been organised chronologically and are presented in their entirety without editorial matter, allowing readers to access the debates about Anglo-American modernism from a given epoch. These volume demonstrate that, far from being a reactionary or monolithic field, modernism was a richly diverse area of cultural activity and remains a dynamic field of critical inquiry. One of the main ways in which the collection seeks to offer this corrective is in its attention to the relationship between modernism and popular culture.
VA01-18-1 The Oxford Chronology of English Literature on CD-ROM.
  Cox, Michael/ 9780198605218/ Price:£ 100.00
* A unique primary resource documenting the publication of 30,000 works of literature since the beginning of the printed record. Includes nearly 30,000 works by more than 4000 authors, covering fiction, poetry, drama, literary scholarship, and non-fiction. * Provides invaluable subsidiary information such as full subtitles, publisher and imprint details, place of publication, illustrators, anonymous and pseudonymous publication, serialization, and number of volumes, and year and place of first performance of dramatic works. * The powerful Advanced search makes it possible to exploit the OCEL's potential to the full. The Chronology data can be searched by author's names, dates or gender, by title or subject of work, date of publication or name of publisher. * Full text search with wild cards and Boolean operators enables fast and selective access to database records. * Features software developed in Java, compatible with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. * System requirements: PC with minimum 166MHz Pentium-class processor; 64 Mb RAM; 20 Mb hard disc space; 8-speed CD-ROM drive; Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT4; SVGA monitor; or: Macintosh computer with a PowerPC processor; Minimum 64 Mb of RAM (64 Mb highly recommended); 20 Mb hard disk space; 8-speed CD-ROM drive; Mac OS 8.1 or later; SVGA monitor: 640 x 480 pixels screen resolution.
VA01-17 Notebooks of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The. 5Vols in 10 Parts.
  Coburn, Kathleen/ 9780415283991/ Price:£ 1520.00
During his adult life until his death in 1834, Coleridge made entries in more than sixty notebooks. Neither commonplace books nor diaries, but something of both, they contain notes on literary, theological, philosophical, scientific, social and psychological matters, plans for and fragments of works and many other items of great interest. Shortly after World War II, Kathleen Coburn, formerly of Victoria College in Toronto, rediscovered this great collection of unpublished manuscripts. With the support of the Coleridge estate, she embarked on a career of editing and publishing these volumes and was awarded with many honours for her work, including: a Leverhulme Award (1948), a Guggenheim Fellowship (1953), a Fellowship in the Royal Society of Canada (1958), the Order of Canada (1974) and an honorary doctorate from her own university. Originally projected as a five volume set (each volume consisting of a book of text and a book of notes) only four of the volumes have been published to date. This collection will not only make available those four volumes once again but will also, for the first time, publish the final long awaited fifth and final volume bringing the collection to its natural conclusion.
GA01-190 Reversible Errors.
  Turow, Scott/ 9780786242689/ Price:US$ 32.95
Corporate lawyer Arthur Raven defends the reopened case of a death-row inmate who may be innocent, while prosecuting attorneys Muriel Wynn and Larry Starczek fight for a conviction they still believe is deserved.
VA01-12 I. A. Richards: Selected Works 1919-1938, 10-Vols/Set.
  Constable, John/ 9780415217316/ Price:£ 1310.00
. A. Richards was the most influential of the first generation of academic literary theorists. This definitive collection of his writing between 1919 and 1938 shows that Richards' position was distinct from the emerging consensus in university literary education. Richards is often misunderstood as a master of a now superseded school of academic criticism and a forerunner of an institutionalised classroom method. This set will allow today's scholar and researcher to discover that Richards was actually one of its most severe critics.
VA01-11 Women and Radicalism in the Nineteenth Century, 4-Vols/Set.
  Sanders, Mike/ 9780415205252/ Price:£ 1065.00
This important collection of writings is about, and by, women connected with social and political movements between 1799-1870. It also records the attitudes of the great radical reformers to the role of women in society and documents the vast cultural changes brought about by industrialisation. The collection draws together the following key material: Volume I contains an extensive collection of writings from 19th century periodicals, reflecting the high point of working class women's involvement in radical movements. Volume II focuses on the writings of Frances Wright, an important figure in radical circles in both Britain and the US. Volume III illustrates the debates of the period surrounding marriage, sexuality and family. Included are writings by Frances Morrison, Robert Dale Owen, William Cobbett and William Lovett. Volume IV reprints J. D. Milne's 'Industrial Employment of Women'. This important but neglected text argues for the direct engagement of women in all areas of industrial life. This collection will appeal to anyone with an interest in women's history and Victorian studies.
SA01-482 Black Lotus: a Novel
  Laura Joh Rowland/ 9781250025630/ Price:US$ 22.99
SA01-454 The Future of Nostalgia.
  Boym, Svetlana/ 9780465007080/ Price:US$ 22.00
SA01-432 The Novels: Not Without Laughter and Tambourines to Glory.
  Hughes, Langston/ 9780826213426/ Price:US$ 45.00
GA01-12-233 Dictionary of Literary Biography, Volume 233: British and Irish Dramatists Since World War II, Second Series.
  / 9780787646509/ Price:US$ 441.00
VA06-86 Deleuze and Guattari: Critical Assessments, 3-Vols/Set.
  Genosko, Gary/ 9780415186698/ Price:£ 935.00
The ideas of French philosopher Gilles Deleuze and activist analyst Felix Guattari are transforming disciplinary practices across the humanities and social sciences. These three volumes gather together classic essays that demonstrate the richness of these fascinating and important thinkers influence. The set incorporates: * key essays by an international selection of theorists and practitioners * the development of implications for the built environment * the first ever collection of critical material on Guattari * long out-of-print and hard to find materials
VA01-19 George Eliot: Family History, 5-Vols/Set.
  Hughes, Kathryn/ 9780415232548/ Price:£ 1050.00
Any understanding of George Eliot's mature art must begin with an appreciation of the rich, difficult family dynamic out of which it was forged. Her friends and relations understood this, and went into print with their own accounts of the process by which George Eliot's early recollections became the basis, not just for her fiction, but also for her philosophic conservatism. The past - and memory of that past - was the cornerstone on which Eliot believed any chance of social or political progress must securely rest. This set, the fifth collection in the Family History series brings together valuable sources, including manuscript material from letters and diaries which give insights into these crucial influences. A new introduction places the material in its literary and historical context.
VA01-10 Feminism: Critical Concepts in Literary and Cultural Studies, 4-Vols/Set.
  Evans, Mary/ 9780415192835/ Price:£ 1005.00
Feminism has always refused compartmentalisation within any one social context, and this collection attests to its universal relevance. This is a guide for specialist and non-specialist readers to the many debates and discussions to which feminists have contributed in the past two hundred years. The collected works are arranged chronologically, giving readers a sense of the history of feminism, and the movement's changes and developments. At the same time, readers can also assess the extent to which some aspects of women's relationships with the social world have remained unchanged. An insightful introduction places the pieces selected in the appropriate intellectual and historical context, and a new index makes this an indispensable resource and searchable tool.
SA01-484 Jessie de la Cruz: A Profile of a United Farm Worker
  Gary Soto/ 9780892552856/ Price:US$ 11.95
SA01-457 The Diamond Age: Or, a Young Lady's Illustrated Primer
  Stephenson, Neal/ 9780553380965/ Price:US$ 17.00
SA01-455 Sir Walter Ralegh and the Quest for El Dorado.
  Aronson, Marc/ 9780395848272/ Price:US$ 21.99
SA01-451 Captain Blackman.
  Williams, John A./ 9781566890960/ Price:US$ 15.95
SA01-384 The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay.
  Chabon, Michael/ 9780312282998/ Price:US$ 16.00
SA01-446 300.
  / 9781569714027/ Price:US$ 30.00
SA01-204 The Abyssinian.
  Rufin, Jean-Christopher/ 9780393047165/ Price:US$ 25.95
SA01-457 The Moviegoer.
  Percy, Walker/ 9780375701962/ Price:US$ 15.00
SA01-457 The World According to Garp.
  Irving, John/ 9780679603061/ Price:US$ 24.00
PA01-6 Critical Bibliography of Daniel Defoe.
  Furbank, P. N./ 9781851963898/ Price:£ 145.00
A Critical Bibliography of Daniel Defoe has been designed by the authors as an answer to some of the special problems in establishing a canon of Defoe's works. Each entry in Furbank and Owens's Critical Bibliography includes a description or synopsis of the content of the work, together with a discussion of the evidence of Defoe's authorship. There is also a series of appendices which give unprecedented access to the information required to make sense of Defoe's large and complicate oeuvre.
SA01-481 Deep Secret
  Diana Wynne Jones/ 9780765338075/ Price:US$ 16.99
SA01-481 The Infernal Desires of Angela Carter: Fiction, Femininity, Feminism
  Joseph Bristow/ 9780582291911/ Price:£ 37.99
Positive Behavior Management Strategies for Physical Educators.
  Lavay, Barry/ 9780873228800/ Price:US$ 26.00
SA01-491 Reading with Feeling: The Aesthetics of Appreciation
  Susan L. Feagin/ 9780801432002/ Price:£ 72.00
SA01-484 The Story of My Life
  Helen Keller/ 9780486292496/ Price:US$ 3.00
SA01-457 Abeng.
  Cliff, Michelle/ 9780452274839/ Price:US$ 14.00
SA01-456 Anne of Green Gables.
  Montgomery, L. M./ 9780679444756/ Price:US$ 20.00
SA01-203 Border Music.
  Waller, Robert James/ 9780786204298/ Price:US$ 21.95
WC016 中國現代中短篇小說選 (一九一九-一九四九)(上、下)
  黃維樑、劉紹銘合編/ 9789627707035/ Price:NT$ 1250.00
Book Cover 本集子應用了「三突出」的原則:藝術性、社會性和歷史性,除著重文字的優美,亦選出「粗糙」「豪放」的文章風格,以確切反映真實社會狀況和歷史本來面目。
WC015 中國現代文學論文集
  黃維樑編/ 9789627707042/ Price:NT$ 970.00
Book Cover 本書輯錄了內地、台灣、美國和香港的當代學者和作家的論文,對中國現代文學一些問題,不乏精闢獨到的見解。
SA01-457 Portnoy's Complaint.
  Roth, Philip/ 9780679756453/ Price:US$ 16.95
SA01-401 Literature and Philosophy in Dialogue: Essays in German Literary Theory.
  Gadamer, Hans-Georg/ 9780791417362/ Price:US$ 31.95
SA01-329 Malena Es UN Nombre De Tango.
  Grandes, Almudena/ 9788472234321/ Price:EUR 19.23
SA01-465 The Commission.
  Zalygin, Sergei P./ 9780875805580/ Price:US$ 20.50
SA01-457 Einstein's Dreams.
  Lightman, Alan/ 9781400077809/ Price:US$ 15.95
SA01-457 The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.
  McCullers, Carson/ 9780679424741/ Price:US$ 20.00
SA01-446 Hundeherz.
  Bulgakow, Michail/ 9783423109888/ Price:EUR 27.00
SA01-359 Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves.(5 CD-ROM)
  Wodehouse, P. G./ 9781572704848/ Price:US$ 27.95
SA01-457 Praxis.
  Weldon, Fay/ 9780140144093/ Price:US$ 15.00
SA01-457 The Stranger.
  Camus, Albert/ 9780679720201/ Price:US$ 13.95
SA01-457 Remembrance of Things Past, Vol. 1: Swann's Way & Within a Budding Grove.
  Proust, Marcel/ 9780394711829/ Price:US$ 25.00
SA01-457 Ordinary People.
  Guest, Judith/ 9780140065176/ Price:US$ 16.00
WC014 中國新詩選
  尹肇池編/ 9789627707028/ Price:NT$ 600.00
Book Cover 本書匯集了三十一位中國新詩詩人從1918至1949年的作品。內容有歌頌激情,有冥思人生,有批判社會不公平現象等,橫切面甚廣。
SA01-438 How to Read a Book: The Classic Guide to Intelligent Reading.
  Adler, Mortimer J./ 9780671212094/ Price:US$ 16.99
SA01-471 Litterature degagee, 1942-1953.
  Rene Etiemble/ 9782070222636/ Price:EUR 10.35
Serenity's Sight.
  Sisco, Cynthia/ 9780984514229/ Price:US$ 18.99
Serenity Ann Waltz's life has always had its challenges. Born to unwed teen parents in a small town in Minnesota could have, in itself, been disastrous. Things always seemed to work out though; her parents married when of age and with the support of Serenity's grandparents, were able to go to college and make a better life for their daughter. They believe in letting Serenity express her individuality and keeping an open and honest relationship, or Serenity has always been lead to believe. But on Serenity's thirteenth birthday, she sees something which will change their lives forever. She sees people no one else can see, and hears voices no one else can hear. While trying to unravel this new mystery in her life, and convincing herself she is not crazy, she falls into a web of deception and lies mingled with truth, and the destiny her family has been trying desperately to deny. Its enough to put anyone in the loony bin. In spite of all her new found problems, she also has to defend herself from the school bully, and maintain healthy relationships with her friends, not to mention, one of her childhood friends, David, and herself have seemed to make a deeper connection.


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